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New Voyages “World Enough And Time” Premieres Next Month + Mini Review July 12, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Fan Productions , trackback

The next episode of Star Trek New Voyages "World Enough And Time" starring George Takei finally has a premiere date: August 23rd. It will be seen in a live streaming event timed to coincide with the gala premiere at a theater in Beverly Hills to be attended by Takei, director Marc Zicree as well as show creator/star James Cawley. This will be the first STNV episode that will use live streaming (the episode will be streamed again, but will not be available for download like previous episodes).

George Takei & Grace Lee Whitney in STNV "World Enough and Time"

James Cawley tells that he feels this episodes is their best work yet, saying "everything pales in comparison." Besides having George Takei reprise his role as Hikaru Sulu, the team really tried to get all elements of the production to professional grade. Although Cawley is proud of the previous episodes, he feels that this is the episode that could really break out from a typical amateur fanfilm and truly be able to stand along side the original series.

NCC-1701 from "World Enough and Time" (DAVE School)

Mini Review
The STNV team have provided with a copy of the episode. I will be writing a full review but in brief I would say that I was impressed. To date I have not really been a fan of most fan films. "World Enough and Time" is not without its flaws, but it is the first Trek fan made production that I thought really could be considered ‘professional.’ Although their production design has always been of a high standard this one has made marked improvements in sound, lighting, special effects, direction and yes even in acting (mostly).

USS Excelsior from "World Enough and Time" (DAVE School)

With Daren Dochterman on board for the next episode "Blood and Fire" which recently ended principal photography I look forward to seeing what they do next.

More information on the premiere of "World Enough and Time" at New Voyages site


Images courtesy of Star Trek New Voyages


1. Captain Pike - July 12, 2007

I’m going to go completely fanboy wanker and criticize the one still picture above. There should only be one officer with a white jersey and straps – the captain. Possibly the first officer too if she didn’t have another position. The helmsman and the other guy in the back would not rate the white command color shirts. And the shirts don’t seem to have vertical stitching on the collars either….

2. Nelson - July 12, 2007

Looks like a time travel and Mirror Universe story?

3. Captain Pike - July 12, 2007

And looking closer none of the uniforms have the correct angle on the front flap and the shoulder straps therefore don’t connect properly. And the straps are too wide. And Sulu shouldn’t have gold piping only a captain rank co. Gold is for commodore and up flag officers.

Sorry but I put alot of effort into getting those details right….twenty years ago.

Lord I’m a sad losers aren’t I?

4. Jeff - July 12, 2007

Wow…the guy playing Spock (I guess he’s supposed to be Spock) looks really, really ill in that one shot. Like he caught some virus and is wasting away. Must be the lighting.

5. donald blake - July 12, 2007

What’s John Ritter doing at the helm?

6. Jeff - July 12, 2007

Pike…I never understood the fundamental change in the uniforms. When they got to the movies, why suddenly did the crew need to wear turtlenecks and heavy jackets, when before a shirt was enough? Did Starfleet cut back on the heating capacity of the newer ships?

7. Magic_Al - July 12, 2007

No download ever? That’s annoying. Streaming never looks as good. Explanation?

As for the white shirt thing, it’s unfair to blame a fan film when Paramount started messing up shirt colors in Star Trek IV. The movie uniforms had too many department colors to keep track of without a manual and too many sequels removed from the film for which they were designed, the costume department just started guessing.

8. RobertMfromLI - July 12, 2007

Pike, you are off the mark – big time. But then again, you havent seen the uniforms close up. First, more than one officer wore the white jersey and straps… (see ST:VI), second, the “jersey” does have the “stitching” (as you call it – it’s ribbing).

The front flap angle is correct. The size and weight of the person (as well as many changes to Shatner’s and Nimoy’s costume so they fit comfortably) make a big difference on how the front flap angle and fit look – everything from the spacing around the neck, to the angle it comes off the neck, and the angle it goes down to the bottom.

And, if Sulu is a fleet captain, he should have gold piping… though then the insignia is wrong. Though, they “messed” things like that up in STII-STVI as well… so you cant really say it’s wrong when there are similar “wrong” (by your book) things that Paramount did.

Also, it’s nice to see you nitpicking ridiculous things instead of waiting to see the episode (which is AMAZING, I might ad) – and then offering critiques!

I bet that when ST:VI came out, you bitched to Paramount that the “Berellium patch” on Kirk’s back kept changing position – or that the battle damage to the Enterprise changed between ST:II and ST:III… enjoy the story (or don’t) – but regardless, you are picking on the most retarded details.

Here’s one for you… the Enterprise bridge in NV is only 99% to scale… not 100%!!! Let’s boycott them (and me) now!!!

9. RobertMfromLI - July 12, 2007

Magic_AI is correct… and in addition, uniform choices were often made by “what uniform do we have that fits?” – which royally screwed up the “color coding”

10. steve623 - July 12, 2007

Takei looks great.

11. Skippy 2k - July 12, 2007

The ep won’t be availible for download!? :( It will be streamed, and then again later, does that mean only within a certain time you can watch it? Sorry if thats a stupid question, i’ve watch things “streamed” but that as far as I know didn’t have a time limit but I don’t watch things this way often. Usually just directly download, as I have all the previous episodes.
Little dissapointed if this is the case, which seems unlikely that it wouldn’t be availible ever but I would like to know?

Any more info on this yet?

12. Trekkie84 - July 12, 2007

So, wait…they aren’t ever going to release this for a download? Steaming like that would overload the severs wouldn’t it? Yeah, I won’t get to see this one, ah well.

13. Rainbucket - July 12, 2007

At this point I’m really just interested in the acting. TOS got by on minimal production values, and beautiful sfx comes relatively easy these days. The New Voyages episodes so far have some impressive feats (especially, IMO, the casting of Kirk), but been undermined by truly pedestrian, indifferent acting. What’s the point of such elaborate production values if Scotty is randomly lilting off the cue card?

At least we know what to expect from Takei. He’s great when he’s full of fire. I don’t care who dies, she lives!

14. Will - July 12, 2007

There. There’s a planet with atmosphere. See, CBS-D, it isn’t impossible!

15. Gummy - July 12, 2007

Everyone is criticizing the uniforms. For a fan film, they don’t look that bad.
I’ve seen their previous work and I will watch this one too.

16. Mark - July 12, 2007

Maybe we can argue about when you should say “M Class planet” and when you should say “Class M planet.”

17. steve623 - July 12, 2007

Not to spam, but I have to add, I just watched the preview, and for whatever few (and they appear to be *very* few) details might not be exactly by-the-book “correct”, it totally “feels” like Star Trek. The visual aspect of the sets, lighting, uniforms, effects, et cetera, is great, but the music and even the way the preview was edited was so on the money. Regardless of any imperfections, real or perceived, it is so great to have these fan efforts, lovingly done as they obviously are, and for FREE no less. Just puts a smile on my face every time one of these comes along. Kudos all around.

18. John - July 12, 2007

This is why Fans do not deserve Star Trek.

It’s a fan film…who cares what kind of uniforms they wear….it’s fiction.

Wow….we worry more about Uniforms then a solid story…..thats why Enterprise sucked.

19. THX-1138 - July 12, 2007


(I wonder what Stanky would think)

20. Smike van Dyke - July 12, 2007

New Voyages stopped being a “fan film” with its last episode (the one featuring Walter Koenig)…in my book it’s genuine Trek now. I was impressed with the series from day one (though lighting was a bit underwhelming in the pilot episode) and I’ve always been looking forward to new episodes (especially since the end of ENT)…

Now, with this episode only being available via live-streaming, I think it’s save to say this series WILL eventually seize to be a fan-made series but evolve into an official asset to TOS. Why? Since it’s no longer available for downloading, it is most likely destined for an official DVD release around the release date of the new movie.

This is just an educated guess, but the guys of “Of Gods and Men” are already in negotitations with the suits to legalize a DVD release. CBS / Paramount might want to secure marketing rights for these fan productions, which stopped being fanfilms a long time ago but became real Trek along the way…

21. helenofirvine - July 12, 2007

Is that voice at the start of the trailer Majel Barrett Roddenberry?

Sure sounds like it!

22. Chaz McMarketing - July 12, 2007

re: streaming only.

All your fins are belong to us.

23. RobertMfromLI - July 12, 2007

helenofirvine… good ear… :-)

24. Alex Prewitt - July 12, 2007

Those movie era uniforms are pretty bad. One of the things New Voyages has always prided itself on was its attention to detail. They missed the mark on those uniforms. Just look at that mess that Rand is wearing. They remind me of the uniforms used on Universal Studios Star Trek Adventure.
Having said that I’m looking forward to watching this episode as much I did the previous episodes. Why–because I think they are great. It doesn’t make me ungrateful fan because I critique. It gives them an opportunity to take feedback and improve.

25. JustBob - July 12, 2007

As quoted by; RobertMfromLI

“helenofirvine… good ear… :-)”

Absolutely! Majel’s intro caught me off guard. I didn’t expect that.

26. James Heaney - July 12, 2007

Heh. Three words: Streaming. Video. Capture.

27. Duane Boda - July 13, 2007

Ok….Am I the only one here that noticed or had this download run somewhat choppy or slow? George Takei was excellent from what I seen and very natural – convincing (of course) he makes the others in the film look like High School Drama Students – at best. Its too bad these films suffer in that area.
I’d love to see this installment released on DVD as I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it. Lets all hope that happens. Perhaps they can and will get other legitimate actors from other Star Trek series in on this as this production would be greatly enriched from any contribution in that area.

28. Thomas Jensen - July 13, 2007

Somebody on that production has given them access to third season music and other musical cues which have not been released to the public.

29. Mark Lynch - July 13, 2007

Streaming only? I just got disappointed…..
I have previously gotten hold of all the various media files and combined them into a single episode which I then dumped onto DVD/CD so I could enjoy the episode on a regular TV instead of my computer screen.

If that is not going to be possible and if the times when you can actually get to the streaming content is going to be restricted, I think a lot of people are going to be put off by this, myself included.

30. Al - July 13, 2007

Some of the acting by principals is awful though, just awful. They need to to let the am drams go.

And fix Cawley/Kirk’s hair! Kirk was not Elvis. I rescind the latter if it is an artful tribute to Shatner’s wig of course.

31. Gary Seven - July 13, 2007

Where does one get access to music and sound effects from all three seasons. That is the one aspect of all this that I have been impressed with. I’d love to have those in my library.

32. Demode - July 13, 2007

Looks interesting. That picture of the Excelsior crew bothers me though. Is that really how the bridge will look in this episode. It looks way too CGI. I would rather they just re-use the Enterprise bridge than use a CGI set that cheesey.

The ships look beautiful!

33. Demode - July 13, 2007

Oh… and Takei really does look great! They really need to make a TV movie for Sulu and crew!!!

34. Duane Boda - July 13, 2007

# 33 Yes Demode: Paramount could have banked on some HUGE bucks IF they decided to go and make a series when Sulu was in that flashback episode (or whatever) on Voyager. Its still NOT 2 late but the those in charge just lack the brains to see the great opportunity thats waiting for them and because of that we all have to suffer and do without. I’m certain that George Takei would have some excellent input as to what would work and so on as far as stories for his character. Lets hope Paramount wakes up. Maybe we can start a writing as loyal fans for that very purpose? Anything is possible!

35. snake - July 13, 2007

fan films = meh

sorry but thats how i feel

36. chappai - July 13, 2007

Cresendo Records released a CD containing a large library of sound FX from the trek series and even the animated series. Additionally, there are literally between 12 – 15 CD out there if you hunt for them of mucis from the different Trek series, mostly the original. Some have been re-worked into suites while others contain music cues by episode. And yes… some the cues used have been alailable on LP or CD for over ten years.

If I dig out the collection, I’ll pust album/CD titles and catalogue numbers for all the US releases.

37. jon - July 13, 2007

Is that Grace lee Whitney in the background or Zelda…

The likeness is uncanny…

38. snake - July 13, 2007

why do Takei and Konig etc appear in this stuff? Dont they get depressed midway through the shoot when they remember that they used to be in the actual show? and now have to appear with an Elvis impersonator (who dosnt look anything like Elvis) instead of the legendary Shat?

39. plinstrot - July 13, 2007

It is my understanding that the episode will be availible for download, but will premeire live through streaming technology.

40. Jon G - July 13, 2007

Excelsior is one ugly lookin ship…

41. Admiraldeem - July 13, 2007

38 – I agree. Cawley is his own worst enemy. He is a terrible actor, totally wooden and bland. Because he insists on playing Kirk, that makes the whole NV effort hopelessly amateurish.

I gave up on the new voyages after the last one. They have achieved incredible technical goals but most of the actors are not up to either the cast of TOS or TNG. And the writing is Way to Eden bad.

I am reminded of my most favorite capsule review of all time from my college newspaper reviewing Pink Floyd: -The Wall: “Those who enjoy this type of music will be in ecstacy. I am not, therefore I was not.”

I wish them all the best but I’m holding out for Abrams.

42. James Cawley - July 13, 2007

The Excelsior Bridge is NOT cgi, it is a practical set. Although I admit in that shot above, it looks a bit strange. It was built at gigapix studios in California. The movie era uniforms are very expensive to recreate and those that were used, were loaned to the production by fans Kathy Pillsbury and Max Cervantes, they were not perfect but certainly do look quite Good in the actual episode. Please remember that some of the images you are seeing are early promotional materials that were made available before certain elements were made final. The preview you are seeing does Not even have the Final visual effects and it is actually missing many effects shots, from the live action sequences.

43. John CT - July 13, 2007

Streamed only? I presume they mean streamed first. To spend so much effort on the episode and then only offer it as a dodgy streamed version seems like madness.

44. James Cawley - July 13, 2007

By the way, You all might want to check out Daren Dochterman’s review of the episode over at Daren was not a fan of fanfilm’s either, but take a read…….

45. Dr. Image AKA QuasiOdo - July 13, 2007

I find the NV eps FAR more entertaining than any VOY or ENT ep ever was.
They (AND the excellent Exeter) really understand the true spirit of Trek.

And Cawley of all people should be on top of the uniform thing, so there are really no excuses for screw-ups in that area, IMHO.

46. John CT - July 13, 2007

I get more of a thrill waiting for and watching these episodes than I did for real Trek, well at least since TNG went off the air.

47. snake - July 13, 2007

wow its James Cawley on talkback!

48. John CT - July 13, 2007

James Cawley has been on talkback before.

49. Shadow6283 - July 13, 2007

#44-By the way, You all might want to check out Daren Dochterman’s review of the episode over at Daren was not a fan of fanfilm’s either, but take a read…….

Fantastic effort on your part. Even though I don’t care much for fanfilm, NV has managed to recapture the essence of what made Classic Trek so great, in a way Modern Trek never did, or could even remotely fathom. My congratulations, from a guy who’s trekked 40 years.

Though, honestly, your efforts are wasted on a certain demographic of the fanbase, who live to parse everything down to the bone and split hairs down to a subatomic level on the littlest details. But I’m certain you’ll get used to it, and, as time goes on, you’ll learn to tune them out just like the rest of the civilized world of fandom have, and the powers that be that governs it all have done over the years.

Keep On Trekking.;)

50. snake - July 13, 2007

Hey James Cawley – giving your opinions on the new film? e.g – do you think its good that they are going back to TOS as opposed to the TNG era? Are you hoping it’ll totally respect canon – not deviating too much from whats been established in TOS and movies? who are you hoping gets cast as Kirk and Spock etc?

do you yourself have any info on it at all?

what about Shatners recent statement that hes not in it and Nimoy is? (do you know if The Shat is aware or approves of NV?)

also whats your opinion of the remastered eps – good idea or not


51. Lao3D - July 13, 2007

These folks define amateur in its best, most literal sense — doing something purely for the love of it. And doing it really well. I admit, I’ve often thought they would be better served by using more skilled acting talent in the roles, to match their truly astounding production values. But, hey, they built themselves one heck of a Trek sandbox — let ’em play in it.

And as for why Koenig and Takei appear in these things, I can only guess its a lot more fun and interesting than sitting around a hotel banquet room with a bunch of sweaty fans, getting asked the same questions year after year. At least they get to stretch some acting chops that they regrettably aren’t asked to use that much. And I honestly believe they view this as giving something back to their fans, which they are.

52. Driver - July 13, 2007

That shot of the bridge looks like they’re in front of a green screen. Actors still look like they’ve been plucked from off the street. Live streaming? Bah! Humbug! No way the quality comes close to any ST film you have on DVD.

53. James Cawley - July 13, 2007

I think that going back to TOS is the right way to go. I am however a purist, I would prefer that the look and continuity not be changed, that being said, I know they are not going to keep it the way it was. They have their vision and they will see it through. No matter what they choose to do, My Star Trek, that IS the original with Bill Shatner will never be diminished or taken away. It will alway’s be there. This film is like apples and oranges.
It will be just something different. I may or may not like it, I am playing the wait and see game. Although much of whatI have heard about the production design does bother me. I had the Pleasure of meeting Bill Shatner awhile back, and he is very aware of New Voyages and was in fact complimentery, and flattered that fans would go to such lengths to support something they love so much.

54. Shadow6283 - July 13, 2007

#53-James Cawley:

I think that going back to TOS is the right way to go. I am however a purist, I would prefer that the look and continuity not be changed, that being said, I know they are not going to keep it the way it was. They have their vision and they will see it through. No matter what they choose to do, My Star Trek, that IS the original with Bill Shatner will never be diminished or taken away. It will alway’s be there. This film is like apples and oranges.>It will be just something different. I may or may not like it, I am playing the wait and see game. Although much of whatI have heard about the production design does bother me. I had the Pleasure of meeting Bill Shatner awhile back, and he is very aware of New Voyages and was in fact complimentery, and flattered that fans would go to such lengths to support something they love so much.>>James

Another class act in whose steps you’ll surely follow. Have fun on your journey. It’s a big universe, you know.

55. snake - July 13, 2007

my god I think I’d die on the spot if ever i met Shatner..i mean it would be like coming face to face with God

56. snake - July 13, 2007

53 “Although much of whatI have heard about the production design does bother me. ”

have you heard anything that we havent? I’m not aware of any news on the PD…

57. star trackie - July 13, 2007

I agree with 53, TOS and the movie will be every bit as oranges and apples as Lost in Space and the Lost in Space move, along with just about every other remake- reimagining-reboot out there. William Shatner IS Kirk while Cawley plays Kirk. William Shatner IS Kirk while the new actor in the new movie is just playing Kirk.
New Voyages is an admirable effort, but they should have redesigned and shook things up a bit and offered another interpretation of it. As it is, everything being identicle to TOS, from the sets to the guest stars like George and Walter, just draws attention to the fact that other people walking on that bridge, just somehow,don’t belong there. It would’ve been much easier to swallow and enjoy had the sets and ship had a truly re-imagined feel to them, to match the re-imagined cast.

58. James Cawley - July 13, 2007

I asked Anthony to forget about our previous efforts and just view this New episode on it’s own, Judge it on it’s own. I ask all of you to do the same. I am confident that you will all be pleasantly surprised. This is the First episode I was able to completely over see as Exec. producer. It is what I feel New Voyages should have been all along. With Limited resources and alot of talent from a Great number of people, we have gotten there. Of course, we can alway’s improve and I will strive to do that. Constructive input is alway’s more than welcome. It is a Pleasure to be able to share this with fellow all my fellow Trek fans. I truly do hope you all enjoy it when you get the chance to see it.

59. Sam Belil - July 13, 2007

Mr. Cawley — I have been a HUGE TOS fan for the past 40 years, (since I was six years old). I think it’s an absolute joke for the way your efforts are being criticized. I really enjoy New Voyages,(with the exception of the Chekov episode) ESPECIALLY LOVED the episode w/the Doomsday Machine and Captain Pike. It really captured the essense of what Star Trek TOS was and is all about. Brilliant the way you “brought back” Matt Decker into the fold. TOS (especially the first 2 seasons) was about GREAT story telling — and you and your team have done a real nice job of maintaining that. Keep up the great work!!!!!

60. John CT - July 13, 2007

# @ 57

I fail to understand your bizarre logic there. The strangest thing I’ve ever heard.

61. ZoomZoom - July 13, 2007

I think that the New Voyages are a REMARKABLE achievement
I join Sam (59) in congratulating you all James C.

62. IrishTrekkie - July 13, 2007

I really like the shot of the 3 romulian birds of prey , looks like they are giving cbs digital a run for their money . and i bet they made small mistakes in the uniforms on purpose cause they know star trek fans love to nitpick, and would watch a hole esp just for that lol. looks good anyway , keep up the good work.

63. Sam Belil - July 13, 2007

Speaking of “Fan Films” — what are the chances that we FINALLY will see “OF GODS & MEN” BEFORE the turn of the century? I mean we’re nearly half way into the summer months and it was supposed to preview in April…..

64. Sam Belil - July 13, 2007

Speaking of “Fan Films” — what are the chances that we FINALLY will see “OF GODS & MEN” BEFORE the turn of the century? I mean we’re nearly half way into the summer months and it was supposed to preview in April…..

65. star trackie - July 13, 2007


Nothing really too complex or bizarre about it. Imagine, the new cast of Battlestar Galactica, galloping about on identical sets of 1977’s galactica series, wearing the exact costumes of Lorne Greene and Richard Hatch. You’d be thinking, well this feels wrong. Everything is the same except the cast. Fast forward to Ron Moore’s re-imagined battlestar where the concept is similar, designs are similar but not carbon copies. Basically it’s a whole new take on Battlestar Galactica, therefore the drastic changes in production and cast members are easier to buy into.

I feel New Voyages should have done the same thing. When everything looks and sounds the same as 1966, but a new face sits in that chair and calls himself Kirk, it’s rather jarring. Like watching a visitor to the set getting his picture taken in the captains chair. A true all around re-imagining would have made the new faces easier to accept. That or put the news faces on a completely different ship of that era. I could buy into that as well.

Like I said, admirable effort, but their approach of recreating everything exactly (and beautifully I might add) and wanting to be the 4th season, yet having brand new faces in the roles of Kirk and company, makes it a tougher sell….for me anyways.

66. neal - July 13, 2007

Sulu looks awesome. What a great thing this all is, people who share a passion coming together and creating something new not for the money but for the sheer love of it. You look around at the rest of pop culture, and it takes some time to come across similar examples of raw passion. Over the internet, it’s free … but I’d happily pay for a DVD too.

67. Shadow6283 - July 13, 2007

#65-Like I said, admirable effort, but their approach of recreating everything exactly (and beautifully I might add) and wanting to be the 4th season, yet having brand new faces in the roles of Kirk and company, makes it a tougher sell….for me anyways.

Here’s a bit of advice for a guy’s who’s been Trekking for 40 years, and who saw much of SF in it’s Golden Age: Don’t watch it if you don’t like it. It’s that simple. It ain’t algebra, you know. It’s a cardinal rule that’ll save you a lot of wasted nights. Lord knows, it saved me from 20 years of Rick Berman Drek. It works wonders.

As far as RDM’s BG, who cares? Trek ain’t BG. Cawley knows that, and he not only knows how far to go, but he’s found just the right balance in bridging the old to the new. It was never his intent to do otherwise, nor should it be. If you want something different, dig into your own pockets and get on it, and refrain from digging into someone else’s and carping on their efforts just for the sake of it.

Keep On Trekking, Folks…

Peace and a fully charged phaser bank.

68. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - July 13, 2007

Ok we’ve got James Cawley. Where the hell are the Exeter guys???? Tressurian parts 1-2 were f*cking awesome (over a year ago) Lord Garth is not at all happy about the lack of Exeter updates. I have sent my mute Tellerite and Andorian henchmen down to Round Rock to deal with the problem Lord Garth style.

69. snake - July 13, 2007

why dosnt Shatner put in an appearence on this talkbacks then? Id really love to talk to Shatner about the new movie

70. billy don't be a hiro - July 13, 2007

God knows if I were Shatner, I wouldn’t waste any of my precious twilight years trying to interact online with a bunch of whiny, nitpicking, complaining, unsatisfiable ingrates who take great delight in finding and exploiting fault with everything I’d ever done. Especially people who dog you when you’re not around and then do a total 180 when you show up. Feh.

71. CmdrR. - July 13, 2007

37 – Lord, there just aren’t enough TerraHawks references in these threads.
Anthony… I’m scanning, but so far don’t know…
Is there EVER going to be a download-able version of “World Enough and Time”?
Not sure I can get Time Eough to watch it live.

OH, and … If James Cawley isn’t the new Kirk I won’t see the new movie. And Sulu must wear leather in it.
Having got that out of my system, I am amazed and envious of everything Cawley and company has accomplished. I may make fun, but it’s a helluva good time at the ole computer.

72. CmdrR. - July 13, 2007

55. snake – July 13, 2007
my god I think I’d die on the spot if ever i met Shatner..i mean it would be like coming face to face with God

Shatner thinks so, too.

73. cm1701 - July 13, 2007

Hello. Longtime reader, first time poster-

I have followed this series since it’s pilot. It’s gotten better and better and better.

Re :effects:
The folks at CBS-D (home of the too dark/dry Enterprise) have a lot to answer for, given what the Dave School seems to have been able to accomplish.

The fact that Mssr Dochterman was not tapped to remaster TOS, (given that he did ST:TMP) and that he is now working with New Voyages, just proves how poorly Viacom has managed this franchise.

re: Acting.
Hopefully the additional help of Star Trek veteran directors will help some of the struggling folks. Perhaps the actors playing Scotty, Bones and Uhura do need a little help… but c’mon gang – they are volunteers!.

I’ll give the look of Spock a Pass, given that he has green blood as should be colored and lit as a bit of an alien. Also we’re all forgetting that we are seeing all this being filmed in much higher definition- all the set/coloring imperfections are much more visible to us than the old trek was.

I’m sure over the next few episodes all our nitpicking over the look will simply fade as the effects get better and we (rightly and maturely) focus on the actual story and it’s execution.

Perhaps, since like James Cawly, I’m exactly as old as trek, I have a different viewpoint, but I am proud of the growth of the series.

Kudos James and company!


74. Greg - July 13, 2007

Wow, George Takei looks terrific! I also want to thank Cawley and his team for doing what Paramount won’t, shooting Star Trek that the fans want to see!

75. star trackie - July 13, 2007

“As far as RDM’s BG, who cares? Trek ain’t BG. Cawley knows that, and he not only knows how far to go, but he’s found just the right balance in bridging the old to the new. It was never his intent to do otherwise, nor should it be. ”

You’re right, the intent, as I remember it, was to be the 4th season, 1969. That’s the whole problem. It’s like if Bewitched had recast, not just Darren, but Samantha, Endora, Tabitha and Larry Tate as well. But Paul Lynde still pops in once in awhile as Uncle Arthur. Everything is the same, except for the faces. You grok it , I don’t.

76. Captain Pike - July 13, 2007

“Also, it’s nice to see you nitpicking ridiculous things instead of waiting to see the episode.”

Glad you like it. I admit in my own first comment that I’m being petty. I’m not above a facetious comment about the costumes but I would never attack Mr. Cawley or his dream. (or another poster).

And yes. I’ve commented before that the Starfleet costuming in ST:VI is Fubar.

77. The Baron - July 13, 2007

As a costumer who first started at age 15, wanting a Movie Era Uniform, I have to debunk some of what was said about those Uniforms, Now, many years later, knowing people who worked on the actual things for Trek, and many details about them.

First off, though, I do want to say that it’s cool that these episodes are being made, and I know alot of time and effort goes into them. Perhaps being flamey about the details is your way of contributing, but you should make sure your facts are straight.

Concerning Costume Shirt/Strap Colors and the like. Yup, it’s a complicated system, but if you think that there are not manuals a plenty that tell the costumers and anyone who works at all on those costumes what goes with what, you’d be very mistaken. The only rwal flub over the course of the movies was Valeris’ Shirt in VI. I have read in more than one place, that this was an honest Error at the time. She was supposed to have a grey one, someone screwed up, and directors and stage people don’t keep track of that stuff (That’s the costumer’s job) Because they did not want to spend money on re-shoots, they kept her in that shirt.
Only Captains and above wear the White shirts. It is reserved for the Command Branch. Some might say “Well Scotty wore a White shirt with his vest” And yeah, he did because he was promoted to Captain in Star Trek III, a promotion that was not ever taken away from him (Except at the end of IV at the trial….No Captain’s rank on him there… poor Scotty)
Flag Officers are the only ones who should have Gold Piping on the Flaps of the Uniforms, this is Commodore and Above. Commodore’s and Rear Admirals (Which was Kirk’s Rank) have one strip. Later, In VI, The higher Admirals had more gold piping. Also, Only Flag Officers have a gold strip running down the pants. The Shirts should have Collars with Ribs that are individually stuffed, the ribbing being 3/4″ apart, etc, etc… I could go on… but needless to say, I was way too engrossed in these costumes at the outset, and know all of the details concerning them (I can even tell you where every single snap is on the Flaps, and how to put the pocket into the pants….) None of this is to nitpick the pics as it were, but at least to clear up that the costumers at Paramount knew full well what costumes went on which people, and what details were to be kept up (There were some flubs with TNG, which they then incorporated into the official costume of those particular Eras. Think Jack Crusher with no belt or Shirt in his first appearance, and how that was carried over into Yesterday’s Enterprise.

Now, that being said, Having worked on alot of theatrical shows, I can undersatnd the need to be frugal on costumes, begging, borrowing and stealing to get as close to a look as you can, and they at least made every effort here. Could it have been better? Sure, and don;t think that the show’s creators probably wish sometimes that things can be better. Were there a sufficient Budget, these costumes are not difficult for an experienced costumer, just Tedious and time consuming. However, even Trek itself has had to cut corners on Uniforms and the like over the years, so I don;t think it’s a reason to fault the producer’s of what could be a great adventure.

On a side note, I will admit that even though my super fan days are long behind me, My ultimate Movie Uniform is still under construction. :-) I learned alot in the 5 to 8 uniforms of this type I’ve already made, And I’m applying all of that to something that will probably just sit in the closet with Mr. Adventure.

78. Agent 47 - July 13, 2007

@67, i totally agree

what James and his fellow cast and crew have achieved so far is remarkable IMO

it’s because of this fine series that i can and am willing to accept new faces in the new Star Trek movie :) what the NV episodes said to me was “hey, new faces aint a bad thing if you open your mind and accept it”

i for one really like NV and look forward to this,and future episodes :)

79. Anthony Pascale - July 13, 2007

thanks for dropping by James.

btw…i have added a poll on stnv and the new episode (previous polls available in the archive )

RE: 73
welcome to the chat….always nice to see people ‘delurkk’

80. snake - July 13, 2007


heres a thought – If it hadnt been cancelled and was getting good ratings etc would it have lasted 7 years? (btw wtf are all series today lasting 7 years anyway??) or seen out another 2 to make up the 5 years (although i read somewhere that season 1-3 only make up about a year of so of ‘Trek Time’)

Wouldnt it be amazing if someone uncovered a lost episode that had never been seen before and that Shatner and Co had forgot they filmed….

81. Greg2600 - July 13, 2007

By the way, Mr. Cawley, if you’re still reading….

Should Shatner be stiffed out of this new Trek film, my advice to you guys would be to call him up and get a script which brings Kirk back from the dead, so he can play the character again.

82. snake - July 13, 2007

Shatner in NV??

wow …i guess that would get me watching at last.

although i watched abit of Ep 1 on utube – man what was up with the Elvis hair and sneers??

83. Dennis Bailey - July 13, 2007

#68: “Where the hell are the Exeter guys????”

Not wanting to hijack someone’s topic, I’ll say that the next act of Exeter is in final sound mixing and we expect it out within weeks (not the first time you’ve heard that, I know; my apologies). Any further information will be available at .

Back to WEAT – the preview looks really, really good. Wish I could be there this evening – break a leg, James.

84. DJT - July 13, 2007

Holy Ishh! That one chick in the preview was hot!

83 posts and not one mention of Sulu’s hot babelious daughter?


Yes. This ep looks cool. But that one dude is not Kirk and that other dude is not Spock.

All I know is that for the new movie, they best find actors that can capture those iconic characters better than these gentlemen. No disrespect to these guys – they do an admirable job bringing this stuff to life – but…it aint the real deal. Sulu on the other hand – holy shit. Sulu still kicks ass. Rock on, playa.

His daughter is ‘el hot’ in the ep. Just thought I’d say that again.

85. Al - July 13, 2007

James – tell us about the hair, please!

86. TomBot2007 - July 13, 2007

Looks pretty cool… it’s all about the spirit, I agree.

87. OM - July 13, 2007

…Streaming only? No downloads?

I smell a Paranoidmount rat in the middle of this, kids…

88. Duane Boda - July 13, 2007

Mr. Cawley: I can’t help but applaud your fine efforts despite some distinctive shortcomings which I’ll mention in passing. Those being these:

1. The makeup and application of it. Perhaps your production team
wishes to get that just applied look…well you succeeded but couldn’t
that be fixed and properly addressed? It would make a HUGE
difference. Case in point…the way Spock’s ear look really stand out. Its
really too bad you couldn’t find some real professionals in the field to
make up for this vast shortcoming.

2. The actors or acting: Again….couldn’t you or the production team find
more well rounded and versed talent to fill in for key characters? I
would THINK that any person with YEARS of acting school would be
knocking at your door just begging to get noticed in a otherwise very
fine production. Sort of like….All for one and One for all situation.
But….again….I’d like to Thank You and would be honored to see and hear
what you have to say on your team effort. Its beyond excellent – good job!

89. Michael Hall - July 13, 2007

Mr. Cawley,

Let me add my voice to those wishing you well in your efforts, though I’ll also note my own disappointment that the episode will only be streamed–perhaps you could let us know why you’re taking this approach, since it virtually ensures that far fewer fans (e.g. those without a high-bandwidth connection) will be able to watch).

In any case, this has truly proved to be a remarkable journey you’ve embarked upon–a real testament to one person’s determined vision to bring about the impossible, which in a sense is the vision of Star Trek itself that has always inspired so many. And while New Voyages itself has been a mixed bag, each episode has been a substantial improvement over its predecessor. That these shows are being produced for love, not money, of course also counts for a helluva lot.

I would also like to let you know, without going into unnecessary details, that your production has impacted my life quite apart from the episodes themselves–suffice to say that you tossed a pebble and that one of the ripples has carried me along. If things work out my life will have changed considerably for the better; in any case, I owe you a debt. So, thanks. :-)

90. Thomas Jensen - July 13, 2007

From #36….. “And yes… some the cues used have been available on LP or CD for over ten years.”

I have all those releases (unless I’ve missed something) and only some of the music from the third season has been released. The music from this NV episode trailer is not available as far as I know. My thought is that Mr. Cawley has access to the original tapes or that someone from Paramount has been allowing him access to music which hasn’t made it to the public.

Certainly I would love to have more music from the original Star Trek. It’s great to hear it in the trailer, giving this endeavor the flavor and tenor of the originals.

Also, previous NV episodes start with the NBC peacock logo, which as one who watched the show during it’s original run, is a nice touch. Heck, it would be cool if the upcoming DVD’s would do this as well.

I look forward to seeing this new episode… download…

91. snake - July 13, 2007

Yo Crawley – I just watched the ep (1 i think) where you and the guy who plays Spock recreates scenes from Star Trek movies 1-6 and Generations..

That caught me way off guard I was like “WTF?!”

anyway those scenes were pretty accurate recreations – down to the camara postitions and costumes…

Have you ever considered doing a total recreation of one of the films? (say Star Trek II) – that would be quite interesting to watch IMO

92. Charles Root - July 13, 2007

>>Scotty is randomly lilting off the cue card?

Rainbucket, we don’t use cue cards.


93. Xai - July 13, 2007

Maybe Shatner can appear in this instead.

94. Hon. David Kulessa - July 13, 2007


Seriously. And you have to make a lame excuse every time it happens. OH NO, CHEKOV IS AGING RAPIDLY. OH NO, SULU GOT STUCK IN THE TRANSPORTER.

Give me a break. They’re rich, so they can afford TOS actors, so they get views. I bet if they had to make a good episode without calling upon Walter Koenig and George Takei, they could NOT DO IT.

Man, I’d really like to see a GOOD fan film with an original story. Hidden Frontier is hella boring, this is totally unoriginal, and Tim Russ’ thing looks like all the remnants of Star Trek who couldn’t get good jobs afterwards trying to prove their worth. If only I had some friggin’ money.


95. billy don't be a hiro - July 13, 2007

Wow, what a high level of discourse.

96. Kev - July 13, 2007

Good stuff. NCC-1701 looks nice in that shot.

97. Charles Root - July 13, 2007


To each his own on our use of TOS Actors and whether we are up to your standards as to what is called quality work. Personally I find working with everyone just incredibly cool. I mean to be standing on the Bridge playing Scotty and to the right of me George Takei is standing there as Sulu, it’s a dream come true

But anyway we could argue that all day, but just so know this production and everyone in it is FAR FAR FAR from being “Rich”. I can’t tell you how hard it is to scrape together the cash to do these. In fact many things that would be of significant help for us simply doesn’t get done because of lack of funds.

98. THX-1138 - July 13, 2007

Hey Kulessa, why don’t you make one? I see a lot of people criticizing something they can’t do. Now I don’t have a problem with people capping so much on something that is studio produced with a big budget, but this is a fan effort fercrissakes! They AREN’T GETTING PAID!! Yeah, David isn’t Shatner. Shocker!! But like someone said before, it’s his sandbox, he can do what he wants. Kudos, ‘bro. Great job! I wish I had the stones or wherewithall to do something similar. You ever need a volunteer red-shirt to take a dive, give me call. I would be honored.
I play music professionally, and record CD’s as a hired gun. I understand criticism from people who have no real understanding what it took to produce the end result. I believe Mr. Cawley handles himself with extreme poise and humility in the face of some rather nit-picky, churlish Star Trek fans. Let’s try to be less petty and more open-minded. It sounds to me like some fans are sounding more like the people who make fun of Star Trek fans.

99. CaptainLordBat - July 13, 2007

Actually the music is original in composition. It is not 3rd season. I know because I met the composer Patrick Phillips on set!

#93 do me a favor…when you get yours made send me a link so i can see it…would love to come pick it apart!

100. Sean - July 13, 2007

Why does Rand look like an escaped mental patient?

101. Sean - July 13, 2007

Is there some reason my comment about the acting in this was deleted?

102. Shadow6283 - July 13, 2007

Man, I’d really like to see a GOOD fan film with an original story. Hidden Frontier is hella boring, this is totally unoriginal, and Tim Russ’ thing looks like all the remnants of Star Trek who couldn’t get good jobs afterwards trying to prove their worth. If only I had some friggin’ money.

Then go and make one. That’s always a good solution. That way, you don’t have to wear yourself out by critiquing someone’s else’s work down to the bare bones.

103. Shadow6283 - July 13, 2007

God knows if I were Shatner, I wouldn’t waste any of my precious twilight years trying to interact online with a bunch of whiny, nitpicking, complaining, unsatisfiable ingrates who take great delight in finding and exploiting fault with everything I’d ever done. Especially people who dog you when you’re not around and then do a total 180 when you show up. Feh.

I call it “Situational Expediency.”

104. Thomas Jensen - July 13, 2007

#99 Sure, I’ve heard they have a new composer as well; but the music from the trailer above is from the original Star Trek. If it’s a re-recording, fine, but it’s not his original composition.

105. mikeg - July 13, 2007

I want to commend the people who make ST:NV, as well as the other so-called “fanfilms.” Gene Rodenberry did what hardly anyone else has ever done — give us a playground of Peace, Optimism and Imagination to play in, and all of you people are finding terrific ways of keeping that playground open. It is a wonderful thing to do what you love, being able to put all of your heart and soul into it, and Star Trek certainly is a lot of fun!
Good job, guys! Keep it up and keep the Great Bird’s Galaxy alive…

106. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - July 13, 2007

Denny that’s the best news I’ve heard in some time. Very excited!!!! Exeter is Lord Garth’s favorite fan film!!!!

107. cm1701/mctrekkie - July 13, 2007

Hey Kulessa/94-

“… If only I had some friggin’ money”

I think, having read your obnoxious and ill-mannered post, we all know why you don’t.

1) Star trek actors want to go ’round one last time? Let ’em! God knows some got short shrift in the movies!

2) The acting and production(s) are each getting better and better. Veteran trek writers, directors and effects people aren’t sitting around waiting for your perfect dream production, Kulessa… instead they are joining onto something they think is worth while.

Furthermore, I doubt, as professionals, they would put their name, VISIBLY on a production they didn’t believe in; and since this is how they make their money, (and you’ve already said you don’t have any) perhaps we should just all sit back back, relax and enjoy our free entertainment and watch it progress episode by episode.

3) As for Streaming- perhaps it’s going to be an EVENT… it’s easier to count #’s of streams vs various downloads of dubious quality from all over. Streaming is risky, but I’m sure if things don’t go as planned there will be other methods to distribute the work.

I’m one who would actually pay a few cents (“I tunes for trek”) so these guys don’t keep having to go into 75K debt just to hear us bitch and moan over insignia every ep. If they want to preserve some rights for a later DVD release, that’s fine by me.

And seriously, if desperate Star trek fans can’t figure out how to capture a stream, then you are not worthy of your spock ears.

Oh, and as Steve Jobs says … one more thing….

ANY opportunity to see Sulu’s daughter and or Uhura again – wowza!

We trekkers have an annoying habit of letting the perfect get in the way of the good.


108. James Cawley - July 13, 2007

Well Thank You for all the kind words about New Voyages. I realize it is not everyones cup of tea. But, I have a thick skin. I can take it. I am not going away anytime soon and neither is New Voyages. I make these episodes for me, because I enjoy it, I also enjoy sharing them with all of you. The music in that trailer is 3rd season and no it isn’t available to the public, Good ears! The streaming is a Live event, and it will be the only way to see the episode for awhile. Plans on possible downloading are still being discussed. As I said previously forget all our earlier efforts and judge this one on it’s own merits. It is what I alway’s saw for New Voyages.
James Cawley

109. steve623 - July 13, 2007

“We trekkers have an annoying habit of letting the perfect get in the way of the good.”

Pardon my French, but well fucking said.

New Voyages hasn’t been jot-and-tiddle perfect, nor has anything else including the pro-Trek stuff from The Studio, but at least one thing it has over The Studio product is that its acres of fun to watch and especially to look at. I’m giddy as a kid on Christmas when these things come out because they’re so obviously made by people who know and love their TOS, they care enough to pay attention to the details, and they have a handle on the spirit of the thing. My threshold for entertainment is simple – does it entertain – and New Voyages entertains me, warts, bumps, growing pains and all. God bless ’em.

And James, you’re a gracious man to display so much civility in the face of what was aptly described as “obnoxious and ill-mannered”. Civility, folks, always civility.

110. Anthony Pascale - July 13, 2007

agree with 109

come on people….this site tries to not be like other sites. Things can be discussed at a level above some of the discourse I have seen here…plus Mr. Cawley has been nice enough to chat and share early images and a preview copy….so show a bit of civility

111. TrekLog » Blog Archive » Star Trek: New Voyages - Episode World Enough And Time feiert nächsten Monat Premiere + Mini-Review - July 13, 2007

[…] (Anm.: Dies ist eine Übersetzung des originalen Artikels (dort gibts auch Bilder aus der Episode) der sich im Trek Movie Report finden lässt und auf Informationen der Macher von Star Trek: New Voyages basiert.) […]

112. Redshirt - July 13, 2007

I like what I’ve seen so far for the new episode. And I looking forward to it. I too am A little disappointed that its going to be a live streaming video but I’ll get over it. I think my only criticism of New Voyages has been the Special Effects but they have vastly improved with the last episode.
I was never happy of the Enterprise doing flips and maneuvers like a race car. Its a small nitpick.With Fan Films I never usually expect much but from I seen its pretty good.
As far as Fan Films go I like New Voyages with Exeter being a close second. It pays off with the talent and hard work New Voyages does bring.

113. RobertMfromLI - July 13, 2007

Rainbucket [Reference post #13]: There are no cue-cards – there ARE often very very long nights which don’t help either the actors’ or crews’ efficiency or delivery… kinda like in any other series/episode/film on a very tight shooting schedule. Blood and Fire was a prime example… often 12-16 hour days for 12 days straight – in well over 90 degree sets (and thousands upon thousands of bottles of water!).

114. James Cawley - July 13, 2007

Well someone asked about my hair from the earlier episodes. The fact is, I have earned my Living working as an Elvis impersonator for companies like Legends in Concert in Las Vegas, and Hollywood Superstars. When we shot the earlier episodes, I was performing all day as Elvis, then I would drive the 1 hour home and film New Voyages all night long. I did that regimen for 2 weeks at a time. I simply could not cut my hair for New Voyages and sacrifice my real job, which was paying for New Voyages. Thus the Elvis cut. Thankfully, I have been able to avoid that in the last two episodes. I will never do that again, Trust me I hated it worse than all of you!
James Cawley

115. RobertMfromLI - July 13, 2007

[RE: 97 Charlie’s Post]

Besides the points about lack of resources, Charles is also dead on about the spirit and involvement of everyone on the NV team. I had the honor of being part of the team for Blood and Fire. EVERYONE busted their butts (like on each occassion) to try to bring the roles to life. That it may not be to everyone else’s standards – too bad. I could point out the first few SEASONS of ST:TNG as a comparison. I could point out that the NV team dont film every day for each new episode as a full time job, and thus dont have time to develop into the roles with the same ease that someone doing it every week for a full time job does…

Or, I could point out that a lot of the gripes like the one Charles was commenting about seem to boil down to “Mr. Root isnt playing the part enough like Doohan” or “Mr Root is playing the part too much like Doohan”

So, here’s a suggestion for people like the one he responded to. Pretend it’s Shakespeare… with a different set of actors for every run… concentrate on the delivery, how believable the character was, whether the character seemed real (within the confines of Star Trek), whether adequate homage was done to the spirit of the character (as opposed to the spirit of the previous actor), did the actors convey the story in a believable way?

To me, the answer to that for the entire NV team is yes… perhaps shaky on the first one (anyone remember “Where No Man Has Gone Before”?), but growing into the characters more and more each time out… WEaT was an amazing undertaking, and all the actors made amazing strides in their performances in this episode. I watched this gang during Blood and Fire put tons of effort into trying to perfect their performances, delivery, interaction and believability. Having seen WEaT (but not being there for the filming) I can imagine that their efforts were quite the same for that shooting. All while they worked horrendously long hours, and while a number of them did far more than act. Our very own Charles “Scotty” Root (as just one of many examples) is also the guy who installed the LCDs and programmed the computers that run the (blinky light) displays around the bridge station. James helps out in a dozen ways other than playing Kirk (including doing the laundry). Kim (Uhura) helped us with lighting on her days off from shooting during BaF… the list goes on and on.

My amazement is that with all the xtra jobs the cast has, they still bust their butts on a bunch of other jobs because of time constraints, short crews, to help speed things along to keep the production on schedule or simply because of their love of this thing we call New Voyages.

It’s a wonderful team (full of wonderful people) – putting their all into making something extraordinary… give em a chance. Judge them by the story they tell and how they tell it. Try not to judge them simply because they are not Shatner, Nimoy, Kelley, etc…

116. chrispikeswheelchair - July 13, 2007

Looking forward to next month’s premier of WEAT! To Mr. James Cawley:

Thanks again to you and all your friends for the blood sweat and tears that go into every one of your episodes. The critics who nitpick kill me. What you and your STNV family have created is truly amazing- from a technical as well as an artistic standpoint. I’d face the NY summer (and studio) heat in a second to be a part of that! Alas- wife small kids and career will keep me at the PC wating to stream and hopefully DOWNLOAD your next ep. soon after! Keep smiling, keep up the great work and enjoy every moment. Thanks for letting me in to watch all the fun!

117. last o' the timelords - July 13, 2007

James, you drove the one hour from Vegas to NY? Wow, you really are Kirk!!

All kidding aside, I am hugely jealous of you doing something I’ve wanted to do since the 70’s. I learned pretty quickly how hard it is to do even a short film well.

You’re livin’ the dream, baby!!

118. CaptainLordBat - July 13, 2007

I stand corrected about the music in the trailer. After all *I* am not gonna argue with the “Captain” :) Or he won’t let me come back and play Star trek anymore :) Nice to see you here James!

119. Dr. Image - July 13, 2007

James, as a guy who does character re-creations and costuming, I can totally relate. Just keep up the good work and ignore the naysayers.

120. Queefer Bukkake - July 13, 2007

If I can’t download it I ain’t watching.

121. Ripper - July 13, 2007

“If I can’t download it I ain’t watching.”

Ok… seems a little dramatic. Just cus you can’t download it doesn’t mean it stops you from watching it.

Streaming factor? Whats the big deal. Get to watch it live don’t you. And do you remember the days in the 60s where very few had VCRs you couldnt record your favorite things. Computers were primitive. There was no internet and you had to wait week by week by your TV for your latest trek fix without the ability to keep the episode.

The fact that the internet is here and we have a wide access to resources has seriously put a stop to all that. People want want want… and want the ability to keep.

We all take the internet for granted now. Just cus you can’t download it doesn’t mean you can’t watch it. If you were a fan and or you were interested in the next episode then you would happily join the majority of us in connecting to the stream on August 23rd and enjoying a new Trek adventure.

122. Ripper - July 13, 2007

Additional: Also you’ve gotta think again that we are so used to this modern wonder of technology. High Definition Plasma TVs, Dolby Surround Sound.

And we’re moaning cus its going to be streaming and only can watch it on a computer.

Again 1960s…. Televisions were small the screens were small. Most would watch in Black and White. Color only became widely used in te late 60s and early 70s.

There was no digital age. It was all film and print.

Again we take the fact we live in a digital age for granted.

As i said…. if you really were a fan and or were interested in the next episode. You wouldn’t bitch about not being able to download but instead just join the rest of us in watching this new adventure on August 23rd

123. Queefer Bukkake - July 14, 2007

Ripper, your narrow definition of a fan is silly. I have every right not to like the fact that I can’t download it and watch it when I want to. That’s the way they’ve been doing it, that’s the way I want it again. Sorry if my preference bothers you. It’s not as if my not watching is going to lower its ratings and get it cancelled.

I remember when you had to get up and change channels on the TV. I remember when there were only three networks. Big deal. I want to be able to download the show, I don’t see how I’m some kind of disloyal fan because of it.

124. Ripper - July 14, 2007

no i understand the fan being of it all. I get that. But whats the real harm in watching the stream until a download is made availab.e.

Let me put this to you. I

Do you prefer to wait for a series to be released on DVD so you can own it and watch it over and over again or would you rather watch an episode as it airs each week on TV?

This is before you had the chance to have tivo or dvdrw etc.

Nobody has said its not going to be made downloadable yet. Just for the time its going to be made as a stream.

125. Queefer Bukkake - July 14, 2007

Good Lord, Ripper, let it go. I don’t want to have to sit at my computer at a designated time to see an inferior and amateur production of one of my favorite shows. They simply aren’t good enough for me to work my schedule around them.

Actually, I do wait for some shows to come out on DVD, because I don’t like following a weekly schedule (too much else to do, my friend) and I don’t own any recording devices. I watched enough episodes of Arrested Development to know that I liked it, but missed the majority when they aired. So now I have them all on DVD.

If I can’t download it, I ain’t watching. Simple as that. If it’s ever available as a download, I will gladly do that and watch at my convenience.

I hope you all like it and that it becomes a great big sensation.


126. Ripper - July 14, 2007

Amateur? Inferior?

*grumbles and wanders off*

127. Queefer Bukkake - July 14, 2007

Oh come on. I’m not trying to hurt any feelings, I’m just being honest. They aren’t being paid for this, so by definition it’s amateur. But that also means some things lack from a professional production. While the effects have improved greatly, much of the acting has definitely been unprofessional. Some has been downright awful.

I didn’t want to say this and hurt feelings, but the truth must now be told.

Anybody who says these are as good as the originals has no ability to discern. By comparison (except for effects) NV is inferior to the original. That happens when you don’t have a big budget and film quality actors.

I hold no ill will toward Mr. Cawley and his crew. They’re skirting a weird territory between fan films and professional films, and it’s a hell of a lot of work for folk who must also go to other jobs to pay the bills. I admire that, and recognize that I certainly couldn’t do it.

I look forward to a time when I can download it and see how much they’ve improved. But based on what I’ve seen before, I’m not going to stop my life on August 23rd just to watch it.

But I love you all and don’t think badly of any of you.

128. Al - July 14, 2007

James Cawley answered me about the hair!

129. Cervantes - July 14, 2007

Although I notice that he DIDN’T answer what he meant by his ” Although much of what I have heard about the production design does bother me” comment in his # 53 post regarding the new Movie… ;)

What does he know that we don’t yet, I wonder? Should we be nervous?

130. James Cawley - July 14, 2007

I know enoughto know, That I won’t as a purist like it.

131. Cervantes - July 14, 2007

# 30 James Cawley

Oh dear… Thankyou, that helps…a little. As a fellow TOS “purist” of sorts, and as a designer, I am awaiting the overall design “look” of this effort with interest. I will now take it that I better prepare myself for some “surprises”…

132. Cervantes - July 14, 2007

That of course should have been # 130, not # 30.

Stanky, it seems that this thing JUST MAY be going further than replacement actors and “red rails” now… Maybe it just should have been a DIFFERENT TOS-era crew storyline after all…

133. DJT - July 14, 2007

Mr. Cawley – despite what I said before, I gotta say you got balls coming on here. No matter what is said by the nay *ahem* sayers… thank you for putting your version out there.


134. Al - July 14, 2007

Double the balls.

135. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - July 14, 2007

ABout 6 years ago at WizardCon in Chicago. My buddies and I attended the George Takei and Nichelle Nichols chat. We sat in the front row and I raised my hand to ask a question about how Rick Berman had ruined the true vision of Star Trek and was running it into the ground. This was around the time the whole Sulu TV adventures thing was being thrown around. I just remembered it now as I watched the New Voyages trailer. I am a bodybuilder, my body looks like Markey Mark’s and believe it or not I look a great deal like a younger (More italian) Shatner. Anyway Takei said , in perfect Takei-ish ” You there with the muscles, ha, ha, ha”” Most applauded my question, a couple of them hissed (prob Xai- kidding) But he gave a great diplomatic -Berman bashing answer that the crowd loved and was in line with what most of us seem to think. Anyway thought I’d share the experience.

136. chrispikeswheelchair - July 14, 2007

Ya know, I’ve got to say in regards to James and what he knows about the new Trek so far that maybe “reimagined” is good at this point (at the big screen level). I’m still on the fence because I have no info on the new production- just know I like all things Trek. Hell, I even own the entire Enterprise series AND I LIKE IT FOLKS, it was well done. Yes for gods sakes, I like Scotty B. as Capt. Archer too! Sits right next to my TOS DVD’s.

I was a doubter on the new BSG but really was blown away on the mini series and each regular season has been great. To be honest, I’m almost hopeful the New Trek is a bit different so as not to detract from the STNV crew and their escapades. I’ll stay purist and loyal watching the Cawley gang portray TOS the way we all grew up with. It would be nice some day if Paramount would see their way to licensing STNV. I’d buy these future episodes on DVD in a heartbeat!

137. Stephan - July 14, 2007

This would be a great way to resove the Shatner as Kirk problem.Just get Shatner in one of these trekkie fan films.

138. Kirk's Girdle - July 14, 2007

Regarding the CGI-look of the Excelsior. I just saw a demo reel from an FX guy named Alex Bibby. It looks as though the chair George was sitting in wasn’t canon, so he CG’d the back rest and added George’s tea table as well.

Great to have you here, James. You’re livin’ the dream.

139. Queefer Bukkake - July 14, 2007

Why does being a purist mean that things have to look like the same cheap low budget sets that TOS had. If they had more money they would have ramped things up as well. By following that logic, NV should have worse special effects to match the original show.

140. Shadow6283 - July 14, 2007

>>Why does being a purist mean that things have to look like the same cheap low budget sets that TOS had. If they had more money they would have ramped things up as well. By following that logic, NV should have worse special effects to match the original show.

141. Shadow6283 - July 14, 2007

Because it’s Cawley’s money, and his idea, is why. It’s like people who love gold: Why do they love it? Because they like it and they can afford it.

‘Nuff said.

142. Shadow6283 - July 14, 2007

Let’s see…Yes. Me. Make that “TOS” Elitist and Purist.

143. Greg2600 - July 14, 2007

Queefer, I think you’re completely missing the concept of Fan Films. I myself am not a Fan Film guy, because the large majority are hideous. But I give most of them a look (if they are easy enough to download/watch) that are based on series/movies I like. I have more interest in what New Voyages is doing because of the authenticity of the sets and getting TOS actors to do it (not to mention writers Gerrold and Fontana). It’s not official, but the irony is people are happy to watch them. The great irony is of course, that they have become this popular while Paramount has Trek lay dormant and is preparing a re-make, following 15 years of TOS hating by Rick Berman. That is the news-worthiness of them.

144. Agent 47 - July 14, 2007

130. James Cawley – July 14, 2007
I know enough to know, That I won’t as a purist like it.

you have insider gossip then?? i won’t ask you to spill the beans as it wouldn’t be fair :) however………..

Q: what is your opinion on the alleged rumour that Mr Nimoy may be in the new film and not William Shatner?

and again, thanks for the excellent work you do on NV,keep the episodes coming :)

145. James Cawley - July 14, 2007

I really had hoped both actors would be in the new film, In fact, I still hope they find a way. No ONE has more Respect and Love for the Shat , than me!! He is my childhood Hero, and will always be so.

146. Queefer Bukkake - July 14, 2007

I think it’s funny you guys think I don’t get it just because I don’t agree with you. As if there is only one valid opinion to have about fan films. Last I remember, society had not agreed on any laws surrounding the making of a fan flim.

Look guys, I’ll get out of here. You’re all a little too Fundamentalist for me. I thought this would be more of a serious discussion instead of a pep rally. I love Star Trek, and because of that, I’m highly critical. I’m going to start hurting feelings if I haven’t already, and I don’t want to do that here.

Kisses, Love and Hugs!

147. seangh - July 14, 2007

Starship Exeter Rocks! – it’s the closest to the TOS feeling that I’ve seen in any of the fan films. Because New Voyages uses the legendary characters from TOS, they have a much harder sell – and I’m not buying it – sorry.

148. Shadow6283 - July 14, 2007

It’s amazing that one can find so much to say about nothing in this matter. All this nitpicking, hair-splitting and disseminating minutiae down to the bare bones is all too prevalent, and syptomatic of what’s wrong in today’s Trekdom and why nonfans in the general public view its fans like exhibits in a Natural History Museum or something, only more alien.

Mr. Cawley said he had a thick hide. He’ll need one thicker than tritanium if he persists in hanging around here and making folks understand–IT’S JUST A FAN FILM, nothing more.

149. John Broughton - July 15, 2007

Over the weekend, I, among numerous Star Trek fans viewed WORLD ENOUGH AND TIME at the Shore Leave convention and it received a strong standing ovation. Fans stood up, applauded for an eternity with screams of joy. In the wise words of Rich Newman, “Star Trek is back…and this time, the fans own it.”

CONGRATS to my family of Star Trek New Voyages on another successful episode.

150. Shadow6283 - July 15, 2007

Mr. Cawley, regarding the premiere of NV’s next episode, please show it somewhere else in addition to a ST Con. It’s basically an indie, hey, hit those spots I’m certain you’ll get the same amount of positive buzz, but without the typical historical baggage that comers with folks whose sole existence demands they fillet anything of the most trivial sort right down to the subatomic level and drfive normal people into apoplectic fits, over and over again, ad infinitum. Without surcease. Day in, day out, till the stars burn no more, for God’s sake.

This predilection is all too endemic for some inexplicable reason in this particular branch of SFdom. You’d think this stuff was a religion or mystic philosophy or whatever. I’ve Trekked for 40 years, and it certainly never meant that much to me. I guess that makes me an UNBELIEVER, IDOLATER, HEATHEN!!!! Oh, the shame. It’s awful. For my sins, I shall drink bitter tranya, and suffer the flames of non-canonical hell. No, no. I beg you, Gene Roddenberry, forgive my trespasses. Amen. :P


That kind of idiocy’s why Trek, it’s sad to say, has such a stigma attached to it. The time to remove it has come, and look to the future where people of all stripes and philosophies can enjoy ST without being indoctrinated into some kind of quasireligious dogma requiring you to basically behave as if you have lost all connections to reality.

JJ’s taking ST mainstream, and by God, it’s long overdue, and something you too should consider. In the end, it’s your call, but, it’s still something you should think very carefully as the future beckons. You and the good folks at NV are part of that future, and you’d be wise to seize it while you can.

151. Kirk: The Jack Bauer Of Space - July 15, 2007

The movie uniforms were the best. Whatever little details are off in this NV episode doesn’t bother me…. I love TOS, but the uniforms were much improved in ST II on. I didn’t like the TNG uniforms, but they improved them in season 3 on, and they were ok. TNG movie uniforms (the drab gray ones) are terrible.

New Voyages is an awesome show, and I’ve always thought the acting is… acceptable. Come on, the acting wasn’t always all that great in TOS to begin with… but anyway NV is always improving. Kirk’s (Cawley’s) hair in NV has never bothered me since I am also a huge Elvis fan. :) I think Kirk’s uniform in NV should be Elvis’ “Aloha From Hawaii” stage costume from 1973. :D

152. fascinoma - July 15, 2007

To all the naysayers,

I love ST:NV because they actually give stories and character development to the characters who were just “tokens” in TOS. TOS was the Kirk, Spock and Bones show. Chekov and Sulu. Awesome! I’m hoping for an Uhura story and a Scotty story, too. And I’m hoping for a story which shows us Chapel’s decision to go to med school!

153. Shadow6283 - July 15, 2007

Good points. Anything can benefit from improvements, and ostensibly, constructive advice, not carping and nitpicking. NV’s no different, and it will find its proper balance in time, despite its fans.

That aside, I caution Mr. Cawley to remember the best advice my book agent ever gave me: Quoting the great writer Samuel Johnson, “No man, except an idiot, ever wrote anything except for money,” unquote. All the lights, cameras, action, admiration, accolades, whatever, are all fine and good, but they don’t put no dilithium in the warpdrive.

Though NV is helped by lots of people volunteering time and effort, Mr. Cawley’s still out of plenty of out of pocket dough in order to present this thing to a lot of people for nothing, and even the deepest pockets can run dry. At some point, he’s going to have to consider going the route of Of Gods and Men and getting some kind of official sanction for this stuff in order to make things financially easier on he and his production. There’s no avoiding it, no matter how much folks enjoy wildcatting.

Money. Lucre. Credits. That’s the name of the game. As much as I love Trek, there’s no way I’d shell out that kinda dinero, especially knowing the mentality of the target demographic, UNLESS I’d be damned certain of making it back at some point. No way, folks. Forget it. Though, for those who choose to do so, God bless ’em and may they live long and prosper.

No matter the good intent involved, this crowd could turn on him and NV in a heartbeat and it’ll be him out of sight and out of money in the end and they’ll just find somebody else to latch onto, and he’d still be financially strapped and adrift.

Just a thought.

154. snake - July 16, 2007

Hey James Cawly

Did you know that Elvis used to like watching Star Trek?

“Elvis next performed in Philadelphia on 28th May (boot release “Philadelphia 77″) and here, as can be seen in film of the show, is where Elvis in public started showing how unwell he REALLY was. Soon in the show Elvis, as usual apologizes for being late-his excuses now seem remarkable, whether it was visiting a Dentist in Charlotte, lost in a parking lot in Philadelphia or watching STAR TREK in Lincoln! “

155. Diabolik - July 16, 2007

By the way, Queefer Bukkake, are you as offensive as your user name or is it just to get attention?

156. Major Joe Ely Carrales, CAP - July 17, 2007

I enjoy the New Voyages…I like seeing the TOS Enterprise and the sets are good.

Kudos, James Cawley.

I also like Starship Exeter.

What I will not like is a “Planet of the Apes/Lost in Space Reimaging” of Star Trek. BSG works because the original BSG, while a cult classic and enjoyed by me greatly, was obscure for many years. Star Trek has been a hot property since TMP and fans know it.

New Voyages and Exeter are excellent examples of what Star Trek is. Taking it all and making it “cooler” or “redesiging the ORIGINAL USS Enterprise” into a “STAR DESTROYER” or “So Called Modern” look…or making it “WAY off the MARK” will destroy Star Trek to that point.

Star Trek is “period film making” that works in a set universe like one might read history.

I really hope the new film makers don’t give us “the New Lost in Space Trek” or “Burton’s Planet of the Ape Trek.”

They have a great burden to bear…I hope they can pull it off. If not, well at least we got TOS-Remastered.

157. Jeffrey S. Nelson - July 17, 2007

108. James Cawley streaming video

I hope we don’t have to wait too long for downloading of the new episode. Not all of us can stream. What is the logic in this new direction? I thought you wanted the biggest audience available. Or is this coming to dvd? I thought the Koenig episode was coming to dvd, by the way.

158. Alexander of Platonius - July 18, 2007

You’ve got to respect Cawley’s dedication and willingness to take shots — he may be an amateur, but he acts like a pro.

I do have to agree though that I just can’t ‘get into’ New Voyages because the actors are manifestly NOT Kirk, Spock etc. I wish they had recreated the TOS period using a different Constitution class ship and new crew — I think that would have been the best option. Still, I’ve done some amateur filmwork and what these guys do is truly remarkable.

159. Kevin - July 18, 2007

Last week I had the opportunty to see an advanced screening of the Star Trek New Voyages episode – “The World And Time Enough”, with the writer – Michael Reaves, and several industry friends, including the most awsome ST FX supervisor in the world – Daren Dochterman, BSG FX Wiz – Mojo, Comic God Marv Wolfman, Free Enterprise director/writer – Robert Meyer Burnett, and Emmy nominated writer and Jawa Vocal artist – Steve Melching.

I had herd of ST:TNV and had even seen James Cawley on a few TV shows. But this was the first time I had seen a full episode of TNV, and I must say this was a fine introduction to the series. If Paramount had any brains, they would slide James and crew a few duckets for their efforts and then charge $2.50 a download for this stuff on iTunes because it was deffnately worth the price of a Starbucks coffee.

Now to be fair to ths “mini-review”, I did go back and download the last three episodes, and honestly, the first was unwatchable. The second was only lightly better, and the third while having a much higher production value, a good story, much mproved acting and the addition of Walter Koenig, it was still lacking something that kept it at the “fan film” level.

However, this latest episode turely rises to a level of sheer entertainment, and perhaps more importantly to the readers of this site – really good Star Trek. This is because the episode focuses on what made the original ST great – great characters having to deal with real dificult choices, choices that aren’t simply solved by a Gordi building a faze-enduser, or 7 of 9 tapping into a gravametric-partical-generator to reverse the tachion-pulse.

Gerge Takei gives the best performance as Sulu EVER! It easy to see why he did this, you really walk away from this knowing a little more about him and Micheal has managed to create a whole new layer of depth to his character, that should inspire many a papperback novel.

In addition the young man who played the young Sulu – John Lim, turned in a remarable performance. He’s not ape’n George. He’s just Sulu.

Now it’s not all roses There are still some rough spots with the acting from the main characters, but they improve with every episode. Of partcular note are the actors who play Spock and Scotty, Jeff Quin and Charles Root, respectively. Both have really improved over the last three previous episodes and let’s face it, it’s really hard not to see Lenard and James in those roles. Even James has “toned down” the “Shatener-izms” and given a nice performance.

I don’t want to go into to much detail on the plot and the twist and turns. It’s really something you should see for yourself, and I hope you all will.

As for me, I’m one of the converted as to the thought that fan films can rarely, if ever rise to a level of such perfessionalism. And I do speak with some authority on the subject. I’m one of the people creditied with starting the whole “fan film” genere. My name is Kevin Rubio, and I am the creator of TROOPS, and James if you ever want another director who will give up his time for free to come and play in the new world you’ve created, consider this my enlistment in Star Fleet.

-Kevin (Boldly Going Nowhere) Rubio

160. raulpetersen - August 22, 2007

to james cawley:

i thought star trek died in 1991, thanks to you and your shipmates its back!!!

p.s. naysayers if you dont like dont watch!

161. Demode - August 23, 2007

I really hope we can get a few “Excelsior” episodes made by the New Voyages gang.

JAMES CAWLEY… would you ever consider playing a new character if you ever did an Excelsior series? Like being Sulu’s new First Officer? I really would love to see some “stand alone” Excelsior episodes, and seeing you and the NV Gang playing the new Excelsior crew would be super cool!

162. JVene - August 26, 2007

I hope this site won’t mind a link – I found the episode from a link here

If you have a bit torrent client, you can get it. It’s 200Mbytes, comes as an mp4 (which confused my copy of quicktime, so I renamed it to an avi extension and Windows media played it).

The download took maybe 30 minutes (maxed out my DSL).

Frankly, the episode brought a “tear to me eye”.

I agree with many of the observations made (there may be weaknesses in some acting), but overall the episode delivers great impact.

Sulu’s daughter is a gem of an actress here.

Mr. Takei was magnificent. The teasers don’t do the episode justice.

There appears to be 3 endings. No, I don’t mean alternates, but there are 3 points at the tail where the episode could have concluded. Still, it works. I wouldn’t want to miss any of them, especially the final scene.

There’s more here than just an episode. This team is demonstrating that a new means of preparing and delivering a series is emerging. It’s more important than just a Star Trek episode, or a fan film. In the years ahead, we may see a series gather an audience before a network could ‘take a chance’ on something new.

163. Duane - September 16, 2007

This was the best episode of the fan series, by far. It’s always good to see more of Star Trek and to have the original series expanded a bit.

For anyone who criticizes the props, acting, etc. bear this in mind: these people are making these films at their own expense. The deal they have with Paramount specifies that no profits be made from these films. Contributions are welcome, of course. But, try to remember that this is a labor of love for these people and, while they do have access to Star Trek actors and scriptwriters on occasion, they don’t have the kind of budget that could keep all the little details in-line with what the nitpickers want.

While all the episodes are good, the latest one is the best. Though I will admit that there is a plot hole with Chekov. In “To Serve All My Days” Chekov is supposed to have died, yet he is alive in the fourth film. No word about how he was supposed to have “gotten better”. I’d like to see that one issue answered.

164. Simon Morgan - September 19, 2007

I have only ONE issue with the New Voyages eps: Scotty

FFS Mr Cawley, get someone who can at least do a reasonable approximation of a scottish accent!!

Apart from that minor quibble, the show is superb and I’ve watched all the episodes. Although ‘World Enough & Time’ is very good, I personally enjoyed ‘To Serve All My Days’ more.

165. Mike Fatigati - September 26, 2007

Star Trek is about possibilities. It gave us a chance to look up at the stars and say ‘why not!’. The original three seasons fed a hunger that was created by the Cold War space race, beginning when parents took their kids outside at night to see the newly launched Echo satellite. The ‘can-do, never-say-die’ attitude that was personified in Bones, Scotty, Kirk, and Spock reminded us that our ability to reach out for the possibilities in life arose in a desire to be more, do more than those that came before us.
New Voyages is a testament to that same attitude. You guys are to be congratulated for the loyalty to the vision and the fine effort expended. You’ve created a platform for…more! It’s easy to criticize plot lines, costumes, acting quality and so on, but to pull it all together with such faithfulness is awesome!

166. Muskie - September 28, 2007

I have been a Trek fan since I was a teen in the early 70’s. I used to eat, sleep and breath the show (a true Trek Geek.) My biggest ambition of the time was to make my own Trek movies and I even built some cheesy props and sets and make some 8mm films. It was all fun but then I grew up.

Today, I had my old dreams flash before me when I discovered the New Voyages and saw “World Enough and Time”. Wow. It completely blew me away. This is exactly what I had always wanted to do, and it was done so well.

I know the acting could be improved, and I’m sure it will over time. But the sets and props are just fantastic. I swear that these guys were standing on the original sets. Bravo and kudos.

And the story was wonderful. It had me in tears a couple of times.

Keep up the great work. I look forward to watching every new episode.


167. doggone - October 1, 2007

Ref – Spock & Kirk: Let me get this straight..!! Elvis is now in command of the Enterprise and Spock hangs out at all the “gay bars’ on Vulcan. ?

This Spock, with lipstick, and eyeshadow, and all, is waaay over the top..

168. Fozzithebear - October 11, 2007

Well said by the many that recognized the hard work done for nothing by these fine folks.
It is always easier to tear down than build up. Not one of you people that sit and watch this labor of love have given anything more than a little of your time to sit and watch this episode and then pontificate as if you are a professional and criticize about such profound issues as whether the piping is correct on a turtleneck.

This was a professional production through and through in my opinion, and while there are always more improvements that can be made in acting, lighting or whatever, the storyline, and bits of life’s truth and sacrifice that are to be found in this story make this some of the best treklore and storytelling I have seen to date.

My thanks to all who put this and future episodes into existence. Thank you.
It brings me back to the times I first saw many “new” trek episodes and fell in love with the original series and some of the following series.
When a line like “Second star to the right and straight on till morning” moved me or seeing someone sacrifice themselves so that another may live. The epitome of nobility, and what I believe to be the heart of Trek.

May this series, the fans who love it and those that support these efforts live long and prosper.
Thank you.

169. Duane Donald - October 15, 2007

I just viewed the first new Trek (“The World And Time Enough”) and I must say the writing was very much on par with the originals. The acting, well I won’t say much about the acting – though, I must say the jewel in the acting was Christina Moses. She really sold the role and showed a very impressive ability.
Had I written the script, I think I might have been tempted to keep her character alive just to have the actress back in a reoccurring role.
Production values were excellent and I look forward to the next installment –
Thanks for the flashback
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