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Paradise Syndrome Remastered Preview February 21, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: TOS-R Preview , trackback have put up a preview for this weekend’s "Paradise Syndrome" Remastered.

click image to play in WMP or Click Here for QT


1. steve-o - February 22, 2007

clearly there was a better episode they could have picked to remaster. isnt it amazing how anything can seem dramatic and interesting when that music is played in the background

2. Penhall - February 22, 2007

They wont do it, but I’d like to see CBS Digital dub in some heavy THUD sounds when Mirmanee is pelted by rocks. They look kinda fake, but some good sound effects would sell the scene a lot better, not to mention make it more dramatic…

3. Cranston - February 22, 2007

Hmm. Not sure I like the orbital shot of Earth for this episode. I haven’t watched “The Paradise Syndrome” in years, but was the planet supposed to be an exact copy of Earth?

Or maybe this is just stock footage used for the preview and not from the actual episode.

Anyway, not the best episode by a long shot, but one with some fun ideas (the progenitors, the cool asteroid defense mechanism, etc) and some awful ones (the planet populated by Hollywood Stock ‘Primitive Indian’ stereotypes). But who doesn’t love “I AM KIROK!” ?

4. Josh T. ( The Undiscovered Wrath of Spock Voyage The Motion Picture) Kirk Esquire' - February 22, 2007

You know, I’ll admit it, I’m a man. I don’t give a rats ass what anyone says, when Miramanee passes I get misty eyed and gulp. This is probably the most overlooked, unappreciated, tender moment in Trek history and only serves to reinforce the ACTING giants that made up Star Trek. Oh yeah, it’s the Cello cue right at the moment she passes. Powerful, listen for it.

5. joe - February 22, 2007

looks like nobody bothered to do anything about the phaser beams that start Out diverging but somehow mysteriously converge.

6. Josh T. ( The Undiscovered Wrath of Spock Voyage The Motion Picture) Kirk Esquire' - February 22, 2007

There isn’t an issue with the phasers Joe, they don’t converge it’s a perspective issue.

Oh, and before everyone falls apart crying the planetary orbit shot is stock footage of the initial CGI model orbiting Earth simply used for the preview.

7. Holo J - February 22, 2007

I can’t be sure, and I may well be wrong but it looks like the shock Kirk gets from the alien obelisk has been tweaked.

I think the orbit shot at the beginning is stock footage from the earlier model they used.

8. Dom - February 22, 2007

I’ll always remember the ending of this story. Beautifully done.

9. Cervantes - February 22, 2007

I remember thinking the design of the “Obelisk” in this was very cool as a youngster, and as a working designer now, still do. Some of the new shots in this particular preview look excellent I’m glad to say, as I’m still smarting over my favourite ever object design (apart from the original Enterprise…obviously) from Star Trek:TOS, the “Doomsday Machine”, not resembling the original Model in it’s design and colours more closely, as re-imagined by CBS Digital.

I know, I have to let it go now…
But first please allow me to indulge myself one more time folks before I do, and show this rendition I came across to anyone that has missed it, as I think it captures well the imagery of the mysterious looking “cement windsock” look of the ’60s original.

10. Cervantes - February 22, 2007

Apologies folks…a small error.

Go to:

11. Doug - February 22, 2007

re 4

I agree with you Josh, this has always ranked high with me. I think it’s a really touching character episode. Looking forward to it.


12. Dom - February 22, 2007

After the epics that were Where No Man . . . and the Doomsday Machine, I reckon they’d have to do a few of these smaller, FX-lite eps!

13. Stanky McFibberich - February 22, 2007

One of my favorite episodes.
Those previews go by so fast, I don’t see how you guys can see all this stuff. :)

14. charlie - February 22, 2007

The only special effect I want to see from this episode is that hottie named Miramanee. Buckskin never looked sexier.

15. Scarpad - February 22, 2007

This was always a favorite of mine and one of the Better 3rd season eps, sure you have Indians straight out of the western’s of the time, what else would you expect. But it was also a good chance to see Jim Kirk have the Life he never could have as captain of the Enterprise. He was after all stranded there for what a couple of months. Also there are some great Spock/Mccoy moments where spock spends a month staring at the Oblisk symbols, Mccoy comes in and tells him he has to get some rest or he will have him relieved, Spock Lays on his Bed, and then as soon as McCoy Leaves returns to the Monitor, it really shows the Bond that Kirk-Spock Had. And lets not Downplay the Ending, It always Mists Me up, as Jim Kirk not only loses his Wife but his Child. Ans shatner played it wonderfully.

16. Kyle H - February 22, 2007

Here’s hoping they CGI the line between Kirk’s pointy stiletto sideburns and the stuck-on patches that make them chunky, hippie sideburns. ;)

Even as a wee lad that always bugged me!

17. Lao3D - February 22, 2007

I’ve never understood why the original producers felt thay had to use the exact duplicate of Earth, both here and in Miri (apart from reusing stock footage). I was always willing to buy the whole parallel cultural development thing, but identical continents were always hard for me to swallow.

Apart from that, I always liked the story of this one, great script for Shatner to sink his teeth into.

18. diabolik - February 22, 2007

I don’t remember it being an exact duplicate of Earth, just similar. I suppose I need to watch the original again….

But yeah, the music and emotion of Miramanee’s death always teared me up big time. She was the one woman to whom Kirk gave himself to without reserve (since he had no memory) and why she is overlooked as one of Kirk’s greatest loves is beyond me.

19. CmdrR - February 22, 2007

Dang, you all made the points I wanted to make. I knew someone would say this isn’t the best episode. But, it’s one of my favorites. I love the idea of Enterprise going on a mission that lasts more than two days. I love the McCoy-Spock bickering. I lust after Mirimani. Scotty also gets some great lines in this one: “Me bairns, me poor bairns,” refering to his engines as dying children. I didn’t know what the hell he was saying until English Lit class years later when we looked at “Bobby Brown (Not Whitney’s ex, the talented one.)

20. MichaelJohn - February 22, 2007

This has always been one of my favorite episodes. I lthink I like all the TOS episodes that were filmed outside on real locations, instead of on sound stages. That adds much more believability to me.

And, as others have already mentioned, there’s Miramony…..probably the sexiest women in TOS! Why, why did she have to die at the end of this episode? What a waste of hot alien babe!!


21. Clinton - February 22, 2007

And now for other one of my patented “am I remembering things wrong?” moments: Is the shot of the sparking in the engine room remastered?

And, yes, I think CBS-D deserves a bit of a rest this week, with a less graphics-intense episode like this.

22. Ralph F - February 22, 2007

I always thought the episode order was specific to anticipated workload; i.e., you have something heavy-FX like DOOMSDAY and then a few light(er)-FX eps like this one to (a) give the team a bit of a break and (b) to allow part of the team to work on the next “heavy” episode.

23. CmdrR - February 22, 2007

15 – “sure you have Indians straight out of the western’s of the time”

Sure, if by ‘straight’ you mean with a side trip to Spain. This episode brings to mind (slightly) Shatner’s never-to-be-forgotten-or-forgiven turn in 1967’s White Commanche.

24. Lao3D - February 22, 2007

I may have misremembered the Earth duplicate thing as well. They use it in the preview, but they’ve often done that in these. Sucks getting old…

The sparky engines appear as they were in the original, I think — very cool effect as well:

25. TroyPo43 - February 22, 2007

Ah yes…Season 3, the “Girlfriend of the Week” season. **sigh** Its gonna be a long hour this week after “Doomsday” and “Amok Time”…

26. Jim J - February 22, 2007

I’m not so sure this episode is as short of special effects as many of you imply. I seem to remember several space shots of the ship, planet, asteroid, phasers, deflector, and so on. Maybe I am remembering incorrectly.

How can you not drool over Miramanee??? I put her and Dr. Helen Noel in my top 5, heck, top 3!!!! I’m really looking forward to this one. In some ways it’ll be nice that CBS-D takes a short break or two after this. I suppose they will be using that time to work on season one for the dvd’s.

Anthony-Have you ever heard from them at CBS-D if they ARE going back and tweaking their earlier work with the newer model of the big E? It’ll be such a shame to have the first model yet on dvd for “Balance of Terror” and others. Especially those nacelles!!! Also, are they ever gonna fix the first and second season credits by adding the new big E (with correct nacelles) model???? Anything you could find out about this would be appreciated.

27. diabolik - February 22, 2007

This episode reeks with effects shots beyond the usual stock ones we always see. I am looking forward to seeing them, and this was one of the few third season shows that I actually like and have no complaints about.

28. Michael Hall - February 22, 2007

By third season standards, this episode was a pleasure, and not even a particularly guilty one. As others have noted, Sabrina Scharf was lovely, and given the material she had to work with, more than good enough in the role of Miramanee. (For the Sexiest Woman in TOS award, though, I’d have to go with Barbara Bouchet from “By Any Other Name”–just an amazingly beautiful female.) I’ll look forward to seeing this one again after many years.

29. ety3 - February 22, 2007

There’s even a energy burst from the deflector dish in this episode. Remember? It was yellow:

As for duplicate Earths, this wasn’t one of those episodes. The American Indians were taken from Earth by the Preservers and deposited on this M-class planet since they were threatened with extinction.

30. CmdrR - February 22, 2007

Are we starting a list of TILFs? (Trekettes I’d…)

OK, My Top 5:

Dr. Helen Noel
Yoeman Rand
Green Vina

ask me next week, i’ll have a different list

31. tronnei - February 22, 2007

No list can be complete without Jill Ireland :)

32. Scott - February 22, 2007

I agree with or will state these points:

– one of the (to my mind THE) best episode(s) of Season Three.

– Sabrina Scharf was exquisite…which Kirok among us wouldn’t fall arse-over-teakettle in love with Miramanee?

– the ending is the saddest in all Trek, beating “City…” or any other.

– Excellent score…did anyone say excellent score? Excellent.

– This is just a very Earth-like planet, like the Roman planet in “Bread and Circuses,” but not an exact duplicate, as Miri’s planet (quite inexplicably) was.

– Location shooting always makes an episode better.

– Looking forward to a new asteroid.

Scott B. out.

33. billy don't be a hiro - February 22, 2007

#30, how could you forget Andrea, Roger Corby’s android geisha?

34. CmdrR - February 22, 2007

Natira’s no slouch, either. As I say, there are more than 5. Keep voting guys. Babism is definitely a part of Trek. Ladies are certainly invited to talk about Apollo’s chest.

35. brady - February 22, 2007

i guess its time for anthony to do a poll and put the fighting to rest on best trek babe

36. Bill - February 22, 2007

I always had a soft spot for Marla McGivers from Space Seed. Sigh. Well, next week I’ll see her again.

37. Scott - February 22, 2007

Heaven help me…here goes:

1. Sabrina Scharf – Miramanee, “Paradise Syndrome”
2. Leslie Parrish – Carolyn Palamas, “Who Mourns…Adonis”
3. Marianna Hill – Helen Noel, “Dagger…Mind’s Eye”
4. Emily Banks – Tonia Barrows, “Shore Leave”
5. Venita Wolf – Teresa Ross, “Squire of Gothos”

Not all obvious choices, and I’m sure I’m neglecting some close competition, but there it is.

Scott B. out.

38. diabolik - February 22, 2007

Splinter, dagger, they both sound pretty painful in the eye. Only one goes in Kirk’s and the other Han’s.. :)

Easy mixup between “Dagger of the Mind” and “Splinter in the Mind’s Eye.”

I read that book too.

39. ZtoA - February 22, 2007

Scene: Miramanee enters tent and awakens Kirock… (buck-uh, buck-uh, bwow-bwooowwww) …I know some of you out there get it…

The difference between Spock and a good drinkin’ buddy is that the good drinkin’ buddy will buy you a beer and say “you’ve gotta forget about her”… Spock, on the other hand, can really make you forget… and lot leave you hung-over. Spock should replace Dr. Phil.

Let’s bring on Immunity Syndrom and Tholian Web… the CGI guys should have a blast with amoeba’s and bright gold strings…LOL

Live long and prosper, y’all!!

40. Robert Bernardo - February 22, 2007

And there are screen captures of the Remastered Paradise Syndrome at (and copied over to

41. diabolik - February 22, 2007

Looking forward to both of those FX-heavy episodes.

This is a good time to be a Star Trek fan, I tell you. I’ve not been this excited over anything Trek in a long time, as I have anticipating, watching and discussing these remastered episodes.

42. Michael Appleton - February 22, 2007

Sabrina Scharf as Miramanee always made me want to be “in-tents” with her! Err,..sorry, bad pun! I guess I have no “reservations” when it comes to North American Indian jokes. Whoops, there I go again…geez, I’m blushing, look at my “red skin”. Aarghh, can’t stop…

43. Dr. Image - February 22, 2007

#37 Scott-
Yvonne Craig? Marta??! Green!! Aka/ Batgirl?!! DUH!!!
My fantasies reel…….UUhhhh… (sorry…)

44. Scott - February 22, 2007


diabolik — good grief. What corner of my mind’s eye did I pull that out of?!

And here I was, so proud I could call up all those actresses and their roles…come to think of it, I guess those neurons were aligned around the same time I read that book!

Scott B. out of it.

45. paul austin - February 22, 2007

pile it on, but i like this episode…kirk centric, sad ending…great location footage. the ending used to crush me. It’s good for CBS-D to mix the not so popular in with the popular otherwise there will be a huge lull at the end of the run. But for me this is a great episode.
and btw i wish ‘white comanche’ was out on dvd…i used to catch it ebery now and then on tv and laugh

46. Jim J - February 22, 2007

Wow, look at what I started by saying she was in my top 3 along with Helen Noel. Guss I better add in my 2 cents on this, too.

1. Helen Noel
2. Miramanee
3. Carolyn Palamas
4. Teresa Ross
5. Vina
6. Tonia Barrows
7. Andrea the android
8. The babe from Wink of an Eye
9. The babe from By Any Other Name
10. Yeoman Rand

47. Sando Ravor - February 22, 2007

It’s a shame they can’t remaster those styrofoam rocks. Then again, maybe styrofoam is like Kryptonite to people from that planet.

48. diabolik - February 22, 2007

Did annyone else ever see the funny but short-lived Trek/SF parody/comedy called “Quark”? I loved that show, how I wish they would release it on DVD. Everything else is, so maybe there’s hope.

Anyway, there was an episode with an obelisk almost identical to this one in it, as an homage to it. I have a few of these on videotape, but I’m holding out for the DVD set.

49. diabolik - February 22, 2007

Here’s the wiki page on it:

50. CmdrR - February 22, 2007

47 – “…to people from that planet.”

They’re from Earth, or their ancestors were.

51. THEETrekMaster - February 22, 2007

“Did annyone else ever see the funny but short-lived Trek/SF parody/comedy called “Quark”? I loved that show, how I wish they would release it on DVD. Everything else is, so maybe there’s hope.

Anyway, there was an episode with an obelisk almost identical to this one in it, as an homage to it. I have a few of these on videotape, but I’m holding out for the DVD set.”

I loved Quark too! Haven’t seen it since it’s original run though. I wish they would release that, Logan’s Run, and Fantastic Journey on DVD.

52. The Artist Formerly Known As Picardsucks - February 22, 2007

I…….AM………KIORK!!!!! I..AM…………………….KIROK!!!!!!!

53. THEETrekMaster - February 22, 2007

Trek babes:

1. Yeoman Tanya Barrows (Shore Leave)
2. Marlena (Mirror Mirror)
3. Vina (The Cage)
4. Yeoman Martha Landon (The Apple)
5. Kelinda (By Any Other Name)
6. Mira Romaine (The Lights of Zetar)
7. Kara (Spock’s Brain)

54. Stanky McFibberich - February 22, 2007

I would like to see Quark again also. Never saw Fanstastic Journey but I remember being ticked when Logan’s Run was cancelled. I have some Logan on VHS, but wish they would bring out the series on DVD.

Too tough to narrow down the list of Trek babes. I would hate to exclude anyone.

55. Dr. Image - February 22, 2007

Notice how TNG had virtually NO memorable Trek babes. I mean, really, were there any??

56. FlyingTigress - February 22, 2007

“I loved Quark too! Haven’t seen it since it’s original run though. I wish they would release that, Logan’s Run, and Fantastic Journey on DVD.”

At 8 episodes and 10 episodes, respectively, “Quark” and “Fantastic Journey” will probably be available on DVD only after such 60s/70s hits as “The Ugliest Girl in Town”, “My Mother the Car” and “Captain Nice”, are released….sorry!

57. Stanky McFibberich - February 22, 2007

Hey, I want to see Captain Nice also.

58. Michael Appleton - February 22, 2007

#54 “Too tough to narrow down the list of Trek babes”.
Well, no wonder, with Captain Kirk fighting and f*%king his way through the galaxy, who can keep count?

59. Aaron R - February 22, 2007

TNG had several depending on how you looked at it. Minuet being very memorable. The Edo women were also attractive. There are more.

60. FlyingTigress - February 22, 2007


But, good news!

They are ahead of “Heil Honey, I’m Home”, and the “Animal House knock-off “Co-ed Fever” on the DVD release date schedule!

61. brady - February 22, 2007

#55 shame on you….teri hatcher and ashley judd ,,duhhhhhhhhhhhhh

62. Robert Bernardo - February 22, 2007

Stanky McFibberich wrote:

> I would like to see Quark again also. Never saw Fanstastic Journey…

Both those series are out on “unofficial” DVDs.

63. Robert Bernardo - February 22, 2007

Jim J. wrote:

> 1. Helen Noel
> 2. Miramanee
> 3. Carolyn Palamas
> 4. Teresa Ross
> 5. Vina
> 6. Tonia Barrows
> 7. Andrea the android

Sorry but Sherry “Andrea the android” Jackson is number one on my list (check out that photo in a classic Playboy!).

64. badboy1230 - February 22, 2007

My vote goes for Druscilla from “Bread and Circuses.”

“…for this evening I am told I am your slave.”

Need I say more?

65. diabolik - February 22, 2007

Don’t forget Nona from “A Private Little War.” Whoa!

66. diabolik - February 22, 2007

I was divided between Captain Nice and Mr. Terrific when they were both on.

But I didn’t like Greatest American Hero when it came on. Go figure. I guess my age was more the issue than anything.

67. Spock's Brain - February 22, 2007

What, no one votes for a 19 year-old Mariette Hartley stark naked over the entire right side of her bod? And what about that nearly naked babe from The Cloud Minders?

Ah, SO many Trek lovelies!

68. diabolik - February 22, 2007

I suppose we’ll also being seeing “Run, Buddy, Run” and “It’s About Time” someday.

69. Magic_Al - February 22, 2007

^55. Kamala the Metamorph

70. Scott - February 22, 2007

Can’t believe I forgot Nancy Kovak — Nona from “A Private Little War!” Yeeow! Thanks for the reminder, diabolik.

No less an authority than Adam West once wrote that Nancy was one of the sexiest women he’d ever met.

As for the spin-offs, I remember thinking how lovely the woman was who played Picard’s “perfect mate.” Only long after X-Men came out did I realize that woman was Famke Jansen!

Speaking of short-lived series that made it to DVD, I was watching my “Police Squad” disks not long ago and saw our boy Salish from “Paradise Syndrome” — Rudy Solari — on an episode about fixed boxing. Again playing the heavy!

Scott B. out.

71. Michael Hall - February 22, 2007

Oh, God! “It’s About Time”! Man, that was awful. But I was a kid then, so of course I loved it.

Mariette Hartley was lovely (was she really 19 then?), if not quite in the uber-babe category. Same for Diana Muldaur in either of the TOS roles she played. And special mention for Karen Steele, who took a blow-up doll’s role in “Mudd’s Women” and lent it some dignity that it probably didn’t have on the printed page.

72. Anthony Pascale - February 22, 2007

lets not forget The Tick’s Liz Vassey

73. CmdrR - February 22, 2007

TNG babes o plenty… begin the list with Michelle Forbes.

74. Rick - February 22, 2007

Man so many gals in TOS and so little time for Kirk. So good lists. Man Sherry Jackson her voice and look! Nancy Kovak, Helen Noel wow they did have some great, interesting and beautiful women! The TOS world what a place to be in.;) Back to reality. ;) So what were we discussing here?

75. Mark - February 22, 2007

I had my picture taken with Marina Sirtis in Las Vegas at the grand opening of Star Trek: The Experience. She was better looking in person than on TV. Easy on the eyes, as they say.

76. Josh T. ( The Undiscovered Wrath of Spock Voyage The Motion Picture) Kirk Esquire' - February 22, 2007

My GOD! No one voted for Ted Cassidy’s RUK???

Come on people, that three inch pancake makeup and deep booming voice was SEXY as hell!


Hah, sometimes I just kill me

77. Jeffrey S. Nelson - February 22, 2007

Top ten babe list: add “The Keeper.” She gave Ilia a run for her money.
But seriously, Nancy Kovack is the Kinutu Woman of my dreams. Sabrina Scharf is also tops along with Marianna Hill and Sherry Jackson.
Yeah, great score on “The Paradise Syndrome.” So glad I’ve got that on cd. Wish they’d put out more soundtracks, including music from “Metamorphosis” and “Who Mourns for Adonis?”

78. Jim J - February 22, 2007

OMG-How could I have forgotten…reworked list:

1. Helen Noel
2. Miramanee
3. Nona
4. Carolyn Palamas
5. Teresa Ross
6. Vina
7. Tonia Barrows
8. Andrea
9. Marlena
10. Deela
11. Kelinda
12. Yeoman Rand

Wow, did I ever steer this thread off course, by accident, actually. Sorry Anthony!

79. DaveM - February 22, 2007

#59 – As a confirmed gay man, I have to agree with the vote for Minuet in TNG. I would have changed teams in an instant for her. WOW! What a classy dame.

80. Xai - February 22, 2007

re: 76…. RUK destroy….


Sherry jackson…. all time TOS TILF

81. neal - February 22, 2007


82. Kahless - February 22, 2007

no one mentioned that hottie yeoman in the Galileo Seven episode.

as for TNG babes,I always liked that ensign that spilled hot chocolate on Picard.
Tasha’s sister
Julie Warner

83. Matt Wright - February 22, 2007

#78 — great list, I might shift the order of a few, but excellent TOS babe round up :)

#79 — wow I bet that would the actress who played her quite happy to know, that’s quite a compliment.

#82 — Ensign Sonya Gomez, yeah she was pretty cute, but I think her spaziness would get to me eventually.

84. Shaye - February 22, 2007×240.jpg

85. THEETrekMaster - February 22, 2007

From TNG…

Jennifer Hettrick as Vash. To me, she was the hottest TNG babe.

86. Josh T. ( The Undiscovered Wrath of Spock Voyage The Motion Picture) Kirk Esquire' - February 22, 2007

No one has mentioned the sexiest chick to ever grace any incarnation of Star Trek, sans makeup.


Kang’s wife.

The epitome of the hotness. Best figure I’ve ever seen, busty, tall, intelligent. Kang got his groove on. Kangs groove. It’s his move. Nothing to prove.

What a fine dandy example of that lovely and elegant, sophisticaed creature woman.

87. Dave Mack - February 22, 2007

“No…protect” from “What are little girls…”



88. Stefanbkk - February 23, 2007

Has anyone mentioned Shallon (sp) from Gamesters of Triskellion? If so, I missed it… If not, then I think she belongs on the list. Sure, she had green hair and intellectually she was not the sharpest pencil in the box… but still… a babe nonetheless. :-)

89. Paul W. - February 23, 2007

TNG babe .. Denise Crosby … I always found her hot!
I have to agree with everyone’s list… although Sherry Jackson is at the top of my list. Gotta face the fact that all incarnations of trek had babes alore! Hoshi was my fav from Enterprise.

90. FlyingTigress - February 23, 2007


Well, I’ll just leave it at knowing which ones I’d like to have playing on my team, or going to my church. I’d even throw in the ‘comfortable shoes’. LOL

91. Adam Cohen - February 23, 2007

What the-

What’s going on in here guys?


P.S. You’re ranking Marlena waaaay too low ;)

92. diabolik - February 23, 2007

And don’t forget Altaira! WOW! Yes yes yes…

Oh, wait, she was the babe on Forbidden Planet, the Trek prequel… :)

Her closest analog on ST was Vina.

93. Michael Hall - February 23, 2007


I met Barbara Luna about seven or eight years ago. She was still way hot.

94. Kahless - February 23, 2007

83,I just checked out Lycia Naff(Ensign Gomez)on IMDB,there’s recent pics of her,let’s just say it’s kinda noticeable 17 years have gone by.

95. CmdrR - February 23, 2007

Looks like I’m a male chauvinist targ. I’d forgotten some of the under five ensigns. 93 – Baraba Luna still looks good in “In Harm’s Way.” Does her doorway pose. Ha! Lucky Decker!

96. CmdrR - February 23, 2007

As I say, I AM a targ… but, I’m not the one who named the above links.

97. brady - February 23, 2007

82………that wasnt tashas sister that spilled the hot chocolate on picard..though u had the actress correct…the woman that played tasha’s sister looked like a younger linda hamilton and i cant remember her name

98. Paul W. - February 23, 2007

Beth Toussaint played Ishara Yar in the episode Legacy .. You’re right, she does look a young Linda Hamilton.

99. Michael Appleton - February 23, 2007

Yeah, it was Beth Toussaint, and she’s a babe, but she couldn’t ACT worth shit! Guess TNG was going through it’s “collagen-lipped bimbo of the week” phase! Boy, some of those “casting couch” meetings must have been fun!!

100. diabolik - February 23, 2007

Wow, I never knew that Trek babe Barbara Luna was Hawk’s mate on the 80’s Buck Rogers TV show!

101. Paul W. - February 23, 2007

There was another TNG babe that was also on Buck Rogers… she played Princess Ardala in Buck Rogers.. on TNG she was tring to take over a planet claiming to be “The Devil” …. I can’t remember her name…

102. CmdrR - February 23, 2007

Marta DuBois played Ardra in ‘The Devil’s Due’ on TNG.

Pamela Hensley played Princess “Kneel and kiss my belly button” Ardala.

103. Paul W. - February 23, 2007

Wow… I also thought it was the same person … this 40 year old memory is failing me! Thanks for clearing that up. Marta Dubois is a babe…

104. brady - February 23, 2007

Pamela Hensley was hotter

105. Paul W. - February 23, 2007

in that costume… I agree

106. Kahless - February 23, 2007

97,i guess i should have been more clear in the way I arranged that list,I meant
Lycia naff-ensign gomez
tashas’ sister-Beth Toussiant
and Julie Warner-Geordi’s wishful thinking “girlfriend”,she’s best known for emerging from a lake showing her goodies to Michael j Fox in Doc Hollywood.

107. Kahless - February 23, 2007

103,Marta Dubois also played Michelle,Thomas Magnum’s ex-wife on Magnum PI.

108. Paul W. - February 23, 2007

To get back to the review… I love the promo. Can’t wait to see the effects reel and the still shots. I think even the subtle changes to shows that aren’t effects heavy really adds to it. I do like the fact that they weren’t cheap and actually shot on location.. really gives a sense of realism to the episode.

I wish I was able to see the remastered shows on the air in Montreal… if anyone else in the montreal area is recording them off satellite or wherever else.. maybe you can get a hold of me and I can borrow or “rent” them from you??

109. Michael Hall - February 23, 2007

Pam Hensley was smokin’ hot. Could she act? Never could tell–I was in no position to be critical. Tell you what–nothing else could have gotten me to suffer through “Buck Rogers” week after week.

She actually had pretty decent roles in the original version of “Rollerball” and some TV miniseries about a condo in Florida that gets wiped out by a hurricane, but I can’t remember her performances in those, either–she would just walk on screen and my brain would sorta shut down. :-)

110. Kahless - February 23, 2007

Pamela was really hot,but I always preferred Erin Gray and her braless spandex jumpsuit.

111. diabolik - February 23, 2007

I agree that this episode benefits from being filmed on location, and without the obvious switches from outside to indoors faked exterior sets, like we saw in “Friday’s Child” and so many other TVs shows of the period.

112. diabolik - February 23, 2007

Here’s a good page about Nona, the bad girl. Nancy Kovaks had done this routine before as the High Priestess in Jason and the Argonauts.

And she is hot.

113. diabolik - February 23, 2007


114. diabolik - February 23, 2007

The homepage for Upholding The Honor Of Much-Maligned Trek Babes is a good read:

It should set straight all those people claiming “Kirk bagged a space babe every episode” and that the Trek woman were all big-green-wigged, tinfoil miniskirt-wearing tarts (excepting Shanna, who fit that description.)

115. diabolik - February 23, 2007

Especially relevent to this talkback is the page on Miramenee:

I almost cried just reading it. I know I’ll break up watching the end of the episode.

116. ZtoA - February 23, 2007

I think they should remake this episode only it should include a white-footed wolf and have a scene where kirk races into the village yelling “Tatanka!! Tatanka!!… then there’d be this huge buffalo hunt and…

… wait a minute… I’ve seen this episode already…

Can’t wait to see that girl shake her Miramanee maker…

Live long and prosper, y’all!

117. CmdrR - February 23, 2007

Note to self: rent Doc Hollywood.

118. CmdrR - February 23, 2007

Oh, and diabolik:

I’ll say no more but would love to read your thoughts.

119. CmdrR - February 23, 2007

Actually, I lied… I have one more Trek thought. In the 60’s, you had the emerging and humorless Feminist Movement. You also had rampant sexism from those of us born of the targ persuasion. Then, you had Trek. Here, women are strong, smart, occassionally dangerous and sexy as hell. The women are well aquitted. The men, on the other hand, are children. There are no committed relationships. I expect this is mostly due to the fact that Trek, while it holds a wide appeal, was written at the time for pubescent boys.
I love Trek. I love its successes and failures. I love its contradictions. On sexy vs. sexism… I just love it.

120. Herbert Eyes Wide Open - February 23, 2007

I know this is totally off-topic, mainly ’cause I can’t think of another TILF (Crackin’ me up :) #30. CmdrR) but…

I’ve been a Mac loyalist since the mid-80’s… don’t pay much attention to Windows stuff… Fortunately I work in the film & video world, so I don’t have to…

For some reason I went to Microsoft’s website to read about their new Vista Operating System… and holy smokes “The WOW starts now.”

Just check out the little intro that convinces you “The WOW starts now.”

btw, if anyone is unsure… I am being “Dennis Russell Bailey in the Pants” sarcastic!

give ’em the word, hitch!!!

121. diabolik - February 23, 2007

Re: #118…

Well, that explains a lot that I picked up from the articles on Trek Babes! :)

122. THEETrekMaster - February 23, 2007

I have a question: Would the Miramanee of the mirror universe be named Mirrormanee? BHAHAHAAHAHA!!!!

Laugh. Damn you. You know it was funny! ;-)

123. tronnei - February 23, 2007

No votes for any of Mudd’s Women?? Granted, Eve was nothing much (on or off the Venus drug), but the other two were pretty fine.

And then there’s two more on my list that no one has mentioned: Dr. Dehner and Yeoman Smith, both of Where No Man . . .

124. diabolik - February 23, 2007

I think that title was actually referring to Dr. Dehner’s character rather then the Galactic Barrier…


125. diabolik - February 23, 2007

RE: #2:

“Penhall – February 22, 2007
They wont do it, but I’d like to see CBS Digital dub in some heavy THUD sounds when Mirmanee is pelted by rocks. They look kinda fake, but some good sound effects would sell the scene a lot better, not to mention make it more dramatic… ”

I vote they also add add splashes of blood when the rocks hit to make it more realistic.

126. Michael Appleton - February 23, 2007

#122 “Mirrormanee”? Funny? I’m not sure, I’ll have to REFLECT on it!

127. ZtoA - February 23, 2007

She has a brother… he’s named Where’smymanee… and of course her half-sister… showmethemanee

128. THEETrekMaster - February 23, 2007

“#122 “Mirrormanee”? Funny? I’m not sure, I’ll have to REFLECT on it!”

“She has a brother… he’s named Where’smymanee… and of course her half-sister… showmethemanee”

BWHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!! Good stuff! Thanks! :-)

129. THEETrekMaster - February 23, 2007

” RE: #2:

“Penhall – February 22, 2007
They wont do it, but I’d like to see CBS Digital dub in some heavy THUD sounds when Mirmanee is pelted by rocks. They look kinda fake, but some good sound effects would sell the scene a lot better, not to mention make it more dramatic… ”

I vote they also add add splashes of blood when the rocks hit to make it more realistic.”

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That would be the Monty Python version. LOL!!!

130. T Negative - February 23, 2007

Andrea from “What are little girls made of” is my all time favorite from TOS. Two other babes from TOS no one has mentioned are Losira from “That which Survives” and Rayna from “Requiem for Methuselah” Both were pretty hot. Kalinda from “By any other Name” and the girl in “The Mark of Gideon” deserve being mentioned as well.

“That which Survives” was a horrible episode but Losira at least makes it watchable.

131. Matt Wright - February 23, 2007

to be fair Kalinda was indeed listed (#53)

132. Lets hate Paramount - February 24, 2007

These ‘new’ effects aren’t helping the show seem less cheesy, just to let someone know.

133. scowl - February 28, 2007

I guess CBS digital couldn’t do anything with that one shot of Shatner just before he heads back to the Oblisk alone. The camera is pointed up at Shatner from about chest level and the Shatner’s backlit head clearly showed the world just little real hair was still on it. I guess even 21st century CGI has its limits.

134. Cozmo - March 4, 2007

Anyone notice the slight plot hole in Paradise Syndrome?

Why couldn’t Spock multitask and leave a search party behind to look for Jim while going off in the Enterprise to deflect the meteor? Probably had something to do with the “Prime Directive” or such.

Yeah, I know. It’s just a TV show.

135. larry - March 6, 2007

nancy kovack in a private littlt war , the title should have been ,nonas private little war. i have a short story called nona lives.

136. Jacob - March 8, 2007

So why is the “blue flame” not blue, when it finally fires? It’s in the SCRIPT!

137. David B. - March 9, 2007

Don’t know if anyone else thought of this, but the dialogue may not be in error. Maybe, just maybe, the giant bowling trophy usually shot a blue beam if the threat was farther away, but if it’s hours from impact it would step up and use the orange one that we saw.

Continuity is preserved. (And as Larry Niven has said, there are some mistakes you don’t pay for.)

138. larry - March 19, 2007

here is a short ,short , part of nona lives, in a plw, tyree see kirk kissing nona ,and runs off. waiting for tyree is the mugato, a fight happens between the too,tyree fights with all his might, but the beast is too power and tyree is dead. yutan comes back looking for tyree and finds him dead,so he goes looking for kirk and nona, when he see them he stops there love making, and again tells nona , shaking he says nona tyree, tyree,tyree, is dead. nona stands up and says to her self, good and she tells yutan go back to the hill people we will be there shortly, kirk under her spell cant think with a clear head all he wants is to please nona knowing that kirk is a captain and comes from the lights in the sky she says i will make him ruler of this world and then he will take me to the lights in the sky, if you want more email me.

139. Miramony - March 19, 2011

I was named after Miramanee, but I spell it Miramony. Wondering if there are any other’s out there.

140. Burnie - December 31, 2011

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