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Prepare to dock with the preview for “Journey To Babel” Remastered January 25, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: TOS-R Preview,Uncategorized , trackback have put up a preview for next weekend’s "Journey To Babel" Remastered. Check out the Enterprise’s new shuttle bay.

click image to play in WMP or Click Here for QT

Remember, this episode airs next weekend. This weekend is "For The World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky" 


1. ZtoA - January 25, 2007

Words fail me! This is so far above and beyond…


You have restored my faith in today’s youth.

2. CmdrR - January 25, 2007

COOOOOOL! This pinwheel is still a pinwheel, but it’s much more menacing now. And the shuttle sequence looks wicked!

3. Adam Cohen - January 25, 2007

AHHHHHHH! CBS-D, Anthony, the whole thing! You guys are killing me! That trailer looked awesome! Aside from the extremely cool-looking FX shots (finally, the shuttle craft goes DEEPER into the shuttle bay!), how about Jane Wyatt reaching back for that slap? That’s easily the best-cut trailer they’ve made for any Remastered episode. Somebody, please make an animated GIF of that slap. Boom!

4. CmdrR - January 25, 2007

Oh good lord, I just got that. ZtoA. Atoz. A to Z. He’s the librarian. I can’t believe it took me 40 years to get such a putrid pun.

5. ZtoA - January 25, 2007


In the words of Master Po… “Time for you to leave…” LOL

6. Scott - January 25, 2007

One of my absolute favorite episodes — this one had EVERYTHING! Well, except maybe kissin’.

The new effects looks super-cool. I love how they reimagined the Orion ship. I’m sold. It looks like a wicked-fast, mean little alien ship, but still very true to the original.

Scott B. out.

P.S. CmdrR, don’t feel too bad. While I’ve known about the A to Z/Atoz thing for years, I had to be told; didn’t figure it out all by my lonesome.

7. Michael Appleton - January 25, 2007

Wow! When Jane Wyatt slapped Spock I thought his vulcan ears were going to come flying off! Makes you wonder how many takes they had to do before getting that scene “in the can”. Who says Kirk was the only who got beaten up on the show?

8. Magic_Al - January 25, 2007

That is the best Trek shuttlecraft landing ever. The live-action footage looks great too. Looks like this episode got some serious TLC.

9. JON - January 25, 2007

Nice how the shuttlebay sequence opens up the scale of the show

10. Roger - January 25, 2007

The new effects elevate an already stong episode.
Good job CBS.

11. hitch1969© - January 25, 2007

If one could take a macintosh computer and insert it in one’s trousers and then proudly walk down the street with all the passerbys staring at one’s crotch with awe, THAT would describe what CBS-D has done here today.



12. trekmaster - January 25, 2007

best effects so far!

13. Robert Bernardo - January 25, 2007

That shuttlecraft sequence… wow! It is so reminiscent of the first shuttlecraft approach in Star Trek V. The preview makes everything so exciting! I’m jazzed!

14. Marco - January 25, 2007

All I can say is that looks awesome. and the Orion ship looks better than I was ever expecting.

15. stallion - January 25, 2007

If you look closely at the preview when the Enterprise is hit and the bridge is shaking you can see Sulu at the helm. Sulu wasn’t in the episode so it look like they added him in.

16. mooseday - January 25, 2007

#20 – check

17. JB - January 25, 2007

Wow. The FX and the editing call to mind the opening line from an old Suburbs song…
“Mommy, I’m shakin’. Slap me…”

(10 credits to anyone who can name the tune)

18. Michael Appleton - January 25, 2007

#17 Was it “Cig in Backwards” or “Tape your Wife to the Ceiling”? I forget which…

19. Russ....a Trek fan from way back... - January 25, 2007

It’s time for me to add my “WOW”…. I mean from the shuttle craft landing in the shuttle bay making the Big E seem truly expansive in size to the Orion ship “pinwheeling” by… and then there are the MOVING phasers! I know it’s slightly reminscient of TNG.. but it’s the TOS phasers trying to get a shot at that ship… and then the photon torp explosion or maybe even better was Spock’s mother’s “explosion” across Spock’s face. Now we’re gonna see some good effects.

CBS-D keeps getting better and better with a STEEP learning curve here. Keep up that great work!

20. Scott Gammans - January 25, 2007


Love the shuttlecraft approach shots. This looks very intriguing!

21. TrekMD - January 25, 2007

OK, the whole scene of the shuttlecraft approach and landing, the moving phaser beams….I’m drooling…

Excellent work CBS-D!!!

22. steve - January 25, 2007

So, do you think CBS-D will digitally remove De Kelley’s cigarette smoke from the surgery scenes in this episode?

23. Father Rob - January 25, 2007

Best I have seen previewed yet… looking VERY forward to this one!


24. Kelvington - January 25, 2007

OK I got a bit of a stalk on when I saw the people standing up in the top of the shuttle bay looking down at the craft landing. I’ll admit that was pretty cool.

Oh and on the slap thing… ASCII and you shall RECIEVEE…


25. T Negative - January 25, 2007

This episode looks fantastic!! Glad to see a different angle of the Enterprise firing phasers and tracking with the target no less.

I don’t see anyone in the hangar bay when the shuttle is landing. Only after landing.

26. Mike - January 25, 2007

CBS-D – Fantastic!!!

27. Ron Jon - January 25, 2007

I love the shuttlecraft hangar deck shot!

I can’t wait!!

28. Nelson - January 25, 2007

Very, very nice!

29. Matt Wright - January 25, 2007

I have to say this looks mighty good, and I agree this is by far the best trailer video they have put together.

30. Mark 2000 - January 25, 2007

Wow, yes. But it looks like the blew their whole wad in the preview. Whats left to see?

31. Kelvington - January 25, 2007

#25 Look up near the ceiling (port side) as the craft is coming down, you see people in the observation area windows.

Plus on the deck level there seems to be an observation area/control area with people in it too!

32. Cranston - January 25, 2007


I agree with the comments so far. Great shuttle landing sequence, nice phaser tracking shot, and EXCELLENT concept for the Orion ship. I love how this one actually *keeps the look* of the indistinct spinning light from the original, but makes it an understandable (and scary!) design.

Can’t wait.

33. James Heaney - January 25, 2007

These trailers are so very good. You have to wonder where these trailer guys were when UPN was putting out those unbelievably bad Enterprise trailers for great shows like “Cogenitor” and “Dear Doctor.”

34. colin - January 25, 2007

The small details thrill me. I am very happy to see the Columbus. :)

35. Skippy 2k - January 25, 2007

:) Very nice, would love to have a high res shot of the shuttle approach for my desktop. Haven’t seen the ep in awhile, looks like theres more space/fx shots for the ep that I would have thought. Looks like its going to be awesome!

Problem with getting the early promos now is looking forward to the next weeks eps rather than the one actually coming up. (WNMHGB before Wink of an Eye and now this one.)

36. T Negative - January 25, 2007

Thanks! I have a feeling it will be easier to see them when it’s on the tube. These shots make me even more excited for “Doomsday” and the MANY shuttle shots we will get to see in that one.

37. Anthony Pascale - January 25, 2007

i agree with Skippy. For a while CBS were releasing trailers to affiliates on the Wed. before the show’s aired…and they showed up on the Thursday before they aired on They are still only sending out the trailers to affiliates a few days before, but are putting them up over a week before. If it were me I would release them on the Monday or Tuesday before a show aired.

the first week of the trailers showing up early, did actually ‘hold back’ a few days and waited until after we had done our review of the previous week…to kind of keep the flow of preview/screenshots/review/preview/etc going. Now we all just have to deal with ‘overlap’

I am looking forward to Babel, it is one of the times they are making an entirely new ship (like they did with the Gorn ship). That one was done by Niel Wray, this one was designed by Okuda. I saw a sketch of the ship when i was at CBS, it is pretty cool.

Ironically by the time Babel is coming up we will all have seen the preview for the big kahuna…Doomsday Machine…possibly dwindling expecations for Babel

38. Josh T. (The Final Frontier) Kirk Esquire' - January 25, 2007

I can’t identify which two shuttlecraft those are?

Is it the Columbus and Galileo?

Stunning, absolutely positively uniquely stunning.


39. colin - January 25, 2007

Yes, it’s the Galileo and the Columbus.

40. Skippy 2k - January 25, 2007

I believe your right Josh T. I thought it could have been Copernicus or Columbus. Looking at the preview looks like it would have to be columbus and the number 7 was Galileo.

41. SPOCKBOY - January 25, 2007

The shuttlecraft sequence is (new york accent) SUPERB!


You know it’s odd. One week the fx are kinda non sequitur, and the next they are fabulous. I wish they would tell us WHO did WHAT sequences, so we can complement them personally (and recommend termination for the others…;).Are you listening Dave?
IE-The shot of the Enterprise pulling up on the Botany Bay. SWEET.
I understand however that it would quickly degenerate into a mud-slinging popularity contest.

Ah well.

42. Josh T. ( Tubular) Kirk Esquire' - January 26, 2007

I’m starting to think that says Copernicus,

what was the shuttle in the “The Menagerie” with Kirk and Mendez?

Perhaps all Enterprise shuttlecraft are designated after astronomers.

43. colin - January 26, 2007

These letters are visible in the still: “Columb”. This can only be the Columbus. I am looking forward to “The Doomsday Machine”” to see if they name the shuttle in that episode. Will it be an explorer, an astronomer, or an artist, or something completely different?

44. Bart - January 26, 2007


In the TNG Enterprise-D they had forcefields to close the shuttlebay. Perhaps they did not have these in the TOS Enterprise and they had to wait until the shuttlebay doors were closed…

45. Paul W. - January 26, 2007

What…. nothing negative here? EVERYONE’S happy? Mark this day on a calendar! I have to go with the crowd here too.. the previews look great! Love the shuttle landing.. thanks for the still guys. The CBS-D guys are really doing a fantastic job on these.. can’t wait for when they come out on DVD so I can actually see an episode.

46. Holo J - January 26, 2007

#45 LOL

I’ve got to say it does look very good to me… Like you Paul I haven’t seen any of these properly yet. I reply on this great site for all images videos etc for Trek Remastered…

I too would really love to see one of these for real and own them on DVD one day but lets hope they dont rush them out so they can add to all these episodes and fix the little things time hasnt allowed for , I wopuld gladly wait for that before they release them on DVD.

This latest work is looking awesome, and thats just looking at it on the small screen imagine it on a High Def TV in stereo. Now that would be cool to see.

47. Holo J - January 26, 2007

sorry I meant I rely on this great site for all images videos etc for Trek Remastered…

48. JB - January 26, 2007

#18 – Good guesses. Right album, wrong tracks.

49. Smitty - January 26, 2007

what was the shuttle in the “The Menagerie” with Kirk and Mendez?i

That was the Picasso.

Not all named after astonomers, unless this is a future historical figure. An astonomer named Picasso!


50. Doug - January 26, 2007

re 41

I’ve noticed this too… I’m beginning to wonder if there are different teams working on each episode, alternating week to week or something. Very inconsistent. WNMHGB looked pretty bad to me, but this shuttle sequence looks great.


51. diabolik - January 26, 2007

That was a starbase shuttle in The Menagerie. All of the Enterprise shuttles are named after scientist/explorers… in keeping with the goal of the ship’s mission.

It seems each ship or installation’s shuttles have a name theme. DS9 was Earth rivers. Probably all of the Starbase 11 shuttles were named after artists.

52. Jim J - January 26, 2007

Bravo!!! I have a hunch this week’s will be be much better than “WNMHGB”. Then we get “Babel” which looks even better. Could this be a huge build-up to something fantastic? Or a huge let down? Only “Doomsday” will answer that question. “Journey To Babel” has me very fired up, though. Kudos to Okuda if he did do the “Orion” ship. I find it very true to the original while still being kick-a**!!!!!

53. Jon - January 26, 2007

Yep, this looks like a winner. The wife and I just rewatched this one about a week ago using our new HD-upconverting DVD player on our HDTV, and the picture was astounding. Can’t wait to see the new special effects.

However, be forewarned…in the editing of the syndicated shows that were shown in the 80’s, the shuttlecraft landing sequence was either heavily edited or completely cut out if I remember correctly. So far, these new copies have had almost the exact same edits in addition to maybe another 5-8 minutes cut out…so we may not see much (if any) of this landing sequence. I hope I’m wrong, though! (Unless you have an X-BOX :) ).


54. Lao3D - January 26, 2007

Who are you people and what have you done with No yelling about the overly orange reflection on the hill? The distorted camera angle on the shuttle landing?? The… the… oh, hell, I guess it does look pretty good at that… let me just go to sleep next to this giant seed pod and it will all look better in the morning…

55. Jim J - January 26, 2007

Hill? Did you mean hull? Must be sleep time there! Anyway, how refreshing to see so many positive comments. Perhaps, there is hope…as the Metrons like to say!

56. TomBot2007 - January 26, 2007

Yah! This does indeed look cool!!! We will see of course, but this is promising.

57. ety3 - January 26, 2007

I have but three quibbles with the Enterprise at this point:

1. The deflector dish needs color.
2. Where are the colored lights under the shuttlebay doors? I can see the rectangles where they would be, but they don’t seem illuminated to me. (Maybe they will be in the episode.)
3. Where are the rapidly blinking navigation lights just in front of the hangar bay on the secondary hull? They blinked about three times for every one time the saucer navigation lights blinked. In general, it seems that the Enterprise’s lights aren’t as bright as they were in TOS, but I guess that’s just more realistic.

58. Ebar - January 26, 2007

YES!!! Finally! This is what I was hoping for with ST-Remastered! The teaser shows what can be done to really enhance the effects while keeping true to the spirit of the original show.

Keep going CBS Digital! Bring on major changes like this for The Doomsday Machine, Errand of Mercy, The Enterprise Incident, The Tholian Web, Elaan of Troyius, etc.

Now if you could only re-do the lame soundstage backdrops in some of the other episodes Mirror, Mirror, Fridays Child, etc. your efforts would be a success.

59. John Pemble - January 26, 2007

No more changes. I love revised films, no really I do but only when it looks right. I even liked most of Star Wars Special Editions (except of cours for Gredo firing first) but these CGI shots in TOS Trek always look out of place. I want the CGI to work but it never complients the live action. I can see that in the QT preview. CBS-D is trying a nobel thing but I’m not feeling it. I want to but I can’t. Dammit Jim.

60. Granger - January 26, 2007

Egads, I have to join in on this love fest while it lasts. The preview is indeed superb – looks like this time the shuttlecraft and shuttlebay can finally live up to their potential (and help me forget painful memories from ST V: TFF’s version of same).

And kudos to Okuda for the wonderfully active ship design that is faithful to the original spirit of the show.

Finally, I’m grateful to Steve in #22 for reminding us of De Kelley’s cigarette smoke in the surgery. When I was a kid I remember wondering what McCoy was going to do about the short circuit in his equipment. Little did I know Bones was just smokin’ on the job!

61. Jeremy1975 - January 26, 2007




Otherwise, this episode looks awesome so far!! I agree far the best one yet!!!

62. Mark Lynch - January 27, 2007

Does anybody know anything about when these updated episodes will be available to watch on UK television? I am going out of my mind seeing snippets of all the great things that are going on with TOS at the moment. And as a UK fan of many years now…. I am really feeling left out. :)
You guys in the States are incredibly lucky to be seeing this on a week by week basis, just a shame about edits though.

Well that’s enough from me.

Anthony, thanks for a great site. I visit several times a day and appreciate all the work that you and your friends/colleagues must have to put into this for all us nerdy geek types to drool over.

63. Skippy 2k - January 27, 2007

Something I just noticed, yeah probably a duh knew it for years thing for most. Haven’t seen “Journey to Babel” in a long while but was looking at a pic of Sarek and the others arriving coming from the shuttle. The side of the shuttle is seen and the green wall behind. I wouldn’t think the door would be on the sides of the bay given the size of it inside the ship but if it was at the front there wouldn’t be the green wall behind it.

Guess I just never paid attention to that before but wondered if thats something they might fix…wouldn’t think it would be a “huge” thing.

64. Old School Trek Nerd - January 28, 2007

I think there are four entry doors into the bay from both sides, not to mention access to the upper level control rooms, so corridors do run from front to back between the bay and the hull.

65. Old School Trek Nerd - January 28, 2007

Seeing that picture, I really do want to see people walking around in that shuttlebay and working in those windows in Star Trek XI.

66. Skippy 2k - January 28, 2007

I figured there was something like a service corridor but it looks like they are coming from the shuttlebay toward the camera. From what I’ve read of the bay fitting into the hull I wouldn’t think there could be a great deal of room on the sides…especially back at the area where the shuttle pad would be? Eh, not a biggie was just thinking about that when I saw it.

67. Dr. Image - January 29, 2007

I’m not happy with the red torpedos they’re doing.

They look wimpy when compared to the original footage versions.
I’m stumped as to why they’ve chosen to change them that drastically.
For ST:TMP, Trumbull’s concept was to have the bad guys’ photon torps depicted in red and the Fed’s in white. Only when ILM took over the fx in TWOK did they switch them to all red, and later to orange in the TNG era.

So if you’re honoring the integrity of the classic era, why screw them up?

Otherwise, everything’s looking great- they’re very close to having “built” the definitive digital E!
(Oh yeah, that deflector dish color…)

68. Skippy 2k - January 29, 2007

I thought it was kinda neat how they did them in “In a Mirror Darkly” as far as trying to duplicate them from TOS. I remember the white ones seen in TOS but don’t recall exactly what they were based from? They were kinda purpleish. Anyway I think the red is just to tie in with the movies, even though in TMP they were blue…probably didn’t want the phasers and torps the same color.

69. Daron - January 29, 2007


Speaking of the upcoming DVD and HDDVD releases, has CBS said anything yet about whether they will be able to go back and fix the early episodes, before they’re released on both formats later this year?

70. Mazzer - January 30, 2007

I’m also wondering whether CBS-D will tweak with the antenae on the Andorians’ heads to make them move a little, as they did in the Enterprise series.

It might be a nice touch, making the Andorians more convincing, as was the case with the Gorn’s blinking eyes.

71. Jim J - January 30, 2007

Sorry to do this to you guys, AP, but just put up FOUR images from “Journey To Babel”. The two shuttlecrafts are the Galileo and the Columbus. Have fun! is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.