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“The Menagerie” (Part 2) Screenshots and FX Video December 2, 2006

by Matt Wright , Filed under: TOS Remastered,TOS-R Screenshots/Video , trackback

Here’s our usual assortment of screen captures from The Menagerie Part 2


New Effects Video


New and Old
Pike’s Enterprise Conference Room Viewer Display
The Enterprise rushes to Talos 4
Rigel VII Matte (minor differences?)
Assuming Orbit of Talos 4
The Picnic Scene (with new matte)
Pike’s Enterprise Leaves Talos 4 Orbit


Assorted Shots

The scarred Pike

Commodore Mendez glares in disbelief

Vina as an Orion Slave Woman

The Keeper’s smug look

Pike’s Hell

Spock and Kirk have a moment

Number One and Yoman Colt help Captain Pike up

The Keeper tries to scare Pike

…Test This On You

Vina says she can’t go

The real Vina

The Happy Ending


1. Commodore Z - December 2, 2006

Subtle for the most part, yet very well done.

I’m glad they didn’t mess with the Rigel fortress or the laser cannon.

2. Seangh - December 3, 2006

The laser cannon and phaser effects were actually nicely done in the original “The Cage.” Nice pulsating rays, with a rough solid core and glowing outer ray.

The phaser effects in later episodes were hit and miss, especially since the lab that did the credits actually did some of them.

3. scott - December 3, 2006

I love that they added that wavering effect that all the Talosian illusions had in the pilot footage over the Mendez wink out toward the end of the episode. It always seemed a little incongruous that he disappeared differently than all the other images.

4. THEETrekMaster - December 3, 2006

Well, you knew it had to happen sometime — my turn to be a little “negative”. I didn’t care for the laser cannon effects…they were unnecessary and cheesy.

Otherwise, everything else was done well…just not a lot to add to or enhance.

Corbomite Maneuver (Next weeks ep)…now that one should be a visual feast!


5. Smitty - December 3, 2006

I’m glad they didn’t change the Rigel VII matte. Can’t improve upon perfection.


6. Al - December 3, 2006

Subtle stuff. Re the still “Enterprise rushes to Talos 4″ – why do we always seem to see the new Enterprise from this slightly below angle, eg never with the tip of the dome showing as in the original? Spoils it a bit for me.

7. Cranston - December 3, 2006

I agree about the Rigel matte — one of the most gorgeous images from the entire series, which didn’t need changing. But it does look like there were very minor changes (like the shapes of a few of the foreground rocks, and the placement of some of the rocks in the middle-ground.) The changes are so subtle I’m scratching my head as to why they made them. Any ideas? Maybe this was a by-product of an attempt to flesh out the image into an (as-yet unseen) 16×9 aspect ratio version?

8. Adam Cohen - December 3, 2006

The Rigel matte is an icon. It’s nice to see CBS-D thinks so too.

I can’t wait to see this at 3AM tomorrow!

9. Daniel Shock - December 3, 2006

I swear the old Talos IV in the first comparison shot looks like the planet Dune from the movie.

10. Anonymous - December 3, 2006

Wow real subtle stuff this time out, I like!

11. Lord David - December 3, 2006

Hmmm… if I’m not mistaken, by the looks of the court martial scenes, did they replace the old flag with that of the Enterprise chevron insignia? Hmm…. subtle but great!

12. Dom - December 3, 2006

Nice work on the Pike illusion transitions. So did they use morphing on Vina in her aging scene?

I’m trying to work out if they cleaned up the iffy join between the Monitor’s nose and prosthetic head!

13. Greg Stamper - December 3, 2006

Thanks for getting these up so fast Matt.

14. spockboy - December 3, 2006

now as far as the rotoscoping goes….BEAUTIFULLY done.
Flawless, wonderful. The Starbase 11 stuff was incredibly good.
I thought Talus 4 looked a bit bland as opposed to looking somewhat ominous (like in Catspaw-nice job by the way)
Lets face it, we are discussing an ART form here, so taking a bit of ARTISTIC LICENSE to foster an emotional response would be completely acceptable. Especially since Talos 4 is the ONE planet you can be EXECUTED for visiting…;)
IE- In Space Seed when the Enterprise tossed away the Botany Bay like yesterdays diapers. Beautiful, excellent, you actually made me feel sorry for a special effect. Peter Jackson noted that the original King Kong was the first film to accomplish that.


When you guys cut from an action shot to a new effects shot you use a fade (like the original) the timing of the music is WAY OFF. I think people would notice a cut instead of a fade far less than the music being off like that. It feels like I’m tripping over something everytime I see it. Especially when I am trying to MARVEL over a new effect that you have created. Unless a fade is being used to suggest time passage, I dont think it is necessary if it is going to be so distracting.

I noticed during the first promos of this endeavor, that someone from CBS DIGITAL stated that you would “see the ship from angles you couldn’t possibly see with a physical model”.
If that is INDEED the case, can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
STOP using that God-awful “left to right coming at you- left to right going away from you” Enterprise shot that we have seen a MILLION times!
If you want NEW fans to appreciate the show then SHOW them how beautiful the Enterprise(an integral character in the show) can look when seen from interesting and emotionally appropriate angles.

Remember Titanic? The one shot that stood out for me was the really high up far away shot when the ship was shooting its disaster rockets. The ship seemed so tiny and alone in this huge black ocean.

Now I completely understand the daunting task you have as far as time constraints are concerned, so I can’t really blame you guys fro re-using a shot here and there. I guess I’m hoping that the DVD versions will contain a little more variety.
It is ironic and sad that 40 years later we are running into the same NOT ENOUGH TIME problems all over again.
We’ve had 40 years already, why rush it now?….;)

All in all, I think CBS digital is definately measuring up to the task at hand. Their work on SPACE SEED was fabulous. The lighting was perfect, the angles were true to the original but FAR more interesting and fluid.

THAT episode should be the new yardstick boys.

Keep plugging away lads!
and thankyou for making Star Trek new and interesting again.


15. Lao3D - December 3, 2006

Thanks once again for the sneak preview, especially for us poor sods who have to wait until 2:45 am Monday…

I’m picking up mixed messages though — THEETrekMaster, in #4 above you seemed to feel there were some unecessary changes made to the laser canon FX? But other reports say no changes? Can we get a ruling from the judges?

Based on the RIgel VII grabs, I think I see what they’ve done — basically just a nice subtle cleanup of some very minor discrepancies. In the original show, there were a couple of slight differences between the wide shot of the castle (probably an earlier state of the painting) and the view with the live action elements added in. They’ve created a new matte which makes everything (i.e. placement of rocks, shrubs etc.) consistent. Very subtle and tasteful edit.

Those of you like myself with far too much time on their hands may like to see the comparison gif I whipped up which highlights the subtle differences:


Thanks for all the reports!

16. Kyle Nin - December 3, 2006

I didn’t mind the palace on Rigel VII not being changed. But couldn’t they make the planets in the sky look more real, like they did with the Starbase 11 scenes? I suppose you could say it doesn’t matter, since it wasn’t really Rigel VII and just a fantasy created for Pike from his memories. But still … it just seems inconsistent to give Starbase 11 a major overhaul, but leave this scene completely alone, except for some minor cleanup.

17. neal - December 3, 2006

I found the Menagerie shows to be wonderfully remastered. It is hard to imagine a an update job being more respectful of the original. The zoom into the bridge was incredible.

Did anyone notice that the new bridge screen view seems to make bring out the lack of continuity between to the forward and backward shots? Forward looks very dark and shadowy, low light, whereas the standard backward shot is brightly lit. The dark forward shot sure looked cool, though.

Deleted for syndication: the most seductive Orion dance moves were cut. Tragic!!! The phaser cannon animations looked identical to the original, but: we hardly saw any of it! That entire sequence in the original was very dramatic (love the sound effect of the cannon powering up), but they cut most of it for syndication.

What baffles me is why they don’t show the uncut length in a 90 min time slot. You could pack in a ton of ad revenue (as scifi channel did back in 1999) but still have the entire show as it was meant to be seen. Of course, without Tivo this would drive you insane.

18. Picardsucks - December 3, 2006

Agreed with just about everything said, Rigel painting is one of the most storried matte paintings in the history of sci fi kind of glad. that they chose not to screw with it. I would have liked to see so embellishing on the Talos landscape however, It looked very much like a painted curtain (which it was) I thought were were going to get swirling clouds and minor enhancements to landscapes. Other than that though I think they’ve hit their stride. The Ship looks big and real and waaaaaaay more realistic than any of the next gen era x-mas orniment looking ships. For those with xbox 360 and a big screen high def tv , the widescreen fx from space seed were unbelievable!!!!!!!! To see that shot of the Enterprise from below and aft filling the screen next to the Botony Bay on a 65″ widescreen —–WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! The other few HD episodes feature the first gen model though. (Miri, Naked Time, City, ect) I think the downloads are about $2.00 apiece. May the High Def Visage of Shatner shine upon you all!!!

19. Gary - December 3, 2006

I think they missed fixing the shot where Veena is tortured in the cage. There is a clip of this at http://www.startrekhistory.com/restoration/cagepage.html (scroll to near the bottom of the page, then press PLAY on the image)– I thought I saw her shadow on the back wall….

20. Diabolik - December 3, 2006

Funny how people are seeing changes where there were none made. There was nothing done to the laser cannon scene…

21. Granger - December 3, 2006

RE: #15 – Lao3D, thanks for the help in seeing the minor differences in the matte! I too am immensely pleased that they only barely tweaked this iconic Trek image. As for the laser cannon, much of the sequence was cut and the only change I noticed in what little remained of the sequence was that once again they overlayed the newer phaser sound effect over the old sound effects.

I wish they could have done something about the incongruous response by the Keeper about how he would give Vina back her appearance “and more.” As viewers of the original pilot The Cage know, this odd line is explained by an illusory Pike walking away with Vina, but in The Menagerie the line just doesn’t make sense since the shot of Pike and Vina is replaced with a repeat of earlier Vina footage, and the original shot is re-purposed later as an illusory version of the crippled Pike re-united with Vina. Oh well, we can’t have everything!

In re-watching this episode, I was struck by the splendid performance by John Hoyt as Dr. Boyce. He was superb, contrasting well to Majel’s emotionless (some might say wooden) performance as Number One. In the end, I’m glad they transferred that personality trait to Spock, which greatly improved his character.

Anyway, kudos to the CBS Digital team for another fine and restrained effort.

22. New Horizon - December 3, 2006

To those complaining about CBS reusing some of the standard shots. Do you realize that due to their rushed schedule, this is likely helping them out a LOT in meeting their deadlines? The ship fly by is a standard shot…it was reused in all the series. They could stand to do a few variations with different star patterns..but at least it accomplishes their goal, to enhance the original shot. Keep in mind, they can then focus on ‘special-case’ effects…like the dome fly in shot from last week. I’m fine with them using stock footage, especially if it lets them maintain the quality of all the future shots they have to recreate. Keep it real people.

23. THEETrekMaster - December 3, 2006


Well, I have BOTH versions…so I’ll watch them both back to back. But it looked like those animated and diffused rings coming off the door were new.

Either way, I am not impressed with the laser cannon effect.


24. THEETrekMaster - December 3, 2006



It would be nice if they had time to mix up some of the shots though. Hmmm…maybe DVD?


25. Norbert Steinert - December 3, 2006

The new matte for the picinic scene looks very good. I hope they will do something similar for Amok Time!

Perhaps like this:

26. Horn - December 3, 2006

Somebody send this photo to CBS digital!!
Nice job!!

Man it would be so cool to see that background for the entire show. Hopefully they will have the time to do it.

27. Anonymous - December 3, 2006

#25…. That would be a great addition if they did something like that for “Amok Time”. I’m also happy they just tweaked the Rigel matte, let’s hope it won’t double as Flint’s castle as it once did in “Requiem for Methuselah”.

28. scott - December 3, 2006

I’m sure it would piss off a lot of folks, but I have to agree with #27 – new matte painting for Flint’s castle. Same with the other reused matte paintings as in “Wink of an Eye” and “Dagger of the Mind”, and the re-used Janus 6 images in “Gamesters of Triskelion”. The Mojave backdrop was re-used on “Conscience of the King” wasn’t it? I hope that’s changed too.

29. seangh - December 3, 2006

I have not seen the remasterd part 2 yet (time slot keeps changing here in the Bay Area and my Tivo is left hapless.)

But, the original Laser cannon and phasers effects are perfect and classic and do not need any revision IMO. This only holds true for “The Cage.” All the other phaser effects should be changed – many of them were simply title effects done by the lab who did the ends titles.

30. THEETrekMaster - December 3, 2006

Flint definitely needs new digs…

And the planet Scalos IV (Wink of An Eye) needs a complete rework as well.


31. StephenMartin - December 3, 2006

CGI good. CBS digital makes it go.

Nice job folks. Man, the clarity and color are just awesome!!

32. Dave - December 3, 2006

The pahaser cannon shots had the coloring tweaked just a bit. Generally the shot is basically the same. Nothing new added.

The phaser cannon is one of my favorite bits of this episode. I’m just sorry it was trimmed down to almost nothing in this version.

33. Mark - December 3, 2006

What I always thought was interesting about this episode is that the Talosian Magistrate (the taller of the two “buttheads” – The “Keeper”) was a female. Many years ago I was watching an old re-run of Perry Mason and I saw a lady that looked familiar, but I couldn’t place her. A little digging on the Internet, and I found her name and then found that she played The Keeper. Her name is Meg Wyllie, and she was in tons of TV episodes over the years. Obviously her voice was distorted electronically, so I guess we can’t know for sure (unless someone out there has another source), but according to imdb, Malachi Throne, (Commodore Mendez here, Senator Pardek on TNG, Noah Bain on It Takes a Thief, and a zillion other characters), provided the voice for the character.

34. Stanky McFibberich - December 3, 2006

I think Throne was the voice of the Keeper when The Cage was originally filmed, but later, when the pilot was used for the Menagerie, a different voice was recorded.

35. Matt Wright - December 3, 2006

#34 bingo. If you have the old B&W Cage version around you’ll here Malachi Throne’s voice. Which is pretty amusing since he’s a guest star in The Menagerie as Comodore Mendez.

They did tweak the Vina transformation (into her real state) a little. Basically they seemed to have smoothed the transition out a little thus making it a smidge faster too. Nothing earth shattering and at first I wasn’t sure there was a change. By the time someone else confirmed it for me I had the video clip done and uploaded, it really isn’t new per say anyway.

36. Dr. Image - December 3, 2006

They need to allow some saturation into the deflector dish. It’s way too monochromatic.
The only thing that really annoyed me were the cuts- and my favorite line no less! (I’m sure you know the one…)
Love that “transmit the ship’s power” animation. Did they mess with it? Maybe. Has anyone checked yet?

37. darendoc - December 3, 2006

Throne’s voice was pitched higher in the final mix for the keeper… it was still his voice. I don’t know how they did it, because the speed of the voice still maintains lip synch… but somehow they did. :)

38. TrekMD - December 3, 2006

If they can do what 25 did to the Amok Time image, that would be fabulous! Let’s hope someone at CBS-D sees this image and considers it!

39. Matt Wright - December 3, 2006

#37 No Vic Perrin redubbed the Keeper for The Menagerie since Throne was now a guest star on his own.

40. Alan Hamilton - December 3, 2006

I always wondered why a psychiatric facility (“Dagger of the Mind”) looked like a lithium cracking station. That seemed a particularly poor choice for a reused matte.

41. Daniel Shock - December 3, 2006

aargh! My station in Indianapolis repeated part 1 !!!

very frustrating.

42. K - December 3, 2006

Did anyone notice the pool in the dance scene had crystal clear blue-green water? Was that a new effect? The episode was beautiful with short 1:30 commercial breaks as well. Thanks!

43. scott - December 3, 2006

#40, they did alter the lithium cracking station matte painting quite a bit for Dagger of the Mind. Lots of tall scaffoldy looking machinery above the large tanks disappeared in the revision. It still needs replacing IMO, but I just wanted to point out that the producers did make an effort to give it a different look back in ’66.

44. Jay - December 3, 2006

I’m surprised they didn’t change the Rigel fortress – at least they could have changed the obviously painted sky – the fortress always looked okay.

45. Anonymous - December 4, 2006

“#37 No Vic Perrin redubbed the Keeper for The Menagerie since Throne was now a guest star on his own.”

Then how were they able to get the remaining voice work for the DVD release?

46. Mike - December 4, 2006

The Keeper’s voice in The Menagerie is Throne electronically processed to a higher pitch. In the DVD version of The Cage, they went ahead and processed the up until then unprocessed lines exclusive to The Cage and they sound exactly the same

47. foobar - December 4, 2006

Just finished watching Part 2 again.

The Rigel VII matte was just changed slightly to fix continuity errors (pillar and shrub colours).

48. planettom - December 4, 2006

Watching this reminds me of, in 1979, when I was 13, I went to the Ohio Theater in Columbus, Ohio to see “An Evening With Gene Roddenberry.”

Gene Roddenberry gave a talk, and did a Q&A, and also showed blooper reels from the original series, plus a snippet from the still-in-post-production STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE. The theater didn’t have the right projector, so the snippet was stretched vertically. Everybody looked twelve feet tall.

Then he showed THE CAGE. It was in black-and-white, because at the time that was the only print he could get his hands on apparently.

49. Bill - December 4, 2006

You know what seemed an odd simple tweak that was overlooked? (Well, easy for me to say. I don’t know how easy it actually would be)

All of the shots from the Cage being shown on a screen in the courtroom were just projections on a screen back in ’67 and they’re very faded on the viewscreen.
Wouldn’t it be possible today to take the footage and superimpose it over the viewscreen?

Other than that, beautiful all the way through

50. John N - December 4, 2006

#25 – Norbert Steinert

I would love that sort of addition to Amok Time…. :)

51. John N - December 4, 2006

#49 – Bill

I had the same thought myself. The shots seemed fairly static, so I imagine that it would be a fairly cimple compositing task.

What do you think CBS Digital? Seems like a good bang for your buck…

52. Nelson - December 4, 2006

I suspect the reason the rear projected screen in the courtroom sequence was left alone was that one or two earlier shots does have Shatner and another with Nimoy walking in front of the screen. So perhaps they felt it would be too much work for the time alotted to mask them or whatever the process is to synch up the remastered footage onto the screen.

53. Bill - December 4, 2006


Well. That certainly makes sense, but on the other hand, it would hardly be unprecedented.


54. Jon - December 4, 2006

Enjoyed this week’s offering definitely, but I have a question I’ve been wondering about since the first DVDs came out when they were sold in the “2 episodes per DVD” variety:

Was the music changed during the flyby shot of the Enterprise that includes the opening title (after the teaser commercial break)? It sure sound like second season music to me…but it’s been this way on the DVDs and now also on the enhanced version. Does anyone know or have an old VHS copy they can check?

Just curious is all… :)


55. diabolik - December 4, 2006

Perhaps HD screens are a lost technology in the tos era…

56. Robert Bernardo - December 4, 2006

THEETrekMaster wrote:

> I didn’t care for the laser cannon effects…they were unnecessary and
> cheesy.

What! The laser/phaser cannon effects is a famous, iconic symbol of this episode. The entire scene displays power! Every time I see the scene I say to myself, “Now that is a weapon!” (Side note: Notice the flashing white of the screen where everything whites out for a split second while the cannon is firing. Used years and years later in Star Wars.)

57. foobar - December 4, 2006

I thought they left the projector scenes sorta the same (I think they fixed some of the “shakiness” when they zoomed out) so that the audience would know that it was a transition back to the “present”.

58. THEETrekMaster - December 4, 2006

#56, I think you misunderstood me.

I don’t mean the original FX are cheesy…whatever I perceived to be “enhancements” were cheesy. It looked to me like they added some stuff to the effect…I still need to go back and watch the two shots back to back…


59. Dom - December 4, 2006

Has anyone noticed the there’s a number of sites dedicated to turning actresses and models into green-skinned Orion slave women? It’s a Photoshop nerd’s wet dream!! ;)

60. GNDN - December 4, 2006

Regarding #54: Nice catch! I noticed the same thing. I didn’t record the episode, but I would bet real money that one Sol Kaplan’s “Doomsday Machine” flybys replaced the “Enemy Within” track. The first season piccalos were replaced with chimes or xylophones.

As I kid, I preferred the second season arrangement; if I had a job at CBS Digital today, I would be tempted to realize a childhood wish.

61. 3rd season Fan - December 4, 2006

I Cant wait for remastered “DAY OF THE DOVE”……W/Kang!!!

\\Michael Ansara was awsome..and wherein he became the true prototype…
for the Modern Klingon, we know and love to-day!

Moe and Curly, Larry too!

62. Al - December 4, 2006

Can anyone enlighten me about the “happy ending” shot. We see Pike and Vina hand in hand walking towards the ruined elevator – how did that fit into the plot of The Cage?

63. Rick - December 4, 2006

Hey Al…I am getting into the mix on this very, very cool site message board for the first time. I believe at the end of THE CAGE it was Vina who got the illusion of Capt. Pike staying behind with her. While the real one got back on board the good ship Enterprise and went on the other adventures. Kind of a sad/twisted/moody ending. Yet they played a subtle variation of that with THE MENAGERIE. Of course that is part of the reason I dug these first TREK. Mood, style and feeling to the story and characters by use of good writing, music and light. Man the music of these early episodes were great.

One more thing I know at least one person posting here is from the SF Bay area like me. WTF is up with CW listing these episodes at a certain time, I go set my recorder and end up with some other show. I they even showing them. I have missed out on the vast majority of these new remasterd episodes due to this. CW don’t make me sic my Klingon
posse on you! ;) Peace out and Mr. Pascale your site rocks big time!!!

64. Rick - December 4, 2006

I apologize for my badly typed, lack of grammar, miss used words, etc. on my last post. I just got up!;) One more thing CBS digital I salute you!!! I do computer graphics, illustration and the like and I know how hard all that work is. So yes artist/graphic content creators will expect critiques of their work. But hey constructive criticism is always better than it sucks. I do believe the vast majority of postings here have been of respect and constructive criticisms though. Later.

65. Anonymous - December 4, 2006


If this music was indeed replaced with the second season variety starting with the DVD releases, does anyone know why?

It still works fine, mind you, but as I said, I’m just wondering what the reason was for the change on this episode at this scene. I have noticed other more subtle music and sound effect alterations/enhancements on the DVD releases, but none were as obvious as this change.

For the really astute, the music for Pike’s first dream sequence (the fight on Rigel VII) was also changed/enhanced a little at the very beginning of the scene. This change also began with the DVD releases. Check your DVD of “The Cage” at the start of this scene for the original version…

BTW, this “enhanced” music is quite good…possibly from an earlier version of the music that the folks working on the DVDs thought would be cool to add. As I said, it seemed to me that the DVDs often had/have slight alterations to the music or the sound effects…for instance, the Gorn had some added “hissing/growling” sounds, and the exploding rocks during the phaser cannon sequence in “The Menagerie” were made to sound more realistic. So far, these alterations have been kept the same for these new, enhanced versions as far as I can tell…


66. Jon - December 4, 2006

#63: I’m from SF. I post occassionally, and did post on this very annoying issue a couple of weeks ago.

CW (Ch. 44) did this again this weekend wherein my TIVO taped the show at 11PM on Saturday night, but it was an episode of CSI instead even though the DirecTV programming information said it was supposed to be Trek :( .

Fortunately, I caught the mishap and had the TIVO tape the show off of Ch. 50 instead when it aired on Sunday at 9PM. I also taped whatever aired at 12AM last night on Ch. 44 to see if Trek aired at that time which was its old timeslot (even though DirecTV said it was supposed to be “The Shield.” in this case) I’ll check this tonight when I get home from work.

FYI, Ch. 50 also airs a repeat of the previous week’s show at 3PM on Sundays so you can catch this week’s show next Sunday if you missed it and you are able to receive Ch. 50 which originates in Santa Rosa. DirecTV and Dish both carry it though…

My only complaint with Ch. 50 is that there picture quality is not as good as that of Ch. 44. The colors are definitely not as precise for instance, and it shows.

The Ch. 44 website still lists next week’s show for airing at 11PM on Saturday. Let’s see if they get it right this time…VERY annoying I must agree!!


67. neal - December 4, 2006

#48 — me too! I remember Roddenberry’s lecture like it was yesterday. I can still recall this being the first I’d ever seen the original Cage. A special evening! A whole generation of us saw it that way, in the era before home video. I saw him at the University of Calgary, Canada — Roddenberry got around, eh? And made some good coin off that lecture revenue.

68. foobar - December 4, 2006

#62: When the Talosian says “And more” to Pike, he actually created an illusionary Pike along with bringing back Vina’s beauty. Those are the two you see going into the elevator.

69. neal - December 4, 2006

I love the background music in the Rigel-7 scene. It’s too short in this syndicated cut, but spectacular in the uncut DVD version. It is possibly the most iconic of the original series, bringing to mind the weird, the mysterious, the other-wordly. It was re-used sparingly during the 3 seasons, like in scenes involving weird alien rituals (like when Nona does her Kahn-ut-tu ritual to heal Kirk; in the séance scene in wolf in the fold; when Losira the ghost woman says “I am for you!”), or when someone is under some weird hallucinogenic influence (Spock gets blasted by the spore plant; McCoy on cordrazine as he pops onto the New York street; Landru’s people massing like zombies). This music to me has always symbolized the purest essence of Star Trek: the unknown, or more particularly, the creepy alien unknown. In the Cage, we hear the music in its entirety; later episodes it was mere snippets. To the best of my knowledge, this music has never been released commercially … and that is a tragedy.

70. ety3 - December 4, 2006


Thanks to the super transfer, I noticed for the first time that the transporter platform in Pike’s era had different colored floor “pads.” Two were blue, two were yellow and two were white. (Most likely colored gels or glass instead of colored lights). This was most noticeable near the end when the yeoman and Number One were beamed up one at a time.

Is anyone able to get a screengrab of that?

71. Al - December 4, 2006

Neal # 69

Cage Music extracts


Is the one you like “Probed”?

And one more here


72. Anonymous - December 4, 2006

I always loved the deep throbbing noise of the Pike Enterprise transporter too.

73. neal - December 4, 2006

#79, No. For some unfathomable reason, this music snippet is not on the Cage soundtrack album. I’ve searched that disc from top to bottom!

74. Skippy 2k - December 4, 2006

I wished they had been able to fix the jump when the two women transport up one at a time. When the frame freezes the yeoman for Number One’s beam up she kinda jumps when the transporter effect finishes. I would have thought they could have covered it up someway, maybe they did somewhat but I still noticed it. Either way another job well done!

75. Granger - December 4, 2006

#72: I agree – the old transporter was a much more intimidating device with its powerful sounds, two technicians jumping through the motions, etc. I love that. One related thing about The Cage that was interesting was Alexander Courage’s use of music in place of most sound effects – while it didn’t always work for me, it was definitely different. And perhaps it could be a nice way to expand long-term royalties for a composer. Pity that Roddenberry damaged their relationship when he wrote up silly lyrics to the Star Trek Theme just to cash in. Hmmm…how about a Evil Mirror Universe version of Remastered where those awful lyrics are sung over the theme? Egads!

76. Matt Wright - December 4, 2006

#70 ask and ye shall receive

77. Ky-Malairn - December 4, 2006

Why did they not fix the big laser effect, that surely looks dated!

78. ety3 - December 5, 2006


Great. Thanks.

Sometimes it’s the little details like this — things I never noticed before, despite having watched for thirty-plus years — that make each remastered episode more interesting.

79. planettom - December 7, 2006

The most intimidating thing about those old transporter controls is the George Pal WAR OF THE WORLDS Martian heads mounted on them. If I were operating them, I’d be expecting to be zapped by a Heat-Ray at any moment!

80. Daniel Kampling - December 7, 2006



81. Jon Witchell - October 1, 2007

After watching this newly enhanced Menagerie, I’m curious as to where the below image from the short sequence after Vina’s health is restored, comes from in The Cage? As far as I can make out, this short sequence is not used in The Cage.


To make it easy to place where this is, this shot is the very last shot before the last lot of adverts. (After the break we return to Pike beaming in the transporter room). I’m not talking about the very end where Pike and Vina walk hand-in-hand down the elevator.

Anyone know?

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