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The Omega Glory Screenshots and Video July 1, 2007

by Matt Wright , Filed under: TOS Remastered,TOS-R Screenshots/Video , trackback

SFX Video



New and Old

On routine patrol
Omega IV on the viewscreen
The Exeter is spotted in orbit
Assuming orbit next to the Exeter
Over to the Exeter
Omega IV from orbit
The Enterprise by itself over Omega IV

Heading home



A crew turned to salt

Brute force jailbreak

Captain Tracey does his best Simon van Gelder impression

Spock’s eyes make the ladies melt

Kirk prattles on about the constitution…


1. Duane Boda - July 1, 2007

Just a so…so episode…..Space shots were the best part otherwise…. yawn.
So I turned the channel after about 15 minutes

2. Duane Boda - July 1, 2007

Ying….Yang that was their thang…..Boo….Hoo…..nothing new. Yadda…yadda…Yadda!

3. Michael Hall - July 1, 2007

The remastered view of the two ships in orbit is impressive on its own terms, and would have been fine as an alternate–but the original establishing shot really is more dramatic, and one of the main consolations of an otherwise botched Trek episode. Too bad CBS-D opted not to do their own take on it. :-(

4. Harry Ballz - July 1, 2007

Kirk’s elocution in his recitation of the Constitution caused me to have both exasperation and constipation, leaving me with the feeling that I need restitution! How do I sue to get my hour back? Blechhhh….!!

5. The Bear - July 1, 2007

I was disapointed in this episode (new f/x wise). The Enterprise meeting up with the Exeter was less dramatic than the original.

I was also disapointed in the phaser beams of the hand phasers. Please fix the beams from going BACKWARDS at the end of the firing cycle!!

The demat of the Redshirt could have used some better tweaking.

6. Anthony Pascale - July 1, 2007

well done Matt. Yet another goofy colored world made to look like Earth. I guess it makes sense but I am getting nostalgic for purple and violet worlds. Seeing those two ships together has me jazzed about The Ultimate computer and seeing all those ships together

7. COMPASSIONATE GOD - July 1, 2007

Eh. I love the episode, but once again, the remastered effects are video-game-esque, and the angles selected lack the drama of the original. It is as though modern fx artists have no sense of understanding what makes a great set up…only a render set up on the pc.

8. trektacular - July 1, 2007

I like the purple and violet planets better also

9. Josh T. ( The trouble with Trek fans is......) Kirk Esq. - July 1, 2007

Cryin, whiners, and bitches…. Oh my! Dorothy, were not in Ceti Alpha VI anymore!


10. Duane Boda - July 1, 2007

Perhaps IF they were to show some planets that were simply representative of what the current space probes show of the planets in our own solar system then we’d could say….Oh yeah! Why can’t they show some imagination? I would think that with even CGI that they could come across with a cross pattern of a infinite number of various designs that would make us all say Wow….instead of Oh No!

11. Robert Bernardo - July 1, 2007

I’m very disappointed with the Exeter-in-orbit effects. When the Exeter is first sighted and shown on the Enterprise viewscreen, it is now a little dot by a planet instead of the original starship-banking-around-planet shot (though the new effect more in keeping with Kirk saying magnification three). Not very dramatic. Then there is a new shot of the Enterprise side by side with the Exeter — very static and very little movement except from the stars moving in the background, and the lighting seemed off, thus making the ships look too model-like. The original was better with the Enterprise in the foreground and the Exeter in the background. A better, more dynamic remastered shot would have been the Exeter banking around the planet left-to-right followed by the Enterprise banking around the planet left-to-right. The new tracking shot which went from Enterprise to the Exeter bridge was o.k., though the lighting was still off, giving the model look to the ships. This time the original camera angles win out over the remastered effects.

12. OR Coast Trekkie - July 2, 2007

Ok, not too many things to do with this episode, but…

Come AHN CBS-Digital, grow some kahoneys and give a planet a purple ocean. Ya know ya wanna…

Once again, hand phasers need to be addressed. Multiple chances for for phaser beams AND vaporizations.

For future reference, and to fix before the DVD releases… Each ship should be given it’s own little detail, personality, or quirk. Back in the 60’s, they just used the same model. Now it just seems as though you’re just copying/pasting the Enterprise, and only changing the registry numbers. Do some things to the other ships (NOT the Big E) like – the warm blue light to the inner nacelles (the coils I think), the deeper, solid red bussard collector, slightly different color hull, torpedo launchers, tractor beam emitter… if you tweak up the ships that are NOT the Enterprise with those little things, I don’t think anybody could cry foul. So, those are some suggestions you can go back and redo for the DVD release. “The Ultimate Computer” would be a perfect episode to also demonstrate this. I would also even make one of those ships resemble the REFIT Enterprise. My case for that: it is probable that at LEAST one of those ships HAS to be significantly newer than the Enterprise, and therfore, would more resemble that of the Refit Enterprise (I mean, Starfleet isn’t going to have a whole fleet of 20 year old ship). Also: a number of ships have drmatically changed appearance in the Remastered project.

That’s my 2 cents for this week.

13. Will - July 2, 2007

Are clouds too difficult to add to planets? These globes look like they have no atmosphere.

14. Jeffrey S. Nelson - July 2, 2007

12. Oregon Coast Trekkie…

Just curious where your starbase is. I’m here in Astoria!

15. Jeffrey S. Nelson - July 2, 2007

Morgan Woodward was great in both of his Trek appearances. Josh T…great ear for hearing that pronuniciation of “di-rective.” Maybe they sent Captain Tracey off for a dose of the neural neutralyzer after this episode, as administered by Dr. Simon Van Gelder.
Morgan Woodward did an episode of the X-Files…I wonder if he’s done anything since.

16. MichaelJohn - July 2, 2007

Once again I find myself liking some of the original FX shots and angles better than the remastered ones.

The original “purple” planet looked “cool” and better than the updated version. And in my opinion, the original shot of the two starships in orbit, one behind the other, looks better than the side by side shot.

Oh well…the CBS/CGI team can’t please all of us critics!

Mike :o

17. Cervantes - July 2, 2007

#13 Will

Agreed. The addition of a slight “atmosphere” haze would really help to sell some of CBS Digital’s planets more. And do “parallel” Earth-like planet colours HAVE to be identical to ours all the time?

18. Stanky (The Anti-Fake Kirk) McFibberich - July 2, 2007

I didn’t care that much for the shots of the two ships together and I don’t know why. I didn’t care that much for the planet either. But, strangely enough, I didn’t mind the episode. Not one of the best, but I enjoyed it. Woodward is great.

19. non-fanatic - July 2, 2007

I agree with ‘OR Coast Trekkie’ about tweaking the other ships here and there.

Some things they could do to make it better / more real:

1) Show some lightning flashes below the clouds. A nice storm like some of the NASA videos of earth I’m sure I’ve seem would really bring it to life.

2) Show the sun reflecting off of the sea as the planet rotates.

3) Show some other planets in the solar system or the planet’s sun when approaching or leaving.

4) Have the planet bigger / closer like the real earth shot a few episodes ago.

5) Fly by a space station or an orbiting satellite.

6) Show a piece of space debris entering the atmosphere and burning up. Nothing dramatic just something you might see if you look close enough.

Finally, I wish they had straightened the view screen shot when they started this project.

20. Diabolik - July 2, 2007

Wow, all complaints… and the effects were fantastically better than the originals.

You would think people would be more appreciative of what they’ve been given.

Don’t worry CBS guys, your effects work this episode was outstanding.

21. neal - July 2, 2007

the new shots were drab, with boring angles. the original shots were indeed much more dramatic.

22. Jim J - July 2, 2007

I thought the effects were top notch, too, BUT…I agree with many that say it was much cooler seeing the Exeter in orbit closer up on the view screen. Other than that, I thought it was much more realistic on all the other effects. I especially liked the shot when they put up the title of the episode.

Two suggestions-tow the Exeter with you to the nearest starbase to end the episode AND even though the planets are class M, it IS time to add a little variety (as many suggest). Not complaints, just suggestions.

23. Driver - July 2, 2007

Gotta agree, a simple reverse angle of the original 2 ships in orbit shot would have been better with a close up of Exeters’ saucer in the foreground.

24. FredCFO - July 2, 2007

Not part of the canon, but Garrovick and Cutty took a team to Omega IV to retrieve the Exeter and put it back into service. Apparently, they change the ship’s registry when they did so.

25. earthclanbootstrap - July 2, 2007

I’m very surprised that no-one has started screaming about the registry number on the Exeter…
or didn’t anyone notice?

26. Demode - July 2, 2007

To all those people who like “purple and violet planets” better… what are you guys smoking? LoL…. They may look pretty, but how does it make since to have a purple planet, when after the characters beam down, its clear that it is an Eart-type world. The only way it would work is if they went and changed the sky in all the shots (with the people on the ground) to look purple.

CBS-D…. Just keep doing what you are doing! It looks great!!!

27. neal - July 2, 2007

This episode is awesome if you turn it off just after the big fight on the Persian rug.

28. New Horizon - July 2, 2007

The thing I find so often with CBS D, is that they don’t know when to keep something that was truly excellent and when to replace it. Current episode in point, the original reveal of the exeter was SO much more dramatic and the original angles had so much more weight/drama to them. The new side by side shot felt pedestrian and uninspired. I mean, just look at the shots CBS D…let yourself feel something and then decide if the angles need to be so completely revamped.

29. Lao3D - July 2, 2007

I liked the side-by-side shot but thought they missed an opportunity when the Enterprise moved to a “low orbit” to have the Exeter higher in the distance, but whatever. Not a great episode anyway. Although the wig department certainly worked overtime on this one. Maybe the planet wasn’t a fountain of youth, but it sure seemed to work wonders on the Yang’s hair. I still crack up when the little old guy shows up with that grey moptop on his head!

Maybe that explain’s Kirk’s increasingly wooly hair in later years — just a side effect of the Omega IV microbes…

30. John CT - July 2, 2007

You know the CGI still doesn’t look really real enough does it.

31. Rich - July 2, 2007

Just another nit to pick…with all the technical wizardry of TOS, didn’t it ever bother anyone that you couldn’t beam back to the ship automatically by simply sending a signal from your communicator to the computers within the transporter (instead of needing a crewman aboard to do it manually from the transporter room)?

But then, we wouldn’t have had the opportunity (in multiple episodes), to state that everyone simply CAN’T leave the ship because there wouldn’t be a way to beam the crew back aboard…oh well…

32. stspringfield - July 2, 2007

The CGI of the Defiant on ENT looked top-notch…CBS-D needs to add more shadows and depth to the ships… the enterprise looks way to clean and sterile.

33. Rich - July 2, 2007

…And don’t get me started about the need to phychologically screen around the bend, nut job Starfleet captains with meglomanical (Kirk included) tendencies:

To wit…

“I AM THE CAPTAIN!!!” — James T. Kirk — both USS (& ISS) Enterprise

“LORD Garth!!!” — Former Fleet Captain Garth of Izar

“I’ll burn down your two friends!” & “We killed them by the THOUSANDS, and they kept coming!!!” — Captain Tracy, USS Exeter

“We were a dead hulk…I had to beam them down…to the third planet…”
“There is no third planet!!!”
“Don’t you think I know that?!? There was!!!” [Gasp] [Choke] — Commodore Matt Decker, USS Constellation

34. DREW - July 2, 2007

i did not like the FX to this episode…just didnt look and feel right

35. T Negative - July 2, 2007

For the first time, I actually thought the original shot of the Exeter in orbit with the Big E in the foreground was a better shot than what CBS came up with. I thought that was one of the best original shots ever done and CBS made no attempt to re-create it or honor the original artists.

While I enjoy the many new shots and angles CBS has given us, I would have preferred they kept this episode similar to the original as far as the angles and all.

As for the planets, I like the how they make Earth like planets look like Earth. That’s how it should be. I am looking forward to seeing a Giant Jupiter like planet down the road or maybe even another ringed planet. “Return to Tomorrow” should give us a strange looking world. If I recall they went miles underground in that episode. There’s a chance there to do something VERY different.

36. T in HI - July 2, 2007

I’ve now seen enough of TOS-R to pronounce the remastering effort a failure. Overall, their efforts are OK, but they STILL–after all this time–can’t produce a starship that doesn’t look like something I drew with Paint Shop Pro. Face it folks, after all this time, there’s no excuse for not getting the nacelle caps/Bussard Collectors right… they still look cartoonish, like something out of TAS.

All of the great things they’ve done… the surface of Vulcan… the much more realistic-looking planets as seen from orbit… fixing Sulu’s chronometer.. are overshadowed by them not getting the most importatnt effect right.

If STARSHIP EXETER can produce a believable looking starship, why can’t these guys?????

37. Oceanhopper - July 2, 2007

The hull I think I will not give a final judgement on until i can actually see it in HD – which is what is was intended for, rather than teeny YouTube screen captures.

I do miss the variety of planet colours though. And the artistic layouts of FX shots is very important. I was rather underwhelmed by the Exeter rendezvous here. The original made you sense the dread of going over to that creepy ship orbiting ahead of you all on its own. Like Sulu didn’t really fancy getting the E too close to it! The new shots have more detail, but the “mood” of the shot has changed completely.

And the sudden trumpet blare from the teaser when they zoom in on the sight of the Exeter in orbit now seems rather pointless as everyone is still squinting to see what is on the screen.

This is so FRUSTRATING! I know they have a good team and I know they love the source material… I even accept that they are having to race through the episodes because of time contraints – but I keep seeing things that bug me!!!

AGH! I need to retreat into a computer room and do it all myself! No-one but me will satisfy my fanboy needs! No-one else may mess with my ship!!!!

(passes out)

38. Thomas Jensen - July 2, 2007

I don’t like to complain about the new effects because they are an improvement to the episodes. And the new shots are a nice addition, especially the one where we approach the top of the Exeter’s saucer section. That being said, I would have enjoyed seeing a reworked shot of the original approach of the Enterprise to the Exeter. That could have been presented in the teaser as before. Then we still could have those completely new shots later on in the episode.

It’s fine to rethink some shots completely, but there are some angles of the ship that were dramatic that could be kept, but remastered. It’s a tough call for those guys, but the new effects are well done and in a sense are completely new so I guess you could call them a ‘reboot’.

39. Nelson - July 2, 2007

Perhaps when the team was mapping out the rendezvous sequence, they felt that doing something similar to what was done might cause some fans to react by saying, “why didn’t the CBS team try something different!”

Or maybe they did do something similar and they felt it looked too much like the shots in Doomsday Machine when the Enterprise approaches the Constellation.

I do agree with an earlier posters remark that the mood of the shot is lost now.

One thing I didn’t notice so clearly before, even with the most current DVD’s is the Exeter insignia patch on Captain Tracy’s uniform. Very cool to see that on these new remasters.

40. Rastaman - July 2, 2007

Dear Demode,

Oh! I’ll tell ya what I’m smokin. It’s called the ganja!

And alls I’ve gotta say about flourescent purple planets is that they look better whilst stoned …

‘nuf said.

41. Michael Hall - July 2, 2007

Amazing to me that people still complain about the CGI looking “cartoony,” particularly as compared to the CGI Defiant on the Enterprise episodes, which I thought looked vastly inferior to CBS-D’s work. (Zoic has done some outstanding work on Firefly and Galactica, and their own proposed remaster shots are fascinating to look at, but their Defiant looked like something out of New Voyages.)

That said, I really wish that they had stuck with the original approach to the Exeter, which was one of the few TOS signature shots that didn’t looked like it was culled from a library. Excellent point about it looking like Sulu was keeping his distance, and one of the many plot holes in this show was the failure of the Exeter’s CMO to broadcast a repeat warning to other Starfleet crews to keep away.

As for the planets. . . come on. I wasn’t entirely sold on the look of this one, either, but the orbit was way too high to show the edge of the atmosphere (just check out any photos of the Earth taken from the same distance), and purple oceans on a class-M world are pretty ridiculous. It’s one thing to get nostalgic about the anachronisms in old visual FX that were mostly the by-product of a lack of time, resources, and basic astronomical knowledge; it’s another thing to fetishize them.

42. Ozy - July 2, 2007

Sky is blue, oceans must be blue also ( reflection ).

Great job CBS-D again !!!!

43. Jon G - July 2, 2007

Whats the deal with how fast the Enterprise came in at the beginning of the video, and then when it leaves it’s barely crawling out?

44. Oceanhopper - July 2, 2007

43 – There is an explanation:

On the way in, Sulu is like:
“Gotta find out what exciting adventure lies ahead for me in THIS system!”
Hence – Warp factor 9!

On the way out Sulu is like:
“Whoah, that was scary how everyone who goes to Omega gets the disintegration disease. Sure glad I didn’t go down or else I’d have to spend ages there before coming back to avoid catching the…um…..uh-oh..”

Hence: Screeeeeeech on the brakes!

45. OR Coast Trekkie - July 2, 2007


I’m in Coos Bay/North Bend

46. He's Dead Jim - July 2, 2007

I was hoping when they did the remasters that they were going fix some of
the shots that were originally reversed during editing. This episode still had a reverse shot of Kirk and “Doomsday Machine” remastered had a couple of shots with a reversed closeup of McCoy. When they announced
this project they mentioned they were going to fix some goofs in live action scenes. I generally like what they have been doing with the special effects but if you are going to go through all the trouble why not fix the goofs too. I’m not saying that it’s possible to fix all of the goofs but these reversed shots should have been an easy fix.

47. Redshirt - July 2, 2007

To me their really wasn’t anything to get hell bent over. I liked the Exeter shots but that’s all their was. In most episodes you end up having to use stock footage of remastered shots over the old ones.
It’s just not new. To me its like “yeah I’ve seen that shot over planet generic 50 times already.”
After a certain time I would think a ship would burn up in the atmosphere with no crew aboard. But alas we wouldn’t have a story would we?
If CBS-D would have had more people, More time and more money they still could do better work.
To me the story still remains intact and the effects don’t for shadow it.

48. TonyD - July 2, 2007

The “remastered” shows are really starting to lose their novelty. The new effects have become very unimaginative over the past few episodes and the angles used leave a lot to be desired. I also wouldn’t have minded ships like the USS Exeter being other classes of starships for these remastered shows. Also, failing to address continuity goofs like reversed shots is pretty shoddy at this point. I really don’t know how Paramount Home Video expects people to shell out cash for these remastered shows when they finally appear on DVD; cleaned up prints and a few minutes of CGI – which often mimics the original shot frame for frame – won’t cut it for me. I really hope CBS-D gets a little more daring for the few FX heavy episodes that have not yet aired. The point of these shows was to introduce classic Trek to a new generation; I really don’t see how they hope to accomplish this given the minimalist approach they take most of the time.

49. Greg Stamper - July 2, 2007

#46 – He’s Dead Jim – “but these reversed shots should have been an easy fix.”

Good point, I looked for this as well. It is my understanding that CBS Digital creates the New FX shots we see each week. They produce them – – then ship them over to Sun Digital. “Sun” is responsible for the actual transfer of the original negative to the New HD print.
The FX shots are dropped in by Sun, presumably they are also responsible for the editing cuts we experience each week. Sun then produces the episode for transmission to us.

Should a scene be reversed (as many of us feel they should) it must take place at Sun Digital. If anyone has information to the contrary I certainly would appreciate knowing otherwise.

50. Jeffrey S. Nelson - July 2, 2007

14. Oregon Coast Trekkie

Hailing frequencies open!
Great post about updating the look of some of the fleet to reflect the move to the first movie!! Hope ILM picks up on this!

51. OR Coast Trekkie - July 2, 2007

#50 Jeffrey S. Nelson

Thanks Jeffrey.

The reason why I say to do some of these radical things to our beloved Starfleet vessels is that CBS-D has already taken the liberty to do it with other vessels (changing the Ion ship, changing the Orion ship, adding a complete Klingon fleet, making a teensy-weensy Gorn ship). If these kind of liberties are being taken on ships such as those, why not do it with the Starfleet ships as well? I say making a ship look like the refit Big-E b/c we have to remember that by Kirk’s 5-year mission, the Enterprise was already 20 years old (this is coming from the acceptance of TAS as canon) so there HAS to be younger ships out there. #48 TonyD even suggests that some ships should even be different classes. I’m not sure if I would go THAT far, but it is still an intriguing idea, throwing in a Soyeuz or Oberth class starship.

#19 non-fanatic – Thanks for having my back. I also love your planet suggestion. But an addition, there are a couple of EARTH shots where the planet turns the WRONG WAY. That should be fixed. I’m not saying fix all the earth-like planets that turn the “wrong way”. I would also say add a moon to some every now and then too.

52. Joe Burns - July 2, 2007

While I agree that the original two shot of E and E was superior, I had the thought that the viewscreen shot might reveal an image similar to to view of Exeter from the rear – does Xbox live put these up in short order, and can anyone vouch for that? Also I wonder if there may be another FX shot in the 52 minute version.
I felt the two shot under the episode title was, as many have said, flatly lit and looks like a couple of models. Funny how real models don’t look like models, and CGI models look like plastic. I think given the dark overtones of the story some low key lighting would have been more appropriate here.
With regards to the planet, I support the “Earthlike” look for M-Class planets, but Omega IV should show large craters and nightside glowing patches from nuclear war. Now *that* would have been drool-worthy.

But who asked me.

53. JASDC - July 2, 2007

In more simple terms

Happy Independence Day everyone. Considering the 4th of July is upon us.

Great all around episode. Effects or not. One of my top 10 favorites of the series.

54. Joe Burns - July 2, 2007

Bleh, I meant to say above in reference to the viewscreen shot “in High-Definition” the Exeter might appear similar to the original. Ah, for an edit feature.

On the notion of showing variation on the Constitution Class, I’m for some subtle variation, and had thought earlier about showing a Constellation Class (Stargazer from TNG) which supposedly existed around the time, but going all out is a no-go. For one thing, the reveal of the refit design in ST: TMP cannot be cannibalized. Kirk’s “wow” reaction would be out of place if he’d seen it all before. Hints of what’s to come, perhaps playing with squared off nacelles (as in the Star Trek Phase 2 E) but always allowing TOS aestheics to dominate. I’d like to see a TOS-era Miranda Class, or something like that in The Ultimate Computer.
There’s a danger in veering off too much. This is not any old Star Trek, it’s TOS, it should hew to that.

55. Hawkeye - July 2, 2007

I’m disappointed in that the phasers were not addressed in this episode, but I do like the planet. A purple ocean would’ve been interesting, but if an outdoor shot clearly shows the sky, then the water should match. However, on planets with different colored skies, if they show the color of the sky, the ocean color should match. So a planet with a purple sky should have a purple ocean, and green – green, etc.

I like the idea of “tweaking” ships. Making Constituion class vessels look like the refit Enterprise is quite a stretch, but the subtle stuff mentioned like the blue light on the nacelles, and a variation of hull color, something to give ships their own personality is completely within reason, and in fact, justified. It’s done with other ships throughout the series’ and movies’ in which there are different ships from the same class.

For “The Ultimate Computer” I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that the TOS remastered team has already said it is going to change the Woden. So why not change some of the unnamed ships (if memory serves me right). A Miranda class ship with square nacelles sounds good. But, the Excalibur has to remain a Constitution class ship.

#52 Joe Burns – In response to your observation on computer models vs. real models: It actually has to do with perceptions of the eye and the human brain. The subtleties of what the eye/brain can detect is really fascinating. The reason models look more real is due to the simple fact that a model is, in fact, “real.” The best a computer can do from scratch is make an approximation. But the human eye/brain work so finitely that many people can tell the difference. I believe I have said this before, but if they want to fix the “computer-model” look to the ship, they should film an actual model from enough positions to compile a complete view from all angles and then work from that.

56. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - July 2, 2007

Thanks Matt, again

57. Will - July 2, 2007

This was the first episode I saw on tv (rather than just the clips above) and I wish there was something they could do about the close-up shots of Kirk’s face where it appears that a flashlight is shining directly into his mug. Apparently this glamour lighting is meant to show that Kirk is thinking. But it doesn’t match the wide shots. I know, I know…we must respect the style at the time. Kirk has a flashlight that sometimes shines in his face, and women have a diffusion filter…

About the two ships orbiting next to eachother, IMO they are way too close together. For safety’s sake you’d expect them to keep some distance.

58. Jeffrey S. Nelson - July 3, 2007

49. Greg Stamper

Yes, there’s no excuse in not correcting these reverse shots! There’s nothing worse than seeing the part in Shatner’s hair going the wrong way! Even if it is a toupe!
And yes, planets should have a discernible planet haze oxygen envelope!

59. Cervantes - July 3, 2007

Just a thought, but if colourful double or triple moons or extra nearby planets had been added near the “Earth-like” planets throughout this remastering, then they would have seemed more “alien”.

60. stspringfield - July 3, 2007

why were they able to leave so early with the landing party at the end…guess just another plot error

61. Michael Hall - July 3, 2007

I agree that depicting the TMP Enterprise refit-style Constitution in TOS remastered would be too much, especially since as the fleet’s flagship it was always Roddenberry’s intention that the Enterprise was representative of the very latest in Starfleet technology, even though it was a ship with some history. Still, the idea of having some subtle variation between the ships is a good one–Scott Gammans depicted the U.S.S. Constellation as a pilot-era starship in his own update of “The Doomsday Machine,” and I thought it looked great!

#55–would you seriously suggest, then, that John Dykstra’s motion-control effect’s for the 1978 Battlestar Galactica look more “real” than Zoic’s CGI work on the remake? I used to believe as you did that the human mind could percieve the subtle distinction between a real model and one that was entirely computer-generated, but given the sophistication of texture mapping and lighting that a good CG artist can attain using current off-the-shelf software, not to mention the huge body of photo-real work done since the early pioneering days of Babylon 5 and “Toy Story,” I’d have to dismiss that theory now as pretty out-of-date.

62. Hawkeye - July 3, 2007

#61 – Ok, when you talk Battlestar Galactica, you are venturing into “uncharted stars” for me. I have to plead ignorance to what you bring up.

However, the point I bring up is based upon medical and psychological fact. Granted, computer technology, sophistication, texture mapping, etc. continues to exponentially evolve. However, there are still quite a number of shots where you can tell the Enterprise is completely CGI. Many of the people working on this are extremely talented, as there are numerous great effects (the Parasise Syndrome was VERY well done), yet, I’m not sure that any of them are the “Leonardo da Vinci” of CGI.

I’m not saying to film the motion effects in the old-fashioned way. I should clarify. The same technology that can be used to create a CGI Enterprise can also take a still photograph of an actual-built model and apply the motion control effects just as easily. You only need to take a few still photos to give the computer enough information to generate a complete 3-D model. That’s what I meant.

63. Michael Hall - July 3, 2007

“However, there are still quite a number of shots where you can tell the Enterprise is completely CGI.

I don’t agree at all. But even if that were true, it doesn’t prove your thesis that CGI is inherently more “fake”-looking than motion control model photography. All it would prove is that CBS-D isn’t doing its job.

If you can point to a study indicating that viewers were able to make the distinction between CGI and real models on a consistent basis without being told what they were watching beforehand, I’d be fascinated to read it. In the meantime, I’d suggest that you rent both the 1978 and 2003-07 versions of Galactica to make a side-by-side comparison for yourself, and then get back to me on what really looks “real.”

64. coyotesupergenius - July 3, 2007

Why Does the Starship Exeter have the WRONG Starfleet Registry Number ????????

65. OR Coast Trekkie - July 3, 2007

Hawkeye – Take a look at the new pic put up for Charlie X. It is VERY real looking. Looks like you’re getting put to shame.

66. T in HI - July 3, 2007

#64: The registry NCC-1672 is canon. NCC-1706 and is from Franz Joseph circa 1975 and no less than Gene Rodenberry has said that Franz Joseph is NOT canon.

67. Major Joe Ely Carrales, CAP - July 4, 2007

1) Class M Planets will likely resemble EARTH unless…
A. Slightly different chemical make up of the athmosphere.
B. strange magnetic fields…generating aurora or similar effect
C. a biologically more active Ocean…i.e. algae or other organisms in the ocean
D. a different color star
E. different color land based plant life…other than green

2) Federation Starships…it would be nice, really nice, to see some minor variation in the “M-5″ test fleet. Maybe the Lexington and Excalibur are “Constitution Class” and the Potemkin et al as “support craft” in the style of the Constitution class ships of the era.

3) In terms of Franz Joseph, let not forget that in Star Trek:TWOK images of several types of such vessels were shown. (including a Transport Tug and scout) and are thus “canon.” These are viable inclusions.

4) NCC-1672 is canon…up until this episode. That happens after, i.e. Starship Exeter, is speculation. (for all you know the refitted Exeter is the Enterprise-A, although the Yorktown and Ti ho are common specualtions)

5) Most of us here have never seen a Constitution Class Starship in orbit…actually, most of us have never seen anything in orbit with our own eyes…nor a star going nova…nor any of this other thing. I submit our impression of the starship are as subjective to our tastes in what constitutes exotic foods.

68. OR Coast Trekkie - July 4, 2007

54 Joe Burns – This is my reason for suggesting a “refit” look – You have to remember that the refit happened RIGHT AFTER Kirk’s 5 year mission and only took 2 1/2 years. I would think that it is not beyond the realm of possibility that ships would start to show SOME of the refit traits, like the rectangular nacelles, or the blue deflector dish. I’ll give to you that making a complete refit ship would be stepping out of bounds.

As to your comment about the Enterprise always to be the most technologically advanced ship in the fleet: While this is true for TNG, it is a debateable point when addressing TOS and TOS movies. TMP is a given, that the refit does represent the latest in technology. But remember, it was a 15 year passage of time between TMP and the II, III, IV trilogy (in the ST Universe). By WoK, the Enterprise was simply a training vessel, with Captain Spock basically as an overseer. (Evidence: When Spock gives command to Kirk, since “they would go on actual duty”). In SfS, they debuted the Excelsior & Excelsior Class ship, “The Great Experiment” (young minds, fresh ideas, be tolerant) which lends me to believe that this ship was meant to be the most modern and most advanced in the fleet. After 1701’s destruction, in TVH it was another Constitution class ship given the 1701-A registry, not the Excelsior or Excelsior-class ship. The Enterprise B does not come for another 7-8 years (see memory alpha). PLUS it was almost, what, 90 years between the NX-01 Enterprise and the NCC-1701. So far, there’s no canon suggesting a Daedalus (spelling) class Enterprise or that an Enterprise existed between Archer and April.

69. Michael Hall - July 4, 2007

Roddenberry himself had suggested that the Enterprise in TOS represented the cutting edge of technology, even though the ship had been around for a while even when Kirk first took command. You’re correct, though, that nothing we ever saw on screen confirms this. I would very much doubt that there were any TMP-style Contellation ships floating around at the time of the original five year mission, since the untested nature of much of the ship’s upgrade was a major plot point in the film. It’s entirely possible that some of those changes were made in other ships first, though. Not to mention the major rebuilding effort Starfleet would have been engaged in at the time, since so many capital ships were lost during the second season.

Also agreed that the Joseph ships being depicted in the movies retroactively makes them TOS canon (including the Dreadnought, which is mentioned at the beginning of TMP). It’ll be CBS-D’s call whether we actually see any of them; my guess is that we won’t. What I can’t understand myself are those calling for substantial changes to the TOS Enterprise for a prequel film who nevertheless can rationalize to themselves that the film isn’t a reboot.

70. Major Joe Ely Carrales, CAP - July 4, 2007

69. Michael Hall – July 4, 2007

“Also agreed that the Joseph ships being depicted in the movies retroactively makes them TOS canon”

That these things have been sold for years with the blessing of CBS-Paramount doe snot preculde that they could be seen in the REMASTERS or even the new FILM. However, not all the book is so.

There are only a slate of certain “TOS style” ships that are possible, Joseph has the most plausable ones that have a design lineage to the Constitution Class.

Also, while seeing TNG and maybe even slightly post “TMP” era ships is “anti-canon,” we can assume that the massive SPACEDOCK and Office Complex in earth orbit existed in the TOS era and…that some of the ancillary ships from ENT could possibly come out as “older” ships/freighters/museums (like the USS Lexington in Corpus Christi, Texas.)

Honestly, if there were to be a new TREK series following a real “TOS” inspired well written canonical FILM, one that begins in during the 5th year of the Original 5 year mission featuring another crew (maybe even adapted from Novels and Comics of quality) and that evolves, and ends, into the ST:TWOK era.

Have a storyline arc over three seasons, prewritten and canonical (like an Epic):

1st season is TOS era
2nd season some years later, maybe after V’ger
3rd season after TWOK

Everyone signs on for all of it at the begining, with adaptability for the unseen circumstance…then it ends/gives way to something else Trek-wise.

Just a flight of fancy I thought I would share that would do wonders to solidify “canon,” provide a epic “character driven” STAR TREK story.

71. John CT - July 5, 2007

Would it really have been that expensive to shoot a few flybys with a proper physical model? At the very least you could mix and match shots with CG. Just a shame that close up shots of the Enterprise are never very convincing.

72. Lord Edzo - July 6, 2007

Nice new VFX of the Enterprise in orbit with the Exeter. One thing that’s always bothered me about the ending of the original episode was that the Exeter is apparently left behind in orbit of Omega-4. What happened to it? That’s why I wish the RM episode had depicted either the Enterprise towing Exeter away, or the Exeter flying alongside Enterprise under its own power. Such a good CGI opportunity … lost.

You guys should hire me! I’m a great “idea” man!

One of the best VFX from the original appears to have been left intact: Tracey fires his phaser at Kirk, but instead vaporizes a large piece of pottery or a basket.

73. OR Coast Trekkie - July 7, 2007

72 Lord Edzo

I agree with you in that the WRITING should’ve relfected that the Enterprise did something with the Exeter. But I disagree that the Enterprise should’ve been shown towing the Exeter out of orbit for this reason:

UNfortunately, the captains log stated that the Exeter was left behind. If it was shown being towed away, then it would throw off the continuity for this particular episode and script. This is a writing miscue, not an effects one.

For further comment: If you did start going and fixing the writing holes, you would have a “Star Wars: Special Edition” conundrum on your hands, which is not the goal of the special effects team. To go back and fix actual writing and episode flaws would be a completely different project. And the debate on what should be fixed doing those would be MORE heated than what should be redone with the special effects. Personally, I think the remastered effects seem to be hit and miss already. Sometimes they get Black Angus, sometimes they get Sizzler. If the special effects are hit and miss, fixing the writing will be much moreso.

74. Mr Mango - July 8, 2007


“I’d suggest that you rent both the 1978 and 2003-07 versions of Galactica to make a side-by-side comparison for yourself, and then get back to me on what really looks “real.””

Michael,we could all selectively pick evidence to support our argument. Here’s a counter suggestion. Check the models in “Wrath Of Khan” with the cgi ships in “Insurrection” and see which you think is real. – I’ll go out on a limb here :) and say that I have yet to see any cgi created starship that look as good/real as the models in Wrath.

Imo, I’ve yet to see a cgi that makes me think I’m looking at a real ship rather than “I’m a cgi”. Some are of course much better than others and yes models too can look fake. Btw, I don’t find any of the ships in the new Galactica very convincing either.

Another problem with CGI is simply that they date badly as CGs improve. Check out the cgi ships from Babylon 5 as an example of this.

Having said all this, there is no way that sfx is going to go back to models and using CGI has led to much more versatility in shooting scenes with starships.

Perhaps more care and attention needs to be spent on creating CG starships but then that’s down to time/money considerations.

Cheers :)

75. steve - July 20, 2007

First of all, NCC-1672 was fanon, not canon. Second, I really enjoyed the FX in the episode, but they missed another opportunity to follow the original intent of a scene in an episode.

In Gene’s original teleplay, Dr. Carter, the Exeter’s CMO, gives the final warning log from the center seat. As the disease strikes its final blow, you see him DISSOLVING down into crystalline form. This would not have been that difficult for CBS to get down on film, as they have done MORE difficult FX to make a point (the phaser sweep from “Wink of an Eye” comes immediately to mind). Too bad.

76. Ty - October 3, 2007

They didn’t update the FX enough,the little FX that they did do only pleases the old fans,it won’t make any new fans from the lack of FX.You wouldn’t be changing the stories by updating the FX,how does it change the story if Kirk actually fights a cool looking lizard creature instead of a guy in a horrible lizard costume,how does it change the story if the phasers actually look like a weapon of the future?

77. Captain Archer - August 5, 2008

Finally, the Exeter is revealed! I guess the effects shots in Starship Exeter will have to be updated for the registry number. If I’m not mistaken they use NCC-1706, as opposed to the now cannon NCC-1672.

78. Some Things... - July 5, 2009

…Never Change. Has anyone else noticed that CBS (et al) flopped the view of the planet at the start of the remastered version and reused it at the end? Compare the oceans. Never let it be said that CBS isn’t cheap, and their CGI guys aren’t lazy… is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.