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“Catspaw” Screenshots and Video [UPDATED] October 28, 2006

by Matt Wright , Filed under: TOS Remastered,TOS-R Screenshots/Video , trackback

We have the usual assortment of old versus new and remastered shots for your pleasure.

Click the pictures for larger versions.


New Effects Video


Old versus New

New Orbit

Old Orbit

New Orbit Pass

Old Orbit Pass

New Castle Far Shot (notice the castle door is opening just as the original)

Old Castle Door Opening Shot

Castle Medium Shot

Old Castle Shot (equivalent to the new medium shot)

New Transmuter Effect

Old Transmuter Effect

New Cell Door (notice the new cat mouth)

Old Cell Door

New Alien Shot (mostly free of wires)

Old Alien Shot

The Enterprise Departs the new CGI Pyris VII

Leaving the old Pyris VII


Various New Shots

The Trio is confounded by what they see

The Witches warn them away

A closeup on the excellent witch makeup

Scotty and Sulu: the unwitting pawns of Korob and Sylvia

Kirk and Spock ponder their fate

The bewitching Sylvia

Korob irately proclaims he has the power! (decades before He-Man does)

Kirk doing what he does to the ladies ;-)



1. Jim J - October 28, 2006

Not bad, not bad…but just think of all of the Enterprise shots left out due to syndication editing. Sure hope someone someday broadcasts these uncut or maybe the dvd’s will come out ($ ouch). Can’t wait for next week and especially the week after.

2. Greg Stamper - October 28, 2006

Thanks Much Matt,
A number of these did slip past me. The Cat outside the door and the Transmuter effect — I missed. Not on top of my game this week!

3. Ron Jon - October 28, 2006

What’s different with the transmuter effect? Looks about the same to me. The rainbow colors might just be the new transfer. Love the planet, by the way.

4. Matt Wright - October 28, 2006

In action you can see a difference. The whole thing whites out and then forms. The old way was like a little sparkle that disolves to show the gems.

5. Greg Stamper - October 28, 2006

There was also a great deal of “dirt” in that original effect when slowed down. Appears as black spots or scratches within the effect. Yes, the new sequence really fills the screen ultimately whiting it out. The original did not go that far.

6. Lti - October 28, 2006

so nothing was done about the witches bodies…

7. dmack - October 28, 2006

they should definitely erase the skull line on the skeleton head for future releases!

8. Norbert Steinert - October 29, 2006

The new castle was still the best idea for this episode. But what about the aliens? Have they simply digitally removed the cables and Sylvia and (what was his name?) the other one still jumping around as they were attached to cables? Or have they redone the complete scene with more smooth moves of the two of them.
Either way. I would had liked it if they had changed the whole appearance of the aliens. They still do look a little funny.
And the space scenes. The Enterprise still looks to smooth to me. And they still simply copy the old scenes without doing something fresh.

And yes, as dmack said before. The skeleton looks like it’s coming right out of a classroom.

9. Matt Wright - October 29, 2006

#8 all they did was remove the wires. However there are still a few instances where you can see a wire since it crosses into the body of one of the puppets. The wires outside of their body have been removed.

And yeah I totaly agree: the obvious science classrom skeleton needs tweaking.

10. Josh - October 29, 2006

Does anyone else get a kick out of Kirk’s expression when Sylvia is saying “Deciever, you used me!”

Kirk knows he has the poobah smoothie pimp style.

James T. Kirk: I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of how awesome I am.

11. Rus - October 29, 2006

I loved the new castle and subtle effects they used to enhance it without breaking you out of the story. They have the right idea. I also loved the planets.

The Enterprise itself looked horrible, imo. For a new CGI animated series, or something along those lines, it would look great, but this is the original live action series. It’s too obvious and very jarring to see an Enterprise that looks like it came out of a high-def animated cutscene from some video game.

I really hope they improve it for the future. *sigh*

12. Jim J - October 29, 2006

Seems most all of us agree that the Enterprise still is in the most need for work, and, that is supposed to be taken care of very shortly. I’m anxious to see the result. What gets me is…at one angle, I think it looks pretty darn good but then at a different angle…YIKES! I guess I’m not nearly as anal about some of the other stuff several of you mention. How do we know that the skeleton SHOULDN’T look like it’s out of a classroom. Rememeber, Korob says, “But, I read…” and Kirk replies that whatever he read, it was wrong. Maybe Korob read/looked at skeleton pictures from a classroom so he had hoped he got it right, too. Perhaps it was all intentional, just not quite correct. It seemed everything Slyvia and Korob did was quite intentional but not quite correct, so it makes sense to me. I still like the alien form they have for them at the end. As a kid, it really spooked me that little tiny things like that could do everything that they did. Who is to say that their movement should be fluid anyhow. They were starting to die and did die. Maybe they don’t move like that anyway…no sensations and so on…

My two cents!

13. Greg Stamper - October 29, 2006

What I’ve always loved about ST Fans is how they fill in the “blanks” created by episodes with logical reasoning. It’s nothing new, we’ve been doing it for decades. Have a look at Jeff’s from another thread which is a fine example:

Jeff Bond – October 26, 2006
The medical school skeleton…shouldn’t they go back and CG-fix every visible zipper and seam in the show?
I say Sylvia and Korob just scanned Kirk and McCoy’s minds for some cheesy childhood Halloween memories and put them in the castle. McCoy’s crazy, Halloween-loving uncle could have owned that fake skeleton…

14. jonboc - October 29, 2006

Aside from the usual complaints, the Enterprise and it’s engines, I loved everything else, including the decidedly “alien” aliens. I’m glad they left them alone. I was, however, hoping for some type of “force field” surrounding the ship. What I missed most was the wondeful Spock moment in the beginning where he remarks how bad the witches’ poetry was. And it couldn’t have shaved more than 15 seconds off the show, I’m not sure why they cut it. Tis the life in syndication I suppose. All in all, a very enjoyable Halloween treat.

15. JohnnyMoo - October 29, 2006

Notice how the planet was merely horizontally flipped when you look at the different shots of the Enterprise passing it? I thought that was the sort of thing they were making the new shots to eliminate.

Oh well, other than that minor glitch it’s all good.

16. Sybok - October 29, 2006

jonboc, you made the same comment about Spock’s dry wit, “Very bad poetry, Captain,” (I recall, it’s been years) that I made on yesterday’s thread.

I didn’t catch all the changes — they were subtle, and that’s good, I think.

Regarding The U.S.S. Enterprise I think not only did they duplicate the exact motion, I think they even duplicated the “blue screen” spill. Why not think about more realistic light reflected from a ship? Well, we’ll see if the new CGI model — does it debut with Tribbles next week — is improved?

Again, perhaps if they had just built a miniature and digitally composited it as TNG did.

Still, a good experience!

17. Sybok - October 29, 2006

Regarding the aliens, it would take time and a designer to change them, so they just removed the black threads.

I was hoping they’d be redone, perhaps based on the little puppets, but I didn’t mind, except how such creatures would have a “transmuter” and such powerful minds, I don’t know.

Now here’s an alien race never used again in the “canon”, and perhaps that’s too bad.

18. Anonymous - October 29, 2006

I really have my doubts that the ‘new’ Enterprise model is going to make that much difference. If they can’t light and texture it properly now…what difference is an even lower poly version going to make? Unless they’re putting the details into the texture, it’s going to look worse.

Hopefully I’m wrong….but it just feels like they’re not up to the task of doing this properly, and that saddens me to no end. I was really looking forward to this being something special…but I just don’t get the feeling that they have a firm grasp for the original series.

19. Rus - October 29, 2006

After thinking back on Catspaw, as well as looking at the above comparisons again of the old and new Enterprise in orbit, I’ve come up with a solution.

Can we please just have our old Enterprise back? Make the new planets, fix the effects, update the enviroments and matte paintings…that stuff looks great. But please, please….leave the Enterprise alone? At least until it looks as good as the model, with the same level of detail, texture and realism.

You would think in 2006 the technology would be here to at least get pretty close, but I guess we have quite a ways to go. Slow but steady progress, I suppose.

20. Rus - October 29, 2006

Oh, and why does the CGI Enterprise looks so “blurry”? I noticed this when watching last night also. I know it wasn’t transmitted in HD, but I was watching on my HD channel (on my HD set) and everything else looked crystal clear (great job on that, btw).

Maybe that’s another part of the problem. Very odd.

21. Matt Wright - October 29, 2006

#20 that’s just a smidge of motion blur, some of that is from my screencaps, and some of that appears to be stylistic.

22. Thomas Jensen - October 29, 2006

Man, I hope the newer Enterprise has the darkened ring around the front of the engineering hull. It isn’t there so far. It was added later on during the time when the 11’ model had additional ‘weathering’ done. Perhaps they’ll add it when the new CGI model appears. So far, the irony is that as the show is looking better overall, one of the main ‘characters’ isn’t looking quite right.

23. Stealth - October 29, 2006

#12 – I think the trouble with the new CGI Enterprise is it’s too perfect, too smooth, and too clean. Just my thought, but maybe they need to give it more depth and some character.

24. New Horizon - October 29, 2006

Another issue, is that they just weren’t given enough time to prepare the model. The whole damned project is a rush job and CBS should be ashamed of themselves. Yes, a lot of the work is ‘pretty good’, but it’s certainly not up to current standards. I don’t think the CBS team should be fired, but they should re-run the episodes that they’ve completed up until now…and get take some time to get things up to snuff. They’re just blowing through things and making stupid mistakes. The lighting coming from the wrong direction in “City” for example, and the inverted orbital shot of the planet in the screen shot posted above.

25. Stealth - October 29, 2006

Yeah I don’t know much about the process, but one week?! Seems awfully rushed to me also. But I suppose that’s how long they had for TNG, DS9, etc.

26. EBAR - October 29, 2006

Although they typically do a nice job on the appearance of the planets, they are all rotating much too fast. One day on this planet would last less than 5 minutes!

And this is not just a result of the motion of the Enterprise. Look at the last shot with the Enterprise approaching the camera as it is leaving orbit and planet rotating in the background. AHHHHHHH!

In general, the rotation of Class M planets should not be noticeable from the brief shots they show in the series.

27. Stealth - October 29, 2006

So Tribbles is next? Remember that DS9 episode More Trouble with Tribbles where Sisko, Odo, and Worf were added to the original scenes? You don’t suppose…..Nah, they wouldn’t….would they?

28. Jeff thorn - October 29, 2006

I thought this was a good episode I love the new opening credits and the new shots of the ship!

29. Magic_Al - October 29, 2006

I don’t think the witches’ bodies being left in is a mistake. The clue would be the fact that the lighting is not limited to their heads, and no professional would have thought that wearing all black in that light would make their bodies invisible. They’re supposed to look like ghostly forms, not disembodied heads.

30. Magic_Al - October 29, 2006

EBAR: no kidding! I’m not sure the planet and the ship even have the same light source.

If they want the spinning planet “look” if they could do it more realistically by panning the starfield in sync with the planet to show it’s the camera moving with the ship and not the planet actually rotating. People might still argue about the ship’s maneuvers being Newtonianly impossible but a sci-fi excuse would cover that.

31. The God Thang - October 29, 2006

Good lord, folks… this isn’t NASA footage… this is Star Trek… the planets rotate that fast because that’s what they did in the original show… it’s not supposed to be a damn documentary!! Loosen up and have some fun here…

32. Dip Thong - October 29, 2006

#24: Every TV show ever made was a “rush job”, including the original Trek. That’s because they’re spending THEIR money, not yours. There are economic and production factors to these things that fans never consider. I doubt CBS has been given a blank check to spend all the time and money they need to meet fans over inflated expectations — expectations that naturally vary from fan to fan.

33. Scott - October 29, 2006

Not to start an argument, Dip Thong (#32), but this IS Star Trek. And CBS Paramount is expecting us die-hard fans to pony up for DVDs of these newly enhanced shows in a few years — so it WILL be our money. :-) They should indeed take their time with them and make them as bulletproof as possible. Otherwise, I probably won’t buy them. (Let me state, I have been wanting Paramount to re-do the effects for about a decade now, so this whole idea has been just fine by this old fan.)

My guess is that these broadcasts are a bit of a test-run. It’s clear that they are responding to fans’ reactions. They’re “fixing” the Enterprise, for instance, based on a lot of comments fans are in general agreement about. I fully expect them to keep tweaking these shows, doing their best to get it right, and going back and making changes to the episodes already broadcast before releasing them on DVD/Blue Ray/Media X. Maybe I’m being an overly optimistic about their commitment to artistic integrity, but I do think that these hacked-up, middle-of-the-night-broadcast, throw-the-effects-at-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks shows are like an extended market test before they release the REAL money-maker version of these in a couple of years.

Man, I really hope I’m right about that.

Scott B.

34. EBAR - October 29, 2006

I agree with you Scott B., and I also hope you are correct. I too am willing to buy the remastered DVDs (which would be my third complete set of this series) providing they fix the bad effects shots they’ve done.

They do appear to be getting better, so I’m hoping that after about 10-15 more episodes they will have most of the bugs worked out and they can go back and fix the previous episodes before releasing
them on DVD.

It would also be nice if they did some work on missed opportunities. Like the hand phaser in “Devil in the Dark.”

35. Sean - October 29, 2006

Does anybody else agree with me when I say that EdenFX should have gotten the commission to restore and remaster the show? I am not at all impressed by this effort. Eden along with DTS digital images could have made this show look better than Enterprise.

36. James Heaney - October 29, 2006

Is it just me, or were the spinny lights on the nacelles significantly improved this week?

37. Josh - October 30, 2006

I don’t agree that Eden FX should have been awarded the job.

I like the style of the effects, maintaining the uniqueness of TOS from it’s inferior successors.

I don’t wan’t Star Trek to look remotely like Voyager, or Enterprise.

Eden FX made Star Trek look entirely too much like Star Wars.

I like the Enterprise to look clean and smooth, not junked up or muddied.

38. dmack - October 30, 2006

the enterprise on trekenhanced.com
THAT’s the way to do it…



39. Josh - October 30, 2006

First “nacelle dome caps,” then “non-blue illuminated U.S.S. Enterprise”, ( when it was never blue in the first place)

now “too fast spinning planets”.

I for one have NO desire to see a Trek that “pleases” THIS demographic.

Scotty! Emergency beam out, we’ve materialized in a pile of excrement induced anal retentiveness!

I can’a beam ya out sir! The nacelle dome caps have malfunctioned causing the hull to appear blue even though it’s not blue, and the transporters is’na working as a result!

40. Jim J - October 30, 2006

I KNEW it…tick, tick, tick….KABOOM!

41. Granger - October 30, 2006

Josh, please focus on what you like and don’t like in the show, rather than insulting others’ opinions. You have some interesting perspectives, but they are discredited when you make snide ad hominem attacks.

The issue of spinning planets brings to mind the numerous physics flaws in the Star Trek series, mostly made for dramatic effect. Fast-spin planets are joined by a ship that on impulse power can miraculously reach a good fraction of light speed in seconds without reducing the crew to jello – those inertial dampers are very mysterious indeed. The impulse engines are also very puzzling – usually they seem to impart no momentum to the ship, the Enterprise on several occasions seems to coast to a stop for no reason, and how you put those impulse engines into reverse remains a mystery.

Focusing on the orbit shots, they can certainly be torn apart for more than the planet rotation rate. Presumably our fair ship needs to stay somewhat above a beam-down site, yet they are far, far too close to the M-class planets for a geosynchronous orbit. Are they running the engines constantly to maintain a low orbit due to a limited transporter beam range?

How much these things take away and how much they enhance the enjoyment of the show varies for different folks. I, for one, love how the new Battlestar Galactica incorporates attitude jets and momentum in its Vipers, and its version of warp drive (FTL jumps) is simple but effective. But that much newer show still honors many classic conventions like having their big ships “right-side up” as they cruise through space, which is of course quite silly. And while I like jump-drive FTL plots, they do lack the fun run-up through the warp factors that make for great chase sequences in Star Trek.

42. brady - October 30, 2006

is it just me,but i miss darren whining bout what he woulda done on this sight. bugged me at 1st but now its kinda boring lol…..come on doc….say something lol

43. Cervantes - October 30, 2006

The original and best Star Trek with contemporary effects… I’ve wished for this for a long time. Thanks guys.

44. Jim J - October 30, 2006

ah, a second: tick, tick, tick……KABOOM!

45. Cervantes - October 30, 2006

Ah, the latest CGI makeover to divide a passionate fanbase… Great site and forum everyone. As an avid fan of the original Star Trek effects work and appreciator of myriad movie and tv special fx in general, I am excited that the classic series is being upgraded for High Definition.

However, I only wish that the time, budget, and will was there to go that little bit further with this worthy project. While we all know that there are obvious limitations in certain areas, I do wish that the also badly dated hand phaser beams and disintegrations were being spruced up too, along with some effort to liven up any low-budget “rock set” shots with integrated planetary backdrops, moons, ( some flying alien-style birds, insects, or critters would bring some life to the proceedings ), clouds et al. I can only hope. But keep up the good work anyway guys.

As for the proposed J.J. Abrams movie reboot, if its ( thankfully, in my opinion ) to be set in the classic era this time, then give us some reasonably faithful big screen versions of the classic DESIGNS, COLOURS, and SOUND EFFECTS of the best ENTERPRISE, BRIDGE, CAPTAIN’S CHAIR, TRANSPORTER PAD, VIEWSCREEN, and HAND PHASERS this time, that have been sorely missing from previous incarnations. And let’s have the fun and adventure of a truly alien obstacle of impossible odds, crew beamdowns to unknown planetary danger, and hand phaser shootouts aplenty. GIVE US THE BEEF!

And dare I ask, can we get some Alexander Courage MAIN or END THEME, along with some of the perfect Fred Steiner cues that made the original so memorable!

46. John N - October 30, 2006

Overall I was impressed with the changes in this episode. Absolutely loved the new castle, though I was wondering if they would create a new “master shot” with the landing party near the door embedded within the wider angle shot of the castle.

The planet rotation bugged me as well… I would LOVE to see some behind the scenes documentaries on these changes… or perhaps a book. I think it would be fascinating to know some of the discussions and thought process that lead them to change some things, but exclude others.

If anyone from Paramount is listening, think ahead to those DVD extras! :)

47. John N - October 30, 2006

Jim J… if you’re referring to what I THINK you’re referring to, then you crack me up…. :)

48. Jim J - October 30, 2006

Thanks, I try…and I am!

49. Cafe 5 - October 30, 2006

The new shots of the castle were very well done. The show was missing
about ten minutes over its first run time slot. This was I think Chekov’s
first appearance and the character was cut way back. Missing also
was the orbital shot with the drum roll Enterprise theme that was only
used in this episode. Syndication being what it is we’ll have to take what
we can get.

50. Dstutz - October 30, 2006

That new effect of the castle was way cool. Nice to see the strings
gone at the end of the episode. Great shots of the ship too.

51. Jeff Bond - October 30, 2006

I liked the castle, the print was knock-out–I never found this one of the more visually exciting episodes but this print was so razor sharp and colorful I found myself just wanting to rewatch and study the dialogue scenes.

In all I’ve been pretty sympathetic about this effort–it’s fun to watch the effects even if they’re not photo-perfect. But one thing REALLY stood out to me this time and that’s the motion of the ship in orbit which seems to be dictated, as Daren pointed out in an earlier thread, by the LENSES chosen for these CGI shots. It’s unrealistic of course that we are seeing the Enterprise seemingly travel in an ARC in the orbital shots, but that was a convention of the series and it’s part of the aesthetics of these shots. BUT…the lenses used in the original show for the most part created the appearance that the ship was traveling in a “straight” line, in other words, being propelled ahead, NOT sliding like a car skidding through a turn. I was really seeing that happen in the orbital shots in “Catspaw,” especially at the beginning–watch the engines toward the end of the first shot in the opening titles and towards the end of the second shot too–they are pivoting sideways which makes it look like the ship is skidding sideways. For the “coming at us” shots they used a wider angle lens that always made the trailing engine nacelles look like they were moving “straight” in the shot. That also helped establish the illusion of scale and momentum. This is why it bugs me when some people scream at us old fogeys about how laughable it is that we could find ANYTHING convincing about the original effects shots. Yes, they were marred by compositing and matte lines and yes, sometimes they just didn’t have the money to produce a good shot at all. But these shots were done by experienced pros who knew how to photograph a miniature to give at least the illusion of some scale. That’s the difference between photographing a real object and making up an imaginary object out of computer-generated shapes and textures. The eye knows when it is looking at a real object and when it isn’t, and despite all the flaws of the original effects footage much of it convinces because we know we’re looking at a real object. It takes a ton of work to texture, light, design and direct a CG shot so that it creates that illusion of reality in a convincing way, and in some cases the CBS Digital crew just have not had the time or resources to do that.

52. Lord Edzo - October 30, 2006

Still one of my fave episodes, mostly because of Antoinette Bower and her incredible performance as “Sylvia” – definitely in my top-3 fave TOS women. She and Shatner have one helluva good chemistry, even after 40 years.

Episode was shockingly sliced up, however. No Sylvia in her various “guises” for Kirk; significantly reduced Bridge scenes with DeSalle, Uhura and Chekov; no gale-force wind blowing K/S/M toward the castle at the beginning. Big disappointment.

The enhanced castle was astounding in its creepiness! Great CGI work! Pyris VII finally looks as dreary from orbit as it is on the surface.

Gotta say I was really disappointed that the “pipe cleaner” aliens weren’t completely excised and replaced with CGIs. I was looking forward to this the most. I even sat up and looked really closely at the TV just beforehand. Yet another missed-opportunity effect that kinda makes you go “hmmm.”

53. An olde timey fan - October 30, 2006

#51 Jeff Bond thanks for the great description of the situation. I agree with you fully.

#19 Russ — I second that motion. “Recomposite” the scenes of the real Enteprise model with new “everything else”

#10. Josh – October 29, 2006
>Does anyone else get a kick out of Kirk’s expression when Sylvia is >saying “Deciever, you used me!”
>Kirk knows he has the poobah smoothie pimp style.

Sylvia is still soooo hot. I used to date a woman who looks a lot like this babe. Ohhhhhh….

54. Daren Doc - October 30, 2006

Hi, #42, Brady…

One of the reasons I haven’t posted a lot more recently is the ongoing perception on here that thoughtful, informed criticism must be looked on as “whining” about this and that. I have no problem with people giving opposing views… I welcome those… and if they are valid and have logical bases, they make me re-asses my own views… and sometimes change my mind. Other times, they help re-inforce my own views… but whatever the case… reasoned discussion is a wonderful thing… and it’s one of the joys of being in “fandom”. It is only when the name calling and personal attacks raise their ugly heads that it becomes tiresome, and not at all fun. As I said in the beginning, I fully support these Trek Remastered episodes… both in spirit, and well meaning experienced opinion.
And yes, for some the Original Enterprise can appear white. But in no case should it appear _tan_ as it did in the early Remastered episodes.

That said, I think the space shots in “Catspaw” are the best yet.


55. Josh - October 30, 2006

The problem with recompositing the studio model shots into the new background effects would be an overall inconsistency in the Enterprise.

All of the stock footage shots of the Enterprise varied between the 3 foot pilot and Cage model and 11 foot series model. Therefore we would be back to square one, an inconsistent U.S.S. Enterprise.

Jim J, if your post means what I THINK it means, it merely reinforces how elitist and pretentious Trek forums can be.
If there is something to be said, say it freely and openly, not under the guise of hyperbolic rhetoric.

56. Nelson - October 30, 2006

Thought I’d finally jump in here and comment.

Enough has been said about how the Enterpirse CGI is lacking and I am eager to see the new CGI model in the coming weeks. Most of the other efforts by the CBS team has been great! If they are reading this, I hope they are encouraged by the feedback!

Two comments on Catspaw. There is a subtle change I have not seen anyone comment on. When Kirk, Spock and McCoy first beam down, I thought the beaming effect looked “off”. Doing an A-B comparison with the DVD and a recording play back on my computer side-by-side, I found that they changed the sparkle effect slightly. The sparkles are blurred. On the DVD the sparkles are well defined and sharp.

This is one of those subtle changes that looks like it got by most viewers? I noticed last week on Arena, when Kirk is aiming the mortal while in the Cestus III fort and asks Kelowitz for an evaluation, they cut to a scene of the mountains where the Gorns presumably are hiding. In the foreground of the shot, you see three crater holes in the ground. I do not believe these were there before. Nice subtle changes!

The other thing I have noticed about these remasters, but more on Catspaw and on Balance of Terror, the image looks very dark and contrasty. Compared to the DVD’s, the DVD’s are brighter and have more definition and detail in shadow areas.

Has anyone noticed? Perhaps an after effect of the re-master? I can see it on the comparison shots that are posted here.

Thanks to the staff and contributors of this site, it’s a great place to read up and see the new TOS remaster screen caps. I am an old timer Trek fan and I like the efforts so far by the CBS team.

And Darren, I enjoy your contributions as well. I admire your work and efforts!

57. John N - October 30, 2006

Well Daren, I for one have missed your insight. I can’t (and would never) say that I speak on behalf of everyone here, but I have always found your comments to be well thought out, and always respectful to those who disagree. Please, please, please… continue to post. By the way, I thought that I read early on that you would be reviewing some of the episodes, but I think I’ve only seen one review… did I miss them, or did something happen?

I also can’t say that I’m innocent of the ugliness that you’re referring to, but I AM trying to steer clear of it as much as possible, and instead focus on the positive things said in here.

58. John N - October 30, 2006

By the way, for those who think that “fan whining” is only a bad thing, rumour has it that fan outcry may have just prevented a comedic “Green Lantern” film starring the over-whelmingly un-heroic Jack Black as the DC super hero.

If for no other reason than that, I invite more fans to stand up and speak their mind… ;)

59. John N - October 30, 2006

#56 – Nelson – I also noticed that my DVD was quite a bit brighter than the broadcast this weekend. Without the ability to go back and compare with the new version, off-hand I would say that I prefered the new version. It seemed to have more of a moody/film look to it, and less of a “video” quality to it.

Assuming that we get the detail back when viewing it on DVD, what does everyone else think about this? Or did anyone even notice?

60. Holo J - October 30, 2006

I agree with Post 33 & 34 Scott and EBAR… I am only going on the screen shots I see on the website but it would be good if CBS and Paramount went back to add to the episodes they have already remastered and add a lot of the fans suggestions. If they are really concerned about staying as true to the original as possible and not being a bit more
daring with the changes they should do one version untouched but cleaned up for the Fans who hate this project all together, another version with the tweaks they seem to be doing now for those who are happy with what’s being done now and another version where they go all out and make the full changes, for example a clear shot of the Gorn ship more movement in the Gorns face and re-do the Korob and Sylvia in their true forms with CGI, they could pretty much look the same just have more movement. I don’t mean change the story but I do mean show more of the action we don’t get to see or that the original budget wouldn’t allow they could sample the sounds for extended battle scene if needed so it stayed true to the original series, animate the view screens on the bridge, on the surface of the planet have back drops with sky, clouds, mountains etc.. depending on the type of planet they are on. Also for paramount it would be more money for them if they had the option of all 3 versions on HD DVD for the fans on sell. I do like what I have been seeing from the screen shots but I would love them to be more daring with the effects. I am definitely interested in seeing the new remastered episodes but I be more interested in buying these episodes all over again if they made some more changes in the battle scenes, to the planet surfaces background if they put more movement in some of the ridged aliens(they don’t need to be totally redesigned). I guess we all have are own ideas on how we would like to see this project turn out but at the end of the day its up to CBS and paramount as to what really happens… I just hope they don’t waste this opportunity to make this amazing series that I have loved since I was a very young kid out of this world. If time is the issue for not doing a lot of these things on the first run then I hope you go back and get it right for DVD release.
I guess it’s a dream Job for a lot of us on this site to be involved with.. it would be amazing if us fans where able to have a say on what happen to this project, I do hope
They are listening to us.
BTW Daren Doc I have loved what I have seen of your work, Why not offer your services as a consultant on this project?… maybe you already have?
It would be great if they would take advice from others in the CGI profession and not be too proud to listen to what people like you have to say. I think this is special project that deserves to be treated so. I appreciate what CBS are doing and have like a lot of what I have seen; I just hope they make sure they don’t waste this opportunity to really add something special to the FX on what has always been a brilliant show great with stories.

61. Matt Wright - October 30, 2006

#56 I think you have something misscalibrated if you think the DVDs are better looking. The new HD transfer offers much better dimensionality and has a totaly different color saturation that I can only assume is much closer to how it was on the film, since they went back and restored the film using modern techniques from the color separations.

The DVDs by comparison seem to be lacking in detail and somewhat overbright.

As John N pointed out one of the awsome things about the ehanced detail that 1920×1080 resolution offers is a huge increase in possible detail the high resolution scanning exposes the film’s grain and subtle detail. This allows for a much more film-like experience, which is after all how the TV show was made: on film. If the CBS/Paramount folks know anything about anything, they have these episodes stored in a proper 1080p/24 format, for mastering onto HD-DVD and Blu-ray and other future uses.

62. John N - October 30, 2006

#60 – Holo J – It’s funny that you say that it would be a “dream job” for most of us… this project has me SO excited that I’ve actually given considerable thought to learning 3D animation just so that I could play around with my own re-done effects.

Of course, I should really have someone like Daren talk some sense into me so that I know what an immense amount of work I would be facing… :)

63. Kevin - October 30, 2006

I’m not a fan of the redo, to be honest, but some of the work is nice. I think although the castle was nice they made a kind of directorial decision with the big castle. In the original the door opens in a medium shot, very creepy and foreboding. The big new shot showcases the CGI and obscures the door opening by itself. Now, the door open could have been cut, maybe not. My feeling is that CG improvement is fine, but not if it covers stuff up. The Enterprise is getting better, although I doubt they can match the model. i would have preferred recompositing, even if the ship looked different–lighting is different in space, anyway. The new ship is too dark. We dont know what refits enterprise went through before Vger, anyway. Changes made the ship a character. Stuff like the disappearance of the pylons into matte spillover in Tommorow is yesterday, should be fixed. What has elitism got to do with liking the old ship, anyway? I don’t understand that criticism, it seems off the point, criticiizing people for no reason. We’re talking about pixels here.

64. John N - October 30, 2006

Sorry for being so chatty today, but as I said earlier, the project has me excited…

Has anyone given any thought to creating a “laundry list” of things that they would like to see changed in each episode? Each change could fall under a particular category such as “Clean up”, “New”, etc.

I suggest it for a few reasons:

First of all, I really think that a lot of people in here really have some good ideas, and they deserve to be recognized.

Secondly, IF… and it’s a big IF… anyone associated to the project is looking at this stuff, perhaps they might see a few that might be feasible to do before the DVD versions come out.

To reduce hostility, it could be posted on a separate page so that those forum members who prefer the show to remain as “untouched as possible” don’t have to participate in the discussion.

Possible? Desirable? (Keep in mind, if you don’t like the idea, you don’t have to participate)

65. Lao3D - October 30, 2006

John N. I think that’s a great idea if they find find anyone brave enough to moderate it!

If Paramount IS keeping tabs on all this stuff, why not take it a step further and have startrek.com sponser a contest in conjunction with the remastering. Let those who have slaved over their own CGI efforts submit their visions and let the fans vote on what they like the best. The winner could get included as an “extra” on the boxed sets.

66. Daren Doc - October 30, 2006

I think the possibility of simply “re-compositing” the original effects shots is moot, since I’m almost certain the original elements are long gone… As to re photographing a model? The cost for doing it right is astronomical for a television show now… there simply aren’t a lot of companies that do motion control anymore… and let’s face it… the CBS digital guys have barely enough money to do CG here… so I think that’s a big “no”… As to me consulting on the project? I did get a call a couple weeks ago from the VFX Supervisor at CBS Digital… and we talked for a bit about the project… I offered to consult if they felt they had any special problems to tackle that they thought I could help with. So the ball is in their court.

67. Holo J - October 30, 2006

Hey John N, I its funny you say you have thought about learning the CGI, because since hearing about this project I too have had the thought cross my mind. I work as a graphic designer by trade and I’ve just hit the grand old age of 29 with a young family to support so I am thinking it’s too late to try and change profession for me but it might be an interesting subject to research into as I have always had an interest in CGI FX. But like you John N this project in particular has captured my imagination because of my love for Star Trek.

68. Nelson - October 30, 2006

Matt- regarding my first post where I seem to suggest the DVD’s look better then the new remasters, I probably chose my words poorly to describe what I was trying to say.

I never meant to suggest the current DVD’s are better looking. I have recorded the broadcasts digitally on my computer. As you said, these recordings are 1920×1080 at approx 14 Mbps and 29.97 fps and off the air, not cable. When I compare them to a DVD, the recording of the broadcast version is certainly not as “sharp”. I suspect due to my station broadcasting in SD. My recordings do not look as sharp as those posted on this site.

Certainly the color and details are superior on the remastered shows. The shadow detail on the DVD’s I referred to were areas that are in shadow still reveal things not visable on the remaster. For example, Spock’s hair on the Bridge during the Catspaw teaser looks extremely dark and I see less individual hairs. On the DVD’s which as you say, is overbright, shows more hairs on the highlights.

I agree that the remasters now present a more solid and dense image verse past issues of Star Trek. I am used to seeing it that way. What is so cool about these new remasters is the color. They are certainly very rich!

69. John N - October 30, 2006

Well Holo J, I’m 32, with NO family, and I’m STILL gunshy about switching careers… it’s always difficult to start over, and it seems to get tougher the older that I get.

Having said that, my buddy and I have been following a film making dream in our “off hours” and I’ve found that to be quite rewarding. So, if you can spare some time between the wife and kids, you might still consider learning the 3D stuff for your own satisfaction!

70. Holo J - October 30, 2006

Hi John N, yeah I definitely want to look into it, what I meant was its just a bit difficult finding the time to devote to learning a package like that and being able to afford to buy it in the first place. I know its never to late to start again I just often get the feeling that if you are going to do something like that its something you got to go straight into after university or college. Your film making dream sounds cool. I’m always playing around with ideas but never do anything with them, it would be good to final be able to channel them into something. BTW no offense on the age thing, I am just kind of feeling a bit washed up as I am stuck in a dead-end graphics Job at the moment that just about pays the bills and isn’t very exciting and it making me feel old before my time.

71. An olde timey fan - October 30, 2006

Career Changes: Holo J & John N
Guys, the modern economic assumptions require laborers to change careers as market forces redistribute demand opportunities. That’s what is meant by “globalism” and “free flow of labor and capital”. In other words, the days of working a long career in a single field are probably a pipe dream!

Daren Doc:
Glad to see your posts again. I am utterly fascinated by this stuff! While I never made my own movies as a boy, I did make my own phasers and communicator by studying filmclips under a junior high microscope… so I’ve always had an appreciation for making Trek stuff.

Glad you’ve toned down. Some of your ideas are ingenious and I enjoy reading them. I think the battle here is between “what does NASA see in space” and “what does mortal man want to see on the tube”? Anyway, if it’s approached philosophically, it could be a very fruitful conversation.

72. TomBot2006 - October 30, 2006

I think if a lot of us are honest, this is the “dream” career that we never had! I’m not working in a graphic arts field of any sort, but I did plenty of my own Enterprise drawings in my lifetime. Granted, most were not good, but I enjoyed it just the same. ;-)
Not really much to say about this episode, actually, despite some pluses, never a fave of mine. The aliens at the end remind me of a book I just finished reading again; From a Buick 8 by Stephen King. They seem to be the same sort of otherworldly creatures that cannot survive in our universe without some sort of aide. They could have been a little more disturbing, I guess, but I think they’re fine, if a littel pathetic.
Actually, rewatching last weeks Gorn, I got a chuckle out of Uhura’s gasp at the sight of the Gorn. The are a federation of planets with alien members and a big goofy looking lizard man frightens her? LOL!

And I also, like the chiming in of different opinions. I just don’t care for personal slagging that really only gets you ignored anyway.


73. MichaelT - October 30, 2006

Nelson (#56)
“Enough has been said about how the Enterpirse CGI is lacking and I am eager to see the new CGI model in the coming weeks. Most of the other efforts by the CBS team has been great! If they are reading this, I hope they are encouraged by the feedback!”
I so much agree with this statement. The colors nacelle caps and blue whatever it was I am sure are being looked at. In my opinion… give them a bit more time.

74. Jim J - October 30, 2006

Apparently I am being misinterpreted again. I’ll say it again for anyone who missed it or even cares: I fully support this project and have been excited about it since day one. The mass majority of what they have done is very exciting and fantastic work. I have only on thing that has been slowly eating at me, though it seems some think I have complained about so much more. I still think (and hope) than in a few short weeks, my concerns and complaints will be answered in a positive way. I think this crew is doing a fine job and they seem to care about what the fans are looking for and wanting.

75. Horn - October 30, 2006

Nelson #56.

I also noticed the “new” craters in Arena which were in front of the hills and the “Blast” from Kirk’s cannon appeared to be re-done as well.

One shot I would have loved to see in Catspaw would have been of Kirk standing on Pyrus 7 suddenly appearing (after he destroys the transmuter) with dark clouds thunder and lightning behind him. This would have been a GREAT shot.

Still happy with what they did do though.

76. John N - October 30, 2006

Holo J – Not to worry… didn’t even think to take offense at any age thing. Trust me… you’re not alone in feeling like you were meant for something more. Try not to give up on your dreams just yet though… :)

77. dmack - October 31, 2006

Me and my gf just moved 3000 miles across the country with no job lined up last year and got brand new jobs… It can be done. We’re late 30’s too!


78. Cervantes - October 31, 2006

Oh man, I also meant to say in post #45 yesterday that the movie reboot should ALSO absolutely have the similar design ethic of the glorious GOLD, BLUE, and RED original UNIFORMS too… What that series had in abundance was COLOUR. Fabrics may have to be updated, but keep that shortened trousers look with black boot whatever happens, as it was an iconic look. Hopefully the cast looks reasonably slim as they were originally. And keep the mini-uniform, black tights, short boots look for the ladies, as it was a tremendously flattering look for the women crew. I still have a huge crush on the still lovely Grace Lee Whitney who played Yeoman Rand. Actressess still like to look sexy on screen don’t they?

79. Cervantes - October 31, 2006

Oh man #2…, AND also meant to say keep the classic COMMUNICATORS too. Not only are they cool in a flipover retro way, but any Star Trek movie actor will appreciate them as they will look good cinematically as a prop to react to. Unlike just “tapping” your tunic as later series had. Make it so J.J., Trek is back!

Liked your idea of a wish list /ideas for enhancements section by the way John N.

80. Cervantes - October 31, 2006

Oh man #3…, last one for today folks, just to clarify post #78, when I said “Hopefully the cast looks reasonably slim as they were originally”…I am referring to what I know will be an ALL-NEW cast! Even we cannot expect certain much-loved actors to look as trim as they did in their 60’s prime! LOL! If only. Just emphasising the point that any new movie main character actors don’t need to be musclemen, as the original uniform designs looked so cool on quite slim actors.

81. Ralph - October 31, 2006

Interesting. I believe I see Roddenbery;s story. He portrays mankind in the 23rd century perfect or rather mature. Humans of the 23rd centuray have all the best attributes of ourselves. Maturity, reason and rational.
It is the aliens who poses the negative side. Our imperfect attributes, immaturity, and irrationality. Roddenberry shows we can overcome these aliens. In other words Roddenberry is saying we can overcome our weaknesses with our good.
By the way, I believe the Enterprise looked wonderful in detail. The lighting has changed to provide more detail with shadows giving it dimension and depth. I noticed sharper corners. The nacelles have more detail and color. Don’t you think?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if William Shatner portrayed George Samuel Kirk, the original first officer of the Enterprise, as James T. Kirk’s father in STXI? Kirk would be close to his father and would on occasion consol with his father the Admiral (or retired)?

Spock as Sarek? I think it could happen.

82. tuc - November 1, 2006

1. On the images captioned “New Orbit Pass”/”Old Orbit Pass”, am I the only one who thinks the Old shot looks a lot better. (I’m even disregarding the diameter of the spheres at the back of the nacelles, which seem to me to be off.)
2. On the images captioned “The Enterprise Departs the new CGI Pyris VII”/”Leaving the old Pyris VII”, the New shot has a smaller planet but a larger Enterprise. This is not necessarily a complaint but I am curious why. I don’t see a reason for it, and it seems to go againts the preserve-even-the-location-of-the-stars philosophy.

83. Matt Wright - November 1, 2006

1. I think I know what you mean, however in actual motion it looks quite poor, with optical issues such as scratches, etc. That one frame happens to look quite nice.

2. It isn’t out of whack, I goofed and didn’t get identical screenshots — you’ll notice the Enterprise is closer to the camera in the “new” version, it was most likely a 1-2 seconds later in the departing squence then the old version.

84. fan - November 17, 2006

A new Star Trek looks great, I hope, Enterprise in combal will be like Defiant in Mirror, Mirror (ENT)

Sory, if my english was bad :(

85. Rebecca - January 4, 2011

But the question of questions…was Chekov’s hair fixed? ROFLOL Seriously the worst-ever shaggy Beatles wig I’ve ever seen…

86. Larry - April 25, 2011

They should have CGI-added James Doohan’s right, phaser-holding middle finger!

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