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Russell Crowe As ‘Star Trek’ Villian? August 8, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Rumor,ST09 Cast , trackback

Multiple reports (including’s sources) have indicated that Paramount and the Star Trek film makers want to balance the lesser-known actors of the main cast with some big name stars. They are determined to have the new Star Trek appeal to a much wider audience than previous Trek films and well known stars are part of that plan. The likely spots for the big names would be for Captain/Fleet Captain Pike and for the villain. IGN recently hinted they had heard about interest in a very big name for the villain and now they have revealed that name to be none other than Oscar winning actor Russell Crowe. However, they also noted this was only interest and that their source ‘seriously doubted’ that Paramount and Abrams could convince the busy star to make time available from his other big film projects. Although it is likely that Crowe will not be the one, it is an indication of the caliber and star power they are looking for.

A great bad guy
Little is known about the film’s villain. Recently co-writer Alex Kurtzman stated that he hoped that the new Star Trek will evoke the same response and have the same effect on the franchise as as Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan, including having an ‘incredibly great bad guy.’ Assuming the Crowe rumor to be true, then we know that the villain will be a male with a commanding presence. Ironically if they were making this film a decade ago, Crowe would be an ideal candidate for Captain Kirk himself. Many consider his 2003 film Master and Commander to be one of the best Star Trek movies ever made (even though it is actually set in Napoleonic times).

History of Trek Villains

Every Star Trek film has had some fort of adversary or villain. All but two of them were played by actors, with two being ‘entities.’ Mostly they have been played by well known accomplished character actors. Trek’s most famous villain was played by Ricardo Montalban who was starring in the hit TV show Fantasy Island at the time of the film. Trek has never had a bonafied star of the level of Russell Crowe. Over half the villains have been aliens. Khan was human, but genetically enhanced. Shinzon was also human, but was a clone who had gone through accelerated growth. It might be interesting to see a plain ordinary human villain for once. Below is a chart Trek’s villains.

Film Villain/Adversary   Actor
The Motion Picture V’Ger AI Entity
The Wrath of Khan Khan Noonien Singh Genetically Enhanced Human Ricardo Montalban
The Search for Spock Kruge Klingon Lord/Ship Captain Christopher Lloyd
The Voyage Home The Whale Probe Unkown Alien Device
Final Frontier Sybok Renegade Vulcan Laurence Luckinbill
The Undiscovered Country Gen. Chang Klingon Military Leader Christopher Plummer
Generations Tolian Soran El-Aurian Scientist Malcolm McDowell
First Contact Borg Queen Cybernetic Humanoid Alice Krige
Insurrection Ru’afo Son’a leader F Murray Abraham
Nemesis Shinzon Accelerated Human Clone of Picard Tom Hardy
Star Trek ? ? ?


1. pcumby - August 8, 2007


2. Father Rob - August 8, 2007

It is interesting to see Paramount going for a big name actor for a villan role. It could draw fans of non-Trek media in while making us ‘geeks’ feel less ‘geeky’….

Naah ;)

3. cheer - August 8, 2007

Seems very unlikely, but hey, I’d love it if they really got him.

And I do agree that Master and Commander is one of the best Trek movies ever made.

4. DavidJ - August 8, 2007

It seems like every Star Trek movie that comes along there are rumors of a big actor being attached as the villain. It never happens.

Abrams involvement might attract someone bigger than in the past, but I doubt they’ll be A-list.

5. THEETrekMaster - August 8, 2007

*sigh* Again….why does there have to be a “villain”? What is this? A James Bond movie? Star Wars? Ugh.

Story driven conflict, folks…they made 79 episodes of the original series pretty much without having a “villain”…


6. JB - August 8, 2007

The risk is that a Russell Crowe would steal the show, as Nicholson did in Tim Burton’s Batman. All the other characters would be wimps in his presence. Those of you that saw Master & Commander and Gladiator know what I’m talking about. It’d take a damn good actor as Kirk to prevent that from happening.

7. Ky-Malairn - August 8, 2007

Re: #4
David, I’ll go one better. In addition to always wanting a big name to fill the big shoes of the villain role doesn’t every director on every Trek feature compare his current, uncast villain to Khan?

Didn’t Shatner say something along those lines when hinting at Sybock??

This time out I pray its not just another Trek tease . I really hope Abrams and his crew can deliver a truly memorable, despicable villain. I want to be quoting this guys threats to Kirk when I leave the theater!


8. Mark - August 8, 2007

“IGN recently hinted they had heard about interest in a very big name for the villain and now they have revealed that name to be none other than Oscar winning actor Russell Crowe. However, they also noted this was only interest and that their source ’seriously doubted’ that Paramount and Abrams could convince the busy star to make time available from his other big film projects.”

So they want a villain like Russell Crowe, but it won’t be Russell Crowe. Kinda like the Python skit about the “News for Parrots”:

“Good evening. Here is the news for Parrots. No parrots were involved in an accident on the M1 today when a lorry carrying high-octane fuel was in collision with a bollard. That’s a bollard and not a parrot. A spokesman for parrots said he was glad no parrots were involved. The Minister of Technology today met the three Russian leaders to discuss a £4 million airliner deal. None of them went in the cage, or swung on the little wooden trapeze or ate any of the nice millet seed yum, yum. That’s the end of the news, now our program for parrots continues with part three of ‘A Tale of Two Cities’, specially adapted for parrots by Joey Boy. The story so far….”(and it goes on from there.)

9. Harry Ballz - August 8, 2007

Our new Kirk should have such a commanding presence, it will be child’s play for him to eat Crowe! Nyuk, nyuk….

10. Andrew J Robertson - August 8, 2007

#5, those are exactly my thoughts. Something akin to V’Ger would be the most villianous role I’d want to see in the movie. Perhaps some Klingons in the background trying to cause trouble (as in ST V) wouldn’t hurt. But just give us a really good sci-fi concept for this movie.

11. Hooah Wife and friends » Blog Archive » Star Trek News - August 8, 2007

[…] 1) Paramount may be interested in having Russell Crow play a villain in the movie. I’d like to see that actually. Crow is a great actor. […]

12. Harry Ballz - August 8, 2007

They’ve been hinting for a while that there is probably going to be a terrorist plotline to the new movie. I think Russell Crowe could play a very convincing terrorist/villian, don’t you?

13. Magic_Al - August 8, 2007

I’m so sick of Paramount looking at Wrath of Khan like it’s a template. We hear some variation of “it’s going to be like Wrath of Khan” before every movie. Nemesis was the most blatant copy of Wrath of Khan and it was the worst movie (yes, even worse than Star Trek V if you take special effects out of the comparison).

The most successful and broadly popular film was the one with no villain character, The Voyage Home. Paramount thinks that one was successful because it had humor.

If they TRY to copy their own success they WILL fail. Star Trek can successfully steal from other genres but it can’t steals from itself worth spit.

14. New Horizon - August 8, 2007

Yeah, if all they’re going to do is cheap out with YET ANOTHER VILLAIN, then I have some serious doubts about this movie and those writing it. No offense to Roberto Orci, if he’s reading this, but Star Trek is about so much more than villains. Khan was a one time thing….and I really wish film makers would stop trying to top him. It’s a waste of time…come up with something original…some high level sci fi.

Oh, and while I’m at it. If this ‘get shatner into the film’ absolutely must happen, why not just have Spock conversing with Kirk in a dream….Kirk says something in the dream that touches Spock, and upon waking…he embarks on whatever journey is planned for him in this film. Kirk gets to make an important contribution to Spock’s journey and nobody has to go to any ridiculous lengths to bring Shatner back from the dead.

15. 1701 over Gotham City - August 8, 2007

I have to admit… I also get a red flag with the word “villian”, and comparisons to Trek II.

To me, Trek II is the all time movie… ever, trek or otherwise. But There are other tales to tell, and there doesn’t HAVE to be a villian.

But, my real encouragement is still Nimoy’s endorsement/involvement.

16. Duane Boda - August 8, 2007

Ok…..perhaps Russell Crowe could fill in the shoes of a villain – acting wise but so many other well and better established actors on this entire planet could they find someone better? The only thing that comes to mind when I think of this actor is conflicts with the law (fights) and numerous other bags of goodies that are just pure trouble.
Is this is what they truly want? They can get a lot better and should try before lowering their standards for this guy….Lord Knows I would.

17. New Horizon - August 8, 2007


You’re absolutely right about The Voyage Home, and you know what…I think that film would have been very successful even if the humor had been toned down and not quite so broad. The humor in Trek 4 fit the setting at least…after that, they just kept trying to shoehorn lame jokes into Trek and it was horribly embarrassing.

18. Nelson - August 8, 2007

This is like the Christopher Reeve Superman film, where as he was unknown, and Hackman as Lex Luther was known. Makes sense, but he’ll get higher billing too. Could be odd to see a Star Trek film project where we don’t see Shatner/Nimoy/Stewart/Spiner getting top billing in the opening credits!

19. Pragmaticus - August 8, 2007

Anthony, I totally agree with you on Crowe as Kirk 10 years ago. In fact, I had been thinking that very thought no less than a week ago.

20. Duane Boda - August 8, 2007

The Voyage Home worked because they placed the Crew in setting – background that most of us could relate to – to a varying degree, the fact that it had humor was a good thing but was just a small factor. We seen the characters as we might see each other and thats why it was such a success. It was simple character interaction on a familiar street.

21. Harry Ballz - August 8, 2007

Can Russell Crowe play a convincing villian? You bet! In real life he comes across as a heartless prick and that’s on a GOOD day!

22. JB - August 8, 2007

Well he certainly has the girth. Maybe he could borrow the Shat’s old girdle from season 3.

23. Duane Boda - August 8, 2007

That fact that he’s heartless and a real crud sure wouldn’t motivate me to see this film

24. Harry Ballz - August 8, 2007

It’s interesting when you think about the writer’s process for the plot of the new movie. Let’s say they wanted to show how Kirk and Spock first met and illustrate the circumstances that lay the foundation for a lifetime of respect, friendship and loyalty. That would probably mean one of them risking their life for the other early in the relationship. That would form THAT type of bond.If that’s the premise, then which is more compelling dramatically; Having one save the other from a circumstance/situation/natural disaster OR having one save the other from certain death at the hands of a worthy adversary? I think the latter is much more “up close and personal” and, it would seem, so do the writers! There’s hope yet!

25. JB - August 8, 2007

On the whole villain thing – I think there are some good points being raised here. “TWOK” should not be considered the only template for success, and the “villain” should be one who need not be evil in the traditional sense but whose goals and motives naturally put him/her at odds with our protagonists – a la Dr. Roger Corby in “What Are Little Girls Made Of?”, the Gorn captain in “Arena”, or Rojan in “By Any Other Name.” Those were good Star Trek “villains”. But please, no more Nomads & V’jers. Been there, done that, met the creator.

26. Camaro 09 - August 8, 2007

Crowe is a good actor,but he doesn’t do it for me in the Star Trek universe.

27. Harry Ballz - August 8, 2007

Don’t forget, in today’s newspapers they had an in-depth article about which stars bring in the best gross return at the box office compared to what they’re paid. Matt Damon was at the top and guess who was at the bottom? Russell Crowe, that’s who! Maybe J.J. and TPTB figure they can get an Oscar-winning “name” without having to pay too much for the privilege? Not to mention that after that damning report coming out, Crowe may be willing to “grace” a Star Trek film with his presence!

28. Bobby - August 8, 2007

I will not be quick to judge….because when i hear the word “VILLAIN”…it does not have to be a creature from another planet, or a human with super powers…

Perhaps the “villain” they are referring to in this film might just be the average corrupt politician…that KIRK ENDS UP BEATING TO A PULP to grab hold of his first command!!!

Just me thoughts.

29. Marvin the Martian - August 8, 2007

What if the villain in question is a renegade starship captain? It certainly would echo similar characters in TOS (“Omega Glory,” “Doomsday Machine”), and could attract A-list talent for the mere fact they wouldn’t have to suffer acting through a strange forehead appliance as the token strange alien.

Perhaps the character is one that both Kirk and Spock consider a mentor from their Academy days, but who now has an agenda that threatens the future of the Federation. (War with the Romulans, for example.) Kirk doesn’t want to take the guy out; Spock logically deducts that it must be done for the sake of the future. Ultimately, Kirk must whack the villain to spare Spock’s life.

Throw in a suspenseful and action-packed cat-and-mouse chase throughout uncharted and dangerous space which also highlights what each of the supporting characters brings to the table (and why we love them), and I’m so there.

30. Harry Ballz - August 8, 2007

#29 Yeah, what you said….

31. Bobby - August 8, 2007


Exacly! That constitutes a villain without the typical Trek villain pitfall cliche.

32. Chuck Amuck a.k.a. Shran from Memory Alpha - August 8, 2007

It was reported by IGN. That means it’ll never happen.

33. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - August 8, 2007

Russell Crowe as… (Drumroll please)…..

Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar!!!!!!

I approve of an actor of his esteem portraying myself

34. Duane Boda - August 8, 2007

Perhaps Crowe as a Renegade Captain might side with (TOS) first big Starfleet threat other then the custom aliens that we’re all familiar with. This would for a very interesting premise that could carry the Star Trek storyline in a whole new different direction but I’m just sitting on the edge here wishing for something that good….don’t think it will happen!

35. Bully - August 8, 2007

Only if Gwyneth Paltrow is playing Marta!

36. Josh T. ( Kirk keeps it real) Kirk Esquire' - August 8, 2007

Hell, if we are going this entirely sky’s the limit route,

why not Bobby Deniro as K’choo, Klingon warlord,
or Gene Hackman as Admiral Luther,
or a CGI Marlon Brando as a Fat Andorian arms trader named Yor-Hell,
or what about Denzel Washington as Ensign Washington?

Sean Connery could be “Itchy” the volatile groundskeeper at the academy, and Harrison Ford could be crewman Hanz.

37. Duane Boda - August 8, 2007

Lord Garth! Where have you been my Lord? Its good to see you here again. Your forever humble (green slave) girl! Yes…..I’m a tad bit weird.

38. Shatner_Fan_2000 - August 8, 2007

#32 … I am inclined to agree!

However, I think it’s at least a possibility that the villain will be extremely long-lived, like Spock. It wouldn’t surprise me if both Nimoy and Quinto Spock were confronted by him (the villain) in the 23rd and 24th centuries.

39. garp - August 8, 2007

They say Crowe, but you know it will end up being someone like Clint Howard. I don’t mean to knock Clint Howard, though I realize that’s what it sounds like. Forgive me somewhat if I sound like a sceptic.

In my opinion, and that does not count for much, I want a good villain in a movie of this kind. Like I said, it’s my opinion and doesn’t count for much. The fourth movie had no real villain…while it was entertaining, it was pretty much a comedy to me. I had a friend who liked it and she hates sci-fi. So, I like the sound of a sci-fi adventure to have a good antagonist.

At the same time, I have to ask the honest question, if this is back to the original crew (which is great)…what’s the ultimate risk? I mean, storywise? We know they all live to be a crew that has been together for 30 plus years and have made NO RANK! Well, except for Sulu. That go getter.

What I am getting at is because we know what happens in the end, and that the writers have said they don’t want to dismiss the other shows and films, ultimately what’s the real point of a great villain?

It sounds like the film makers have a real issue on their hands. They want to please the hardcore fans, but they also want to give you something new and different. But they want the origianl crew. And they still want to keep you in suspense and entertained. I don’t know if they can do it.

I hope they can, but you can’t please everyone all of the time. We all have different tastes.

What I really want to know is will they have different uniforms? Because if there is one thing I know about the future, it’s that the uniforms are bad.

40. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - August 8, 2007

Duane, the Lord is always with my subjects,, like the heavens above.

41. CmdrR. - August 8, 2007

they made 79 episodes of the original series pretty much without having a “villain”…

That’s gotta be some news to Khan, Trelane, Kodos, The Gorn (or don’t you count hissing rubber reptiles?), Kor, Apollo, Nomad, Sylvia…
I could go on, but the point is, what’s your point?

Trek is good with a villain or without, as long as the story is solid and the science fiction is a means rather than a convenient end to the conflict.

42. Andy Patterson - August 8, 2007

How ’bout Crowe as a younger Captain Ronald Tracy? In my opinon, the best villain Star Trek ever had. Montalban was and is great. His Khan character was great. It is usually thought of as the greatest villain. I’ve always been of the opinion that Tracy was. Ruthless and crazy and mean. Khan was just egotistical and power mad. “Captain Tracy’s reserve power packs, found among the remains of several hundred Yang bodies.”

43. trektacular - August 8, 2007

Yeah I agree Russell Crowe would be great as a turncoat captain.

44. Duane Boda - August 8, 2007

Lord Garth: With your proclamation I shall rest with ease tonight as I Thank the Heavens above and the stars beyond. Am I a worthy subject – peering up meekly over clasped hands (in prayer!) I seek your guidance as a green skinned slave girl.

45. Harry Ballz - August 8, 2007

#33 Russell Crowe”I approve of an actor of his esteem portraying myself”
Well thanks, that’s mighty white of you……..
#37 “I’m a tad bit weird”
Well, which is it girl, tad or bit? Come, come….(heh, heh)…we don’t have all day! What say you? Being a cad, I prefer tad, but when in a snit, I fancy a bit…….hmmmm, what to do,…… what to do……….huh, where were we?

46. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - August 8, 2007

Duane, my loyal subject, go forth throught the know galaxy as my herald….
Let the Universe tremble for Russel Crowe shall embody The Divine Lord Garth on the silver screen. On your return pick up Lord Garth a venti carmel machiatto with an extra shot of espresso!!!!

47. Harry Ballz - August 8, 2007

“Jesus, get a room!”

48. Nathan - August 8, 2007

“Yeah I agree Russell Crowe would be great as a turncoat captain. ”

I always say, it’s not Star Trek without an insane Starfleet Captain for Kirk to beat up…

But seriously, my personal choice for a villain would be Jeffrey Combs… he did a great job as Weyoun in DS9. There’s not much chance of it, but there’s always hope….I’d also like to see some high-caliber British Shakespeareans a la Patrick Stewart in the new movie. I’m not sure how well they’d fit in with the movie, but all I can say is, if they’re going for some star-power, they’d better pick somebody who can actually act. The Brits definitely can. But, in all likelihood, J.J. and co will pick someone equally good, so I won’t worry too much. The franchise is in good hands….

49. Harry Ballz - August 8, 2007

Great, she wants nookie and you want coffee? Okay, step aside, this is the LAST time I’m goin’ to show ya!

50. Duane Boda - August 8, 2007

# 47: Good last nickname because you sure have some. Whats wrong with a little personal humor anyhow? I wouldn’t want a room because that MIGHT have a bed.

51. Harry Ballz - August 8, 2007

Did I mention that green is my favorite colour even though I’m colourblind?

52. trektacular - August 8, 2007

so you thought Tom Hardy was a good villain?

53. Duane Boda - August 8, 2007

Now thats humor….(sort of) deliberate word that could be spelled correctly but was overlooked.
Color….balls….and etc.

54. Harry Ballz - August 8, 2007

So tell me Duane, how’s the weather in Colorado?

55. Duane Boda - August 8, 2007

In Upper Michigan….Southern Shore of Lake Superior its quite good but I could do without the Winters and snow – ice… in the ditch and all that fun stuff. You know?
Thanks for asking. I haven’t been to Colorado since the early 80’s on my way to Albuquerque. But…..thats another story.

56. Ky-Malairn - August 8, 2007

Why is there such resistance to having a defined heavy in this picture? I see a lot of people chirping about Trek’s essence being about science, relationships, exploration, etc. Lofty concepts indeed and best appreciated when sprinkled throughout a story. My guess is Paramount is going to want a storyline that is accessible to the people who perceive it as uncool and wouldn’t normally go to one of its movies. What’s wrong with an entertaining action flick where good and evil are clearly defined? I think the whole gray, misunderstood “villain” angle has been done to death… especially in this franchise. Nothing wrong with an old fashioned black hat.

As a wise man once said about villains, all you have to do is have him shift his eyes back and forth and the audience will know he’s evil.



57. Harry Ballz - August 8, 2007

And thus the expression, ” it must have been that left turn at Albuquerque!”

58. Duane Boda - August 8, 2007

# 56: Thats right….have clearly defined characters and storyline just like Star Wars was when it first came out. It would make the film much better instead of the garbage that they been feeding us as entertainment lately – Yuck!

59. Duane Boda - August 8, 2007

Yeah…..whats up doc? Albuquerque though barren is a very nice place too with the Mountains and culture all intertwined quite beautifully.

60. Harry Ballz - August 8, 2007

#53 Maybe some of us come from a land where we spell it correctly to begin with…..not balls, that is…

61. Duane Boda - August 8, 2007

# 60: Well…..I spell and act correctly due to numerous years of College but I also (due to it) think a little weird. Then again who doesn’t to some degree at some time or another?

62. Sean4000 - August 8, 2007

If they’re looking for a rough-and-tumble Klingon villain than Crowe’s the man!

i like this idea for sure!

63. Harry Ballz - August 8, 2007

Trust you to work the words “college” and “degree” into the conversation….
by the by, post #45 was aimed in your direction. A reply WOULD be appreciated…

64. Duane Boda - August 8, 2007

Well…..I’m not a English Major. Most of my classes I despised. I took up Criminal Justice for some strange reason. I just looked at 45 since I missed it somehow. To say how weird I actually am wouldn’t be of service to me – this room or anyone else so I shall remain quiet

65. Harry Ballz - August 8, 2007

So, what’s your take on Crowe as a possible antagonist?

66. RetroWarbird - August 8, 2007

Well. Russell Crowe.

Stranger actors have been proven to be Trekkies. Let’s face it, there’s got to be some A-Lister out there who loves Star Trek enough not to give a care if his “status” will drop for being in Star Trek.

So imagine a “Russell Crowe” type. Rugged. Grim. Commanding.

That doesn’t fit a Romulan, they’re all very neat. Plus, the enemy CAN’T be Romulans. The Romulan War was fresh in memory in TOS, but had been quite a while before. People’s fathers fought in it. Not to mention the fact that until Balance of Terror, nobody, not even the Vulcans, knew that Romulans were Vulcan offshoots, and nobody had seen one. The Romulan War was fought against cloaked Warbirds and robot drones.

I can imagine a rugged, grim commander in the role of a Klingon though. The Klingons in TOS were awesome, and had great presence. For what the Starfleet types considered an unruly band of ruffians, the characters (and actors) of Kang, Kor and Koloth didn’t come off as dumb barbarians. They were … rugged, grim commanders, who hinted at that oh-so-important Code of Honor that would be vastly expanded upon later.

A Russell Crowe type as a diabolical Klingon? Has potential. I mean, if Chris Lloyd could play a ruthless Klingon …

The only thing is … Chris Lloyd DID play a ruthless Klingon. And does the franchise (and continuity) need another evil Klingon as the villain? They’ve already done that. While I wouldn’t mind seeing Klingons in the film (TOS era non-ridged Klingons … with revamp motion picture makeup and costumes would be awesome) … they’d probably be hired by some terrorist.

That Captain Garth as the bad guy idea would be pretty notable. It’d certainly explain Kirk and his crew’s massive interest in Garth’s rehab later on. Would Kirk have even gone to that insane asylum if Garth, his old HERO, hadn’t been there?

Plus … Garth versus Pike and his hand picked but relatively untested new crew of officers and an entire trainee crew? Resulting in Pike being hideously disfigured? And Kirk getting the command which Spock, who’d served as Number Three and then Number Two on the Enterprise for ten years? That could be cool.

Plus, linking Garth’s insanity to Pike’s horrible maiming would be a jarring and awesome twist to continuity.

But dreaming aside, I just hope the movie has an Orion and an Andorian character. Russell Crowe … grandson of SHRAN.

67. Luminella - August 8, 2007

I’d just LOVE to see Crowe in a Star Trek movie! But, you’re right about that girdle! He’s not really FAT, yet,……………

68. Harry Ballz - August 8, 2007

#66 Wow, you make some great points….all I can say is… Russell Crowe should be depicted sans make-up, where he plays a HUMAN villian, be it mentor, renegade captain, what have you….not to mention, who wants Crowe’s considerable “acting chops” diminished by silly latex make-up??? Let’s see a performance to be REMEMBERED!!!

69. sean - August 8, 2007


If they have Klingons, I’d pray they don’t use the ‘beard and dark makeup’ approach of TOS. In fact, I’m positive they won’t because it would look ridiculous and non-fans would wonder ‘So…why are those aliens? They look like humans.’

I realize Enterprise came up with some stupid solution for ridgeless Klingons but let’s just accept that they always wanted them to look that way but didn’t have the money. Everyone is used to ridged Klingons and to try to adhere to ‘canon’ in such a way would be going waaaay overboard.

70. Harry Ballz - August 8, 2007

Good point Sean, but it’s extremely doubtful that they’re going to go the “Klingon” route anyway, at least, let’s hope they don’t…….

71. Harry Ballz - August 8, 2007

Well, being this late, it seems everyone’s gone to bed…..g’night everybody!

72. Jason Lee - August 8, 2007

The first character I thought of when the Russel Crowe rumor surfaced was Garth of Izar. In fact, I can hardly imagine a more perfect actor for that role. He even bears a passing resemblance to Steve Ihnat who originally portrayed the character, if his hair was lighter. I also find it interesting that some of the recently leaked casting information refers to a “Federation Captain,” which some, including our own esteemed Anthony, have speculated might actually be a distortion of “Fleet Captain,” with Chris Pike as the most likely candidate. However, if memory serves, Pike wasn’t promoted to Fleet Captain until AFTER he gave up command of the Enterprise, which would contradict a lot of the current speculation about Pike in the 1701’s center seat for this film.

But guess who else was a renowned Fleet Captain? Yup, Garth of Izar. Seriously folks, imagine the story of Fleet Captain Garth’s descent into madness and how he was ultimately brought to heel by an intrepid young Starfleet officer named James T. Kirk. I’m sitting here drooling at the dramatic possibilities.

People have been asking, what was it that propelled Kirk into the youngest starship captaincy in Starfleet history? This could have been it.

73. Charley W - August 8, 2007

It just occurred to me: if they ARE doing “The Adventures of Young JTK”, the villian HAS to be… (drum roll, please!) KODOS The Executioner!!!!

74. JC - August 8, 2007

What I’m “getting” here ,just by intuition,is that this film is going to be about a renegade federation starship commander who tests Kirk and thereby establishes Kirk as a formidable hero.

75. Aaron R. (Fanboys unite: "New Sisko Movie!") - August 8, 2007

Every Star Trek movie has what is called a heavy. The antagonist of the film which is absolutely required for the plotline. If there was no conflict there would be no story it would be Kirk and Spock and co prancing through space with no real purpose… To explore you say???? Yawn that is why the first season of Enterprise was so godawful to much exploring and not enough real heartpounding close call tails to tell the grand kids about. Star Trek 4 did to have a heavy or villian it was the probe which they battled through all the events of the movie to defeat so it wouldn’t kill everything dear to them… V’Ger was also a heavy for the same exact reason…… I agree they had plenty of exploring to get their but the only reason they went in the first place was because this massive threat was going to destroy Earth and someone had to do something before it lightning ball bolted our planet. Every Star Trek has a heavy a diabolical villian of some sort to foil the protagonist.

Personally I would love to see a story with young Kang, Kor, or Kolos… Or one or all of the above.

Aaron R.

76. Anthony Pascale - August 9, 2007

i like the idea of a human villain. Knowing Abrams and his team…the villain will be complex and have grey areas and be somewhat sympathetic….perhaps starting off as a good guy.

77. Allister Gourlay - August 9, 2007

I remember Sean Connery rumoured to be Sybock in STV and Eddie Murphy was to be in STIV!

78. TAEMO - August 9, 2007

I hope they do get the star this time. Remeber, for STIV they wanted Eddy Murphy, for V they wanted Sean Connery, Tom Hanks for First Conntact and Jude Law for Nemesis. But I guess this time, the film`s reputation as well as its budget is much bigger. So let`s hope for the best.

79. KevinA - Melbourne Australia - August 9, 2007

As much as I love Russell, I agree that he could overpower the lesser know characters. How about Edward Norton or Steve Buscemi. Possibly Sean Penn or Alec Baldwin or ….. dare I suggest it ….Bruce Willis!

80. Cervantes - August 9, 2007

Okay…personally, I strongly dislike the idea that they are looking at current “A-list” actors for ANY role in this, as to me, it will just be a very distracting presence in general, and will take away from the newly introduced crew, and although Russell Crowe can be great, I certainly don’t want him in this…

Also…if I want “human” adversarial drama, I’ll tune into James Wood’s excellent legal eagle “Shark”, or revisit my WRATH OF KHAN dvd…as I’d hoped Kirk’s “first mission” would reflect the mystery and exploration of his “boldly going where no man has gone before…” mission statement…involving something NEW and UNSEEN BEFORE…meaning NO Klingons, Romulans, or “contemporary issues” humans with a grudge, and “terroristic” tendancies.

Will it be dramatic?…sure, KHAN was, so I guess this will be…it’s just not shaping up to be the kind of adventure with a truly unknown enemy / race that I wanted, to transport me from my everyday cares for a couple of hours… Oh well, there’s always the sequel. Sorry to be a naysayer…

81. JC - August 9, 2007

Maybe He’ll bounce a communicator off someboby’s head.

82. Flake - August 9, 2007

Christ, so thats Tom Cruise, Matt Damon and now Russell Crowe that have been linked. The world has gone mad. Good times to be a fan!

Tom Hanks will be linked next.

Tom Hanks as a villain would be interesting.

83. Cervantes - August 9, 2007

#81 JC

Who…Russell or Me?… ;)

Off topic…
Garth Franklin of the excellent Dark Horizons site has also now printed his views on the current Blu-ray / HD-DVD format battle, and makes some interesting points here, for anyone still swithering about what they’ll do come the initial release of TOS Remastered…

84. Lou - August 9, 2007

Russel Crowe a possibility for a Villain, eh?

I LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

85. BritneySpears - August 9, 2007

I like the Captain Garth theory.

86. Jay - August 9, 2007

British actors are usually the best Villains… i say we get a great british actor who is scary and poetic with a great screen precense, any ideas?? Anthony Hopkins prehaps??

87. Hon. David Kulessa - August 9, 2007

Has anyone noticed that all of Russel Crowe’s characters are the same? With exactly the same voice and attitude?

“Muuh Brutus Maximus, muuh Spanish Armada”.

I say Australian comedians. Frank Woodley would make a great Andorian.

88. Driver - August 9, 2007

Anthony, that’s Kruge, not Krug, Lloyd, not LLoyd, Dr. Tolian Soran, and Noonian, not Noonean.

89. Josh T. ( Kirk keeps it real) Kirk Esquire' - August 9, 2007

Wouldn’t it be interesting Abrams type twist if elder Spock was infact the villain?

That would be too easy though unfortunately

90. Trekkie33years - August 9, 2007

I agree completely, and have said so numerous times.
I think TWOK was a great movie, but has proven stifling for the franchise because it is the end all, be all of Star Trek these days. They’ve abandoned Trek’s wild diversity in favor of great villains.
Great villains are nice, but a great, thought-provoking sci fi story would be far greater. They need to go Doomsday Machine, Devil in the Dark, Spectre of the Gun, Man Trap, Miri, or TMP instead of TWOK, Space Seed, or Whom Gods Destroy. Not because the first group is better, but because it is different and imaginative and breaks up the Trek-genre that Berman and Co have created.
That being said, I love Russell Crowe and would love to see him in a Trek film, though it seems very unlikely.

91. Ivory - August 9, 2007

Tom Hanks would not in any way make a good villain

I love the man,but he is not villain material.

My aunt Tilly puts more fear in me than Tom Hanks does.

92. RaveOnEd - August 9, 2007

72 – I love that one!!!!! That would connect beautifully with the series, and, like you said, if casting is for a “Federation Captain”, that could very well be Garth of Izar!

A situation where it shows just how cruel and vicious Garth was before he completely went crazy (even show that, with Kirk being the one to get him committed to an asylum – Elba II?)

This definitely would carry wide dramatic possibilities, a good fist fight with Kirk (Spock there too, delivering the nerve pinch to another henchman, and when Kirk is done beating the crap out of Garth, he can look at Spock and begin the ongoing line of “I’d like you to teach me that someday…”), and just an overall grand scale of a movie.

Think about it: Kirk first in command of the Enterprise, and showing how cocky he is by electing to take on Garth’s fleet on his own!

93. AaronA - August 9, 2007

#29 :

” What if the villain in question is a renegade starship captain? It certainly would echo similar characters in TOS (”Omega Glory,” “Doomsday Machine”), and could attract A-list talent for the mere fact they wouldn’t have to suffer acting through a strange forehead appliance as the token strange alien.

Perhaps the character is one that both Kirk and Spock consider a mentor from their Academy days, but who now has an agenda that threatens the future of the Federation. (War with the Romulans, for example.) Kirk doesn’t want to take the guy out; Spock logically deducts that it must be done for the sake of the future. Ultimately, Kirk must whack the villain to spare Spock’s life.

Throw in a suspenseful and action-packed cat-and-mouse chase throughout uncharted and dangerous space which also highlights what each of the supporting characters brings to the table (and why we love them), and I’m so there.”

Me too!

Excellent thinking, btw!

94. Thorny - August 9, 2007

This is a tried and true formula, so it shouldn’t come as a suprise that Abrams wants an A-list actor to be the movie’s adversary. As others mentioned, we saw this in 1978’s “Superman” with Gene Hackman and Marlon Brando both overshadowing Christopher Reeve (who didn’t even get top billing!). The 1989 “Batman” with Nicholson being much bigger than Michael Keaton is another example. Last year, we saw it again with Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey the bad guy in “Superman Returns”.

95. ZtoA - August 9, 2007

Hmmm I’m wondering if they are going to create a villian from scratch or mine the shows for a mention of some villian from Kirk’s or the Federation’s past… Maybe Kodos the Executioner or Garth of Izar…

96. ZtoA - August 9, 2007

Grrr… I hit Enter too soon… Another conundrum the writers of the new movie will face is the issue of rank. After Kirk graduates from the Academy… Spock must have out-ranked him for several or more years while Kirk moved up the ladder… I wonder if this movie is going to address that.

97. Decker's Stubble - August 9, 2007

Please make it Alec Baldwin. He’s so arrogant and overblown, he’d be a perfect villian. Have him conduct one of his raving, maniacal rants followed by a severe pummeling by Kirk. And maybe then have him ejected out of an airlock for good measure.

It’s guaranteed movie gold! Who wouldn’t pay to see Alec Baldwin beaten and sucked out into space?

98. Harry Ballz - August 9, 2007

Alec Baldwin sucks without having to go anywhere near an airlock! DO NOT cast him in the movie!

99. RaveOnEd - August 9, 2007

If it were to be Kodos, I wouldn’t cast Crowe. Kodos, to me, is one of those weasly guys who has all this power and evil at his command, those who carry out all his dirty work, yet he is a very slightly-built man.

Someone that you would just love to jump on screen and have a whack at yourself, because you know you can take him.

100. General Trelane - Retired - August 9, 2007

HEy …what about a “mirror” universe old and M-E-A-N Captain Kirk…played by William Shatner!

This he could still do..and do with relish!… and us fans would go and eat up every min of it up…just think ladies and germs!

The young Kirk and the young and old Spock do noble battle to save the Universe against the nasty hate filled seething old Kirk (Shatner) who is now out to destroy the UNIVERSE!



101. GraniteTrek - August 9, 2007

94 – I disagree about Christopher Reeve being overshadowed in the first Superman movie (or the second one) – he was a good actor and he held his own (and of course he was a perfect choice for the role). On the other hand, Michael Keaton was a bad choice for Batman, and plus, with the way the movie was written, there was no way Jack Nicholson was going to not steal the show – heck, with Batman practically monosyllabic, the Joker would have overshadowed him no matter who played him. And on the third hand (I’ll be Arex for the moment), the new guy playing Superman was definitely overshadowed by Kevin Spacey – due a bit to acting and a bit to how the movie was written.

In any case, my point is, if they properly write and cast the new Star Trek movie, the famously-cast villain won’t overshadow our heroes.

102. Adam Cohen - August 9, 2007

Crowe’s Capt. Jack Aubrey is a compelling version of the rugged hero that James Kirk will become. Imagine if Kirk molded himself after one of his earliest, greatest villains? That’s drama, mateys! I love this rumor.

103. Jim Loftus - August 9, 2007

#29 – Marvin, that idea sounds so god damned cool!! I would love to see something like that, as long as the stakes are really high (i.e, end of the universe). Awesome idea, man!

104. Lao3D - August 9, 2007

I’ll throw in with the Kodos camp. He could make a great villian, while remaining a complex character, and would basically fit the timeframe of the new movie. The idea of a Russell Crowe type woud also fit with a charismatic madman of a leader who ends up doing dinner theater on cruise ships.

Heck, if its not part of the plot, it should be…

105. Jim Loftus - August 9, 2007

And #41, my sentiments exactly!! I read that and I thought, WTF..? No real villains?!

Add to your list the Kelvin guy, Salt Vampire, on and on………

106. Pragmaticus - August 9, 2007

Even though he’s not an A-lister, I would LOVE to get Frank Langella to play a villain.

107. TOS Fan Forever - August 9, 2007

“Master and Commander” – I sat through the cinema showing and thought, “THIS is what Star Trek hasn’t been for years!” :sigh:

Bring on Russell Crowe. He’s a versatile actor – hopefully one that won’t overshadow the new TOS cast.

108. Devon - August 9, 2007

I like Russel Crowe. That would be cool.!

109. JC - August 9, 2007

#97 Hair gel and all.

110. General Trelane - Retired - August 9, 2007

How about Sharon Stoned reprising her role from “The Quick and The Dead”?

……Justice has just come back to town…..

111. THEETrekMaster - August 9, 2007

#10, Yeah that would be cool. I adamantly AGAINST any human protagonist being in this flick. Khan was good…but Garth? Nah.

This IS called STAR Trek. Let’s see some threat from beyond the stars. :-)

112. ZtoA - August 9, 2007

Crowe would be AMAZING as the young Kodos the executioner… As for Garth of Igar (Whom God’s Destroy)… he would be the perfect Good Captain Gone Bad… and would also fit the bill as someone from Kirk’s past.

113. Thomas - August 9, 2007

Please no Mirror Universe Kirk! That’s just way too fanboy!

114. Pragmaticus - August 9, 2007

Before everybody jumps on the Kodos bandwagon, let’s remember that although he is a compelling character, his appearance in a film simply would not make sense. If we’re going to see a movie featuring all of the characters, Kodos can’t show up anywhere. As we saw in TCotK, Bones at least, and possibly Spock, did not have detailed knowledge of the events surrounding him. Bones had simply “heard of” him, therefore he couldn’t have been in the vicinity when the events happened. Even if he were to show up, any kind of ending would be anti-climactic, since he escapes, leaving the film feeling unresolved. And obviously he can’t show up in the period between the Tarsus events and TCotK because he went undetected during that time. So you can pretty much rule him out.

115. Luminella - August 9, 2007

I’ve been a Russell Crowe fan for years, and I’d dearly love to see him in a Star Trek movie as the villian, after all, he has an even more penetrating, melt you in your anti gravity boots stare than Montalban has! Not to mention his acting talent! He played a fine alien type dude in Virtuosity, why not this? I’m keeping all of my digits crossed for this one!

116. Captain Pike - August 9, 2007

“Russell Crowe as… (Drumroll please)…..
Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar!!!!!!”

Yes, I can see this. It could have some of the same magic as TWOK but not be pale imitation (like Nemesis). For one thing it would be a prequel and it fill in some interesting history of the TOS era. Who wouldn’t want to see the Battle of Axanar? (BTW we now know what Axanari look like thanks to Enterprise).

I also approve. Russell Crowe as Garth.
And Ray Liotta as myself, Jeffery Pike.

117. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - August 9, 2007

The groundswell continues!!!

118. Dr. Image - August 9, 2007

#13 #90
Could not have said it better.
The more they strive for another TWOK, the more they will fail.

And actually, elements of TWOK were ripped from events in the books Master and Commander was based on- not the other way around- hence the very nautical feel and other similarities.

119. Lao3D - August 9, 2007

114 — there’s no law saying all the characters have to appear together at the same time in this film. We could simply see them in multiple story threads which may or may not come together at the end. So it could be made to work, I think. Not to say that’s the ONLY plot choice, of course, just saying it would make an interesting story…

120. Aaron R. (Fanboys unite: "New Sisko Movie!") - August 9, 2007

I have got to say I don’t see the Master Commander / Star Trek similarities… I think you guys are digging for this one. I love Master and Commander but it is nothing like Star Trek for example the hundreds of years time difference… Oh and the lack of technology… Oh and the fact that Master and Commander had children on the crew who (if memory serves) DIED! Now kirk lost a lot of men but no kids…. .. .. .. Not to mention the fact that Star Trek is science fiction extablished upon a principle of future science and technology leading us into space and exploration while Master in Commander is a period piece set in our distant past… Also Star Trek deals with real issues and problems that can be tied into current day events (I.E. the terrorism reference maybe) and Master and Commander did not have any relevent humanistic issues or problems it was just men on boats trying to kill each other…. Like I said I love Master and Commander but to try and tie it with Star Trek is a reach. I don’t care if Roddenberry ‘sold’ trek as Horratio Hornblower in space the end product was so much more than that and I hope you can see that. Whats next you say that Captain Nimo and the Nautilus (SP?) are the same as Sisko on the Defiant??? Urgh I guess that means the old lost in the desert three stooges movie is to be likened with the Voyager exploits…

Just because it happens on something called a ship doesn’t mean it ties in with Star Trek after all if that was that case you could argue that the Pirates Movies in all their awfulness are akin to Trek. Thats right I said awfulness anyone who liked those films (sadly including my wife) was drinking the cool aid or something. The 1st Pirates was meh ok, the second was bad, the third movie in my oppinion was the worst movie ever made only slightly worse than Superman Returns. Yeah I said that too what are you gonna do!?!?! The third pirates movie was utterly appalling from the first seconds when they hung a small child… maybe its because I work with children but I found it deplorable and Disney should be ashamed… and the raunchy thigh kissing while she made moaning noises on the beach at the end by Orlando Bloom… Not needed.

God don’t even get me started on Superman… Heres a thought lets teach our kids that the symbol of truth and justice and the american way is a deadbeat dad who doesn’t take responsibility for his actions in having a child even after he finds out its his… Yeah nice.

God if the new Trek has any shit like that I am gone from the franchise. I will trash (not even sell trash) everything I have a decide that Trek is corrupt and dead.

Pray that Abrahms has some commom sense though.

Aaron R.

P.S. Sorry to rant but those other movies are god awful and I hope that trek doesnt do anything like that. I always thought it was shit how they made Kirk a dead beat dad in Trek 2 with his son… Poor choices. I think Kirk has enough character to at least send financial help for his own offspring.

121. RaveOnEd - August 9, 2007

120 – I think you’re just about there, and in fact, I think you hit the point of what makes Master and Commander a film that has some Trek parallels.

You have a man, in command of a ship, given a mission. He embarks on the assignment, well knowing the inherent dangers.

While on the chase, he becomes so…obsessed…with completing the mission, that he gambles the welfare of his crew and his ship (and being reminded of that gamble by his Ship’s Doctor).

Also, there is the balance of humanity and what the approaching technology is bringing to the world (bigger weapons on ships, faster ships and the ability for pirates to acquire these things, etc.), and how they both collide with each other, and man being able to reckon with the advances.

The movie (and the books) show the basic human elements that Star Trek also displayed so beautifully, and that some of the movies should have shown.

122. Jason L - August 9, 2007

^^ I would say that the similarities between [i]Master and Commander[/i] and Trek lie primarily with the main characters. Captain Jack Aubrey and Doctor Stephen Maturin were uncannily reminiscent of Kirk and McCoy in almost every scene. The [i]Enterprise[/i] may have been a 23rd century starship and the [i]Surprise[/i] may have been an 18th century sailing ship, but both were, fundamentally, tall ships who’s captains only asked for a star to steer them by.

Change the names and period terminology, exchange the seascapes and starfields, and the two shows were virtually mirror images of each other.

123. Driver - August 9, 2007

I’d rather see the new crew flying about in their spiffy new Starship doing barrel rolls, narrowly missing asteroids, and near hits to supernovas, saying “Wheeeee!” and “That was a neat trick.” and “That was Awesome! Dude!”, kidding each other n stuff, you know, let us get to KNOW these characters before they have a major crisis to the Galaxy and Earth. Then in the next movie get Kenneth Branagh as the Heavy to chew scenery like in “The Wild, Wild West”.

124. Kirk's Girdle - August 9, 2007

Surprisingly, when they talk about Crowe being a higher calibre of actor, F. Murray Abraham did win an Oscar, and Plummer has won multiple Tony’s amd Emmy’s just here in the US.

And Lawrence Luckinbill? Ummmm. Well, he was Lucille Ball’s son-in-law. Talk about repaying a favor….

125. Harry Ballz - August 9, 2007

When it comes to favors, someone had to pay back Ball, Buster! Hey, BALLBUSTER! I made a funny! Nyuk, nyuk……….

126. Nathan - August 9, 2007

“so you thought Tom Hardy was a good villain? ”

No. Read my post. I said “British Shakespeareans”, not just British actors. Think Peter Cushing, Ian McDiarmid, Christopher Lee, Ian McKellian, etc… And Tom Hardy could have been the greatest actor in the world, but the role he played was just stupid.

127. Johnny - August 9, 2007

I can’t recall any great villains around the time that Kirk took control of the enterprise. Except the vampire cloud. Garth of Isar had gone mad of course. But perhaps a big star could play Kodos the executioner!! That would be interesting. I hope that they just don’t make up a villain that doesn’t respect canon.

128. Aaron R. (Fanboys unite: "New Sisko Movie!") - August 9, 2007

I just hope they don’t decide to introduce a new alien race that strangely enough we never hear about again in TOS or any series after… Yeah that would be bad…. Unless they ramped up the drama and had a whole world destroyed and that is why we don’t here about them again.

129. Driver - August 9, 2007

A villain is a character that must be destroyed. If Sybok had not been killed, he would have probably served time or been “re-programed”. ST doesn’t need one more villain, it needs a good, rousing adventure.

130. trektacular - August 9, 2007

How do you Tom Hardy hasn’t done Shakespeare?

131. last o' the timelords - August 9, 2007

A green skinned slave girl named “Duane”?!

132. mctrekkie - August 9, 2007

120 – Aaron R. You are FAR too literal.

1) Roddenberry Based April/PIke/Kirk on Horatio Hornblower.

2) Kirk lost Peter Preston, who looked like a Kid to me.

3) also a TON of Kids of Planets that he didn’t get to in time.

It’s the attitude, the dynamic, and the camaraderie.

Russel Crowe for Pike. (or a great villain)

133. Chris Beasley - August 9, 2007

I don’t mind a great villian. I just hope there is more to the story than a villian with the ultimate weapon. The same old story with gun a blazing it getting tired.

My hope is for the scale, science, mystery of ST:TMP with the warmth and Intimacy with the characters of the TOS. Throw in a little WOK and it should be great.

Explore the galaxy some. Hope its more than a shoot’em-up.

Go where no trek movie has gone before…

134. Marvin the Martian - August 9, 2007

Hey, everyone… thanks for the positive vibes concerning the “renegage starship captain” plotline. I think it would work well.

#129: Who says you can’t have a rousing adventure *and* a strong villain? They aren’t mutually exclusive.

I mean, think of it. Renegade Starship Captain™, based on his first-hand knowledge of exploring deep space for a number of years, decides it’s in the best interests of the Federation to mount a pre-emptive strike against a little-known alien race, because he believes they are building some kind of doomsday weapon that, once detonated, could rip the fabric of time and space and destroy the entire quadrant. His proof is tenuous at best; Starfleet opts to simply wait, send a few probes and monitor things from afar. RSC™ takes it upon himself to prove he’s right about the threat, but by doing so, his actions threaten to spark a major war that the Federation isn’t prepared to fight.

Enter Kirk, Spock and the gang of the newly-commissioned Enterprise. RSC™ was not only a mentor to Kirk and Spock, but he was a long-time friend of Kirk’s family. Another reason why Kirk is assigned to the best ship in the fleet–he has known this man, and perhaps he can convince him to stop what he is doing.

But as Kirk knows RSC™, the RSC™ knows Kirk, and the remainder of the film is a battle of wits, via a chase through uncharted and dangerously unstable space, featuring the untested Kirk and his friends against one of the most brilliant military minds in the Federation. The danger in the mission allows us to see all the supporting cast members demonstrate just how good they are at their jobs–and/or allow a few younguns like Chekov and to rise to the challenge and grow through the experience.

Eventually, RSC™, logically, must be dispensed with to keep peace in the galaxy, and Kirk is forced to make a choice between his long-time friend (who ends up being correct about the doomsday machine, but it’s too little too late) and his new Vulcan friend. RSC™ and his ship gets whacked, Spock lives, the weapon is destroyed, Kirk gets accolades, and the Enterprise returns triumphantly to Earth, where it undergoes repairs supervised by Montgomery Scott.

Oh, and the alien race? We don’t ever see them fully at any time during the film, so they remain a mystery until a final subspace distress call is intercepted by the Vulcans… the alien race call themselves Cardassians.

Just my take.

135. Marvin the Martian - August 9, 2007

God, I can’t spell. Sorry. And yes, I see the echoes of TWOK in the storyline, but hey, that’s what they say they’re going for.

Oh, and why is an old Spock in it? Easy. He’s giving a commencement address to Starfleet graduates, and his story serves as an object lesson for all the future captains in the audience.

136. Marvin the Martian - August 9, 2007

Oh, and one thing I totally forgot to mention… the “pre-emptive strike” thing is an allegory for current events, which is something TOS did quite well.

Okay, enough babbling.

137. mctrekkie - August 9, 2007

134/135 Marvin… Nice work. You’ve got flavors , notes and overtones of all Trek(s) in there. It may be to grim to have room for humor though. If this is Kirk’s friend- It’s poignant- I do see much room for Witty banter as Kirk Plans to Kiill/Destroy his Fried and that ship’s crew.

I don’t envy the writers- How to make it engaging without being melodramatic, trite or dour?

138. mctrekkie - August 9, 2007

Correction- Post 137 should read I DO NOT see too much room for banter.

I can’t wait for the forums with a useful spell check and preview mode

Marvin,. all that said, I would see your movie for sure.

139. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - August 9, 2007

The universe shall quake with fear at the coming of Russell Crowe’s Lord Garth anything else is Lies!!!! All Lies!!!!!

140. Cygnus-X1 - August 9, 2007

I’m put off by Russell Crowe, and I’ve seen enough of him in movies anyway.

I hope they move on to someone else.

141. clone1701 - August 9, 2007

The film can begin with Spock kneeling over Kirks tomb on Veridian 3 and remembers their first mission together. Rusell Crowe plays a turncoat captain which is out for revenge against the klingon empire because they destoyed his former ship and crew. He steals a ship and goes out to get revenge. Newly promoted Commodore Christopher Pike is forced to send out the enterprise just as it has finished its refit, and the newly promoted captain kirk and crew is quickly thrown together into an adventure that invlolves an obsessed turncoat starfleet captain, the klingon empire, a newly refit enterprise NCC-1701. The film ends with the turncoat captain being defeated and killed while Kirk saving Spocks life along the way. The klingons resent starfleet because of the destruction the renegade captain causes along the and the klingon neutral zone is created to prevent further incidents betwwen the two powers and stays in place until ironically, our favorite crews last mission, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. This would give the original series saga a sense of full circle and completion. At the end, we see spock get up from the tomb and look at his stardate and we see the year. it is 78 years after Star Trek: Generations. spock looks up to see the nexus in the distant sky. He then gets in his shuttlecraft and flys the shuttlecraft near the nexus and beams into it. We then see him walking over to Kirks cabin as he is cutting wood and Kirk says, Spock, what are u doing here? And spock can repeat a line from their first adventure when Kirk saved his life. The the film ends and we are left to figure out their final fate.

142. Formerly Todd Ramsay, but I edited my name, hastily, to meet a firm release date. - August 9, 2007

Russell Crowe is too big. Don’t see it happening. How about Hugh Laurie from House? I could see him chewing some serious scenery/he is big, but not huge/and the man can definitely act.

143. Marvin the Martian - August 9, 2007

#141: Oh god, no. Can we please bury Generations along with Kirk?

144. Tom - August 10, 2007

I have to say I take umbrage at the notion that Ricardo Montalban and Christopher Lloyd were not “bonafide stars” at the time they participated in Star Trek.

145. Chuck Amuck - August 10, 2007

According to MoviesOnline, they heard that Crowe would specifically play a Klingon in the new movie ( It’s most likely that they just heard the term “villain” and took it to mean “Klingons” since, obviously, there no other villains in the Star Trek universe. (Yes, that was sarcasm, I’m not really that stupid… really!)

As I said, though, this is all a bunch of baloney, more so since it comes from IGN, your number one source for wishful thinking.

146. Harry Ballz - August 10, 2007

#144 I take umbrage at the notion…Montalban and Lloyd not “bonafide stars”
Let’s see, if we rate being a STAR from 1 to 100, then Crowe would be an 87, compared to (at the time) Montalban’s 41 and Lloyd’s questionable 39. In other words, those two were just a bit better known than the 11:00 news anchor on your local T.V. station at the time! Bleh!!

147. Chuck Amuck - August 10, 2007

#146 Montalban was the star of Fantasy Island at the time of TWOK and Christopher Lloyd was fresh of his two-time Emmy-winning role as Jim Ignatowski on Taxi when he was cast in TSFS. Both of their shows were extremely popular, and while they may not have been “bonafide stars”, Montalban and Lloyd were both very well-known at the time, and they still are. Both stars are still very well-known (Lloyd perhaps more so thanks to the Back to the Future films) and while they may not have reached the celebrity status that Crowe has been privileged to have, they are indeed far better known than your typical “11:00 news anchor”. I don’t even know the names of my news anchors (nor do I care), but I knew full well who Christopher Lloyd was by the time I was ten years old, probably younger. That said, I do agree that RM and CL never did reach the celebrity status they so richly deserved, but they were still pretty big names back in their hey-day and are still very well known today.

148. Chuck Amuck - August 10, 2007

btw, when I say they “never did reach the celebrity status they so richly deserved”, I mean the type of celebrity that folks like Crowe have received. Then again, from what I’ve heard about both Lloyd and Montalban, they probably prefer not being THAT famous. ;)

149. Harry Ballz - August 10, 2007

Then it’s just as well that they got their wish!

150. Chuck Amuck - August 10, 2007

#150 Indeed ;) Still, they are celebrities in their own right. There’s no denying that (although you can try :-P).

151. RetroWarbird - August 10, 2007

See, good ideas are starting to crop up.

Kirk has to defeat the insane Garth. This is what causes him to step up as the youngest captain in Starfleet.

But he had to be on the Enterprise in the first place … so what say, Kirk is Pike’s new “hot shot number one” (replacing Majel Barrett’s character). There’s a few new officers too, and Spock, the old standby, senses competition in Kirk – since Spock is the lapdog and 10 year friend of Pike. Cue the humor moments about Kirk’s first taste of Vulcan humility.

Battle of Axanar, sure. We could see Garth go insane in a large scale fleet battle. The Axanar are great looking aliens too. See another alien race involved (logical cameo for Klingons). A bunch of Federation ships too.

Garth turns up on Antos a few weeks later with his new “Zartan from GIJOE” powers. Enterprise sent to investigate. We get to meet the Antosians, and hey – maybe healed, given cellular metamorph power and more, Garth’s attempted genocide is their entire planet! Thanks for your help, now die! Nobody realized he was bat#&#& crazy, he cripples and maims Pike (who goes down like a hero for saving trainees Sulu and Chekov, just Cadets).

He could imitate some big shot and steal a ship, go slaughter a few million Antosians. Then more. Axanars too, for injuring him. Orions could be part of his crew as well.

And of course, it’s up to Kirk acting as “acting captain”, Spock, Bones and Scotty to take him down. Movie ends with our hot shot captain, new crew, Garth on Elba II, Pike at Starbase 11.

152. Chuck Amuck - August 10, 2007

#151 Wow, that’s, um… very unlikely. ;) Not a bad fan story, though, even with the slight canon inconsistencies.

153. Chuck Amuck - August 10, 2007

That said, I could definitely see Crowe as Garth. Too bad it ain’t gonna happen. :P

154. Harry Ballz - August 11, 2007

The new villian is nothing to Crowe about! What? Too subtle??

155. Chuck Amuck - August 11, 2007

#154 Almost as subtle as Harry Ballz. ;)

156. Harry Ballz - August 11, 2007

Funny you should say that Chuck, I was initially going to go with Dick Hertz, or maybe even Ben Dover! (I wish I knew how to do that smiley thing you do, so you’d know when I’m kidding!)

157. Anontrek - August 13, 2007

I also have to agree about the Master and Commander point. I’d definitely go see a Star Trek film with that level of strategy and depth, especially if Crowe was playing a villain along the same lines as his character in that movie.

But, as stated, it would be one tremendously tough call to find a young Kirk with the sheer charisma and presence it would take to do Kirk justice in face of Crowe as the villain. Nomatter what, I thoroughly support having Crowe in the part.

158. Anontrek - August 13, 2007

Posted too soon… not too hard when there are 156-odd posts already!

I *love* the renegade starfleet captain angle you’ve all been posting, and I really hope that is what they’re intending for the upcoming film. We’ve had relatively big stars in the past (cue F. Murrey Abraham, Christopher Lloyd, etc), who just didn’t work out by acting power alone. Granted that those roles also suffered due to dialogue and plot, but the point stands. They need somebody of Crowe’s box-office appeal in this role. Erratic personality shouldn’t matter as much (unless they get Tom Cruise), since he’s the villain here. They need the charisma.

What’s more, as someone already posted, he looks like Garth – and if they can throw in Garth’s crew and ship as turn-coats as well, I’d love to see two Starfleet ships go toe-to-toe a la Master and Commander. Some of you might be forgetting how Gene Roddenberry originally pitched Star Trek as “Horatio Hornblower meets Wagon Train to the Stars” – we’ve had too much Wagon Train and not quite enough Horatio Hornblower in the last few years… *especially* from prototypical naval tradition heavies like Picard.

Long Live Trek!

159. snake - August 14, 2007

Master and Commander was basically Star Trek II on sea…

160. tiberius - August 16, 2007

“39. garp – August 8, 2007
They say Crowe, but you know it will end up being someone like Clint Howard. I don’t mean to knock Clint Howard, though I realize that’s what it sounds like. Forgive me somewhat if I sound like a sceptic.”

First of all, do NOT diss Clint Howard.
Secondly, he already WAS a Star Trek villain (the Corbomite Maneuver) and a damn fine one too.

More importantly, is Finnegan going to be this film?

161. tiberius - August 16, 2007

Aaron R. needs to calm down.

First of all, M&C was very much like Star Trek: TOS, with the dynamic between Aubrey (Kirk) and Maturin (a hybrid Spock/McCoy). How can you not see that?

What M&C was NOT like was the Pirates films, anymore than you can compare ST to Independence Day.

As for Kirk being a deadbeat dad, what makes you think Kirk didn’t send money to Carol Marcus…..well, other than the fact that money no longer exists in that time.

162. tiberius - August 16, 2007

I can imagine Russell Crowe, as Capt. Garth of Izar now…..

Garth: Lt. Kirk, open hailing frequencies to that ship.
Kirk: Sorry, Captain. They aren’t responding
Garth: What?! Get them on the line now!!!!!

Garth, enraged, rips the communicator off of his belt and throws it at Kirk.

163. Stoka - August 20, 2007

Did any of you guys see Russell Crowe in “Romper Stomper”. He would be a great bad guy. Lets hope he goes for this

164. TrekLog » Blog Archive » Trek XI - Newsflash - September 21, 2007

[…] Was ist eigentlich seit der letzten Convention alles passiert? Eigentlich viel (was Meldungen des Trek Movie Report angeht) und zugleich doch recht wenig! Zunächst einmal hat sich das Casting-Karussell ein wenig weitergedreht. Nicht Sydney Poitier, sondern eine junge Dame namens Zoe Saldana wurde für die Rolle des Kommunikationsoffiziers der Enterprise, Nyota Uhura, hochoffiziell gecastet und unter Vertrag genommen. Somit sind schon 3 Mitglieder der Originalcharaktere gecastet worden: Spock, Chekov und Uhura! Als nächstes wird wohl der Chefingenieur Scotty gecastet werden, denn Berichten zufolge wird derzeit nach einem Darsteller gesucht! Daniel Dae Kim aus Lost (hat auch schon bei Star Trek: Voyager Gastauftritte gehabt) gilt ebenso als heißer Kandidat für die Rolle des Navigators Hikaru Sulu, aber wir Leser wissen ja, dass es dahingehend gleich mehrere Bewerbungen zu geben scheint. Der neue Spock-Darsteller Zachary Quinto bereitet sich hingegen ganz speziell auf seine Rolle vor. Anstelle des intensiven Studiums alte Star Trek-Episoden versucht er, sich mit der Person hinter Spock, Leonard Nimoy, zu beschäftigen. Somit verbringen die beiden sehr viel Zeit miteinander und laden sich gegenseitig zum Essen ein, wenngleich die Mythologie, d.h. die vulkanisch-romulanischen Ursprünge, dennoch in Quintos Interesse zu liegen scheint. Über die Plot-Details zu Star Trek XI hatte ich jüngst schon einen Kommentar abgegeben, und laut Quinto handelt es sich bei Trek XI um ein Projekt, dass weitere Fortsetzungen wahrscheinlich macht… damit bestätigt er auch den Wunsch des Autorenteams Orci und Kurtzman, die sich beide ebenso Fortsetzungen erhoffen würden. Zuguterletzt kann man noch sagen, dass nebenbei Russell Crowe kurzzeitig als Bösewicht im Gespräch war (was jedoch Hinweise auf das gesuchte Kaliber des gesuchten Darstellers gibt) und dass das uralte Jennifer Garner Gerücht im Zusammenhang mit einer Liebesaffäre Spock’s wieder aufgetaucht ist. Übrigens muss es sich bei dieser Liebesaffäre keinesfalls um ein Produkt des Pon Farr handeln, denn der neue Spock wird wesentlich emotionaler sein und damit wohl an Nimoy’s Darstellung aus dem ersten Pilotfilm The Cage anknüpfen. Trek ist also in aller Munde und wir haben dahingehend wohl noch spannende Zeiten vor uns… […] is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.