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Nimoy Coy About Part In New ‘Star Trek’ – Shatner Says He Is Not In It [UPDATED] July 22, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Conventions/Events/Attractions,Nimoy,Shatner , trackback

William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy appeared today at a Creation’s New Jersey Star Trek convention. received a con report from Ky-Malairn who reports that Nimoy was pestered for details regarding his participation in the new film, but would only repeat

As of this time I don’t have a deal to be in the new Star Trek movie.

Nimoy seems to be playing with the ‘legalsm’ of not having a final deal, but as reported earlier it looks likely he has a part in the movie (but things can always change). The original Spock promised that more would be coming from J.J. Abrams Thursday at Comic Con, including "any plans and any casting that he has at that time."  Nimoy did say that he thought the script was good. Regarding J.J. Abrams Nimoy said:

The most important thing is that I really think the Star Trek franchise is in very good hands and has a great future

Shatner not in the movie…wants to know what is going on
When Shatner appeared he told the audience not to believe Nimoy about the new movie because "he knows everything!." He repeated his story (reported earlier) about how he was not in the new film, but that Nimoy was. He joked with the crowd about not being able to understand why Paramount wanted Nimoy but not him since he was "so popular now." Shatner made it clear he is not in the movie:

I wish I were in it, but I’m not in it…what can I tell you?

When Nimoy came back on stage Shatner pulled a chair up for him so that he could be questioned about the movie. Shatner (comically) yelled at Nimoy when questioning him about the film,

What’s the plot!?  Who does what to  who!?  I want to know what happens goddamnit! and why arent I in it!?

UPDATE: Nimoy Told Abrams Shatner should be in it
Doug (aka Frontier – Admin of The Omega Sector) sends in an update. During their joint session Shatner and Nimoy had the following exchange:

Shatner: Did you tell him [Abrams] you thought I should be in it?

Nimoy: Yes, I did. I told Abrams I think it would be much better with you in it.

Shatner: Good!

see the rest of Doug’s report at TheOmegaSector

new videos have been uploaded to YouTube from the con from user unclebripa…here is a selection from the Nimoy/Shat talks

Got tips or images from the con?
If you attended the New Jersey Con and have any good photos or more info please send in a tip via the tipline so you can share.

Many thanks to Ky Malarin and Doug for the reports, and unclebripa for the videos

Image courtesy MrShutterBug (see full flickr gallery from Cherry Hill)


1. Quatlo - July 22, 2007

I wouldn’t be that The Shat won’t be in the new film.

2. Craig - July 22, 2007

I wonder if they could only just show a new poster with new art work and that is it? Will they really do a cast and plot announcement on Thursday?

3. Thomas - July 22, 2007

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. That said, I can picture it now. If J.J. makes cast announcements and they don’t include Shatner, the conventioners may very well riot.

4. Twisty - July 22, 2007

i think its just some big stunt let people think the shat is not in it and then reveal he is……..

5. Stanky McFibberich - July 22, 2007

You can be sure that whatever they announce, it will be less than what you want to know.

6. Nelson - July 22, 2007

I sure would like to understand why Mr. Pascale feels that based on what he’s heard, Nimoy is in Star Trek 2008 and Shatner is not. (And I do believe that Mr. Pascale would have better first hand knowledge based on his position and role at

What I read here and elsewhere, which is very little on this topic, is that it’s all rumour with no hard facts. I didn’t read anything here that actually says definitively or even vaguely that so and so is in and so and so is not. I recall a quote that was posted here that Shatner was allegedly angry at Nimoy because he’s not in the film, is that true? I can’t find it. I’m sure it’s gossip. Why does he appear to be so friendly and joking with Nimoy at this convention if he is?

I think Shatner is having fun ribbing Nimoy and Nimoy is having his fun ribbing Shatner. Possibly to raise more controversy about the film. Possibly as a negotiating ploy, as others have mentioned. Or just having fun to raise attention to himself.

I do believe there is a new movie and it appears that Thursday will have some facts from the makers of the film. But all this clamoring about if or will he or won’t he is just all rumors and reading more into people comments then there is. It’s all to get fandom in a froth.

I believe in life goes on. Nothing is forever.

7. Tim Handrahan - July 22, 2007

Shatner and Nimoy are both at this convention………….Does anyone else think that something big is in the works and we are all being led on? My guess is that Shatner will be in the film by the end of next week.

8. Ky-Malairn - July 22, 2007

Hey guys,

I was the one who sent in the info from the convention. That’s my blurry camera pic of Shat in the article. Shatner did mention that the net picked up the story that he was somehow angry about not being asked to participate in the new film. He laughed it off and said he was sad, not bitter.

The way Shatner was hamming it up and ribbing his buddy kind of leads me to believe that these guys are indeed going to have a little spot in the new film and are just having fun with the fans. Every time they mentioned the film there was a whole wink-wink aspect to it.

I don’t know. Just my opinion, possibly clouded by my desire to see these guys back in the uniform.


9. Xai - July 22, 2007

Rumors, gossip, inuendo and no confirmation and no confirmation. It’s the same people saying the same thing… again.
I wait until Thursday, but there will be people under my post that will rant, rave, offer solutions (script-wise) and possibly threaten.

Watch and read.

10. dalek - July 22, 2007

I feel really sorry for Bill. But more than that I feel more sorry for myself as a fan that I won’t see him in the new film…..

Ah well, Farscape’s coming back and Doctor Who is better than ever!!!

11. Agent69 - July 22, 2007

The reason Shatner is in such a good mood, even though he is (probably) not in a new movie is that he got another Emmy nomination. Hope he wins his third one.

12. Stanky McFibberich - July 22, 2007

Xai is right.

And I still don’t believe anything that noteworthy will happen on Thursday either.

13. VOODOO - July 22, 2007

Shatner not being in this films stinks.

14. redstatesrule - July 22, 2007

11. Agent 69:

I’d bet he would win if this last season of Boston Legal had been better. I thought it was lousy, and we’re talking about my favorite show. And the emmy submission episode was not the superior episode. I don’t know who watches but Shatner’s best work of his career was in the 15th epsiode of season 3 (or so I thought) — “Son of the Defender,” which flashbacked to the roll of an attorney he played in 1957. That would have won him an emmy…

Anyway on topic. It looks like Nimoy is in it, and it looks like it’s taking place post Generations. That will please a lot of upset fans. I wonder if that was the reason behind it.

15. VOODOO - July 22, 2007

I wonder if they can still keep the Kirk character alive somehow by bringing the younger version of Kirk into Spock’s era?

Just a thought.

16. Nelson - July 22, 2007

Thanks to the people who submitted the videos from the convention and the people who made it available here. Great to hear them talk and joke about it. They haven’t changed since the last time I saw them.

I too agree with post #9

17. Thomas - July 22, 2007

We still don’t have any firm idea what specific time period in which this movie will take place. Frankly, I personally have had enough of time travel in Star Trek.
I subscribe to the theory that Shatner and Nimoy are up to something; either to get the fans talking (in which case, they have succeeded) or as a negotiation ploy.

18. Danny - July 22, 2007

several things could be happening – prepare to be confused

(A) Shatner isnt in it because of Boston Legal
(B) Shatner’s saying no, partially lying because hes trying to get time off BL
(C) Nimoy’s in it’ Shat’s not
(D) They’re both actually in it but are lying under orders, as JJ doesnt want the press hounding anyone for details
(E) Shatner’s in it, Nimoy’s not
(F) They’re both in it through archive – which would frankly be the biggest cheat
(G) Nimoy turned it down, as hes enjoying retirement too much.
(H) At the end there’s a birthday party and Shatner, Nimoy, Armin Shimerman, Marina Sirtis and Spot The Cat jump out of a huge CGI cake.

Either way i hope at least one of them’s in it!!! I’d like D to be true, as Spock would say it’s logical, as it would mirror Russell T Davies’ Dr Who strategy of letting as little out as possible, though giving bits out for publicity. It would be nice to have the 2 back in character to go with Nichols, Koenig, lee Whitney and Takei doing fanfilms, meaning all the surviving original cast have returned to their roles this century, no disrespect to James Doohan and DeForest Kelley who were wonderful actors. Even Majel Barrett voices New Voyages next ep!!

im a big nostalgia freak i know, and im sorry.
and im 19


19. Jim J - July 22, 2007

#7 & 8-
The more I see on this subject, PLUS the ribbing THE SHAT gave to Lenny, I truly think he IS going to be in it. I think it’s all about publicity. I would not be shocked at all if they announce Lenny’s part on Thursday but NOT a part for THE SHAT.

No offense to Anthony, but his “soucres” may even be using him as a decoy (telling us NO SHAT). Anthony always tries to give us accurate info, and I love this site for that reason. However, I would not be a bit surprised if a week or two before the movie releases, some kind of “leak” suddenly happens and the rumor is that THE SHAT will be in it.

Frankly, they could pull it off in a Bob Newhart/Bobby Ewing sort of way, even with the filming location. Am I holding out hope because I like THE SHAT? Sure!!! But, either way, I WILL see this movie. I just think this is to lure in the people that are riding the fence about seeing the movie. Once they hear THE SHAT is in it, they’ll come out in droves just to see HOW???!!!!! Other people who already planned to see the movie aren’t going to suddenly change their mind and NOT come to it, just because of Bill.

Then again, I could be totally wrong. I do think this is all to generate interest and turn things around. Let’s hope it works. Live long and prosper, Star Trek.

20. Anthony Pascale - July 22, 2007

Nelson….my reporting on Nimoy being in it and Shatner not is based on things I have heard for about a month now….even before Shat’s video. All these public comments seem to confirm. I do not know for sure, but hell nobody knows for sure, but that is what I am reporting now as the rumor I believe in currently. Of course this could all be an elaborate deceptoin plan and that I am being used and manipulated….but why would they bother?

Thanks again to Ky for the tips! Anyone else have tops from cons let me know

by the way I am looking for comic con helpers too….i cant be everywhere at once!

21. Thomas - July 22, 2007

Kudos. That is the most well-thought-out explanation I have seen thus far to explain Shatner’s supposed absence from this movie.
And I agree with Danny that it is possible that Shatner may have prior committments to Boston Legal that he may be able to get out of.

22. mctrekkie - July 22, 2007

Thank you # 8, for posting these.

I especially liked the last vid, one where Nimoy says to Shatner [re Generations] if I had been there… you wouldn’t have died”

I’m only just over the bridge from that con. Now I wish I had gone.

Thanks again for the videos. I hope creation lets you keep em up on you tube for a while longer.

23. dalek - July 22, 2007

Shatner is the only person who is ever honest about what’s happening with Star Trek — see the previous Enterprise appearance debacle for evidence (all along he kept saying, it’s about money and he hadnt heard back from them) whilst everyone else was stringing us along with disinformation.

I don’t get the feeling Shatner is teasing at all. Of course he’s downplaying it with humour — I hardly think the man’s gonna come out crying to an audience of people who have paid to be entertained lol

24. CmdrR. - July 22, 2007

I suspect Paramount is just dotting the t’s and crossing the i’s. Whatever decision is made, Shatner’s on board. Whether he’s on film or a cheerleader, he’s on board.
Anyway… as has been said, we’re gonna be the last to know. Good. Who wants to know everything BEFORE seeing a movie?

25. redstatesrule - July 22, 2007


You’re right. He is always honest about it … that’s probably why they don’t want him in it. He’ll blow everything they’re trying to keep secret.

26. Still Kirok - July 22, 2007

There’s nothing new here. Just the same lousy news as before. Maybe Abrams will get the disappointment and do something about it. It’s annoying because Shatner wants in. He’ll make fun of Nimoy, joke about it and even act as if he doesn’t care, but it’s so obvious he wants in and is disappointed.

Shame on Abrams. And again, the worst part is Orci and Kurtzman lying about it when they said they wanted Shatner in.

27. Captain Dunzel - July 22, 2007

Leonard Nimoy kept saying two things about the movie at the con (I just got back from it).

1. “As I stand here today on this stage, there is no agreement in place for me to appear in the movie.”

2. “Any information about the movie will be announced on Thursday at ComicCon.”

Everything after that was played for laughs. Though you sure got the feeling that Mr. Nimoy was only one lawyers’ meeting away from signing something and that William Shatner was truly not going to be in the movie.

That being said, what an incredibly entertaining afternoon t was, with these two legends.

William Shatner was running on 3 hours sleep — having just come in from The Montreal Comedy Festival — and had sat through about 150 photos in 20 minutes. But you wouldnt’ve have known it.

At 76, these two guys were irrepressible and hysterical. And when a young woman asked the most fundamentally embrassing question, at least as Mr. Shartner disembled it, “How has Star Trek changed your life?”, the two of them steered away from the sarcastic tone they had been using, and endearingly talked about the blessing the Star Trek experience had been — ultimately allowing them to find true friendship in one another.

The funniest line for my group was when one attendee said he loved Star Trek but his father didn’t really enjoy watching it. Leonard Nimoy asked, “Well, what does your father watch?” The attendee said, with hesitation, “Sports.” Leonard Nimoy took a moment and said, “Tell him to get a life.”

It brought the house down.

28. Jim J (TOS addict) - July 22, 2007


I hope you didn’t take offense at my post. As I said, you are fantastic about getting us good and true information. I just know that movie companies have “played with” the internet sites before. I’m just wondering here, is all.

In all probability, THE SHAT is being honest and he’s not in it. Guess we’ll know FOR sure on Christmas Day 2008! Can’t blame me for wanting a Star Trek Christmas present (one last appearance, even if just a cameo) of THE SHAT as Captain James T. Kirk. Screw Berman’s “Valentine”, I’d rather have a X-mas gift from J.J.

Thanks again for your great site. i can’t believe how often I visit your site. it borders on ridiculous. LOL

29. Ro-Dan - July 22, 2007

Originally I was under the impression that Shatner is out of the movie. Now, I’m not so sure. I think these two (Shat and Lenny) are just playing the audience. My belief is growing in regard to the fact that we’ll see them both in the film.

30. Xai - July 22, 2007

#26 StillKirok
Shame on who?
You have no information. Shatner could well have priced himself out of being cast or is still in negotiations and is playing the part of the hurt, but humorous actor that “got left behind”.
There is no blame game yet because we don’t know who is to blame, and if you don’t like the statement, show me some proof.

Again, we’ll know more Thursday and THEN you can play the I told ya so… if your theory holds up.

31. Greg2600 - July 22, 2007

Well, I am just delighted to see Shatner and Nimoy together on stage yet again. They have such a great rapport and these videos were a lot of fun. Many many thanks to whoever posted them. I got to get to one of these conventions soon, to see them first hand again. You have to admire Shatner’s humor in all of this, as well as Nimoy’s. Loved their dual jab at Berman the Vermin. This is why I want them in the movie, because they play off each other so well. The audience would get a kick out of them, and it would really give the movie Heart.

They would make the funniest reality TV show ever made. Better than the Osbornes. I know Bill would do it, but Leonard would never.

32. Ro-Dan - July 22, 2007

“If I had been there I wouldn’t have let you die.”

When Nimoy said that to Shatner it gave me such a warm feeling. These two have a true friendship that really shines through on the stage.

33. Dennis Bailey - July 22, 2007

#26:”And again, the worst part is Orci and Kurtzman lying about it when they said they wanted Shatner in.”

You ought to stop calling people liars when you have no evidence that they are. It’s vanishingly unlikely that whether Shatner is in the film or not is up to Orci and Kurtzman.

34. Greg2600 - July 22, 2007

Captain Dunzel, man Nimoy’s “Tell him to get a life” is hillarious! I’ll tell you, probably my most prized Star Trek DVD is the Mind Meld chat between Shatner and Nimoy. It’s a blast to watch these guys.

Xai, I don’t think Shatner priced himself out. Normally you write someone into the script and then offer them the role, and begin to negotiate. Then maybe you get priced out. From what has been said by Shatner, if true, that never happened. I do agree, let’s all wait for J.J. to have his forum at Comic Con. He deserves that.

35. Anthony Pascale - July 22, 2007

let me say this one last time

The film makers were the ones that approached both Shatner and Nimoy. They did not have to do this, but did it out of respect. They love these guys and I do believe that it was their intention to find a way to make it work so they were in the film. If in the end it did not work out there can be many reasons for it. The film makers are to be commended to reaching out to the past the way they did, when they had total control and could just do what they wanted if they chose to do so.

I will no longer toleraate baseless attacks on the film makers for Shatner not being in the film. If you have inside information you can send it to me and I will vett it but this is no longer tolerated. Kirok (and others) this is your last warning

Feel free to critique the film makers for things they have done, and not everything they have done is great (some of seasons 2 and 3 of Lost come to mind…and have you seen the Zoro sequel?), but these baseless attacks are out

36. unclebripa - July 22, 2007

What truly came through (and I was thrilled to have been capturing the moment where Bill kissed Leonard on the forehead) was the true affection these guys have for each other. Shatner even joked about George Takei’s inexplicable dislike for him.

My hunch is like others: I think Shatner WILL be in the movie and a lot of this is playful buildup.

37. Dennis Bailey - July 22, 2007

#34: ” From what has been said by Shatner, if true, that never happened. I do agree, let’s all wait for J.J. to have his forum at Comic Con. He deserves that.”

Except that we know that the story Shatner’s telling now isn’t true.

You can go back through the news reports on this for the last year – Shatner and Nimoy were both talking to the Trek people well before there was even a script to look at. Shatner said so. Now, in the last month or so he’s telling this story that goes like this:

Shatner: “There is a Star Trek movie and I called Leonard. I said ‘have you heard’ and he said “yes I have,” I said ‘what do you mean?’ and he said “I have read the script.” I said “Is it a good script?” and he said ‘ya.’ ”

He tells this funny little story as if the first he heard of the movie was recently and that he called Nimoy to tell him about it and Nimoy already had the script.

We know that’s not true. We know it from Shatner’s own previous statements.

So, we don’t know whether there was a part for Shatner in this movie, or whether there’s a part that *could* be for Shatner, or if there never was a part for Shatner. We don’t know, because instead of actually telling people what happened, Shatner is telling a little fable that plays well on the radio and Internet and to crowds.

38. MichaelJohn - July 22, 2007

Shatner and Nimoy are like master politicians..they can say so much…and yes say absolutely nothing!

Every time they are interviewed about the upcoming Trek movie, they both are so coy and give little to any meaningful information. It’s obvious they are both having a fun time teasing all the “trek fanatics” who eagerly dissect and analyze every word they say, and every gesture they make.

For myself, I can’t wait for an official announcement from the studio regarding casting. That will (hopefully) end all speculation about Shatner and Nimoy regarding ST XI. But more importantly, the many contrived and overly emotional BBK posts will finally come to an end.

Mike :o

39. Xai - July 22, 2007

#35 and #38


40. Greg2600 - July 22, 2007

38 – Oh I agree completely. Both of them can weave a story until your head starts spinning. As for the teasing, that is what they do anyway at conventions. Shatner especially, is a showman. He’s the quintessential entertainer. I think’s it’s great, and that there is real value in some kind of comedy act from those two, should they ever decide to do so. Well I guess they already have an act on tour, at the cons! As for Shatner, boy, if he’s pulling one over on us (he did dupe an entire town in Iowa for a tv show recently), I sure hope that J.J. is in on this joke. Otherwise, I’d be pulling my hair out if I were him.

41. Dennis Bailey - July 22, 2007

Shatner in March of 2007:
“Leonard, I believe met with him, I met with them. A producer and director and presumably one of the writers….JJ Abrams. And nothing really occurred…as far as I was concerned, and I am sure for Leonard as well. It was an exploratory talk. I have no idea what the script is. I have no idea what they are doing. I have no idea whether they want me to be in it in some small way or not.”

Shatner in June of 2007:

“There is a Star Trek movie and I called Leonard. I said ‘have you heard’ and he said ‘yes I have,’ I said ‘what do you mean?’ and he said ‘I have read the script.’ I said ‘Is it a good script?’ and he said ‘ya.’ I said ‘am I in it?’ and then there was a pause, he said ‘no’ and then he began to laugh.

Those two statements can only be reconciled by first deciding that they *must* both be true (not the case) and then constructing an outlandish rationale based on some ridiculous interpretation of words.

Shatner’s known to gild the lily when he tells stories. If you believe that what he’s saying now is the literal truth, you’re being taken in. That’s not an opinion – it’s demonstrated above.

42. Nelson - July 22, 2007

Thank you Mr. Pascale for post #20, clearing up that your belief is based on the news you’ve had access to and reported as rumor and not fact. With all the posters here sometimes information gets convoluted and distorted.

43. norm - July 22, 2007

I forgot about this, darn! I could have been there! : (

44. Excalbian - July 22, 2007

The BEST convention I have ever attended! The rapport between the two as stated above is quite extraordinary. Nimoy and Shatner were both extremely gracious not only on stage but also in photo op/autograph lines. Shatner even had his wife join him and Leonard on stage towards the end of their comedy act. I hope others who were fortunate to witness the posted clips live, share their thoughts as well. At any rate, I have seen Shatner at three previous cons and he was not as animated and energized as he was today. Leonard, even commented that Shatner was functioning on only 3 hours of sleep. Perhaps, Shatner was so euphoric because he just learned he will be in the next film and is simply misguiding everyone into believing that Nimoy is the only one informed about the movie info. Nevertheless, I do suspect that Nimoy is definitely in the film, based on his evasivness.

45. Brian - July 22, 2007

The mere fact that Leonard is aware that the San Diego Comicon is on Thursday should tip you off to the fact that he and probably several other people will be announced then.

46. unclebripa - July 22, 2007

Let me say I also thought Shatner and Nimoy were at their very best today. I thought the rest of the convention was “eh”. The vendor room was pitiful compared to the years they used to do Valley Forge convention Center.

The lack of a “snack bar” to service thousands of guests was not appreciated either.

Creation used to do conventions every six months in Valley Forge like clockwork and pack the place. Tumbleweeds filled the place until yesterday evening when Sulu took the stage.

But the Shatner-Nimoy appearances made up for all that. Very well done. Even the paid photos were efficient and pleasant.

I have a bunch of pics, including of Shatner’s wife.

47. Mr. PG - July 22, 2007

XI better have Bill Shatner or it won’t be a legitimate flashback to the past.

48. TrekNerd - July 22, 2007

Maybe Shatner and Nimoy are doing a parody of Star Trek continuity.

49. Ben - July 22, 2007

Shatner is in this film I bet and he is teasing us all till the big announcement.

50. Name - July 22, 2007

Is it just me or this whole thing just feels like another take on the priceline ads with Shatner and Nimoy? Shatner out, Nimoy in….

This all seems rather tongue in cheek…

51. Jim J (TOS addict) - July 22, 2007

I think you hit the nail on the head, GOOD observation!

52. Thorny - July 22, 2007

I think we’re being played by Abrams and Co., Shatner and Nimoy and I love it.

Reminds me of the “Spock dies in Star Trek II” rumor, and the misdirection of his ‘death’ at the beginning in the Kobayashi Maru simulation. Or how DeForest Kelley snuck onto the TNG set to film his cameo for “Encounter at Farpoint” under the guise of “filming promotional work for the Star Trek IV video release.”

With their movie budget and the now likely lack of big-name (high cost) stars, it should be easy for Abrams & Co. to work a Shatner cameo (as Kirk’s father, Admiral Robert April, or just a one-off Admiral) if he wants to be in it (and he evidently does), regardless of the Boston Legal filming schedule (the movie is still 17 months away.)

53. Nelson - July 22, 2007

Today’s amazingly fast uploading of video footage was terrific. I hope that this will happen Thursday at Comic-Con as many con’t be there, I was considering going too.

To whoever does shoot video and posts it, many thanks in advance!

54. Ky-Malairn - July 22, 2007

I haven’t seen these guys on stage since 1992. Going into today I expected these two to be slowing down and then some. However, as you’ve read from some of the other posters who attended, these guys still have fire in their bellies. These guys put on a helluva show and had the crowd eating out of their hand the entire time.

I’ve gotta say, if these guys were too infirm to adequately portray their characters I would solemnly admit it was time to leave them to the early birds and shuffle boards and get younger incarnations in the play the roles. But, Shatner and Nimoy showed energy some men half their age don’t have. And Shatner did this on a few hours of plane ride sleep.

I do hope that Abrams realizes the treasure he has in these two performers. These guys are the twin pillars of Trek and even 40 years later they can still hold an audience. Not having them appear at all in the new film would be such a waste of a incredible opportunity.


55. Magic_Al - July 22, 2007

One possible setting of the old-Spock segments that was absolutely preclude bringing back Kirk would be, not post-Generations, but post-launch of the Enterprise-B, pre-TNG. Kirk cannot appear to Spock from the Nexus because then they’d have to explain why Spock didn’t rescue Kirk or tell anybody he was alive.

I think that would a great setting because we’ve never seen that period and it would allow other TOS cast to appear (just say McCoy grew his beard back and retired again). If Nimoy in makeup looks older than he did in TNG, just imagine his resurrected body was suffering from premature aging and he need to get some treatment in the years before he met Picard.

56. Robert April - July 22, 2007



57. THEETrekMaster - July 22, 2007

This is all a cheap publicity stunt…a FUNNY one…but a publicity stunt nonetheless! :-)

58. Xai - July 22, 2007

#56 Robert April

If you are referring to #54’s last sentence, it may be a wasted opportunity, but not for lack of trying on the part of JJ and Co.

59. Leonel - July 22, 2007

Well, one thing is certain: we’re all talking about the movie. What more could Paramount want? This appears to be the best publicity of all: the type that money can’t buy. Free, good ol’ fashioned, word of mouth.

60. Kobayashi Maru - July 22, 2007

Did everyone see that video?
Shatner is pheking with us, and he is having the time of his life!
Did everyone see the spot where Nimoy explains why he was not in ‘Generations’
He states a number of times, “there was no role for Spock”, which is similar to what Shatner has been saying about STXI, and I have been maintaining is industry backchatter for “I am unhappy with the part I am expected to play”!
This doesn’t mean a role wasn’t written, it means that the role did not interest the actor.
Anyone with a writer’s ear for dialog can discern that in the Enterprise B sequence, Scotty is saying lines that originally belonged to Spock, and Chekov had lines meant for McCoy.
If that seems like a leap, ask yourself when was the last time you saw Chekov take charge of triage.
The drama that is the possible return of Shatner as Kirk is not over, and if you gage the fun Shatner is having with all the attention, it is Abrams oppurtunity to lose.
“I don’t believe in the no-win scenario.” -J.T.K., STII: TWoK

61. Master Yoda (RA) - July 22, 2007

#58 “If you are referring to #54’s last sentence, it may be a wasted opportunity, but not for lack of trying on the part of JJ and Co.”

Do, or do not. There is no ‘try.”

62. trektacular - July 22, 2007

Shatner is too old to be lying, I believe him. I feel bad that these icons aren’t more in control of this franchise, they definitely deserve to be

63. Jeffrey S. Nelson - July 23, 2007

10. Farscape

Farscape is coming back? Huhhhhhhh? I hope this isn’t a frelling rumor. What’s the story there, Sparky?

64. Josh T. ( The essence of Kirks torn tunic compells you ) Kirk Esquire' - July 23, 2007

Speaking of Generations –

Isn’t it ironic the only engaging, intriguing, half-way interesting parts of the film are when the Fat Shats bloated , swollen, puffy face are smirking on-screen?

When you listen very closely and carefully, I think Nimoy may be infact laying it out for the Shat and US after all, “Kirk died.” End of story.

I think the writers and Abrams were somewhat bound perhaps by the mistakes of former producers and writers in killing off Kirk, and they probably regret it.
Unfortunately, for Kirk to return, that would ALMOST have to be the vehicle of the entire film to make it plausible and feasible and it doesn’t appear that is the narrative vehicle of the film.

If Abrams can’t work Kirk into the storyline, he should definately work the Fat Shat into the film if nothing else for a courtesy to a man that clearly wants to be in the film in some capacity.

65. Admiral_Bumblebee - July 23, 2007

It would be so easy to bring back Kirk, to resurrect him. There have been so many people brought back from the dead in Star Trek, why not Kirk?

66. trektacular - July 23, 2007

Shatner should really have turned down ‘Generations’.

67. Josh T. ( The essence of Kirks torn tunic compells you ) Kirk Esquire' - July 23, 2007

I think that’s what Nimoy is trying to tell Shatner – “you shouldn’t have done ‘Generations’, it was bad for the character of Kirk.”

68. Admiral_Bumblebee - July 23, 2007

The resurrection of Kirk doesn’t have to be the focus of the movie. I have posted on another news that the main focus of the movie could be the “flashback”, the first mission of Kirk and Spock and that they set something in motion that causes the enemy they met back then to threaten the Federation in the 24th century. And only Kirk and Spock can stop it. But as Kirk is dead, Spock has to find a way to bring him back from the dead. On his journey he tells what happened during their first mission. At the end, when Kirk ist resurrected they deal with this enemy – maybe even together with their young counterparts – in a big showdown. Shatner doesn’t need to be long in the movie, just after they resurrect him, when they work out a way to deal with the enemy and in the final fight.
And no one even needs to mention the Nexus or how Kirk died. The audience just needs to know that in the 24th century, Kirk is dead, but he is needed badly and has to be resurrected.

69. johnny - July 23, 2007

# 60 Kobayashi Maru, a very interesting theory. Never thought of that before.

70. johnny - July 23, 2007

# 68 I like your idea, it brings Kirk back and rights wrongs. Bring back Kirk and Shatner!!

71. Al - July 23, 2007

False hopes. He isn’t in it. Kirk is dead and it would take too much plot and too many wormholes in a film about something else to get around that.

Though myself I believe Kirk is still on Rura Penthe and there were two shapeshifters impersonating him.

72. Dom - July 23, 2007

Generations was a rush job. Remember, Nimoy was approached to direct but wasn’t allowed to contribute to the script, so backed out altogether. So, it’s probably true that, had Nimoy been there, Kirk wouldn’t have died.

I still have a sneaking suspicion Shatner might appear, anyway. I’ll happily wait until Christmas 2008 to be proven wrong. Shatner and Nimoy on screen together as Kirk and Spock one last time is too big an opportunity to pass up on!

73. StillKirok - July 23, 2007

Come on–they can have everything in this movie–and even if it does focus on how to get Kirk back in the end, so what? As has been stated, Spock would be the central figure–he would be the one figuring out how to stop the bad guy, get Kirk back, AND relate the story back to his early days with Kirk–introducing the new cast.

Even IF we get the younger characters through flashback, the movie accomplishes its goal–we meet the new cast, and pass the torch PROPERLY.

Yes, past producers stunk it up. But this is a golden opportunity to make things right.

Abrams needs to restore the optimism of this franchise. Can’t happen if we know how Kirk dies.

74. Lukas - July 23, 2007

Maybe Spock (Nimoy) will be seen reflecting on the early days of him and Kirk in his twilight years in the 24th century now that would be awesome to bridge two of 3 time periods of Trek canon

75. Admiral_Bumblebee - July 23, 2007

# 72 You said it. Seeing Shatner and Nimoy on the videos of the con shows how great a movie with them both would be. They have to bring back Shatner as Kirk!

76. Al - July 23, 2007

No, I think we can be pretty sure this won’t be an old Kirk/Spock story with a flashback, it will be a young Kirk/Spock story with bookends. And the problem is that Kirk is dead

BUT I can just about imagine a scene with Spock and Kirk reminiscing (leads to bulk of movie, which ends with the start of the 5 year voyage) followed by scene in which Kirk tells Spock “See you next week, I have to attend that boring ceremony for the Enterprise B” and fade out – but it would take CGI or suspension of disbelief for a 76 yr old Shatner to play himself as of 13 years ago.

77. Kobayashi Maru - July 23, 2007

#73 found the perfect word: optimism
As well written as it was, TNG was just too snotty a show to project that without any irony.
I’ll take the TOS universe over Berman’s any day.

78. DJT - July 23, 2007

“If I had been there I wouldn’t have let you die.”


79. Admiral_Bumblebee - July 23, 2007

The problem isn’t that Krik is dead. Think about it. If the movie is somehow set in the 24th century, Kirk would be dead anyhow, even if he didn’t fall off that bridge. So if this movie would begin in the 24th century, they would have to bring back Kirk, no matter if he died in Generations. Maybe their initial remise was that the movie begins sometime after Star Trek 6 with old Spock and Kirk talking about their first mission, but then they realized that Kirk died shortly after Star Trek 6. So, setting it before his apparent death on the Enterprise-B would maybe look strange as Shatner now looks older than in Generations – this could be tinkered with with CGI… Setting it in the 24th century would explain why Spock is still alive and looks old but there would be no Kirk. So what can they do?
1. Setting it after the apparend death of Kirk on the Enterprise-B, but use only Spock.
2. Setting it in the 24th century and using only Spock.
3. Think about how great the chemistry is between Spock and Kirk, how people long to see them together again and think about a way to resurrect old Kirk!
These people get paid for delivering a great sci-fi story. So if fans can come up with a good story that brings together old Kirk and old Spock, why can’t they?

80. Admiral_Bumblebee - July 23, 2007

#78 I love that sentence. Maybe it is some kind of hint from Leonard regarding Star Trek XI… ;)

81. dalek - July 23, 2007

#63 Jeffrey Nelson

Sci fi has announced Farscape to return as a 10 episode web based comeback, stating if its a success it could lead to more FS on TV. Check out TV Guide

The feeling is Galactica will need a replacement.
I also believe its going to be 24th C Spock. There’s no reason to cast Nimoy as Sarek — anyone can play Sarek or any other Vulcan, only Nimoy can play an older Spock.

82. Dennis Bailey - July 23, 2007

#64: “Isn’t it ironic the only engaging, intriguing, half-way interesting parts of the film are when the Fat Shats bloated , swollen, puffy face are smirking on-screen?”

It’s only ironic if one agrees with that; I don’t.

83. StillKirok - July 23, 2007

I don’t think they need to set it pre-Generations to have Shatner in the film. In fact, doing so would be a cop-out.

If how Kirk returns isn’t that important to Abrams, brush it off with a sentence or two and do a prequel comic book.

But I’ve been saying all along that the return of Kirk should be important. Generations is an abomination.

If they make the return of Kirk the basis for the flashbacks, they can do it all.

And in Star Trek XII, they could use this new cast to continue the stories. Shatner and Nimoy would have passed the torch successfully and they could put Kirk and Spock back on the Enterprise where they belong without being weighed down by Generations.

Generations is a cloud that will linger over these characters until it is addressed.

84. snake - July 23, 2007

i got the impression from that footage that Nimoy is sorta saying to Shatner – ‘well Duh! You died in Star Trek 7!! so HTF can you expect to be in it?!’ –

also i get the impression that he’s sorta saying ‘Look I TOLD you not to kill Kirk off in Trek 7 didnt I…you didnt listen…you should have done what i did and said no to doing that movie’

85. snake - July 23, 2007

to 83 (and any others who think they can bring back Kirk post Generations with a line of dialogue)

Are you nuts?! WTF have you been smoking?!

Theres NO WAY Abrams will do anything like that! It would totally destroy any sense of realism of the movie..

Christ it was bad enough when they brought Spock back and he was a frickin alien…

if Shatner were to appear – it would have to be set prior to his ‘death’ on the Ent B in Generations….

end of – the very concept of doing a ‘Search for Kirk’ no matter how brief is absolutely ludicrous.

86. snake - July 23, 2007

btw if Nimoys scenes are set in the TNG era (to account for is age) then technically this could be seen as a Star Trek TNG movie…

87. non-fanatic - July 23, 2007

“Isn’t it ironic the only engaging, intriguing, half-way interesting parts of the film are when the Fat Shats bloated , swollen, puffy face are smirking on-screen?”

Where’s the irony? I don’t get it.

88. Admiral_Bumblebee - July 23, 2007

#85 Why was it bad to resurrect Spock? This is Star Trek. Scotty has been dead and brought back to life in “The Changeling”, was that bad, too? Chekov has been killed in “Spectre of the Gun”. Worf and Wesley have been killed in “Hide and Q”…
All bad?

89. snake - July 23, 2007

88 – i mean bad in that it sort of undid the power of the end of Trek II.

however i consider Trek III to be the 2nd best of the films behind II – so maybe that was abit out of order on my part.

Regarding having a revived Kirk in this new film – i just cant see how they can bring him back after he died in Generations without actually addressing that movie in detail – something i just cant see Abrams dreaming of doing.

90. Cervantes - July 23, 2007

#85 snake

Check out posts 36 onwards in “QUINTO RELISHES SPOKE RUMOURS” thread recently for an alternative way…

91. Dom - July 23, 2007

In a sense though, Kirk dying a pointless death makes a prequel movie equally pointless. Keeping Kirk’s true death ambiguous opens more doors for the filmmakers.

Knowing that Kirk dies a final death in a drab, cheap-looking, rushed TV movie-standard film from the mid-90s, cashing in on a completely different TV show, robs the character of his immortality. It’s like getting Jack Bauer to appear in a five minute cameo in an Alias episode and get killed off as a supposed definitive end to 24!

Heroes like Kirk either go out in Gotterdammerung-esque epic style or their fate is kept a mystery.

The moment Shatner appears in a cameo in the film, the character is truly returned to life and a form of immortality.

And, let’s be honest, Spock without Kirk in Unification was pretty dull! It’s the rapport between the two that gives both characters their charm!

92. snake - July 23, 2007

its funny – when very early rumours sufaced that Kirk would die in Star Trek VI (yes SIX) in 1990 i remember thinking that he would go out on his own (yes a ref to Trek V)..on the bridge of the Enterprise A as its just about to be destroyed (either self destructing or attacked) saving his crew who have abandonded ship and maybe earth as well.

Basically something similar to that ‘This Side of Paradise’ scene of him alone on the bridge…

The age old Captain goes down with his ship motif….

Alas this was not to be…in VI or VII

93. Admiral_Bumblebee - July 23, 2007

Maybe I should send in my idea of the story to Paramount, Shatner, Nimoy and Abrams ;)
Anybody know their addresses? ;)

94. snake - July 23, 2007

least he died on The Bridge though eh?

Ha Ha

(wonder if the writers of ST: G worked that in specially?)

God its depressing think of how he went out….only marginally better than being shot in the back (also known as a cowards death)

95. Diabolik - July 23, 2007

With Generations, having brought Kirk into the future only to kill him off was a terrible plan. It would have been like “The Search for Spock” ending with finding Spock but having him die during Fal-Tor-Pan at the end. Why do it at all?

96. Diabolik - July 23, 2007

Really, when Shatner agreed to killing off Kirk in “Generations,” he should not now come back and wonder why he’s not in other movies. He let it happen and now he wants to undo it.

97. Kobayashi Maru - July 23, 2007

If the fact of ‘Generations’ is such a hang-up’ Kirk still has an “echo” in the Nexus.

98. SHATNER MUST NEVER RETURN! (RA) ;-) - July 23, 2007



What are you thinking?

No one in America wants Kirk back post Generations.

Certainly no one posting here wants him back post Generations.

If fact no one ANYWHERE on the net seems to think it’s a good idea. I know for I checked google.

It would be WAY too hard for the writers to incorporate that in a story, even if it was as a back story over three films. No amount of creativity would ever help. Nobody would ever believe it.

I mean c’mon, KIrk is DEAD!

Besides, why would anyone want him back post Generations anyway? There would be open rebellion in the streets if it was ever even attempted.

And don’t even get me started about how great Shatner is. I mean name even ONE thing he has done in the last 10 years that has even REMOTELY been good?

And Shatner’s Baby Boomer fan base?
Such a SMALL demographic would never spend millions of dollars on Trek related merchandise even if they DID still like Shatner. Which they don’t.

This is NOT about making money anyway!

StillKirok, we all know you are the same poster using thousands of different names to make it SEEM like there are others out there with your lame opinions. You and your bot net army are not fooling anyone.

In fact I am going to do a google search on those pesky BBKers right now. I bet I find out that their site is run by YOU using one of your aliases.. . . . .

AH HA! Just as I thought!
A global one man conspiracy.
Yeah, that’s right I am on to you fella!

I had a feeling about this.Your attempts to selfishly bring back your outdated childhood hero will not succeed!

You will be stopped. You will no longer spread your evil lies.



99. Driver - July 23, 2007

Likely Nimoy will be playing a full Vulcan, not Spock, and it will be more or less a cameo.

100. Kobayashi Maru - July 23, 2007

#98 is dipping into the Romulan Ale apparently.

101. Robert April (RA) - July 23, 2007


Hmm, Nimoy would never sign on for something like that.

102. Robert April - July 23, 2007



103. Robert April - July 23, 2007


I would rather it be Romulan Ale than a bottle of Dom Pérignon Vintage 2265!

104. Kobayashi Maru - July 23, 2007

I’ll drink to that.

105. snake - July 23, 2007

re Romulan Ale

I’ve always wondetred – just HOW STRONG is that stuff – and way is it illegal?

is it like 100% alcohol or something? – does it have twice the power of a double vodka red bull (now THOSE mofos should be illegal)

106. Robert April - July 23, 2007

107. DavidJ - July 23, 2007

Please no Kirk in the new movie. I love Shatner, but even aside from the logistical problems of getting him in the movie, Shatner is WAY too overexposed right now. He’s freakin EVERYWHERE.

Nimoy on the other hand has been completely out of the spotlight for years. It would actually be a special event to see him return as Spock.

I hope Abrams doesn’t back down under the pressure and hurt his story just to fit in Shatner.

108. John CT - July 23, 2007

Shatner probably thought killing kirk off 13 years a good was a good idea because he was old. Of course he’s still knocking about now as fit as ever and perhaps regretting the fact.

109. Robert April - July 23, 2007


Many long time Star Trek fans share your view.
I suspect you are in the minority however.

110. joe - July 23, 2007

I just wanted to point out that Shatner is NOT pretending he had no meetings with producers. I was at the convention yesterday, and Shatner said that he had several meetings over the past year with J.J. Abrams, but (in his very comical way) described that he left each of those meetings knowing absolutely nothing more about the film than he had gone into them with (he said he would only realize this well after the meetings, as Abrams was so witty and personable).

Shatner then went on to describe (jokingly) his shock and disappointment when he called Nimoy to commiserate about his frustration with the state of meetings, only to have Nimoy tell him that he (Nimoy) had read the script and was going to be in the movie, and that there was no part for Shatner. I reiterate, this whole anecdote was very tongue in cheek, and could have been a total fabrication for comic effect.

111. Ivory - July 23, 2007

Davij: post 107

I don’t understand your logic.

Are you saying they should not use Shatner because he is too popular now?

That’s pretty backwards if you ask me.

There is no doubt that Shatner should be in this film.

112. joe - July 23, 2007

I just wanted to point out that Shatner is NOT pretending he had no meetings with producers. I was at the convention yesterday, and Shatner said that he had several meetings over the past year with J.J. Abrams, but (in his very comical way) described that he left each of those meetings knowing absolutely nothing more about the film than he had gone into them with (he said he would only realize this well after the meetings, as Abrams was so witty and personable).

Shatner then went on to describe (jokingly) his shock and disappointment when he called Nimoy to commiserate about his frustration with the state of meetings, only to have Nimoy tell him that he (Nimoy) had read the script and was going to be in the movie, and that there was no part for Shatner. I reiterate, this whole anecdote was very tongue in cheek, and could have been a total fabrication for comic effect.

113. Robert April - July 23, 2007


Many long time Star Trek fans share your view.
I suspect you are in the minority however.

Although reading through these posts it might not seem so. Interesting however that many of the “lurkers” (people who normally do not post messages) seem to favor Shatner’s return, if even for a small cameo role.

114. Shatner_Fan_2000 - July 23, 2007

#45 Brian: “The mere fact that Leonard is aware that the San Diego Comicon is on Thursday should tip you off to the fact that he and probably several other people will be announced then.”

Excellent point! It’s so subtle I didn’t pick up on it until you mentioned it. He definitely knows more than he’s letting on!

Very interesting video! Nimoy DOES seem to be strongly implying that Kirk’s death in Generations is what could prevent the character from appearing. Why would he have even brought up Generations otherwise? This corroborates statements Shatner himself was making months ago, when he was saying that the writers were trying to figure out what to do because he was “dead”. If this is all correct, it means the film is adhering to established continuity, and won’t be a total reboot.

That said … #54 Ky-Malairn … I COULDN’T HAVE SAID IT BETTER MYSELF. (And I usually say it pretty well. :)) As witness this simple convention video, these 2 guys are still in fantastic form. They have a chemistry that is all too rare, and thrills audiences. It would be regrettable indeed if JJ wasted the opportunity to have them both in this film and then 15 years from now was giving interviews saying he wished he had done things differently – just as Ron Moore now says he wishes he could undo killing Kirk.

115. DavidJ - July 23, 2007


I’m saying that Shatner has become such a huge parody of himself by now that it could actually HURT the movie. It’s awfully hard to see Kirk in Shatner’s performance anymore as it is. In the last few movies he was just “Shatner in a starfleet uniform”, and that would be even MORE the case in this new movie.

Especially after all those cheesy Priceline ads, the stupid game show, the Comedy Central roast, etc. I honestly would have a hard time taking him seriously as Kirk again, and I bet a lot of other people would feel the same way.

116. John CT - July 23, 2007

#110. I suspect you are right, and shatner knows that he is not in the movie, even if it took some reminding him about the events in Trek VII.

I love shatner, but he’s become a lovable parody of himself, and it’s hard to take him seriously.

I’ll be happy if it’s just ‘old Spock’ in the movie.

117. DavidJ - July 23, 2007

Just to make it clear, I love TOS and all these characters. But Shatner’s time as Kirk has come and gone.

Why not give Nimoy the spotlight for once?

118. Tom - July 23, 2007

I clearly remember Shatner stating that Abrams wanted him in. Shatner stated that the writer were wrestling with the idea of “getting the old kirk together with the new kirk”. He said this at the Secaucus convention in November. This does not sound like he was confused after meeting with Abrams. I attended the convention yesterday and he states he does not know what is going on. At least Nimoy was honest enough to tell Abrams it would be better to have them both. It also seemed like Nimoy was under strict orders from Abrams not to spoil Thursday at comic con for Paramount. If Shatner is not in the movie, it is not hard to figure out what he will think of their choice for “new kirk”. The studio may not care and it may come off as sour grapes anyway. That they did meet with him shows they had reason to think it was beneficial to have these two legends on the same page with the project.

119. Admiral_Bumblebee - July 23, 2007

#117 If you watch the videos from the con you must see that Shatner and Nimoy simply belong to each other (in a friendship-way). Seeing them both on screen is just great. This would be the same for the movie. Abrams must see this, too or else he has no clue at all…

120. Admiral_Bumblebee - July 23, 2007

#118 If it is because of the writers not being able to find a way to bring back “old” Kirk, then they are bad writers… sorry.

121. Al - July 23, 2007

Then the film should be bookended as follows

Spock at the Academy – “Let me tell you, I remember Jim Kirk…”

Flashback and huge bulk of movie

Return to Spock at home. Beep at the door. Opens door. Jim Kirk is standing there.


122. DavidJ - July 23, 2007


No, BAD writers would be those who try to cram a contrived and forced storyline into a movie just to make an actor happy. There’s just no way to fit Shatner in the movie without making the movie ABOUT his return. Not only that, but they’d be obligated to give him a fairly sizeable part too, which would take even further away from the story they want to tell.

They clearly want the focus to be simply on the early years of Kirk and Spock, not on “how the hell does Kirk get resurrected?”

123. Tom - July 23, 2007


I totally agree. If i were Shatner at this point, i would call Abrams and ask “what did you waste my time for?”

124. Shatner_Fan_2000 - July 23, 2007

#122 – What makes you think it would be “just to make an actor happy” ? In case you haven’t noticed, the actor has quite a few fans. Admiral Bumblebee is right. If they’re smart and have enough imagination, it can be done!

Have we seen characters brought back from the dead in this series already? I believe so…

125. Darren - July 23, 2007

Personally, I’d be VERY dissapointed if Shatner wasn’t in the new film as Kirk…. somehow.

What I don’t get is when the 2 writers for the new film heard that Shatner thought he wasn’t gonna be in it, they said how they were suprised at his comments because they hoped to include him in the shoot? Sounds like they have a part for him to me.

126. Shatner_Fan_2000 - July 23, 2007

#123 Tom – You’re right! I hope JJ at least paid for that lunch he had with Shatner! :)

p.s. I love the part in this video where Shatner say, “Oh, Star Trek! Yes!” You can tell he really is up for this!

127. Tom - July 23, 2007


The writers have been silent since then. Very strange. There had to be an intention to put him in. Maybe something has happened. Plot problems, money problems etc. who knows. Maybe he will be in Cloverfield(just kidding).

great to have nimoy, but it should be both

128. -=/\=- Rember THIS post when the movie comes out -=/\=- - July 23, 2007

Shatner or not,

This production team has NEVER been a part of something so big. I dare say no one ever has. Even the venerable Nicholas Meyer would have trouble pulling this one off.

The writers have been entrusted with something much bigger than themselves and I am sure that they are keenly aware of this.

As for Abrams, he is going to have to roll up his sleeves and get to work on this thing. Star Trek is a big monster and it will surly eat him up if he so much as blinks an eye.

This project has the potential to transform the Hollywood landscape forever. It will take a searing bold vision combined with complete creative control to relaunch this franchise.

Shatner or not, expectations will be shattered.

People WILL once again be heard cheering as they leave movie theaters!

-Robert April

129. Admiral_Bumblebee - July 23, 2007

#122 As I outlined in #68, the movie could be about both, the return of old Kirk and the first adventures of young Kirk and Spock. And even without having Shatner on the screen for too long (not that I wouldn’t love to see him having much screen-time). Yes, it would bew about his return without focusing too much on it. It would put the focus on young Kirk and Spock and what they did in the past to cause the dilemma that requires old Kirk to be resurrected.

130. Jim J (cosmos galloper) - July 23, 2007

#128-After reading your post, all I can say is…”I am not a drama critic.”

131. Tom - July 23, 2007

#126 Shatner Fan 200

I was at the show and he is up for this. We all know at times he has not taken trek seriously but as just another job. However he has always been great in the role. This would be no different.

132. Sleeper Agent X - July 23, 2007

Re 122-

I absolutely agree, David. They needed an entire movie to resurrect Spock without making it seem too contrived and forced. Why wouldn’t it also take an entire movie to resurrect Kirk in appropriate fashion?

There’s not a good way to do the whole resurrection bit without making the entire movie about just that. And that’s not fair to J.J. and his team. They have their own story they want to tell, and shoehorning in Kirk’s resurrection would just hurt their ability to tell their story appropriately.

133. Anthony Pascale - July 23, 2007

all this talk about how the ‘writers have gone silent’ and how they are ‘bad writers’ for not doing exactly what Shatner wants is just silly

remember this team is responsible for this movie existing. They also went out of their way to communicate with shat and nimoy. Their primary job is to revive the franchise. They would also like to harken back to the past. It looks like they will have one of the original actors. Why not both is probably a combo of shat’s demands and an inability to work it into their story. This film is NOT a shatner/nimoy movie. It is a new movie for a new audience and the old audience

If your only definition of a trek movie is one with shatner than that is a very very limited world view, but attacks on the film makers for not meeting your demands are just a bit much

134. Robert April - July 23, 2007

#132 Shoehorn, shmoohorn.

If you stretched the Shatner/NImoy storyline out over three films in a serial fashion it could easily be done. And give people reason to keep coming back as well.

The movie’s “A” storyline would be centered on the new cast but a serial “B” storyline could focus on Shatner and Nimoy.

1. While screen time per movie would be minimal for the old actors, this would provide an overall substantial storyline that would bring Nimoy on board.

2. Give more screen time to $hatner.

3. Entice people back for the sequels.

4. Most importantly it would introduce and focus on the new actors while providing a fitting send off for the old. WITHOUT feeling like it was “shoehorned” in.

You will not agree.

135. dalek - July 23, 2007

Yeah and you would need a whole movie to show how James Bond got his Double 0 status…

Bobby Ewing just came out the shower.

Kirk doesn’t even need to be seen to step out of the Nexus. Just show him with Spock later in the timeline.

Mitch was seemingly killed off in Baywatch. They did a TV reunion movie, didn’t even have to mention the issue, his presence on screen was enough to affirm he was alive and well.

136. Tom - July 23, 2007


Anthony first i would like to say i think the site is great. However when i said the writers have gone silent, i did not mean it to be negative. nor was i knocking them in any way. The fact is after William Shatner made his remarks they responded saying they were surprised. Shatner then continued to say he has no role. Since then they have chosen not to respond. Fact. That is their choice and i accept it. I merely stated that they did not respond. I do disagree with you on the fact that this team is solely responsible for this movie existing. It is us the fans that are the reason for the movie existing. Without our support there will be no future Star Trek Movies for this team to make. They were fans just like all of us. I am not demanding anything from them. I am stating an opinion that it would be a better film with Bill in it. Nimoy told them the same. I know they are going to tell their story , and that is fine. Their success or failure will be measured after that point. Fair enough?

137. Sleeper Agent X - July 23, 2007

Re 135 –

I hope this new movie can aspire to better than some of the cheesier moments of “Dallas” and “Baywatch!” People laugh at those moments, they’re that goofy. Plus they only make sense to diehard fans.

Re 134 –

You sure there are going to be three films? And what happened to “give Kirk one last sendoff?” Now it’s “give Shatner three more films!”

I just don’t see why J.J. would want to tie his hands that way.

138. Anthony Pascale - July 23, 2007

the writers have not gone silent, the just ended their promo tour for transformers. There is no conspiracy here. for the last year it is Shatner who has led the world to believe he was in the movie…he has been the one saying he was in it. The film makers have never said anythign until two weeks ago when they were asked to respond to shatner…maybe they were just being polite who knows…I think they were sincere.

You do not know that the movie would be better. You have to remember that these guys have a story and an idea. Any inclusion of the old actors is essentially being added on to their script and it may or may not work.

If it werent for these guys this film wouldnt exist and people wouldnt have anything to bitch about

if you want a shat movie or nothing I am sorry. I just want a good trek movie. It would be nice to have shatner if it works with the story, but it is by far from being essential.


so why all the hostility to the film makers. Why not be mad at shatner for leading people on? why not be mad at him for having too many demands (like he did with Enterprise)….those are probably unfair but no more unfair then the attacks on the people who made this whole thing possible in the first place 

139. dalek - July 23, 2007

The point is (whether made well or not) is that you don’t need more than a foot note of plot to bring Kirk back. They used less than one to kill him.

I do believe Bobby’s return was the most anticipated and talked about event since who shot JR….

And doesn’t the average Joe believe Star Trek itself as a whole is goofy and geeky. I know i wouldnt walk into a bar wearing a Star Trek uniform and walk out alive. But if i was dressed as Han Solo i could probably leave with a lady on each arm lol

Oh and let me please clarify re: Baywatch. In no way do I want Shatner running across the screen topless in a pair of red speedo’s….

140. Robert April - July 23, 2007

#137 “You sure there are going to be three films? And what happened to “give Kirk one last sendoff?” Now it’s “give Shatner three more films!””

I was going to add this to my previous post but figured I would wait till you mentioned it. Which you did.

(Note that I am not advocating this necessarily, simply throwing it out there to show that there are always creative ways to solve any problems.)

It would be more like like giving Shatner and Nimoy bit parts in 3 films that add up or equal one substantial contribution. We know Nimoy is not moved by useless pocket fluff.

Spock could do the B line in the first movie, and at the end we could see a short glimpse of Shatner.

Perhaps the next Movie would be Shatner and Nimoy together. Or maybe just voice overs at this point.

My point is that the creative team could easily surprise us with something new. And if we all end up liking it great.

141. dalek - July 23, 2007

Anthony P,

Do you believe they will be asked on Thursday about Shatner? Is it a Q&A thing or is it just an announcement thing? Be nice if someone could ask them their thoughts and get more from them on the issue.

BTW My last post #139 was in response to #137

142. Ivory - July 23, 2007

It would not take much to get Kirk out of the nexus.

143. StillKirok - July 23, 2007

It’s not “give Shatner 3 more films.” Not to me. It’s let Kirk and Spock ride off into the sunset, post Generations. Basically, the ST6 ending needs to be restored.

You only need Shatner and Nimoy for the first movie. Then the new cast can take over.

As for the producers, they said they wanted a role for him, and lied. They didn’t put him in the script. Every time they DID speak of Shatner, it was positive and that they wanted him.

Not using Shatner will stink.

It will cost them money because Shatner is a draw.

144. Sleeper Agent X - July 23, 2007

I do hope we get some resolution to this issue by Thursday! In other words, not just get a “tease” of information from Comic-Con.

Whatever happens, I’m sure the fan reaction will be huge…in a positive or negative way. If I were J.J. and the Trek XI people, I’d have some serious butterflies right now…

145. Robert April - July 23, 2007

#143 “let Kirk and Spock ride off into the sunset, post Generations.”

Good point. Shatner’s last book had them doing just that…riding off into the sunset. It was “as it should be.”

146. Gsmarty Pants - July 23, 2007

“As for the producers, they said they wanted a role for him, and lied. They didn’t put him in the script. Every time they DID speak of Shatner, it was positive and that they wanted him.”

This is growing tiresome. Let it go, please, for all the reasons Anthony has mentioned.

I still hope there’s a way for Shatner to be in this, I’m totally on your side in that regard, but you’re making accusations based on little to no actual information about what actually happened. Just about everything we know about this film is rumor and conjecture, and this will likely remain the overall case until the movie is actually released like a year and half from now. The best marketing for this film is as much secrecy as possible, up until the very last minute, with occasional shots of casting info or concept art released/leaked every now and then along the way.

Those videos were cool, thanks for the post.

Rock on, all.

147. Robert April - July 23, 2007

#144 “If I were J.J. and the Trek XI people, I’d have some serious butterflies right now…”

To say the least!

I would not want to be in J.J’s shoes right now.

This is certainly not your average ComicCon.

I (all of us I am sure) wish them luck.

148. Anthony Pascale - July 23, 2007

that is it Kirok I warned you (multiple times) and you are now banned for a week

149. Robert April - July 23, 2007

#144 “If I were J.J. and the Trek XI people, I’d have some serious butterflies right now…”

no kidding!

Boy I sure would hate to be in J.J.’s shoes right now. This will be no ordinary Comic Con.

I {we all here at TrekMovie, I am sure) wish him good luck on Thursday.

150. Yes it's true...Shatner is in the Movie - July 23, 2007

Shatner is in the movie…and…that’s…a fact.

151. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - July 23, 2007

Off subject. Just finished the new Potter book and it dawned on me.

Harry = Kirk – Valor, Morality, emotion

Ron = McCoy – humanity

Hermione = Spock – Logic, knowledge


152. RandyYeoman - July 23, 2007

dont spoil it…still reading the book?

and come on guys the shatner stuff is getting old. The movie has so many great things going for it (TOS, Nimoy, ILM, canon, Abrams, big budget, etc)….adding some shat would be icing on the icing on the cake. Sure it would be nice, but it isnt everything. I for one appreciate Abrams and his guys for getting this movie going andi it cerrtainly unfair to see people attack them. They cannot be held responsible for Shatner leading fans on. And it is just as likely (if not more likely) that it is his doing that he isnt in the movie and he is using the fans in his lobbying..

153. unclebri - July 23, 2007

A brief clearing up on the playful banter about Star Trek VII: Generations,

When Nimoy last appeared in Valley Forge, PA for a trek con in the mid 90’s (whenver Generations came out) he said they had written a role for him but it didn’t matter if he was in the film or not so he decided to pass. So, there was a role, just not one he thought mattered to the script so Jimmy Doohan got the part instead. If you remember, Kirk was sucked into the vortex, no one else. So ,Spock would have been relegated to those first 5 minutes and that’s it.

154. Driver - July 23, 2007

Sorry, Shatner’s Kirk, that is. Time for a new Kirk.

155. Ky-Malairn - July 23, 2007

I have to respectfully disagree with the posters who believe that the only way to have Kirk in the film is to right the wrongs of Generations. A resurrection, my opinion here, would be counter-productive to what Abrams and his team are looking to do in making this film accessible to non fans. It would take a bit of expostion to explain the Nexxus and what happened, Soran, Veridian III, etc. Hell, I’ve seen the movie several times and I still scratch my head.

I always thought that Kirk and Spock would be used as bookend devices. The story Abrams wants to tell with the new cast would be emphasized and made that much more poignant through the reflections of their older counterparts.

I assumed after Trek VI the Enterprise was decommissioned and Kirk was thrust into retirement. We’ve all seen the Direct TV ads. Make up, a little CGI nip and tuck and Shatner looks like he did in 1991. I think a bookend about a newly-retired Kirk reflecting on the man he was and the man he ultimately became couple with his present day (late 23rd century) situation, what with his crew breaking up and his ship being turned into a museum/bed & breakfast, would be a terrific cushion around a first adventure.

Come on! Anybody with me??

156. DavidJ - July 23, 2007

Sorry, but Shatner looked horrible in that DirectTV ad. The makeup was slathered on, his face looked doughier than ever, and he just looked plain BIZARRE with that old hair again.

And that was just on the TV screen. I’d hate to see the same thing on a giant theater screen.

157. Anthony Pascale - July 23, 2007

NOTE to spammers!
some people are repeating the same posts under dif. names…I will not tolerate spamming. I think some people think that if there is just enough posts on this site JJ Abrams is goingn to make a decision one way or another

….I wish!

so stop it

158. Shadow6283 - July 23, 2007


Then DON’T bother watching it. Has that ever occurred to you?

159. johnny - July 23, 2007

Since that awful Generations movie came out my Star Trek universe has been “off balanced” I always have that image of Kirk’s death on that stupid bridge. I bury myself in my TOS novels and enjoy them all. But my mind goes back to that scene. FINALLY I see a chance to correct the horrible events of that terrible movie. I appeal once again to the writers of the next movie. Please bring back Kirk and Shatner!

160. Robogeek - July 23, 2007

Logic dictates that Shatner should not be in Star Trek (2008), as Nimoy very clearly (and, well, logically) points out in the fourth video.

Kirk died in Star Trek 7 (Generations), which was way back in 1994 – 13 years ago. So it doesn’t make sense for Shatner to (ever) play Kirk on camera again, now that he’s over a dozen years older than the character was when he died. Plus, even if you “cheated” a little (which is risky at best when dealing with continuity-nitpicking fans like us), what would be the point? The book on Captain Kirk’s life is closed. We’ve already seen how his story ends – and this new movie is about how his story _begins_.

Now, that said, the book on Spock’s life remains wonderfully, mysteriously, and tantalizingly _open_. In fact, one of the biggest lingering plot-threads of both TOS and TNG canon/continuity is “whatever happened to Spock?” (Last we saw him was undercover on Romulus in “Unification Part II”.) Which presents the filmmakers with a fantastic opportunity.

Remember, the writers/producers/filmmakers of this new film are _fans_. In fact, this is the _very_first_time_ fans have really been put at the helm of the franchise in its history. I have faith that they are going to make the most of the opportunity that’s been given to them, and delight us in wonderful ways – not all of which should be unexpected if you really know Star Trek. ;-)

(For instance, I would also surmise we’ll likely see Number One, Mitchell, Kelso, Boyce, etc., rather than McCoy and some other familiar characters – conforming to continuity while also giving the filmmakers more freedom to surprise us.)

But to assert that there can’t (or shouldn’t) be a Star Trek movie without Shatner as Kirk is as absurd as saying there can’t be James Bond without Connery (or Sherlock Holmes without Basil Rathbone, etc.). As Shatner himself would say, get a life. Because you’re ultimately advocating the death of the franchise, when what we should all be wanting (and supporting) is for it to live long and prosper.

161. Greg2600 - July 23, 2007

155. Ky-Malairn

Good post. My preference is to have Shatner and Nimoy have a larger presence in the film than just a bookend. I understand the reasons not to. I also know it’s probably not a smart budget move to hire the both of them for a bookend. Nimoy hasn’t officially signed on anyhow, but if he accepts a cameo role, I will be hugely shocked!

As for Abrams and Co., I hope they do not use Generations as the reason Shatner is out. I’d rather they concoct some other story instead. That was Rick Berman’s excuse for years and I am tired of hearing it. Shatner took the death role on as a challenge, but in the back of his head he had to know that Berman had it out for him, and was never going to let him on screen as Kirk again.

I’m with everybody else, Generations was abysmal and what makes it so angering, is that there is no wiggle room for Kirk. They had the plot take place right after ST VI, and then he dies. Even a bookend would look a little ridiculous, even with the DirecTV technology. I realize writing Shatner in, while taking account of Generations, will take too much away from the new movie. That is why I say put Shatner in, and just IGNORE Generations. Will anyone care? They can just do what they did in Transformers. Shoot the movie with an indecipherable backstory, and then offer the backstory up later as a comic book or whatever they’re doing. I think that works fine. Or better yet, have Shatner (I mean Judy and Gar Reaves-Stevens) re-write The Return to have Kirk dropped back into the late 23rd century, and canonize it. Then you plug Kirk in without any reservations. I think I’m on to something, or just had too much of whatever Bill was drinking during that convention.

162. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - July 23, 2007

What no one liked my Potter observation??? I thought it quite brilliant. I’ll wager JK’s a closet Trekkie.

163. Greg2600 - July 23, 2007

Oh Oh, brainstorm (or possibly fart)….

To get around Generations, they film a short story, maybe 10 minutes, which details Kirk being saved, featuring Nimoy and Kirk. They could release it on, or on the Movie’s DVD. Heck, if they did that, I wouldn’t care if they even had either guy in the movie itself. But then they could plug them in without worry. It would be much more profitable than the special FX being added to TOS while it airs at 3 in the AM.

164. Driver - July 23, 2007

My post before #154 got superseded. The pain. the pain! Now it doesn’t make sense, like all posts wanting Shatner back as Kirk.

165. tom - July 23, 2007

#138 Anthony
you are correct in saying Shatner could be lying. I do hope and have faith in this team. As far as them contacting Shatner and Nimoy to be nice? it would appear that there was more to it. Shatner could have blown it for himself, no doubt. As for the movie being better or worse time will tell.
I will hope for the best and prepare for the worst. worst case being one movie and done

166. Al - July 23, 2007

I now predict Nimoy is in it to finish the Spock story = his demise, for good this time.

167. Robert April (RA) - July 23, 2007

Regarding spam

I am pretty sure you are not referring to posts #98 and #128 as those were meant in jest and clearly marked as such (I thought) including having the same email address.

If you ARE however referring to either of those posts let me know and please except my humble apologies.

168. Xai - July 23, 2007

161. Greg2600 – July 23, 2007
“As for Abrams and Co., I hope they do not use Generations as the reason Shatner is out. I’d rather they concoct some other story instead. That was Rick Berman’s excuse for years and I am tired of hearing it.”….
I’m sorry Greg, but HUH??? What else in this case would keep this character out? He’s dead.
“Shatner took the death role on as a challenge, but in the back of his head he had to know that Berman had it out for him, and was never going to let him on screen as Kirk again.”
In most cases (not all), when an actor plays a death scene, they can usually expect not to play that character again. And let’s make sure we blame Berman in here somewhere. Sh*t, Shatner saw the script and the rewrites and had a chance to raise a stink over Kirk’s death… but took his check instead. “The Return” isn’t his lament over a bad decision, it was Shatner the author taking economic advantage of a situation. Shatner was an accomplice to Kirk’s death, like it or not. Call a spade a spade.
On another note, It will interesting to see how much this thread slows down since some of the poster(s) are temporarily muted regardless of opinion

169. Admiral_Bumblebee - July 24, 2007

Why does the general audience need to know how Kirk died? Why do they need to have the Nexus explained to them or who Soran is?
All the audience needs to know is that Kirk is dead. How he died is not important. So the movie doesn’t have to explain the Nexus etc. If the audience just needs to know that Kirk is dead then there are so many possibilites to resurrect him. The general audience would just know – the man named Kirk is dead and needs to be resurrected. the Star Trek fans experience something different. They know how Kirk died, when he died, who killed him – things the casual viewers don’t need to know. After all, if the movie is somehow set in the 24th century, Kirk would be dead anyhow. So why explain the Nexus and Soran etc.? It is unimportant.

170. VOODOO - July 24, 2007


Why did the writers of the film say they wanted Shatner for the shoot?

Then only days later Shatner comes out + says he is not in the film.

Were the writers misquoted?

If not maybe they did write a part in for Shatner + he refused over money or creative control?

Before anyone says anything I am in no way accusing anyone (Shatner or the writers) of lying. I ‘m just asking for clarification

171. cap10kirk - July 24, 2007

If Abrams and co want to bring Shatner back as Kirk they could have his resurrection as part to a tv special for Nov 2008(sweeps) on CBS. this way the movie would get promoted. Plus if not you can always have Shatner doing the Teaser Trailer so we get to see Shatner as Kirk Again

172. Ky-Malairn - July 24, 2007

Re: #169.
Naa. I’ve gotta disagree with you Bumblebee. If the conditions of his return are so unimportant then why design a convoluted premise set after his death to build a flashback movie around? They could just as easily set the framework up from any point in time leading up to Generations without having to resort to a contrived storyline about resurrecting the only man in the universe who can stop some “dilemma” before it destroys mankind. Geez, this guy dies and the galaxy immediately goes to hell.

I don’t know. With each day it seems more and more unlikely that they’re going to include Shatner at all. Cautious optimism waning…


173. Elrond L. - July 24, 2007

#166: I truly, truly hope not. Why do we need to see Spock die? Just leave his ending as a great mystery. Cheap character deaths are a hallmark of latter-day Trek — Kirk, Dax, Data, Trip, Sisko (kinda) . . . the Enterprise-D . . . even Picard’s brother and nephew dying in Generations now taints a wonderful episode of TNG (Family).

I’m a semi-lurker who rarely posts, and it’s true that I’d love to see Shatner and Nimoy appear briefly as Kirk & Spock, however brief. But if it doesn’t happen, I’ll get over it. I just want a great movie, and hope to walk out of the theater feeling stoked about Trek again.

Good luck to J.J. and company, and I’m looking forward to this week’s announcements.

174. Xai - July 24, 2007

#173 Elrond
“I’m a semi-lurker who rarely posts, and it’s true that I’d love to see Shatner and Nimoy appear briefly as Kirk & Spock, however brief. But if it doesn’t happen, I’ll get over it. I just want a great movie, and hope to walk out of the theater feeling stoked about Trek again. ”

Thank you. You just spoke for the vast middle ground of fans that just want a good Trek movie.

175. Greg2600 - July 24, 2007

Xai – I’m not one to beat around the bush. Shatner’s motives are unimportant to me. I just happen to greatly enjoy when Shatner and Nimoy are on screen together, particularly as Kirk and Spock. And since Nimoy won’t do any other work, this would have been a last hoorah for them. I will probably go and see it anyway when it comes out, or wait for it on cable. Although if Nimoy is cast as Sarek, I may refrain. I am also not bashing them for leaving Shatner out, although I am not happy about it. However, my point about the Kirk is dead thing, is that while the writers swear they will respect continuity, there is also the quote about Abrams thinking about expanding this movie into a universe on its own. If that is the case, then again, who cares what happened in Generations?

176. Xai - July 24, 2007

#175 Greg2600,
But it could well be that Shatner’s motives are some of the elements are causing some of this, as I stated in #168. You brought up points and I gave my opinion on them. It was nothing personal.
If he’s there, cool, if not, cool. I won’t lose sleep wondering how we’ll rescue him from the nexus, or revive his now dead corpse. I can watch the movie and not be worried about how he died in Generations.
I want a good Trek story. I like Shatner but I am ready to see Kirk again as a young captain.. an action hero.

177. Spock's Brain - August 14, 2007

I know Shatner and Nimoy were just kidding around the whole time for the hungry Trek crowd, which is both heartening and kind of sad, since if Nimoy really knows, and can’t say, he should have said it (but this way it’s more fun). I’m glad Shatner brought up the death of Spock in connection with the death of Kirk, but that never means the death of a character, you can do endless stories of a character. They were talking about themselves as the actors of those characters. I’d love to see a movie where they reprise their roles as Kirk and Spock, it’s what we all want, a connection to the past.

What Abrams is undoubtedly trying to do is the most difficult task to be burdened with, where we need to see Kirk and his crew before they were, a sort of reboot, but also a prequel unseen. Enterprise sort of failed at being a prequel, it went on from a promising start (it was actually), to two seasons of incoherent babble, to the last season that was actually what it was originally meant to be.

With J.J. Abrams history, it will be a total disaster for Star Trek. But it all depends on the writers. I’d want Nimoy direct it, he succeeded well with the fourth Star Trek movie. Shatner on the director’s chair, never. Somebody who’s up to the job, and not up to doing stupid “blockbuster” movies that mostly turn out silly and uninteresting. Like Star Trek Nemesis. I didn’t think you could go lower from Insurrection, but there you have it.

Why not let some of the original lauded writers of the TV-shows write it, like the internet fan-show New Voyages does, they’ve got the original writers, the actors (recently Walter Koenig, and now George Takei) and a lot of enthusiasm. They don’t have the money, but their work is admirable, and apart from the producer insisting on playing Kirk, good.

178. Deanna - April 22, 2009

shatner and nimoy should be in the new star trek movie because if u were them, wouldnt u want 2 do what u did long ago????They both probably want 2 be an actor all over again!

179. DELTRON - May 23, 2009

The problem is the story line.. Shatner has been included as much as possible in the past, but he ultimately succumb to.. well… scaffolding lol. They almost had to have Nemoy in the picture from the story-line. I’m glad the movie did well. I think with this success there will be another movie, and that’s a good thing. I think it’s really hard to fit in original cast without being ‘cheesy’. Live long and good luck! is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.