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Producer: Paramount Trying To Convince Shatner? August 14, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Shatner,Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

Since first announced Paramount (and MI3) veteran Stratton Leopold was going to be the unit production manager and one of the executive producers for the new Star Trek we have not heard anything from him. He did join the usual Abrams mafia (Orci, Kurtzman, Burk, and Lindelof) on stage at Comic-Con, but he didn’t say a word. Leopold is more of a behind the scenes kind of guy keeping the trains running on time, but he did give his local paper the (The Savannah Morning News) an interview where he dropped an interesting tidbit about Shatner:

Leonard Nimoy will be back as Spock, said Leopold, and studio executives still hope to convince William Shatner to suit up as Captain Kirk one more time.

Convince Shatner? Isn’t that the other way around?
Up until now we have been led to believe that discussions regarding Shatner were internal to the creative team trying to figure out how to work Shatner into the film. Shatner himself has certainly got the message out he is literally ‘waiting for the call.’ So the only ‘convincing’ would be Shatner convincing Abrams and his team to put him in the movie. It is possible that this is what Leopold was referring to and it was taken out of context or misquoted. It is also possible that the writer (who in his defense is a local reporter and not an entertainment journalist following this story) just put that in and wasn’t up to speed on the latest status of the Shatner story. If that is the case then there is nothing to see here and we can move on…nothing new.




…but what if?
If Leopold actually did state that ‘studio execs hope to convince Shatner’ and it is true, then perhaps we are back to a familiar stage in Trek productions were Shatner is negotiating with the Paramount. Most recently Shatner and Paramount failed to come to terms on a deal for him to appear on Star Trek Enterprise. It is worth bearing in mind that one of Leopold’s duties is overseeing the budget for the film…something Shatner would clearly have a bearing on. Another possibility is that the studio execs are also trying to convince Abrams to put Shatner into the film. However, Abrams deal gives him quite a bit of control unlike previous producers and directors (remember this is the first Trek film that is being co-produced by another production company…in this case Abrams’ Bad Robot).

UPDATE: is it a conspiracy?
Yet another possibility is the conspiracy theory that this is all some kind of hoax. This theory has been put forward by a number of community members and has shown up elsewhere. Yesterday FilmStalker ran an article based on’s recent con reports titled ‘Shatner Faking Star Trek exclusion?‘: If this is really a hoax then I for one am not laughing. It is fine to say ‘no comment’ or be vague in order to keep a secret, but in this case it would mean there has been a very pro-active campaign of deception that is clearly upsetting a lot of fans. That being said, this whole thing is generating a lot of publicity (the Shatner controversy is on Yahoo News today). This site has been very supportive of the film makers and this film to date. If it turns out that this was all a joke that is not something I will support. I love a good joke, but this one is not funny.

So there you have it, yet another wrinkle in the never ending saga that is ‘will Shatner be in the new Star Trek movie.’ Tune in soon for the next exciting chapter (cue dramatic music). 

Full interview at The Savannah Morning Times 

Trek Team at Comic-Con (Left to right) Burk, Leopold, Kurtzman, Orci, Lindelof  & Abrams



1. Robert April - August 14, 2007


2. snake - August 14, 2007

He should appear……even if its Kirks old man.

3. ZoomZoom - August 14, 2007

This needs sorting out- and SOON. Its very frustrating. They all need locking in a room and not allowed out until a deal is done.

4. Father Rob - August 14, 2007

Why does this need sorting out, at least in the public eye…

This has to be the most public exposure that Star Trek has gotten in the past ten years… and it’s generally positive and fun. Everyone is guessing on how things will go, and it is a time of excitement. I haven’t been this excited to log onto a Trek website on a daily (hourly?) basis in at least six or seven years.

All this roiling news is cool for the ubergeek in me, and I think it is a masterful marketing plan… even if Paramount/Bad Robot fail to publically acknowledge it as such.


5. Harry Kim - August 14, 2007

who cares about Shatner being in it…the question on everyones lips should be ‘is Garett Wang and Kate Mulgruw gonna be in the 24th century scenes!?!’

I want them…and so do you…

6. Harry Kim - August 14, 2007

7 years baby…did TOS get that?

I don’t think so….

Voyager: The Movie….

Dont make us wait 10 years Rick….



7. Xai - August 14, 2007

Hmmmm… maybe I won’t say “I told you so”…yet. The FACTS are not known yet.
From the previous thread…
“Has anyone here seen the script (other than Roberto and Mr.Nimoy)?
Until all the casting is announced, assuming Shatner is in or not in is jumping the gun.
Yes, I know the quotes of Nimoy and Shatner and JJ and all the rest, but please don’t assume anything.
Yes, I know that some of you dearly want Shatner in. I am not asking you to change your mind, just simply have some patience until more FACTS are known.”

Sounds like contract negotiation-time, baby.


8. Samuel Vimes - August 14, 2007

Does anybody remember that Shatner and Nimoy had a deal which guaranteed them the same salary when appearing together in a Star Trek movie? I think Shatner wrote something about either one of them being the “bad guy” during negotiations.

Maybe they’re doing it again…

On the other hand, what if the writers haven’t thought of a ‘logical’ way to put him in. What with spending to much movie-time to make up a storyline to ‘ressurrect’ him and suchlike.

I got an idea for that. “Thank you Spock for bringing me back from the Nexus ten years agao…”

Cheap and easy. Doesn’t do the character credit, though.

PS: Please excuse any mistakes. Haven’t written English in quite some time.

9. Thomas - August 14, 2007

Harry Kim, we got Admiral Janeway in Nemesis, and it tanked. Don’t hold your breath for a Voyager movie.

10. LordEdzo - August 14, 2007

Mr Shatner: As a condition of your appearance in the next Star Trek movie, get Paramount to give you ample funding to go ahead and realize your original vision of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier!

11. cosmo kid - August 14, 2007

I cant Imagine sitting through a feature length voyager movie. Bring on Star Trek and bring back Kirk!

12. Darkman - August 14, 2007

The problem I have with the ‘we’re trying to find a way to put Shatner in the movie’ is that as soon as the movie ends all the writers in the audience will be on the net saying how they could have written him in.

I think it’s a hold out situation…

13. Dennis Bailey - August 14, 2007

“If the ’studio execs hope to convince Shatner’ line is true, then perhaps we are back to a familiar stage in Trek productions where Shatner is negotiating with the Paramount (remember not too long ago Shatner didn’t appear on Star Trek Enterprise because of his salary demands). ”

This has seemed to me all along to be the most likely situation.

14. Matt - August 14, 2007

15. Penhall - August 14, 2007

Well JJ Abrams has stated a number of times that Shatner isnt in the script and they’re trying to work him in. Why would he say that if Shatner was in the script and all this had to do with money?

And I have a hard time believing that Shatner would pass up the opportunity to play Kirk on the big screen again (with his best friend Nimoy at his side) because of money demands.

16. dalek - August 14, 2007

If Paramount are negatotiating with Shatner, why would Shatner call JJ and say he’s not angry about not being in the movie?

Perhaps our friend and visitor Mr Orci can clarify which situation is correct, and/or nip any falsity in the bud.

17. Woulfe - August 14, 2007

You know, at this stage they sould just sign him on, really.
Who cares if it makes the film cost $150 Mill to make it ?
I for one wouldn’t be surprized if the film costs a mint to be made.
Just as long as it turns out to be a great Star Trek film.
Besides it’d be fun to see the kid in the yellow shirt don his movie uniform again, maybe even say the following line…..
“Spock, Your name, is Spock.”
Just because ;)

– W –
* Huge Grin On His Face *

18. Driver - August 14, 2007

At this point, any rebuttal would be “backsteppng”. Perhaps Loepold jumped the gun and the jig is up.

19. Samuel Vimes - August 14, 2007


a) “Why would he say that if Shatner was in the script and all this had to do with money?”

Because it isn’t a polite thing to say that some actor is a greedy a**.

and b) “…because of money demands.´”

Let me quote from a book called “Star Trek Movie Memories” by a guy called “William Shatner” (which I ave accidentaly picked from my shelf…):

“…the actor who played Kirk was getting older, more expensive and more opinionated with every passing year.”

There is lots more where that came from.

20. Yancy - August 14, 2007

I think there is a strong possibility that Shatner is ALREADY on board and this latest “I’m, still waiting for the call” episode is nothing more than effort to drum up some free press for the upcoming film.

Really, let’s be honest , does anyone in the general film going public really care that Kirk dies in Generations. Hell, does anyone in the general film going public even remember Generations. If Spock is in the movie then Joe Public expects Kirk there as well.

Trekkies/Trekkers are not going to make or break the financial success of this latest film, the average moviegoer is. Trek II and IV were big smashes because they crossed over and were popular with mainstream audiences. I’m sure Paramount and the powers that be really could give two hoots about Trek continuity (an oxymoron if there ever was one) if it means getting Shatner and Nimoy together one last time.

21. Pragmaticus - August 14, 2007

The Shat wants his rock monsters!

22. StillKirok - August 14, 2007

#20–the answer is absolutely yes. The general public cares about nostalgia. ALWAYS. It’s a nice story to see someone suit up that last time for the role that made him famous.

It’s a draw. Just like Harrison Ford as Indy and Stallone as Rocky and/or Rambo.

The idea that Paramount is now working on it is a VERY good sign.

23. StillKirok - August 14, 2007

I wish there was an edit feature on this board.

Thing is though, Shatner didn’t indicate they are working on it. His last comment was that he was waiting on Abrams to call.

One thing that was very constant in the Enterprise negotiation was that Shatner was telling the truth. Let’s face it, the Enterprise idea was not very good, and Berman had been hostile to Shatner for a long time.

This is much different, AND Nimoy is involved. Hope is still alive. Let’s hope Kirk will end up alive too.

24. jon1701 - August 14, 2007

He’s waiting for Abrams to call…offering him more money.

Thing is, if money is the issue, neither The Shat nor Abrams is going to discuss this thing in public. Can you imagine how that would play out? They dont want to run the risk of the fans turning against him.

Abrams is being polite when he says they are trying to find a way to put him in.

If Shatner really wanted to be in this movie, he would already be in. They would have written him in. He’d be in. My guess is Shatner said no back down the line, or his demands were too high.

25. Sean - August 14, 2007


For the love of god, please no. Trek V should be left where it is – the budget bin!

On topic, I find it funny that people are so hesitant to believe Shat is holding out for money. It’s an established pattern with him, and now that he’s seen success with Priceline & Boston Legal I would be SHOCKED if he wasn’t trying to negotiate a bigger salary. Doesn’t make him a bad guy, just a smart business person.

In terms of what he or JJ or whoever may have said – take it with a grain of salt. Rarely do individuals invovled in these productions ever say what’s REALLY going on.

26. Nelson - August 14, 2007

I am curious about a past story here that is mentioned where Shatner didn’t appear on Enterprise because they didn’t come to terms with his fee.

This was in the days before Trekmovie. This has been repeated here a few times. What is the story? Is that really true, he wanted X dollars or alterations to the story to better suit the character and Paramount couldn’t meet that? I never heard that story directly, only 3 times removed. I get the sense it was exaggerated.

27. New Horizon - August 14, 2007

I have had my suspicions about this situation all along. It all seems rather staged. Quite frankly, it has been boring the hell out of me. If Shatner is indeed ‘milking’ Trek for a hefty payout…just as it’s trying to get on it’s feet again, shame on him. His inclusion in the movie isn’t absolutely necessary. I wouldn’t be surprised if he and Nimoy are just playing the whole damned thing. Pretty lame if they really are.

28. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - August 14, 2007

I for one am disgusted at the utter lack of how utterly terrible Sci-Fi’s new Flash Gordon is. What is wrong with you people??? It’s godawful!!!!

29. Mazzer - August 14, 2007

Write Shatner out, please producers. He’s greedy, very rich already, and would just provide “campy” baggage to a production which should be fresh and new.

I love him in the original series. But today, he’ll just distract and hurt the movie.

30. RandyYeoman - August 14, 2007

so all you BBKers after months of attacking paramount and the film makers are you going to appologize now? Looks like the shat is up to his same game. Are you going to go to his site and call him a liar? (if Leopold is telling the truth then it is clear Shatner has been both lying, but also trying to manipulate the fans as part of his negotiations for huge money)

31. Lurker - August 14, 2007

Heh heh heh…

The Shat wants to get Fat…

With $$$$$CASH$$$$$ !


I myself would be happy with just Nimoy in the picture, and I believe that JJ is telling the truth…

I also believe that the Savannah article/Paramount execs are ALSO telling the truth…

…If that makes any sense whatsoever…


32. ZoomZoom - August 14, 2007

#4 cos I want him in it and its starting to get a bit old, all this waiting. IF he has signed on then tell us so. If not then get it done. Now.

33. Stanky McFibberich - August 14, 2007

maybe this…maybe that…maybe the other thing

34. dalek - August 14, 2007

#30 Where’s your evidence that Shatner has been lying? All that’s been said is a line in a tabloid newspaper that wasn’t even a quote. And everything else that has been said by all parties (which can be quoted) points toward Shatner not being in the script and not being approached as of yet.

I want Shatner in the movie as Kirk and I’ve never attacked anyone at paramount. And i have no plans to be part of a witch hunt in which Shatner fans are burnt at the stake ;)

35. Lithgo Finni - August 14, 2007

Well it’d be great to see Kirk back…(especially resurrected post-generations)…altho it’d be hard to give that exposition time given most folk will have forgotten he died.

Maybe Shatner is already on board, and they don’t want to announce it until much later. Maybe the only way to stop Shatner from giving away something the creative team didn’t want him to was to invent this fiction as a hilarious way of generating interest and avoiding being asked questions.

36. Stanky McFibberich - August 14, 2007

re: 29. Mazzer
“I love him in the original series. But today, he’ll just distract and hurt the movie.”

That would be hard to say since we don’t know what the part would entail.
Not sure how having William Shatner, an integral part of Star Trek since the second pilot could be a distraction.
Having different actors playing familiar characters…now THAT could be a distraction.

37. Lt. Green - August 14, 2007

It would seem as if the writers have already found a creative way to fit The Shat in, but he’s just holding out for more money. Like Sean, I don’t think that makes him a bad person.

By the way, off topic. . .

In Insurrection (please don’t take this as some kind of invitation to start whining about that movie), was anyone else bothered by the way they squeezed Worf in? In First Contact it made sense, and even in Nemesis, there had been enough time pass that an explanation wasn’t even necessary. But in Insurrection, Picard says: “Worf, what the hell are you doing here?” and just as he is about to explain, the audience’s attention is diverted in a less than clever manner.

Anyone? No?

38. Ivory - August 14, 2007

I’d be upset + let down if Shatner is a no show over money.

We don’t know the details yet so I woun’t go off, but if Shatner thinks so little of his fans + the character that made him famous. I hope (I am a long time Kirk Fan) that they don’t have him in the film.

As of the moment I am neutral because I don’t know the details.

39. Obsessed With Film » Shatner in Abrams’ Trek: Rumour #3627 - August 14, 2007

[…] Trek Movie is running a story that puts a new spin on proceedings. Producer Stratton Leopold gave an interview to his local paper and the following part of the piece is quite intriguing:- “Leonard Nimoy will be back as Spock”, said Leopold, and studio executives still hope to convince William Shatner to suit up as Captain Kirk one more time. […]

40. CmdrR. - August 14, 2007

There’s not much to add at this point, that hasn’t been speculated on before. I do think this is being played more publicly than usual just to keep us interested. It’s still a looooong way until Christmas ’08. (I hope I don’t get socks… AGAIN!)
I wonder if Shatner is getting delusions of Brando in Superman (I) where another large thespian commanded the then unheard of salary of one-million bucks for about 20 minutes of movie. Of course, Brando’s outtakes appeared again in Superman Returns. I’m not sure who’s left alive among the Brando clan to collect on that, but we can all imagine ‘STXXVIII: Shatner 2040.’

41. Ivory - August 14, 2007

On the bright side it seems they have found a way to get Shatner in the film.

I have a good feeling Shatner is going to be there.

42. Driver - August 14, 2007

You people want Shat in? Start coughing up the dough and send it to J.J.

……………..C’mon, fork it over.

43. Ellie - August 14, 2007

Harry Kim

Let’s try to get the ORIGINAL people in FIRST and then we’ll deal with Mulgrew and all of them but as for them appearing not very likely

44. Sean - August 14, 2007


I’m with you. I thought that was very, very, VERY silly. It’s one thing to be tongue-in-cheek, quite another to burst your tongue THROUGH your cheek.

45. toddk - August 14, 2007

When concidering Harrison ford for indy, and sylvester stallone for rocky or rambo, concider the fact that shatner weighs 300 lbs and dosent seem to care about it. What kind of money could change the minds of rich , greedy men? maybe shatner IS the rock monster he wants so badly..I know I’m mean…:)

46. Duane Boda - August 14, 2007

Having to come up with ample $$ to convince a old guy to do what he should supposedly been whining about is pure nonsense at best. I’d offer a set-limit and say take it or leave it! Now..UNLESS they have a tremendously good role for him then why to muddy the with his presence? I don’t see nothing good out of this only a reminder of his big head & greed

47. Ellie - August 14, 2007

This is amazing if they’re trying to get Bill back in the Captain’s uniform! Good news! Good news! Good news!

Abrams you’ve taken the initial and very crucial first step to a BLOCKBUSTER movie if Bill is in it and we all must hope for the best and that he accepts

48. CW - August 14, 2007

Personally, I think they are playing with the fans and getting their kicks.

Well, joke’s on us if true.

Laugh- you know it’s funny.

49. Kev - August 14, 2007

I hope they work it out. He’s worth what he gets to do it.

50. Martin Hultén Ashauer - August 14, 2007

I think Shatner is already in it, but he (and everyone else) is saying he’s not and just making a big fuss about it, thus getting more publicity for the movie!

*puts on tinfoil hat*
Its a conspiracy!! O.O

51. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - August 14, 2007

Yes Duane poor downtrodden Paramount , huzzah for the conglomerates!!!! In fact I think we are all greedy accepting our paychecks we should work for free, definately!!! I think I’ll go give my new Rolex GMT back and get some drap Chinese communist fatigues. And those poor poor baseball owners paying those selfish greedy players all that money. How will the poor owners ever be able to pay for all 15 mansions???

52. Captain Pike - August 14, 2007

The joke in the “old days” was that Jimmy Doohan was holding out for 1/10th of what William Shatner gets.

I don’t know why Shatner hasn’t been attached yet. It could be just a publicity stunt but it’s probably money. We will see. If there isn’t a good reason for Shatner/Kirk to appear then the movie will probably suffer if they shoehorn him into it.

53. Duane Boda - August 14, 2007

I meant to say….Why muddy the waters with his presence? Thinking & typing too fast.

54. Andy Patterson - August 14, 2007

I know he’s about the money these days but I don’t think he’d let this be the hang up. I don’t think they’d let it be the hang up.

55. Tom - August 14, 2007

The real question here is if any screen is big enough to show Shatner’s enormous head.

56. CanuckLou - August 14, 2007

Hopefully a definitive statement will be made soon by all the involved parties. Its getting old real fast.

I want to see some pre-production items – sketches etc.

57. Josh T. ( Yes it's true, your Trek SUCKS ) Kirk Esquire' - August 14, 2007

I think Shatner should be paid whatever he wants, the shareholders aren’t exactly hurting for money, and then Shatner can come visit and smear his bald, white, chunky, rosey ass all over any “fan” that had one solitary negative thing to say about the man, his legacy, or significance in Star Trek.

Deep Space Nine?



Shatner inflates and bloats even further with multiple 79 ounce steaks all over these sad excuses for entertainment that stink of mediocrity and dumbing down to a DUMB audience.

That’s the beauty of Shatner, at his hamfasted, piggish, Canadian pork-barrel WORST, he is lightyears more enjoyable than ANYTHING that came after.

Benjamin WHO?
Katheryn WHO?

The Shatner has toilet paper worth more.

58. StillKirok - August 14, 2007

Amazing how the statement brings out the Shatner bashers. There is no evidence money is holding anything up at this time.

The only evidence is that if this quote is accurate, someone in Paramount finally sees the value that William Shatner brings to the table.

All we have right now is that Abrams hasn’t called Shatner yet.

Hopefully it’ll get done.

59. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - August 14, 2007

Tom-Head slimming CGI, if it can make that old craggy fossil Patty Stewart look younger in X3 why not our beloved hero???

60. Josh T. ( Yes it's true, your Trek SUCKS ) Kirk Esquire' - August 14, 2007

Anyone remember the reviews for Generations YEARS ago?

I do.

“Shatner made the film enjoyable…..Shatner brought a little warmth and humanity, and humor to an otherwise DULL and plodding film.”

That spoke just as loud then as it does now.

61. KDoug - August 14, 2007

In the article linked, “studio executives still hope to convince William Shatner to suit up as Captain Kirk one more time” isn’t even a direct quote from Leopold. The author of the article may have simply had his facts mixed up as he was elaborating on what Leopold said.

62. Duane Boda - August 14, 2007

Oh….I’m sure he’s still good – (NOT bashing) but what are they offering him as far as his part in the movie? IF he just accepted – wanted a role like others THEN that would be totally different but I’m certain it isn’t. More like a everyday role but with him looking to get all the greenbacks as possible. Out with the old and in with the new….I say – right?

63. Etha Williams - August 14, 2007

#20: “Trekkies/Trekkers are not going to make or break the financial success of this latest film, the average moviegoer is.” Regarding the immediate success of the film, you’re right. But regarding the health of the franchise as it is now, I think its enormously important to make a movie that is true to the Trek we all know and love and isn’t just trying to get maximum viewing from Joe Public. (For the record, I think that a movie which appeals to both groups *can* and should be made — Trek II filled that bill.) If they make a movie that Trekkies/Trekkers enjoy, there’s a good chance that fans will push more for new Trek. If it’s a flop with fans, no amount of enjoyment the general public gets out of it will do that. (That said, I don’t want to see a film that just panders to every whim of fandom. I just think that it wouldn’t be prudent to ignore the fans in favor of the larger viewing audience.)

#25: While I wouldn’t necessarily say that Shatner’s necessarily a *bad* person for holding out for money, and I certainly am not surprised, I don’t think he’s entirely justified in doing it either. If this were any old movie, or if he were not on such fine financial footing, I would see no issue with him doing this. But he’s rich, Star Trek made him rich, and if there is indeed a well-written, well-conceived part for him in this movie, he owes it to the franchise to take part in that. (Unless JJ is really cutting him a raw deal, which I doubt.)

#34: I also find the fact that that line was not a direct quote a bit fishy. Who knows what Leopold actually said, and in what context, when it’s reworded in a sentence like that?

64. Josh T. ( All your Shatners are belong to us ) Kirk Esquire' - August 14, 2007

I seem to recall very similar talk from Nimoy just prior to the official announcement of his involvement.

“Im not in it. I don’t have a deal signed. Abrams people contacted my representatives for my number but, I never heard anything from Abrams.”

65. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - August 14, 2007

Duane he will play Kirk. If not Kirk then TJ Hooker 2250!!!! He can knock out doopy criminal Klingons and then make out with Heather Locklear!!!!
TJ Hooker 2250 teams up with young Captain Kirk to bust up a Klingon Crack dealer’s intergalactic narcotics ring!!!!

66. Etha Williams - August 14, 2007

Correction to my response to #25 — I meant to word this hypothetically, since it is not entirely clear based on the article whether he is indeed holding out for money. “I wouldn’t necessarily say that Shatner’s a bad person *if* he is holding out for money, and I certainly *would not be* surprised, I don’t think he *would be*…” etc etc etc.

67. Anthony Pascale - August 14, 2007

RE: Shatner fan hatred
Let me just say that I think everyone is a shatner fan…I love the man. The ‘hate’ as it is put is not against Shatner…but derision to those that are ‘demanding’ he ‘must’ be in the film regardless of cost. The ones who have criticized the film makers. The ones that have tried to turn this site into their own personal soap box for their pet project. I have seen posts from people saying that even though they love shatner….with all the constant derailments and obsession and attacks from certain people they now dont want him in.

I have come very close and am still considering doing what did and ban the whole lot of the people who seem to be here to solely lobby for shatner. I love shatner, but that doesnt mean I love the tactics of his most rabid fans. I also dont think they are really doing him any favors by trying to make him the only topic.

It is insulting to Nimoy, Abrams and his team to claim that only Shatner can make this a good film. Saying that does not mean I ‘hate’ Shatner…it means I love ‘Star Trek.’ and believe it or not, those are two separate things.

I do hope they work it out, but not at any price to the budget and script. If they have to remove significant and important plot lines or entire exciting sequences or subplots…just to have Shatner come on and wave and say ‘hi i am not dead’…well that is just not worth it to me.

68. StillKirok - August 14, 2007

Anthony, calling Shatner a fat, greedy old man is not an attack on anyone who supports his return in Trek XI.

The nastiest comments come against Shatner. See #45, 46, and 55 for some examples.

You make it sound like what’s going on is one sided.

69. Josh T. ( All your Shatners are belong to us ) Kirk Esquire' - August 14, 2007

Shatner doesn’t have to be the impetus and focus of the entire film. I haven’t seen one person say that.

The argument is if you are making a film about the characters Kirk and Spock, and are going to include the elder Spock with Leonard Nimoy, it only stands to reason it would be in good FAITH and make creative sense, as well as business sense, to include the elder and original Kirk.

People are passionate about it, because Shatner isn’t exactly a young man anymore, and I don’t see a DAMN thing wrong with vocally wanting his participation.
They already screwed up by not giving Dee Kelley one last hurrah back in the 90s despite having 8 YEARS to do so, so let’s just call this what it is, a chance at some sort of rectification.

70. Sean - August 14, 2007


We get it, you don’t like anything but TOS. Calling everything that followed ‘dumb, anyone who liked it ‘dumb” and claiming that anyone that has a negative word to say about Shatner isn’t a true ‘fan’ is the epitome of arrogance. I may think Enterprise was a bit of a turd, but I’m not going to go around calling everyone who liked it an idiot. It’s a matter of opinion and taste.

If you want to express your opinion, great. That’s what we’re all here for. But all the name-calling and condescension is not necessary at all.

71. Ellie - August 14, 2007


Well, we are Shatner fans and seeing him one last time would be great and I am saying no more, so why ban the innocent? We all love Star Trek and hope that it might benefit with new actors and actresses but…

Shatner IS part of the past TOS and we cannot forget him

72. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - August 14, 2007

Agree with StillKirok, although I am sure it will work itself out and he will be in it in some relevant capacity.

Anyone know when the remastered episodes start up again and what episode it will be??? They’ve been kind of lost in the shuffle.

The Lord feeds on controversy and terrific Unagi for lunch!!!!!!

73. Josh T. ( All your Shatners are belong to us ) Kirk Esquire' - August 14, 2007


Yet look at some of the comments about Shatner and Kirk?

Isn’t your post a bit like the pot calling the kettle black?

if Jonathon Archer and other characters mean something to some people, then ACCEPT that Shatner and Kirk mean something to some people.

Otherwise, it’s a double standard and hypocrisy.

That’s the problem with this website, people can dish the shit out, but they sure can’t take it.

74. Shatner_Fan_2000 - August 14, 2007


I consider myself to be a well rounded contributor, in that I have stated numerous times that I’m happy about the team behind the movie, I’m happy about Nimoy being involved, and I will see this movie (and likely enjoy it) even if Mr. Shatner is not involved. I even gave credit to someone with a different viewpoint today for providing an interesting, thoughtful reason why he thinks Shatner should not be included.

But StillKirok has a point. How do stupid, spiteful posts like #45 or #55 advance the discussion here in any way shape or form? They don’t, they’re both textbook examples of trolling.

75. Kreso - August 14, 2007

Why didn’t Shatner show up in Enterprise’s 4th season? Money. No conspiracy theories, cheap publicity attempts. Money.
Pathetic. Personally I’m quite fond of Shatner, because of his eccentric / egoistic style (loved “How WS changed the world”), but this is starting to get on everybodies nervs.

76. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - August 14, 2007

Give em hell Josh!!!!!!!!

77. Robert April - August 14, 2007

#68 “You make it sound like what’s going on is one sided.”

I do not want to choose sides regarding this but you have a point StillKirok.

I try to temper my posts with respect and tolerance but it seems that when there is talk of “shutting things down” or “banning people” from posting (god forbid) that it tends to be directed against those who wish to see Shatner return.

You have to admit though that Anthony has not really been heavy handed regarding this issue. Some of the tit-for-tat postings have been ridiculous.

In all honesty, without the “Shatner Returns” discussion there would be very little (if any) “BUZZ” for this movie

No disrespect to Mr. Nimoy (or Anthony for his great interviews and coverage) meant.

78. Duane Boda - August 14, 2007

I have no question that he’ll play Kirk. I just question as to why they even consider paying him so much money? Its like attempting to bring the nutritional goodness (IF ANY) in a moldy greasy Big Mac. I much rather see Mr. Shatner as the Police Commissioner in TJ Hooker then any Star Trek movie only because it would be much more convincing to me.

79. Sean - August 14, 2007


List one place where I said a nasty word about William Shatner. I’ll wait….


What’s that? I didn’t? Well I’ll be dipped! I guess I’m neither a pot nor a kettle in this scenario, am I?

I don’t think people calling Shatman fat, ugly & greedy have a place here any more than all this constant bashing of post-TOS Trek or that any movie without him will be a slap to fans and a failure. In fact, in an earlier comment thread I brought up the fact that he’s lost a sizeable amount of weight and is looking damn good for a man in his 70’s.

I happen to love William Shatner, and one of the things I love most about him is his ability to not take anything too seriously, including himself. If they include him, great. If the story doesn’t really allow for an older Kirk, that’s okay too. I don’t think Shatner makes or breaks it.

80. RandyYeoman - August 14, 2007

77 what the f?
no buzz except for shatner…are you high?

I want shatner too, but I am one of the ones who is getting sick and tired of hearing aobut it and having the same people, yourself included and certainly Josh and Kirok, turinging everything into a ‘Shatner must be in this movie or it will suck’ discussion. It really is turning us ‘moderates’ off to the point where I dont really want to go into the comments because it is the same thing. There is a minority of epople who are polarizing the community with extremist views. So please dont lump me and the rest of the folks who want shatner but can live without him in with the rest of the BBKers who are ruining this site. I think Anthony has been more than tolerant as I would have banned them long ago (as it appears other sites have)

This site was much better a month or so and before until this people came here to turn this into BBK 2.0

we all get it…you want him…so do we. It will happen or not….but clearly none of us are getting the whole story . So lets let the people make their movie and work their deals.

and if Shat isnt in it….you can all leave and form your boycotts or whatever it is you do….but please dont do it here (and I am sure Anthony would not let anyone use this place for that kind of crap)

….finally I am so angry that I am angry. You people have really turned the fans against each other. I love shatner but now I almost hate him because of his rabid fans telling the rest of us how the world should be and that we cant enjoy the movie without him

81. Thorny - August 14, 2007

26. “I am curious about a past story here that is mentioned where Shatner didn’t appear on Enterprise because they didn’t come to terms with his fee. ”

The story that floated around the net was that Berman & Braga wanted Shatner to portray “Chef” the often-mentioned, never seen (except his feet walking down the “Catwalk” behind some pipes) character on NX-01.

Shatner, of course, was underwhelmed.

82. ZoomZoom - August 14, 2007

Ban me now then! This is the best place to lobby for Shatners inclusion. We’ve got Leonard and are thrilled by that. Now we need Bill.
In case I’m locked out for that then so long- but i’ll still read TrekMovie.

83. Justin - August 14, 2007

Abrams needs to end this. He has to know Old Kirk has no place in this movie, and that he is not going to order a re-write of a good script this late in the game just to shoehorn Shatner into the picture.

He needs to come out and tell us “Sorry, guys, no Shatner, maybe next time” and put an end to this constant speculation.

84. Kobayashi Maru - August 14, 2007

I have been saying since the beginning that Shat was the one who was unhappy with what was there.
Remember: “Is there a role in it for me?”
I am neither here nor there, except to say that he is an excellent negotiator.
Maybe they should write in a part for Denny Crane instead!

85. Izbot - August 14, 2007

I hope it is a ‘conspiracy’ as you put it. If the whole thing is a hoax and Shatner is definately in and always has been from the begining and they are just toying with us, then good! It *certainly* fits in well with Shatner’s reputation as a practical joker, it is getting the fans all worked up and drumming up plenty of publicity. I hope they continue to play with us up until the premiere. I’m having a blast!

86. jon1701 - August 14, 2007

The Bring Back Kirk lunatics really are showing us up.

Once again the vocal minority attempts to drag the rest of us down. Forgive us, Mr Nimoy and Mr Shatner if you are reading (I bet the Shat has had a peek in here at Nimoys behest).

We are not all this way.

87. Ben - August 14, 2007

Am I the only one who doesn’t care if Shatner is in the movie or not ? without wanting to be offensive against anyone.

I’m happy Nimoy is it it – I’ve always seen him as the biggest star anyway.

88. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - August 14, 2007

You people need to settle down and join a heath club. Way too much aggression and way too many hoho’s equals heart disease. The Lord would be happy to write a begginers workout for any who wish it. Today Lord Garth hits his massive Triceps, Shoulders and will run a few miles.
Passion is terrific but being snotty should be left to punk ass Star Wars fans, we are better than that.

89. Etha Williams - August 14, 2007

#82: “This is the best place to lobby for Shatners inclusion.” I can’t speak for Anthony, but as I understand it, is supposed to be a site for news & discussion — NOT a site to lobby for things just because some of the people involved in the movie read the site. Those people are going to get tired of reading the site (if they haven’t already) anyway if people keep up with these shouting matches.

90. Robert April - August 14, 2007


1. I have consistently posted that I am sure I WILL enjoy the movie with or without Shatner.

2. I have never gotten angry over any postings, pro or con-even when personal attacks were being flung around. They are generally not flung in my direction anyway. Besides, that makes for boring reading.

3. The BUZZ regarding Shatner (and fan reaction to it) has got YOU pretty riled up. In a rather negative way today unfortunately. If I am a party to that I apologize. Are there any other topics that you feel as emotional about? We can steer the conversations that way.

4. Other than the fact that I do really want Shatner in this movie (that fact alone makes me an evil BBKer to some people), I am pretty moderate in my views. It is just that there are so many BBK bashers in here that I tend to come to their defense.

Before I started posting here I never considered myself a big BBK person. After reading “The Return”, seeing the remastered Trek and reading posts I guess I fall into that camp now, but I am certainly not a rabid Shatner fan.

You asked in your post that you not be lumped into an extremist BBK category (I certainly do not view you that way.)

Please afford me the same courtesy.

91. star trackie - August 14, 2007

I believe that the movie, including Shatner is already on paper. I think it was on paper in the very beginning when there was a hope that Nimoy and Shatner might agree to do the film. The possibility of the icons Shatner and Nimoy appearing in the film surely was a scenario considered long ago. I mean, it’s a TOS movie, how can the thought not come up? I think it has.
I also think they have a contigency plan in place in case the actors are not able to be in it. The devil is in the detail$.

92. Gsmarty Pants - August 14, 2007


The overzealous spin-off fanbaiting thing is getting really really old too. Talk about not being able to take what you dish out.

You continue to make the assumption that everyone who likes the later stuff has no appreciation for all that came before. Most illogical.

Most people who like DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise understand and appreciate that those shows would not have existed AT ALL if it weren’t for TOS, and the contributions made by many people both in front of and behind the camera. The rest? They may be a vocal minority, but that’s about it.

Oh, and pointing out that Star Trek is more than just Shatner does not deny that his contribution means something to many people. Read Anthony’s post again if you need further clarification.

I’ll stop now before I really begin to rant.

93. Pizza Hotdog - August 14, 2007

Someone is either being grossly misquoted, or someone is really full is $HIT. With emphasis on $$$$.

Priorities for next Star Trek Movie:

1. Good Story
2. Good Story (mentioned twice for the last 2 stinkers)
3. Creative freedom for JJ to ensure first 2 priorities
4. Open the pur$e $tring$ to ensure the first 3 priorities
5. Egos not permitted in this movie.
6. Shatner can be in the movie if he does not contribute to priority 4 or 5

94. Robert April - August 14, 2007


And regarding BUZZ. Most mainstream news coverage that I have seen thus far has been short and to the point.

Something along the line of

“New Star Trek Movie coming out. Nimoy is in and Shatner not. Directed by J.J. Abrams.”

Since Nimoy has been revealed to be in the movie, the natural question then becomes “Why not Shatner?”
This naturally generates BUZZ and is a great PR move.

95. Anthony Pascale - August 14, 2007

all this arguing will now stop…all the flaming and counter flaming and trolling and spamming, etc.

i have just banned HarryBallz for a week

any comments on my new policy of “piss me off and get banned” can be made on the new feedback page

96. Adam Cohen - August 14, 2007

Outright deception from either side is unprofessional and it lacks class. But then again, this IS Hollywood we’re dealing with, so… should we be surprised?

97. VOODOO - August 14, 2007

I would lose a lot of respect for Shatner if he were to not do the film over a pay check.

How much $ is enough?

I am going to take a wait and see attitude on this on. Who knows if the story is 100% correct?

98. KS Trekker - August 14, 2007

I personally don’t care if Shatner is in the movie or not. It would be a real treat to see him in Starfleet one more time…but the Star Trek Universe is soooooooo much bigger than any one man, and since Shatner got his ‘comeback’ in Generations (even though he died, which I agree is stupid) it is Nimoy’s turn now. The character of Spock has always brought something extra to Trek that us humans really couldn’t, and I for one will be thrilled to see him ‘in the ears’ one more time.

And that is all I have to say about that.

99. Dr. Image - August 14, 2007

Shatner’s probably trying to blackmail Paramount into putting at least one horse in the movie.

The whole thing’s a big publicity stunt and I’m done with it.

BBK, indeed.
-Dr. Smith

100. Kobayashi Maru - August 14, 2007

It’s only a movie!!!
Let’s keep things in perspective.
Live long and… you all know the rest!

101. dalek - August 14, 2007

#99 “Shatner’s probably trying to blackmail Paramount into putting at least one horse in the movie.”

Now THAT’s funny lmao

102. Sleeper Agent X - August 14, 2007

Re 67:

Well said, Anthony.

I will say the BBKers have a point in that calling Shatner “fat” or “greedy” is disrespectful to both the man and his fans, but there are really only a very few posters doing that. Calling everyone who disagrees with them “Shatner haters” is beyond a stretch, it’s simply an attempt to take the focus off the BBKers own attitudes and behavior, which like you said, is often insulting to the people involved with this project.

103. New Horizon - August 14, 2007

Personally, I think it’s all a publicity stunt.

104. Xai - August 14, 2007

I really hope we find out what really happened with all the casting, negotiations, etc at some point in the future. It would interesting reading how JJ approached Nimoy, the casting of ZQ, the talks with Shatner, etc.


105. Sleeper Agent X - August 14, 2007

Re 80:

I know exactly how you feel, Randy Yeoman. The actions of some people here make me think I would enjoy Shatner’s appearance in Trek XI less than I otherwise would have, because I’d hate to see such extremist behavior rewarded. But I try to remember the extremists don’t represent Shatner or what he’d necessarily want.

106. Zebecraphy - August 14, 2007

Shatner is the shit.
no question.
It’ll be weird though to see them so old together (if the shat is indeed in the movie).
Idk, it’ll freak me out.

random post, but bleh.
and @ #5,
NOBODY EVER!!!! wants to see Harry Kim in a star trek film ever again!

107. KennyB - August 14, 2007

I love the Shat……..but it does seem to me that he (like Stewart) is only a real Trek fan when it is putting tons of money in his pocket. I also agree with Nemoy that he should have NEVER allowed them to kill Kirk in Generations. But I guess for a big enough paycheck he did not mind.

108. Zebecraphy - August 14, 2007

^not that hes ever was, but yunno what I mean….:)

109. Garyp - August 14, 2007


Like squeezing a zit.

Pun intended.

110. NCC-73515 - August 14, 2007

kirk’s echo is still in the nexus, since he didn’t die in it. remember guinan? she existed twice… in the real world and as an echo in the nexus.
or why shouldn’t shatner be the emperor in the mirror universe ;-) ?

111. Shatner_Fan_2000 - August 14, 2007

105. Sleeper Agent X … Just out of curiosity, who are these “extremists”? Obviously Josh got carried away here. But aside from him, I really don’t see that anyone else did. Scanning this thread, I see more people being nasty towards Shatner – including the person who got banned.

112. Sean - August 14, 2007

Yeah, let’s get back to what’s important – does Bill get paid everytime they make one of those Halloween movies? It is his face after all!

113. Captain Pike - August 14, 2007

I sometimes chime in with a “me too” post and I get a bit cynical when I hear gushing praise for a movie that hasn’t been made yet. Anthony has had to deleted a couple of my more reactionary posts and rightly so – I would have retracted them if there was an edit function. But I really appreciate Anthony’s efforts to bring us the latest Trek news. And, I 100% understand the need to things relevant, family friendly, and accessible to the general public.

Let’s keep a place for reasoned opinion, humor and mutual appreciation of Star Trek. There are plenty of other forums for name calling, trolling and ridiculous fanboy speculation.

Besides, Bill Shatner’s not taking the whole thing that seriously, why should we?

114. Xai - August 14, 2007

#113 Captain Pike,

IMO…best post of the lot.


115. Jon - August 14, 2007

If it turns out to have been a campaign of disinformation, more power to them for achieving it and maintaining it for so long. I certainly won’t be bothered if that’s the case, this is the Shat we’re talking about.

116. Shatner_Fan_2000 - August 14, 2007

I agree, #115. I also am not bothered if this turns out to be just a ruse. The speculation is fun, IMO, and anyone who’s truly bothered by it … gets upset a lot easier than I do.

117. Robert April - August 14, 2007

#99 I liked the Dr. Smith quote. Very Funny.

118. TOS Fan Forever - August 14, 2007

William Shatner *as* Captain James T. Kirk.

NOT the father. NOT some other role. As the original James T. Kirk, just as another, younger actor will assume the role of the younger version.

‘Nuff said. Paramount/Viacom, make it so!

119. DavidJ - August 14, 2007

Hmm, no Roberto Orci comments in this thread? Alright, moving on…..

120. last o' the timelords - August 14, 2007

Yeah, no Shat for me either. I adore the guy for everything but we have to move on. The main reason I am happy Nimoy is in this because we know he has standards and has approved of the script enough to be in it. The Shat will do anything regardless of quality. None of us want to see this film tank like Nemesis. The kids I know (as a teacher I know hundreds) don’t like Star Trek at all and kids are few at cons these days. The fact that all the kids in my sphere love the revived Doctor Who amazes me and I am hoping they will love J.J.’s New Trek as much.

121. Chris M - August 14, 2007

I don’t care if it’s a hoax or not. The most important thing is that Shatner is in the movie!

122. Kevin - August 14, 2007

I didn’t have time to read 119 comments, so I’m just gonna say, I don’t buy it. Nimoy has said that Shatner isn’t in it and has reminded us time and time again that he died in Generations. Abrams has said that he would like to find a way to work Shatner into the film. The writers have stated that they are currently re-working the script. Shatner has been saying all along that he’s not in it. And has been readily bringing it up over and over again conveying his disappointment.

If there’s money issues, Shatner has never had any problems revealing that. Nimoy has no reason to lie. And no one from the studio has come out saying that there are money-negotiating problems.

I’m guessing it’s a misquote. Meaning that the studio would like Shatner’s involvement to better assure them a successful picture. You may find that to be an insult (I did catch that while skimming), but from the studio’s point of view, it’s best to play it safe. They may have loosened up the reins a little bit, but they still don’t invest money w/o wanting some assurances on that investment.

123. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - August 14, 2007

Oh I get it now!!! We’re reenacting Day of The Dove, at one anothers throats, and it goes on and on, be a pawn, be a good soldier, in the heart, in the head it doesn’t matter, next time I’ll kill you!!!!

124. dalek - August 14, 2007

Kevin very astute analysis those first two paragraphs, which i also subscribe to.

Not sure what to make of the newspaper report. It’s paraphrasing, or could be speculation based on nothing he said — journalists like to have fun with words, and meanings can be twisted when you’re not directly quoting the source to fit the authors interpretations or perspective.

Nowhere ever has money ever been mentioned. Doesn’t sound like they’ve phoned Shatner let alone spoke to his banker.

I am somewhat amused by the idea that he’s holding off until they put a horse in the film tho lol

125. David Pucciarelli - August 14, 2007

I think JJ and the rest of the crew should do a animatrix or a star wars cloned wars animated series that can explain what has happenned to kirk in the past 13 or 14 years. This is a way to please hard core fans and explain how kirk is alive and it wouldnt affect non-fans who are going to see the movie. It will also make a lot of money for the studio. Anyone agree????

126. JC - August 14, 2007

I was looking forward to Star Trek becoming more credible and main stream.Now it just seems like another corney-ass trekkie movie with (Shatner as) Kirk coming back.Ho hum.Trekkie movie.Every one else will stay away.

127. Magic_Al - August 14, 2007

On his livevideo site Shatner talked about not liking how he looks in a lot of kinds of clothes now and turning to the Boston Legal costume designer for help with clothes that look good on him. These are things someone says when they’re unhappy with their weight.

If he does Star Trek ’08, I hope he sees it as an opportunity to get back in shape and get paid to do it. As an actor, he can’t honestly rationalize that the character of Kirk would let himself go as much as Shatner has. That’s Denny Crane, not Kirk. This is nothing new. He had to work to keep Kirk in shape on the TV show and since. This is man who is not naturally slim but who in 1979 managed to look heroic in a pastel unitard. He knows what it takes, he just has to want to do it.

128. Thomas - August 14, 2007

I agree with Magic Al that Shatner would need to do what he can to slim down for the role of Kirk. That could be the likely reason of his recent weight loss. It could be a public demonstration that he is committed to the role.

129. Thomas - August 14, 2007

I should clarify my previous statement: I mean “committed” in the sense that he really wants to do this movie, not in the sense that he is already signed on. I wanted to be sure that I was understood correctly.

130. Mr. Mike - August 14, 2007

It’s totally cool that Nimoy is in the movie, I’m very excited. For me personally it would be even cooler if Shatner was involved and plays Kirk one final time. I can’t ignore the fanboy in me that wants the original Kirk!

Either way, I’m just happy they are making another movie, and returning to TOS while their at it.

It will be glorious!

131. Hacom - August 14, 2007

Money, it all about Money.

Shatner wants more than they want to pay him, plain and simple.

132. Crusade2267 - August 14, 2007

Personally, I could go either way… Shat in or out. I just want a good story and a good movie.

133. Demode - August 14, 2007

Its been stated that Shatner didn’t do ENTERPRISE because of money issues, but I do recall he wasn’t happy with the script. Apparrently, he was going to be the “Chef” that we never see on Enterprise, who happened to be an ancestor of Kirk, and he was going to pretend to be Kirk for the time travel guys. Shatner wasn’t too happy about that idea (he wanted to play the mirror universe Kirk). So it sounds like there was alot more than just money involved.

If Shatner does end up being in the movie, I will look at his not being on Enterprise all those years ago as a blessing in disguise.

134. Minnesota Bruin - August 14, 2007

I am somewhat concerned about Shatner and/or Nimoy in the movie. I think it is vital that the public embrace this movie. Fans are forgiving but the public is not. If Paramount doesn’t get a solid return on their investment, Trek is over for a very long time.

My wife has convinced me the public will be turned off by Shatner and/or Nimoy having anything other than extremely minor roles. The perception will be that this is Star Trek XI. Shatner + Nimoy + a handful of TV “stars” do not make a new, interesting Star Trek. JJ needs to get some quality actors that will draw audiences into the theater and then provide a story that is good enough to leave them wanting more.

135. Tim Handrahan - August 14, 2007

I am EXTREMELY HAPPY that Nimoy is in the film. Spock has always been my favorite character. Regardless of what of the others think or say I would like to see all of the Original Cast back in some way, shape or form. If De Kelley and Jimmy Doohan were still alive, I would LOVE to see them in it to. But my fondest wish of all for this film is to see Kirk and Spock one last time. No bashing, No bitching, no Complaining. Just a lifelong (41 years) fans wish. I don’t care how old they get. They have still got it!

136. Viking - August 14, 2007

Allow me to also jump on the conspiracy theory bandwagon, as reflected in several previous threads I’ve posted in.

If I’m wrong, I never said that. LOL ;-)

137. Dave - August 14, 2007

If its all about money didn’t Nimoy and Shatner have a clause in there contracts that allowed both to get the same amount of pay? If one get a million the other gets a million.

138. Viking - August 14, 2007

I personally don’t hink it’s about the money this time. A guest shot on Enterprise was one thing, but I think The Shat knows that this will be his Last Hurrah. Shat and Abrams are having fun with us.

Enjoy it, you sumbitches. We aren’t. LOL :-)

139. Dennis Bailey - August 14, 2007

#137: “If its all about money didn’t Nimoy and Shatner have a clause in there contracts that allowed both to get the same amount of pay? If one get a million the other gets a million.”

There was at one time…but that brings up a possibility: if Nimoy agreed to do this movie for considerably less money than Shatner is asking, then that shoots the leverage out of the “favored nations” clause (as they used to call that pay equality thing) for Shatner.

140. Andy Patterson - August 14, 2007

There’s a line from a movie called “My Favorite Year” where the lead character finally meets his childhood hero who tries to downplay his on screen image by saying, “It’s just a silly ***Damn movie” To which the kid says,.”it was real to me!” “No body’s that good an actor.” This is a quote and a speech that I’ve wanted for years to say to Shatner if I ever met him. Well since I’m probably never going to meet Shatner, and “Free Enterprise” more or less uses this speech to that effect at one point…. I point this out because I feel that about the man I’ve seen all these years,isn’t just acting like he hasn’t been asked to be in the movie yet. He’s just too natural to just be holding out for more money. I believe in him still.

141. Mike T. - August 14, 2007

Wouldn’t it be funny if Mr. Abrams figures out how to “unkill” the character of Kirk? This could explain the older Kirk and Spock being together in this movie.

142. New Horizon - August 14, 2007

110. NCC-73515 :

Guinan left an echo because she was ripped out of the Nexus, Kirk left of his own free will.

143. Sleeper Agent X - August 14, 2007

Re 111:

Funny how different people can look at the same thing and perceive it differently, eh?

144. Captain Robert April - August 14, 2007

To paraphrase Strother Martin in “Cool Hand Luke”, what we may have here is failure to communicate.

Paramount and Shatner’s agent may be having trouble connecting, for whatever reason.

145. jonboc - August 14, 2007

..lets not forget the man has a full time job as the co-star and main identity of Boston Legal. If he were to film a Trek movie, his scenes would most certainly have to be shot around his commitments to Boston Legal. Everything in Hollywood is ran by schedules and if the schedules conflict, Paramount isn’t going to hold off shooting the movie any more than ABC and David Kelly are going to hold off on producing 20 something one hour episodes for the new season.
The negotiations concerning scheduling conflicts would be a nightmare…but I would think that it would be a major point to hammer out way before there is any talk of $.

146. Xai - August 14, 2007

#141 Mike T.
I am sorry but …huh? I’d don’t follow your comment

147. Tim Handrahan - August 14, 2007

#140. That is weird! I love that movie and think about Shatner and/or Nimoy during that very scene.

148. Kevin - August 14, 2007

#142. New Horizon:

Or perhaps she couldn’t leave b/c at the time she was pulled out of the Nexus she had no desire to leave. Maybe that’s why she said she can’t leave and was so adamant that the Enterprise- B ripped her away… or perhaps she couldn’t go b/c there was already one of her in that timeline already… who knows. That’s for real writers to figure out.

Either way, I’m not gonna write up some crazy idea that might sound good to me and ridiculous to everyone else so Leonard Nimoy can read it out loud on stage making fun of me.

It’s probably a little off topic anyway :)

149. Dave - August 14, 2007


Yeah “Favored Nations” that was the saying. I think that was used all the way up to Star Trek VI, might have been used for Generations had Nimoy been involved.

150. DJT - August 14, 2007


Fall Wish 07 –
I want to see TOS-R on HD-NET – widescreen.

I want to see why I should fork out money for the HD DVDs coming out.

As it stands the new effects aren’t selling me on the new DVDS. No offense to CBS D – but everything that should have been fixed wasn’t. And a number of things that *were* fixed weren’t up to snuff. Don’t get me wrong, some of the new fx are really cool. But others have been less than stellar. So, I can’t see myself dishing out nearly two bills for new effects. I have to be sold on the viewing quality, which could be done by broadcasting these TOSR on HD NET at a reasonable hour. Think of it as promo for the new movie too.

End Side Note.

151. Captain JTK - August 14, 2007

Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Shatner, a few weeks back (or was it months) talk about the complications of Old Kirk interacting with his younger self? That tells me he knew something of the story Abrams is planning to tell. I’m guessing Shatner knew the entire plot and started leaking too much information and then was told to shut his mouth.

Of course, in typical Shatner fashion, he went too far and has now created this whole story about how he’s NOT in the movie when he knew darn well from the start that he is. It’s like he got his hand slapped and tried to do a 180. I think he’s in it and the rest is a load of crap.

152. Formerly Todd Ramsay, but I edited my name, hastily, to meet a firm release date. - August 14, 2007

Of course he’s in it. And of course it is a big joke. And it is really funny. I hope they keep it up until the screen goes dark on premiere night. Shatner should raise the stakes to actually call for a boycott of the premiere. Get a thousand protesters in the streets. He should walk into the theater with a big sandwich board that says “Will Kirk for Food”, and walk out of the theater with a new sandwich board that says “You were punked, Kirk lives” on the front, and “I’m BACK baby” on the back.

153. Shatner_Fan_2000 - August 14, 2007

#143 Sleeper Agent X … “Funny how different people can look at the same thing and perceive it differently, eh?”

You mean the right way and the wrong way? :) Like I said, 1 guy went to “pro-Shatner extremes” in this thread. By contrast, 5 people posted nasty, unconstructive personal attacks against the Shat, and 1 of those bashers even got banned! So if you’re going to complain about the “extremism” of the Shatner fans here, I’m going to need to see more proof. Don’t wish to belabor the point, I’m just asking for facts to back up the claims.

Back to the topic at hand – I totally agree with #138 Viking. A guest shot on a little-watched tv show is one thing (and it would’ve been a lousy role anyway, not the real Kirk). I don’t believe Shatner would really allow money to keep him out of this movie. He’s smart enough to know this might be his last shot at such a high profile movie appearance. There are factors at work here that we’re just not privy to yet. But in the end, I feel that he will appear in some capacity.

154. trektacular - August 14, 2007

I hope Patrick Stewart shows instead

155. Andy Patterson - August 14, 2007

144. Captain Robert April – August 14, 2007

To paraphrase Strother Martin in “Cool Hand Luke”, what we may have here is failure to communicate.

Ha……….that’s funny.

156. Bobby - August 14, 2007

NIMOY RULES!!! The most original character and the one with the most longevity.

Live long and prosper, Leonard…you were the most talented and creative of the bunch!

157. Charles Trotter - August 14, 2007

Interesting indeed, but it’s most likely a mistake or, as Anthony said, something taken out of context. Not that the idea of Shatner holding out until he gets the salary he wants is so far-fetched – he does have quite a bit of an ego, after all. (But you’re still my hero, Bill!)

That said, I still think it’s possible Shatner’s already been signed up and they’re waiting until the have younger Kirk cast until they announce it. The writers stated before Comic-Con that the script is pretty much locked, so I think he’s either in the script or he isn’t.

I kind of find it hard to believe that the writers completed a script that included Spock but excluded Kirk unless Kirk’s absence was detrimental to the story. I’m sure they knew that would cause a bit of controversy, so if he isn’t there, I’m sure it’s for a very good reason. I wouldn’t want them to alter a good story just to include Shatner unless it made the story even better, and they have stated that will be the only reason such a change is made.

Or maybe Shatner does have the role and he keeps forgetting he does. Maybe the Mad Cow’s setting in. :-P

158. Andy Patterson - August 14, 2007


As I’ve said……….I’ve thought about running into Shatner for years and saying it to him. Probably isn’t going to happen though. I think he’s heard it all by now anyway though.

159. Greg2600 - August 14, 2007

I’d like to post directly on the subject of this article as written. Shatner is not perpetrating a hoax.

1. I checked out that UK link, which was written by someone who hasn’t followed this very closely.

2. The consensus is that Mr. Leopold was misquoted.

As for the insuing argument, which I thankfully missed while watching clips of the late Phil Rizzuto all night…..

1. Anthony, I think you are going to need a more secure message board and close to full time moderators in order to “clean things up.”

2. The people being labeled BBKers have likely had nothing to do with the actual BBK campaign. It was a well ochestrated, honest, intelligent, and civil movement directed at Paramount. It primarily involved mailing letters and flyers to Paramount executives. They have never resorted to the gutter, and have always been well received at conventions. I think it’s unfair to blast all who are pulling for Shatner’s return in a lump.

3. I agree the repeat posting has to stop. I enjoy reading people’s musings and ideas pertaining to the movie, but the Shatner or Else on both sides is detracting from the discussion.

160. Driver - August 14, 2007

Actually the line goes “Wut we got here is …failure to communicate.” The “Wut” is important linguistic ledger domain central to the character.

161. VOODOO - August 14, 2007

It seems we don’t know who the bad guy (not that there really is a bad guy) is in this whole scenario anymore.

If Shatner is trying to hold them hostage (which I wouldn’t doubt) they should move on w/out him.

If (and it’s a big if at this point) Shatner is holding out over money (I’m sure they aren’t offering $10 per hour) it’s a real slap in the face to his fans and fans of Kirk.

I’m not against anyone making as much $ as they can, but how much is enough? This could be one of the final times he has a chance to do really important work in a major motion picture.

If trying to find a spot for him is the trouble all they need to do is pull him out of the loophole (I mean the nexus)

As Xai said weeks ago “we don’t know the facts yet” so I for one will not be pointing fingers just yet.

I also hope that Shatner still ends up in the film as Kirk.

162. VulcanBabe - August 14, 2007

They most certainly should not move on without him. But I do agree this is most likely a conspiracy…how hard can it be to include the great Shatner in the script? Of course, there’s still the matter of him dying in Generations….but surely Hollywood writers can think of something?
Personally, I think it would be a great joke if it turned out this was a hoax, but then again I have a good sense of humor. Shatner is indeed a great spokesperson, and giving us hell and worry about his inclusion in the film is actually quite funny. However, let’s not accuse the innocent yet…we don’t know anything..,

163. Queefer Bukkake - August 14, 2007

Lighen up guys! It’ll all be sorted out. There’s always rumors, this was bound to be a big one. Casting Kirk, and casting Shatner again, are the biggest rumor fodder in SciFi right now. It was bound to happen, duh! Personally, I hope they can get Shat in the movie but not for some crappy cameo. He must actually have something to do. As long as it’s not rock climbing or cavorting around with Spock’s heretofore unknown half brother.

And Voyager the Movie? Please. I’d rather swallow a mile of barbed wire and pull it out through my butt. What the hell would they do, spend the whole movie on the holodeck? That’s what they did in the series. Except when the Borg were having sleepovers.

164. Jim J (Denny Crane!) - August 14, 2007

1. If Shatner is holding out for money, well, I think that would be understandable (to a certain extent) since he’s now an Emmy winner.

2. If Shatner is onboard already and this is all a deception and Paramount is using websites like and others, frankly, I say WHO CARES? No offense Anthony, but I think it would be refreshing to walk into a film that blows everyone away because they faked us all out. Berman probably couldn’t have even kept his wife’s bra size secret on the set when he was in charge. It might be poetic justice for the new clan to fake us ALL out.

3. If THE SHAT is back, hooray, I’m going. If THE SHAT is not back, boo, that’s a shame but I’m still going to the movie.

4. Frankly, reflecting back is great and would be wonderful, but my hope is that this movie will generate a whole new enthusiasm for Star Trek and the original characters. THAT is what I’m wanting.

165. VOODOO - August 14, 2007


All problems (Shatner’s role + his contract) will be ironed out shortly if they haven’t all ready been behind the scenes.

The day the young Kirk (whoever that may be)is introduced at a press conference, J.J. Abrams will turn to the audience and say something to the effect of “I almost forgot this guy is in the movie too”

And out will stroll Shatner (ST music blaring in the background) to thunderous applause + fanfare. Shatner will say something to the effect of “I wanted to be in the film because I think J.J. is a genius and the man for the job..blah,blah,blah,

The mainstream media will pick up on the story in a big way, and these boards will light up like they never have before. Star Trek will be back in business on a grand scale.

People on this board (including myself) will have nothing to talk about until 12/25/08.

Three things to remember

1/ Shatner wants to be in the film (on record as saying he wants in)

2/ J.J. Abrams wants him to be in the film (on record as saying he wants Shatner)

3/ Paramount (according to this story) wants Shatner to be in this film.

See a trend? 2+2 still equals 4.

It’s been my experience that if two parties really want a deal to get done. In the end the deal gets done. That’s how business works.

You know the old saying. “Where there is smoke there is fire” there is plenty of smoke around Shatner these days.

I’d be shocked at this point if Shatner was not in this film.

166. toddk - August 14, 2007

please don’t ban me, I am not trolling and kirk is my all time favorite hero. It is just that shatner is said to be somewhat difficult to please. I get this feeling that in 20 years, fans will still demand to see shatner in the 15th star trek film or else.

167. Sleeper Agent X - August 14, 2007

Re 153:

Ah, so we’ve got a BBKist denier!

There’s plenty of evidence of the BBK extremists across the various threads, ShatFan, if you care to look beyond just this current one. But if you haven’t noticed evidence of them before now, you probably won’t choose to see it anywhere else, either.

168. Sleeper Agent X - August 14, 2007

Oh, and by the way, ShatFan, regarding the poster who got banned–he posts pro-Shat stuff as often as he pokes fun at him, as far as I can tell. I’d hardly call that guy a Shatner hater!

169. Jan - August 15, 2007

Hey, let’s collect money from all the fans, so they can pay Shatner’s fee ;-) ;-)

170. trektacular - August 15, 2007

Screw Shatner if its all about his fee, what bullshit!

171. GizDD - August 15, 2007

If it’s a “joke” i’d say fair play to them. Fans are going to see the film regardless but this whole shatner thing is getting mainstream press which means more people hearing about the new movie and the more people hear about it the bigger chance there is they’ll go see it (be they fans whove drifted away or a new generation of fans who’ve maybe only seen enterprise)
regardless the bigger the box office (and dvd) takings the more chance we have of a new series.

172. The Wild Man of Borneo - August 15, 2007


173. montreal paul - August 15, 2007

I do hope Bill Shatner will be in the movie. I find the dynamic between him and Mr. Nimoy as Kirk and Spock to be incredible. It WOULD make the movie. But if he isn’t in it… I will still see the movie. I am a huge Trek fan… of any series. I think JJ will do an amazing job with this movie bringing Star Trek back to it’s roots. I will reserve judgement on the movie and the actors until I actually SEE the movie. My only wish is that it is written and acted well.

174. StillKirok - August 15, 2007

#167– Extremists? Don’t you think that label is a bit ridiculous? Please cite examples of extremist activity on the part of anyone who wants Kirk back.

And as was put by another poster, the actual Bring Back Kirk campaign has been mostly letter writing, word of mouth, and of course, the trailer. I’ve never seen anyone from there advocating trolling.

The trolling I’ve seen has been more on the Shatner bashing side. Not that ALL people are bashing Shatner. Don’t get me wrong. There are some people that simply don’t have the super passion to have Shatner back in the fold. Not everyone who doesn’t feel that way should be labeled a Shatner basher.

But earlier in this thread, I cited several examples of attacks on Shatner.

So if people are going to attack people for being “BBK extremists,” I would challenge to use a post # as a specific example like I did earlier.

OR, in light of that, let’s get back to a healthy conversation without labeling.

The bottom line is that it’s absolutely just as unfair to attack people who want Kirk back for that opinion as it is to attack people who don’t want Kirk back.

It’s a two sided coin.

175. JC - August 15, 2007

I hope this isn’t going to be a trekkie movie.

176. KHAN - August 15, 2007


177. Sleeper Agent X - August 15, 2007

Re 174:

An example of extremist behavior by BBKers? Very well.

I would consider repeatedly calling the screenwriters of Trek XI liars an example of extremism.

178. Ivory - August 15, 2007

Voodoo : #165

I think your post is right on the money.

With both parties on record as saying they want the same thing doesn’t it only make sense that it will happen?

179. Etha Williams - August 15, 2007

#178: Not if one of the parties wants something else more than they both want the thing in question. Wanting something isn’t enough; you must want it *enough* that it will win over any competing desires.

(And on a less “logical” note, we all know that having is often not so pleasing a thing as wanting. Perhaps it would be worth bearing that in mind in this case…)

180. Cervantes - August 15, 2007

Enough with the intrigue already… I hope we will get a definitive yes or no on this soon from the respected parties, as this aspect alone is turning into a bad Movie itself now…

181. StillKirok - August 15, 2007

#177–When within the same week, a writer/producer makes a comment that turns out to be patently false, anger is natural. That’s not extremist. That’s a normal reaction.

The sequence of events paraphrasing:

The producers addressed the Post article directly, saying that they would love to have Shatner in the film.

The same week Shatner confirms he is not in the script. Not in the movie.

So yes, the feeling of betrayal is natural, not extremist.

The lack of a response FROM the producers on such a big story added fuel to the fire.

I’m one of the people who called the producers liars. Since then, I absolutely backed off from that. Things have changed since that incident. Abrams actually made a comment–something that would have avoided the reactions a lot better than silence.

Being upset at a story like that is not extremist.

182. its Harry Kim again baby! - August 15, 2007

Garret Wang for Captain Harry Kim…set aboard USS Voyager…


Star Trek – Voyager (yeah thats it just the series title)

directed by Roxann Dawson.

I want it …and you do too.

183. StillKirok - August 15, 2007

#182, I wouldn’t be shocked if you really WERE Garrett Wang :D

184. Robert April - August 15, 2007

177. Sleeper Agent X

When I see posts calling the producers liars I cringe. As I am sure many other readers here do, especially given the fact the Bad Robot people view this site.

We could all be more Vulcan like and try to keep our emotions in check.

“Spock, the retraining of your mind has been in the Vulcan way, so you
may not understand feelings. But as my son you have them. They will

185. Robert April - August 15, 2007

No need to reply StillKirok. :)

186. Pizza Hotdog - August 15, 2007

#185 Thank you, my sentiments exactly. I wish people would keep their posts to the topic of each thread rather than turning it into a bring back Shatner/Kirk campaign. It gets rather boring after a while.

498 dtst

187. KS Trekker - August 15, 2007

I think people are getting WAAYYYY too worked up over this. Again, it’s still Trek, even if Kirk isn’t there! Probably Shatner is trying to get all the Trekkies to fight with each other, just so that th film crew will work him in to appease them. It’s all a ploy!

If he’s in it, fine. If he isn’t, I’ll still be in line on 12/25/08.

188. StillKirok - August 15, 2007

While I have never met William Shatner, I think it’s safe to say that there is no master plan on his part to get Trek fans to fight with each other.

I don’t agree that it’s still Trek without Kirk. Star Trek for me has not been right since Generations. It’s one thing to do a show without the character, but it’s quite another to kill that character off–especially with the venom in which it was done.

There’s a reason this movie is centering around the original crew and being called Star Trek.

But this is the last, best chance to finally restore the franchise by correcting the worst mistake in its 40 plus year history.

As of now, I am hopeful that the indirect quote is true and that the studio is now involved.

I am hopeful that Abrams will live up to his promise at ComicCon. If he “deserately wants Shatner,” that would involve contacting him. According to Shatner, that has not happened as of Sunday.

Hope is alive at this point, and that’s the important thing to take from all of this.

189. Kobayashi Maru - August 15, 2007

Okay, I’ve been reviewing all the quotes again, including what I recall from Shatner’s appearance at the convention in Secaucus, last Fall, and I think I’ve broken the code.
Indeed, Nimoy, Shatner, et al. are having fun with us, and the hook is caught and they just keep letting line out and reel it back in.
I believe it is primarily a story where older Spock is on some sort of covert temporal house cleaning. He slightly influences events and sets the timeline in a direction where, at the end of the story, Kirk either blows off the Enterprise B dedication or is prevented from falling off the Veridian III span, thus “not letting him die” (Nimoy’s words).
We don’t see older Kirk through much of the film, but at the moment of truth, Spock is there to keep him with us.
Just a theory, but I’ve never seen so much playfulness involved with not being in a film.
Something is up.
“I don’t believe in the no-win scenario.”- JTK STII:TWOK

190. Ben - August 15, 2007

“remember not too long ago Shatner didn’t appear on Star Trek Enterprise because of his salary demands”

Where is this offically reported? It was mentioned that he wasn’t interested in Berman’s pitch for Shatner playing the Chef.

Get your facts straight.

Too bad if you can’t handle the studio playing around with shatner been in the film or not.

191. snake - August 15, 2007

Enough on Shatner – Whos hoping that MEGAN FOX will turn up in ST?

She was in Transformers after all…

Dye her hair blond and have her as Rand yes? or as Kirks love interest….or just some woman damnit!

192. THEETrekMaster - August 15, 2007


He doesn’t need the money. I am sure he’s making tons on Boston Legal. But if he is asking for more money to do Trek, I can’t say I blame him. He’s an emmy award winner and they really need HIM more than he needs Star Trek right now.

Let’s be honest.

193. THEETrekMaster - August 15, 2007

I think they should do a Voyager movie (Made for TV).

Here’s my premise: It’s ten years after the crew has returned to Earth. The Voyager is about to be decommissioned and moved to the Memory Alpha Starship Museum. BUT — the ship is now in spacedock in Earth orbit as Janeway hosts a ten year reunion of the crew.

The crew is on the bridge of the Voyager amidst Federation papparazzi. Everyone is having drinks, laughing and recalling the “old days”. Tom Paris recalls the time he was transformed into a salamander for exceeding the “warp barrier”.

Suddenly, Fleet Admiral Janeway receives an emergency message from Starfleet! There is an emergency near Cestus III region as a Gorn armada has seized several solar systems and taken the captain of the Cestus III baseball team hostage and the Gorn threaten to turn him into a lizard unless the Gorn demands are met within three hours!

Only the Voyager and a couple other starships are capable of reaching Cestus III in time to prevent the ghastly transformation of the baseball captain into a reptillian terror. Tom quips “I feel the poor guy’s pain. I was a salamander. Lizards are related to salamanders.”

Janeway orders the paparazzi off the ship and proceeds to set course for Cestus III along with the USS Prometheus and the USS Ticonderoga — yet she tells Tuvok she senses a trap…her spider sense is tingling.

Tuvok concurs but says only the Voyager can investigate and it’s Janeways first and best destiny to save the Cestian baseball captain.

The trio of ships later reaches Cestus III and is ambushed! The Ticonderoga sustains heavy damage. It’s hull is ripped open by Gorn energy weapons and it’s crew is sucked out by explosive decompression!

Tuvok annouces “Captain! There is a vessel of immense size approaching at warp 6 — this ship has an enormous maw which is sucking space debris like some great “snair” in space! It is being escorted by Gorn marauder-class ships!” Janeway orders “FIRE PHASERS!!”. The Voyager destroys one of the escort ships but is jolted as it is pulled into the great maw!

The Prometheus is also pulled toward the Gorn snair but crashes against it’s hull.

Voyager is inside. Screen goes black.

The ship reemerges in space. Janeway breathes a sigh of relief. “Are we out? Did the fleet destroy the Gorn ship?”

Tuvok holds his head, looking grim — “Admiral, sensors indicate we are no longer in our own galaxy. There is no frame of reference for where we are.”

B’lanna scowls and says “You have got to be F-ing kidding me!!!” The crew stands around looking at each other as the camera pulls back through the ceiling of the bridge set.

Fade out.

End credits.

194. I'm Harry Kim....and you love me. - August 15, 2007

193 not bad… it should be like Star Trek TMP – really grand with a huge huge budget – preferably someone like Cameron or Spielberg directing…with GARETT WANG as the newly promoted Captain of Voyager…

Why do you think ST: V lasted the whole 7 years eh? Cause people LOVED it. and loved Harry Kim..7 of 9..Janeway etc..they loved it.

Trek fans have been CRYING OUT for a Voyager movie since the show ended and there was talk of the new movie being with Voyager…

NOW is the time! – Scrap this silly reboot or whatever it is with Abrams..BRING BACK BERMAN and make Voyager The Movie

195. Shatner_Fan_2000 - August 15, 2007

167. Sleeper Agent X … “There’s plenty of evidence of the BBK extremists across the various threads, ShatFan, if you care to look beyond just this current one.”

But they’re far outnumbered by more balanced individuals such as myself, who aren’t making any demands or threats; people who are ready to give the new movie a chance, and are even excited about it, Shatner or not. And there is also a very vocal anti-Shatner group. It’s unfair to say Shatner extremists are ruining the site, when so many different views are being expressed. I pointed out a 5-to-1 anti-Shatner advantage earlier in this thread. That proves my point. Anyway, enough of that. You’ve stated that you too would enjoy seeing Shatner in the movie, so I consider you to have a similar view to my own.

186. Pizza Hotdog … “I wish people would keep their posts to the topic of each thread rather than turning it into a bring back Shatner/Kirk campaign.”

This IS a “Will Shatner return?” thread. And if the topic comes up in other threads too, it’s because it’s something many people obviously want, plain and simple.

196. THEETrekMaster - August 15, 2007

In the sequel, the Voyager crew settles on the first class M planet they find and open up a resort for travelling aliens.

197. THEETrekMaster - August 15, 2007

#194, I hope it happens for ya Harry! Will you guys commission me to write the script? LOL!!! They could do this as made for TV if nothing else. Or direct to video like the Babylon 5 Lost Stories or whatever…

198. www.Harry - August 15, 2007

i have to say however that a Voyager movie would only work if GARETT WANG was the star.

199. THEETrekMaster - August 15, 2007

Garett would be the star of any Voyager script I write. Absolutely!

200. Harry Kim loves you. - August 15, 2007

then by all means please write the script and give it to Rick Berman so this movie can be made! (with Garret Wang as the star)

201. Charles Trotter (Chuck Amuck) - August 15, 2007

184 It’s not really about calling them liars… it’s about calling them showmen. :-P

Oh… two hundred and FIRST!

202. Charles Trotter (Chuck Amuck) - August 15, 2007

184 Er… nevermind, I thought you were replying to something else. Excuse me while I crawl back under my bed…

203. DJT - August 15, 2007


::spits up coffee:::

204. DJT - August 15, 2007


::spits up coffee:::

205. Charles Trotter (Chuck Amuck) - August 15, 2007

You know, it’s been assumed that the call Shatner is waiting for is word that they’ve found a way to put him in the film, and based on this report, it’s been suggested that he’s waiting for the call offering him more money. But has anyone thought to consider that maybe “the call” he’s waiting for is word that his young counterpart has been cast? It’s unlikely, yes… but possible. It’s just as possible that he’s not waiting for a call at all. Everything’s all set, they’re just waiting for the right time to announce it.

Personally, I don’t see the need to speculate like this and I certainly don’t see the need to argue whether or not Shatner will be in the film. You can demand it and make all the threats you want, but let’s face it, you’re just wasting your time. This movie is going to be made the way the creative team wants it made — the way they feel is best, not only for the movie, but for the fans, for the cast and crew, for the studio, and for the franchise. If that means Shatner won’t be appearing, then we’ll just have to deal with it.

That said, I agree with #7 — let’s wait until more facts are known before we jump to conclusions. For all we know, that paragraph in the Leopold interview was a simple error made by a writer who got his facts screwed up. In fact, that is a very high possibility. So I really don’t see any reason to get all worked up about this. But, I’m sure I’m just wasting my time telling you all that and you’ll carry on precisely as you have been doing. That’s fine… just remember, we know nothing about what’s going on between Shatner and Paramount or Shatner and Abrams or Shatner and the producers, so try not to jump to any definitive conclusions.

Oh, and Mr. Kim… give it up, lad. I’m pretty sure we’ve seen the last of Voyager for quite some time. Sad (depending on who you ask) but true.

Ok, I’m done… carry one.

206. montreal paul - August 15, 2007

Looking ahead to the future Trek films… I would love to see a movie take place in the mirror universe. Not like they did on DS9… but more along the lines of Shatner’s book or like Enterprise. I loved the TOS “Mirror, Mirror” and ENT’s “In A Mirror, Darkly 1&2″ It was an interesting vision and would allow the writers and Director to break “canon.” It’s an interesting idea that, I’m sorry to say, will never come to light.

207. StillKirok - August 15, 2007

The mirror universe would be very tough to pull off in a movie. It’s much more doable on TV. Just the nature of the explanations alone would be tough to deal with.

208. montreal paul - August 15, 2007

#207 StillKirok …. true enough… maybe a series of TV movies??

209. Charles Trotter (Chuck Amuck) - August 15, 2007

#95 I love that policy. Long overdue, methinks. ;)

210. TomBot2007 - August 15, 2007

This stuff is giving me a headache. This isn’t fun. I just want it to be over already… and I feel really retarded for not figuring out what BBKers meant right off the bat. :-( At this point, I would love to have Shat in, but I’m severly tempted to tune out for awhile until this part of the pre-show is over. I want more details on the script, the art direction, possible music scoring, etc. Oh, yeah, and then there will be the circus around who is being cast as Young Kirk… omigod. ~:-| *woozle*

211. doubleofive - August 15, 2007

Harry, I love Voyager more than the next person (judging by the general consensus on this site), but Voyager got home. How many of the crew would honestly hang around together on the same ship?

Voyager would be instantly taken to the Smithsonian or taken apart by the Corps of Engineers to see all of the changes that Torres and 7 of 9 added, and everyone would have gone their separate ways. Janeway is obviously an admiral now, and nearly everyone else on the ship technically aren’t Federation citizens (Maqui, Borg, hologram, etc), so they would have to stand trial or become reinstated in Starfleet or studied. Even if the ship was still in service, the crew would be radically different.

I’m afraid a Voyager movie would be more like a “where are they now” special than a movie that the general public would be interested in. Maybe made for TV or DVD, but not a feature film.

212. Crusade2267 - August 15, 2007


Agreed. I care much more about the new cast, the plot, the ship. Nimoy is enough for me from the old cast, and anyone else is gravy.

213. Charles Trotter (Chuck Amuck) - August 15, 2007

#127/128 Magic al & Thomas

If Shatner’s weight is a problem, they could just keep most of his body in the shadow, like they with Brando in Apocalypse Now. The horror….

#142 New Horizon: Thanks, you saved me from having to explain that…. again. ;)

#151 Captain JTK: That’s a distinct possibility. Bad Shatner! J.J. not like!!!

214. Sean - August 15, 2007


But I thought Garrett was too busy making stuff like ‘Of Gods And Men’? Oh, and that ‘Pinata’ movie on the Sci-Fi Channel. How could he possibly fit a movie into that grueling schedule! He should just sit back and wait for the Oscar nominations to come pouring in.

215. Dennis Bailey - August 15, 2007

#159: ” The people being labeled BBKers have likely had nothing to do with the actual BBK campaign. It was a well ochestrated, honest, intelligent, and civil movement directed at Paramount. It primarily involved mailing letters and flyers to Paramount executives.”

All probably more or less true.

216. StillKirok - August 15, 2007

#208–if there’s a demand. We don’t know when there will be a next series. Depending on the success of this film, maybe it will be a TOS series with yet another set of actors. Or an animated series with Kirk and crew.

I always thought another well run animated series would be great. Plus, you could keep the original actors around for as long as they want to do the roles.

Best part is, if they didn’t want to be involved, you could use the new movie cast.

The key would be the stories that could be done, which would be MUCH better today than in 1974. Compare the Batman/Superman/Justice League series’ to their counterparts in the 60s and 70s.

But I also would be in favor of a series involving the launching of the NCC-1701, under the command of Capt. April, as was shown in the Diane Carey books. George Kirk would be chief of security and/or first officer. The father of the legend.

Prequels normally make me groan, but Enterprise was not a prequel done right.

The idea wasn’t bad. The execution was terrible.

There are so many possibilities.

They could also set an animated series in between the TV show and the movies, and that would enable them to do sequels of various episodes like Mirror, Mirror.

217. snake - August 15, 2007

Actually i’m just fooling – I’m Harry Kim – just changed my username for a laugh…and to diffuse some of this Shatmania…

NO ONE on gods earth would want a Voyager movie (except maybe Garret Wang)

218. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - August 15, 2007

218 comments. If Shatner comments were nickels I’d have $10.90

219. Sleeper Agent X - August 15, 2007

re 195:

Shame on you, ShatFan. I already mentioned just looking at this thread may not be representative. Also, that 5:1 count is done by yourself, and with a name like “ShatnerFan” you may have a bit of a bias. And one last time–there is hardly anything approaching hatred of Shatner here. I agree with Anthony on that.

But you’re right, enough about that! Let’s move on.

220. Xai (The Search for a New Subject) - August 15, 2007

IS all the BBK/BBS crap done now? Sleeper, StillKirok and all the rest of you… can we please call it off for awhile? One guy went extreme and there have been comments both ways on several threads. We all know that and it doesn’t need to be continually defined.
I am not the comment police, but dam, this is old. If this is going to be a constant feature of the boards, none of you are doing a favor to the site owner because this will drive people away.

221. Sleeper Agent X - August 15, 2007

Well, I for one am willing to do just that, Xai! Believe me, I don’t take joy in this subject. So I’ll hold off making any more comments about this on this thread, at least.

222. Ivory - August 15, 2007


This is a story about Shatner’s return.

I could understand if this topic had nothing to do with the man,but Shatner and his return are the topics of this discussion.

223. StillKirok - August 15, 2007

Xai–it’s a Shatner thread. I don’t see the need for the hostility. People in favor of Shatner’s return have every right to express their opinions.

Above this thread there is another story about Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe. It has nothing to do with Shatner.

If a pro or anti-Shatner post were made, you would be right on the money trying to complain.

And let’s face it, you are also adding to the hostility by referring to BBK/BBS stuff as crap.

It’s not crap. There are a significant number of people that want to see Shatner return. I don’t even know which one guy went extreme.

If someone could flag the post number, I’m curious.

But some people make it sound like only the pro-Shatner people are doing anything wrong. No one was able to point to a specific post that was inflamatory. If you can, please do. The reverse is not true.

The one thing I’m tired of is people making it sound like there is a faction of militant pro-Kirk people that go around attacking at will.

That’s not happening. Again, there are far more attacks against people that are pro-Shatner or against Shatner himself.

But either way, talking about Shatner returning is absolutely on topic in this thread.

If you don’t like that, then click on a non-Shatner related topic. If you find a Shatner discussion breaking out, then I’m sure Anthony will step in. It’s a legit beef there.

224. Charles Trotter (Chuck Amuck) - August 15, 2007

#217: I wouldn’t mind a Voyager TV movie. :(

225. Woulfe - August 15, 2007

220 replies ?

Oy vey.

I just want a good Star Trek movie.

I don’t care if Shatner is there or not.

– W –
* Hopeing For A Good STar Trek Movie *

226. Sean - August 15, 2007


Yeah, I was pretty much teasing. I figured you were as well. That, or you were totally insane.

227. Etha Williams - August 15, 2007

#222/#223 Being about Shatner, of course it makes sense for this thread to be predominately a discussion about Shatner’s role in the movie. What gets tiring isn’t the subject in and of itself but the fact that it has degenerated to a point where most of the comments — on both sides — are repeating themselves in increasingly extreme manners, flaming other people, or otherwise not contributing to an interesting, forward-moving discussion. There’s a difference between a discussion and a shouting match, and I think this thread is tending towards the latter.

228. star trackie - August 15, 2007

I’m as bored with the “Shat should be in it!” /”Shat is too old!” debate as well, but this really IS the thread for it. I actually welcome the fact that now there is a thread that actually appropriate for discussing it.. Maybe now the subject won’t infiltrate every thread that comes up. (but don’t count on it!)

229. Xai (The Search for a New Subject) - August 15, 2007

#227 Etha….. exactly.

I don’t see where arguing over who made “extreme” remarks is discussing Shatner. That’s just protecting “turf” against another poster whos opinion will not be shifted anyway. I don’t agree with anyone taking any extreme stance or personal attacks, regardless of their opinion.
Maybe there’d be less BS if they were left uncommented on? And keeping count on “bad posts” is silly.
I am not pointing at anyone on either side of the opinion, just saying that this is old and apparently others think that as well.
I like seeing new names on the boards and I’d like to see them contribute and not be potentially scared off by flaming, etc.

230. toddk - August 15, 2007

worst mistake the franchise ever made?….ENTERPRISE!..except mirror darkly and first flight…there i said it, dont i feel better now?

231. StillKirok - August 15, 2007

Killing Kirk made Enterprise look like genius.

232. VulcanBabe - August 15, 2007

Agreed, # 227. In light of your statements, let’s start a civil conversation.
What are the negative/positive aspects of leaving Shatner out or letting him in? I believe he’s going to be in it, but let’s just analyze the situation a tad…
anyone like to comment?

233. Shatner_Fan_2000 - August 15, 2007

Take it away, StillKirok … let the positives roll! :)

234. Captain Daz - August 15, 2007

This is my first ever post!

William Shatner as Captain Kirk IS Star Trek – as is Leonard Nimoy as Spock – everything else pales in comparision (but still fab).

A TOS remake without cameos from the main men will break this 34 year old’s heart!

Nuff said!!

235. VulcanBabe - August 15, 2007

I seriously agree, Captain Daz! I can just imagine…Star Trek XI opening with Shatner and Nimoy. ^_^ It brings tears to my eyes…I can picture the cheering, yelling, shouting…we love them both. There can’t be a transition to new actors without at least some scenes with the old, much appreciated actors of the 60s. That’s my positive contribution, lol. It’s definitely going to attract more viewers if Shatner is back in.
I can’t help it…
I watch TOS now and cry, thinking….is it really over for Shatner?

236. Shatner_Fan_2000 - August 15, 2007

236 … “I watch TOS now and cry, thinking….is it really over for Shatner?”

VulcanBabe, the flipside to that is to watch TOS and think about how awesome it is that we have not yet seen the final appearance of Nimoy as Spock. And hopefully Shatner as Kirk. Seriously, watching the 40 year old episodes and thinking that my 2 favorite fictional heroes might both be coming back Christmas 2008 gives me chills! If someone had told me such a thing 5 years ago, it would’ve seemed impossible to me. Now we are on the verge of it!

237. VOODOO - August 15, 2007

I think tptb understand at this point that there is a passionate fan base out there that wants Shatner to return as Kirk.

As I stated in another (#165) post. If Shatner truly wants in and Abrams truly wants him. They will get it done one way or the other.

This site will explode if/when it is made official that Shatner is back.

238. StillKirok - August 15, 2007

#237–it would be the biggest thing to happen to Trek since they announced TMP.

239. Sleeper Agent X - August 15, 2007

Re 229:

“Maybe there’d be less BS if they were left uncommented on?”

Now on that I respectfully disagree with you, Xai. I think it’s clear that there are certain parties who have a never-ending well of disrespect towards other people’s opinions here, and that if given free rein they’ll just indulge in their worst tendencies to ever greater degrees.

If “ignore them, and they’ll go away” really worked, I’d be the first to endorse it. That doesn’t mean I don’t admire your attempts to make this a more civil board–and I do agree it’s good for all parties to step back and take a breath every now and then.

Maybe once we have a forum things’ll be easier on everybody?

240. THX-1138 - August 15, 2007

Holy Crap!

Just hold on a cotton pickin’ minute! Are all you folks sayin’ that William Shatner aint in this here movie? Well I’ll be hog-tied and double dipped!!
What sorta’ Star Track movin’ pikcher are they a-plannin’ to make, ya’ figure?

I can’t wait to have a forum, either. It’s the first thing I read when my subscription comes in the mail.

241. Camaro 09 - August 15, 2007

No offense to Xai or Sleeper Agent (I don’t always agree with you guys but I respect your well thought out opinions) but why do you care so much if people go on about bringing Kirk back?

I agree some people tend to make every story into a Shatner story,but in this case it is a Shatner topic.

If ever they were going to beat a dead horse this is the story to do it in.

242. Camaro 09 - August 15, 2007

Still Kirok + Voodoo

I agree, it would be the biggest moment in Star Trek since TPM.

Imagine what a mad house it would be like around here if Shatner really is brought back as Captain Kirk.

It would be like when the Red Sox won the World Series. Just for that reason alone I hope he is brought back.

Still Kirok would be the happiest man on the planet.

243. Captain JTK - August 15, 2007

#213 Chuck Amuck: Ok…this is the link to the clip I was talking about. It’s from back in February. Notice how Shatner starts talking about what appear to be key details about the film, but then backs off and starts acting like he knows nothing at all. Very suspicious behavior to me.

244. Xai - August 15, 2007

#241 Camaro, thanks for being civil.
First, others won’t agree, because they think I am dead-set against seeing Shatner come back… and that’s not the truth. As I’ve said many times before, I will go to the movie, Shat or no Shat.
My point on this thread is that we have a few posters on both sides of the fence that seem to continually bait the other side. Or who keep score on how many insults to their particular viewpoint has been subjected to. It’s not discussion or debate at that point, it’s petty bickering and I feel it’s belongs at the other Trek sites and not here. I’ve become very fond of this place and in my opinion it’s become the gold standard for Trek information. I don’t want to see it tarnished.
People can go on and on about a comeback for Shatner, or tell us why they don’t think he should come back, but it shouldn’t be personal. Trashing anyone here, from Shatner to the writers to another poster, should be taboo. There’s a diference between debate and disrespect. I am NOT saying everyone does this, nor am I trying to control anyone’s freedom to express their thoughts. I am just asking for civility.

I’ve said my piece and someone else can have this dam soapbox. Thank you for your time and consideration.

245. Xai - August 15, 2007

#239 SleeperX

I believe that not every comment needs a response. Some people say things to get a reaction. The reaction is like gasoline on a flame. Sometimes reacting just fuels the fire.

Thanks for the other compliments paid.

246. Sleeper Agent X - August 15, 2007

Re 241:

Hi Camaro,

Since this is a Shatner thread, I don’t mind if people talk about their genuine enthusiasm for Shatner–if it’s done respectfully.

I’d go into further detail about what kinds of problems I do have with the actions on the part of some BBKers, but I did say I would try to limit my discussion on that topic in this thread.

Re 244:

And Xai, I do have a great amount of respect for you. But there does seem to be an extra element of huffiness in many of your posts lately, and a bit of the high horse. That doesn’t support your campaign for greater civility. :(

247. Xai - August 15, 2007

#246 Sleeper X
Sorry you feel that way…

248. Sleeper Agent X - August 15, 2007

Re 247:

Have a nice day, Xai!

249. Camaro 09 - August 15, 2007

Xai + Sleeper Agent:

I hear what you are saying.

I agree that there is no need for anyone to insult anyone else.

I am in the BBK camp, but I’d also like to think we are all die hard Star Trek fans who just want to see Star Trek back on top again.

Please don’t mistake my last comments as any type of insult. I always enjoy your posts.

Any passionate Star Trek fan is ok in my book.

250. THX-1138 - August 15, 2007

Group hug.

251. Charles Trotter (Chuck Amuck) - August 15, 2007

#243 Captain JTK

I do remember that, and I kind of agree, it is a little suspicious. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens, though… hopefully this will all be sorted out soon… but not TOO soon. This is generating quite a bit of buzz, after all. :P

252. Etha Williams - August 15, 2007

I honestly could see great things coming from either angle. While I enjoy the Nioy/Shatner dynamic, I also think that Nimoy alone might actually bring out the character of Kirk *more* by his reflection on Kirk’s absence — and at the same time provide great insights into the character of Spock as well.

On the other hand, as others have mentioned, it would be great to have them both there to “pass the torch,” especially if future tv episodes/movies with this cast are being planned (honestly, for the moment I’m hoping they aren’t planning any, but we’ll see how it pans out).

I guess I’m just a lot less concerned about which option TPTB chose and much more concerned about how they handle the choice that they do make. Because while I can see both choices making a great movie, I can also see plenty of ways in which either one could become a disaster.

253. Katie - August 15, 2007

I don’t care who’s trying to convince who…I just know the way Captain Kirk died in the Generations movie was horrible.I mean buried under rocks?That’s just sad…maybe they could bring him back from the nexus some magic way,since part of him still exists there(Guinan said so!).Personally the fact that Kirk never saw Spock before he died just upset me.

254. Josh T. ( The wrath of Shatners all-powerful toupee and gut) Kirk Esquire - August 15, 2007

Spock owes Kirk his life, I haven’t seen anyone address that yet.

Kirk sacrificed his son, his ship, and his career for Spock, and Spock was absolutely loyal to Kirk. It has been a tremendously missed oppurtunity all of these years that Spock would not do the right thing and at least entertain the notion of somehow “saving” Kirk.

Me personally? I don’t think Spock could live with himself without in some way trying to save Kirk.

Remember what Kirk said, “If I hadn’t tried, the cost would have been my soul.”

Does anyone honestly think Spock feels any differently?

255. Fireoftime - August 16, 2007

You can have your cake and eat it to in Star Trek!

Since we’ll have both old and young Spock, I have to believe that the plot will be old Spock (Nimoy) telling the story of young Spock. We could see multiple flashbacks.

And, you can have Shatner in it, and still leave Kirk dead in Generations. With a little makeup Shatner (with all the face lifts) doesn’t look all that different than he did in 94. In fact he did a Directtv commercial recently reprising a scene from 91’s Undiscovered Country, and he didn’t look that different.

What could be done, is to have a Kirk cameo. They could show Kirk and Spock together the day BEFORE the Enterprise B left on it’s inaugural voyage, where Kirk was “killed” by the Nexus ribbon.

In other words, in this movie, we could see Kirk and Spock’s first meeting. And their last…

256. Fireoftime - August 16, 2007

I have to agree though that Kirk’s death in generation was without doubt the dumbest “last stand” kind of death for a long running fiction character ever.

Who would’ve thought piss poor construction would be what done in Captain Kirk!

If the Kingons had only known this, they could’ve just loosened a few screws in the captains chair years years earlier….and , Wobble, BAM! no more Kirk.

257. StillKirok - August 16, 2007

#242–let’s clarify. I would be thrilled to death if Kirk comes back, as would many others. However, the Red Sox winning the World Series? I’d rather see a movie based on Voyager.

258. VulcanBabe - August 16, 2007

“If the Kingons had only known this, they could’ve just loosened a few screws in the captains chair years years earlier….and , Wobble, BAM! no more Kirk.”

Now that would be one of the best fictional deaths ever! ^_^
Though I think Tasha Yar’s was the worst…random and pointless. But I agree #255, I would LOVE to see the first meeting between the two. My excited slash fan self is very curious of their beginnings.

259. THEETrekMaster - August 16, 2007

I didn’t think Yar’s death was that bad.

Skin of Evil is a very UNDERRATED episode; written by the GREAT Joseph Stefano (The creator of the Original Outer Limits). People focus on the “tar slick” alien, but the story was good…creepy…

As for Yar’s death: Not everyone gets a “hero’s death”. So, it seemed somewhat realistic to me. And, I thought the end of the episode with the memorial service and Data’s moment was one of the best character moments in the series.

260. bob flanders - August 16, 2007

I have wondered for a while if maybe .. just maybe… The Shat wil appear with no warning. I like it. Keep us guessing.

If there’s a book, I read it. If there’s a spoiler, I find it. I would love to be surprised to find out he’s in the move, and not know it unti l see it in December, 2008.

261. snake - August 16, 2007

I had a dream the other night that I was watching Trek in the cinema in 2008…in it William Shatner circa Star Trek III in the red uniform with the thick black curly hair appears – only he dosnt look quite right – I’m guessing what they did was use Shatner of today and CGI’ed him to look 20 years younger (like they did with Patrick Stewart and McKellan for the start of Xmen 3) but it WAS Shatner as Kirk…and it was like watching some never before seen footage from Trek II or III…

no joke – it was really weird..actually it was the night b4 the comic con stuff with Nimoy & Quinto being annouced etc…

anyone wants to know more about my dream ask away….

262. Etha Williams - August 16, 2007

#254 — I definitely see where you’re coming from…on the other hand, I’m not sure if I want to see this movie turn into a sequel to the travesty that was Generations; the idea of it being a “fresh start” has started to grow on me.

#255 — I really like that idea. I think it would do a great job bridging the two eras of TOS and might bring some kind of closure regarding what exactly was going on for Spock just prior to and just after Kirk’s two “deaths” (on Enterprise B and on Veridian III) without focusing too much on Generations.

263. Fireoftime - August 17, 2007

This movie COULD be really, really good. The Idea of having two historic characters shown in the full circle of life (especially with Trek’s long history) could elevate this film beyond just another “space” movie.

The Old Spock, remembering what was and what might have been, or could have been. His human half exposing him to regrets and second guesses.
Young Kirk could be the ‘hero’ with the story still focusing on Spock by showing Kirk and others through Spock’s eyes.
And there is always something profoundly more haunting about watching characters develop when you already know what will become of them. Seeing old Kirk and Spock converse right before Kirk sets off on the maiden voyage of Enterprise B could be a truly stirring cinematic moment.
Seeing the young Kirk and Spock at the last scene of the film, victorious and looking towards an endless future juxtaposed against the old Spock, tired, weary and even remorseful at the loss of friends and the passage of time, well, it could be great.

The movie also needs an Obi-wan type of character. An old and wise person, through who’s instructions and teachings to Kirk and Spock, will give us greater insight into the how’s and why’s of who they are. And whos death could provide the emotional and dramatic drive of the film. Young Kirk mastering, and learning the limitations of his ego in seeking revenge/justice. Young Spock beginning the struggle between his human and vulcan sides, and acceptance of both’s strengths and weaknesses.

264. Earthgirl in Atlanta - August 18, 2007

OMG, it is SO nice to come to a Trek site and see positive comments on the new movie for a change. It does seem the torch has been officially passed and that we have a talented new crew as the torchbearers. (BTW, I too am a Lostie!)

After having lurked on a number of Trek blogs, boards, newsgroups, etc. and seeing so many negative comments about STXI, I’m reminded of a little native-Atlantan joke I heard recently and have adapted for the negative Trekkies:

Q: How many Trekkies does it take to change a light bulb?

A: Three: One to change the bulb, and the other two to talk about how great the old one was and to b**** about how much the new one is going to suck.

Y’all live long and prosper, y’heah?

PS: Anthony, you’re doing a fantastic job with this site! LOVE IT!

265. NotBob - August 18, 2007

I think that the quote from Stratton Leopold does not indicate that Shatner is holding out.

He said, “and studio executives still hope to convince William Shatner to suit up as Captain Kirk one more time.”

He may have meant that Studio executives want a way to get Mr. Shatner into the film because it would be one more component to introducing new actors while retaining the old ones.

By the comments by Abrams, etc. that they are trying to figure out a way to have Shatner in it without hurting the story may suggest that Nimoy is slated to play Spock in a much later time. Maybe some time period after Kirk was killed off. And what a dumb way to kill off a character. Kirk had gotten out of more dangerous situations than the one he was in, but it seems that the later writers of Star Trek never really understood that if you are going to kill off a key character, let in go down in glory. Case in point, Trip Tucker’s lame death.

But I digress. Anyways, maybe Spock right now is in the script and he is like 200 years old, or so. Maybe even dying and reflects on the old days and this is how we the audience–old and new alike–are reintroduced to the young crew of the 2260s?

This is all just specualtion. What I do know is that Lord Garth Formerly of Izar is right. The new Flash Gordon is terrible. How could they screw up something so obvious. Flash Gordon should have been done more like the Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, or even the fun camy Hercules shows, in my opinion.

266. Robby - August 24, 2007

I agree with NotBob; it would be a good idea to see spock after kirk´s dead; as a vulcan he can live more than 200 years (as spock´s father was; meeting picard). Maybe he visits his “grave” or wants to bring his body home to earth, an this travel, or the following real burrying ceremony, he reflects how all began.

BUT shatner can be back as kirk – without destroying the story.
In one scene in the nexus, Whoopy appears and tells picard why she is still here (and on the enterprise): a shadow of the person, that was in the nexus, remains in it: So, a shadow of kirk ist still alive! But only in the nexus… whatever, a little hope for a rebirth of kirk remains. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.