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Review – New Voyages “World Enough and Time” August 22, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Fan Productions,New Voyages/Phase II,Review , trackback

In the interest of full disclosure I must say that I have never been a fan of the so-called Star Trek fan films. Sure I can give them credit for good effort and they seem like they are a lot of fun to do, but in the end they usually are no more impressive than community theater…and often worse. The efforts of the Star Trek New Voyages team have so far been the shining star of this lot with very impressive production design, sets, costumes and even some stunt casting, but to date they have still fallen short of being something that I could consider a professional production due to too many weak links spoiling otherwise good work. This is why I am happy to say I was pleasantly surprised after watching latest episode "World Enough and Time" starring George Takei. Although it is not without its flaws, this fourth episode from New Voyages is certainly the best Trek fan production ever made and likely the first that could quality as a truly professional production worthy of the name Star Trek.

You know you are in for something big right from the outset as the episode opens with a beautiful shot of the USS Excelsior, cutting to a scene on the bridge of Captain Sulu’s ship first seen in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. This setting with Takei’s Captain Sulu and his trusty sidekick Commander Rand (played by Grace Lee Whitney) is used as the framing device for the episode, where we soon zoom into the mind’s eye of Sulu…back to when he was the helmsman on the USS Enterprise (as portrayed by John Lim). The episode soon jumps into the action involving Romulans and a secret weapon and some explosions and some nasty interdimensional distortions. This forces young Sulu (and a certain Dr. Lisa Chandris ) to have to fly over to a destroyed Romulan ship to get some data only to lose the shuttle and have to be beamed back, but bad things happen and wammo you got yourself a 30 year older leather-clad Sulu standing on the transporter platform looking like something out of Mad Max.

Sulu (Takei) takes on Kirk (James Cawley)

Although this seems like just an excuse to use Takei, the episode is based on a Star Trek Phase II script written by Michael Reaves in the 70s which called for Sulu to be aged by the transporter. The adaptation written by Marc Scott Zicree (who also directed the episode) cleverly uses the interdimensional aging to bring in the character of Sulu’s daughter. Alana Sulu, the product of a union of Hikaru and Lisa Chandris on the planet TCaliban [oops that was a bad typo…sorry], is an excellently drawn character who is played with a subtle charm by the alluring Christina Moses. Both the character and performance fits in the fine tradition of memorable Trek guest characters such as Amanda (Spock’s mother) or even Edith Keeler (who gets a mention in the episode). The only element that didn’t work for me was the hint at some romance between Alana and Captain Kirk, especially after she calls out the Captain for having a different girl on every planet.  However, like with Edith Keeler, getting the audience to both buy into and care about this character is the key to making this episode effective.

Christina Moses as Alana Sulu

It is to George Takei’s credit that he shares the spotlight in this episode, but where George is – he shines. Like with the previous episode "To Serve All My Days" featuring Walter Koenig, Takei truly gets a chance to show his range and give the viewers an in depth look at his character. Takei has a number of both quiet and compelling scenes with most of the major stars of the series and seems to help them raise their game. When the episode gets close to the end and Takei is faced with his "City on the Edge of Forever" moment and the veteran actor leaves no dry eye in the house. 

The excellent performances of the two guest stars leads to my only issue with "World Enough and Time." One of the reasons I have never been big into the fan films is mostly to do with the acting. When you are confronted with bad acting you can no longer suspend disbelief and the magic of being engrossed disappears and suddenly you realize you are just watching a bunch of people dressed up silly pretending to be spacemen. Without a doubt this episode has the best performances ever for STNV, however when judged compared to professional productions there are still a few members of the troupe that are clearly just amateur fans who are trying their best but are not believable actors. Probably the most problematic is Charles Root who plays Scotty. He is essentially doing a bad impersonation of Doohan (who himself was ‘doing’ and accent). This wasn’t helped by the script which seemed to throw more Scottishisms at him than a Glaswegian pub. Also John Kelly who plays Doctor McCoy just doesn’t seem to have the notion of our favorite country doctor down. You don’t get any of the sense of passion that inhabits the critical ‘Bones’ character and none of the right chemistry with Spock and Kirk. On the other hand James Cawley delivers his best Kirk (and best Kirk hair) yet. He is no longer ‘doing Shatner’ and seems to be making his own way with the character while not diverting too far. Also performing well is Jeff Quinn as Mr. Spock who brings a subtleness to the character, but could work a bit more on the internal struggle that is the half human half Vulcan [NOTE: this is actually Quinn’s last episode with STNV]. John Lim is also surprisingly good as the young Sulu, but does ham it up in an emotional closing scene for the episode.

Cawley and Quinn share a moment

The production design for "World Enough in Time" is the best effort yet for the STNV crew. The sets were always excellent, but they have never looked better…much of which may be due to improvements in the lighting and the direction. The costumes (many of  which are made by Cawley himself) are flawless…with the exception of some on the brief scenes on the USS Excelsior which seemed to use off the rack costumes and had a few continuity glitches. It was a treat to see perfect environmental suits as well as a scene in a virtual shuttle bay. Also the music, sound editing and the sound design were excellent and never took you out of the episode…as is so often the case with these types of productions. Much of the credit for getting this all together must go to Producer Cawley and writer/director Marc Zicree. The only wrinkle is that the episode seems overly long at over 50 minutes. Some of the (albeit nice) character moments seems to drag. and distract from the drama and tension revolving around the crisis of the Enterprise being destroyed by the interdimensional field.

Zicree (center) confers with Takei and Cawley (right) on the perfect recreation of a TOS set 

One area of big improvement is the special effects, done by the team at the DAVE school. In previous outings the effects were far too modern to fit within the TOS sensibilities of the show. Now the barrel rolls are gone and the show fits much better, albeit still with some modern touches. The Enterprise herself is believable in both the way is lit and moves, but unfortunately not all scenes are consistent. There are a couple of instances where it appears the team could have used more time as the ship has that plastic model look. [NOTE: has been told that some of these shots will be fixed in the final version] A real delight are the new opening credits done by none other than friend of the site and digital designer extraordinaire Daren Dochterman. Daren will be supervising the next episode and working with the DAVE team and so things can only get better with regards to the effects.

Sulu goes for a ride…thanks to the DAVE school

In the end fans of fan films and Star Trek New Voyages are sure to be pleased. But for those like myself who have not really bothered with fan films should really give this one a chance.  

"World Enough and Time" premieres Thursday night (8/23) both live in Beverly Hills (where yours truly will attend) and in a streaming event at the Star Trek New Voyages site.  

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UPDATE: New Streaming site for SNTV WEaT 


1. SirMartman - August 22, 2007

The USS Excelsior and Captain Sulu to me was another great Trek moment in sci fi,,

If only they used that idea abit more,,,


2. TOS Fan Forever - August 22, 2007

A worthy production that will hopefully continue for some time.

Although I’d REALLY like to see the Exeter adventures continue… ;-)

3. Kirk: The Jack Bauer Of Space - August 23, 2007

Can’t wait for this.

And #1 SirMartman you are right I’d like to see more with Sulu and the Excelsior, which is such a cool looking ST ship.

I wonder why Paramount doesn’t put together a 2 hour TV movie with Sulu and the Excelsior? Surely that would make money, right?

4. DJT - August 23, 2007

Christina Moses – excellent casting choice.

Looking forward to this.

5. plinstrot - August 23, 2007

thanks for the great artical, but I think it’s John Lim, not Kim.

6. The Lensman - August 23, 2007

While I’ll give it a look, I’ve never cared much for New Voyages. Production values for the sets have always been great….ship FX…meh. Acting? More than meh. Mainly because they’re playing at being Kirk and co. without the chops to pull it off.

Plus they never lived up to the original tagline of “Star Trek if it were done today” or somesuch. It was just Star Trek with a really fast moving, barrel roll doing Enterprise.

If they’d actually stuck with that premise, I’d have liked that better…I guess the new movie will show us what that will be like.

Exeter is my prefered fan film. The acting is about the same, but because they’re playing original characters, it comes off a bit better. Mainly because we don’t have the kind of familiarity with these guys as we do with Kirk and Co.

Still, I wish them the best.

7. Stanky McFibberich - August 23, 2007

re:3. Kirk: The Jack Bauer Of Space – August 23, 2007
“I wonder why Paramount doesn’t put together a 2 hour TV movie with Sulu and the Excelsior? Surely that would make money, right?”

Sulu was fine as a secondary character with limited screen time. I have no interest in seeing him as the star. The same would hold true for the other secondary characters. They were good within the context of their limited roles.

I will probably give this NV episode a shot, but I have many of the same reservations as Mr. Pascale. It sounds like this one is an improvement., though.

8. fred - August 23, 2007

im so looking forward to seeing this thanks for the review and its good to hear they are trying all the time to improve things i wish paramount wound let this and other good fans made films be release on dvd but like the books and comics say from the onset this is not part of the canon, well i will be waiting all day to watch this as i in england it will be about 10pm before i can get to see this on the wait

9. trektacular - August 23, 2007

George Takei still looks good, they need to make a Captain Sulu TV movie ASAP

10. Gary - August 23, 2007

To the article’s author.

The young Sulu actor is John Lim, Esq. Lim not Kim. Methinks the author is like me … suffering dyslexic fingers.

As for Bones, Doc John, is more like De Kelley off camera … a real paradox; as you likely know he is a real medical doctor.

I do believe the author is doing his utmost to be fair and objective. I have seen the final screen version three times the past 24 hours and many items are corrected.

Long ago I was a copy editor – proofreader so I advise this author to find a good one to provide a better edge and professional polish to these articles. It definitely improves the acceptance of these analyses!
Too many and or so uses
Name(s) spelling
too verbose in spots, be more succinct
the which – that usage

Hikaru Sulu, not Hikaro Sulu
Dr. Lisa Chandris, not Dr. Lisa Chandriss

Remember in the 1960s tyical TOS episdes episodes for a one hour time-slot were typically 50 – 51 minutes, with 9 – 10 commercial or station time

I am so surprised no mention of Majel’s return as the computer rvoice.

Liek I said a very balanced and mostly objective review. Thank you Anthony!

11. Jeffrey S. Nelson - August 23, 2007

So, why is this only available as a streaming feed? Why not downloads right away like the other episodes to grab the biggest audience? Cawley says the download will be available later….when’s that??
There are some things a man must do to remain a man…these streaming feeds would take this away.

12. Al - August 23, 2007

barrel rolls not roles.

13. Allister Gourlay - August 23, 2007

yeah i agree why not let us d/l it…tis streaming thing is a pain!

14. FreddyE - August 23, 2007

Its streaming only for now, because they need to get a definitive viewer count for CBS, at least according to their message board.

15. Admiraldeem - August 23, 2007

I will give it a shot. But between the horrendous continuity errors they gave us last time plus the truly awful acting from Cawley and the two mentioned in the review, I don;t hold out much hope. I have done good community theater and I seldom worked with anyone as lousy as Mr. Cawley. Nothing personal–he just has shown me nothing in the first three efforts.

16. Duane Boda - August 23, 2007

Its not a question of whether the Sulu character can carry the series because its the story and the secondary characters that interact with the primary storyline that really matters.
The character of Sula could easily do a mini – movie every 6 weeks I would imagine. That way the storyline – production wouldn’t be so rushed and could be done right. When I say mini-movie….I mean a story that just under or over a hour with all the commercials.
# 3: Paramount could make the effort to put the resources – cash to do it but their blissfully blind to anything thats not directly in their face and has the assurance of a HUGE payback. Its bad enough for them to be overly greedy but to be stupid too? Years from now they’ll look back and say…We had a tremendous opportunity to make cash on a proven character and product…..but we listened to the stockholders and our board of commissioners instead… thats why we’re sitting here with lowered profit margins.

17. NCC-73515 - August 23, 2007

when will the streaming event begin? it says 6 PM EST in the email. what is that in central european summer time? 1 AM on friday, is that correct?

18. Andy Patterson - August 23, 2007

1. SirMartman – August 22, 2007

The USS Excelsior and Captain Sulu to me was another great Trek moment in sci fi,,

If only they used that idea abit more,,,


Agreed. I’ve long thought that. In fact that was the strongest element of Undiscovered Country to me.

19. omf - August 23, 2007

Unfortunately, Crawley is just awful – the show would be much improved if he were replaced with a decent actor. It looks like they’re trying to satirize TOS every time he’s in front of the camera.

20. StillKirok - August 23, 2007

Your review sounds promising. I always enjoy this stuff. Where they lack in skill, they make up for in sheer heart. I don’t view these with the same set of standards as a Paramount production.

Of course, the real question will be how the hell Chekov is back.

21. snake - August 23, 2007

Cawleys ok..what you expect – him to give an oscar winning performance?…

anyway the whole point for watching these things is to check the sets, FX, editing, costumes, props etc in keeping it true to the whole TOS feel….plus the chance to see Konig and Takei in near-star trek again..

By the way talking of oscars Shatner and Montoban should have been nominated for TWOK…best actor and supporting. Yeah I know the oscars hate Sci Fi but Weaver got a nom for Aliens.

22. Charles Trotter (Chuck Amuck) - August 23, 2007

Great review. I’ve never been too interested in watching any of the fan films, but I might give this one (and “To Serve All My Days”) a chance.

23. Mark Lynch - August 23, 2007

Well I am not sure thatr I can stay awake long enough for this, I’m in the UK and if I understand correctly, the episode does not start until 6pm local time which means 1am to me and I have to go to work in the morning….

I hope everyone that does get to see it this evening enjoys it.
Looking forward to seeing it a reasonable hour myself! Even more looking forward to getting a download and onto disc and watching it on my telly though……

24. Scott Gammans - August 23, 2007

I just want to say that the virtual hangar deck looks FABULOUS!! Kudos to the DAVE School.

25. dalek - August 23, 2007

Can’t wait! It’s definitely been one of the things I’ve been waiting to see re: Trek all year. Takei really shone in Trek VI when he got the Excelsior. He even gave a decent performance in the worst Voyager episode of all time — Flashback (which has too many continuity errors to be regarded as canon).

Bring on the Sulu episode. I’ll be right there on my virtual seat Mr Cawley and co.

Thanks for the review Anth.

26. Dennis Bailey - August 23, 2007

In defense of community theater, I’ll note that a lot of people really enjoy it. In most large communities that support non-professional theater the audience is certainly not limited to friends and relatives of the performers.

And, remarkably enough, that audience pays cash money to attend community theater productions. Imagine that.

27. random person - August 23, 2007

right…so if this is 6PM EST, does that make it 11PM in Meridian/Universal Standard…?

28. Dr. Image - August 23, 2007

Thanks for the review, Anthony. Sounds promising.
I’m glad you didn’t pull any punches regarding the acting. They really need to hear this stuff.
I’ll be covering SFX in Toronto (Quinto was supposed to be a guest but cancelled, dammit.) this weekend and Ron Boyd will no doubt exhibiting the episode. It’s gotta be better than the last one, which left many going, “huh?”

29. ZoomZoom - August 23, 2007

Great credit is due to the team that makes these, but why do they feel the need to use ‘real’ actors? Beyond the novelty value I think it detracts from what it is supposed to be- a Fan film. Just my opinion, and I’m still looking forward, tremendously, to watching it.

30. billy don't be a hiro - August 23, 2007

Kudos to all involved for their passion and effort. I look forward to seeing the finished product.

31. John CT - August 23, 2007

Looking forward to this.

And another vote for a direct to DVD movie of Sulu and the Excelsior.

32. AsFarAsLarry - August 23, 2007

At this point I’d like to raise a practical question (and no, it’s not “Are we going to do Stonehenge tomorrow?”)…

I clicked the link, got an email that said ‘thanks for signing up’, got a ‘please wait’ box.

Now what? The email says to go to some other site and ‘sign in’ early to loiter and what not, only thing I see on that site is a place to enroll for a news letter, no queue to sign-in and sit around and wait for anything useful to happen.

What am I missing? (Brain, while clever, is not an acceptable answer)

Thanks :)

33. DavidJ - August 23, 2007

I’ve tried watching a few of these things on youtube, and they’re usually very cool and interesting… until the actors appear on the screen. They’re clearly trying their hardest, but they just can’t capture the SOUL of these characters at all. They’re all just doing impersonations.

The other thing that takes me out of the story are all the blatant, nonstop TOS references. Can’t there be one story that doesn’t have 500 nods to past characters and ships and episodes? You’d never see that kind of thing in an actual TOS episode, and it’s such a cheesy, fanboyish thing to do.

34. Greg2600 - August 23, 2007

Woah, 6PM EST, I’ll have to bust my butt to get home in time! Although the website news now says that the premiere event won’t be streamed online, but the movie will be. I wish Paramount would let them or provide a way of getting these films to DVD.

Nice to hear they are going to try to prove the viewership to CBS. All the more reason to register for the stream!

As for the acting, again, there’s no way they would be able to cast regular actors and be sure that they’d have them for all this time. For me, I focus on the acting of the Star Trek guest stars. That’s my main reason for watching. Although I agree the STNV people are not that great, but it’s a fan film out of their own pocket.

Per the Sulu TV or DVD Movie, I would love to see that, especially if it were a way to bring back Shatner and others. There’s no chance Paramount would do it. The franchise has been given to J.J. Abrams, and he’s gone in a different direction.

35. JERRY - August 23, 2007

Can’t Wait! The director for my sci-fi feature project (currently in pre-production) worked on the crew for this production, so for him, it really was like going back in time and working on the original show. Lots of pros on this and my director has over 20 years experience in filmmaking. So, as you said, this may be the best TREK fan film so far.

James Cawley ROCKS!

36. sean - August 23, 2007

Sorry, I have to agree with #15. Admittedly, this particular ep hasn’t started screening yet but the preview was so bad I can’t see what they possibly could have improved in the finished product. My issue with these has always been the acting. Special effects, hey, I understand they’re fan productions so I don’t expect much. It’s all forgivable if the acting is there, and so far it’s just not. Even the veteran TOS actors have been mediocre to embarassing in these (Koenig was awful). I’m sure James Cawley is a nice guy, but he should have simply done his own spin on Kirk instead of doing an overblown Shatner impersonation. I don’t care about his quiff, he just needs to figure out his character.

There’s community theatre, and then there’s bad community theatre. I’ve seen local productions that are truly impressive and I’ve also seen some that made me so uncomfortable I literally squirmed in my seat. Between this and Of Gods And Men, I’m doing a lot of squirming these days.

You touched on my other issue with these – the plots all come across as nightmarish fanboy-gone-wild scenarios. How about an original story just using the characters instead of time-travel/mirror universe/crews converge stuff?

37. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - August 23, 2007

Exeter!!!!!!! E-X-E-T-E-R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

38. StillKirok - August 23, 2007

Exeter would be a fun watch if they would complete their episode. I enjoyed the first one back when it was released, but I haven’t even bothered with the second one because like fan fiction, I don’t bother with incomplete projects–especially when they’re pushing over a 2 year wait between parts of an episode. While I realize they’re doing this for free and on their own time, that’s fine, but there’s simply no point watching until the episode is complete and you can enjoy it in one shot.

39. Dennis Bailey - August 23, 2007

#36:”There’s community theatre, and then there’s bad community theatre. I’ve seen local productions that are truly impressive and I’ve also seen some that made me so uncomfortable I literally squirmed in my seat. ”

That’s a fair statement. I just think the “community theater” brush is a rather broad one – and this is not the first time I’ve encountered it in reference to fan films – that’s dismissive of nonprofessional local theater in general. Honestly, I’ve seen a lot in fan films that wouldn’t pass muster at the Silver Spring Stage. ;)

40. Oceanhopper - August 23, 2007

I really enjoyed Exeter actually and it is a shame they seemed to never complete their second episode. (It has been “in progress” for about 3 years now I think).

Anyone know what happened?

41. Dennis Bailey - August 23, 2007

Yeah. Act Three is a matter of days now. But I didn’t say that. ;)

42. billy don't be a hiro - August 23, 2007

“Per the Sulu TV or DVD Movie, I would love to see that, especially if it were a way to bring back Shatner and others. There’s no chance Paramount would do it. ”

The time to have tried those would have been the late ’90s, when there was still an up-and-running Star Trek mill at Paramount, warehouses full of old props, costumes and set pieces to be recycled, and a Paramount TV network to air and promote them. A lost opportunity. The potential outcome could have been as bland as the then-current Star Trek product, but since no one tried it, we’ll never know.

43. DavidJ - August 23, 2007


Yeah I think these fanfilms are better described as simply “fans playing dress up”. To my eyes, there’s not a whole lot of difference between the guys running around in Starfleet uniforms and those running around in Batman costumes.

I’m sure it’s fun to do, and more power to them, but it’s certainly not “acting.”

44. sean - August 23, 2007


Understood. I’m a fan of community theatre myself. People tend to remember extraordinarily bad events over good ones, so I think the rep that community theatre gets in general is a result of some of the squirm moments I was talking about earlier. Not fair really.

45. dalek - August 23, 2007

To pick apart a fan film as worthless merely because of “acting” is quite silly. It’s a fan-film. You know what you’re watching. The expectation should be as such that what you are seeing is an amature produced project; and not professional.

That it contains professional people involved is a bonus and only enhances the production values.

I for one look forward to judging the product on it’s story, Mr Takei’s appearance and the many aspects that make up the production as a whole and sell the piece.

I got over the whole “not professional standard acting” thing after the first episode. That doesn’t matter. It’s now a cliche. I wouldn’t tune into Hidden Frontier and expect to lose sleep that they were snubbed at the emmies.

The review was balanced enough not to be sidetracked by the acting aspect and judge the product as a whole. Some people are already judging what they haven’t seen based on one aspect of it. Watch tonight and if you still feel the same don’t watch anymore. I for one will continue enjoying what these guys make out of love, and that i love watching.

46. CmdrR. - August 23, 2007

Planet Taliban?
Shuttle named Bellerophon?
Who’s picking these names?

Taliban, I hope, is a nasty place.
Bellerophon is a Greek hero, but is also, of course, the ship that got blow’d up in Forbidden Planet. Not having seen the ep yet, I’m gonna guess nothing good happens to the good ship Bellerophon.

47. Craig Viens - August 23, 2007

My thought on the acting in fan films is if it’s getting panned for not being up to “broadcast” standards, then they’re doing something right, because the production as a whole is in your mind causing the comparison. It’s not as if you’re saying “wow compared to high school theater these guys blow” you’re saying “compared to award winning actors these guys blow”

You take a bunch of people (presumably) that don’t do this for a living and they get together for a week to put together a show and it’s at all watchable, then damn they’re really doing something big time.

Take a look at Sci-Fi’s new Flash Gordon, I’d say the acting in Exeter and New Voyages is easily equal to that bleck.

48. Anthony Pascale - August 23, 2007

the reason I judge STNV against the standard of professional productions is because that is the standard they aspire to. James Cawley has made no secret that he wants to officially license this. When he sent me the episode I told him that if I were to review it, it would be against that standard.

49. StillKirok - August 23, 2007

That’s fair. A lot of reviews have to be based on the standard you use.

Regarding Exeter, even if Act 3 is done within a few days, that really doesn’t accomplish much, because Act 4 isn’t done. At the pace they are going, Star Trek XI will be done first. There’s no point in watching part of an episode.

I definitely look forward to its completion though because I will gladly watch the whole thing.

50. Father Rob - August 23, 2007

Glad I’m not the only one to notice the name of the planet as Taliban.

I do feel a bit bad, though, that the NV crew broke the tradition of TOS shuttles being named after astronomers/explorers. Columbus, Galileo, Copernicus…


51. Father Rob - August 23, 2007

You know, another thought just popped into my head…

It would have been far better to bring back Koenig for this trip than the last one. Those who have read “The Sundered” (a Lost Era novel from 2003) will recall that in the LE continuity, Chekov went on to serve as Sulu’s XO after the Enterprise was decomissioned.

Would have been cool to see him there together with Rand.

Still, I’ll be tuning in tonight.


52. Charles Root - August 23, 2007

>>Planet Taliban?

Not to give anything away but it’s actually Caliban, which is explained further in the episode.

>>most problematic is Charles Root who plays Scotty. He is essentially doing a bad impersonation of Doohan

WOW! I didn’t think I was that freaking bad. Interesting seeing that I was specifically NOT attempting to impersonate Doohan. I can’t do his fake Scottish accent exactly like him, so I don’t even try. It’s entirely my own.

Just a note I did study Theater for 3 years in college, did many plays, 2 monologues. No one ever said I was great, but no one ever said I sucked either. Humph! That’s the last time I only invite friends and relatives to my performances, I need more independent review apparently.

Well hopefully you liked the hair, we worked for a while on that to give me a more “Scotty” look.

I’ll be sulking in my dressing room if anyone needs me. ;-)

53. Anthony Pascale - August 23, 2007

RE: Planet Caliban
the T was a typo as now noted in review. Yesterday was hectic with so many articles and other stuff and I published my first draft to get in it before I went to sleep…not a good idea I admit.

mea culpa

54. star trackie - August 23, 2007

These shows are ok, BUT they are fan produced, obviously produced by fans and nowhere near the caliber of proffesional TV. I will say the lighting and other elements really look fantastic this time around. But the acting is what sells the story and the characters…not the craftsmanship of the sets or the music or the FX….the acting is the heart and soul.

As far as licensing this show, until it rises to the level of the pros, I wouldn’t pay a cent to see it. I’ll watch them for free and enjoy it (if it is good) as a fan film…but it would need a LOT of improving before I ever entertain the thought of purchasing a view.

55. DavidJ - August 23, 2007


I think it would be one thing if it was clearly just a lark, and they were (for instance) going for a more humorous take on TOS. Or were making an outright Trek parody.

But these guys CLEARLY want their production to be taken seriously, and have gone to great lengths to give it the look and feel of an actual series. So, as Anthony says, I think it’s only fair to judge their efforts from that perspective.

56. snake - August 23, 2007

48 – “James Cawley has made no secret that he wants to officially license this. ”

would that mean selling it on dvd? – what would he do with the profits? give them to Paramount?

57. Demode - August 23, 2007

Chances are, we will never see Excelsior movies on Sci-Fi Channel, CBS, or anywhere else… :(

So… Maybe its time to start making EXCELSIOR the way New Voyages has done it here. Instead of having the “New Voyages” actors playing young Kirk and Spock et all, have Cawley and Quinn and the gang play the new Excelsior crew (Cawley could be the helmsman (or first officer), Quinn the Chief of Engineering, etc…) Get Chekov on there where he belongs… either as the first officer, or as a Captain of his own ship, Tuvok and Rand.

Having the New Voyages crew play new characters rather than the TOS crew would really allow the show to gel more with the Original movies.

I really think this is the way to go. People want EXCELSIOR, and a combined effort by all these people to make it happen (with effects by “digital designer extraordinaire” Daren Dochterman) would be amazing!

58. Demode - August 23, 2007

Oh… and to Charles Root….

I think you are great as SCOTTY!!!

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

59. Dennis Bailey - August 23, 2007

#49:”Regarding Exeter, even if Act 3 is done within a few days, that really doesn’t accomplish much…”

It seems to be of interest to other people, though, because they *are* watching it as it goes along.

Which will be my final topic derailment. I’m looking forward to watching the new STNV this evening. :)

60. Father Rob - August 23, 2007

#58 – :sulu: Oh, my! :/sulu:

I respect that Mr. Root has given his time to the production, but I have to agree with Anthony on this one… his performance is :too: cliche, and it worries to to hear that this episode has all the ‘Scottishisism’ in it.

It’s a lot like the early novels where every other word from Scotty was slurred or miswritten in some way. I usually detest reading people’s attempts to write what Scotty says. Likewise, I usually detest people’s attempts to channel Jimmy Doohan.

Just my POV, though.


61. Demode - August 23, 2007

60… Scotty was always used as comic relief on the series. Sure he had his serious moments, but the character always got (heartfelt) laughs on the show. He was a charming character. I agree that sometimes they need to tone town the way the character is written in New Voyages, but thats the writing of the character, not the actor’s fault.

62. CmdrR. - August 23, 2007

Ah. Caliban. That’s a Shakesperean reference from The Tempest. That makes more sense for TOS or other Trek.

63. CmdrR. - August 23, 2007

Light coming on. The Tempest was the template for Forbidden Planet. Forbidden Planet was one of the inspirations for Star Trek. OK. On board now.

64. StillKirok - August 23, 2007

I guess if other people don’t mind watching incomplete work and waiting a couple years for the next ten minutes, that’s fine. Just a personal preference.

Personally, I also am looking forward to New Voyages. I’m a big fan of their efforts.

65. TJR - August 23, 2007

For what it’s worth I have had some theatrical acting experience and I don’t think that acting in NV is as bad as a lot of people seem to think.

It was disconcerting at first to see these characters played by someone else, but I got used to it soon enough

I felt that Quinn did a very good job, right from the start with Spock, and that Crawley started out good as a serviceable Kirk but has quickly evolved with the part getting better with each episode.

Remember that playing these characters within the context of this show is a very daunting task filled with contradictions.

You are playing characters that have been identified with other actors for decades.

You don’t want it to be an impersonation, yet you have to remain faithful.

You also are emulating a 60’s TV show, so you need to emulate the acting styles of that time period, which were different from the style TV actors use now (A relative of mine who also has experience with theater saw these shows he doesn’t have any deep connection with Star Trek and he thought they did good job of emulating the acting styles of the period)

Now add into the mix that you are in an uphill battle with everyone’s feelings about how these characters (and the actors that originally played them) first made you feel.

66. TJR - August 23, 2007

By the way…..

I registered to watch this, but I working tonight (professional musician) and can’t be there for the stream. I am going to go to the NV website to see if there is any info on this, but does anyone know any details on how or how seen we can see if this , if we can’t be there for the stream?

67. Dan_C - August 23, 2007

Got a chance to look at an iteration of this back in April. Was not a big fan of NV (for the previously mentioned acting/lighting/FX/general production issues). Really floored by the improvement (part of that was probably watching a DVD quality file on a 17″ screen).

Takei’s energy in this is amazing. Somewhere up above it was noted that he probably couldn’t carry a show. I used to be in that camp, but his performance here…the man kick’s ass. I could see a show built around him.

The lighting, framing and especially the FX (which were partially incomplete when I saw the show) are head and shoulders above what they’ve done before. *Particularly* in regards to the FX. Just awesome. When you compare this to what was done in the Chekov episode…Somebody (probably a lot of somebodies) worked their asses off to get that Chekov show out, but it just didn’t help the show. Here, you’ve got a sense of grandeur, weight, detail…just incredible work. Don’t know how much of the detail will translate on a lower-res stream, but I’m still, months later, knocked out by the work the DAVE School did.

On the down side (and perhaps it’s because Takei was *so* sharp), the “Big Three” make parts of this show “squirm”-worthy. It’s James’ money, it’s James’ baby, but the production would be well served recasting the leads.

That said, this *is* community theater (it’s just a really damn big, country-spanning community these actors come from), and as such, they must do it for the love of it, not in the hopes that random-internet-guy will gush about their performance. No body’s holding my hand in the fire to watch, and obviously they’re attracting notable cast and crew to participate. So bully for them :-)

I’ve worked with a fan film, I know the limitations and the struggles, above and beyond the normal hassles of production. These folks did alright for themselves. Man, that Takei guy: He’s goin’ places…


68. dalek - August 23, 2007

Agreed re: Exeter, I saw the first part which I can’t remember what it was about now. But I won’t watch the rest until it is a complete product. I know they get flak for it, but Kudos for Gods and Men to wait til they have the rest complete before they release part 1, which I will watch in its entirety when it’s released.

The countdown to Sulu’s return has begun….. ENGGGGGGAGE!

69. Dennis Bailey - August 23, 2007

#67: “That said, this *is* community theater (it’s just a really damn big, country-spanning community these actors come from), and as such, they must do it for the love of it, not in the hopes that random-internet-guy will gush about their performance.”

Nah, maybe not the “random” Internet guy. But what’s really cool about the whole fan film/ independent Internet distribution thing that’s just *starting* with what’s being done in the last few years is that it can survive and begin to grow on budgets of thousands and satisfied audiences in the thousands and tens of thousands. Independent Internet productions of all kinds are where the film industry was a century ago, the television industry seventy years ago. Each has utilized new technology, new means of distribution and new economic models while incorporating as much of the technique of their forebears as they can afford. 8)

There was a time, after all, when doing television was considered the kiss of death to an established actor’s career – it was cheap and there was no money in it.

70. Admiraldeem - August 23, 2007

If Mr. Cawley was truly interested in producing the best episodes possible with this venture, imo, then as executive producer he should fire the leading actor and cast someone strong enough to take this series where it has the potential to go.

Ultimately, he has shown more interest in playing in this sandbox than achieving the stated goal. As Anthony said, they aspire to broadcast standards. The failure to even approach this level of achievement must rest soley at the doorstep of James Cawley the actor and James Cawley the executive producer.

However, I will give another shot and see if lessons have been learned.

71. scott - August 23, 2007

The name of the planet is Caliban…you know…Shakespeare?? The Tempest??? hello McFly???

72. THX-1138 - August 23, 2007

I don’t care what they aspire to, I am more interested in what they are. Passionate fans who busted their asses to build sets, costumes, effects, and then hang said asses out there for a bunch of Trek fans to rip apart. I still say that it’s their sandbox and they can play how they like. Thanks for letting me watch. I’m not much af an actor, but I can do some. I have acted in some professional (albeit cheap) theater and I am a professional musician with recording credit, so I know what a good review, a mediocre review, and a bad review feels like. The interesting part is that I gave it my total 100% best effort each time, so it goes to show that sometimes beauty is in the eye (or ear) of the beholder. Matter of taste and the like. I’m not saying that nobody has a right to criticize someone’s efforts, but try to keep it in perspective. What would YOUR fanfilm realistically look like? I suppose my opinion would be different if having viewed STNV or Exeter I was taken by spastic convulsions and became violently ill, but, thankfully that never has happened. I have thought that I might have done something different or had wished that they had made different choices, but it really is no big whoop.

And if my playing a part as a sacrificial red shirt would help out either of these productions, just let me know. Although, I’m not sure I can pay for the airfare. And could I get a sandwich or something? Would I still have to watch Transormers 10 more times?

Yeesh I’m pathetic.

73. dalek - August 23, 2007

#72 THX — Well said. I don’t often say this but you speak for me too there (except the acting bit)!

74. Kirk: The Jack Bauer Of Space - August 23, 2007

re:3. Kirk: The Jack Bauer Of Space – August 23, 2007
“I wonder why Paramount doesn’t put together a 2 hour TV movie with Sulu and the Excelsior? Surely that would make money, right?”

Stanky McFibberich – August 23, 2007 Sulu was fine as a secondary character with limited screen time. I have no interest in seeing him as the star. The same would hold true for the other secondary characters. They were good within the context of their limited roles.

I’d watch it! Sure, I’d rather have the whole cast. But if I can’t have steak, I’ll accept a burger. And it would be a GOOD burger! :)

75. Admiraldeem - August 23, 2007

But Good Burger was a truly awful film!

76. sean - August 23, 2007

#45, 47, etc.

I’m not expecting Oscar-worthy performances here. And I know it’s a fan film, and these guys are putting a lot of work into it. I can appreciate that, and for what it’s worth I think visually they’re doing a good job (lighting, fx, etc.).

BUT as many have pointed out, these guys are aspiring to professional level work. They’re looking to have these things licensed at some point, and people are even asking why CBS doesn’t get involved. Well, I can tell you one reason they wouldn’t is the really, really amateur acting. I’m not saying it to make anyone cry, but I have to be honest. The one with Chekov was honestly MST3K fodder, if even that.

And I hate to say it, but the squeaky wheel on this production is the guy playing Kirk. I honestly find his presence so grating it’s hard to watch these all the way through.

I will say this though, these guys are doing a hell of a lot better than the ‘Of Gods and Men’ project. That thing is a trainwreck from start to finish, and considering all the professional actors involved, there’s absolutely no excuse for it.

77. NCC-73515 - August 23, 2007

shouldn’t there be something available by now? i can’t find the stream… nothing new on their website :(
and how does registering work? i registered weeks ago and only got a short email that my seat has been reserved. but no data as to how to actually SEE the episode *!panic!*

78. Greg2600 - August 23, 2007

Yeah where is this thing?

79. Josh - August 23, 2007

I can’t find anything either. Guess I’ll try the one in 4 hours.

80. planettom - August 23, 2007

Yeah, even yesterday I suspected this 6pm streaming today was going to be a bust.

It asked you to fill out a registration, but the email you get as a result gives no login info.

And it directs you to but there’s nothing concrete there to suggest a portal for streaming video.

81. Greg2600 - August 23, 2007

This is the link that has the preview of the episode, which runs extremely choppy for me though. Wish they hadn’t chose Flash Player for that, it stinks.

82. Joe Coatar - August 23, 2007

dammit! if they want accurate numbers just put the damm thing on youtube, it’s got a view counter, i’m sick of all these fan productions and their delays, they want to be taken seriously as professionals, but they loose credibility when they fail to meet their own release schedule

83. Tracy Walters - August 23, 2007

I registered weeks ago too, got a useless e-mail too, and I’ve been going to the site for a week to see if anything new has been added to the website saying how to watch this episode. This is pathetic.

84. NCC-73515 - August 23, 2007

from the news page on

Due to technical problems the “LIVE” premiere event will not take place. However, the ability to view the streaming episode will not be effected.

WHAT??? ok, no live event… but streaming is not effected? great… so where is the thing? :D

85. VOODOO - August 23, 2007

I love what these guys are doing.

It’s far from perfect,but their heart is in the right place.

86. Jordan - August 23, 2007

I agree with you all and have the sad feeling that this streaming won’t see the light of day.

87. Joe Coatar - August 23, 2007

Anthony do us a favor please and put your copy on youtube, this site is way more efficient than

88. Utterlee - August 23, 2007

I bet we end up having to download it in a couple of days time. I even translated the streaming time to BST and made sure I was home on time to see.

What a shame.

89. NCC-73515 - August 23, 2007

yeah, that would be great… if they can’t deliver it due to technical problems, it is not their fault… but we want to see it anyway ;-)
i don’t care on which page, as long as i can see it and don’t have to wait even longer… (reminds me of OGAM)

90. Father Rob - August 23, 2007


Go to enter your registration information.


91. Joe Coatar - August 23, 2007

OGAM another golden shower for the star trek fans, how about this, producers of fan films, if it ain’t done don’t advertise it

92. Jordan - August 23, 2007

The stream isn’t working worth a crap. Typical…

93. NCC-73515 - August 23, 2007

YES!!! father, i’d like to be your son :D:D:D

94. Father Rob - August 23, 2007

Damn thing keeps resetting…

95. Father Rob - August 23, 2007

93 – If you’re the one that pushed the server over the brink and made it crash this time, you’ll have a lot of penance to do! LOL! ;)

96. jonboc - August 23, 2007

I can;t believe some of you are having a hissy fit because some free internet program is having technical difficulties? The way some of you talk, Cawley and his people have conspired to deny you their movie.

Believe it or not, I’m sure the producers of New Voyages would like nothing better than to show you the episode they’ve been hyping for months. But since it isn’t working, I think we can safely assume that there are problems BEYOND THEIR CONTROL. Hmmm. Tech glitches and the internet. How can anyone really be surprised or angry at this? Dissapointed, sure. But give the rants a rest.

97. Greg2600 - August 23, 2007

“We are currently preparing for the LIVE video stream from the Fine Arts Theater in Beverly Hills.
Tune in starting at 3pm PST Thursday, August 23. The main premiere will begin at 7pm PST. ”

that is what the live event thing says. Don’t try the LARGE window, it never loads. I can’t believe they didn’t let people know this is the website????

98. Jordan - August 23, 2007

Oh well…Looks like I’ll be downloading it some other time.

99. Father Rob - August 23, 2007

96 – My only serious complaint is the fact that it took me over 30 minutes to figure out where I was supposed to go to enter my registration information to watch the thing, since nothing was ever sent out telling anyone. I found out on another message board.

I understand, as much as I hate it, the fact that the streaming video sucks. Everyone and their kid brother is probably trying to watch.

BTW – anyone gotten farther than Sulu threatening to bust Rand down to Yeoman?

100. Jordan - August 23, 2007

99 – Not even close…

101. NCC-73515 - August 23, 2007

well, i saw the shuttle flying to excelsior… and nothing more :D

102. Greg2600 - August 23, 2007

10 seconds for Large Flash, 32 for Medium, 43 for Small. Quicktime is dead.

103. Father Rob - August 23, 2007

I will tell you, the music I have heard (about 30 seconds) sounds AWESOME. Also, I wonder why Sulu’s uniform has the flag officer gold stripe on the front flap (yes, I am channeling the guy who did the Nitpicker’s Guide).


104. James Heaney (fka Wowbagger) - August 23, 2007

I hope you’ll forgive me for not reading this review until after I’ve seen the episode. Great to see you write one though, Tony.

105. NCC-73515 - August 23, 2007

yeah, qt doesn’t work for me either…

the only thing i am angry about is that there is no word on the official website as to where we can watch this. in the forum it says “This Place!”, followed by “YES THIS LINK IS TEMPORARILY DEAD”.

my comments on that: “are you tryin’ to be funny, mr. spock?” and “sir, i must protest!”

106. Greg2600 - August 23, 2007

103 – Given the Excelsior scene is probably only for a couple minutes, probably had to scrap together whatever ST VI uniforms they could find. I’m up to 1:25.

107. Mark Lynch - August 23, 2007

Well I have logged on and all I am getting is “please wait……”

108. Father Rob - August 23, 2007

Just so everyone knows, the Mirror Site is not functional. It sends you back to the MagicTime homepage. Don’t bother trying it at the moment.

109. Joe Coatar - August 23, 2007

i think you’re farther along than most, hope i get up to 1:25

110. Jordan - August 23, 2007

It’s going slowly for me on small flash. I’m just gonna let it sit for a while and come back to watch.

111. random person - August 23, 2007

how long does this thing take to load…? cos i don’t seem to be getting very far….>.>

112. NCC-73515 - August 23, 2007

the funny thing about it is… i get to see many funny faces here in still images :D rand has a very strange look on her face right now since a couple of minutes :D

113. SIObserver - August 23, 2007

I can’t even find a place to log on to see the stream. I’m not a happy Trekker.

114. Father Rob - August 23, 2007

THe link is posted above, post #90

115. NCC-73515 - August 23, 2007

they now have a link to at the STNV homepage

116. Father Rob - August 23, 2007

I made it to the 1701… awesome camera shot on the transition!

117. Father Rob - August 23, 2007

I finished the teaser thus far! Pretty impressive… love the Romulan ships!

118. NCC-73515 - August 23, 2007

i see the romulan ships :D

119. NCC-73515 - August 23, 2007

bad thing is, i can’t follow the storyline with all the long interruptions in the middle of crucial sentences

120. Father Rob - August 23, 2007

The credits are D. Dochterman’s straight from the Doomsday Machine remastering he did. Only changes are for NV cast.

121. Greg2600 - August 23, 2007

Up to 5:00 on small flash loaded. The buffer rate is obviously not too good. The best thing to do is let it download the entire SWF (100%) and then watch it. Might take an hour for that to all download.

122. Mark Lynch - August 23, 2007

Magic Time seem to have some sort of MySQL error after you enter your email address.

123. Plinstrot - August 23, 2007

124. Joe Coatar - August 23, 2007

they must not have enough bandwith to handle all the visits to thier site

125. Mark Lynch - August 23, 2007

This does not sound good…..
From the Magic Time site after you first login with your email address

Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Can’t connect to MySQL server on ‘’ (105) in /home/magictime/www/ on line 7

Guess there are lots of people trying huh?

126. random person - August 23, 2007

yeah, i keep getting it too….bear in mind there are Trekkies across the globe who wanna see this :P

127. Joe Coatar - August 23, 2007

i had that error message, you have to keep trying, you will get on, don’t expect the episode to play out in real time though, only a few seconds play at a time

128. Mark Lynch - August 23, 2007

Not angry at anyone, just disappointed I’m not going to get to see anything…. :(

Anyway, I’ve had enough, I’m off to bed (midnight in the UK you know). Good luck to anyone who carries on trying.

129. NCC-73515 - August 23, 2007

i personally think they should use cawley as kirk in stxi. and lim is a perfect young sulu! oh and if i compare yelchin and brey… brey looks exactly like the original chekov!!! yelchin doesn’t.
my opinion: trek XI should be a new voyages movie :D

130. random person - August 23, 2007

also in UK…thanks, i’ll need the luck =/

131. NCC-73515 - August 23, 2007

sorry… it’s BRAY and not brey. excuse this mistake… it’s 1 AM here in munich ;-) and i have seen 4 min of the episode :D

132. Son of Sarek - August 23, 2007

Mine is streaming rather well with the LOW quicktime setting. I am just witnessing the shuttle landing within the Romulan wreckage.

133. Mark Lynch - August 23, 2007

One last thing, then I am really going, honest. I truly hope these problems are due to the fact that millions of people all around the world are trying to get to this episode at the same time.

How good would that be for Star Trek, especially the original?

134. NCC-73515 - August 23, 2007

well, i hope the numbers they count will be so large that paramount/cbs is convinced to support star trek for another 40 years :D

135. Father Rob - August 23, 2007

Since I switched over to flash and am 9:15 in, I am going to keep going with the flash feed… but this is PAINFULLY slow. Like 133 and others, I too hope that this is because lots of fans really love TREK!

136. 221b baker - August 23, 2007

Be grateful for what you get. I’m still stuck with the error message and it’s already past 1 in the morning over here.
Oh well, I guess I’ll have to wait for actual downloads.

137. Greg2600 - August 23, 2007

Their releases have said that the streaming quality today might not be so good. I’m up to 12 minutes and so far, the music, costumes, sets, and FX are excellent. As for the acting, Mr. Root speaks too slow I think is the problem. Doohan spoke rather quickly and was often highly agitated. The guy who plays Spock doesn’t have the right accent to make him believable. Nimoy has that deep, raspy voice with a ting of his old Boston accent. Cawley is a pretty good Kirk. The guy as McCoy is yet to speak, he just keeps making faces.

138. Father Rob - August 23, 2007

136 – My painfully slow is not simply related to the NV download… I’ve had a splitting headache for several hours. I picked the wrong night to either a) have a headache or b) try to be patient! LOL!

139. brady - August 23, 2007

i think this was a BADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD iDEA overall…everyones going to be upset at the time it takes , as well as the 30 minutes i spent constantly reentering my email address for it to loop back to it and now I hear it all broken up in streaming. They better allow us to download this since were going through hoops around this. Ive been a HUGE supporter of this from the start but feel they didnt think this through other than the BUZZZZZZZZZZZZ of us having to be forced to watch this way. OHHHHH and I still cant see it.

140. brady - August 23, 2007

can someone tell me what there doin to view this?

141. Father Rob - August 23, 2007

I am using the small Flash feed, which, as of an hour ago, was all I could get to ‘reliably’ work.

QT was down (not sure if it still is or not). I am currently 14:27 into the episode.

The addresses for the video are in post 90.

Anyone else doing OK with QT? I thought someone said they were.

142. Son of Sarek - August 23, 2007

I WAS watching via quickytime until I my browser tab closed. Ah well, the first 15 min or so were astounding though!

143. brady - August 23, 2007

i cant even download the flash player…………bout ta give up on cawley and the boys

144. brady - August 23, 2007


145. Trekker670 - August 23, 2007

I’m able to get the first couple of second in, then it freezes up for a LONG time, so far I think I’ve seen a total of maybe 10 seconds, up until the vulcan says “Welcome Aboard Sturgeon”

146. mctrekkie - August 23, 2007

Count your blessings, people –

I’ve yet to get past 26 seconds on the SMALL flash feed and I have a great 6-8mb cable modem connection.

Maybe they’ll be able to tell the powers that be that “we had so many streams we couldn’t count them past 200K when our streaming server went down!”

(Although this slow stream is not all that great for the Magictimeonline, c.v. me thinks)

This ep looks to be really good, though I wish they’d have gamed out the streaming/live event beforehand.

BUT- a BIG Thanks to James Cawly and company for continuing to bring us the characters we love..

Also, As an aside- I wonder if, in future installments, will the New Voyages team/crew “remember” the events of next year’s Star Trek Movie?

Ow. Now my head really hurts. Canon shock.

147. brady - August 23, 2007

now it says they wont be able to show it and will try to get it to us by SAT. glad i took tonight off of work(by the way thats SARCASM)

148. Rainbucket - August 23, 2007

It’s gratifying this one came out so well. Good on them for giving Takei a great Sulu story to perform, and all of us the chance to see it.

I’ve commented before on how New Voyages’ amazing production efforts are undermined by the acting. It’s like building a dream house with play-doh nails. So I have to call out James Cawley for being the best of the bunch. He’s not necessarily a great actor, but his Kirk is so clearly and consistently realized that you can buy right into the character.

Quinn arguably had the toughest job simply for not being Leonard Nimoy, whose voice alone is a natural wonder.

149. Jordan - August 23, 2007

I’m 43% and seems like it’s going slower. Should I give up?

150. Father Rob - August 23, 2007

147 – Where is it saying Saturday? My feed, while slow, is still churning.

151. NCC-73515 - August 23, 2007

i was stunned by lim’s voice in the small vignette. he sounds exactly like takei as sulu!

152. brady - August 23, 2007

PADRE…..when you try to get on quicktime or flash it says that

153. Cyrus - August 23, 2007

I will definitely give this one a shot. What I saw of the new Exeter episode was also pretty good. But the following statement from the review describes my main problem with the fan films perfectly:

“One of the reasons I have never been big into the fan films is mostly to do with the acting. When you are confronted with bad acting you can no longer suspend disbelief and the magic of being engrossed disappears and suddenly you realize you are just watching a bunch of people dressed up silly pretending to be spacemen.”

154. mctrekkie - August 23, 2007


Re Quinn-

I think they’ve changed the actor for Spock in the next one- “Blood and Fire”

155. brady - August 23, 2007

they are ………….although how there going to find someone malnutritioned enough to pull off the cheeckbones is beyong me lol.

156. NCC-73515 - August 23, 2007

on pictures, the new spock looks like his jaw will fall down in an instant. i can’t say why, i simply have this impression… like someone who is just about to release matter from inside his stomach ;-)

157. brady - August 23, 2007

lets seeeeeeeeeeee………its taken an hour to see the 1st 7 seconds so lets do the math….hmmmmmmmmmm..carry the one……..k…… when its done loading it really will be the 23rd century and I can just be there as it happens.8-X

158. Joe Coatar - August 23, 2007

don’t know if this has been posted already, but here’s a clip about new voyages from cbs’s the early show

159. mctrekkie - August 23, 2007

157- too funny.

I just wish Mr Cawly will dial it down a wee bit as my download progresses.

he’s a bit over the top as we begin here.

I’m 3 minutes in after 50 minutes.

I’ve decided to both learn Klingon, and invent a better cellulosic ethanol as I wait.

If someone has a link to some elevator muzak as we watch this thing, that might be fun.

Try any of these as you wait; and be one with the stream.

160. John CT - August 23, 2007

I’m watching now. That guy playing Scotty is apalling. Drop the dead wood for the next one.

Cawleys better as Kirk this time.

The Chekov guy is spookily good, like he was in the previosu NV ep.

161. Greg2600 - August 23, 2007

I have gone Where No Man Has Gone Before, almost 30 minutes in. An enjoyable show. The guy playing McCoy is completely amatuer.

However, all it goes is to around 27 minute mark and then stops streaming. I can’t get it to keep going after that!

162. brady - August 23, 2007

why is everyone watching this and 159 and I have to trade sarcasms while we wait……im thinking 3 dimesional chess with shot glasses …..your move

163. NCC-73515 - August 23, 2007

mine has stopped as well… what a disaster

164. Greg2600 - August 23, 2007

And in trying to get it to start again, I hit back on my browser and now have to download it all over again!

165. NCC-73515 - August 23, 2007

now it has crashed. i quote:

Notice: Undefined index: stLogin in /home/magictime/www/ on line 6

good night everyone. no further comment on that mess.

166. mctrekkie - August 23, 2007

oh, I’m sorry 162, I’m here watching my scotch age for your shot glasses.

At least Kirk has finally gotten out of his chair in my stream.

Now I feel like I’m in a Temporal anomaly!

Since I’m using the quicklime version, helpfully, I’m able to scroll back, as I’d already forgotten what went before.

Was that Rand, or was that my Glenfiddich playing tricks on me again?


Hell, I’m starting to think that “Of gods and men” might actually be finished production before this stream ends.

ba BAM!

Queen to queen’s level 3, Mr. 162.

167. brady - August 23, 2007

or even less possible EXETER

168. dalek - August 23, 2007

why get bitter because its not streaming properly? just means more people want to see it than is made out in this thread. Supply and demand. The demand is more than the supply, that can only be a good thing to the people behind it!

169. brady - August 23, 2007

168 Ill bet youda been a happy man standing in a line in the USSR waiting for your supply of bread. Im a CAPITALIST YANKEE DOG. AND WE EXPECT WHAT WERE PROMISED FREE OR NOT lol

170. dalek - August 23, 2007

169 lmao hahahaha… hey i was brought up on oliver twist……. Please sir, can i have some more !!!

171. brady - August 23, 2007

166……….ive drank it all …all thats left is the green stuff…….guess ill try that next

172. Father Rob - August 23, 2007

Well, mine finally crashed 23 minutes in and won’t go any further, even though it says I have downloaded the entire thing and even gives a 40+ minutes left to run time.

Methink’s its bedtime.

173. brady - August 23, 2007


174. mctrekkie - August 23, 2007


Bitter? Me, no, not really- just having a bit of fun as I wait.

I must like these people as I would NEVER have waited for VOY or ENT..

Actually, if you click on my name you’ll actually see that I’m pimping this effort a bit on my blog as well.

I just hope (as I said earlier) that they have some way to track all the excess people that wanted to see it, but couln’t not catch/obtain a working stream.

I’d like Cawly to be able to go to CBS armed with some good audience numbers and at least get some sort of licensed revenue sharing for his future efforts, so I’m for streaming-

Just not via Beijing, again, please.

175. Admiraldeem - August 23, 2007

So–the delivery technology proves to be another facet of the operation stranded in the hands of rank amateurs. A shame. Whoever thought this would be a good method of broadcasting should be computer-matched with a Denebian Slime Devil.

With the exception of Mr. Cawley’s performance, which manages to be both plastic and wooden at the same time, I found myself enjoying the first few minutes. Maybe someday.

176. raulpetersen - August 23, 2007

its downloading now and ive got work in five hours, screw it i aint sleeping, i love trek that much and for the first time in years for me its alive again because the new voyages crew have got the most important thingright – the message!

berman didnt have a clue and as they say in hollywood – shit eventually floats!

177. NCC-73515 - August 23, 2007

wasn’t there a convention in the early days, when they expected 300 people and 3000 came? trek was said to be dead too often. history repeats itself :D

178. Ripper - August 23, 2007

About the speeds and so forth due to the unforseen demand for the episode the site is being overwhelmed and experiencing several techinical difficulties. These difficulties are being worked on.

Please bare with them. Its worth the wait.

179. Greg2600 - August 23, 2007

If this were available as a download, several sites could have hosted the file, and you would have been able to download at least the low resolution one without too much hassle. I think the streaming count project is a disaster.

180. brady - August 23, 2007

k …….time for the 1 minute 45 second review….lol… far Cawley looks like hes wearing mascarra and the ship doesnt look as good as it did in the last one.

181. Ripper - August 23, 2007

179> the problem was last time was NV werent getting all teh stats back from the various mirrors and this seemed to be the best option. Unfortunately the unforseen happened and many come in at once… it overwhelms the server storing th efiles on and voila u get what has happened. The team @ NV are working on correcting these as i type this.

182. brady - August 23, 2007

A disaster for us and probably a success for NV if what theyre tryin to do is prove that Paramount could make some bucks at a buck a download on ITUNES

183. Ripper - August 23, 2007

not for me… i was the first in as soon as the site opened… downloaded pretty fast on my connection and by 4pm EDT id finished watching was a truly exceptional episode. Imho. but then u can call my bias.

184. mctrekkie - August 23, 2007

On the New Voyages forum, one of their technical people mentioned that the previous download efforts were not successful because various hosts did not report their download totals. (also I imagine reposting on You tube messed with the counts as well.)

If anyone can think of a better way to track all immediate WATCHERS and not just people signing up or expressing interest… I bet after tonight they’ll be taking all constrauctive suggestions.

Is there a technology that will stream 50- 100K people at a time?

What technology did Apple use for it’s WWDC Rollouts (Other than Quicktime)?

185. Ripper - August 23, 2007

actually a friend i know uses a system called multicast on our uni intranet system… the whole dorm can then tune into a movie being broadcast thru their intranet. I think the same thing could be applied to NV. Its kinda like setting up your own online network and then streaming it and it too can then monitor the stats

186. brady - August 23, 2007

but I guess you have forehand knowledge RIP. I logged on at 5pm central time and there was nothing about what time when etc…and i was expecting a email invite since I gave it up(lil cash on the side Im sure)cant wait for all the male enhancement ads comming my way soon for that. then arond 550pm i get the click here right when it would have been ending in live stream. Then i go through the 30 minutes of enter your email loop. then I get a direct link off of here…..Its been an exciting night(wifes not a geek like me,,,was lucky enough to get a hottie that ignores my geek gene) and just rolls her eyes all evening lol

187. Pete Tong - August 23, 2007

The stream did not work out for me, the download link did.

188. jonboc - August 23, 2007

How exactly is this process supposed to deliver an accurate viewer count? I know I TRIED to watch it about 5 times. Too bad I could never get past the first 6 minutes. The part I saw looked really good. Hands down the best effort, technically anyway. The racoon eye make up on Spock really is a bit much though. Hopefully I can catch the rest sometime this weekend.

189. Greg2600 - August 23, 2007

comparing the /mov folder and the _swf/ folder, the quicktime files are MUCH smaller. Oddly the medium MP4 is smaller than the small, although it will take me over 8 hours to download!

190. Pete Tong - August 23, 2007

Using a download manager software, it took me only 46 minutes.

BTW, great episode!

191. mctrekkie - August 23, 2007

Anyone still waiting ?

Go Here.

It’s the mirror site.

Please email New Voyages with how many watched, as I’m sure this mirror isn’t set up for counting yet.

192. VOODOO - August 23, 2007

Very well done.

193. Dr. Image - August 23, 2007

I’m in Toronto and still waiting for the quicktime to build….
FX look MUCH better (at about a minute in…)
But those movie uniforms look like CRAP- tailoring, details- gold chevron instead of metallic copper on badge- like some cheap convention-purcased version, c’mon Cawley! As a costuming expert, YOU know better!
Oh well, back to the stream…

194. Buckaroohawk - August 23, 2007

Hey, how about jumping back on the topic of this thread; the episode in review. The play-by-play of everyone logging on, trying to log on, experiencing technical difficulties, and asking for help is akin to watching C-SPAN. BORING!

Although I appreciate Anthony’s review, I simply cannot bring myself to fault these guys. I know Cawley would like New Voyages to be judged alongside its professional brethren, but that simply isn’t possible (or logical either). Despite the incredible production values and the influx of honest-to-goodness Trek alumni, New Voyages episodes are fan films and nothing more. And that’s all they ever will be.

That isn’t a bad thing, however. Not by a long shot. Within that sphere, New Voayges are the cream of the crop. The choice to go with established characters was, for a fan film, extremely bold and I think they managed to pull off the characterizations well enough. I don’t expect professional acting in a fan film. I just want to enjoy what I’m watching. If I can watch a fan film (in any genre) and say to myself “Man, I wish I’d been a part of that,” then as far as I’m concerned the crew succeeded. New Voyages has never let me down in that regard.

I applaud everyone who has taken part in New Voyages episodes. They’ve done something most other fans only dream about; they made a Star Trek film. I hope they’re proud of what they’ve accomplished and I hope they don’t take any criticism too much to heart.

And a special message to Charles Root: I like your portrayal of Scotty. That brogue isn’t easy to keep up, especially through multiple takes. James Doohan himself slipped on it more than a few times. Don’t worry about the nitpickers here. As far as I’m concerned you’re doing the character justice.

We now return you to the pandemonium of the “New Voyages Streaming Massacre,” already in progress.

195. Greg2600 - August 23, 2007

The mirror site (sharewellgroup) worked flawlessly, probably because nobody is on it. I’ll agree with Antony P. and say this was a fine hour of Star Trek fan film. George Takei was tremendous. Only nitpicks I have are with the actors playing Spock and McCoy, and I have felt this since the first STNV episode. Quinn (Spock) actually plays a pretty good Vulcan, but not that great of a Spock. Nimoy’s voice, accent, and general deep tone was a large part of the character. The replacement for Quinn (in the preview for the next episode) sounds even worse. John Kelley (McCoy) just can’t cut it. Would it kill him to do at least some of McCoy’s Southern twang? He sounds absurd, and his delivery hurts every scene. I have one bit of advice for Mr. Root (Scotty), and that is to be much more cheerful. Scotty was always either cheerful or down right frustrated. Needs more emotion.

Overall a very nice effort.

196. Dr. Image - August 23, 2007

OK, I’m up to some Cawley scenes. He’s pulled it back and he’s actually making Kirk his own. (Note: mist hair with some temp lightening spray.)

Wouldn’t it be funny if whoever they cast in the movie pales by comparison to him! Hey, they’ve got their Chekov and Sulu DOWN!

Editing is considerably more Exeter-esque, a very good thing.

197. mctrekkie - August 23, 2007


That was really really good.


use the mirror if you have to… everyone should see this.

Forget the nitpicking and just enjoy the story, all

This is more spiritual than Usual 60’s trek. perhaps This is the tone that Phase II would have had.

Now I wish I were in LA, just so I could get up and clap with he rest of the audience..

Excellent. just .excellent.

198. Ripper - August 23, 2007

in regards to 187 let me echo what one of my friends at NV has just said.

Please do not download the episode like this… firstly it throttles the server and secondly… and MOST IMPORTANTLY… its against the current license agreement on the episode. So i do suggest that no one does this. Not to sound like a spoil sport or anything. But this is the case.

Please if you cant use the main site @ please us the mirror


199. Camaro 09 - August 23, 2007

I am stunned at how good this episode was.

I loved it.

Everyone involved did a great job.

200. Ripper - August 23, 2007

NB. So please stream the episode using either flash or quicktime links… dont use download accelerator programs or anything to try get the file because this will take up between 10-15 slots.

And again i strongly advise against saving the mp4s… it is after all against the license agreeement to view these episodes.

201. Ripper - August 23, 2007

^ this episode

202. Ripper - August 23, 2007

^ I know it might seem slow… so i suggest instead of hammering it on… maybe go out enjoy the night or get some rest. Come back much later and enjoy the best damn piece of trek ive seen since the end of Deep Space Nine

203. jonboc - August 23, 2007

Just finished it. First thoughts. Production was top notch. Best looking New Voyages, period. Sound was great, music was great. Still can’t get into Cawley as Kirk. Sorry. The grimmaces and rapid delivery of lines just makes me cringe.

Makeup on SPock was really bad, but some of his scenes were played very well.

A marked improvement with the guys playing McCoy, but still far from the lovable old doctor we know as Bones.

The story was very good and the lighting was fantastic.

Little annoyances were..the panel lights on the bridge were blinking very fast. Very distracting and they would have looked nicer racked out of focus when the camera was on Kirk in those bridge shots.

Majel’s voice work came straight out of TNG and really sounded out of place as the ship’s computer. Yuck.

George was on at times and off at times….but still a treat to see him. And the actress that played his first daughter (not the second!) was superb. Also didn’t like the movement while being transported. Yes I know, they did it in the movies…didn’t like it then either. I won’t ever watch this again, but it was defintiely worth watching once.

204. Ripper - August 23, 2007

Majel’s voice work came out of TNG did it???

No it didnt sir. That voice work was recorded at the Roddenberry Estate by Marc Zicree and Sound Designer Ralph Miller with Majel

205. monger - August 23, 2007

The New Voyages production has good points, and then BAD points. Unfortunately, I haveta agree with those who think that the best parts are the sets and special effects. In some cases, the sets and some of the lighting is dead on, and for those aspects I give Kudos to all responsible. Everything else, however, falls short of the mark. The scripting leaves a lot to be desired, and I agree with the point that too many references to TOS and canon in general have been shoehorned into the script. A little more subtlety might make a good start in improving on the scripts. Alas I also agree with the point that the performances inspire more squirming than admiration. What a bunch of stiffs. If I were producing New Voyages, I wouldn’t hesitate to look around for people acting in community theater or involved in theater at the local college to find actors with at least SOME acting ability. I admire Cawley and company for putting so much effort and dedication into what they’ve done. I’ll bet a million dollars, however that what Cawley has in mind is more than just trying to put out quality stories based on a beloved franchise. He’s hoping that by putting out these productions he’ll gain some visibility and that someone who matters at Paramount, whether it be Abrams or Orci or whoever, will see his performances and decide that he’s the guy to play Kirk in the new film. This is all a vanity project for a guy who hopes that his passing likeness for Shatner and his hammy, hamfisted and twitchy Shatner impersonation is gonna get him some kinda contract. I know what some will say- “They’ve been making these episodes since before the new movie was announced.” Well, even Anthony said that Cawley was hoping to get some kinda licensing. He was probably at first hoping to convince Paramount that his production was the way to go for the future of the franchise. Either way, good luck, Jimmy boy.
I for one agree that whether or not the new movie is successful, the time is NOW (now that Paramount is going back to TOS for inspiration) for them to focus on Sulu and Excelsior with Chekov as XO in a new series. And if there’s room for the cast of New Voyages as ships company and crew, well then maybe they WOULD fare better in original roles than impersonating other people. The time is now for them to fill in the gaps between TOS and TNG, which I think is a period that is fertile ground for telling compelling Trek stories.

206. Captain Quirk! - August 24, 2007

Loved it! there were some rough spots, but that was one of the best hours of Star Trek I’ve seen in a looooooooong time. TNG and Enterprise cannot stand against this episode and I used to be one of the guys making fun of the Elvis wig and the roadrunner Enterprise!

Excellent job, one and all! Well, except Scotty.

207. jonboc - August 24, 2007

204. Sorry Ripper, I guess I should have been a bit more specific in my complaint. Allow mw to clarify.
Her “style” was right out of TNG. I’m well aware she did new and original voice work for this show. But it was delivered in the style of the TNG ship’s computer, not the robotic style she used for the voice of the computers on TOS. It gives a destinct TNG vibe where none is needed.

208. Fidgit - August 24, 2007

Caliban, not Taliban, Anthony. : )

209. Charles Root - August 24, 2007

Well glad to hear the early reviews are leaning towards the positive side. For some (not all) of the negative reviews, I try to remember the Trek fans are a highly critical group (myself included I hated Backula as the NX’s Captain)

One thing though I can assure you, NONE of us have done any of these episodes with the intention of it being a video resume to get a gig in Star Trek XI. If that were to happen, wow wonderful, but that has never been the intention.

On the other hand it’s no secret that we would love to license our work with CBS and charge say $2.00 to download the episode, so that we could do more episodes like World Enough and Time. Some say you’d never pay money to see our “dreck” and that’s fine, I don’t fault you in the least if our product is not up to your standards then you’d be a fool to buy it, but for a large group of people our product is worthy of $2.00 from them. Just as some people wouldn’t lower themselves to eat fast food, feel free not to consume fan films.

Finally as an actor in New Voyages and an officer of Retro Film Studios, Inc I want to apologize for any technical difficulties people are getting in trying to see our latest episode.

We really do these on a shoe string budget, and our streaming attempt instead of straight download does have some business issues behind it, we had hoped the technical side of things was going to handle the thousands (and we knew it was going to be thousands, so we were trying to be prepared) but alas it did not. We really really wish we could afford a CBS or NBC server setup that could handle any load of traffic, but really this is was the best we could do with our limited funds. We thought it could handle it we were wrong. So again our apologies.

Rest assured this episode isn’t going to sit on a dusty shelf somewhere. We will get it out to everyone over the next few days.

Thank you

Charles Root

210. Joe Coatar - August 24, 2007

no, THANK YOU, the episode was amazing

211. Fidgit - August 24, 2007

#209 – Let me second what #210 said. Thank *you*. I just finished watching it and I must say that this was better than most things broadcast professionally, Trek or no. I enjoyed it all — story, characterization, FX, production values — including your (oddly much maligned) performance as Scotty. Bravo, sir. You should all be proud. When/if you make it available for paid download, I will cheerfully pay to see it again.

212. utterlee - August 24, 2007

Well I finally watched this today – at work, cheeky!

But I really enjoyed it, certainly the best so far. Enjoyable and moving story, and as everyone has mentioned, the sets, graphics and overall production are terrific, and I also thought the music was fantastic and really added the required atmosphere.

As for the acting work – in general I found it rather convincing, and the guest stars put in really solid performances. Only one thing – Mr Scott’s accent is WELL dodge. I never really though Doohan’s accent was particularly good, it’s a bit half irish and half scottish, but NV’s Scott is neither like Doohan’s nor like a real scottish accent, the american comes through rather obviously.

That small point aside, it’s sterling work.

213. Father Rob - August 24, 2007

209 – Mr. Root,

While I have my criticisims (though I haven’t been able to see the entire episode… haven’t been able to get past Spock and Sulu’s big interaction (trying to be spoiler free for the kiddies!), I’ll say this is a major improvement over the past.

Regardless of my thoughts previously or herein expressed, I’d pay a buck or two to watch a NV episode. Of course, I’d prefer it in better resolution if I am going to buy it… but hey, that’s me.

I do hope your attempts continue to bear personal fruit and fruit amongst trekdom… and I certainly wish you all the best.

Now, if Exeter would just continue her story…


214. RandyYeoman - August 24, 2007

I watched the episode last night after many tech issues (NV people you need to work on that and your site is now totally down). I enjoyed it and it really did seem professional.

To Mr. Root
your point about charging money seems to be the issue. People have always judged these things against the standard that ‘it is just a free thing’ …therefore to critique it seems unfair becaue you are getting it for free. But as pointed out by yourself and by Anthony…the goal is to make this thing cost money. Suddenly that is a whole new ballgame. You want to charge as much money as CBS charge for any other Trek epsidoe…or any episode of CSI…well then suddenly I become a lot more critical. I dont care if you are all doing it on a shoestring…it is now judged agains other products costing the same.

and on that scale I have to agree with Anthony…I think that most of the actors should be replaced with professional or semi professional actors. They should just go for it and make this a complete professional production. They have pros behind the camera in every department, yet still have these amatuers who are certainly giving it their best and love the show….but they just arent cutting it I am sorry.

I have no problem with a ‘fan film’ having non fans in front of the camera…it should not be a requirement to be a fan to get the job…it should be based on talent. It is clear that Cawley knows how to find good actors now…Miss Moses did an excellent job, so it seems to me that he has to make a decision. Does he really want to go all the way and make this worth $2+? If so then it is time to let go of the people who in my opinion are holding this back from being a real professional trek production and find actors as equal to Ms Moses. Otherwise his only choice is to reduce the screentime and rely almost entirely on the guest stars.

in summary…if this thing remains free then it is worth it, if they want to charge then replace 2-4 actors and I am there….and to be honest I dont think I will bother with any more free downloads…I would rather wait until it is really ‘professional grade’ and pay for it.

215. CmdrR. - August 24, 2007

Only got about 6 mins of the episode. It took that long to load into my computer, then it was past my bedtime. I’ll try again tonight.

I will always defend New Voyages as the best of the fan films.

Having said that, it is a fan film. It’s difficult to ignore shots of Kirk with Uhura’s lower console lights glaring like green halogen lights, or clever, overlapping dialogue delivered by actors who just stop in mid-sentence. (“We have less than 20 minutes before –” beat beat beat beat “Spock, the Romulans are up to something.” or thereabouts) Editing is rough as well. To me, the most difficult part is to see “immitation” on screen. It comes off almost as parody. Cawley’s Kirk is too “Hey, I can do Shatner.” The re-use of VERY familiar music stabs is glaring. I think in a fourth season, they would have popped for new music once in a while. For that matter, would a fourth season in 1970 have referenced Excalibur from 1991? Doubt it. And yes, it’s tough to see an extreme close-up of George Takei’s liver spot (where his memory apparently lives.) All of this in the first six minutes!

I applaud Cawley et al for the effort. I could ignore the technical gaffs, as I do with TOS reruns. But, this effort needs to take on a life of its own. New music. Come on, give it a shot. Loose the Shatner impression in favor of a new take on Kirk… at least tone it down. I think Cawley can act. But, I think he’s painted himself into a corner creatively, by embracing the icon of Kirk rather than the character.

On balance, I am a fan. I only offer these thoughts because I am a Trekkie, I care. And I bitch.

216. Anthony Pascale - August 24, 2007

just so you all know I added a poll for grading the episode

Also the premiere last night was a lot of fun. I didnt get a chance to meet as many of those involved as I would have liked to, but my hat is off to all of them on a job well done.

and RandyYeoman…although I am always happy to see people agree with me…I never said ‘replace most of the actors’…I only noted issues with two of them.

217. Greg2600 - August 24, 2007

To Charles Root:

I am not a big fan of downloading movies and paying for them. But I would pay for a New Voyages DVD release, because that’s a bit more substantive to me.

218. Jeffrey S. Nelson - August 24, 2007

191. mctrekkie

Thanks for posting this. Episode played all the way through with no problems.
New Voyages should get the guy who played Scotty in that Star Trek KFC commercial.
Christina Moses was great as Sulu’s daughter, but her little pirouette down the hallway corridor was a bit too much like Odona in the third season.

219. Illinois TOS fan - August 24, 2007

“Takei truly gets a chance to show his range and give the viewers an in
depth look at his character.”

NOT! Let’s be honest with eachother. Star Trek, and especially TOS, has never been known for great acting. Nimoy, Shatner, Kelley and Doohan created iconic characters, to be sure. However, Shatner was just being Shatner. Anyone who says Takei or Koenig is a great actor is deluding themselves. They are only marginally better than the rest of the NV crew, actually. Its great to see Takei as Sulu on the Excelsior when his “range” is limited to the captain’s chair. He should stay there. Overall, a really fun bit of film and thanks to the NV people. That’s good stuff!

220. DJT - August 24, 2007

What the heck does the title refer to anyways.

World Enough and Time.

It sounds off to me. Kinda like…

Almost There and Cocoa Puffs.

What does it all mean?….


221. brady - August 24, 2007

ILLINOIS……….that was the most F’ed up compliment i ever read

222. RobertMfromLI - August 25, 2007

RandyYeoman (#214)

Keep in mind it is NOT all about charging for an episode… you talk about that and shoestring budget in the same post as if you dont have the intelligence to comprehend that the two come hand in hand. There is only so much that can be covered by volunteers and donating. A buck or two an episode would go a loooong way towards its production values, delivery and far more.

Oh, and Charles, your performance was great – as it was in Blood and Fire as well! Improving each time! My only gripe with you is that I think you need to make the greens and yellows a little deeper on the displays on the bridge ;-) Though I am guessing that is to make them pick up on the cameras a bit better…


223. Anthony Pascale - August 25, 2007

warning for flaming
comments to

224. erebus - August 25, 2007

message 220 DJT

You’ll never guess what i came across by accident – reference for where ‘world enough and time’, apparently it appears in a poem written in the 17th century :

Anyway, i thought it was a very beautiful stnv episode, a great and well delivered story. I becoming increasingly optimistic about the premise that classic trek can be done with new actors.

my friends, i was home again – its been a long time…

225. DJT - August 26, 2007

thanks you #224

Ahhh…that’s right. “To his coy mistress”


Now, if I could only see the entire episode.

226. scott - August 27, 2007

Great story. Much like the previous episode I felt the story was very good.
Along the lines of the old pocket books or the old comics.
The respect to the Star Trek universe.
Their heart is in the right place. The story is first.
However the main reason I watch these is to check out the sets.
To me they are dead on TOS. The Bridge is awesome.
The lighting in the crew quarters is straight out of the 60’s.
Bringing back the original actors is also great fan service, something that will always have me tune in. George Takei is great. He is a real actor.
Excellent performance. Indy Rocker Spock & Elvis Kirk are also better this time around. The rest of the cast is ok. I like Sulu & Uhura the most.
However Scotty & Bones do not remind at all of the originals.
New Voyages is excellent, but not most excellent.

227. Theo - August 31, 2007

This episode was much better than anything Paramount has done in the last 6 years including the Enterprise series and the last 2 Next Generation films. The feel of Star Trek, is what this episode captured best. Even though not all the acting in World Enough and Time is very good what is very good is the storyline. I hope Paramount pays close attention and doesnt screw up the movie series, we dont need to re-imagine Star Trek, what we need is to recapture the great storylines of the original as they did in New Voyages World Enough and Time.

228. Dave - September 1, 2007

“WORLD ENOUGH AND TIME” was by far ST:NV’s best fan-film effort, and everyone associated with it’s production should be proud as hell! I sincerely hope this group doesn’t lose it’s increasing momentum, and continues producing future episodes at the rate of improvement they’ve demonstrated here.

Thank you so much for your extraordinary efforts guys, and WELL DONE!!

229. John H. - September 1, 2007

I was an original series fan when it was still in production, watched every show religously on TV, when reruns came on – i’d hurry home from school to watch them.”world Enough and Time” is the very best takai I’ve ever seen. The man improves with age. Ms. Moses burst onto the stage like venus – full grown and with depth and feeling. This show lives of to the very best of the original series. I liked all the ‘new’ characters.
They’ve brought new life to the series and deserve the greatest accolades.
Bravo! Well done! Please, keep it up.

230. Rick - September 1, 2007

Just saw it and found it a moving episode. It wasn’t perfect, but was better than I expected! It is interesting that the theme of a lived life lost is been used at least a few times in STAR TREK stories. To me that was always a strength of Scifi story telling in able to tell moving and in some ways heartbreaking stories of that type. I loved the Sulu daughter character and the actress. Great work. I was taken in with the story and that is the most important part. It did get sad in the end, but ended on a note of hope which to me is great story telling. I hope this new STAR TREK film is like this in a strong character driven way!

231. ZoomZoom - September 2, 2007

Just seen it. Pretty amazing piece of work. Although I found the story a bit ‘chick flick’ it was carried off with aplomb.
The acting was variable- James C. has really got comfortable with his Kirk and is very watchable. The Spock actor (sorry, don’t know name) seems more relaxed in the role. McCoy, sorry, just bland, and don’t much like Scotty- but I can see he tried VERY hard to be Doohans Scott.
Takei, whilst never my favourite actor certainly had plenty to do and did it well.
SFX and set- brilliant.
8/10 from me. Congratulations to all concerned.

232. Mark Lynch - September 3, 2007

Saw the episode yesterday and quite honestly thought I was watching a ‘professional’ episode. By that I mean an official installment of a Star Trek episode.

George Takei was just fantastic as Sulu and his younger counterpart did a superb job also. Everybody did fantastic with this, but yes I do agree that the gentleman who plays Scotty needs to practice a bit more in my humble opinion, the accent wanders around a bit and sometimes his dialogue has too many ‘scottishisms’ (not his fault). Don’t get me wrong I think it takes a lot of guts to put yourself out there to be picked apart, however I am trying to be constructive in my criticism.

The writing of the episode was absolutely top rate and the effects whilst not that many were done really well. At the end of this episode I had tears rolling down my cheeks. This story, as far as I am concerned rivals the TNG episode “The inner light” in terms of its emotional impact.

George Takei has shown to me that he is a excellent, versatile actor (which I thought anyway) and when given the material and the opportunity makes Sulu a wonderful three dimensional character. I thought it was a wonderful touch having the actress who played Demora to reprise her role.

Thanks to all at New Voyages for making Star Trek mean something again.

233. geo3rge - September 3, 2007

Which would you watch twice: Star Trek X or World Enough and Time?

The *story*, pacing, etc. of the fan film was much better than the last two ST films, and most of ST:Enterprise.

World Enough and Time is *real* Star Trek. The last two movies and ST:Enterprise were not.

I hope that Paramount and J.J. Abrams realize that the bar has been raised. ST was almost killed by executives who did not understand what Gene Roddenberry was really about.

234. Ian Bland - September 3, 2007

Well, I’ve been pretty disappointed by NV in the past but ate my hat with this one. I loved it. Yes, there are things I could criticise, but I’m not going to. It was way above my expectations.

The sign of success for me was that the tears were streaming down my face at the end. My only suggestion would be that after killing Chekov (temporarily) and now killing poor Alana, maybe NV need to lighten things up a bit :)

If this had been a real TOS episode it would be remembered as one of the best, I think. Remarkable.

235. markjamesmurphy - September 3, 2007

I just finished watching the episode, and reading this thread, and I had to jump in to give props to Charles Root.

I’ve seen all the New Voyages episodes, and yes the acting falls across a broad range of abilities. But, Charles Root’s Scotty is one of my very favorite things in this episode. The brogue has improved immensely. Scotty had a lot more to do in this episode, and did a GREAT job. The bit where he refuses to be threatened by Sulu’s knives is priceless. As I watched this most impressive of the episodes, lots of things made me happy, but throughout I kept thinking “man, Root worked his ass off, beefing up the accent and hitting all the passion and comedic beats.”

Mr. Root, I salute you. Of everyone in World Enough And Time, you are definitely ‘Most Improved’ cast member. Your Scotty wasn’t on my map before this one – now it is. Big time.

236. Mark Lynch - September 5, 2007

I so enjoyed this New Voyages episode that I actually posted on to George Takei’s website basically putting my previous post (232) here into the message. I just wanted to let him know how much I enjoyed the work he did and how well I thought everyone at NV did with this episode.

Imagine my surprise when I actually got a reply from the man himself, Thanking me for my kind words, glad I enjoyed the episode and that he appreciated my support.

Do you think that William Shatner would do this?

A class act that George fella, I can call him George see, as he has written to me…. :)

237. Mark Anton - September 5, 2007

I think that “World Enough and Time” is an excellent Star Trek episode; the first “legitimate fan-created episode that deserves to be considered part of the Star Trek canon. It looks professional, with great special effects– and features classy performances from guest stars George Takei and newcomer Christina Moses. The regular cast members do quite well too, especially John Lim as the younger Sulu. I know that James Cawley has received some negative reviews for his performance as Captain James T. Kirk. But I, for one, think that he does a fine job. With each performance he’s gotten better. I also think that the more we get to see him in the role, the easier it will be for the naysayers to accept Cawley as the captain.
Personally, I think that New Voyages is the main reason that Paramount is willing to greenlight a new version of Star Trek that casts new actors as Kirk, Spock, and McCoy. While these new actors will never fully replace the originals, New Voyages has demonstrated that you can use new actors, and that it can still look and feel like Star Trek.
The special effects look so good in this episode. The scene where the two are beaming out of the destroyed Romulan ship is amazing. And that shot of the Enterprise firing its blue beam at the Romulan ships looks very cool. I love this episode, and I am looking forward to seeing many more (I hope) New Voyages. It’s too bad that Jeff Quinn (Spock) and Julienne Irons (Uhura) can’t continue in their roles. I don’t know why they left the show, but perhaps continuing to work for free may have been too difficult for them.
Thank-you James Cawley and Co. for taking the risks, for putting up the money and time, and delivering for us new Star Trek that’s both exciting and beautiful to behold. We’re all very lucky.

238. John L. - September 19, 2007

I am involved in another star trek “fan film” as a background actor and production assistant and got to travel up to the New York sets of New Voyages where we filmed our ship scenes last spring. I have to say everyone i met there were truly first rate quality folks. This episode is their best effort yet, and I agree with previous posts that it is truly a real star trek episode and is on par with “City On The Edge Of Forever” and their other best efforts.

Some folks were pretty critical of some acting done here and of fan films in general, and the thing you have to remember is the all the folks on these projects all have “day jobs” and are not professional actors. They do it for the love of trek. As for Chuck Root, I say bravo, you did a great job! I loved your Scottisms! Bravo to eveyone at STNV!

239. Stefano - September 27, 2007

I just finished WEAT and wanted to congratulate everyone behind New Voyages. We knew the episodes would improve (the laws of space-time guaranteed this fact with the appearance of Episode 1), and this latest installment was quite good.

Takei was excellent. This episode has done nothing short of convince many people that George really needs to get back in Star Trek uniform on the big screen or TV (hint, hint, Paramount).

Note to production: The appearance of seasoned actors reprising roles for which they are famous and loved has the undesirable effect of making the regulars seem *too* amateurish. It’s a signal-to-noise problem.

Having said that, the young Sulu needs to be a regular; he is one of the few ‘actors’ who can give a solid performance. To James: Ask John Kim to sign a mock contract and pay him with Monopoly dollars. Speaking of James Cawley…

James is growing into his role much better as he learns to control the spirit of William Shatner, which apparently is free to roam the earth even while Bill is alive. To be sure, James is compelled to bring some Shatner to the screen, so any talk that he should stop ‘doing’ Shatner is silly. Could *you* play Kirk without any facial posturing?

I am looking forward to the new Spock, and I think it’s time that Bones and Scotty also are re-cast, with all due respect. It is painful watching these three young men struggle to survive their own characters and plot situations. Acting is hard work (so I’ve heard), but it’s not supposed to appear like hard work.

240. Matt - January 9, 2008

Is this ever going to be made available to those who do not have the ability to spend hours at a time downloading without possible risk to their computer?
Not everyone has the media players this is designed for and this is a shame. I love the character of Captain Sulu and this episode was the first I would have loved to actually watch from start to finish. If only I could garuntee my computer would not collapse.

241. Daniel - December 28, 2008

WOW is all I have to say after watching World Enough and Time.
I was expecting vast amounts of obvious blue screen, obviously recorded sound tracks and effects from the series, ill fitting uniforms on fat actors and geeks doing their best imagination of themselves in the roles of Kirk, Spock etc.
I cannot overstate this part enough – I’ve never enjoyed TOS (well since I was 8 maybe). I’ve never been emotionally moved by an episode.

At the end of this instalment I want more! I want more of this – the story is true Star Trek in its richest vein – the people and the ideals the were exactly what I’ve been missing since TNG left our ourwaves, and perhaps more honestly, since Gene Rodenberry left our universe and his influence on my favourite show reduced day by day.
In terms of drama, this episode equals the conflict of loss and gain provided by the excellent TNG Inner Light; and whilst acting from some cast (McCoy really sticks out in my mind as being ill fitted to the uniform!) wasn’t at a Hollywood par, it was far above and beyond what I was expecting – and I mean far above and beyond.

I found my eyes wet toward the end, immersed in Sulu’s personal journey and thankful to the entire production cast for reminding me, after many seasons of disappointment in DS9 and VOY, what it is I love so much about Star Trek.

Mr. Rodenberry is famous for saying that Star Trek is about people, and this episode was certainly all about that.

10/10 for all visual effects
9/10 for acting (George, but also particularly his ‘daughter’ are just incredible)
10/10 for soundtrack
10/10 for story (which I understand was a pre-production original ST:2) is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.