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“The Doomsday Machine” Screenshots and Video February 10, 2007

by Matt Wright , Filed under: TOS Remastered,TOS-R Screenshots/Video , trackback

A fan favorite and perhaps the most space effects heavy episode in the run of TOS gets a shiny new CGI treatment.



New and Old

The chunks of dead planets

Approaching the Constellation

Passing infront of the viewscreen

The Constellaion

Over the saucer shot

The damaged Constellation in full view
Getting closer
On the viewscreen
Close up of the damage
Towing the Constellation
Sulu’s reaction shot to the planet killer
The Planet Killer follows the Enterprise
The Enterprise with Constellation in tractor trying to stay head of the planet killer
The planet killer comes to bear
The planet killer fires on the Enterprise
The Enterprise looses the tractor on the Constellation
The Constellation adrift
The planet killer fires again
Facing down the planet killer
The Enterprise from the Constellation viewscreen
Firing on the planet killer
Close up of firing on the planet killer
The planet killer retaliates
The Enterprise is caught in the planet killer’s tractor
The view from the Constellation
The Constellation tries to distract the planet killer
The Enterpise is freed from the tractor
Decker steals the shuttle part 1
Decker steals the shuttle part 2
Decker heads for the planet killer
The view from inside shuttlecraft
The shuttle is swallowed up
The Constellation aims down the planet killers throat
The Constellation is engulfed by the energy of the planet killer
The planet killer sputters
The planet killer sputters and explodes
The planet killer rendered harmless
The dead doomsday device on the viewscreen
Walking past the viewscreen of the dead planet killer

Assorted Shots

"right out of hell, I saw it!"

Decker assumes command

The Enterprise skims along the surface of the planet killer

Scotty warns the captain about pushing the Costellation

Kirk gets a bit nervous as the detonator counts down


1. Granger - February 10, 2007

Oh my lord! CBS Digital hit this one right out of the park! I loved every minute of it. Spock’s initial description of the Constellation’s status doesn’t seem a good match to its devastated appearance, but I’m not going to complain since the extensive damage sells the rest of the show so well.

And the Machine did have some lovely coloration and details, and I did see something special in its maw like Okuda promised. Fantastic work!

2. Commodore Z - February 10, 2007

Just wonderful. Well worth the wait! Everyone at CBS Digital must have been working late on this one!

3. hitch1969© - February 10, 2007

Holy EFFING Cow™!!!

Where to start??

If this episode is the Litmus Test® for trek remastered… then color it ALL sucksexxFULL©. WOW. just wow.

WOW WOW WOW. awesome

mac-mercedes of mac in the pants on an effing ipod in mp4!!!!



4. SolFlyer - February 10, 2007

Wow! So many pics. I don’t have to watch the episode now. (J.K.)

I look forward to seeing it tomorrow whenit airs here. Great job guys(CBS-Digital)

5. Gary - February 10, 2007

I just watched this ep. The new effects really help and to me, they look great.

Unfortunately, my experience was marred by such great character moments as “Vulcans never bluff.” “No, I suppose they don’t.” excised for penis-enhancement commercials.

Gotta love it!

6. Joe Coatar - February 10, 2007

youtube keeps dicking with my clip


7. Grover Sald - February 10, 2007

Me first?

8. Lexington - February 10, 2007

I laughed at the caption “Sulu’s reaction shot…”

Trek used that Sulu shot so many times, changing only the viewscreen view, that whenever another episode would use it, my sister and I would yell “HEY SULU!” and he’d turn around and look. Because we knew he would.

9. hitch1969© - February 10, 2007

Holy crap, they did this episode WELL.

I haven’t seen it in years…. for some reason, I was watching the TNG episode “Parallels” on G4 with the kid today. I got to thinking about how well THAT stood up to the test of time.

WIth this episode, CBS-D has PROVEN that it doesn’t matter if ANY episode was filmed in the 60s, 80s, 90s… Trek is effing timeless.

You could watch this episode filmed in 1960 what-the-effing-ever and it looks like they shot it yesterday!!!!

talk about making Trek relevant again!

I cannot underscore that enough. Just WOW.

Gonna burn dvd copies for all my pimps in Compton!!!

G’s up HOs down!!


10. Matt Wright - February 10, 2007

The Trekmovie.com logo version of Joe’s clip should be up shortly… it is being “processed” by the YouTube engine as we speak. Hopefully it doesn’t have the wierness.

11. tronnei - February 10, 2007

Watched the original with my 8-year-old two nights ago; he was disgusted with the fakey animated phaser blasts. Watched the remastered episode tonight: “This is way cooler!”

Dad thinks so too.

12. Matt Wright - February 10, 2007

#5 — Amen to that! My broadcast is filled with Relacore commercials.

13. marco - February 10, 2007

WOW! CBS-Digital went all out on this one. This is the best work yet!

This ep. went beyond all my expations.

I’m overly imprest.

14. Kevin - February 10, 2007

I just saw it. I’m gonna have to say that it was done very well. This has got to be the best CGI work CBSD has done. The detail of the wrecked Constellation was superb. The new shots showing the different vectors of the starships vs. the planet killer were great. The shuttle taking off from the shuttlebay then veering towards the DDM was perfectly done. There were some shots of the Enterprise that looked actually movie quality. I was very impressed.

The gripes, very few. The phasers did look a little off, though I can’t pinpoint why. I would have liked to see what the anti-proton weapon looked like hitting the ship. The redressed Enterprise sets made to look wrecked always struck me as a bit cheesy but there’s not much that can be done about that. That’s it.

Terrific job CBSD! Keep up the good work.

P.S. the opening theme music sounded great.

15. chris - February 10, 2007

Exceptionally nice work that really honored this classic episode.

16. hitch1969© - February 10, 2007

Goddammit, this was just SO effing wonderful… I am just at a loss for words. SO good.

How about the debris hitting the Constellation?

The shuttlecraft?

OMG, this was just PERFECT!!!

CBS-D, may you lay down with many many many disease-free promiscous woman that choose exclusivity to your gender while cooking in the kitchen with the importance of Jesus H. Christ’s last supper.



17. Davy M - February 10, 2007

Damn! They cut “Vulcans never bluff?!?!?!”

oh well, it’s on here in 34 minutes!


18. Awdraper - February 10, 2007

Damn…45 minutes til showtime in Atlanta…can I stand the strain!

19. Anthony Pascale - February 10, 2007

how cool to come home and find this up on the site….thanks a lot Matt. And I should have joe’s clip youtubed and embedded shortly

I wish I could avoid spoiling myself until it airs here in LA at midnight Sunday…but I cant

well done

20. Paul - February 10, 2007

CBS Digital! You guys did a great job! The new angles are kick a- – , and the effects are right on.

The E looks like it ought to, and I now know that, with extra time given to your team, you CAN do proper lighting.

Again, awesome job on the new angles and shots. It’s almost like watching an entirely new episode. The DVD ought to be awesome w/o all the edits.

Thanks guys.

21. Rick - February 10, 2007

I just finished watching it. Oh. My. GOD! Incredible! The effects were awsome! I noticed, what I think maybe a phaser bank at the rear of the ship nbear the shuttle bay. It looks like a whitehead!lol. The scene of the E as it escapes the tractor beam and the light hits it as it turns to port is great! And I reallt noticed how Kirk’s wrap around really popped with the green! Is it me or have the lights that circle the ceiling of the bridge always been different colors? Doesn’t matter. I loved everything about it! Keep it up! Trek lives! Again!

22. Josh T. ( The undiscovered wrath of SPOCK voyage the motion picture) Kirk esquire' - February 10, 2007

This was just absolutely splendid and awe-inspiring.

Note for posterity: The photos released prior to the airing of these episodes absolutely positively do NOT do the actual episode justice, and in any future speculation about “dodgy” effects work, that HAS to be taken into consideration.

That’s twice now people based opinions on the quality of the work on shitty screen grabs viewed on their computer, this episode, and the Fesarius. Both of which overwhelmingly exceeded expectation and initial perception.

CBS you guys own the playing field fellas, Star Trek LIVES

23. Awdraper - February 10, 2007

Time to get a diet coke and a comfy chair…minutes to go…

and I have had that classic “Duh-dum, duh-dum, duh-dum duh-dum” soundtrack in my head all day…

24. hitch1969© - February 10, 2007

Let’s not get down (pun intended)) on peeeeenile enhancement or e-rectile dysfunction commercials. This is a very serious malady that affects many many many men.

WIll my post be censored by the filters? Lettuce see. But anyways, that’s important stuff SO who cares.

Sometimes we need to sacrifice some Spock to talk about the issues that affect men. Oh yes. So we’re not allowed to talk about men’s health issues but all the time about menstrual cramping and the vagina monologues and all that.

What about the our tallywacker dialogues? I had performance anxiety and all that?????

The truth is that men aren’t allowed to tell. We’re expected to perform when its needed (such as the need for a check or child support) yet we are all pervs for our instinctual need to procreate the human race.

The fact of the matter is that we are all slaves to the poontana, and chicks, depite their lesser intelligence, are our masters. Have you ever seen a woman President? I rest my case.

Yet chicks rule us. No better exemplifed in the Trek episode – “bringers of great pain and givers of GREAT pleasure”. Brain brain and brain! What is this brain? They never knew. They had to steal Spock’s.

What was the question again?


25. foobar - February 11, 2007

I had a Trekgasm when the E was attacking the DDM.

The whole episode just rocked. Rocked, I tell you!

26. Josh T. ( The undiscovered wrath of SPOCK voyage the motion picture) Kirk esquire' - February 11, 2007

Someone already mentioned it but this episode has a very ” The Motion Picture” vibe to it with the enhanced effects, several passes of the Enterprise reminded me greatly of the Enterprise approaching Vejur.

CBS Digital. We’re not worthy. We’re not worthy.

27. Davy M - February 11, 2007

I’m waiting until 20 minutes after it starts, then rewinding the DVR so I can skip through the commercials!


28. neal - February 11, 2007

mama mia!

my favorite: the feel of those curving trajectories, instead of all the ships arranged in a straight line. curving in for the attack, or ramming down its throat, or hardabout gimme some distance, these all had so much more depth and scale than in the original. awesome!

29. Martin Paternoster - February 11, 2007

CBS Digital nailed it. Bravo.

30. Jim J - February 11, 2007


31. Sean4000 - February 11, 2007

It might have taken a dozen or so episodes but, CBS did a fantastic job ! A+

32. hitch1969© - February 11, 2007

IF you haven’t seen this episode yet…

You’re going to be blownthefuckaway®. I absolutely guarantee that to the non-BILLievers™.

And it DID look almost like a movie. WOW.

Plus did anyone notice how skinny and fit that THE SHAT™ looked? But hey thats an early Elvis™ vs fat Vegas Elvis kinda debate and you KNOW that old h69 is gonna say that either version rules. DENNY CRANE!

I wonder what THE DOC™ has up his sleeve to trump CBS-D®?

I hope that you all realize just how wonderful we have this. It’s like, we’re the biggest dorkiest geeks in the basement, and without ordering out for Chinese, we have the hottest chicks in the world at our throne begging for and trying for the chance to be hotter and hotter without even asking for a dime of our ebay collectible stash.

think about it and get humble.



33. Chris - February 11, 2007

I’m sorry, I’m going to be in the minority here, but the hack-and-slash job done by the editors absolutely ruined this episode for me, new special effects notwithstanding. The best part of this episode for me (and this is my favorite TOS episode out of them all) was the interaction between the Enterprise crew and the obsessed, driven Decker. The edits of the showdown between Spock and Decker cheapened the entire matter of the struggle of command. I know that TV stations are more greedy for ad revenue than they were in the 60s, so okay, give the enhanced ST a 90-minute time slot like the Sci-Fi channel did, and show the whole damn thing! And about the new special effects, I thought they were done well in this episode, compaired to the sub-standard work done by CBS Digital in previous episodes, but still not even to the level of effects on ST: Voyager or Enterprise.

34. hitch1969© - February 11, 2007

I think that Josh® said it, but true… the preview pics did not advocate the excellence that we have witnessed.

I’m going to shut the F up now, because I really want to read another 200 mac in the pants boner growing kind of posts that this episode UNDOUBTEDLY is going to produce here. Dudes that haven’t even seen it yet… dudes that have seen it, but are slowing cleaning up the ejaculate in their hands that it inspired… this sort of thing.

My feelings were hurt here back in the day butt I need to come back because I am needed here. However, I shall not go JesterStar on BakerMedia radio on you all. Unlike with my 12 friends Budweiser, I know when to say when.

I hope that you all enjoyed DOOMSDAY MECH® remastered and continue to talk about this at Trekmovie.com. I will be reading from afar.



35. Sean4000 - February 11, 2007

Chris, you are not alone!

I agree, for the most part, this is not the A level endeavor i thought they should have done from the start. This episode was the best so far.

I’m Sean BTW.

36. hitch1969© - February 11, 2007

Chris, I have to come back and question your comments about Commodore Matt Decker’s “obssession”

or however that friggin word is spelled. ANYWAY…

Dude, lookit. IF the friggin architects DIDNT have obssession to build the World Trade Center, where did Osama Bin’s obssession come from to take them down? IF Roddenberry’s obssession for a Trek II III and IV story about time travel to save JFK didn’t happen, then why did JFK JRs obssession with flying at night over troubled waters lead him to death? And IF Rick Berman’s obssession with hating Kirk led to Shatner’s obssession with acting to die… dude, really….. is Matt Decker’s “obssession” all that abnormal in this world of obssession with relacore and veeeeagra? Its all about Rod Johnson dude.

think about this. dwell deeply.

then GET OFF on Doomsday Machine remastered. YOU KNOW that you love it.



37. dil - February 11, 2007

Great re-episode, love it. Still disappointed with edits. Spock relieving Decker of command-it’s not all there.

38. Commodore Z - February 11, 2007

I’m gonna download the uncut version from iTunes when it comes out. In the meantime, I think I’ll watch it again on TiVO!

39. foobar - February 11, 2007

Last time I felt like this, it was watching BOBW part 1.

40. hitch1969© - February 11, 2007

dil™, you’re blaming the edit on CBS-D®

NOT true.

BIG DAWG AP reported long ago that EVERY friggin episode is remastered IN FULL by CBS-d®

These reviews should not focus on what the affiliates are cutting.



41. Sho'Kahn - February 11, 2007

They took what I thought even 30 years ago was the worst special(?) effects episode, and made it kick ass!!!

42. Canonista the Cultist - February 11, 2007

um..I’m guessing Hitch enjoyed the remastered DDM…I think.

Anyway, this was a nice effort. A few things more I’d like to have seen, but overall very good. The phaser effect hitting the “neutronium” was quite obviously MUCH better than the previous 1960’s cartoonish one.

This is an ep that needed more than subtle enhancement. The action demanded a thorough updating, so I’m with CBS-D on this one.

43. Awdraper - February 11, 2007

The Atlanta airing is now over.

Now the results.

Still a Classic example (and my favorite) of Star Trek at it’s best, where the acting and story are shown to be more important than the (dated) effects. I remember this episode vividly from when I was young, watching it on my Grandparents Zenith color TV. I still remember the NBC peacock telling me I was watching something in “living color”. This spice up of effects now makes all 3 parts equal. (The music for this episode adds that last bit of spice to the sauce, making it, to me, a perfect episode!)

The new effects are top notch, with the ship models interior lighting still being a bit off. I will always like them a bit brighter. The edits for time caused a great distaction, but having been spoiled by VHS and now DVD complete episodes, with no commercials, this is common place today, and that goes for ALL of TV to DVD shows. The new DVD sets will be a joy to behold as we will see the COMPLETE episodes.

The refurbishing idea to do this has been around for years, and many fans have attempted versions of there own. This episode has been the test for many, and it is easy to see why. The effects of the time where limited, and the old AMT kit just does not stand up to TV and DVD of today. These new effect shots work well with the story, making the action fit better with what is being said by the cast. KUDOS!

NOTE: There is a reason that Trek lives on, and it is not just the ship and environments (even with these new additions). It is the cast and the magic they bring to the parts they play, as well as a good story line.

Guest actor Mr. Windom almost steals the show from Mr. Shatner. His story of what happened to his ship and crew still stands the test of time, some Forty plus years now…

BTW: Did everyone notice the nod to the original where the Constellation “wobbles” a bit as she goes to her death, almost like the old show’s AMT model kit did? I did crack a smile at this, as well as the small rock debris breaking apart of the Constellation hull. Somebody was really happy to have been able to add that!

Thank you CBS again for giving the old girl a refurbishment that adds and does not take away.


44. Spockariffic - February 11, 2007

WOW!! The battle makes sense – finally!! While Daren D. gets props for a faithful recreation of the original style, CBS-D has given me JUST the tool I need to hook my nephews!! This is going to blow them away and I cant wait to share it with them. New Trek fans, coming right up lol!! Okuda/Rossi – thank the Great Bird for sending you to us because this was WICKED COOL!!! YOU GUYS ROCK!! CBS-D I hope you get some time off, but not too much – Tholian Web, Immunity Syndrome and Enterprise Incident await among others lol!! WOW I am just blown away. Great to be a Trek fan!

45. hitch1969© - February 11, 2007

Canonista’s comments beg the argument.

“The phaser effect hitting the “neutronium” was quite obviously MUCH better than the previous 1960’s cartoonish one”

So let’s talk 1960’s cartoonish. You know, at the time, that was enough for all of us. At that time and given the budget, that was all they could do.

First of all, are you saying that we’ve all been duped somehow by either the 1960s or the original effects team in general?

Second of all… where was the mac in YOUR pants tonight in watching this? You say that “This is an ep that needed more than subtle enhancement”.

In this poopypants, I only hear RelaCOREdom®

You bet your tender honeycomb sphinctus that I enjoyed this episode remastered. “overall good”? Dude… you scored a bowling ball with legs that you picked up at closing time is “overall good”. Makes you feel better about being ME but my point is that we are talking TAKE HOME TO MOMMY marriage kinda material with this episode. Don’t put a bag over this chick’s head and call her a one night standoff. PLEASE.

GIrls go to college to get more knowledge and boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider.


46. Josh T. ( The undiscovered wrath of SPOCK voyage the motion picture) Kirk esquire' - February 11, 2007

“The Tholian Web” is going to be an outstanding episode to really showcase what CBS Digital is capable of as well.

I think stylistically it’s better that they got Doomsday out of the way first, though effects heavy, I have a sneaking suspicion the design and rendering in this episode is FAR more simplistic than say the Giant Amoeba and the “Zone of Darkness” of the “Immunity Syndrome.”

Likewise “The Ultimate Computer’ is fairly effects heavy additionally.

I think this episode bodes well for the overall approach of how CBS Digital will handle these more effects heavy episodes.

Does anyone know when we get our first upclose shot of a Klingon Battlecruiser?

I REALLY hope they get the color scheme down for this one. Purple, green, and grey, like a alien manta ray or shark.

The Klingon Battlecruiser has NEVER been done justice. I like Trials and Tribblations, as well as greg Jeins work, but that Battlecruiser sucked and in no way reflected the aethestic of the original series.

Since it’s known CBS Digital reads these forums,

guys: Klingon Battlecruiser – PURPLE secondary hull top side. Light GREY main boom, secondary hull underside, and warp nacelles MINT GREEN.

47. hitch1969© - February 11, 2007

dear Josh T. ( The undiscovered wrath of SPOCK voyage the motion picture) Kirk esquire’ ™

Hey man, maybe it’s just me………

All those names in your name, I think that you lose cred. I personally get lost on your name there

keep it simple, baybee, like maybe just Josh T®

works for me, and many HOs onya mate.



48. Russ - February 11, 2007

Is there any chance that you could add screenshots of Daren’s version here, just so we could easily see all 3 versions side by side?

49. Deckard - February 11, 2007

Most impressive

50. hitch1969© - February 11, 2007


We’re not going to foil THE DOC™ for chrissake. Maybe he’s large in the pants, maybe he’s small. DO you know what? It’s the way that you move the pencil, NOT the size.

Plus I’m not even sure if he’s done with his virgin yet.

uh huh uh huh. uh huh uh huh.

I said……………..


51. Michael - February 11, 2007

WOW! It took me 48 posts before I could “mac in MY pants” on this one. It was waaaayyyyy better then I could hope for and almost, almost, make me forget about the cut dialog – which is way not mac in the pants – sorry Hitch for the theft. It just seemed to be right for tonight :-)

52. Michael - February 11, 2007

But seriously folks… what a hoot!!! This one really was important to me that it not be screwed up and I KNOW that once put to disc the circle will be complete and all will be right in my universe. Too f’ing bad it will be a while before it hits the stands as only the 1st season release has been announced.

It would be really cool if the full length HD versions were made available for download now (not iTuned) as in ISO files ready for burning.

53. Michael - February 11, 2007

Hey CBS – why can’t I pull out my credit card now and get my own uncut copy of these???

My local station here adds salt in the wound and makes my mac in the pants drop limp with the station watermark all the way through it and the lower 1/4 of the screen messed on with the running teases for other shows I have big goose egg interest in.

54. DreamerOutThere - February 11, 2007

My one complaint. They didn’t make the Enterprise use their aft phaser while attacking the planet killer. In A Mirror Darkly established that Constitution Class ships had after phaser and I want see them use em in TOSR dammit!! Asides from that, holy s**t!! This was cool as hell!!

55. Al - February 11, 2007

Actually there are four versions

CBS Digital, Daren Doc, the orginal and this early 90s effort by Digital stream (bits of which I like best)

56. hitch1969© - February 11, 2007


57. Nelson - February 11, 2007

Everyone talked about how the CBS Digital team knocked this one out of the park. For most part, I think so too. The new choreography of the ship movements and angles were great. New renderings of the ships and DDM were great.

There were 3 areas that I felt looked a bit awkward and not at ILM level yet. The first was the motion of the Enterprise as it was being sucked into the DDM. I can see what they were getting at and I think the idea was great! But it looked a tad forced, or too fast, but I liked how it is tumbling as it goes in. The way the shuttle launched in the bay before the rear doors open and pitches around and out also looked a tad awkward and not quite smooth. Finally, when the DDM blows up, it’s amazing how similar it is to Daren Doc’s. Both were also awkward as it rolls over essentially.

The paneling on the Enterprise upper saucer section was really clear this time. Not sure I agree with their decision to alternate each one, in and out instead of actual panel lines.

Overall, definitely a polish to this episode! Agreed, the drama and dialogue between Spock and Decker was spoiled by the cuts. Amazing how many cuts they do. However, here in the SF Bay Area, I noticed a higher level of commercials this week from more major companies, instead of the lower end type with questionable products.

I cannot wait to see the entire show uncut on HD DVD, and I may also buy it from iTunes.

58. Josh T. ( The undiscovered wrath of SPOCK voyage the motion picture) Kirk esquire' - February 11, 2007


Hitch ole Boy, I’ll make a deal with you, I’ll “simplify” my user ID more to “your” apparent liking if and when you master the art of expressing thought patterns in coherent English incorporating all of the requisite and fundamental sentence structure, syntax, proper use of nouns, verbs, adjectives, appropriate parsing, as well as the contemporary lexicon, as instructed for roughly 12 years in our education system, not to mention relevant and healthy interaction with peers, support groups, parents, and co-workers as dictated by the necessity of REALITY.

That seems like a fair deal to me. Simplcity for maturity. An even trade. What say you Hitch ole boy?

59. hitch1969© - February 11, 2007

Nelson®, well thought out and thank you.

Josh T®, you wabbily wascal, you….

I’m sorry that you had only 12 years, I had roughly about 16 to 17. Maybe 18, 19 with the hackey sack and chasing tail, they say that you never stop learning! I don’t judge a man by what education that is parents could afford him anyway. I’m sure that that you don’t either.

Maturity? HA… I’m the ORIGINALgangster Peter Pan. Wordiness is my forte. The fact that I stumble you on “requisite and fundamental sentence structure, syntax, proper use of nouns, verbs, adjectives, appropriate parsing, as well as the contemporary lexicon” hardens me like doomsday mech remaster. SORRY, made you think. What is this, 8th grade Engish?

I dont give a flying anything what you call yourself on the internet. I just care what they call me. AND, if they call me BACK!



60. Al - February 11, 2007

Can we stay on target?

One small gripe – would rather like to have seen the E’s deflector screens actually deflecting some of the space rubble.

61. hitch1969© - February 11, 2007

Hey BIG AL® are you in full Bocephus™ mode yet or not??????


62. Jim - February 11, 2007

Something – in all the criticisms of the “cheesiness” of the original 60s episodes’ effects – that everyone seems to either be forgetting, or not realizing, is that when our gods were making these shows, and they were faced with taking more time/asking for more money/making the shot better, they more than likely decided, “Hey, most people are gonna be watching this once on a fuzzily intercerpted rabbit ear antenned black and white TV (for most of the country) – with no chance to pause, rewind or otherwise get a second look at this.” There was no thought given to repeated syndication viewings, I’m sure. And before anyone starts flaming me about color TV existed back then or color was the reason Star Trek was even on (to push RCA TVs), yeah I know. But most, back then, of the country still watched black and white TVs.

63. Jim - February 11, 2007

Sorry, forgot my point: give the old show makers a break.

64. Jeffrey S. Nelson - February 11, 2007

Great job all around. Only criticism: nacelles are lit up when the warp drive is said to be down on the Enterprise. And–hey–the nacelles are just as big as Daren Dochterman’s (one of the criticisms he received). I think CBS/Paramount’s rendering of the Doomsday Machine is more realistic than Daren’s, including the light beam. But not to disparage Daren, he did some great close up flyby shots of the Big E in his version, too. And I liked the light balls at the ends of the warp engines. And I liked his sparking nacelles from the damaged Constellation. It’s really not fair to compare one man against a team, regardless of how much time he had to tinker. But, yeah… CBS/Paramount really hit the ball out of the ball park on this one. Looking forward to seeing the Enterprise as a UFO in “Tomorrow is Yesterday.” But of the two CGI versions of the Enterprise, give me a brightly lit model from the original aired series anytime!!! More complex than Brown…much superior.

65. hitch1969© - February 11, 2007

Jim makes a good point.

He’s a traditionalist and there is something to be said for that. I think that maybe it’s already engraved in the dvd that I paid for on VHS back in the day, but he does make a good point.


66. Josh T. ( The undiscovered wrath of SPOCK voyage the motion picture) Kirk esquire' - February 11, 2007

I think all of the drive and fan energy that was arbitrarily devoted to the color of spinning nacelle dome caps for months should now be devoted and harnassed to the singular goal of insuring a proper representation and depiction of the equally iconic Klingon Battlecruiser for her Trek remastered debut.

I had to endure and suffer through post after post of commentary on how and why nacelle dome caps were off so, I think the least we can collectively do is the give the same attention and be just as vocal to the treasure that is the Jefferies designed Klingon ship.

light grey.

Do it CBS.

67. Jim - February 11, 2007

Something else. I know the vast majority of the Star Trek viewership (and the guys down at CBS-D) probably LOVES video games, but I really don’t like the banking and rolling CBS Digital has the “new” Enterprise doing. Star Trek is not Star Wars. The Enterprise is supposed to be an aircraft carrier in space, not a bi-plane in a dogfight. I know they’re just catering to what they think their audience is, but I would rather see the majesty of a grand, huge monster of a ship like the Enterprise slowly turn and rumble by rather than all these bank shots I’ve been seeing. I know, I know. They trying to make “boring old Star Trek” exciting to 20-somethings. It’s just… You know?

68. Josh T. ( The undiscovered wrath of SPOCK voyage the motion picture) Kirk esquire' - February 11, 2007

They are damned if they do and damned if they dont Jim.

69. planettom - February 11, 2007

Here in Atlanta, when it aired between 2 AM and 3 AM, right as the Planetkiller was destroyed, a test of the Emergency Broadcast System came on over the graphics. I thought it was going to announce that a Planetkiller had just been detected entering Earth orbit.

Are there any other episodes where we see two redshirts guarding the turbolift on the bridge?

70. Davy M - February 11, 2007

Jim, as much as I liked what I saw tonite and thought they did an awesome job, I hear ya. When they make these huge ships whiz around like that, they wind up subjectively looking much smaller than they are supposed to be.

71. FishDS9 - February 11, 2007

69. planettom

Yeah, Mirror, Mirror comes to mind.

72. Stanky McFibberich - February 11, 2007

My enthusiasm has now been dampened because of the return of a certain individual posting what I consider to be unacceptable comments here again. Yes, I suppose I can choose to not read those posts if I wish, but that doesn’t really work. Very upsetting to see that stuff back. And I suppose I will be the one criticized for not being accepting of someone’s differences, but so be it. How anyone can defend that sort of stuff is beyond me, but I’ve seen it before. I know I am not a major contributor to any of this, but I did enjoy reading most of the comments. I don’t feel I can do that anymore for awhile.

73. Davy M - February 11, 2007

What the hell does
“mac in the pants” mean btw…?!?!
Mac like as in Macintosh? Like ipod? Big schlong?

74. JB - February 11, 2007

It looks like CBS-D really outdid themselves on this one. I look forward to seeing it on the big screen, although the editing for commercials is a huge annoyance. At any rate, my only wish is that there were greater consistency in CBS-D’s work – why can’t they all look this good? Actually, I have a second wish – Apple needs to make all the remastered eps available (uncut) on iTunes.

#67 – You make a good point, but I have to say I like seeing a different approach. Also, if CBS-D were striving for a more ‘realistic’ look, it would make sense to show the ship as being a bit more maneuverable. After all, it may be the size of an aircraft carrier, but it obviously isn’t designed to move like one. One of my favorite “this-doesn’t-quite-work” moments from Trek is in “Elaan of Troyius” when Kirk tells Sulu the game plan is to suddenly “pivot at warp 2″ on the Klingon ship; then, when he actually gives the order to go to warp, cut to the Big E doing a slow turn like your grandmother trying to parallel park her old Caddy.

It’s great to be able to see 2 versions side-by-side and observe the difference in styles. I wonder what approach they’ll take to STXI?

75. Axinar - February 11, 2007

Absolutely awesome … beautiful work … stayed up into the wee hours of the night here in Cincinnati to watch it.

Yes … some of the rolls were a little strange, but overall it was really tremendous work …

76. mrtew - February 11, 2007

In the shot from above in both of the new versions you can see the Utah shaped markings on the top of the E’s saucer near the impulse engines, but on the original there’s no sign of those markings. Please explain.

77. Aphelion - February 11, 2007

My take: Nyaah. Adequate but nowhere near as cool as Dochterman’s stuff, which had me salivating. The CBS-Digital output has a kind of clinical dullness to it. Other criticisms: The asteroids looked like half-rendered fortune cookies. The asteroid hitting the hull of the Constellation is ridiculous — they lock themselves into the original soundtrack, so there’s no sound effect. The quiet space effect is therefore inconsistent with all 700+ episodes of Star Trek. The beaming in this episode looked washed out; couldn’t they have color corrected it? The planet killer itself looked cartoony. Anyone agree?

78. JB - February 11, 2007

I for one thought the asteroid hitting the dead Constellation was a great touch and a glimpse of fantastic possibilities for STXI.

79. JB - February 11, 2007

#76 – I think it must be the lighting in the original shot, because I thought those markings were always there.

80. JB - February 11, 2007

#76 – check out the screencap from trekcore.com – you can just barely see the markings on the original:


81. Al - February 11, 2007

But the ponderous moves of an aircraft carrier are surely caused by the resistance of water? In a vacuum there’d be nothing to stop it swerving near instantly if there was sufficient propulsion in that direction, and given that we know that starships have an inertia-less drive, there’s no momentum to worry about. I think the ship looks more realistic like this, not least because it gives it movement in three dimensions, not two. The ponderous moves we saw in the original was a function of the VFX of the time.

82. Doug - February 11, 2007

Ok, so much to comment on:

Daren’s Enterprise (esp close up) is dead on. However… CBS Digital is taking on much more ambitious and interesting effects shots… I like it, I love it, I want some more of it… Would love to marry the two together somehow.

Haven’t seen CDS TDM on TV yet as it doesn’t air til tonight here in NYC, but the effects reels are very promising. I have to agree though with a previous poster that it doesn’t live up to the standards of regular sci-fi weekly’s like Voyager or Enterprise, or the new BSG. They have (had) to pump out new episodes weekly as well, so it must be mostly a budget issue.

The constant banking of the Enterprise bothers me a bit too. Typically the Enterprise should be moving in straight lines. The cameras should provide us cool angles on the Big E, not the other way around. My favorite banking shots come in two places. Some of you may remember a movie teaser poster for TMP back in 78 or 79. It was a rendering of the Big E banking and coming towards you. Was very cool.


The next was from original BSG saga of a starworld, with the huge Galactica banking away from the battle. Surprisingly I couldn’t find the shot online.

Just watched the Digistream version of TDM and have to admit I’m mightly impressed. It’s a very interesting take, and has a cool opening credits scene too!

Finally, The editing is god awful, but let’s remember, CBS Digital has nothing to do with that. Eventually these will be released in full, hopefully with much needed effects tweaks and updates.


83. Aphelion - February 11, 2007

#82: I will eat my copy of the Star Trek Chronology, page by page, if the eps released on DVD have *any* effects tweaks and/or updates. That’s how much faith I have in that.

84. Bilar - February 11, 2007

Everything was GREAT! except all the blathering going on on these posts…

Hitch, in the words of Jack Walsh “Just Shut The Fu*k up”

Just let it go and get a life, one comment is fine, 10+ is just ridiculous…

85. David - February 11, 2007

i love this episode…but sometimes, decker kinda sounded like don knotts when he was freakin out in the beginin…a bit over the top, and that was kind of distracting to me…but i love this ep. though.

86. Doug - February 11, 2007

re 83

not sure i follow you. you’re happy with everything cbs digital has done from start to finish?

I think they’ve improved dramatically over time and would like them to go back to the eps that didn’t get their best effort before releasing to dvd. It’s been a pretty mutually agreed upon theme in these threads…


87. Jim J - February 11, 2007

“The Revenge Of The Hitch”: People, relax! Hitch is just happy and excited. Most all of us are/were. Cut him a break, please? He often makes very good points if you read past “the mac” comments. Doomsday rocked!

88. Al - February 11, 2007

Why on earth (pun intended) should the E move in a straight line? Celestially speaking most strange

89. Mr. Atoz - February 11, 2007

Best episode ever!

I will only watch it 3 more times!!!


90. John N - February 11, 2007

I just want to add that CBS-D did an INCREDIBLE job on this episode…. absolute incredible.

91. ZtoA - February 11, 2007

“CBS-D hits grand slam!!” is the headline here. I can’t wait for this episode to be posted on I-tunes… I saw it last night and was riveted… if these effects had been around in the 60’s… this show would have NEVER been cancelled.

The coolest shot for me was when kirk fired up the Constellation viewing screen and saw the E engaging the DDM… that kicked arse!! It made Kirk’s reaction much more believable than ever before.

I can’t wait for Immunity Syndrome. Rock on CBS-D.

92. Aphelion - February 11, 2007

#86: In response to your question… I’ve been happy with maybe 2 out of 20 eps that CBS-D has worked on. I’ll cite “The Menagerie-Part I” as an example of a show that impressed me, despite some lackluster shuttecraft shots. On the other hand, “Where No Man Has Gone Before” is an example of their time constraints, or incompetence, whatever you want to call it. What I meant in my previous post is this: I highly doubt that they will revisit the previous episodes for fixes and tweaks prior to a DVD release. The intent is there, but more than likely they will still be under the gun and incapable of locking down the shows proper.

CBS Video: Great job, guys. All first season episodes are complete and we can start on the DVDs.

CBS Digital: There’s some tweaks we’d like to do before that happens. We still need to insert the new Enterprise model into those early shows and discuss some new additions in response to the fans’ feedback.

CBS Video: Whaat?! These shows look great. You guys are too hard on yourselves. People will buy ’em and we’re ready to press the discs. Besides, we need it on the shelves for Christmas — no time. The first season’s locked and we need you to complete the rest of the series.

You read it first here.

93. EBAR - February 11, 2007

I wish they would have shown the Enterprise firing into the maw of the planet killer—at least one time! It makes no sense that they would try to blast through the hard surface given that it was impossible. And don’t give me any arguments about how Decker was crazy.

The book version of this episode handles this issue very nicely and they do actually fire into the maw of the planet killer.

94. Jon - February 11, 2007

The quality of the video is very dark and blurry.Or it me?

95. jonboc - February 11, 2007

Just watched it again….it’s like I’ve been eating this delicous, crisp and tender, home-made, chicken fried steak for all these years and suddenly had the best, artery thickening, tasty, home-made by grandma, cream gravy poured all over it. I’ve watched it twice now in so many days and can’t wait for XBOX 360 to make this available in HD. When it does, I’ll be sitting at the table again, fork in hand, ready for another serving. Hat’s off to all involved in the major ass-kicking that this episode delivers. Well done!

96. Rich - February 11, 2007

Loved the episode. It was well worth the wait. Doomsday Machine has always been my favorite episode. The CGI effects has really made it eye candy. Congrats go out to CBS and their digital team. One thought that always bothered me. In the original story, why didn’t the Enterprise ever fire photon torpedoes into the DDM? Oh well. Keep up the good work CBS.

97. David - February 11, 2007

#24 – “we are all slaves to the poontana, and chicks”

Not all of us are slaves, Hitch. Some of us are slaves to… the parts that can’t be found on women. (did I just post that out in public?)

98. THEETrekMaster - February 11, 2007

Excellent work, CBS. Even the DDM itself looked better in the actual episode than in the online clips.

CBS knocked this one outtathepark!!!!

However, I like BOTH Daren’s vision and CBS’s….all excellent.


99. paul w. - February 11, 2007

what the heck does “mac in the pants” mean? Seems to be some sort of in joke… I don’t get it.

I agree with whomever said it would be great to see the shots all side by side from the 4 versions to compare. I saw on youtube a side by side comparison of trouble with tribbles and the DS9 trials and tribbilations… that was super cool. Anyone else see that?

100. David - February 11, 2007

#40 – The affiliates are NOT cutting. Episodes are fed by satellite from CBS/Paramount TO the local affiliates. They are not sending full uncut episodes. They are sending 43 minute edits. And if you go back to the beginning of this project, the folks in charge said they are working on three or four different versions of each episode. The full uncut for 4:3. The full uncut with 16:9 effects. The 43 minute edits of 4:3 and so on. CBS/Paramount makes the edits.

Their contract is basically allowing the local stations to air these episodes for free. Paramount takes 1/2 of of the available air time and sell commercial time to advertisers. The remaining air time is given to the local affiliates to sell so the show is aired in each market at a profit with no money spent to acquire permission to air it.

101. Bongo - February 11, 2007

Well at the risk of being a lone voice in the wilderness, I must admit to meing disappointed by this episode.

I suspect a lot has to do with the syndication edit of the show (I need to watch the original epsiode again), although I still remain unimpressed by the surface texture of the Doomsday Machine. And the launch of Decker’s shuttlecraft was almost comical. The death of the machine was anticlimactic too, although it was similar to the original.

Still, there were a lot of effects in the show that were great… so if everyone else loved it… then that’s all that matters. ;-)

102. Josh T. ( The undiscovered wrath of SPOCK voyage the motion picture) Kirk esquire' - February 11, 2007

No one has commented on the very motion picture like camera pan during Constellations approach to the Planet Killer, very effective and a Star Trek special effects shot first.

103. Ralph - February 11, 2007

I saw it last night and I must say I was impressed. They used new views of the Enterprise and used a little of realistic physics during the tractor beam pull. Very well done.
The Enterprise looks like it has more depth and realism. I just loved it all!
The Digital Stream Enterprise and Constellation looks awesome. The best IMO. But I believe they spent so much time on the Enterprise that they didn’t have enough time for the other effects.

104. brady - February 11, 2007

I see Hitch is Back making up for his ban on the site with 30 entries to catch back up …lol…welcome back mac

105. Father Rob - February 11, 2007

Downsides: I felt that the shuttlecraft launch sequence was horrible. Once the shuttle was away, it was fine, but while it was in the hangar bay it was downright awful.

There are some of the SFX battle scenes where things didn’t seem quite coordinated right… where the Enterprise would be slightly closer earlier rather than later.

Upsides: The battle was interesting. Reverse angle on the view was cool. The Constellation looked quite impressive.


106. Stanky McFibberich - February 11, 2007

After thinking it over, it should not be me who no longer visits or posts on this site, it is Hitch. There is no call for that kind of filth in this type of discussion forum. Will the rest of you who feel this way please speak up and let it be known. I apologize that this is off the topic, but I see no other way of eliminating that filth from continuing to be delivered on this site. I don’t care if there may be an occasional grain of intelligent comment contained within his posts or that he is “just excited”. I don’t care if some people consider him a comedian. I am speaking up because it is ruining the experience of coming to this site for me. And I am quite sure I am not alone in this feeling. I fully realize that nothing will probably change because of my comments, and that I may be chastised for not being sensitive to his ‘freedom of expression’, but now I have said it. Put an end to that stuff. Please.

107. Picardsucks - February 11, 2007

Jesus Christ!!!!! Holy F-ing Sh*t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That may be the second coolest personal viewing of Trek FX ever (The first will always be TMP) My god – you all realize this is but a dicktease of what we will be treated to in the movie!!!!! I hit my dvr pause twenty times. Damn are we fortunate!!!! Bravo to the effects team!!!!! Bravo also to Daren for his excellent effort. I still wanna see some aft phasers (not a gripe just a future hope) We also saw how crisp they can redue the viewscreen while Kirk walked right in front of it. Nice touch!!!!! Let’s hope we get a couple redone overconsole screens for the dvd. I am sooooooo blown away!!

108. sean's clone - February 11, 2007

Wow what a gush fest! Yeah, great effects, but some nits – like when the E comes across the top(?) of DDM to distract it away from Kirk in the Constellation – the phaser blasts are out of perspective and the beams are too wide.

109. New Horizon - February 11, 2007

Wonderful work CBS-D :) I certainly hope you will awarded the time and funding to maintain this level of quality. Great work!!!

110. Tony - February 11, 2007


I agree with you on some of the subtle points and nods to the original episode. The wobble of the Constellation, mirroring the old VFX with the model kit, was nice. And, I really loved the smashed up planet bits hitting the hull of the Constellation and breaking apart. Nicely done episode.

I know this was the one everyone was waiting for, but I also want to see some of the upcoming and future eps to see how some other VFX are tackled. For instance, the slingshot effect for “Tomorrow is Yesterday”, the attack fleet in “Ultimate Computer” and the various shots in “Tholian Web” ( I also want to see how Abe Lincoln in space appears in “Savage Curtain”… he he he).

Good show, all around. Kudos to the CBS team!

111. Tony - February 11, 2007

One nit from me too… I think there was one shot of the E that was mirrored. The NCC 1701 appears backwards in one shot! Anyone else catch that?

112. Joe Atari - February 11, 2007


I like that TMP magazine advertisement too. You might be interested in this eBay listing for the same in (smallish) poster form:


I bought one and it was pristine except for some packaging damage (edge crunched when the shipping tube was folded in). The seller was totally cool about it and responsive and is sending a replacement.

A very cool ad which actually features the Phase II Enterprise (with new nacelles but old dish, etc.).

113. Commodore Z - February 11, 2007

I like the way that the hangar deck was dark when Decker stole the shuttle, suggesting that no one was on duty there. I could see him overpowering a guard or two, but not an entire operating crew.

114. Stanky McFibberich - February 11, 2007

With all the interest in Doomsday, is there any news on next week’s Amok Time?

115. mrmike1884 - February 11, 2007

the fx in this episode rate right up there with startrek 2 the wrath of khan. just incredable effects and i just can’t wait to see what they do with the episode tommorow is yesterday. just think of what we will see when a u.s airforce jet goes after the enterprise. now that will be cool.

116. CmdrR - February 11, 2007

Loved it. Now the nitpicking… Just one, really. Throughout TOS, E takes damage yet we never see it. I this case, Lt. Not-Uhura says decks four and five have interhull damage. Shouldn’t that leave a mark? A scortch? Something? E was a heavy cruiser before they changed it to Starship. Shouldn’t she be able to get her makeup messed up a bit? We also never see the anti-proton beam actually hitting the E. Its width should be several times the diameter of the E.
Anyway, nice time at the tv last night at 2:05am Atlanta time. (Howdy, Awdraper! WSB SUCKS!!)

ps 8- There’s a blooper real of Sulu’s reaction. They put naked ladies swimming underwater on the big screen. Come to think of it, George probably would have the same puzzled look.

117. Nelson - February 11, 2007

I forgot to mention one thing in my post, one of the virtues of Daren Doc’s take on TDM was a slavish adherence to the look of the original. The way the ship is lit and colored and fly by motions. The use of colored lighting on the debris field was a real plus and I like that feel. The Yonada CGI could have benefitted from that.

It’s also a hindrence to be so slavish. I like a lot of the new POV shots in the CBS version and new motions of the ships and DDM. As someone above already mentioned, putting the two together would be cool. But it is a style difference, Daren Doc is more stylistic, CBS-D is going for a more realistic look. Both are valid and YMMV.

118. sean's clone - February 11, 2007

Commodore – good catch on the hangar deck – there were nice little touches through the FX in the show – including the ships listing while in the throws of the DDM, the Constellation “wobble” etc. It looks like the CBS-D team had fun with this one.

119. Gary Seven - February 11, 2007

Re: 106 and Hitch1969, as per Stanky McFibberich’s post:

I’m with you. Maybe we’ll be outshouted together. I also find my pleasure in viewing this site diminished by Hitch’s postings, although honestly I intend to keep coming because the site is so good. But Hitch’s posting’s are, in my opinion, adolescent and insulting, with flashes of just plain meanness. Yes, they bother me too.
The problem, in my guess, is the more attention (even negative attention) is given, the more it will probaby fuel a corresponding, and of course negative, reaction from Hitch, which I think is part of the intent. Also, since that is not our thing, we are no match for such a master of provocative and negative skills, nor do we want to be. Thus it is a losing battle; it probably will draw only more of the kind of postings we want to eliminate in a reverse way of what we want (Like the use of energy in the Immunity Syndrome). So there is an unpleasant dilemma, to speak up and get the reaction, or say nothing and let it continue unchallenged?

We can only request that the people running the site take action in preserving it as a place of respect and thoughtfulness. I want this place to be a pleasant site, and I agree with your sentiments, and that if nobody says anything it will inevitably be viewed by the people running the site as perfectly ok with its readers. At least for you and I, and perhaps others, it is not ok. It is unnecesary and unpleasant.

120. neal - February 11, 2007

wobble of the constellation: in the new version it has a noticeably awkward yaw, which was just great, because it really reinforced the idea that one guy, kirk, is piloting the starship alone. and he’s using a piloting system he’s totally unaccostomed to (warp controls wired into impulse engines). just flying by the seat of his pants!

121. Greg - February 11, 2007

Excellent job by the CBS Digital TEAM. Enjoyed the imaginative variations and extra details. Thanks for your efforts. :)

122. Ares - February 11, 2007

I especially like the way CBS-D made the Constellation look like it was having trouble just keeping straight. Way to keep continuity and believability, CBS-D!

123. Doug - February 11, 2007

re 112

Thanks Joe, I took your advice and picked up. d

124. Aaron R - February 11, 2007

Wow I am watching it over and over again on my dvr… Multiple trekgasms… Arllhhhhhh droooool….

125. Shay - February 11, 2007

incredible!…cant wait for the hi-def dvd…with the painfully absent “spock-decker”.. standoff, that was mostly cut out here….restored back!

otherwise A+!

awsome fx here…better than i prayed for!


126. Dennis Bailey - February 11, 2007

I’m sorry, but I have to yield to the dark side and say that I’m glad to have hitch back here.

I dunno what it is, exactly – other than that it would be a shame were there no one to proclaim CBS-D’s version of “The Doomsday Machine” to be mac in the pants as it were.

I’ ve grown accustomed to his mac. ;)

127. mrregular - February 11, 2007

Magnificent job, CBS-D!! It aired at 7pm here in Omaha. I was floored..from the scene where a chunk of space rock hits the wrecked Constellation’s upper saucer section to the scene when the big E is skimming along the side of the planet killer and firing phasers into its side..remarkable and thrilling!! You guys did it!!
Having watched Trek for 40 years and cringing when the obviously chewed on by somebody’s dog AMT model appears on the screen at the episode’s conclusion, I am delighted to see the enhanced conclusion..which is exactly as it should be!!
I can’t praise it enough-this is the best yet job by CBS-D. Outstanding!!

That said, I must concur with Stanky McFibberich’s and Gary Seven’s posts concerning Hitch.
It would appear that Hitch is perhaps following the tradition of Hunter S. Thompson. Yes, he can fire off rebuttals and retorts like the big E fires phasers and photon torpedoes.

But modesty and self-restraint are a plus on a public forum like this.

128. Thomas Jensen - February 11, 2007

You know, CBS-D not only reworked the exterior shots, but some of them were done from the standpoint of the music! Completely redesigned camera angles of the ships moved in synch with the wonderful music cues from those shots. The ships soared in a dramatic fashion in time with the music. Very artistic! When the little rock hits the Constellation the music matched, as well with other shots.

This really was so enjoyable to see. The ships looked great, like models that were filmed with advanced techniques in the 60’s. I finally got to see lots of shots of the Enterprise overhead, which we didn’t see all that much originally.

So nice, what a great upgrade to the episode. I applaud the people who put this together, stand up and take a well deserved bow!

129. steve623 - February 11, 2007

Let’s cue up the “Amok Time” fight music and have the pro- and anti- Hitch forces duke it out with lirpa and ahn-woon.

Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

130. Mike - February 11, 2007

OK – so when are these coming out on Blu-Ray and/or DVD? This episode pushed me off the fence on buying a new HiDef DVD player. That CBS team hit the mother of all grands slams with this one.

131. ZtoA - February 11, 2007

I really enjoyed the wobble effect put on the Constellation as it approached the DDM… CBS-D payed homage to the weird movements of the original plastic model and it’s shaky warp braces.

Now it’s time for serious consideration about re-casting and re-launching the original crew and remake DDM.

}}}}} Come in Sci-Fi channel {{{{{

132. TrekMD - February 11, 2007

This episode rocks!!! The team at CBS-D did a superb job updating the SFX for DDM and we can only hope they can continue to improve the quality of their work as they move forward with more episodes. Loved all the new angles of the ships. There is one particular shot of the Enterprise moving towards the left side of the screen that is a motion picture feel to it. Very impressive. I only have one criticism…they need to be consistent with the impulse engine glow. The ship was moving under impulse power when the shuttle launched, yet the impulse engines were off. I know they are trying to pay respect to the way it looked originally but this is one aspect of the visuals that would be nice to see changed consistently.

Great job CBS-D!

133. roebeet - February 11, 2007

Some have complained about the shuttlecraft launch – it looks like CBS-D was trying to convey how fast Decker was trying to leave the ship – he took off before the craft was facing the bay doors and it understandably was off kilter, because of that. And, Decker was lucky he didn’t smash into the opening bay doors – I think it actually added some dramatic impact to the scene. A shot of Decker waiting patiently until the shuttlecraft was completely turned around would not have made as much sense.

134. Adam Cohen - February 11, 2007

Fantastic stuff, I can’t wait to see it at 3AM tomorrow!

My only complaint is that the phaser blasts looked off. Otherwise, it’s a terrific job by CBS-D. Congratulations to the entire production for pulling off a great show.

135. Shatmandu - February 11, 2007

Terrific work from everyone at CBS Digital! I was very, very impressed. You folks made my day!

Joe, happy

136. Stanky McFibberich - February 11, 2007

126. Dennis Bailey – February 11, 2007

“I’m sorry, but I have to yield to the dark side and say that I’m glad to have hitch back here.”

Whether done jokingly or not, I don’t see how anyone can defend Hitch’s promotion of promiscuity or his use of other offensive terms on this public board. It’s one thing for a person to be sitting around his basement with his like-minded buddies and tossing out comments. It’s another to be using vulgarity and suggestiveness where others who don’t appreciate that are going to be subjected to it. I am not referring only to the comments made on this particular thread, but also those from before his recent absence. There has got to be another place where an indivdual such as he can ‘express himself’ in that manner. This is not an appropriate place for that. I also do not care for the allowance of the F word and the like by other to be used here, either. Totally out of place on a public forum. There are ways of expressing enthusiasm without being perverse in your language. Keep it out of here, please.

137. hitch1969© - February 11, 2007

Look, I apologize to anyone who I’ve hurt here with my text on the e-screen. That wasn’t my intention. I was just really really excited.

I will take note and try to appeal more to the most conservative denominator. I appreciate your feedback. It means alot to me; ergo, you mean alot to me as well. Who loves ya baby?



138. T Negative - February 11, 2007

This was great fun to watch. CBS Digital has blown me away with this episode. I absolutley cannot wait to get this on DVD. The creativity and willingness to match the dialogue on screen was very apparent in the remaster. The pan shot of the Constellation when it was approaching the planet killer was very effective. CBS seamlessly combined the two shots in the original and made it one visually aweome shot. I also loved it when Kirk turns on the viewscreen to see the Enterprise firing on the Doomday machine.

Thank you CBS-Digital!!

139. Mark - February 11, 2007

Anthony: I concur with Stanky (72, 106) Gary 7 (119), and mrregular (127). Believe it or not, there are Christian Star Trek fans, and we are quite offended by people like hitch using foul language – especially when they take the Lord’s name in vain. Additionally, there are obviously people that are offended by that type of language even if they aren’t Christians. Picardsucks (107) did the same thing. Respectfully, I ask that you remove these posts. Mature adults should be able to communicate without foul language, bathroom humor, etc. You have a great site, and I believe people like hitch degrade it. Will you please do something about it? Thanks.

Here in Phoenix, DDM will be on in 2 hours – can’t wait. btw, I met William Windom once at the LA County Fair. Of course, he’s been in a zillion things, but while chatting with him he seemed pleased that I remembered him from the TV series My World and Welcome To It. (Kind of gives you a hint on my age.) It’s kind of funny reading posts here from people that weren’t even born when Trek first appeared on TV. I was 13 when it first started, and I distinctly remember talking my parents into letting me watch the very first episode – been a fan ever since.

140. Jimtibkirk - February 11, 2007

Recently picked up a John Williams CD, occurred to me after watching this ep his Jaws theme is very similar to Sol Kaplan’s. Researched on net and others have noticed too. Both probably got it from classical examples of evil in music. Same idea as Williams using elements of Holst’s The Planets for Star Wars.

Oh yeah, and the new CGI effects were fantastic, bravo CBS!

141. Scott V. - February 11, 2007

I have to agree with that assessment of the Shuttle craft launch needed some work. Its like watching the Star Wars X-wing special edition launches. For Star Wars OK…For Star Trek it doesn’t look right. The bright spot was the rendering done for that shot. Beautiful but I dont see Captains much less Obsessed Commodore’s acting as fighter pilots without smacking into the wall.

Its a small criticism that really is a small part of the rest of the effects from this episode. The small battle battle between the Enterprise and the Doomsday machine was done really well. The effects in this particular episode added to the story. As a fan you can get really caught up with it. I was really impressed with the shots and it added a theatrical quality to the story. I feel so far this has been the best outing for CBS Digital.. Their Imagination is almost endless what these guys can do. ….I would be intrested in what shot StarTrek.com uses for their wallpaper of the Doomsday Machine remastered.(of course its a big if) .They have so many good shots they can use.

142. Chris - February 11, 2007

What do you think of CBS-D lighting the back of the shuttle’s “impulse” engines?

143. Adam Cohen - February 11, 2007


John Williams also employed a lot of Wagner in Star Wars too. It’s all derivative, but the brilliance with Williams are the arragements he comes up with. If you listen to the Shark Cage Fugue on the Jaws score, you will see what I am talking about. And arguably Williams best score, The Empire Strikes Back, is dripping with inventiveness.

For my money, Williams in his prime is the best of all time in terms of film music.

144. Driver - February 11, 2007

Creative decisions(Okuda & Co.) A-.
Need for further improvement – yes. E. escaping DDM’s maw should be a close-up of Kirk’s view screen. The wide shot with the control room is too small for the drama the scene entails. First shot of shuttle/DDM needs more distance from each other. Last shot with credits needs to have the planet killer in background as E. moves away. Maybe a couple of other shots showing a closer ratio of E./Constellation/DDM. But, a great job nonetheless. Unfortunate that more time wasn’t devoted to Special EFX originally as this Remastered version could use more EFX time as well.

145. Lanny - February 11, 2007

My esteemed editorialists have stated pretty much all the pros and cons of the episode (I loved it!!!). But my comment/question is will the DVD of these episodes go even longer with space battle FX ,or keep the episodes truer to the original broadcast length?

In this episode, I realize the FX shots were lengthened, but, at least to me, they could have “lingered” even longer. I hope when the DVD does come out, CBS would consider, when appropriate, letting the Big E have more camera time.

146. Magic_Al - February 11, 2007

^60. Re: deflectors

I thought it was cool to see the ship maneuver a bit as Sulu dodged the asteroids. I think the navigational deflector’s job is to clear away particles too small to see or avoid, especially when the ship is moving much faster and hitting even the tiniest particles would release devastating energy. Moving big rocks would seem to be a job for the tractor beam, and it’s probably more efficient to drive around them.

147. Buckaroohawk - February 11, 2007

I’ve not seen the episode yet, but the FX reel has me giddy with anticipation! This will really be something to watch.

Personally, I liked the movements of the ships. It’s nice to see them tilting off-axis evey now and then and even tumbling a bit. As long as their movements are coordinated with their mass and they aren’t spinning and racing around like an X-Wing fighters, I’m cool with it.

I thought the shuttle launch shot was great. It lended a real imperative feel to the scene, like Decker was really trying to get off the ship before anyone could stop him.

My only nit to pick is the phaser strikes off the hull of the DDM. I would have liked to see something more there, like the beam scattering uselessly, instead of just being absorbed.

Overall, this looks to be CBS Digital’s best work yet!

RE: Flamboyant Posters. Hitch’s posts may not be everyone’s cup of tea. To be honest, I’m often flabbergasted by them. But I know there is an intelligent person buried in all that bewildering net-speak somewhere. I’ll take his pledge to become more restrained and intelligable at face value.

Picardsucks is another matter entirely. His use of the phrase “My god – you all realize this is but a d*cktease of what we will be treated to in the movie!!!!!” (editing mine) is way out of line. It could have been said just as effectively without the adolescent sexual context. Enthusiasm is one thing; immaturity is quite another. Grow up.

Of course, there’s an easy way to resolve this for every person who posts here. This site isn’t “Survivor: Star Trek.” No one should be voted off for expressing themselves, even if they do it poorly. If someone’s posts regularly offend or upset you, simply scroll past it. Don’t read it. Don’t respond to it. Ignore it. If enough people people feel the same way, the offending poster will likely disappear because they aren’t receiving the attention they seem to crave so badly.

So, what’s on next week?

148. Cranston - February 11, 2007

#133 roebeet — I agree about the shuttle launch. Decker knew that they’d slam the doors shut as soon as they realized what was happening, so he basically tried to blow through the opening as soon as it was big enough for a shuttle to (barely) fit through. Looked great, IMO.

re: hitch. I’m with Bailey on this one. I find hitch to be essentially harmless (or mostly harmless), and I admit that I do enjoy the bizarre and over-the-top faux-hipster persona. It’s a charicature, and (to me) an amusing one. It’d be a pity to see someone banned. It’s fairly easy to skip his posts — I know that’s a cliche, but it sums up my attitude toward posts or posters that I don’t like.

149. Magic_Al - February 11, 2007

Amending my deflector comment… of course the navigational deflector DOES move big rocks when the ship is at warp, but it pushes out far ahead of the ship where only a tiny change in momentum is needed to avoid a collision. This is sort of shown in TMP when they initially try to use the navigational deflector in the wormhole while the asteroid is still far away, but they’re inoperative. Close to the debris, as in “TDM”, evasive driving is more efficient, although the navigational deflector was surely still working to handle the smaller bits of the debris and keep the Enterprise’s paint and wax unblemished.

150. CmdrR. - February 11, 2007

143 – Take the Jaws main theme, feed it a tub of downers and you’ll have “Soldiers on the Ice” from Prokofiev’s Lt. Kije Suite. (You know the Troika Bells from this suite as a Christmas song.)
I love the music in this episode. It’s so on the money.

151. freezejeans - February 11, 2007

139. Mark

Cool…I am also a Christian Trek fan in Phoenix, 5 minutes to go until showtime! Gettin’ antsy.

I also agree about the language use by a few here, it’s really lame and inconsiderate. Perhaps it’s time for the admins to implement a filter, unfortunately.

152. jonboc - February 11, 2007

There’s no harm done with Hitch. And as someone mentioned, if his past posts have offended you, it’s fair to assume all his posts will offend you and you should just skip them. I find them entertaining in small doses and while a little hitch goes a long way, the last thing I want is someone playing “forum watchdog”, acting in “my” best interest. I’m quite capable of determining which posts I choose to read and which ones I wish to skip. It takes all kinds, as they say, that’s life… people need to lighten up about offensive posts and instead, savor the glory and goodness that IS “The Doomsday Machine”. It came and it conquered. Life is good.

153. Anthony Pascale - February 11, 2007

that is enough about one poster. One thing I dont like is when a poster becomes the subject of threads.

this is about TOSR Doomsday

154. Mark - February 11, 2007

#153 Anthony: “One thing I dont like is when a poster becomes the subject of threads.”

The immature poster made himself the subject of the thread by his behavior. As administrator, are you going to do anything about it?

155. FlyingTigress - February 11, 2007

Speaking about TOS(R) Doomsday…

One of the nice touches, in an ep filled with nice touches (the Connie’s impulse engines throttling-up, was another), was the scene where the E is being tractored into the DDM.

I still think that the (R) effect for the main phasers doesn’t convey the same ‘oomph’ as the effect in “ye olden dayes”, but, actually including the shot from the Constellation was a nice addition.

Was it just me, or (ducking) did the nacelle caps (well, what was left of one of them) on the Constellation look ‘different’ — a little more extended in the fore-aft plane than the “E”s? NO FIGHTING, NOW!

156. Stanky McFibberich - February 11, 2007

154 Mark

Exactly what I was about to say.
I would be happy to talk about Doomsday Machine in a Doomsday Machine thread, but I do not believe in this ‘anything goes’ self-expression.
I kind of resent being taken to task for trying to get something done about this, since there is really no other way to bring it to attention than to post about it.
Hitch posted an apology above. I thank him for that and hopefully he will censor the vulgarities on his own, but I think if there are groundrules about criticizing other people’s posts, it is reasonable to have some about vulgar and suggestive content.
I will now be silent about this, since that was what was asked, and I hope the point has been taken seriously.

Doomsday Machine was great. Just watched it again.

157. Mark - February 11, 2007

156 Stanky

I agree completely. I didn’t catch hitch’s apology above (funnily enough, I saw his name and skipped over that post.) Time will tell….I am not optimistic, but we shall see. It would be nice to be proved wrong on this one.

Your statement, “I think if there are groundrules about criticizing other people’s posts, it is reasonable to have some about vulgar and suggestive content” is certainly true. We have now asked Anthony, let’s see what he says. And I just saw DDM for the first time – it was great! But I still wish the Enterprise was white, not gray.

158. freezejeans - February 11, 2007

155. FlyingTigress

I noticed the nacelles looking different as well…perhaps to distinguish it slightly from other ships? Different class, maybe?

Just finished watching it here in Phoenix and am now picking my jaw up off of the floor. That was freakin’ EPIC. I also applaud DD’s efforts.

159. Old School Trek Nerd - February 11, 2007

I have to agree. The Constellation’s starboard nacelle cap was HUGE!
Wassup wit dat?

I still think added sound FX would’ve better sold the shuttlecraft liftoff but so far they’re not altering those at all. I also would have preferred to see the external shot of the liftoff from a higher angle where we could see farther into the bay when the shuttle left. But again, maybe in the movie.

And even though it’s grey, that shot of the Enterprise slowly passing before Decker steals the shuttlecraft is THE beauty shot of the series so far.

160. Al - February 11, 2007

I always sort of saw the deflector as operating as in the scene in the title sequence of Voyager in which it is clear some sort of “pressor” field in front of the ship moves stuff out of the way. It would have been nice to have seen just little of that, a sort of bow wave of rubble in front of and to the side of the E.

Also – did any of the rocks actually go into the DDM in the shot where we see it side on and rocks flowing past? Should have – I thought it sucked them in for fuel.

161. Jordan - February 11, 2007

This one is easily the best CBS Digital has done so far. Absolutely excellent!!!

162. mrmike1884 - February 11, 2007

well i think the shuttle was a good touch. the way it was launched was right on the money. decker was totaly out of it and well he did what any one in his position would do. the whole episode was just done wonderfully. i realy do believe the fx was right up there with the wrath of khan and better then anything done in any of the other startrek shows.

163. Matt Wright - February 11, 2007

#160 — I thought it should have swallowed up the rubble too, but I watched carefully, somehow all those little metors, etc. go past it but not into it.

164. B.Hathaway - February 11, 2007

Unbelievable!!! Darren D’s looked like trash compared to the greatness that was this weekend’s episode…


165. ety3 - February 11, 2007


We got the preview image a few days ago; a nice closeup on the starboard side of the Constellation:


But I don’t remember seeing it in the episode. Perhaps a syndication edit, or was the image just a bit of candy for us fans?

166. mrmike1884 - February 11, 2007

it would have been nice to see the ddm eat up some rubble but all in all this simply was the best fx i have seen. can’t wait to see what they have in store for us nect week. im also looking forward to tommorow is yesterday and specter of the gun and the deadly years and so on.

167. Jon - February 11, 2007

Mark …post 157.who was it?Forrest Gump.Who when pondering the importance of manners said something like.Good manners are a way of showing someone respect.I’ve dealt with alot of retarded people who have the common sense and respect that puts us all to shame(in a good way).Our society as a whole could probably stop for a while and think about what they want to say in an intelligent,civil manner.If you don’t.it all tends to break down in dysfunctional rancor.

168. neal - February 11, 2007

I think there were several spots in which FX were part of syndication cuts. One that I noticed was near the end as Constellation approached the machine, the music jumped a bit, and I recalled a longer aft view of the Constellation in the original. Maybe we will see some new shots in the uncut version. There was definitely another one early on in which the E was simply moving forward with that repeated opening musical cue.

169. Al - February 11, 2007

If you’re interested in Sol Kaplan’s music from The DDM there’s a pretty good set of mp3 samples here


170. Gary - February 11, 2007


There’s a website:


where someone typed all the dialog to this (an other episodes). This is one way to tell if dialog is replaced with ads for [fill in useless product/service here].

171. Gary - February 11, 2007

I meant 168! Sorry 165 for the confusion

172. Gary Seven - February 11, 2007

Mark (#154) quoted Anthony Pascale: “#153 “One thing I dont like is when a poster becomes the subject of threads.”
Mark replied:
“The immature poster made himself the subject of the thread by his behavior. As administrator, are you going to do anything about it?”

I agree with Anthony in that we should get back to Star Trek. But Anthony- I believe that Hitch must keep his promise, (which I was appreciative to see) to tone it down. If that happens, wonderful. If it doesn’t, I urge you to take action. Please don’t blame people for becoming upset when they feel provoked. It’s not just one person, there are several who have been made upset and who knows how many who didn’t want to speak up. Anyway, in order to keep it on Star Trek, like Stanky said, I’m shutting up on this and focusing on the DDM and all things Star Trek.- barring some intense provocation.
We all have the same goal, and the same love- that 1960’s TV show- and if Hitch keeps his word we can get back to the good stuff that we all share and brought us here in the first place.

I’m staying up late tonight in NYC- DDM starts at the awful time of 3AM. But really, some things are just necessary. Can’t wait.

173. Stanky McFibberich - February 11, 2007

169. Al

Thanks for the link, Al. I have the Doomsday/Amok soundtrack and have listened to it quite a bit lately. I’m looking over what else they offer. I wish there was more of the original soundtrack music from Star Trek available. The series had some great music. I see the soundtrack to Star Trek the Motion Picture contains a bonus disc of Inside Star Trek, which I have on LP and listened to recently. Fun.

174. CmdrR. - February 11, 2007

Just a quick 40-year belated thanks to William Windom. Talk about a tour de force performance. Did you notice how he sits in the big chair, arm up a la Nero on the throne? No remastering here. Just mastery.

175. Al - February 11, 2007

Unless I’m mistaken almost all of the TDDM is there for download for free!

176. Commodore Z - February 11, 2007

Of course, buying the CD or downloading it from a legal site (like iTunes) would truly honor the composer’s work, rather than ripping it off.

Search Amazon or iTunes or any other music retailer. You may be surprised how much wonderful Star Trek music is out there.

177. ety3 - February 11, 2007

#173 —

And his flipping of the microtapes; very Capt. Queeg-ish (like the twirling of the silver balls).

178. Al - February 11, 2007

Indeed. Point taken.

Incidentally, Decker’s shuttle was called Einstein (so says startrek.com)

179. Greg Stamper - February 11, 2007

The vast majority of this Community seem to give the TDDM FX a big thumbs up. Just wanted to point out a few smaller items. Not complaints really, just to bring them to attention:

1) McCoy’s Brief Reaction to: “Now they’re down there and I’m up here”. The doctor’s image remains flipped/reversed.

2) Mr. Kyle’s audio report “Mr. Spock the Transporters out” after the Planet Killer’s attack remains “unfiltered” sounding as though he is standing beside Mr. Spock instead of in the Transporter Room.

In addition, just wanted to get the Commodore Decker/Captain Quegg analogy in there. From “The Caine Mutiny”, instead of rolling marbles in his hands our Commodore Decker slides two Data Discs (aka Record Tapes) between his fingers.

180. Greg Stamper - February 11, 2007

176 — just ahead of me

181. Doug - February 11, 2007

re Hitch

Maybe everything has been said. Honestly, I think Hitch may have something to say but it’s too convuluted for me to bother with.

I’m neither christian, nor offended, but frankly Hitch, I have learned to skip over your posts. So if in fact you do have something relevant to say, I’m most likely going to miss it.

This isn’t a slam. I think some people like your posts, and I don’t mind them in small doses. But I think you do have some good things to say, but it’s too buried in banter to bother with and thats too bad.


182. MichaelJohn - February 11, 2007

This episode was always one of my favorites, and it seems even more exciting now with the remastered effects.

The best part of the new digital effects is the feeling of scale between the Enterprise and the alien machine. The Enterprise really looks downright puny next to the massive thing! The phaser shots looked even more ineffective and impotent than in the original.

The only thing that looked wrong to me was the way they launched the shuttlecraft. When it took off sideways and haphazardly from the shuttlecraft bay it just seemed strange and unrealistic. I’m sure others disagree…

One thing I did miss about the original Constellation effect was the hull arching and burning in the damaged areas. That looked pretty cool and I wish they kept that in the remastered version.

Other than than these two very minor quibbles, all the effects were top notch!

Keep up the good work CBS-Digital. These remastered episodes are making it so much fun to watch TOS all over again!

Mike :o

PS: Does the Doomsday machine remind anyone else of “Bugles” corn chips?? Maybe they were the inspiration behind the original concept! hahahaha

183. Doug - February 11, 2007

re 153 and 180

didn’t see Anthony’s post 153, as i hadn’t gotten that far in the thread at that point.

Best to everyone -d

184. Greg Stamper - February 11, 2007

The previous thread has a number of comments on “Bugles”

185. MichaelJohn - February 11, 2007

Thanks Greg..I feel less stupid now knowing others have made the same comments!

Yes the Doomsday Machine does look like alot like a Bugles snack and somewhat like an airport windsock too!

And for all you couch potato Star Trek fans that like eating mass quanities of your favorite artery clogging snacks while watching TOS (myself included)…Yes Bugles are still being made and you can find them at Circle K in Arizona!


186. Granger - February 11, 2007

#21 – I too noticed the object sticking out from the side of the ship near the shuttlebay, but if you watch it closely, it blinks white briefly near the end of the shot. So I believe it is intended as a running light and not a phaser bank. Why I haven’t seen a matching running light on the other side of the ship is a mystery, but many of the lights and markings on all versions of the ship are a tad mysterious. Who knows, maybe its the tractor beam emitter and it is being repaired.

I was grateful that they had the Enterprise twirling in the tractor beam so she had her bow toward the PlanetKiller before Decker gave his order for full astern – which otherwise would have shown he really was crazy.

As some others noted, the nacelle cap on the Constellation did stand out – but in their renderings on the Big E you can see that they make the much-discussed glowing caps flush with the rest of the nacelle at their join with it. The Constellation’s engines were dead and the artists chose to make the “dead” caps solid gray, and that is what makes them seem extra large.

187. Jon - February 11, 2007

#186.Yeah what was that object on side of ship?I was really out of place.Does it have something to do with the storyline?

188. Viking - February 11, 2007

Sweet Jeezus. Those guys at CBS earned their pay for the week. Unbelievable. Un-effin’-believable.

189. Josh T. ( The undiscovered wrath of SPOCK voyage the motion picture) Kirk esquire' - February 11, 2007

Constitution clas starships do NOT have rear arced weapons platforms, whether phaser or photon torpedo, just because “Enterprise” retroactively dismissed and failed to acknowledge 40 years of Trek history for a 5 second “wow” shot, doesn’t mean CBS Digital should follow suit and insert a completely unnecessary addition such as that. It simply isn’t necessary. Federation starships are designed for exploration first and foremost. A starships mere presence often times negates combat situations, due to sheer reputation.

I’m sorry, but I absolutely despised the episode of “Enterprise” with the Defiant. That was the biggest stretch in logic and desperate attempt to ride the coat tails of the success of TOS imagineable.

As far as I’m concerned, the Defiant DISSOLVED as intended into another dimension lost for all time. It didn’t venture to the Mirror Universe, it wasn;t involved in some elaborate hokey plot to overtake an Empire, it didn’t fight Mirror Universe Tholians, I mean come on, how fanfic does this sound?

The Defiant was destroyed, absorbed and dissolved by Interphase.

And Consitution class starships do not fire from the rear.

190. CmdrR. - February 11, 2007

Josh T. – I agree that some episodes of each of the series pushed it too far. I happen to like “In a Mirror Darkly.” Empress Yoshi and her belly button!!!
If you want REALLY preposterous, check “In Harm’s Way.” But, even that is fun. I just don’t want to wrap my head around all the time travel story problems in that one. It was fun to see William Windom, but I hated that Decker wasn’t actually dead. Sorry, but it ruins the impace of DDM.
Anyway… it’s possible to love and hate certain Treks at the same time.
Most illogical, but there you are.

191. Commodore Z - February 11, 2007

If you’re talking about the little white half-dome, I’ve seen closeup photos of the 11 foot model that have the same dome. I don’t know what it is. Maybe a turn signal?

192. CmdrR. - February 11, 2007

OOPS. Meant Hoshi. Love the belly button, though.

193. Jon - February 11, 2007

I’ve never ever seen that before.the dome light on the port side of the shuttlebay hangar exterior .Where are all those guys who were whining about nacelle caps?Did’t they notice?

194. mrmike1884 - February 11, 2007

just because we never see the enyerprise fire from the rear does not mean they can’t. maybe the defiant got fitted with aft torpedoes and phasers and the enterprise just hadn’t gotten them yet or maybe a lot of other reasons. just because we didn’t see it in the tos series does not mean it can’t.

195. CmdrR. - February 11, 2007

As a teenager, I had a friend who complained the Enterprise could be attacked from any angle except dead ahead. That friend now designed weapons for the Pentagon.

196. Dan Lee - February 11, 2007

Vastly improved, nearly cinematic FX in some Enterprise shots and amazing Constellation shots leading up the maw..but a tiny bit too cartoony at the end, inside the maw for my liking.

I loved the continuity of blending some of the missing battle maneuvers we could only imagine previously. Wonderful viewscreen phaser shots of E on planet killer.

One really dumb question, don’t u think the planet killer was so vulnerable to maw attack at its inner mechanism and this obvious weakness made it unlikely it would survive for eons without someone piloting a robot ship, or a mine simply into its mouth?

197. Josh T. ( The undiscovered wrath of SPOCK voyage the motion picture) Kirk esquire' - February 11, 2007

We didn’t see saucer seperation in the original series either, and we know that CAN happen. Let us redefine progress to mean that just because we CAN do a thing, does not necessarily follow that we must do that thing. Right?

The Enteprise model , both Constitution and refit were thoroughly thought out models in terms of design, functionality, the wheres, whens and whys, and rear firing phasers or torpedoes were absolutely NEVER an intended integrated component of a Starship.

There isn’t a need for a rear firing phasers turret or torpedo launcher. The Enterprise has a 180 degree forward firing arc, firing Aft is as simple as a “hard to Port 180 degree” order followed by a “fire to port” secondary order.

Bingo, your rear blind spot is suddenly awash in day glow phaser fire enveloping any enemy arrogant enough to presume they can take advantage of a percieved tactical deficiency. If there were a next time, they would know better.

198. Jon - February 11, 2007

So what is that object on the side of the ship?(round black ring with flashing light) 3;58 seconds into the reel?Pause and you’ll see it.

199. Josh T. ( The undiscovered wrath of SPOCK voyage the motion picture) Kirk esquire' - February 11, 2007

It’s a navigational beacon.

200. Josh T. ( The undiscovered wrath of SPOCK voyage the motion picture) Kirk esquire' - February 11, 2007

Also, someone asked earlier what the white half dome on the top rear above the shuttle bay hangar deck is, that is a sensor unit that assists in guiding incoming shuttlecraft, so the tractor beam can take over and guide the shuttle in the hangar.

201. Jon - February 11, 2007

I never noticed that before.I’ve been a Trek fan since I was a kid.Don’t tell me it’s always been there.It’s gotta be one of those things that was a temporary feature on the ship.like the nacelle dome spears.

202. Skippy 2k - February 11, 2007

I was just wondering something, it may have been mentioned as I haven’t wen’t back and read all the new post yet. The shot of the shuttlecraft approaching the Planet Killer… I thought it was said (maybe in the other post) and it appears as though its heading in with its impulse engines burning full, as in the red glow as opposed to the white.

What I noticed though is that what I thought was the impulse engine is actually below that area? The red rectangle right below that area. Not really anything, just something I noticed a minute ago.

203. Sleeper Agent X - February 11, 2007

#197 – What if you’re being attacked by two ships, one in front, one behind? You do a 180, one of the ships can still sit on your backside and lob shots at you all day long.

Not having any weapons in the rear does seem like a huge vulnerability.

204. Josh T. ( The undiscovered wrath of SPOCK voyage the motion picture) Kirk esquire' - February 11, 2007

No the Enterprise has always had fine details , we simply never saw them because of the broadcast or video definition.

There are even water marks and access hatches on the hull, but you have to get super close to see them.

That is one of the arguments I have had from the beginning.

The CBS Digital Enteprise is the Enterprise as was always intended to be seen, we never saw the full scope of its beauty and design, and it shocked some people at first. The color is a good example.

205. CmdrR. - February 11, 2007

Will we finally see TOS toilets?

206. Josh T. ( The undiscovered wrath of SPOCK voyage the motion picture) Kirk esquire' - February 11, 2007


That’s easy, if two ships are attacking you, one in front of you and one to the rear, “hard to port 180 degrees” then alternate firing port and starboard.

Putting a phaser bank to the rear makes the Captains job far more lazy, and takes away from creative combat tactics.

207. Josh T. ( The undiscovered wrath of SPOCK voyage the motion picture) Kirk esquire' - February 11, 2007

I think the CBS crew really captured appropriate motion dynamics for the starship Enterprise.

On the one hand, it doesn’t maneuver like an X wing fighter or the Millenium Falcon, but on the other, it isn’t a peice of shit either that takes 20 minutes to bank a turn. What the Enterprise demonstrated against the Planet Killer is pretty good flgith dynamics. Smooth, fluid movement.

208. CmdrR. - February 11, 2007

quick… what was the name of the early video arcade game with the little enterprises against the little triangle spaceship thingies?

209. Sleeper Agent X - February 11, 2007

#206 That’s fine if the other two ships aren’t moving. But I think they’d just turn toward the Enterprise’s rear and strafe her sides, safely outside her firing radius. Besides, if the Enterprise is always shifting around to cover her backside, then how can she capture the initiative to go on the offensive.

I just don’t see how NOT having rear mounted weapons is better than having them.

210. mrmike1884 - February 11, 2007

well i think that having an aft phaser and torpedo launcher iwould not make the captian lazy but give him another advantage. remember that the enterprise is in the 23rd centuary and the designers would not put a starship out there with such a obious disadvantes like not haveing rear weapons. just because we didn’t see it just does not mean it doesn’t have them or on any other starship.

211. Skippy 2k - February 11, 2007

Not sure the ep but aft weapons are mentioned in backround chatter, don’t recall phasers or torps.

212. Josh T. ( The undiscovered wrath of SPOCK voyage the motion picture) Kirk esquire' - February 11, 2007

We can debate all day long the wisdom of the initial design philosophy of Roddenberry and Jefferies, that isn’t the issue, the issue is the Enterprise never had rear firing phasers or torpedoes and it should not be retroactively added now. It is clearly indicated on the blurprints and filming miniature it was never intended. It would have been just as easy to draw a neon blue beam coming out of the rear as it was coming out of the front of the saucer had it been intended.
Strategically, sure, add a rear firing weapon to cover that arc of fire. Why not?

But in terms of the original Enterprise, I think this is an area where strict adherence to what was intended should be followed.

Also, you have to take into account and allow for advances in technology and a learning curve. Things building on top of the other technologically.
The Enterprise D had rear firing torpedoes for a specific reason, evidently a need was discovered for that and it was incorporated into the design of the ship.
if you start altering and changing the Enterprise to suit what is cool or thought to be needed, where does it end? By the time you are finished, you would have a refit Enterprise zipping about on the show BEFORE the drydock refit took place. It just woouldn’t make sense.

213. Jon - February 11, 2007

#207 Josh.On the topic of surface details and manuverability of the e .It would be cool if they showed navigational thrusters peppered about the surface of the e along with the other details you mention.(I still think I would have noticed that nav beacon before…well anyway)

214. Josh T. ( The undiscovered wrath of SPOCK voyage the motion picture) Kirk esquire' - February 11, 2007

Yeah Jon, the refit really went overboard on logical detailing, Im sure the Constitution has navigational thrusters as well, it would have to for station keeping. They simply have never been pinned down, they could be as simple as unspecified holes in the hull that you wouldn’t look twice at.

But I like how the refit highlighted and accentuated them.

215. mrmike1884 - February 11, 2007

no that is not the case. they are are making those kind of changes. it is true that the enterprise never fired weapons from the aft. but other ships in that era may have had them put on in drydock. also the enterprise nx01 did have aft torpedoes and a phase cannon. so the advancement was alreadt there long before the next generation.also in several tos episodes i could swear i hear in the background of hearing aft weapnns mentioned.

216. Sleeper Agent X - February 11, 2007

I don’t think we ever saw the D7 fire aft weapons in TOS either, yet there they are in TMP, when the Klingons are trying to escape V’ger…. Should we believe no one bought into the wisdom of rear-firing weapons during TOS? If it’s never stated anywhere in the canon that the Enterprise doesn’t have rear weapons (and it sounds like there’s some evidence that the Enterprise actually DID) then I don’t see what’s the harm of the modification.

217. Josh T. ( The undiscovered wrath of SPOCK voyage the motion picture) Kirk esquire' - February 11, 2007


We have to assume in such an egagement the Enterprise would not be sitting still merely rotating on it’s axis.

What really did it for me as far as how awesome the Enterprise is in terms of maneuverability and technology, and the relativistic navigation the ship is capable of, is a little scene in “Star Trek – the Motion Picture” you wouldn’t at first think twice about. The line in the film involved a “conic interception” of the Vejur cloud.

The novel by Roddenberry really drives this fact home and spells it out in a powerful way –

The conic interception saw Vejur heading along a straight vector at Warp speed towards Earth. The Enterprise headed straight towards Vejur along the same vector.

As the Enterprise approached vejur, it spun to the side of it in a spiraling cone maneuver, it’s front always facing Vejur as it passed to the side, then finally settled behind Vejur, pursuing it. keep in mind this entire manuever occured at powerful warp speeds.

This one little fact demonstrated to me just how amazing and powerful the starship Enterprise truly is.

218. Jon - February 11, 2007

Josh.It makes sense.They (the CGI guys) should capitalize on the abilities that CGI would give them to depict surface details that the 8ft. model of the movies and 11 ft model of the TV series could never convey.Thrusters ,hatches,access panels,grasp handles for service technicians etc.I don’t know why they aren’t going closer in for these details since we re getting to see the Enterprise dangle upside down in doomsday.

219. Stanky McFibberich - February 11, 2007

205. CmdrR.

“Will we finally see TOS toilets?”

I hope not

169. Al

Have now spent quite a bit of time perusing the site you posted. Fun to see which episodes in each season had original music composed and which just tracked music from other episodes.
Playing the samples makes it even more obvious that Star Trek had much superior music to any of the later series.

220. mrmike1884 - February 11, 2007

we do see how powerfull the enterprise is in the ddm remastered and just how incredably powerfull the ddm truly is and how large it is. it is truly magnificent how the battle was fought. a truly good idea for the next movie is to go further with the ddm and find out exactly where it came from and what it’s true purpose is. i did read the novel vendetta and it was a good book. but i would love to see the ddm on the next movie. although a differnt one for obvious reasons.

221. CmdrR. - February 11, 2007


this sectional model was built to show the kind of detail you can’ t see when you look at the whole ship.

222. Josh T. ( The undiscovered wrath of SPOCK voyage the motion picture) Kirk esquire' - February 11, 2007

But capitalizing on what CGI is capable of shouldn’t mean altering the Enterprise.

The Enterprise had a very deliberate design aesthetic. It’s one thing to have details, which the Enteprise does, it’s another thing to start adding greeblies, pods, aztec paint schemes, this, that and the other, suddenly, you dont even have the Starship Enterprise anymore, but rather the Starship Star Destroyer.
Matt Jefferies and Gene Roddenberry wanted clean lines for the Enterprise.

Star Wars introduced the concept of banged up, hyper textured and detailed, almost dirty , scarred, pitted ships.

Starships are clean and graceful, why would anyone want the Enterprise to suddenly appear like the Battleshit Yawnica with greeblies and things all over the surface?

Jefferies specifically said space is dangerous and you wouldn’t want to have a great variety of things on the surface of the ship that people would have to go outside to fix. That is logical. It not only makes the exterior of the Enterprise clean and graceful, it makes the crew safer.

223. Josh T. ( The undiscovered wrath of SPOCK voyage the motion picture) Kirk esquire' - February 11, 2007


That was the approach CBS initially tried Jon remember? They had a hyper detailed Enterprise, the only problem was the rendering farm was ill-equiped for the power of the digital model and everyone bitched about the appearance of the ship, so they created a lower detailed yet somehow more “accurately” lit Digital model, and now everyone seems satisfied with a LESS accurate, yet more glamourously lit ship.

Ah, fandom.

224. Stanky McFibberich - February 11, 2007

222 Josh


225. Jon - February 11, 2007

Thats what I love about the Star Trek ships beautiful graceful designs that kind of reflect a utopian esthetic.I’m totally with you.As a matter of fact I was VERY dissapointed to see that cluttered millenium falcon look creep into Trek.It’s much easier to tack some stuff onto a pizza pan and photograph it.i thought that was a design cop-out for Trek.Anyway what I’m getting at is details that would only be apparent in extreme close ups.Kind of like seeing a cruise ship up close.

226. Josh T. ( The undiscovered wrath of SPOCK voyage the motion picture) Kirk esquire' - February 11, 2007

I think the hyper detailed look works very well for Klingon ships.

I like the K’tinga from the first film, it truly appeared alien, a stark contrast from the clean symmetry of Earth and human designs.

227. Nelson - February 11, 2007

Speaking of that lit dome off the left side of secondary hull near the shuttle bay, that side of the ship is never seen or rarely filmed from that side.

If you guys are not familiar with the latest model kits, this one has it on there: http://squaremodels.netfirms.com/images/ef12.jpg

But one thing I noticed that I don’t think has been mentioned is that both Daren Doc and CBS has added an additional navigation light on the left and right side of the saucer. Before, I always knew there was a very large red and green light on either side of the top of the saucer, plus a small one next to it. And one on each side on the bottom of the saucer. But now I see they added a tiny on on the sides of the saucer. If you get my meaning. I don’t believe I ever saw this light before on any of the real 11 ft model images.

228. Jon - February 11, 2007

TMP klingon battlecruisers were cool.The other movie Klingon ships were a little too Star Wars inspired.The mercenary ship that transmitted “genisis” and was later destroyed was a big design dissapointment.They kinda made up for it with the” Grissom”.But anyway I hope the new Enterprise will be impressive.Ya know they have to have a new E for Trek xi .

229. T Negative - February 11, 2007

Agree with Josh about the Enterprise show with the Defiant. It was a desperate attempt to keep that garbage on the air. Gladly the fans saw through it and the show was cancelled.

With that said, I would like to see aft phasers on the E at some point in Star Trek remastered. I’m not sure which episode that they could be used but I have a feeling that the E has aft phasers during TOS. I can’t imagine that there wouldn’t be. I know they were never seen, but think it could be a little treat for the fans without really doing any harm to classic Trek

My two cents.

230. Charlie - February 11, 2007

Looking at the officially sanctioned blueprints of the original Enterprise she also had phser banks on the port and starboard side on the saucer section. This was on the on the top and bottom. Which meant that Enterprise had at least six banks of phasers for multiple fields of fire. They just weren’t utilized in any of the episodes. A real shame.

231. =A= - February 11, 2007

well.. how i feel about this? hmmm i really love this much because i dont see much any like heavy cruiser ships damages, burned, holes on hull. i watched today finally show more damages and close up. i really enjoy watch doomday machine so cool!. i wish they make new series after star trek 11th. i want be same u.s.s enterprise back again!!!!!

232. Buckaroohawk - February 11, 2007

Oh, what the hey, I’ll dive into the weapons debate. it’s not like I have anything else to do while waiting for Trek tonight at 1:30am.

I have a CGI model of the Enteprise I downloaded from a free website. It’s a solid design with great detail. the original builder of the mesh added some nice paneling details to the material maps which make the ship look HUGE when rendered. I added further details to it because in my mind, the refit from the TOS version to the TMP version of the Enterprise should be a little less drastic. One of the things I added were aft-firing phaser banks and torpedo bays. To me it only makes sense to keep as much of your ship protected against enemy attack as possible.

These details do not greatly affect the look of the ship and they certainly don’t turn her into a Star Wars type star destroyer. From a distance, you can’t even see them. Matt Jeffries’ clean, elegant design remains intact. Don’t think that adding additional detail to the TOS Enterprise will alter her overall look. As long as the original design aesthetic is maintained, I hope the Enterprise we see in Trek XI has a wealth of greater detail.

And just to belabor the point further, the TMP era Enterprise had aft phaser banks located just above the hangar bay doors and another two banks on the port and starboard underside of the secondary hull. These were never shown in operation in any of the films, but they ARE on the model. Therefore I think it safe to assume that the TOS Enterprise had similar placements even though we never saw them.

233. SteveinSF - February 11, 2007

Great show–I’m sure many have bitched about the damn edits. Man they are like fingers on a chalk board. I love this episode!

234. SteveinSF - February 11, 2007

Oh–has anyone ever noticed the tapes on the desk of the aux. control room fall off when the Constellation starts moving. Kirk falls forwards and so do the tapes making the hap-hazard movement of the ship seem pretty realistic ( by 1960’s standards). I always tough this was a nice touch.

235. Screen Rant TV News - February 11, 2007

WHY are they going to the trouble to HD/remaster/update CGI on this and then TRIMMING scenes from the espisodes?

I watched the original on DVD right before this version and the exchange between Spock and Decker where Decker relinquished command was almost TOTALLY removed! In the new version:

Spock: I need you to turn over command.
Decker: Ok.

This is NOT what happened in the original where they went toe to toe and Spock faced down Decker.

The fight scene between Decker and the security guy was also trimmed.

Oh, LOVED the new FX. :-)


236. LavianoTS386 - February 11, 2007

^ It’s not CBS doing the cutting

237. Jon - February 11, 2007

That Enterprise E from Nemesis was horrendous.Some tackey Star Trek/Wars fusion design.

238. Tom Hoffman - February 11, 2007

“The Enterprise looses the tractor on the Constellation”

Like the TV show “Loost”? :)

Great job & site…just seems nobody can spell “lose” anymore.

239. Columbia - February 11, 2007

It’s pointless to nitpick things like rear firing weapons. There are much larger plot holes in this episode, but if we closed them up, there is no episode. So I let them be and have my fun.

If the subspace interference is so “incredibly strong” as Spock said and they experienced, then I simply don’t believe a malfunctioning transporter can pull enough molecules of Capt Kirk out of the Constellation that is halfway inside the neutronium-walled DM and on top of that, in the middle of a 90+ megaton EMP spike. Yeeeaaah right. Kirk was a goner.

Any ship that large made of neutronium (“the material of collapsed stars”) should have enough of its own gravitational field that it don’t need no stinkin’ tractor beam to pull ships in. To do that, it would only have to be in the vicinity. If you can see it…you’re too close.

I also agree with the posts that point out that such a large, internal blast like that inside the DM should impart some recoil momentum due to the one open end, and that you would have thought that at some point another civilization should have been able to lob a 100-megaton weapon into it.

But again, if you nitpick these details, the story couldn’t happen. We would not have this fine episode to sit back and watch. (I’ve already watched my recording at least 5 times.)

240. Stormin - February 11, 2007

I enjoyed the remastered “The Doomsday Machine” but I was very disappointed that the scene and dialog where Commodore Decker is relieved of command was cut so poorly. The intensity of the confrontation was ruined. One of the best parts of the story and it has been removed. Too bad.

Another thing: Apple’s iTunes store does not appear to be offering the TOS first season episodes any longer. WTF? I sent them a letter asking why and got a reply that basically didn’t answer any of my questions. Freakin’ Steve Jobs!

241. freezejeans - February 11, 2007

208. CmdrR.

You mean Space War? :)

242. Joe Siegler - February 11, 2007

Ignoring all the Comic Book Guy stuff that appears above me about Constitution class stuff, and the “weapon debate”…

I enjoyed the update. I did NOT enjoy the hack job of syndication. When will this be available on iTunes or on Xbox Live so I can see the full 51 minute version? One of my favorite lines was cut “Blast Regulations – I order you to take command on my personal authority as Captain of the Enterprise”. The editing made it seem like Decker just “gave up” for no real reason.

I also hoped they’d clear up the scuff marks on the floor when Decker and the Red shirt faught – looks like it was the 10th take, they had marked up the floor pretty good, but that’s probably an unrealistic expectation.

But overall, pretty good stuff. of all of Star Trek, this episode I have burned into my brain far more than any other. I just wish we got the full version, but that’s no fault of the CGI people.

The Doomsday Machine itself looked more menacing than before. When I was a kid (I’m 41 now), the original was pretty scary, but I agree with Spinrad’s comment from his video about it looking like something that was dipped in cement. It’s not terribly threatening now, and the update is somewhat hampered by that design, you can’t go and make it unrecognizable. Also, the color of the thing did not seem consistent across all shots, but that could be because…

KFWD-52 here in Dallas though had a problem with their signal, so everything had a bit of ghosting, which sucked. :( Hopefully when they repeat it next Sunday it’ll be cleared up.

243. yo - February 12, 2007

Re: aft phasers …

From “Arena”:
“Aft phaser to Bridge. Alert status. All weapons at operational ready.”

Memory-Alpha.org notes that the above line from Arena is
“the first time we are given evidence in dialogue that the Enterprise
(and the Constitution-class ships in general) have aft weaponry.”

From “Turnabout Intruder”:
“Aft phaser, affirmative.”

Aft phasers are again mentioned in “Friday’s Child”,
according to the article mentioned below..

These of course are just bits of background / intercom voice chatter.
The aft phasers are not seen on screen.

From http://memory-alpha.org/en/wiki/USS_Defiant_(NCC-1764):
“Star Trek: Enterprise teleplay writer Mike Sussman noted in his
‘In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II’ podcast commentary that the USS Defiant
[in that episode] has aft phasers and torpedoes that … [the] Enterprise
apparently lacks or does not use on screen.
[However,] in the original series episodes ‘Arena’, ‘Friday’s Child’,
and “The Doomsday Machine”, a verbal reference to the Enterprise’s
‘aft phasers’ can be heard in a stock voice loop.” [See excerpts above]

Take it or leave it … Some will argue that aft phasers are established
canon. Others will argue that something merely mentioned in TOS
(particularly in mere background chatter) but not shown on screen
is not canon (taking literally, in this case, the dictum that
‘only what is seen on-screen is canon’).

I’m not taking sides on this …

244. yo - February 12, 2007

Note: Sorry, the link in my Post #243 does not work
(due to a bug in trekmovie.com web-link parsing).
If you click the link, it will take you to a wrong page.
If you want to use the link, you need to copy-paste the
entire URL, from “http://…” through the last part, “…(NCC-1764)”.

245. Howard Jones - February 12, 2007

I just saw it. And I loved it! They hit this baby out of the ballpark.

First, the bad thing: they cut it to blazes to cram more Relacor commercials down our throat, so anyone new to the show would be missing occasional bits of, say, character or plot development — nothing important. Grr.

But wow. All the new stuff — what wasn’t to like?

* The wrecked Constellation — just visually stunning

* Enterprise moving through the asteroid field

* The planet killer itself

* The Enterprise sweeping over the surface of the planet killer, firing phasers

* The Enterprise getting pulled into the maw of the planet killer and struggling against the tractor beam

* The Constellation lurching to life

* Decker’s escape on the shuttlecraft. Remember the original, when they had to use stock footage of the shuttlecraft and it takes forever to get out? I remember wondering why Sulu couldn’t close the shuttle bay doors when he detects them opening. NOW Decker gets the thing airborne before it’s even pointed at the doors and then veers it through before the doors open even halfway. Now when Sulu tries to shut the doors and reports that it’s too late, it makes more sense. They ENHANCED the story with that little fix.

* Finally, the glorious ride to death of the Constellation, lurching forward under impulse power to its doom, impulse engines blasting away…

Ah, it brought back the 12-year-old in me who loved this show more than anything. I sat down and watched it with my kids and they were riveted… except for the frequent commercial breaks. I will definitely have to invest in this set when it’s released. I didn’t buy the series on DVD because A. it’s expensive and B. I can play them back in my head I’ve seen ’em so many times. But to view them uncut with all these new effects — that’ll be worth it.

Incidentally, you can hear something about an “aft phaser” in the shipboard chatter that goes on in the background in some of the episodes. It’s there — I’m not anal enough to remember which episode(s) but I know I’ve heard it over the years. And I think the fine folks there at CBS digital heard it too, because I seem to remember that they mentioned it in an interview.

246. Howard Jones - February 12, 2007

Whoops — while I was posting my incomplete memories of aft phaser, someone else was apparently doing some research on the matter. Good work, that! I could never have dredged that info out of my memory…

247. Martin Paternoster - February 12, 2007

I just saw it.

Very well done, CBS-D. The new effects match sthe sound mix, music and story perfectly.

This is the best depiction of the “Windsock dipped in Cement” I could have hoped for.

Bravo, you did it.

248. ety3 - February 12, 2007

#21, 186, 187, 201, etc. — THE AFT RUNNING LIGHT

It is a light, and it has, in fact, been there since TOS. In the original series, it blinked very rapidly; moreso than the saucer navigation lights. In this remastered episode, I noticed that it does blink, but not as quickly as it should have.

The light is visible in many of the aft view “veering off” shots of the Enterprise, and in various orbital shots. A few examples:


249. Josh T. ( The undiscovered wrath of SPOCK voyage the motion picture) Kirk esquire' - February 12, 2007

Judging by all the new “faces” posting, I’d say Star Trek Remastered is a bonafied hit. I’d love to know the actual ratings.

250. JM - February 12, 2007

Did the actors flail around/lose their balance BEFORE the FX shot of the Constellation’s impulse engines were shown, moving the ship forward? That’s what I saw. Didn’t seem right…

Brilliant episode, both then and now. Bring on “Amok Time” :)

251. Jeff thorn - February 12, 2007

I thoughtit was great! Not happy with the edit down.

252. DarenDoc - February 12, 2007

I just watched the episode…

I thought it was pretty cool… :) Some nice solutions to the problems of fitting the actions to the shots, and really shows a lot of hard work. My only problem with it is the overall “look” of it… but that’s not worth debating here… they are consistent with their other work, so it fits in with the Remastered series. I applaud the work done.


253. Kyle H - February 12, 2007

When I was a kid in Tacoma, WA, channel 13 aired TNG at 7pm on Saturdays.

Now I live in Boston, and get TOS-R at 7pm on Saturdays (initially it was only broadcast in the wee hours).

So, the Circle of Life is complete (or something)!

Also, I appreciate the efforts of all (the vast majority, anyway) to be respectful of this forum, and even to pull back from excesses for “the needs of the many.” Thank you. That’s showing some class. And intelligence.



254. Dennis Bailey - February 12, 2007

“The Enteprise model , both Constitution and refit were thoroughly thought out models in terms of design, functionality, the wheres, whens and whys, and rear firing phasers or torpedoes were absolutely NEVER an intended integrated component of a Starship.”

No they weren’t. Not the original Constitution.

There was no provision on the original model for weapons at all – no details indicating phasers, no details indicating torpedo hatches.

Much has been made by some fans of a fuzzy piece of detail at the bottom of the lower saucer sensor dome, conflating it with a schematic from “Space Seed” to claim that it’s a phaser placement. There’s no corroboration for this, of course, from the designers and it runs afoul of the little fact that the phasers were never seen to emit from that location.

The fact is that the Enterprise’s hull-mounted armament was all made up to address specific story needs long after the model’s details were finalized (no use of such weaponry in either pilot).

The addition of rear-mounted phasers in the “Enterprise” episode is perfectly in keeping with the long-running “Star Trek” tradition of making that kind of stuff up as they went along based on story logic – a process that dates right back to the beginnings of TOS.

And the light to the side of the hangar bay is a navigational light; the production version of the model had them on both port and starboard.

255. Stanky McFibberich - February 12, 2007

252. DarenDoc

I somewhat agree with you about the overall look of the Enterprise. I like the lighter, smoother look of your model better, and think it is more like the original. Was great fun to see both CBS’s and your takes on that episode. I am about Doomsdayed out now.

I hope they don’t ditch the close-ups of the saucer which were prevalent throughout the 3rd season when it comes down to doing those episodes. I like those more static shots instead of always the ship zooming past.

Can’t count how many times I’ve watched ST-TMP the Director’s Edition since it came out on DVD. Nice work on that.

256. Jon - February 12, 2007

there’s many things they’d have to re-consider about the re-interpreted enterprise design for the upcoming movie.For one-hanger bay doors?They routinely use transparent force fields in Star Trek to seal and form barriers.This makes actual doors a bit of a throwback that betrays 23rd century technology.

257. Jim J - February 12, 2007

Frankly, from what I keep hearing from people who can download these…the effects really come to life and “lighten up”. I still say when it is watched IN HD (via dvd or maybe someday, broadcasted that way), it’ll make all the difference in the world.

258. Rich - February 12, 2007

Saw Doomsday Machine at 3AM New York City time…loved it…JUST LOVED IT!!! Falling asleep at my desk now!

A couple of questions…from what I’ve seen the new FX have no additional sound effects added to the soundtrack…I wonder if that will change with the uncut versions on DVD?

Crewman Washburn was wearing a Blue/Science shirt in this ep…was it always blue or was it Engineering Red in the original…can’t recall…but something seem different.

Also, in the remastered Arena, did anyone else notice that the Gorn now blinks!!! Very quickly and subtly, but definitely reptilian…nice touch!!!

259. Stanky McFibberich - February 12, 2007

re:256. Jon

I’m not crazy about them doing a movie set in that era at all, unless they use different characters, and especially so if they take too many liberties with the look of the ship inside and out. I’m not talking about plywood and cardboard here. Of course they should use better materials, but retain the basic coloration and positioning of things.

I love the hangar (hanger ?) :) bay doors. They are a part of the ship.

We know what it looks like, so if they are going to change it, they should just do a movie set in some other era.

Of course I know the wheels are already in progress and none of my opinion matters to anyone who has anything to do with it…….and, yes, I know nobody is going to force me to watch it.

Have a good day.

260. Lao3D - February 12, 2007

Now that us poor sods in NY have had a chance to view the full episode with our morning coffee, I’ll throw my two cents in.

It was extremely well done and certainly gives the episode greater “weight” than the some of the snicker-inducing effects from the original (the poor beat-up AMT model chiefly; I wasn’t buying that even as a wet-behind-the-ears youth in the ’70s). The ships looked great, as did the Planet Killer for the most part. Still have problems with some of the swoopy Enterprise shots, but that’s just me. They composed most of their shots with style and thoughtfulness, and executed them well.

I think CBS-D and Daren Dochterman both accomplished what they set out to do admirably. CBS gave us their “how might they do it today” version and Daren gave us his “how might they have done it then, with an extra hundred grand and another couple of months for FX” version. Its a matter of personal opinion which is “better” — I would have opted for DD’s look overall, as for me it blends more seamlessly and “feels” more like old-school Trek – and yes that means sometimes looking a little fake — but in a good way!

In all honestly, I think I can see overall why CBS-D went with the look they chose, since I think it might be a bit more commercially viable. I can imagine some outraged buyer of a “remastered” HD-DVD seeing a Dochterman version and shouting “This looks like it was done in the 1960’s!” To me, no higher praise possible. To others… well to each their own.

In any event, thanks to both for giving us two Doomsdays to die for!

261. Scarpad - February 12, 2007

I have this on my DVR but I’m gonna fight the need to see this until it gets posted in all it’s Uncut HD Glory on Xbox Live, this episode demands to be seen uncut and In HD.

262. Dr. Image - February 12, 2007

Simply put, this one is a “re-masterpiece.”
JJ should look to this ep and Babel for his paradigm example of how Trek should be done.
Congratulations, CBS-D, and thanks for all the research and hard work you guys have been doing. (AND for listening to us!)

263. diabolik - February 12, 2007

Has anyone thought about that small feature on the back end of the ship, being the pod that Finney occupied as he monitored the ion storm, in “Courtmartial”? The wrote that into the story but it was never show outside on the ship. Just a thought. I need to consult the blueprints to see what it actually is.

264. diabolik - February 12, 2007

And although they never used aft phasers in the series, the fact that they were referred to, even if only in the background intercom chatter, is good enough for me. The excuse that only “visible filmed” elements are canon is somewhat silly… how many verbal statements, not visible on film but “heard” are considered canon? This fits.

There are aft phasers. Makes sense. WHO in their right mind would design a real or fictional ship that had to turn around to fire?

265. Jack Plotner - February 12, 2007

Wow , look at all the comments. And I see the same people made way to many comments and replies. The episode totally ROCKED!!!!. Yes, Mr. Trek Enhanced has the Enterprise with real weight to it, but CBS-D did a fantastic job here. Did they consult Mr. Spinard or any one else for that matter that is still around the work on the original before they do these re-do’s? I think they great artists at CBS-D and with so people telling what to do must be hard and trying to figure what works. Those veiw screens with nothing but goofy space art still bugs me that is on the bridge set. Maybe there could be an extra special addition on the Blue-Ray.H-DVD’s coming out with something on those screens.
Yes, I know that has not been an announcement on Blue-Ray for Star Trek yet, but from what I have heard and seen it looks like Blue-Ray is winning. I was in Fry’s Electronics in Sunnyvale California the other day and there was about nine gentlemen looking at and buying Blue-Ray DVD’s and the HD-DVD’s right next to the next shelf had no one looking at them. It is to bad there is this dual format. It makes things really horrible having to wait for the format war to end.

266. SPOCKBOY - February 12, 2007

Well I’m a little pressed for time so I will reserve my critisizms for later but in a word?
I threw together this video to illustrate a point I have made several times in the past about CBS Digital’s BIGGEST problem being “lighting” Admittedly after seeing Doomsday Machine it all seems rather irrelevant, but I remind myself that Where No Man Has Gone Before(not so good) came AFTER Space Seed (absolutely flawless)
It’s a shot of Greg Jeins model next ot CBS Digitals with the same angle and movement. Note the contrast in lighting with the REAL model which exploits the CARTOONYNESS of the digital version.

Keep up the good work CBS!


267. steveinsf - February 12, 2007

I more post. The Enterprise sways and vears ( sorry–can’t spell that) back and forth slightly to avoid the larger asteroids. You can see that movement as well during the screen shots. Excellent detail!

268. steveinsf - February 12, 2007

one more–not “I” more. Sheesh

269. Reign1701A - February 12, 2007

This was just completely and utterly awesome. I watched this with the family on our 65″ projection: brother, father, and mother because the Doomsday Machine is our favorite episode..and we were all floored! The new flybys of the E were great. My brother pointed out how similar the new flybys are to flybys from the movies. The great shot from the Constellation POV reminded me of the E approaching from the Reliant’s viewscreen in ST II. I loved the re-worked “geography” of the battle, the original never made sense to me. I saw the crappy quality youtube fx reel first because we don’t get ST Remastered here in Northern VA (DC area) until 11 pm on Sunday, and I have to say it looks 100x better on real TV. Goes to show: NEVER JUDGE FX BY CRAPPY 30 SEC PREVIEWS OR YOUTUBE REELS!! The only negative thing I can say is that I sitll prefer the “nuclear furnace” of the original DDM, it looked more scary and realistic to me. The new effect isn’t bad either, just a preference. But the hull of the DDM looked way better in the Remastered version. All in all, fantastic episode, this was the one I was waiting for since I first heard of this project and CBS digital not only met my expectations, they BLEW THE AWAY!

270. Reign1701A - February 12, 2007

Oh and to Spockboy: I think the CBS D version of the E looks better in that reel. Then again, I hated the Greg Jein model of the E, when Trials and Tribbleations first aired I thought it looked like crappy CGI. The only thing that beats out the CBS D model is the E as filmed in some episodes in the third season.

271. Dr. Image - February 12, 2007

#270- Yes, by comparison the Jein model falls short- BUT at the TIME the episode aired, everyone was blown away.
I really hate any depiction that emphasises grid lines, especially on the underside of the primary hull. CBS-D is treating them exactly right- barely visible if at all.
One stylistic aspect that hurts the CBS E is that they’re using massively diffuse multidirectional lighting. In other words, simulating stars. Instead of this they should take some artistic license ala Daren and Dennis.
After all, they’re trying to honor the original, aren’t they?

272. Kyle H - February 12, 2007

re: #260, Well said.

Daren succeeded (in most shots) in making me believe that he built a gigantic 25-foot wood and plastic model in his basement and painstakingly painted it, wired it, and photgraphed it prior to the advent of ILM-esque motion control! :) I’d like to see that sucker on E-Bay.

Now, apart from the pseudo-practical vs. CGI model debate, perhaps a shot that illustrates well the difference in approach is toward the end of the TDM when Kirk and Spock walk past the viewscreen.

In DarenDoc’s version, you can see light hitting the screen itself — and the image on the screen looks more like a 1960’s effect, or a practical, in-camera painting even. It’s a nice little touch that fits his stylistic approach. (If I’m not mistaken, the studio light washing out the screen is in the original version, I might add.) You don’t see that element in the CBS-D version, because that’s not their “look.”

As for CBS-D’s CGI model work, based on what I’ve read over the past few months, I get the vibe that some posters here assume that CBS-D are trying to go completely “2007.”

On the contrary, to my eye it It seems to me that CBS-D are attempting to *split the difference* between a “Dochtermanish” or “retro-pristine” look and a modern CGI look. The goal seems to be *slightly* stylized planets and starfields, with a two-steps-back-from-the-TMP-refit-look for the Enterprise herself.

TDM suggests that they can achieve that goal, and there seems to be plenty of praise posted here that affirms this.

Thanks for reading!

273. Kev - February 12, 2007

My half-cent review: Thought the syndicated cuts took some of the best lines. I like the new FX, although the scope of them seemed better suited for a movie; the big sweeping shots. I liked the asteroid field, but don’t think it matches the live footage or logic. If the Constellation had been tumbling in that much debris, obviously without shields, I don’t think Decker would have survived. And I don’t see Kirk taking his ship into that buzzsaw, either., especially since they would have had to drop shields to beam over. At least not without discussing it, and it’s much to dangerous a ploy to leave off camera. Bye, bye, Enterprise.The DDM was the star of this version, in the original it was portrayed as more of an even match, which I found more dramatic. For example when the phasers fire now the E is a flyspeck, the original views make Enterprise seem like a contender agsindt this thing; that might seem ridiculous given the size differentisl, but, like or not, the TOS Enterprise is invincible– the mechanical equivalent of Kirk’s human spirit (or ego?) whatever?; there are more shots showing the DDM in its entirety and the E and it completely in one frame; this DDM is bigger than the other if you look at the viewer shots. I miss that big side view of the Enterprise attacking.Overall it was darker and more deadly looking, which made Kirk’s casual dismissal of the thing a little odd at the end. I did like some of the big shots, though. The new version really needs the complete dialogue to pull it along since it’s going for a bigger feel. I enjoyed it. Still like the orig. for reasons cited.

274. Jeff Bond - February 12, 2007

Wow…heading toward 300 comments…I have to wonder if this isn’t too early for CBS D to have shot their wad…now what do we have to look forward to? :)

I haven’t even skimmed these comments, but having seen both versions I agree with what it seems most people are saying–Daren’s version acheived a classic period look with some wonderful angles–he finally reproduced a bow-on angle of the Enterprise that’s my favorite shot of the ship, and one that CBSD has yet to reproduce. Having said that, I loved the scale and drama of CBSD’s shots–especially the long range establishing shots, some beautifully subtle work. Shots like the first hit on the Enterprise after Decker boards, shot from below with the Enterprise hurtling up away from the Planet Killer, really made me go “Wow!” Both versions sold the scale of the Planet Killer’s maw, and the only criticism I really have is of the “strafing” shots as Decker takes the Enterprise across the length of the Doomsday Machine. I LOVE the opening view of this on Kirk’s viewscreen on the Constellation–that really looked real, like a distant view of a huge ship firing phasers. But the skim over the surface of the Doomsday Machine lost the sense of scale I thought–it looked like airbrushed texture on clay or bent aluminum or something, but I lost the sense there that this was a massive object. Those are quibbles though–this is certainly some of the best work I’ve seen from CBS Digital on this project yet, and Daren’s work is terrific in its own right, especially given that he’s a one man operation. Congratulations to everyone…

275. Doug - February 12, 2007

CBS and Paramount have a real opportunity here to release something special and worth purchasing all over again i might add.

what could they do to make this worthwhile and special…

1) fix the earlier episodes that had some effects problems.
2) revisit the areas they left untouched for lack of time or budget
3) extend the episodes with added effects shots as has been suggested by some posters previously.

This isn’t wishful thinking, it’s good business and a good plan. I’m seriously up for a petition to do this right. If enough people get behind it, we might see some more enhancements before these eps go to dvd.


276. THEETrekMaster - February 12, 2007


The lights on either side on the back of the secondary hull is called the “Ion pod”. It was there on the original model also. In fact, I have a kit lighting set for a model kit of the original E that provides blinking LEDs for this.

It was there before…it’s there now…all is good.


277. Robert Bernardo - February 12, 2007

Congratulations on CBS Digital’s work on the Doomsday Machine! Now I can enjoy their FX work (well-thought out sequences), Daren’s work (beauty shots of the Enterprise and Constellation), and the original work (the height of 1960’s film-compositing and model work for television). As for the edited scenes, all I have to do is pop in the laserdisc/DVD version of the Doomsday Machine and see those scenes again. Ah, life is good! :-)

278. Robert Bernardo - February 12, 2007

CmdrR. wrote:

> Will we finally see TOS toilets?

Well, close enough… Kirk on the toilet in Star Trek V. :-)

279. Dr. Image - February 12, 2007

275- Doug
I could not agree more.
And when all is said and done (right), they could even be shown theatrically. Imagine, DDM, DLP projected onto a 50ft. screen. A long way from the scratched and dirty 16mm prints that used to be shown at cons. (Yeah, that old…)

280. Jon - February 12, 2007

I’m suprised they didn’t show them(toilets) in any of the spin offs.That would have been compelling.

281. Michael Hall - February 12, 2007

“Daren’s version acheived a classic period look with some wonderful angles–he finally reproduced a bow-on angle of the Enterprise that’s my favorite shot of the ship, and one that CBSD has yet to reproduce.”

Jeff–Amen. That was always my favorite angle of the ship as well, and it graced many a piece of notebook paper in school when I should have been studying rather than doodling. The angle was notably used as the departure from K-7 in “The Trouble with Tribbles,” and I was somewhat put out by CBS-D’s decision to use a far less-flattering camera pan on the old girl instead. But even with their altered lighting scheme, I hope CBS tries to pull off their own take on it someday. Daren’s version was spot-on–at the risk of offending the more delicate sensibilities around here, he nailed that sumbitch.

In the meantime, CBS, let me add to the chorus of praise for the great work you’ve done in revitalizing this classic episode. J.J. Abrams will have done well to stoke my sense of wonder like you did this week.

282. SPOCKBOY - February 12, 2007

You guys HAVE to see this….

It’s 2 things,
1)absolutely hilariously bad.
2)very revealing in how GOOD Star Trek looks in widescreen.


283. Jon - February 12, 2007

They need to make the Enterprise a bit bigger for the new movie.It’s really not that big a ship when you consider 400 plus people(and they all have their own rooms?).The implication is that it is but the proportions are wrong.look how much ship that hanger bay takes up and it’s(the hanger bay)small.Realistically the proportions on the Excelsior or Enterprise B are more in line with the narrative.they need to size ‘er up a bit in the movie to address this error.Take what’s there and make it make sense.i’m looking forward to the new interpretation of the Enterprise.I hope the production designer can re-interpret it so it’s more realistic.

284. Stanky McFibberich - February 12, 2007

re:282. SPOCKBOY

Thanks, Spockboy…It’s Boulderiffic!

Actually, the widescreen aspect worked for me. Would be good to have a widescreen version available.

Man, there was a lots of them there boulders:)

285. Jon - February 12, 2007

Uh-oh.Just watching Scarborough.Sumner Redstone is saying He’d work again with Tom Cruise.Our next Spock?Don’t take it from me .Check for yourself.

286. TomBot2007 - February 12, 2007

So, whatever happened to that Funnle of Doom? You know that Neutronium Shell came in handy for something… ;-)

287. Deckard - February 13, 2007

With all this talk about aft phasers, has anyone noticed in this episode they mentioned “main phasers”. Well, if there are no other phasers on the ship, why refer to them as MAIN phasers? The word “main” insinuates there are others, right?

Not to mention the background chatter. Are we supposed to just dismiss that? I mean it’s canon if it’s in the show, and IT’S IN THE SHOW.

It’s like these people I used to come across at conventions who’d bitch and moan that the Tech Manual wasn’t canon, but I’d tell them that there were starships from the tech manual mentioned in ST:TMP which would shut them RIGHT UP.

Jeez, you people nitpick too much.

288. Cervantes - February 13, 2007

posts #82 and #112

Now THERE’S an inventive angle of the Enterprise that I would have love to have seen the likes of by special effects guys doing different TOS series shots!…

289. diabolik - February 13, 2007

Deckard, #287….

YOU SAID IT! You have nailed the one thing that supports the idea of multiple phasers. I can’t believe no-one else thought of this. Agree with all of your points, and the background chatter mentioning all the Tech Manual ships did not go unnoticed to me when I saw it.

290. Ingo Meiser - February 13, 2007

I wonder where the preview for Amok time is?
I’d like to see more…

291. Kelso - February 13, 2007

I’m shocked to see people complaining about the shuttle launch! That was one of my favorite aspects of the new effects. I could actually imagine Decker at the controls of that CGI shuttle. He didn’t bother waiting for the standard launch procedure, but instead ‘floored it’ and went pealing out of the hanger deck before Sulu could close the doors. That was really a nice touch.

I stayed up this weekend to watch this one live (here in Atlanta it plays at 205am)… but it was worth every second of lost sleep. Fantastic job, guys.

292. Shay - February 14, 2007

I really cant wait to see the ultimate computer with 4 star ships engaged and the cool cmdr wesley show compassion from his new cgi Lexington!


293. JB - February 14, 2007

I just watched DDM again with my kids (a new generation of TOS fans) and I think I may have spotted a faux pas. I thought they had established that the intercom system on the Constellation was out, so the boarding party relied on communicators. But after Decker commits suicide, when Kirk finishes his conversation with Spock, he closes his communicator. Cut to Scotty talking on his communicator to Kirk, who then responds. How? His communicator is shut off. Previously, Kirk was only talking to Scotty using the communicator. And if the intercom system had been fixed, why was Scotty still using his communicator?

Pardon me if someone already noticed; I didn’t read all 292 posts.

294. Cervantes - February 15, 2007

For a beautiful artwork rendering of the “Doomsday Machine”, both in it’s colour, lighting, and composition…type this in:


I would have personally loved the upgrade to have matched this in it’s lighting and look (like the original show’s model), oh well…

295. Robert Bernardo - February 15, 2007

JB wrote:

> …I think I may have spotted a faux pas.

Another unintended error in the remastered episode. In the original, Decker in the shuttlecraft is heading towards the DDM. The light on the shuttle’s interior background and on Decker’s face brightens has he heads closer to the maw of the DDM, and we the audience are rewarded with head-on shots of the DDM through the shuttle viewports. However, now in the remastered episode, the light brightens in the same manner, but we are treated to an arcing pan of the shuttlecraft curving around to the DDM before it heads directly to the maw. In the arc to the DDM, there would be no extra light coming from the DDM’s maw. That makes for a continuity error.

296. Jimtibkirk - February 16, 2007

Sorry to spoil the fun (my favorite ep, great CGI, keep watching over and over), but here’s the biggest plot hole in the history of mankind … let’s not keep firing photon torpedoes into that maw until she’s dead Jim. Instead, we’ll throw some ships into her and have them explode. Hilarious!

297. Michael Spadaro - March 1, 2007

This episode was one I waited a long time for, and overall, I wasn’t disappointed.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the new visual effects. Long overdue, if you ask me. If this isn’t at least NOMINATED for an Emmy, I’ll scream. Rather, my disappointment lies with the version of the episode that was remastered: the syndicated version. Having seen both the syndicated and unsyndicated versions of the original episode, I think the unsyndicated version flows better. For example, in the unsyndicated version, when Kirk tells Spock to relieve Decker of command, our favorite Vulcan has to threaten Decker with being arrested. Only then does Decker back down. In the syndicated version, we don’t see any of this. All Spock does is say, “Commodore Decker, you are relieved of command”, and Decker vacates the captain’s chair.

I just hope that when DVD’s of the remastered episodes come out, they’ll include remastered versions of both the syndicated AND unsyndicated versions of the episodes.

298. Green - April 25, 2007

Hi Sam! Photos i send on e-mail.

299. Jay - June 8, 2007

This was one of my favorite of the original series shows.

I hate to be the only one saying this but GOD THIS SUCKS! The Shuttle craft looping around on the flight deck? Is Decker supposed to be the worst or craziest pilot in the Federation of Planets? Why would he waste time “fooling” around if he is trying to get away in an unauthorized flight.

Talk to some real pilots and more important some old ones that are still alive… You don’t screw around in confined spaces you go OUT.


I think the curving flight that everyone has started using in all the “Space” special effects scenes ignores several things. #1 its not accurate without air and while “possible” with really advanced technology has no point that I can think of. It looks crappy and Illogical – P L E A S E STOP DOING IT! It makes you look like idiots.

And the damage to Deckers ship. Wouldn’t you expect that with that level of damage it would

A) BLOW UP. And…

B) not be able to do “anything” no matter how good Scotty is? Yikes…

I keep missing the missing lines that are removed to “cute” up outside shots etc. Am I the only one that prefers the uncut dialog vrs what seems like “overacting” in the special effects department?

And last. Maybe I’m the only one but CGI ships looks “fake” Too smooth not enough details. The Models used in the original show lacked what we see in a Movie house but this worship of CGI is so…. poor.

300. Patch - September 24, 2007

I’ve skimmed through most of the comments on here but not all of them, so if I’m repeating something, I’m sorry in advance. Overall, a great job by CBS Digital. Best episode of TOS in nearly every respect, and the improved SFX make it that much better. With that said, I have two nitpicks and two theories about plot holes.

NP #1: The angle of phaser beams.

When the Big E is firing on the DM, you clearly see in the establishing visual from the Connie that the beams are separating in distance as they travel from the Big E to the surface of the DM. This effect is also present in the shots where the Big E is skimming the surface of the DM, peppering it with phaser fire. However, in the closeups of phaser impact, the beams are actually coming closer together.

If I were a starship officer trying to get maximum effect from my ship’s armament, I’d want the concentrated power of both main phaser beams on the same spot, not spread all over from hell to breakfast. This isn’t the only episode that has this problem.

NP #2: Connie’s bridge.

Spock says the bridge is damaged and uninhabitable, but the rest of the ship seems able to support life. Hmm…the bridge looks fine to me, but that forward starboard section of the primary hull can’t support a damn thing, because it’s simply not there! Well, I suppose he meant what’s left of the ship can support life, but again, there’s no damage to the bridge that I can see.

Theory #1: Why photon torpedoes weren’t used.

Remember Washburn telling Kirk that the antimatter in the warp drive pods had been deactivated? It would make sense that the same general energy dampening field that caused it would also deactivate the antimatter in the photon torpedo warheads. It stands to reason that Matt Decker probably tried firing torpedoes from the Connie and found they were duds – when he took over the Big E, he knew not to even try. (Too bad they didn’t have quantum torpedoes back then…)

Theory #2: Why a simple nuclear fusion explosion of only 195.67 megatons (97.835 megatons per impulse engine overloaded) killed the machine where so many others had presumably failed.

Assume the machine came from outside the galaxy, as Spock stated. It would likely be low on energy, caused by a lack of matter between the galaxies for the DM to convert to energy. It makes sense that the DM would be just starting to regenerate its power reserves and rebuild itself to continue fulfilling its program. The battle with the Connie weakened it somewhat, the battle with the Big E weakened it more, and it was just weak enough to be deactivated by the fusion explosion. (Must’ve been a hell of an EMP burst…)

301. Ishmael back - January 19, 2008

http://groups.google.com/group/deep-good-throat/web/deep-throat-sexually;Deep Throat Sexually

302. Richard Dobreny - December 5, 2008

Actually the DM was built by the “Preservers” just outside our galaxy in a safe zone. It was designed to kill the Borg…. This was in a TNG novel and made perfect sense as the DM could not really come from another galaxy as the intergalatic void is too great and there is no fuel

303. shane Clark - June 12, 2009

good show

304. SonnySwayzeSulu - November 24, 2009

Classic anti-drug metaphor episode. “Big Joint” wrecking the universe…
(remember…twas the 60’s)

I remember when this “controversy” was all the rage WAY before the internet even remotely existed. (computers barely started to play games). Decker…classic victim of “wacky tobaccy”.

Just in case people forgot.

Sexual frustration episode…? Hardly…plenty of other Star Trek episodes for that.

This was drug stuff…pure and simple…and obvious.
(at least back then! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

305. Digitalman - December 18, 2009

Just saw the remastered episode up here in Canada and WOW! it finally all came together the way it was meant to be viewed. The acting, music and story were always the best part which made me overlook the corny special effects of the time. The CGI really was well done here and enhanced one of the best episodes even more. Kudos to CBS digital.

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