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Kirk v Gorn…See The ‘Arena’ Remastered Promo October 18, 2006

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: TOS Remastered,TOS-R Preview,Uncategorized , trackback

(download wmv)…plus a bonus Trek promo from Chicago’s MeTV

…again thanks to our avid Chi Town Trekkie pal 


1. Jim J - October 18, 2006

I’m psyched for this one!

2. hitch1969© - October 18, 2006

You Tube quality is just awful. Any chance for some dowloadable .wmv’s?

where’s my dawg Dave who posts large in the pants?

Was the preview good?

3. Skippy 2k - October 18, 2006

Looks cool, noticed that they showed the impulse engines lit for a short time. Think thats the first time they have been shown like that.

4. Ralph - October 18, 2006

Isn’t this the first episode to “get it right”? If you notice, in spite of the low quality of You Tube, the impulse engines are working. I didn’t notice the engines glowing before. The lights on the ship seem to be brighter and there does seem to be more details. I don’t know, maybe I’m wishing for it.
Changing the Gorn to cgi would have been a challenge. I like him like he is. The first Sleezestack (sp?).
What am I thinking? has the episodes in a better format. Think I’ll check it out.

5. Ralph - October 18, 2006

I will say this. I think the two best sites are and The latter is getting better.
Did anyone look at the StarTrek store. The memorabilia is just too much money! What makes the collectable’s, well collectable, is getting it for the cheap before the item runs out (like limited print). Of course the FANS want quality too.
The only items that deem for premium are the one of a kind. Like at Christies.

6. hitch1969© - October 18, 2006, Ralphie my boy? Holy Frijole!

Arena is one of the most kickass episodes ever made. I havent watched it in atleast 10 years though. I got sidetracked by chicks and hooch but I digress.

Chicago is promoting the remasters correctly. Thats cool.

Dave? You sweet talker you. Give us the inside skinny on these promos. I don’t care man, make it up like you did last time. You’re like Roddenberry in the great story teller sense, and I enjoy that. I guess that one could say that you are very Roddenberry in the pants.

Thats a compliment, bro.



7. Skippy 2k - October 18, 2006

I think maybe the impulse engines were just shown lit for the “blasting out of orbit” or maybe a chase since they look like they die down. I don’t know why they haven’t used them before… if they were trying to be consistant with TOS then we probably wouldn’t see them at all but since there there I think they should use them.

Sometimes when they show TOS ships the impulse engines are blue like the NX-01 (Ent’s Defiant, New Voyages, etc.) but in this case they are red closer to the rest of the shows.

As far as the gorn… I wished rather than changing the TOS gorn they had made the one from Enterprise more like the “original”(arena gorn). Obviously they had better tech but still I think they could have made it cool and closer to the rubber suit. On the other hand I wouldn’t mide if they did add a little life to the gorn in arena but not replace it.

8. hitch1969© - October 18, 2006

Ralph, my advice is not to get caught up in the “star trek store”, save your money. There are only 3 things that a real Trekster needs and they are in this order: 1. all episodes and movies in the latest media format. 2. 3. Shatner. Shatner. Shatner.

I stand by that, Ralph. The first one is the only one that you buy. The second one gives you hope for the future. The third one gives you the spiritual guidance to conduct yourself through manhood, baybeee. Large and in charge. The Captain. etc.

DO you understand my words, Ralph? I knew that you did.



9. Ralph - October 19, 2006

I hope some of you will find this link entertaining. A tribute to George Lucas with William Shatner. Funny!

If Star Trek XI is to come back, well by new people, I would be happy with these professional. Here is their pilot episode. Ahem… one of 5.

10. Duane Boda - October 19, 2006

For some reason I can’t ever recall the scene where the Enterprise is ordered by the Captain to go after and then fire upon the Gorn ship.
Is this something that they somehow slipped in – it seems very strange!

11. Greg Stamper - October 19, 2006

Ya gotta add to your routine. Daren R. Dochterman has an all New Blog site on his work and Trek Remastered.

12. DB - October 19, 2006

“Isn’t this the first episode to “get it right”? If you notice, in spite of the low quality of You Tube, the impulse engines are working. I didn’t notice the engines glowing before. ”

The impulse engines weren’t designed to glow — there were dozens of working lights on the Enterprise model, quite a few installed after the pilots and before the show went to series, and impulse engine lights weren’t among them. It’s therefore entirely reasonable to conclude that Jefferies and the producers didn’t intend the units to light up.

This isn’t “getting it right,” this is “making it consistent with stuff done later by other people.” Different thing, and I don’t really care for it.

13. Anonymous - October 19, 2006


Good link. I like the quality people try to project. Some links were down though.

14. hitch1969© - October 19, 2006

DB, baybeeee. SO harsh with the “making it consistent with stuff done later by other people”. While true I suppose, keep in perspective also that the ships of the Berman era and even the uniforms to some degree borrow what was established by TMP the II – I think TMP had some Roddenberry involvement, didn’t it? AS did the first season or so of the next generation.

I think what our homeboy Ralph is alluding to is a general sense that had the techMology and finances existed in the 1960s… even as it did in 75, 76 when they shot TMP… perhaps the original Enterprise would have looked more consistent with the ships in the later series and movies. And isn’t that what the remastering is all about?

Don’t be such a stick in the mud about this please. Please remember that the only people who care about Trek consistency and canon are the geeks like us who love it. The actors were there merely for an acting job. The studio simply wants to make money. Hey, even Roddenberry cashed in on the IDIC in season 3. That was specifically created and incorporated into that episode so that he could sell that stuff mail order.

What I am saying is that Ralph is a little excited about the possibility of TOS looking more like TNG. Who are we to deny Ralph this? He loves the show just as much as you do.

Ahh, the debate continues. You just KNOW something is great when it creates this level of criticality and dissent. It’s brilliant like Eddie Van Halen doing a soundtrack for a porno movie. Shock and awe! The reaction is either going to be like someone farted in church or you just got the hummer of your life. OR PERHAPS BOTH AT THE SAME TIME, Gump!



15. Diabolik - October 19, 2006

I’m glad they add the downloadable WMV link under the video here.

The ship shots look good, especially the glowing of the impulse engines. That’s the kind of thing they should be doing!

But I wonder if we’ll see the actual Gorn ship during the battle, or will it just be a point of light again, this time digital? I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Looking forward to it!

16. hitch1969© - October 19, 2006

Diabolik, I like your attitude. I could read that kind of post all the live long day, to an fro.

You remember in this episode, the little foofy dude at the end that tells kirk that humans are beneath socializing with because they are uncivilized? Well, let hitch1969© state here at trekmovie, for the record, that if THAT is what we humans seek to evolve to, I’ll just stay here in the caveman culture. Because that dude was a major pooftah. You just KNOW he wasn’t laying down with a woman if you smell what the hitchman is cookin’.

That dude was a big time fruitloop. Not that I am against them or anything. Hey I like dogs and cats and frogs but I don’t want to be one, you see? Basically I don’t endorse a brand that I don’t use, is all.

I think they put him in there like that for dramatic effect to contrast with the manliness of James T. It was a controversial move to say the least. I hope they CGI the little bugger into Hayden Christensen at the end like they did on the remaster of Empire Strikes Back. With ewoks singing and everything.

Man that would be kewl.



17. chris - October 19, 2006

Wow, you know what homophobia REALLY means about you….?

18. DB - October 19, 2006

“What I am saying is that Ralph is a little excited about the possibility of TOS looking more like TNG.”

What I’m saying is that I’m not.

19. hitch1969© - October 19, 2006

chris, no need for the personal attacks, brother. Anthony and this site don’t swing that way, baybeee. Plus, I never said that I had anything against the homosapiens or homogenized dairy products.

You have to admit that dude at the end of the episode is a little bit feminine. I was merely commenting on it’s dramatic effect contrasted with the manliness of Shat. I think they did it that way on purpose. It’s a political statement, man. Like when Trek used the 1/2 black 1/2 white dudes in “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield” to make the comments on da racialism. With the pooftah, they are saying that the anti-gay politics of the 60s will not be happening in the 23rd century. Notice that Kirk did not call him a nansy pansy like he does as Denny Crane to that one judge. And this dude was WAY more of a nansy pansy IMHO.

Thats the first time that hitch1969© has used an AOL chatroom acronym on the net. I feel so ashamed. I’ve dirtied myself in front of you all. That’s the sacrifice and contribution that I make to this site. Everything I do, I do it for you (Bryan Adams)



20. Greg Stamper - October 19, 2006

Yes, since the New trekenhanced site went up it has had a few link problems. Just keep trying — things will iron out soon I’m sure.

21. hitch1969© - October 19, 2006

DB, I get you, baybeee. I can understand when people say that Berman and Braga were the twin antichrists. I’ve read that a million times over the years and I think there has to be some credibility in that simply for that fact.

Your crew rolls it classic era. I’m down with that. But still, man. Ralphie Boy is ALL excited in the other direction. So I’m down with that too. I’m pretty flexible that way. Lets just try an remember that there are as many opinions about this as there are stars in the eaouterspeace. A million points of light as it were my friend. Infinite Diversity Infinite Combinations™ – thats the tolerance that Spock preaches. Let Ralph have his moment and be happy for him.



22. Ralph - October 19, 2006

I just want to say thanks to everyone for speaking for me and about me.
Please, I can speak for myself.
I look forward to the upgrades to TOS like everyone else. Just do it right and with class. I can’t wait to see it.

23. TomBot2006 - October 19, 2006

Jeez, can’t we have one talkback that isn’t littered with a lil drama? Keep it light, peeps. Support your fellow geeks right to opine, but not to slag fellow humans.
I’d don’t even recall the dude from the end of Arena; guess he wasn’t the highlight for me.
I also vote for cool Gorn ship. Make it so. *eg*

24. hitch1969© - October 19, 2006

I agree with you TomBot2006 about the slagging of the humans and whatnot, I took the high road when I was called a homoprobe and you should too. Like the way you did, you are very cool Gorn Ship in the pants my brotha.

Ralph, I love ya baybeeeee. You are very “Ralph Mouth” in the pants to my Potsie in the pants here today. I spose that makes Shatner THE FONZ because he’s coooool. AY!!!!



25. Diabolik - October 19, 2006

Hitch cracks me up. He brings a little “I’ Mudd” attitude and levity to all of our “City of the Edge of Forever” outlooks.

If he is the worst we ever have to endure here we will be the happiest, singing-and-dancing-est board in all the world.

BTW, didn’t we see a Gorn ship on DS9 or Enterprise somewhere, sometime? If so, it would be cool if there was a resemblence.

As for the Metron, I always thought he was going to break into a Swan Lake performance, myself.

26. Isolar - October 19, 2006

Aren’t glowing impulse engines consistent with the original era movies? If so, I’m fine with any changes that remain consistent with those films.

27. hitch1969© - October 19, 2006

I want to remind everyone of one important idea here today. We are totally lucky to get these remasters. I’ve stated it before… it provides new purpose to not only look forward to and watch every week, but also to discuss and debate as we do here today. I want to thank CBS for doing the remasters. I want to thank Anthony and the trekmovie site for kicking ass on TrekWeb with remaster info and discussion.

You all are good folks in my book. Not alot of my peeps are into the show as much as me. It’s nice to have a place to wax the episodes as it were.

Ahhh yes, the Metrons. And might I add that for a pooftah, he is quite a fetching fellow. Were I so inclined, I would call him a hottie even. However there is no gayness in me so I cannot at this juncture. But still I can see how the limp wristed would take a shine to him. Hoogah Sailor!



28. Anthony Pascale - October 19, 2006

“wax the episodes”

is that what the kids are calling it these days?

29. hitch1969© - October 19, 2006

BIG DAWG A.P. indahouse!!!!

I don’t know if that’s what the kids are saying, man. I was just trying to be kewl like them. hitch1969 = math says I’m 37, 38 something like that. I lose track. I do know that I have a huge receding OZONE HOLE of hair on the back of my head and a David Lee Roth hairline to match.

I’m old people… Hey, whats the episode where they get all old and that old man shatner with makeup of the 60s looks nothing like the true old 75 year old shat today? I just can’t remember the name even though I should.

Thats really bothering me now, dude. Somebody please mind meld that info into my transem post haste before Dr. McCoy strips me of command!



30. Diabolik - October 19, 2006

That’s “The Bedpan Time.”

Or “The Deadly Years.” I can’t remember which right now.

31. Norm - October 19, 2006

I would like to see many dead bodies in the Landing party on Cestus III scene.

32. Dave - October 19, 2006

Hi Hitch,

Your “dawg” is here. I usually don’t have a whole lot to say that hasn’t been said already. My posting style and information has already been called into question elsewhere by younger folks who have no idea who I am or where my information and experience come from.

I’m usually in spectator mode. ;)

I have to give the ChiTown folks much kudos for that Trek MasterCard parody ad. Absolutely perfect.

To everyone else…

Earlier, someone asked if this is the first episode to “get it right.” Nope. The article mentioned we would not see the new Enterprise until November. They also did not mention when in November. The only thing mentioned about this episode specifically was check out the Gorn.

The producer DID in fact mention in the “new Enterprise” article that we would be getting a look at the Gorn ship.

Hitch – Dude, you make me laugh in the most insane way. You have a way about you that is totally cool. At some point in the future, we should consider a road trip to hang for a day. :)

33. Scott - October 19, 2006

The Metron was played by a woman. They dubbed in a man for the voiceover.

34. Greg Stamper - October 19, 2006

Two New Remastered Images for “Arena” are now up on
Cestus III surface & the Enterprise firing Phasers

Click for the gallery of original and enhanced images

Scroll through until you find them

35. EBAR - October 19, 2006

Does anyone know if they are actually going to show the Gorn ship in the remastered version? I don’t think they showed it in the original, but adding it would be a great addition.

36. Anonymous - October 19, 2006

This from that David Rossi guy who’s in charge of these shows:

“We are all very passionate about it and want to do everything we can, it is just a matter of having the time to do it,” explains Rossi. This weekend keep your eyes on the Gorn in ‘Arena’ for another one of these touches.

Please! No “talking animal” lips on the Gorn! That movie “Babe” creeped me out!


Scott B

37. Anonymous - October 19, 2006

Some casual fans care a little bit about continuity.

38. Ralph - October 20, 2006


I bet they allow the Gorn to blink. How weird is it to talk to someone and they not blink. That is all they could do to it with cgi. Or maybe he licks his chops before eating Kirk. :D

39. Granger - October 20, 2006

Scott, thanks for pointing out that Carole Shelyne portrayed the Metron (see while of course Vic Perrine (famous for the voiceovers of the original “The Outer Limits” intros) did the voice.

This is the same trick Roddenberry used in the original version of “The Cage” with frail female actresses portraying the Talosians while heavy male voices were overdubbed. I’m glad, however, that they did further overdubs for “The Menagerie” – I prefer that version of the Talosian voices to the original pilot version.

As for the Gorn, I pray the alterations are subtle. The Gorn in the Enterprise series was too great a departure from the Wah Chang original – and a screamingly obvious CGI, taking me out of those episodes even more than the old 1960s costume does in “Arena”.

40. Granger - October 20, 2006

On STARTREK.COM they aren’t sure why there is that odd coverup on the original fort’s skyline that had to be fixed. As explained in the Memory Alpha wiki, the full view from the fort set (leftover from “Beau Geste”) clearly showed Vasquez Rocks, where Kirk would later be fighting the Gorn on “an asteroid” (and yes, the location we see so many times in other episodes of Star Trek and other shows). So the prop dept. matted in some of their “rocks” to cover up the Vasquez Rocks. Mystery solved.

41. Ralph - October 20, 2006

Good information Granger!

42. Scott - October 20, 2006

Granger – was my pleasure. Anything to try to stem the tide of casual, passive-aggressive and, in this case, bafflingly misdirected homophobia, couched in tired and affected faux hipsterism.

43. Jeff Bond - October 20, 2006

To answer a question that’s been posted a couple of times (if someone else hasn’t answered it already), you can see the new Gorn ship in one of the shots in the preview, the one that pans up along the side of the Enterprise as it sits stationary–this is obviously the scene where the Metrons have stopped both ships during the chase. I can’t wait to see how good a look we get at it…

44. Donn - October 20, 2006

The photon torpedo bugs me- big time.
Established as a white practical lighting flare effect (for the Federation) in TOS and TMP.
Changed to red and hand-animated by ILM for TWOK , which looked lousy.
Should have been left bright white, IMHO.

45. Surak II - October 20, 2006

Greg, thanks for the link to the comparison page. I think, unfortunately, it shows all too well (I am using a Viewsonic VP2130b monitor; nothing Vulcan) the “cartoonish” look of the Enterprise, scratches and blur nothwithstanding, even in the “ringed” Mudd planet. Clearer, yes; but the light is all wrong, not like a 950 foot ship in space. Not easy to do, but as per the other thread on the “new” Enterprise model, I do hope they improve it.

I won’t mention the turbine engine nacelle lights — CBS/Paramount/Viacom knows no one will purchase a BluRay disk of this “cartoon”, so they’ll fix it.

If all else fails, they should call Daren Doc! ;)

46. Greg Stamper - October 20, 2006

Surak II
You are Welcome. I come to serve.

47. Cameron Boehme - October 21, 2006

Pooftah, fruitloop, femme, etc.

Anthony, I haven’t spoken up in quite a while, but would you be allowing the words “nigger” or “spic” or “kike” on your site?

Feel free to delete *this* comment (I know I would), because I believe those are some of the ugliest words ever uttered by human kind, I just wanted to make my point.

48. kirok - October 21, 2006

the one where shatner gets tinitis from a close proximity explosion.
he stays in charachter as a bomb goes off right next to his ear. any other actor would have stopped and yelled “are you guys trying to kill me?”

i love when kirk is fashioning his bamboo cannon. he needs something to strengthen the base. fortunately this planet has an indigenous vine plant with the flexibility and strength of braided rope. and a perfect six foot section of it happens to be right at his feet at the very moment that he needs it.

49. Anthony Pascale - October 22, 2006


I just got around to seeing this and I didnt see the ‘pooftah’ comments. It is really hard to monitor the amount (and length) of comments coming into this site.

You are correct…I do not want to see any more hatefull language about race, sexual orientation, religion, etc. This is a Trek site and that stuff is best left for elsewhere. And I keep asking people to keep things civil….if things dont calm down around here I will have to start doing something about it

50. Cameron Boehme - October 23, 2006

My Friend Anthony,

I know that you’ve had your hands (more than) full lately, but I’ve enjoyed working with you in the past, and hope to work with you again someday. I *have* learned one fact about myself, and that is I should never reply to a messaging board, no matter how well intended, until I’ve calmed down. I can not tell you how sorry I am for making my point with the end of a sword, rather than through the diplomatic channels and words of an educated person.

Thank you, as always, for being everything I have come to learn about you in or collaborations and phone calls, and everything I admire in you, sir.

I mean that, most sincerely, friend.


Cameron Boehme
Dallas, Texas

51. The God Thang - October 23, 2006

We will never get to the “enlightened” point of the people in the Star Trek universe until we learn, as Uhura said in “The Savage Curtain” “not to fear words”.

52. Cameron Boehme - October 23, 2006

I dont’t “fear” the words, “Thang.” They simply have no place in polite society.


53. An olde timey fan - October 24, 2006

The English tongue boasts more than 500,000 words. Words are good; egos are bad.

Some people cannot abide the naming of their pet attribute/fascination/behavior because they fear judgment.

Judgment is good — it is the hallmark of mankind above all other animals.

Further, compelling others to conform to one’s personal will is the ugliest of all ugliness.

When the “sin that dared not speak its name” was yet unspoken, life was more pleasant for all but the obnoxious activists who demand external affirmation from others — by any means necessary.

But if you would bear no criticism, then you must keep your thoughts — or your preferences — to yourself. Otherwise, it is only a matter of equity that they be open to notice, discussion, criticism — and judgment.

While Trek touched on many controversial issues, the discussion of them can remain civil — especially from those who are first to claim vicitmihood as a privileged status that would quash all dissent. I for one cannot abide *that*.

54. Scott - October 24, 2006

Civility in a discussion requires the use of language that does not denigrate and belittle one side of that discussion – i.e. pooftah, fruitloop. You clearly seem more interested in preserving the right to insult and to use insulting language than you are the right to express a contrary idea or opinion. No one is favoring censoring the opinion, although it is an opinion that bears in no way on the topic of the thread – however, as the site operator is providing the forum, he is free to police it as he sees fit, including the kind of language used by posters. His house, his rules. If you and Mr. Hitch wish to give free reign to your tasteless expressions of homophobia, you are free to do so elsewhere.

55. Mike - April 1, 2011

Another good example of why I was disapointed in the remastered Star Trek. Here they went through all the trouble to create a new Gorn ship for this episode, and even released photos of it to the public to show it up close but in the actually episode it could only be seen very far away. They had several chances to show it up close but didn’t. For example after the Metrons stop both ships and they are just hanging there in space the shot is done from the Enterprises perspective which still only showed the new Gorn ship from far away. Instead of doing it that way they could have reversed it and showed it from the perspective of the Gorn ship instead with the Enterprise instead off in the distance. The recognizalbe shape of the Enterprise with it’s saucer and nacelles would still have clear from this reverse angle but it would have let see the Gorn ship up close. The point is why bother creating a new design for the Gorn ship if your not going to find a way to show some kind of closeup of it in the actually episode. Surely as some point during the chase of the Gorn ship before both ships were stopped they could have found a way to show a close up of the Gorn fleeing from the Enterpise. This in a way is similar to the situation with the new ship they created “For Mudds Women.” Instead of showing it during the entire opening sequence from the perspective of the Enterprise they could have had a quick shot of the chase from the perspective of Mudd’s ship. The shot especially where Mudd’s ship gets hit by the asteroid would have been really cool to have seen close up. Oh well! Just two of about fifty complaints I had with the remastered episodes. There were a number of good episodes and good remastering I liked but overall was just disapointed. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.