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Tomorrow Is Yesterday Video and Screenshots May 6, 2007

by Matt Wright , Filed under: TOS-R Screenshots/Video , trackback

SFX Video







New and Old



The Enterprise appears in orbit

The Enterprise struggles to climb out of the atmosphere

Earth from the Enterprise

The Jet figher is scrambled

Climbing more

A view from the cockpit

In orbit

Alternative orbit shot

Leaving 1960’s earth

Earth — viewer astern

Passing through the solar system on the way to the Sun

Approaching the sun

Chronometer flies backwards

Slingshot around the sun

Back around the other side

Slowing to drop off Captain Christopher

Braking into the proper century


Captain Christopher beamed out of his cockpit

Kirk puts on his charm to welcome Capt. Christopher

Captain Christopher mounts an escape

Breaking and entering

A startled security guard

…that ought to be about right…


Comparison Video

(YouTube | Supersized Live Video )

Videos by Kelvington and Destructive


1. Anthony Pascale - May 6, 2007


sorry about the delay. The screenshots and downloads should be done by Late Sunday or early Monday

thanks to rick and destructive for the videos

2. Scott Gammans - May 6, 2007

Bah… thanks for posting that last video… it only reminds me of how badly that ADD-addled editor completely ruined the F-104 sequence. Grr.

3. Cranston - May 6, 2007

re: the intercept sequence

I agree. This might be the first episode that I actually buy on iTunes just to see it intact.

4. TrekMD - May 6, 2007

Looking at the side by side comparison gives this a nice perspective. It is very nice to see now the sun as the ship slingshots around it and then heads out at warp. Nicely done CBS-D! This episode had quite a bit of work of them. It is too bad that some of it got cut in syndication. Can’t wait for the DVD’s!

5. Scott Gammans - May 6, 2007

One of the things that really makes that sequence work (besides the unusual sight of the Enterprise flying through the clouds) is the music. Yeah sure, it was the same music originally scored for “The Corbomite Maneuver”, but it really worked well with this episode.

At least until that hack editor got ahold of it. >:(

6. Chris - May 6, 2007

They hacked up my favorite episode. :(

7. Jeff - May 6, 2007

If they could transport the pilot and security guard back to before the incident happened, they why did they need to steal the computer records and film?

8. Michael Appleton - May 6, 2007

Aw, come on Jeff, let’s not bring logic into this!!

9. freezejeans - May 6, 2007

Agreed with Scott Gammans about the music, it was awesome in the original. Totally made the chase scene, despite the old FX. I haven’t seen the remastered one, but based on these videos it appears that it’s been butchered for the syndication cut. That really, really sucks.

10. mrregular - May 6, 2007

They hacked up the most important part of the episode. The sequence that has stirred my heart since I was young lad.
Where go you on I-tunes for this?

11. mrregular - May 6, 2007

Meant to say “I was a young lad”.
Sorry for the typo.

12. Alternative Factor anti-Chris - May 6, 2007

Lovely shots, much better than the “model on string” feel many of the original shots had to them.

13. Cranston - May 6, 2007

#10 — If you’ve got iTunes installed, you just go to “iTunes Store” and search for “Trek Remastered.” This will return a list of episodes.

They don’t have this episode up yet, and they only have the first season, but they usually (at least for other shows) have the episode available within two or three days of airing.

14. Joshua P. Allem - May 6, 2007

Sarcasm #12 ? lol

15. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - May 6, 2007

iTunes has been PATHETIC about putting up new episodes of the remastered episodes… nothing since the Corbomite Maneuver. It makes me glad I didn’t buy the season pass. So, don’t expect this one until someone at Apple puts down their ganja, gets off their tush and decides to catch up.

16. Jim J (ITune, but I'm a music teacher) - May 6, 2007

Cranston, are you going to an ITunes that I am not…it’s been the same episodes ever since I first tried it months ago. Nothing new at all. And yes, I want to see this intact!

17. Thomas Jensen - May 6, 2007

Very enjoyable effects, much better then before. The large earth below the Enterprise in orbit from a perspective much like present spacecraft orbiting today was a treat. Much nicer to see the Enterprise climb out of the amosphere with the NASA shots of earth and earth orbit. The shots of the plane, viewing the climbing Enterprise from the cockpit, the slingshot effect, the approach to the sun, all really enhance this episode.

Once again, the ext. shots are really adding a bit of kick to the story. Not to mention this episode really looked good on my plasma. Even better then some others.

18. mikeg - May 6, 2007

I think the work here is superb, and gives a whole new depth to the FX shots. The originals weren’t bad, but these are definitely an improvement. And I also noticed the close-up of the nacelles… I hope the CBS guys are not trying to please the “never-happy-with-the-nacelles-” crowd. I think they’ve done a wonderful job of balancing the original style with the new look. Their work has blended into the original footage terrifically, and that’s really the crux of the matter, I think.

19. Jeff - May 6, 2007

mrregular – I just thought you were doing you Chekhov impression. “The sequence that has stirred my heart since I was young lad.”

20. Demode - May 6, 2007

Overall, the episode looks good. But I have to say that the first few shots of the Enterprise in the atmosphere are bad. It really looks like a toy on a string in those shots.

A ship that size shouldn’t be moving around so much in the sky like that. I really hope they go back and fix those few shots. Other than that, the effects look good.

21. ety3 - May 7, 2007

Fantastic stuff, all around. It was a joy to see.

I would love to have a full sized, HD, screen shot of the Enterprise in front of the sun, listed above as “Back around the other side.”

(And shouldn’t that be “Braking into the proper century,” not “Breaking?”)

22. Jeffrey S. Nelson - May 7, 2007

Surprised to read all these positives after reading all the negatives on the earlier “airs this weekend” article.
I would affirm, however, that the Enterprise seen from below in the cockpit of the jet is still much better in the original than the remastered, as is the original shot of the Big E climbing.
I do like the realistic scale of the planetary orbits, though.

23. Griff ( A Tongue up Sasser's Keister) - May 7, 2007

I’m so excited to watch this. I’m so bored, now that I’m home with the ball and chain. Gee, I miss Thomas.

24. Driver - May 7, 2007

There are stars in the Moons’ shadow, DOH!

25. Ethan Shuster - May 7, 2007

I think I big reason people like this episode is Roger Perry as Christopher. Checking out the IMDB, it seems that Perry made a career out of TV guest roles, but he’s one of the more likeable guest stars on Trek, I think. The only new effects shot that seemed off was the Enterprise first pulling out of the atmosphere. It kind of shook around a bit, looking like a mishandled model. Other than that, they were all well done. The slingshot around the sun shots improved the episode so much. But, yes, no matter what effects you get, the really confusing illogical time travel science (if you can have such a thing with a fictional concept) hurts the episode. It’s also a good sign that time travel hadn’t yet been run into the ground on Trek, as all the later uses had at least some logic applied to them. The only thing beaming those two guys into the moment they left would have done was move them to a different location. Their memories could not have been affected at all. Oh, I still do think it’s very cool that the producers used the same time travel method in Star Trek IV! People forget that both 2 and 4 referred back to the original series.

26. Christopher - May 7, 2007

The caption reading “Passing the Moon on the way to around the Sun” is inaccurate, I think. Immediately after that shot, Sulu says they’ve just passed Mercury. And the body shown in that shot appears way, way too close to the Sun to be the Earth’s Moon. So I’m fairly certain it’s meant to be Mercury.

27. Kyle Nin - May 7, 2007


You’re right. Sulu did say Mercury.

28. Smitty - May 7, 2007

I love that shot of the Enterprise in the clouds!

If only I can find a bigger higher resulution version of it I’d make it my desktop pic!


29. Lee - May 7, 2007

It’s kind of weird seeing the Big “E” wobble back and forth over a blue sky like the Jupiter 2 in one of its weekly stock footage crash landings, but I luv it!

30. Barry - May 7, 2007

Which scenes were cut/edited?

31. Dr. Image - May 7, 2007

The shot of the E passing left to right with the Earth in the background is AWESOME. The ship looks great.
And now those three words yet again: Nacelle ball size.
‘Nuff said.

32. Gary Seven - May 7, 2007

#26 and #27-
I will watch it again but I don’t think it’s meant to be Mercury, I think it’s meant to be Pluto. Right after they pass the “moon/planet” Sulu says “passed Pluto sir”, not Mercury. Spock had said something like “since we passed Mercury, the sun’s gravitational pull has grown stronger”, but that is a bit earlier in the scene, so I am pretty sure it’s meant to be Pluto, (the dwarf planet) which is very cool.

#24- There are stars in the “Pluto,” but it’s lklind of weird. They appear and disappear as the E goes by. I don’t know what that is, maybe just a glitch of some kind instead of being meant to be stars. Can’t tell what’s going on there.

and #25- I agree totally. I had the same thought to look up Roger Perry (Capt. Christopher). He is a wonderful character extremely well played. I think he had a real presence (he held his own as a force on par with Kirk and Spock in the episode). A good guy, very competent, with an agenda different than our boys, which makes him so interesting. And a full, well-rounded character, with a sense of humor, wonder, loyalty to his service and family, open to what he was seeing without being taken advantage of.

33. dan - May 7, 2007

WOW! Great side by side video. Thanks, that must have been a lot of work!!!!

34. diabolik - May 7, 2007

Meh… all of the original effects looked much better… more convincing. The new ones looked too cartoony.

Just thought I’d save some grumpy posters the time and say it for them.

I, however, thought everything looked good, lightyears better than before.

35. diabolik - May 7, 2007

I would have preferred they edit out the base guy trying out the chicken soup rather than during the tension-and-effects-filled moments as they did.

I think they are ST-challenged individuals who make cuts totally at random as they skim through, without regard to story or content.

36. scarpad - May 7, 2007

I agree odd selection of cuts, the chicken Soup bit is nice for Lt Kyle’s Face time but other than that all the cuts to the initial Jet chase is more important to the story than it.

37. Demode - May 7, 2007

I’m sure the lights on Pluto where from the Alien colonies living there in the 1960s. Doesn’t anyone here read the Weekly World News? I’m glad the folks at CBS-D do!


38. Buckaroohawk - May 7, 2007

They cut Kirk’s and Christopher’s conversation about space travel, where Christopher admits he tried out for the space program but was rejected.

“Take a good look, Captain. You made it out here before all of them.” was Kirk’s reply.

A wonderful scene that captures everything that Star Trek was about, and they cut it. Klingon bastards.

Otherwise, CBS-D did an exemplary job with the new FX. The slingshot around the sun gave the climax some much needed suspense. Excellent work on this episode.

39. patio - May 7, 2007

my only qualm is that for every other episode remastered so far, the size of the planets when the E is in orbit have been relatively the same (as it was in the original). Yet now for this episode, Earth is HUGE! I like the fact they used real NASA imagery, but couldnt they at least make the orbit shots for every other episode equal size as well?

40. Jim J ( name, is Jim) - May 7, 2007

Ok, sounds like I am making an excuse, but maybe they made the orbit look closer since the Enterprise had fallen into the atmosphere. A close orbit would make Earth look huge, compared to other planetary orbits. Maybe they had satellites back then that couldn’t detect them in a lower orbit, beats me. I was only 3 years old in 1969-LOL!!!

41. neal - May 7, 2007

re: 39
size matters? but remember the “I Mudd” planet looked really big.

anyway, apparent size is a function of distance, and at least in this case, there is a reasonably good reason why the E is in a close orbit rather than distant orbit — they started way down low, had broken engines, and Scotty is still fixing things.

my beef continues to be: why does the ship move with a perceptible turn while in orbit? is it doing little loops while in orbit? if the shot continued a bit longer, would we see the E do a complete loop, or would it straighten out?

42. TonyD - May 7, 2007

The side by side shots really show how much work CBS-D is putting into these shows. Some FX are better than others (the shots of the Enterprise trying to gain speed as it goes around the sun could have been better) but I for one am enjoying these different views. They’re a welcome change of pace from the same handful of stock FX shots that were used over and over in the original shows and are definitely getting me to revisit these episodes. Yes, I wish CBS-D had more time and money to play with but, edits for commercial time notwithstanding, I’m enjoying these remastered episodes a lot just as they are and I look forward to seeing the rest of shows.

43. mrregular - May 7, 2007

#19 Jeff:
Actually I was on coffee withdrawl when that remark was posted.

A note about the “Earth from Enterprise” caption: Technically that should be “Nebraska from Enterprise”, as the Big E was flying above the Cornhusker State at the time.
This shot is a HUGE improvement over the screen cap from the right.. which looks too much like a big globe..

Anybody want to take a shot making a composite of the original view of the Big E from the cockpit with the new view? There are elements of both that might work better than either by itself.

44. Kev - May 7, 2007

Liked some of the shots. I think where the old shots may have suffered in detail they surpassed in logic. For example, the original stuff shows the E heading upward as in trying to escape. The new straight across stuff doesn’t say danger, it’s just a lot of perpendicular cruising. And the abrupt braking sequence at the end isn’t as effective (IMHO) as the infamous shaking in the original. That side shot of the E climbing was always a little raw but at least the atitude of the ship fits the dialogue and the tension. That said, the slingshot was well done. Enough Monday rant. LLAP.

45. Lao3D - May 7, 2007

Overall, much improved, and its nice that the action during the sling-shot maneuver actually matches what’s being said. But I have to go with the haters on that early shot of the wobbly Enterprise. Yikes! What were they thinking?? It looks EXACTLY like those Jupiter 2 shots as #29 Lee said, lol! Maybe that’s what they were going for…

46. jc - May 7, 2007

chris did you expect otherwise

47. cd - May 7, 2007

I missed most of this. I will have to watch the repeat next week. {
BTW, all these cuts of favorite bits of scenes: ever think this may just be enticement to buy the DVD when it comes out. >;>}
Klingon bastard. You killed my scene…
(fall backward)
…klingon bastard….

48. cd - May 7, 2007

As far as the original Enterprise wobble bit, I always thought they could have done better on that, using existing shots of E zooming by to achieve some idea of movement. Might a be a nice experiment to try to build a decent version of this from original shots. For those of you who don’t have anything better to do.>;>}

49. Gary Seven - May 7, 2007

This is a shot in the dark, but does anyone have any idea how to find and contact the mysterious people who edit the show? I have a feeling that this bad editing is done out of ignorance and stupidity rather than anything else. If they knew (were informed) that people were watching the show to see the new remastered effects, maybe it would activiate their neurons to KEEP the new effects. I would guess some editing clerk doesn’t even know they are being remastered and is cutting things only if they don’t affect the plot, but doesn’t even know there are new effects.

Anybody have any ideas/leads?

50. Jeff Bond - May 7, 2007

This was a mixed bag, mostly good–I enjoyed the “slingshot around the sun” shots as being very much in the spirit of the Sixties; they had a George Pal feel to them. It’s funny that the original shots always looked simply ABOMINABLE in syndication because they’d been printed so many times the Enterprise just looked like a big blue silhouette. Once the show was remastered later you could see they were actually fairly decent especially for the time when it was EXTREMELY difficult to bluescreen matte an object over a light background. The first shot from CBS is quite good, the second is just not a good angle. But I liked most of the other shots a lot–they really were able to open up the sequence at the end into something exciting. EXCEPT…what was with that last shot of the Enterprise pushing the lower sensor dome up toward the camera–the ship actually STOPS at the end of that shot and it really looks like a mistake, not an aesthetic choice. One thing they could have done was add some CG whispy clouds blowing past the cockpit canopy in the shots of Christopher; they get some nice motion into the effects shots and that would have helped sell the whole sequence more–but they clearly didn’t have the time or budget to finesse those shots or deal with all the wrinkled screens on the bridge…

51. Portland182 - May 7, 2007

Great side by side video!

Is it just me or does the colur look better on the old version?
The new version is too green. Its particularly noticable on Cristopher’s helmet. It IS supposed to be gold, right?
Or is this an artifact of the way the clips were captured?

In adding the new more cloudy sky CBSD has created a bigger continuity problem with the sky behind Christopher. As it’s virtualy plain blue they could’ve put clouds in fairly easily…

What colour is the nose cone of the Starfighter, does the CGI match it?


52. Matt Wright - May 7, 2007

#51 this has been addressed before, something about how Kelvington is recording the show is making it blown out. That is not how it looks, case in point, my screen shots don’t look like his video.

Here’s a screenshot of his helmet from the remastered version, it’s just as gold as the old one (if not more so, thanks to the improved remastering).

53. Jim J ( name, is Jim) - May 7, 2007

#49-From my understanding, the editing company made these cuts from the original versions that are shown at places like TV Land and so on. They just employ the exact same edits on the remastered versions. Maybe this is another example of Paramount’s “cheapness”. By not allowing the company to do new edits, they are actually getting their new work cut out (examples: The shuttle scene from Journey to Babel and the “chase sequence from Tomorrow Is Yesterday). Who knows for sure, though.

54. Dr. Image - May 7, 2007

I’m going to keep bitching about the nacelle ball thing until someone listens- or gets really pissed off. (Or both.)

55. JLM - May 7, 2007

This is my first time on the site. I just looked at the video footage and stills for a number of shows, and wow – it’s terrible. It looks state of the art – if this were 1990! There are some nice bits, but it’s offset by:
a) generally terrible 3D. I know it has match the original footage, but it’s really inconsistent. The enterprise looks like a cheap toy in some shots, the movements are ALL awful and don’t convey its mass properly. It really looks like obvious and cheap CG most of the time.
b) Colour ‘correction’ is inconsistant and generally poor. Many shots look muddy. The super saturated colours is part of what I loved about TOS, so toning down the colours to a range that is just as unrealistic, but more boring, is doing anybody any good.
c) The editing is bad. Who asked for a re-edit, especially if all that is being done is shoving in some poor quality CG shots. Leave it alone.

Another sad event in Paramount’s questionable history, and a missed opportunity. It should have been turned into an ‘open source’ project. There are so many talented graphic artists out there who would set their phasers to kill just to contribute to a project such as this.

Who is responsible for this? Another case of ‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you blow,’ I guess.

56. Rob Walley - May 7, 2007

I only take these airings as a preview for the DVDs and HD-DVDs to come folks. Of course we’re going to get hacked and slashed edits to fulfill advertising time for the local stations who still like to move around and pre-empt airings at will with little or no notice.
As much as I like the new exterior effects in this episode, it was the scene in the briefing room where CBS digital changed the color of the walls that took me by surprise. It was an effect very typical of the first season and fit in nicely. I for one like the color of the remastered episodes better than the original and I think the problem most people are seeing is related to the fact that we haven’t seen these new colors as they will appear in High Def. The originals may just be way too cartoony at higher resolutions. The new colors look more natural to me.
Yes, this will be a remastered episode I will look forward to seeing in all its glory on DVD

57. SPOCKBOY - May 7, 2007

Everything is INDEED more green.
With all of the side by side editing I did I got to see ALL of it side by side and everything from the corridor walls to the uniforms had more GREEN in it. My theory is that everything from the 60’s seems to have more red in it, and CBS is trying to compensate with more green. The sad thing is, that it is turning all of the beautiful soft blues into greens. I don’t know about you but I prefer Blue over Green any day.

58. Nelson - May 7, 2007

I believe the remastered film elements are simply exhibiting their……true colors, so to speak. What we are seeing are the original colors for the walls, costumes, skin tones and lighting. The sickbay diagnostic area is very green. I don’t think anyone is trying to pull a fast one, it is what it is.

59. tronnei - May 7, 2007

I’m not bothered by the “wobbly” Enterprise as it moves through the clouds. It’s consistent with what is happening–the ship is trying to recover from the brutal ride it took back through time, and she’s flying through an atmosphere instead of the usually smooth vacuum of space. And Sulu keeps saying the helm is sluggish, so some wobble appears to be in order.

60. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - May 7, 2007

The photos look gorgeous it’s the execution this week that has many disappointed in addition the big money shot was edited out.

61. Dr. Cheis - May 7, 2007

I think CBS needed to do a lot more with this one.

The wobbling Enterprise looked like it was designed to match the original version of the shot, and that one was lame too. The ship rocked too quickly in my opinion. If it had been going slower, maybe even tipping farther it might have been better.

Also, I have some conceptual concerns with a starship in the atmosphere. I realize they hadn’t really established much of how a starship functions back in TOS, but I’d think if the ship was jumping from space to an atmosphere, the deflector would be pushing the atmosphere away from the hull of the ship, making a sudden compression in front of it as it moved, maybe make a cloud like effect or something. Also, I’d think the nacelles would be sucking up the atmosphere and spitting it out behind them, making a “jet-in-the-sky cloud” effect. Those nacelle caps are designed to absorb deuterium from space after all. (Particularly I’m thinking of Star Trek: Insurrection; I know, different time/ship and situation, and he did explicitly say to open them up all the way, but I’d still expect some atmosphere to be passing through.

Also, I can’t help notice how Captain Christopher shields his eyes when the Enterprise turns on it’s “invisible” tractor beam. In the 60s I could excuse them not drawing it in, but with this scene in mind, I think CBS should have had a visible (and bright!) tractor beam in episodes like “Space Seed.”

As for the slingshot scene, well, I didn’t care for it much either. The ship looked too small (I know it’s supposed to be dwarfed by the sun, but the Bird of Prey in ST:IV looked bigger than that doing the same thing). A closer camera angle would have helped. And when it broke free, well… it looked like a ship going fast. Now I can accept that CBS isn’t doing the “warp stars,” but I really wanted to see some kind of light glow or blurry thing, something that made the Enterprise look like it was moving through time, (a simple streak behind it would have done it).

I’m glad they did correct one flaw with the original episode though. The Sun is once again the closest star to the Earth! :-P

(Oh, as for the rest of it, I thought it was fabulous as usual. I’d like to see more close orbits of planets in the future too.)

62. Magic_Al - May 7, 2007

The videos have gone back to being silent. I think I speak for many who would rather the sound be left in. Nobody ever says thanks for taking out the sound.

63. Commodore Z - May 7, 2007

I think a bright, visible tractor beam would have looked too much like the lame tractor beams in TNG.

Regarding an “open source” Trek, that’s pretty much what the fan films are. Be my guest.

And here’s another vote for videos with sound!

64. Redshirt - May 7, 2007

This was the most extensive work to date but in spots it falls flat. The “Climbing more” shot is again a shot that made the Enterprise look like a toy model from a 1970’s Model kit. It just gave me a complete cringe.

The other shot “slingshot around the sun”. I would say its a improvement over the TOS shot but it just seemed as raw in execution.I cannot put my finger on it …something just seems wrong.

Most of the other shots I felt came around much better. I was really impressed with them . The Alternative Close up makes you want to jump back. With the size and the detail.On a large Screen it is a bit eye opening. Its a unique view I like to see that on the remastered episodes once in awhile..

Some of the shots remind me of the Ships of the Line stuff that was done not too far back. The Shot of the Enterprise coming through the clouds was real nice shot as well.

65. JLM - May 7, 2007

Yes, I agree with Reshirt that the slinghshot shot is wrong. The Enterprise is just skimming the corona by the looks of it, yet the lighting isn’t very strong. It should be passing through lots of hot gas, so there should be lots of visual distortions, like a massive wake that looks a bit like Earth re-entry. I’d have added extra camera shake for starters. The break away looks all wrong as well. The movement looks all wrong – ALL the Entrerprise movments look wrong so far. Whoever did it has no feel for it. They should look at the movements in the TOS movies, or BG. The same thing goes for that bump/stop. What it feels like inside the ship wouldn’t be the same as the effect outside the ship. A bump like that would have left everyone pasted one the ceiling. Something that massive wouldn’t act that – ever.

66. tosh - May 7, 2007

No one has mentioned yet the most striking aspect of this episode… the heavy use of eyeshadow on Bones and Sulu. Jeepers to that.

67. CALQL8 - May 7, 2007

Are we sure CBS-D but in visual extensions? Did they really make the episode slightly longer overall (before it was cut down for syndication)? I’m thinking that maybe the speed-of-play may be slightly different, but I could be wrong. It seems there is even a tiny extension (just a few frames) between cuts where there was no FX, when Christopher is about to leave the bridge to beam back into his cockpit, then cuts to Sulu. Extensions would also effect the sound, making it get out of sink with the video, so CBS-D would have to correct that as well, which I can’t remember them ever doing, except for the open-credits (Has there been another instance?).

BTW, is the audio for the comparison video from the original or remastered?

68. Kelvington - May 7, 2007

#67 – Having played with the remastered episodes a lot, I can say that they are adding frames for effects shot here and there. As for the audio sync, it would be no problem to add length to an audio cut by a few frames, I doubt that it would even be noticeable. I add length to audio all the time, and if we are talking about 1/4 of a second you would never even knew I did it.

I thought at first it might be a transmission issue, but then I noticed they were taking frames out of the middle of scenes and of course every time they fade to an effect shot, Spockboy noticed this as well.

The audio you are hearing the side by side video comes “mostly” from the remastered sound track. Only when you see the phrase “Syndication Cut” do I use the audio from the original episode.

Hope this helps.

69. CALQL8 - May 7, 2007

#68 – Thanks, it does help, err, I don’t know how, though :-P Seriously, though, it answers several questions I’ve often wondered, but never asked, in addition to the ones I did ask. I have often wondered about transitions, for example.
I think if there ever was a time CBS-D should have added sound effects, it was this episode. When the E flies away from the sun, I am so expecting a whoosh, but I don’t hear it, along with its other maneuvers during the time warp.

70. dm - May 7, 2007

The wobble looks terrible.

71. JYoung - May 7, 2007

What are you using as your source for the originals?

I’ve noticed that the sound is sped up on your originals cut. Not much but the pitch is slightly higher.

You wouldn’t happen to be using a PAL source?

72. Stanky McFibberich - May 7, 2007

Watching the comparison video gives me a better appreciation for the updated effects. I still have a problem with the execution of the wobbling, but comparing it to the original makes it less bothersome.

I grew up on the original effects and have no problem with watching those original versions, but it is fun to see the new variations, despite some of their own imperfections.

73. MichaelJohn - May 7, 2007

As others have already mentioned in this thread, a few of the effects were not on the mark, but the vast majority of them looked great! I especially liked the close up shots of the Enterprise and the opening sequence. The were very impressive!

On my scorecard this remastered episode gets an overall grade of an A-. Good job!

Mike :o

74. Cranston - May 7, 2007

#16 – Jim J

Sorry for the delay in replying. Nope I’m using the same iTunes as everyone else, but I haven’t used it for TOS-R before. Yikes! I see what you’re saying — they really are awful about posting new episodes. My comments were based on the way iTunes usually is with other shows that I download (Galactica, Heroes, etc). They’ve been a few days late sometimes with those, but not nearly as late as they seem to be with TOS-R.

75. Kelvington - May 7, 2007

#71 – JYoung – I use a few different sources, but sometime I notice the increased speed as well. I thought it was just Spock with a cold and a younger sounding Kirk. They aren’t pal, but NTSC vob and avi files. Oddly though they time out right, typically 42 to 43 minutes.

For the New source, I use a DirecTV TiVo and I download the raw streams from the TiVo and convert them to either vob, or mpg files.

I’ll have to see if I can slow them down a bit. I wonder if there’s a source for the original running times? Then I would know by how many seconds they are off by.

76. David - May 7, 2007


I bet it has to do with iTunes only having Season 1. Since we’ve been getting a lot of later episodes the past few weeks (especially 3 it seems like), there hasn’t been anything new for iTunes to put up.

77. yo - May 8, 2007


Your explanation makes perfect sense. iTunes already has all of the eleven Season 1 remastered episodes that aired before Tomorrow Is Yesterday. In fact the last Season 1 remastered ep to air before TiY was WNMHGB, way back in January!

We’ll just have to wait while the remaining Season 1 remastered eps slowly trickle into iTunes after they air. Hopefully TPTB might decide to add Season 2 and/or Season 3 to iTunes sooner rather than later … ?

Folks who paid $57 for a first-season “pass” need to understand that it won’t include any of the Season 2 or Season 3 remastered episodes whenever they eventually arrive on iTunes.

78. Cervantes - May 8, 2007

#54 Dr Image

I’m ALREADY “po’d”… I wanted the GRILLS look! :D

79. Josh T. ( This shit gets old ) Kirk Esquire' - May 8, 2007

maybe for some of you CBS Digital should have used THAT Enterprise

80. diabolik - May 8, 2007

#79… I agree completely.

81. Jim J ( name, is Jim) - May 8, 2007

#74-Sorry, that was a major flub on my part. DUH, kinda hard for them to post episodes if they aren’t done yet! Silly me-I was thinking they had done more than that, but I was wrong. Here’s hoping “Tomorrow Is Yesterday” gets put on there soon.

82. David - May 8, 2007

in this episode when kirk introduced spock, he said lt. cmdr spock, and he clearly has just the rank of commander on his sleeves. in past episodes, ive heard kirk call spock lt. cmdr and also, just cmdr in a seemingly random order. so what is the deal with that?

83. CmdrR. - May 8, 2007

According (I think) to The Making of Star Trek (or The World of Star Trek) Admiral Roddenberry promoted Lt. Cmdr. Spock to Cmdr. Spock in the second season. In the military a Lt. Cmdr. may be addressed as “Commander” just as a Lt. Col. may be called “Colonel.”

woo-hoo! i knew this one!

84. David - May 8, 2007

but there is a slight difference in the appearance of the ranking on the sleeve between the 2…

lt. cmdr is more like this…

– – – –

and cmdr is just the 2 lines…


85. JYoung - May 8, 2007

Wouldn’t using the current DVDs as your source work?
(At least it would also be a VOB).

86. CmdrR. - May 8, 2007

David — Oh, you’re one of those who likes continuity with his Trek.
Good luck! ;-)

87. Kelvington - May 8, 2007

#85 – I concur. Regrettably my current budget for effects shots is less than CBS-D. So I’m stuck with Avi’s for the parodies and side by sides.

88. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - May 8, 2007

King to Queen’s level 3

89. CALQL8 - May 8, 2007

#88 – Do you mean “Queen to Queen’s level 3?”

This is sad; I know the correct response to that, too.

90. diabolik - May 9, 2007

Looking back at the old effects (or lack of them) for this episode, one realises just how much the awesome music carried those parts, and still made it exciting. Now, with the effects updated, the scenes with the music are just that much more effective.

TOS had the best music of any show on TV, then or since. Lost In Space had some great music, due to John Williams, and many of the same composers as Trek, but they re-used it more. But LIS still doesn’t match the incredible body of great music that Trek had.

91. Chuck_N - May 9, 2007

A lot insightful comments have been made on the new Enterprise effects so I will pass; I agree with some and not so much with others. I do have a few comments on the new CGI F-104 visuals though.
First, the version of the Startfighter used in the new inflight shots doesn’t match the original and is in fact the export version with a much larger tail assembly used by NATO (F-104G variant). The USAF used the F-104A model as an interceptor (this is what is in the original footage).
Second, the profile as rendered is not accurate and much too short in the forward fuselage (I refer you to this link for excellent photos of real ‘104s
Third – The view of the Enterprise thru the windscreen while capturing the distortion and reflections the curved plexiglas would cause, did not show the very prominent windscreen braces that form a triangular frame. Capt Christopher’s view of the Enterprise would have been tightly framed by these braces on the left & right and the optical gunsight from below. On a related note, the canopy brace seen above the pilot’s head iparallel to the plane is not on real Starfighters but I suspect added by the producers to imply a canopy when in fact none was filmed.

The best movie footage ever made of a real Starfighter was in the climax of the movie “The Right Stuff”. They used an F-104G that was kept for airshow purposes and maintained in a highly polished state. That’s what a plane should look like on film!

92. Greg Stamper - May 10, 2007

#91 Thanks Chuck_N great info and I did love that scene from “The Right Stuff”

93. mrregular - May 10, 2007

#91 Thanks Chuck_N for that important info on the F-104. Yes, you are very right about the windscreen and other inaccuracies. Wish the CBS-D team would have got it right.
BTW, the scene from “The Right Stuff” is a fictionalized version of what happened to Yeager during a flight that nearly led to his demise.
But I digress…The F-104G is a beautiful plane!

94. neo - May 14, 2007


95. jfrancis - May 14, 2007

I cannot believe that no one else has spotted the most glaring error of the entire episode: the Earth is spinning backwards!

If the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, then the rotation of the planet should be COUNTER-CLOCKWISE (when looked at from the “north” pole, or top). Nope, the CBS/P “remaster-ers” gave Earth a clockwise spin, which means the sun now rises in the west and sets in the east. Think about it.

For shame, CBS. For shame.

96. eagle219406 - September 9, 2007

# 22 and #25. I think the shaking of the enterprise in the CG can be explained. They had just used up a lot of power trying to escape a gravity well which had brought them to the 1960’s. Also they were in earth’s atmosphere which had them fighting the earth’s gravity. So the ship probably would shake a bit.

97. Colonel Kurdatz - February 21, 2008

One of the things I never figured out was how did the Enterprise end up in Earths atmosphere? Wouldn’t she have burned up after a while?

98. Doctor - October 17, 2008

I agree with the criticisms of the “wobble” at the beginning — it makes the Enterprise look like a toy on a string. I try to imagine an aircraft carrier wobbling about that rapidly and with that amplitude and it just doesn’t seem realistic to me. (A rowboat might wobble like the remastered opening shot of Enterprise.) Perhaps the remastered opening shot would look more convincing if the amplitude of the wobble was less and it was slower.

99. BillyBobby - December 26, 2008

This episode sucks eggs. The first 20 minutes is bad television. Then Kirk and Sulu beam down to the planet to retrieve the evidence. This is stupid because later in the episode the crew said that when they went back in time none of it would have happened. And then the biggest turd is the ending. It offends all logic. So, the first 20 minutes suck, the second 20 minutes was filler because it was not necessary, and the last 10 minutes make no sense. I haven’t seen anything so bad since Lost In Space! is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.