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This Week In Trek (week ending 9/1/07) September 1, 2007

by Charles Trotter , Filed under: This Week In Trek , trackback

It’s been a wild week for Star Trek. We have plot rumors, potential casting news, conventions, a new novel, new figures, news on a former Klingon child star, Edward Gorey’s take on tribbles, a military holodeck, and much more.

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A blog entry on author, artist (and Trekkie) Edward Gorey speculates a Gorey adaptation of “The Trouble with Tribbles.”


YouTube Clip of the Week

What if Miss Teen South Carolina was on board the Enterprise D?


Special thanks to everyone who submitted tips for ThisWeek in Trek.


1. Duane Boda - September 1, 2007

Hmm….I’d seriously doubt that anyone would have the script to the new movie and IF they did why would they ruin it by showing and discussing it all here for everyone.

2. Jan - September 1, 2007

Good reporting/summarizing Chuck. That was alot of info; your time and effort is greatly appreciated.

3. Duane Boda - September 1, 2007

# 2: Marcia…..Marcia…..Marcia…..- Just had to get that out of my system. Jan was just as HOT and talented as Marcia… she had no need to complain and whine so much.

4. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - September 1, 2007

What anout the earth shattering Bring Back Mugatu campaign !!!!!!

5. steve623 - September 1, 2007

Ugh, somehow the news of the AICN movie plot rumor being “100% confirmed” escaped me. My enthusiasm for the new movie has gone from “really high” to “tanked” this week. I know it isn’t politically correct on this site to be anything other than 100% rah-rah in favor of every piece of news that comes out about the movie, but that plot … yikes … just not doing it for me at all.

6. Mark - September 1, 2007

A lot of the old TV shows from the 50s, 60s, and 70s had guest stars that eventually showed up (or had been) on Star Trek. I just Netflixed a couple of old TV shows – Naked City, a pretty decent cop show set in New York (“There are eight million stories in the naked city. This has been one of them,”) and Banacek, starring George Peppard as an insurance investigator with a knack for solving bizarre disappearances.

The first episode on the Naked City disc was called Portrait of a Painter, and starred William Shatner as a struggling artist that wakes up on the floor of his apartment to find his murdered wife, and he doesn’t know if he did it or not. His psychiatrist was played by Theodore Bikel (character actor in a gazillion things) – Worf’s adoptive father on TNG.

On the Banacek disc, the first episode has a brief appearance by Madlyn Rhue (Lt. Marla McGivers – Space Seed), the second co-stars William Windom (Commodore Decker – The Doomsday Machine; I met him once at the LA County Fairgrounds), the third co-stars Louise Sorel (Rayna Kapec – Requiem for Methuselah.)

I know there are tons of old TV shows out there with tons of actors that were stars or guest stars on the various Trek incarnations, but I thought I would just pass these on if anyone is interested, since Naked City and Banacek were fairly decent programs apart from appearances by former or future Trek alumni.

7. Duane Boda - September 1, 2007

# 5: Exactly how I feel (to some degree) I mean….how excited can I get about a film IF someone discloses the plot for it months ahead of time. IF anything…maybe they can
and will make last second changes to only make it better. But….its too late for anything like that. The idea of time travel (in space) is tired and boring. But…perhaps they’ll go with the Guardian Of Forever…..that MIGHT make it interesting. What do you think of that?

8. snake - September 1, 2007

“I’m not sure it’s a compliment: BBC presenter Emily Maitlis has been nicknamed Balok, apparently due to her resemblance to that character’s more frightening puppet persona from the original Star Trek series episode “The Corbomite Maneuver.”

hey thats not very nice…i mean shes an attractive woman..

nasty jealous media types in the work place…..hey thats what some of them can be like..

9. Lithgo - September 1, 2007

As a Scot, I’m highly skeptical of this Greg Hemphill as Scotty rumour.

He used to be the rector of my university…

10. admiraldeem - September 1, 2007

#3–I totally disagree. Jan way WAY hotter than Marcia, who was WAY hotter than Cindy! And as for Alice–not going there!

11. Jackson Roykirk - September 1, 2007

I love Edward Gorey’s work. I have his alphabet book:

“A” is for Amy who fell down the stairs.
“B” is for Basil assulted by bears.
“C is for Clara who wasted away.
“D” is for Desmond thrown out of a sleigh…

…and so on. Great stuff. Great drawings.

His take on Tribbles was terrific. I did not know he was a trekkie.

12. Vulcanista - September 1, 2007

I *wish* I could have been at Dragon.con this weekend, but schedule said “no.”

Would love to hear from anyone who attended!

13. Jeff - September 1, 2007

I don’t think that tribbles adaptation was actually by Edward Gorey, just someone imitating him for that web page.

14. Demode - September 1, 2007

I doubt what we have read on AICN is accurate. They just always HAVE to be first to report things….

15. Jackson Roykirk - September 1, 2007

#13. Jeff.

You’re right. It was done by the blogger. The artwork was a bit off, but the captions were spot on Gorey!

16. Noleuser - September 1, 2007

I can’t believe Brian Bonsall has turned into a hard core rocker!

17. the king in shreds and tatters - September 1, 2007

How lame is it that some random blogger-slash-cartoonist has a better idea for revitalizing a franchise than the people writing the movie?

You’d love Gorey Trek. I know you would.

18. CmdrR. - September 1, 2007

I’m sure there’s more to the plot than another tired time-travel cunundrum (sp?) We’ll see…

I also get a great grin that Shatner’s puss will once again by the mask for Michael Myers, although I seriously doubt I’ll be plopping down a remake of a 70’s schlock-o-rama drama.

19. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - September 1, 2007

I’m getting a little tired of Star Trek using the “reset switch” plot device, although it works well in certain episodes (“Yesterday’s Enterprise”). I’m keeping my mind open, however.

20. Vulcanista - September 1, 2007

Regarding CHUD’s report of the plot rumor as “reported” by AICN being “100% confirmed,” I want sources, CHUD, sources! When someone who’s actually associated with the production lets us in on plot details, then I’ll sit up and listen.

And while I give my highest commendations to Anthony and the folks at Trek Movie for reporting it all (and, OMG, ain’t there a lot of it floating around out there!) anything else being reported by anyone other than Abrams et al and Paramount at this point is rank speculation at best and most likely a big, fat, stinky red herring.

So there! >:-)

Peace. Live long and prosper,
the Vulcanista >:-|

21. KennyB - September 1, 2007

blah–not a good week.

22. Duane Boda - September 1, 2007

I used to try to find Clint Howard as Balock at William Shatners roast.
Does anyone have a link to it? A good one?
Thank You!

23. TrekNerd - September 1, 2007

“I can’t believe Brian Bonsall has turned into a hard core rocker!”

Obviously, the family ties no longer bind.

On the plot note, the rumored plot sounds much more exciting than “this is how our careers started and how we all came together.” Yawn.

24. Etha Williams - September 1, 2007

A Trek musical? Brings to mind the opening scene in “Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy”…

25. Duane Boda - September 1, 2007

Well…..I looked under Balok in the Google Video options and Balok Returns did pop up but it was deleted. That was a funny clip. Did anyone retain a active site that has it that they could send to me? Thanks…..

26. TJ Trek - September 2, 2007

well, the idea of putting the new trek in an alternate timeline would work. The trek universe does allow, and does have alternate time lines that play out. What I would love to see is a whole set of stories based around new characters, and new things in the Mirror univrse. I think that would be sweet. There has been some cannon made for it, but you could really flesh it out, and explore that universe to the hilt.

27. Admiral_Bumblebee - September 2, 2007

Any news of when (and if) Roberto Orci will come again? He metioned something the last the time that he will come into touch with the fans again for some discussion…

28. Oceanhopper - September 2, 2007

Greg Hemphill as Scotty? WTF?

Gonnae naw dae that…..
JUST – Gonnae NAW!

29. trektacular - September 2, 2007

I like you’re suggestions, here’s my suggestion to avoid, Mark Lenard with a removable head in Gil Gerards Buck Rogers. WORST SHOW EVER

30. FlyingTigress - September 2, 2007

Greg is listed as having been born in 1970. That put’s him a little outside the range of cast ages for the period (just before TOS) that has been identified.

31. Harry Ballz - September 2, 2007

There once was a group that wanted more Trek
Upon hearing the film’s plot, they all yelled, “trainwreck!”
Many of the core fans threw a hissy fit
While others involved didn’t give a s***
But with Paramount “suits”, what do you expect?

32. Allister Gourlay - September 2, 2007

Greg Hemphill as Scotty? no cant be!

btw you guys in the USA seen him on this? hes the one playing the Captain McConnell…hope you can understand the scottish humour!
b****y brilliant!

33. Miguel - September 2, 2007

As for Vulcan exploding, I WOULD PAY GOOD MONEY TO SEE THAT. Talk about shaking things up! I think creating an alternate timeline is cool. Woot. My opinion.

34. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - September 2, 2007

Vulcan exploding via a Doomsday Machine or multiple Doomsday Machines, activated and controlled by some malevolant force now THAAAAAAAAAT would be cool. And of course only James T. Kirk can stop them for laying waste to the Federation. Hmmmm

35. Plum - September 2, 2007

“Ain’t It Cool News posted what is rumored to be the plot for the film. CHUD”

Great… I think I’ll just have to stop reading until X-Mass 2008 and tattoo SPOILER ALERT onto the inside of my eyelids.

36. Woulfe - September 2, 2007

I have a bridge you might be interested in if you believe that rumor about the plot is true.

it’s a nice bridge too.

It’s in New York.

It goes from Brooklyn to Manhatten.

– W –
* Smirks *

37. Harry Ballz - September 2, 2007

Your bridge sounds mighty nice. How much? (smirks+grins)

38. Lurker - September 2, 2007

Iceland = Vulcan.

Just sayin’…


39. Xai - September 2, 2007

#36 Woulfe…
You hit the nail on the head.
why are some people assuming that rumor is real?

Someone that believes this, would you explain your thoughts to me please? I can’t understand the faith put in such a thing

40. sean - September 2, 2007

Hey, you forgot to mention that Clint Howard is in the new Halloween as well. That movie is like a Star Trek convention! (except some people in the movie have sex).

41. Duane Boda - September 2, 2007

Balok…..(as a adult) where are you? Looking for the video clip of him at the William Shatner Roast. That was a true classic – finding it and him is like looking for a needle
in a haystack. Or like pulling a gold tooth…..I’m sure its out there but where?

42. Charles Trotter (Chuck Amuck) - September 2, 2007

#40 Sean — I only listed the two Trek actors who were among the main cast members of the movie. There were many veteran Trek actors in Halloween that I didn’t mention. Besides Howard, there’s Adrienne Barbeau, Sid Haig, Richard Lynch, Daniel Roebuck, and Tom Towles.

43. tom - September 3, 2007

We are about 2 months away from principal photgraphy!! We should be hearing the remainder of the casting shortly.

44. SNAKE - September 3, 2007

btw has posted this – Shatner stating catogorically he is NOT in the movie

45. Harry Ballz - September 3, 2007

I watched that clip twice, but I’ll be damned if I can understand what he’s saying! His mouth was too close to the mike, or a poor recording….the only words I could make out are ‘I’m not in the movie!’…..frustrating!

46. Jackson Roykirk - September 3, 2007


I do NOT want to see a YouTube of Clint Howard as an adult Balock. I’m just getting over the nightmares I had back in the 1970’s with little Clint as the oh-so-CREEPY Balock.

He was much scarier than that puppet, in my opinion.

PS. — If Ron Howard was directing this, I’m sure Balok would be in it…Ronnie always finds a place in his films for his little brother.

47. J McC - September 3, 2007

This is all totally ridiculous. ANY plot which involves a ‘young’ Spock would involve Kirk as a sperm… Vulcans have a longer lifespan than humans…even half vulcans. Kirk and Spock did not attend the ‘Academy’ together, they didn’t know each other until Kirk replaced Pike as captain of the Enterprise… A ‘young’ Uhura? She was pretty young as a Lieutenant on TOS…so what? teenage Uhura running around Starfleet Academy, going to parties, flirting with Andorian classmates? Basically, at the end of the day, J.j. Abrams is allowing his new found fame with Lost, Alias, and MI3 (sic) to delude him into thinking he’s doing Trek fans a favor by writing a new movie. In fact, he is basically taking a steaming deuce on Star Trek for a paycheck that the Viacom/Paramount suits are willing to pay because they have left their artistic integrity at the gate to the lot. Abrams, do us a favor and start the rewrite… If you go through with this 20 car pile up, ditch the B.S. of trying to tie every character together and put together a story that adheres to ESTABLISHED CHRONOLOGY, try not to tank it the way Braga, Piller, and Berman did…

48. Charles Trotter (Chuck Amuck) - September 3, 2007

#47 J McC — Wow, not sure where you got your information from, but Kirk was born only one Earth year after Spock (Kirk in 2233, Spock in 2232). Also, there has yet to be any hard evidence to suggest that any part of this movie will actually be set at Starfleet Academy. Lastly, please don’t talk about the movie and production team as though you are so sure of what they will do or what their motives are. All your rant there proved is that, not only do you have no idea how the movie will turn out (just like we don’t), but you also have no idea what you’re talking about.

49. Charles Trotter (Chuck Amuck) - September 3, 2007

Add-on to my previous post: Spock was born in 2232 unless you don’t count information from the animated series, in which case, as stated in the Trek Chronology, Spock was born in 2230. Take your pick. :-P

50. dmack - September 3, 2007

“week in Trek ending 9/1/08….?!?!?


Wha…?!?!? Tempral shift…?

51. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - September 4, 2007

#32 — This clip you posted was pretty funny, even if I couldn’t quite make out everything everybody said (I don’t think I understood one word the guy playing number one said).

On a more serious note, it would be nice to see some clips of Greg Hemphill playing in a drama. But, at least they’re hiring a bone fide Scotsman, and not someone half-a**edly attempting the accent.

52. Cervantes ( getting even more worried about who is going to end up as 'Scotty'... ) - September 4, 2007

* cough* splutter*… Scottish comedian actor Greg Hemphill…in the running for the role of ‘Scotty’ now!!!…this is even worse than the James McAvoy rumour…

J.J., if you’re out there…I urge you to look elsewhere, as this would be the biggest piece of miscasting nonsense ever…

53. TB - September 4, 2007

#48 “…Kirk was born only one Earth year after Spock…”

Sorry, ChucK Amuck, but I’m not sure where you got your information either. In one episode of TOS (don’t remember which one–help me out, someone) Spock claims he’s seventy or in his seventies, which means he’s twice the age of Kirk or around 150-years-old in the TNG episode. The TOS episode may have been the one where everyone ages drastically. (Sorry, I like ST but I’m not a ST trivia geek.) This was the episode where we first learned Vulcans have longer lifespans.

54. Etha Williams - September 4, 2007

#53 — I don’t remember him ever having said that. I recently (ca 2 months ago) watched all the episodes in sequence, and I feel like that’s something I’d remember…also, wikipedia has his DOB as 2230 (I can’t access Memory Alpha to confirm, though…my work computer’s being weird).

55. Jackson Roykirk - September 4, 2007

#47, 48, 53, 54

They never said in any TOS episode when Kirk or Spock were born, nor when they attended the Academy. Some hints came from the movies, and ‘’ (run by Paramount) & ‘’ give biographies based on these hints from the movies. says that Spock was born in 2230, Kirk in 2233. says Spock was born in 2232 & Kirk in 2233. says that Spock was in the Academy from 2249 to 2253 and Kirk attended from 2250 to 2254. gives the same chronology for Kirk at the Academy, and says that Spock graduated in the early 2250’s.

The bottom line is that Kirk and Spock COULD have attended the Academy at the same time, but as many have said, we have no idea if the Academy even shows up in this film…and since Chekov is in this, it seems more probable that this is taking place around the TOS era.

56. TB - September 4, 2007

Someone else may have said it (Dr. McCoy comes to mind), but it’s something I distinctly remember. I’ve been trying to find which episode through the net, but so far, no luck.

57. Charles Trotter - September 5, 2007

#56 TB

The only ones who gave their ages on the original series were Kirk (34 in “The Deadly Years,” which was set in 2267) and Chekov (22 in “Who Mourns for Adonais?”). McCoy’s and Scotty’s ages were given in TNG. Spock’s age was never given in any live-action episode or film, although in the TAS episode “Yesteryear,” set around 2269, it was noted that Spock was seven years old thirty years prior to the episode (2239). 2239-7 = 2232. And there you have it. :) But, no, Spock never gave his age directly, nor did any other character give his age.

58. Charles Trotter - September 5, 2007

As an add-on to the previous post, you may be thinking of Spock’s father, Sarek, who gave his age as 102.437 (in Earth years) in “Journey to Babel”. In that same episode, it was revealed that Spock had entered Starfleet Academy 18 years prior to the episode, which means he and Kirk were attending the Academy at the same time for much if not all of Spock’s Academy days.

59. TB - September 5, 2007

I will take your word for it because I can offer no proof to substantiate my memory. My wife, however, also says she remembers it, but she didn’t think it was in the “aging” episode. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.