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Today Is A Good Day To Watch The ‘Errand Of Mercy’ Preview May 2, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: TOS-R Preview , trackback have put up a preview for next weekend’s "Errand of Mercy" Remastered.

click image to play in WMP or Click Here for QT

screen caps

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1. tronnei - May 2, 2007

First comment–awesome!

2. DREW - May 2, 2007


3. Toonloon - May 2, 2007

At last! They have expanded the battle stuff that you just know they would have shown if they had had the budget! Top marks CBS-D!

4. Gd846c3 - May 2, 2007

This looks amazing! I can’t wait

5. Michael Hall - May 2, 2007

Yep, this is quite nice. I’m starting to think, though, that the posts solemnly informing us that this looks like TAS or like it was done in crayon are even more fun than the effects themselves.

6. Jim J (Crayon Fleet Captain) - May 2, 2007

I love the crayon drawn Kilngons. It IS a good day to draw!!!! LOL

7. Ozy - May 2, 2007

Looks great.

8. TheVamp - May 2, 2007

Holy frak, that looks awesome!

And do my eyes deceive me, or does it look like they re-rendered the “proximity phasers” effect from “Balance on Terror” with the new E model? If they did it gives me hope for the Season One Remastered HD-DVD release.

9. Jim J (Military dictator of crayons) - May 2, 2007

Seriously now, this looks so great! I was pumped up for “Tomorrow Is Yesterday” but WOW! It’s going to seem like a long 10 days to wait. CBS-D, you are doing such a fine job under tough circumstances.

10. Robert Bernardo - May 2, 2007

I have a problem with the Klingon fleet being so near the Enterprise. Shouldn’t they be separated by tens of thousands of kilometers during a battle at warp speed? Sure it makes a better virtual-camera composition, but they shouldn’t be that near to each other.

11. Jim J (kilometers of crayons) - May 2, 2007

Oh, brother!

12. Duane Boda - May 2, 2007

Yes it does look very good and certainly wouldn’t the battle scene be one
of the biggest (most Klingon ships) and so on in TOS or ever in the first 3 seasons? Does anyone have a clue when they’ll have a the first remastered season out on HD-DVD? Just curious. Also…as far as I know even IF you had a HD Tv now nobody could actually see any of the episodes now in TRUE HD

13. Ozy - May 2, 2007

New effects looks great. But why klingon weapon are blue. Klingon weapon in Tos is green.

14. colin - May 2, 2007

I feel there is an issue. (Aren’t there are always issues with this project?)

IIRC, the Enterprise is attacked by a lone Klingon ship beyond visual range. And when the Enterprise is confronted by the Klingon fleet, she is escorted by other ships of Starfleet and before a battle could commence the Organians step in.

So, why do I see the Enterprise being attacked by a Klingon ship in visual range surrounded by other ships of the Empire?

Sorry for being such a sour puss.

15. doubleofive - May 2, 2007

I think I need to straighten out my understanding of Remastered weapon colors:

green = stun – handheld (“Wink of an Eye”) and ship (“A Piece of the Action”)
red = disintegrate/kill – handheld (“Friday’s Child”)
blue pulse = proximity phasers
red pulse = photon torpedoes
blue beam = full blast – ship

I saw a blue beam from a handheld phaser in this promo. What’s a blue beam from a handheld, some middle ground between “stun” and “kill”?

16. Tony - May 2, 2007


17. Doug L. - May 2, 2007

re 5

You know, i am as excited as anyone to see new effects and new angles on the Big E, and it’s all good fun, but once I get past the excitement of actually having new effects shots, I start to look at them more objectively…

Michael Hall, I’m not really directing this at you, but I don’t appreciate what reads to me like a passive aggressive put down to anyone who isn’t as thrilled as some of you seem to be with the new effects.

I look forward to these previews and everyone’s comments too… but honestly, Every time I or anyone else comments on the effects from the new episodes, those comments are met with some ridiculous retort suggesting that we aren’t capable of discerning the obvious quality in front of our eyes.

I’ve never slammed CBS-D, it’s not that I am incapable of enjoying what’s in front of me, it’s not an unswerving love for the original that makes me incapable of viewing the new effects objectively, it’s simply my take on the new effects. I think they are average.

There is obviously more volume of effects shots than the original, which is cool…, but they’re not all necessarily good. (not all bad either) If you want to tell me that you’ve never seen better, and you are truly blown away, that’s fine. Be blown away and love every minute of it. I don’t need to hear how funny you think it is that I and others are disappointed.

If I took the approach so many of you choose, I’d respond with equally useless and banal comments suggesting that the people who really dig the new effects are probably equally happy consuming bologna sandwiches and a bud every day being perfectly content with all things bland.

(my apologies to bologna and bud lovers everywhere)

Sorry to be so increasingly annoyed by this, but if anybody wants to seriously discuss the pro’s and cons of the new effects on Trek enhanced beyond belittling the opinions of others or offering their unswerving devotion to the wonderful work that CBS-D has done, I’ll look forward to it…

For what it’s worth, the preview looks good. I reserve judgement til I see it on the tube tho.

Doug L.

18. Doug L. - May 2, 2007

re 5…

Again, Michael Hall, really not directing my previous thread at you. It’s just what set me off on a tirade. Sorry bout that. dl

19. brady - May 2, 2007

im just impressed at how the pendulum has swung the other way in such a short time…originally it was CBS isnt doing a good job…nacelles…blablabla,,,yaddayaddayadda…and now its the other way around…good work CBS at overcoming adversity ;)

20. SPOCKBOY - May 2, 2007

Well said.

21. CmdrR. - May 2, 2007

What a great gift… and so unexpected. I didn’t think CBS-D would fiddle with the eps like this, but I honestly think most of the original creative team would have gone this route, had they had the budget. This is the first ep with Klingons, right? It took a while before we saw our first cruiser. (In Tribbles, writers here quibbled because they’d scripted an EXCUSE to not see the Klingon ship. Here there’s no reason not to see them, except we just don’t. NOW we do!)

14 – I think it’s just the trailer cut up. They show the fleet confrontation and butt it to the earlier one on one encounter in the episode’s teaser.

22. Adam Cohen - May 2, 2007

This looks freakin’ awesome!

23. SPOCKBOY - May 2, 2007

Well said ” Doug L.”
Brady snuck his in when I wasn’t looking
The one thing that bothers me is that the people who make these promos are always using shots that aren’t even in the episode. That shot of the red photon torpedo was obviously the OLD model with the cartoon nacelles. Let’s stick with the NEW and BETTER model guys.
And yes the Klingon disruptors are GREEN. Why would you want to change that?

24. Cranston - May 2, 2007

#14 colin —

I haven’t watched this ep in a while, but aren’t there at least 2 separate scenes with space combat? From the preview, I only see one shot which shows both the E and the Klingon ship/fleet — in other words, I don’t see any indication yet that the lone Klingon ship is necessarily in visual range, or that it is surrounded by other Klingon ships. It looks like they’re mixing FX shots from different parts of the episode in the preview.

Also, #10 Robert Bernardo — I thought the fleet vs fleet battle happened in orbit of Organia and not at warp. Am I misremembering?

25. THEETrekMaster - May 2, 2007





26. Michael Hall - May 2, 2007

Doug L–

Thanks for your take on what constitutes banality. It’s about as useful as anything else you’ve posted here, frankly.

I wouldn’t speak for everyone else here, of course, but any cursory look at my postings over the last few months would show that I haven’t blissfully swallowed everything that CBS-D has put on my plate. I went out of my way to note my unhappiness with the work in “Where No Man Has Gone Before,” a seminal episode that fell victim to a series of artistic choices that in my view were very unfortunate. I also chimed in, as many did, with my disappointment in the re-do of “The Tholian Web”–not a disaster in that case, but still pretty flawed. And (since they were aired before I began posting here), let me add I don’t think all that highly of much of the work in “Balance of Terror,” “The Naked Time,” or “Mirror, Mirror” either. Very unfortunate, since they’re all top-notch shows that deserved the best remastering work possible.

What important to note here, however, is that criticism should be constructive. It simply isn’t useful to come here, time after time, making the same statements over and over: the effects are “average,” or the lighting is “too flat,” or the CGI looks like CGI, or that the Battlestar team at Zoic manages to blow you away each week and CBS-D doesn’t. (Zoic’s work blows me away, too, but it’s absurd to judge the remastered FX in such a context, when the work not only has to be done on a much tighter schedule but must also walk the fine line between Nostalgia and Cutting-Edge, without overwhelming the live-action footage shot forty years ago on what was a fairly modest budget even for the time.)

So yes, we got it, Doug. You think the work is disappointly “average,” and you also think that Zoic and Dochterman do it better. Got anything else? Personally–as I’m sure you’re sincere in your disappointment–I think at this point you’re just taking a little mean-spirited pleasure in raining on everyone else’s parade.

27. colin - May 2, 2007


There is one space battle.
Kirk had ordered Sulu specifically not to engage the Klingon fleet when it entered into orbit above Organia. The captain had ordered Mr. Sulu to rendezvous with the fleet. Considering the odds (8 to 1), the orders were sound.

28. Lou - May 2, 2007


29. ZtoA - May 2, 2007

That group of Klingon cruisers in front of the E is bad ass to be sure!… I’m just trying to remember such a scene in this episode.

30. Doug L. - May 2, 2007

re 26

Like I said man, wasn’t directing it at you really. And you’re right, I think you generally have been pretty even handed. Said myself, that it’s not all bad as well…

I take it on an episode by episode basis, and hope for the best. I attempt to be constructive in the best way I can without having any technical skill in creating effects, and that’s by comparison to what else is out there now.

You’re right, I might be broken record about it, but definitely not mean-spirited dude. My comments above are reflecting that others tend to washover what might be a more interesting dialogue to me about what’s cool and what isn’t with really dismissive comments that don’t represent what I and some others were trying to say.

Doug L.

31. Anthony Pascale - May 2, 2007

i have added some screenies

32. frobogods - May 2, 2007

finally a good space battle

33. THEETrekMaster - May 2, 2007

#26 Amen, Michael!

34. diabolik - May 2, 2007

#29… there WAS no such scene…. that was the problem. No budget meant it was only inferred. Now, we FINALLY get to see it!

Three cheers for CBS digital crew! They finally relented and put in scenes that weren’t there before for the sake of what it should have been. I was expecting more of the same, but at least we do see the Klingon ships. Heretofore we had not seen the Klingon ship until “The Enterprise Incident.”

Of course, most of the Klingon scenes are going to be from a distance as we saw in the trailer… no close up shots from their angle. That would be too much of a departure, and I figure they would not want to go that far. But at least we do see the fleet in some form and it looks good.

AND… AND… we see for the FIRST TIME, a hit on the Enterprise shields! The bolt hits and deflects just away from the ship and not on it. Another departure from the status quo! And a welcome one.

35. diabolik - May 2, 2007

ALSO…. in a nod to the ST:TMP Klingon ships… the bolts are coming from the command module… from what before was the deflector dish, but was in TMP changed to the torpedo tube. Before, the disruptor bolts came from the engine fronts in other episodes, never the front.

I like it.

36. CmdrR. - May 2, 2007

Checking the screenies…
Looking at the phaser shot of the two Klingon guards, I’m wondering whether it might have been more subtle to use a bazooka. Those glowing beams must light up the evening air like twin beacons. Oh, and they’re blue, not green… that is, if you accept the stun is green. I don’t. I accept that no one policed the opticals in the original. I like blue and red and don’t really care which gets used… as long as it’s not against me.

ps- there’s a thread on the new Andromeda Strain over at Why not visit? Let’s see if we can push a thread above 3 entries.

37. diabolik - May 2, 2007

On another thought, good to see the set that was used in “The Cage” for Rigel 7, one more time.

38. Michael Hall - May 2, 2007

Okay, Doug. Fair enough. Just so’s we understand each other. :-)

39. Jon - May 2, 2007

I remember as a kid being dissapointed that the feds and the klingons didn’t fight in the end.not only that, but the whole 2 fleets were assembled and we didn’t get to see it.waah.

40. Sean4000 - May 2, 2007

This might knock the Doomsday Machine out of the top remastered spot.

Cannot wait!

41. Lord Garth Formerly of Izor - May 2, 2007

Holy F*cking Sh*t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

42. YARN - May 2, 2007

The nacelles look great. The weapons fire looks great.

I see no reason why this project should ever be finished. These effects are good fun, but already look dated compared to stuff that was done on Enterprise.

I say keep a team of folks continuously employed on a year-to-year basis to update the effects. Each new season of Trek would bring new effects and different stylistic choices. The way to keep it new is to keep mending it like a fence.

Consider how much improved these effects are compared to the test-pattern nacelle caps that marked the beginning of the project.
I say keep a team continuously employed on the project. Bring in different creative teams to take their shot at it. Why stop?

43. Michael Hall - May 2, 2007

“I remember as a kid being dissapointed that the feds and the klingons didn’t fight in the end.”


Just hope the adult recognizes that the Feds and Klingons not fighting was kind of the whole point. But I’m happy we’re finally getting to see the fleet too. And it corrects a weird anomaly in ST history: in the Remastered Universe, the first time we get to see a Klingon fleet the ships will, in fact, be manned by Klingons.

44. SteveinSF - May 2, 2007

The old effects where the Enterpirse is first attacked and you see the shots hitting the bottom of the saucer section are wonderful. Even the sound effects. I hope they don’t remaster that.

45. Dr. Image - May 2, 2007

44- I agree. Unfortunately, I think they’re being replaced.
And the Klingon disruptor fx should be green.
I’m still bothered about the choice to change the photorp color to red. And it looks like lame animation, without the depth and dimension the old practical optical fx had.
Classic phots were ALWAYS blue/white, as were the Fed torps in TMP.
ILM changed the color to red for TWOK for ALL photon torps. A mistake, IMHO.

46. Ron Jon - May 2, 2007

Classic photon torpedoes were always white/blue. Except when they weren’t.

47. Tim - May 2, 2007

First time I have commented on the Remastered TOS and I must say this is extremely well done. CBS -D has limited time to remaster and update each episode and they are doing a fine job. The fact that the effects in all episodes are maintaining consitency throughout the episodes and now all Trek series probably brings it closer to Rodenberry’s original vision for Trek. No wonder people are clammering for a revisit to the TOS/Enterprise time period. A TOS story line done with modern effects and technology, wow! And 42. YARN – May 2, 2007 – I agree the effects look dated to Enterprise (personaly I love the effects from the later series) but I must admit that the “dated” effects still sit well with me, this is Classic trek, but I honestly do see your point :-)

48. Gd846c3 - May 2, 2007

I think the reason that the Klingon phasers are blue/purple/whatever is because although we didn’t see the klingon ships in the original, we did see the phasers and they were blue/purple/whatever. So the reason they are not green is so they can be in keeping with the original. Just my theory.

49. Mark 2000 - May 2, 2007

Anyone notice the E has a shield bubble like in TNG on? In TOS and the movies the shields are skin tight. This is retconning.

50. Jim J (am I the one?) - May 2, 2007

#30-I hope I’m not the one. If so, I sincerely apologize. I’m kinda like Michael about this whole thing. It’s disappointing to weekly see some of the same people preach the same stuff, even when there has been improvements made. Frankly, you compare the recent work to something like “Where No Man Has Gone Before” and “Balance of Terror”…it’s not even close. The new stuff is SO much better, it’s almost frightening.

What “frosts my cake” is when people say things like “looks like crayons or a video game”…or always bring up Daren D.’s name. I really enjoy Daren’s work, too (also like Dennis B’s stuff on Exeter) but they are NOT in charge and they will NOT be. So, to me, it makes me want to scream: GET OVER IT!

Sorry if you think I’ve been unfair, I surely haven’t meant to be.

51. Jo Jo Kracko's gun moll - May 2, 2007

I know I have bashed the new Trek’s CGI mecerlessly at times..BUT…and serious here no hypocrate b.s.!

The shot of the Big E surrounded by Klingon Vessels looks outstanding…im impressed here as I was with Journy to Bablal or Immunity Syndrome, And I Hope his weekend, Captain Christoper’s
view of the future…the future….is PRETTIER too.


52. Holo J - May 2, 2007

42. YARN
“I see no reason why this project should ever be finished.”

I agree with you here to some extent. Because of the budget and time restrictions forced on the remastered team there is always something left undone. It would be good if they are at least given the chance to work on all the episodes again before producing a final product for DVD. It just seems a wasted opportunity to leave it with things that could still be added to like the smaller display view screens on the bridge changed to had some new graphics and shots of space plus giving the planet surfaces a make over when the sets lacked depth etc..

Its kind of ironic that they are adding to things the budget didn’t allow for before but are going the whole way with the remastering because of time and budget its a bit of history repeating itself. I think the artist working on this project are obviously very talented, I just wish they had more time and money to revamp this further.

That being said, it looks like there are a lot of new effects to look out for in this episode, I love the new Klingon ships shots. This is where the remastering can really help the story by adding to the scenes that the budget and maybe the imagination wouldn’t allow for before. I don’t think they even knew what the Klingon ships where meant to look like at this point first time around, so it’s a massive plus to finally see them.

I wish the CDS digital guys working on this project would acknowledge the fans a bit more and let us know they are listening to the request for more to be done. I wish they update us as to whether they will do more for the future and if the DVD’s will have more on them than we have seen here. Maybe they haven’t decided themselves, yet again because of the time restrictions they are having forced on them. Meaning they can’t say for sure if they will do more or not?

I, like most of you guys on here hope at the least they fix the earlier episodes they attempted because I think the work has moved on so much since then, it would be a great disappointment if that wasn’t addressed before a final release.

Please forgive me for waffling again. Sorry!

53. Michael Hall - May 2, 2007

#44–agreed. The music combined with the original optical effect of the disruptor fire hitting the E’s saucer from below was just terrific, and I’m guessing that we won’t like CBS-D’s replacement effect nearly as well if they choose to mess with it too much. (It would also be cool to see some of the moderate damage that the dialogue stated the ship had sustained in the attack, but I’m guessing it ain’t gonna happen.) Still, IMO getting the Klingon fleet is worth it.

54. Daron - May 2, 2007

I would also like to extend my compliments to CBS D for doing excellent work on my favorite TV series of all time! I’m really looking forward to seeing their new Klingon footage. This preview looks terrific!

I’m not sure if this has been mentioned here before, but I just wanted to share something I recently noticed in the new title sequence each week: in the sequence featuring dissolves of the E approaching and entering orbit around the planet, the starfield remains the same in most if not all of the shots. Don’t know if that’s something CBS D is interested in working on at this point… just wanted to share it.

Again, I am a big fan of this high-quality effort, and enjoy reading these posts as much as watching the new effects!

55. Lao3D - May 2, 2007

Sweet Mary mother of Errand of Mercy! Klingon battle crusiers we can actually see! Deflector shields in action! This looks like it will make a great episode that much more exciting — can’t wait!

56. Laserlover2254 - May 2, 2007

What is the point of showing us this if it’s just the ENTERPRISE versus a BUNCH of D-7s?

This is doing a good job? It just seems like STSE just becomes a land of missed opportunities.

57. Spock's Brain - May 2, 2007

I love it when CBS-D does more and gives more than they minimally have to. I love it when they add enough to make an episode fresh and new again. I love it when what they add makes the episode even better than it already was. Errand looks to be a winner on all three counts!!

58. FishDS9 - May 2, 2007

I hope CBS-D does something with the Klingon weapons depot scene. Hopefully we can get something more than just “boxes”.

59. Sleeper Agent X - May 2, 2007

Anyone think if they were going with a “shield bubble,” they should have gone all the way and shown the entire bubble flare with impact, the way they did in the later series?

60. Xai (let open minds reign) - May 2, 2007

I liked what I saw and I am willing to wait until the broadcast to judge it completely. There’s no point in assuming.

61. Redshirt - May 2, 2007

So far so good . I wasn’t expecting much from CBS-D for that one either. So far it looks cool . I’m going to have dig out my DVD’s for this one again.

62. Ron Jon - May 2, 2007

I’ve always disliked the “shield bubble’ that they used in TNG, DS9 and Voyager. I always thought it looked hokey. I’d much rather see a glowing impact point than a wrap-around bubble.

63. jonboc - May 2, 2007

I agree, the shield bubble effect was great for martian war machines but I don’t want to see it in my Trek. And yes, the FX look like another home run for CBS-D, I particularly like the darkened lighting this go round. (but I wouldn’t want to see it this way all the time).

64. THX-1138 - May 2, 2007

In the next episode, our brave crew do battle with the evil overlords from the planet of Minutae. Danger and destruction are imminent as confusion reigns as to what colors the enemies photon torpedoes should be and how many times they fired their disruptors. At the last minute, a lost band of conventioneers show up with tech manuals and adjust the deflector shield to the right distance from the hull. Armed with their new friends and knowledge, our intrepid crew travel back in time to correct all the FX mistakes from the previous episodes.

Don’t throw stuff, I’m just playing around. I hope all the people who pay that close attention keep up the good work and keep CBS D honest and we all will be rewarded with a great finished product. I for one have always been a sort of “Star Trek can do (almost) no wrong” guy.

BTW, is it me or are the access panels on the bottom of the E the wrong color?

65. Jeff - May 2, 2007

You guys don’t know crayon spaceships when you see them!

Now THIS is a crayon spaceship:

66. THEETrekMaster: Phase II - May 2, 2007

HAHAHAHA!!! Looks cartoon to me! LOL

67. Crusade2267 - May 2, 2007

Looks great. I especially like the shot of all those Klingon D-7s staring down the Enterprise. Before, all you get is Kor saying theres fleets battling up there. It didn’t quite make it real in the story.

68. diabolik - May 2, 2007

I love the fact that we see the Klingon bolt hitting the shields and not the ship. Awesome.

69. Michael Hall - May 2, 2007

I never much cared for the ‘shield bubble’ effect myself, and had always assumed watching TOS that the shields were skin-tight.

#65, those nacelle caps are just awful!

70. Sleeper Agent X - May 2, 2007

What’s with that wierd dark patch on the bottom of the secondary hull (see picture 2 in the screen caps)? Is that carbon scoring, or what?

71. Xplodin' Nacelle - May 2, 2007

Re: #40 – Agreed. This looks freakin’ awesome! Can’t wait.

72. Rick M - May 2, 2007

I don’t care what anyone says. The U.S.S. Enterprise is THE best looking ship in all of sci-fi. I don’t think there is one bad angle of her.

73. Joshu T. ( The Klingon fleet owns you) Kirk Esquire' - May 2, 2007

Kirk would give Bones and Spock high fives all around over this shit, whewness.

74. Stanklin T. McFibberich - May 2, 2007

Real Klingons!

75. Gary Seven - May 2, 2007

#14/Colin is right, if I recall correctly, and I believe I do. There is a opening/teaser battle scene with one ship. Then the E does leave, choosing not to engage a large Klingon force. Then at the end the fleets are about to engage but the Organians interfere before they can begin the battle.

So where, could there possibly be the E in a battle with many Klingon Ships? The preview has the group of Klingon ships firing on the Enterprise.
I don’t get it, it doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t match up with the episode, if I’m right about this. Of course maybe the preview is misleading, but I can’t even place how a group of Klingon ships would be seen firing on the E in this episode. And I really hope CBS didn’t put in something that looks “cool” but makes no sense in terms of the episode. I thought it was a significant mistake in “The Paradise Syndrome” when Miramannee says Kirok can make the blue flame come out of the obselisk and a red flame comes out. But that mistake would pale next to this one if I’m right about this. Does anybody else have a comment about this?
Not to say the effects aren’t great and exciting, they are. But it is not too much to ask to have the effects be consistent with the episode.

76. Magic_Al - May 2, 2007

Real Klingon SHIPS! The Klingons themselves still look ridiculous, Kor excepted of course. John Colicos will always be Klingon #1 and he looks fantastic, and his aide (“I swear!”) is okay, but the non-speaking Klingon extras marching through the streets look like their makeup was put on in 15 seconds and they’d rather be filming a western next door.

77. Sean4000 - May 2, 2007

About the shield thing. I alway took it as such:

NX-01 had no shields but polarized hull plating.
1701 TV had unseen “screens”
1701 Movie/1701-A had hull-tight shields
1701-B,and C had hull tight shields
1701-D had the “bubble”
1701-E FC/Ins had the “bubble”
1701-E in Nemesis had badass hull tight shields that looked slick in complete CG.

Am I right?

78. mrregular - May 2, 2007

This looks really good. Thanks for the screenies, Anthony.
We finally get to see what was only alluded to in the original version-ship combat between the Klingons and the Big-E. Fantastic!
Of course the Klingon soldiers do not look convincing at all..but Kor is unforgettable. John Colicos was outstanding, and I’m glad he got to come back later in DS9 with the full “ridge” makeup.
Looking forward!

79. EBAR - May 2, 2007

Wow, I have to say I am shocked at the positive feedback on this one.

I think it is great they are doing more effects that substantially change the look of the episode (i.e., new shots that were never in the original). However, I am completely underwhelmed by the quality of the shots in the promo.

To me, the Klingon weapons fire looks cheesy; the perspective of the Enterprise and Klingon ships looks way off, but not as bad as in TNG where the models were almost on top of each other; and the shield effect of the Enterprise being hit by Klingon fire looks really, really bad.

Great ideas, and I am glad they are adding them, but very unimpressive in how they are realized. To me Journey to Babel is still the best remastered episode.

80. mikeg - May 2, 2007

Begging your indulgence for a few….
The images I’ve seen are quite enjoyable, to my eyes. I have no criticisms of the work done on this, or any of the episodes I have been able to see. The concept of being able to “redo” Star Trek episodes has such an allure, doesn’t it? Everyone responding to these items WISH we had such an opportunity… just to contribute, to be a part of it. That’s what has driven Star Trek for 50 years, hmm?
Gene Roddenberry was a pioneer in several ways, but mostly, I think, in his insistence that Paramount NOT stop the fans from creating their own Treks. It has kept Star Trek in the minds of many, many people…
Sometimes, this gets out of hand, I think. Not EVERYONE works at Paramount, or CBS. Those people go to a job every day, just like everyone else here does. I wish I had a job there, don’t you?
So, these people give us what they can do… their vision, their ability, their sweat. Why are some people unable to accept things for what they are? As Shatner, himself, once observed, “It’s a tv show!” Yes, it is JUST a freakin’ tv show… which we can enjoy with a degree of passion, but GEEZ… how about some room to breathe…?
PS: Dear CBS/Paramount, I will work for food…

81. T Negative - May 2, 2007

The preview looks great but the torpedoes being launched from the Klingon battlecruiser look rather un-impressive. In TMP the Klingon torpedoes appeared to VERY powerful and intimidating. These torpedoes look weak and small.

Now, I know this is just the preview so I will reserve full judgment until I see the full episode. I just wanted to point it out.

82. SteveinSF - May 2, 2007

I watched the preview again and looked at my old video tape version of this episode. I’m not sure how they get the battle in there. But the previews sound effects are so last years’ Enterprise/Voyager trek. I love the old sound effects much better. Especially when the Klingon torpedos hit the Enterprise–so cool! They really did a good job back then for what they had to work with.

Over all it’s really cool to see what CBSD can do to add to the old versions good or bad. Shows some creativity and balls.

83. James Heaney - May 2, 2007

Re: #80: Forget work for food! CBS-D, I will work for *nothing*! Just let me join you in your glorious mission! Seriously! I have a whole box of Crayolas at home! ;-)

Seriously, this looks like the bomb. Although I’m still looking forward very hard to “Tomorrow is Yesterday.”

84. Penhall - May 2, 2007

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! One of my favorite episodes of all time just got even better.

85. TOS Forever - May 2, 2007

Where’s the Federation ships that were being led by the Enterprise against the Klingons above Organia? ;-) Even though the Organians stopped the battle before it escalated, I wanna see THOSE f/x shots! (And the Federation starships!)

86. Emperor Jonathan Archer - May 3, 2007

Yeah, finally we get to see a klingon fleet in TOS! I love this episode!

87. diabolik - May 3, 2007

I watched the original version from my DVD set last night, and for the life of me I can’t figure out how they’ll fit the fleet confrontation in there. It was written so tightly to avoid the need for expensive effects, that it will be very interesting to see how they make it work with the existing show.

88. Josh T. ( The Shat must destroy whole Klingon fleets) Kirk Esquire' - May 3, 2007


Technically, the Enterprise has shields, and also deflectors.

Shields are the bubble effect, surrounding the ship and variable in distance and intensity to protect the main bridge ,

deflectors operate almost making contact with the hull. They consume less energy and are primarily intended for deflection of smaller objects, or lesser powered weapons. However, they are not navigational deflectors, which operate independently of defensive shielding.

God I sound like a geek.

89. TheVamp - May 3, 2007

If I’m not mistaken, this is the episode where the late film composer Basil Poledouris makes an appearance as a Klingon extra.

Jeff Bond can double check me on this, but I think this is him as seen in the preview:

90. Josh T. ( The Shat must destroy whole Klingon fleets) Kirk Esquire' - May 3, 2007


In Star Trek- The Motion Picture you get Kirk giving the command ” Forcefields and deflectors up, full intensity!”

It required both at full power to deflect a bolt of plasma energy from Vejur. And only ONE bolt. Another would have finished them.

What begs to be asked is, why were the Klingon starships annihilated? Do they only incorporate one or the other? But not both?

The Enterprise was implied at that time to be the most powerful vessel launched from Earth, ever, and generally assumed to be the most advanced vessel among any fleets or races, at the time.
So clearly Starfleet had advanced beyond the Klingons in defensive technology circa 2270.

91. DJT - May 3, 2007

the Klingon hits on the E’s shields look too cartoonish and simple.

The ships look great, however, little things like goody shield hits can kill the FX for me.

92. Holo J - May 3, 2007

I was just looking at youtube and I found this video of some of the original footage

Check it out.

93. diabolik - May 3, 2007

I love Uhura’s backward bodythrows in that part of the show. HOT!!! I think I even glimpsed her panties in one shot. And the way she just falls back into her chair from off the console… I LOVE THIS WOMAN!

94. DaggerMind - May 3, 2007

I wonder if the Federation fleet is shown as well, we’ll get a glimpse of some other ship-classes. Wouldn’t mind a Saladin cameo, or maybe brand new designs.

95. diabolik - May 3, 2007

#94, don’t press your luck. We’re DARN lucky to even see a Klingon ship in this one!

96. LordEdzo - May 3, 2007

Unbe-frakking-lieveable! I’ve been patiently and calmly waiting for this ep to finally be remastered, with the promise of seeing a fleet of D-7 battle cruisers. The preview looks amazing! Will we also see a fleet of Starfleet ships, too? I can’t wait! You guys rock!

97. Ozy - May 3, 2007

Klingon disruptors should be green, not blue.

98. Dr. Image - May 3, 2007

Classic Klingon ship-based disruptors- think I was in error saying the they were green. I think they were shown to be white/blue…
Dammit!! Does anyone have a screen cap?/
I grow fatigued…

99. Kyle Nin - May 3, 2007

Look at the screencap picture that was put together from the preview.

Where are the serial number markings on the underside of the Enterprise in Picture #6? I can see them on all the other pictures (#1,2,3, and 9). Is Picture #6 from a different episode?

100. CmdrR. - May 3, 2007

99 – Maybe they’re written in red so that you can’t see them when phaser variation number 17 fires, thus confusing enemy aliens who find themselves engrossed in reading the underside of saucer sections.

101. conscience of the king - May 3, 2007

I think the trailer looks great. The space scenes have the scope that the original episode could only allude to.

Sometimes, I fear that people are taking this way too seriously. Does it matter what color Klingon blasts are? I understand the need for constructive criticism, but this is just severe nitpicking. Most of the CBS-D episodes are great (except the Tholian debacle). It is like putting on a fresh coat of paint, but all the nuances and details remain.

I can’t wait for this one.

102. Kevin - May 3, 2007

I’m thrilled they are showing this… wasn’t there supposed to be a Federation fleet as well though?

103. Derrick - May 3, 2007

I’m a long time lurker here, this is my first post. I would first like to say I’ve really enjoyed the remastered project. I feel they’re giving the show cool new visuals, while staying true to the style and feel of the original. I’ve been a trekkie for a long time, since i was 6, (currently 26). I admit to nitpicking sometimes, but the complaining of klingons weapons had me shaking my head. Weapons fire was not at all standardized in the original series, there’s proof enough of that with Fed phasers alone, and there certainly wasn’t any with the alien races. Now, to show off my true geekiness, even in more recent trek there are inconsistencies. During “Way of the Warrior”, when the Klingons first attack the DS9, the K’tinga class battlecruisers that attack the station are firing RED phasers from their TORPEDO tube. So if they can screw it up, who cares about this?

104. CmdrR. - May 3, 2007

If weapons consistency doesn’t count, then I want to see the Enterprise take on all those Klingon battle cruisers single-handedly, using the Federation’s top secret “Death Blossom.”

105. Ozy - May 3, 2007

Consistency is important ( very important ).
Klingon disruptors should be green. In TOS episode ”Elaan of Troyius” klingon disruptors was green.

106. CmdrR. - May 3, 2007

Yes, Ozy. But, let’s all keep our eyes on the prize. Green, blue, puce… what matters is that Trek is being treated well… and being ENJOYED again.

107. Anthony Pascale - May 3, 2007

personally i never got worked up over the colors of various beams . Maybe equipment varied form ship to ship and weapon to weapon.

108. T Negative - May 3, 2007


Why should the Klingon weapons be green?? In the original version of this episode they appear to be a light blue color.

I was hoping they would change them to the red color that they used in TMP, but I’m not going to be that lucky. I noticed they are matching whatever color was used in the original, except for “Doomsday” where they changed the red phasers to blue. Hmmmmm?

109. Ozy - May 3, 2007

Standard color for Enterprise is blue. Klingon weapon shuld be green ( becouse that color is beter match for klingons ).

110. Sean4000 - May 3, 2007

I liked the Red-Orange for the Klingons, the Green for the Borg/ Romulans, Yellow-Orange for the Cardassians.

I ALWAYS felt that the federation should have the electric blue for their weaponry.

DAMN YOU ILM for ruining that.

111. jonboc - May 3, 2007

Watching the youtube clip linked above, I see the interior shots flash bright blue when the Enterprise is hit and everyone is rocking about. The new blue energy explosions we see in the promo will blend quite nicely with those existing bridge lighting effects. And as far as beam color goes, weren’t the Klingon’s disruptors invisible anyway? Or am I confusing that with the very similar disruptors on Eminar 7? Not that it matters, just keep the Federation’s beams electric blue and I’m happy.

112. Derrick - May 3, 2007

I haven’t seen this episode in a while, but aren’t the klingon weapons not reffered to as disruptors, but magnetic pulses? Hence, if they’re not disruptors, they don’t need to be green. Another entry in the consistency debate, for the most part torpedoes from the klingons are green, but they’ve been orange in TMP, and most notably in STVI. In that movie they were identical to the torps fired by the Enterprise and Excelsior.
My point in all this, is the color doesn’t matter. If there is a good story, visuals that bring it to life, and memorable performances, do the little technical things REALLY matter? Later forms of Trek got bogged down in technicalities, and look what happend.

113. Josh T. ( The K'tinga class Imperial Klingon cruiser owns your ass) Kirk Esquire' - May 4, 2007


they shouldn’t show a whole fleet of starships, at least, in the conventional sense, since there were infact only 13 original Constitution class starships,

now, granted, it would be a wonderful oppurtunity for CBS Digital to make their own mark, and have 4 or 5 Connies that managed to make it there on time, and a whole plethora of other class starships accompanying them, but, if they show a matching shot of dozens of Connies behind Enterprise, well, *technically* that would be a major goofup, but, for the canon buffs, it was never stated ON-AIR the number of Connies in service, like many other facets of Trek, it was just an understood given, oft-qouted in the vast official materials about Trek from the 70’s.

me personally? I think it is much more dynamic and powerful having only a select number of “starships” traveling through the cosmos, it makes the danger factor all the more real, and gives added responsiblity to the various Captains, who if you notice in Kirk’s time, all knew each other on a first name basis. Starship command used to be something special and sacred, one of the things that bothered me about TNG etc, was the sheer number of starships available everywhere, I mean damn, where is the thrill or danger in that? You get your ass in a binder, make a phone call, 10 minutes later your backup posse shows up.

114. DaggerMind - May 4, 2007

I thought 13 Constitution-class vessels was the number given in “Tomorrow is Yesterday”? Either way, it could have been just an estimate of active Constitution-class ships, or the current number of vessels built at the time.

I fail to see a problem with a large Starfleet that’s largely spread throughout space and isolated. Just give the Constitution-class special positions in that, and voilá. =)

115. Derrick - May 4, 2007

Agreed, I always thought the Constitutions were the most impressive, advanced ships at that time, and always felt the rest of the fleet was made up of a mixture of less powerful and older classes. It makes sense to me that the fleet is smaller at this point in time than it is in the TNG era, and I too have always loved the autonomy shown by ship captains in the TOS era.

116. CmdrR. - May 4, 2007

113, 114 — “There are only 12 like it in the fleet.”(from TIY) That could mean 12 or 13. I absolutely agree that it makes for better story telling if a starship is a rarity. In “Best of Both Worlds” it makes a huge impact when 40 starships are trashed by the Borg. But a scant few years later, in the Dominion War we’re talking about combined Fed-Klingon battle fleets in the hundreds (or is it a thousand.) I KNOW this was a production decision, because they could just hit the ‘dup’ button on the ‘CGI Belchfire-3000.’ But, when you see ships blow up without even getting a cutaway of a bridge shot… who the hell cares? Less is more, even in Trek. I hope they keep THAT in mind for STXI. An ‘intimate’ story on a grand stage would be very nice.

117. Jon - May 4, 2007

I always though klingon weapon fire was green and hit an opponent with plasma bursts that emitted from the front of the engines and trailed off in smaller segments.Seems like an angrier color than light blue.(green w/envy vs. true blue,baby blue etc.)

118. Derrick - May 4, 2007

116- I remember watching DS9, seeing the huge battles, and thinking, if Starfleet has this many ships, why was losing 40 ships such a huge loss? They made a very big deal out of it in BOBB. They even used the term, “Rebuilding the fleet” towards the end of prt. 2. At the time, this was great and seemed to make sense, but a few years later we see fleets in the hundreds, and the impact is no longer the same. However, considering how big space really is, and how large the Federation has become, I feel the larger number of ships makes sense in that aspect. And… the space battles in DS9 were frakking cool.

119. dm - May 6, 2007

cmd r, couldn’t have said it better myself. There was much more at stake with fewer ships so each battle or disaster that befelled a starship was much more dramatic.

120. Cervantes ( looking up at a Scottish sky ) - May 8, 2007

At the time, as a (very) young child watching the original Star Trek episodes, I used to think that the Enterprise was the FIRST and ONLY starship out there in the undiscovered vastness and unusualness of space, and used to think how lonely and isolated and dependent on the “E” the crew inside her were… Because of that misconception, I always watched it with a huge sense of uncertainty in their ongoing missions, which seemed dramatically exciting and almost melancholy, because I thought they were “out there” all by THEMSELVES…
I wasn’t old enough to follow and understand the nuances of the “Federation” you see, and I STILL watch the episodes with a sense of the original crew being vulnerable and alone aboard their speck of machinery, being engulfed in the vast cosmic granduer of the unexplored Universe(s). :D

121. Dupe - May 8, 2007

I don’t know if anyone has brought this up, but isn’t it a bit odd that in the original the Klingon weapons fire came up from below the Enterprise, but Big E returned fire straight ahead. Maybe they had guided phasers.

122. the king in shreds and tatters - May 9, 2007

No new Klingon ships?


123. Dennis - May 9, 2007

Red Phasers, Blue Phasers, Green Phasers… So when they get a certain well-known actor to play the captain of his own ship…. Purple Phasers??

124. Christopher Seeley - May 12, 2007


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