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Remastered “Journey to Babel” Screenshots and Video February 3, 2007

by Matt Wright , Filed under: TOS Remastered,TOS-R Screenshots/Video , trackback

A favorite episode gets a proper CGI upgrade…

SFX Video


New and Old

In Orbit of Vulcan
Shuttle Landing Sequence 1
Shuttle Landing Sequence 2
Shuttle Landing Sequence 3
The Shuttlebay
Leaving Vulcan
The Orion ship hovering
The Orion ship makes a pass at the Enterprise
The Enterprise fires at the Orion ship
The Enterprise tries to torpedo the Orion ship

The Enterprise drifts
The Enterprise fires phasers at close range
The Orion ship is disabled (notice the chunks floating in the new version)
The Orion scout ship self-destructs


Assorted Shots

Spock attempts to teach McCoy the Vulcan salute

Ambassador Sarek


The Ambassador Reception

It ain’t a party until little gold men start boozing it up!

"…A teddy bear!"

The spy Thelev looking menacing

Surgery while being fired upon

A better look at the Orion ship damage


1. Skippy 2k - February 3, 2007

As usual cool images! Now the wait for the vfx vid. I don’t see any pics so I guess what I read earlier about the rear shot of the shuttle approaching wasn’t in the syndicated version? Also the article on said something about the overlook being added to the shuttlebay wall behind sarek? True? No?

I really wish I could get these here on tv, prefer to sit down on the couch and watch but at least this site lets me see it quickly. :)

Since the “Where no man has gone before” thread is kinda past I thought I would post this here. I did a test earlier tonight on the viewing screen on the bridge, not complete but a start.

2. freezejeans - February 3, 2007

Thanks for the screengrabs, we’re a week behind here in Phoenix. Dadgummit! Looks awesome, can’t wait until, uh, next week :(

3. Skippy 2k - February 3, 2007

Also to add, love that “…a teddy bear” pic. The look on McCoys face, great!

4. Matt Wright - February 3, 2007

#1 — Yeah the overlook can just bearly be seen, it is hardly worth talking about actually. I guess I should put up a picture, so you can see.

5. Skippy 2k - February 3, 2007

It almost seems from the screen shots that even with the addition the live shots wouldn’t really match the new bay. Both the color and the details that I would think be seen behind look to be more than that. Still would like to see it if possible. :-)

6. Matt Wright - February 3, 2007

Added a shuttlebay shot for you all.

And yeah I loved that expression on McCoy’s face so I had to include it :-)

7. steve623 - February 3, 2007

#1 You can see the very bottom of the observation deck outcrop (for lack of a better word) above the shuttlecraft as the scene goes on. Its not much but its there in the episode (if not in the screen grab).

I love that all the windows are black in the shot of the Enterprise adrift. Engineering really did cut the power, port and starboard.

8. steve623 - February 3, 2007

Fast work, Matt. Thanks for the added pic.

9. Adam Cohen - February 3, 2007

Thank you Matt. Awesome looking shots.

10. victory - February 3, 2007

Bravo CBS-D! This episode was awesome!

11. Sean4000 - February 3, 2007

Matt, you forgot to scan these clips in at 4K and reprocess them from their original source. :)

just kidding.

Great and FAST work.

12. laserlover2254 - February 3, 2007

FInally they get a new fraking model shown up close!

Nice Orion ship.

13. Chris Y - February 3, 2007

What happened to the exterior shot of the shuttle approaching from the rear of the engineering section? That was a beautiful perspective. Perhaps it’s in the uncut version and we’ll have to wait for it in the DVD?

14. DreamerOutThere - February 3, 2007

My one complaint!! For the broadcast time, they cut the shuttle approach!! That shot was awesome!! Asides from that, this was cool as hell. This was a really good ep. The new visuals help alot. One question? How did Krik wind up in that fight with that Andorian? It showed the ship and then suddenly he was fighting him. What was up with that I wonder? Here’s an image of the shuttle approach that they cut!!×240.jpg

15. Kevin - February 3, 2007

Just saw the episode and was impressed. It’s not a very FX heavy episode but the stuff that was done looked good. They could have made the entry into the shuttlebay longer but I understand they were trying to match the original music. The shot where the security guards stun the “andorian” wasn’t changed (I don’t think) but the original didn’t look bad from that angle and distance w/o a beam.

This episode has always been great. Jane Wyatt and Mark Lenard did such a wonderful jobs that thier characters became very memorable even though this was the only TOS episode to feature them. The scene where Amanda strikes Spock is probably one of the biggest TOS tear-jerk moments since “City on the Edge of Forever.”

Only thing I don’t get about these remastered episodes- Does the TOS Enterprise not have any dorsal phasers? They always seem to fire from the bottom of the primary hull. This means that the Enterprise has no way of defending itself from above…. not a very good design :(

Otherwise, nice job :)

16. DreamerOutThere - February 3, 2007×240.jpg

17. Chris Y - February 3, 2007

Thank you DreamerOutThere. Oh well, gives us something to look forward to. Yes, the fight made me feel like I’d looked away and looked back midstream. Well, I think they’ll be looking at all the discontinuities before mastering the DVDs, but it was amusing.

18. Kevin - February 3, 2007

Oh yeah, I did notice the immediate cut to the fight already in progress. A bit of an odd editing choice on from the original TOS editors.

19. Mysterious Stranger - February 3, 2007

This is the best version of the Enterprise, to date. I did note however, that Vulcan looks a great deal like Mars, only with a minimal atmosphere.

I would have to rate this as one of the best Star Trek episodes of all time.

The correlation to todays terrorist problem seems to be a very obvious theme. Kudos to Kirk on his handling of the situation.

Kirk doesn’t get a lot of face time, but what Shatner did was excellent. You could see the pain, very clearly.

This episode also gave us our first glimpse into Vulcan society and the dynamic within Spocks family.

The new visual effect clearly lend a deeper dimension to the show. I’m still confused as to why the TOS fans at Trekbbs have been so against this type of thing for so long.

Thank you CBSD!

Really looking forward to next weeks installment. I remember a contest we had at Trekbbs, art forum, some years ago, where the members were tasked with making thier version of the Doomsday Machine. I came up with something original, while many others attempted to redo the same effect seen in the show, However, there was a gentleman that came up with one of the most effective versions of the DDM I have ever seen.

In short the DDM was a mass of sinew, covered with bones and what was reminicient of a sharks maw, at the forward section.

This thing looked like a monster, like something out of a Geiger painting. I can’t remember who the author was, but I would love to see something original, like that.

I hope they don’t go back and try to recreate what was one of the worst looking effects of the series.

Keep on Trekkin!

20. Mark - February 3, 2007

# 2 – We are not a week behind in Phoenix. The current episode is shown Sunday afternoon at 3 pm. Saturday at 9 pm is last week’s episode. We actually get to see them twice, because we can watch them on Sunday, and then again Saturday. So, for example, you can watch Babel about 15 hours from the time I’m posting this, and then again next Saturday (the 10th.)

21. nellu - February 4, 2007

[comment deleted]

22. NOT Anthony - February 4, 2007

[comment deleted]

23. Mysterious Stranger - February 4, 2007

21 & 22 what does that have to do with JTB and the new sfx?

Just curious?

24. CmdrR - February 4, 2007

OK, I think I’m the first to ask this. Can anyone else confirm that CBS-D blacked out the mispelled sign that used to read “Hanger Deck”?

In general, great work! I think the E looked great, including the re-do of the closing shot. The Orion exploboom was great to look at. However, the original scene appears to have missed a beat as Kirk says, “If they want to surrender…” The light cue seems to take a second too long. Nitpicky, I know.

Yes, the stunning of Thelev appears to have been tweaked. It used to be a diamond-shaped affair, I think.

OK, everyone must be using right now, so I can’t trace down the answer to my own question. Someone will have to answer for me.

Great episode!!! Great work, CBS-D. Was there an exterior approach shot of the shuttle???

25. Nelson - February 4, 2007

Good stuff overall! The added shot of the Enterprise floating with all power shut down was a tad odd looking, funny with lights off I guess. But the engines we idling this time, not turning!

The wrecked Orion ship was a really nice touch and I agree, the new CGI Enterprise was really working this week. Too bad there were so many edits to this show, missed the shuttle approach and missed a great line, “Well go get that old portable cardio stimulator!”

One week to go now!

26. k.f. - February 4, 2007

The shots of phasers arcing along the screen, did anyone notice the shuttle pilot move his head as the landed? The hangar sign was still as it was. Mis-spelled from what I could see. thats ok. Great job on the disabled orion ship. Love the floaty bits!

27. Joe Coatar - February 4, 2007

effects reel, for review

28. Joe Coatar - February 4, 2007


29. Cranston - February 4, 2007

Very nice work this week. I think I actually liked every new shot, and the shuttle landing sequence was gorgeous. Pity that they couldn’t have put the entire reworked shuttle bay into the live action shots, though. Actually, the one bit that I didn’t like is the breakup of the Orion ship after it’s hit. Nothing wrong with the effects work — that looked just fine — but from a story perspective it seems jarring to me. When we see the ship actually break up, it looks like the thing has been destroyed, which makes Kirk’s comment about surrender seem very strange. The original, where the ship’s rapid spinning just burns out and stops, gives a much better sense that the ship is disabled but not necessarily obliterated.

The dynamic motion of the Orion ship as the Enterprise’s phasers try and fail to track its motion was particularly well done, I thought. Really made me think, “Damn, that thing is hard to hit.”

#24 CmdrR: Nope, it looks like the “Hanger Deck” sign is intact. There is quite a bit of empty black space on the sign after the word “Deck,” so maybe you’re noticing the shots where the words are covered but the end of the sign is showing.

30. Cranston - February 4, 2007

#26 kf — Good catch on the shuttle pilot’s head. It’ll be really nice to see this in HD on a big screen some day….

31. Chunkay - February 4, 2007

This is the best work thus far on TOS remastered. The phaser shots are brilliant – this is the first time that the new effects haven’t been distracting.

32. Al - February 4, 2007

Why oh why does the CG Enterprise have windows in the engine pylons?

33. Robert Bernardo - February 4, 2007

Bravo to all the new FX! It’s really good to see the enhancements to one of my favorite episodes.

34. Mark Lynch - February 4, 2007

I think you will find that the original model had windows in the pylons but they were never illuminated…

35. Al - February 4, 2007

So why are they always illuminated now?

36. Doug - February 4, 2007

The Enterprise looks better and better to me each week. Nice work CBS-D. They are getting a better handle on the scale and mass lately. The movement is improving too.

My current list of improvements include:
-make the blinking lights on the saucer and on the shuttle bay much brighter. they are barey visible.
-The Enterprise could still be a bit brighter … pleeease, it’s sooo dark!
-Reflector dish is so dark you can’t see it sometimes. Get some color in there.

that’s it.

Can we petition CBS-D and Paramount to go back and tweak/finish the effects for DVD release. CBS-D seems to be finding their stride now, it’s a shame to have such inconsistent work in a DVD release.

I’ll tell you all… the way it is now, I won’t buy it. (i still think WNMHGB looked really bad)

Hey Anthony, how bout launching an e-mail letter writing campaign through your site? Get the time or additional personal to start going back through each episode, and tweak the stuff that needs improvement, plus finish the stuff they wanted to do, but couldn’t due to time constraints.


37. DaveM - February 4, 2007

I hate the local station in Grand Rapids…

At midnight… they started to rerun “For The World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky.” After the second commercial break, they jumped into “Journey to Babel.” At the third commercial break they started with “FTWIHAIHTTS,” and at a scene change went BACK to “JTB.” Can’t wait to see what happens at the 7 PM repeat tonight.

38. Kelvington - February 4, 2007

Overall not bad at all, and yes you can still see McCoy’s cigarette smoke while he’s operating on Sarek during the fire fight. My only slight quibble was when they shot the phasers while they were a drift, the ship was suppose to be dark, yet when they fire the ship is fully lit. I know it’s a terrible nit pick but still.

39. Al - February 4, 2007

Cigarette smoke?

40. Magic_Al - February 4, 2007

In the powered-down shot, it’s interesting how they turn off the nacelle “fans” but not the “christmas lights”. Maybe that part of the engine takes a while to cool down.

41. SteveinSF - February 4, 2007

I’ve watched Star Trek since it’s last season in 1969. I’ve noticed just about everything goof up with exception to this little tid-bit. When Kirk, et al were first in the lounge with the ambassadors ( when he tells them to wait for their arrival at Babel to cast their votes–and the “Teddy Bear” scene) if you look closely at the floor, you can see the maksing tape used to block where the actors needed to stand.

The CGI stuff is pretty cool–the Orion ship looked great when it was damaged. But the editing of this show from the original version is awful. They cut out so many cues, so many lines that add to the characters personalities as well as the “logical” pacing of the show. Some shots just don’t make sense. Although the fight with the Andorian was the same edit–out of no where they are fighting.
I hope they put the edited scenes back in for theDVD release.

42. J. Parker - February 4, 2007

Great work from CBS Digital, but the visual effects served a great story, with wonderful acting.

I agree that the cuts to the episode to make it fit the 40 minutes of time are troubling, and an incentive to purchase the DVD.

I hope J.J. Abrams & Co. view this episode.

43. Granger - February 4, 2007

#39: Yes, De Kelley had a cigarette burning and you can clearly see its smoke in several of the uncut operation scenes – when I was little I thought it meant his surgical equipment was shorting out. In the syndicated Remastered cut we were given, I only spotted the smoke once, after the attack was over.

I must say that CBS-Digital hit a home run on this one! This is one of the best episodes in story, acting, music – the works. The Remastered folks gave it due honor with striking enhancements that helped the story along each time. The vast improvements in Vulcan and the shuttlecraft & bay help sell the opening ceremony’s grandeur. And boy, those battle sequences were gorgeous, as other posters have noted. The threat of the Orion ship was greatly enhanced by the failed phaser tracking plus getting to see a real ship that can zip around space and not just watch spinning lights make linear passes. The successful phaser hit by the Big E was fully sold by the damaged Orion ship, and I was impressed by the thump on the soundtrack coming over my speakers when the Orion ship self-destructed. If that thump was there all along, I’m glad to finally have an amplifier and speakers to make me sit up and notice.

And as others have stated, few moments in TOS can match the heartache of Amanda’s confrontation with Spock, powerfully enhanced by Gerald Fried’s music. I loved this showing, and cannot wait to get the DVD/HD-DVD and see it uncut.

44. neal - February 4, 2007

#14, 18 — jump-cut to fight in progress
the fast cut from sickbay to kirk’s fight was in the original, but the syndication version deleted a few seconds of sick bay scene before the cut, making the transition seem awkward and out of place. in the original, the music meandered for a few extra seconds with some further dialog, and then there was a sharp “surprise” as we see what kirk’s gotten into. the music underscored the transition PERFECTLY! in the the syndication version, we get the entire fight scene intact, but without the music synching up perfectly, the transition feels awkward. chalk this into the “it’ll be better on dvd” column.

45. Stanky McFibberich - February 4, 2007

re: 35. Al – February 4, 2007

So why are they always illuminated now?

The lights are on…but nobody’s home.

46. Stanky McFibberich - February 4, 2007

22. [edited]

I thought criticism of other websites was a no-no here.

47. Al - February 4, 2007

Ah. I thought the smoke was diathermy or something like that.

48. Al - February 4, 2007

Oh, and I hate to ask this, but in the scene of the E firing phasers and not getting a lock, where’s the turbolift tube offset?

49. Greg Stamper - February 4, 2007

#41. SteveinSF
Caught the “Masking Tape” as well.

50. FlyingTigress - February 4, 2007

One thing I don’t recall having noticed before, but, that could simply be due to the effects of [my] creeping up on 50 years old…

…What the heck is McCoy doing with the Tantalus Field control system, in its little bulkhead niche, in sickbay? I guess that’s one way of dealing with the cadaver after the latest red-shirt’s post-mortum….

Or, in the non-Mirror universe, is it the just receiver for his 7.1 sound system?

51. Picardsucks - February 4, 2007

Again everything was just fantastic. Gorgeous new shots of E. Shuttle sequence gave me chills. Please more of those kind of brand new shots. But this week I officially became tired of the stock phaser and torp fire shots. Especially the phaser fire. To me it does not look like the new model but rather the lame first one from Balance of Terror tweeked to blend in. It does not. In fact the season 3 original phaser fire above looks so beautiful might as well just use it. Lets see the phasers fired from different angles. It;s CGI theres no reason to overly rely on stock footage. Other than that complaint I think it was damnnear perfect. Especially the scene where Kirk chews out Uhura for having her head up her ass. Great stuff. Isn’t trekweb kind of an anti Original, pro-spinoff site?? I always got that impression.

52. CmdrR - February 4, 2007

Granted, I could have blinked and missed it, but there are two jump cuts in this episode. I checked There’s supposed to be a cutaway flyby between Sarek and Gav’s confrontation and dead Gav. On this play (and it’s probably those patholical cutters in syndication) it’s a cut between live Gav and upside down dead moleman Gav.

The other is the sudden into of Kirk and Thelev ballet boxing. This latter is from the original. I think it was a 60s thing to just jump right into the action.

(couldn’t spot any of McCoy using Sarek complex cardio-vascular structure as an ashtray, but I remember as a kid thinking he was using a mini phaser scalpel and zapping his way through the operation.)

53. CmdrR - February 4, 2007

pathological — jeez, they even cut out a syllable

54. Magic_Al - February 4, 2007

^48. Because the turbolift looks better centered on the model, and not centered on the set. The “mistake” is actually on the set, but it’s intentional because following the design of the ship would have led to awkward camera setups. If you think of the bridge as a pie, if they simply swapped the slice with Uhura’s station and the slice with the doors, the turbolift would be centered in the back and aligned with the opening in the railing behind Kirk’s chair. Obviously that was the original idea and it got tweaked when they thought about filming on it.

55. Greg Stamper - February 4, 2007

#50 FlyingTigress,
“One thing I don’t recall having noticed before, …
…What the heck is McCoy doing with the Tantalus Field control system, in its little bulkhead niche, in sickbay? I guess that’s one way of dealing with the cadaver after the latest red-shirt’s post-mortum….
Or, in the non-Mirror universe, is it the just receiver for his 7.1 sound system?”

Works for me – Dr. McCoy in “Nip Tuck” — gotta have the sound system.

56. Dom - February 4, 2007

Stanky (46)

I don’t think Anthony wrote those remarks on post 22. Anthony’s posts have a hyperlink on them usually and that one doesn’t!

It’s purely designed to get a few ignorant people steamed up on Trekweb (and has succeeded by all accounts!)

57. Gary - February 4, 2007

I’m sorry, but the syndication cuts are necessary. Character personalities are not as important as diet pills, “free” credit reports, chat lines, new “career” training, male “enhancement” pills, dial-up internet access and promos for other shows you’ll never watch.

I understand now why advertisers are interested in people under 30. I’m almost 40 and I can’t remember the last advertisement for a product that remotely interested me.

By the way, here’s a tip: I can assure there are no hot women on those chat lines waiting to talk to you.

58. ZtoA - February 4, 2007

Great job CBS-D. Despite the ruthless syndication editing, the show looked great. Can’t wait to download the uncut version from I-tunes. In case no one here has done so, a few of the remastered episodes are available on I-tunes. I downloaded arena and the picture details are fantastic… there’s one shot with the gorn where you can see hairs coming out of its nose.

T-minus 140 hours till Doomsday!

59. Granger - February 4, 2007

#57: We too get bombarded by the same cheapo ads here in the Tulsa area. In part it is a late-night UHF-station syndrome for us. But perhaps we should be grateful – we’ll know we Trek fans are getting old when all of the ads are for laxatives and Depends!

60. Holo J - February 4, 2007

Post 36 Doug

Hey Doug, I know I am beginning to sound like a broken record but I would Just like to know why CBS digital have to rush it out on to DVD too? I’d like to write an email to whoever has made this decision too but I some how doubt they will change their minds on this.

I really don’t understand why it has too be rushed out after all this time of waiting for something like this to happen to the original series. I guess it because they don’t want to spend more money on it employing more artists to work on this. I really hope they do surprise us with some more stuff when it does come out on DVD but again I don’t hope put much hope. The bridge view screens are crying out to have the odd one or two animated etc…

Matt and Joe thanks for the pictures and video this work looks the best yet. The shuttle bay scene looks fantastic; it’s a shame they had to cut the approach. I also love the Orion ship falling apart and the new explosion. All in all this weeks video is great stuff!

61. Nelson - February 4, 2007

I have a new theory about why the broadcast of the show looks so dark that I had commented on in the past.

I don’t watch much CW, only Star Trek. Before JTB aired last night, I tuned in early and saw the end of CSI: Miami and it was terribly dark too. I wonder if there is some kind of overall settings that are used to broadcast syndicated programing. I did happen to catch an episode of that Nerd and beauty show and it looked very bright and normal.

So I figure when Star Trek Remastered is released on DVD, the brightness level will be normalized. And I’m positive that all the horrible syndication cuts will not be there. They’ve always released Star Trek in past incarnations, video, laserdisc and DVD uncut.

Oh yeah, regarding the smoke coming from McCoy’s operating thing, I always thought that was just for effect. Is the suggestion that it’s really a cigarette that Kelley was smoking a true goof?

62. CmdrR - February 4, 2007

55 – yeah, spotted the leftover set piece, too.

63. Nelson - February 4, 2007

re: post #60- Rush to release DVD’s.

If you look back to the past 6 or so years, back to 1999, when the first 2 episode discs DVD’s came out, and starting a few years laters when Star Trek TNG came out as season sets, a new Star Trek release was always coming out yearly uptill last year with the last DVD release, Star Trek TAS. Perhaps they want to keep the revenue stream uninterupted, another Star Trek DVD release for the year 2007. And in time for the Holidays, but I don’t see it as an evil attempt to get more money fromt he fans. It’s an example to me of the nature of our technological changes. From stardard DVD to now High Definition.

64. Anthony Pascale - February 4, 2007

yes as astute readers noted, the fake Anthony Pascale and anti other website comments were not kosher and were removed. I suspect it is a person banned from both sites trying to stir up trouble…no more need to talk about it.

have added the video above in youtube (may take a few minutes) and wmv.

also I just read on memory alpha that Manny Coto gave the gold skinned little aliens a name ‘ Ithenites’ and wanted to put them in Enterprise but it got cut.

anyway excellent work Matt and thanks Joe for the vid

seems like CBS-D stepped up to the plate on this one

– The REAL Anthony Pascale

65. Thomas Jensen - February 4, 2007

Very enjoyable effects all around. Loved seeing the shuttle touch down on the rear pad and very slightly rock side to side as the front end made contact. Lots to like on this one.

66. Stanky McFibberich - February 4, 2007

Thanks for clearing that up #64.

Just finished watching the episode. I had not watched it for awhile and seeing it again reminded me just how great it was. Was fun to see the new effects.
I have nothing against them making money and releasing the HD hybrid discs whenever they want, but if I am to buy them, I will make sure of their value before doing so. I’m sure many feel this way, so in that regard, I wish they would wait to release them so that the best product for the money is produced.
The main thing I would like to see with the discs is extras and lots of them. Lack of extras on a DVD is often a dealbreaker for me.

67. ety3 - February 4, 2007

#55 & 62 —

In the same scene, you can see some “Botany Bay” sleep units through a doorway over Nurse Chapel’s shoulder.

68. Shay - February 4, 2007

hi great cgi overall for this episode!

my one qualm was a certain “softness” to the new cgi effect mixed in with the sharper footage of the actual episode, what gives with that?

im not nit picking,

just curious why the footages do not match there.

69. DEMODE - February 4, 2007

I am really impressed with the effects from this episode. As for buying the DVD’s when they come out, in all honesty, I think I’m going to pass on that if some of the things missed on the televised episodes are not fixed. (Mitchell’s screens as an example.)

What is the point in buying something that is just half done?

70. DEMODE - February 4, 2007

Oh.. very, very small nit pick, but when the shuttle lands, you see a red square and yellow circle on the landing pad. But when you see the ambassador and crew in the live shot leaving the shuttle, the square and circle are gone (only a grey circle is showing.) Is that just me, or are my eyes playing tricks on me?

71. Shay - February 4, 2007

Hey the opening effects were the shots with the shuttlecraft was what I was referring to in the “softness” looked compared to the actual “film”, which was pin point sharp when they went to open the Shuttle Hanger deck..with the life size shuttle prop and set and people.

and no Demode, your eyes are NOT playing tricks on you…I notied that glitch in continuity as well…cheers though to an over all great remaster…cant wait to see it complete on HD-DVD (or Blue Ray , whichever HD format eventually wins out!)!

72. Ralph - February 4, 2007

This to me this was a informative episode. We learn about Spock. This expands the horizon for his character. We now know about his half Vulcan and half human sides. We see the conflict of two cultures and his obvious choice. But the thing is, we learn how Mr Spock works. And why.
If we look at the history of Vulcan we can see they achieved space travel and warp capabilities by 320 AD. Nearly two thousand years later, the Vulcan stumble onto Earth because of a warp signature.
Why did the Vulcan’s with their advance technologies, arrogance and paranoia allow a relationship with the humans. Did they see a race who approached space and life differently than their logic? The humans are lead by faith and risk. Even after defeat, the humans proceed. Why are they different? Why do the Vulcan’s accept these irrational and emotional beings into their fold?
I think Star Trek XI can show the human drive and their faith to achieve and to learn their surroundings, which allows the Vulcan’s to respect and admire the Human drive to expand into space. Because eventually the humans in three hundred years advance to unite the planets and to bring technologies and culture to a all time high. The Spirit of Man (and women) kind..
Now for something different.

73. John N - February 4, 2007

I just skimmed the comments, so forgive me if this has been addressed…

In the FX reel, I didn’t see the shot of the shuttlecraft approaching the Enterprise that we saw in the preview. Was this shot in the episode?

74. Stanky McFibberich - February 4, 2007

re: 70. DEMODE – February 4, 2007 “…when the shuttle lands, you see a red square and yellow circle on the landing pad. But when you see the ambassador and crew in the live shot leaving the shuttle, the square and circle are gone…”

The square and circle are there, but the reflection off the bald head of unseen guest star, Telly Savalas, up above behind the observation windows, makes it hard to see.

75. Kelvington - February 4, 2007

The Smoke –

76. FlyingTigress - February 4, 2007


McCoy salvaged the Botany Bay’s suspended animation units to store 300 year old Saurian brandy. Figured “Hey! It locked in the freshness of Kahn and his fellow supermen, and they’re from a “couple of hundred years” ago, so maybe….” LOL

Serious, now. The local broadcast dropped out the external rear 3/4 view of the shuttle approach, but, the overall shot that wasn’t cut looked really nice. The subtle ‘flare-out’ as the shuttle dropped to the deck was a nice touch. The other winning shot, IMHO, was the visual of the main phasers attempting tracking the Orion raider/suicide craft on its starboard aft-to-port run.

Lots of good (R)-shots in this one. FWIW, if the budget and time available means that a few fan-favorites (DDM, JTB, TwT, etc) get a little more, and some of the others get a ‘little less’ tweaking, then that is fine with me.

77. Jon - February 4, 2007

I’d like to see a level of detail never before seen on the far we ve not seen any real close-ups that reveal the ship’s detail and mass.It would be kinda cool to see such things as directional thrusters ,pitting,surface texture etc.Things that in the past could not be shown in a 8 ft. model.I’d like to see a continuous close-up to a window(for example).I hope CBS’s FX group will consider it.

78. CmdrR. - February 4, 2007

Real Anthony doesn’t have the goatee, right? Hope you used your agonizer on the evil Anthony.

79. Greg Stamper - February 4, 2007

#78 — That is priceless!

80. Holo J - February 4, 2007

63. Nelson

Well if they want to bring out something of Star Trek in HD why not just release the movies and hold fire on this project. That makes more sense to me seeing as they are ready to go and that wouldnt need any or much work to do.

I still say they should take their time on this and invest some more money and extra staff to make it all it the best it can be before its released on DVD

81. DEMODE - February 4, 2007

#74…. Ha… ha.. ha.

By the way, I have the same “hairstyle” as Mr. Telly Savalas. I take offense to that remark…

lol…. :)

82. Ralph - February 4, 2007

#75. Kelvington, that was a fart.

83. Greg - February 4, 2007

Great work CBS Digital team. Thanks.

# 50

The device is handy for future malpractice litigation and nit-pickers. ;)

84. Xai - February 4, 2007

I’ve nothing to compare yet, but does the “new” Vulcan here compare to the Vulcan shown in ST: Enterprise?

85. Kinooruen - February 4, 2007

Reading that interview with the team got me (over)thinking about the question
>Will the Enterprise ever fire red phasers?

Just to toss a log on the speculative fires, how about… blue phasers for space targets; red for planetary targets. Since atmospheric gases (at least Class-M atmospheres) scatter blue wavelengths more than red wavelengths (think red sunsets!). So, a red phaser should be scattered less by atmosphere and hence should deliver energy to target more efficiently.

Ahhh, fannish rationalization…

86. Matt Wright - February 4, 2007

#84 I’d say pretty similar, but not identical
Anyone else think that ENT shot is way too inspired by Star Wars? That looks a lot like the Millenium Falcon escaping from Tatooine. Enterprise is even at an angle to look flat and rounded like the Falcon.

87. Scott V. - February 4, 2007

I rather keep the f/x consistent as much as possible though the run so far as they have done. I thoroughly enjoyed most of Journey to Babel. One of my favorite second season episodes. The Shuttle landing I feel was probably one of the best shots in the episode. I liked it for the fact it didn’t look like a smooth landing completely added to it.. the Shuttlecraft bay had some depth too it. Its better to see once the full animation is realized as the stills become available.

This is just something minor but I’m in the minoirty here it was with the Firing phaser trailing shot…I just didn’t like it as much as the other shots. Its something minor.

Usually here in the Chicago Area we get Trek Remastered here at 6pm on Saturday. Last week repeats are on at Noon on Sundays. Good thing I checked the digital cable TV guide and it was listed at 4 instead of 6 or I would have watched local sports.

I’m surprised that their was not a preview for the “Doomsday Machine” They usually run them real quickly..

88. Kevin - February 4, 2007

Ha Ha… that was a cigarette? I always thought that it was smoke put there on purpose from some kind of laser scalpel. It’s funny b/c I always thought that was a terrific touch. Oh well, it still works for me.

89. New Horizon - February 4, 2007

Now this episode was back to form for CBS D. Overall, I thought it was damn good…my only gripe is that the ship is so dark. The big E deserves a bit better than that…and could truly use some more color. It has been said many times, the deflector dish could really use an extra dash of copper, artistic interpretation is one thing, but the dish has always been copper. Perhaps it’s just the way they light the ship, I don’t know…but it shouldn’t take much to correct it.

That being said. Very nice job. :) I prefer Daren’s approach, but for a more ‘modern’ approach…this is great work.

90. Al - February 4, 2007

Not a cigarette. Meant to be some sort of medical device. Too obvious – and besides, actors aren’t allowed to have a but alight during a scene.

91. Rick - February 4, 2007

Great episode! It seems Spock really kept his family information private from even his best friends seeing they did not know anything about his family or that a major figure like Sarek was his father!;) Funny seeing some of these great episodes years later things like that pop out. It does add an interesting character trait to Spock though. The casting for his parents was great and on the mark. The scenes with his parents some with Kirk/Mc Coy and some without were great. Those scenes really gave this little scifi show a bit more depth, than just being a pulp scifi show.

The emotional battle Spock has with his mother in his quarters was heartbreaking and the way he touched the door in the end of that scene. Great stuff. I also love the final scene with Mc Coy. It shows why a show made over 40 years ago still has staying power.

As for the effects great stuff!! Love the entrance of the shuttle, the ship shots, the battle. So cool to see all this new stuff in this still great shows!
I do want them to take with the final releases of the DVDs. Of course this is reality and the ones in charge often make less than ideal decisions in this regard. Oh yes the smoke during the operation really popped out to me with all this talk about it. Of course there were laser tools in use on the flesh of a being. I know that is twisted, but hey would Mc Coy smoke like that interesting Dr. on Galactica? ;) Rickout

92. Skippy 2k - February 4, 2007

I took a stab at adding a glow to the impulse engines, allthough I cut it short since I goofed a little when the ship turns off. They increase power abit which was to lead into the turn. Just been trying different things…

I need to watch this ep again, its been so long since I have seen most of the original episodes. From reading the articles it seems like i’m missing pieces, maybe from the syndication cuts. Have been keeping up with watching the new fx but don’t really sit down in front of the computer to watch, besides it seems like they chop them up pretty good. I have all the DVD’s though so I need to continue thru my watching, plan was to go thru trek chronologicly. Made it thru Enterprise but then with the re-mastered I kinda held off… about time to start back up.

93. CmdrR. - February 4, 2007

Skippy… still can’t make out the text on this player. Wouldn’t it be great if Mitchell were reading Playboy? So 60s.

94. diabolik - February 4, 2007

I always took the smoke to me from laser scapel incisions done during the operation. Or some dry ice effects for the cyrogenic overlay.

Speaking of continuity gaffes… anyone else notice the bad one when Gav is in the background as Sarek takes his heart meds? Gav is sitting with his drink in his left hand… er, hoof…. and when he’s shown in close-up, it’s in his right… then back to left for the bg shot.

95. Skippy 2k - February 4, 2007

He is reading playboy….he just gets it for the articles. :) Yeah CmdrR, that would be funny, right now its just random text documents since I was more into testing that typing. I thought I would do a better one maybe with a picture, just trying different things out.

96. Greg Stamper - February 4, 2007

No doubt time was a factor and redoing hand phasers are not suppose to be a primary concern of the CBS Team [only if they get the chance they say].
But no one has really commented on the Phaser Stun in the Brig. Unchanged it appears to me – – even that strangely awful sound effect which to my knowledge would never be used again. I’m not complaining, just wondering how everyone felt about it being unaltered – –

97. Mark - February 4, 2007

#36 – You are right about the color. The Enterprise is white, not gray. The gray color makes it look more militaristic. Overall, I’m pleased with the effects, but they really need to make the Enterprise white.

98. Stanky McFibberich - February 4, 2007

re: 94. diabolik

“Gav is sitting with his drink in his left hand… er, hoof…. and when he’s shown in close-up, it’s in his right… then back to left for the bg shot.”

Astounding how the Tellarites developed a civilization without the opposable thumb.

One of my favorite things about this episode is Reggie Nalder as Shras. What a creepy guy with a cool accent. Perfect for that alien role. Have seen him in a couple other things and he is intantly recognizable even without the blue make-up.

99. T Negative - February 4, 2007

I was hoping they were going to change the “stun” shot of Thelev. Curious that they didn’t change it this time. When they changed it in “Wink of an Eye” I kind of expected a new “stun” effect here as well…… No such luck.

I am wondering why.

100. Cranston - February 4, 2007

#98 Stanky – Totally agree about Shras. His delivery of the line “*Those* are reasons for murder,” with that accent and with the very slight smile on his face is cooly creepy (or creepily cool?).

IIRC, he was also in “The Manchurian Candidate” (the original Sinatra version) in the brainwashing scene. Also creepy and disconcerting there.

101. steve - February 4, 2007

I hate to gripe about CBS’s work, because I’m really happy that the remastering is happening, but… ok, here goes…

Why do they keep tweaking the look of the Enterprise in almost every episode? For instance, where did that little black dot on the bottom of the lower dome of the primary hull suddenly come from? Gee, it’s distracting. And isn’t the front of the secondary hull near the sensor dish now quite a bit darker than the rest of the ship? It wasn’t that way in the earlier remastered episodes or in the originals. Am I the only one who’s bugged by this?

102. Greg Stamper - February 4, 2007

After the Super Bowl show, “Criminal Minds” the characters just played a Star Trek game in the early teaser. Referring to the episode “Return to Tomorrow” – – Sargon and the Dr. McCoy quote “I will not pedel flesh”.
This is on CBS will we expect to see more Trek references from the network as time goes on?

103. JB - February 4, 2007

Overall great work this week from CBS-D, although as nifty as the shuttlebay looked, the difference in lighting as they cut from the CGI shuttlebay to the live action set was a bit jarring, since the set is so much brighter. Maybe they turned up the lights when they pressurized the bay.

104. Commodore Z - February 4, 2007

That little black dot on the bottom of the lower sensor dome has been there from the very beginning.

105. TomBot2007 - February 5, 2007

yeah, that black dot on the bottom of the sensor dome has been there all along, and yet it bugs me for some reason.

Great episode, not much to bitch about in my opinion, so I won’t! :-)

106. diabolik - February 5, 2007

I can understand their reluctance to add a glow to the impulse engines very often… we never saw them lit in any of the original effects shots on the show. That didn’t begin until ST:TMP. Making them lit now when in use is adding an element that was never there before and they probably don’t want to overdo it.

107. diabolik - February 5, 2007

And while watching the show last night from my DVD recording of it, I heard Spock mention a cyrogenic procedure, so I’m pretty sure the smoke we see during the operation is intended to represent cold vapor coming from the cyrogenic unit over Sarek.

108. Dr. Image - February 5, 2007

#107- I agree.
#85- Yes. It seems that when the Enterprise fires on a planet (or at a downward angle) the beams are red. Now, given that, what color will the DDM phasers be? Those red beams are pretty much etched into the mythology of that episode.

AND- Did anyone notice that the title sequence used the “old” digital Enterprise? What’s up with that?

109. ety3 - February 5, 2007

#108 & #85 —

I seem to recall the Enterprise firing blue phasers at a planet in “The Alternative Factor,” and, if you’ll recall, it was a very unique camera angle:

110. Lao3D - February 5, 2007

Well CBS-Digital did a fine job this week, as usual. I really liked the Orion ship, which was a huge improvement. I was less thrilled with the shuttle bay stuff, not because of any technical deficiency, but I just really liked the aesthetics of the original shot. Yes it was clearly a model, but a cool one, and the symmetrical compostition gave it kind of a poor man’s 2001 vibe. Wish they had stuck with that and just added some better textures and lighting. But a nice job overall.

111. Jim J - February 5, 2007

Frankly, I was thrilled with this episode. Two downers (not CBS Digital’s fault): the CUT of the shuttlecraft approach to the Enterprise, and, the rest of the butchering this episode took for syndication. Too much good material in this one to cut anything.

Otherwise, fantastico!!!!! Bring on Doomsday (squared). ;-)

112. Michael Hall - February 5, 2007

#110–agreed on the pity of losing the symmetry of the original shot. CBS’s composition was pretty cool in its own right, and the new angles were really necessary to see the dignitaries assembled to watch the landing, but I hope they go back to something like the original camera POV when they remaster the first episode to feature the shuttlebay, “The Galileo 7.”

113. Dr. Image - February 5, 2007

#109- Ah yes. I stand corrected.
Notice the lights/windows above and below the hangar bay.
Why doesn’t CBS notice these? Frustrating mysteries…

114. dan_star_trek man - February 5, 2007

Overall I look forward to the Remastered FX in anticipation but like everyone else love and respect the orgininals.

Phasers don’t look “hot” and dangerous like in the original. The look like streams of water.

115. Matt Wright - February 6, 2007 just put up a shot of the shuttle approach which was cut for syndication as you all noticed. But CBS-D really did recreate it in CGI:×304.jpg

116. Lord Edzo - February 7, 2007

I loved the new VFX shot of the Enterprise’s phasers tracking the darting Orion ship. Great stuff. Great idea. The new shuttle landing, Hangar Deck, VIPs crowding the observation ports … all terrific, terrific stuff. Great job, guys!

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