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This Week In Trek (week ending 8/25/08) August 25, 2007

by Charles Trotter , Filed under: This Week In Trek , trackback

Another busy week for Trek news and Trek in the news. This week’s summary brings news of Spocks, rumors, Trek baby names, donut eating Klingons and much more…


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YouTube Clip of the Week

This week the #4 rated ‘Entertainment’ clip on YouTube is about Trek. Comedian Mark Day dedicated this week’s episodes of his popular YouTube show to the new Star Trek movie…including his own bid for a part in the movie. (Warning: the easily offended will be offended…sorry)

Mark also asked for video replies and there actually got nine of them, including some with other auditions (one guy auditions to be a red shirt). Check em out.



1. SirMartman - August 25, 2007

Yes I agree,
The easily offended will be offended,


2. -TW - August 25, 2007

Someone needs to tell JJ Abrams that William Shatner NEEDS to be in his movie. Please, someone out there in Hollywood tell him how important this is to the ST Fans!

3. VulcanBabe - August 25, 2007

Yes, I totally agree with #2!! We NEED Shatner…if this is going back to TOS, Shatner has to be a part of it. What’s the Enterprise without Kirk and his overacting?

4. Admiraldeem - August 25, 2007

I was not offended. Except by the description of the guy as a comedian. You Tube: Where those who can’t do it anyway.

And #2 & 3: I’m with you. I really hope Shat is in the house. Unless that would make it a Shathouse. Sorry, easily offended–you’ve been abused again.

5. Darkthunder - August 25, 2007

Im sure JJ knows that Shatner NEEDS to be in the movie. I think it’s mostly a matter of how much money Paramount are willing to spend on getting Shatner to do the part. I’ve heard he can be quite pricy which is why he didn’t appear in ST: Enterprise.

Anyways, i’d say it’s great if Shatner is in the movie, but I won’t shed many tears if he doesn’t.

6. Mike - August 25, 2007

JJ Abrams did not create Buffy.

7. Buckaroohawk - August 26, 2007

In a misplaced attempt to keep this thread from (already) becoming another “Shatner MUST be in the new movie” clone, I’ll address a different topic from the list above: Trek Baby Names.

A few weeks ago my wife and I were watching “Cash Cab” on (I think) The Discovery Channel. If you haven’t seen it, the host of the show is an honest-to-goodness New York cab driver. When riders enter his van, he informs them that they’re on a traveling game show. He’ll ask questions and the riders win money for each correct answer. They are given a strike for each incorrect answer. If the riders get three strikes, the driver kicks them out of the cab whether they’ve arrived at their destination or not. It’s probably the best game show on TV right now, and it’s a lot of fun to watch.

Anyway, on this particular episode, three astrophysicists got in the cab; two men and one woman. The woman’s first name…I kid you not…was Saavik! She even spelled it for the host of the show who, if he knew where the name came from, made no mention of it in the episode. The three of them went on to win the largest sum of money so far on the show.

Her parents named her Saavik. And she’s an astrophysicist. How freakin’ cool is that! You just gotta love Star Trek fans.

We now return you to Shatnerpalooza, here at

8. ensign ricky - August 26, 2007

Yeah, Joss Whedon created Buffy, btw.

Could somebody tell me how to pronounce Zachary Quinto’s last name?

Is it like “qwinto”, or “keento?”


9. Lao3D - August 26, 2007

Am I the only person who totally missed hearing about the “Masters of Science Fiction” show on ABC?? I totally would have watched it, but don’t remember seeing any promotion for it anywhere. Nuts…

10. Admiraldeem - August 26, 2007

I believe “Quinto” is pronounced “Shat-ner.” Bill will do anything to get into this film.

11. Santo - August 26, 2007

Re: #2 & #3

We don’t “NEED” Shatner. First and foremost, we need a good picture. Period. So, please stop with the “someone tell J.J. to put Shatner in this movie.” You guys are like a broken record. Let them make their movie. A Star Trek movie without Shatner does not mean the movie will be bad (First Contact anyone?). The movie will be bad if it is written and directed badly (Nemesis/The Final Frontier for example).

12. Mike J. Hafezi - August 26, 2007

I just wrote a letter to Paramount telling how they should put Shatner in the movie. I said he should come at the end and act like he never got killed by Soran in the first place and chose retirement over attending the maiden voyage of the Enterprise B because old Spock had told young Kirk to make the most logical choices in his life. That’s not shoving him in, is it?

13. Plum - August 26, 2007


That Republican America article is bizzare, it reads like a disgruntled GOP backbencher lamenting his own parties fecklessness and saying “government doesn’t work” because bureaucrats are evil.

I always find it funny when politicians blame government.

14. VOODOO - August 26, 2007

Santo #11

They may not NEED Shatner to make a good move, but there are many people who want to see him back one more time.

15. TJ Trek - August 26, 2007

I agree with #11. Shanter is not neccesary. I mean Shatner could be in the film and the film could be a totall bomb anyways. Why? because the movie won’t and can’t hing on shatner;s involvment, but rather on a damn good story. If you get a good story, I think those Trek fans who go and watch will forget about Shatner not being in the film.

16. Mr. Mike - August 26, 2007

Shatner is not necessary, he is MANDATORY!

I kid…I kid!

The movie will have the potential to blow away as many people with or without him, it will just be easier to this with him I would think (at least with one particular fan profile).

This movie can’t be released soon enough!

17. Charles Trotter (Chuck Amuck) - August 26, 2007

#12 Mike J. Hafezi

I’m not sure if you were serious or not, but please don’t write Paramount with nonsense like that. For one, they’re not the ones directly responsible for whether or not Shatner gets put into the movie. Secondly, they are fully aware that many want Shatner to be in the movie, they don’t need another letter stating that. And third, you’re probably just wasting your time — it is unlikely that someone high up on the Paramount food chain will read your letter, assuming it gets read at all.

And for everyone else jumping on the “Bring Back Shatner or Else” bandwagon, let’s not turn this thread into another campaign. We know you want Shatner in the movie, Abrams knows you want Shatner in the movie, and Paramount knows you want Shatner in the movie. We’ve heard it all before. It’s old. He will either be in the film or he won’t, and you will have to live with either outcome. Also, Santo and TJ Trek are correct — while it would be great to see him, Shatner’s presence is nowhere near necessary to make this a good movie. So let’s stop with the campaigning.

Let’s talk about something important… Put that coffee down! Coffee’s for closers only.

18. Anthony Pascale - August 26, 2007

i would also like to point out that due to wga rules, they would never let abrams or any of the creative people ever see a letter with any story ideas…in order to protect them from suits and arbitrations.

19. Harry Ballz - August 26, 2007

Hollywood SHOULD have a show where they screen new screenplay ideas and pitches for movies. Show biz has all the makings of an incestuous community. It would seem that once you make it in, they circle the wagons to keep everyone else out, for fear of losing their stake in the game. No wonder we get the current crop of “writers” rehashing old T.V. shows and any other recycled idea they can get their hands on! Hollywood is out of fresh ideas and storylines,but they certainly don’t want to let any new blood in! God forbid they allow an open forum for fresh competition!

20. TV IS NOT THAT BAD - August 26, 2007

Guys check out the comment at The People’s Voice link! I just made a comment that you guys will love, my user name is TV IS NOT THAT BAD. I only created an user name to say that comment.

21. Michelle - August 27, 2007

I’m one who really doesn’t want to see Shatner in this movie. He’s become such a parody of himself over the years that I don’t think I could take him seriously as Captain Kirk again. I would go as far to say that I think his presence would actually detract from the film. First and foremost I hope Abrams and company deliver us a good movie with a good script, and I hope they don’t feel pressured to find some contrived way to shoehorn Shatner into the movie. If they can find a good way to fit Shatner into the film, that’s fine, but I personally would rather Nimoy get the spotlight to shine this time

22. Santo - August 27, 2007

Re: #21

Amen to that.

23. Heywood Jablome - August 27, 2007

Bring back Mugatu! He needs work!

24. OM - August 27, 2007

…My god/yahweh/roddenberry – is that Rip Taylor as a Klingon?!?!

25. Charles Trotter (Chuck Amuck) - August 27, 2007

Re #24

Holy mackerel! Happy days are here again, petaQ!!! Qaplaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Ok, so that last part was more Charles Nelson Reilly, so sue me. :-P

26. Mark - August 27, 2007

“World Enough for Time,” the latest episode of the fan series Star Trek: New Voyages, premiered online via streaming video on August 23rd.

Yikes – get it right on a Trek website. It’s “World Enough AND Time.”

27. OM - August 28, 2007

#25: Oh, gee thanks, pal. I now have this horrible vision of Uncle Croc as a Klingon. If we were to add Wally Cox to that mix, could you conceive an even more impossible trio to play Koloth, Kang and Kor? :p

28. Ellie - August 28, 2007

I thought the video was funny and that Red Shirt guy was pretty cool in the audition section I see they’ve got an update with Shatner above but haven’t checked it out yet :)

29. Ellie - August 28, 2007

I thought the video was funny and that Red Shirt guy was pretty cool in the audition section I see they’ve got an update with Shatner above but haven’t checked it out yet :)

30. Ellie - August 28, 2007

A follow-up report to the one above states the William Shatner has indeed signed up to play Captain Kirk in the film, but there has been nothing official on this

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