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“The Trouble with Tribbles” Screenshots — Debut of new CGI Enterprise model! plus Video Link! November 5, 2006

by Matt Wright , Filed under: TOS Remastered,TOS-R Screenshots/Video , trackback

We have the usual assortment of old versus new and remastered shots for your pleasure. Included is a comparison of the new CGI model to the older one, Tribbles has nearly all new shots, so there isn’t an easy direct comparison.

Click the pictures for larger versions.


New Effects Video


Old CGI verus new CGI Enterprise

Old CG Enterprise from ‘Balance Of Terror’

New CG Enteprise from ‘Trouble with Tribbles’


Old versus New

New Starfield — notice that addition of a few blue and red colored stars compared to previous episodes

The Old Starfield

New Intro Flyby

Old Intro Flyby

K7 Approach sequence part 1
The camera starts on the bridge and saucer section while it slowly pulls back into the shot below

K7 Approach sequence part 2
This shot is an enhanced version of the old one with the camera sitting slightly further back, thus exposing more of the Enterprise.

Old K7 Approach

New K7 Office — notice the Enterprise slowly orbiting

Old K7 Office — notice the static Enterprise model sticking out behind Baris

New CGI K7 on the Viewscreen

Old K7 model on Viewscreen

New K7 Orbit 1
This shot is fairly faithful to the old version

Old K7 Orbit 1

New K7 Orbit 2
This is a totaly new sequence that shows off the detail of the CGI Enterprise

Old K7 Orbit 2

New Tech Journal — slightly tweaked CGI graphic on the display

Old Tech Journal

New Klingon ship lurks by K7

Old Klingon ship by K7 — notice there isn’t one…

New Office Shot — Notice the Enterprise slowly orbiting

Old Office Shot — Notice the static Enterprise model in the same place as the previous old office shot

Leaving K7 Remastered

The Old Leaving K7 Shot

New final sweeping shot of the Enterprise — Closing Shot

Old Closing Shot


Various New Shots

Nilz Baris

My dear Captain Koloth…

Station Manager Lurry

Uhura and Chekov are interested in the Tribbles

Spock claims that the Tribbles have a calming effect on the human nervous system

Korax talkin’ smack about the Enterprise

Chekov steams

Scotty tries to keep his cool

Kirk covered in Tribbles

The Tribbles don’t like Mr. Darvin

Cyrano Jones beholds his punishment

Aft detail of the Enterprise model

A closer look at the new CG model’s warp engines

Closing shot of the new CGI Enterprise model from afar


1. Greg - November 5, 2006

I was disappointed by the new shots. I don’t think they were really all that great. In fact I think in this Ep. I think I liked the old shots. Also in the opening shots the images of Kirk and Spock discussing Sherman’s planet seem dirty and not very cleaned up. The DS9 Tribble show was a lot cleaner then this one.

Just my 2 cents.


2. TomBot2006 - November 5, 2006

Hmmm, won’t see this til late tomorrow night, er. Pics look somewhat, intriguing. I’m glad to see they might be stretching a little bit more… though, one of those Enterprise K7 orbit flyby shots seems a little wonky, distorted… maybe it’s just an odd angle. *shrug* Nice add of the Klingon ship, of course… yet I can’t help to wonder if K7 could have used some more light traffic? ;-) I guess I’m greedy.

3. Anthony Pascale - November 5, 2006

well done as usual matt. I have emailed destructive1 for a copy of the vid so we can host DLs of a higher res version.

I must say that things looked better when I saw them at CBS, but then again I guess I was seeing them in HD.

4. Thomas Svensson - November 5, 2006

I too like the add of the klingon ship. However, I would like to see a closeup of the K7-hangar. Are there ships in there? There were in the ds9-episode..

5. colin - November 5, 2006

I believe there are two hangars. They are opposite to each other. The first one, bay 1, is empty. Bay 2 has a ship parked in the direct center. (I noticed that in this version of the station, unlike the original or the DS9, there are no numbers adjacent to the bay openings.)

I will admit my first whatever moment. When I see the changes between the original and re-mastered technical journal, I am like, “Whatever”. I don’t see the changes.

In the first flyby image, I feel that I am peeping into the interior of the ship. In some of the windows, there is a line from the top left corner to the lower right corner. I am thinking this could be a glimpse of a ceiling.

6. Norbert Steinert - November 5, 2006

Better! Much better! Not the ship, but the moves of it. I like the shot where the Big-E approaches K7! Movient away from the ship beginning with the saucer section was FINALLY the first good idea for the ship.
A little larger view of the K-Tinga would have been nice. But I won’t bitch given the current fresh ideas they have.

7. Lti - November 5, 2006

This is awesome! A vast improvement to the previous model! My hat is off to the team at CBS. I cant believe there are already nay sayers saying their nays.

8. justin R C - November 5, 2006

I think the new enterprise looks much more realistic and its moves were much more fluid than the previous remastered episodes. All in all I would say that there was marked improvement over the previos remastered episodes. It gives me alot more hope for the retcon tht is going to be taking place in the new movie.

9. Thomas Svensson - November 5, 2006

So, what ship is in the centre?

10. jcvmf214 - November 5, 2006

lets face it this re mastering is a bad idea. It was also a bad idea to give the project to a company who is not familiar with trek at all. I have been overall unimpressed with the effects shots. Some of the best shots were the live action. The colors don’t seem subdued anymore.

11. AL - November 5, 2006

Did the original have lit windows on the engine pylons?

12. Scott - November 5, 2006

Can someone explain to me how the tech journal was tweaked? I can’t see the difference.

13. trekmaster - November 5, 2006

Great shots! The effects still look out like from the sixties – but in better quality! I hope this will be done with the rest of the episodes.

14. Lao3D - November 5, 2006

Episode hasn’t screened yet here but based on the above, it looks like a homerun! Thanks Matt, Anthony et al for this great summary. If I didn’t know better I’d say they had been shooting a physical model, as trekmaster says, a new and improved 60s trip!

Loved the impulse engines, and hurray for the return of the colored stars. A great thing just got better!!

15. Kirks1701A - November 5, 2006

I must admit, after being so disappointed by the cartoon “Enterprise” shown in the first eight remastered episodes, I was a bit skeptical with how the new model would look. I *wanted* to be excited about TOS-R again, but I was afraid of being let down.

After seeing “The Trouble With Tribbles,” all I can say is wow, this is more like it! Thanks to the remastered production team for not stopping at “good enough” and instead going the extra mile to give us an “Enterprise” to believe in again.

I’m definitely looking forward to “Mirror, Mirror” now!

16. Gilly Gansiland - November 5, 2006

As interested as I am in the remastered Star Trek, the worst thing I did in regards to it was to start reading some of the comments here. Apparently some people will gripe about anything just to gripe. So maybe some of the shots could have been executed a bit differently. Maybe the lighting could be different or the nacelle caps could show tribbles spinning within the ‘blades’ or whatever anybody comes up with. Personally, I think I from now on I will just watch the episodes and skip the message portion of this site. I think the project is a great idea and is being done to my satisfaction.

17. Paul Austin - November 5, 2006


18. mars396 - November 5, 2006

Matt: As usual, thanks for the comparision pix

I can always count on coming here to see these

now we need someone to put up comparision pix with Trials and Tribble-ations

19. KT - November 5, 2006

Very, very impressive. (I do not understand the complaints.)

20. jonboc - November 5, 2006

I’m also very happy with the return of the colored stars. The ship, the station….great job all the way around. My only beef now has to do with the conrast of the live action. The episodes seem incredibly dark lately, so much so that I’m losing detail in the shadows. Seeing the comparrison shots above reminded me of that. I hope future transfers lighten things up just a bit.

21. nobull23 - November 5, 2006

#18 i was interested in this too.

I found the site below.

I think it would have been nice to incorporate some of these shots in this ep.

that being said i thought the remastered ep was great

22. Scott of the Morgites - November 5, 2006

Matt – Thanks for the posting of the pics. I haven’t seen the episode yet but the images look wonderfully promising. Love the detail of those ol’ rugged Impulse Engines firing away.

And somehow, not seeing too much of that menacing D7 seems fitting… Probably would have bothered my TOS sensibilities had it stalked around the space station all aztec-ed up.

My only regret before I see this new episode is I am anticipating, with a certain amount of dread and nausea, the cut-down aired version on WNBC in New York. The notion of missing some new FX gem because of the hucksterism associated with muffler repair, face cream or “even more absorbancy” is demoralizing. Damn those sponsors!!!

23. cbspock - November 5, 2006

I like this old shot better than the some of the new shots..

I will reserve judgement on the nacelles until I see everything on the TV screen.

24. Granger - November 5, 2006

I am thoroughly impressed by the changes CBS Digital has made. The ship looks great! I for one am very happy with the ship coloration, detail, and yes, the nacelle caps. They look much closer to what I’d expect, and I hope they satisfy other more discerning critics as well.

The more complicated camera moves in the various K-7 scenes are most welcome and not so over-the-top that they pull one out of the old show. For example, they have avoided the kind of show-off camera moves that opened Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith.

As for the old clips, take a look at that horrid breakdown of the starboard nacelle in the “Old Entry Flyby” shot! I remember how the support pylon for the nacelle would often break up in one oft-used flyby, but wow, it looks like tribbles have been nibbling away at that old engine even before they arrive at K-7!

I also like the depth of the windows on K-7 in the “New Klingon Ship Lurks by K-7″ shot, and offer high praise their addition of more colored stars, lit impulse engines, and a Klingon ship to this show. My impression of the tiny model is that they have correctly inserted the smoother, older D7 class battlecruiser, not the more detailed K’t’inga class vessel from the movies.

CBS Digital is showing great improvement in their ongoing work, which makes me all the more excited about future remastered episodes. Yeah!

25. nobull23 - November 5, 2006

from #21

this is the comparision site


26. teutonic nights - November 5, 2006

very very nice. Keep up the great work!

27. Greg Stamper - November 5, 2006

Thanks again Matt for getting these up. Always “caps-off” the weekend.

28. cbspock - November 5, 2006

The way the station is shot reminds me of some of the shots that were done with Deep Space 9. I do like the fly away shot at the end. The Enterprise moving across the window of the office looks good too.

29. cbspock - November 5, 2006

Some of the shots are right out of some of the Classic Trek movies.

30. Cransy - November 5, 2006

Holy Friggin’ Crap. Awesome work! Grreat Job CBS DIgital, Rossi, and of course Okuda’s!!

31. Seangh - November 5, 2006

I know these are just stills, and the motion of the shots is what sells the look. But there are several stills above of the original Enterprise that tells me that the CBS team still has not got this right. I think these look far superior to my eye:

32. Kelvington - November 5, 2006

OK you asked for it, now you got it – Here are the effects shots from DS9 Trials & Tribbulations. NOTE THIS PAGE IS VERY LARGE with 130+ images and a YouTube video at the very top.


Here is just the video –


33. joe - November 5, 2006

thanks kelvington, it’s interesting seeing the ds9 shots, all we need now is an original SFX reel from TWT, will you do it, or shall i?

34. neal - November 5, 2006

nit-pick: we hear that the klingon ship is “hovering only 100 kilometers fom K-7.” 100km = 60 miles. imagine what a 40-floor building looks like from 60 miles away. in the new cgi, the klingon ship looked like it was about 1 or 2 miles from K-7.

35. Kelvington - November 5, 2006

Joe, I’ll give it a crack. Try and get it posted in the next hour or so.

36. mars396 - November 5, 2006

re: http://trekmovie.com/wp-content/uploads/tribbles/old_leaving_k7.jpg

I absolutely love this shot – I hope we get a remastered version – I miss it already

37. Thomas Jensen - November 5, 2006

#11 Al, On the original 11′ model, the windows did not lite up on the nacelle pylon supports. That’s a new feature. Now I suppose somebody can complain about it.

38. Kelvington - November 5, 2006

OK here is the TOS effects shots –


Plus it’s up on the same page as DS9 ones as well –

39. Jason Lee - November 5, 2006

I’ll reserve judgement until I see the actual episode at 11 PM tonight but these stills and the video clip look like a big improvement in all respects.

40. DB - November 5, 2006

Well, the new model of the Enterprise is an improvement — the nacelle caps are much better, and there’s no detectable decrease in the model detail; if anything, there’s more decernable texture to the surface.

The new sequences are very nearly a home-run — easily a triple. The previous high point, for me, was “The Devil In The Dark” — and that one succeed so well partly because the number of CG shots were limited. Not so with “Tribbles.”

41. Sybok - November 5, 2006

Really, over all, much, much improved, kudos to CBS Digital.

There are only two sequences don’t please me, but don’t look quite as bad on the You Tube clip. After “Directed by Joseph Pevney” — that shot looked a little “vid gamey” too me, I suppose a little more detail and less harsh lighting; and the shots in the office looked like the AMT model on wires.

Minor quibbles. So long as CBS Digital keeps trying to improve, I’m sure Remastered will only improve with time.

Again, it’s only my opinion but I like the lighting, detail, and movement of Daren Doc’s the best of any CGI U.S.S. Enterprise I’ve seen.

But this “new” model is a big improvement , no doubt about it!


42. Sybok - November 5, 2006

Oh, Kelvington, thank you so much for the links to your site and the YouTube video of Deep Space Nine: Trial and Tribble-lations .

Again, as I’ve written in the past, it’s too bad, like Harryhausen stop motion animation, that miniature making is becoming a “lost art”. I think that if CBS Paramount went to top model makers, and created a detailed miniature of the U.S.S. Enterprise a lot of the issues with the CGI version would have never happened. Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter all combined CGI with wonderful minatures.

Oh, well, as I wrote above, I do think the new model is a BIG , (well, perhaps in light of the Enzyte commercials I shouldn’t use that word) improvement! ;)

43. =A= - November 5, 2006

this is much better than old one!

44. ety3 - November 5, 2006

I don’t think there was any real tweaking of the Scotty’s technical journal. When I saw the screen during the episode, I watched it carefully to see if there was anything that jumped out at me, but I didn’t. Seeing the comparison photos, it seems to me that the only differences are of brightness and contrast, and that could have happened due to the HD transfer process.

45. TomBot2006 - November 5, 2006

What’s up with the “complaining about the complainers” comments? They’re starting to get as annoying as the “complaints” which have been pretty mild lately, IMHO. :-D
Yet to see this, but the buzz looks pretty good…
It’s been a really long time since I’ve seen this episode, or that DS9 one, as well. Nice pics btw, Kelvington… looks like they did a really good job- I need to see that episode again.

As far as the the Klingon ship’s distance to the station, obviously, it was dramatic license to explain the original episode’s lack of a visual. Perhaps, it makes it less accurate, now, but I’d rather have that Klingon visual. :-)

46. Jeff Bond - November 5, 2006

Haven’t seen the broadcast version here yet but this certainly looks better in terms of the ship’s texture and coloration–the overhead look at the primary hull actually has some of the subtlety of coloration that everyone was raving about in Eden’s presentation. It’s true the original producers gave themselves an out with the line about the Klingon ship hovering 100 kilometers away (i.e., we haven’t built it yet and we don’t have to show it onscreen)–I think it looks like it’s even closer to K-7 in “Trials and Tribbleations.” But I also like how the aesthetics of the “Trials” shots are alluded to here with the close up pans over K-7. Now I just hope they can redo the title sequences with the new Enterprise model. Fun stuff!

47. Tom - November 5, 2006

To quote Janet Maslin’s NY Times review of the Wrtah of Khan:

“Now this is more like it”

Enterprise looked great, better surfacing (not beyond 1960s techniques), better nacelles, more dramatic views of the enterprise and K-7. I think this was what most had hoped for when we first heard of the remastering.

That sweeping departing shot from K-7 was just awesome, I wanted to see more of that

48. John A. - November 5, 2006


The new nacelle caps look FANTASTIC! Everything about the new CGI Enterprise works perfectly. In my opinion, this is the best version of the classic Enterprise I have ever seen. I really hope they go back to the other “enhanced” episodes and replace most of those Enterprise shots with this new version!

49. EBAR - November 5, 2006

First, I would like to compliment the CBS Digital folks for working to make improvements in the space shots. There is clear improvement and many of the shots were wonderful. Also, THANK YOU for putting in the colored stars!!! Please continue with this great addition!

However, in the spirit of constructive criticism, I must say that there is still need for improvement. The Enterprise approach and departure shots were way off, and far inferior to the other effects in this episode. You guys at CBS Digital are missing something big time here. I don’t know if it is the complexity of these shots, or that you are missing the basic artistic aspects inherent in the original shots, especially the angles from which the Enterprise is photographed.

Comments in postings #31 and #36 already noted these problems. The worst part was the departure shot from K-7. The original effect shows a truly classic view of the Enterprise: http://trekmovie.com/wp-content/uploads/tribbles/old_leaving_k7.jpg
This angle is used in numerous episodes and is just beautiful! Please work on duplicating this great angle of the ship. The same goes for approach shots over the starboard nacelle (e.g., Miri), or over both nacelles as was the case in this episode. The remastered effects are greatly lacking in these areas.

One of the problems that they had with the TNG Enterprise from the series was shooting it from angles that looked good. I really hated that design. It looked stupid from almost every angle. However, the original Enterprise has many angles that make it look just incredible.

I wonder if the CBS Digital folks changed the departure angle of the Enterprise to avoid showing the nacelles, which have caused so many problems. The remastered angle is much lower and shows the underside of the primary hull rather than the top, but it does hide the nacelles. This is an inferior angle and should not be used in place of the original one.

Please continue to work on the remastered approach and departure effects, and keep up the good work in the other areas. Your efforts are really starting to pay off!

50. THEETrekMaster - November 5, 2006

Overall, I was very impressed. Nice work CBS Digital! And thank you for listening to the fans and to people like Daren Docterman.

Great work! Can’t wait to see future episodes!


51. Sybok - November 5, 2006

EBAR, I agree that the departure angle from the original was excellent, and perhaps CBS Digital in the future can start with that angle, and improve on it.

Viewing Kelvington’s DS9 Trials and Tribble-ations video, I think the visual effects designer, the camera angles and motion, the lighting of U.S.S. Enterprise are superior, in my opinon, to what was done by CBS Digital.

But this new model and the new moves are much better than CBS Digital’s earlier work.

I will find Daren Doc’s comments of interest. Again, I like his work better, except perhaps if his ship were a slightly lighter gray shade.

Since there is more to life than Trek, and plasma’s are frequently mentioned in Trek episodes, here’s a link:


52. Mike - November 5, 2006

I thought they did a great job overall but I agree the aproach to Space Station K7 shot with the writer/director credit looked “off”. The motion has “tics” in it and it does have an overly CGI look.

I admire that they are striving to improve and am overall really enjoying the additions on all the shows.

53. Mike - November 5, 2006

I did see some motion in Scotty’s Tech jornel. I think it was meant to be subtle but they did do something

54. Norbert Steinert - November 5, 2006

Was there any sign of Bashir, Sisko of Dax anywhere in the episode? Would have been nice!

55. diabolik - November 5, 2006

Well, they did show the Klingon ship orbitting the station, even if only in one shot or so and from a distance. I suppose we shoujd be grateful for that little addition at least. However, the station and ship shots all looked good. I for one liked the new departure, replacing the old static shot with a new one showing basically the same thing, but with more dynamic motion, was an improvement to me.

56. AL - November 5, 2006

Wow – the DS9 shots show what can be done when the fidelity to the 60s camera moves is thrown away. Forgot how inventive they were. The comparison does the original no favors.

And I notice no lit windows on the engine pylons!

57. jonboc - November 5, 2006

…one thing I have noticed, that I do like, is the fact that the lights within the ship change episode to episode. Some windows are lit while others are dark, and they change…which is as it should be. The same windows would not be lit all the time. So bring on the lights in the pylons, it’s cool to know Scotty is up inside there doing some maintenance!

58. AL - November 5, 2006

Are there offices up there then? Or very long Jeffries Tubes?!

59. Rob Walley, Bay Saint Louis, MS - November 5, 2006

All right!!! It is an absolute that the episodes they have done so far need to be gone back to and have this new Enterprise inserted. If they stopped tweaking right now and stayed right where they are I’d be okay with this whole endeavor. But you know it’ll only get better from here. Great job CBS. I’m loving it.

60. Granger - November 5, 2006

Re #58: The Franz Joseph blueprints, endorsed by Gene Roddenberry, only show long Jeffries Tubes in the pylons, no offices. But maybe that is a nice lonely spot where Scotty can read his technical manuals undisturbed.

61. Kaaaaahhhhhnnnn - November 5, 2006

I’m just glad they didn’t tinker with Kirk’s chicken sandwich and coffee…

62. Kaaaaahhhhhnnnn - November 5, 2006

OK i haven’t sen it but I m really looking forward to seeing the new Enterpirse for the very first time and want to say thank you to the digital cew fixing up these old Gems of ours, This demonstrates TLC and with all the work that everyone has put into re master series, Thanks for caring and trying to restore these for us, greatly appreciated!

63. Alex - November 5, 2006

I know for a fact that Mr. Roddenberry would have done TOS effects more sophisticated (not that its not for the time) if he had the means back then.
There was a lot of talk of budget restrictions at that time.

64. Gene's Ghost - November 5, 2006

Great work with the screenshots and clips!

I only wish you put them up AFTER the latest remastered episode played out in it’s final national time slot, because since you felt compelled to put up your clip collection for this episode up today, I’ll not bother to see the actual episode now.

Way to buzz kill Trekmovie.com – nice thunder stealing.

65. Jim J - November 5, 2006

Gene’s Ghost-

You must not be much of a devoted fan to skip it just because of what is here already. Not meant as a criticism, it’s just surprising. I’d have to see for myself anyway.

66. MichaelT - November 5, 2006

Gene’s Ghost…. try not looking at this site until after the national time slot. Trekmovie is doing a fine job on all fronts.

67. Paul - November 5, 2006

Well done.
It’s wonderful that for the first time in Star Trek history (AFTER tos ended) that the owners of the franchise(paramount) ACTUALLY listened to the fans for once. The fans spoke, and 8 episodes in, THEY listened.
The ship looks fifty times better. It has depth and texture now. I am very happy that they are heading in a better direction now.

I am in Canada.
Where the hell can I see a copy of this?


68. acb - November 5, 2006

Yeah, the model they are using now is alot better texturally. If they can put some time between episodes with finishing touches it would look amazing though.

The only thing i wish they would consider changing is the approach angle of the “camera” being directly behind the enterprise as it comes up on k7. Like when using models, when a camera is too far back it makes the model look small where as if the image of the ship is allowed to fill the screen it creates an illusion to the viewer of size. Perhaps if they simply moved in on the image or chose a different angle and closer in it would be better. But other than that it was well done: better images and new angles other than 100% duplications of shots from TOS that both add and immulate previous shots from the originals.

69. Captain Pike - November 6, 2006

It looked great. I enjoyed it alot. Now they could have gone a bit farther and put Odo in the bar scene or O’Brien and Bashir on parade in front of Kirk….

70. Thomas Jensen - November 6, 2006

As I watch critically the new CGI of the external space shots, I’m enjoying the concepts of the original opticals depicting the Enterprise as it travels in space.

Opening Act 1, the ship flies toward the camera quickly, seemingly at warp speed. As the ship passes over the camera it slows and coasts toward the station. Then as the camera is looking forward, the port warp engine passes the camera, we see the ship slowly move ahead. The Enterprise pulls farther away from the camera and we now see the station coming toward us. We view more of the ship. Seeing that the impulse engines are not lit-up, gives me the impression that the ship has made it’s transition from warp and is now coasting toward the station.

There isn’t any ‘transition from warp’ visual to show the ship slowing. It’s just simple and effective. Does there have to be some kind of effect every time the ship goes to warp?

As a viewer, pretending I’m seeing a ship from a vantage point in space, I want to see the ship as it might look if it were a ‘real starship’ going faster or slower, turning and maneuvering. I know, who’s to say what that should look like? But I don’t need to see an effect every time the ship goes and comes from warp. Just make it look fast and powerful. Make me believe it’s a real ship with 430 people in it who submit to the known laws of physics, (with a few exceptions).

The passes around the station varied in their composition. It was good to see the klingon ship, it was where it should have been originally (if it had been created at the time). I enjoyed the new shots. I recognize that they keep some elements and change some. I look forward to seeing both; as with the ship leaving the station for the last time. We see the slight turning of the ship as it approaches the camera, as seen in many episodes.

The ship is looking once again like a large model which was filmed, instead of CGI. Is it perfect in all shots? I’ll leave that to others who know far more then I about the particulars of this. But, it’s looking big and massive, moving slowly and deliberately as would an aircraft carrier.

In the departing shot as the ship moves from left to right, from slightly above, it is rather like that of Star Trek: The Motion Picture during that last flyby shot when the ship passes over the camera, revealing from below the engineering section, and the very large windows on the side.

As the original ship moves away in the ending, the impulse engines are operating and slowly powering the ship from the station. (That’s because the ship can’t go to warp near it, the results would be disastrous!)

In later episodes, as the ship puts on some mileage, lets hope to see the weathering that was done in the late first and early second seasons. The Enterprise starts out clean, then gets somewhat dirty later on, entering atmospheres, hitting space particles, etc.

Complements to the people at CBS. Thank you.

71. TomBot2006 - November 6, 2006

It was AWESOME! I finally saw it. A damn fun episode! I have absolutely no gripes about the space shots for the most part. Sure, I could use a little more texturing on K7, maybe a sense of other space traffic, but I’m happy with it. All shots of Enterprise were rocking, my fave ship is looking nice. :-)
Really, the only thing that bugs me really is out of their hands for the most part… I really, really wish we could go back and bumpy up those Klingons! And that is coming from a guy who loves the TOS era. Seeing the guy who played Treylain(sp?) and Lazuras as Klingons is jarring enough, I for the life of me don’t understand why I never noticed this til now. Besides the plot point of Barris’ assistent being a undercover Klingon, I really think now, the bumpy head Klingon is what I want as standard. Yeah, I know, it’s silly.
Scotty’s tech journal didn’t seem tweaked to me, and if it was, it wasn’t noticable on my low res tv.
Anybody got the answer to a burning silly question in my mind? Kirks wierd green shirt… What was the idea behind it? Did it show up on the last season? Was it because Shatner had trashed all the gold tunics? It’s always slightly bothered me. ;-)
I’m not too put out that they didn’t shoehorn the DS9 stuff in… I guess it’s too far afield from o.g. TOS.

72. A Star Trek Advisor they never listen too - November 6, 2006

This newer version of the ship looks the best thus far. Alot of funny lines and scenes in this episode, yes this my first time seeing this episode. :-P

73. Michael Sluclio - November 6, 2006

Am I the only one bothered more by the little white balls on the back of the nacelles than by the domes in the front. They’re the wrong size and they’re just to darn white,

I definitely like the new Enterprise better. They are using better camera angles and lenses so we are finally getting a sense of scope. However SS K-7 looked like awful. It looked just a shade better than the models in a Godzilla movie.

But things are looking up!

74. ety3 - November 6, 2006

Kirk’s green shirt —

It started with the episode, “The Enemy Within.” The producers needed a quick way for viewers to keep track of good Kirk and bad Kirk, so, for a large portion of the episode, good Kirk wore the green tunic.

This was the first of two alternate captain’s tunics Kirk would have. Both were wraparound and green, but the first had rank braids partially encircling the collar. The second version (seen in “Tribbles”) has the braids on the sleeves.

Other than simple variety, another good reason for the tunic would be color. “Star Trek” was often touted by RCA in ads as being a reason to upgrade to a new color TV. It helped bring a splash of even more color to have Kirk in the bright green shirt.

If you’re worried over alternate uniforms, don’t. The Navy has different uniform styles for different occasions and in Starfleet itself, there is later precedent. Picard had that bluish-gray tunic with the red suede jacket. Also, it appears that the black jumpsuit/colored yoke uniform started on DS9 was an alternate duty uniform for all of Starfleet (witness “Generations” wherein both TNG and DS9 uniforms can be seen simultaneously).

75. Dip Thong - November 6, 2006

My only criticism would be that some of the new shots break some cinematic rules and, consequently, look a bit jarring. For example, as the Enterprise nears K-7 the first shot has the ship flying past camera screen left to right. This would put the “camera” on the ship’s right as it passes. In the next shot, the camera is over the saucer on the ship’s LEFT as it slow tracks right and pulls back (with the station appearing in the distance). The two shots don’t cut well because of the 180 rule. If the camera is on the ship’s RIGHT in shot #1, it should remain on the right in shot #2, with an imaginary line running down the center of the Enterprise. It would’ve been better had shot #2 started on the right side of the saucer and tracked LEFT as the station came into view. It seems like a small thing, but it’s basic filmmaking. Maybe someone out there can post a video with that second shot flopped (ignore the “directed by” credit) and see what I mean.

On the whole, another fine job.

76. Thøliån Webmåster - November 6, 2006

Scotty’s technical journal – the only thing I could see was just as the camera pans left, two red lights on the screen go off.

Orbiting the K7 – technically, the Enterprise and the Klingon ship could not be in orbit around the station as the K7 does not have enough mass to create enough gravity to enable anything to be in orbit around it. Instead, the two ships are just cruising in a circular course.

I like the look of the panels on the exterior surface of the Enterprise.

77. dmack - November 6, 2006

wow, dipthong’s right. It’s called “Breaking the axis…”
We learned that day 1 of film school!
New Enterprise looked great. station looked like something out of a godzilla movie.

78. cbspock - November 6, 2006

Enterprise looks better now that they have time to light it right. The first show of the Enterprise coming out of warp and slowing down as it approches K-7 was pretty cool, however they should have just taken the 2 shots and smoothed out the transition by have the camera move around the Enterprise.

79. Scott of the Morgites - November 6, 2006

Better, better and better… With out a doubt the folks at CBS Digital are gettin’ their space legs. And a very astute point by #75 Dip Thong about “crossing the line.”

The project is turning out markedly improved space shots from the standpoint of texture and lighting on the Enterprise to… choice of “virtual” lenses and movement to… depth and perspective in compositing. However, to date I think the best work in re-inventing the space exterior TOS universe was done for DS9’s TAT. But, ever brightly and hopeful, the learning curve continues to yield terrific stuff for CBS-D… and us.

But really #73 Michael Sluclio… “the little white balls on the back of the nacelles?” The “Nacelle Cap Incident” has taken a terrible toll on everyone. Can we really afford to re-visit that controversy? I’m not sure the nation has healed… Josh, any thoughts?

Just funnin’… but honestly, I miss the guy. He certainly madethe threads interesting and unexpected.

80. Cervantes - November 6, 2006

Great work guys where the updated reviews, screenshots, and videos are concerned. And some nice improvements on your ongoing great work CBS Digital.

And I agree with certain posters here about the Enterprise angles. I’m another fan of those frontal, ABOVE the “saucer” shots, as opposed to the underneath angles. I can never get enough of THOSE point-of-view shots. And it will show us those nifty new nacelle caps…

81. cbspock - November 6, 2006

It would be cool if the CBS guys could work in a shot of the TOS Enterprise similiar to one used at the end of TMP without the rainbow effect. I always liked that shot of the refit warping off.

82. tronnei - November 6, 2006

Re the Klingon ship’s position 100 kilometers away: Anybody consider that the ship simply moved in closer sometime after Kirk’s statement? Just because it was that distance initially doesn’t mean it had to stay at that same distance.

83. John N - November 6, 2006

I think that the new ship looks great!

As far as the angle on the original effects, while I LOVE that angle of the ship, I don’t think that the original effect was all that convincing in terms of camera angles.

The camera pulling back from K7 moved straight backwards. The angle of the Enterprise looks to be about 10 degrees off center. So unless the Enterprise was moving forward on an angle, the visuals of the original effect looked off.

So… yes… USE that angle of the ship… it looks beautiful. Just not for that particular shot… ;)

84. Lord Edzo - November 6, 2006

Hooray! The impulse engines are FINALLY lit up in the last CGI shot of the episode. I don’t know why they weren’t when Enterprise was approaching K-7, but who cares! This glaring omission has been grating on me for weeks and I’m glad it’s been addressed at last! A thousand thank-yous!

All other CGI shots of Enterprise can be described in only one way: beautiful. Such loving attention has been paid to this premier starship in the annals of sci-fi.

Glad to see the I.K.S. Gr’oth added in, even though we saw it first in DS9’s “Trials and Tribble-ations.” K-7 looks good as well.

Artists, I thank you again! Keep up your outstanding work!

85. Lao3D - November 6, 2006

I think its safe to say if this had been the first remastered episode to be unveiled, there wouldn’t have been the same level of controversy about the new effects. The ship seemed extremely well-balanced in terms of subtly added texture while maintaining the smooth light-colored hull we all know and love, and the dreaded nacalle caps were more “realistically” portrayed. The ship also seemed to look less “stuck on” to the background as well. This may have more to do with improved starfields (although I’m still not seeing the colored stars — that may just be my set, or my aging eyeballs however!).

All told, one giant leap for Trek-kind!

86. Skippy 2k - November 6, 2006

Lord Edzo, I think the Impulse Engines were not lit on the approach becasue it was just coming out of warp and slowing down to the station. Probably just using momentum on its approach like letting off the gas pedal when coming towards a stop sign. Orbiting just on thrusters and then using the impulse engines as it moved off. While usually in the other shows they are just on I hope if they are going to use them they use them more. For instance shots where it leaves orbit, I would think it they would be needed more to break orbit of a planet than the station with no pull on the ship.

I think they did a great job on this one, looked very good! Hope they keep it up with the other episodes and definately go back to the previous ones.

87. Dr. Image - November 6, 2006

Now THAT’S more like it, CBS!
It actually looks like a solid object, complete with specular highlights and surface variation.
And I thought I was imagining seeing colored stars! Kudos for bringing them back.
All they need to do now is add a little more creativity in the lighting schemes, (dare I say, more “Darenesque?) and then (heh, heh..) RE-DO the opening credits with the new E. (Please!)

88. Rob Walley, Bay Saint Louis, MS - November 6, 2006

Watching this one again for the third time, I’m even more impressed. I’ve read so many posts about how if you tune up the special effects too much then you leave the live action parts looking simple and dated. But the remastering here has been so good that for the first few weeks the live action looked as good or better than the special effects. The CBS crew must have realized in their faithfulness to the original they may have held themselves back a little too much where the Enterprise was concerned. The wait was worth it. If feel very much like I did as a kid when I see this Enterprise. If the idea here was as CBS says to future proof Star Trek, they are succeeding. This remastering effort is the best 40th anniversary gift the fans could have asked for.

89. Paul Austin - November 6, 2006

ok CBS now give us an updated picture of the new new enterprise so I can replace my desktop pic of the new enterprise

90. Bobby - November 6, 2006

Amazing work! The new Enterprise looks great and for the first time has mass and scale. The Enterprise orbiting the station reminded me of ST:II when she orbited Regula 1. Love the angles, hope to continue seeing visual paralles with the Enterprise from the films. love the fact that she has scale and dimension. Keep up the good work CBS!

91. TomBot2006 - November 6, 2006

One of the great things, at least about CGI, is that, now the nacelles won’t appear to be sagging under their weight. In some of the those old shots they appear to be sagging or splayed. ;)

92. Greg Stamper - November 6, 2006

A question comes to mind at this point. Will we remain in the “Starboard Side” Rut being shown? We know why it had to be so in the 60’s. Will CBS Digital remain steadfast to the original series — or break free and present the Port Side in the future.
I think they will but just how often who can say – – – we did get a far view this past weekend in “Tribbles” as she orbited K-7.

93. Matt Wright - November 6, 2006

My thoughts are generally in agreement with those here.

I loved the new model, much much better.

The tweaks to the space shots and the new angles were very nice, a welcome enhancement.

As I watched the Enterprise move in this episode while grabbing screenshots I was reminded of the movies, the CBS team seems to have been studying Star Trek II and VI. There are some very reminiscent shots of the movie Enterprise and as I watched it I had to do a double take to make sure the classic model was still on the screen and not the movie Enterprise. I don’t think this is a bad thing, among other things it helps give a visual continuity from TOS to the movies.

94. KT - November 6, 2006

I trust it’s okay to mention that there is a fantastic, logo-less DIVX version of the updated Tribbles posted on USENET. Good thing for me, or I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to see it. The new Enterprise looks absolutely fantastic. I am extremely impressed with what CBS is doing. Minor gripe: I *do* wish that they had stuck with the original departure angle of the Enterprise ( http://trekmovie.com/wp-content/uploads/tribbles/old_leaving_k7.jpg ), but other than that, the new angles and closeups are simply wonderful.

I also just saw Catspaw, and although I realize that this is the earlier CGI model, I do want to comment (and it’s too late to do so in the Catspaw thread) that the extended orbital shot during the episode title sequence is off in two aspects. First, as the nacelles pass the camera, the ship looks as if it is sliding to the side. Second, in the distant view at the end of this sequence, the ship continues to turn toward the planet, even after it is seen aft-on. The Star Trek orbital shots have always taken artistic license with perspective, but the updated Catspaw orbital sequence takes things a bit too far in this regard. IMHO.

95. MichaelT - November 6, 2006

Big E looked… well, she looked lovely. I won’t argue the fine points except to say that she has an unusual shape and that shape is “in motion”. Some of her maneuvers may not look exactly correct, especially since the eye has a poor background to compare to (a random starfield).
Keep up the good work CBS..
And trekmovie…. keep the news coming… good job.

96. MichaelJohn - November 6, 2006

I live near the border of Arizona and Mexico and my local cable company doesn’t offer any channels that carry the newly remastered episodes. Bummer!

Oh well, I guess I will have to wait until they release these new versions on DVD. I’m sure I will be one of those “suckers” who will pay full price when they first come out! Did anyone notice that the original season box sets are now available on Amazon.com for about $30.00 less than they used to be?

Anway, I’m glad to see that people are posting the updated effects and screenshots on YouTube.com. At least now I can get some idea of the new changes in each remastered episode. One thing is for certain, these “YouTube” videos don’t do the remastering any justice. I’m sure these new effects look much better, especially on a large screen TV!

It’s also interesting seeing the comparison photos that are posted both on this site, and on StarTrek.com. For the most part, I think these new effects have enhanced the storylines, and like many others, I’m glad they are not going overboard with the changes.

My only comment is that I wish the exterior shots of the Enterprise were a bit “brighter” like in the original episodes. Having just seen the screenshots, the new Enterprise seems too dark and covered with too many shadows. Even the color doesn’t seem right.

Luckily, the CGI animators have plenty of episodes left to experiment on and make improvements. I just hope they read blogs like this one, because fans like us are the target audience they are trying to impress.

There are many good posts for each remastered episode on this site. I really think the suggestions and comments can help the CGI Dept. improve on this project. All in all, I think they are doing a very good job so far, especially considering the very high expectation levels of so many diverse fans. But, there is still room for improvements.

I hope it’s true that they will be able to go back and improve on episodes that have already been remastered. It would be a shame if at the end of this project, earlier remastered episodes were inferior to the later ones, simply because they ran out of time and money.

By the way, I totally agree with an earlier post that the final scene of the Enterprise leaving K-7 is one of the best and most dramatic shots of the Enterprise ever shown in the “original” series. I really wish they could go back and redo that final sequence and duplicate the original ending. Is anyone listening there at CBS? :o)

97. Cervantes - November 7, 2006

IF, as has been indicated on recent threads, that the guys at CBS Digital have had NO OPTION but to use an inferior CGI model Enterprise in the intial few episodes, due to time issues, then that is a disappointment for them, as well as for us… however, I am EXTREMELY PLEASED with the look of the new CGI model. Very good work indeed everyone.

As someone who is immensely looking forward to watching all these new enhancements anew in the future on High Definition DVD, I, like some others, absolutely hope that the team are able to REDO some of their earlier attempts using the new CGI model ( and some artistic expression of their OWN, where angles are concerned, would be nice, if they feel they can improve things, still keeping the timings of shots by all means ) in the first batch of episodes that they had to work on… because now that the team seem to be “up and running”, it would be disappointing to watch the episodes in their correct order in future, knowing that the work suddenly changes to a previous, not quite as good level…

Fingers tightly crossed then.

98. Rich Roy - November 7, 2006

I was hoping to see O’Brien in the lineup after the bar fight. It would have been a little tribute to “Trials And Tribulations.” I liked the look of the new Enterprise and to actually see the Klingon ship. Nice work.

99. Samwiseb - November 7, 2006

I liked the new CG work and agree that it was a definite improvement over previous episodes. I still don’t think it’s up to the level of Trials and Tribulations. The Enterprise model still seemed rather hollow during the K-7 approach shot, and I too didn’t think the transition from the previous shot worked at all (although I didn’t realize it was because the 180 degree line had been crossed).

Curious what Daren Dotcherman thinks of the new model. Just visited http://www.trekenhanced.com, and it looks like he’ll be doing the “tribbles” review on this site.

Regarding the colored stars: I didn’t notice them while watching tribbles. However I did catch them during the opening title sequence of Catspaw when it re-ran on CW’s sister channel last Sunday night (Trek Remastered airs on two chanels here in Vegas).

I hope they wait awhile before going back to fix earlier episodes, since I suspect (and hope) that the final look of the CG work has yet to be determined. I am cautiously optimistic that they will figure out how to make it work.

100. Samwiseb - November 7, 2006

As for sticking DS9 footage into the episode:

Wouldn’t that necesitate taking Checkov *out* of the lineup scene and giving his line to O’Brien?

I myself am glad they didn’t do it, not that I think they would’ve even considered otherwise. I think Star Trek The Motion Picture already set a precident when its Director’s Edition was primarily faithful to itself rather than to retroactive established continuity (they didn’t update the warp effects, or add Archer’s Enterprise into the rec room display).

101. Greg Stamper - November 7, 2006

O’Brien, in the lineup, replaced Paul Baxley as ‘Freeman’ in the DS9 episode.
If the CBS Digital Team wishes to restore and preserve the original series, one of their charges will be to retain actor contributions in minor roles.
Thus, Paul Baxley remains, the actresses who played the ‘witches in Catspaw’ stay also — and performances such as ‘Landru’ and ‘Charlie Evans Keeper’ may come under this protection — we will see.
The one place for the DS9 spot would have been in the background while Kirk and Spock are in the Ships Corridor with Kirk speaking on the Intercom. A small totally “inside” tip of the hat to the future that would not detract from any other performance.

102. ety3 - November 7, 2006

Just noticed something odd about the “new” model …

Look at the New K7 orbit shot #2 (http://trekmovie.com/wp-content/uploads/tribbles/new_k7_orbit_2.jpg) and pay particular attention to the lower saucer sensor array dome. The front of the ring above the lit dome appears oblong and not a circular ring as I’ve always seen it. Am I crazy?

Did they alter the model a smidge to allow for a more realistic source for the firing of phasers and torpedoes?

103. Anonymous - November 7, 2006

But didn’t O’Brien lie to Kirk (“I don’t know Sir”) during the lineup? How was that digitally possible if he replaced this Paul Baxley person instead of Walter Koenig?

104. Skippy 2k - November 7, 2006

I think it looking oblong is just from the virtual camera lens lengh(not sure the actual term). I have heard they were using it a little bit different to make the ship look better/bigger and I have played around with this in 3d programs before altering the lengh which looks like it distorts the size a bit. Now that you have pointed that part out now it looks like the part of the ring that connect the saucer has an indentation/curve in the wrong place?

The Enterprise model had the curve on the face of the ring (bottom) where the glowing dome is on but on that picture it looks like it has a curve around the side of the ring? Weird.

105. Greg Stamper - November 7, 2006

Both lied to Kirk

106. Greg Stamper - November 7, 2006

Freeman first lied that is … then Kirk moved on to Chekov … then he lied.
No One in that Room was going to “Rat-Out” Mr. Scott whom they admired for getting them into the fight.

O’Brien replaced Freeman — Chekov remained Chekov in both episodes.

107. Holo J - November 7, 2006

I love the new look of the ship, but I agree that there is always room for improvement. The ship definitely looks a lot more solid and the new angles are excellent.

I hope they now animate some of the bridge view screen. I know there argument was it would be a distraction but after watching the clips’ from this episode, they have now got the Enterprise out the window of the K7 space station moving. Surely that a distraction as we are all looking out for it now we know its moving outside the window. Obviously after a few viewings of this episode it will just fade into the back and do its job of just adding depth to the scenes that it is in. I think the same can be said for the view screens.

Some of the view screens look flat and lifeless. I think they could put more updated images of space in there, they wouldn’t necessarily have to move although some of them could. With “Mirror Mirror” coming up they should update the images in the view screen
for the ISS Enterprise. I think they would be less interested in viewing the cosmos and have more tactical data and images of ships and ruins of planets they have defeated.

I doubt they will have done this or that they would given the fact this is probably in the can now ready to go. But I still really hope they go back and do these little things.

108. Skippy 2k - November 7, 2006

I would say its a combination of distraction and time constraints. When we see the main view its usually the same shot if its just the view screen the camera doesn’t usually move and its where you don’t see the people so they can re-use it and just change the image on it. With the screens around the bridge they would have to match all the movements of the cameras for each shot/angle which could be done but would probably take up a good deal of time that is used on shots that need it more. “In a Mirror Darlky” had some movement but I think they tried to make it subtle. I don’t mind them not animating but in cases where you can see the plastic(or whatever it is) wrinkled or coming off the screen that would be nice to see fixed.

I think there doing a good job, but obviously people will have different ideas about how far to go. Nice work guys!

109. Holo J - November 7, 2006

I would settle for Just some of the screens images being changed, even if it was without movement. Just update some of the more faded view screens. I know its a time consuming thing to do but surley this is a project worthy of the time?

110. SemiTrekLover - November 7, 2006

101: “The one place for the DS9 spot would have been in the background while Kirk and Spock are in the Ships Corridor with Kirk speaking on the Intercom. A small totally “inside” tip of the hat to the future that would not detract from any other performance.”

Not to mention a fair example of the sort of inobtrusive “Easter egg” that’d make this less-than-pious viewer happy to go out of his way to see every bit of every episode again…

111. SemiTrekLover - November 7, 2006

Amen to 107 & 109 in the same vein!

112. John N - November 7, 2006

As for the animated viewscreens being a distraction…. didn’t any of the viewscreens in the movies or subsequent series have animation? If so, I don’t remember them being distractions…

113. Skandor Akbar - November 7, 2006

As much as I liked “Trials and Tribble-ations” it has no business being included in the remastered episode….

114. Holo J - November 7, 2006

On Star Trek official site in the Q&A section I think Dave Rossi mentions that they thought it would be a distraction to animate view screens. See link http://www.startrek.com/startrek/view/news/article/25055.html?page=1

I think its a polite way of saying they don’t really have the time to do it. But I hope they will at least update a few of the view screen here and there, if nothing else add some more contrast to the more faded ones.

Some of the view screen do have some nice images in them and stand out but other do look really faded and flat. It would be cool if they would do the odd one or two here and there. They could tie in the screens to have some information or shot of whatever the episode is about. e.g. a shot of the planet they are orbiting. I know time is against them but hopefully its something they could think about for the DVD release.

115. Sean4000 - November 7, 2006

I hope they paint the swords on the hull like in Enterprise.

116. Paul - November 8, 2006

I agree Holo J,
I remember, even as a boy, cringing when I watched Tomorrow is Yesterday and seeing those painfully obvious, wrinkled up pieces of carboard on those screens. Surely to God they’re not going to leave it like that?
IN HI-DEF, the screens would be screaming at us in their terribleness (is that a word….;)

Also I cant for the life of me figure out WHY they leave those horrible MATTE lines on the viewscreen.
What the hell is up with that?
They did a wonderful job cleaning up the lines around Spocks tricorder screen on City on the Edge of Forever so why not the MAIN viewscreen that we look at 20 times an episode? The matte lines are non-existant when its a completely CG effect on the screen which creates a continuity problem.
I mean I feel for these guys with their insane deadlines but this STAR TREK, and for years to come THIS is the one they’ll be watching so lets hire some more people to troubleshoot the details. Or even just one!

The ship looks much better though!
Nice work on that boys…


117. Klingon Garbage Scow - November 9, 2006

Anybody notice the guy siting next to Scotty and Checkov in the bar scene? I think he is Kirk’s STUNT Double (correct me if I am wrong).

118. Jeremy - December 9, 2006

I’m asumming that the software that CBS uses will save all the Enterprise motions and such, so wwhen they drop in a new CGI model, all the motion vectors are pre-programed and ready to go. By the work they are doing, and the improvement, CBS is showing a lot of love to Star Trek…which it deserves.

119. Ben Rowe - January 6, 2007

With this episode, I would’ve preferred seeing more of the new Klingon ship if they’re going to do this sort of thing – and also see the DS9 versions of scenes with the DS9 crew would’ve been cool….

but I’m against this whole thing anyway – I wish it never happened

120. Windsor Bear - February 16, 2007

In regards to the scene where the Enterprise leaves K7, everyone seems to agree that the original shot of the model is one of the best ever filmed. My question is… why did that particular shot need to be redone with CGI?? There are some breath-taking shots of the original model in some of the 2nd and 3rd season episodes. I thought the original purpose of the CGI shots of the Enterprise was to give it more conformity throughout the series and spuce it some shots where needed. In my humble opinion, the shot of the Enterprise leaving K7 was perfect as it was and did not need a CGI replacement. There is just a sense of depth that is only going to show on the real model shots that will never be replicated with CGI, and this is one of them.

121. Ross - June 22, 2007

I really dislike the new remastered CGI Star-Trek episodes. The cheesesy special effects were on of the most endearing parts of the original series and I don’t understand why someone felt they had to make it “better”. If you want glossey CGI you can watch any later “Next Generation” Star Treks or the movies—Rant concluded

122. nari - November 30, 2008

I like the new shots

123. VulcanNonibird - April 16, 2009

I’d loved to see a glimpse of a cloaking or decloaking USS Defiant that is also close to K-7.

The Doctor Who Restoration Team scrambled a few “Bad Wolf” signs here and there due to the events in the frist “new” Doctor Who season….

124. WagonTrainToTheStars - May 13, 2009

I just watched the remastered version and the original, and while it seems like a good idea to “improve,” I think that the original scenes had something of a historic value and a nostalgia which was lost with the new scenes. And, secondly, I think that replacing the original shots of the models devalues the work of the original TOS production team, who built those models and filmed those shots. To truly appreciate the Original Series, I think it needs to be all original.

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