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Casting Rumor: Damon, Brody & Sinise for Kirk, Spock & McCoy February 26, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: ST09 Cast , trackback

Now that the film is a go, the casting (and therefore the casting rumors) can begin in earnest. IGN is reporting that Paramount are in talks with Matt Damon, Adrian Brody and Gary Sinise to play ‘the big 3′ of Kirk, Spock and McCoy in Star Trek XI. Damon’s name was first mentioned last July when Marc Malkin of the Insider reported that Abrams was interested in the Oscar winner for James Kirk. Late last year Damon said he had not been approached, but would be interested if he liked the script. Brody and Sinise’s names have been suggested by many fans, but there had not previously beeny any reports connecting the actors to the production. IGN didn’t just stop with the big 3, they are also reporting that there may indeed be truth to the reports of James McAvoy playing Scotty and even threw in the name of Lost’s Daniel Dae Kim for Sulu. The IGN report also states that Damon’s talks are the farthest along.

IGN’s list is not far from the suggestions from and other sources from months ago and would signify a fairly significant budget for the film. The ages of the actors would also signify a film taking place primarily very close to the time of the Original Series (with the exception of McAvoy). has not been able to confirm IGN’s report with Paramount or any of the actors respective agents. It should be noted that two weeks ago ‘Stax’ of IGN reported the ‘scoop’ that JJ Abrams ‘would only produce’ Star Trek XI. 


1. Greg Stamper - February 26, 2007

I do like Sinise for McCoy. I think he can pull off this very important (and overlooked) role.

2. Jon - February 26, 2007

Beyonce as Uhura .please.

3. Jon - February 26, 2007

I mean Beyonce as Uhura,in the background, with those legs. Guys would have to see it TWICE just to catch up on the dialog they missed the first time around.

4. ChuckAmuck - February 26, 2007

Sounds like fantasy casting to me. I think they just picked the rumored actors they liked best and then threw in Daniel Dae Kim for good measure (apparently, the writer/editor is a LOST fan). For the record, Dae Kim also guest-starred in the STAR TREK: VOYAGER episode “Blink of an Eye” and also appeared a few times as MACO Corporal Chang during STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE’s third season.

I personally don’t mind Damon as Kirk, but I would prefer someone a bit less known. I also think Zachary Quinto would make a good Spock; not sure if Brody is a good choice there. As for Sinise… eh. Again, a lesser known actor would be better. Dunno who, though.

5. diabolik - February 26, 2007

That’s assuming the secondary characters are even included in this treatment. It may be before their time. Which would be too bad.

6. ChuckAmuck - February 26, 2007

re #2 & 3

Indeed. ;) Again, though, I’m for lesser-known actors in the roles.

7. steve - February 26, 2007

I really find all this hard to believe. As I have said many times before, if this is to be a continuing movie series then you need to look for young guys for these roles, and they need to be approximately the same age. Yeah, McCoy should be a LITTLE older (in order to have that father figure thing going with Kirk), but Sinise is over fifty and that’s way too old. Abrams is a smart guy and knows all this, so I can almost guarantee this rumor belongs in the “no way will Abrams direct Star Trek” category.

8. Josh - February 26, 2007

I really like Sinise for McCoy. I think that’s an actual possibility or something to be looked heavily into.

I wouldn’t neccessarily be opposed to Damon as Kirk. They have a similar look, but Damon is far too reserved to play Kirk appropriately. I think that role requires much more of a search.

And I like Zach Quinto as a very reasonable, equally (when put against Sinise) reasonable casting choice for Spock. He really has an appropriate look.

Whoo! I am excited!

9. Ted P. - February 26, 2007

I think Brody is a great choice. He could definitely do an interesting take on Spock and would not be accused of doing a Nimoy Impersonation.

10. Reign1701A - February 26, 2007

Oh god no. Sinise as McCoy maybe, but the other two…no.

11. Driver - February 26, 2007

Looking into my crystal ball, I see a trilogy with lesser or unknown actors. Open the floodgates for casting.

12. VOODOO - February 26, 2007

I think these would all be great choices for the yong versions of these characters.

If Shatner and Nimoy are brought in to play the older versions of Kirk and Spock. I will offically be excited.

13. VOODOO - February 26, 2007

Kirk and Spock would be fairly easy to cast in my opinion.

The tough choice is going to be Spock. Leonard Nimoy was/is so perfect for that distinct role who ever steps in will have big shoes to fill.

I must admit I would be very pleased if Damon,Sinise and Brody are going to play these legendary characters.

Great news if true.

14. Jon - February 26, 2007

any actor who’s becomes part of the main trio has to understand the dynamic of the Kirk,Spock,McCoy freindship/rivalry.First of all.there’s no such thing as a vulcan (emotionless alien).All characters are human with varying degrees of parcular behavior.McCoy see’s Spock’s devotion to logic for what it really is…a cult-like discipline.McCoy is troubled (as a doctor and the moral center of Trek) at Spock’s fraudulent discipline which McCoy views as arrogance and control.Spock is threatened by McCoy because deep down a character displaying spock’s traits wouldbe(remember,everyone is human).Spock is actually in a co-dependant relationship with Kirk.Kirk views Spock as a enabler who doesn’t confront or threaten Kirk’s comfort level.Kirk is basically a insecure narcissist who doesn’t want to be threatened and only yeilds to McCoy’s advice when he’s been defeated by his own ego.

15. Spock's Brain - February 26, 2007

#4 & #6: You are missing the big “picture.” Lesser known actors won’t bring the kind of audience regeneration the franchise needs. For there to be more ST for us who grew up with it and never abandoned it, the studio and J.J. Abrams want to introduce these characters to new eyes who never bothered to watch Star Trek before. The stars will bring in the casual moviegoer and the storytelling will hopefully captivate them and make them “discover” the other incarnations of the Star Trek universe, thereby ensuring it continues to evolve and become relevant to future fans. BTW: All the aforementioned actors are top-caliber and would bring the appropriate gravitas to each of the “Big 3″ characters. They are afterall archetypal roles and need to be played bigger than life. Stars, who are also fine actors, bring that element to a role.

16. Stanky McFibberich - February 26, 2007

cart before horse

17. TomBot2007 - February 26, 2007

Well, it’s an interesting proposition… in some ways, I like it, some ways, I’m very skeptical of it. I would think Abrams would likely cast people he’s already worked with or had some connection to. I really like the “image” of Sinese, he’s got a real earthy, honest quality, and screw how old he is, we’re not casting Star Trek Babies are we? What’s wrong with a little age variety? Not Boyce old, mind you.;-) Nevertheless, more and more, I’m thinking quality “unknowns” would be best. :-)

18. Drew - February 26, 2007

i don’t believe we’re going to see Sulu, Uhura, and especially Chekov in the next movie. It would not make any sense. They’re much younger in age (character wise)

Matt Damon as Jim Kirk? Yes I could see that. Gary Sinise as McCoy? Yep I could see that too.

I could also see Ray Liotta as Chris Pike. ( A strong resemblance to the late Jeffrey Hunter)

As for Spock – geeez I don’t know… I just cannot see Adrian Brody as him.

Fun to speculate though.


19. Josh T. (The Mirror Universe Josh T.) Kirk Esquire' - February 26, 2007

What I’m curious about exactly is what has infact transpired or occured within the realm of Star Trek to even attract such A list name actors, where before, big celebrities wouldn’t come near Star Trek with a ten foot disruptor pistol?

Is it Abrams and the percieved clout he is bringing to the table?

20. Greg - February 26, 2007

Gary Sinise would be the perfect Bones out of this era’s available actors.

Damon always seems to be the same in any role. Drab.

NOT Adrian Brody. The nose, the nose…

21. Driver - February 26, 2007

Once the casting is announced, could this turn into a movie “By popular choice” meaning Us – The Fans or strictly “Studio” decisions. Can we(Star Trek) fans now decide the fate of movie before it’s released merely through the power of the internet?

22. cbowyer - February 26, 2007

I’d like to see Jeffrey Coombs get the role of McCoy. I think he’d do a great job and he’s got some appeal and respect around the Star Trek community.

23. Alec Peters - February 26, 2007

Sinise as McCoy is absolutely brilliant. It is PERFECT.

24. Awdraper - February 26, 2007

#22…well said!

How about in we add in Paul Walker as JT Kirk, and Brandon Routh as Spock?

…and maybe James Mardsen as Gary Mitchell?

OK. I’ll stop now…

I guess this is gonna be as big a casting call as it gets!

25. Cranston - February 26, 2007

I’m in general agreement with a lot of what’s been said: Sinise is a great choice for McCoy, and Damon could certainly work — in fact, I’m probably a bit more positive about him than others. I think he’d work particularly well as the slightly more reserved younger Kirk we saw in WNMHGB. As for Spock, I agree that Zachary Quinto looks uncannily like Nimoy, but I have no sense of whether he can pull off the performance, which is what really counts. I want a Spock who is believable as Spock, not just a Spock who looks right in the promo photos. I can’t think of a single actor who obviously would fit, short of using a time machine and kidnapping a 35-year-old Leonard Nimoy.

26. mooseday - February 26, 2007

Steven Seagal as Spock, should be able to do lack of emotion on his head. Sinise is a good call, but all these roles have pretty big boots to fill.

27. mooseday - February 26, 2007

Actually, something about Edward Norton as Spock seems not bad to me.

28. Adam Cohen - February 26, 2007

Cool if they could get Sinise. Those other guys I could do without.

29. Kelvington - February 26, 2007

Please don’t make Brody, Spock!! Data Yes, Spock No!

Skylar would make a better one, but still not perfect. Plus has anyone considered that your never going to sign these big names to more than one movie. So you make this great Trek film, then you can’t make any more… good plan JJ. I don’t see Damon taking on Kirk for any more films than Ford wanted to play Jack Ryan.

30. Todd Masterson - February 26, 2007

I vote for Sacha Baron Cohen to play Spock. He’s lively and he can do characterizations.

31. ju benni - February 26, 2007

a fning star trek prequel a freaking prequel! with mat freaking damon as kirk. seriously WTF STAR TREK IS DEAD to me….. :((

32. The Artist Formerly Known As Picardsucks - February 26, 2007

I think I’d rather see Marc Wahlberg as Kirk??? Comments??

33. Cranston - February 26, 2007

I guess I technically know the answer to this, but I keep wondering why some people keep derisively complaining about this being a “prequel”. It seems to me to be more of a relaunch for additional stories with the Kirk and Spock. Just because other people have told some stories that chronologically take place after this, what’s wrong with going back to that era and those characters? It’s like refusing to see a series of movies set during WWII because we’ve already seen movies about Vietnam. Seems an odd thing to be so upset about.

[Cranston runs for cover]

34. Michael Appleton - February 26, 2007

#20 “NOT Adrian Brody (as Spock). The nose, the nose…”

Boy, you’ve got that right! How are we to suspend disbelief when we witness an elderly Spock (played by Nimoy) and then segue to Brody playing a young Spock? With that honker of his, it can’t be done! When Adrian Brody looks up in the air you feel like you’re looking at an open two door garage! Yeah, he has a Roman nose all right, it ROAMS all over his face! Shave his head and you’d think you were looking at an American bald eagle! Fine actor, but what a beak!! If he agrees to get a nose job maybe, but otherwise sheeeshh!!

35. mikeg - February 26, 2007

I believe if you put less-known, or even unknown, players in a new Star Trek movie, people who are NOT fans are going to think, “another Star Trek movie, who cares.” And so you already limit the audience to people who ARE fans. ( And everyone knows that pleasing Star Trek fans can be like hand-feeding pirhana.) On the other hand, if you can get some big names to do the film, their “credibility” alone is going to make even non-fans take notice, perhaps even go see it.

Bringing back the original Kirk and Spock certainly attracts attention, but that, alone, wouldn’t be enough. I think we can be confident – based on past experience – that if Shatner and Nimoy do wind up in the film, they will not bring anything superficial or trivial to the table.

36. Nelson - February 26, 2007

I must say that I am not very enrhusiastic about what the rumours suggest. I am not saying that I am closed minded about it, but that I do have issues.

For example, it seems like it might be pushing it to say that all three of these guys, Kirk, Spock and McCoy met at Starfleet Academy. McCoy is older, so he’s likely already out. Spock may or may not be in the Academy still.

So perhaps the idea of the story takes place while they are out but not on the Enterprise yet. Which makes sense, Kirk is on Garovick’s ship. They likely end up meeting each other on a mission. Perhaps they solve a problem and the film ends with Kirk given command of the Enterprise.

But who wants to see that? We know Star Trek at it’s core is the big 3 together on the Enterprise on a mission.

If the story is set as the first voyage of the Enterprise, then we sort of already seen that in the early first season of TOS. The Corbomite Maneuver is like a very early mission. They act like they hardly know each other, or have only recently met.

I suppose you can argue it’s that period to which to mine for these new movies. But I feel that the first half of the first year of TOS is like the early adventures of Kirk, Spock and McCoy.

My concern is if you compare this to Casino Royale. I read the book, James Bond is not brand new as a 00 in that book, though it’s the first book. My problem was that Craig played the part as written in the screenplay, a maverick agent who makes a lot of mistakes and acts out of character. It’s hard to shift your point of view to see the formation of a character you’ve seen on so many missions as an experienced agent.

So I am concerned it may be hard to get into a movie where it may be just Kirk as a lieutenant on board another starship and Spock is not there and McCoy is on another ship perhaps.

My opinion of course.

37. Orbitalic - February 26, 2007

#31…. have fun then Ju. Don’t let the door slam your ass on the way out.

This is wonderful, wonderful news. I was getting tired of all the slams and knives in the back in here. Now we have BETTER things to argue and call each other names over.

For the time period indicated by all the scuttlebutt, Sinse is too old. I like him and he could play McCoy, but not at this age. I don’t have another suggestion yet.

Adrian Brody… IMO…no. Too nosey, frail looking. I don’t think he could fill up the Blue uniform. I can’t see it, but at least he’s closer in age. I’d go with Quinto until someone else strikes me.

Matt Damon. It’s hard to say. I think he can play it younger with some make-up. He has about the right look. He’s not my fav actor, but can act. He needs to stay away from Shatner as much as possible so he doesn’t end up doing a bad inpersonation.He should watch the best of Trek and stay away from the movies, (except Khan) and Shatner himself.

McAvoy is too young compared with Damon and Sinse. Scott and McCoy always struck me as close in age, with McCoy about 5 years older. Let’s get an age-apppropriate character actor in this spot.

Daniel Daye Kim. I do like him for Sulu. Again, approximately the right age. Recall that Sulu was fourth or fifth in the command chain.. (yes?) That puts him older, but not as old as Kirk. (late 20’s?)

#14 Jon…. Sorry, you lost me on all that.

38. Nelson - February 26, 2007

By the way, look at Galileo Seven, Spock’s first mission. He’s still learning there too.

39. Still Kirok - February 26, 2007

Senise is a great choice for McCoy. Damon is a terrible choice for Kirk.

40. Orbitalic - February 26, 2007

#24 Awdraper
I like your thought process. I looked up Paul Walker. Not bad. I’ve not seen him act.
Brandon Routh is a fellow Iowan, and could look good as a Vulcan, but I’ve not seen him in anything but a red cape.

Good thoughts

41. Jon - February 26, 2007

Re #14.It’s an effort to explain the dynamic between the 3 leads.the 3rd sentence word should be “particular ” not “parcular”, sorry.since there’s really no such thing as a vulcan I was putting the relationship dynamic in a normal perspective.Spock,in reality is a highly dysfunctional character.

42. Redshirt - February 26, 2007

If their is one constant in fandom I have already learned every Star Trek fan cannot agree on everything. So counting on the fans isn’t going to happen.
Elements already exclude some of the TNG, DS9 ,VOY or ENT only fans completely. It is thier opinions how they feel. dont think anybody can change thier feelings on that.

But also you cant count on the general public to see another movie either. Look at the last two. Any movie is a financial risk.
With all the “Guest Actors” they brought in that didn’t help bad movies. Thier was a F. Murray Abraham in INS and the movie wasn’t well recieved. At the time he was A-list actor. Now hes faded to obscurity.
if your story sucks you have no movie…
Also if films went for more than 11 movies would people be thinking would thier are stretching things a bit..

If the movie looks like its worth the price of admission I’ll go see it . If not I’ll wait for the DVD rental which will be six months more or less or just plain in the comfort of my own home or just skip it.

After watching recently Mission to Mars again I could be convinced Gary Sinise could be playing McCoy I dont know how best to describe this but I feel more comfortable for a decent actor to act through the special effects that would be required in a Star Trek Film.
I could see Zachary Quinto is Spock.
Kirk I have no clue.(Paste shatner’s head. CGI and airbrushed it on a unknown actor let CBS-D do it problem solved) :P J/k

Although if it doesn’t come out the way we want I think people are going to raise all sorts of hell anyway. Unfortunately my personal view on Paramount in the last fifteen years has not been that good I still dont see them with fountains of money to get A-list actors for a Trek film at this point in time.

43. billhardin22 - February 26, 2007

As I remember (showing my age), when what became “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” was in development, there were many rumors that studio executives would only cast established film actors in the familiar roles of
TOS. At one point it was mentioned that even the likes of Paul Newman and Robert Redford were to be considered for Kirk and Spock. It was rumored that studio execs would not pony up millions on a television series cast that could not guarantee the big box office returns those of the Newman and Redford claiber raked in at the time.

Of course, there was much uproar at such a heretical suggestion. Fans could not see anyone but Shatner, Nimoy, Kelley, and company in their iconic roles. And, ultimately, that is exactly what fans did see on the big screen.

However, at the time, ST: TMP was not much removed in time from the demise of TOS. Shatner, Nimoy, Kelley, and company could and did easily step right back into their familiar roles. It is completely understandable why the fans of that time would have accepted no less and the results speak for themselves.

Today, we are 40 years removed from TOS. For STAR TREK to experience yet another rebirth and for a viable future to be secured for the franchise (if indeeed fans want more new Trek), a new theatrical audience has to be attracted. The movies is where the reboot of the franchise will succeed or fail. Unfortunately, the original cast cannot be called upon to revive the franchise once again due to age and death.

For the original crew to live on, new actors will have to be carefully selected by the filmakers and fans will have to be willing to accept those who take on the iconic roles.

The situation of STAR TREK XI is completely reversed from STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE. Hopefully, Shatner and Nimoy can be worked into their familiar roles in a meaningful way. But the future lies with Abrams and the new actors he chooses. I would rather have a chance at new life for TREK in this fashion than none at all. I would certainly rather stake TREK’s future with Abams and his new cast rather that return to the pale versions we have had in recent years (including some bad outings by the original cast).

Let’s giive the new guys, whoever they may turn out to be, a chance.

44. Lt. Arex - February 26, 2007

#43 Billhardin
You might get some grief from that, but well-said. I agree.

45. Robert April - February 26, 2007

Hmmmm, imagine “Good” Will Hunting solving the Kobayashi Maru scenario. An angry, smart (@$$) farm boy from Iowa in a starship mock up chock full of know it all city slickers…

I think Matt Damon could rise to the occasion. He is fun to watch as Jason Bourne and he seems to have an opening in his schedule

(see IMDB)

# The Fighter (2009) (announced) …. Dick Eklund
# The Bourne Ultimatum (2007) (filming) …. Jason Bourne

46. Anthony Pascale - February 26, 2007

I am too lazy to do it…but someone with some photoshop talent should mock up the big three from this selection just for fun

send it in and if it doesnt suck I will add it to the article

47. Robert April - February 26, 2007

That would be fun to see. . .

48. Londo - February 26, 2007

Sounds like bullcrap to me. Daniel Dae Kim is too old for Sulu, James McAvoy is too young for Scotty, Gary Sinise is too old for McCoy, Adrien Brody’s nose is much larger than Leonard Nimoy’s, and I thought that Matt Damon said that although he was open to playing Kirk he hadn’t actually had anything to do with Trek XI. I agree with #4 – it sounds like fantasy casting.

Another thing that made me suspicious is that the movie is called a “reboot” in the report, which it isn’t.

49. Justin Olson - February 26, 2007

Todd Masterson…

Great idea about Cohen:

50. Thomas - February 26, 2007

I’m not crazy about Damon as Kirk. He just seems too Blah to me.
Sinise is perfect for Bones. to heck with the age. Spock?
…Zach Quinto would be a good choice.
Want A-List stars? How about Tom Hanks as Christopher Pike?
Also..Here’s a thought.
If this “Reboot” is to be a several story arc, it could lead into the 5 year mission. I’m sure there are a couple of missions that we didn’t get to see on TOS

51. Captain Pike - February 26, 2007

Look. It’s not going to be a-list actors because this has to be planned as a franchise and they are not going to commit to paying a-listers up front. I think there may some cameos from name actors who are fans (Tom Hanks) but the main players will be less knowns with lower salaries. I think this is a good thing.

Unless it’s some bogus Kirk/Spock/McCoy frat brothers at Starfleet academy movie. Then they can put whoever they want in it because I’m not seeing it.

52. Michael Appleton - February 26, 2007

You just KNOW it’s going to be a three picture trilogy with the hope of relaunching a franchise. We seem to be narrowed in on Quinto as Spock and Sinise as McCoy, but it begs the question, who to play James T. Kirk? It all hinges on that and it BETTER NOT be Damon, he’s simply not right for the role. Maybe a relative unknown with great “acting chops”, a superb supporting cast and a killer script? Nah, makes too much sense!!

53. Buckaroohawk - February 26, 2007

Although I like the casting (except for Brody), I see logistical problems with these choices…

1. Money: All these guys are well-established, respected, and expensive actors. It’s doubtful any of them would sign a multi-picture deal, which is practically a necessity for a franchise like Trek. Damon wouldn’t even sign a multi-picture deal for the Bourne films. This means the studio would have to negotiate with them for each Trek movie, a costly prospect indeed.

2. Time: Damon, Sinise, and Brody are all A-List actors. They have a lot on their respective plates. Bringing them all together would be a big job; doing it more than once (if there would be sequels), even more so. Add to that the fact that Sinise is on a hit TV series, meaning the Trek project would have to shoot around his schedule.

3. Believability: These guys are great actors, and I have no doubt that they could pull this off, but would the public-at-large be able to look past their celebrity to see the characters of Kirk, Spock, and McCoy? Granted, their names attached to a project like Trek would amp up the spotlight on the film to solar proportions, but that isn’t necessarily a good thing. Sacrificing the legitimacy of the characters in order to bring big names on board could be a big step in the wrong direction.

4. Desirability: Let’s face it, Damon, Sinise, and Brody tend to be very careful about the projects they choose, and Star Trek is a long way from “The Talented Mr. Ripley,” “Of Mice and Men,” and “The Pianist,” at least as far as public perception is concerned. These guys might think that a Trek project is a step down career-wise.

My guess is that there will be at least one fairly-well known actor attached to the film very soon, but it’s doubtful that it will be any of these three. Paramount will likely go with relative unknowns or up-and-coming actors for the leads; people they can lock into a three-picture deal without too much trouble, then bring in a big name for a major supporting role. That would be much more cost-effective, they’ll still get plenty of publicity from signing a big-name actor, and it gives the new actors a better chance of being accepted in the roles.

My two cents, for what it’s worth.

54. Thomas - February 26, 2007

Have to agree with you Buckaroo.
Why is everyone in such a panic about the “Academy” concept?
I really don’t think that JJ is that dumb.
Just saw James McAvoy on Craig Ferguson’s Late Night. And he would be an excellent Scotty.

55. Michael Appleton - February 26, 2007

#53 “D’at da fact, Jack!” You go Buckaroo, you da man!! (or woman, who knows?). I agree with every point you made!

56. jason - February 26, 2007

If they’re gonna get Adam Brody as spock they should just get the other guy from the o.c to play Kirk too, he seems way more the part than Damon

57. Dave Mack - February 27, 2007

Sinise as McCoy is perfect. Yes, he’s 5 years older than kelley was when he started but he sure looks younger than his years.
Damon, I could handle. Same size, same basic look, dude can act, has a name that will draw crowds non harcore Trek crowds in.
Spock..?!?!?! hmmmm….
So far Sasha does look the best in that madeup pic above.


58. Mark - February 27, 2007

Yeah, McAvoy was just on Ferguson’s show, and with apologies to #54 (Thomas), I can’t see him as Scotty. He was a guest star in the first episode of Foyle’s War and that’s probably the first thing I know him from. I like him as an actor, but just don’t see him as Scotty.

59. Jonah - February 27, 2007

George Clooney would be a great Christopher Pike. Since he’s worked with Matt in the Oceans movies, it would be quite funny.

Beyonce has to be Uhura. There is no one else. She’s the best choice.

60. Chris Pike - February 27, 2007

Problem is, the original players are so identified with the parts that the recast would have to have actors with very similar features for this to really work – any good actor should be able to portray any of the characters as long as the character is written well into the script. Sinise/McCoy would be a great example – how about Josh Hartnett as young Spock, there’s a strangly similar physical similarity… Hartnett as Spock.jpg

61. Chris Pike - February 27, 2007

sorry, try…

62. Matt - February 27, 2007

I think Matt Damon is perfect as Kirk. Not sure about the other two.

63. Dom - February 27, 2007

The best thing is that websites and newspapers will go nuts about the recasting. There’ll be bullshit stories flying about all over the place. Great free publicity for the film!

64. Trevok - February 27, 2007

Looks ok as Spock. I’m for the idea of big names playing the big 3. Don’t know who, the names mentioned would be ok. It would be nice if Jeffery Coombs was atleast given a guest spot.

65. Chris Pike - February 27, 2007

and Sinise as McCoy…

66. Paul - February 27, 2007

Is it just me, or is Matt Damon just way too ugly to play Kirk? I mean, look at the foto – he’s hideous! He has too big nose, his chin is too long and his mouth looks like a laceration. Young Shatner was a cutie, this is average-looking dude at best.

Excellent actor though, I must admit…

67. Stu Lurring - February 27, 2007

The whole thing sounds dreadful.

It should be left alone for another 5 years at least.

68. Baldrick - February 27, 2007

How about Hugh Laurie for McCoy if Sinise is unavailable? Or would that be too much like “House in Space”?

69. Cervantes - February 27, 2007

*** Jon ***

As far as the terrific JOHN WILLIAMS re-imagined, and re-orchestrated version of Alexander Courage’s “Star Trek:Main Theme” that you were interested in goes, I’ve only just had a chance to reply. In case you’ve missed it, go back about 8 topics to “Abrams confirmed to direct Star Trek XI – expected to be out Christmas 2008″, and look at post #181. Hope this is of help to you, and any others interested.

And as far as casting for this entry goes folks, I personally believe that TOO many already established, familiar actors will HINDER this project.
I realise that the studio will want a “bankable” (is that even a given anymore with certain projects?) lead actor as Kirk, and I believe if it ends up being Matt Damon, that he will be fine, as long as he DOESN’T try to IMPERSONATE Bill Shatner too much…

I like the idea of Gary Sinise a LOT, and think he has the visage and gravitas to make and ideal “Bones”.

I truly DISLIKE the idea of Adrian “King Kong” Brody as “Spock” however, and think this would be a terrible piece of casting… For this role, I would really like to see someone relatively unknown so that they have half a chance of putting on the “ears and eyebrows” without guffaws, and will have a better hope of us all accepting a new face as Leonard’s “younger self”, especially as the Movie now seems to involve “flashbacks” or whatever involving the current Bill and Leonard. Matt, I can just about see if he plays it well…Adrian I can’t.

Oh, and IF a “ScottY” role is in this, can I, as a Scotsman myself, say NO to James McAvoy, and YES to DOUGLAS HENSHALL, who would make a fabulous “Mister Scott” I assure you, due to HIS watchability and gravitas, and fabulous voice.

70. Stu Lurring - February 27, 2007

Gary Sinise is too old to play a younger McCoy isn’t he??

71. Dom - February 27, 2007

Stu. It’s happening. Learn to deal with it!

By the time this new film comes out there will have been no new Star Trek franchise material for three and a half years. And, let’s face it, most people had given up on TV Trek long before that! Outside of the fan community, Trek has been an irrelevance since at least the late-1990s

Plus, there’ll have been no TOS Trek for 17 years when STXI turns up. That’s a good enough break, as far as most people are concerned.

72. Baldrick - February 27, 2007

Whomever is cast, just keep Hayden Christensen away. I cringe with almost every line he speaks.

73. Stu Lurring - February 27, 2007

It’s bound to bomb. Too soon. It needed at least a 10 year rest.

74. Cygnus-X1 - February 27, 2007

Well, the one good thing, about having any or all of those three in the film, would be that they all know a good script when they see it. So, in spite of the obvious problems of age and trying to re-invent the wheel, the inclusion of those three would greatly increase the chances of the screenplay being held to high standards.

Sinese is definitely the most fitting actor of the three.

But, I don’t know how the hell they’re gonna pull off a prequel story, anyway. They’re setting the bar awfully high for themselves from the outset.

75. Chuck Noland - February 27, 2007

As long as we are throwing out names…

How about Matt Damon as Kirk, Keanu Reeves as Spock and Mark Wahlberg as McCoy…each are A-list stars that I think could pull off these roles.

But would they want to be attached to such a project?

– It comes with 40 years of history already
– Million of fans around the world, each of whom has strong opinions on the subject
– Characters that are part of pop culture, so the questions will arise: play the part as the previous actor did or bring something new to the role
– A possibility for a multi-picture deal, which actually may turn some actors off

76. Korner - February 27, 2007

If you like it or not – I don’t think they will cast so many well-known actors for a star trek movie. Think about the pays… and I think a lot of stars don’t want to play such significant characters.

77. TK - February 27, 2007

I’d say Kiefer Sutherland for Kirk. OK there’s the age problem but he would be my first choice in terms of looks. PLEASE no Matt Demon. As several people have said in this thread, he is too reserved for the role. I have nothing against him as an actor (he is a very good one) but he lacks the sparkle in the eyes that William Shatner has.

78. Montreal Paul (aka Paul W.) - February 27, 2007

No matter who is in it.. no matter if it is a prequel.. all of you know that you WILL see it. I don’t believe anyone posting here saying that they won’t see it. You will.. you may not admit it, you may not like it.. but you will go see it. Why? because it is Trek.

As for my two Canadian cents… Where I do like a great list of known actors playing the parts. I agree with what most of you are saying that too many well know actors may not be good for this project. I think one A-List actor and a bunch of up and comers would be the best mix for this. I have yet to see any actor mentioned that could fit the Spock part. I do like Ethan Hawke for Kirk, Ray Liotta for Pike, James Maarsden for Mitchell and Gary Sinise as McCoy. I wonder if Majel Barrett will make it in as a cameo … Ships computer again?

79. Driver - February 27, 2007

One thing’s for sure, the poster ad can’t look like TNG films, they are so dull. More along the lines of the Star Wars 50’s type conceptual posters or Indiana Jones.

80. Clinton - February 27, 2007

#70 – Gary is a wee bit old, but it’s not that bad. It all depends on when McCoy enters the story. I still think it would be great casting!

81. Chunkay - February 27, 2007

I really like the idea of Huge Laurie as McCoy. The guy is a brilliant actor and has the perfect demeanor. The main problem I see with that is that he’s really tall compared to Damon.

82. Jeff - February 27, 2007

I think Damon, Brody, and Sinise would be a great big three…and for some facts, the age of these actors vs. the originals at the time they would be first playing the characters (ie, 1966 vs. 2008)

Shatner: 35
Damon: 38

Nimoy: 35
Brody: 35

Kelley: 46
Sinise: 53

I think this tells you, #1, the producers are very much taking into account the history of the show with respect to the relative age of the characters (which indicates they are very sensitive to the integrity of Star Trek) and, #2, most of the story will take place just before or right as Kirk takes command of the Enterprise.

I hope that the new film is like Casino Royale in this sense…in Royale the stakes are on such a huge scale that it’s unbelievable. It gets tiresome watching someone save the world in every film. I think the “earth/universe in danger” thing has been overdone. Hopefully this new film will focus on Kirk et al in a more personal, realistic mission. I also hope that there isn’t some super-villain character. It’s much more interesting when all the character’s motives aren’t readily apparent.

83. Jeff - February 27, 2007

To correct my above post, meant to say in Casino Royale, the stakes are NOT so high that it’s unbelievable, ie, the world is not in the balance. Sorry!

84. THEETrekMaster - February 27, 2007

Sinise will make an excellent McCoy!!! Hope that rumour is true!


85. trekmaster - February 27, 2007

Damon is a good choice but I’m still for unknown actors or who does believe that Damon is going to play Kirk for the next 40 years!? Hollywood stars loose interest in their roles as soon as there are signs of routine or weakness

86. Dennis Bailey - February 27, 2007

#85: “Damon is a good choice but I’m still for unknown actors or who does believe that Damon is going to play Kirk for the next 40 years!?”

No one, but one doesn’t make a movie based on plans for the next 40 years.

I don’t think that anyone expects “Star Trek” to be as stable a production over future decades as it has been in the past; while that stability doubtless contributed to its growth in the first two decades of its existence it also contributed to its decline in the last decade.

87. Viking - February 27, 2007

#18 – He’d be a good choice, and I’d like to throw in a second for the role of Pike – Robert Patrick. Hell, if he was in his Terminator II prime, he’d make a decent Kirk, but I think he’d be a good one to pull off the role of Big Daddy and mentor here.

88. Montreal Paul (aka Paul W.) - February 27, 2007

87 – Viking…

I can see Robert Patrick as Pike. Not a bad call.

89. THEETrekMaster - February 27, 2007

I don’t think Adrien Brody would make a good Spock…not sure who would. Nimoy is a tough act to follow. I like the idea of Matt Damon playing Kirk…always have.


90. big E - February 27, 2007

Sinise is really in the consensus here.

I haven’t flexed my Photoshop muscle in a long time but here’s a shot:

91. Montreal Paul (aka Paul W.) - February 27, 2007

#90 – big E

Hey! Not bad at all! Those three may actually work!

92. Jim J - February 27, 2007

The nose takes away from the ears? lol

93. CmdrR. - February 27, 2007

82/83 – You need a villain. Maybe not a SUPER (bald, bland) villain, but a villain. TMP’s V’ger was a let down for many. Khan really kicked intergallactic ass.
Maybe the stakes shouldn’t be “universal Armageddon” but a chick. Maybe Kirk could be fighting a single Klingon renegade over the safety of “Ruth” or one of his other many many academy babes.

94. Michael Appleton - February 27, 2007

I love it! Kirk defending one of his many babes! Since he spent the entire series fighting and f%*king his way through space, why not combine the two? Mix the two words together and you’ve got him FUGHTING in the new film! God, if it was a young Shatner on a “late in the season” chubby day, you could call him “Jabber the Fught”!!

95. dalek - February 27, 2007

My choice:

Kirk – Barry Chuckle
Spock – Ronnie Corbett
McCoy – Bob Carolgies

96. PD18 - February 27, 2007

Hey Anthony:

Thanks for all the news. Looks like this is playing exactly the way many of us envisioned, JJ directing was the only move that made sense. I take it as a good sign. JJ has said all along that he was really happy with the script. If he wasn’t, there’s no way he’d be directing – so let’s take it that he has every faith in the script – always a good sign.

Anyhoo – ask and ye shall receive – here is a link to an image I photoshopped for you. It’s the “big 3″ as portrayed by the rumoured candidates (Damon, Brody and Sinise). If you like, feel free to use it on the site.

97. Michael Appleton - February 27, 2007

Holy shit, Brody looks like a FRIGGIN’ ELF!!

98. Don Corleone - February 27, 2007

If these rumors are true this film is going to have a huge budget.

Abrams,Damon,Broday,Sinise + Shatner and Nimoy.

It looks like Paramont finally understands they nearly killed the franchise and are trying to fix their mistake.

It’s about time.

99. Sam Belil - February 27, 2007

Damon — NO WAY!!! Star Trek was never about “star power”, its core success was about great story telling!!!!! I’d rather see a lesser known actor play young Kirk, than see Damon bring his own intrpretation of the role. I really believe that Matt Damon can hurt more than he can help. Of all the choices that I’ve read so far, I LOVE Ray Liotta as Captain Pike,there is not only the resemblance but I can such similar mannerisms its downright scary!!!!

100. The Fan Once Known As Kirksucks - February 27, 2007

If this is to be a true “reboot” of STOS, then they should purposely look for actors who bear no physical resemblance whatsoever to Shat, Nimoy, and Kelley. Otherwise, the actors will become mere caricatures of the orginal actors and it will distract from the quality of the story and FX.

101. THEETrekMaster - February 27, 2007

Yeah, after seeing those photo manips I am taking back my support of Damon as Kirk. He looks weird. There’s something about his nose.

Brody…no way as Spock.

I like Liotta as Pike!

Sinise HAS to be McCoy though. He was born to play that role!


102. StillKirok - February 27, 2007

Robert Patrick is about 20 years too old for Pike. I still like the guy who plays Sylar on Heroes for Spock.

103. FlyingTigress - February 27, 2007

I don’t know that I care enough about (best Team America impression) “Matt Damon” to be excited about him being cast as Shat 2.0.

Sinise would be a great McCoy. One thing to remember, re: the disparity between his current age and that of De in 1966, is that De’s hair was dyed to add some grey at the temples to add to an already considerable gravitas (also, to echo some of the changes that had begun to occur to JFK before he was assasinated)…


104. Dr. Image - February 27, 2007

With as much riding on this film as there will be, mark my word that they’re looking for big name actors of the caliber mentioned.
As far as the rumor goes, I wouldn’t mind those guys at all- let’s just hope for a decent script.

105. acb - February 27, 2007

re #15

The idea or conception that it will take Big names to bring attention to Trek is as ludicrous as saying that simply getting in front of the camera and saying lines is equivical to being considered acting. Now, I believe that these three mentioned actors are high caliber in their capabilities and i actual feel that Sinise would be able to capture the essence of McCoy as well as being a solid transition from Kelly to him. But Brody and Damon are not the “right” – and I emphasis this- actors to capture Kirk and Spock as well as be solid transitions from Shatner or Nimoy. Not everyone can play every role, and the main issue with these roles is that they were so defined by the first actors who played them that they need to be looked at in the sense of how you would attempt to cast a film pertaining to a real life persona.

As for the idea that Big Names are needed to bring attention to a film is a proposterous and fabricated commercial notion that has been created by the studios themselves over the past decades as they began to rely more on star power rather than quality in the film. If they cast the “right” person for the roles and have a solid story to boot, an audience will come and watch the film. Even when you had Shatner and Nimoy playing the roles were no guarantee that the films would succeed, only when they were there along with a solid story were the films huge successes.

If the studio actual wanted to make a film that would bring in a solid return, they would cast a pair of unknown actor’s for the roles of Kirk and Spock. It has been shown in the past audiences will accept unknown faces for major characters ( Look to Stallone as Rocky, Reeve as Superman, Bloom as Legolas, Bale as Batman, and so on), and with this material it would honestly be the most solid choice because
1: From the audience perspective the will more easily dispense belief that an unknown actor actually is Kirk or Spcok more than a known actor attempting to play the role and
2: An unknown actor tends to come to a role with a more vibrant and resonating energy with a major role like this.

If the studio and Abrams was smart, they will make their choice to go with an unknown because that would make the best statement to both the Trekkies and the non-Trek watcher that they are taking their film at least slightly seriously and not making it a mere gimmick.

106. RetroWarbird - February 27, 2007

I have to say this is some inspired casting. I’d heard Matt Damon, naturally and thought he was a good fit. He has Kirk’s swagger, looks and has some serious acting chops. I’ve loved him since Good Will Hunting, loved him more after Rounders and the various Kevin Smith flicks, thought the Bourne Identity series is pretty hip, and after The Departed … he’s one of my top ten favorite actors.

Adrien Brody as Spock would be a fitting homage to Nimoy. He definitely looks the part, and being younger and ganglier than Nimoy was will peg him as a younger Spock as well. I thought Brody kicked ass in King Kong – hearing him ticking off logic will be great. Now, I don’t want him doing a Nimoy impression for his voice, but I do want him doing SPOCK’S voice and I can’t wait to hear how he sounds in the clear, scientific tone.

Gary Sinise is what really hits the nail on the head for me. If you had asked me to think of an actor to fill DeForest Kelly’s shoes, I’d never have been able to think of someone. But Gary Sinise … you can already imagine him slipping into the role and saying “He’s dead Jim … I’m a doctor, not a licensed freighter pilot” or something along those lines. Gary Sinise has also impressed me, in Forrest Gump, Snake Eyes, and so forth. His voice and looks are perfect, he’s played the grumpy guy before, and his being somewhat older than Matt Damon and Adrien Brody works with continuity. Plus, he shot John Malkovich in Of Mice and Men. How cool a part is that!

As for James McAvoy as Scotty … I’m all for it. He’s into Trek, he gets it, he’s actually scottish. He’s not a dead-ringer for Jim Doohan, but he looks quite a bit like him – taking into account if he had the same hair style as Scotty, and he definitely does have that kind of “pleased-with-his-own-work” look you’d want to see in Mr. Scott. And he seems to have a nice little acting history himself.

I’m curious about Chris Pike … I’ll throw an idea out there … especially since he works with Matt Damon a lot these days. Mark Wahlberg wouldn’t be bad. He’s a little older than Matt Damon, but not much. Pike after all isn’t much older than Kirk. And while again he’s no dead-ringer for the original Pike, there are after all 2 Pike actors. And I think having that Starfleet crew cut will make a big difference.

I’d be curious to see if J.J. Abrams will throw us any cameos from “pre-Trek” days … like seeing Captain Garth or Robert April.

107. Walt - February 27, 2007

I Don’t mind big name actors as long as they are locked in on a three picture deal. Speaking of that I wish they treat this as a trilogy.

108. CmdrR. - February 27, 2007

I think the miscasting of Brody (and to a certain degree of Jack Black) weakend Peter Jackson’s King Kong, which had a lot going for it otherwise. I hope this rumour is just a rumour… a future footnote to a great Trek film.

109. Todd Masterson - February 27, 2007

#49 Hey Justin, good work on Cohen as Spock… I think he has all the ingredients: keen intelligence, quick wit, the voice, the face, and most importantly the creativity. I can’t think of a better actor for it, and like Nimoy, he’s 35 and Jewish! YAY!

110. Viking - February 27, 2007

#102 – Patrick was born in ’58, and Damon in ’70 – a dozen year difference. Given that Hunter was 39 when we saw him play Pike in ‘The Menagerie’, (and that was ostensibly a good 9 or 10 years before Kirk took command), the timeframe matches up pretty good. It would make sense that Pike would have made fleet captain by the time he was 47 or 48 and Kirk succeeded him, like Shatner’s Kirk made admiral at around the same age. It’s a little hair that even the geekery would have trouble splitting.

111. Lord Edzo - February 27, 2007

If Star Trek 11 is going to respect TOS canon, then Scotty “MUST” be older than Kirk (and at least as old as McCoy). Check TNG’s “Relics” for a resume of all the ships on which Scotty’s served, and in TOS he mentioned something about making “runs” into some asteroid field with miners.

112. Kev - February 27, 2007

Not sure about Damon; he’d do a good job; nobody known is like Shatner. Brody is good, but doesn’t strike me as Spock. Sinise is practically channeling McCoy already; he’s terrific. But heck, I’m no casting director.

113. Tim Handrahan - February 27, 2007

Happy with all the potential casting choices. How about Tom Hanks as Ben Finney? How about Mark Wahlberg as Gary Mitchell?

114. Adam Cohen - February 27, 2007

It’s that picture of Damon that Anthony keeps using… I want to slap the smirk off the guy! I vote for a less smirky Damon pic!

115. Not In Cardiff » Recasting icons - February 27, 2007

[…] Now that Trek XI is officially greenlit, casting is beginning, and TrekMovie has a good rundown of the current front-runners in what amounts to “fantasy casting.” This happens with every project that already has a devoted fan base, and the suggestions are usually crap, but this time around some of the choices actually make good sense. […]

116. Sam Belil - February 27, 2007

Once again — I think Damon would be a colossal mistake!!!! When looking at Shatner’s appearance in Where No Man Has Gone Before and in Season #1, he was more of a “pretty boy”. The young man that plays the nephew of Nicolette Sheridan’s character on Desperate Housewives (in my opinion) is MORE of a fit for young Kirk. Again as I keep stating the new movie should NOT be about huge Star power. Adrian Brody as Spock, would also be a huge mistake. Gary Sinise as Dr. McCoy, I can certainly see that, as well as Ray Liotta as Pike (same brooding personalities) For some reason though I can envision Colin Farrel playing an ideal Finnegan, as well as Ellen Pompeo playing an ideal Carol Marcus. This movie does not need Sulu, Uhura or Chekov (at this point). It would make a lot more sense to inlcude Gary Mitchell as a major character in this film (since he was Kirk’s closest friend, LONG before Spock or McCoy). And PLEASE no more suggestions for Beyonce as Uhura. If this is going to be “Canon”, then the movie will have to have the look and feel of “The Cage”/”Where No Man Has Gone Before” era. It would make far more sense to have characters that include Number 1, Dr. Boyce and Jose Tyler, and perhaps Dr. Piper. Just my two cents…..

117. Tim Handrahan - February 27, 2007

More random casting thoughts: for those of you that do not like the [prospect of Adrian Brody as Spock here are two ideas:

John Cusack: Good actor, A couple years older than Damon, but playing a Vulcan who’s long-lived, what’s the difference?

Adam Sandler: Like Nimoy, he is Jewish. He is a fan of the show, almost has the hairstyle, and, remember, everyone panicked when Michael Keaton was cast as Bruce Wayne/Batman in the 1st film.

For Captain Pike-How about Greg Kinnear?

118. EBAR - February 27, 2007

Adrian Brody as Spock?!?!?! Homey don’t play that.

119. Viking - February 27, 2007

Now that I’ve had a glass of wine to clear my ever-in-overdrive neural pathways, I’m starting to embrace the importance of Gary Mitchell’s presence in all of this. The guy casted in that role is more of a wildcard than the others, IMO. There are probably bucketfuls of unknowns that could get their ‘big break’ (if I may use that cliche) in a role like that.

120. Jon - February 27, 2007

CERVANTES …THANKS!.I responded in #183 after your #181 & #182.

121. Sam Belil - February 27, 2007

#119-Agreed!!! Gary Mitchell at this point should have a bigger presence than McCoy and perhaps just as big a presence as Spock. This is one character that Abrams cannot downplay OR take for granted. This was Kirk’s BEST friend and his first officer! In that one episode alone (“Where No Man Has Gone Before”) — a blind person can see the strong bond that tied Kirk and Mitchell, that SHOULD be touched on in the movie. In fact one can argue LONG before there was Kirk, Spock and McCoy — there was Kirk and Mitchell!

122. Michael - February 27, 2007

Looking at each of them I actually can see them in their roles.

I do think whoever they cast though should have some prior interest in Star Trek and actually want to help towards giving their best to really give re-birth to the franchise.

123. Teutonic Nights - February 27, 2007

I really hope the movie is about Kirk’s early years (at the time of “the cage” ) instead of just before taking command.

15 years before WNMHGB seems about right for me.
– Kirk is already a lieutenant
– He gets to know Mitchell at that time
– Spock is on the Enterprise with Pike, but could leave at any point

Of course that would mean no Sinise etc. and I’m all against a “teen show in space”, but how could one watch those three just pre-TOS and then TOS and still think this fits together. It wouldn’t.

Young Kirk would work. They could even make a 7 year series out of it and still be “early” enough to not seriously mess with TOS.

124. Mark - February 27, 2007

You people can argue all you want. I plan on watching it no matter who is in it and hoping it’s a good movie. If you are already not going to watch it, good you are not really a fan anyway.

125. Buckaroohawk - February 27, 2007

Okay, I’m giving in to the speculative casting fever that seems to have gripped this forum. Unlike so many others, though, I’m leaning toward lesser-known actors in the leads.

Captain Kirk = Eric Dane (Charmed, X-Men 3, Grey’s Anatomy)

Mr. Spock = Zachary Quinto (24, Heroes)

Dr. McCoy = Ron Livingston (Swingers, Office Space)

Scotty = Kyle Chandler (Early Edition, Friday Night Lights)

I really don’t want to speculate further, since we don’t yet know which other characters will be in the film. But if we do get to see the rest of the TOS crew, I’d like to see Gabrielle Union as Uhura:

It’s just a thought, but it sure is a pleasant one ;-)

That’s it for me. The rest is up to Abrams and his crew.

126. Lt. Arex - February 27, 2007

Buck hit that on the head… good thoughts.
For all our sakes… no Brody. That ‘shopped pic of him as Spock looks reee-dic-u-lous.

127. Mark - February 27, 2007

I’ve been posting here for a while, and although not a tremendous quantity of posts (so my name may not click anyway,) I just want to mention that the Mark in 124 is not me. I know there is another Mark here that has been using Mark2000 or something like that. Perhaps the one in 124 could come up with another distinction, too.

128. Thomas - February 27, 2007

Again, I like the thought of Quinto as Spock.
So, how about a bad guy?
Like someone said here already, I hope that it is more of a “Citizen Kirk”, without the obligatory super villain.
It would be a shame if our new Kirk & Co. had to foil a time traveling
Locutus of Borg.

129. Jeffrey S. Nelson - February 27, 2007

I’d rather have Kevin Pollak as Kirk than Matt Damon…who is just so…Matt Damon. Sinise would be great as McCoy.
Back to Kirk: I wish someone would take a look at actor Jesse Lee Soffer, who plays Will Munson on the CBS soap, As the World Turns. Looks like a young Shatner, albeit a bit younger than James McAvoy. Speaking of Scotty, why not give Chris Doohan a shot?
But…please…no…Matt… Damon… do you understand?? Do youuuuu?

130. Cervantes - February 28, 2007

Having now seen the above “mock-ups” of the potential trio, I can honestly say that I am “ok” with Matt Damon and Gary Sinese…although I would STILL rather less well known actors…but am now dreading Adrian Brody being cast as “Spock”. I believe that part of Leonard Nimoy’s success in the part was his VOICE, which imparted gravitas and wisdom. I think the makers of this Movie should look for someone that comes from the same part of the world as Leonard to try to get close to his marvellous accent for this to work properly.

131. Greg Stamper - February 28, 2007

#125 –
Really liked Ron Livingston in “Band of Brothers” (what a cast that was!). I actually thought he’d be a terrific Gary Mitchell.

132. Spacegirl_gr - February 28, 2007

If they want a younger actor for Spock maybe they should consider Carl Steven.
He played a younger version of a Leonard Nimoy character twice. First in Star Trek III : The Search For Spock, as Spock at the age of 9, and in the television movie Never Forget (1991), he played Mel Mermelstein as a child, and Leonard Nimoy played him as an adult.
Maybe Nimoy finds a lot of similarities in him. And he is quite young.
Just a thought…

133. Mark - February 28, 2007

Over at imdb:

Cast Set for Next ‘Star Trek’ Movie?
On the heels of Paramount’s confirmation that J.J. Abrams (Mission: Impossible III, Lost) had been selected to direct the next Star Trek feature, reports began circulating on several movie and sci-fi websites Monday that the studio was in talks with Matt Damon, Adrien Brody, and Gary Sinise to play the roles of Capt. Kirk, Dr. Spock and Dr. McCoy respectively. First reported by IGN Movies, a unit of Fox Interactive, and attributed to unnamed studio sources, the stories also indicated that James McAvoy, who costarred in The Last King of Scotland, was “in the mix” to play the role of Enterprise engineer Scotty.

I think they got their “guesses” from this site.

134. MiamiTrek - February 28, 2007

Definitely into Matt Damon for Captain Kirk – he definitely has the look and he is a talented actor. (whoever said Kevin Pollack..ugh).

I don’t really see Adrien Brody in the part, although that is a personal thing…I also don’t think Zach Quinto has what it takes, even though he’s got the look, moreso than Brody.

Gary Sinise is definitely a great place to start for McCoy, but depending on the timeframe in which this story is supposed to happen, perhaps too old? Someone suggested Ron Livingston – who isn’t one of my favorite actors, but he does bear some resemblance to DK.

Gabrielle Union MUST be Uhura – and she’s already done Trek once, playing a Klingon in DS9. (sorry if this has been mentioned, i didn’t read ALL postings).

I like Eric Dane..but he’s no Kirk. Matt Damon is the surest bet.

135. EGH - February 28, 2007

How about Ron Livingston as Gary Mitchell? He’s a dead-ringer for Gary Lockwood!

136. MiamiTrek - February 28, 2007


Absolutely – it makes sense that Mitchell would be part of the story..even if just a short moment of the movie.

137. MiamiTrek - February 28, 2007


“I do think whoever they cast though should have some prior interest in Star Trek and actually want to help towards giving their best to really give re-birth to the franchise.”

Should this really be a prerequisite?

I’d rather have an actor who has talent and skills than a mediocre actor who also happens to be a fan. Granted, a fan might want to try and do the best by the franchise, but in the end this will be an acting job and it will be up to them and JJ Abrams as a director to make sure that they capture the essence of the characters they are paid to portray.

138. Greg Stamper - February 28, 2007

#135 & 136 – –


139. daverambo - March 2, 2007

Forget about the size of noses, and the ages + every tiny bit of canon.
There is one major factor that they need for this casting. The chemistry between the big three actors. The orginal actors and thus the characters had it. If the three they cast don’t this this re-boot will be going nowhere.

I’d much rather they get that right, than anything elses.

140. OM - March 3, 2007

…Heheh, Damon as Kirk. I can see it now:

Newscaster: “And now, from the commissioning ceremonies for the USS Enterprise, we go to a paraplegic Andorian in a bikini!”

Andorian: “Thanks, Tom! We have here with us the captain of the Enterprise, James T. Kirk. Captain, can you say a few words about the Enterprise and her new five-year mission?”

Damon: “Jaaaaaaams T. Kiiiiiirk!”

Andorian: “Uh, yes, we know you’re James T. Kirk. Now, about your mission…”

Damon: “Jaaaaaaams T. Kiiiiiirk!”

Andorian: “Yes, we know that. What can you tell us about your ship and her crew?”

Damon: “Jaaaaaaams T. Kiiiiiirk!”

Andorian: “Dammit. Why do I always have to interview the retards! Back to you, Tom.”

Newscaster: “Thanks for that report, midget paraplegic Andorian in a bikini. Now, on to the world of sports, the South Park Cows scored a stunning upset against the Shi’Kahr Selahts this evening….”

141. ChuckAmuck - March 3, 2007

Team America reference. Funny. ;)

In any case, in reply to #15 (Spock’s Brain), the big “picture” for Abrams is not to cast someone famous but to cast someone who’s right for the role regardless of fame. While a big, popular star would certainly help a movie’s success, it does not guarantee it. The main things which will make or break this film are the buzz the film receives before-hand, the “look” of the film (i.e., movie trailers, TV ads, official web sites, etc.), and word-of-mouth. Big stars are just an added bonus, and I believe Abrams can pull off without them. I’m not saying the actor who plays these characters should be complete unknowns, but they don’t need to be $10 million earners like Damon. Nonetheless, if he feels a big-name actor is what he needs to fill the role, then it will be a big-name actor.

As for Sinise as McCoy, based on current reports, Bones will only have a small role. Sinise will only be cast if A.) McCoy’s appearance takes place when he’s already older, i.e. already serving on the Enterprise; and B.) if Sinise is willing to accept a small role or cameo. If, myself, would not mind seeing Sinise in the role of an older McCoy, but it may not happen.

I am about 80% certain that neither Damon nor Brody will be cast in the roles their supposedly up for. If either one or both is cast, I will be greatly surprised.

142. ChuckAmuck - March 3, 2007

#53 – I have to agree with you, except in some part for #4 (desirability). Damon has gone on record as expressing an interest in the project, if the script meets with his liking. Brody and Sinise, on the other hand, may indeed find Trek to be a bad career move; can’t know that for sure, though.

A number of posts here have expressed the desire to see Jeffrey Combs appear in the film. I would love to see that, myself; I’m a huge Combs fan. That said, though, I’m not sure if he’d be right for McCoy, as suggested above; then again, he IS Jeffrey Combs — I suppose he can make himself right for the part.

Also, let me make it clear following my last posts that I am not completely against Matt Damon being Kirk. Damon’s a good actor and could probably pull it off. I would just prefer that a lesser-known actor take the role so people will see Kirk more than they see Damon. Knowhatimean?

The same goes for any big-named actor that has been rumored or desired, be it Affleck, Bloom, Craig, Cruise, Damon, DiCaprio, Hawke, Law, Ledger, Sutherland, Wahlberg, Walker, whoever. People will see the actor more than the character; that’s not good.

Well, maybe not so much for Ethan Hawke… but he’s a Star Wars fan. Also doesn’t look right for the part.

As for Brody, I just do not seem him in the role; he just would look right. Brody’s a fine actor, yes, but Spock is not for him. Robert Patrick might make a good Pike, though.

143. oy - March 5, 2007

(I posted this in the other Trek XI thread, should have posted it
here in the casting thread, sorry about the duplication.)

McAvoy update:

> Will [McAvoy] be spending Christmas 2008 aboard the U.S.S Enterprise
> in JJ Abrams Star Trek XI? “No. There’s no truth in the Star Trek
> rumours. I am a Trekkie, but no – absolutely not.” And if he was
> offered a part…any part? “Hmmm [smiling]…I’d have to see.”

144. Dan Francis - March 5, 2007

I think Mark Wahlberg should play Kirk . Zachary Quinto as Spock, Gary Sinise as McCoy and if Sarek (Spock’s father) is in it Mandy Patinkin should play him.

145. M Kaminski - March 5, 2007

… Mark Wahlberg is a very limited actor, at bEst.
I’ll assume it was a pre-teen or very young person to make that comment… Such is the era of “opinions on the web” by people who don’t have to prove their worth or label their experience to make such statements.

Look… I haven’t read every post, but many of them.
Professionally, I’ve worked with many aspects and voices of Star Trek over the years…and I’m quite concerned with this newest production.

In any event, this new Trek movie has an enormous…, ENORmous responsibility to take on. I’m not totally convinced that J.J. Abrams is capable to direct such a feature, but that’s a signed deal, now, so I won’t go further on that.

The list of actors that are rumored, is ridiculous. Matt Damon couldn’t pull of a good Kirk impression if his life depended upon it. And that’s exactly what is going to be needed to please any REAL Trekkie…Anything short of some very accurate performances will just be an “attempt” at a Trek feature film. This movie should have nothing to do with “looking” the part. We will want them to be as true to the character, as the many hours and years that we’ve spent knowing these original characters.

To think that they’ll be able to find accurate, spot-on performances of Kirk, Spock, McCoy and other original Trek characters, from the bag of existing actors in Hollywood, is a travesty… They should look for accurate performances, not “star power”, for God’s sake!
It is time for some ‘new blood’ in Hollywood, because this lot is getting stale and overused for so many roles they cannot deliver.

In this day and age of low quality makes, remakes and more remakes, I have an odd feeling that this “Trek” film might turn out to be nothing more than an ego-stuffer for Abrams, and a hopeful mild cash cow for the rest. (any profit is good profit). They’ve got a guy who produced music for video games (and a few movies) slated to do the score. Lucky guy… but I really don’t see any passion or authentic accuracy coming out of any of these names.

Unfortunately, that’s what movie-making has become…and it’s a damned shame.

Hoping for grEAt NEW directors and actors is almost as futile as hoping for the next grEAt Presidential candidate to appear.
Where are they?

I hope they do the right things to make this movie work.
This is a dangerous and sensitive subject to be “played around with”, just to make a “new movie”.

Cheers all!

146. ChuckAmuck - March 6, 2007

#143: I don’t think James McAvoy was ever a possibility for Scotty given his youth … unless he makes an appearance while Kirk is in his teens, when Scotty was in his late twenties.

#145: I agree with part of that rant, and disagree with other parts. Mark Wahlberg is a decent actor, much better than he was in the 90s. He has especially proven himself in his last three films (Four Brothers, Invincible, The Departed). But no, he would not be able to play Kirk. He just doesn’t have, I dunno, that Kirk flare, I guess. His Departed co-star Matt Damon doesn’t really either, but I can see him in the role more than I can see Wahlberg. I don’t know why that is, actually…

Movie-making is not always all about profit (at least, not for every individual involved). Granted, it’s certainly become more profit-oriented than it was back in the golden days, but there is still a significant amount of thought process – “passion” and “authentic accuracy”, as you put it – in the making of films. For the studios, however, it is about only one thing: money. No doubt there. But then again, that’s what they’re there for, so that’s to be expected.

I do agree that they should be looking for actors who can play the part and not just Hollywood hot shots who look the part. Hopefully, that’s what Abrams is doing.

I believe J.J. Abrams will be able to pull this off. He knows his Trek (unlike Stuart Baird) and has writers and producers who know it, as well. He is committed to the project and seems passionate about making a film that will please both devoted fans and newcomers. Basically, what I’m saying is, don’t knock the movie until you’ve seen it. At least wait till it gets made first. ;)

For the record, Michael Giacchino (the composer you were alluding to) is no slouch in the field of music, nor is composing music for modern day video games in any way less respectable than composing music for movie soundtracks. Both types of compositions are written in the same manner and conducted, orchestrated and recording in the same kind of studio. Also, Giacchino has won an Emmy Award for composing Abrams’ TV series Lost in 2005, received a second Emmy nomination that same year, and has also won awards for his score for The Incredibles. So, yeah… definitely not a slouch. ;)

I agree, Trek is a “sensitive subject to be ‘played around with'”. But Abrams isn’t just going to “play around” with it; he’s going to take it and make it into something great. Well, at least he better; if not, I know millions of fans who have silver platters specially made for his head. ;)

Ok, my rant is done… I’m out.

147. MK - March 6, 2007

# 146…I didn’t imply that ALL movies were only about profit. Not at all. The mechanics of making the movies is a job, for sure. And it is an industry for many profits, of course. It can be hard work, yes. But the creation, writing, directing and acting talent are becoming much weaker than what should remain a higher standard. What makes a movie great is talent in so many of those departments. It isn’t how much money you throw at it, that’s been proven…lol. But people are much easier to please today.

Keep this in mind…for every peice of crap movie that you might see, and I mean a REALstinker with not an ounce of talent or skill; just imagine that there was a director saying, “Cut! Print!…Oh my God, that was awesome, guys!” lol.

Michael Giacchino is okay. I certainly didn’t say “slouch”…I was only vague in my description. He’s no Jerry Goldsmith or John Williams and this isn’t “the Incredibles”, so we’ll just have to see how he does with a subject like this. The soundtrack process is the same, of course, to create most any score and it’s grueling work! But whether it’s effective in the film or project is another thing, altogether. ;) Let’s hope for the best.

Rant? me? nah… just comentating from my experience. ;)

But we’re way off topic, here…I digress. New list of actors, please.

Oi! Let me know when the casting call is, eh?… Cheers!

148. Dan Francis - March 6, 2007

Gary Sinise would be great as McCoy, then an older actor should play Spock like Michael T Weiss and same for Kirk ,but who?
Matt Damon is much younger than Sinise, Kirk is a little closer in age to McCoy than Damon is to Sinise.

149. balok - March 25, 2007

I’ve never seen Aaron Lohr act, but based just on pictures of him I’ve always been struck by his Kirkness:

150. balok - March 25, 2007

Oh, and screw this “half-human” nonsense. The Vulcans were based loosely on Arthur C. Clarke’s Overlords and Robert Heinlein’s Martians, but even those guys knew better than to have people crossbreeding with alien lifeforms. Spock should either be a confused human fella who grew up on Vulcan or else he should have a shiny black exoskeleton and be played by computer graphics and a vocoder.

151. Commander Spock - June 15, 2007

You don’t need to do a pre 5 year mission movie. There will be many adjustments for the audience to accept so stick with the original story starting at the time of Where No man has gone before. One thought–do movies based on some of the best scripts like Space Seed or City on the Edge of Forever, etc.

how about the Rock Duane Johnson as the recreation of genetically engineered Khan?

I think Gene Rodden. had a vision for Trek but had to work within the confines of 60s acceptability. An African American played the back up doctor in the original trek (remember the guy who smacked Spock back to consciousness?) but Leonard McCoy was white. Women were still women in those cutesy short skirts. Ms. Roddenberry was a patsy as the Pilot No.1.

I think you need chemistry between Spock and McCoy. How about Samuel Jackson as McCoy or Jeffrey Wright (Felix from Casino Royale)? hey if Galactica’s Starbuck is a woman, why not? This puts any angry black man full of emotion spark McCoy against the full of himself know it all quite fast stoic quip Spock.

Love the Beyonce idea but if you pick Wright then you can put Jessica Alba as Uhura for that matter.

Sharon Stone or the woman who played commander Caine in Galactica and Ensign Ro can do a cameo as “Capt. Kristine Pike”. This addresses the fallicy of having Ms. Barrett/Roddenberry doing that sheepish No.1 character in the first episode ever. I had more respect for her asTroi’s Mom which she did very admirably.

The person who plays Spock needs to be an actor with a deep voice, sort of looks like Nimoy who can play emotionless but still let the audience knows what he is really thinking with subtle smirks (you’re inferior and stupid) which Nimoy did well.

Kirk needs a strong star. Damon is a good choice but with that logic you can have Affleck as Spock and Robin Williams as McCoy. yeah, Paul Walker (how about Josh Brolin “Blue” co-star as Kingon Commander Kur?), Mark Wahlberg, Daniel Craig, Brad Pitt, etc. can be possible Kirks.

you can scrap the 5 foot 7 Shatner mode and go with say Vin Diesel as a newer bald cooler version of Kirk.

The key twist to the new version is that the other supporting actors, Sulu, Scott, Checkoff, etc. shouldn’t be patsies. maybe one of them can beat Kirk in a fight if necessary.

Tom Jane (Thursday and the Punisher Star) is one versitile actor never mentioned to play Kirk but he looks and talks like him if he can lose some pounds. Russell Crowe could give Kirk some angry punch. The bad cop in SWAT remake can play Kirk.

Clive Owen could play the sexier version of spock since Spock in the early days got the hottest looking woman even though Kirk got more (Bronson’s wife, the cloudminder daughter)

Liev Schreiber has the voice and telepathic method ability to pull spock off.

152. Commander Spock - June 15, 2007

I predict the next Trek will also have some good eye candy too. my pick: Cameo from Scarlett Johansen as Nurse Chapel or Yeoman Rand.
Abrams should have a lot of fun casting the next Trek voyage.

153. crazyyyyyyyyyy_girllllllll - June 27, 2007

Damon’s was a stupid actor

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