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Image From Remastered “Spock’s Brain” [Updated] June 6, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: TOS-R Preview , trackback

CBS have released an image from "Spocks Brain" Remastered. It is the new ‘ion ship’



CBS Description:

In the episode "Spock’s Brain" the ion propulsion spacecraft spotted by the Enterprise in 2268 certainly impressed Scotty with its design and technology. The comparison between the original and the remastered version provides two totally different looks, with styles defined more by the contemporary technology. The original (bottom photo) is a standard rocket-shaped configuration. At the time, "spaceships" tended to fall into a one of two classic looks, the other being the the flying saucer.The new, remastered version (top photo) of the ion propulsion craft is smaller and more utilitarian, reflecting its single-person occupancy, and it ditches the unnecessary missile/rocket configuration. The design also reflects more modern-day ion propulsion prototypes.

UPDATE: Aint it Cool News has a new shot of the the beam down with a new glacier

(click image for more)

No Video Yet: We are told that there has been a delay on the video preview, will put that up as soon as available. 

VOTE in the new Spock’s Brain Poll…just how bad is it?  

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1. Paul - June 6, 2007

looks great!

2. RetroWarbird - June 6, 2007

That’s a great change. God, this episode could use some serious SFX face-lifting, and hopefully that can lift it from mediocre to decent. Although the kind of ridiculous plot will always curse it to the low tier of Trek. At least there’s plenty of room for improvement.

3. Rick - June 6, 2007

Brains, brains and more brains. Could be some good old fashioned fun.;) Him I still think someone was in the sonic shower and dreamed this ST tale.;)

4. Lao3D - June 6, 2007

Hmmm. I’m not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand its a cool looking little ship. On the other, I’m a big fan of retro-classic pointy rocket designs. I’ll reserve judgement until I can actually see the thing in context.

5. Tim - June 6, 2007

Looks good, but I doubt anything can save this episode. Having said that, it was definately imaginative and daring, and must get credit for that.

6. Gd846c3 - June 6, 2007

What a welcomed change. This looks much better than that crapy rocket. The new design is not retro, but looks very cool and more futuristic.

7. Toonloon - June 6, 2007

Cool change.

I hope they do some rotoscoping on the planet surfaces and maybe make some of the bridge displays more interactive.

8. Mike T. - June 6, 2007

How can they redo “Spock’s Brain” and not “The Ultimate Computer”???
I don’t see it listed as one of the episodes being enhanced.
It would be great to see the war games with the other starships.

9. Redshirt - June 6, 2007

Well its uhhh nice…its looks like a boob with rockets now.
…Too bad they cant re-master the hammy script . To me this episode was proof enough Rick Berman was Fred Friedberger’s illegitimate love child.

10. Magic_Al - June 6, 2007

Nothing can “fix” this episode but it’s worth seeing for camp value and a few production novelties such as the only time moving images were rear-projected on the main viewscreen for the actors to interact with.

11. FlyingTigress - June 6, 2007

It’s the ion-powered “Brain Container!”

12. John Schmidt - June 6, 2007

A welcome improvement. It kind of reminds me of the ship from “ET”.


13. Demode - June 6, 2007

Looks very cool. Much better than the ‘rocket’ style ship.

14. THX-1138 - June 6, 2007

All the computing technology in the world will not be enough to fix this episode. I say, Katy bar the door, pull out all the stops, throw stuff in from the movies and even other TV shows. Maybe splice in some FX from UFO or Buck Rogers. Have a dancing bear. Or better yet, some dancing girls. Anything to distract from the story.

I think that about 14 minutes after they shot the original episode, they all looked at each other and said “What were we thinking?”

15. steve623 - June 6, 2007

In my universe, “Spock’s Brain” is definitely in the “so bad its good” category, as compared to something like “The Alternative Factor”, which is just so bad, its bad. At least “Spock’s Brain” is fun, goofy, colorful, completely implausible, and just plain entertaining. Especially the miniskirts and go-go boots.

(and somebody needs to plunder youtube for the terrific parody of “Spock’s Brain” that turned up in an episode of “The Wonder Years” – Fred Savage had Shatner’s “hit with an invisible ray like a punch in the stomach” moves down pat)

16. JohnnyMoo - June 6, 2007

Personally I don’t feel it needed redesigning, even if the original was a cliché of rocket ships. Still, the new design is quite good too.

17. mrregular - June 6, 2007

This looks very cool. However, as others have said, the plot is hopeless.
The Star Trek Voyager first season episode “Phage” did a MUCH better job with a similar subject matter, IMO.

18. Gd846c3 - June 6, 2007

I hope CBS-D changes the display of the Sigma Driconus solar system on the bridge view screen. They probably won’t though considering it was a projected image with a lot of interaction and would invole a lot of rotoscoping.

19. Mark 2000 - June 6, 2007

Contemporary design. This is just the worst, man. CBS just proved they have nop desire to fit the aesthetic of TOS, they just want to revise it to look more in line with the modern series. Shame on you, CBS.

20. Gd846c3 - June 6, 2007

#8-Mike T.:

If CBS-D remastered all the good and effects heavy episodes now, what would be left for them to do in the second batch?

21. 3cdnv - June 6, 2007

#19-Mark 2000:

I can guarantee you that if Gene Rodenberry were still alive, he would approve of such a change. Star Trek is a liberal franchise that is all about new ideals. And from reading all of your past and present threads, you seem to be incredibly conservative when it comes to Star Trek.

P.S. This is coming from a conservative person!

22. Kirk: The Jack Bauer Of Space - June 6, 2007

I remember seeing this episode around the age of 8 or ten with my brother (around 73 or 74ish I’d guess). We thought it was way cool. Then as an adult, I saw it again and thought “Oh my” and not in the good way like in Generations when Kirk is getting his first glimpse of a glorious afterlife, but no, an “Oh my” as in jeesh this is really stupid. But of course I still have a fondness for it, and still enjoy watching it. But, um, yeah it’s not the greatest Trek…

23. Olde Timey Fan - June 6, 2007


I dunno man… I didn’t fully appreciate it until adulthood (well, Frat Boy Hood) when hundreds of Draconians were on campus, drunk and lookin’ to party:

“Grain and grain, what is grain!”

Olde Timey Frat Boie

24. Anthony - June 6, 2007

#9 I think Roddenberry would have approved a space boob.

25. JessIAm - June 6, 2007

I always wondered about this episode. It’s the episode that never managed to suspend my disbelief. It’s a zombie episode: it needs brains.

26. THEETrekMaster - June 6, 2007

GAH!!!! What did they do to my PRECIOUS?!!!!! My precious ion ship has been ruined!!!!!

Seriously, I liked the other design better. It just needed some slight modification!


Now I know how some of you felt when the Tholian ships were changed.

27. THEETrekMaster - June 6, 2007

GAH!!!! What did they do to my PRECIOUS?!!!!! My precious ion ship has been ruined!!!!! This DOES look like a big flying BOOBIE!!!!

Seriously, I liked the other design better. It just needed some slight modification!


Now I know how some of you felt when the Tholian ships were changed.

28. last o' the timelords - June 6, 2007

As much as I smile watching this one, annoyingly its the one older folks think of when they say all sci-fi is infantile.

Just like Adam West’s Batman ruined comics for the next 30 years.

However those people are dying off. And Adam is known as the mayor on Family Guy.

So there!

29. Kevin - June 6, 2007

Worst episode ever!

No amount of FX changes will help the plot.

30. Travitt Hamilton - June 6, 2007

It was a parody of the outlandish space fantasy tropes the series had come to rely on. There’s an interview on the internets somewhere (youtube?), where David Gerrold talks about it. I can never decide if it works or not, but it proves that TOS has a sense of humor, fun and self awareness (as opposed to self-consciousness) that the later series lost sight of.

31. Daren Doc - June 6, 2007

Let’s not dis’ on Adam West, now. :)

The 60s Batman show got more young people involved in reading comics than ever before… which in turn, gave rise to comics rebirth in the 80s and 90s.

so there.


32. THEETrekMaster - June 6, 2007

CBS-D raped my ION SHIP!!! :-(

All I wanted was some glowing panels on the wings… that’s about all it needed.

Woe be unto CBS-D!

However, they can make it up to me if they just add some CGI mountains to the planetscape and get rid of that cyclorama…or maybe make the planet another ringed plane…I dunno. But I do not approve of what they did to my precious…

33. THEETrekMaster - June 6, 2007

I agree…the 60s Batman was good in it’s own warped way. ;-)

I am still wond’rin why they didn’t just put frickking glowing panels on my ion ship! Damn…

Oh…and James Blish’s novelization of Spock’s Brain (based on the script) describes the ship as a “needle thin splinter of glow”. That flyin’ TIT sure as hell is not “needle thin”…nor could it be described as a “splinter”.

But, the original ship sure came closer to that description! Damn….I was expecting something cool.

Thanks again for raping my ion ship, CBS-D! :-(

34. THEETrekMaster - June 6, 2007

I agree…the 60s Batman was good in it’s own warped way. ;-)

I am still wond’rin why they didn’t just put frickking glowing panels on my ion ship! Or MAYBE add a cockpit bubble for Kara. Damn…

Oh…and James Blish’s novelization of Spock’s Brain (based on the script) describes the ship as a “needle thin splinter of glow”. That flyin’ TIT sure as hell is not “needle thin”…nor could it be described as a “splinter”.

But, the original ship sure came closer to that description! Damn….I was expecting something cool.

Thanks again for raping my ion ship, CBS-D! :-(

35. Duane Boda - June 6, 2007

# 8 – Mike T and everyone here. I read your comment on where you say that the Ultimate Computer won’t be enhanced. Where is this list? Could you please link me to it so I can refer to it myself?
Thank you very much!
Have a nice weekend!

36. Gd846c3 - June 6, 2007

The original ion ship didn’t even look like an ion ship!

The new one is much, much, much, much better!!!

37. Thorny - June 6, 2007

The original Ion Ship looked like a leftover prop from the Flash Gordon serials. The new one looks like it went off course from Babylon 5.

38. Thorny - June 6, 2007


The current Remastered schedule only goes to September, and doesn’t include such effects-heavy episodes as Ultimate Computer, Galileo 7, and The Enterprise Incident. They’ll probably be on the next list, for the second “season” of Remastered TOS.

If the DVD sets will follow TOS Season order, there are still a lot of Season 1 episodes yet to be Remastered by October or November to meet the Chirstmas due date. Charlie X, Conscience of the King, Court Martial, Galileo 7, This Side of Paradise, Operation Annhilate…

39. Sleeper Agent X - June 6, 2007

Re 34:

Oh, sure. When the ship was a flying penis it was fine. Now it’s a flying tit, though — that’s just unacceptable!

I like the new mammary just fine, thank you. It provides a much better visual sense of why Scotty would be so impressed with the ship in the first place.

40. Nelson - June 6, 2007

It’s a brain bucket, a very nicely rendered one.

re post 38: There’s nothing that says that CBS D has a separate team solely focused on Season One episodes right now working to that Christmas deadline.

41. Buckaroohawk - June 6, 2007

As much as “The Doomsday Machine” was a litmus test for CBS-D to shine up a Star Trek jewel, “Spock’s Brain” will be the same for turning a sow’s ear into a silk purse.

Will new FX enhance a practically unwatchable episode? My thought is most likely not, but it”l be fun to see what they toss out out there.

My hat’s off to them for their courage in even attempting this one. Not sure I’d have the nerve to do it myself.

42. jonboc - June 6, 2007

Cool new design for the ship. And the story isn’t that bad, written by Gene Coon for cryin’ out loud. Now it’s execution….well…’s still a hoot to watch. And Adam West was genius….hell that whole show was genius. Those who took it seriously just wasn’t in on the joke. West was in on it, big time, and he was hilarious.

43. Stanky "Just Can't Wait For More Star Trek XI News" McFibberich - June 6, 2007

New Ion Ship = Why not?
Spock’s Brain = Harmless entertainment
60s Batman = Great
Star Trek XI = Oh, never mind :)

44. FlyingTigress - June 6, 2007

Come on guys… it is an ion-powered testicle. That’s why Jimmy’s line conveyed the sense of being impressed.

45. Josh T. ( The Wrath of Shat ) Kirk Esquire' - June 6, 2007

It looks like Battle Beyond the Stars!


46. Mark 2000 - June 6, 2007

#21: I don’t think it’s conservative to want consistency within a show (Ships look the same style as interiors) and I also don’t find it conservative to LIKE the 60s SciFi aesthetic. It’s a great look. A unique look. Why do we need to tear all the old stuff down and homogenize it to modern tastes? That seems silly. Someone designed that ship and if they wanted to make it more detailed and interesting within the confines of the original I would have patted them on the back.

BTW to anyone with thinks this episode is the worst ever, its still more watchable than anything in Voyager or Enterprise or the last 4 movies.

47. petitspock - June 6, 2007

I like the new ship, but it seems somehow wrong that a hot alien with gogo boots and a mini skirt is not longer traveling in something that looks phallic.

48. Xai - June 6, 2007

#46Mark 2000
It’s not a “unique” was Flash Gordon and that look went away in the 50’s.

And as to the more “watchable”….. No, I disagree, but I will properly call my statement an opinion.

49. Xai - June 6, 2007

THEEtrekmaster… what’s with your posts?

THEEtrekmaster… what’s with your posts?

50. NZorak - June 6, 2007

It’s a shame I didn’t wait long enough to put this episode and “And the Children Shall Lead” onto the same DVD.

51. MichaelJohn - June 6, 2007

For myself, this episode was unintentionally funny, yet quite creepy in many ways too. I hope the remastering of ths episode doesn’t change this in any way.

Even as kid I thought the whole brain operation sequence was so comical! Especially funny was that high tech “cardboard” prop used to cover Spock’s head during the surgery. Wow so futuristic looking!

It’s also hilarious that McCoy didnt even have to shave Spock’s head to reinstall his brain! I guess in the future someone invented a “skull opener” that allows you to leave the hair nicely in place.

I really look forward to seeing this episode again…it truly is entertaining and memorable.

Mike :o

52. Moonwatcher - June 6, 2007

Why was Scotty so impressed with the ion propulsion of the approaching craft when we have ion engines today and they were on the drawing boards in the late 60’s? He seems to imply that it’s more advanced then matter-antimatter propulsion. When in reality, matter-antimatter technology is “light years” ahead of ion technology. OK, this is probably item 12 on a long list of things wrong with this episode…

53. Ron Mosher - June 7, 2007

I’m with 51.
This is always one of the episodes that first got my attention due largely in part to the out of left field story line and then there the more prominent roles for the secondary charactors. And on the new ion ship from quite nice in image but will wait ti see action scenes.
What I am looking from this is brighter colors,more detailed ships but no matter what comes up I know I be entertained as I journey with ENTERPRISE and here crew on thier remastered missions. COUNT ME IN!!!

54. Dyson Sphere - June 7, 2007

Maybe spiff up the operating table?

Maybe the beamout from the ion ship could be likened to lactation? Ooops, too far out, I retract the last.

55. Paul - June 7, 2007

No way!
How they dare to change the dildo ship?! :-\

Remastered image would look good as engine part of ship, but not as the ship itself… :-/

56. Sulgran - June 7, 2007

I think I read somewhere that the reason Scotty was impressed by the ion propulsion was that the ship was capable of going faster than light which shouldn’t be possible for an ion engine.

57. yo - June 7, 2007

Time to watch this again:

58. Cervantes - June 7, 2007

AAAAAAAARGH! What is up with this LAYOUT today? I have bunched up, near illegible, lettering against a WHITE background. It is DREADFUL. Much else seems the same as before, but is this some insane change for the worse going to remain, or is their some problem with the site?

59. Cervantes - June 7, 2007

There…not their. I hate my typos.

60. monger - June 7, 2007

I agree. I’ve been watching TOS in reruns since I was 5 years old, having seen every episode at least 5 times. As far as I’m concerned, for most of the visual effects that were done originally, ANY change is welcome. As sad as it is to say it, the original model work has not aged well at all! Cmon, people, face up! I’m no huge fan of CGI in general. Give me TMP-style model filming any day! In fact, I would’ve greatly preferred the remastered Ent to have the same self-illuminated, pearly sheen of TMP Ent. But we all know that the budget these guys have limit what they can do, although it’s logical to assume that if they went all out and spent enough money to go the whole 9 yards to make the Ent and other fx to look as genuine as possible, they might have recouped everything they spent and much more! You can’t deny, however, that the CGI of today trumps the model work of late 60s TV any day of the week! ANY change they make to the style of the ships or to the look of the VFX is an improvement! The above comparison makes my point. If there was a blind opinion poll comparing the 2 ships above and they were NOT associated with TOS, every poster to this board would pick the 1st ship. But because it’s a TOS ship, suddenly it’s almost a blasphemy to pick the obviously superior remastered ship!
“CBS-D raped my childhood?” As much to those Star Wars nitpickers as to the Trekpickers (even though I admit that Jar Jar was a travesty)- In the words of Bill Shatner- GET A LIFE!

61. Tom - June 7, 2007

I dunno. I have mixed feelings about this.

I thought part of the philosphy of the new CGI was to keep the ’60s look. Wasn’t it first said that it would look incongruous to have ships with 21st century renderings on the outside and 1960’s renderings on the interiors?

One could make the argument that the a sleeper ship wouldn’t look like a submarine with a conning tower, but it would be total heresey to re-do the Botany Bay.

For that matter, why not animate the Enterprise and move it the way ships are today in sci-fi films. Some of the maneuvering of the Enterprise (like in Tomorrow is Yesterday) make it look like a wabbly model.

62. IrishTrekkie - June 7, 2007

oh well i like it , i mean , its more orignal , and i am they would have wanted something like the new ship if they could have done something looking that good in the 60s

63. THEETrekMaster - June 7, 2007

With regard to how the surgery was performed without messing up Spock’s hair — they just beamed the top of his noggin off and beamed it back on. At least that would be my guess. LOL Oh…and I didn’t say CBS-D raped my child hood, but they raped my ion sheep! My ion wessel has been violated. LMAO!!! Oh, I found a first draft story outline for Spock’s Brain last night and I will post a link to it when I can. This thing was bad from the get-go. LOL!!! Oh…and if they really want to make this comical, they can show a transferral beam coming from the USS Booby Prize (Ion Sheep) towards the Enterprise and then have Kara materialize on the bridge. LMAO!!! Talk about suggestive! LOL!!!

64. scarpad - June 7, 2007

Keep in mind we don’t know they will release the entire season, with some shows Paramount/CBS have been doing Half seasons so they might go that route and do a Star Trek Remastered Season One Vol. 1, they have the 15 or so shows to do that.

65. THEETrekMaster - June 7, 2007

#55 I agree! And I was thinking something along those lines myself…that the new ship looks like it would make a good “engine section” — but not the ship as a whole.

66. Gary - June 7, 2007

lol WTF happened to the site?!

67. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - June 7, 2007

New format frightens me. Can’t….deal…..wtih….change!!

68. Kyle Nin - June 7, 2007

The new site appearance is too condensed-looking. How about some spaces between paragraphs or something?

69. CmdrR. - June 7, 2007

Yes, white space, please… I’m even older than Trek!
On the Ion ship reimagining… It kinda looks like the Moon lander from 2001, another great icon of the 60’s. What’s the bad?? I think it’s cool. It doesn’t need much space, just enough for Kara, a spare brain, and a small closet for the outfits Kara almost wears. (hehe) Nice work CBS-D. Nicer work Bill Theiss!

70. FlyingTigress - June 7, 2007


“Open the pod bay doors, [NCC-1701] Library Computer….

I’m sorry, Kara, I can’t let you do that.”

71. CmdrR. - June 7, 2007

Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do…

72. Steve Friedman - June 7, 2007

Aint it Cool News has the first ever shot of a remastered cyclorama for this episode. Kirk and party are in a long shot with frozen mountains and everything!

73. Shaye - June 7, 2007

Perhaps CBS-CG is a giver of pain…and delight, after all!

74. Sithmenace - June 7, 2007

This new format SUCKS.

75. Lao3D - June 7, 2007

The new matte painting is awesome:

“Spock’s Brain” soon to become the most beloved episode ever — remastered that is…

76. CmdrR. - June 7, 2007
(thanks for the heads up, Steve!!)

77. Shaye - June 7, 2007

Agreed Sithmenace, Anthony Pascale, please go back to your original and VASTLY SUPERIOR format you had here?

78. Harry Ballz - June 7, 2007

Hate this new layout! Please, PUHLEASE change it back!!!

79. thx-1138 - June 7, 2007

Seriously. What’s up with the site?

80. thx-1138 - June 7, 2007

The new bakground on the planet looks great.

Still, dancing girls would be nice. Or trampolines.

81. Anthony Pascale - June 7, 2007

OK people I believe the site is fixed and I have added the AICN link to the main article. if you are still having issues with the site report it in the article called ‘site issues’ but only after you close and open your browser.

thank you

The Management

82. Gd846c3 - June 7, 2007


Incredible. I have liked all of their matte paintings so far and this one is certainly no different.

83. CmdrR. - June 7, 2007

Thank you Anthony. I have my puce space back. It’s wonderful!

Back to the matte in Spock’s Brain… imagine what they could do with The Apple, if they put their digital minds to it. Vol doesn’t have to be a papier mache rhino anymore!

84. Lao3D - June 7, 2007

Wonder if they’ll add any glowy light effects to the “Teacher” machine, ala the remastered Agony Booth. As long as they’re apparently pulling out all the stops for this one!?!

85. Michael Hall - June 7, 2007

“BTW to anyone with thinks this episode is the worst ever, its still more watchable than anything in Voyager or Enterprise or the last 4 movies.”

Oh, bull.

86. Michael - June 7, 2007

It’s true. This is another great job for Bill Theiss and his outfits. Hey Kara that’s a pretty little something you’re almost wearing! ;-)

Love those 60’s outfits!!

87. Lord Edzo - June 7, 2007

Holy moley! Doesn’t that Eymorg ship look mighty dandy! Well, no disrespect to the remastering folks, but almost anything would have looked better than the original ship.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t they later use that model as a weapon/prop for the Scalosians?

The new “glaciated” Sigma Draconis 6 looks terrific, too!

Now if only they could digitally “remove” Spock’s hair so it looks like his skull was cracked open … twice!

Can’t wait for the ep! You guys rock!

Oh, and don’t forget another request, please: Make the impulse engines BLUE when they’re not in operation, like the Defiant in “In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II.” The absence of any color, or “black,” just looks terrible. Always did.

88. Ozy - June 7, 2007

New ion ship looks great.

89. Granger - June 7, 2007

Goody – we will be treated to another fantabulous new matte painting. Thank goodness there is one aspect of the remastering we have few complaints about!

I’m glad the ion ship at least looks like it is spewing ions. I suppose we can presume Scotty is taken aback that the technology could be adapted for faster-than-light travel, since ion power wouldn’t seem to be all that useful as a FTL drive.

90. Jeff Bond - June 7, 2007

Yeah, I’m not so shaken up by replacing the $1.98 rocket ship in this episode–and I like $1.98 rocket ships in Queen of Outer Space, but not in Star Trek. It’s clear that the goal for CBSD is to treat the BEST aspects of the original effects’ look with respect and to play around as much as possible with the worst aspects, and I always thought the Spock’s Brain ship was one of the worst aspects–it doesn’t even look like a Matt Jefferies design. And we’ve still got the original DVDs for anyone in love with the rocketship.

This episode definitely turns into a satire by the END (just the blue-lit “mad scientist” shots of McCoy operating tell you that) but it sure ain’t funny before that. It must have been shocking to come off the fun, intelligent “Assignment: Earth” and tune in to episode one of season three and watch that horrendous dialogue scene with Kirk and McCoy in sickbay and Shatner wringing his hands over this situation in what has to be his lousiest acting work ever, whether you like him or not. It set the tone for season three: grim, dull and humorless.

91. THEETrekMaster - June 7, 2007


Ok, CBS-D….you just made up for raping my ion ship!


92. THEETrekMaster - June 7, 2007

#84 The Teacher DEFINITELY needs some cool animation effects…I hope they do it! I am really looking forward to this remastering…wow!


93. CmdrR. - June 7, 2007

Hey, I love this ep, even if it is…
Dumb duh-dum.. dah duh-duh Da DUUMMMMB!

94. THEETrekMaster - June 7, 2007

I love it too!

Guilty pleasure…

95. THEETrekMaster - June 7, 2007

Here’s Gene Coon’s original story outline for the episode…no remote control Spock…

Check it out…it’s different from what aired, but still not very good.

96. thx-1138 - June 7, 2007

Someone brought that up on Aint It Cool.
How would you like to be one of the fans in the 60’s who campaigned to have the series brought back from potential cancellation only to be rewarded with “Brain and brain! What is brain?” Feh.

I dunno. Eden was pretty ghastly, too. Maybe they can digitally remove that “Headin’ to Eden, Brother” song from my mind.

97. Kev - June 7, 2007

The old rocket didn’t look like something that would have impressed Scotty, this would have. It does look post TOS, though. As for the ep. it’s entertaining; that bit with Kirk writhing on the floor for the Spocko control is terrific; great music.

98. Moonwatcher - June 7, 2007

Awesome matte panting!! What would be great if they could update the tactical display on the main viewer ( ala STTMP) and show a superior representation of the solar system where the go-go boot wearing ,brain stealing, bimbos came from. Someone mentioned changing the operating table. We may need to save that cgi work for the over the top shot of Ken (Kirk) and Barbie on the toy spinning turntable in What Are Little Girls Made Of ? …”this is how we make an android”

99. CmdrR. - June 7, 2007

THEETrekMaster – It wasn’t just Gene Coon who hit the wrong buttons on the Spock remote.

100. Nelson - June 7, 2007

Cool new updated images. It looks like some digital tweaking was done so the actors heads are looking up and perspective changes to match the higher angle of the matte painting.

I actually like the original tactical display on the screen. It has a nice graphic quality and a very Chelsey Bonestell feel to it. Probably would be a nightmare too to rotoscope the actors to replace it.

101. THEETrekMaster - June 7, 2007

The actors are mostly standing there jabberjawing in front of the screen during that shot…shouldn’t be that hard to roto. If they can do things like Kirk walking in front of the viewscreen at the end of Doomsday Machine and the matte paintings in Devil in the Dark…this one is certainly doable.

Now will they? Tune in and find oot!

102. THEETrekMaster - June 7, 2007

#99 — huh? LOL

103. CmdrR. - June 7, 2007

102 –
After Coon’s outline, the reviewer jibes that Coon simply wrote a bad script.
Point is, somebody said ‘yes, let’s make that one…’ Somebody else dressed the dudes like neanderthals… somebody went to Woolworths and bought the Ion ship and painted it silver… somebody devised ‘Robo-Spock.’ The director told Nimoy, “Just sit up. It’s sci-fi, they’ll buy it.” On and on. By all reports, Gene Coon was all over the place doing work, but I sincerely doubt he was the only contributor to this episode’s madness.
And, again, I love this episode.

104. CmdrR. - June 7, 2007

my bad… meant to say ‘dressed the dudes like neanderthals with longjohns and skins.’

105. T Negative - June 7, 2007

I wonder why the new image of Sigma Draconis VI is not in 16:9?? Otherwise this is awesome CBS, great job getting rid of the phony fabric backdrop and putting a great digital matte painting!

106. THEETrekMaster - June 7, 2007

#102 Yeah, I hear ya…on all counts! LOL

107. Lao3D - June 7, 2007

#95 TTM — interesting link! I actually prefer it the way it was produced. But that’s kind of like being asked if you’d rather be hit with a hammer or a crowbar…

108. thx-1138 - June 7, 2007

#106-Dude, are you referencing yourself? Awesome!

Also, I had a question to all of you’se that said the digital Eymorg ship looked like a breast.

What kinda girls are you used to seeing?

109. Xai - June 7, 2007

There’s been some question about Scott’s exclaimation over the “ion drive”. Could it be that it’s NOT the technology we are thinking of, but something far superior? Perhaps it uses an ionization process to enrich the fuel they use to drive her Flash Gordon rocket ship, hmmm?

110. Xai - June 7, 2007

But wait! There’s more…

That (old) ship!…. nah, couldn’t be…
well maybe….

Princess Amadahla… is that your sleek silver ship I see stealing Spock’s Brain?

111. Spock's Brain - June 7, 2007

My favorite episode has arrived: “The Search for Spock’s Brain”! So should we expect some awesome rotoscoping for the scene in front of the main viewer when they ponder which planet to look on first?

112. Moonwatcher - June 7, 2007

# 109— That’s it…. That’s the visual improvement that was missing from her “ion” powered ship. Not a breast , or 2001 Pan Am Orion look-a like design. But the original Flash Gordan design with sparks shooting out the back and falling down about a 1/2 foot from the rear… indicating gravity where none should be present.

113. Robert Bernardo - June 7, 2007

Enjoyable episode. A mystery, a glaciated planet, lovely women, some fisticuffs, humor between Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and Scotty. I’ve always given it 3 out of 4 stars. Far better than the 1 star of the dreary, dull Way to Eden (the worst ever).

114. Spock's Brain - June 7, 2007

“Eden” has got to be beyond redemption. The worst…by a head.

115. THEETrekMaster - June 7, 2007

Way to Eden is bad…but I still say And The Children Shall Lead is the single worst episode of Trek ever.

116. Spock's Brain - June 7, 2007

“Children”s creepy factor (old man with cute little kids) saves it from the bottom. The Search for “Spock’s Brain” is my #1 guilty pleasure.

117. IrishTrekkie - June 7, 2007

wow that new glacier scene is nice, good work to the effects guys there , it makes it look like they actually went outside to shot , intsead of the orignal sene which just screamed geneic star trek planet . i like it alot

118. THEETrekMaster - June 7, 2007

When I look closer at that matte painting, it looks to me like they are going to pull that “the characters are higher up in elevation than their surroundings” trick they pulled in Amok Time. Looks to me like they are on some kind of precipice and the mountains are down below them…

Oh well…still very cool!

119. Jeff Bond - June 8, 2007

I agree about “Children Shall Lead” being the worst…

120. Dave - June 11, 2007

95 That is only a synopsis of the major beats in the outline. It is not the actual outline.

121. THEETrekMaster - June 12, 2007

Well, then give us the actual outline! LOL!!!!

Are you Dave Eversole?

122. Dave - June 12, 2007

Yes, I am.

It would be slightly unethical of me to type the entirety of someone’s copyrighted work onto a site (not that a lot of people don’t do it, I’m sure). I figured by labeling them as “Reports,” people would realize they weren’t the word-for-word outlines, but rather just my abbreviated synopses. Email me at my hyperlinked name at orionpress if you want and I can tell you who I got all the outlines I own from, if you’re really interested.

If the other poster who purports to have seen the “make this a comedy” notes on a copy of an actual SB script will send a note to the webmaster at orionpress, I’m sure he would print it.


123. THEETrekMaster - June 12, 2007

It would be, of course, nice to see the entire script — but your own notes on the site say the script was not a comedy script…that’s good enough for me.

I guess the only other questions I have are: a) is your outline taken directly from the first draft script? or b) is there some other version of the script floating around that is more “comical” in nature?

You’ve done a very nice job over at your site, BTW.

It’s an indispensable resource even if the outlines are not complete, verbatim outlines…


124. Dave - June 12, 2007


This outline is the first step in the episode’s evolution. It was written by Coon (under the pseudonym Lee Cronin since he was by that time under contract to Universal (forget which program) and could not legally write for Trek) in present tense, broken down into the act components (Teaser, Act One, Two, Three, Four) as are all professional outlines. It is 12 pages in length and briefly describes the proposed story. Once the outline was approved, Coon would have been given the okay to “go to script,” meaning he would then have submitted a full (c. 55-70 page) First Draft script with dialogue, etc. Since scripts are rarely ever shot at this stage, no doubt he would have been given “notes” stating what Roddenberry, Freiberger and, iirc, Arthur Heineman (the story editor at that time) liked, disliked, etc. He would then have gone to Second Draft, and after that go-round, then to Final Draft, and if need be a Revised Final Draft. Some of the Trek scripts I own are “2nd Revised Final Drafts,” and even some of those have differences with what aired. Anywhere in that writing process, a writer can be “cut off,” and the script could have been rewritten by the producer, story editor, basically anybody at the Trek offices, or any writer they wanted to give a crack at it to.

So, yeah, somewhere between this very serious first story outline and the filming of the episode, somebody could have decided it was a comedy.

The episode is certainly silly and goofy, but is not a comedy in any strict sense of the word.


125. THEETrekMaster - June 12, 2007

Very interesting, Dave…

I know there were some additional scenes shot for the episode as Curt over at has a shot of “robo-Spock on the bridge and a shot of Scotty talking to the computer about how to make Spock mobile.

Is any of this familiar to you from any of the drafts you may have of the script?

Curt’s site shows that other episodes also had cut scenes. Too bad these missing scenes can’t be cut back into the episodes…


126. Dave - June 12, 2007

No, nothing familiar, as I only have a copy of the first outline, and there is no “robo-Spock” in the outline. Once they find his body in the cave (in the Teaser) and beam it back to the ship, it stays there until time for the surgery (hell, the outline doesn’t say if the surgery is performed on the planet or back on the ship, but I sorta got the impression it was done on the planet). Kirk, Scott and McCoy beam down alone and deal with the midget people of Nefel.

I provide Curt with a lot of the script excerpts to go with the stills he has of missing scenes. He has a great site there.

All for now.

Thanks for the nice words. Drop me a line at my hyperlinked email addy over there if you ever have any more script/outline questions. Always nice to hear from people. You might like to read the synopsis of the “Trekless” “Assignment: Earth” pilot script I recently posted.


127. THEETrekMaster - June 12, 2007

Yeah, I’ve known Curt for a while now — online. And he always sends update emails to me when he makes a change to the site. Excellent stuff.

Sites like yours and his really show there are still things about TOS that the general public has not seen or read. It’s good to see there are sites out there that are not just providing publicity for the latest Trek move by the studio.

Your site is awesome, but I actually had to do some digging to find it. I knew somebody out there had to have at least some alternate story outlines or scripts online — so I did a search and came up with your site. I know they are selling some early drafts out there on Ebay, but haven’t broken down to buy them yet.

I read the Assignment Earth pilot — interesting stuff! So was the “Joanna” outline.

I’ll likely contact you regarding some of those early story outlines soon.

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