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Comic Con: Video of JJ Abrams Star Trek Panel July 26, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

(better angle from IFC)

more: highlights and quotes


1. Bobby - July 26, 2007

AP you are awesome! Thanks for the dedication!

2. Will - July 26, 2007

Second! :-p

3. Duane Boda - July 26, 2007

You’re right…..couldn’t see much or hear much
All I felt was missing was that I wasn’t wearing
false teeth or sitting in a wheelchair….its about
how I felt as I watched this….Oh well….He tried!

4. Will - July 26, 2007

I don’t know if I like the fact that he was a “Star Wars kid” rather than a “Star Trek kid” but as long as he is a “Star Trek Adult”/Trekkie then he should be OK.

5. Ro-Dan - July 26, 2007

This site is amazing. Thank you very much for all of the exciting updates today, Anthony. I am so thrilled for this movie.

6. Nelson - July 26, 2007

Thanks again for posting the video of the Star Trek panel presentation! Great!

7. VOODOO - July 26, 2007

I Agree with Ro-Dan this is a great site.

Anthony:Thanks for everything

8. jonboc - July 26, 2007

Its so great to see the enthusiasm of Nimoy and the others. Trek , old school, back in 08. Now I’m officially excited.

Thanks for the vid!

9. VOODOO - July 26, 2007

After so many years of such mediocre/watered down Star Trek. It was thrilling to see the great Leonard Nimoy take the stage and re-join the ST universe he helped create.

To me that was the moment (7/26/07) where Star Trek was reborn. Just knowing Leonard Nimoy is behind the script of this film gives me a tremendous amount of confidence that Star Trek is back.

Next up (mark my words) will be a major press conference to announce the new Kirk as well as return of William Shatner as James T Kirk.

Shatner will make the film complete and create worldwide headlines at the same time.

Shatner’s presence will put a nail in the coffin of the last era of ST (that nearly killed the franchise) and announce to the world that the real ST (the one the public cares about) is back in business.

J.J. don’t let Shatner get away.

“I don’t believe in no win scenarios”

Get Shatner back in the fold and this is a no lose scenario for everyone.

10. Nathan - July 26, 2007

I have to say I’m really encouraged by Nimoy’s enthusiasm for the film. If the director of Treks III and IV (one of the best Trek films, in my opinion) says a script is good, you bet he knows what he’s talking about. I’m guessing Nimoy will probably play a Post-Generations Spock, reminescing about his and Kirk’s first adventure. But, whether or not this is accurate, I think this movie’s going to be great.

11. Nelson - July 26, 2007

Voodoo, what would make Shatner’s return very cool is an identical style reveal we had today, the new Kirk actor comes out and then the original comes out. What a picture that would make, the old and new Kirk and Spock together for a photo op. That would be another sign Trek is Back!

12. Adam Cohen - July 26, 2007

Anthony, you filmed that comic con panel like you were pinned down on the beaches of Normandy from Saving Private Ryan! :)

I really love hearing Nimoy’s enthusiasm as well. I think that when you hear the words “fantastic script” you have to start getting excited. Nimoy doesn’t owe J.J. Abrams or anyone involved in this new movie anything. For him to praise this project is really exciting.

13. Noleuser - July 26, 2007

Thanks for the Video!

14. Shadow6283 - July 26, 2007


I never cared for the term “Franchise.” It always represented to me that era of Trek spanning TNG-ENT. Star Trek’s a unique creature, apart and iconic, and it wasn’t affected at all.

Shatner’s presence won’t put a nail in it. ENT did, along with its maniacal fans. Who, for lack of anywhere to go, are trying to set foot, and run their mouths in places they ain’t wanted and in matter of no real concern to them.

Not this time.

15. dalek - July 26, 2007

Nelson, that would be perfect! I think Quinto as Spock is great!

16. VanEdge - July 26, 2007

If Nimoy is being honest, this film will have a fantastic story.
Let’s hope the directing, acting, and editing is on par and we will all have the Trek we’ve been clamoring for!!

17. VanEdge - July 26, 2007

If Nimoy is being honest, this film will have a fantastic story.
Let’s hope the directing, acting, and editing is on par and we will all have the Trek we’ve been clamoring for!!

18. tmb - July 26, 2007

Honestly, I think they should do some form of open casting call when looking at Kirk. That way they can find the best assortment of actors to choose from.

19. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - July 26, 2007

Wow!!! Thanks Anthony!!

Hey Adam,CmdrR and the rest of the gang that’s been posting here since day one – It’s finally happening what a ride we’ve been on!!!! And the Adventure is just beginning!!!!

20. Ro-Dan - July 26, 2007

9. “It was thrilling to see the great Leonard Nimoy take the stage and re-join the ST universe he helped create.

To me that was the moment (7/26/07) where Star Trek was reborn.”

Voodoo, your words here gave me goosebumps.

21. harry kim - July 26, 2007

forget nimoy and jj. i miss berman. bring back berman! and garret wang too. 95-05 was treks golden era. i want a voyager movie, and so do u.

22. jonboc - July 26, 2007

I’m just glad they have Spock cast and in place so he can read with the actors trying out for Kirk. The Kirk/Spock chemistry is so important I’m glad that Quinto can actually read and interact with the possible Kirks so the best “on-screen” combo can be found.

23. Sleeper Agent X - July 26, 2007

re 9, 11 —

Don’t mean to rain on anybody’s parade, but Shatner is not confirmed to be in the new movie yet. When J.J. talked about trying to get him into the film, he also talked about the reasons they were having trouble–the part had to be right for the movie, they couldn’t just shove Shatner in there, it wouldn’t be right for the story, for Shatner, for the audience. To me, it almost sounded like him laying the groundwork for a later explanation as to why Shatner couldn’t be in the movie.

Again, not trying to be a downer. If J.J. and his team find a good way to incorporate Shatner into the movie, in a way that pleases them, I’m willing to see what they came up with. But on the other hand, I don’t think this is time for euphoria–the kind that could later turn into bitter disappointment and false accusations of J.J. being a liar, for example.

But no doubt about it, It IS a huge day for Star Trek. I think that panel gave everybody something to smile about. Something we fans haven’t had much reason to do, lately, eh?

24. Ro-Dan - July 26, 2007


Please tell me you’re joking.

25. Josh T. ( Kirk Lives!) Kirk Esquire' - July 26, 2007


Insert Shatner in the film as Kirk. Treat it as if he had never died. Do not acknowledge his death in a previous film. Prior to the release of the film, authorize a book tie-in or other media event depicting how Kirk was resurrected. There is no reason to over-think this issue. The film itself does not have to address why or how Kirk is there, some other media can depict that. Simply do it. It’s the human thing to do.

26. CmdrR. - July 26, 2007

Great work, Anthony! Thanks!!
(more more)

27. Shadow6283 - July 26, 2007



You ain’t seen nothing yet…

28. Adam Cohen - July 26, 2007

#19 Garth-

Amen, brother. I’m marinating in hype-juioes as we speak. Wait, that didn’t come out right!

29. Joe Camel - July 26, 2007

“Prior to the release of the film, authorize a book tie-in or other media event depicting how Kirk was resurrected.”

Shatner himself already wrote a book depicting Kirk being resurrected and it was plausible enough. The Borg found him.

30. THX-1138 - July 26, 2007

Thank you, Anthony. Indeed, this site is a blessing. I pressed an ear to the speakers and smiled widely as I saw Quinto and Nimoy together on stage. Abram’s on the right track in wanting to utilize Shatner properly and not just stick him into the movie awkwardly.

Here we go, my Trek brethren and sistren. The ride started today!

31. Xai - July 26, 2007

#9, 11… sorry guys, I predicted this back on the previous thread.. it’s MY prediction!!!

32. Robogeek - July 26, 2007

This was actually quite a historic moment – the first time in Star Trek’s 40-year history that a new actor has been chosen to succeed (not replace!) one of the original, magnificent seven. And on top of that we have Nimoy making a triumphant return to Star Trek, while giving the revival his blessing.

“And the adventure continues…”

33. Greg2600 - July 26, 2007

4 – I was a Star Wars kid right through Return of the Jedi, but with SW over, I quickly went to Star Trek full bore with ST V.

29 – The Shatner novels were great, and could very well fit in to whatever they did with this script, if Shatner appears. Again, I don’t think the problem they have is in working around Generations. Remember Shatner’s description of his conversation with the team was that they seemed excited and eager to work with him, and he was the harbinger of bad news about Kirk being dead. I just don’t think they’re all that concerned about that point. I would find it more difficult to insert Shatner into a script where Nimoy has a small role. I mean, you have to fit lines of dialogue and plot points for each role possibly into only a few scenes. If Nimoy plays a bigger part (which I doubt), you would have much more room to plug Shatner in.

Having listened to this video, rather than reading the print, I’m sort of with Sleeper in that J.J. put that out there to start with, but didn’t really elaborate. There’s also no guarantee they are scripting him as Kirk, although with Nimoy as Spock, that would be incredibly strange not to. The audience would be confused. I take J.J. at his word, and I am encouraged to hear that he did place an emphasis on making the role fit Shatner’s stature and make it dignified. Which kind of leans me back to Nimoy Spock being more than a cameo or a flashback. I’m personally vying against the flashback or “holodeck” scenario, because I find them contrived, unintelligent, and something Berman and Braga would have done. Lastly, I think J.J. and those guys are just genuinely giddy about making this movie. If nothing else, the fan in them definitely wants to get Shatner and Nimoy together on this movie. Forget Mr. Quinto, they’d be the heroes.

34. Xai - July 26, 2007

#14 Shadow

once again…. What are you talking about? No one is setting foot in your 1’x1′ piece of turf. Why be confrontational?

35. John - July 26, 2007

…..I just hope it does not involve time travel. I am tired of all the time travel.

36. Josh T. ( Kirk Lives!) Kirk Esquire' - July 26, 2007


Having read them more than several times, I would agree, however that’s not entirely what I meant. I was reffering more to some sort of “official” depiction directly related to the film that chronicles Kirks return. No need to waste film time apologizing for the bastard film Generations, treat it as much of fandom does, a non-entity, stick Kirk in, increase your exposure and media hype by having a companion peice to the film. A graphic novel, book, animated short, anything that shows why and How Kirk is in the film.

Shat…….Aaaaaahhhaaaaa…savior of the universe.

He’s for everyone of us. Drop kick every one of us.

Shat…..Aaaaaaaahaaaaa….savior of the Bermanverse.

37. Josh T. ( Kirk Lives!) Kirk Esquire' - July 26, 2007

I have a prediction of my own.

Spock and Fat Shat ( if involved ) will not be framing devices or bookends, but rather will interact with their younger selves.

Think the animated episode “Yesteryear.”

What would be horrific though is if Fat Shat and Young Shat tag the same chick simultaneously! TROIKA!

38. Charley W - July 26, 2007

I suspect Nimoy will be in a Generations-era frame story, probably rememicing about “The Good Old Days”. (A good chance to have a cameo or 3 with NG, DS9 or Voyager characters.); or even reading, or viewing Shatner’s memoirs. (Perhaps a Kitty Kelly-style ‘tell-all’?, where Spock says, “let me tell you what REALLY happened”.) This is the way to bring in Shatner- as a voice-over. That way you don’t have to deal with Shatner’s aging, or the events of Generations, and you get Shatnber. Everyone’s happy.

39. Charley W - July 26, 2007

I suspect Nimoy will be in a Generations-era frame story, probably rememicing about “The Good Old Days”. (A good chance to have a cameo or 3 with NG, DS9 or Voyager characters.); or even reading, or viewing Shatner’s memoirs. (Perhaps a Kitty Kelly-style ‘tell-all’?, where Spock says, “let me tell you what REALLY happened”.) This is the way to bring in Shatner- as a voice-over. That way you don’t have to deal with Shatner’s aging, or the events of Generations, and you get Shatner. Everyone’s happy.

40. Josh T. ( Kirk Lives!) Kirk Esquire' - July 26, 2007

I’m thinking geriatric Spock and Fat Shat must counsel or advise their younger selves to prevent some calamity, or offer sage advice to newbies under pressure, or cash a big PHAT azz paycheck.

At the end of the universe lies the beginning of bundles of fundage and cash.

41. John - July 26, 2007

Maybe Older Spock guides Younger Spock through his first mating ritual?

42. Josh T. ( Kirk Lives!) Kirk Esquire' - July 26, 2007

Kama-Spocktra : The Nimoy ediface

43. Josh T. ( Kirk Lives!) Kirk Esquire' - July 26, 2007

As long as they don’t go the route of “Broke-Trek mountain” we can all breath a sigh of relief.

“I can’t quit you Jim.”

44. Jeffrey S. Nelson - July 26, 2007

Let’s keep our fingers crossed they get Shatner.
And I’ll post this for the third or fourth time: check out actor Jesse Lee Soffer (Will Munson) on the CBS soap “As the World Turns.” A perfect young Kirk. J.J. … are you listening??

45. Aaron R. (Sisko loves Quinto too!) - July 26, 2007

I have to say a big thank you Anthony! I was not able to go to this event even though I really wanted to and when I saw Nimoy walk out on stage I got teary eyed…. You all know as well as me that if this project has Nimoys blessings it will at the very least be a good film. I am not saying great but surely good… And that is what we have been lacking for a while now a truly good Star Trek film…

Aaron R.

P.S. I couldn’t see for sure did Quinto do the hand gesture when he entered??? That is something Nimoy has always done and tingles ran up my spine… … …

46. Mateo - July 26, 2007

The most plausible way to deal with the Shat is to bring back the Nexus (don’t stop reading yet). Perhaps in the first five minutes of the movie, it dissolves (law of entropy) and vomits out its occupants across the galaxy.

Kirk wakes up on XYZ planet (Earth, Romulus, wherever) or some such place and is half brain-dead. Inhabitants of the world find him and recognize him (maybe it is a Federation planet) and Spock wisks his way across the galaxy to perform Vulcan mind wonders that will restore Kirk. Of course, to do his magic, he has to take Kirk on a trip down memory lane…

There…now pay me some moola.

47. StarTrek2 - July 26, 2007

Their just not putting all their eggs in one basket.
They might just be saving Shatner for the sequel…..

48. Anthony Pascale - July 26, 2007

you know some times I wish I were wrong.

In the past weeks I reported on the Nimoy thing, Quinto, attendees, the ‘stuff’, etc. I was kind of hoping to see something today that hasnt been reported yet. oh well….more fodder for ‘digging around’ I am sorry folks, but by being loyal readers of this site you knew everything already. Should I feel bad about that?

49. sean - July 26, 2007

I have to say Anthony, for the last 2 minutes there I thought the fans were revolting and you’d come under fire. “FILMED IN GLORIOUS NAUSEAVISION” :)

That aside, thanks for doing that. It sounds to me like these kids know what they’re doing, or at least know what they want to accomplish, and that’s to do a Star Trek movie that honors not only the original show & actors but revives the quality storytelling we’ve lacked after DS9 went off the air (that’s right, I said it).

And I realize it’s been said but for Nimoy to emphasize how much he believes in this script really reassures me. Now, if it was Shat on stage talking about ‘the great script’, hey, I’d be skeptical (he seemed to think Generations was a good idea not to mention Kirk vs God). Nimoy, on the other hand, has turned down several opportunities to reprise his role when he felt the material wasn’t good enough (and warned Shatman about both Trek V and Generations).

As for some return of the Nexus or guest appearances by TNG, DS9 or VOY characters…let’s not. I want a pure, unadulterated TOS film that takes the time to focus on those characters. I share the feeling that TNG was really given the finger by Berman & Co with their last two movies but that’s life. Time to focus on what works.

50. Aaron R. (Sisko loves Quinto too!) - July 26, 2007

I think old Spock will be seen at the memorial service for Kirk after he saved the enterprise B and we may also see Nichols, Takei or Koenig their to and maybe they get to talking… Recolecting…

What do you think?

51. John - July 26, 2007

No, they always have a “lets see the crew altogether at the same time having fun and talking before we send them off on their mission” type feeling.

Just get into the film, no cheesy set up….

52. Mateo - July 26, 2007


C’mon…the TNG crew onboard a sailing ship named Enterprise (chuckle, chuckle) on the holodeck at the beginning of Generations was no where near the cheesy setup to which you are alluding….

…Oh wait.

Well, what about when McCoy and Shatner and Spock were hiking in Yosem….

Ok, I see what you mean.

53. Heywood Jablome - July 26, 2007

Thanks for being there and satiating the rest of us drooling morons. I got all misty eyed when Nimoy came on stage…

54. Charley W - July 27, 2007

I agree that guest shots from the later series could easily be hokey (remember the last episode of ‘Enterprise’?). But it COULD be done well, if they cared to write it such.

Too bad Doohan (Scotty) and Kelly (McCoy) are dead. At least they both have been established as being in a NG-era setting. They also, along with Spock, had known Kirk the longest (non-canon).

Oh, please, don’t let the ‘big villian’ they’ve mentioned be Finnegan! Although using the character (along with others mentioned- Ruth, Carol M, Sam, Dr Piper, Capt Pike and Farroway) would show that the writers not only knew their stuff, but also be a nice nod to the fans.

55. Shadow6283 - July 27, 2007


Because it’s so much fun.

Now…make an appointment. I’m busy.


56. Flake - July 27, 2007

According to the Daily Star (UK Tabloid Newspaper) Robbie Williams is going to play Capt. Kirk!

57. trektacular - July 27, 2007

I don’t see why having Nimoy or Shatner is so great if its just an extended cameo? Isn’t that why Nimoy turned down Generations in the first place?
At least Kirk in Generations got to be involved in the story more and kicked the villains ass at the end. This seems to be even smaller than that, so whats the deal?

58. Charley W - July 27, 2007


“or even reading, or viewing Shatner’s memoirs”

Sorry, an error on my part. I, of course, meant “Kirk’s”.

59. Jeffrey S. Nelson - July 27, 2007

48. Anthony Pascale

Yes…but it’s J.J. Abrams who hasn’t closed the door on Shatner being in the film!!

60. Shadow6283 - July 27, 2007

Assuming Shatner’s appearing as himself, how will JJ frame this movie? Canon dictates he’s dead, so it has to take place before his trip on the ENT-B and/or during his retirement in STVI. What to do? Generations is really souring the pot here. What should JJ do?

Well, I think he should just throw it all out the window and do whatever the heck he wants, and set House Trek on fire, people. Canon’s irrelevant if you’re telling a good story. At least, that’s what I heard in the 90s. Who really pays attention to all that stuff anyway, especially if it’s forgettable in the first place?

Just wipe the slate clean and start all over. Second star on the right, and straight on ’till morning. Yeah.

The roof…
The roof…


61. Allister Gourlay - July 27, 2007

Very exciting… seeing Nimoy back as Spock is fantastic… gotta say casting Quinto as Spock is a stroke of genius, lets hope this all goes well!

62. Al - July 27, 2007

I hope JJ directs better than he talks – not the most articulate performance.

63. Ideen, Fakten und Gerüchte zu STAR TREK XI - Seite 54 - SciFi-Forum - July 27, 2007

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64. Demode - July 27, 2007

They could just re-release the Shatner book “THE RETURN” before the movie comes out. I’m sur ethat would make Shatner happy… lol… and a new audience could discove rthe book. It explains everything about how Shatner returns. Heck, they could even make an incredible animated movie of the RETURN for DVD or something. An easy way to bring in some of the TNG cast to do voice work.

65. Demode - July 27, 2007

They could just re-release the Shatner book “THE RETURN” before the movie comes out. I’m sure that would make Shatner happy… lol… and a new audience could discove rthe book. It explains everything about how Shatner returns. Heck, they could even make an incredible animated movie of the RETURN for DVD or something. An easy way to bring in some of the TNG cast to do voice work.

66. Al - July 27, 2007

We are forgetting something. My Dad is dead,but if I want to see him I put a videotape on. No reason at all that Kirk can’t appear in the movie if his appearance is in the form of a last will and testament or an after I am dead message played by Spock, not least one remembering his time at the Academy or whatever.

But please, only time travel forward at 60 second to the minute.

67. RaGhul - July 27, 2007

I truly doubt anyone’s glazzies will make it far enough down this message board to read my humble take on these announcements. But if you have…

Agreed with #51 and #52 : The all-too-common practice of late for the Trek handlers to throw in a token member from TOS to make the fans feel all gooey inside. And yes, you may argue that Nimoy isn’t just any token cast member, but remember how he was once lassoed by Paramount to inject ratings into TNG.

It’s all seems a little too “connect-the-dots”, “paint-by-numbers” for me. There have been many promising projects lately (including Star Trek) that got my hopes up, just to see them all become major let-downs:

Superman Returns
Spider-Man 3

All of these projects at the early stages – and sometimes right up until launch date or release – held the promise of some very good storytelling. But all fell flat on their faces.

An idea occured to me after watching the video and reading the posts:
What if Nimoy actually DID have a purpose in this movie? Wouldn’t it be cool if Spock is nearing the end of his life (sometime in the TNG/DS9/TNG era), and upon death realizes that once in every few millenia, a Vulcan is chosen to “relive” his/her own life? But not reborn in the new era… he actually steps into his own footsteps as his younger self!

Kind of a difficult concept to explain, but think Robin Williams in Jumanji. Remember how Alan and Sarah (Bonnie Hunt) finished the game in the end, and reverted back to children? Yet they retained the memories of their former lives?

Perhaps Spock was chosen because some events (as depicted in TNG/DS9/VOY) had taken the wrong course in our galaxy’s natural history, and Spock must fix what went wrong (a la “Quantum Leap”). But no one knows for sure WHAT those events were that must be changed, least of all Spock himself.

That would make Spock a wise sage of the Enterprise crew, sort of like Gandalf’s character in LOTR. It would give the new movie (or eventual series) a small dose of the supernatural/science. And it would finally give Nimoy the chance to make the first “meaningful” appearance by one of the TOS cast in the new universe, and not reduce him to a mere cameo.

But also, this would pave the way for a totally clean “reboot” of Star Trek.

I know, I know… probably too much to hope for, and I’ve seen my hopes trampled on more than once. So I prefer not to even THINK that this new movie will be any good at all.

And just maybe, I’ll get a nice surprise. ;)

68. Demode - July 27, 2007

#67 – I really don’t like the thought of the young Spock having all the memories of the old Spock. That just seems to strange to me, and not really something one would expect in Star Trek. Vulcans are not suppose to be magical (logical and spiritual, yes… but not magical.)

The young Spock and Kirk shouldn’t meet their older selves, imho. If they do, they should at least not realize that it is themselves. I really hope its about an older Kirk and Spock reflecting on the past.

69. totefin - July 27, 2007

kirk will comeback from the dead

because he was living in the nexus for one time he really is suspended animation until the nexus shows again in the future when spock is older and by the way i want jj abrams to show a ship called “uss berman” to be destroyed in one thousand pieces by kirk orders in battle.

70. totefin - July 27, 2007

new kirk should be:

ryan reynolds, david boreanaz, jamie bamber, corey haim , sean astin, javier barden, gerard butler, the guy who played maddrox in x-men3, hayden christiansen, leo dicaprio, james van der berk, shia labeouf, mark paul gosselar, ewan mcgregor, etc

71. Harry Kim - July 27, 2007

I think Abrams and nimoy should stop work on this and that Paramount should Bring Back Berman! and Garret Wang – yep thats right – I want a Voyager movie!! – and so do you

72. Trevok - July 27, 2007

Anthony, thanks for the information, glad to hear about Nimoy and Quinto and looking forward to more casting news.
Great site keep the good work up.

73. totefin - July 27, 2007

i think spock fires a genesis torpedo to the surface of planet veridian and brings kirk to live

74. Bart - July 27, 2007

Abour Shatner: first of all HE AGREED with killing Kirk in Generations. No complains now!

75. totefin - July 27, 2007

i think spock should fire a genesis torpedo to the surface of planet veridian and brings kirk to life. or future guy from enterprise takes kirk from his era only for a day or a week, or mirror kirk is in fact real kirk because they swuitched, this is a fantasy world , kirk can return in any form including via holodeck, via Q, Q2, or even we can go to starfleet museum and see that nexus duplicates kirk and one of the kirks is in astral form inside the enterprise b or still in the nexus i just think this things in ten minutes im sure any internerd can find a way to bring back kirk and then tell it to abrams.

76. Matt - July 27, 2007

That’s an interesting theory #67. Especially considering Quinto stated it was “up to [Nimoy]” how much his performance would be influenced by Nimoy.

77. ZoomZoom - July 27, 2007

*74- I think Shatner regretted allowing JTK to be killed off pretty quickly after the movie. Its not new- but it is a shame he went along with it back then.
However- we NEED him in this movie. No choice really. Personally i’d just ignore/forget Generations. Don’t even bother to explian it away. :-D

78. ZoomZoom - July 27, 2007

*74- I think Shatner regretted allowing JTK to be killed off pretty quickly after the movie. Its not new- but it is a shame he went along with it back then.
However- we NEED him in this movie. No choice really. Personally i’d just ignore/forget Generations. Don’t even bother to explian it away. :-D

79. Herbert Eyes Wide Open - July 27, 2007

#.74 Bart

I don’t think the Shat is complaining… I think he just wants to make things right in the universe. I’m sure he feels a little guilty… a little duped… and a little dirty (and not in a good way) about his culpability in Generations.

My understanding of the whole KIrk-Death-Generations fiasco was Berman told the Shat he’d have a great death scene on THE Bridge… not A bridge.

Yeah, yeah… I know the Shat should’ve read the script more carefully but Berman kept putting cash on the script as Shat was finishing… singles… fives… tens… even twenties! It’s hard to focus on the story when that kind of money continues to block your concentration and vision. :)

80. Jon - July 27, 2007

Why is this being reported everywhere? Surely not? Robbie Williams as Kirk?

81. Adam Cohen - July 27, 2007


I checked my calendar and it’s not April 1. What is all this Robbie Williams as Kirk talk? Frankly, I am scared. Robbe is scary– look at what drinking, smoking and drug use does to a person’s face! He looks like he’s 50!

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83. totefin - July 27, 2007

picard, after his return from veridian tells spock the location of kirk´s grave, time later, spock with sulu, uhura and chehov,collect the body, and put kirk in a frozen chamber until he discovers during the following decades an ancient vulcan way to resurrect kirk. this can be told in five minutes during the initial credits or trhough the movie. and this way he have picard, kirk, spock, sulu,chejov and uhura all in one movie and we can during the movie remenber maccoy and scotty if abrams wants ideas he can contact me ;)
kirk´s corpse has residual energy of the nexus and can stay fresh during some months so spock has time to collect it

or perhaps kirk fakes his own death and let picard think of his demise. when picard goes, kirk raises from his grave because he can make his vital signs go very slow. he is so devastated because nexus is an ilusion so he prefers to be alone, steal soran’s spaceship an go to an orion slave girls outpost for the rest of his live until he is recognized by spock years later

84. Lao3D - July 27, 2007

Wow that’s certainly a lot of smoke there about Williams… any fire Anthony??

Thanks for the video — striking how similar in build Quinto and Nimoy were standing side by side. Very cool!

I liked the bits where you panned up to the screen — if you’re stuck in a similar spot some other time, I’d go with that angle. Distorted, but bigger at least!

85. Hi its HARRY KIM again - July 27, 2007

at the next Comic Con I wanna see Kate Mulgrew, Garret Wang and Rick Berman on stage taking about how they took over from Abrams , Nimoy, Shatner, Quinto etc after their ST film fell through and are about to start shooting what fans have been crying out for since 2002…..


86. Bart - July 27, 2007

The biggest fiasco of Generations was to destroy the Enterprise-D. It’s like killing the main character of the show.

87. Bart - July 27, 2007

If they would set the movie during the time of the refitted Enterprise, or even the Enterprise A. That ship still looks damn good, even today! She is a beauty and can easily figure in a modern sci-fi story. Also her interiors wouldn’t have to be modified too much, the sets are gorgeous (especially how they were used on TNG).

88. ZoomZoom - July 27, 2007

Robbie Williams as Kirk?
Put simply, my interest in this film would be finished should that one ever happen. The mans an bloody idiot.
Angry at the thought of it.

89. Driver - July 27, 2007

A few scenarios;
Spock clones Kirk on Romulus.
Alternate universe “evil” Kirk comes back.
Spock goes into the Nexus and pulls Kirk out.
Kirk’s disembodied Big Giant Head communicates via hologram ala Marlon Brando in “Superman”.
Interactive TNG style hologram with Kirk.

90. Sleeper Agent X - July 27, 2007

I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again because what J.J. said yesterday appears to back me up on this–it’s not enough just to throw out “scenarios” for Kirk’s return. They’ve already got a script, and what sounds like from all the participants involved, a great story. They’re not going to muck that all up by just “shoving” any old bring back Kirk scenario in there–J.J. specifically said they weren’t just going to shove Shatner in, because the part has to be right for the story.

Throwing out ideas as to how they could bring Shatner back may be fun at this stage, but I wouldn’t put too much stock in any of them until we know more about the story. None of these scenarios might fit the film at all. Certainly some them are a bit too fannish to appeal to the general audience.

91. snake - July 27, 2007

I’m assuming the Williams rumour is a joke…That clown was also linked to 007

But i just do not get why he’s linked with Kirk? It would be like saying a monkey is gonna play Kirk (which incidently is what Williams looks like)

92. Woulfe - July 27, 2007

What If.

Old Kirk doesn’t show up ’till near the end of the new film ?

Wouldn’t it spoil the ending if they leaked out that Shatner is in the film then found out that he doesn’t show up ’till near the end of it ?

Could that be why everyone is being so hush-hush.

– W –
* Just a thought *

93. trekmaster - July 27, 2007

Are there more Paramount panels left? Need more Star Trek information!!!! :-)

94. trekmaster - July 27, 2007

I could imagine that it would be a big surprise to show Shatner in the end of the movie. And the circumstances of his return will be explained in Trek XII….

95. ZoomZoom - July 27, 2007

Williams is, if nothing else, a brilliant self publicist. As Snake correctly says, he was also linked -by himself no doubt- to 007.
I’m praying this is also no more than him stroking his huge ego again.

96. Robert April - July 27, 2007

Did someone actually post between #84 and #86?

97. Darren - July 27, 2007

Okay, we need to help them come up with ways to bring back Shatner as Kirk. Here’s a random list of options I came up with:

– Older Spock interacts with a holodeck Kirk in the 24th century, though very unsatisfying for fans and the easiest options I guess

– Ignore death in Generations, count the Shatner resurrection novels as canon and have them acknowleged in a piece of diologue only

– Explain his resurrection in an opening narration

– Show his resurrection on screen, though this could possibly detract from the main story of the film

– Kirk infact didn’t die on Veridian 3, he unburried himself, and went to live in the forrests for 13 years until Spock found him somehow haha

– Kirk and Spock pre-Generations, though would be hard to disguise aging and would be unsatisfying like the holodeck scenario

– Spock retrieves Kirk from the Nexus, tying back to ST2/3 where Kirk brought back Spock. Could be explained in some kind of surreal opening montage

– Kirk somehow talks to Spock “from the dead”/Nexus(?) throughout their parts in the film, and it is only at the end where Kirk is finally resurrected back to life in the 24th century. Something about the story of their younger selves triggers the way for Kirk to come back. This could be massive is pulled off right.

Seriously though, nothing would make me happier regarding this film than to have Kirk and Spock have a happy ending, ala ST6 again. It HAS to be fixed, and this is the last and best chance.

98. ZoomZoom - July 27, 2007

#97- I SINCERELY hope #85 is correct, and its only smoke. JJ commenting that Williams would be great does give me theshudders though.

99. oddballuk - July 27, 2007

#96 I nearly fell in my rubbish bin at my desk when I read Robbie ruddy Williams is in talks to play kirk.
I would be absoloutely horrified if he played Captain James Kirk.

All I could see is that smarmy smile he does in them self obsessed videos he does.

100. Robert April - July 27, 2007

Uh, what I meant was did someone actually bother to post between #85 and #87, sorry.

Voyager? C’mon.

101. snake - July 27, 2007

If shatners to be in it as Kirk it would have to be pre Gen..with abit of X MEN 3 de-aging

Theres NO WAY Abrams would reference The nexus, Generations…etc

a) it was a lame film and b) it would present too much of a problem as how Kirk got ressurected.

Forget anything to do with post Generations Kirk – it aint gonna happen.

102. trekmaster - July 27, 2007

Ben Browder for Kirk! ;-)

BUT, Robbie Williams is better than Robin WIlliams…

103. John N - July 27, 2007

J.J. Abrams – “The truth is: it needs to be worthy of him – it needs to be worthy of you – it needs to be worthy to the movie. We cannot just shove him in. It would be a disaster. You would hate it, he wouldn’t like it…it would be bad. ”

Thank the stars that we have someone with a brain in charge of this thing.

I’ve only been saying this for the last year or so. Don’t listen to the fanboys J.J… only put Shatner in as Kirk if it serves the story. Don’t let a bunch of over-excited arm-chair directors who have never helmed a major motion picture tell you how to craft a story.

Everyone repeat after McCoy….

“I’m a (insert your profession here) dammit, not a successful Hollywood director!”

104. John N - July 27, 2007

#68 – RaGhul

That’s actually one of the more creative ideas I’ve seen posted on this site. A far cry better than how most people try to handle the resurrection of Kirk.

105. Sleeper Agent X - July 27, 2007

Re 104-

Hear, hear!

That quote you cited gave me the most hope that J.J. wasn’t just pandering to the fans that day, but is making his best, most sincere effort to make this a quality movie everybody can enjoy and be proud of.

And the fact Nimoy went out of his way to praise the script, even mentioning that’s not something he does lightly? I am VERY excited about the potential for Trek XI to be great!

106. snake - July 27, 2007

re Nimoy….

Dosnt he look great for his age?

I cant believe hes gonna be in the film actually AS SPOCK!!

All the is shatner gonna be in it or not has sorta stolen abit of thunder from the fact that Nimoy has agreed to be in it..which is extreamly promising considering he wont touch anything to do with trek unless its excellent..(ok i know he did Trek V but that was as a favour to Bill) plus he’s come out of retirement for this…..Its all very promising for a truely great Trek film….

I assume he’ll not just be there for his role but also as a sort of mentor for both Quinto and Abrams (after all he did direct Treks III and IV and did loads for VI – writing, producing etc..)

107. snake - July 27, 2007

also…in a way this film can sorta be seen as Star Trek VII – a proper TOS movie….the first since 1991 (i know Generations was VII but it was more a TNG movie)

108. ZoomZoom - July 27, 2007

Nimoy won’t touch Trek if it isn’t good? er, The Next Gen eps are widely regarded as pretty sucky I do believe. They certainly bored me once I got past the thrill of seeing Spock again.

109. VOODOO - July 27, 2007


Much respect to Xai who called this scenario weeks ago while many of us were in panic mode about Shatner be excluded.

110. VOODOO - July 27, 2007


Much respect to Xai who called this scenario weeks ago while many of us were in panic mode about Shatner be excluded.

111. snake - July 27, 2007

109 – those were intended as a promotion for Trek VI which LN was heavily involved in producing..

the 1st ep was pretty good.

112. El Barto - July 27, 2007

Long time / first time

is the script locked down?

If the script is wonderfui, if nimoy loves it etc… why are they ‘figuring out a way for Shatner to be in it’?

if they are working out a way for shats presence be meaningful to the story / character, then that would suggest the script is not ready

113. VOODOO - July 27, 2007

ST XI should in essence work as a companion piece piece to to ST III where Kirk went back for Spock.

Spock should somehow go back (into the nexus) to save Kirk.

The circle would be complete + both could ride off into the sunset.

That is the ending I want.

114. Admiral_Bumblebee - July 27, 2007

#98 If the resurrection of “old” Kirk is tied in with the story regarding young Kirk and Spock this wouldn’t detract from the main story. Spock remembering the first mission while searching for a way to bring back Kirk from the dead.
A holodeck-version Kirk would be lame and would not be worthy of Shatner and Kirk.
Setting it before Generations would be lame and would really be hard to explain due to the age of the actors.

Maybe some sort of time-travel story… Spock remembers that during their first mission something happened and realizes that the “old” Kirk and Spock helped back then. So Spock sees that he has to resurrect Kirk and travel with him back in time to save their younger selfs and the future…

115. Dr. Image - July 27, 2007

Anyone for some good old Braga-bashing for perpetrating Generations?

I still say: It’s revealed that here’s a Kirk clone running around ala Ripley. I dunno, some covert Starfleet experiment years ago. He doesn’t quite remember who he is (was) because there was some technical screw up. Spock finds him and helps “restore” his memory engrams. Ta-da! Shatner’s in. (Go ahead, JJ, use it- just gimme credit.)

Oh, and PLEASE cast an unknown as young Kirk.

116. Pr011 - July 27, 2007

I find it hard to believe that they don’t have a Kirk even in mind yet – which is implied when JJ asks the audience for ideas. They must be in near to final negotiations for someone. They’re filming in November and the lucky actor needs to clear his schedule.

He’s just teasing us. Imagine the publicity when they announce who it’s going to be. Remember when Daniel Craig was announced for 007, and he was driven to a press conference by a Royal Marine landing craft on the Thames, dressed like Bond and all.

The announcement will be something like that – huge, overpowering and hopefully a great day for trek.

117. snake - July 27, 2007

116 – Berman and Branga etc Killed off Kirk becasue they approached Generations with a ‘kitchen sink’ mentality – have Kirk ..then kill kirk…then destroy the Ent D…in the hope that it would make loads and loads of $s…

turned out to make only a little more than VI…


generations was one of the worst Trek films…along with Nemesis and Insurrection.with gaping plot holes and a stupid story. (Nexus – LMAO)

Shatner only did it cause he thought that was it for his involment for Trek – how was he supposed to know 13 years down the line theyd be doing this film?

In fact he seemed to regret doing it quite soon after…hence his novels…

118. Bully - July 27, 2007

I’m giggling about the demands for more information. How much info do you think you will get on a movie that has only just started revealing its public casting and is only in pre-production?

Let J.J. and the folks at Paramount do their work. We’ll find out about it later on; movie studios don’t operate in total secrecy. And let them make the movie they’re gonna make. It will swim or sink on its own merits and must appeal to more than just us, so the finished product is the only thing worth judging. If it’s good, fantastic. If it’s bad, well, we don’t have to see it. More than once.

119. totefin - July 27, 2007

the misterious black probe from outer espace (st4 voyage home) returns and this time is looking for the responsibles of saving the whales.

When te occupants of the probe realizes that such hero is dead they save kirk from being dead

120. snake - July 27, 2007

no it’ll be Sybok who has been resurrected and possesed by the ‘God’ thing who comes to find Kirk – resurrects him and proceeds to watch him ‘die…horribly’ until Spock intervines…then Sybok travells back to the past to prevent K and S ever meeting so Kirk wont interfere with Syboks plans to take the ship to Sha Ka Ree but on the way Sybok falls in love with a 20 year old Janice Rand

Stars Sean Connery as Sybok..(thats why he wasnt in Indy 4)…

121. Elrond L - July 27, 2007

Anthony, thanks so much for breaking the news yesterday! To answer your question in #48, I was thrilled just to have the Spock news confirmed. Actually, JJ’s desire to get Shatner as Kirk was a welcome surprise, after all the rumors and discussion the last few weeks.

Great job on the video, too! I felt like a little kid when Nimoy come out. His happiness with the script speaks volumes– he has been the unofficial caretaker of Star Trek since shepherding STVI, and his participation in this movie is a huge statement. The whole team just feels right . . . finally, Star Trek is back, and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks again, Anthony.

122. snake - July 27, 2007

makes you wonder why they decieded to stop doing the films with the original cast in the first place…

123. Kathleen Mary - July 27, 2007

Guys – I am 55 years old. I was 16 when the first star trek came out in 1966. I loved the show and went through my crazy ‘trekky’ stage back then. But now? I never liked STNG, much, too preachy, too little real adventure and almost entirely predictable – though I loved the Klingons, they still seemed natural and interesting. The movies except for ‘Wrath of Khan’ were pretty much disappoints, though I cried like a kid when Kirk died. The rest of the spin offs were OK and I watched several of them, though not faithfully. I got tired with the preachy aspects of the later shows, they became way too much PC. A little knocking heads together was called for.

I don’t believe they bring back the magic, people…. you can’t go home ago, you can’t lose the years between then and now, no more than I can be 16 years old, again. It was a something to remember like the neighborhood you loved when you were a kid – but is now just a memory. To recreate it with new actors and our new technologies is almost – sacrilegious.. I won’t be going to it. I will order it from the library when it comes out on DVD – its going to be a disappointment no matter how impressed it seems to others.

124. snake - July 27, 2007

124 – have fun

125. Robert April - July 27, 2007

#124 “To recreate it with new actors and our new technologies is almost – sacrilegious.. I won’t be going to it. ”

You are in the minority.


P.S. I also watched TOS first run. And while they won’t be able to RECREATE the magic that was TOS, J.J and crew SHOULD be able to create a little magic of their own. Especially if Shatner and Nimoy are together again. As for Quinto? I think he will prove to be a good choice.

126. Shadow6283 - July 27, 2007


Predicting the obvious is no feat of clairvoyance, but common sense, and that doesn’t merit any back slapping.

I’ve got 40+ years of hard experience in keeping Star Trek afloat after NBC cancelled it, and those wildnerness years in the early 70s. My “ESP” tells me: YOU DON’T LEAVE BILL SHATNER OUT OF A STAR TREK ORIGINS MOVIE. Duh. JJ knows that. I knew it all along, despite some of the more wishful thinking here declaring otherrwise. No big deal. It’s a given, after all.


127. Sleeper Agent X - July 27, 2007

Re 127 —

You always say you “knew it all along” Shadow! Knew that the new movie was going to be a reboot fiasco, knew that Shatner wasn’t going to be in it–now you know Shatner was going to be in it all along!

Shatner is still not a done deal yet, folks. If in the end he’s not in the movie will you go back to saying you “knew it all along,” Shadow?

Stay tuned…

128. billhardin22 - July 27, 2007

Anybody have any thoughts or comments on the new retro teaser poster?

I wonder if there is any “message” in the “inverted” style with the Original Series logo in black and the starfield inserted inside the logo as opposed to the classic version with the Original Series logo (in various colors according to season) superimposed over the starfield?

The first teaser poster obviously strongly hinted in its style that the new movie would definitely be TOS era and would most likely involve Kirk and Spock. So far, so good!

Does this new “inverted” style provide any hints as well? “Mirror” Universe maybe?

By the way, there is obviously a lot of passion and many different opinions on display on the site.

I would hope posters would be a little more tolerant and less critical of the opinions of others. Agree to disagree.

I don’t post often, but I really enjoy the posts and lively discussion. Especially from the regulars: Xai, Sleeper Agent X, Josh. T (Who is he today?), Lord Garth, VOODOO, Dennis Bailey, Adam Cohen, Buckaroohawk, Spockboy, and all of you others. Hey, Stanky! Don’t quit the family! The site is not nearly as much fun when your’e not around.

Anthony, you do a great job! Too bad you and the Net weren’t around in the 70’s and 80’s when we did this the first time!

Keep on Trekkin!

129. sean - July 27, 2007


Maybe I’m living in some kind of bubble, but I was always under the impression Unification was a pretty damn good episode. The first half features the last appearance of Mark Lenard as Sarek in one of the most emotional scenes in Trek history. Spock dealing with the death of his father was a pretty juicy storyline for Nimoy. I agree the second half was a little slow at times, but that was always a weakness in the TNG two-parters (aside from Chain of Command).

Regardless, it was a good Spock story, and that’s why Nimoy finally agreed to appear. He’d turned down opportunities at ‘glorified cameos’ before until they finaly presented him with something he could sink his teeth into. It’s on that basis I feel greater confidence in this project.

130. Shatner_Fan_2000 - July 27, 2007

I share the sentiments of everyone who’s excited about this. I’m THRILLED! Nimoy AS Spock … that lends this whole project an air of legitimacy that Trek hasn’t had in a long, long time. Good on them for not casting him as Sarek or some other character, that just wouldn’t have been the same. It’s also great to see Abrams, Quinto, etc. treat him with such reverence.

And I’m pleased to hear Abrams say he still wants Shatner – I agree w/ whoever said that Nimoy is probably doing his part behind the scenes to encourage that. I certainly hope Abrams isn’t just saying that to temporarily placate the fans. Get Shatner back, one way or another, JJ! Nimoy is awesome, but if you have him as Spock you must have SHATNER AS KIRK!! Why go only halfway?

My beloved TOS is returning. And I even love the poster! THE FONT is back!! :) Christmas day 2008 can’t come soon enough. I’m going to try to remain spoiler free and go to the first showing at midnight!

131. FlyingTigress - July 27, 2007


Re: the #2 teaser logo… Freud’s comment “Sometimes a cigar…” may be in order.

Beyond that? This is GREAT info!

132. Oceanhopper - July 27, 2007

I feel the need to give out a very Shatner-esque WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

I agree that Leonard Nimoy saying he really likes the script is a *very* strong endorsement that the movie at the very least kicks ass on paper. New fella looks promising too, so the vibes are good. I agree the cherry on the cake is if they can get the Shatmeister to appear too – then it would show the world that Trek still rules.

133. John N - July 27, 2007

Has anyone else noticed the DISTURBINGLY small number of red stars in the teaser poster? Here they go… SCREWING it up already!!!

Sorry… that was just a joke for all of you who have been at this site long enough to remember THAT common complaint in the early days of the remastering project. ;)

134. James Heaney (fka Wowbagger) - July 27, 2007

Ah… Tony, you rule.

135. Shadow6283 - July 27, 2007


Not much room in that USS Titan Archer-class Escape Pod, I’m guessing.

136. Greg2600 - July 27, 2007

I think Nimoy is just happy to be able to contribute again, without Berman around. I remember he and Shatner were none to pleased when DS9 did the Trials and Tribbleations episode, and they were not asked to participate. Let’s face it, under Harve, they ruled the roost.

As for calling things, I said the other day that I was hoping J.J. would not go with the excuse that they couldn’t write a fix to Generations. As for getting Shatner in the script, it’s hard to say what the difficulty is without knowing what the script is about. I personally wouldn’t think it would be that hard, just take put him in as the companion of Spock during his scenes. My guess is that Nimoy Spock probably takes a surrogate role in the film, when involved with his younger self, kind of like Mirror Spock in Shatner’s novels. Perhaps they don’t see Shatner Kirk as a sidekick, but he did give deference to Picard in Generations quite generously. He gave his freaking life. Perhaps the plot will be like TimeCop where someone tries to kill a younger version of their enemy? Not my idea of Star Trek though, but I’m not sure how they get young and old Spock together without that kind of hook. I am very hopeful there will be interaction, and not just a flashback.

137. Shadow6283 - July 27, 2007


Yeah. I’m guessing it’s a poster.

“Message”? No, aside from telling me it’s a poster for Star Trek, and that some folks need to quit reading too much into nothing.

138. Irene - July 27, 2007

Hi, # 129 – bill hardin 22, Anthony WAS around in the 70’s and 80″s …
as a wide-eyed, inquisitive, amazing kid. Now he is a ‘Trek Key’ of the First Order. I am his Mom …. and, by the way, to ALL of you … your comments, your perceptions, your knowledge, and your insights ….
you help to make this site Shantastic !

139. Ivory - July 27, 2007

Several people (fellow fanboys/fangirls) were excited to hear that Leonard Nimoy was coming back to Star Trek.

When I told Shatner might be coming back they got truly excited.

I really think the two of them on screen one last time is what people want.

140. Nostromo - July 28, 2007

My gut feeling about this is that the ‘Nimoy as Spock’ cameo will be a brief, framing appearance not a fully fledged storyline in its own right; and that the difficulty in introducing Kirk, therefore, is having to explain how he came to be alive: it introduces a requirement for awkward exposition into a sequence that is primarily intended to be short and nostalgic.

Obviously we won’t know anything for sure until much further down the road.

141. Greg2600 - July 28, 2007

I really do feel like getting Nimoy and Shatner, and only having them do a flashback, would be a bummer for me. But if they were to do that, they should at least place it after Generations (Enterprise-B), having a scroll on the bottom saying “300 years in the future” (aka 2308). And not use CGI on them, or very little. That way, you bring back Kirk and Spock for the fans, give the dignity to the actors by not CGI’ing them. If they choose to set the flashback moment before Generations, with CGI, it’s going to look like Riker and Troi in Enterprise finale (ridiculous). If you set it after Generations 2371 where Spock is mourning the death of Kirk, what does that give? A lot of angry BBKers and Berman bashers.

142. Xai - July 28, 2007

#127 Shadow6283

I am sure you are the hit of your neighborhood with your “40 years of Trekking” and the condescending attitude…. but it’s now a yawner. Try respecting others opinions and comments without the stomp and heel-grind. Even you may surprised what you may learn.

Hey, thanks for the compliments. You and I have differing opinions of some things Trek, but not all. I was pleased and surprised by your kind comments. Thanks again.

143. billhardin22 - July 28, 2007

#138 Shadow 6283

You know, I’ve been Trekking for 40 years myself. You are one of the posters who needs to be less critical and more accepting of the opinions of others.

You may disagree, but rudeness is really not becoming.

As Xai suggests, the condescension is really wearing thin.

Try adopting the style of Flying Tigress. I can handle differing opinions.

If you are my age, you should be able to as well.

144. RaGhul - July 28, 2007

Okay…. first of all:

Alot of the thread’s discussion has turned to “How can Kirk be included in the next film?”

I know most of you are jumping on this because of a very brief comment by Abrams, but don’t let your anticipation get the better of you. None of us REALLY knows what they’re up to. Truth is, I doubt THEY (the producers, writers, etc.) know either. It’s common knowledge that scripts get edited right up to filming, and sometimes scripts are even re-written in the middle of the shoot!

My comments are what I’d LIKE to see, not what I EXPECT to see. If you want to speculate, feel free. But make an effort to go outside every now and then and get some fresh air. Don’t lock yourself up in a closet pondering Star Trek XI for the next year and a half.

But… back to Kirk.
WHY? Hey, Shatner’s a great actor, no doubt. But it’s kinda like Ford stepping in Indy’s shoes again for one last ride. Does he really need to milk the cow for one more paycheck? It reminds me of that skit from “In Living Color” where the crew of the Enterprise are all on the bridge in wheelchairs and canes! C’mon, people…

And most of the ideas for bringing him back involve the NEXUS. Are you shitting me? The NEXUS?? It was a sad plot device in Generations. Do we really want THAT?

Oh, and as for the “Spock is reflecting on his life” bit:
That may very well be their plans for Nimoy. And if so, it’s quite sad. For it’s a worn-out idea that’s been recycled more than McDonald’s hamburger meat. But more importantly, with Nimoy looking back on the past, that makes for a future that’s set in stone. In other words, what would change? What are we looking forward to here?

Let’s do a TRUE reboot, that doesn’t totally blasphemy Star Trek, but at least puts a twist on it. I love the amazing job the cast and crew of Smallville have done. For me, it’s the best treatment of Superman thus far.

Otherwise… “Spock remembering the past…” will be like the Star Wars prequels. “Oh, is that Anakin guy gonna turn into Darth Vader?” “Oooh, who’s this Darth Sidious? Is he that Emperor guy from the first trilogy?”

We already knew, so we didn’t care.

145. Shatner_Fan_2000 - July 29, 2007

#145: “WHY? Hey, Shatner’s a great actor, no doubt. But it’s kinda like Ford stepping in Indy’s shoes again for one last ride. Does he really need to milk the cow for one more paycheck?”

YES. In both cases. Indiana Jones returning is a GREAT idea, since that character was always very vulnerable and human, and was shown in the tv series to have adventures spanning many decades. Come next spring, Spielberg, Lucas and Ford are gonna show all the heartless wanna-be action franchises how it’s done!

As for Shatner as Kirk, Nimoy is back as Spock, so why the hell not? Shatner looks great for his age and is still a great performer, arguably better than he’s ever been. And if you don’t like the Nexus (and I don’t blame you for that), how about a little device known as The Guardian of Forever? Or simply some powerful new alien technology? The writers should be able to come up with SOMETHING.

146. Xai - July 29, 2007

First they gotta sign him and I don’t think it’s for lack of trying. But we’ll see….

#144 Billhardin22
Thanks, for echoing the opinion and a good mention in another or your posts.

147. RaGhul - July 29, 2007


I echo that. It’s nice when we can keep things civil. But alot of times, these threads turn into a written “Jerry Springer” episode.

Then again… Springer can be VERY entertaining. :P

148. RaGhul - July 29, 2007


I echo that. It’s nice when we can keep things civil. But alot of times, these threads turn into a written version of a “Jerry Springer” episode.

Then again… Springer can be VERY entertaining. :P

149. Kaye Irene - August 19, 2007

Vulcans live more than 150 years so only Nimoy “Spock” will be available in present stardate. i hope we can see the Romulan-Federation Peace Treaty after Nemesis which Spock is greatly involved because he is staying at Romulus in present stardate. I think the movie is more on like this and then Spock will tell a story and then flashback early missions with Kirk and the TOS Crew. It’s more like what’s happening to Spock after 90 years then currently living in Romulus and then remembering his untold memorable days with the TOS crew. As JJ said we should respect the continuity and canon of Star Trek so i think it will be hard for Shat to appear in this movie. We all love Shat but we should respect the storyline because i love all Star Trek Series TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY and little ENT. The continuity is the only thing that hooked me in watching Star Trek because it makes the storyline rich and expandable. After this movie they should consider creating new Star Trek at present star date after TNG/VOY era with new capt, new ship, new crew and new gadgets to continue the story. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.