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Rumor: Shatner Jealous Over Nimoy? June 21, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Nimoy,Shatner,ST09 Cast , trackback

There is a new rumor from the Gossip page of the NY Post stating that William Shatner is upset that Leonard Nimoy has been offered a cameo in the the new Star Trek film and he has not. Last week we reported on the Shatnervision segment where the Shat said he had not heard anything from Paramount and ‘it made him sad’. It is possible the NYP has convoluted that into Shatner being ‘furious.’ The report is denied by Shatner’s manager Larry Thompson and his office tells they have nothing else to say on it. No comment is available from Paramount either. The notion that Shatner has not been cast or even contacted but they are casting Nimoy cannot be confirmed. It is also worth noting that both actors have said they were not interested in unsubstantial ‘cameos.’ For now it is just another one of those rumors (remember the one about Tom Cruise playing Spock). If we hear anything more we will provide an update. 


1. Duncan MacLeod - June 21, 2007

why would you cast nimoy and not the Shat… is money that tight?

2. KosherCoder - June 21, 2007

This smells totally bogus.

3. Joe - June 21, 2007

I really don’t care to see either Nimoy or Shatner in the movie. It’s too anti-climatic. It would ruin it for me too see them in the movie. They had there time and it was great, bringing Shatner back for “Generations” was anti-climatic as well. The TOS crew had there swan song in 1991.

The only way I would want to see either of them in a movie if its a TNG film and Spock is in it.

4. New Horizon - June 21, 2007

Yeah, this movie doesn’t need Shatner or Nimoy. If they’re going to start fresh, then do it. I said goodbye to the original crew back in TUC. Having to say goodbye…yet again…in Generations was just awful. Leave well enough alone.

5. Dennis Bailey - June 21, 2007

Perhaps Nimoy’s terms were more reasonable than Shatner’s…if that’s the case, the ball’s in Shatner’s court.

6. Oceanhopper - June 21, 2007

This total hogwash.

They’ll need to recast Kirk & Spock to do an “early years” story, and the only way that people will buy that these are the same characters would be for the new actors to mimic the original performances to at least some degree. Asking Shatner or Nimoy (I consider it inconceivable that they’d ask one and not the other) to appear would only harm their efforts to get people to accept new actors in those roles.

So if I were producing, I’d touch base with the originals every so often, give them a chance to comment on the recasting of the roles and on how their characters are depicted in the new script, and reserve them nice VIP seats at the premiere and lay on a limo for them. But no cameo – it would really be shooting the movie in the foot.

7. StillKirok - June 21, 2007

If they disrespect Shatner like that, it would be a big mistake. Rick Berman was dumb enough to disrespect Shatner. Look where he took the franchise.

Shatner and Nimoy should both be in this film. They truly need to pass the torch. Blowing them off would be foolish, especially Shatner.

He’s a big name, a big draw, and he IS Kirk.

People won’t forget Shatner no matter what. Might as well bring him on board.

8. Capt. Medieros - June 21, 2007

I think it would be cool to see them as villains from the future mirror universe ala “In a Mirror Darkly”.

9. ZIM LING - June 21, 2007

It’s a B.S. rumour from B.S. people!

place no credence in it you bloody fools! im drunk!

10. Kev - June 21, 2007

This story seems kind of weak. I’m willing to wait for some solid stories to appear about the movie, rather than any speculation out of Hollywood.

11. Big E - June 21, 2007

Why have Nimoy and not Shatner?
The story sounds like BS…

In fact, I have a feeling both Nimoy and Shatner will be in the movie and the recent Shatner videos are just him trying to be secretive…

12. Dennis Bailey - June 21, 2007

#11:” Why have Nimoy and not Shatner?”

Money, possibly.

The whole issue of Berman’s success as a Trek producer had nothing to do with whether he genuflected to Shatner or not.

I’d just as soon see none of the original cast in this film, but if they do choose to include them it’s not terribly important which ones participate.

13. StillKirok - June 21, 2007

Villains from the mirror universe would be weak. Why bother unless they are simply Kirk and Spock, the older versions.

14. Dennis Bailey - June 21, 2007

Reading the Post piece, it says that Nimoy was *offered* a cameo role, not that he’s actually been cast. It’s possible that Nimoy might pass on the offer for reasons of either money, the content of the role, or even in solidarity with Shatner – remember their old “favored nations” negotiating arrangement. ;)

My guess is that after all the negotiation-by-leaking is done either both of them will be in the film or neither one will – and their parts will be very small in any event.

15. NukeGrey - June 21, 2007

why would you cast nimoy and not the Shat… is money that tight?

Maybe because Shatner is gettin’ fatter and fatter?
It’s improbable he can portrait the obese version of Kirk…
I think he should eat and drink less.


16. Martin Pollard - June 21, 2007

ASSUMING that this isn’t total BS (and my gut tells me that this story contains more manure than a construction site port-a-potty after Spicy Burrito Tuesday)…

First off, why is everyone apparently going by the assumption that Nimoy would be playing Spock (in some fashion)? He could easily play a Vulcan elder (perhaps one of Spock’s Vulcan Science Academy instructors that tries to dissuade him from joining Starfleet?) as a “wink-wink” to the audience. He doesn’t HAVE to be Spock, and in fact, it would probably be better if he WEREN’T Spock.

As far as having Shatner in the film to lend some sort of “authenticity” to the production (an opinion held by more than a few people)… if we were talking the Shatner of 1966, I’d readily agree. Hell, the Shatner of 1986 would even work without much problem.

But the Shatner of today? Forget it.

I know such an opinion is not a popular one, and I mean no disrespect to the man. That said, there is one big problem with having Shatner associated with this film: his image. Frankly, it is just not possible to take him very seriously anymore (his work as over-the-top Denny Crane on “Boston Legal” is fun to watch, but it only contributes to the problem). His willingness to not take himself seriously is commendable, but it works against his ability to be believable in a serious, dramatic role. (You can even see the barest whispers of this as far back as “Star Trek V.”)

The bottom line, in my opinion, is that it would strain credibility to the breaking point to have Shatner in the new movie, no matter what role he would play. Hell, even having Nimoy could be distracting, though he isn’t saddled with the baggage of having poked fun at himself all these years.

As someone said earlier in the thread, we’ve said our good-byes to Shatner, Nimoy, Kelley (RIP), Doohan (RIP), Nichols, Takei, and Koenig already. They deserve to rest on their laurels, and quite frankly, the franchise needs to let them. Let the new movie stand or fall on its own merits, without using the “old guard” to give it some kind of artificial air of authenticity.

17. last o' the timelords - June 21, 2007

Nimoy refused to be in Generations because Spock was written as a bit part. If Shat & Nimoy are in this it is because they will have a meaty chunk of story.

I still think it will be a sweeping epic story covering a loooong period of time.

Something like the way Tarantino jumps around and tells the story out of order. Spock may have the meatier part as he survived all the way between ST6 and TNG.

18. Lao3D - June 21, 2007

If I had to guess, I’d say the script had a part for Sarek, which would be a no-brainer to offer to Nimoy. If the script had no part for one of Kirk’s ancestor’s, no offer, ipso fatso.

If its true, that is. It IS the Post we’re talking here…

19. Dennis Bailey - June 21, 2007

“why would you cast nimoy and not the Shat… is money that tight?”

Depends on how much Shat was asking.

20. Nelson - June 21, 2007

This is simply sensationalistic headlines designed (manufactured) to irk people like us and to get their publication some attention.

As post #17 said, they won’t be doing the movie if it’s simply to be in it for a cameo, they’ve stated that if they have good reason to be there and contribute, then they’d consider it.

21. Harry Ballz - June 21, 2007

#16 “But the Shatner of today? Forget it”.
I couldn’t agree more! Martin, you’ve put forward a reasoned and tempered argument that probably many fans have felt instinctively, if they’re really honest with themselves. What an eloquent explanation as to why Shatner SHOULD NOT be in the new film. Bravo!!!

22. Penhall - June 21, 2007

Lets not believe everything we read, people.

23. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - June 21, 2007

Dumb rumors. Bring on some facts

24. thx-1138 - June 21, 2007

BS meter readings are off the charts.

You’re comment was neither funny nor informative. Please to be having a point then, hmmm?

25. ObiWanCon - June 21, 2007

This is completely and utterly RUBBISH and anyone who believes it is well an idiot.

26. VOODOO - June 21, 2007

If this is true (which I doubt) it is foolish.

Shatner should be brought back as Kirk.

27. Xai - June 21, 2007

Fellow posters
Penhall said it best in #22… among others.

And my 2 cents is that the movie does not need training wheels (Shatner, Nimoy). If it’s to stand on it’s own and hopefully become the start of a new movie series, these gentlemen need to do their best work behind the camera, coach the new actors on the nuances of Kirk and Spock and help usher in the TOS next generation. THAT is truly passing the torch and no time-travel, space rifts, resurections or “remember whens’ are needed. Those crutches would muddy up a good story.


28. Cap10Kirk - June 21, 2007

Actually it is possible that Spock could be CGI, it is easier to do aliens. and Nimoy could have a substantial role as the voice of Spock.

29. Cap10Kirk - June 21, 2007

Maybe that is something we should ask Rossi,or Bailey or Darren how close they are to that Cgi technology. as Spock said they are always possibilities.

30. badboy1230 - June 21, 2007

Hmmm. A programable Spock. Where have I heard that before?

Actually I agree with #27. As much as I like Shatner and Nimoy I don’t think they should appear in the movie as Kirk and Spock. If they want to take part on screen then they could play other characters. (Not Kirk’s grandfather or Spock’s Uncle, either!)

31. Stanky McFibberich - June 21, 2007

Do we have to always have this rumor stuff put up here?
Maybe this, maybe that….criminy.

32. Duane Boda - June 21, 2007

OK….why bother with rumors? Has this site sunk that low to allow such pure garbage? Now….when you have some FACTS then lets here them but I rather hear them from the actors and not some fan website.
I mean….its like eating spam when you can easily afford shrimp or lobster.
Neither of these guys have reason to be jealous….isn’t that rather petty after all? I mean….IF 1% of the population had anywhere close to the fame that these guys have then we’d be lucky….to a varying degree – right? Right!

33. Tim Handrahan - June 21, 2007

I for one am not worried. I am confident both will be on board when shooting commences.

34. VOODOO - June 21, 2007

Could Shatner be asking for too much money like he did when the producers of Enterprise wanted him to play mirror Kirk? (that could have been a classic episode)

When all is said and done I think (fingers crossed) Shatner + Nimoy will be there.

35. Dennis Bailey - June 21, 2007

#32: “OK….why bother with rumors? Has this site sunk that low to allow such pure garbage?”

If a site like this doesn’t report rumors – and *label* them as rumors – traffic will go to sites that do, instead.

Rumors are news – the *news* being that “thus-and-such-a-thing is being reported by thus-and-such-an-outlet and this is what we’ve been able to determine about the report.” Welcome to America.

Anthony makes it perfectly clear when he reports on something how substantial or insubstantial, as the case may be, the sourcing on it is. That enables us to exercise our own judgments, as *adults,* about how much weight we give to a report.

There’s not a Trek or skiffy site of consequence that isn’t reporting this story today. That’s the way it is, June 21, 2007.

36. Xai - June 21, 2007

And I am confident this is totally bogus.
Although “reportable” as DB said… it’s sad that some people will think this is real news and get all stirred up over it.

Like we need more “stirred up” Trek fans.

37. Xai - June 21, 2007

New York (AP)
DeForest Kelley, Doctor “Bones” McCoy of Star Trek fame was found alive today, fishing in upstate New York. It came as a shock to friends and relatives when informed of the news of the actor’s “ressurection”.
When asked about the unusual circumstances, Mr. Kelley said that…” I was dam tired of the attention Shatner was getting, so I faked the (death). I thought he couldn’t upstage that…”.

38. Robert April - June 21, 2007


StillKirok, you hit the self-sealing stem bolt on the head.

39. Duane Boda - June 21, 2007

# 35 : And thats why Dan Rather of CBS News was canned. He reported on something that he thought was a fact but was actually a rumor. The basis of any good story is a small story that gets bigger and better once it grows and
gets wider acceptance by the general public.
The public would not accept – tolerate rumors and I don’t see why we should here either. This isn’t the National Enquirer.

40. Duane Boda - June 21, 2007

Then again…..why not be like # 36? And be mellow?
Toke them up IF you have them (and thats your thing) and guzzle (hammer) down some bad-boys (booze and such) that way….nobody or nothing will matter. Like Wall Street in here….a world of speculation and chances.

41. Xai - June 21, 2007

#39 Duane What’s the title of this story? What’s the first word?

This isn’t being reported as fact by this site and for that matter…isn’t your beef with Anthony if you are so offended?

The basis for a good story is facts. Rumors can be reported on to explain that a rumor exists, but it must explain that it (the rumor) is not backed with evidence at this time.
A story isn’t good just because it was a small story that got “better once it grows and gets wider acceptance by the general public.” A story doesn’t need acceptance to be a story. That sounds more like a rumor.

42. Duane Boda - June 21, 2007

Drink your beer….toke that joint….squeeze your babe….do it again…chill dude!

43. Brian - June 21, 2007

I think this story is nonsense…it’s coming from the Post, after all….and in the unlikely event it IS true, they’re making a mistake….let’s face it, no matter who anyone’s favorite character or actor might be, William Shatner is a bigger star, always has been.

I seem to recall reading in a book awhile back about the Phase II project where they wrote about a memo that Gene received from the Paramount execs who said they wouldn’t be able to afford both leads on a week-to-week basis, so he had to choose which one he wanted. He chose Shatner, which is why Nimoy was only offered a half-season commitment that he walked away from. Like I said, I read this awhile back and I may be fuzzy on the details. The book I read was not the one the Reeves wrote. I think it may have been an Ed Gross-Mark Altman collaboration.

44. Duane Boda - June 21, 2007

# 43 : Thanks for the info and for the clarification – have a nice weekend.

45. Duane Boda - June 21, 2007

Actually….go to the Wikipedia site and type in Star Trek Phase II and you’ll have all (most) of the information you’ll need. Maybe more then you knew before.

46. Thadd - June 21, 2007

It seems that Shatner really does want to reprise his role as Kirk (this is not based on this rumor, but from what I have read about his talks about being on Enterprise, and his lobbying). Wouldn’t it be logical to inject the franchise with a hypospray of TOS actors before they are all no longer with us? They all seem to want to be a part of the Star Trek universe still (I’m uncertain about Nimoy’s stance, though). If the objective is to instill new interest in Star Trek and introduce it to new viewers, wouldn’t it be a wise decision to use the real TOS actors? I think it does. I understand they can’t be used to play themselves in a prequel type movie, or upgrade of the TOS series because of their ages. However, they could be used in other capacities. Why not try capturing a new audience by setting a new series in post Star Trek 6 where they can use these great actors and actresses to play their characters, but still be able to go back to the days they want to recapture? I could totally believe current Shatner as an older Kirk. Hmm, never mind, they succeeded in KILLING him while he looked younger and thinner. Damn them! Sorry, I just rewatched Generations, and I have a new loathing for the way in which they unnecessarily killed Kirk.

47. Xai - June 21, 2007

#46 Thadd… remember that Shatner was an accomplice in that murder… he went along with it and got paid to help kill Kirk.

48. Ensign Green - June 21, 2007

I have to admit that I do think this is a rumor, but IF it were true, it would be perfectly logical IF there was a time-travel/flashback connection which was post Kirk’s apparent death on the Enterprise-B in Generations

But it is probably BS, thought.

49. Ensign Green - June 21, 2007

I have to admit that I do think this is a rumor, but IF it were true, it would be perfectly logical IF there was a time-travel/flashback connection which was post Kirk’s apparent death on the Enterprise-B in Generations

But it is probably BS, thought.

50. Ensign Green - June 21, 2007

Sorry, I just meant to say that once.

51. Lukas - June 21, 2007

Is Abrams really so worried his script will be so hated that he is STILL refusing to release any details??

52. Duane Boda - June 21, 2007

Given time – the Internet and habits of human nature….someone will spill the beans and the Script will be available for all to read. Lets hope it a good one.

53. Sleeper Agent X - June 21, 2007

Re 46: If the goal is to bring Trek to a whole new audience and give the franchise a whole new flair, then it does NOT necessarily make sense to bring back Nimoy and Shatner. In fact there might be a temptation to avoid using them altogether, to make a complete break with the past.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Nimoy and Shatner in cameo roles, but I would limit it to that. Certainly let’s not have any of that “let’s bookend the new film with a convoluted bring Kirk back from the Nexus sequence that nobody but us hardcore fans will even be able to make sense of” nonsense, though.

54. mikeg - June 21, 2007

Shatner jealous of Nimoy? I don’t think that would ever happen. Has anyone mentioned that the two are best of friends? And it seems to me that it was Nimoy who, years ago, was nominated for an Emmy award, and Shatner wasn’t. I don’t recall any rumours of jealousy floating around then…
I would enjoy seeing Shatner and Nimoy in the new film. If it doesn’t happen, I will still see it. If it happens, I have faith in the integrity of the actors and the producers/writers/etc. that they will have good parts…

55. Johnny - June 21, 2007

I think that the new movie should have major roles for both Shatner and Nimoy. They can’t just “start again” or “reboot” That’s impossible. They need to go back in time and fill the story gaps, e.g.: the vampire cloud. , Kirk and Spock’s first meeting, Chris Pike and Gary Mitchell’s involvement is vital. All this and some how include mayor roles for Shatner and Nimoy. I, for one have not accepted this “redoing” of Star trek. And never will.

56. Cygnus-X1 - June 21, 2007


57. Johnny - June 21, 2007

#46 I totally agree, I completely loath the way they supposely killed Kirk. I HATE the movie “Generations”. But in my mind he isn’t dead, I read TOS novels constantly!!

58. Johnny - June 21, 2007

I say No to cameo roles particular those roles where they just say one line and aren’t even in character. How horrible!! This is Star Trek people!! Let’s not forget our loved characters and the people who played them!!

59. Kevin - June 21, 2007

You needn’t worry about that from Nimoy. He’s made it perfectly clear that he will not do a quick, meaningless cameo of Spock. He’s proven it before.

60. martin anderson - June 22, 2007

If this film, has an element of retrospective. It could be Spock is living out his last days, recording his memories of meeting Kirk. And as Spock still exists in the 24th Century, and Kirk does not, they could include him and it would still respect the canon.

61. Demode - June 22, 2007

Nimoy won’t do the movie without Shatner. No way in hell. They are friends, and they still work together on projects from time to time. No way he would jepordize his friendship with him.

62. snake - June 22, 2007

Re Shatners okaying the death of Kirk in Trek VII:

Shatner helped kill Kirk when he was still pretty much ‘Drama-Shat’ ….before he was this new jokey self paroding Shatner that we have recently come to know and love..(the seeds of which were seemingly sown in Airplane 2..SNL…Trek V…before coming into full bloom with Free Enterprise…then prospered with Ben Folds numbers, Priceline, Miss Conginiality, Boston Legal, a new apprication for his 70s music etc)

I think the old ‘Drama-shat’ was maybe a bit fed up of Kirk at that point so didnt seem to mind killing him in quite the filpent manner . (on a side note i had always imagined up until that point that if there was to be a movie where Kirk died it would be him alone..on the bridge of the Enterprise A..saving his crew and maybe earth…)

This new Jokey Shat seems to have deeply regreted killing off Kirk and wants to play him again at any oppertunity (that Directv ad, was gonna be in Enterprise etc)

63. snake - June 22, 2007

Re this new Shat not in Trek XI rumour:

I guess if this film is REALLY adherring to continuity then maybe Shatner wouldnt be in it as…Kirks dead…he died in Generations. If they wanted Shatner in the movie they would have to set the flash foward scene (if there is to be one) pre Generations but then Shatner looks too old to play a pre Gen Kirk…

If its just Nimoy they can set it post Generations..without the Shat.

unless they do that X3 opening de aging thing..

Oh i dunno…

Wasnt it great when there was no internet and just Starlog so everything was pretty much a suprise when u saw the movie…unlike know where u feel like you’ve written the damn movie before you go to see it

64. StillKirok - June 22, 2007

Again, death need not be the end in Star Trek. See THE RETURN, as one example. Just the fact that Shatner wants to be in the movie alone should be enough to get him a role in the movie–as an older Kirk. The fact that he wants to return should be enough to get Abrams to write him in.

Without him, there is no franchise. Star Trek owes him one.

And again, there is no better attention grabber than William Shatner returning as James T. Kirk.

Paramount has disrespected Shatner for a very long time. It’s disgusting.

65. Cervantes - June 22, 2007

I have nothing to add to this topic.


66. Duane Boda - June 22, 2007

Makes me think of that one site that is still active after all these years – its both funny – strange and somewhat unique.
Check it out.

67. Ivory - June 22, 2007

I am upset.

I was hoping to see Shatner as Kirk one more time.

Maybe there is nothing to this story?

68. Dennis Bailey - June 22, 2007

#39: “And thats why Dan Rather of CBS News was canned. He reported on something that he thought was a fact but was actually a rumor. The basis of any good story is a small story that gets bigger and better once it grows and gets wider acceptance by the general public.
The public would not accept – tolerate rumors and I don’t see why we should here either. ”

Oh, bullshit.

You dislike rumors, but you just make up nonsense like the above and call *that* “fact.”

If Rather was canned for misreporting, it was not for reporting on a rumor and labeling it a rumor – it was for representing as *verified fact* something that was erroneous or could not be verified.

Stay out of journalism – you don’t understand anything about it.

69. Dennis Bailey - June 22, 2007

#64: “Without him [Shatner], there is no franchise. Star Trek owes him one.”

Okay…then there’s no franchise, and that’s just fine. ;)

70. Dusty - June 22, 2007

Has anyone considered that Nimoy now looks like the Crypt Keeper? He was looking a little embalmed in “Unification II” now he looks downright moldy. I mean, it would take him about 15 years just to let his buzz cut hair and sideburns to grow back out and color black.
And does anybody think Shatner is going to go on a crash diet and exercise regimen like he did before “ST:TMP”?? I don’t think so. Unless he does, he should just stay home.
It wounds me to say it, but these two guys were great and iconic in their day. But neither should be in the new film. And I know that Nimoy has to much respect for the character of Spock to play him in some useless, ill-written, walk-on, glorified cameo. Nimoy refused to play Spock in the proposed and aborted 1977 “Star Trek II” series because they only wanted to use him in like 2 out of every 10 episodes. Then he turned down a dummy cameo role in “Generations” almost 20 years later. If you give him something meaty and substantial then he would probably do it. But not if they’re only going to give him 5 minutes of screen time.

71. Harry Ballz - June 22, 2007

Actually 5 MINUTES OF SCREEN TIME is more than a “cameo” and enough time on screen to make a reasonable contribution. Look at Beatrice Straight in the movie Network. She was on screen for what, 3 minutes, and she garnered an Academy award nomination for portraying the part of the wronged wife to William Holden.

72. Harry Ballz - June 22, 2007

Wow, even better! I just looked it up and Straight WON the Academy award for that role! Imagine, less than a few minutes appearing in a film and she made a big enough impression to score an Oscar! I’m not saying that’ll happen for Nimoy, but hey, there are always possibilities…..

73. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - June 22, 2007

I thought Dan rather was fired for taking lewd photos of Morley Safer???

74. Tom - June 22, 2007

If the new boys don’t put the old boys in, there will be a time when they say we would have should have could have… and they won’t be able to.

75. Anthony Pascale - June 22, 2007

why report rumors?
because it is out there in a high circulation paper and it is something related to Star Trek…it is that simple

However if one reads the above story one will see that is not buying it. If you want to know the real inside story, did try and get a retraction from Shatner’s office but they were out of town. I actually sent emails to other trek sites saying that this story is BS…but the story kept growing and all of shats people were unavailable so I went with it with all the caveats.

if there is a rumor out there I usually try to verify it or dismiss it
example: Abrams will do ‘Cloverfield’ instead of ‘Star Trek’
we confirmed that cloverfield existed and reported that it wont effect trek
another example: tom cruise
we debunked that thoroughly
example: Damon, brody
we reported the rumor, then eventually got to debunk it

Other sites just report rumors and leave them there…I try to add a smell check on each one and then try and find out if it is true (but some times that can take weeks or possibly never).

I have been told by Shat’s people that he will be doing some kind of statement about this next week probably, and they thanked me for how i dealt with it. On the Shatner official forums they linked to our tom cruise story to show how rumors are prevelent with the new star trek movie

I am kind of shocked that people seem to want this site to just ignore these things.

If there is a star trek website out there that does more fact checking and more exclusive stories then I would like to know about it.

76. thx-1138 - June 22, 2007

It’s easy to come in here late and make a buch of dumb-ass comments.

So that’s what I’ll do.
Duane: What is up, dude? Just chill, brother. You sound like you’ve had a bummer week, man, and ought to just mellow a little. Quit cappin’ on Xai and just float, dude.

I thought Star Trek was supposed to be fun. Some people take this whole thing WAY too seriously (as they have for years). Like Shatner said on SNL. Ya’ know? Yes, it’s all rumor and speculation, but I don’t know if anyone has noticed that there has been NOTHING coming out of the production camp other than rumors. That’s all we have to talk about. Anthony has to have something to do, right?

Now if you will excuse me, I have a bag of dog-poop that I have to light on fire and leave on Stanky’s door-step. And then run away and giggle.

77. thx-1138 - June 22, 2007

On review: what Anthony said.

78. JJ Alias SUCKS - June 22, 2007

If Shatner is out, I will not support the movie in anyway. Period.

79. Xai - June 22, 2007

wow… a zillion words written about a small, thin line of BS.

Oh My.

80. thx-1138 - June 22, 2007

I just held out to be………


81. Rastaman - June 22, 2007

I for one think it makes a lot of sense to include Nimoy but not Shatner.

Just think of the logistics of trying to make Shatner 2007 look like Shatner 1997. Plus, while it wasn’t all that satisfying, Kirk had his sendoff (“He’s dead Jim!” … err “You’re dead Jim!”). It would take too much to try to work out a way to incorporate an OLDER somehow resurrected Kirk.

I for one would like to see Leonard Nimoy get his sendoff. Hopefully, it will be far better than Shatner’s was. If they could figure out a way of telling a flashback story while letting the audience say goodbye to Nimoy would be fantastic! For what it was worth, I said goodbye to Shatner with Star Trek Generations.

If Nimoy had to share a cameo with Shatner, Kirk would still be in the limelight. For all we know Star Trek (2008) is a SPOCK story not a KIRK story.

82. Harry Ballz - June 22, 2007

#78 “If Shatner is out, I will not support the movie in anyway”.
Well, there’s eight bucks that Abrams will never get his hands on! How WILL he pick up the pieces and carry on? There must be a support group out there for billionaire movie producers who lose the occasional fan!!

83. Stanky McFibberich - June 22, 2007

re: 76
“Now if you will excuse me, I have a bag of dog-poop that I have to light on fire and leave on Stanky’s door-step. And then run away and giggle.”

What did I DO?!

84. Harry Ballz - June 22, 2007

Would dog-poop make Stanky stinky??

85. Stanklin McFibberich - June 22, 2007

There we go making fun of the name again.

86. Harry Ballz - June 22, 2007

It would take a lot of Ballz to make fun of a name like Stanky!

87. thx-1138 - June 22, 2007


Ya’ did nothin’, ya’ ole curmudgeon you. I’m just tryin’ ta keep it light in here, is all.

I just have the picture of you being a “Get off my lawn” sort.

I’m the “Sitting in the back of the class shooting spit-wads” type, myself.

88. Harry Ballz - June 22, 2007

#87 “shooting spit-wads”
If you like lighting bags of dog-poop on fire, wouldn’t that be SHIT-wads?

89. VOODOO - June 22, 2007

If Shatner is out I also will not support this movie.

Not that anyone cares.

90. Stanklin McFibberich - June 22, 2007


That’s why we get along so well, no doubt.

91. thx-1138 - June 22, 2007

IDIC, brother. IDIC.

I find that they don’t fit in straw quite as well.

Cool. Can I have your popcorn, then?

Try the Veal!!

92. Xai - June 22, 2007

And I am going to stomp my feet and hold my breath if I don’t get my way…

Oh please…. nothing’s been cast or filmed and all this crap is based on a rumor.

Excuse me… there’s something burning on my front step…

93. Stanklin McFibberich - June 22, 2007

92. Doctor X

If you are stomping on ignited dog poo I can see why you are holding your breath.

New rumors:

New Trek Film to Feature “Natural” Photography by Nimoy – O’Donnell Joins Cast

Fan Sneaks Onto Paramount Soundstage to Paint Bridge Railing Red – Gets Tangled in Gooseneck Viewer

Lucas Arrested For Placing Flaming Bag of Dog Poo In Front of Matt Damon’s Dressing Room on Set of New Trek Film

TrekMovie Denizen “Xai” Revealed to be William Shatner!

CBS Digital Starts Over – Remastered Trek DVDs to Feature CGI Lego Ships – Will Replace Chekov with Lt. Arex

94. Xai - June 22, 2007


Dammit ………Stanklin,………….. you WEREN’T…….. supposedtotell.

95. Plum - June 22, 2007

“It is possible the NYP has convoluted that into Shatner being ‘furious.’”

… ya think???

96. Harry Ballz - June 22, 2007

Yes,…when you…think ABOUT it….the Shat…could…be…anyone OF US!!! Ooooooh……….while it lasted… was…..FUN!

97. The TruthTeller - June 23, 2007

If Shatner is not in this movie I will refuse to eat my vegetables! Also I will stamp my foot on the ground repeatedly and yell “No! No! No!”

98. Mike - June 24, 2007

To Joe:

The TOS, which is the foundation of STAR TREK, not TNG, has less stories produced in the TV/movie arena than TNG, DS9, VOYAGER, or ENTERPRISE!!! In my opinion, any new TREK SHOULD feature TOS and/or it’s crew. TNG had it’s time at the movies and failed terribly at it. Time to send in a new crew at bat to get the job done and that is NOT TNG, DS9, VOYAGER, or ENTERPRISE, but TOS!

99. Harry Ballz - June 24, 2007


100. Xai - June 24, 2007

This has been known to be a TOS movie for months and months

101. scott - June 25, 2007

Bringing back Shatner & Nimoy would bring back a lot of old trek fans who left after Generations. Sometimes when you piss of fans, some of them never come back. After the MLB strike a few years ago, some fans never returned. There was a UPS strike in 1997 after which some customers never returned. People move on & find other things to do or use. Star Trek has sucked in everyway after the death of Kirk for the most part. There are IMHO a few exceptions, First Contact, Worf on DS9 & a few episodes of the last season of Enterprise. But for the most part just boring crap that Rick & company used over & over. The problem now as always is Paramount. I wish they would sell the property to a company that would use it correctly. The funny thing is, as time goes on & technology gets better, some fan films may in fact be much better then any offical project in terms of creativity. It really is all about stories & characters. Kirk & Spock are the first characters the general public thinks of regarding Star Trek. Thats why they are using them in this new story.
So why not go further & have Shatner & Nimoy be in the film?
It would certainly help & draw more people opening weekend.
Another good thing Shat & Nimoy would bring is repeat business.
The same people going to theater over & over. Just like Star Trek 2 & 3!
It really makes no since to bring Kirk back to the big screen without Shatner showing up somewhere validating the thing.
However the dopes in suits always find a way to make something suck.
Who cares if Shatner wants a lot of money, lets just make the first reboot movie good & put Shatner in it. If the new film performs well at the box office it will open the door for another film or tv series. This is obvious.
This movie is more of a investment in the franchise itself. Lots of things are on the line, so don’t be cheap. The extra millions you spend today could bring back a Billion over the next ten years.

102. Iowagirl - July 3, 2007

I totally agree to message 101 – scott. You simply cannot make a Star Trek film dealing with Kirk and Spock, telling about their academy days, showing us how it all began and, on the other hand, disregard the actors who really MADE Star Trek.

Futhermore, the most recognizable ST-character definitely is Kirk. He and the legendary partnership Kirk – Spock are most near to the public’s heart.

Therefore, bringing back Kirk/Shatner (i. e. as THE CAPTAIN and as actor) at last, is imperative!

103. Jeannie spock - July 3, 2007

I bet you this:




The rest of the story will be around the new cast (don’t really care who they are)
I’m taking bets now. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.