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Cruise & Crowe Rumors Find New Life In Brit Tabloids August 15, 2007

by Charles Trotter , Filed under: Rumor,ST09 Cast , trackback

And now for something not completely different. Last week’s Tom Cruise as Pike and Russell Crowe as a villain Star Trek rumors rippled across the world and are now rippling back from British tabloids. This past week, the Daily Star ran a story claiming that Tom Cruise had actually ‘signed on’ to make a cameo as Captain Pike in the new film, even though that very same rumor was denied a week earlier. According to the tabloid’s supposed ‘source,’ “Star Trek was the start of the huge sci-fi craze and Tom is fascinated by all of it.” More recently, it appears that the Daily Express has received word from yet another ‘insider’ that Crowe “is definitely considering [director/producer] J.J. Abrams’ offer.” The insider also claims that Crowe “was always a ‘Star Trek’ fan as a kid, which is a big bonus.” Of course once the rumors got upgraded by the Brit tabloids they then got picked up by other news outlets (examples: here, here, and here).

A familiar pattern
This ‘second wave’ of rumors from the UK is becoming familiar. There appears to be a pattern ofBritish tabloids taking internet rumors as their own and claiming theyreceived the “tip” from “an inside source.” This was the case when the Daily Star picked up the first rumor regarding Cruise’s involvement in Star Trek and expanded it to state that he would be playing Spock. Of course when they don’t have internet rumors to report sometimes they create their own. It should come as no surprise that Daily Star is the tabloid responsible for the “Robbie Williams as Kirk rumor” published a few weeks back (and debunked soon after). It should also come as no surprise that both the Daily Star and Daily Express are published by the same company, Express Newspapers. So, naturally, it’s probably best to take these latest Cruise and Crowe stories with a gigantic grain of salt… or to not take them at all.

Regardless it does show that this film is creating a lot of buzz. 


1. Driver - August 15, 2007

Bloody Brits are at it again!

2. snake - August 15, 2007

Good – it builds hype for the movie….

The only other film series they go crazy with is Bond..wild speculation well in advance..

3. oddballuk - August 15, 2007

I think been a brit and read the star that it will cause some real good buzz for the film.

even my mum who hates all things Star Trek is wanting to see it

4. JC - August 15, 2007

How did Pike get injured? if He preceded Kirk that could be a plot twist that put Kirk in charge.Maybe that’ll be in the movie.Maybe we’ll see Cruise as Pike in that spooky chair thing in coming attractions-My prediction.

5. montreal paul - August 15, 2007

I agree with snake… it builds hype for the movie. Having main stream actors in rumours about Trek, makes non traditional fans interested as well. Rumours about the movie are great.. but I am dying for some real announcements!

6. snake - August 15, 2007


Last time i remember the British press speculating and publishing rumours about a Trek movie was Star Trek VI where they said Spock would get married..Kirk becomes an ‘intergalatic monk’ and Bones dies (which i remember thinking at the time was obviously BS as he was alive in the TNG pilot)…i remember one paper even did one of those caricature drawing of them like that (might have been the Daily Star)…plus there was always pleanty of hype, rumours and speculation for the previous 5 films too…

I really dont recall any hype/rumours etc at all for the TNG films in the British press (which was odd considering the main star was English).

7. Barney - August 15, 2007

Very little, if anything, in the UK tabloids is true or based on fact. They have lazy hack journos who spend 30 mins surfing the next for stories, spend 15 minutes writing them up, email them to a sub editor and then sod off to the pub or the golf course for the rest of the day.

These tabloids are a disgrace and a shame to our country.

Still, at least it is, as folk have said, creating some buzz around the movie. Silver lining and all that…

8. snake - August 15, 2007

…re 6 – actually there may have been abit for Generations and FC but bugger all for the last 2..

But theres been nothing like whats happening with this one though…with big names being thrown around way in advance etc…guess its this net based media hungry instant access environment world we now live in….But more so the fact that this new movie is really starting to intrigue people with the big names speculation..Nimoy returning…Abrams directing..recasting the original roles etc..

9. JC - August 15, 2007

Sombody needs to do a photo recreation of Cruise as Pike in that chair for fun.

10. Anthony Pascale - August 15, 2007

I just wanted to thank Chuck for joining the family. I do find this brit tabloid thing strange. Basically they see a big celeb name and want to run it, but they dont like citing other sources so the internet source always magically becomes ‘hollywood insiders’ and of course magically more info comes to light….as if the Daily Star has better sources than Variety and the Hollywood Reporter (who you would think would have got a whiff of Cruise actually signing a deal)

I still think there is a possibility that the cruise rumor is true….or at least that Abrams has considered it. They are friends and Cruise is HUGE and they want HUGE. There are a billion little things that can get in the way of it actually happening, and I am certain that the Daily Star is not place to get the best inside info on what is happening at Bad Robot or with Tom Cruise.

But the problem is that there is this strange ripple effect. First the tabloids run their version of the internet version….then WENN (the entertainment wire that will run anything with a celeb name in it) then it starts getting picked up by real news papers and then it almost looks like it is true. You end up with the story on hundreds of outlets all around the world and yet it starts with just one report on the net.

11. snake - August 15, 2007

re 9 – well here he is as Spock for the time being…

12. Jon - August 15, 2007

Same paper that said Robbie Williams would be Kirk, what twaddle!

13. jon1701 - August 15, 2007

I remember the Kirk becomes a Monk story from back in ’91.

Good times.

The papers print shit in Britain. Often there is a kernel of truth, but only a very slight one. They can take a “Robbie Williams likes Star Trek” story and turn it into a full page spread on how he is playing Capt Kirk. They seem to be akin to your National Enquirer type magazines except that THE SUN (the biggest culprit) is the biggest selling newspaper in the UK.

I mean, I buy The Sun, but it is total crap. It does have good sport articles (although I’m not even sure they are true).

Pay it no mind.

14. Kenny Posey - August 15, 2007

re -11 Snake thats funny…although the ears may be a little small

15. Dennis Bailey - August 15, 2007

My only comment: love the Photoshop in the support chair. I steals it for an avatar. :)

16. JC - August 15, 2007

Re# 9 .That was fast!

17. snake - August 15, 2007

LOL – that pic of Cruise in the chair made me fall out of mine!

18. CmdrR. - August 15, 2007

If Tom does get the role can we still put him in that chair??

19. CmdrR. - August 15, 2007

oops… if he doesn’t get the roll

20. DavidJ - August 15, 2007

No offense, but I really don’t think these kind of ridiculous tabloid rumors are worth reporting here.

Of course, if it gets us away from another endless Shatner thread, maybe it isnt so bad……

21. last o' the timelords - August 15, 2007

C’mon lets start a new rumour for the Brit tabloids just to see if they’re reading

“I heard that Scotty will be played by Nicholas Cage. I understand they are in final negotiations! Apparently he is Scottish on his great-grandmother’s side”

Yeah, that’s the ticket! Pass it on.

22. Scott Gammans - August 15, 2007

That Cruise as Pike picture is just too damn scary. Mommy!

23. snake - August 15, 2007

Heres an e.g of the british press and how they run with stuff from the net…Today there was a story in the Daily Express about Roger Moore suddenly confessing to guilt over Elvis death as it has emerged that the last film Elvis saw at the cinema was The Spy Who Loved Me in 1977…Roger Moore apparently quipped something along the lines of ‘I hope it wasnt a contributing factor…’

anyway searched the net and here is where the Express got it from – a Q&A with Roger Moore to his fans on his site from a week or so ago

24. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - August 15, 2007

I love that chair, it made an apperance in South Park this year.

25. Anthony Pascale - August 15, 2007

glad you guys like my 2 minute photoshop

anyway David J…the reason we are reporting this is because if you go to google news and search for ‘star trek’ you will see dozens of stories from all accross the world…all citing the brit tabloids. I have got numerous ‘tips’ to the tipline about ‘tom cruise signing’ etc. The above is for context to this. We are not reporting the tabloid stories as truth but putting them into their proper context. Also making the point about what kind of buzz this film is getting

But there are 20 stories on the front page….you do not have to read them all…it is not a requirement

26. Charles Trotter (Chuck Amuck) - August 15, 2007

I agree that the tabloids can help build hype for the movie… but there is some hype I think we can do without. (Robbie Williams, anybody?)

#10 Anthony: No problem, glad to be here, lol! I agree, this whole thing is strange, but it appears to sell papers – and I’m sure there are people gullable enough to believe some of the stuff. Taking unverified rumors and claiming them as their own seems to be what their good at – and if they can’t do that, they just invent the crap (again… Robbie Williams, anybody? :D)

I am also sure that Abrams has at least considered having Cruise in the movie. Personally, though, while I have nothing personal against Cruise – the little couch-hopping alien that he is – I would rather not see an actor that big in this movie. I think it would just throw the movie off; people will be focused on the performer, not the performance or the plot. So I think it’s good that his rumor has thus far been denied.

One more thing – I am loving that pic. I couldn’t stop laughing for a whole minute. Remember, Tom — it’s one beep for yes, two for no!

27. DavidJ - August 15, 2007

Must… read… all… stories….

28. Etha Williams - August 15, 2007

I can’t decide which I find funnier: the photoshop or the VI rumor that “Spock would get married..Kirk becomes an ‘intergalatic monk’ and Bones dies” (Although actually, after V, those plot points might have actually sounded almost plausible.).

29. Oceanhopper - August 15, 2007

I look forward to next Monday’s headline in the Daily express:

The Express is the laughing stock of the country for printing every Monday, without fail, a “new” consipracy theory that Princess Di was actually killed by: the Government /the Royal family/M.I.5/Biker Mice from Mars.
You could scarcely find a less credible source.

(Besides, how could “sofa-bouncing” Cruise handle a role described as “too cerebral”?!)

In fact, while I’m at it, for our American friends, here is a quick guide to the British tabloid press:

The Sun – Bare-breasted girls on Page 3. News coverage always biased to common prejudices. Rabidly despises anything to do with foreigners.

The Star – Bare-breasted girls on Page 3 and usually a few other pages too. Prints little news aside from speculation about who in the Big Brother house is likely to shag who else. Dislikes foreigners.

The Daily Sport – Bare Breasted and behinded girls on pretty much every page – except the sports ones at the back, because it’s rather difficult to interweave them among pictures from the football. Hates foreigners, (unless they are female and naked).

The Daily Mail – Despises foreigners, other races, people from North of 52 degrees latitude, gays, liberals, the BBC and single mothers with venom, for they are all the root of all crime. Also feels house prices are too high.
Would never dream of having bare-breasted girls in its pages, and denies angrily that breasts even exist.

The Daily Express – Obsessed with Diana. Every other page is a picture and conspiracy theory. The only known instance of a newspaper experiencing obsessive compulsive syndrome.

The Mirror – Not keen on foreigners, unless they live in Hollywood and have done something out-RAY-geous.
Also likes stories about violent crime, preferably by teenagers wearing hooded sweatshirts. Also likes pretty much everything the government does.

As you can see, we have a healthy and well-rounded media that between it covers all possible opinions!

30. Charles Trotter (Chuck Amuck) - August 15, 2007

#29 I always knew those Martian Biker Mice were up to no good… this proves it!

31. Robert April - August 15, 2007

Word has it that Tom Cruise and John Travolta will both be in the movie as it will be a Battlefield Earth/Star Trek crossover based on a long lost L.Ron Hubbard draft script.

Battlefield Trek! Yeah!

32. Sean - August 15, 2007


If memory serves, Pike was injured many years after giving up command. Kirk even recalled Pike handing over the keys to the ship (at the time not being injured). It seemed to come as a surprise years later when he found out he’d been injured in a training accident.

Of course that’s how it happened in the series, who is to say Abrams can’t take some artistic license and switch a few things around? Wouldn’t bother me.

33. cruise hater - August 15, 2007

maybe cruis will jump up and down on mccoys table..i hope hes not cast he is not star trek material

34. Mazzer - August 15, 2007

Oceanhopper: I’m guessing you’re a “foreigner”, based on your descriptions of the tabloids :-)

35. jon1701 - August 15, 2007

29 #

Nail on head folks.

Nothing in our papers but knockers and scandal.

I have never, ever belived any Star Trek rumour in the tabloids.


36. KennyB - August 15, 2007

#4 — After a long tour as Enterprise captain (11 years, four months and five days of which were spent with junior science officer Spock as a loyal member of his crew), Pike is severely injured while rescuing several cadets from a baffle plate rupture onboard a J-class training vessel, the delta ray radiation leaving him mute, badly scarred, and confined to a wheelchair

37. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - August 15, 2007

beep beep

38. Bryan - August 15, 2007

The manip accompanying this story is great. If nothing else comes out of the Cruise rumor, it will have been worth it for this picture alone.

39. Pizza Hotdog - August 15, 2007

#29 Oceanhopper. Cheers! Well done!

Almost makes me want to move to the UK just to read your newspapers!
Seems you guys get all the scoops about everything, and right now Trek is the in thing. :)

Cruise and Crowe. With all the rumors, I suppose we’re all doing one and will eventually be eating the other.

If JJ wants to attract the main stream ticket buyers, I suppose he’s going at it the right way. I just hope the aftermentioned ‘actors’ don’t take too much in the way of artistic license without doing some homework on what Star Trek is all about.

40. Giuseppe - August 15, 2007

#29 – that was soooo funny… too bad it’s true

41. DJT - August 15, 2007

“beep beep”


42. Ralph F - August 15, 2007

#32, happens I just watched MENAGERIE today; Kirk, when asked by the Commodore at the Starbase if he’s met Pike, Kirk replied something like “once, when he was promoted to Fleet Admiral” but there was no mention of a “handing over the keys” sequence.

Though that could be a great way to start the new flick. Or at least be a teaser trailer. (I personally would love a teaser trailer, or a series of teaser trailers, that aren’t actually part of the film, but lead up to it. McCoy getting his transfer orders, Scotty finding out he’s transferring to a Starship, etc., all little one-to-three minute vignettes leading up to the big show.)

43. Oceanhopper - August 15, 2007

#34 – Nope, I’m British actually. :-)
I just hate the way they pander to old prejudices. The Germans are particular targets, and of course the French.
Europe, quite rightly, tends to ignore it and in response accidentally forgets to invite Britain to their parties. ;-)

Anyway, if they really want to find a role for Cruise, I suggest:
– victim of transporter accident
– redshirt on planet of the torso-eating jellyfish
– stunt-man who falls off 2km cliff
– One of those gold-skinned aliens in Fez hats from Journey to Babel
– Continental Breakfast for Salt Vampire from M-113

44. Robert April - August 15, 2007

Don’t know if this has been thrown out there yet but how about Keanu Reeves as Pike?

45. Boldone - August 15, 2007

New to your site. When I was a young fella, TOS came on the air for the first time. My older brothers were both in Nam. TOS became my “great escape” from worring ’bout them constantly. And, of course, became a big fan.

Just wanted to tell y’all how much I enjoy your site Anthony & Co. I’ve learned a great deal just by reading the comments over the past few days. Not only Trek info, but other fascinating stuff as well ( i.e. #29’s post on Brit Tabloids). Hilarious!

46. Cygnus-X1 - August 15, 2007


I really don’t care for that guy.

Give a talented, lesser known actor the job. Crowe has his two Oscars and jobs and money to last a lifetime. Another job would stress him out, and, increase the likelihood of him taking his anger out on an another unwary employee.

And, then, there are his less than coherent, annoyingly self-righteous speeches to worry about, as well as the possibility of him injecting his annoying “views” into the content of the film.

Russell Crowe and Star Trek don’t go together.

47. Robert April - August 15, 2007

Kevin Costner as a bad guy might be cool as well.

48. Xai - August 15, 2007

#47 Robert April

The Enterprise voyages to Waterworld

49. Heywood Jablome - August 15, 2007

That photoshop of cruise in the pike wheelchair knocked me out of my seat! I laughed so goddamn hard I was crying! Charles if you’re responsible for that picture, thank you for giving me the best laugh I’ve had all week! Brilliant!

50. THX-1138 - August 15, 2007

Call me biased, but I’m sticking with Timmy. At least that get’s me some much needed attention.

Hugh Jackman as Scotty.

Sean Connery as Robert April.

John Cleese as Robert April.

The ghost of Ernest Borgnine as the Gorn.

Rosie O’Donnell as the creatures from Murasaki (or whatever it was called) in “The Galileo 7″ episode.

Paris Hilton as the salt vampire for obvious reasons.

Rumor startin’ is fun!

51. Sam Belil - August 15, 2007

I’m sorry Tom Cruise/Russel Crowe rumors (in my opinion) are NOT needed to help build hype for this movie, simply it has a hype all of its own. I’m quite surprised that any TOS fan would feel that these rumors are needed to build hype. At its absolute BEST, TOS was about fantastic story telling (especially seasons 1-2). TWOK (again), was a about great storytelling NOT star-power. The ST franchise was never about star-power, nor should it ever be. Tom Cruise as Pike is such a terrible idea or thought! Certainly not getting me excited!!!!

52. The Realist - August 15, 2007

I thinkg Crowe would make a good villain.

Now on to some not serious ideas.

Crowe as Villain chucking communicators around on Risa.
Cruise jumping up and down on the ships lounge.
Paris Hilton as zombie number six.
Brittany Spear as……..your guess is as good as mine

53. DavidJ - August 15, 2007

My only concern with getting a big star for the villain or some other part, is that the studio and director would feel OBLIGATED to give that star a bigger and juicier role, at the expense of the other characters. We’ve seen this happen in other movies, and I’d rather it didn’t happen here.

54. The Realist - August 15, 2007

Hot of the Press!

Elvis has signed on to play a Horta!!!!!!!

55. Captain Pike - August 15, 2007

NO KILL I – Thank Ya Very Much, uh huh.

56. Robert April - August 15, 2007

#52 “Brittany Spear as……..your guess is as good as mine”

Of course there would be the obligatory “parting shot” of Brittany getting out of a shuttle craft…Federation paparazzi snapping holopics and all.

57. Robert April - August 15, 2007

48. Xai – August 15, 2007

I like Costner but as I sit here recalling the first half of WaterWorld (I fell asleep and never saw the end) it now causes me to retract my statement.


Although a three hour long Trek movie would be OK by me!

58. The Realist - August 15, 2007

56. Robert April – August 15, 2007 – Costume’s for Brittany would be easy and cheap!

55. Captain Pike – August 15, 2007 – “Viva las Horta, Viva, Viva Las Horta!!!!!!!….” nah does not work.

59. RDL - August 15, 2007

Crowe as the villain could work…superb actor.
Willem DeFoe as the villain?

Tom Cruise as Pike? No.
William Petersen (CSI) as Pike?
Liev Schreiber as Pike?

60. Drone #192056114 - August 15, 2007

As a longtime Trekkie, I don’t want to see Tom Cruise’s face anywhere near Star Trek.

61. Chris M - August 15, 2007

I’m a huge fan of Crowe as an actor and having someome of his calibre would really give this movie some cred! unfortuanately Cruise as Pike would have the opposite effect.

Crowe: YES!!!
Cruise: Noooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

62. Guy Fleegman - August 15, 2007

Looking at the above pic of Cruise. It occurs to me that he would make an excellent bobble-head. Hey, the merchandise starts here!

Seriously though, I think the particular pic of him is funny. But what’s funnier is the fact that his head is like seventeen times the size of his body! (well, from the shoulders up)

I like the idea of the fans starting rumors. Perhaps, Will Smith as Pike!
or better yet Jim Carrey!

I can see it now….Captain, The Klingons are baring down on us the Romulans are hot on their tails. And a salt vampire is loose on board ship. What should we do!

Pike rises. turns away from the camera. bends over. And begins barking orders out of his arse!

Sorry, the following was brought to you by an overly tired individual with his head in the gutter. (hey, at least it’s not a shatner comment.)

63. THX-1138 - August 15, 2007

Here’s one:

Billy Boyd as Finnegan.

64. last o' the timelords - August 15, 2007


Good rumor as Ernest Borgnine is in excellent health.

65. Dave - August 15, 2007

When I saw that picture of Tom Cruise in the chair I just nearly wet my pants in laughter.

66. Crusade2267 - August 15, 2007

Tom Cruise should be a redshirt.

67. Sean - August 15, 2007


I watched it again and you’re right of course. I think I’m confusing a novel or just a notion I had in my head with what actually happened. Then again, it seems likely that when Pike was promoted to Fleet Admiral that he’d no longer be in command of an individual ship, thus turning it over to Kirk. Of course, that’s total speculation but I think that’s how it was playing out in my head.

Still, Kirk didn’t seem to know about Pike’s injuries – or at least the extent of them – until ‘The Menagerie’. In other words, it didn’t seem to be Pike’s injury that led to Kirk commanding, as #4 was suggesting. But again, if JJ rewrites it to be so it won’t ruffle my feathers.

68. Zebecraphy - August 15, 2007

ditto #60!!!!
He’ll ruin it for everybody!

69. TrekNerd - August 15, 2007

Pike’s injury occurred just prior to The Menagerie, well after Kirk took command of the Enterprise.

If Pike had been injured just as Kirk took command, or his injury was the reason for Kirk’s command, Spock and the Talosions wouldn’t have waited until halfway through the first season to help Pike — The Menagerie would have taken place during Kirk’s first mission as Enterprise captain.

70. TrekNerd - August 15, 2007

Cruise in the Pike chair — priceless.

71. Xplodin' Nacelle - August 15, 2007

They should enboss the word “Maverick” on the back of the chair, as an in joke.


“I feel the need.” “The need for NO speed.”

72. Xai - August 15, 2007

What was it that Hitch called that?…. The PikeMobile™?

73. THX-1138 - August 15, 2007

No way.

He sure looked dead to me.

74. Frank - August 15, 2007

I hope that’s a highchair that Tom is in.

75. Brent Enloe - August 15, 2007

IMO, the more buzz, the better… Star Trek has been dead movie wise, and it needs some fresh gossip to get it through the word of mouth to the rest of the world.

76. trektacular - August 15, 2007

‘Jonathan Frakes will play great grandfather Captain Riker who turns on the Federation and takes on Kirk’, this sounds awesome!

77. Woulfe - August 15, 2007

John Frakes as Shat-ner’s Hairpiece !

– W –
* Smirks *

78. Etha Williams - August 15, 2007

Honestly, big-name film stars don’t work for me with Star Trek. Maybe it’s just because I’m used to seeing people like Kirsty Alley [Saavik; Cheers], Stephen Collins and Catherine Hicks (Will Decker and Gillian Taylor; Seventh Heaven), Kim Catrell (Valeris; Sex and the City), Iman (Martia; of supermodel fame), Persis Khambatta (Ilia; of Miss India fame), and…well, I could go on and on, but that’s hardly the point. I like the fact that Trek tends to avoid using big name stars. Big name stars demand big name $$$ and big name ego treatment, and that can get in the way of the movie.

79. Charles Trotter (Chuck Amuck) - August 15, 2007

#49 Heywood Jablome

LOL! I wish I could take credit, but the Cruise as Pike image is the brilliant work of Anthony. And I agree, it is hilarious — I still find myself chuckling over it, even when I’m not looking at it. It’s just great. :)

80. Charles Trotter (Chuck Amuck) - August 15, 2007

#53 David J

I agree. For example, in the original set of Batman films (Batman, Batman Returns, etc.), the villain — always portrayed by actors (Nicholson, De Vito, Carrey, Scwarzenegger) who were arguably more famous than the actors playing Batman (Keating, Kilmer, Clooney) — stole the show, basically making it seem that the movie was more about them than Batman. Although the first film handled the balance reasonably well, it got worse in later films (especially Batman Forever, with the over-the-top performances by Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones). I definitely don’t want to see that happen in Trek — but then again, with Abrams at the reins, I don’t think there’s much of a chance of that happening.

81. Heywood Jablome - August 15, 2007

I am still cracking up at that friggin picture!!!

82. Stanky McFibberich - August 15, 2007

What a bunch of crap.

83. Jan - August 15, 2007

when it cames to publicity to those people all of them are “biggest trek fan” “my childhood heroes” “blaa blaaa blaaaaaa” they disgust me!
I really looking forward for this movie but somehow it brought some tears my eyes when i see how trek is now “raped” by the media… I know that all is about money but… arent they stretching it to much?

btw. i love this site!! :-) greetings from germany to all.

84. snake - August 16, 2007

26 – Would Cruise as Pike (or whoever) throw the movie off though? I mean what about Batman Begins…all the stars in that or Brando in superman…

I think despite his fall out with Paramount there might be a good chanch Cruise may appear due to his connection with Abrams…

After all Cruise likes his Sci Fi…(Minority , WOTW, Vanilla Sky, Scientology) and if he wants in Abrams might not be able to resist having such a big star in his movie…

85. Charles Trotter (Chuck Amuck) - August 16, 2007

#84 – None of the cast members are as big a celebrity as Cruise (although they are better actors, particularly Caine, Freeman, and Oldman). As for Brando, he didn’t really have the celebrity stigma that Cruise has (couch-hopping, Katie Holmes, scientology, Cocktail), plus, let’s face it — Brando could do anything. ;)

If Cruise appears in the movie, fine. I would just prefer he didn’t. Like I said before, nothing against Cruise – he’s a good actor and makes good movies – but I just think he would do more harm than good for Star Trek.

I would also prefer it if someone as big as Crowe stayed out of the movie, although I won’t mind as much if he’s cast. I can actually see him in a Trek film without throwing off the movie. Still, given his schedule, it’s unlikely he’ll be in the film.

86. Charles Trotter (Chuck Amuck) - August 16, 2007

Addendum for my previous post (#85), when I said “None of the cast members are as big a celebrity as Cruise,” I was speaking of the cast members of Batman Begins. For those who didn’t catch that… Okay, carry on.

87. Holo J - August 16, 2007

According to this link its a done deal…

I rather cruise wasnt in this film but as (Post 84) Snake points out

“Cruise likes his Sci Fi…(Minority , Vanilla Sky, Scientology and if he wants in Abrams might not be able to resist having such a big star in his movie”

He has made some entertaining movies in the past but I am just not a big fan and I would rather someone a little more interesting got the part of pike. As someone else has suggested on here before Ray Liotta could be a good choice even if he is a little too old for the part.

88. Cervantes ( living under a glorious Scottish sky... ) - August 16, 2007

Thankfully, I can confirm that ‘The Daily Star’ in U.K. has zero editorial credibility…so rest easy… ;)

89. snake - August 16, 2007

I’d like to see Jim Caviezal as Pike…work it out ;)

90. Anthony Pascale - August 16, 2007

Holo J.

I think you missed the point of this article. Did you fully read the Digital Spy story. Here is the key part “A source told the Daily Star: “Star Trek was the start of the huge sci-fi craze and Tom is fascinated by all of it.””

The digital spy is using the brit tabloid as their ‘source’ And it appears that the Star is just repeating the rumor and adding their own spin to it

This is the whole point of this article. The brit tabloids do this over and over again. They take a net rumor and repackage it with their own ‘sources’, but then it gets repeated on what appear more reputable news outlets and suddenly the story seems ‘confirmed’

I am not saying the story is 100% false, but I am certain that the Star does not have a ‘source’ with more info than Variety, the Hollywood Reporter or any of the other real outlets who would know if Tom Cruise had ‘signed’ a deal.

In general it is important when reading any story, not just trek, to see where the source is in the article.

91. snake - August 16, 2007

actually they could save money and get John Barrowman (Dr Who, Torchwood) instead of Cruise…have him crouch down abit and just say its Cruise….he looks virtually the same:

92. snake - August 16, 2007

regarding the whole Cruise thing… I guess it depends on Cruise really…if he’s like a major Trekkie and loves star trek and secretly always wanted to be in it and really wants in on this film I guess he’ll be in it as Pike or some Captain..

all he would do is call Abrams up and say ‘Hello is there a part for me?’ – I dont think theres anyway Abrams would say no as it would help BO…

i don’t know if hes big into Trek or not (cant trust the tabloid rumours )- he’s seems to be certainly into Sci Fi due to his work with Spielberg etc…and his relgion

The only A list star who I think has confessed to being a big Trekkie is Tom Hanks…

93. GraniteTrek - August 16, 2007

#63 Ya know, I was thinking that Finnegan would make a great villian for the movie – Kirks’ first nemesis. If he kills him off, it would explained why he’s so stunned to see him on the shore leave planet, wouldn’t it? And yes, Billy Boyd would be an excellent choice for that role.

94. GraniteTrek - August 16, 2007

Sorry to double post, but someone above mentioned Liev Schreiber as Pike. IMHO he’d be a great Garth as villain, too. Just a thought.

95. Jackson Roykirk - August 16, 2007

Cruise probably is a Sci-Fi fan — remember he did ‘Minority Report’ based loosely on the Philip K. Dick classic story — but I don’t know if he is a Trek fan.

I like the idea of having a big name in a secondary/cameo role, but does it need to be someone as controversial as Cruise? There has got to be other big name actors out there who do not carry the same stigma as the polarizing Tom Cruise.

….Having said all that, and now that I’m thinking about it, Frankly I can’t think of anyone who would be able to get the box office attention that Cruise will garner. And Cruise’s fee would probably be relatively low, since Abrams’ and he are friends. Maybe fans will be able to look past the Cruise weirdness and see him for what he is — a legitamte actor.

But if he starts acting up again — say around November of ’08 — the film may suffer for it. Casting Cruise may have a tremendous upside, but Abrams is flirting with disaster if the fans tap into that equally large downside. Abrams must ask himself if the risk is worth it.

Actually I personally feel it’s quite a shame that Cruise is such a flake…I would otherwise love to see him in this film.

96. Holo J - August 16, 2007

# 90

Hi Anthony

In my enthusiasm to get involved in the conversation I put up the link without thinking.

I get the whole recycled news thing. In fact when I first saw this article a couple of days ago I thought about posting it on here but I didn’t as I guessed it was just that, a twist on old news. But after seeing your new article I just thought I’d post the link as I thought it relevant at the time.

I was aware it was only paper talk and Knowing how the Press this side of the pond can take a net rumor and make it their own perhaps I should have placed a wink after I said “it looks like it’s a done deal”. But like I said I was eager to be involved in the conversation and typed the last post in between Jobs at work, while the boss wasn’t looking :O) (as I am this post as well)

Anyway like I said before I hope it’s not true. I just don’t think I could get my head around Tom Cruise being in a Star Trek Movie especially as Pike or any other well known character; maybe I am just being short sighted?

97. Jackson Roykirk - August 16, 2007

#94, Granite Trek…

Russell Crowe looks like Garth of Izar…same round face, same wavy hair. Although I bet Crowe is 4-6 inches shorter than Steve Ihnat (original Garth).

But I do like Liev Schreiber, and I can see him as Garth. I think Garth would make a great villain for this film. He’s someone with which the average person can identify. Garth would make a more realistic villain than any Klingon, or most other aliens (although I loved Mark Lenard’s Romulan Commander on TOS:BoT, and found him to be a very realistic villain, too. )

98. Allister Gourlay - August 16, 2007

Daily Star is close to the Enquirer!
Trust me… UK tabloids are full of this kind of crap bollocks!

99. RDL - August 16, 2007

I was the one to suggest Liev Schreiber for Pike. Aside from the fact that he is one of the best voice over/narration talents in the business he is also an excellent actor and to me, looks the part. As Garth? I don’t know that Garth is in the movie.

Since we’re playing fantasy casting where money is no object and schedules don’t conflict, I still think William Petersen would be good as Pike too. Age could be a problem, but if Pike is 35ish when he took command of Enterprise, he’d be 46ish when Kirk takes over. That wouldn’t be too far a stretch for Petersen.

Petersen would make a good Robert April if that character is in the script.
That’s where I could see a Tom Hanks too, as April.

Tom Berenger has shown he can play a great heavy. Consider his role in Platoon. And, from the same movie, Willem DeFoe, who I suggested earlier as the villain.

Guy Pearce would be an interesting choice, villain or Pike.

Although the rumor is probably nothing more than tabloid trash, you couldn’t do better than Crowe.

Casting the new Star Trek should be as simple as ABC…Anybody But Cruise.

100. COMPASSIONATE GOD - August 16, 2007

#29: Interesting list of the tabloids, with all of their apparent obsession with xenophobic opinions. They (the “journalists”) must be a miserable group.

Anthony, your pic of the toothy Cruise on Pike’s body had me laughing too hard…its so freaking goofy! If anyone ever produces a “Airplane” version of Trek, I would support Cruise in the role of Pike–appearing just as in your pic, sunglasses and grin!

101. Anthony Pascale - August 16, 2007

I am glad people liked my cruise….i did make his head a bit ‘bobble head’ oversized to add to the comedic touch, but only spent a couple of minutes on it.

I have added a ‘favorite rumor’ poll…right column. What is your favorite rumor?

I didnt include the Damon, Sinise, Brody ones since those are clearly impossible, but the other ones are still out there

102. Andy Patterson - August 16, 2007

Ralph F – August 15, 2007

Though that could be a great way to start the new flick. Or at least be a teaser trailer. (I personally would love a teaser trailer, or a series of teaser trailers, that aren’t actually part of the film, but lead up to it. McCoy getting his transfer orders, Scotty finding out he’s transferring to a Starship, etc., all little one-to-three minute vignettes leading up to the big show.)

I like that idea actually.

103. ALLAN ROSE - August 16, 2007


104. JGG1701 - August 16, 2007

I’d rather see Christain Slater again in Star Trek again before I see Cruise :-(

105. THEETrekMaster - August 16, 2007

I saw Ray Liotta in Wild Hogs last night…I think he still has what it takes to do a decent Pike. Looks like he’s had some cosmetic work and lost some weight…back to near-Goodfellas appearance.

106. Anthony Pascale - August 16, 2007


stop with the all caps….last warning

107. Tim Handrahan - August 16, 2007

George Takei for Adimral Nogura.
Walter Koenig for John Gill
Nichelle Nichols for T’Pau


108. EdDR - August 16, 2007

to #58 realist
A Hunka, Hunka burnin’ Horta

109. EdDR - August 16, 2007

To #4 JC
Pike went from captaincy to instructor at the Academy, and was injured on a training mission. Anti-grav springs could be put on the chair to help it bounce up and down. Maybe the answer lights on the chair
could be fitted to light up G-5, O-39 for Bingo nights at the Rec Hall on the Enterprise.
Sort of brings back some humour into Star Trek. No?

110. EdDR - August 16, 2007

If Pike is in the film, I say Ray Liotta

Paul MacGillion as Scotty
Matt Damon as Kirk
Ben Affleck as Gary Mitchell
Christian Slater as Lee Kelso

Robert April = Tom Hanks
Let’s all make this a celebrity merry-go-round

111. Charles Trotter (Chuck Amuck) - August 17, 2007


Matt Damon as Kirk
Ben Affleck as Gary Mitchell

Noooooooooooooooooooooo! ;) I didn’t think Damon as Kirk was that bad of an idea back when the rumor first began, but now I think it would be a bit much. Like Cruise, Damon could throw off the focus of the movie. And don’t get me started on Affleck…

112. RDL - August 17, 2007

Matt Damon would have been a good choice but he is apparently considered too old for the role. I guess the age range for Kirk in this movie is early to late 20s, so Damon doesn’t get the center seat.

The casting of Kirk is obviously going to be pivotal, a challenge the producers and director absolutely have to get right. An interesting aspect of this…I’m not sure if it makes things harder…is that they aren’t casting for the Kirk fans know. It’s casting an almost-Kirk, a not-quite-Kirk-yet.

113. NotBob - August 18, 2007

If Cruise is in the film, they should make the movie in Germany. That way he won’t be.

But if he must be, he can play himself but younger looking. And he can deny ever having had plastic surgery. He could have braces, yet again, because 200 some odd years is hell on the teeth. He’ll be jumping for joy over the new woman he is married to who is on 250 years younger. He’ll jump up and down on the transporter saying, “weeeeeeeee….I’m in Love….no one should ever see a psychologist because they were started by the Nazis.” Kirk, will yell at Cruise and say he’s insane and must go to he room. Cruise will say, “captain, your glib.” Kirk will say, “kiss my butt, Mr. Cruise.” Cruise will ask, “what is….kiss?” Scotty will transport Cruise into space into sapce. Bones will say, “he’s dead Jim.”

Wait a minute, the Brithish papers really have that much boobage action? The only boobs I see in the newspapers here in the US are the politicians. This is so not fair.

114. Stanky McFibberich - August 19, 2007

If they have to do this recasting, it should be all unknowns…

115. pRiME_bITcHin - August 19, 2007

Its the daily star… It is probably the least reputable paper in the whole of the UK… the people who read it over here dont even believe the crap thats in it. It is not a good example of British journalism. Its a paper that has breasts in it for god sake and half of those are fake aswell! is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.