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Shatner’s New Years Message December 30, 2006

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Shatner,Uncategorized , trackback

It was a banner year for the Shat…see him talk about 2006 and his resolutions for 2007.

Shatner Boldly Goes Online For A New Year’s Message

Apparently these video messages will become a regular feature of, and we know how chatty he can be so hopefully we can get some Trek XI nuggets from the man himself in 2007. Note that when he talks about ‘this website’ he is referring to his website, and not But rest assured that we have big plans for in 2007 as well.


1. Admiraldeem - December 30, 2006

So between the game show and the motorcycle, her fell on his rear twice last year. Better luck in 2007!

Just kidding, Bill–The game show itself was pretty bad but you were a lot of fun–they should give you your own talk show.

Happy New Year!

2. StephenMartin - December 30, 2006

The Shatman is……well…The Shatman.

Classy guy!

3. Magic_Al - December 30, 2006

I still think Shatner should do a game show, but it should be more of a Survivor/Apprentice-type show rather than a quiz show, to give him more opportunities to be dramatic.

4. CmdrR - December 30, 2006

I think we now know what’s killing the polar bears. Wow, talk about greenhouse gases!
Anyway, HAPPY 2007 to Shat and all!

5. Al - December 30, 2006

He sounds like he has had a few too many… but not bad for 75.

6. Stanky McFibberich - December 30, 2006

I would rather watch this clip over and over than a movie with someone else playing Kirk.

7. StarTrekkie - December 30, 2006

wow, Shatner takes up video blogging (hate the term vlogging). And I thought he wasn’t very technically hip.

8. dalek - December 30, 2006

#5 Al im not sure The Shat drinks. I could be wrong but I thought he was tee total.

9. trekmaster - December 30, 2006

Thanks, Mr. Shatner! Also my best wishes to you and your family! :-)

10. StephenMartin - December 30, 2006

8. dalek
Yeah, I don’t think many actors do all that well without a scirpt. Just like the rest of us. lol

11. odobilly - December 30, 2006

great idea Magic Al, Shat should host “America’s Next Top Captain” or “Survivor : the Vulcan Outback” or “Federation idol”

Any other ideas?

12. hitch1969© - December 30, 2006

Dont get me wrong, Shatner is the man. The captain. The legend. etc etc

But that video demonstrates just how out of touch with actual reality that he seems to be. That wast totally incoherent in terms of the flow of what he was talking about.

It didnt disappoint, though. Like I said, I love the Shatman.

He loves that, doesnt he? Now obviously I would not make disparaging remarks about the shut-ins that live there or his, um, grandiose webmaster over there.. but obviously this video was intended with them as the audience. So take that with a grain of salt and remember that it WAS Shatner himself who told them all to “get a life” before he realized what a cash cow that could be.

I do the same kind of lipservice at my site all the time. Shatner rewlz the fewlz that drewlz We are both very mac in the pants together that way, Shatner and I.



13. JKAimreks - December 31, 2006

After looking at your website, I really don’t think you ought to be throwing out any ‘incoherent’ accusations at anyone, hitch. Apparently it is all about swearing and how many trademark and copyright symbols you can include and swearing and complaining that your account has been suspended since you are too offensive and swearing.

14. StephenMartin - December 31, 2006

12. hitch1969©
It appeared incoherent because it was spontaneous. It was more sincere that way. I thought he did a great job.

He is a good business man. He’s the product and he promotes himself very very well. That is why he is so successful. I respect that.

15. Woulfe - December 31, 2006

The Shat isn’t quite used to the newfangled tech, that’s why he was a bit out of it, he should of directed the video and wrote it beforehand so he wouldn’t look like he was drunk or whatever have you.

Now if webcams actually looked like cameras then it would of been a whole other story, he would of acted his pants off, like we know he can.

He’ll get used to the new tech, we all did ;)

16. Picardsucks - December 31, 2006

Shatner must be cloned!!!!

17. trekmaster - December 31, 2006

My god, don’t be so mean to the captain! The new year is appoaching and we all sit at home or go to a party and have some drinks. That’s absolutely normal!! I really hate those hypocrites (- > PHARISÄER)!

18. Stanky McFibberich - December 31, 2006

I don’t think he looked drunk, just unprepared.

19. trekmaster - December 31, 2006

Yes, it was a sponatneous and nice action for us fans.

20. Anthony Pascale - December 31, 2006

wow….its just a silly video message. I swear, Trekkies can tear anything apart.

And Hitch…and others
I do not want to see any more attacks on other websites and especially other Website Editors. I certainly wouldnt appreciate being flamed on their sites, and I wont tolerate it on mine!

21. Orbitalic - December 31, 2006

#20 Well, when your god appears, you must obey….LOL.

I am soooooo glad “Show me the money” got shown the door. I kept waiting for Goldie Hawn to show up as a dancer with “KHAAAAAAAAAANN!” written on her tummy.

22. hitch1969© - January 1, 2007

You know what, I am at a loss for words for once.

Wait, no… maybe not. Look, please dont misunderstand my remarks about Shatner, or the folks at, or more importantly, Paul his webmeistro.

First, Shat is da shit, or da shat in the past tense. Like they said in FREE ENTERPRISE he is the role model for many many many dudes growing up in gen X 70s and 80s, without or even with absent fathers as the case may be. I believe that implicitly.

Second, my commentary about his site would only reflect anything that Shatner himself said in the dvd commentary of FREE ENTERPRISE. The fact that he states this compounded with the overall feel of the site appears to be contradictory, which I feel to be a valid criticism worth expressing given the source of this video. No disrespect was intended.

Whatsoever. Last, again given the source of where this came from, I feel the that exclusionary nature of membership at (which as stated appears to be due to the bias of the webmaster – judge, jury, and jailor – and NOT necessarily with the understanding of Shatner himself) to be worth atleast mentionary passing, if not critical understanding.

Outside of that, everythang is good in THA HOOD. Please dont think that I would come down on shatner. He’s the captain for chrissake.



23. Jim J - January 1, 2007

He forgot to end it with……”Denny Crane!”

24. senya cartel - January 2, 2007

Nothing but love for Shatner here….

25. senya cartel - January 2, 2007

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