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Spock’s Brain Screenshots and Video [UPDATED] June 9, 2007

by Matt Wright , Filed under: TOS Remastered,TOS-R Screenshots/Video , trackback

SFX Video



New and Old

On a routine mission
The ion ship approaches
The ion ship in full view
The Enterprise lists
Same graphic, but with newly restored film master
Assuming orbit
Expanded view of the beam down
In orbit waiting for the landing party


The ion ship enroute to the Enterprise

Remote controlled Spock

Grizzly Adams err… scruffy Morg

Spock’s new home

Kara, now with smug intelligence

McCoy uses the teacher

Sweaty McCoy surgery montage

Regretting reconnecting Spock’s speech center

UPDATE: Side By Side (w/ Kelvington Gag Reel) 

(Large Live Video)


1. CmdrR - June 9, 2007

As bad as this is, it would have been worse if Spock had falled “flat on his face.”
Hey… it’s a guilty pleasure!

2. TomBot2007 - June 9, 2007

Interesting… looks like they’ve done a lot of tweaks..

3. Scott Gammans - June 9, 2007

Hmmm…. it will be interesting to see how successful they are with the extensive rotoscoping in this episode. I still say, though, that putting lipstick on this pig won’t change the fact that this episode is porcine.

4. Gd846c3 - June 9, 2007

Looks incredible!

5. CmdrR - June 9, 2007

Listing E is cool. Why would the running lights be off? The nacelle caps show the engines are still on, and there’s one up-all-nighter, despite Kara’s circus seal horn stun weapon.

6. Anthony Pascale - June 9, 2007

well done Matt!

just looking at the above….you know the episode looks pretty good

and looking at remote control Spock makes me suddenly think George Lucas borrowed that for Lando’s pal Lobot

7. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - June 9, 2007

Wow, they really got the effects back on track!!! Awesome new shots of E. Really new new landing party shot and the print looked gorgeous!!!!
I always thought this was a fun episode, dumb but fun.

8. Kevin - June 9, 2007

I didn’t watch this whole episode as I find it mostly unwatchable. That being said, on the FX done by CBSD that I did see, fantastic. The planet from orbit was almost breathtaking (I say almost b/c it was so fast that we don’t get to see it much) and the beamdown was great… I don’t even know how they did that b/c the angle of the actors originally shown was different than the ones we see in the remastered. The only other thing about this episode that I actually enjoyed was the set of the controller room.

9. Gd846c3 - June 9, 2007

It is quite obvioius that CBS-D put a lot of effort into this one. All the new shots of the E looked gorgeous and its movement absolutely perfect. I especially liked the new matte painting and the ion ship certainly looked like something that would impress Scotty! Nice job CBS-D!!!!

10. T Negative - June 9, 2007

Kirk fires his phaser twice in this episode. He uses “stun” both times. The first shot has the usual phaser sound, however the second time he fires it, his phaser makes the whirring “stun” sound. Why couldn’t this little continuity error be corrected?? Nitpicking I know, but just wondering why. Otherwise great job CBS-D.

11. THEETrekMaster - June 9, 2007

Great job CBS-D!!!

Not your fault, but I noticed several dialog cuts and little cuts throughout. Including the shot of Sulu’s pop-up viewer as the ion ship approaches.

I’ll be glad when these are available on DVD and uncut.


12. IrishTrekkie - June 9, 2007

yea i agree , i hate the cuts they make for t.v. , dvd and hd dvd will be great , and they kept the orignal diagram of that solar system , i kinda wanted them to change it , but it is alot clearer now , and i am glad they did not , but great work all around

13. THEETrekMaster - June 9, 2007

Not too surprised they didn’t change the solar system diagram….but yeah, not washed out like it was anyway.

14. sadfawfe - June 9, 2007

Hey that old spaceship didn’t look too bad.

15. Bobby - June 9, 2007

LOVED the last shot of the Big E leaving orbit!!! Reminded me of the Refit from STTMP!! Awesome stuff CBS-D!!!

you think that is enough exclamations?

16. SteveinSF - June 9, 2007

Such a silly episode–from the whole concept that Spock could communicate with his voice while disembodied to Chekov’s very ( overly) carefully aimed phaser blast to a rock.

I always liked that the view screen was an actual projection and not a matte shot.

Brain and Brain, what is BRAIN?!?

17. Blair - June 9, 2007

Just to let you know, I tried playing the video, and it said that its no longer available.

18. Lokai - June 10, 2007

I know this is a bit off topic but I know that it will be seen if I post it here.

The episode, “Obsession” seems to be missing from the list of remastered episodes. Does anyone know if this is on purpose and if any other ones are missing?

It was on TV recently and I was hoping the they would add an effect that showed “half the atmosphere being ripped from the planet” when the antimatter explosion happens at the end.

19. Steve E. - June 10, 2007

You know, this episode makes me nostalgic for another 60’s staple…
Lost In Space.

20. Jeffrey S. Nelson - June 10, 2007

What if Dr. Smith served on the Enterprise? Oh, the pain…

21. Tony - June 10, 2007

Brain and brain… what is brain?

22. FredCFO - June 10, 2007

The canceled 4th Season was going to have sort of a sequel, “Scotty’s Liver”…

A planet of alcoholics desperately need the most efficient filter in the galaxy. The legend of Scotty’s liver leads them to the Enterprise.

We pick up the story in sickbay…

I found him.

Like this?

No, not like this.

What happened?

I don’t know.

You’ve got him on complete liver support. Was he dead?

He was worse than dead.

What do you mean?

Jim —

Bones, what’s the mystery?

His liver is gone. It’s been removed surgically.

How could he survive?

It’s the greatest technical job I’ve ever seen. Every vessel ending in the liver must’ve been neatly sealed. Nothing ripped, nothing torn, no bleeding. It’s a medical miracle.

If his liver is missing … then Scotty is dying.

No. That incredible Scottish physique hung on until the liver-support cycle took over. His body lives, the autonomic functions continue … but there is no liver.

That girl.

Marlo Thomas ?

From that ship. She took it. I don’t know why … or where … but she must’ve taken it. Bones, how long can you keep him functioning?

I can’t give you any guarantee.

That’s not good enough.

If it happened to us, I’d say indefinitely. But Scottish physiology limits what I can do. Scotty’s body is more dependent on that tremendous liver for life support.

Then we’ll take him with us.

Take him where?

In search of his liver, Doctor. The moment we find it, we’ll restore it to his body, or we lose him.

Jim, where are you going to look in this whole galaxy? Where are you going to look for Scotty’s liver? How are you going to find it?

I’ll find it. If we have to crawl through every bar in the Alpha Quandrant…

Even if you do, I can’t restore it. I don’t have the medical technique.

It was taken out. It can be put back in.

But I don’t know how.

The thief that took it has the knowledge. I’ll force it out of her.

If you don’t find it in 24 hours, you better forget the whole thing, Jim.

You and Spock … have Scotty ready.

Hmmm… maybe they should have pitched more Hodgin’s parallel planet stuff…”Cowboys and Rodeos” (a western planet)….

23. Mike Lynch - June 10, 2007

“Scotty’s Liver!!!” OK, I’m laughin’ out loud here. Great stuff, FredCFO!!! This is something Lee Cronin” might’ve put his real name on!

24. RonS - June 10, 2007

#16 Said – Such a silly episode–from the whole concept that Spock could communicate with his voice while disembodied to Chekov’s very ( overly) carefully aimed phaser blast to a rock.

My wife had never seen this episode and was watching it with me last night. When Chekov aimed his Phaser she looked at me and said “What the f*ck is this?” and mimmicked Chekov aiming his phaser. I miessed the next five minutes from laughing. LOL

25. Christopher Seeley - June 10, 2007

It looked good. The scene where the landing party beamed down to the planet was exteremly well done. This episode is not bad at all.

26. Kyle Nin - June 10, 2007


What’s funny about that? I don’t get it.

27. Demode - June 10, 2007

Has annyone else noticed that when we look at a scene on the main viewer… at the top right corner where the ceiling touches the wall, it looks like the ceiling is warped? It doesn’t sit flat as it should, and causes alot of shadow and makes the set look very fake. Why couldn’t that be fixed?

28. Moonwatcher - June 10, 2007

Something just occurred to me after watching this episode for the millionth time. When Spock and McCoy were going though their ridiculous “left fore finger routine” I heard part of the unique sound track to the great old MGM film Forbidden Planet! Who says you can find something new watching classic Star Trek over for almost 40 years.

29. Nelson - June 10, 2007

Over all great effort by CBS-D. but I did find the Enterprise looking a bit too CGI during the opening after the Teaser behind the “Spock’s Brain” title. Some of the fly-by shots looked a tad weak CGI. I mean the plating and reflective qualtiy looked a tad flat.

30. ZtoA - June 10, 2007

I guess they must have made a CGI landing party in order to get that beam down angle to work… looked pretty cool :-)

I also like the E listing in space as well as the shot where they haul ass into orbit… nice touch of continuity from CBS-D

31. Michael - June 10, 2007

I have almost given up watching these on TV as I find the commercial cuts intolerable – just as I have for the last 30 years. I noticed dialog cuts within the 1st minute of the show and whole sections of the sickbay scene dialog are gone. I’d rather they just cut a whole scene rather than the “death by a 1000 cuts” method they’re using. Let’s face it, there is no way to make a 51 minute episode into a 43 minute episode without losing the spirit of the original. Sort of like listening to a favorite song that has had verses removed or instrumental sections cut. Same argument for not trying to make 4×3 into 16×9.

Dialog cuts and SFX changes aren’t the only thing changing. This is the 2nd episode in a row that I noticed a change in the musical cues at scene transitions – both where they inserted a commercial break where it was not meant to be. Last week on B&C they changed the music when they entered the cave for the 1st time. Another change was the scene transition from the bridge to sickbay – they added a new wipe effect that looked more like it belonged on Batman then Star Trek. I really hope these don’t make onto the DVDs.

I know these episodes so well I’m happy just to come here and see the stuff I care about – the new SFX. The new prints look great but are ruined by the station logo watermarks and ad overlays. I’ll only enjoy them once they get put out on DVD (blue ray or HD – whichever they end up on). iTunes is no better as they are in a proprietary format that sucks and in 480i resolution. Anthony, until the DVD release, it’s up to you to keep this going bud – at least for me.

Anyone care to do a side-by-side script comparison? Who’s up for the challenge?

32. Mark 2000 - June 10, 2007

They already did a sequal called “Neelix’s Lungs” and it was just as stupid. That’s when I just stopped watching voyager all together. Even that borg lady with her bionic implants and horsey face couldn’t bring me back.

33. Michael - June 10, 2007

7 of 9 didn’t do it for you? Better check your pulse man – you must be dead!

34. Kyle Nin - June 10, 2007

I mainly watched Voyager for the Doctor (the EMH). Robert Picardo is great.

35. Aaron R. (Sisko never had any of his crews brains get stolen) - June 10, 2007

My wife is a convert to Trek. She used to be your average girl who was like “oh star trek this that is so gay” but now I will be ready to call it a day as we’ve watched 5 eppisodes and shes like “oh come on sweaty just a couple more” its freakish really. Yes I know I am a lucky son of a B**** but what are you gonna do. Anyways my wife put it best after we watched this gem last night on TIVO… “That was just plain stupid”

No matter how much you spice up shit it still is shit.

Aaron R.

36. Lao3D - June 10, 2007

I think they just rearranged the figure placements of the original beam down shot to match the new perspective, but it worked great. If they could do this for more episodes, I’d be in Star Trek heaven!

I think the style of the new ion ship is a little too contemporary-looking for TOS, but granted, it is an improvement over the old.

37. Aaron R. (Sisko never had any of his crews brains get stolen) - June 10, 2007

P.S. Going back to kirk and spock for trek XI is great but remember not all kirk/spock tos was awesome. If trek XI is anything like this or a plethora of other epps trek is doomed. And, you know it.

Aaron R.

38. Michael - June 10, 2007

#37 Sisko never had any of his crews brains get stolen???

Uh, not quite. Just bodies. Dax, Kira, Jake, Kako, Sisko, Julian – they all got taken over by gamma quadrant aliens, bad Trills, criminals, worm hole aliens etc. at one point or another. Nevermind all the folks replaced by the Founders.

39. mrregular - June 10, 2007

CBS-D did an excellent job with the special effects. Loved to see the Big E listing, the cleaned up planets map on the viewscreen , and new beam down scene.
Just wish they could do something about the PLOT or the SCRIPT…to see McCoy doing brain surgery without Nurse Chapel’s assistance or for that matter, a fully equipped sickbay is beyond belief.

Watching KXVO in Omaha for Spock’s Brain, I cringed as I counted down the clock to the top of the hour and saw NO CLOSING CREDITS at the end of the show whatsoever..just quick legal ID and into the repeat of Bread and Circuses(a much more superior episode, in so many ways…)
Tired of all of these inane edits to air the same 5 commercials over and over again…

40. Gary Seven - June 10, 2007

#35–Aaron R-

It seems you do, but just to make sure:

I hope you realize the magnitude of your good fortune.

41. THEETrekMaster - June 10, 2007

Actually if Star Trek XI is as good as Spock’s Brain I will breathe a sigh of relief considering how utterly unwatchable Insurrection and Nemesis are!


42. THEETrekMaster - June 10, 2007

#39, I think the thinking behind only having McCoy do the surgery is that with the knowledge of The Teacher, it is a one person job. Kara was able to do it on the Enterprise without any assistance, so it makes sense that McCoy would not need any assistance using the same surgical methods.


43. Xai - June 10, 2007

#41 THEE

Is it the same people putting out this movie?
Let’s wait for the movie to actually start filming…

44. Pox - June 10, 2007

I like the new transport scene with the snowy mountains in the background, but when they switch viewpoints of the landing party looking around those mountains should have been added behind them instead of the generic blue sky.

45. Michael - June 10, 2007

Looking ahead I see we have yet another clunker from the 3rd season – Plato’s Stepchildren. Not as bad as Spock’s Brain but not great either. Not even bad in a “Spock’s Brain” fun kind of way. Just historic for that darn forced kiss! What will CBS-D do to this one? It’s been so long since I’ve seen it I can’t remember any SFX except for the standard establishing shots and big chess pieces flying around.

And right after Plato’s Stepchildren is the missing episode Miri. 2nd one aired last fall but missed by many. Hopefully this time we’ll have screen captures and effects reels for it as there are none now. Will it feature the new model or is it just a repeat? Place your bets with Quark now!

BTW: The episode listing needs to be updated to reflect the last few shows and reviews. I can’t wait for the review on Spock’s Brain!!!

46. Oceanhopper - June 10, 2007

Hey Aaron R – Can I borrow your mind-control machine?
I know a lot of gorgeous women I’d like to turn into Trekkies.
Course, I’d then need to find a way to make them want *me* as well, but I think the Trek thing would be an excellent start.

47. Jovan - June 10, 2007

#22: You’re a riot. Someone should create that as a parody.

48. paul austin - June 10, 2007

cant they cg in a bald spock head at the end, just to satisfy that little nit of mine

49. FredCFO - June 10, 2007

Some how getting Kara to say ” Liver and liver! What is liver !? ” just doesn’t sound right ….

However, I will get the writing staff cracking on “Scotty’s Liver” right away.

50. ety3 - June 10, 2007

The space stuff was well done; I especially enjoyed the pulsating orange lights on the ion ship — very TOS, to my mind.

It’s a shame they didn’t have time/resources to fix that first stun shot when Kirk hit the Morg. It was poorly animated and that “blanket” green flash should only be used for wide-angle stuns, which this obviously was not (since only one guy was hit).

51. Redshirt - June 10, 2007

I actually missed this one LOL

Pretty good effects actually…. Doesn’t change how horrible the story is but nothing can help that train wreck.

52. Anthony Pascale - June 10, 2007

added side by side plus a gag reel from our friend Rick Kelvington

53. Kelvington - June 10, 2007

ooohhhh… check out the shiny new interface on the YouTube Video! mmm…shiney…mmm

54. THEETrekMaster - June 10, 2007

#43 Xai,

It doesn’t matter WHO makes it…

My wish is the same: That it be at least as good as Spock’s Brain…


55. THEETrekMaster - June 10, 2007

Plato’s Stepchildren is every bit as bad as Spock’s Brain….

Only with Plato’s there are fewer opportunities for FX changes.

With Miri…I know it’s a forlorn hope…but sure hope they went back and put the new Enterprise in and taken out the Brach’s pepperment candy warp nacelle caps…lol.

I doubt they did though.


56. Spock's Brain - June 10, 2007

What a dissapointment!

57. Michael - June 10, 2007

#55 LOL!!! Best description I’ve read yet of the old nacelles.


58. Aphelion - June 10, 2007

I can’t believe they didn’t enhance the awful phaser blasts in this episode. Oh, wait… it’s CBS-D. They disappoint me every week.

59. FredCFO - June 10, 2007

More on “Scotty’s Liver”…


60. mrregular - June 10, 2007

42. THEETrekMaster: Thanks for the clarification, that makes sense within this otherwise unbelievable story.

5. CmdrR: That’s the crewman who is drinking espresso..Kara can zap him as many times as she wants with her little gizmo, but it’s no use..he will keep on truckin’ at his computer workstation.

61. steve - June 10, 2007

re:”Plato’s Stepchildren”– what COULD CBS Digital do to make Kirk and Spock’s Tweedledum and Tweedledee dance actually watchable?

62. Jim J - June 10, 2007

#39-Had a huge family reunion this weekend, BUT, I did get in on the last 5 minutes of Spocko’s Braino on KXVO!!! That’s the second and possibly third time they’ve cut out the end credits. But, at least they got the “re-run” right this week.

Regarding the effects on this show (since I viewed the effects reel and haven’t viewed it from my dvd recorder) I’m commenting on what I saw here…it was awesome work by CBS-D.

I am amazed, however, that no one has whined like babies about the fade out at the end to the “breaking out of orbit shot” much earlier. It completely cuts out the part where they try to use the little remote control thingy to shut Spock up. A fun moment, “lost, forever lost!” Oh well, it was still great work on a stinker episode.

Bring on “Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb”!!!

63. Harry Ballz - June 10, 2007

Crap and crap, what is CRAP??

64. Now on GSN...The World Series of Fizzbin - June 10, 2007

Hmmm…well, it wasn’t quite as bad as I remember it, but still pretty bad. The idea seems intriguing, but the execution was just not up to its potential. The special effects did help…I am glad that they are expanding their different shots of the Big E in space. I agree that in the beginning it did look a little too CGI-ish, but oh well. Not like I could do better, so I won’t fuss. It is just such a joy to get to see all these episodes again that I haven’t watched since high school. (And that, my friends, is a mighty long time!)

Unfortunately, the station here in Wichita keeps cutting out the first 1-2 minutes at the beginning so they can squeeze in more Enzyte commercials with ol’ Smilin Bob! (It is shown at 3:00 am after all.) Geez….

65. Driver - June 10, 2007

That’s magnification X10? More like X2. Hot chicks in mini’s, mmmm.

New cereal, “Spock’s Bran”. Chewed with new FX, it’s guaranteed to make you digest bad Trek episodes with minimal discomfort.

66. paul austin - June 10, 2007

62- yeah its a shame about the ‘remote shut off’ gag, but fade out scenes have been a casualty of the new effects due to the old fade in off effects, its a shame really and another victim will be the actually airing of the beginning of the shatner ‘that bacon is bad’ blooper from the changling, after nomad is destroyed and the scene is fading to the ship, you can she the Shat come towards the camera where he starts to talk about the bacon as it fades. Watch the bloopers if you have them and compare, i do not jest.

Also in Spocks Brain I was totally distracted by Shatners greasy toupe, the shat looked like shit

67. scarpad - June 11, 2007

While I like the fact they are trying to do something with the planetscape, this matte, did not really match the scenes after they beamed down, so unlike what they did in Amok Time it really did’nt convince me of anything

68. diabolik - June 11, 2007

Amazing how the mountains behind them in the wide angle shot of beaming in, completely vanish in the next shot.

69. diabolik - June 11, 2007

About the early fadeout at the end cutting some of the scene… with a scene that silly at Spock’s expense, too much can’t be taken out. It’s an improvement.

70. Holo J - June 11, 2007

67 scarpad ^ ^

I have to agree, I think the new Matt painting is fantastic but I was hoping they would have made all the planet surface scenes have a backdrop on them. I know it would be a lot of work but it would surely have been worth it. This trick worked well in “Amok Time” because they made it look like they where up so high that only the sky could be seen in the background but here it looks like the mountains have magically disappeared after the beam in.

We all know time and money is against CBS each week so that’s why I am still holding out hope that they be adding more new effects to all these episodes when time isn’t against them, so they can give this project the time it deserves. I look on the current work as a taster to what is to come. There is so much more that could do with updating without taking way anything to the stories. I probably end up disappointed when it doesn’t happen but I live in hope.

I just really hope they change their minds about rushing out the first season onto HD DVD so they can do more.

Other than the disappearing mountains I have to say all the updates where a big improvement again. I just wish they had more time to make this project truly great….sigh

71. THEETrekMaster - June 11, 2007

#68 Personally, that didn’t bother me because they are at a higher elevation and quite bit away from the mountains. It’s a similar effect to what they did in Amok Time with the ceremonial grounds…

It’s a clever way to get around having to roto every frame in the scene…and still add value by adding an establishing shot with the mountains.


72. THEETrekMaster - June 11, 2007

The perspective trick is evident because otherwise Kirk and Co., would be as tall as the “mountains”. LOL!!!

I liked the shot…and am glad they put it in!

73. Kyle H - June 11, 2007

Thanks again to TPTB for this forum!

1. I thought the effects had a good, better-than-the-sixties but still looking kind of retro vibe. (I missed the very beginning with the ion ship, though.)

2. Episode overall wasn’t *quite* as bad as I remembered. Spock’s disembodied voice, and McCoy bringing new surgical technology “to the world” (rather than “the galaxy”) jerked me out of any suspension of disbelief. The impossibly short miniskirts put me back into the episode, though!

3. Is it me, or is this the beginning of, “Give Shatner a longer tunic than everyone else so he looks thinner.” This had its extreme in “Generations.” At the screening I saw, the audience chuckled when Kirk and Scotty had litle dresses. Even so, in “Spock’s Brain,” Shat looked trimmer than I remembered from the 3rd season.

4. I believe “The Wonder Years” used this episode as inspiration for a parody, with Winnie Cooper pushing the pain device to send Kevin Arnold writhing on the floor a la Kirk.

Thanks, everyone!

74. THEETrekMaster - June 11, 2007

Hey! Here’s a question…for Plato’s Stepchildren, are we going to see a big “Gladiator style” matte painting of an ancient Greek city for Platonius?

Huhuhuhuhuhuh…that would be COOL!

Or…or…or maybe Platonius could be another ringed planet….with some moons added? They gotta do something to dress this one up…it’s nearly all set pieces and stage shots.

75. ety3 - June 11, 2007

#73 – “it’s nearly all set pieces and stage shots.”

And crap.

76. Mark 2000 - June 11, 2007

I don’t understand why, if they are working off the original negatives and stuff why they can’t fade properly into the SFX scenes the way the old one did?

77. THEETrekMaster - June 11, 2007

#74 Indeed!!! LMAO!!!

#75 They AREN’T working from the original negs.

78. Sean4000 - June 11, 2007

#75. Because they are not working with the original negatives. lol. That was a complete and total LIE in the beginning.

i have been marginally impressed so far with the restore job. but, the E model has improved beyond what i thought was the standard (Eden’s Defiant from Ent)

79. Sean4000 - June 11, 2007

If the negatives still exist and they did not use them then heads should roll. But I doubt they still exist.

i wish some things could have been different from the get go but we take what we get.


80. Lao3D - June 11, 2007

I don’t know that they ever promised original negative transfers, but usually referred to original “film elements” i.e. the final master prints — edited with final soundtrack, fx, etc. all in place. To change any element involving a dissolve, they’d have to go back and find the uncut closing shot of Kirk and co. horsing around, then recomposite with the new FX. That uncut, uncomposited shot probably no longer exists (anyone with first hand knowledge of the situation, please correct me if I’m wrong).

I missed the last bit of (intentional) humor from the episode too, but if it dissolved into old FX footage, I’m not sure they could have done much else.

81. Matt Wright - June 11, 2007

They don’t have the raw footage anymore. The best they have are the original film separations of the finished episodes.

82. THEETrekMaster - June 11, 2007

I think considering what it is they are working with, it looks damned good. The only quibbles of course are the transition fx — fades, etc…but I understand why they aren’t at 100%.

83. Sean4000 - June 11, 2007

In one of the segments on ST.com they said specifically “We’re using what came out of the cameras.” But that’s besides the point. What is done is done.

84. Michael - June 11, 2007

About the use of original negatives. This is directly copied from the story about the restoration on Startrek.com…


“The remastered episodes have been converted from the original film into a High-Definition format, which gives viewers a clearer, crisper, more vibrant picture than before, even when viewed in standard definition. Once stations upgrade and start broadcasting HD signals, the episodes will be all ready for viewers to enjoy in HD. ”

In this statement they are saying film, not negative, however if you watch the video on remastering
Ryan Adams Executive Consultant for CBS Paramount Television states at exactly 00:19 into the clip that they went back to the original camera negatives for the HD transfers.

Further, if you watch the extra featurette on the DS9 season 5 disc #7 on the behind the scenes making of Trials and Tribble-ations, they also specifically mention using the negatives in order to make all those really cool composite shots.

Does this mean ALL the original negatives exist? Only CBS/Paramount can say for sure but it sure seems like if they did that scene transitions like the one at the end of Spock’s Brain, could be done correctly and without loss.

So what’s the real story here? Anthony, in another thread it was suggested that it would be nice to have a follow-up interview with the folks over at CBS-D to clear up some of this stuff. Any progress on that? Afterall, inquiring geek minds, need to know :-)

85. THEETrekMaster - June 11, 2007

“Does this mean ALL the original negatives exist? Only CBS/Paramount can say for sure but it sure seems like if they did that scene transitions like the one at the end of Spock’s Brain, could be done correctly and without loss.”

Exactly, which is why I think either a.) the negatives no longer exist or b.) CBS-D does not have access to them.

Either way, the proof is in this pudding…and we see week in and week out transitions that are not matching the original transitions.

These transitions look like digitized film with new transitions created on the AVID or a similar system…and when you do that — No, the transitions are not going to match because you have to being the fadeout at an earlier point in the film to eliminate the old fades…

86. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - June 11, 2007

why all the Negative(ity)

87. Michael - June 11, 2007

It’s not negative(ity) – its just my obsessive compulsive disorder popping up again!

88. Michael - June 11, 2007

#85 I guess the question to ask is if it is b) why keep them at all if the studio that owns them can’t use them??

89. navamske - June 11, 2007

I was disappointed that they didn’t include the final seconds of this episode, which I always look forward to. After McCoy says, “I never should have reconnected his mouth,” they all laugh at the joke and as the scene fades out, Shatner picks up the remote control and starts making exaggerated gestures with it (as if trying to turn Spock back “off”), apparently for the benefit of Doohan, who clearly finds it amusing. I deliberately said “Shatner” and “Doohan” rather than “Kirk” and “Scotty” because to me, at least, it seemed as if Shatner was breaking the fourth wall with his antics there. Anyway, they faded out before that part so they could show a remastered shot of the Enterprise leaving the planet. Bummer. The one thing to like about this otherwise wretched episode.

90. sadfawfe - June 11, 2007

Shatner doesn’t break the fourth wall – he goes right through it.

91. Chris Pike - June 12, 2007

The negatives direct from camera and the negative used to create prints (and used here to scan to HD) are not one and the same. The camera neg is cut, after edit decisions are made from rush prints, and an interpositve is then created with “printer light” corrections (or grading) made so that shots match and the director of photography creates the right “look”. Opticals are added and the interpositve is then ready to create prints (both 35mm and 16mm for some stations) or in this case scanned to HD. This explains why the original opticals cannot be recomped digitally as it would appear that none of the camera negs are available. The modern technique (for features) is that the entire camera neg plate is scanned and then grading, VFX and edit are done digitally without the interpos, making final prints much higher quality as it’s effectively not suffered a generation (sic) loss. (Larget budget TV now is telecined to HD from camera neg, or even shot HD and post is all digital HD and no 35mm or 16mm final is made)
TNG scanned camera neg direct to NTSC video (!!) and all comps, grading and edits were done at NTSC quality for speed and cost making future TNG remastering much less viable.

92. Cervantes - June 12, 2007

Bring on that CBS Digital interview mark II… :)

93. Sean4000 - June 12, 2007

Yeah, that modern process is called the Digital Intermediate process. It is my preferred way of making movies.

i would so take on the challenge of TNG re mastering if I had my company in full swing. With enough automation I just know i could cut the cost down to something reasonable.

94. Michael - June 12, 2007

#91 Thanks for the info. That makes perfect sense. So the negatives they are referring to is the final edited version with effects and audio which makes them a 1st generation copy. I assume they then create a master (positive) from the 1st generation copy for duplication purposes and left the final negative in storage? The final master or copies thereof are what previous DVDs/LVDs/VHS were made from then?

I’ve noticed that the stock footage they reused from week to week degraded each time they were used. If you have the box set DVDs and watch the 1st season in production order (why did they put them in airdate order???) you can definitely tell as the season progressed that some of the common establishing shots developed more scratches and grain. No doubt a contributing factor to the whole project as these problems are locked into the final master negatives. Too bad the original camera elements are not available. I assume they were discarded once the master was finished.

About the TNG process… I didn’t know they started off shooting with film and then mastered to NTSC. I always thought it was shot on tape too. Well at least the 1st 2 seasons anyway. The 3rd season and on was shot on film and mastered to film then transferred to tape for distribution right? There is a noticeable improvement in the visual detail from that point on when you watch the DVDs. I always assumed that was why.

95. Chris Pike - June 12, 2007

Yes, it does make the final “master”, if you like, a first generation copy with its associated degradation. They shot unmasked full frame(“Academy”) standard 35mm so a large area of film is used, that’s why the negs are of such high quality and the degradation from creating the interpos hardly noticeable (and slow fine grain stock used, I believe). Almost certainly many or all previous DVD VHS LD releases were made from various 35mm contact prints, not the final master which is why quality varied so much – that is why this remaster project is such a major and rare thing, we are gaining a generation as well as the cleanup/dustbust etc and HD resolution and colour depth.

All Trek has always been shot on 35mm film, only some of the last Enterprise was shot directly on HD 24p. It just seems so bizarre that TNG etc was shot on 35mm and mastered to NTSC! (it may be that later mastering was at least on PAL which is much higher res – over 20% – than NTSC, then downconverted to NTSC for distribution for US etc.???). Only classic Trek was mastered to film – the same production values as a one hour feature in just a few weeks!

96. Michael - June 12, 2007

I’ve noticed a similar situation with my own photography. Many years back I started on a campaign to convert my vast collection of pictures to digital. I started off scanning the prints which yielded only marginally acceptable results. Unlike CBS I do have most of my negatives so I coughed up the $$ to purchase a dedicated film and slide scanner and was absolutely stunned by the jump in quality. Only until very recently has digital photography been able to match or surpass the quality of a fine grain (~ASA 100) 35mm negatives and slides and with the price dropping into the “reasonable” level for cameras able to capture at the 5 megapixel or better density. My fist 2 digital cameras topped out at under 2MP. Had it not been for the convenience I was seriously considering going back to film.

97. Sean4000 - June 12, 2007

Michael, I’m with you. I loved the convenience of digital but film has only recently lost to digital. well kind of. I still use 6×7 and 4×5 which has no digital equivalent. the colors and especially the black and white still look light years ahead of digital in my eyes.

Because of the cheap nature of CBS we’ll probably not see TNG HD. From the get go when they used the term “in house” i knew this was going to be mediocre.

98. Chris Pike - June 12, 2007

The same with cinematography – now ccd’s are so dense, the captured image has astounding detail and colour depth, but as you say in 96, you eliminate all the degeneration from going through interpositives, internegatives contact prints etc. and the digital image printed out to release prints for cinema is of outstanding quality. Interesting though that still the best way to view digital cinema is via a final print to gorgeous film – digital projectors still fall short on colour depth and latitude (and pixels become visible). And, still the ultimate cinema experience is Imax, which can only be done with film. Wonder if we’ll get an Imax “upsample” of Trek xi?!
When I have seen rushes contact printed direct from 35mm neg, shot using Primo lenses the amount of image detail is incredible – it’s amazing how much detail was lost in the final cinema print with the old method, same with why classic Trek varied so much with how it appeared on screen.

99. Sean4000 - June 12, 2007

Matt had some great articles on restoration. If you read this Matt, please repost them.

100. Matt Wright - June 12, 2007




101. Sean4000 - June 12, 2007

Thank you Matt, this is what I am trying to create down here in Hollywood South! I would love to have you aboard, Matt! Let’s talk sometime.


102. trektacular - June 13, 2007

The grain and dirt hide a lot of the phoniness inherent in Classic Trek, not sure if you want to remove that and still stay involved in the story.

103. trektacular - June 13, 2007

The Star Wars trilogy also suffered being to cleaned up, they look like different movies now, which is not exactly preferable.

104. Michael - June 13, 2007

Matt – thank you very much!

105. Cervantes - June 13, 2007

#103 trektacular

After the initial excitement of seeing the remastered “tar Wars:a new hope” on DVD wore off, I realise how DARK it now seems in places where the previous lighting/colour timing seemed nicer to look at, and some places are OVERLY colour saturated… Check out the “unaltered, original versions” now also on DVD (albiet shamefully NON-ANAMORPHIC George!) to see how it isn’t just sharpness and detail that has been tampered with. I myself prefer the lighter, “dreamy” look of the originals, but that’s just me.

106. Cervantes - June 13, 2007

“tar wars”?

107. Cervantes - June 13, 2007

Oh and can I just add that I also don’t like what Ridley Scott did to his “Director’s cut” of “Alien”, another favourite of mine cinematically.
His missed opportunity (it’s only my own view) of deciding NOT to incorporate some of the amazing effects shots of the Nostromo against the planet, and the Spaceshuttle, both available as extras on the “Quadrilogy DVD Boxset”…nor the extra wonderfully creepy shots of Kane on the table with the Facehugger seen through his helmet…and his use of a far inferior NON scary sound effect as the “sos/warning” signal rather than the VERY scary sound effect heard in the same added scene when it was just an extra on the original DVD…AND his deciding to actually REMOVE some footage…(I care about all this stuff!)…REGARDLESS of all that, I dislike what HE also did to the lighting/colour timing too. Again, it is far too DARK compared to the wonderful, brighter, original cinematography. I wonder if this is anything to do with Peter Jackson’s penchant for DIGITAL GRADING throughout his “Lord of the Rings” success? I miss the look of the original “Star Wars:a new hope” and “Alien” and wonder how things will look in their High Definition incarnations…

108. Lord Edzo - June 13, 2007

I’ve said it before about other RM episodes, and I can say it again about “Spock’s Brain”: I was impressed that the CGI producers chose not to replace several of the original VFX, such as Kara beaming onto the Enterprise bridge, or Kirk phaser-stunning Luma and the “caveman,” or Chekov heating up a rock with his phaser. Why change them if they still work? Bravo, producers!

Kudos also for the various new CGI Enterprise pans/flybys, such as the top of Act I (with the ship powered down) or speeding toward Sigma Draconis 6. And, once again, the impulse engines were red-lit in the latter CGI, and in the finale when the Enterprise breaks orbit. You guys rock!

Now how about blue-lighting the impulse engines when they aren’t in operation??? Please???

I loved the arctic backdrop when the landing party beams down to the planet, but it didn’t make sense in the very next close-up shot when that backdrop was gone. One minute, the landing party is standing in front of snow-capped mountains; the next minute, the mountains are missing. It was, I’m afraid, a glaring omission.

Also, at the top of the teaser, the new CGI of the Eymorg ship didn’t last as long as its musical cue. The picture shifted to the Enterprise flyby before the Enterprise’s musical cue started. Hope they fix that for the DVDs.

Finally, the producers aren’t messing with the soundtrack, but I wish they had in the two instances when Kirk and Sulu mistakenly refer to the planet as Sigma Draconis 7. Surely someone could have looped in the corrections using established dialogue.

Anyway, great job overall, as per usual. Keep up the great work!

109. Lokai - June 13, 2007

Has anyone else noticed that the episode, “Obsession” is not on the list ? I was looking forward to seeing them rip half the planets atmosphere off.

110. THEETrekMaster - June 13, 2007

Um, do we like not get one of those “all-star cast” reviews for this episode? And where’s the advanced pics for Plato’s Stepchildren?

Lokai, I am sure Obsession will be amongst the episodes in the second batch of remasters….

111. John Doe - June 27, 2007

Those mountains are some of THE best matte work I’ve ever seen!!!!! CBS digital is putting ILM to shame! TO SHAME I SAY!!! IF only they’re remaster the 2nd –> 6th movies to get rid of the crappy looking ILM model work

112. Jim the Spaced-Invader - September 19, 2008

When I first saw the Ion Propulsion Drive Ship (when it was originally aired in the ’60’s). I couldn’t wait to see it again to confirm it’s existence. It took over 30 years because these first few scenees were always edited out of all the reruns I watched until the Sci-Fi channel restored and rebroadcast all of the original episodes. I carefully copied by hand the images I was able to makeout on the tiny screen so I’d have a record to use in making a model for my miniatures collection. It was difficult to see all the detail until now, but the original is a beautiful ship.

The new Ion Ship concept is also very nice but does not belong here and should not replace a preexsisting design. CBS, Please stop replacing already existing ship designs. Work on never shown but mentioned ships and show what these might have looked like if they could have been included in the original airings.

My opinion Jim the Spaced-Invader

113. Shona - July 28, 2010


Better than some season 3 episodes …

114. last minute flight deal - July 22, 2011

All right, this is a nice beginning but i’m going to look into that a touch more. Will let you know what else there is.

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