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VegasCon 07 – Shatner Grills Nimoy On Star Trek Movie August 13, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Conventions/Events/Attractions,Nimoy,Shatner,Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

As is the custom, when appearing at conventions together Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner each talk to the audience alone (one after the other) and then follow it up with a joint appearance. As Nimoy’s solo portion was winding down William Shatner came onto the stage and they had the following exchange

Nimoy: How you been, Billy?
Shatner: I’ve been pretty good – not as good as you, of  course!
Nimoy: Been working a lot?
Shatner: (remorsefully) No, no — I’ve been waiting for the call…I’m hanging by the telephone waiting for the call
Nimoy: I’ll call you
Shatner: It’s not the same as J.J.

…and it got funnier from there….

Soon thereafter Nimoy left the stage for Shatner’s solo portion where he told a story about a being run off the road by a stunt man who just wanted to meet him, followed by a long discussion about dealing with stunts through his career. He also recounted a story about being thrown by a horse and a harrying ride in the back of an ambulance without the gurney tied down. Then (out of nowhere) Shatner launches into a bit on the movie..

Shatner: I am not in the movie OK!? Doesn’t bother me. I’m okay about this. It bothers you? [crowd yells ‘yeah’] Write J.J. I don’t understand it! Listen I’m up for an Emmy for Boston Legal. I don’t know whether any of you saw the Roast on Comedy Central — that’s up for an Emmy! I’m up for two Emmys! I’m not in the movie! Is he nuts?
[a fan yells out ‘mad cow’]
Shatner: He has mad cow, exactly. Poor J.J. – wonderful director, wonderful writer – he’s got mad cow.

Later before Nimoy was about to return to the stage for the joint part of the program Shatner talked about his upcoming talk show. “I’m calling it ‘Shatner’s Raw Nerve’ because I want to touch a raw nerve,” he said. Bill then confided with the crowd that he was going to have a kind of practice session of his upcoming show, “I am going to find Nimoy’s raw nerve.” So after Nimoy returned and sat down, Shatner quickly started grilling him. Here is how it went…

Shatner: What’s the movie about?
Nimoy: That’s easy. It is a movie where we discover that Spock’s real name is ‘Timmy’ (see earlier story to understand reference). The movie opens with a bunch of guys yelling “Timmy! Timmy!”
Shatner: And then you pop up and say….
Nimoy: Yes…you called?
Shatner: The movie opens on a very interesting planet, on a strange planet, and the music is going, and three people come walking out of the mist…
Shatner: Anybody dressed in red?
Nimoy: Walking towards the camera and….hold on I am getting a call [puts his hand up to his ear…pause] No I am just going to tell a few plot points. [pause] No, just a little bit J.J. [pause] No, but there are a lot of people here who want to know. Bill wants to know [pause] I already told them…yes I told them about Timmy
Shatner: Is that J.J.?
Nimoy: Yep
Shatner: Give him my best will you? Tell him I love him. He is the best director the best writer I have ever seen.
Nimoy: Bill says you are the best director and best writer
Shatner: And a stupid shit for not having me in the film

Later Shatner asked Nimoy if he was nervous about returning to acting and the role of Spock. Nimoy got serious with his answer and gave some insight into his process for perparing for the role:

Nimoy: I am I am. To be honest I am nervous about it. I am curious about what it is going to be like. I have to be concerned now about whether I can still do that. How did I do…try and recapture what it was like. Try and recapture the character. What I am curious about where Spock is and has been in all these years. I am not really sure exactly where we are going to pin point and plug into Spock’s sort of character arc. Spock went through a character and he was different in Star Trek IV and VI than he was in 1966 in the series. He had evolved in certain ways. I have to examine where he is now. What are his thought processes? Is he more logical than he ever was or less logical? Is he more precise? Is he calmer? Is he mellow? Has he got cranky and crusty?

Shater then asked if the writers [Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman] were aware of Nimoy’s thought process?

Nimoy: I think so I think the writers…and I must say this sincerely, I really mean this – I think the writers have really have done a great deal of homework and really understand the characters and the essence of what Star Trek is; which is refreshing and very promising. So I have high hopes that they will do a good job finding these elements for him for us. But as you know you look at the printed page and it is your job to try and bring something from home, bring something to the stage.

To which Shatner quipped "like lunch."

Later a questioner asked if Nimoy would do a guest spot on Shatner’s show Boston Legal. This sent Shatner into a rant on how he has asked his longtime friend to join him on all his projects and he always says no. He then ribbed Nimoy on how when J.J. Abrams called him and ‘dangled Spock’ it was a different story. Nimoy defended himself by saying "it was Star Trek…they needed Spock.’ And Shatner lamented "but they don’t need Captain Kirk."

Nimoy: I told J.J. Star Trek would be better with you than without you. And I remind you that you died in Star Trek VII, but I was not in it. And if I had been in it I would not have allowed you to die.

NOTE: Remember Shatner is a jokester and is not actually advocating a letter writing campaign (or a ‘spam campaign’). Abrams and his boys will work it out if it can fit with their story. Even though Nimoy also wants him in the movie…remember his advice: let them make their movie.


1. Sean - August 13, 2007

I’m honestly curious as to whether Shatner is going to show up or not.

2. Dave - August 13, 2007

Is this comical of what? I have really enjoyed these 2 friends over the years, they are NUTS! Sounds like the writers have doing us fans some justice for the first time since The Wrath Of Khan.

3. Lao3D - August 13, 2007

These guys need to be on stage or film together more often. They play off each other like a well-oiled comedy team. I’ve seen them do their schtick a couple of times, very similar to what’s related above, and they’re a hoot every time. They could seriously do a top-drawer Matthau/Lemmon type comedy that would bring the roof down.

Somebody please write these guys a funny movie!!

4. dalek - August 13, 2007

Great report thanks for the write up. Made me chuckle out loud a few times.

#1 My gut feeling at this stage now is doubtful. Maybe Mr Orci could comment on the possibility. Have there been any efforts to get Bill in the script as Kirk? If so how is that progressing?

I suspect leaving it an open thing right now is nothing but a PR tactic (i hope im wrong), and the creative team are happy with the script the way it is.

5. VulcanBabe - August 13, 2007

We Want Shatner! We Want Shatner! We Want Shatner! We Want Shatner!

Chant it, everyone, lol! If anyone checks this site out they won’t miss it.
First of all, Kirk is the captain of the Enterprise! What’s Star Trek without Shatner?? It’s not right….it’s just not right. As much as I love Spock, I still believe it’s more logical (*smirks*) to have Shatner, but leave out Nimoy. BUT, I’m not trying to oust Nimoy. I love the guy. But I love Shatner too, and he deserves some credit. I don’t care how pathetic the scene is…I want him in!!!
Just as Star Trek wouldn’t be Star Trek without phasers and technobabble, there’s no Star Trek without our best actor. ^_^ We love you Shatner. Good luck, Shat and Nimoy!!

6. Tim Handrahan - August 13, 2007

I keep hoping that Shatner can convince Nimoy to appear on Boston Legal. If they can’t (sigh) appear together in Star Trek, this is the next best thing.

7. Tim Handrahan - August 13, 2007

But I also have given up hope that they will both be in the film!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8. Tim Handrahan - August 13, 2007

Make that have NOT given up hope that they will both be in the film!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9. William Shatner says He’s Waiting for a Phone Call from JJ Abrams | /Film - August 13, 2007

[…] Trek Movie Report shares this funny exchange between Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner at VegasCon 2007. As you probably already know, Nimoy has signed on to star as an older Spock in the upcoming JJ Abrams Star Trek revamp. Shatner has not officially been asked to be in the film. Nimoy’s solo question and answer session was coming to a close, and Shatner took the stage to take the metaphoric torch. […]

10. Greg2600 - August 13, 2007

he’s got mad cow! What a laugh I got out of reading this. Man forget about Star Trek the movie, these two guys need a reality show pronto. Hillarious stuff!

And boy Shatner is really using J.J. as a punchline now. Sheesh, forget about people on sites like this jabbing him, Shatner is doing it himself. Might have to stick Shat in that script (even if it’s Kirk’s grandma) just to quiet Bill.

PS: Lao3D, I agree 100%, but Nimoy would never do a starring role in a movie again. It’s too bad, although at least we have the wonderful Priceline commercials.

11. Thomas - August 13, 2007

I hope that Shatner is just kidding for his own sake. You’re not really doing yourself any favors calling your potential director a “stupid shit”.

12. steve623 - August 13, 2007

– And Shatner lamented “but they don’t need Captain Kirk.”

*I* need Captain Kirk.

13. StillKirok - August 13, 2007

This movie NEEDS Shatner as Captain Kirk. Mr. Orci, please get cracking on that computer. Mr. Abrams, please dial the man.

It sounds like they were hysterical. That’s the kind of chemistry they have. It would be nice to see it happen in the movie.

14. CmdrR. - August 13, 2007

Here’s the thing: I know we’re all being played like a cheap Aldeberron skin flute, but to what end? Are we being strung along until they start the next part of the promotion, or is Shatner really this hard to get on film? I just hope they don’t keep this guessing thing up much longer. Of course, at this point, I won’t believe that Shatner ISN’T in the movie until I watch it ten times and check for familiar silhouettes (a la Hitchcock.)

15. Viking - August 13, 2007

Thomas, The Shat isn’t stupid, either. I get a gut feeling that we may all be getting tossed a herring of a certain color, to divert us away from other sleight-of-hand.

That’s my hope, anyway. ;D

16. Timzshadow - August 13, 2007

Let me say it OUT LOUD…’Generations’ was Horrible. I prefer ST V to it. It would no bother me, or anyone else I’ve asked, if it were to be ‘DE-Canonized’. I am VERY excited about the New movie. BUT I still want Any and all the originals back too! I’m a TOS FREAK, tried and true. I want to see them in the new movie…PLEASE. I am begging.

17. Shatner_Fan_2000 - August 13, 2007

#12 steve623 … I second that!

18. Ro-Dan - August 13, 2007

I still have faith that Shatner will appear in the film. From the San Diego Comic Con it sounded like Abrams was trying to get a spot for him. Either way I’m sure the movie will be magnificent. I just think it’ll be even sweeter with Mr Shatner onboard.

19. Timzshadow - August 13, 2007

#18 I Agree. If Mr. Nimoy isn’t going to film his scenes til December, That would give Mr. Shatner time to go on a diet and get into fighting shape!! I know that he could do it!!

20. Robert April - August 13, 2007

Shatner and Nimoy are unbeatable together. Teamed up with J.J and company they would be UNTOUCHABLE!

21. Etha Williams - August 13, 2007

That dialog just made my day. I hope “Timmy” makes it into the movie.

22. Xai - August 13, 2007

I see other posts encouraging JJ and Co. to “put him in it”. It could be that Shatner is holding out, waiting for a better deal. Perhaps someone should get on and plead for him to take the deal… hmm?
JJ DID say they wanted him..

23. Timzshadow - August 13, 2007

I really want to have a GREAT story where Timmy and Jimmy can be involved. Scenes with Action and Dialog for them!! BOTH ..Not those ..”remember the time when those flying things stuck to your back Timmy..”

24. Chuck Amuck a.k.a. Shran - August 13, 2007

I’ve been hoping to see Nimoy on Boston Legal for a long time. That would be just absolutely awesome. I’ve always imagined Nimoy coming on, playing an old rival of Denny Crane. That would just be great. Rene Auberjonois was a star on the show and it had many other Trek stars guest starring (Armin Shimerman, Jeri Ryan, Ethan Phillips, Michelle Forbes), but having Nimoy appear would be the greatest thing ever.

For the record, if anyone’s interested, you can find a complete list of all Trek performers who have appeared on Boston Legal at the link below. Enjoy. ;)

25. Robert April - August 13, 2007


Great Idea Xai! And I cannot think of a better person then YOU to post the message. Let us know how if you get a reply!


26. Mr. Mike - August 13, 2007

“And I remind you that you died in Star Trek VII, but I was not in it. And if I had been in it I would not have allowed you to die. ” – Nimoy

Anyone else starting to interpret this as a possible hint as to how they are thinking about working Shatner into the movie? He has brought this point up a few times now, makes me wonder.

27. DavidJ - August 13, 2007

“The movie opens on a very interesting planet, on a strange planet, and the music is going, and three people come walking out of the mist…”

I don’t know if Nimoy was just joking around about that, but I gotta say it was a pretty damn cool concept for an opening scene! It would make for SUCH a great image to start the movie, to see these legendary figures of Kirk, Spock and McCoy striding out of the fog on an alien world, with giant alien moons hanging overhead….

And hell, if that’s not the opening scene, maybe the writers should consider it as one (hint hint).

28. trektacular - August 13, 2007

I agree these guys need to be in another movie together if Trek ’08 doesn’t work out, maybe someone could get them to appear in a low budget quality film together

29. Kobayashi Maru - August 13, 2007

I was saying this weeks ago, and I still maintain that the current draft of the script probably has addressed the return of “older Kirk”, but it doesn’t appeal to Shatner’s idea of what he should represent in the story.
People, trust me when I say that phrases like “there was no role for me to play” is back channel code for the producers to make the role more palatable to be worth Shatner’s time.
Remember the reasons why Nimoy and Kelly passed on “Generations”, all the writer’s did was change the names in the script to SCOTTY and CHEKOV!
If Shatner is destined to return, it’s probably because he wants to be indispensable to the story.
Otherwise, I don’t think he would be having as much fun about not being in the movie.

30. Xai - August 13, 2007

#25 Robert April
Then you’ll be waiting awhile. I’ve consistently said I am going to the film either way, Shat or no. But I’m not going to chant or turn every one of my posts into a demand, plea, or negotiation for his return.
I only want to point out that in my opinion the hold up may NOT be on the production company’s side of the table.
You seem to have a greater stake in this…. enjoy his site.


31. Robert April - August 13, 2007


LOL, Xai, I understand-I was just teasing you a little, that is why I added the wink at the end of the post!

32. Xai - August 13, 2007

#31 Robert April
Sorry bud, didn’t see it. My eyes are fading. speaking of….

ANTHONY! please? May we have black type? The gray looks cool but harder’n’hell to read for the “middle-aged, been Trekking for 40 years” set

33. Robert April - August 13, 2007


[a 40-something Robert April looks around for his glasses…]

34. Anthony Pascale - August 13, 2007

if Leonard Nimoy can read it….then so should you.

but I will look into it….I will put it on ‘the list’

35. Robert April - August 13, 2007



36. VOODOO - August 13, 2007

I am thrilled one of my boyhood hero’s (Leonard Nimoy) is coming back.

For the project to feel complete (in my mind at least) William Shatner needs to be there as Kirk.

Kirk was given such a poor ending. This may be the one chance anyone has to change it.

Nimoy + Shatner would make this film into a huge even.

37. Shatner_Fan_2000 - August 13, 2007

24. Chuck Amuck a.k.a. Shran … Don’t forget that Lou Antonio – Lokai in “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield” – is also a director on Boston Legal!

Yes, I too wish Nimoy would appear in the show. After all, he IS a Bostonian!

38. Jeffrey S. Nelson - August 13, 2007

It would be logical to have Shatner in the film as Kirk.
I like somebody’s post that said all it takes is a simple reference about Spock and Kirk chuckling about Kirk’s cheating death yet again.

39. Kevin - August 13, 2007




…oh I was a little distracted there. These two are great together.

I can’t wait until the powers that be actually start releasing some more information on this movie. So far they’re doing a great job of just wetting the appetite enough to cause a great deal of buzz and interest. Let the rumors fly and give us just enough information here and there to keep us interested. Brilliant!

40. Daren Doc - August 13, 2007

I’ve always thought that Shatner and Nimoy ought to go out and do a revival of “The Odd Couple” on stage… It would be pure magic… but who would be Felix and who would be Oscar? hmmmm….

Maybe they could switch roles every week…

It would be glorious.

41. Sleeper Agent X - August 13, 2007

Speaking about Spock’s first name, I remember reading years ago about Jane Wyatt (Amanda) appearing at a convention and revealing Spock’s first name to be something like “Harold” or something like that.

Anyone here have a better recollection of that?

42. Greg2600 - August 13, 2007

Xai, I post here and there on The webmaster (Paul) replied to what I and others wrote a few weeks back, when this all broke, and he was pretty firm that Shatner is simply not in the script (at that time). So I would say that Shatner is not holding out, although he could well turn down whatever they might offer him.

I also think he might want to tone down the fraternity humor a little bit.

43. steve623 - August 13, 2007

“I’ve always thought that Shatner and Nimoy ought to go out and do a revival of “The Odd Couple” on stage… It would be pure magic… but who would be Felix and who would be Oscar? hmmmm….”

Shatner as Felix, Nimoy as Oscar … I can see it now …

44. David - August 13, 2007

I could see Nimoy and Shatner in a re-make of “The Odd Couple”.

45. Bob Colorado - August 13, 2007

How about a Remake of ‘Gilligans Isalnd’ Shatner as ‘The Skipper’ and Nimoy as ‘Gilligan’…

46. Thomas Jensen - August 13, 2007

It’s funny. I really respect these gentlemen as actors. But I’ve never been interested in anything they’ve done except for Star Trek. I think, for my money, both of them work together better then, well, let just say, many other trek actors. There’s a chemistry between them that doesn’t evade the notice of the audiences. Even in a convention setting both of them are on top of their respective games. They certainly interact in person and on camera with an infectious chemistry which is always enjoyable.

I believe in Sacramento in 1991 they were together on stage for the first time. I remember the crowd was very excited and they certainly delivered. Seeing them in person, on stage, together was quite special. And they quite probably joked about making another movie in one way or another.

But that never happened. And now 17 years later, it could happen again.

I hope it does.

47. Robert April - August 13, 2007


Forget a remake of The Odd Couple with Shatner and Nimoy. What we need is a reboot with NEW, YOUNGER actors!

48. Bob Colorado - August 13, 2007

Shatner as ‘Lucy’ and Nimoy as Ethel….

49. ZtoA - August 13, 2007

I’m willing to bet that Shatner shows up in the movie as some instructor or admiral or maybe as a space ferring luny that holds the answer to the entire plot of the movie (kinda like K-Pax)

50. steve623 - August 13, 2007

#47 – bravo

51. Robert April - August 13, 2007

We can start a Neil Simon letter writing campaign!

52. redstatesrule - August 13, 2007

I DO love the odd couple.

53. Bob Colorado - August 13, 2007

…..with Nichelle Nichols and George Takei as ‘the Pidgeon Sisters’!!

54. Harry Ballz - August 13, 2007

Wouldn’t it be wild if the movie comes out with no word of Shatner being in it (I know, good luck with that!), then have him “pop up” right at the climax/end of the flick? Film his few scenes in secret and have some twist in the plot that is integral to the story, makes good common sense for any new audience members, while effectively “stunning” the original fans! Whoa! Tingle moment on line one!

55. Harry Ballz - August 13, 2007

#48 “Shatner as Lucy and Nimoy as Ethel…”
Hey, what the…..who let this guy in? Anybody who comes up with THAT must have one wheel in the sand!

56. Stanky McFibberich - August 13, 2007

If these scriptwriters are as great as a number of people have claimed, they should be able to find a creative way for Mr. Shatner to appear.
With all due respect to Mr. Xai, I am not of the opinion that Mr. Shatner is playing hardball over salary.
In a way, I wish they would both stay out of it, but that is not going to be the case.
It only makes sense to me that if Mr. Nimoy is appearing in the movie to have Mr. Shatner as well.
I don’t have any ideas for how it could be done, but then, I’m not getting paid to. If I were getting paid for it, I would work dang hard to figure it out.
At this point, I have resigned myself to the fact that “new” people will be playing the classic characters. My main concern is that it should look and feel like the real deal.
And I hope the new Chekov wears a really red shirt. :)

57. Josh T. ( The undiscovered cowpie) Kirk Esquire' - August 13, 2007

You know,

During all of this Shatner is in/not in hoopla, I often wonder if anyone has actually considered this-

Unlike ‘ Generations’ in which a role was written for Spock, to which Nimoy subsequently declined citing lack of substance, no role has evidently been written for Shatner at ALL, this is especially damning and discourteous given Shatner TRULY wishes to be in the film, and has not been provided with a role to infact even have the oppurtunity to deny.

I sense a backlash on the horizon already.

You have THE main character truly wanting to participate in the film, and his wishes are not being accomodated as of now, if this pans out and Shatner is truly NOT in the film in any way, shape, or form, isn’t that seriously going to be a slap in the face to Shatner and the character of Kirk?
I mean really now, the man is clearly chomping at the bit. Is it truly THAT hard to somehow fit him in, even as a cameo?
I personally think citing “canon violation” since he is dead, is beginning to sound like a crock of bullshit and lame excuse. When has Star Trek EVER rigidly adhered to “canon?”

My sincere advice to Mr Orci, and I hope you read this is,

Treat this film as though Generations had never happened, and write Kirks scenes as you would if he had not “died”, to hell with that aspect of Berman continuity. Treat it as though Kirk had enevr died and pair him with Spock in whatever aspect you have Spock playing in this film.

Shatner wants it.
Nimoy wants it.
The fans want it.
Abrams seems to want it.

My God men, simply do it. I promise you, I will NOT accuse you of canon violation for putting the man in there. This film NEEDS Shatners presence if it has elder Spock, otherwise there runs the risk of a serious void being felt throughout the film.

I LOVE Nimoy and Spock, but remember Unification. Without some foil, or something to play off of, specifically Kirk/Shatner, Spock is simply not as interesting of a character.

58. Stanky McFibberich - August 13, 2007

re: 47. Robert April
Mr. April, I just watched a second season “Have Gun Will Travel” Episode, “Return of Roy Carter” penned by Mr. Roddenberry in which the character “Robert April” makes a return appearance. FYI

59. Josh T. ( The undiscovered cowpie) Kirk Esquire' - August 13, 2007


It is Spocks dynamic with Kirk that the character truly shines. Look at all of the moments throughout the films.

Kirk/Spock in Spocks quarters in TWOK
Kirk/Spock death scene
A whole film about Kirk rescuing Spock
The interplay between Spock and Kirk throughout TVH
Spock rescuing Kirk in VI

Spock in manys ways is DEFINED by his association and affiliation with Kirk.

You simply CANT have a Spock-centric narrative without some impact by Kirk.

60. THX-1138 - August 13, 2007

I was just joking with that Timmy thing. Maybe if they do decide to have Shatner and Nimoy work together, I could write the material.

Seriously, though, it kind of blows my mind to see that it made it into the conversation on a humorous level while the two of them are talking. I am a self avowed, all the way to the core, dyed in the wool, Star Trek geek. And I wrote something off the cuff that Nimoy found funny. It’s just kind of oddly cool. God I sound stupid. I think I have to go tape my glasses back together now. Anyone see my pocket protector?

61. Josh T. ( The undiscovered cowpie) Kirk Esquire' - August 13, 2007

Additionally, those that cite Generations as Kirk being in a film without Spock,

PRECISELY, and look at the results.

Kirk doesn’t function as well either without the influence and impact of Spock. These characters are intertwined to the point that they are two halves of one character. They counter and balance each other.

It is LOGICAL to have elder Shatner in this film if you have elder Spock.

62. Timzshadow - August 13, 2007

#57 BRAVO!! I So Agree….Hopfully the Powers will see that and at least think about it…Good for you!!

63. Harry Ballz - August 13, 2007

# 60 THX-1138 “I was just joking”
I know exactly how you feel! I crack a joke about Spock’s ears drooping like an elderly Yoda and a week later it’s comic fodder for Leonard Nimoy at a Trek convention! Surreal and then some, man!!

64. Sean - August 13, 2007


Why is that damning or discourteous? Shatner hasn’t been making all this fuss about being in the movie from the start, it was only after the script (or at least the story) was apparently written that he suddenly was so anxious to be in it. If Orci, Abrams & Co wrote a story about Spock, isn’t that their perrogative? Why should they have to go back and rewrite everything to be about Kirk? Or stick him in just because some feel it’s necessary? Maybe the story they’ve written doesn’t really work with an older Kirk appearing. Maybe it has to do with Spock dealing with mortality and reflecting on Kirk’s death. Maybe having Shatner inolved would somehow undercut Nimoy. We don’t know. Why assume they’re somehow giving Shatner the shaft?

65. AJ - August 13, 2007

All: I just think that whether Nimoy or Shatner appear in this film is a ‘nod’ to history, but is absolutely meaningless to Paramount. This ‘reboot’ is meant to make Trek a profit center for them again. The core demographic is 18-35 year-olds, most of whom do not know these actors. Perhaps I am being cynical, but the added value of Shatner to the franchise’s future is zero. Maybe they can do a scene like they did in Airplane II, where Shatner views the Enterprise with surprise through a periscope.

Also, the idea of Trek XI even referencing ‘Generations’ as someone suggested (After Nimoy’s comment about what Spock would do) is frightening. Better to have them rescue Shinzon for a ride to the Briar Patch.

66. cd - August 13, 2007

I know it’s random and off topic but… Rainn Wilson as Dr. McCoy.

67. Josh T. ( The undiscovered cowpie) Kirk Esquire' - August 13, 2007


It’s damning and discourteous because there is an implication Shatner was being courted initially, otherwise why contact him at all? Then to only be told there is no role for you. It’s a slight.

It’s damning and discourteous because unlike Nimoy in Generations, Shatner evidently profoundly wants to be a part of this film since he references it at every available oppurtunity and seems genuinely discouragedhe isn’t in it.

It’s damning and discourteous because of the mans contribution to the franchise and significance in the overall Star Trek story.
Shatner is alive, capable, and relatively popular now, and they are making a film dealing with HIS character, featuring his colleague Nimoy, how else would YOU characterize it?

68. Josh T. ( The undiscovered cowpie) Kirk Esquire' - August 13, 2007

Let’s think about this a moment.

You are doing a Star Trek film featuring the character of Spock, and featuring Nimoy in a perfunctory role as Spock.

You are also featuring the character of Captain Kirk, yet there is no role as of yet for Shatner, who claims he wants to participate.

Dead or not, doesn’t that strike you as a bit off? It sure as shit does me.

It’s beginning to come off as disrespectful. It isn’t THAT hard to include him. Simply write him in. To hell with him being dead, this may be the last oppurtunity to include the original Captain Kirk in a film featuring the character of…..Captain Kirk.

69. Sean - August 13, 2007

#67 & 68


You make the assumption that Nimoy’s role is ‘perfunctory’. Nothing indicates that, and in fact, based on Nimoy’s own comments (as well as others involved) I’d say the role is far more than a perfunctory one. Now, writing Shatner in just to have him there to look at the camera and wink when a script is already written that doesn’t include him would be perfunctory and is exactly the kind of thing Nimoy avoided in ‘Generations’.

Also, your entire ‘Generations’ comparison doesn’t fly with me at all. It wasn’t like Nimoy’s role in that movie was critical. For goodness sake, they just tossed his lines to Jimmy Doohan with barely an edit!

There’s nothing in evidence that says these guys were courting Shatner and then decided to slight him. They consulted with Nimoy & Shatner, which is to be expected given they’re trying to recreate their characters. I haven’t even seen anything from Shatner that says he thinks he was duped. Just that he’d like to be involved, period. The script they have right now apparently does not involve older Kirk, and frankly if it’s as good as Nimoy says it is, I’d rather they not mess with it just to include Shatner so he can look at the camera and wink. Ya know?

70. Jeffrey S. Nelson - August 13, 2007

What was that line…was it McCoy who said, in Trek IV to Spock: “Aren’t you dead?” What a hoot that would be if Spock said that to Shatner’s Kirk.
And I hope Nimoy plays Spock as less old than he did in the “Unification” two parter on NG, including less gray hair. NImoy is vibrant…so should
Spock be.

71. Jeffrey S. Nelson - August 13, 2007

Yes, I don’t have retnax five or whatever it was…and would appreciate black type rather than gray.
The new Trek magainze’s print is way too small, by the way.

72. Drone - August 13, 2007

Not trusting my memory I just bought the Directors Edition of “Generations” so as to watch it and be certain of my facts. Up until now I had refused to spend my money on this film because of my disgust/disappointment with the meaningless death of Cpt. Kirk. Now I know that Kirk was SUPPOSED to have died near the end of the movie where after a brief exchange with Picard he mutters “Oh My!” and then he dies. But consider this:

No one in the film ever mentions Kirk or his “death” again after that point.

The only evidence that Kirk is actually dead is a pile of rocks that Picard places Kirks rank insignia pin on. We simply assume that there is a body under that pile of rocks.

Is it not possible that Kirk survived the fall on the catwalk?

Is it not possible that when Kirk muttered “Oh My!” he may have thought he was dying but was actually just lapsing into unconciousness?

Is it not possible that among all those crates and containers that were piled up around the area where the trilithium rocket launch pad was located there were some medical supplies?

Is it not possible that the shuttle that rescued Picard also rescued the injured Kirk? Further could that shuttle not have taken Kirk directly to Dr. Crusher who keeps the injured Kirk alive until the USS Bozeman arrives on scene? (I assume the Bozeman was the first to arrive at Veridian III since earlier in the film it is established that the Bozeman is already in that sector.)

Is it not likely that Starfleet would have pulled out all the stops to save the injured Kirks life once they learn that one of their most legendary officers has been retrieved from the Nexus?

Is it not possible that once he finally recovers from his injuries that Kirks experiences in the Nexus have led him make one final request of Starfleet Command – that they allow him to “remain dead” as he was officially thought to be for the last 78 years? In that way he can live quietly and do some of the things that he never made the time to do earlier in his life when he was consumed with command of a starship.

I simply point these things out so as to show that it is possible to have Kirk alive and well with Spock at a later time without violating “canon” any more than some of the other Trek movies have done. It’s not hard to bring Kirk back if there is a compelling reason to do so in the new film. It just takes some imagination.

As for my own personal preference – that is simple. Bring back Kirk.

73. JustBob - August 13, 2007

RE: 3. Lao3D – August 13, 2007

“These guys need to be on stage or film together more often. They play off each other like a well-oiled comedy team. I’ve seen them do their schtick a couple of times, very similar to what’s related above, and they’re a hoot every time. They could seriously do a top-drawer Matthau/Lemmon type comedy that would bring the roof down.

Somebody please write these guys a funny movie!!”

By gosh you have hit the proverbial nail-head with a slam! Nimoy and Shatner appearing in an “Odd Couple” remake, perfect.

Lao, we have a script to write. Get to it!

74. Etha Williams - August 13, 2007

The issue isn’t merely that Kirk is dead. I agree, there are plenty of ways to get around that — plenty of good ways, in fact. But you can’t just cram in a character if he doesn’t belong in the storyline. It’s a disservice to the character and to the story, and I wouldn’t want to see that happen to Kirk or to the new movie.

75. DJT - August 14, 2007


You hit the nail on the head.


76. Josh T. (The Undiscovered cowpie ) Kirk Esquire' - August 14, 2007


Your memory fails you.

Consider the many and varied qoutes over the past year –

“Leonard and I , Spock and Kirk , framing device ” etc etc.

Shatner was under the assumption he was going to be a part of the film from stage 1. He was evidently engaged to the extent by the producers enough to assume he was going to contribute.

The “Generations” analogy is entirely accurate as Kirks role in Generations was nothing more than a glorified cameo anyway, the story certainly didn’t focus on him. His was a perfunctory, superficial role just as Nimoys role in this film is perfunctory in the sense he isn’t the thrust of the film but rather the new crew. The same with Generations.

As I said, it isn’t hard or rocket science to include Shatner in the film.
Whatever mechanism is being used to include elder Spock can easily be altered to include elder Kirk. Simply don’t acknowledge Generations, and for those that care enough to question why and how he is in the film, have a companion book or graphic novel explain THAT aspect of the story.

77. Josh T. (The Undiscovered cowpie ) Kirk Esquire' - August 14, 2007

One final note,

The general assumption among most fans has always been in order for elder Kirk to appear in this new film , his death in Generations must be addressed and corrected.

I don’t believe that is the case, as that approach simply mires and bogs down the plot and thrust of the film.

Star Wars as an example, is a classic case of beginning a story with the events already in progress, effectively inserting you in the midst of the adventure while elaborating what has transpired before in the opening crawl.
I’m not advocating this approach for Trek, but rather I cite that example to suggest that in sci-fi, death is hardly permanent and there are a multitude of ways around the fact the fictional character of Kirk died.

Lastly, beyond all of the whys and why nots, hows and how nots, put simply, it just makes good ole business sense to throw Shatner in the mix.

78. Jan - August 14, 2007

Yeah, that’s true.

Why does anybody wants to have Shatner in this movie at any price? I want to have a good movie with an exciting story and for this it is not essential to have Shatner in it!

79. trektacular - August 14, 2007

‘makes good ole business sense to throw Shatner in the mix’
which is why I’m applauding Abrams, instead of business he’s just doing whats right for the movie!

80. TomBot2007 - August 14, 2007

I’m sorry but this whole circus smells of a PR Dog & Pony show.. the more there is of it, the more I suspect it’s a put on. Ugh, I hope this comes to point where we can get actually excited over the actual movie rather than this hoopla.

81. Fireoftime - August 14, 2007

Here’s how you get Kirk and Picard in the new movie.

A. Before Kirk died he transferred his Katra into Picard (having learned how from Spock, of course).

B. The Romulans, rascals that they are, cloned all the Federation captains along with Kirk, but kept the Kirk clone in cold storage for a rainy day.

C. Spock, with assistance from Picard, steals the Enterprise, invades Romulan Space, steals the Kirk Clone, and bam, presto, puts Kirk’s Katra into the clone body.

After this, Kirk, Spock and Picard (along with a picture of Bones) set around a camp fire in Yosemite swapping stories about the good ol days……..enter the younger years half of the film.

82. Chuck Amuck a.k.a. Shran - August 14, 2007

I still think Shatner has been signed on all this time and they’re just waiting until they have the young Kirk cast so they can announce them both at the same time. This is what they did for Nimoy and Quinto. I certainly would not put it past Abrams and the actors to do something that sneaky, though, I’ll admit, having such a secret without getting it leaked as a rumor somewhere is an oddity. But it’s just a theory I have. Could prove right, probably won’t, but we’ll see.

83. John CT - August 14, 2007

Let it rest guys. Kirk is dead. He’s gone.

Deal with it.

84. jon1701 - August 14, 2007

From the sound of things, it simply doesnt need Kirk to tell this story.

That, and the fact that he died. He’s buried under some rocks somewhere up some mountain. Unless its a movie about how they bring Kirk back to life, I just cannot understand how they can put him into the movie. There isnt time to tell this story.

The only way to do it, is just to fudge it – to have Shatner and Nimoy playing K&S without any mention of how they got there. No “arent you dead?” stuff. Just have them rummaging through Spocks attic and looking at the old academy photos.

“Hey, Jim! – remember this?”

Cue blurry visuals and nostalgic (yet stirring) flashback music…

85. Cervantes - August 14, 2007

To all the doubters…

Actually, a role for the still very much alive, and living life to the full, William Shatner playing Kirk ( not nessesarily in the ranck of Captain any more… )can be very easily be written into any script that the writers come up with, now that we know Leonard Nimoy is reprising his famous character of Spock in this Movie… It’s high concept…anything can be made to happen… I’ll give an example shortly…

86. CanuckLou - August 14, 2007

Would I like Shatner in the movie? Sure but not at the expense of a good story.

Face it, Shatner painted Kirk into a corner by accepting that the character would have to die as a condition for appearing in Generations. He wasted a good character as Nimoy has stated.

Shatner got his extra ST movie in.

Now its Nimoy’s turn.

87. Chris M - August 14, 2007

I was dissapointed when Nimoy wasn’t in Star Trek Generations and now it looks like Nimoy will be in the new Star Trek movie without Shatner. The writers should have made a better effort to write a decent part for Spock in that film. It’s been 16 years since Shatner and Nimoy have appeared on screen together as Kirk and Spock. It would fantastic for Shatner and Nimoy to farewell Star Trek together in this movie. Personally I think that if they can make it happen this will go down as one of the most loved and remembered movies of the Franchise!

88. Cervantes - August 14, 2007

Just to clarify… If the will is REALLY there on the part of J.J. and his writers…they will most certainly be able to incorporate an “older” William Shatner playing the character of Kirk at some point in this movie…even if it is just a little scene with Leonard Nimoy either at the beginning of this Movie, or at the end of this Movie, or both…WITHOUT upsetting the actual storyline and script they have come up with in any way…if they want to. The ONLY way it can’t work, is if they have already written their script and storyline to actually CONFIRM the event of Kirk’s death…and I’d be surprised it they “reference” Kirk’s ‘supposed’ death in any way, as that would surely be a big downer in the Movie… So there still remains possibilities…if all involved, including both actors, wish it…by the emphasis I think is on J.J. and his writers…just don’t believe in any way, that the writers couldn’t come up with a fitting and respectful scene with an alive, but older Kirk, in a scene with, or without an older Spock…either briefly explaining…or merely alluding to…the fact that he is still around…

Orbitalic…been busy again recently, but I’ve nearly finished my properly-done ‘intro.’ with exposition, enhancements, and idea of where it would be going…and I’m VERY happy with it now. I hope you will re-read it, as there are a lot of changes, and few surprises… I will do my best to get it up by the end of the week for you… :)

89. Fireoftime - August 14, 2007

83. John CT – August 14, 2007

“Let it rest guys. Kirk is dead. He’s gone.”

“Deal with it.”

Spock was dead too.

Actually my 81 post was a joke. The point is, this is fantasy/science fiction so anything is possible.

If they want to bring Kirk back, he’ll be back.

90. Demode - August 14, 2007

They should call the young Spock “Timmy” in the new movie at least once…lol… Have some crewman or cadet who doesn’t like the young Spock call him Timmy behind his back to a group of his peers (of course, with his super-hearing, Spock would hear the insult.)

91. Cervantes - August 14, 2007

As always, please excuse my above rushly typed ‘typos’…I hate ’em too… ;)

92. Demode - August 14, 2007

# 72

“The only evidence that Kirk is actually dead is a pile of rocks that Picard places Kirks rank insignia pin on. We simply assume that there is a body under that pile of rocks.”

“Is it not possible that Kirk survived the fall on the catwalk?”

“Is it not possible that when Kirk muttered “Oh My!” he may have thought he was dying but was actually just lapsing into unconciousness?”

No… the rocks and the pin make it clear that Kirk has died. No way Picard would go up there and start laying rocks down while Kirk is alive and hurt below.

……….. Of course, if they gave us a new director’s cut and simply cut the scene of the rocks (a very small scene) you might be able to pull the “Kirk didn’t die” off. Also, cut right after Kirk says “least I could do for the Captain of the Enterprise” (no “Oh my” left in the film), and go right to the scene of the shuttle landing. Add new music to give it a positive vibe.

I think you would have to add a scene or two though of Kirk getting placed on the shuttle (this could be done with “doubles” from a far), and one close up of Kirk saying something to Picard to make it clear to the audience that he lived but is injured (just de-age Shatner with CGI for that one scene) Picard wouldn’t even really have to be in that scene; just film a stand in actor from the shoulder down as Shatner speaks and is placed on the ship.

Man… just think how well a director’s cut of that version of Generations would sell!!! :)

93. Cervantes - August 14, 2007

#92 Demode

There are always possibilities… but this new Movie STILL DOESN’T have to give ANY explanations of Kirk’s being still around…as the mysterious world of Star Trek has many plausible outcomes if written that way…after all, stranger things have happened in the Star Trek universe of sci-fi fantasy… ;)

94. Andy Patterson - August 14, 2007

Just seeing Shatner and Nimoy’s chemistry with each other on stage when they’re appearing at convention makes it so apparent what they would lend to a film appearance; how electric that would be. Seems like a no brainer to put Shat in.

And Daren, yes I can see them both playing the Odd Couple characters interchangeably but I see Shatner more in the Felix role.

95. New Horizon - August 14, 2007

What I loved about the Star Trek universe when I was growing up, was that it felt more like an extension of our own universe than it does now.

I really think how they handle a potential inclusion of Kirk could have a profound effect on the tone of this movie. No offense, but there is a LOT of fan wankery going on with all of this…”Kirk should still be around” talk. It wasn’t enough that we had Spock, McCoy and Scotty alive in the Next Gen time period…now we need Kirk there as well? It just stretches credibility very thin. People need to die and stay dead for once. lol Seriously.

If it’s done through a flashback, dream, or mental illness as someone else suggested, that’s fine, but leave Kirk dead.

96. josepepper - August 14, 2007

I love Shatner and I love Kirk but let’s get real here

The man is Old

The Man is Fat

The man is Dead

I don’t want some ridiculous plot sequence that shoe horn’s his butt into the movie. Let them make a great film without him. He was the center of attention in every original episode and all the films. There will be a new Kirk, give him some chance to shine.

97. Jon - August 14, 2007

The writers have bandied about this ‘re imagining’ term. Let’s just reimagine that Generations never happened. What’s the big deal? Using that as an excuse seems to make quite a statement that this isn’t a re-imagining at all, just an Enterprise-esque updating of look and feel while trying to squeeze the story into the festering body of existing continuity. Here was me thinking we might have a fresh start….

98. AsFarAsLarry - August 14, 2007

#3 I think they should get together with Michael McKean and Christopher Guest and come up with a mocumentary about making a big budget sci-fi movie.

99. Stanky McFibberich - August 14, 2007

If Mr. Shatner is in the movie, I personally don’t need any explanation. I don’t think they need to waste any time explaining it. Unseen things can happen.

100. Kobayashi Maru - August 14, 2007

In essence, Spock already has the katra of Kirk.
Sarek melded with Kirk in STIII.
Sarek melded with Picard in TNG’s SAREK
Picard melded with Spock in TNG’s REUNIFICATION II
Lest we forget that both Kirk and Picard have “echos” in the Nexus Ribbon.
Contrived though it is, there does exist an internal logical thread.
Spock could even meld with Picard again for insight into the Nexus experience.
That is all so-called “canon”!

101. Lt. Green - August 14, 2007

I know I’m about to piss a lot of people off, and you just can’t imagine how broke up about it I am . . .

I, personally, have always found it very ironic that Kirk had such a strong dislike for the Klingons. Why, you ask? Because he was just like them. Surely anyone can see that one of Kirk’s most defining characteristics was that fire-in-the-belly that can’t be descirbed or contained. He was a very passionate character, and in several of the movies- Wrath of Khan, Undiscovered Country, and (gasp) Generations, Kirk expressed a certain disdain at the idea of growing old. He just didn’t want to go out that way. Just as his fire-in-the-belly was Klingon, so he also had a Klingon desire to die in glorious battle.

I know that I may be stretching the use of the word “glorious”, but he did save 230 million people. It was at least consistant with what the character of Kirk would have wanted for himself.

102. Andy Patterson - August 14, 2007

anky McFibberich – August 14, 2007
If Mr. Shatner is in the movie, I personally don’t need any explanation. I don’t think they need to waste any time explaining it. Unseen things can happen.

Hear. Here.

103. Lt. Green - August 14, 2007

OR . .

Where the hell is Q when you need him?

104. ZoomZoom - August 14, 2007

So Mr Orci, ARE you seriously working on a way to get Shatner in?
(I know you’re reading this ;) )

105. Cervantes - August 14, 2007

I am sure that any new actors will shine in this Movie, as long as it is well-written and directed. I have no doubt that Zachary Quinto will come out of this Movie well, even though Leonard Nimoy is back as older Spock in some capacity too… I also have no doubt that whatever hopefully well-chosen young actor that plays Kirk will shine too, EVEN THOUGH William Shatner was to be cast as an older Kirk also…so there is nothing wrong with hoping for the best of both worlds…

However, I fear it is all a moot point now, as it is seeming more and more that William Shatner as an older Kirk is not really being considered integral to this Movie’s storyline…whatever it may be…and I think this has more to do with J.J. and his writers, than I do the fact that William himself is being awkward about terms… But I could be wrong. Either way, it will be a missed opportunity I fear, to really capture that ‘TOS-era’ vibe

106. Dave - August 14, 2007

Here’s my plot

Star Trek XI: The Wrath of Kirk! –The comatose Kirk rises from his rock pile grave where he’s laid comatose for 15 years.. having been slowly healed by the overpass of the nexus. 15 years of being marooned on veridian 3 have driven him mad… and he escapes to deliver his wrath on the man that marooned him there: Jean Luke Picard! -Kirk blows up the Enterprise E says “ha Ha… the 24th century isn’t so tough” and sails off into the sunset.

Seriously, I want the Shat in the movie, but only if it makes sense to the plot, not some cheap “let’s get him in there fir the hell of it” device.

Give it time people… I’m pretty sure this is all PR

107. Crazy Water - August 14, 2007

I don’t really understand the problem with getting Kirk in the movie…its science fiction for God’s sake. You can do anything you want. Get him in the movie, nothing has to be explained past something like;

Spock: “Jim, aren’t you dead?”
Kirk: “Thats what they thought….I’ll tell you about it someday”

Get Kirk in the movie!

108. Dave - August 14, 2007

#100 Don’t forget, Spock Mind-Melded with Kirk directly in “The Paradise Syndrome” and the OK Corral Episode.

109. StillKirok - August 14, 2007

I’ve said it in other threads–give ten fans here the chance, and you can have ten ways to bring Kirk back post-Generations that do not violate canon.

HOW is NOT the hard part. I have full faith that Abrams, Orci and Kurtzman can write it in just fine. That’s probably the easiest part.

The hard part is getting Abrams to make the call and bring in Shatner. He said he wants it to happen.

If that’s true, then please make it happen.

110. Lt. Green - August 14, 2007

OR. . .

Maybe that little Crusher brat could drop in and prove himself useful for a change.

111. Crusade2267 - August 14, 2007

Shatner could do a voiceover in Spock’s mind. “He’s not really dead as long as we remember him” and stuff like that.

112. Ellie - August 14, 2007


Being an active member on, I’ve always mentioned that I wanted Shatner back in the movie, but most of the other people are getting very sick of me posting this all the time, and I’m not so sure Shatner even so much as GLANCES at the Forum much now, even though in earlier days, he HAS posted some things — but this was WAY BEFORE the stories of Star Trek XI even surfaced, and were unrelated to the movie. I’ve also tried emailing, but no one has gotten back to me.


I know that you love Shatner and Kirk but that is just plain mean. I’m sure he didn’t MEAN to be OLD, FAT, and DEAD. Well, maybe he HAS condemned Kirk in Generations but I’M still NOT saying that he’s a BAD actor.

I’d still LOVE to see him in Star Trek XI because this whole Kirk AND Spock thing only works if they are TOGETHER.

113. Lt. Green - August 14, 2007

OR. . .

Maybe every time they come up with a good idea, someone else independently comes up with the same idea, posts it on this website, and then J.J. has to say “Damn!” and pitch it in the trash for fear that whoever posted it will come out of the woodwork and sue him.

114. TJ Trek - August 14, 2007

To be honest I hadn’t thought about the fact that…hey, Kirk died. Kirk went the way of the Dodo bird. Granted, he went out in a flame of bad writing (I am not blaming Brannon, and Moore however, they did what they could with what they were forced to put into the script), so it would be a bit more difficult to have Old kirk (like old spock) in the movie. I am a little leery of having too much time travel thrown in to make it work, and my opinion is against it (Rick and Brannon have really done Time Travel to death). But if Shatner can honestly be put into the scrpt some how that would be cool. He knows the Kirk character well, and whether he’s a good actor or not, he play Kirk well. So it would be wonderfull to see Shatner as Kirk back on the big screen

115. star trackie - August 14, 2007

The death of Kirk in Generations means absolutely nothing to me and I don’t need or require any sort of “fix” to see Kirk in the new film. Being concerned about “canon” is a total waste of my time. If an elderly living Kirk can service the story at hand, so be it…I love Kirk, and I love Shatner, and if he is in it and he has some choice scenes with Spock, I’ll eat it up.
Having said that, If inserting him requires a lot of re-working of the script and comes off as stunt casting, then I don’t want to see it. If it makes the story better, make it happen. If it cheapens the story and comes off like a cheap gimmick, don’t do it. It’s that simple.

116. Kirk is Dead! Long Live the New Kirk! - August 14, 2007

I just read through this entire thread. This is how bad the BBK’ers have taken this place to: Whereas I used to be open to the idea of fitting Shatner in somewhere, now I actively hope he won’t be, under any circumstances whatsoever. I actually want to walk out of that cinema two or so years from now next to someone weeping because all this time s/he was holding out for Shatner, only to discover he’s not in it. It would serve the BBK’ers right for polluting this place with drivel.

117. StillKirok - August 14, 2007

#115, you’ll see the movie no matter what then. However, the death of Kirk does mean a lot to a lot of people.

The franchise is still in shambles. This is their shot to reinvigorate it, and bringing in Shatner as Kirk will dramatically help do just that. It’s not stunt casting to cast William Shatner as Captain Kirk. He MADE that character the legend it is.

#113, I’m sure that anything done in any Trek movie, someone else has thought of in some capacity. Barring any use of something so terribly specific that it has to be traced here, I highly doubt they have to trash every idea posted.

These guys know enough to know how to do this without worrying about anything.

118. Kobayashi Maru - August 14, 2007

Just veering off this tangent for a moment.
Since TAS has set a precedent with the “Spock in his prime” stepping through the temporal Guardian portal to save his juvenile counterpart in the episode “Yesteryear”, could we be on the verge of a callback to this, only with “older Spock” intervening with “prime Spock”?
I understand that there is much debate over the so-called “canon” value of animated episodes, but I challenge anyone to question of the validity of anything that was contributed by Dorothy Fontana.

119. Andy Patterson - August 14, 2007

star trackie – August 14, 2007
The death of Kirk in Generations means absolutely nothing to me and I don’t need or require any sort of “fix” to see Kirk in the new film.

If we want to get down to it….nothing in the Next Generation world has ever meant anything to me. It was just a show that used Jerry Goldsmith’s theme.

120. Lt. Green - August 14, 2007

StillKirok: “#113, I’m sure that anything done in any Trek movie, someone else has thought of in some capacity. Barring any use of something so terribly specific that it has to be traced here, I highly doubt they have to trash every idea posted.

These guys know enough to know how to do this without worrying about anything.”

I totally agree with you on that point. I suppose I failed to properly express my monumental sarcasm.

121. Kobayashi Maru - August 14, 2007

Thank you for reminding me of those episodes with the Kirk/Spock melds, I suppose was thinking about Spock’s access to Kirk at the edge of his temporal existence.
After all, for better or for worse, Picard was the last one to see him alive.

122. DavidJ - August 14, 2007

I’m really surprised people don’t see the potential in having ONLY Spock in the movie. It would be extremely touching and sad to see Spock as the “lone survivor” of the original crew– because face it, he would probably have outlived them all ANYWAY.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m curious as hell to see what THAT Spock would be like. We already know what the Spock and Kirk dynamic looks like. I want to see a Spock who’s a lost soul, who must cope with the death of his friends and who’s probably living out the last days of his life thinking fondly back to his days on the Enterprise. No matter how hard he tried to hide it, the sadness in his eyes would be unmistakable.

I think Nimoy could do an awful LOT with that idea, and I think there’s a lot more potential in that than simply having a few more jokes between Kirk and Spock.

But nope, you guys just want to continue to play it safe.

123. Greg2600 - August 14, 2007

86 – The decision to kill the character started with Berman, Braga, and Moore. The script and offer that initially went to Shatner was that Kirk dies. Shatner was already negotiating with Pocketbooks to write The Ashes of Eden. He was preparing his last goodbye to Star Trek, realizing that Rick Berman was eager to stick TOS, its characters, and its actors into the morgue. What changed was that Generations got many fans steamed, and Ashes of Eden was a large success. That prompted more Kirk novels, with The Return being a huge seller. Shatner also appeared as Kirk in Starfleet Academy, as did Koenig and Takei. Ever since Generations, Shatner has tried to come back as Kirk, but Rick Berman refused. In fact, after Generations, only Voyager’s Flashback episode has allowed an TOS cast member to return (Sulu/Takei), and that was 11 years ago.

116 – That is not the attitude of a true Star Trek fan.

124. Robert (BBK) April - August 14, 2007

#116 “It would serve the BBK’ers right for polluting this place with drivel.”

Way to put us in our place! ! !

I was secretly hoping someone would finally have the courage to stand up to our ridiculous nonsense regarding our hopes that Shatner would be in the new movie!

Well Done! ;)

58. Stanky McFibberich

I wish the IMDB had a way to cross reference character names. Then we could see how many times Trek names appeared in other TV shows. The Great Bird seemed to really latch on the Robert April character.

125. Robert April - August 14, 2007


Great post. It would be Nimoy’s finest hour as Spock, The drama would be intense and provide for a reason to flash back to the early days. If Shatner is NOT, in the end, a part of this film, then this is exactly the movie I would want to see.


I still want Shatner in the Movie.

126. dalek - August 14, 2007

NIMOY “What I am curious about where Spock is and has been in all these years.”

You know the writers of Generations threw Shatner in a bone to soften him up by having Kirk horse riding…

Maybe Spock’s been taking naughty photo’s of Vulcan women to throw Nimoy a bone (perhaps i should rephrase that last bit)???

127. Greg2600 - August 14, 2007

118 – I have thought all along that some sort of time travel would be needed to unit old and new Spock, but it seems they will have separate scenes along the same plot/subject. I had expected something very much like Yesteryear, where old Spock must go back and set events in motion or stop them. This results in the working together of young Spock and Kirk for the first time. As a result of their adventure, the future is changed, resulting in Kirk not having died in Generations (this is what could have been added in by the writers for Shatner). However, it seems they will have Spock recalling the first mission of the Enterprise with Kirk, which does make Shatner kind of pointless. This story line in general I am not a fan of. I would much rather have seen adventures prior to the Enterprise 5 year mission (perhaps a couple sequels later we see this). I know Mr. Nimoy is very high on this script, and it might well be great, but not truly what I preferred. Oh well.

122 – David, I have thought about what you say, and it is not what I want to see at all. TOS was about a family, a team, on a ship, working together. Not The Godfather II where Michael Corleone keels over at the end and dies. I would rather see Spock and Kirk, even in their old age, right in the thick of the action, instead of the way Sarek went out on TNG.

128. Andy Patterson - August 14, 2007

I’m not sure the expectation would be so great and the discussions so intense if they hadn’t teased us with the possibility of Shatner being in there to begin with. Am I mistaken or was that the case?

129. Andy Patterson - August 14, 2007

122 – David, I have thought about what you say, and it is not what I want to see at all. TOS was about a family, a team, on a ship, working together. Not The Godfather II where Michael Corleone keels over at the end and dies. I would rather see Spock and Kirk, even in their old age, right in the thick of the action, instead of the way Sarek went out on TNG.

I think you mean Godfather III. That’s where he Pacino hits the ground.

130. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - August 14, 2007

Jesus Christ 125 posts already and it’s not even lunchtime. Hmmmm lunchtime, what to eat???? I believe the Lord shall have sushi for lunch. Bon Apetite!!!

131. Andy Patterson - August 14, 2007

Schlotzky’s turkey original with jalapenos and lots of hot sauce.

132. RandyYeoman - August 14, 2007

All this ‘i want kirk’ stuff is really taking me back. Back to when I was a little girl and demanding ‘I want a pony’ to my parents. I really really wanted one…it seemed so very important and I just didnt understand why they didnt give me one. Now as a parent I know. My dad was thinking ‘where the hell am I going to put it, what am I going to do with all the cr*p, who willl take care of it, how much is this thing going to cost, does she really need it, etc’ In the end I got a dog I loved named buster and plenty of pony toys. I survived and still love my parents.

Most of us agree that it would be nice but many seem to think that Shatner comes at no cost. They probably have a budget now and a script. Putting him in means taking something else out of both. Plus what does it do to the script. Maybe it would be as awkward as a pony in a 2 bedroom small home with a tinny backyard. We dont know, so like Nimoy has said we have to have some faith here. It cannot be definitively said that having shatner in the movie is worth the cost since we dont know what that cost is, and those who think it is worthy any cost are just like I was back then.

But like me, you will hopefully get over it

133. DavidJ - August 14, 2007

Well obviously most fans want to see their childhood hero back on the big screen. But if you take the fan part of you out of the equation, from a pure STORYTELLING point of view I think there’s a LOT more drama and power in seeing Spock as this sad and lonely figure years after everyone else has died.

Where’s the drama and emotion in seeing Kirk and Spock kicking back in their chairs and reminiscing about the good old days?? It might appeal to the nostalgic part of you, but it’s a pretty weak storytelling device. Especially for a Star Trek movie. And even the resurrection idea has zero drama or suspense to it– because obviously Spock is going to find a way to bring Kirk back at the end of the movie.

I just think people here have completely lost perspective on what makes a good story.

134. DavidJ - August 14, 2007

Oh and I hardly picture Spock being on his “deathbed” ala’ Sarek. Maybe he’s on some kind of diplomatic mission, or visiting an Enterprise museum, when he starts flashing back to the past. There are a lot of possibilities.

135. Crusade2267 - August 14, 2007

You know, I think the problem is that Kirk is the only TOS charicter who is difinitively dead. Spock is on Romulus, Scotty is flying around in a shuttle somewhere, Sulu was still commanding the Excelsior when Chakotay applied to the academy, and there’s appearences by Chekov and Uhura in post-movie era novels. We don’t know if any of them bit it yet, but Kirk fell off a bridge and died. There’s something appealing about the idea that our heros are still out there, exploring strange new worlds and making a difference. I think the fans want to see Kirk back because of that.

That said, shoehorning Shatner in the movie without a good reason would be stupid. But perhaps he could do the “Space the final frontier” speech.

136. Crusade2267 - August 14, 2007

Oh, and McCoy is an Admiral who still hates beaming

137. DavidJ - August 14, 2007


Maybe, but I always envisioned the TOS crew going out in a big blaze of glory, with Kirk sacrificing the ship one last time to save the galaxy.

Either that or just leave it with the end of TUC, with them taking the ship out for one last cruise.

138. Dr. Image - August 14, 2007

To those who have never seen them, Shatner and Nimoy are hilarious together on stage. They should have a show together- NON Trek.
Anthony, your report really captures that. Hats off!

OK, here you go- the final solution:
Recreate Kirk as a holographic construct (ugh…I know) like Arnold Rimmer in Red Dwarf.
Bingo! He’s back!

139. Kobayashi Maru - August 14, 2007

I highly doubt that Nimoy would be so pro on a script that has older Spock wandering around the 24th century, reminiscing to bridge flashbacks.
There is more to this, and I believe it really challenges the idea of temporal linear paradigm.
Just look at what physicists are discovering since the last Star Trek film.
I hope there is more science fiction, and less the desire to bring in the quintessential “villain” ala Soran, with all due respect to the rumor regarding Russel Crowe.

140. cd - August 14, 2007

PLEASE no time travel.

141. StillKirok - August 14, 2007

#122–having Spock as the lone survivor of the original crew is downright depressing. That’s not optimistic, fun, or anything else. Exciting is the idea that Kirk returns to have another adventure with Spock, where when the dust settles, they ride off into the sunset, on to the next adventure. ST6 was a great ending, ruined by Generations. This movie can bring it back to where it should be–ending on a high note.

Then in future movies, there wouldn’t be a need for Shatner and/or Nimoy. The younger versions can take over.

But shoot, as of now, Kirk was thrown against a mountain with no funeral, no eulogy, where they made a bigger deal over Data finding a cat.

Shatner will bring in the money. And his chemistry with Nimoy is outstanding. The two play off each other brilliantly.

I really hope Abrams can come through.

142. ZoomZoom - August 14, 2007

Has anybody else noticed that Nimoy keeps saying ‘if i’d have been there he (Kirk) would not have died.
A clue in there perhaps?
something like #127 may happen yet maybe?!

143. ZoomZoom - August 14, 2007

# 141 good post. I agree completely.

144. DavidJ - August 14, 2007

#139 “I highly doubt that Nimoy would be so pro on a script that has older Spock wandering around the 24th century, reminiscing to bridge flashbacks.”

Well obviously he’s going to have SOME kind of proactive role in the story. Which is why I threw out the diplomatic idea. Maybe he’s involved in a tense standoff on some 24th century starship, trying to convince a stubborn and egomaniacal starship captain not to start a new war with the Romulans or Cardassians, I mean, how cool would it be to see another scene like the showdown between Spock and Decker in TDM? Or to see him throw the captain off the bridge and assume command one last time?

Obviously during all this he would be trying to think back to his days with Kirk for inspiration and guidance, and we’d get our flashbacks.

145. cd - August 14, 2007


146. Shatner_Fan_2000 - August 14, 2007

#125 Robert April … “Great post. It would be Nimoy’s finest hour as Spock, The drama would be intense and provide for a reason to flash back to the early days. If Shatner is NOT, in the end, a part of this film, then this is exactly the movie I would want to see.


I still want Shatner in the Movie.”

I agree, RA. DavidJ, I give you credit for a good idea, and at least providing a thoughtful explanation as to why you feel Shatner shouldn’t be in the film. Your answer is much more balanced and persuasive than those who just want to piss on the idea, saying he’s too old or fat or some other nonsense (someone even claimed he’s not a good enough actor).

But as #129 Andy Patterson said, “I would rather see Spock and Kirk, even in their old age, right in the thick of the action”. Me too! I want a joyful experience, not a bittersweet final appearance by a lonely old Spock.

I still am hopeful that the writers will pull this off. With this project, Star Trek seems to finally be coming full circle. A return to the TOS era for the first time since, well, TOS. And Nimoy as Spock. In order for it to feel fully complete for many of us, we need to see the original Kirk and Spock 1 more time. If even Nimoy feels that it’d be better with Shatner, as he has now said more than once, it should happen.

147. Pizza Hotdog - August 14, 2007

Let’s put Kirk’s ashes in a box, place them in V’ger and send them back to the Borg! The Borg get the ashes, create some type of living organism and we have a Kirk-Bot, 6 of 9!

The above scenario makes as much sense as bringing Kirk back alive. Kirk is dead. Nimoy has stated as much, Kirk died!! Let’s move on. Every time Shatner is quoted in some public forum, all the fanboys come out of the wood work.

To repeat what has been mentioned many times over, let JJ make his movie.

499 dtst

148. konar - August 14, 2007

#74 and #122 — here, here!

First, a great movie is about story and character — not actors or courtesy or wink-winks to fans.

Second, to those who keep saying Spock is nothing without Kirk — don’t forget that KIRK is in this movie… a young Kirk and a young Spock who hopefully will have a new-but-no-less interesting dynamic.

Third, since Vulcans live so much longer than humans, as #122 says, there is SUCH potential for both story and character to have an old Spock in some kind of crisis or conflict, with only the memories of his comrades long gone to guide and inform his actions.

Kirk exists without Shatner — that’s what the whole idea of going back to the beginning is about.

Whether or not Shatner is in it, I am really looking forward to seeing what they do with this. Personally, I’ve always felt the Spock character conflict to be the most interesting, three dimensional and important of the entire concept.

149. Robert April - August 14, 2007

132. RandyYeoman – August 14, 2007

You are never too old to get a pony!

150. Xai - August 14, 2007

Assumptions and Rumours
Has anyone here seen the script (other than Roberto and Mr.Nimoy)?
Until all the casting is announced, assuming Shatner is in or not in is jumping the gun.
Yes, I know the quotes of Nimoy and Shatner and JJ and all the rest, but please don’t assume anything.
Yes, I know that some of you dearly want Shatner in. I am not asking you to change your mind, just simply have some patience until more FACTS are known.


151. DavidJ - August 14, 2007

#146 “But as #129 Andy Patterson said, “I would rather see Spock and Kirk, even in their old age, right in the thick of the action”. Me too! I want a joyful experience, not a bittersweet final appearance by a lonely old Spock.”

I don’t know, the idea of a “Grumpy Old Men” of Star Trek just doesn’t appeal to me as much. These are essentially a couple of retirees we’d be watching run around here, and that’s NOT really the way I want to remember Kirk and Spock.

It frankly looked kind of ridiculous to see Shatner running around on the rocks in Generations trying to be an action hero again. The idea of him AND Nimoy doing that kind of thing just makes me cringe.

152. Robert April - August 14, 2007

147. Pizza Hotdog – August 14, 2007 “Every time Shatner is quoted in some public forum, all the fanboys come out of the wood work.”

Yes they do. And regular “non fan boy” fans as well.

153. Robert April - August 14, 2007

150. Xai – August 14, 2007. “just simply have some patience until more FACTS are known.”

What, and let all this great buzz die down??


(There, that wink should show up better!)

154. DavidJ - August 14, 2007

Thanks Konar, you said it so much better and more eloquently than I did!

I just think it would be MUCH more powerful to get one last look at Spock, years after everyone else has gone. It’s a story that would have to be told anyway. How many times are we going to keep resurrecting these characters in a vain attempt to hold onto the past? It’s starting to get kind of ridiculous.

155. Robert April - August 14, 2007


156. Robert April - August 14, 2007

Hmm, sometimes I wink and sometimes I just have to nod.

157. Robert April - August 14, 2007

OK, I just thought it out.

Have the old Spock tell the young Kirk to have Picard go to the Bridge to fight Soran. All problems solved!

158. Anthony Pascale - August 14, 2007

ok more replying to your own posts. This is spamming. Try and say what you have to say….do you really need to make one post a minute?

159. Shatner_Fan_2000 - August 14, 2007

Aw, DavidJ, just when I give you credit for being original, you go and jump on the “too old” bandwagon. :)

Simply put, neither man is yet too old. But this is likely the last chance for it to be done. No one is expecting to see Shatner do the flying dropkick again (though I think it is essential that young Kirk get involved in a knock down drag out, complete with ripped shirt, blood out the side of his mouth, the works!). But as commanding officers, as strategists, Shatner and Nimoy would be as believable as they always have been. If anything, their age gives them an edge in this regard.

And let us not forget that in Star Trek’s future, someone Kirk’s age (70’s) would probably still qualify as middle-aged!

160. konar - August 14, 2007

#151 — I can see it now… a “Kick the Can” (Twilight Zone) version of ST, with all the surviving original actors in the Starfleet Retirement Home…

People get old… actors pass on… but a story can be told foreever. It’s been fun and touching watching the original crew get older and wiser, watching their character relationships and the actors mature over the years… but it can happen all over again.

For me it all went out on the highest note possible at the end of STVI with the “hand signed” closing credits. It seemed very final and dignified, and was a truly beautiful way to acknowledge the contributions of the entire ensemble. It was a moment designed for the actors and the fans… and for me, nothing will top that — except for a brand new totally reenergized experience!

161. Jamie Calderwood - August 14, 2007

Why don’t they set the scenes with old Spock and Kirk before generations and the launch of the enterprise B. Then you have solved the problem of Kirk’s death.

162. DavidJ - August 14, 2007


Well you were the one who threw out the “back in the action” thing. I can understand wanting to see Kirk and Spock reunite and have some heartfelt, emotional scenes together….. but seeing them run around like a couple of action heroes is an entirely different matter. That’s Generations territory.

I would rather these characters be treated with a lot more dignity than that.

163. Jeffrey S. Nelson - August 14, 2007

McCoy asked Spock, “Aren’t you dead?” after the Kobyashi Maru test for the cadets in The Wrath of Khan…a foreshadowing of Spock’s death in that movie. If new movie has Shatner as Kirk, that would be a great line for Spock to throw at Kirk. Clarifying my earlier post.
Yes, Mr. Orci…are you writing a way to bring back Shatner as Kirk? How about an update? Or is the hold up that Shatner is asking for too much money? Perhaps there could be a lucrative tie-in deal with Jenny Craig for Shatner to lose pounds in time for filming. This would defray production costs. After all, Kirstie Alley did it.

164. Robert April - August 14, 2007

OK, I get it.

165. Etha Williams - August 14, 2007


I could have sworn it was “Aren’t you supposed to be dead?” Oh well, I’m rewatching TWOK tomorrow; I guess I’ll find out then.

166. Sean - August 14, 2007

#76 & 77

That’s still your interpretation. Shatner has still never stated he thought he was in the movie. And there’s been no statement from the production team that they ever mislead him or led him to believe he would be in it. Shatner has a tendency to make broad statements that should be taken with a grain of salt. I don’t see disrespect here, only possible miscommunication.

As for Kirk being included, I find myself siding with #122. That lays the groundwork for an interesting story. I don’t want ‘Yeteryear Redux’. No more time travel, please. No mirror universe. Just a good old adventure, perhaps with an undercurrent of Spock hitting the reality of mortality right in the face.

See, that’s what I always liked about Trek and what I thought made it something of a Shakespeare in Space and raised it above some of it’s contemporaries. Even though it was hopeful, it didn’t dodge reality and consequence. Not every mission ended happily. Characters didn’t always make the best decisions. Sometimes people died. Hell, Sarek’s sickness and death in TNG resulted in some of Trek’s finest hours. As did Spock’s death in TWOK. That same movie capitalized on Kirk’s own struggle with mortality. Sure, Kirk’s death in Generations might not have been exactly what I was hoping for, but I think to simply dismiss it or to create a ridiculous plot contrivance to undo it is cheap. You can’t just ressurect a character off screen and then add a marquee roll saying ‘Be sure to buy the Star Trek comic adaptation and find out how Kirk lives!’.

167. Syöppö - August 14, 2007

Why they just told that Kirk who died in ST7 was just clone of the real Kirk and he is ok and lives in the future :) or why they just put Shatner to sit Enteprise toilet room

Just i want to see Shattie on STXI

168. Etha Williams - August 14, 2007

#57 (and others who doubt Nimoy could pull it off without Shatner): Within TOS, Nimoy demonstrated several times that he could make Spock work without the direct Spock-Kirk interaction — for example, Galileo 7 & Tholian Web, both of which IMO were fine episodes.

#100 & #108: Unless I’m very much mistaken, simply mind-melding with someone doesn’t automatically transfer your katra to them. You have to do something more while you’re doing the meld.

#122: I think that would be great. I would love to see something that deals with the fact that Spock — who was very much alone for most of his life before Kirk & the Enterprise — deals with outliving many of his closest friends. Done right, I think it could be very moving without being gratuitously angst-ridden, and I think Nimoy could pull it off very well.

169. Terry B. - August 14, 2007

You people honestly need to get a life because you have no imaginations whatsoever. The very simple way to have Shatner as Kirk in a new movie is to have the event take place before he dies saving Enterprise 1701-B. Elder Kirk & Elder Spock could simply reminisce about the good old days of their early adventures together. I’m quite sure that the professional writers involved can come up with something a little more interesting than that, however.

170. Etha Williams - August 14, 2007

#169: If we have no imaginations and need to get a life, then why are you even bothering to dignify us by reading our comments and replying? Live your own life and let us live ours; we aren’t hurting you by having “no life” and “no imagination.”

171. Jamie Calderwood - August 14, 2007

#169 you stole my idea! I mentioned it in #161!

172. Nathan - August 14, 2007

I am far past caring whether Shatner is in the film or not…but I really hope they’ll announce it one way or the other soon. I’m excited about this movie, Shatner or not, and all these endless teases and hints are getting old (though to be fair, it hasn’t been the actual movie-makers doing the teasing).

And, of course, there’s the Shatner and Nimoy session to consider; great guys, whatever people say…

173. Demode - August 14, 2007

#169: That idea has been “imagined” a million times on I even mentioned it once. The problem with that though is that both Shatner and Nimoy have aged. Shatner looks older than he did when he filmed Generations, and Nimoy looks older than he did when he film Unification on TNG, which is set 72 years after Kirk died. So it wouldn’t work, unless they “de-age” themn like they did in X-Men 3. Even then, it looked kind of fake.

174. trektacular - August 15, 2007

I was very nostalgic for Shatner when Generations came out so I enjoyed his peformance better than Stewart at the time, now when I see the film Stewart blows him out of the water. Shatner is pure camp nothing more or less. Stewart seemed like he was aping him in Nemesis which is why I think that film ended up suffering so much. Another campy performance Trek doesn’t need, so I’m all for Nimoy acting alone in this.

175. Terry B. - August 15, 2007

Sorry, Jamie, I didn’t mean to steal your idea. But after all the hand- wringing over how they can bring back Shatner’s Kirk when he’s dead, I skipped over some of the comments to try to restore some order. As for Etha, a bit touchy aren’t we? I only meant “get a life” as a form of expression. What difference does it make if the actors have aged? Is anyone really going to make a side-by-side comparison somehow? Good grief! Comcast has done some fabulous commercials re-editing original scenes from movies with the aged actors doing the current commercial pitch. Shatner’s was one of the best.

176. Etha Williams - August 15, 2007

#175: Maybe I was being a bit touchy, and I probably should have at least rephrased my response. However, I do think it’s unfair to “skip over some of the comments” and then make the vast generalization that “you guys have no imaginations.”

177. Terry B. - August 15, 2007

Thanks for your reply, Etha, (interesting name, by the way) & perhaps I should have rephrased my initial response as well. I got rather annoyed that everyone seemed to be going off on a tangent with Kirk’s death when all I really needed to say was the “logical” conclusion is the film would take place before the Elder Kirk dies.

178. danny l - August 15, 2007

i think the fans are very obviously divided by this movie. there are some saying that shatner should return; nobody from the past should; no one should be recast etc etc

i for one think if its a good script then itll be good. abrams will get good actors , and i for one love seeing older actors reprising roles from the past. in fact, i will now feel something is missing after all this talk

this movie looks like the beginning of Star Trek: phase 3 so if it goes wrong itll be terribly… sad. the franchise is depending on it. from what ive heard so far it looks good and im remaining optimistic. imm gonna conmpare it with the revival of dr who – there are many changes, however old fans have embraced it, and there are many new young fans.

the fenterprise may look a bit diffferent .so will the uniforms, in fact, forget casting production design is what im intregued about!!!! though obviously i care. oh, and the story of course

sorry for going on


179. Etha Williams - August 15, 2007

#177 — I can see where you’re coming from…I for one tend to think that a pre-Generations Kirk isn’t going to happen just because in the interview, Nimoy sounded like (at least for the moment) the script is penned after Kirk’s death:

Leonard Nimoy: …After all, and Bill and I talked about this, the fact is his character did die in [Star Trek:] Generations. He said “ya but you died at the end of [Star Trek] II.” And I said “but I was resurrected…that is the difference between you and I.” [laughs]… You have said that you are playing the original and now older Spock and you are saying that Kirk cannot be in the film because he died in Generations. The implication here is that you are playing Spock in a future time period after Generations right?

Leonard Nimoy: You are digging for story points [laughs] you are doing a very good job of it but I am not going to comment any further.


Anyway, that’s why I don’t see things unfolding that way, but there’s always the chance that I’m reading too much into that interview.

((As for the name, it was more common (although still fairly rare) in the late 19th/early 20th century. My mother thinks it’s related to the irish Aoife but it’s really anyone’s guess.))

180. Terry B. - August 16, 2007

I’ll go along with the fact that the film takes place after Generations, but if anyone’s a fan of “Lost,” Abrams & his very talented creative team have done some really marvelous things with flashback sequences that make you want to watch the entire series again to see how you missed so much the first or second time around. The best example of this was in the episode involving the couple who were tragically buried alive. Like Sawyer, the audience didn’t know who these people were until they showed us through a series of flashbacks that they had been on the island all along. The producers attention to detail & continuity was amazing , even bringing back characters who had previously died such as the science teacher. I am convinced they have the right team on this project & if the script was so good that it lured Nimoy out of retirement, I really believe this might possibly be the best Trek yet.

181. COMPASSIONATE GOD - August 16, 2007

IF the J.J. film is truly a restart, everyone must accept the logical conclusion that Berman’s (largely horrid) era does not exist. From there, the Shatner/Kirk participation issue suddenly becomes rather easy to manage.

182. Etha Williams - August 16, 2007

#180 — I’ve only seen a few episodes of Lost (and consequently never have any idea what’s going on), but I do remember that of the few I’ve seen, the flashback sequences were very good (and I usually don’t like flashbacks). So there’s definitely possibility there.

#181 — As much as I dislike a lot of what Berman did, it would bother me to see it completely ignored/rewritten. It’s there and, for better or for worse, embedded in my memory of Trek, much as I might wish it were otherwise.

183. Xai - August 17, 2007

#181 CG
I don’t HAVE to accept your conclusion to erase some of the best of Trek. And if I follow your logic, should Shatner not make it into this film, he’ll be erased as well?

184. Terry B. - August 20, 2007

I don’t believe Berman’s era will be negated, otherwise why even bring in Nimoy at all to portray Spock again? After all, he was part of that Star Trek universe as well. What I’m wondering is if they’re going to totally recast the film with very different-looking actors. Since Nimoy is the elder Spock, it only stands to reason you bring in an actor who bears some resemblence (Quinto) to play the younger Spock. If Shatner is not in the movie, however, do they need to even try to find a younger actor who looks like him or just go for type? A lot of fans were gunho for Matt Damon, apparently because of type, but I always thought he was too old & he bore no resemblence to Shatner at all. If Damon was in, Shatner was out. If I had to choose a new Captain Kirk based on type alone, my pick would be someone like Jensen Ackles of TV’s “Supernatural.” He’s also the right age, has an extensive sci-fi background, and he’s played characters who are usually self-assured and cocky. What think ye?

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