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It’s Official – Star Trek Is Back 12/25/08 – Film To Embrace Canon February 27, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

Paramount have now issued their first official press release related to Star Trek XI with the headline ‘J.J. Abrams to direct Star Trek Feature Film For Paramount in Theaters Christmas Day 2008.’ Abrams is quoted as saying.  

If there’s something I’m dying to see, it’s the brilliance and optimism of Roddenberry’s world brought back to the big screen,…Alex [Kurtzman] and Bob [Orci] wrote an amazing script that embraces and respects Trek canon, but charts its own course.  Our goal is to make a picture for everyone — life-long fans and the uninitiated.  Needless to say, I am honored and excited to be part of this next chapter of Star Trek.

Brad Grey, chairman and CEO, Paramount Pictures, adds

We could not be more thrilled to be back in business with J.J. Abrams. The revival of the ‘Star Trek’ franchise is an important part of Paramount’sturnaround.

Here are the facts as laid out in the press release

…exactly as has been reporting! 


Of course has also been reporting that the plot of the film will focus on the life of James T. Kirk and his relationship with Mr. Spock. Paramount will probably wait until casting announcements are made until you see them acknowledge the Kirk & Spock storyline officially (if you don’t count the big hint in the teaser poster).  


The following is the text of the official press release:



HOLLYWOOD, CA, February 26, 2007 –  “Star Trek,” one of the most popular and successful franchises in the history of movies and television, returns to the big screen under the creative vision of J.J. Abrams, the force behind “Lost,”  “Alias” and “Mission Impossible III” for Paramount Pictures.

The team behind the film will include Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci (‘Mission Impossible III”) who wrote the screenplay and will executive produce with Bryan Burk.  JJ Abrams and “Lost” co-creator Damon Lindelof will produce.  The film will begin shooting this fall for a Christmas Day 2008 release. 

One of the most popular film and television franchises of all time, “Star Trek” has encompassed 726 total episodes for television in six different series, beginning with the original 1966-1969 series created by Gene Roddenberry.  The 10 “Star Trek” films have grossed in excess of $1 billion at the worldwide box office.  The original characters have been named among the 50 greatest TV characters of all time and the Enterprise has lent its name to two proposed spacecrafts. 

"If there’s something I’m dying to see, it’s the brilliance and optimism of Roddenberry’s world brought back to the big screen,” said Abrams. “Alex and Bob wrote an amazing script that embraces and respects Trek canon, but charts its own course.  Our goal is to make a picture for everyone — life-long fans and the uninitiated.  Needless to say, I am honored and excited to be part of this next chapter of Star Trek."

Brad Grey, chairman and CEO, Paramount Pictures, said, “We could not be more thrilled to be back in business with J.J. Abrams. The revival of the ‘Star Trek’ franchise is an important part of Paramount’s turnaround.”

About Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures Corporation (PPC), a global company that produces and distributes filmed entertainment, is a unit of Viacom (NYSE: VIA, VIA.B), a leading entertainment content company with prominent and respected brands including Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks.  The company’s labels include Paramount Pictures, Paramount Vantage, Paramount Classics, DreamWorks, MTV Films and Nickelodeon Movies.  PPC operations also include Paramount Digital Entertainment, Paramount Home Entertainment, Paramount Pictures International, Paramount Licensing Inc., Paramount Studios, and Worldwide Television Distribution.

Fact Sheet
“Star Trek” is one of the most popular film and television franchises of all time:
–    726 total episodes for television spanning six television series
–    Original series, created by Gene Roddenberry, aired on NBC from 1966-1969
–    10 movies, grossing in total over $1 billion at the worldwide box office
–    Hundreds of novels
–     $3.5 billion in consumer products
–    3 million visitors of Las Vegas’s “Star Trek: The Experience” since 1998
–    Over 60 interactive software products since 1991; games in production for current and next generation game platforms

J.J. Abrams is a talent widely admired by audiences and critics alike:
–    Winner of two Emmy Awards for “Lost”
–    17 million viewers each week for “Lost”; a top-ten show
–    Hailed by the New York Times as “one of the most exhilarating storytellers in television”
–    Director of “Mission: Impossible III”
–    Creator of “Alias” and “Felicity”

“Star Trek” has influenced the culture:
–    NASA’s first test shuttle was named “Enterprise”
–    The first commercial passenger carrier into space, Virgin Galactic, has announced that the first spacecraft of the line will be named V. S. S. Enterprise
–    An episode of the original “Star Trek” featured television’s first interracial kiss
–    Spock, portrayed by Leonard Nimoy, was named one of TV’s “50 Greatest Characters Ever” by TV Guide


1. Dennis Bailey - February 27, 2007


They always announce on Tuesdays. :lol:

2. Dennis Bailey - February 27, 2007

As a matter of precedent, the best “Star Trek” film ever was released on Christmas Day, 1999. ;)

3. Montreal Paul - February 27, 2007

This is great news. I like that he will embrace and respect canon but also take it on it’s own course. Sounds like Abrams is taking everything Trek seriously. I am guessing all you canonistas are jumping for joy!

Wow.. I’m first!

4. Montreal Paul - February 27, 2007

damn… I Was first. slow typer I guess.

5. StillKirok - February 27, 2007

Now bring in Shatner and fix Generations as part of this story, and they will have made the ultimate movie.

6. CW - February 27, 2007

So, new film will embrace canon and appeal to fans and non fans alike?

Gee- where have I heard THAT before?
Who is writing? Orci? The same fan of Transformers?

I won’t hold my breath… I just hope that I can find enjoyment in the resulting reboot. Hopefully Kirk won’t have a bull’s face, Spock a camel’s face and McCoy a bug’s face.

7. billy don't be a hiro - February 27, 2007

The next 18 months are going to be very interesting.

8. Jim J - February 27, 2007

I really wasn;t excited about this…until today. I don’t know why, but just the way Paramount is handling this seems to be giving me a “different type of vibe” than in the past. Maybe this will be better than I ever imagined?

9. Herbert Eyes Wide Open - February 27, 2007

#2. Dennis Bailey

Which one?

10. Dennis Bailey - February 27, 2007

“Galaxy Quest.” :lol:

11. Trevok - February 27, 2007

Yarhoo the good news keeps on coming. Good time to be a Trek fan.

12. Skippy 2k - February 27, 2007

Christmas Day, well I guess I will have to ditch the family get-together that day… :-)

13. Dustin - February 27, 2007

What a Christmas present!

14. t2 - February 27, 2007

indeed…quite the christmas gift, now the fun part starts…im anxious to hear about the casting, although who knows when they’ll start releasing any more details

15. Sleeper Agent X - February 27, 2007

Fantastic! Although when they the movie will respect canon, I wonder who’s vetting for them? And I’m sure that attention to canon doesn’t include 100% replication of TOS sets and costumes. That just won’t work.

16. Norm - February 27, 2007

As long as its TOS cannon, then they can create the future from that.

17. TheVamp - February 27, 2007

Where’s the announcement that Michael Giacchino is writing the score, dammit!?!

18. big E - February 27, 2007

I wonder if they’ll wait with the cast announcements so they can milk all the media attention they can get. If they don’t start filming until fall, then they have no reason to hurry.

19. Lao3D - February 27, 2007

#17 let’s hope so! I’m sure if JJ gets his way — and why wouldn’t he? — Giacchino will get the score. And what a great match for the job too. His “Incredibles” score was near-perfect. Can’t wait to see what he would do with some TOS themes for inspiration!

20. Sleeper Agent X - February 27, 2007

16 – Remember! CaNNon = No No! :)

21. Driver - February 27, 2007

When does pre-production start? The building of sets? What month in Fall does actual filming begin? Questions, questions.

22. Reptileboy - February 27, 2007

yeah, I cannot wait for J.J and his cronies to get working on this movie. If it flops Star Trek will be dead and we get on with out lives.

And if it is a success, well, civil war.

Start taking sides now.

23. JHO - February 27, 2007

Six tv series? I thought there were 5.

TOS, TNG, DS9, Voyager, Enterprise

Are they counting TAS as part of the canon I wonder?

24. Driver - February 27, 2007

And please let’s not have Will Smith as Kirk. We all know what happened when he played that other famous James – West.

25. Skippy 2k - February 27, 2007

And the children of the world were in tears for no presents were found christmas 2008…..

The only evidence to be found….

26. Michael Appleton - February 27, 2007

Well, Christmas of 2008 brings us a new Star Trek film AND George Bush voted out of the White House. Maybe there is a Santa Claus after all!

27. THEETrekMaster - February 27, 2007

I am one HAPPY canonista!!!! :-)


28. Stanky McFibberich - February 27, 2007

A part of me can’t wait to see what they do about casting, production design, etc. so I can be even less enthusiastic about it.

29. Canonista the Cultist - February 27, 2007

I don’t know anything about “Transformers”, but that reference bothers me.

Let’s hope what they said is true.

30. Slick - February 27, 2007

I check the site everyday for news and this is the best news so far….

Ahead Warp Speed 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

31. Robogeek - February 27, 2007

Beam me up.

(Sorry, couldn’t resist!)

32. Garth of Izor - February 27, 2007

Lord Garth is pleased

33. Dr. Image - February 27, 2007

Now if they can only get Doug Trumbull to get involved with the effects, I can die happy.
(That’s warp 11!)

34. CW - February 27, 2007

26. Michael Appleton:

Bush can’t for President, so he won’t be voted out of office.

It’s called “term limits”.

35. Captain Pike - February 27, 2007

“Our goal is to make a picture for everyone — life-long fans and the uninitiated. ”

That’s a bit different than JJ’s earlier statement to the effect ‘I’d prefer people who know nothing about Star Trek’.

I’m still not investing emotionally until I know a lot more about where this is going.

36. Herbert Eyes Wide Open - February 27, 2007

#25. Skippy 2k

Funny… but oh so sad… :(

Sad… but oh so funny… :)

37. Michael Appleton - February 27, 2007

#34 Yeah, well I think most of us have had quite enough “terms” with this very “limited” President!

38. dirwuf - February 27, 2007

First things first, lets get JJ to reshoot the “old” scenes from “The Deadly Years”…

39. Garth of Izor - February 27, 2007

Lord Garth senses a tidal wave of bitching for no apperant reason. I Lord Garth proclaim this to be a day of celebration.

40. Anthony Pascale - February 27, 2007

um guys…lets not let this get sidetracked into politics!

All that matters is that JJ Abrams has won the election for President of Star Trek for the next term. Trek Movie wish he and Vice President Damon Lindelof as well as cabinet members Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman, Stratton Leopold, Michael Giacchino and Scott Chambliss all the luck in the world

41. Keith - February 27, 2007

“Well, Christmas of 2008 brings us a new Star Trek film AND George Bush voted out of the White House. Maybe there is a Santa Claus after all!”

Bush will be out ‘cos he’s served 2 terms nothing to do with votes! Departure from thread sorry.

Great news on the film, I will judge it on what they produce.

42. Elrond L - February 27, 2007

I’m with #8 — I sense a newfound excitement in the tone of the press release. What a great Christmas present! I wonder how they’ll handle midnight showings . . . not that the family will let me sneak out. Then again, my daughter has become such a Trek fan thanks to ST-Remastered, that she may want to go too. :)

I really hope that J.J. and his team will bring the franchise back to glory. Casting announcements, pictures, trailers, new music, hopefully a few cameos . . . lots of fun news to look forward to. Finally, I’m excited for Star Trek again! Thank you,, for the news.

43. VOODOO - February 27, 2007



The door is now wide open for William Shatner to return as James T. Kirk and right the wrong of Generations.

ST is back in business.

44. ObiWanCon - February 27, 2007


45. Michael Appleton - February 27, 2007

#40 No politics.
You’re right Anthony, sorry about that!

46. Kev - February 27, 2007

Excellent news. I hope they can use Shatner and Nimoy, maybe all the regulars. And if they’re respecting canon, read The Making of Star Trek and save money building photon torpedoes; it says they’re bundles of energy.

47. Tim Handrahan - February 27, 2007


48. Twilightsol - February 27, 2007

I cant wait, I think I will call my brother in montana and tell him the good news.

49. Jon - February 27, 2007

I can see the product tie-ins already on all the Trek sites…”Boldy go”…Depends adult undergarments (you know trek fans are getting older).

50. JonBuck - February 27, 2007

I’m curious how they’re going to handle the production design. “In a Mirror, Darkly” did an interesting job at depicting the starship interiors, as well as the Defiant itself. If the plot does jump around in time, I wonder if we’re going to see some other TOS-era starships. I can almost imagine a very young Kirk at the Starfleet Museum, looking at the NX-01.

51. Adam Cohen - February 27, 2007

Embraces canon but charts its own course?

What does that mean? I guess we’ll find out soon enough. I hate press releases, they are the antithesis of informative.

52. FlyingTigress - February 27, 2007

um guys…lets not let this get sidetracked into politics!

You’re right. The impacts of NASCAR on Trek kits!

53. Nostromo - February 27, 2007

My guess is that “embracing canon” means different things to different people, and almost certainly doesn’t mean what fans who obsess about the exact rendering of nacelle caps would like to see. ;-)

I personally suspect that the film won’t directly contradict major Trek canon but that they’ll be less than slavish in terms of the look and feel of the costumes, sets and technology. I’ll be positively amazed if the script charts its way through Trek history without contradicting some dialogue reference to where the characters were supposed to be, or what they were supposed to be doing, or how old they were supposed to be when they were doing it!

54. Adam Cohen - February 27, 2007

#53 Nostromo

First priority is that its a kickass story- action, adventure and drama. I can live with contradictions with canon for the sake of entertainment. I do, however, want to be entertained. So if the movie screws with Trek’s past AND it happens to stink, I’ll be pissed doubly so. As The Shat used to say “It’s just a TV show!”

55. Greg Stamper - February 27, 2007

#42 Elrond L – “What a great Christmas present! I wonder how they’ll handle midnight showings . . . not that the family will let me sneak out.”

Does anyone else have a problem with Christmas Day? With family obligations? Wishing not to wait – –

56. Al - February 27, 2007

Are movie theaters open Christmas Day?

57. Odo is a Libertarian - February 27, 2007

I have a feeling the only canon they JJ will “respect” is TOS Canon, TNG Canon won’t show for another 80 years, so they can disregard all the other spinoffs. This is similar to the way “Superman Returns” ignored Superman 3 & 4. Consider this Star Trek: Phase II Redux perhaps.

BTW in #26 it refers to Bush being voted out. His term simply expires, there are no votes involved. Unless you realize Jeb Bush may run, in which case another Bush will be voted IN!

PS the TOS characters are all Republicans. Note the constant derision of “diplomats”.

58. Jeff - February 27, 2007

You guys are missing what’s really important…how good are the toy phasers, communicators, and tricorders going to be? Given the cost of electronics these days, they could have wikked blinking lights right out of the box!

59. Old School Trek Nerd - February 27, 2007

#55 The figgy pudding will have to wait a few hours.

So far it’s nothing we didn’t already know, but it’s still exciting.

60. Grover Sald - February 27, 2007

#57… Ambassador Spock?

61. Dennis Bailey - February 27, 2007

#51: “Embraces canon but charts its own course? What does that mean?”

My guess is that it means that no one who cares deeply about the details of Trek’s past continuity as a primary characteristic of “what makes it ‘Star Trek'” will be happy with the way they’re treated in the film.

People who are fans enough to know the history but have a somewhat more relaxed attitude will probably notice all the deviations and either shrug, find them mildly irritating, or be pleased by the changes depending on their inclinations.

62. Teutonic Nights - February 27, 2007

This is great news.
I think they should respect canon as much as possible, which is close to 100%
Their job is to return to the “The Cage” designs and make them believable.
Wasn’t Gary Mitchell operating his station with motion control?
The TOS tech can be presented as very awesome and sophisticated as CBSD and IAMD have proven.
Hairstyles and future fashion is a different matter of course, but those are always changing fast.

63. Michael - February 27, 2007

Well I’m sure I won’t be able to go see it Christmas Day, but I’m definitely there the day after!

64. Michael Hall - February 27, 2007

“PS the TOS characters are all Republicans. Note the constant derision of “diplomats”.

Jeez, please don’t start this.

65. Jordan - February 27, 2007

57. I wouldn’t mind at all if he ignores everything that came after the original series and starts from there. I thought it was brilliant when Singer did it in Superman Returns. Let’s just hope they don’t call this Star Trek Returns.

66. Michael Hall - February 27, 2007

“My guess is that it means that no one who cares deeply about the details of Trek’s past continuity as a primary characteristic of “what makes it ‘Star Trek’” will be happy with the way they’re treated in the film.”

Could be. I am pleased, in any case, by the sense in Abrams’ statement of how important Trek’s optimism is to his perception of what makes it meaningful to him and so many millions of fans worldwide. That doesn’t guarantee it’ll be a great film, of course, but at least it gets the project off on the right foot.

67. Joe - February 27, 2007

you know it will be bad, the minute they say the will make it for the uninitiated.
Let me guess Jennifer Garner is nurse in training Chapel.

68. Sam Belil - February 27, 2007

#62- I could not agree with you MORE!!!! I have said this many times before, especially now that this canon. This movie must have the look and feel of “The Cage”/”Where No Man Has Gone Before” — this will be critical to its success!

69. dalek - February 27, 2007

William Shatner as James T Kirk is the next step.

70. diabolik - February 27, 2007

I’d say he meant that the few facts we know will be respected, while making the details their own. Also, I HIGHLY DOUBT they will duplicate the Ent bridge (or maybe even the ship) like In A Mirror, Darkly did…

Come on, it will be very similiar to the one we know, but more realistic for today’s audiences, and one they can launch new adventures from.

71. diabolik - February 27, 2007

Actually it was Spock operating the controls by motion. Very sophisticated idea for the time, too bad we never saw it again.

72. Enterprisingguy - February 27, 2007


Forget Shatner!

Everytime they drag his lard butt out just diminishes the image of him in his glory days! That last DirecTV ad was the proof!! Let the character be!!

73. THEETrekMaster - February 27, 2007

I agree with #62 and #68!!!


74. Canonista the Cultist - February 27, 2007

# 51, AdCo™

“Embraces canon but charts its own course?”

Dunno…it could be that phenomenon known as ‘pure spin’ or ‘lip service’.

….one thing is for sure, we’ll all get to see how true it is!

Where’s Hitch, btw?

75. Buckaroohawk - February 27, 2007

I have questions about the term “embracing canon.” Are they going to embrace canon the way I embrace my mother, or my wife?

Two very different types of embrace, believe you me ;-)

P.S. I swear, if one more person brings up “fixing” Generations, I’m going to drop the magnetic containment fields on the anti-matter pods. Don’t think I won’t do it, ’cause I will. Believe me. I will.

76. MichaelJohn - February 27, 2007

I do hope the writers and director respect canon, but more important to me is that they make a great movie that appeals to more than die hard trek fans.

Mike :o

77. Jon - February 27, 2007

“embracing canon”?.How about tickling canon? Or driving canon to the Piggley wiggley to pick up a pack of Marlboros?

78. MichaelJohn - February 27, 2007

Now that the new movie is confirmed..I’m very curious to find if any actors from TOS, or any of the other series, will be involved with this project.

I hope this movie gives a respectful nod to TOS, but then takes trek somewhere new and exciting.

That’s my two cents!


PS: If Shatner or Nimoy are involved again…they need to both die in this movie- permanently this time!

79. jonboc - February 27, 2007

…#78 ” hope this movie gives a respectful nod to TOS, but then takes trek somewhere new and exciting.”

After 20 years of nu-Trek, a nod to TOS WILL be new and exciting! lol

I loved Alias, I thoroughly enjoy LOST and MI3 was great.

Bring it on!

80. MichaelJohn - February 27, 2007

#79..well you know what I mean…I want the new movie to show respect to the “roots” of Star Trek, but at the same time go someplace completely new. A movie that breaks free from TNG, DS9, Voyager, Enterprise etc- a fresh new story with a completely new direction for Star Trek. Is this possible?

Maybe I’m asking and hoping for too much….

Mike :o

Long Live Spock and Quark!

81. CmdrR - February 27, 2007

I won’t go looking for cryptic messages in this release. I’m just HAPPY it’s in the works! Oh, and I’ve been wondering who could play McCoy, since some people (not me) seem to think Gary Sinise is too old. All right, who will be 46 on Christmas 2008… lives in Atlanta (like De Kelley did ) and loves Trek?
Oh yeah… ME!

82. Dennis Bailey - February 27, 2007

#75:”I have questions about the term “embracing canon.” Are they going to embrace canon the way I embrace my mother, or my wife?

Two very different types of embrace, believe you me.”

They’re going to embrace it the way you embrace your maiden aunt when she gives you money on your birthday.

You know, right before you go out and spend it on your new girlfriend. ;)

83. Canonista the Cultist - February 27, 2007


That’s fine so long as the new girlfriend doesn’t have a completely different set of principles than the previous one. Or say, a polar opposite one.

84. Dennis Bailey - February 27, 2007

Hey, if you wanted the same thing you should have stuck with the previous girlfriend. :lol:

85. Dave - February 27, 2007

I am extremely happy that the movie is going ahead. But even happier that JJA has just said that he will respect canon! With that it’s important that the right people are chosen to play the parts. They must look, act and sound like the real Kirk, Spock and McCoy, Scotty, Sulu, Uhura, Chekov. As well, I am hoping that we see Gary Mitchell, Chris Pike in the new movie. Of course the inclusion of Shatner and Nimoy in major roles would be wonderful!!!!!

Also, no changes to the enterprise as well!!

86. CmdrR - February 27, 2007

The trick is getting the girlfriend to dress up like Yeoman Rand.

87. Canonista the Cultist - February 27, 2007


Well, some might call this an arranged marriage.

88. dalek - February 27, 2007

Excuse me but Shatner is MY star trek. Ive had enough with trek without shatner it doesnt work for me. Its Shatner IN or nothing!

Shatner YAY!

89. Xai - February 27, 2007

Ho, Ho, ohhhhhhh…

The Movie MUST have Shatner and Nimoy
The Movie MUST fix the tragic mistakes of “Generations”
The Movie MUST…..

The only thing this movie must do is entertain in a style we recognize as good Trek. Giant space ameobas, salt vampires and Janice Lester please stay home.

90. dalek - February 27, 2007

Xai thats your opinion. Mine differs. It MUST have Shatner in it for me to want to see it. Doesnt matter that you dont share it. I am correct. Im never wrong.

91. Orbitalic - February 27, 2007

The average movie-going public will not remember or care if JT Kirk died in Generations. Why weight the movie down with trying to explain it in any manner? Why do we keep revisiting this?

It’s time for a simple and clean story with no baggage.


92. Sleeper Agent X - February 27, 2007

#88 – Hear, hear!

You’ve nailed the voice of the MUSTers to a T. Sometimes I think it’s just one person, posting under different aliases, so many of them speak the same way…sigh….

93. Xai - February 27, 2007

Dalek… I was typing when you posted and didn’t see it. It’s your OPINION and I’ll view it as such. No better, no worse than mine.

It’s not a competition, I just believe ALL people should be open-minded.

94. Xai - February 27, 2007

#91 thanks Sleeper

95. Xai - February 27, 2007

#89 Dalek,
We both know we will see it… regardless of who’s cast. Don’t you agree?

96. Michael T - February 27, 2007

It’s just like…. Christmas!!

I’ve been lurking, but had to say it.

97. dalek - February 27, 2007

I do not post under any other handle. You can get the site admin to verify IP addresses if in any doubt. Im sorry you feel threatened that many people want to see Kirk back as played by William Shatner.

I wont be watching it at the cinema if Shatner isnt in it. I will check it out on video or DVD eventually regardless but the true success is in its box office. Shatner is the meat for me.

98. Mark - February 27, 2007

Don’t you think the word ‘canon’ is being overused? (To say nothing of it often being misspelled.) If you try real hard, you can get the point across without using that word – try it and see.

99. Xai - February 27, 2007

#96 Dalek,
I didn’t imply you did anything and I am certainly not threatened by anyone appearing in a movie. There are plenty of other things to be concerned about these days.
And if Shatner doesn’t appear… if you go, that’s up to you.

If you are talking about Sleeper Agent, I doubt he meant you personally, he was responding to my post.

Don’t be so paranoid, bud.

100. Xai - February 27, 2007

#96 Dalek…
I will disagree on one sentence.
“…but the true success is in its box office.”

I think the true measure of success is, did it entertain?

101. Xai - February 27, 2007

I pray JJ and Paramounted have the smarts to make this a three picture deal like “Pirates of the Carribean”. Tie up the actors in contract, keep filming… three Christmas releases ending up in 2010 or 2011.

102. Light Year Models - February 27, 2007

I just hope it makes money.

103. Robert April - February 27, 2007

OK, so the deal is done…

Now, do we need to start a letter writing campaign as a preemptive strike to make sure that the Paramount suits and bean counters stay the hell out of Abrams way?

104. Sleeper Agent X - February 27, 2007

#96 – Just to make it clear, I wasn’t accusing anybody of anything. I was just commenting that it often FEELS like so many of these are just the same post, using the same words, over and over, that’s all.

#98 – Thanks for sticking up for me, Xai!

105. Xon - February 27, 2007

Great idea (#100) Xai.

Let’s face it, people, while we all could, should, would love Star Trek in all and any of its wonderful incarnations, there’s nothing quite like The Original Series for a true Trekkie. Going back to the future is the only way to revive the “original” franchise.

There was soooo much potential in TNG, DS9, VOY and even ENT and at times they touched the sky. However, the producers knew that almost any Star Trek would almost always have a life and fan base of its own, just by being Star Trek and it seems they took fandom for granted at a certain point and stopped striving to tell BIG stories, with BIG ideas. Even though they had some BIG budgets, at times there was very little continuity with Roddenberry’s true vision. I know there will be some that will disagree.

However, when you think of the most memorable and favorite episodes in any of the sequel series, you will always see a correlation or connection to the original, good or bad. When we try to manipulate canon to make it work for what we want it to do (i.e., case in point is Dax, a Trill, saying she knew McCoy; the Trill species was first introduced to the audience in TNG! ) — let’s honor the CANON of the viewer’s experience and memory too!! Just because it technically or “legally” could work — doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do.

Another point is Earth’s battle with the the Xindi (ENT) — a global devastation of historic proportions and never a mention in 24 seasons of future Trek series. That’s a leap of more than faith. It was too much of a risk which cut the series short in the end.

Explore. Shake things up a bit. Go where no one has gone before but HONOR where we have gone already.

All that said to say, this LONG TIME believer in any and every STAR TREK is excited about this revival. However, I approach it with caution because the let down would be just too painful. This new production team seems like they know how to do things right.

This could be the greatest moment in Trek history! I’m hopeful.

P.S. As to the call for the lovely Beyonce to play Uhura. C’mon! Let’s give Nichele Nichols a say in who gets to play her role (in the unlikely event Uhura is even part of this prequel scenario). Live long and prosper Star Trek.

106. Ralph - February 27, 2007

I’m glad to see it happen! Interesting to see who will be Captian Kik. I can wait for the story… Imppress me!

107. Jeffrey S. Nelson - February 27, 2007

By the Lords of Cobol, please no Matt Damon as Kirk!

108. yo - February 27, 2007

Maybe JJ can hire someone to do some special bonus anime
cartoons (kinda like Animatrix or Dark Fury, etc.). Or maybe
just a comic book. One of the cartoons or comics can
deal with the Generations thing, for the fans who want that.
Those who don’t want it or don’t care can skip the toon/comic.

Yes I am kidding.

109. The Lensman - February 27, 2007

The original is my favorite Trek and t.v. show. Always has been, always will be. Having said that, I don’t want Shatner or any of the original cast members in this or near it. It’s time to start over with a new cast playing the crew, and not be bogged down by the originals. And if you think a well written movie would suffer due to lack of their involvement, you need to get out more.

It’s time to reboot Trek, with ONLY the original era. Yes, the spin-off’s (the first two anyway)had some moments of true greatness. But the brand has become diluted to the point where no one outside of fandom can identify all the different versions and that has hurt the franchise. It’s time to re-focus and solidify the brand into one new vision. Using the one that people world wide know about, even if they’ve never watched it. With NO guarantee that in this future, there’ll be a Picard, Sisko, Janeway or anything like a universe that we saw depicted. You want the old universe, you’ve got 700 hours of it.

As far as canon goes…..I’m sick to death of it. They only need to stick to the basics, ship looks like this, crew acts like that, Vulcans are logical, etc, etc. As much as I like the look of The Cage, I’m not gonna care if they update the look. Because in the end, this isn’t Trek for me, or for the older generation, nor should it be. It should stop worrying about what old fans think and start thinking like the people who made the original: we have no fans, but if we do a damn good job and give it our all……we will have fans. And look what *they* accomplished. The rest was history.

Too much of fandom is made of old fans who argue endlessly about some of the stupidest shit. Too much of fandom, Trek, Wars, and comics, with their decades of bitching and moaning about any change has gotten old, stale and just plain pathetic.

So I welcome a new Star Trek movie, with a new cast playing Kirk and Co. with a new Enterprise, and new interpretation that feels fresh and new, that harkens back to all the stuff that made the original the best. It wouldn’t be “Star Trek” (the show, not the universe) without such wild things like galactic barriers, giant space amoebas, salt vampires, doomsday machines, energy webs, aliens like Apollo. It should have things of that nature because it should, above all else be about exploration, action, adventure, wonder, romance, in short, it should be a 23rd century odessey today.

Good night and good luck

110. Joyce-n- Tommy..the original baby boomer trekkers - February 28, 2007


111. Logan - February 28, 2007

Yeah, baby… yeah! :)

Greetings: Logan

112. By-Tor - February 28, 2007

Glad to see a green light. Christmas day? Sigh…won’t be seeing it opening day then.

And “Galaxy Quest” isn’t the best Trek movie ever! Man, I can’t believe somebody said that.

Everybody knows that “Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World” is the best Trek movie ever made.

113. Cervantes - February 28, 2007

I’d just like to echo #7 billy don’t be a hiro’s comment.

And that’s just THIS site… :P

114. Stanky McFibberich - February 28, 2007

Using characters from the original crew with new actors is not Star Trek for me.
Even if I could get past that, not adhering to the look of the original series is not Star Trek for me.
Star Trek is not about ideas and visions. It is about that set of actors playing those characters on those sets in that style.
This movie will not be that, therefore I do not support it.
Not that it makes any difference, but that’s the way it is.

115. Josh T. (The Mirror Universe Josh T.) Kirk Esquire' - February 28, 2007

It seems Paramount is treating this relaunch of Trek with all the pomp and circumstance befitting of a franchise that has garned them millions. It’s interesting Christmas was selected as that was the launch date of the most commercially successful Trek film way back in ’79, “The Motion Picture.”

Ah how life is a cycle.

116. Spartacus - February 28, 2007

Wow, I am really excited!! It’s about time Paramount has announced anything official and this is certainly great news. Star Trek is back baby!! Christmas 2008 wooooooot!!!

117. Cervantes - February 28, 2007

And to all the naysayers that didn’t quite get the Trek Movie direction that they hoped for…what’s this about “taking sides”? There are no sides here…don’tcha know this is a ROUND forum? :P

118. Sleeper Agent X - February 28, 2007

#114 – “Star Trek is not about ideas and visions. It is about that set of actors playing those characters on those sets in that style.”

Wow, Stanky. Just wow.

But now you’ve given us your bottom line, I hope you don’t inundate us over the next two years about how you still don’t support the movie. That would get tiresome.

119. Driver - February 28, 2007

I see this as a reboot. After the movie, it will become a TV series in 2009 with Abrams co-producing.

120. Holo J - February 28, 2007

If JJ and his team do indeed recreate a look close to the original series. I think Paramount would be wise to invest more money and time into the remastering of the series.

They should wait to release the DVD’s around the release of the film as a complete box set. If the film is a success lots of people would be interested in acquiring a beautifully remastered original series box set complete with aliens, bridge view screens, hand phasers and planet surfaces backgrounds etc remastered to their full potential as well as the space shots and the matt paintings done.

If you are listening CBS, Paramount that’s what you need to do if you are serious about Star Trek being a front runner for the NEW Paramount image.

I am excited about this movie now a lot more than I was when I first heard it being pitched. I think some of that excitement for me has come about from dusting off the Star Trek DVDs after hearing about the remastering. I have been watching the original series all over again we a new interest.

We don’t get Star trek Remastered here in the UK but I keep up to date with things on this site and always compare what I see here with what I have on DVD. I reckon they should rethink releasing the DVD’s so soon. Wait until the movie comes out so they can use that time to add more to the effects. Also they should be comparing notes with each other so they can make the look of any planets they might visit that they also do in the original series visually consistent.

It will be very interesting to see what happens to this film. Not wanting to wish years of my life away here but I really can’t wait to see this film. I hope they get it right.

121. Herbert Eyes Wide Open - February 28, 2007


Do I wish Shatner & Nimoy were twenty years younger? Do I wish Kelley and Doohan were still around? Do I wish TNG had better success on the big screen? Do I wish DS9, VOY and ENT had captured the imaginations of a wider viewer-ship? Do I wish that everything that that carried those eight letters that form those most two amazing and excellent words resonated, resounded and reflected resplendent?

Sure… I do… I wish it ALL… but none of the foregoing is GOING to happen. It’s all history. Done. The Fat Lady hath warbled her last tune.


Generally, I’m pretty optimistic about the new movie. I’m looking forward to this new Star Trek… whatever form it takes.

I hope Shatner & Nimoy do, in fact, play a vital part of the picture (I think it would be the perfect “tip of the hat” to the series that started it all.) I hope the casting of the new gang turns out to be exemplary. I hope the TOS era “re-imagined” is every bit as exciting as the original images were in 1966. I hope JJ & Company create a compelling, thoughtful, action-packed, humorous and visually stunning film that captures the best of Star Trek and shows us things that we never imagined could be part of that most beloved universe. But in the end if it stumbles or falls short, I’ll still plop my money down and see it.

In simpler terms, Star Trek is like pizza and sex… when it’s good, it’s GOOD! When it’s bad… well, it’s still pizza and sex.

So, if the new movie is less than satisfying, we still have the past… we can curl up with a cup of coffee and chicken sandwich (sans tribbles, of course)… or plomeek soup… or Earl Grey tea, hot… or some Raktijino… and with WHICHEVER Star Trek causes your phasers to charge.

Again, long live Star Trek… past, present and, of course, the future.

122. FlyingTigress - February 28, 2007

Let us just hope that it doesn’t reboot the “Even Number = Good, Odd Number = ehhhh…not so good” curse.

I do recall that there was a huge promise with Nemesis, billed as “Screenplay written by John Logan — the screenwriter who helped bring the Best Picture Academy Award to “Gladiator”!”

Box Office Mojo shows ST IV coming in with a much higher domestic gross (no figures for international gross tix sales) and a 10 million dollar lower production budget than ST: TMP. Admittedly, some of the Phase II costs were rolled into the TMP’s budget, and, the number of screens showing IV was higher. But, the ‘net’ (unadjusted for ticket price inflation between ’79 and ’86 — which I don’t recall was that substantial — there were still a number of theaters in San Diego that were offering heavily discounted ticket prices mid-week evening showings, after the initial couple of weeks, in ’86) reflecting the number of ticket-buying pairs of eyes walked into the theaters, was 47,000,000 for TMP and 84,000,000 for ST: IV.

123. Dr. Image - February 28, 2007

I think the fact that Berman and other suits have rotated out bodes well for the project.
We all need to be at least cautiously optomistic.

124. Jim J - February 28, 2007

I think that the way to bring Star Trek back alive is exactly what they are doing. As much as I love the old girl, it’s time to bring it into the 21st century as far as movie production goes. Frankly, we can’t get all hung up on things like the color of the phasers, the nacelles, the ship design (interior and exterior), and so on. If the story is a great one and fits TOS Star Trek standards, I say worry not about the rest.

PLUS…IF IT IS GOOD, we should come out full force in the theaters to support the new team.

125. Jon - February 28, 2007

I hope the new movie is so well done that it makes the old movies seem corny.Redo everything ,bring it up to speed .but make it recognizable.

126. CmdrR. - February 28, 2007

Herbert Holo Lensman Xon… please, brevity.

127. Don Corleone - February 28, 2007

I only have intrest in this film if Mr Shatner and Mr Nimoy are brought in to play the older Kirk and Spock.

While I respect and would all ready consider myself a fan of these three great actors (Damon,Brody and Sinese ) I can’t accept anyone in those roles but the original actors.

If Shatner + Nimoy are brought back it will legitamize the whole project in my mind.

Only at that point will I be able to see other actors in those iconic roles.

128. FlyingTigress - February 28, 2007

A large budget CGI Enterprise, and, well, hopefully breaking canon a little to provide a series production “E” (nix on the spiky nacelle caps, the lower bridge section, ‘balls’ instead of grates) would be my preference, frankly.

We’ll see. Just remember that, with the assumption of a prequel-era K/S/Mc comes (strict canon) silver fingernail polish, bland uniforms, and boring-assed set decoration. Or, did the GBotG retroactively declare the first pilot to be non-canon (like ST:V, TAS, VI, Franz Joseph Designs blueprints/Tech Manual, etc..)?

129. Herbert "Brevity" Eyes Wide Open - February 28, 2007

#126. CmdrR.

Ouch… Sorry… Skip over me… :)

130. THEETrekMaster - February 28, 2007

Don’t forget the gooseneck viewers! Gotta have those!

The film will be a complete and utter failure without them.


131. Kurt - February 28, 2007

I’m tired of people complaining about Star Trek going in a new direction. If people wanted the same old Trek then the late seasons of Voyager, Enterprise and the last two films would have been successful. I’m personally very happy that new blood is involved and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

132. links for 2007-02-28 « Love Uncle Sean - February 28, 2007

[…] It’s Official – Star Trek Is Back 12/25/08 – Film To Embrace Canon | […]

133. CmdrR. - February 28, 2007

In case XI sucks they can release it direct-to-YouTube…

134. Montreal Paul - February 28, 2007

re: 132 – Kurt

I agree with what Kurt said. Fact is, you can’t have the same old Trek anymore. It’s not the ’60s.. De Kelley is dead, James Doohan is dead and teh rest of the players are aging fast. I think going in a new direction will be good. I have watched Trek since I can remember… I grew up with TOS and watched every new series.. read most of the books.. watched all the movies. I liked some, I hated some. But the easiest thing to do for anyone is to reserve judgement until the movie comes out. Go see it and then if you don’t like it, pack up all your Trek stuff and call it a day. Right now, all we know is that Abrams is going to Direct and he plans on making it with respecting canon. Everything else is pure speculation. It’s nice to dream up your very own “fantasy” Trek … but it’s Abrams doing HIS Trek.. let’s wait and see what he does. I, for one, am planning on seeing it no matter who is in it, what era it takes place in or they do a Battlestar Galactica and turn Spock into a woman. If I don’t like it, then I won’t see it again and I won’t buy it on DVD.

135. CmdrR. - February 28, 2007

They did turn Spock into a woman… and removed all talent.

136. Dennis Bailey - February 28, 2007

Blalock was actually the only interesting Vulcan other than Alley’s Saavik since Nimoy was on television. Quite a talented actress.

137. Sleeper Agent X - February 28, 2007

135 – Right on Montreal Paul. Let’s see what Abrams has got cooking, without pre-dooming the project to failure if it doesn’t deliver our own very personal and specific idea for a Trek movie. That way we might be pleasantly surprised and entertained; I mean, what’s the point of being a fan if all you’re ever going to do is sharpen your knives and attack everything new?

138. Shaye - February 28, 2007

they better put shatner and nimoy in as “bookends” for the story WHOEVER pretends to be playing the REAL kirk spock and mccoy who are totallyt irriplacable anyway….or nobody will bother to see it…period!

Plus after bermans trashing/destruction of the trek franchise with all his stinker next gen movies it is modst likely doomed to failure!

A friendly WARNING to Paramount:…unless the shat and the old spock are in it…..its a forgone conclusion it will sink like a rock , just like all the next gen pieces of crap did!

God how I dispise Data (the talentless Brent Spiner) and how he ruined the movies after it left the tv screen!

He got a BIG HEAD and they forgot about what made Star Trek work!

thank you

139. CW - February 28, 2007

“131. Kurt – February 28, 2007
I’m tired of people complaining about Star Trek going in a new direction. If people wanted the same old Trek then the late seasons of Voyager, Enterprise and the last two films would have been successful. I’m personally very happy that new blood is involved and I can’t wait to see where it goes.”

No- Voyager, Enterprise and the last 2 films would have done better if they weren’t crap that sucked.

It has nothing to do with being tired of Trek.

140. Garth of Izor - February 28, 2007

Lord Garth is tired of the next generation era of Trek and even more tired of discussing it . Other than DS9 it was all terribly bland, over technobabelly and extremely sterile. It had it’s chance and still makes many people happy but it is not Star Trek. Star Trek is Lord Garth’s heir apparent Captain james T. Kirk, His clever first officer Mr. Spock and Dr. McCoy. It’s not enough to say that Star Trek is back because it never really went away. Real Star Trek suffered more from a form of guilt by association than anything else. – So sayith Lord Garth

141. Orbitalic - February 28, 2007

I foresee two things happening at the theater on Christmas 2008 that normally don’t

1. IF Shatner and/or Nimoy are not in the film, there will be an additional line of people, not going in, just hanging out to ask the people coming out “How was it?” They may be in disguise.

2. Canon watchers with clipboards taking notes during the film.

Now, before you all have a fit… I am trying to make a point using humor. I want to point out that although canon may be “embraced”, you may see some liberties taken. Please enjoy the film, have an open mind..k?

My CPR is rusty, so don’t have a seizure close to me.


142. Orbitalic - February 28, 2007

#140 Garth…
you forgot to say… In your humble opinion. or in your case, omit the humble part.

143. Spirit - February 28, 2007

So the question that remains is – what the heck are they doing between spring 07, the shooting date they were going to meet until recently, and fall 07? Seems they think casting will be a hard nut.

144. Orbitalic - February 28, 2007

This thread should be celebrating the new movie… not back to bashing the Trek show you dislike. Old news, old habits.

145. Orbitalic - February 28, 2007

#143 Good question Spirit…… maybe Anthony can give us an idea of what is or may be happening.

146. Garth of Izor - February 28, 2007

Orbitalic I am Lord Gaaaaaaaaarth!!!!!! I have no Humble opinion, Lord Garth was reponding to fellow poster 139 and was not meant to bash shows we dislike it was in reponse to those who still insist that Trek needs a rest. Now Martia; dance for Orbitalic

147. Nelson - February 28, 2007

After having a chance to think about the news, I have come to one conclusion about Star Trek XI. It will not be your Daddy’s Star Trek, the Trek of my generation.

It will be a totally new entity. There will be no retro ship designs, the costumes will be new, the sets will be modern (ala Enterprise) and new actors, and thus the main three character dynamic will be lost of Shatner, Nimoy and Kelley. This assumes the story takes place on the Enterprise with the current crew of TOS.

I can see this being exciting for many. A new take is what it’s about. It could be like what Moore did for Battlestar Galactica, or something else. The “feel” of the show may not be there. I can see what JJ Abrams is saying that he’s excited to bring back the optimism TOS. And I hope there will be that feel for TOS. But I cannot see them doing a direct redo of TOS characters as they were originally performed. Can Abrams bring back an old fashioned adventure story for a modern audience? Or will it feel like “Lost” in Space.

As far as Brody’s nose goes, it could add to his “alien-ness”.

148. Dennis Bailey - February 28, 2007

#147 – Agreed.

Sounds like a lot of fun. :)

149. Sleeper Agent X - February 28, 2007

147 – I think you’ve got it. This is most likely NOT “back to the sixties” Trek.

150. Orbitalic - February 28, 2007

Baaa-paa-ba, ba, bum-bum-pa-pa! is heard faintly…

Imagine a tree-lined creek bed in the middle of an Iowa summer. Birds chirp, the water gurgles around a couple rocks. Our point of view sees a stone being thrown to skip across the water, frightening a deer on the far bank. We see a close up of a black-booted foot using a rock as a stepping stone moving in and out of the frame.
The scene steps back to see a gold-shirted man from the back, now standing on the high bank, looking at the water and trees. He now looks to the sky, sighs and opens a communicator. He speaks calmly.
“One to beam aboard.”
We hear the transporter sizzle and the point of view recedes as the man disappears…the image of the creek bed moves back now fields of corn rapidly give way to a patchwork of fields, a nearby town. we start seeing the curvature of the horizon. The POV rotates as we elevate… more Earth, the glow of atmosphere, the glare of the sun and now space. The star scape apprears to fill the screen…. and we begin to move forward… faster and faster…

Cue the theme… the music swells,

151. Robin Alexander - February 28, 2007

150 – That would be brillaint

152. Michael Hall - February 28, 2007

You know, it’s one thing to present your personal preferences about casting, technology and so on in the context what what you hope to see from this film; it’s quite another to lecture everyone else about what Star Trek is, or is not, and how the film is foredoomed to failure if it doesn’t feature Shatner/Nimoy cameos, spiked nacelle caps, or “fix” the end of Generations, etc. The first is appropriate to yesterday’s announcement, while the second is not only immature, but getting tiresome real, real fast.

I mean, c’mon people. This should be a time for some fun speculation, along with many bad guesses about what Abrams and company will ultimately deliver that we can all look back and laugh at two years from now. But in the end, whether it turns out to be good or not, it’s just a movie based on an old TV show–it’s not life and death. Lighten up.

153. Nelson - February 28, 2007

Naw, they’ll start with a close-up of his eyeball and then flash to mid story and we’ll see our hero in peril as the villian threatens to kill his girlfriend. : )

154. Sleeper Agent X - February 28, 2007

152 – Well said.

155. Herbert Eyes Wide Open - February 28, 2007

#150. Orbitalic

Sweet… really sweet.

Brief enough, CmdrR. ?

156. Jim J - February 28, 2007

Orbatalic-Good to see you back on here. Haven’t seen you on in a while. I for one will be excited and am getting excited about this already. Christmas of next YEAR can’t come quickly enough.

157. StillKirok - February 28, 2007

Blalock was just some big chested model that got Braga’s attention but had no acting talent. Where has she been since the gig ended? There was nothing interesting about her, other than she was proof that the writers didn’t understand Star Trek and especially Vulcans.

T’Pol was a perfect example of everything wrong with Trek in the post-1994 era.

158. CmdrR. - February 28, 2007

Thanks, Herbert. I run off at times, too. As for Blalock, Dennis, I leave her catsuited drug addicted pon-too-farr to you.
I hope you’re right, Nelson. We don’t need velour and styrofoam rocks. We already have those. We need the heart of the story and the characters, and a new start.

159. CmdrR. - February 28, 2007

Oh, saw Blalock in “Jason and the Argonauts” (2000, I think.) She was a piece of wood there, too.

160. StillKirok - February 28, 2007

And speaking of Pon Farr, since only Vulcan males are supposed to undergo Pon Farr (see Star Trek III), seems T’Pol is a man.

161. Alfredo deDarc - February 28, 2007

Best of All Possible Worlds.

Paramount needs to jumpstart fandom for all that has been created in the Star Trek Universe and add new fans in the younger generations.
Paramount needs something to involve all of the people who were ‘so what?’ about the stuff that followed STTNG. A good first step is to reboot the very first part make new fans out of new young potential ST:TOS fans. The rest can proceed forward with new material, reboots of other franchises under the umbrella in movies, TV or other media, move even beyond TNG’s era, all the while honoring the aura of Roddenberry’s original creation.
Good plan. Let’s see how it gets executed over the next few years.

162. Stanky McFibberich - February 28, 2007

re: 118
“But now you’ve given us your bottom line, I hope you don’t inundate us over the next two years about how you still don’t support the movie. That would get tiresome.”

I will try to keep it just short of tiresome. :)

163. jonboc - February 28, 2007

147 – I think you’ve got it. This is most likely NOT “back to the sixties” Trek.

…depends on just how big a fan of TOS Abrahms is and how bad he feels the need to put his “stamp” on the franchise. I really don’t think he will stray too far from what he is a fan of, but I do think he will definitely add his own unique storytelling style into the mix. But if you’re looking for a trek reboot, I don’t think your going to get it with Abrahms.

164. Dr. Image - February 28, 2007

#140- LORD Garth.
I agree.
Now KNEEL before Zod!!
(Check out the Richard Donner cut. It blows away “Returns.”

#136- Dennis- Blalock is a talented actress to be sure. Unfortunately her character was written like 7 ‘o 9, not like a Vulcan- no surprise since Braga was involved.
Even Tuvok was better, ironically.

165. CmdrR. - February 28, 2007

In a way, I hope there’s a noticeable difference between the two entities of Star Trek. PLEASE no Shatner impersonations in XI. It may be Kirk, it should not be SHATNER… unless it really is Shatner playing Kirk… and it could be both. Gad, this is one of those damn paradoxes I hate in Trek.
Anyway, think how bad it would have been to see Bond films with actors doing a Sean Connery impression. Maybe Kirk is tall this time. Maybe McCoy is a little older, a la Sinise. IDIC people, IDIC.

166. Herbert Eyes Wide Open - February 28, 2007

#158. CmdrR.

I didn’t think I was “running off”… simply being kind. However, I’ll be succinct with regard to my earlier post…

Star Trek TOS , TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT & ALL MOVIES = History… Good, bad or whatever… Done…. If you like one or all… enjoy! But quit the f**kin’ belly-aching!

Star Trek XI: JJ & Company’s Movie = Future… new… exciting and replete with the “unknown”… speculate?… sure! But quit the f**kin’ belly-aching!

5,000 Quatloos to anyone who can recognize a common theme in the Star Trek fan? :)

167. CmdrR. - February 28, 2007

We’re all rude?

168. CmdrR. - February 28, 2007

Sorry about my kvetchiness. I genuinely like to read every entry in these juicier threads. So, the longer ones are like Umberto Eco or Charles Frasier books. Good, but perhaps overly long. No offense meant to the writers of these entries. I learn a lot of great Trek junque in here.

169. Canonista the Cultist - February 28, 2007


20,000 Quatloos to the first one.

170. Herbert Eyes Wide Open - February 28, 2007

Well, certainly not ALL of us ;)

171. Sleeper Agent X - February 28, 2007

163 – I doubt Abrams is so big a fan he keeps the exact look and feel of TOS. In other words, Trek XI isn’t going to look like “In A Mirror, Darkly.”

But even if Abrams WAS that big a fan, there’s no way Paramount’s going to let anybody produce a big budget feature with 1960s tv production values. Yes, the Defiant looked cool on tv–to hardcore fans. Nobody’s going to risk that approach with the general audience.

The movie could possibly be faithful to the canon–just the uniforms and the backgrounds might not look anything like what’s come before, or only a passing resemblance.

172. Garth of Izor - February 28, 2007

#164 Dr. Image….. Lord Garth also loved the Donner Cut, in fact it so moved Lord Garth that it brought a tear to his eye. Lord Garth wonders if Dr. Image watched the deleted scenes and was as astonished as I to see that in one scene Zod, Ursa and Nom survived and were led away (as they were now powerless) in handcuffs!!! Holy Shatner!!!! Lord Garth proclaims that the next Superman film must address this and the teaser poster for Superman Returns 2 must say “Kneel before Zod” and must star Terrance Stamp as Zod. Lord Garth also wonders if the universe could possibly survive a clash between it’s two most mighty titans Garth vs. Zod

173. Garth of Izor - February 28, 2007

Lord garth also believes that they will keep the original Matt Jeffries design but with some very subtle tweeks, perhaps just a bit more surface detail. The Uniforms will remain essentially the same but also tweeked (military cargo pants and combat boots instead of pirate boots and pocketless dress pants with flares at the bottom. The sets should maintain the same layout and colors but instead of plywood and plastic will be sleeker stainless steel and composite materials. Lord Garth also proclaims that the readouts will be much more impressive perhaps holographic plasma-ish screens. Lord Garth doesn’t think we have too much to worry about with respect to the production design.

174. Anthony Pascale - February 28, 2007

Anthony Pascale thinks it is strange when people talk about themselves in the third person

175. Garth of Izor - February 28, 2007

It is the medication the Dr. Kory prescribed that makes Lord garth spaek as such. Lord Garth thinks nothing should suprise Sir anthony where a large portion of the fandom that regulary dress up like Klingons or Borg and walk around in public. Lord garth says rejoice in our IDIC

176. Sleeper Agent X - February 28, 2007

Sleeper Agent X thinks Lord Garth needs to spend more time in that rehabilitation chamber with the funny lights… :)

177. Orbitalic - February 28, 2007

Herbert and Robin, thanks for the compliments. I’ve had that intro running through the brain lately and it felt good to share it on the thread stating that the movie IS really going to happen.

I enjoy the festive mood that most of this thread has… a welcome change.

#156 Jim… how do you feel? Heal up ok?

178. Garth of Izor - February 28, 2007

Lord Garth does not want to monopolize the thread but for those who are interested Aintitcool has a beautiful new special effects shot of the new Babylon 5 film. Lord Garth is impressed and has always been fond of babylon 5 (except the lame telapath stuff from season 5 and a couple of the tv movies) Lord Garth says Captain Sheridan very similar to his heir apparent Captain Kirk

179. Lets hate Paramountd - February 28, 2007

I always thought this was going to be a reboot, but then why is Abrams visiting Shatner and Nimoy?

180. Still Kirok - February 28, 2007

It’s following canon. Therefore it’s NOT a reboot. Why do people think that? There has NEVER been any evidence of a reboot.

181. GOOSENECK VIEWER - February 28, 2007

All I know is I want the next film to be very Gooseneck™. If it’s not Gooseneck™ — it’s gonna suck and I am going to demand my money back from the box office!

Better have some freakin’ Gooseneck™ viewer mounted on EVERY bridge station!


182. Driver - February 28, 2007

I can hear the trailer now “SPOCK!” “JIM!” “CAPTAIN!”

183. Michael Appleton - February 28, 2007

Some fans seem to think that IDIC stands for “I Dream In Canon”. Please, we’re not saying to disregard what’s come before, but let’s give Abrams some breathing room, shall we? On that note, I bid 25,000 quatloos on the newcomers!

184. Orbitalic - February 28, 2007

what IS the current conversion rate on Quatloos to dollars?

185. Jim J - February 28, 2007

Orbitalic-Feel about ten years younger, actually. It was needed, just like Star Trek 11.

186. Orbitalic - February 28, 2007

Hey Jim… ready for the blizzard? I was in Lyons on Tuesday…looks like you almost had as much snow as Sioux City. Glad to hear you feel better. My wife’s doing well too.

Lets’ find some scenic western Iowa/eastern Nebraska land and persuade JJ to film a bit of Kirk’s life here abouts, eh?

187. Orbitalic - February 28, 2007

#181 Gooseneck….

That you under there Hitch?

188. Cervantes - March 1, 2007

Can’t be…He’s back in the “Nexus” ribbon…

189. Cervantes - March 1, 2007

#2+#10 Dennis Bailey

Just a last thought on this thread… If the new Trek Movie is as good and entertaining as “Galaxy Quest” proved to be, with as involving a storyline, featuring characters as warm and humourous, and with as inventive, quality effects as this had, then we will be lucky indeed. Fingers crossed.

190. Jim J - March 1, 2007

Orbitalic- Glad to hear your wife is doing better. I’d say my vote for Trek 11 is Iowa, not Nebraska. After all, I was born a Hawkeye and grew up a Hawkeye. Kirk a Hunsker? Nah!!!!! Yeah, the storm really blew in over night, that is for sure! Take care.

191. Jim J - March 1, 2007

typo-my bad! HUSKER!! That’s what happens when I type 5 minutes after waking up!

192. Cervantes - March 1, 2007

Nearly forgot…

#150 Orbitalic

A most excellent cinematic intro.

I would enjoy reading a WHOLE “Topic thread” asking for visitor’s suggestions of how they would like to see the start of this new Movie directed Anthony… Another idea for a section in your proposed site makeover maybe? I will post my own suggestion in a future thread for you to mull over Orbilatic, but I certainly think yours is terrific.

By the way Anthony, another new section I would DEFINATELY also like to see (along with a “Fan Art” one), would be one where we could all suggest the “amendments” and changes we’d like to see most (or NOT!) in this ongoing CBS Digital makeover to the Original Series. It would be interesting to see the ones that the majority seem to agree on. Just a suggestion.

193. Craig - March 1, 2007

“Embrace & Respect” are ambigous word as is “canon” does that mean all 5 series or just TOS maybe ENT and TOS or just TOS and TNG?

It can be said that ENT Embraced and Respected Canon but it definatly didn’t stick to it

194. Craig - March 1, 2007

#40 What election???? when did we vote????? I must have missed it

195. Driver - March 1, 2007

If this is indeed a reboot, there must be a couple of minutes of pro log to explain events in this new incarnation. Shatner could provide the voice over. Trek events happen as is known, but not necessarily in the same years as we have known. For instance, Real events have happened as we know up until now and The Eugenics Wars could happen after 2010, No WWIII, Warp Drive invented earlier or later than 2063, this new Trek taking place in the year 2100 and so on.

196. TNT2073 - March 1, 2007

If they use matt damon for anything I’m going to burn all my star trek and beg the spirit of GENE for forgiveness. If matt damons acting skills were water there wouldn’t be enough to drown myself in, but I’ll give it a good go if they use him. everyone needs to write to paramount and demand the removal of his name from the list of possible candidates. they should do the same as was done with superman and use actors no one has heard of before

197. GOOSENECK™ VIEWER - March 1, 2007

“IDIC = I Dream In Canon”

That’s freakin’ Gooseneck™ hilarious! I like it! Works for me!

I am very IDIC Gooseneck™.

*Waves hand over keyboard and sez Gooseneck™ goodbyes for now*

198. Orbitalic - March 1, 2007

#197 Gooseneck..

Very Hitch-ish., hmmm…

#192, Cervantes…

Thanks. My pleasure and I’d love to see it done…right on a real creek in Iowa.

199. Skippy 2k - March 1, 2007

While I hadn’t seen or heard anything on TV or radio apparently its going around. Two people I work with mentioned to me “you probably allready know this but did you hear there making a new star trek movie?” Pretty much just answered… Christmas Day 2008. She also said she had mentioned it to a couple of guys that were looking at the TOS dvd’s but they should allready know that… I mean if there “true” fans. :-)

200. Skippy 2k - March 1, 2007

I gave making gooseneck viewers when I was trying to “cagify” the TOS bridge. Pretty sure the original model was SeanR’s.

Hadn’t got around to finishing it but I had rendered an image (part of the wall wasn’t fully set to transparent so can see part of it).

The Bridge:


201. Cervantes - March 2, 2007

Very good Skippy 2k

I too think it would be an interesting visual addition to the new Movie’s instrument panels on the Bridge to have a “Gooseneck” viewer something like this…sorta reminds me of a mini retro (yet futuristic) variation of the original “War of the Worlds” alien technology…

202. Cervantes - March 2, 2007

Very good Skippy 2k

I also think it would be an interesting visual addition to the new Movie’s instrument panels on the Bridge to have a “Gooseneck” viewer something like this…sorta reminds me of a mini retro (yet futuristic) variation of the original “War of the Worlds” alien technology…

203. Cervantes - March 2, 2007

Sorry folks, dont’cha just hate it when you accidentally duplicate posts?

204. GOOSENECK VIEWER™ - March 2, 2007

Looking GOOD Skippy!!!

Need to fix that texture map on the Gooseneck™ though. You’ll have to apply the map to separate sets of polygons to get it to fit that shape correctly…so that the ribbing wraps around the ol’ Gooseneck™ like it’s supposed to. ;-)

What software are you using, just out curiousity? I think overall your bridge looks great!

VERY Gooseneck™ HAWT!!!!


205. Skippy 2k - March 2, 2007

#204 I was modifying it but it was actually built by Sean Robertson. When someone I knew on the net was wanting to use the cage bridge for something I started changing it but never finished.

Didn’t realize untill then that there were more changes than I thought. Mainly giving the helm a harder edge but still need to remove the bars under the consoles and change the upper screens… with trek xi coming I kinda want to work on it again.

I kinda liked the greys from the first bridge, I understand the later one was to take advantage of the color tvs but I think the earlier one could look cool on the big screen without too much updating.

Here is what the bridge above started out as…I am using lightwave and its availible online.

206. Meredith - March 3, 2007

I am totally seeing this on Opening Day. Santa be damned!

207. andrea - March 5, 2007

i would like they don’t take star for lead characters because kirk, spock & Co. in the last 40 years are iconic images, so i prefer they take unknown actors for this movie. what do you think?

208. STV - Squiggy - April 15, 2007

…Personally I thinkg they are bloody idiots for two reasons:
1) TOS is the basis of all trek canon, and, despite thier best attempts, ENT, nor TNG/DS9/VOY especially tried to stick to it much..however, I do believe if they try, they might come close.
2) It CAN NOT BE TOS BASED. Why? TOS requires the following things:
A-William Shatner to be 40 years younger
B-Leonard Nemoy to undergo 40 years worth of make up to look 40 years younger((Probably irrelevant at that point))
C-De Kelley to be alive – NOBODY can ever do a Dr. Mccoy impersonation right… and nobody ever will.
D-Jimmy Doohan. Simple. NOBODY can replace Mr. Scott.
E-The collective IQ of Paramount Movies to exceed that of any given ant colony
F-Santa’s forgiveness. CHRISTMAS DAY? I’m not even Christian, but I won’t go see ANY movie on christmas. Spock be damned.

That’s just my opinion, but seriously… Who are they going to hire to replace De Kelley? I seriously hope it isn’t say… Hugh Laurie from House, MD, or more annoyingly, that annoying janitor from Scrubs. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.