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Quinto Already Practicing His Spock August 27, 2007

by Charles Trotter , Filed under: ST09 Cast , trackback

It seems a day doesn’t go by without a new interview with Zachary Quinto. This time, the actor who will be Spock discussed his relationship with his predecessor and soon-to-be co-star, Leonard Nimoy, with National Ledger. “His involvement and support really mean the most to me at this point,” he says. “To step into a role this iconic and have the actor who created it at your side — it’s a true gift.” He again expressed his hope in getting to know Nimoy “as a person and as an actor,” referring to him as “an incredibly multifaceted and fascinating artist.” Quinto says he is already practicing his own characterization of Spock – in between takes on Heroes.

Dinner for Spocks

We already know that Nimoy and Quinto are becoming fast friends and have met with each other several times to discuss the film – including Nimoy having Quinto over to dinner just a few weeks ago. Now it appears that Quinto wants to make that a regular thing, saying he would “like to meet once or twice a week, for dinner or whatever” before production on the the new Star Trek movie begins. “I’m cultivating as much of a relationship as he’s willing to have.” However that will have to wait as Quinto notes that both actors are currently traveling in separate parts of the world (and not together as previously thought).  


1. Anthony Pascale - August 27, 2007

thanks Chuck

I can just picture it. After ripping someone’s head off in an evil orgy of blood he goes in the corner of the studio and starts muttering ‘fascinating’ to himself!

2. mike - August 27, 2007

That would be great if during a moment of rage he stopped for a second and cocked his head to the side and said “Fascinating”

3. Tom - August 27, 2007

The rapport developing between the two actors can only mean great things for the movie. Hopefully he will have a great relationship with the new kirk.

4. Harry Ballz - August 27, 2007

Nimoy may be coy, but Quinto is….is….damn, what rhymes with Quinto??

5. Heywood Jablome - August 27, 2007

Can’t wait. Imagine what the buzz is gonna be like when they announce the Kirk final pick? We’re going to hear several muffled THUD! sounds as rabid Trek fans around the globe simply explode with either delight or rage. Seems like a lot of us are damning the whole enterprise (pun intended) before it has a chance to leave drydock. I say we should all just loosen our collective sphincters a little and reserve judgment until the end credits roll.


6. Scott Gammans - August 27, 2007


7. Harry Ballz - August 27, 2007

Nimoy may be coy, but Quinto drives a Pinto? Nah, there’s no zing!

8. Tom - August 27, 2007

Will Shatner like the Kirk final pick as Nimoy likes Quinto?

9. billy don't be a hiro - August 27, 2007

Who doesn’t enjoy becoming “frast firends”?

And didn’t investigative reporter Jack McGee work for the National Ledger?

10. Andy Patterson - August 27, 2007

I wonder if he’ll play him as the, yells all his orders on the bride and in a slightly uncomfortable way, that Nimoy played Spock in the Cage and the first few episodes. Or if he’ll use the benefit of having watched Nimoy as he got the character more finely nuanced and build on that. That’d be an interesting choice to watch him make.

11. Xplodin' Nacelle - August 27, 2007

I’m so jealous of Quinto. I mean, imagine having Nimoy for a buddy, an acting coach, & spending time over his house. It’d be wicked awesome! I wish I was Zach, so bad.

12. Harry Ballz - August 27, 2007

#10 “yells all his orders on the bride”
Sounds like a pretty pushy bridegroom, if you ask me……

13. Sleeper Agent X - August 27, 2007

Re 12:

There you go about that Spock on Spock love scene again… ;-)

14. Harry Ballz - August 27, 2007

You reminded me of the old chestnut:
Oh, Spock, let’s not park here!
Oh, Spock, let’s not park!
Oh, Spock, let’s not!
Oh, Spock, let’s!
Oh, Spock!

How’s that for snappy dialogue?

15. CmdrR. - August 27, 2007

Two vulcans having dinner? Do they have veggie lasagna?

16. TrekNerd - August 27, 2007

Spock loves Italian.


17. Harry Ballz - August 27, 2007

What did the Vulcan say to his friend Albert, who had just finished muttering something really sick?
“That is ill logic, Al!” Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk…….

18. Shatner_Fan_2000 - August 27, 2007

Maybe these frast firends are just gonna grab some frast forood?

19. billy don't be a hiro - August 27, 2007

that sounds frucking farntastic

20. Harry Ballz - August 27, 2007

i personally enjoy firesh frast forood! It’s firantorastic!

21. TB - August 27, 2007

Nimoy is coy, but Quinto eats Sargento in his Pinto on the way to Sacremento.

22. Harry Ballz - August 27, 2007

Un momento, regarding Quinto….(boy, we’re stretching things now, aren’t we?)….if the picture is fuzzy, it makes me squint-o……..d’oh!

23. RaveOnEd - August 27, 2007

This is all Frascinating!

24. Charles Trotter (Chuck Amuck) - August 27, 2007

Okay, okay, enough with the Scooby-Doo speak, the typo’s been fixed. Geeeeeeeeeez! :-P

25. Craig - August 27, 2007

When are more casting announcements coming?

26. billy don't be a hiro - August 27, 2007

Rye ruv roo, Rarles Rotter – ah-hee-hee-hee-hee!

27. Harry Ballz - August 27, 2007

Next time Quinto meets with Nimoy to break bread and chat, they should film it and release it under the title, ‘My Dinner With Leonard’.
You know the crazy part? It would probably make money!

28. Charley W - August 27, 2007

Quinto likes Bento.

29. Charley W - August 27, 2007

Fast Friends, fast food.

30. Xai - August 27, 2007

Ok, Time out.

31. Charles Trotter (Chuck Amuck) - August 27, 2007


32. Marvin the Martian - August 27, 2007

With all this talk of Nimoy and Quinto getting all chummy, I’m half-expecting to see this on the fall schedule:

8:00 PM (CBS)

In the debut episode of the new sitcom from Alias creator J.J. Abrams, Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto play themselves as two actors typecast as Star Trek’s most famous alien. In a strange twist of fate that only happens on TV, the two actors find themselves thrown together as roommates in the same Chicago apartment where they are forced to co-parent an adorable, precocious young boy that they find on their doorstep. The twist? Nimoy and Quinto are just playing Vulcans… the little boy actually *is* a Vulcan. Hilarity ensues. Guest starring Jolene Blalock as a sassy, dog-hating nanny.

33. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - August 27, 2007

But who is practicing their Mugatu????
Join the Universal created by Lord Garth and fully embraced by Lord Anthony- Paramount we implore you- Bring Back Mugatu

34. Anthony Pascale - August 27, 2007


35. Harry Doddema - August 27, 2007

I Support Mugatu.

36. Charley W - August 27, 2007

You say ‘mugatu’, JT says ‘gumatu’, let’s call the whole thing off…

37. Bob, The Evil Klingon Frontline Leader - August 27, 2007

I support Mugato, too:


38. OR Coast Trekkie - August 27, 2007


39. Harry Ballz - August 27, 2007

Okay, everyone, all together now….repeat (over and over) the following mantra:

Catchy, no?

40. Sleeper Agent X - August 27, 2007

Domo Arigoto!

Mr. Mugato!

41. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - August 27, 2007

After all our beloved Mugato has done for our franchise in the span of 40 years since Gene’s dream of a horned white gorilla became legendary reality I am so overjoyed to see that Mr. James R. Mugatu is so remembered with the respect and love he so richly deserves!!! I spoke with Mr. Mugatu’s representatives and he wants to assure his legions of fans that he and JJ are doing everything in their power to ensure a truimphant and meaningful return to the franchise. Mr. Mugatu wishes you all well and has been quoted as saying he was moved to tears at the outpouring of support. When asked where has he been all these years, the usually private Mr. Mugatu replied in each and everyone of our hearts!!

Bring Back Mugatu!!!!!!!

42. Harry Ballz - August 27, 2007

Oh, no….let’s not start that again!! lol

43. Harry Ballz - August 27, 2007

You say “moo-gay-too”, I say “moo-gaw-too”, let’s call the whole thing off!

44. VulcanBabe - August 27, 2007

Good God…he’s HOT!!! I think this is going to end up being a Spock-on-Spock love scene…fast friends..hehe.

45. Cygnus-X1 - August 27, 2007

Rumor has it that Mugatu’s been doing dinner theatre in Palm Beach, Florida.

Reportedly, Mugatu has been finding his present role challenging, because his dinner theatre character has “two horns and dark fur, which is a bit of a stretch for me.”

46. THX-1138 - August 27, 2007

I fly out for a gig and look at what happens. Man, I gotta take my laptop on the plane with me next time.

47. SteveinSF - August 27, 2007

I hate to sound negative but all these reports on this guy as Spock—a bit over kill don’t you think? There must be something else going on besides this guy.

48. Anthony Pascale - August 27, 2007

RE 47
Well that is the nature of the business. If you notice these things come in waves. Remember when Transformers was being promoted…new interviews with Orci and Kurtzman were flying like crazy. Now Quinto is promoting the Heroes DVDs and so interviews with him are coming fast and furious. I imagine if ABC want to do some Lost promotion they might put Lindelof out for interview and you will get a bunch from him. That is how the biz works.

as with all articles you can chose to read them or not….there are 20 items covered in the last week. I imagine more than any other trek site. But its not like we are holding back that article revealing the whole plot of the movie to cover another quinto interview.

49. Harry Ballz - August 27, 2007

We have Nimoy and Quinto as Spock
But Shatner is not yet a lock
One day we’ll find out
What the Kirk thing’s about
‘Til then this is all that we’ve got!

50. DJT - August 27, 2007

“Spock loves Italian.


LOL. Nice.

51. THX-1138 - August 27, 2007

Yours is a true gift, Mr. Ballz.

52. Pen - August 27, 2007

James Roday= new Kirk? Please Nooooooooo…not him!!

53. andrea - August 28, 2007

why Paramount, JJ abrams, and the writers, simply don’t forget generations and put this new movie after star trek VI? and if the movie will have a great open to the box office, Paramount could recut generations without kirk!!!! and release it to the cinema during some kind of anniversary or in a dvd box edition with both cut, after that all will be happy!!!!

54. snake - August 28, 2007

wonder whoever gets cast as Kirk will have the same releationship with Shatner?

i.e. Dinner with The Shat every week…..long walks on the beach…watching the sun set together ..etc..

55. Dennis Bailey - August 28, 2007

Probably not. The Quinto/Nimoy situation seems to have a lot to do with the “Young/Old Spock’s” pivotal importance to the storyline.

56. Jay - August 28, 2007

When will they cast Kirk?? It’s driving me crazy.

Will they try to keep that a secret even when filming begins to drive up interest?

57. Harry Ballz - August 28, 2007

When will they cast Kirk,
I ask with a smirk.
I’m sure that they know,
And when it’s a GO…
Let’s hope it’ll work!

58. Charles Trotter (Chuck Amuck) - August 28, 2007

#54 That just reminded me of a great quote from BASEketball:

“If I were a woman, I’d sure like to be his girlfriend. Walking in the park hand in hand, wrapping my legs around him, cuddling in the spoon position, our hearts beating in unison, staring into his eyes over our morning coffee.”

Robert Stack about Damon Huard. Gotta love it. ;)

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program, already in progress….

59. SteveinSF - August 28, 2007


I see your point. I mean no negativity at all–this is a great site and I enjoy most of what’s written. Just felt a bit tired of this Qunito guy.

60. TrekLog » Blog Archive » Trek XI - Newsflash - September 21, 2007

[…] Was ist eigentlich seit der letzten Convention alles passiert? Eigentlich viel (was Meldungen des Trek Movie Report angeht) und zugleich doch recht wenig! Zunächst einmal hat sich das Casting-Karussell ein wenig weitergedreht. Nicht Sydney Poitier, sondern eine junge Dame namens Zoe Saldana wurde für die Rolle des Kommunikationsoffiziers der Enterprise, Nyota Uhura, hochoffiziell gecastet und unter Vertrag genommen. Somit sind schon 3 Mitglieder der Originalcharaktere gecastet worden: Spock, Chekov und Uhura! Als nächstes wird wohl der Chefingenieur Scotty gecastet werden, denn Berichten zufolge wird derzeit nach einem Darsteller gesucht! Daniel Dae Kim aus Lost (hat auch schon bei Star Trek: Voyager Gastauftritte gehabt) gilt ebenso als heißer Kandidat für die Rolle des Navigators Hikaru Sulu, aber wir Leser wissen ja, dass es dahingehend gleich mehrere Bewerbungen zu geben scheint. Der neue Spock-Darsteller Zachary Quinto bereitet sich hingegen ganz speziell auf seine Rolle vor. Anstelle des intensiven Studiums alte Star Trek-Episoden versucht er, sich mit der Person hinter Spock, Leonard Nimoy, zu beschäftigen. Somit verbringen die beiden sehr viel Zeit miteinander und laden sich gegenseitig zum Essen ein, wenngleich die Mythologie, d.h. die vulkanisch-romulanischen Ursprünge, dennoch in Quintos Interesse zu liegen scheint. Über die Plot-Details zu Star Trek XI hatte ich jüngst schon einen Kommentar abgegeben, und laut Quinto handelt es sich bei Trek XI um ein Projekt, dass weitere Fortsetzungen wahrscheinlich macht… damit bestätigt er auch den Wunsch des Autorenteams Orci und Kurtzman, die sich beide ebenso Fortsetzungen erhoffen würden. Zuguterletzt kann man noch sagen, dass nebenbei Russell Crowe kurzzeitig als Bösewicht im Gespräch war (was jedoch Hinweise auf das gesuchte Kaliber des gesuchten Darstellers gibt) und dass das uralte Jennifer Garner Gerücht im Zusammenhang mit einer Liebesaffäre Spock’s wieder aufgetaucht ist. Trek ist also in aller Munde und wir haben dahingehend wohl noch spannende Zeiten vor uns… […]

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