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Patterns Of Force Screenshots and Video May 20, 2007

by Matt Wright , Filed under: TOS-R Screenshots/Video , trackback

SFX Video


Side by Side Video

Coming Soon

New and Old

Approaching Ekos

Rocket heads to ship

Firing on Rocket

Rocket go boom

Jail Break

In orbit

About to leave orbit

Chekov prepares to leave

Leaving orbit

And off we go


Passing Zeon on the way to Ekos

Spock and Kirk are captured

The trio in uniform

John Gill found…


1. ety3 - May 21, 2007

They punched up the rubidium (?) crystal laser, too. Rather, they added a focused beam amidst the wide swath of light.

For what little there was to do, I liked it.

2. Aaron R (What Would Sisko Do?) - May 21, 2007

Loved this epp! The rings are so cool around the planet! That was a first for TOS right?

Aaron R.

3. Aaron R (What Would Sisko Do?) - May 21, 2007

Loved this epp! The rings are so cool around the planet! That was a first for TOS right?

Aaron R.

4. Jim J - May 21, 2007

Great looking show. The remaastered print really brought out the colors, including the Nazi uniforms. Loved it!

5. Aaron R (What Would Sisko Do?) - May 21, 2007

sorry for the double post internet acting funny!

6. Cafe 5 - May 21, 2007

This was always an interesting Earth parallel story. Developed under the
series limited budget and time constraints it turned out OK. We also got
to see many area of Paramounts studio lot. The remastered effects fit
right in and made for enjoyable visuals.

7. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - May 21, 2007

Zeon Swine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8. Emperor Jonathan Archer - May 21, 2007

The last pic of the new vfx reminds on a typical ‘TNG’ first season planet! All in all awesome!

9. Kev - May 21, 2007

Liked the choice of an unfocused beam better; makes more sense coming from such a crude setup, but I guess something had to get punched up. Nice work, though.

10. Smitty - May 21, 2007

#2 The planetoid in I, Mudd was also ringed.


11. OneBuckFilms - May 21, 2007

Good visuals added here. I like this one.

12. Lao3D - May 21, 2007

I liked what they did overall: the ringed planet, adding the sun to the leaving orbit shot, super-bright nuclear explosion, etc. There was something a bit whiffy about the Enterprise in the first shot though, can’t put it into words exactly other than it seemed too fast and the scale seemed off. Loved the impulse engines throughout, though!

13. Toonloon - May 21, 2007

How did they remove the original beam to replace it with a new one?I thought that type of thing wasn’t possible??

14. Matt Wright - May 21, 2007

#13 they didn’t if you look closely all they did was enhance the original with a more solid core of energy. That was what they did for a hand phaser effect a while back too.

15. Stanky McFibberich - May 21, 2007

This has never been at the top of my favorite episodes list, but I really enjoyed seeing it this time. It’s fun just to watch for the effects and how they may have been tweaked or changed. I also thought the remastered print looked very good, but then I’m used to watching my old vhs versions.

I have more or less taken the show for granted for quite a few years, because I have all the episodes on tape.

The remastered project has made it fun again to anticipate watching an episode, much like when I first began watching and eagerly awaiting the next one.

16. ZtoA - May 21, 2007

Is it me or have they really brightened up the lighting of the big E… the final shot seems to be a departure from the heavily shadowed E. It instead looks like the flood-lit model of the original model. I think I like it, at least in the departing shot at the end.

17. ZtoA - May 21, 2007

Is it me or have they really brightened up the lighting of the big E… the final shot seems to be a departure from the heavily shadowed E. It instead looks like the omni lighting used for the original model. I think I like it, at least in the departing shot at the end.

18. mooseday - May 21, 2007

#12 Yeh, that shot … there something about the way it “drifts” with it’s nose up ( sort of like an airplane landing ) , this has happened in a couple of episodes, just doesn’t seem quite right. Compare it to the end shot ( which is loverrrrly ) which looks more natural.

19. LordEdzo - May 21, 2007

Always one of my personal favorites, “Patterns of Force” is still topically relevant after 40 years. It’s scary that even the scholarly John Gill failed to learn the lessons from human history. In many ways, we can still see him reflected in today’s leaders as they “stumble” through “encore” performances of historical, cultural and social problems that have repeatedly plagued human leaders.

Impulse engines were lit up (yay!), Zeon now has beautiful rings, Spock’s primitive laser effect is sharper … and we even got to see the sun. In all, another fine CGI update of the VFX.

The only remastered effect I didn’t care for was at the very beginning, as the Enterprise flies past Zeon on its way to Ekos. The angle from which we see the Enterprise is new and refreshing, but the lighting on the model was terrible . It *looked* like a CGI model. There was no texture … just this stark gray “thing” flying past the screen. Before the DVD release, I hope the CGI folks will revisit this and tone down the “bright” gray … perhaps instead bathing the Enterprise in the yellow sunlight or something.

It’s too bad there was never any VFX “slot” into which the Ekosian “space fleet” could be inserted today. A “mutual flyby” of Enterprise and the fleet wouldn’t work for Prime Directive reasons. Perhaps the CGI folks could revisit this prior to the DVD release and stage it so we can see Enterprise leaving the system in the foreground with the Ekosian fleet in the background, going in the opposite direction. Just a “nice to have” thought, but by no means crucial.

The new warhead explosion was terrific … but I gotta say that the original effect was pretty darn unique. It was used only once, but is noteworthy for its animated, colorful, “blossoming” explosion effect.

20. FlyingTigress - May 21, 2007

The only ‘ding’ is that the rings should have been shadowed by Zeon, itself.


But, a nice touch nonetheless… :)

21. Kyle Nin - May 21, 2007


Also, in the sky above Starbase 11 in “The Menagerie” there is a ringed planet, seen both during the day and at night.

22. FlyingTigress - May 21, 2007

Hmmm… is it my imagination, or do Zeon and Ekos appear to be lit from two slightly different directions?

23. Kyle Nin - May 21, 2007

I like that they put a little more distance between the two planets, because in the original they looked way too close.

24. Smitty - May 21, 2007


No screenshots of the lovely Valora Norland/Noland as Daras?

Btw her final acting role, shae wasn’t in the game for long anyways, mainly did TV for 7 years and disappeared off the face of the Earth.


25. Nelson - May 21, 2007

Had a crazy idea that I thought I’d suggest here.

Would, could have the power to suggest to CBS Digital or Paramount a contest of sorts to design ships and submit ideas for designs that appear in upcoming Star Trek episodes? The Okuda’s could judge them.

Charlie X is coming up and it might be too late for that, but we never see the Antaries in this episode. It could appear in the first few seconds of the episode as the Enterprise comes along side it. There’s a lot of talent here. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could submit ideas and the winner gets to be a small part of Trek history?

There’s the space dock in Court Martial, the Denovan ship, the ship for Space Hippies in the Way to Eden (Instead of the redressed Tholian ship), the ship from Spock’s Brain, etc.

What do you think Anthony?

26. Buckaroohawk - May 21, 2007

Anthony, I’ll second Nelson’s ship contest suggestion. It’s a very, very cool idea.

Nice effects in this episode. So glad they added the brighter core to the jury-rigged laser Spock cobbles together. I always hated that dim, smudgy beam from the original shot.

The opening flyby bothered me a little, too. It looks like the Enterprise is sliding across a sheet of ice rather than flying under her own power; almost like she’s in a skid. It looks to me like they may have rendered the background as a separate element, then matched it to a simple camera-pass of the Enterprise mesh, only they didn’t quite synch up correctly. It’s a common time-saving trick, but it doesn’t always work exactly as it should.

27. Pat - May 21, 2007

Personally, I’m a little bummed that every time we shoot at something, CBS-D chooses to replace the “Making of Star Trek” cover shot angle with the shot from behind the bridge looking forward.

The shot on “The Making of Star Trek” cover is dang near the iconic shot of the ship, and they are excising it from all the episodes because they are so compelled to see the phaser hit something.

28. Scott Gammans - May 21, 2007

Well, I’m glad that I have to rely upon for the F/X reel… the stupid Washington affiliate decided to let coverage of our crapola baseball team run over into Star Trek’s scheduled time period, and they joined the episode “already in progress”, about ten minutes before the end of the episode.


I *hate* when TV stations join shows “already in progress”.

Anywho, it doesn’t look like I missed anything on the “V-2 rocket” F/X. You can’t even tell that it’s a V-2! I was expecting to *see* a V-2 whizzing by the camera with Nazi swastikas (or at least German crosses) on the tail fins. What a letdown.

29. Xplodin' Nacelle - May 21, 2007

Re: # 24

IMDB says that she is still in the SAG under another name. Anybody know what alias she uses nowadays?

30. DarenDoc - May 21, 2007

#27, Pat…

I couldn’t agree with you more. That “Making of Star Trek” Shot is one of my absolute favorites… and it is a beautiful angle of the ship… which they are constantly replacing with non-dynamic angles of the darn dish. I really wish they wouldn’t do that. The compositions of the original shots are darn good… and the replacements I’ve been seeing are almost never as well composed. there is a reason they were that way… they looked great.

Oh well.

31. Mark P. - May 21, 2007

Look at the above “New and Old” side by side pictures. The new E picture titled “In Orbit”..You can see right into the four rectangular windows on the 4 O’Clock position of the saucer’s edge. Is this the first time they did this? Or is this a new, but reused shot and I have missed it all along? I take it this wasn’t a new shot since it’s almost a frame by frame of the original flyby from TOS, which was standard fare in just about every ep. But I never noticed you could see right into the windows! There are some desks or beds or ??. Ah the memories. I recall when those Big Screen projection TV’s were all the rage in the early 90’s. My uncle had one and I was over at his house one time, and Next Gen was on. I asked if he could fire up that big screen and I watched the TNG E fly past in the final shot of the opening credits, and I saw movement in the windows! Whoa! My old TV at the time at my apartment was only 13 inches .. and was black and white…My oh my have the times changed. And speaking of TV’s, modern or projection, what were the displays out on the sidewalks and in public supposed to be? Plasma? Tube? Some other hitech format? What always bugged me about this ep, was that they had V2’s and a fleet and such, yet had black and white monitors..I wish CBS would have colorized that old WWII stock footage they displayed on the monitor. But then that might have been against keeping in the grain of things, as CBS said they would do.

32. Matt Wright - May 21, 2007

#31 — CBS-D just added that Enterprise shot with the actual windows changing perspective as it moves to their repertoire of stock CG. I believe that shot was first seen in The Immunity Syndrome a few weeks back.

33. Gary Seven - May 21, 2007

Does anybody else see this?
At the end of the episode, when Ekos is on the viewscreen when Kirk tells Chekhov to leave orbit, the colors on Ekos are changing, like the planet is psychedelic or something. Very strange. Anybody else see this?

34. Scott Gammans - May 21, 2007

^^^ Sounds like someone needs a new TV set!

35. cd - May 21, 2007

Good job on this episode; I liked the very bright explosion as well. Question about those windows on the front of the primary hull, the 4 and 1. In the original, they all appear to be the same size. On the new version, the 2nd from the front appears to be a little shorter: compare the In Orbit pictures. Anyone know why?

36. SPOCKBOY - May 22, 2007

Very nice.
That last shot was sweet, and its nice to see CBS has finally “SEEN THE LIGHT”

: )

37. Cervantes - May 22, 2007

#14 Matt Wright

A big disappointment to me throughout this whole project so far has been the LACK of enhanced handphaser beams fx. Your excellent video capture above shows what a difference the little ADDITION of an “inner core” ( ideally along with some outer haze) can make to the original bare effect. I wish EVERY dodgier example had been done along the way…

#25 Nelson

I hope Anthony CAN propose your design contest to the team. It would be great to have a FAN ART section here nonetheless with the likes of “what if” submissions such as your suggestions.

#27 Pat

While CBS Digital have done some nice work on this episode, I wholeheartedly agree with you where the composition of certain shots are concerned. While I have like some of the new angles and shots, including this one from “behind the saucer”, I hope none get overused throughout this remaster. The classic “Making of Star Trek” cover shot is a fantastic, iconic angle from below, with the Enterprise looking like it’s angled “looking up” when firing, showing it’s full majesty and power, and I hope we see a bit more of it in future. Some shots were just right as they were.

38. jonboc - May 22, 2007

I love the “making of Star Trek” angle as well, but it’s replacement is no big deal. It’s not like we haven’t seen that underside angle already in just about every episode that featured the ship firing phasers or photon torpedos.

39. Doug L. - May 22, 2007

Does anybody else think it’s funny that sooooo many of us actually knew immediately about the cover image of this book? I had it when I was like 8 years old, and had it for years and years. Maybe I still do, hmmm…

Doug L.

40. Matt Wright - May 22, 2007

Oh I had an old warn out copy I found at a garage sale as a kid for years and then I saw a new edition in a bookstore in the early 90s and replaced it, I still have it in a storage box somewhere… great book.

41. Matt Wright - May 22, 2007

Oh and CBS-D has kept that book cover style shot intact in various episodes, I just found it in Journey to Babel for example:

42. doubleofive - May 22, 2007


I thought it was funny too. I remember my dad having a copy, which I never read but always looked at the pictures. Just by doing that, I learned about mattes and models, and the scale of the Enterprise. It was great, I wish I had a copy.

43. Dr. Image - May 22, 2007

I cannot help bringing up the damn nacelle ball size thing again.
How glaring can it be and why are they not fixing it??
Otherwise, I love the rest of the shots, especially the spiffy approach shot.

In TMP, the Enterprise exhibits sort of a skidding motion in it’s initial departure, but that was more of a function of the motion control programming of the time. Very mechanical. I liked it.
I mean, it shouldn’t look like it’s banking on air currents!

44. THEETrekMaster - May 22, 2007

Although I love the shot, the problem with the “iconic” Enterprise firing her phasers shot is that the beams are shooting off in different directions….there’s no way you could hit anything like that! LOL!!!

45. MichaelJohn - May 22, 2007

Hmmm, I will only comment on the one effect that looked disappointing to me- the Enterprise firing it’s phasers. The original looked awesome, cool, fantastic, impressive etc, etc, but the new version looked quite lame in comparison.

Showing the Enterprise firing phasers from that rear angle, with beams so close together, just takes away the allusion that the phasers are a powerful weapon. To me it looks like the Enterprise is using a “laser pointer”!

I’m all for improvements where they are needed, but some original effects were just plain better then these remastered versions. This was a good example. I wish they had instead duplicated this effect as closely as possible to the original.

Well, CBS-D can’t hit it out of the ball park on every effect, but the remainder of the changes look pretty good!

Mike :o

46. Cafe 5 - May 22, 2007

While watching some of original Star Trek episodes on TV Land I noticed
that the running time is perceptively longer than the remastered episodes
now in syndication. I recorded one episode sans the ads and came up with
only 39min.for the remastered episode. The originals ran 51min. Now I know they have to pay for all this but 21min. for commercials is nutz ! Has anyone else noticed this. The TV Land episodes run 6-8 min. longer.

47. SPOCKBOY - May 22, 2007

By the way, thank you very much for putting that video up Matt. : )

48. Gd846c3 - May 22, 2007

I personally like the fact that CBS-D is taking the initiative to give us some new angles of the Enterprise while firing phasers. The original angle was indeed fantastic but it was seen every single time phasers were fired. Some new angles are welcomed for me. And as far as I can tell, CBS-D has kept the same iconic image of the Enterprise firing her phasers from the underside in most of the remastered episodes where phasers are fired. I don’t understand the complaints.

49. DarenDoc - May 22, 2007

If they were giving us a new angle every time we saw the phasers fired, that would be one thing… but they’ve used that behind the main dish shot over and over and over again… and it’s a dull angle. They’ve replaced one “overused” shot with another. And frankly, I don’t think they’ve ever come close to making it look as good as that Making of cover shot…

50. Nelson - May 22, 2007

Regarding the Making of Star Trek book cover, I agree it is iconic! But they have used that angle recreated on Balance of Terror as I recall.

I was lucky enough to have found a used first edition of this book in great condition and I have it tucked away in plastci! It has a different cover as you know. And I have my copy from the early 70’s of the iconic ship image, and a used copy I found of the same cover in better shape!

51. Matt Wright - May 22, 2007

#49 — I agree that it is starting to get a bit old. That “tracking phaser” shot makes sense to use in a few circumstances, I think was one of them since they are trying to target a small moving object.
They really could use the iconic book cover angle again (I the the last time I’ve noticed it used was Journey to Babel), also I see nothing wrong with finding a variation on the iconic angle to throw in the mix as well.

52. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - May 22, 2007

Daren where you been!!!

53. THEETrekMaster - May 22, 2007

#45 — I agree! They need to lose those over the saucer shots like that.
I HATE that shot…and to try to show a phaser blast from that angle is ridiculous.

The phasers are visually tricky anyway. I think TNG found the best solution by having that “phaser bank ring” on the saucer…but using one beam that moves along the ring.

But…listen to me now and believe me later…and Darren that means you to bucko! LOL…that classic shot of the phasers…yeah…it LOOKS great…but it’s not practical. There’s no way you could hit another ship with twin beams that spread OUTWARD from the ship from that angle.

A single beam phaser blast or phasers like they showed in TWOK are the only way to go.


54. Dr. Image - May 22, 2007

#30 Daren- Yeah, that TMOST cover shot is utterly classic, but even as a kid, I wondered about the absurd beam angles.

Now, Daren, YOU know from nacelle balls! What’s your verdict on them?

55. Doug L. - May 22, 2007

I vote the over the saucer shot down… I wouldn’t have a huge problem with it once or twice, especially if it looked good (to me), but I think it is a terrible effect. I feel like I’ve seen this shot about 4 or 5 times. Let’s get a count from those of you who are better at tracking such things.

(I love the iconic shot from the Making of book, but I don’t want to see any shot reused over and over again.)

Doug L.

56. Daren Doc - May 22, 2007

I’ve been around Lord Garth… just lurking mostly… but have been very busy trying to get jobs going, and such. Also I moved. So, I’ve been running frantic.

I’m not gonna comment on balls anymore. lol

My main problem with their version of the book cover angle is the flat lighting and the lens they’re using. Also the composition… they include the entire ship in the shot… it makes her look smaller. The composition of breaking the frame and letting the engines of the ship go out of frame is much more powerful, and makes the ship subconsciously seem bigger. I think a lot of the nice compositions have been lost in the shuffle… and I wish someone would pay more attention to that. (I also hated the “skating” that the ship was doing when it was approaching Ekos. Again, takes away some of the mass and grace the ship has.)

I’ll stop now.


57. MichaelJohn - May 22, 2007

I admit the original phaser shots, with two beams seemingly going off in two different directions, doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. You would think one beam hit the target and the other was off by a mile!

Yes CBS-D is making the phaser shots look much more realistic, but I can’t help but feel the original just looked much more COOL!

As we all know, there is no sound in the vacume of space, so any sound effect of phasers firing or space explosions in space is not only unrealistic, it’s scientifically impossible. But, can you imagine how lame it would be to watch these exterior effects without any sound…

So in my opinion when it comes to special effects, COOL trumps REALISTIC!

Mike :o

58. T Negative - May 22, 2007

I would like to see a shot of phasers firing from behind and under the ship. Similar to what was seen in the episode The Alternative factor. A variation of that or zoomed in slightly would look great.

59. Kev - May 22, 2007

My 2 cents; Are phasers purely a line of sight weapon? We don’t know what kind of targeting they use. If we have smart weapons thst maneuver, maybe the E can bend its phasers; if the ship bends spacetime to move, it isn’t that unbelievable. At any rate, it looks better. This is TV after all.

60. Gary Seven - May 22, 2007

So has anyone else noticed the changing colors on Ekos on the viewscreen as the E leaves orbit at the end of the episode? I don’t think it ‘s my tv as it isn’t doing that anywhere else. Anybody?

61. Matt Wright - May 22, 2007

# 56 — totally agree with you on the shot composition, they have the Enterprise centered in the frame and even if they want to show the whole Enterprise (unlike original shot) it at the very least should be pulled in a tight as possible.

62. hitch1969© - May 22, 2007

didnt see it but thanks for the before and after.



63. THEETrekMaster - May 22, 2007

#58, That shot — in Alternative Factor Remastered — will probably be an over the saucer shot again. Or that God-awful shot they used (forget which episode) where it was kind of a side closeup and you could see the wimpy beam coming out of the saucer. LOL

Anyway, that original shot from AF is cool!


64. THEETrekMaster - May 22, 2007

I was thinking of that deflector beam shot…it wasn’t a phaser shot. Still lame though.

65. mrregular - May 23, 2007

On a lighthearted note, I couldn’t help noticing the extra playing the captured prisoner in the background at the end of Act 2, when they were in the cave. The guy had a handlebar moustache and long sideburns. He seemed to be somewhat out of place…perhaps a preview of things to come if Trek had stayed on the air into the 70’s, i. e. Phase II ???

66. Mike Rogers - May 23, 2007

Your station must be doing additional cutting as the TVLand and remastered versions I’ve seen have the same exact cuts

67. M_E - May 23, 2007

I liked the nuclear explosion seen from behind the Enterprise but the actual phaser firing didn’t looked that good in that angle; I felt the same on a similar scene on “Journey to Babel”…

68. Demode - May 23, 2007

Not sure why everyone keeps making such a big deal about the rings not casting a shadow. These are not massive rings like the ones that circle Saturn. It’s just a thin ring, and doesn’t appear to be very dense. I doubt it would cast much of a shadow, if any.

69. dan - May 23, 2007

not much to add, but it IS one of my favorite episodes! An all time classic. Bones sure does look like a Nazi doctor!

70. Holo J - May 24, 2007

For the little that was done this week, it looks like a good Job to me.
but where was the sun on the approach to the planet? It seems very close by on the departure shot. Did they forget to put it in or is it that it’s further away than it seemed in the end shot?

I love the new planet design. The shot of the new planet through the main view screen as Chekov sets the new heading looks great. This for me is where the remastering really works well.

When something from the live action has the new effects along side them looking like the where always there. I really wish more things like the planets surfaces and bridge display screens would get remastered.
I nkow it would mean lots more rotorscoping and lots more time and money that probably isn’t available but where ever the live action has
new effects It really looks great!

71. Gd846c3 - May 24, 2007

I will agree with some others and say that the over the saucer shot of the Enterprise is getting quite old. From what I can tell, that angle has been used for many different things besides this phaser shot. It is ok to use it every now and then but I will admit that it is time for some new, more creative angles.

Something that I would like to see is the ship firing phasers while in motion. Though there have been starfields in the background zooming by to imply the effect of fast motion, we haven’t actually seen the ship moving location on the screen during phaser fire. I know that this would be a bit more time consuming, but it would certainly look cool and more proffesional.

Though I am impressed with CBS-D’s work most of the time, it is obvious that because of time constraints, they are forced to take the easy route by creating simple shots and re-using the same shots for different episodes. And perhaps their greatest weakness is the way they have the E move. The ship has frequently been too wobly and the approach of the ship to Ekos in this episode made the it look like it was thrown across a patch of ice.The problem with this shot is that the ship is rotating according to its center and not being turned according to its rear.

72. Windsor Bear - May 24, 2007

#71 – Actually, CBS/D showed the Enterprise firing phasers while in motion in “The Doomsday Machine.” The SFX reel should still be available for view from this site.

73. Gd846c3 - May 25, 2007


Good point, and I didn’t forget. I didn’t count that because the original was in motion as well. If CBS-D hadn’t put the E in motion, it would have been a disaster.

74. Jim - May 30, 2007


I think they mean that the planet should cast a shadow on to the ring. (not the ring on to the planet)
The ring with no shadow (as it is now) appears to be internaly lit or ‘glow in the dark’ where it passes into the shade.

The Enterprise would look terrible with no shadows too. It’s a ‘realism’ thing.

75. Charybdis - December 20, 2009

Definately one of the best episodes in TOS.

As much as I hate to admit it, Spock was correct in what John Gill described about the institution of a most effective system like Nazi Germany run benignly(?)without sadism.

Being a student of history, myself, such a system run properly without such rotten perversions would be effective.

Nevertheless, it would have been better if John Gill had instituted a more Democratic system like that of the USA or the UK, instead of the one that Nazi Germany once used.

Oh, well….even historians fail to learn from history.

76. Matt Johnston - January 29, 2010

Haven’t seen this episode since the 1970s and thought at the end Kirk said something to the effect of “and they had great looking uniforms” (maybe even when he was wearing the SS uniform). Did that get edited out or am I confusing this with another episode or similar?
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