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Vegas Con 07 – Nimoy uses comments to make a point [UPDATED] August 12, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Conventions/Events/Attractions,Nimoy,Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

[UPDATED] After being introduced as ‘the star of the new Star Trek movie,’ Leonard Nimoy hit the stage in Vegas, took off his jacket, and turned around to reveal his T-Shirt was emblazoned with “#1 Vulcan” on the back (sending the standing room only crowd of thousands into a frenzy). After things settled down he wryly said “I can’t imagine what you want to hear about today.” Spontaneously the crowd started chanting “movie! movie! movie!” Nimoy started off by saying “I’ve been on the Internet the last two days and what is amazing to me how people are spending their time on these blogs and website –  – hundreds of people are on there expressing their opinions about what should be done with Star Trek next. People who have never directed a Star Trek episode, people who have never directed a film, people who have never directed traffic – are voicing their opinions about what to do with the next Star Trek movie. It is fascinating.” He then pulled our a sheet of paper and I knew what was coming next!

He opened up his ‘reading’ by quipping “You know the Vulcan philosophy is infinite diversity in infinite combinations – and we are getting it I’ll tell you.” He noted that he would read ‘some of the milder ones’ because others could not be read in public (thanks a lot guys!). And then the Original Spock read some from some of the selected comments from his Interview posted last week. (The ones he chose were all from the Part 2 thread):

Out of literally hundreds of hours of TV, there are only a handful that I think could pass as Star Trek. Not that they are bad, they just aren’t STar Trek…not in look, not in style, not in story. I’m excited about this movie because, after 20 years of watching shows that had Star Trek in the title, I might actually see a movie that lives and breathes the words rather than just put them on the screen. (jonboc)

Nimoy added "O.K., O.K"

By bringing in Nimoy and Shatner they are killing the opportunity to re-make/re-invigorate Trek.As a fan I’m dissapointed at the lack of originality here. [Crowd boos] They keep going back to the little old TV tube to satisfy a bunch of old trekkies who’d see the movie anyway.I,for one,would like to see a total rethinking that is unencumbered by the past. (JON)

Hey, remember how in Star Wars, Yoda’s ears drooped down to signify his advanced age? Let’s hope they don’t do the same with Spock! (Harry Ballz)

the original crew peaked in their roles in STIV in the mid-80s and it was downhill after that. (Dom)

but Nimoy noted that Dom redeemed himself later in his post by saying Star Trek VI was a good solid send off

The official scorekeeper has called this thread off on account of boring. All parties are to report to their respective locker rooms and towel off. The new topic of debate shall be how pointy should Spock’s ears be and what a violation of canon they are. Also the new movie will reveal that Spock’s first name is going to be “Timmy”. (THX-1138)

Nimoy (and the crowd) got a good laugh out of that one…and the ‘Timmy’ thing came up again later on [more in next article]

The Point of all that was…
Nimoy finished his reading by noting “so many experts…so many opinions.” He then went on to describe how the studio was all over him when he was directing Star Trek III, but that with Star Trek IV he wanted and they allowed him total freedom. Nimoy recounts “the training wheels are off we want you to make your Star Trek.” He also noted that the film turned out to have the biggest box office of any Trek film ever. And then got to the point.

I tell you that for a reason. They turned me loose and let me have my vision and let me make a movie. And I say they have hired a very talented director and very talented writers. We have to turn them loose and let them make their movie. We have to have faith in these people. I understand everybody wants to be a director and everybody has an opinion. People say ‘if they don’t do it this way I am not going to go see it and if they don’t do it that way I’m only going to see it once.’ But I think we have to give these talented people the chance to make this movie. And let’s rejoice in the fact that they are good  and talented people and I think they are going to re-invigorate the franchise…I really do.



Nimoy makes dream come true for young fan
During the Q&A a young boy came to the mic to ask a question about what it was like to direct Star Trek movies. Nimoy asked the boy how old he was and if he had seen all the Trek films. The boy (James T. of Hawaii) said he was nine and that he had indeed seen all the films as well as almost every episode of all the series. Nimoy was so impressed with the young man he invited the him onto the stage and then on the spot decided that he would fly the James and his entire family out to the premiere of the new Star Trek movie. As the boy left the stage beaming Nimoy exclaimed “when people ask me ‘what is the future of Star Trek’…that is the future of Star Trek.”



Thanks for the plug!
I actually knew in advance that Mr. Nimoy was going to do be reading out comments (I had emailed him the links to the articles last week) and I had a quick moment backstage to say hi and thank him for the interview and for talking about the site. He asked "are they all like that?" to which I said of course not (right folks). I told him that the vast vast vast majority of website viewers never post (it is kind of like the dif between people who listen to talk radio vs. those who actually call in). So how about some of you lurkers coming out of the shadows and saying hi!


Shatner coming up soon.

I need to catch a plane and so my Shatner (and Shatner/Nimoy tag team) articles will not go up until early in the AM Monday…so check back.  This is Tony signing off from Las Vegas.




1. Nelson - August 12, 2007

Cool, those involved in the production read the comments here!

2. IrishTrekkie - August 12, 2007

he better have read mine or else ! , lol but yea thats cool

3. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - August 12, 2007

The power we wield is intoxicating!!!!!!

4. Zebecraphy - August 12, 2007


5. Craig - August 12, 2007

It’s like your site is turning into the number one site for all Trek movie news and hopefully any new Trek series news. Keep up the good work!

6. Chuck Amuck - August 12, 2007

Hey, we’re coming up in the world!

7. Shatner_Fan_2000 - August 12, 2007

Great news, Anthony! I know you won’t let us down with the reports!

8. dalek - August 12, 2007

Shatner to Nimoy “I’m waiting by the phone”

I just rang it now, he wasn’t there. They said he’s at a convention.

9. Andy Patterson - August 12, 2007

Craig: It’s like your site is turning into the number one site for all Trek movie news and hopefully any new Trek series news. Keep up the good work!

Yeah, my project was was featured here. Which makes it all the more legitimate to me.

10. Andy Patterson - August 12, 2007

Maybe if the in charge Trek people see it they’ll be inspired to do something with it. I’ll get David j working with me too with his sculpting and artistic abilities.

11. steve623 - August 12, 2007

“Of course I’ve gone mad with power. Have you ever tried going mad without power? Its boring!”

12. Craig - August 12, 2007

Andy which project was that? I forget.

I wonder if they are going to tell Shatner who the new Kirk is?

13. Pizza Hotdog - August 12, 2007

Star Trek starts with Spock at Kirk’s gravesite. Small hollographic pic of Kirk on the headstone. This is how we can appease the fanboys to get Shatner in the movie. I wonder what Shatner would want $$$ to use a picture of himself in the movie? Probably a lot more than what Nimoy is getting for his appearance, for ego’s sake.

I know some of the pre-hype before Trek III, was the talk of Spock being in the next Trek movie or not. I wonder if they’re doing the same thing here? I don’t think Shatner could keep quiet about this so perhaps he’s really not going to be in the movie???

Don’t wait too long Bill, Leonard is not JJ.

501 dtst

14. 000Dustruct0 - August 12, 2007

“Probably a lot more than what Nimoy is getting for his appearance, for ego’s sake.”

They both always had it contracted that they recieved the same thing, money, perks, women, all the same.

That’s how we got Star Trek 5 remember.

15. billg - August 12, 2007

As I’ve said, I think Shatner is both too old and too heavy to play a convincing Kirk. (Unless, of course, he plays an overweight Kirk in his 70’s.) Nimoy, in all honesty, has aged better. If he had gained 50 pounds and several layers of wrinkles, would he be able to play Spock?

Still, I don’t see Nimoy playing a Spock set in any time prior to Kirk’s death. That means any appearance by Shatner will require some hocus-pocus to bring the dear captain back to life.

Maybe good writers can pull it off. But, I doubt it. Just one more reason why letting Kirk die was silly.If you’re gonna kill the guy, then do it in some epic universe-altering fashion. Don’t do it via some not-so-scary villian on an insignificant planet.

16. Tim Handrahan - August 12, 2007

And we can only hope that his phone will ring soon!

17. Craig - August 12, 2007

What about Shanter playing Kirk’s father?

18. Ro-Dan - August 12, 2007

How about Shatner appears in this film as Captain Kirk with one throwaway reference to him–like Spock–beating death? That’s all it takes. Let the fans’ imaginations go crazy as to how he came back to life after ST: GENERATIONS.

19. StillKirok - August 12, 2007

#18, if that shows Kirk after Generations, it’s more than enoguh.

There will be no need for hocus pocus to bring Kirk back. Abrams just has to do it.

If he wants Shatner back, all he has to do is call him and work it out.

20. Andy Patteson - August 12, 2007

Craig, here’s the project featured last week….

21. Craig - August 12, 2007

One other idea. Have Shatner and Nimoy as guest speakers at a Starfleet Academy class just before Generations and a Cadet asks Spock what was it like when you two first met each other on the Enterprise?

22. Andy Patteson - August 12, 2007

As I recall….Shatner had an idea of bringing Kirk back ala some Borg involvement and technology

23. TrekLog » Blog Archive » Star Trek Vegas Con [9] - Nimoy verliest User-Kommentare des Trek Movie Report!! - August 12, 2007

[…] Quelle: Trek Movie Report […]

24. Craig - August 12, 2007

Andy remember that now. The way you edited was good. I’m not sure if I would like it as a TOS spinoff series.

In my last post I should have said Kirk and Spock at the Academy. I know Shatner and Nimoy wouldn’t play themselves at the Academy. :)

I hope I am not spamming this topic by adding a couple of ideas.

25. billg - August 12, 2007

#19: Truth is, the vast majority of potential ticket buyers haven’t a clue that Kirk is dead. So, any script machinations to resurrect the guy in a fashion acceptable to the canon police would strike them as pretty weird.

I’d love to see Shatner in the movie. I just can’t see the guy I see on Boston Legal playing Kirk.

But… the obvious way to use Nimoy is as an aging Spock reminiscing about the good old days. It would be easy to bring Shatner into that converstation. Let’s see what happens.

That said, I’m somewhat heretical in believing the appeal of Trek lies less in the characters and more in the themes it uses those characters to address. Not the didactic 60’s style morality play ethos that so marked the original series, but the epic universe-changing see-what-humans-can-really-do ethos that showed up all too infrequently.

26. Andy Patteson - August 12, 2007

no,….a little deviation, as long as we’re still talking about Trek, is okay. And as for Assignment; Earth, I would have liked for it to stand on it’s own and not really be associated with Trek after it got off the ground.

27. Andy Patteson - August 12, 2007

billg – August 12, 2007

#19: Truth is, the vast majority of potential ticket buyers haven’t a clue that Kirk is dead. So, any script machinations to resurrect the guy in a fashion acceptable to the canon police would strike them as pretty weird.

Well then let’s just all pretend that movie didn’t happen then.

28. Andy Patteson - August 12, 2007

It’ll be like the new Hulk movie which I hear is pretty much ignoring the first one.

29. Andy Patteson - August 12, 2007

Both would be more than fine with me.

30. DavidJ - August 12, 2007

Um, didn’t Nimoy just get done making fun of people here for their ludicrous demands and story ideas?

Let’s not go down this Shatner road all over again.

31. jonboc - August 12, 2007

The simplicity of this site is it’s strongpoint. I’m glad Anthony has resisted the tempation to expand. I’m sure it was a breeze for Nimoy to click to his interview and read the comments. No shuffling through lots of flash animation or digging through a thousand posts on a thousand different subjects on a forum. I dig this site because I can get the lastest article , read feedback, comment if I feel the need, then move on. It’s quick and effective and user friendly. When folks like Nimoy, OKuda or Trek’s writers drop in, I’m sure it’s for the same reason…Anthony makes it easy. Well done Anthony and thanks for the great Vegas coverage.

32. trekmaster - August 12, 2007

Wow, what a news day! Can’t await this expected phone call… :-) Oh, and on ShatnerVision they talk about Elmo! *g* What about a ShatnerVision LiveVideo showing Shatner talking with Nimoy on the phone!?

33. Andy Patterson - August 12, 2007

jonboc – August 12, 2007

The simplicity of this site is it’s strongpoint. I’m glad Anthony has resisted the tempation to expand. I’m sure it was a breeze for Nimoy to click to his interview and read the comments. No shuffling through lots of flash animation or digging through a thousand posts on a thousand different subjects on a forum. I dig this site because I can get the lastest article , read feedback, comment if I feel the need, then move on. It’s quick and effective and user friendly. When folks like Nimoy, OKuda or Trek’s writers drop in, I’m sure it’s for the same reason…Anthony makes it easy. Well done Anthony and thanks for the great Vegas coverage.

My thoughts exactly…on every point. A very user friendly site. Cutting edge news. Easy to post forums. No hassle. Great site.

34. Ro-Dan - August 12, 2007

33. “My thoughts exactly…on every point. A very user friendly site. Cutting edge news. Easy to post forums. No hassle. Great site.”

I’ll go along with that! :D

35. Camaro 09 - August 12, 2007


I hope Mr. Nimoy is reading my stuff.

36. CanuckLou - August 12, 2007

What exciting times! Star Trek lives and we live in an age where the creative forces can actually tap into the fandom for instant feedback.

Gotta love it!

37. Andy Patterson - August 12, 2007

If he is reading this stuff still I’d like to ask him if he still has a little spoon full of honey between takes for energy. I started doing that in my teaching days between classes on those hard days because of reading it in his book.

Always wanted to ask him that….and I’d like to know if he is a cat person. No body’s that good an actor and a cat knows it too.

Kind of thing I’d never be able to ask him at a Creation Convention. No personalization at those things.

38. Xai - August 12, 2007

Congrats to our fellow posters that got a mention from the #1 Vulcan.
And as always, kudos to Trekmovie for making it possible.


39. "Uncle" Clay Farrow - August 12, 2007

Here’s an idea:

Perhaps the way to bring Shatner back as Kirk, but in an “old Spock” timeline is to have Spock suffering from Bendii Syndrome, and hallucinating that Kirk is sitting with him, and that the two are reminiscing. Based on Sarek’s behavior in the beginning of the TNG episode “Unification, Part 1″ it is a fair assumption to believe that hallucinations could be a part of the last stages of Bendii Syndrome.

According to the description from “Unification, Part 1″ at
“Picard goes to the planet and enters Sarek’s room. Sarek is in bed and restless – shouting and crying. Picard asks him about Spock and he suddenly calms and becomes lucid.” The statement of Sarek becoming “lucid” (not to mention his behavior just prior) does imply that he was delusional.

So, this is how it could lay out: Spock is sitting, having a conversation with Kirk (which is played by the Shat, dressed in all his ST movie uniform regalia, his face having been “young-i-nized” like Patrick Stewart was for the flashback sequence in X3), like nothing is wrong. We jump backward in time as Spock is telling the story, to the events that occurred some hundred-fifty-odd-years in the past (played by the new actors filling the classic roles), and then back to “present-day” Spock and “ghost” Kirk as each vignette in the story ends (or, were this television, the logical place for commercial breaks.) As the film progresses, we begin to realize that “Old Spock” is delusional, and that Kirk really isn’t there.

So there it is: Spock can be old, Kirk can be there (yet still dead), Bendii Syndrome can tie TNG, TOS and the TOS re-boot altogether. Plus, the storyline once again ties Spock to Sarek, as the writers can drop in a throwaway line that Bendii Syndrome “runs in families” and that “his father died from it.” It’ll satisfy the “bring-back-Kirk” contingent, yet still be somewhat understandable and believable (if explained correctly) to the “newbies.” It can also explain why it’s just Kirk and Spock in the end, because in the real world, most likely EVERYONE from the original crew would have been long dead (including Kirk) and couldn’t appear.
Whaddaya think?

Oh, and by the way, since you say that you read the blogs on this site, I have a teensy-little request: Mr. Abrams, Mr. Shatner, Mr. Nimoy, et al–if you like my idea, and use it in the film, can I have a walk-on in the background? It’d be geek-heaven to put on the velour and the flared trousers, shave my sideburns down to points, and be in the background on the Big E’s bridge!
(I’m not above shameless begging, you know!)

40. Anthony Pascale - August 12, 2007

OK article is updated. I am right now in an internet cafe in the Hilton and ready to sign off. Don’t assume the Nimoy and everyone else is hanging on your every word people…but perhaps you should be polite to the extent that he is.

RE: forums
Sorry people but we will be adding forums and having a link ‘bridge’ between the forum and the comment system. The site is simple and easy for people who come here regularly, but less easy for people who only come a few times a month as things move so quickly around here. The balancing act is finding a way to design the site for both the ‘rabid fans’ and the ‘casual fans’…in a tiny way it is the same issue they have with the new movie.

Anyway this is Tony signing off

41. Andy Patterson - August 12, 2007

Nimoy looks great. Staying away from that dairy.

42. Trek Defense League - August 12, 2007

Leonard, if you’re reading this: Don’t listen to what they say about Star Trek III. The “odd-even” myth is revisionist hooey. While the light-weight Generations movies will not stand the test of time, your odd-numbered Trek III will be redeemed by history for its guts and passion, which more than make up for its flaws.

Like what Nick Meyer said. Trek is not about envisioning utopia: it is about Man against the Universe. And let’s hope the new blockbuster captures that spirit as well as III.

43. Andy Patterson - August 12, 2007

I liked III. Who said it was bad?

44. VOODOO - August 12, 2007


I can’t get my wife to listen to me,but I can get Leonard Nimoy to listen to me.

Not bad.

45. Nathan - August 12, 2007

Cool….I have to say I think it’s cool that Nimoy took the time to read all the comments and find the least insane ones. Way to go, Nimoy!

And I take pride that I have said since the beginning that we should trust J.J and co to make a good movie…and now Nimoy is backing me up. I guess that says something right there…

46. Harry Ballz - August 12, 2007

Of all the posts I’ve written, I see Nimoy mentioned my one about hoping he doesn’t show up in the movie with Yoda ears! Yikes!! I’m so excited right now I could just spit!!!

47. Gary - August 12, 2007

Didn’t Scotty ask Geordi if “…it was Jim Kirk himself who hauled the ‘old girl’ out of mothballs to come looking for me!” (TNG:Relics) ?

Put Kirk in the movie and maybe a contradiction in Trek continuity goes away? And explains his presence in the movie?

48. Shatner_Fan_2000 - August 12, 2007

What Nimoy did for that young fan proves what a class act the man is. What a great guy. He & Shatner will forever be Star Trek to me.

49. Tim Handrahan - August 12, 2007

To find out that he is reading this website really makes me think that he is involved in more than just as an actor. Wouldn’t be surprised to see his name on the credits as “Special Consultant”.

50. Trekgeezer - August 12, 2007

God, you people are hopeless. I’m just gonna read the articles from now on and skip all the idiotic story ideas.

The guy says let them make their movie and what happens, you all start back up with the same crap.

51. Lousy Canadian - August 12, 2007

Lets hope that this website makes it on the credits too.

52. Harry Ballz - August 12, 2007

Hey, give credit where credit is due, or is that stupid is as stupid does?

53. Irene - August 12, 2007


Wow, great to see you get well-deserved credit … even to the point that Nimoy reads the posts as well as your site itself.

I am very proud of you, my Son.

Love, Mom

54. Woulfe - August 12, 2007

I don’t ask for much.

I just want Star Trek to be good again.

– W –
* LLAP *

55. Greg2600 - August 12, 2007

Never thought I’d be involved in something which later became “material” for Leonard Nimoy. I don’t recall there being much vulgarity in those posts.

56. FSL - August 12, 2007

“So how about some of you lurkers coming out of the shadows and saying hi!”

Hi. This is a great site (Thank you!). Come here every day.

Very excited about the new movie. So glad to learn of Mr Nomoy’s involvement (and praises). Since I’m not in US, I hope dearly that the new movie would be imported on Stardate 2008.12.25

57. cd - August 12, 2007

“…People who have never directed a Star Trek episode, people who have never directed a film, people who have never directed traffic – are voicing their opinions about what to do with the next Star Trek movie. It is fascinating.”
Yes, Mr. Nimoy, Star Trek fans are expressing their opinions, because quite frankly we have been let down for the last several years; by Berman and Braga and whoever else did not know how do to Star Trek. That’s why you chose not to be in Star Trek Generations; the Spock role was so weak you said they could have other characters read your lines, and of course you were right.
True, we haven’t directed any Star Trek episodes or movies, except the ones in our heads (an infinitely more directable environment to be sure!). But you don’t have to be a chef to know when the soup is bad. And we have a lot of bad soup the last several years, and it is only natural that we fear more of the same.
But, you say these people are good, and you trust them to do a good job. Coming from you, Mr. Nimoy, that’s sounds really good to me.

58. nerdinpink - August 12, 2007

You asked the lurkers to say hi, so here I am. Hello! You have a cool website.

59. THX-1138 - August 12, 2007

Dude, I was quoted by Leonard Nimoy.

I’d better try to say something less stupid.

Wish me luck with that.

60. Roberto Orci - August 12, 2007


61. trektacular - August 12, 2007

So Roberto whats the script about?

62. Driver - August 12, 2007

Armageddon will have to wait a while. Star Trek is BACK!

63. Roberto Orci - August 12, 2007


Humans and aliens trek through the stars in the future.

64. Ralph - August 12, 2007

Congratulations Anthony and to the Fans of Star Trek. Now lets spread the fever of Trekdom!

65. Harry Ballz - August 12, 2007

could you be any more subtle?

66. DavidJ - August 12, 2007

#57 I think Nimoy’s comments were just regarding how HARSH and judgemental people have been about what little has been revealed about this movie so far. People are issuing ultimatums to Abrams to “include this person or else,” and “you better do this or else.”

Just have a little faith in the guy. I’ve got my own ideal vision of Star Trek like everybody else, but I’m also excited to see OTHER people’s visions too.

67. DavidJ - August 12, 2007

#63 “Humans and aliens trek through the stars in the future. ”

Hmm, “aliens,” huh? So Spock isn’t the only alien on the Enterprise, huh? Interesting….. ; )

68. trektacular - August 12, 2007

sounds good!

69. Chuck Amuck a.k.a. Shran from Memory Alpha - August 12, 2007

I said it before and I’ll say it again, Nimoy rocks!

And he’s right, too… just let the people make the damn movie. I myself have made suggestions as to what I would *like* to see in the new movie (and what I wouldn’t like to see), but it appears it appears that the people with whom Nimoy is annoyed are those who jump to conclusions, make demands, complain about and denounce the film… and the thing’s not even in production yet. I certainly can’t blame him for getting annoyed about that; it annoys me, too. Just let them make the film, then you can judge it all you want. Until then, just let…them…make…the movie.

Not that we’re preventing them from doing so, of course. But the last thing these people need are complaints about a movie that hasn’t even started production yet or opinions as to how the film should be, as though we know what’s best for the franchise. I highly doubt anyone here who has given such an opinion is a card-carrying member of the WGA or the DGA (and if you had to look up what either of those acronyms mean, well, then, that answers that, doesn’t it? :P) So who are we to demand what direction this film should take? We’re Trekkies – our job is to sit back, relax (or don’t, whichever you prefer), and hope that the guys deliver the goods (as I’m sure they will).

Wow, that rant went longer than it should have… anyways, great job, Anthony. Have a safe trip!

70. Chuck Amuck a.k.a. Shran from Memory Alpha - August 12, 2007

#63 So the rumors were true, then? :-P

71. Pete359 - August 12, 2007

If there was any easier act to follow then Nemesis, you’d have yourself one horrendous film.

72. JustBob - August 12, 2007

That was one lucky kid. James T., welcome to Trek fandom! :)

James will have quite a story to tell as he grows older, indeed.

73. cd - August 12, 2007

#66 – yeah, I need to get a life, or else! >;>}

74. Logan - August 12, 2007

I’ve been reading this site for ages, and I’m not sure if I’ve ever posted. But, I agree with Nimoy. Let J.J. Abrams and his team make their movie. They are smart and creative. Damon Lindelof does great work with Lost, so his involvement in Trek is a great thing. Clearly they are being respectful of Trek history, but I assume they will be trying new things as well. But, in any case I don’t think it will be as big a reboot as Ron Moore so brilliantly did with Battlestar Galactica. Trek doesn’t need that huge of a reboot. Doing a prequel makes perfect sense. (But, I doubt the Enterprise bridge will look exactly like Pike’s or Kirk’s original bridge. So, I think we can handle whatever cosmetic changes are needed for the big screen.) In all of this all that matters is the story, and the storytelling through the writers, director, and cast. And thus far they’ve done well by having Nimoy, and Quinto in it. (And as far as continuity goes, they should just write off Generations as a bad dream, and bring back Kirk.)

I have full confidence in the Abrams team. Nimoy stayed away from Generations since he didn’t like that script. So, I think it says something that he likes this script. Anything will be better than the stuff Berman/Braga gave us toward the end of their tenure.

Just let J.J. make it so.

75. Harry Ballz - August 12, 2007

Some would say wait until the film comes out, and then criticize. Keep in mind people, that’s just it, we’re not criticizing, we are simply making SUGGESTIONS……..that is one of the reasons for this forum. What, you would have us wait until it’s too late to provide input on how to make the best movie possible? Now is the time to make a contribution……

76. Sleeper Agent X - August 12, 2007

Thanks, Anthony! What a great event that must have been! And I’m so glad to see that there at least _some_ young people who are into Star Trek.

And yes, it’s great that Nimoy is curious about what we fans think. But let’s be honest, he was also saying–politely, and with a great deal of class–that we might be better off leaving things to the creative team as opposed to being a bunch of back seat drivers.

I couldn’t agree more. Can you imagine the Frankenstein of a script that would come out of piecing together all the suggestions here? It’d be “Ishtar” in Space, baby. “Ishtar” in Space.

77. Jeffrey S. Nelson - August 13, 2007

Nimoy is such a class act. And he looks GREAT!!! If only Shatner could lose fifty pounds. Climb the steps of Mt. Selaya or something.

78. Cygnus-X1 - August 13, 2007

It’s fun knowing that Leonard Nimoy is a lurker. Of course, he makes a good point about all of the would-be chefs in the kitchen. (didn’t someone a bit less famous also raise that issue recently, in the Robert Orci thread?)

Anyway, great thread and great job, Tony.

79. Lukas - August 13, 2007

this site makes look pathetic and thats the official site.

80. Dom - August 13, 2007

Omigod! One of my all-time heroes quoted me in the midst of a big argument with another poster and now probably thinks I hate him!! This site’s joy and frustration is that, once you post, that’s it. You can’t look at the post and say ‘Oops! I’d better rephrase that!’

I’m delighted he took the time to read my remarks and devastated that he might’ve got the wrong impression. I mean, I’d take the TOS crew ‘in decline’ over any of the other crews at their peak anyday!

In the unlikely event you ever read this, Mr Nimoy, In think you guys are the greatest. Because of you I got to love scifi at an early age. Because of you guys, indirectly, I ended up in the TV biz.

Now I’m going to go away and hibernate for a while!

81. SirMartman - August 13, 2007

This is one lurker comming out of the wood work , and saying Hi,,!!

Here I am again,,, sitting up late ,,reading though your site,,, trying not to wake up the wife and kids as I click my mouse though your website.

thinking to my self,, how much I would love to be at a Star Trek Con,,Im in a little place called New Zealand,and the states is abit to far to pop over for the week-end

Thats why I value this website so much,its so nice being up to date with Star Trek news, I love you guys!! your doing a great job and all the Trek fans in New Zealand thank you.

as I finished reading the last story,Leonard Nimoy said,, “Are they all like that,,,” Re people on the the next Star Trek movie,

I just wanted to say,, I loved Star Trek,, all the shows that followed,,, and all of the movies,,

they were great,,

and I say,,,

Trek isnt over,, Its only about to start

and now,, later on in 2008 ,,, it will get even better,,

I agree with Leonard Nimoy,,,,
Let the talented Trek people make this movie,, and lets sit back for the ride.

82. Reign1701A - August 13, 2007

The thing is, all the people who are truly “disappointed” at the way this film is being made, or claim they will boycott it because it doesn’t adhere to canon, or because it adheres to canon too closely….or those who say the movie is doomed because of a casting choice: everybody here KNOWS those folks are just saying that junk for attention. And they will in fact go and see the movie at least once despite all their nagging and bitching. Kind of like the guys on Trekweb who claimed they boycotted Voyager but somehow, every week they had something to say about every new episode. Just a thought. ;)

83. Kirk, James T. - August 13, 2007

I Guess im kind of a lurker here! hey to everyone! :-D.

Nimoy is a legend and can only beifit this movie. He was right on every point he made in this article and like a few here i have to agree that we all need to have some faith in Abrams and the like in making a very good Movie.

I can’t undestand why some fans are against this movie now that Nimoy is invloved – remember, he would only do this movie if it were worthy of him so we can be sure that this Trek movie has at least got the blessing of one of the best Directors Star Trek has ever had.

That kid, James T. (cool name) is the future and older fans, the fans who nit-pick and moan need to realise that.

84. Storma - August 13, 2007

I dunno… it is his opinion.

For me TREK is mainly TNG, DS9, VOY and ENT.

Maybe it is not like TOS, but appearantly it is better for the public. TOS had 3 seasons, the new TREK had 24 seasons.

TNG had better rating than TOS.

85. StillKirok - August 13, 2007

Nimoy also is on record as saying that the movie will be better with Shatner in in.

86. dalek - August 13, 2007

Great report. I was that 9 year old kid when i discovered Star Trek.

87. Scott Gammans - August 13, 2007

Anthony, I just want to say THANK YOU for running this site and especially for being on the scene at the Comic and Trek conventions and providing these reports. Keep up the good work!

88. Trevok - August 13, 2007

Spock RULES.

89. Andy Patterson - August 13, 2007

Shatner_Fan_2000 – August 12, 2007
What Nimoy did for that young fan proves what a class act the man is. What a great guy. He & Shatner will forever be Star Trek to me.

My thoughts exactly.

Yeah, and good job Anthony. Best report I’ve read on any Trek event. What a kick to have Nimoy notice that kid.

90. John CT - August 13, 2007

Good stuff. Looks like Nimoy is really looking forward to coming back into the Star Trek fold. I’m pleased for him, and I still think old Kirk should be left dead.

91. Dom - August 13, 2007

Storma. I know you’re stirring, but your opinion is just that! For example, my ideal Star Trek: The Next Generation show would’ve been set maybe ten to fifteen years after the end of TVH and featuring Kirk’s successor to command of the Enterprise-A.

I’d have wanted the show to be run by Leonard Nimoy, Harve Bennett and Nicholas Meyer, rather than Gene Roddenberry who had been ejected after the failure of TMP. There would have been easy room for crossovers with the old cast, rather than convoluted time-travel tales and the subsequent TOS cast movies would have had access to the relevant sets for movies set in the earlier time period.

The peculiar TMP/TAS/Phase II hybrid we got in TNG was frankly a bit of a shocker! Most of all, what disgusted me with TNG was the arrogance of the characters, compared with TOS.

In Homeward, we witnessed the revolting spectacle of the Federation allowing a civilisation to perish because of their stupidly-handled Prime Directive. If not for one decent man, a culture would have been wiped out. Placing that on an Earth perspective, it’s like a fleet of ships passing a volcanic island in a terminal eruption and not bothering to try to rescue the inhabitants because it might mess up the fleet’s home nation’s economy in a thousand years’ time. It was sick. Kirk wouldn’t have done that. McCoy and Spock argued over the Genesis device for similar reasons in STII.

It’s on levels like that where I fail to see TNG and its successors as a proper continuation of TOS. As a re-imagining-cum-spinoff, maybe, but for reasons such as the above, TOS stands separate from the subsequent Treks.

Humans aren’t gods in TOS. The self-absorbed humans and their lackey races in TNG often demonstrate the same ethics as the Nazis. The times when they demonstrate compassion are when they are being hypocrites. Nimoy and JJ Abrams are making a TOS movie. At least they know that the best Trek comes from the heart.

92. Cervantes - August 13, 2007

#1 Vulcan indeed! :)

93. Captain James B. (Lovin that TOS thang!) Quirk - August 13, 2007

“But I think we have to give these talented people the chance to make this movie. And let’s rejoice in the fact that they are good and talented people and I think they are going to re-invigorate the franchise…I really do.”

Thanks Nimsy, that’s all I near to hear. Quirk out!

94. Lt. (formerly Ensign) Green - August 13, 2007

I hate to say this, but I kind of feel like we were being made fun of a bit, light-hearted though it was.

And I directed traffic once. What are they trying to say? ; – )

95. jonboc - August 13, 2007

…well now, that’s cool. Does my heart good to know that Mr. Nimoy chose that particular comment as I truly am ready for old school Star Trek to live again. It’s way over-due.

96. ZoomZoom - August 13, 2007

wow- TrekMovie really rocks! :)

97. billy don't be a hiro - August 13, 2007

Again, Nimoy is pure class.

98. Jon - August 13, 2007

Still crossing my fingers that while ‘respecting’ what came before these guys aren’t going to be bound by the mess that is existing continuity. There’s a real enthusiasm for this film, and it’d be good to learn from the mistakes Enterprise made trying to squeeze its way into a bloated canon.

In Casino Royale, Judie Dench reprised her role as M even though the film is not concurrent with those that came before it and is in essence a reboot. Having an actor play the same role but within a new branch of continuity is therefore not unprecedented.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed, this could be a great opportunity to give the franchise a kick in the butt and correct some of the awful mistakes made in its treatment during the last decade or so.

Really excited about the film, really looking forward to it, the level of hype around it already totally outshines the last few movies and I have a great feeling about it. Keep up the great work, everyone involved.

99. Ellie - August 13, 2007

#48 –> Yeah, Nimoy is a class act! Pulling James T. up on stage was cool (and he could of just NOT done it) Shatner and Nimoy ARE Trek (baby!) and if we could just get Shatner in this movie…

Right now I feel extremely confident that Trek XI is in the right hands — Nimoy will make this great — Shatner would make it much better — Nimoy is a very brilliant actor from what interviews I’ve seen

100. Shatner_Fan_2000 - August 13, 2007

#98 Ellie … This is the only instance I’ve ever heard of where a Trek actor offered to do something like this – fly an entire family to the movie premiere. This is something that family and that kid will remember for the rest of their lives. Mr. Nimoy, if you happen to be reading this, you are a great man indeed.

And I agree, Ellie, we need Shatner back too. Let the magic of TOS come full circle! Give us original Kirk and Spock one last time, even as new Kirk and Spock enter our hearts and minds.

101. Corey - August 13, 2007

Cruise as Pike?

Just saw this on a Yahoo news search. I’d heard the rumors, but sounds like this one may be true?
Tom Cruise has signed up to make a cameo appearance in the upcoming Star Trek film as a favour to his friend JJ Abrams.

The Mission Impossible actor will reportedly play the part of Captain Christopher Pike, who is in charge of the helm of the Starship Enterprise and is the original commanding officer for Spock.

A source told the Daily Star: “Star Trek was the start of the huge sci-fi craze and Tom is fascinated by all of it.”

102. Thadd - August 13, 2007

I really have to applaud MR. Nimoy for reading, and commenting on some of the posts and attitudes of some of our fellow Trekkers/Trekkies. They can be ridiculous, and they need to realize that Trek is more than just them and what they want. Trek does have a “cannon,” but sometimes things change. It is the way of life. Admittedly, I don’t want to see too many changes, but if they must be made then I don’t care. I’m sure any changes would be either minor, or necessary for the audience of today (Trek fans and general public alike). Honestly, I don’t want to see a bunch of actors running around starship corridors made of the same flimsy materials, or wearing the same flashy vibrant uniforms. Anything could have been before TOS, like Mr. Braga says in another thread. We weren’t alive, or is that we won’t be alive before the time of TOS.

Let’s just keep things in perspective, shall we? Let’s not continue to help create the negative stereotype the general public has about Trek fans, because the majority of us are not over the top.

This is an excellent site, and thank you for creating it.

103. Montreal Paul - August 13, 2007

Leonard Nimoy has always been a class act. A great actor, writer and Director. I am happy to see that he will be in the new Trek movie. It’s nice to see that he does indeed lurk and read the comments here. I look forward to seeing how the movie will come together. It’s just too bad that Jimmy Doohan and Deforest Kelley are no longer with us… it would have been nice to see them in the movie as well.

104. Jay - August 13, 2007

wow… this guy is brilliant, someone give him an Oscar!

105. Dom - August 13, 2007

Don’t forget, he also made the wonderful Three Men and a Baby, based on Trois Hommes et un Couffin!

106. Kirk, James T. - August 13, 2007

if this film is as good as The Wrath of Khan then i’ll be happy.

Wow Roberto Orci posts here?? cool :-D B

107. mr. Sinitsky - August 13, 2007

Leonard Nimoy, if you read this message, know – you are the best!!! I’m Russian Trekker, and I very much hope, that premier of “Star Trek 11″ take place in Russia similar to “Spiderman 3″ premier – practically during one time with all other countries, and with the invited actors (you have understood, that I have in view of:)). Live long and prosper!!! And in Russian: Живите долго и процветайте!!!
P.S. – this is the Forum of Russian Trekkers!!!
P.P.S. Sorry me for my terrible English, I’m only study it in school.

108. Sleeper Agent X - August 13, 2007

Re 91-

Ah, Dom, you’re just stirring things up yourself! Must you turn every post into a “I like TOS not TNG” bit? :)

This is just a great moment for and Star Trek in general. I can’t get over how great it is to have Nimoy back as part of the franchise. It’s fantastic he respects the fans enough to tell us what he really thinks, as opposed to sugarcoating things or talking to us in a condescending fashion. He did it in great style, without being overly pompous or negative or disrespectful towards other points of view, too.

And by singling out that kid as the future of Star Trek he was reaffirming Trek’s optimistic core. I’m not one to gush over actors in general, but I think he’s inspiring, and probably best represents the soul of Star Trek of any of the castmembers, from any of the series.

109. Anthony Pascale - August 13, 2007

RE: above posts about acknowledgement of this site and credits
I appreciate the comments guys but the goal of this site is not to get the attention of the film makers and people behind trek, but to get the attention of you the fans. I created this site to help inform the inquiring trekkie who wants to know what’s up with their favorite franchise from books, toys, comics, products and a certain movie. What I want to see in the credits for this film is a long list of dedicated passionate Trek loving professionals. Although some fun with credits is always nice…they did put in a mention of the DHARMA initiative into the MI3 credtis…a big kick for us Lost fans

RE: Nimoy reading your posts
As mentioned in the article I sent him the links to the interviews…a common thing to do after an interview. Although it may make people more polite to think he reads every word, but to be honest I dont read every comment so I kind of doubt he (or Roberto Orci) does.

RE: Orci
So bob…if you do use the ‘timmy’ idea please give appropriate credit to THX

110. FREAKAZOID - August 13, 2007

That was so cool of Nimoy doing that for young James T.

Wonder what the T stands for? *LOL*

111. KDoug - August 13, 2007

Greetings Mr. Nimoy!

I’ve never been one to demand that this new Star Trek movie include this or that. But I will be very satisfied if it lives up to what Star Trek is at its best: A fascinating look at what humanity is, was, and may yet be, entwined with a moving story about characters that you can believe in.

I agree that you tend to get good results when the studio has a good team and treats them with a hands-off approach. I think one of Star Trek: Generation’s problems was that the writers were given a substantial list of things that the studio wanted in the movie. It’s hard for a writer to get creative when there are arbitrary demands getting in the way.

Oh, and Mr. Nimoy, live long and prosper! (In other words, keep it up, you’re doing fine!)

–Ken Douglas, a.k.a. KDoug

112. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - August 13, 2007

Everyones so amped up!!!! I say a Trekmovie sponsored cagefight!!! To really let you kids get out your aggression. Wait a minute I smell green (literally and figuratively)!!!! Trek themed extreme mixed martial arts!!!! Hot ring girls dressed as Orions, Vulcan combat theme music, combatants dressed in Klingon armour.
Sleeper Agent X(dressed as Troi) Vs. Dom(redshirt)
Dennis Vs. well just about everybody
Anthony Vs. Harry Knowles
Adam Cohen Vs. Josh T
This could be huge!!!!!

113. Roberto Orci - August 13, 2007


Yes, I do read every comment.

114. Anthony Pascale - August 13, 2007


I stand corrected sir

115. cd - August 13, 2007

#113 – Every comment? You need to get a life! Oh, wait, never mind.

116. Roberto Orci - August 13, 2007


Sadly, you’re right.

117. Kenny Posey - August 13, 2007

thanks to all involved with the new movie…Anthony for a great siteand Mr. Orci for not only ur interest in Star Trek..but what the fans say I eagerly await what the Abrams team has instore for us…

Live and Prosper

118. Kenny Posey - August 13, 2007


Live Long and Prosper

119. NCC-73515 - August 13, 2007

why care about canon and timeline, you can simply place it all in the mirror universe… then kirk would kill pike and take command of the i.s.s. enterprise.
another option: kirk is still in the nexus, like guinan… both exited the nexus and yet guinan was still there. maybe even picard is still in there!

120. Dom - August 13, 2007

Sleeper Agent X. If there is a problem with any of my posts, it’s Anthony’s job to bring me up short on it, as it’s his site. If I need to be made feel bad or ‘ashamed’ of anything I write here, Anthony can tell me. Your ‘playground loudmouth’ act where you strut around tell people what they’re allowed to think (often misrepresenting their opinions in doing so) and that they should be that you somehow you alone have the power to ‘shame’ them, is wearing thin!

I appreciate that you are so keen to point out the ‘failings’ in my posts and that you’re my latest bona fide trekmovie ‘stalker’ (I seem to attract them!) but I’ve already embarrassed myself in front of one of my childhood heroes today, as a result of your prodding me in these discussions, so forgive me if I can’t be arsed to deal with you today.

I’ll catch up properly later!

121. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - August 13, 2007

Don Roberto

– Lord Garth welcomes you to our little dysfunctional clubhouse. Feel free to divulge any Lost tibits (is Jacob a manistifation of Locke??) after all it’s all in the family.

122. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - August 13, 2007

Give em hell Dom – Cagefight!!!!

123. THX-1138 - August 13, 2007

It’s funny about the Timmy thing. When my wife read the article, she said “Wouldn’t it be funny if it was used like a joke in the movie? Say like someone reading the ships manifesto and asking Spock how his first name is pronounced and Spock informing him that it’s unpronounceable. The crewman says “Then why don’t I just call you Timmy?” Yeah right I said.

But Mr. Orci, my offer as a free red shirt or grouchy assistant engineer still stands. I fly to the location on my dime. I don’t eat at craft services, but brown bag it. I don’t speak unless spoken to.

Unless someone posts something ridiculous. Then I don’t shut up.

124. Ron Mosher - August 13, 2007

Thanks for your hard work Tony. This is my one and only go to site for trek info. Looking forward to the various projects coming up. Keep those reports coming! :)

125. Anthony Pascale - August 13, 2007


the notion is not insane. As reported here last fall Bob and Alex did a contest called ‘write a line for optimus prime’ where fans submitted lines for the script to Transformers. I believe the winning entry was ‘every sentient being has the right to freedom’ or something like that

At the time I suggest a ‘talk for Spock’ equivalent…and I still am

but you know Timmy can be Vulcanized…like T’Meh…but I think all the T’ names are females (not sure on that one….but I am sure one of you all is!)

126. JeFF - August 13, 2007

SO SO AWESOME what he did for that boy and his family!

127. StillKirok - August 13, 2007

Hmmm….write a line for Spock….

How about this one?

“Captain Kirk was thought to have died on Veridian III, but as is often the case, he defied logic and survived despite the odds against it.”

Work that line in, and you won’t even need Shatner.

128. Ivory - August 13, 2007

Spock – “JIM, ….YOUR ALIVE!!!!

129. Kobayashi Maru - August 13, 2007

(looking into the hollow grave)
It would seem Captain Picard was incorrect
in his presumption of Captain Kirk’s demise.
His death could not take place, for he was
… not alone.

130. Thomas - August 13, 2007

I would rather they ignore Kirk’s death than try to find some hackneyed method of resurrection. That said, I like the Bendii Syndrome idea as it could feature Shatner as Kirk without having to explain his rebirth.

131. StillKirok - August 13, 2007

It wouldn’t be a hackneyed method for resurrection. And why turn Spock into a dying, drooling vegetable? That is NOT a positive, optimistic view. It would take a lousy situation, and make it worse, by adding another TOS character screwed around by Paramount.

132. T'Marii - August 13, 2007

De-lurking for a moment to say hi. I was there yesterday and heard Mr. Nimoy say again to Shatner, about Kirk dying on Veridian III, “If I had been there, I wouldn’t have let you die…” He said that at Cherry Hill also. so maybe that’s the plan…can you spell “Guardian of Forever?” Anyway, if I had my greatest wish, that would be it…to undo Generations and have Kirk and Spock back where they belong…together. Thank you, Mr. Nimoy, and all the Trek XI group. 40 years a fan and I can’t wait!!!

133. Ron Mosher - August 13, 2007

Kirk was resurrected in Shatner’s novel”The Return”. He and Judith Reeves-Stevens, and Garfield Reeves-Stevens did a great job. It’s a good read that I recommend.

134. Etha Williams - August 13, 2007

There’s a line from a song that I’ve never heard but have seen quoted: “If you trim yourself to fit the world, you’ll whittle yourself away.” We all have our thoughts on the new Trek movie, but I personally don’t want to see it whittled away to suit every fan’s view and the minutiae of an already discontinuous and contradictory cannon.

I have had my own misgivings about this movie, but Nimoy’s endorsement of it has helped allay them a good deal. In any case, I’m excited for the movie and am going to withhold any judgment until I actually see it. When I was told that IV involved traveling back to 20th century earth in a Klingon vessel to rescue a pair of whales, I was very dubious about the movie. It turned out to be one of my favorite of the 10. Here’s to hoping for another pleasant surprise.

135. THX-1138 - August 13, 2007

My submittal for the line would either be the one from my previous post or the following:

“Ensign (THX-1138), please report to the bridge.”

136. Andy Patterson - August 13, 2007

Ron Mosher – August 13, 2007

Kirk was resurrected in Shatner’s novel”The Return”. He and Judith Reeves-Stevens, and Garfield Reeves-Stevens did a great job. It’s a good read that I recommend.

Yeah,…I’ve brought that up. Again my proposal is that the last two movies didn’t happen.

137. StillKirok - August 13, 2007

THE RETURN was awesome, and of course, was one of the bestselling Trek fiction books of all time. Made the NY Times Bestseller List, which you don’t see today much.

But the books aren’t canon. They COULD be canon, if Abrams wanted it, but they aren’t right now.

138. Plum - August 13, 2007

… and that’s when the Internet exploded yer Honour…

139. SUPER1701A - August 13, 2007

I grew up in west texas. Where i used to live the nearest friend for me was around 5-10 miles away. I would come home from school and other than my little brother. there was Kirk , Spock and the rest of the crew. I just want to thank Mr.Nimoy and the rest for keeping a lonely young boy from going nuts!!!

140. Shatner_Fan_2000 - August 13, 2007

As a fan, it’s very heartening for me to see how many other people share my desire to have William Shatner back in his signature role. Are you still reading, Mr. Orci? :)

I also wish to note that if Shatner is not in this movie, it would mark the first time either he or Nimoy WANTED to participate in a Star Trek movie, but were unable to. I’d hate to see that happen. It’d be sad.

141. Etha Williams - August 13, 2007

#134 —

I’d like to see Shatner in the movie too, and but I think that to jam him into the in some kind of contrived manner (and I’m not just talking about how to deal with the issue of his death in generations — I’m talking about whether having his character in the movie makes sense with the plot as a whole) would be doing a disservice to the integrity of the film, the character of Kirk, and even Shatner himself.

If they can find a legitimate way to work Shatner into the movie, so much the better. But if they can’t, I’d rather see a movie that holds its own than one that’s interrupted by a strained attempt to get an actor in it.

142. Etha Williams - August 13, 2007

Re: message 141 — I meant to address it to post 140, not 134. 134 was myself. God, I’m out of it today…

143. Magister - August 13, 2007

Roberto Orci

Alpha can begin again only if Omega never ends…

The possibilities, my friend, are endless…

144. Gentry Hogan - August 13, 2007

If I may please, say this: I don’t personally care what happens with the new Trek movie. It only matters to me that it exists. Trek is, to me, an artistic expression of humanity’s hope. That the interest is there to continue to display cinematically the possibility of bettering ourselves is itself, heartening.

I applaud everyone invovled in these projects from the top to the bottom, for giving us entertainment, education, inspiration, and a glimpse of limitless potential both individually and as a collective (but, ok, not THE collective ; ) ).

I don’t feel qualified to comment on quality, content, or direction for these films or shows – but do wish to just say 30+ years of “Thank you’s” to each involved. Make 1 more – make 1,000 more. I’ll be there, center seat, with my popcorn and rasinetts.

(And THANK YOU for this great site!) -GH

145. SUPER1701A - August 13, 2007

I agree totally with #144

146. kelso - August 13, 2007

What a class act.

147. Xai - August 13, 2007

Please, please…PLEASE do not make this thread into a save Shatner thread. I recognize your opinion, but this one really belongs to Nimoy. It looks like a Shatner story’s coming up soon.

148. Sci-Fi Bri - August 13, 2007


149. Ben - August 13, 2007

cool shirt, nice comments – by a good man and actor.

Live long and prosper

a Swiss Reader and part time poster

ps: to the editor – cheers for the awesome site – the best by miles for news and info about star trek. keep it up.

150. Harry Ballz - August 13, 2007

We, the handful of posts read out loud by Leonard Nimoy, can now be referred to as “the chosen ones”!!

151. TJ Trek - August 13, 2007

Hey, I appreciate the fact that people withen the project actually pay attention to the comments. How ever I am offended by some of the comments that get posted. I never put down any actor or director, or anybody envolved in star trek. If I dissagree with something I try to say why, If I think something is good, I try to say why. All in all, this is just a movie, and this is just a franchise. No one needs to demean these people, or make any death threats. I hope this turns out to be a good movie. JJ Abrahms knows what he is doing. He produced Alias which was a very popular show (I have never watched it though), he has produced lost which is another popular show (I am addicted too it, and can’t wait for season 3 to come on DVD). He did MI:III which was a very good movie. So JJ Abrahms has a track record of good product. If he has respect for what has come before, and has respect for what makes good Star Trek, and not just good movies in general then everything should be good to go. If those basic outlines are followed, then who should really care about the minor details. They will fall into place. Yes, I might be pissed of if some minor detail doesn’t follow through with the series (TOS) or with something that gets said latter on in Trek lore. But, so what. Once again it’s just a movie. Spock isn’t real…etc,etc.

As for the writers. They did a good job with Transformers, although I thought a few of the lines were Cheesy. However, they have proved themselves to be good enough to write a decent Star Trek film. So decent writers with an excelent Director/Producer, and some good actors coming on bored, should lead to a much better film then the previous two. Of course this is just my opinion, take it or leave it.

152. Harry Ballz - August 13, 2007

#151 “some good actors coming on bored”
Well, let’s hope they’re a little excited about being part of the movie franchise!

153. Tim Handrahan - August 13, 2007

Spock recording his personal log:

Captain Kirk was reportedly killed on the planet Veridian 3. However, if I know the Captain, by now he is deep into planning his resurrection.

And i hope J.J., Alex and Roberto are too!

154. Kobayashi Maru - August 13, 2007

Here here, #47!
I thought we were talking about the consideration of the XI team and their acknowledgment of our concerns.
Congrats to Harry and THX, by the way!

155. Harry Ballz - August 13, 2007

Thank you Kobayashi Maru, that is most kind!

156. Anthony Pascale - August 13, 2007

147: Agreed!
150…dont let it get to your head
151: thank you…and I agree. I do try and keep this site more civil than others, and in so doing hopefully make it more welcome to all (including people like Robert). By the way Brannon Braga just dropped by to comment on the article about him
(#63 I think)

Anyway folks sorry for the delay on the shatner article but it takes a long time to transcribe these things. In fact I am seriously looking for a volunteer for transcriptions of events and interviews….it would really really make my life easier.

157. DavidJ - August 13, 2007

#151 To be fair, they were writing a Michael Bay summer popcorn movie. The lines are kinda SUPPOSED to be cheesy. And considering the gigantic box office, they obviously knew exactly what they were doing.

I expect for Trek, they and Abrams will be crafting a slightly more intelligent film, with better dialogue to go along with it. Or so I hope.

158. flier1701 - August 13, 2007

I can’t speak for you all, but I have directed traffic ;)

Getting more and more excited each day.

159. Sean - August 13, 2007

I give credit to Leonard Nimoy & Roberto Orci for even coming to this site because a lot of the comments are not terribly flattering to either of them. That and a lot of hardcore Trek fans seem mildly insane. Extra double bonus points to Roberto for commenting and being willing to answer questions (however vauge the answers might be).

For what it’s worth, I think Nimoy’s point is valid. So many people are up in arms about a movie that hasn’t even begun shooting or casting and suddenly everyone is a screenwriter.

160. Tim Handrahan - August 13, 2007

I also endorse “Timmy” for Spock’s first name. I do remember that Jane Wyatt said at a convention that his name was “Harold”.

161. Greg2600 - August 13, 2007

159 – Maybe I’ve just skipped the “obscene” posts, but I really haven’t seen many of them. I posted several times on the Nimoy interview, and I really don’t remember reading many posts putting him down. What 2 or 3 or a half dozen, out over 250? It’s not fair to criticize the writers, producers, or actors for performances they’ve yet to make. It is fair to agree/disagree/comment on what is proposed. The fact that such a discussion is prevalent is proof of the smarts and dedication of Star Trek fans. We don’t follow hokey religions and nor use ancient weapons (oops was that a dig?)! Ha ha ha. If anything the most vitriol has been directed at William Shatner.

Hey Anthony, if you get a chance, ask Nimoy if he’s planning another book, titled, “I am STILL Spock”

162. Tim Handrahan - August 13, 2007

How about:


I always have been SPOCK

I will always be SPOCK


Mirror friend, Mirror SPOCK.

using movie titles:

The Wrath of Spock

Spock-The Voyage Home to the Ears

The Undiscovered Spock

Spock-The Final Frontier(if this is his last apperance)

Spock-Generations(about working with Quinto)

Spock-First Contact (see above)

Spock-Insurrection (if they don’t get along)

Spock-Nemesis-(if they really, really don’t get along)

163. THX-1138 - August 13, 2007

I’ve said it before:

Coolest site ever!

Obviously the name Timmy pleases you. If I hear the merest mention of it in the movie, I will laugh my sliver of brain wedged in my skull loose.

164. Tom Kelly - August 13, 2007

The search for Kirk

165. cd - August 13, 2007

I posted this about 2 weeks ago, but since we are still talking about it…
As far as Kirk coming back, I don’t think he should have ever died. Bring him back alive. You don’t have to say how. How to put him in and/or Spock in without some contrivance like Generations? It may be best for to start out as an interview of Kirk and Spock for historical research, or some event triggering a reminescence, or whatever.
Give Shatner and Nimoy a chance to ad lib as Kirk and Spock. (Interviewer asks Kirk “Didn’t you die?” Kirk says “I got better.”, he does a double take at Spock. Spock raises his eyebrows, glances away. Kirk (to Spock): “Thanks again, by the way.” Spock: “You’re welcome. It was the least I could do.”)
Just please, NO TIME TRAVEL.

166. last o' the timelords - August 13, 2007

story speculation – Spock uses the holodeck to revisit the crew of the Enterprise on their first mission. He masquerades as a chef.

(Stop throwing things at me, I’m kidding)

167. Magic_Al - August 13, 2007

500 days till the movie!

168. Sean - August 13, 2007


I think you might be mixing me up with someone else, because I never said anything about comments being ‘obscene’. I just said a number were unflattering, which I think is a fair statement. I wasn’t really confining my observation to the specific comments on the interview, but many of the articles on the site. Anthony screens out any truly offensive comments, but there are still plenty of comments about Nimoy not being as important as Shatner, not being able to pull off a movie, etc. The remarks about Orci have been more directly critical about his work – Transformers, The Island, Alias, etc. I’m not saying they’re the majority, but certainly it’s difficult for anyone to read such blunt commentary on their lives or careers, even if it’s only a margin of what is said. Many times it’s the unpleasant comments that stick with you rather than the nice ones. That’s all I meant by my comment.

169. Etha Williams - August 13, 2007


Young Spock notices old Spock in mess hall. The interaction goes something like this:

Young Spock: You look…most familiar. Who are you?
Old Spock: I am your cousin, Chef Selek…

170. Sleeper Agent X - August 13, 2007

Dom, Lord Garth,

Shame on both of you! Really.

And for the record, Dom, I’ve never told you what to think, nor did I ever force you into doing anything. Your actions are your own responsibility.

171. Kevin - August 13, 2007

Anthony, if you need any help, you just let me know.

172. Tjats - August 13, 2007

“So how about some of you lurkers coming out of the shadows and saying hi!”

Hi. Been a lurker on TrekMovie for almost a year (Just after TOS:R was announced.) Can’t believe it’s been that long already. I never posted b/c I just didn’t have anything to say that hadn’t already been said by someone already.

I’ve tried to be supportive of the recent Trek projects, and reading the reports here of Nimoy’s several public statements since SDCC, I now have total faith in the Abrams movie. I’ve always respected Abrams, but none of us have ever seen him do Star Trek before. I had doubts.

But to hear Leonard Nimoy approve of this movie…I need no more convincing than that. Bring on Christmas 2008.

173. April R. (When I grow up I want to be a Trill) - August 14, 2007

:jumping up and down: I get more and more excited with every update. I can’t WAIT for this movie because I know it will be great. and how awesome is Nimoy? What agenerous guy that is something that kid will remember forever!!

174. April R. (When I grow up I want to be a Trill) - August 14, 2007

oh and i forgot \\//_

175. Chris M - August 14, 2007

I am definitely looking forward to Nimoy being in the film and hopefully they can work out a way for Shatner to be in it!

176. NCC-73515 - August 14, 2007

hello??? if guinan still existed in the nexus as an echo or something, then kirk and picard would also exist!!!

177. oddballuk - August 14, 2007

Mr Nimoy could of read my posts.


178. TNSTROUDS - August 14, 2007

I have a great idea of how Shatner could be included in the movie. Well, it’s not just mine, it was an idea from several on the “General Star Trek” board from

The idea started off with someone’s idea of a new 3D movie, which most agreed to be overkill, but then the idea evolved. I was thinking that Abrams could have a great opportunity here. Star Trek I (Motion Picture) would look great in 3D. Six months before the new movie comes out, why not produce that in 3D, in an I-Max theatre with a non-3D bonus at the end hosted by Shatner, who introduces the audience to Star Trek’s new cast and a short teaser / sneak peek at one of the new movie’s scenes.

This would kind of usher in a change-over between Star Trek’s past and future. I know I’m not any kind of a professional, I’m just a fan (who had a crush on Leonard Nimoy at the age of 9) with what I think could be a good idea.

179. Katie Jones - August 15, 2007

I just discovered Star Trek one night flipping through the channels.For some reason,I had the idea that Leonard Nimoy was a mean,grumpy man that had regrets about playing the character of Spock.I have no idea where this notion came from but every time I watched Star Trek it kind of took over and made watching it unsatisfying and unpleasant.I’m glad to know he liked his job and I was so excited to hear about the movie because it was something from the original Star Trek that could be embedded in my generation,I just turned 15.
Anyways,Nimoy,I adore you. =3

180. Jenny R. - August 15, 2007

Spock is so dreamy.

181. Turkish Trekkie - August 18, 2007

It will be great to see Nimoy again in a Star Trek movie. Thanks to J.J. for this. Seeing real Spock for a second is enough also for me :)

182. Ed Gilbert - November 4, 2007

if the REAL CAPTAIN KIRK is not in the movie I’m not going!

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