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This Week In Trek May 6, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: This Week In Trek , trackback

TrekMovie looks at all the Trek news here and elsewhere for the last week

Trek XI:

Trek Merchandise:

Where are they now:

Trek Link of the Week

Live Grenades Blog applies the strange phenomenon of LOLCat to Star Trek…and this is what they came up with

bonus link:

TrekWeb takes a look at Star Trek II as it approaches its 25th anniversary…with some deleted footage 

Trek YouTube Clip of the week

Well this isn’t exactly about Star Trek, but is a demonstration from Microsoft of something they are calling ‘the desk’ which is a voice controlled computer display very similar to TNG’s variable designed control surfaces 

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1. stallion - May 6, 2007


2. stallion - May 6, 2007

Nice to see Trek making news.

3. Michael Appleton - May 6, 2007

C’mon J.J., be sure to read this post, so you know what the hardcore base of fans really WANT!! First?

4. Smitty - May 7, 2007



5. Michael Appleton - May 7, 2007

Okay, is “O RLY?” supposed to mean “Oh, really?”. Well, if that’s your idea of a rebuttal in a debate, that’s PRTY SD (pretty sad)!

6. Stanky McFibberich - May 7, 2007

That LOLCat makes me want to die of a Mugato bite just for looking at it.

7. Mawazi - May 7, 2007

Ok, I don’t normally like to correct possible spelling errors in a post, but it’s a Star Trek actor’s name. Wil Wheaton, not Will Wheaton.

In regards to the new look at, for the most part I’m liking it. Perhaps a little bit too corporate looking, not enough fun. Gene Roddenberry always struck me as a fun-loving guy.

8. CmdrR. - May 7, 2007

Don’t know if this belongs in this thread, but it’s cool.
Hey, where else can you geek out on Supernova’s and antimatter?

9. CmdrR. - May 7, 2007


There’s video out there, too.
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