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New Voyages Latest Episode Back Online – Team Planning New Episodes [UPDATED] September 5, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: New Voyages/Phase II , trackback

Two weeks ago the Star Trek New Voyages team premiered their third episode "World Enough and Time" in an Internet streaming event. Unfortunately at the time they were not ready for the demand and it was taken down, but the problems are all sorted out and now it is available for streaming again at a new location (small and medium WMV only…currently limited to 300 simultaneous streams). Plus there is an official bit torrent site up now as well. The STNV team have also secured even better streaming providers which should come online within a few weeks. Now that things are sorted out for WEaT, the STNV team are moving on to their next episodes. Executive producer and star James Cawley talked exclusively with about what we can expect next from the popular independent Star Trek production.

New faces
The STNV team are already hard at work on post-production for their fourth episode "Blood and Fire" based on an adapted unused TNG screenplay by David Gerrold (see related article for more details). That episode has been expanded to be a two parter so it will actually end up being episodes 4 and 5 for STNV. The big guest star for that episode will be TNG’s Denise Crosby who will be playing Dr. Jenna Yar, an ancestor to TNG’s Tasha Yar (pictured above). The other big change for "Blood and Fire" is the recasting of Mr. Spock and Lt. Uhura. Professional actor Ben Tolpin (IMDB page) will be taking over for Jeff Quinn as Spock and aspiring actress Kim Stinger will take over for Julienne Irons as Uhura. Quinn and Irons had to leave due to scheduling conflicts, but Cawley tells that he used their departures as "an opportunity to cast working professionals." Although the series has had the benefit of many professional guest stars, these two will be the first actual SAG members as regulars. It is a welcome sign to see STNV realize it can still be a fan film with the fans behind the camera.

Tolpin (left) and Stinger (right) join STNV in "Blood and Fire"

Progression towards TMP
There will also be some changes with the look of the show. Cawley will start to incorporate wardrobe from "Phase II" (the planned Star Trek series from the 70s that eventually was scrapped in favor of ST: TMP). Most of these costumes will be genuine originals purchased from the "It’s a Wrap" Paramount auction (in fact Cawley bought out everything left in their Phase II inventory). James feels that slowly introducing new elements "shows the progression" towards the end of the 5 year mission and on into the movie era. Another way he will show this progression is by introducing the character of Xon (played by Patrick Bell). He has also brought in TMP style engineering radiation suits, however Cawley does not plan on fully transitioning to the often maligned TMP style of uniforms until his final episode (whenever that is). Cawley jokes "we will show them pulling into space dock and being handed their new uniforms, which they will hate."

Left: Cawley (Kirk) in Phase II uniform  – Right: Root (Scotty) in TMP radiation suit

The Dochterman effect
The other change starting with "Blood and Fire" is that Daren Dochterman is joining STNV as a visual effects supervisor – working with Joel Bellucci and the DAVE school. Although the review of "World Enough and Time" noted that the DAVE school had made marked improvements for the effects from the previous episodes, there are still some issues with the Enterprise model (and of course…the nacelle caps). Plus some of the ship movements are still a bit anachronistic. Dochterman tells that he will ensure that the effects are more in line with The Original Series, but will still be evolved (as it would have evolved in a 4th or 5th season).

Dochterman/Bellucci/DAVE school Enterprise in "Blood and Fire" (click to enlarge)

Faster pace
Another change for STNV is the plan to start putting out episodes at a faster rate. Currently the goal is to have both parts for "Blood and Fire" (Episodes 4 and 5) out by this holiday season – just a few months after the recent premiere of the third episode ("World Enough and Time"). The sixth episode (the follow up to "Blood and Fire") goes into production in March. The ambitious goal is to release episode 6 by late summer and the seventh episode by the end of 2008. This is a much faster pace than seen before by STNV (the first episode came out in 2004 and the second in 2006).

Mudd can wait, get ready for cats
Episode 6 was originally going to be "The Sky Above, The Mudd Below" featuring veteran Trek actor J.G. Hertzler as Harcourt Fenton Mudd. However Hertzler (who is also slated to direct) has some issues with his schedule and so his episode has moved officially into the ‘TBD’ category (no sooner than 2009). Cawley has not yet decided what will be the two episodes for 2008, but he has three current candidates.

One possibility for episode 6 (or 7) is an adapted script originally planned for the (not-to-come-to-be) 5th season Star Trek Enterprise titled "Kilkenny Cats" written by sci-fi giant Larry Niven and veteran Trek writer Jimmy Diggs (who will also direct). As you might guess from the title that it involves bringing Niven’s cat-like Kzinti (to be created entirely in CGI) into the Original Series (something Niven previously did in his TAS episode "The Slaver Weapon."). The second possibility is a script from sci-fi luminary George Clayton Johnson (who wrote "The Man Trap" and co-wrote the novel Logan’s Run). Clayton had sold the script (called "Rock-A-Bye Baby–Or Die") to Roddenberry for the first season of TOS, but it was never produced. Johnson later bought it back and now wants the STNV to do it. This would be a ship-based "bottle show" about an alien entity entering and growing up inside the Enterprise’s computer and will be directed by Robert Meyer Burnett (Free Enterprise). The third possibility in the queue is an untitled script written by two (unnamed) veteran Trek writers which will be directed by Kevin Rubio (director of the most famous Star Wars fan film "Troops."). Cawley was sketchy on the details, but did say it would be a primarily planet-based episode to be shot mostly on location (Cawley actually scouted the Trek favorite location Vasquez Rocks last weekend).

So it looks like we will be seeing more and more from STNV in the years to come. wishes the team good luck and hopes they continue to raise the bar on both fan films and on themselves.  

UPDATE: Next episode picked…dates set

On September 9th James Cawley posted the following update on the STNV website:

The Next episode of Star Trek: New Voyages will shoot from June 14th – 24th,2008 in Port Henry and Ticonderoga,N.Y. ! Both at the studio and on LOCATION! For the FIRST time  The Enterprise crew will be beaming down and kicking ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The New Script is being written by Dave Galanter and Greg Brodeur from a concept by Howard Weinstein.
I can’t say more about the story yet, except that we will indeed be shooting a couple of Key scenes in March at Vasquez Rocks! the March shoot is by invitation only, Sorry but we need to keep the numbers to a minimum as this will be our First ever exterior shoot. This episode promises to be an all out action/adventure in the spirit of Original TOS, and I finally get the girl!



Vasquez Rocks…the next stop for the STNV crew


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"World Enough and Time" also got a ringing endorsement from Rod Roddenberry (Gene’s son)


1. CaptainlordBat - September 5, 2007

Looking forward to working on more eps! Glad to hear things are progressing good boss!

2. Scott Gammans - September 5, 2007

While I am disappointed to hear that J.G.’s episode has been put on the back burner, I am very much looking forward to seeing the new Spock and Uhura in “Blood and Fire” (and that is NOT to slam the contributions made by Jeff and Julienne, who I thought were two of the stronger actors in the original NV cast).

3. ACNG - September 5, 2007

Great to see people with passion working so hard to realise their dreams. Someone at Paramount should hand these guys a budget to make a “canon” film.

4. Demode - September 5, 2007

The outfit that Denise Crosby is wearing looks very similar to the ones that the scientists wore in TNG (the episode with the sand that was alive, who called the crew “ugly bags of mostly water.”…lol…) I wonder if that was inspired by those outfits?

The Phase 2 outfits look great! Love to see more of this in the series.

Dochterman’s Enterprise is stunning! Simply perfect!!

5. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - September 5, 2007

Dirty Daren’s E looks AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get ready for the poopstorm to come when DD’s New Voyages effects are compared to the Trek remastered effort, if his E is a taste of what’s to come should be mind blowing!!!

6. Kirk: The Jack Bauer Of Space - September 5, 2007

I love NV almost as much as TOS. Loved WEAT, and looking forward to their new episodes–and I really hope that the faster pace really pans out.

It’s nice to see Capt. Kirk without Elvis’ hair. But I am also an Elvis fan, and have always wanted to see some video of James Cawley’s Elvis.

Does anyone know if there is any video available of Cawley doing Elvis?

7. CaptainlordBat - September 5, 2007

Denise’s costume is an original TNG costume. I do not know the episode(s) it appeared in but it was purchased by James.

8. George - September 5, 2007

#4 – According the NV Mag it is one of the uniforms purchased from It’s a Wrap on Ebay!

9. jonboc - September 5, 2007

Boy, I’m just not feeling the love for that phase 2 shirt. But I am looking forward to seeing the new Spock, even if he lacks the maturity of Nimoy’s Spock, appearance wise. If he has the acting chops I can look past the boyish looks.

I’m also looking forward…I think…to Gerrold’s story. I just hope it’s not a “hit you over the head” story about “tolerance” for gays. I always felt that in Trek’s time, gays would just “be”…without any prejudice and certainly without any fanfare. General acceptance is what Trek’s universe is all about, they shouldn’t make a big deal out of things like makes Trek look like one of those very “special ” episodes of Blossom that made us all cringe.

Being engaging and thought provoking, without preaching, is a tough balancing act, I hope they succeed.

Guess that’s my 2 cents, till I see the episode.

10. stallion (Archer is the best) - September 5, 2007

#2 the people they had playing Uhura and Spock before were good. I’m looking forward to the future of New Voyage.

11. StillKirok - September 5, 2007

They should consider shifting to a Sulu series starring Takei, maybe as an additional venture if they can.

12. DavidJ - September 5, 2007

Wow, never seen one of these all the way through, and I gotta say it was surprisingly good. The actors were a little iffy in places, but the great production values made up for most of that. The teaser especially was really well done.

And I never thought I’d say this, but I’m kinda disappointed now that Takei DIDN’T get that Sulu series he wanted. I don’t know if he was just having an off day on that VOY episode or what, but he was really good here.

13. Scott Gammans - September 5, 2007

OK, I’ll admit it–I just watched the episode and was emotionally moved by it. I totally bought Sulu’s anguish (as well as Kirk’s). Excellent, excellent, EXCELLENT!

14. RJO - September 5, 2007


15. Duane Boda - September 5, 2007

Some obvious things here.
1. Takei was excellent! He was so convincing and very good as he was portrayed with that over the top outfit that they had him wear – it was such a good choice. More…more..more!
2. The Special Effects were equally fine. The best all around….keep up the good work.
3. Though I only watch about a 1/3 of it (so far) the story was something I’d gladly pay $$ to see in the theater. It looked better then most of the Feature films that Paramount released.
4. James Cawley should be saluted and given the recognition he deserves for all of the effort he has put forth on this series. He’s starting to look better (over time) as Capt. Kirk
The only real complaints are these:
1. The Spock character: Couldn’t someone…somehow give him better ears or perhaps a more talented (convincing character) to portray him? Looks almost like a Cartoon.
2. I can’t (for the life of me) understand why they feel they must portray such iconic characters on such a legendary ship? Why not start anew? New aliens and a ship to go along with it. It would make it so much easier to swallow. The medicine may be good but who wants a somewhat dull (at times) horse needle? Not me….!

16. Duane Boda - September 5, 2007

Well… all fairness the new Spock looks much better. But….the other one was Ok too.

17. OneBuckFilms - September 5, 2007

#12 – I second that for Sulu.

The Excelsior with Captain Sulu would be a fantastic series, and using the Excelsior as seen in the movies and ST:NV, I think great adventures can be had.

Since very little has been established about the Excelsior, there is a lot of room to develop the crew, and the possibility of the occasional guest encounters from that era.

Some episode ideas (just some of my thoughts):

1. Pilot – Excelsior has completed it’s refit (After Trek VI), and is launched with a new crew. During her shakedown, a distress call is recieved from a Klingon vessel, and the attackers are other Klingons.

As they help the Klingon ship, trying their best not to get into a brawl, and with tentions and prejudices showing on both sides, they uncover an underground movement in the Klingon Empire by the Duras family.

In bringing light to this group, the crew of the Excelsior face their own prejudices and preconceptions about the Klingons.

2. Tested – The Excelsior is undergoing a test of her Transwarp engines, and pushes them to the limits.

When the Engines are shut down beyond repair, and the backup systems are overloaded by a power surge, they have to figure out how to survive the harsh cold of space, and are pushed to the edge.

To make things worse, they are drifting slowly into the orbit of a Stellar Black Hole.

3. Children of the Hollow World – The Excelsior is sent to investigate the fate of the Yonada asteroid ship, which has started to form a colony, only to find it in a state of Civil War between a group breaking free of the strict religious regime enforced by the Oracle, and the Priestess, who is succumbing to a slow dementia for which there is no cure.

18. steve623 - September 5, 2007

#4 – I believe the episode was “Home Soil”.

Say what you will about the STNV folks, you have to give them credit for being ambitious. I am amazed at what they’ve done, what they’re doing and what they’re planning. I wish them the best and I look forward to their progress and development. Next to new TOS-R images, STNV news gets me jazzed like nothing else on the site – including the reboot movie. Obviously the Star Trek umbrella is big enough to accomodate the interests of a lot of different kinds of people. Viva variety (and Las Vegas).

19. Darth Ballz - September 5, 2007

Demode – September 5, 2007
The outfit that Denise Crosby is wearing looks very similar to the ones that the scientists wore in TNG (the episode with the sand that was alive, who called the crew “ugly bags of mostly water.”…lol…) I wonder if that was inspired by those outfits?

You are correct, I have one of thease that was worn by Walter Gottell (James Bond movies) from IAW. Thease weren’t made but off-the-rack according to the tags inside. Remember this was the 80’s and shitty new wave bands had jumpsuits like this. I wonder if her’s was a auction costume as well?

Darth “Walter Rocks” Gottell

20. The Lensman - September 5, 2007

” I can’t (for the life of me) understand why they feel they must portray such iconic characters on such a legendary ship?”

Yeah, that’s what hurts it the most for me, because the acting just aint all that. If they were an all new crew, ala’ Exeter, I could buy them much easier. And while I’d just as soon watch a Star Trek who’s future from the end of season three up is entirely re-written, I give them some big props for the incorporation of Phase 2 elements.

21. steve623 - September 5, 2007

“Remember this was the 80’s and shitty new wave bands had jumpsuits like this.”

Wow, I had somehow successfully managed to block that out, but you are exactly right. Grey utilitarian jumpsuits from the Scorpio Collection, manufactured by Globex, for all your henchmen’s megalomaniacal world-conquering clothing needs.

22. Master of Class - September 5, 2007

I’m really impressed by this latest effort. The first couple episodes were tough to get through, but I enjoyed this more than I enjoyed 90% of Voyager episodes. Great job, folks. You’ve hit your stride!

23. Driver - September 5, 2007

Well I’ll be Damned. I actually watched the whole episode. Pretty good. Takei, of course, was the best actor. Jeffery Quinn as Spock showed some improvement, as did Charles Root as Scotty. Though none can come close to mastering disappearing inside their roles like Takei. John Kelly’s McCoy has nothing on deForest, just a lump there. The actors er uh Portrayer’s of Kirk, Chekov and Uhura, well, only one came kinda close. Ahem, Keptin. The effects are much improved, nice. The photography and editing were very good. The pacing a bit rushed, though. It looked pretty decent on WMP. That’s a surprise. Good to see Mimi Chong reprising her role from STVI as Sulu’s daughter. Grace Lee Whitney has been hanging around the extras too long. 2.5 stars/5.

24. Jeffrey S. Nelson - September 5, 2007

Exciting script ideas. But I think J.G. Hertzler is too slim and angular to play Harcourt Fenton Mudd.

25. James Heaney (fka Wowbagger) - September 5, 2007

#21: Isn’t that Henchco? You know, producer of Project Titan, supplier of the grunt villian redshirts who stole the pan-dimensional vortex inducer? CEO Jack Hench?

C’mon; I’m not the only one here looking forward to the Kim Possible finale, am I? :P

Anyhow, I was really impressed by WEAT, despite not being very happy with NV after TSAMD and In Harms’ Way. I’ll be looking forward to Blood and Fire, despite the sensitive political ground on which it treads.

26. Michael - September 6, 2007

Am I the only one that thought the first Spock guy’s head was totally disfigured compared to Leonard Nimoy? Not to be mean or anything, but he had a very V-shaped head, as opposed to Nimoy who was more an oval.

27. T in HI - September 6, 2007

Just out of curiosity, what ever happened to “Starship Exeter”?

28. Penhall - September 6, 2007

Watched most of the episode. The production values are top notch, and the acting is pretty good.

But I gotta say, I just can’t see ANY of these people as the original characters. I dont see Kirk, Spock, Bones, ect…I see people pretending to be them, and not succeeding at all.

And thats what I fear most about the new movie.

29. Ripper - September 6, 2007

Good to see Mimi Chong reprising her role from STVI as Sulu’s daughter?

Star Trek VI??? Mimi Chong was in Star Trek before WEaT?

As i recall the only actress to play Demora Sulu before was JACQUELINE KIM in Star Trek Generations

30. StillKirok - September 6, 2007

The plans for the future are pretty cool. I admit that the Blood and Fire story doesn’t really excite me, but some of the other options sound like fun. And WEAT was outstanding. The worst part of WEAT was that they did so well with the guest casting that I don’t think they can ever top it short of getting Shatner.

I wish we could see more of Takei as Sulu, in any form. He did an amazing job.

The only thing about WEAT I felt was unnecessary was the Alana/Kirk romance subplot. Kirk’s only true love is his ship, and he would NEVER take time away from a life threatening emergency to deal with Alana.

Everything else about the episode I really enjoyed.

As for why they use the classic characters, I am thrilled about that. The characters are as important to the Trek universe as anything. We have time invested in these characters. They are classic for a reason.

I don’t care about new crews. That would just be a copy of a copy of a copy.

31. Kirks Crotch - September 6, 2007

James (if you read this), your production is rapidly becoming top notch. But please, get yourself some acting lessons! You’re making Bill Shatner’s performance look like Shakespeare.

32. star trackie - September 6, 2007

#28… I get the same impression.
The eye candy and set recreations (which are superb) and stunt casting only carry the show so far. It’s an interesting, fun at times, novelty, but nowhere close to being Star Trek’s 4th season. The real meat and potatos is the story and the characters. But in order to become emotionally invested in the characters I have to believe in them. And in order to believe in them, I need them to seem real. And to seem real, they need to be good actors. To quote Bill Shatner, “It hasn’t happened yet.” Not for me anyway.

33. Mark Lynch - September 6, 2007

#28 and #31
I think that this is a bit harsh.
Granted it is a bit jarring to have such well recognised roles filled by different actors, but I believe these people are doing a great job under considerable pressures.
Bear in mind that they do not have to just worry about getting the acting side of things done right. But as far as I am aware, especially in the case of James Cawley, they perform a lot of behind the scenes tasks as well.

I for one think the New Voyages team is getting better all the time and quite honestly believe they are going from strength to strength.

This is of course my opinion, and all others are welcome to theirs.

34. Driver - September 6, 2007

#29 I stand corrected sir.

35. dalek - September 6, 2007

Another vote for a Captain Sulu series/feature length episodes produced by the NV team.

36. brady - September 6, 2007

Im wondering what made Cawley change his show concept. He originally said hed be doing 24 episodes based in season 4 and 24 in 5…now hes progressively moving toward phase 2. I guess he realized hed be 90 when season 4 ends. Then again Exeters 5 years mission ended before act 3 came out lol.

37. brady - September 6, 2007

As for a NV Sulu series, Im sure George had fun making this. But I doubt he wants to work for free for the next few years making the fanboys dreams come true. Hes not trying to build a resume as some are.

38. SNAKE - September 6, 2007

Wonder how he manages to afford doing all this?JC must be a very rich man

39. James Cawley - September 6, 2007

Thank’s to everyone for the kind words about New Voyages.
I just want to point out that Joel Bellucci is Our Resident VFX supervisor and he has been doing the vast majority of work on our show. The cgi Enterprise above is actually a joel Bellucci / Daren Dochterman collaboration. Joel is a MADMAN! Both he and Daren are collaborating.
So BIG KUDOS to Joel and Daren, and what they have planned for us is Exciting.
James Cawley

40. nightwish123 - September 6, 2007

“… but Cawley tells that he used their departures as “an opportunity to cast working professionals.” ”

Hmm, I hope they’ll also find a “professional actor” for Kirk….

41. Daren Doc - September 6, 2007

Ditto on cheers for Joel Bellucci. He’s the guy doing the heavy lifting here… I’m just helping with some lighting and fancy engines so far. :)

42. James Cawley - September 6, 2007

Well Nightwish, Whether you like me or not, I am not going anywhere.
and I have been a working “paid pro actor” for almost twenty years, on stage. Feel Free to critique, Insult or whatever. I have the wear with all to take it…. I am playing in my childhood sandbox and nothing you or anyone else can say, can diminish my experience!
James Cawley

43. PYROBOY - September 6, 2007


44. SNAKE - September 6, 2007

Wasnt there an entire season of scripts (or at least detailed storylines) for Phase 2? I’m sure a book was wriiten about them detailing each proposed storyline….

Regarding the transistion to TMP – James Cawley have you read the second Annual in the DC comics 1st run? Its about the end of the 5 year mission and we see Decker come aboard in TMP uniform and Scot says he hates them…’I dinna wanna be zipping around the cosmos in a pair o pjs’ or the like – but Uhura likes them…Its a great read..full of references to the TOS and movies.

I’m all for seeing progession toward ‘Phase 2′ and leading up to TMP…that would be fun.

45. StillKirok - September 6, 2007

LOL @ 42.

One of the reasons you will take as much crap as you will is because you put yourself out there. You aren’t William Shatner, but you don’t claim to be. And you’re doing the best. Fact is, you are better than when you started.

Your biggest problem will be finding a way to top WEAT. Takei’s performance was so strong it will take a hell of a lot to even equal it. In my opinion, Blood and Fire isn’t a strong enough story to follow WEAT, but that’s just me. I know you are putting a lot into it.

What I really want to see is the long awaited special edition of To Serve My Days. At least some sort of clear explanation on why he’s back at his station. I know you guys want to look forward, but I think it’s a cloud hanging over your production that you can get rid of.

Based on a post you made and your general attitude, I can’t see you letting that stand as is.

46. SNAKE - September 6, 2007

btw – heres that book about the Phase 2 lost stories:

47. Magic_Al - September 6, 2007

I didn’t realize the new Kirk shirt was a Phase II design, let alone an actual Phase II costume. When I saw it in the preview I thought it was a command version of McCoy’s sickbay shirt that NV had thought up. Either way it’s neat to see some variety and progression in design.

If Cawley bought all the Phase II costume material, much of it was unfinished, so is he actually sewing with and completing those original pieces or just using them for reference?

48. Gary - September 6, 2007


Your episodes are way better than the professionally-produced “And the Children Shall Lead,” which isn’t saying much, but I enjoy your episodes.

You and your crew rock.

49. bdrcarter - September 6, 2007

I love the passion these people have for what they’re doing. Truly amazing that their sets look as good as…or better than…what has been done in modern Trek (Through a Mirror Darkly, Trials and Tribble-ations, Relics). The look of the show keeps improving and their vision is becoming even more ambitious. BUT IMHO…they should keep than ambition behind the camera. Producers are rarely good actors and vice versa. And stage experience doesn’t necessarily translate to strong performances in front of a camera.

Play from your strengths. The STNV universe looks absolutely professional/real. Now they should populate it with professional actors. The new Spock and Uhura are (most likely) a step in the right direction. Have the courage to keep going forward. Look at the buzz and awareness this “enterprise” has generated. Imagine how big it can become if they address their shortcomings with as much clarity and ambition as they’ve put into everything else.

Onward and Upward!

50. James Cawley - September 6, 2007

Some of the Phase II stuff was unfinished that I bought, And yes I took on the job of finishing those pieces for use on our show.

51. John N - September 6, 2007

Good for these guys! Most people have dreams early in their lives. Most people forget about them, and succumb to the general grind of life.

These guys are following their dreams, and my hats off too them!


52. SNAKE - September 6, 2007

regarding the new Sulu ep – thats the best NV yet by far. Cawley is alot better as Kirk in this – i liked the Scotty guy too…FX are nearing ‘Enterprise’ quality in some scenes….That end scene in Sulus quarters where Kirk and Spock explained to Sulu about his daughter remained me of the end scene in DCs 2nd run Annual 1 (which Takei wrote) – Sulu grieving in his quarters as kirk comforts him

Looking foward to Blood And Fire – Want to see how Kirk deals with his gay nephew lol…


53. munk - September 6, 2007

The Production value took such a great leap forward in this episode (as did a lot of the acting) from previous NV episodes that for the first time, I was actually able to get lost in the story and MOVED by the emotional ending.

This is only episode 4! VERY well done gentlemen!

James if you ever need a pro composer with TV experience, give me a holler. Big fan of what you guys have accomplished.

54. CanuckLou - September 6, 2007

My feelings on the previous installments is mixed. Love the energy and dedication of the fans doing this but the acting and stories were too rough. However this last episode with Takei is excellent. His acting stood head and shoulders above the rest of the cast though.

In the end World Enough and Time succeeded because it told a good story. It actually added something of value to the Star Trek mythos. I would love to do a truly professional version of it done.

55. ZoomZoom - September 6, 2007

I actually rather like James’ take on Kirk. Have fun in the role my man- it takes a brave chap to attempt to fill Shatners shoes.
Have a blast Mr Cawley.

56. bob flanders - September 6, 2007

I think they’ve done a great job.

It shows that someone else can play Kirk,Spock and McCoy.

But I think it’s our love of the show that makes it possible.

James Cawley… THANKS! Great job. Kudos. IDIC. It’s been a long time getting from there to here. Live long, but don’t prosper. Paramout will sue.

BTW… Sulu and the Alane (sp?) character were great!

Also… Loved the Matt Decker reprise in IHW! Super! They say there’s no devil Jim. But there is…

57. Greg2600 - September 6, 2007

Given that this is a **fan** production, the quality of STNV is absolutely amazing. I never would have imagined that fans would be capable of producing these kinds of shows. To the new Spock, again, I would implore that guy to speak in a more raspy voice, like Nimoy. Quinn was simply not vocally firm enough to make the character believable. The only other critique I have is the lack of emotion in the voice of Root’s scotty and Cawley’s Kirk. I don’t know why they speak so softly? The TOS cast were very loud in speech.

Per Phase II, yes the only resource out there is the Reeves-Stevens book, which is terrific. As for the scripts, I think they had about a dozen in the book, some just summarized. That said, I believe a few scripts were used in TNG during the 1987 writers’ strike. One story idea I have always found exciting was the Planet of the Titans scrapped TOS movie of 1977, which preceded Phase II. In any case, STNV would not be able to do a Phase II script unless they were sold or given permission by the script’s owner, which I guess for most of them is still Paramount.

58. Kirk James T. - September 6, 2007

Great ep! Looking forward to more.

Please stay away from TAS!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!! Yeah I know of Niven’s work, but Please, please, please…. Stay away from TAS!

Glad to see the “Road Runner Enterprise” is gone, but let’s get Cawley an acting coach ay?

To think, this all started as a charity deal for the children of the Challenger disaster. Know how charity events can be corrupted, having seen what’s been done in the name of Veterans…. How much of that money went into the pockets of the kids and how much went into the coffers, for production of more eps?

I’ve asked that question for years and never got an answer. Are the books open to the public? Why no more charity events?

59. CmdrR. - September 6, 2007

STNV is a great gift to fans. “World Enough and Time” is worthy of being shown on regular (cable, I guess) TV. Sci-Fi should wake up and do some of these as package deals, rather than pumping out giant snake movies every other week.
In past threads, I zapped STNV for re-cycling old music and for the tempo of some of the scenes. I recant the zappage on the music. After finally being able to view the whole episode, I was entertained by the new score. As for the pacing, it could use a tweak, but it’s not terrible. I repeat that I think Cawley should trust his own abilities and excise the Shatnerisms from his performance.
Oh, and sorry to lose the ‘old’ Uhura. She’s a hailin’ frequencies hottie.

60. Dr. Image - September 6, 2007

Hey James-
Congrats on this fantastic episode.
As someone into costuming, I noticed the Phase II designs in an early previews. These are Bill Thiess’ designs, correct? I hope you can unearth and utilize as many Phase II elements as possible. (Maybe even the legendary Brad Nelson phaser design! Any prop guys want to contribute? I know you’re out there!)
Also, from an acting standpoint, unless they’ve DONE it, (and yeah, I’ve been there too- character parts, voiceovers..) they should have NO room to talk shit, because they have no idea what it takes- not to mention what it can take OUT of you.
So screw the naysayers and keep up the great work!!

61. Buckaroohawk - September 6, 2007

I watched “world Enough and Time” a few days ago, and I was completely blown away. I’ve enjoyed all of the New Voyages episodes to varying degrees, but “WEaT” was an out-of-the-park home run on every level.

For me the episode’s success was sealed by the performances of Takei and the young lady who played Allanah. Takei brought his A Game to this production in a big way. It would have been so easy for him to just phone in his performance, but he didn’t and it shows. The actress portraying Allanah was fantastic as well; she brought a real exuberance to the role and her scenes alone with Kirk, Spock, and Scotty were excellent character studies. And, my God, she is beautiful, isn’t she?

What impressed me most about “WEaT,” though, was the power of its emotional impact. I felt that “To Serve All My Days” starring Walter Koenig started out strong, but faltered and miss the emotional mark it aimed for. “WEaT” hit that mark dead center. There were tears in my eyes at the end of the episode. I haven’t been so moved by something I’ve watched in quite a long time, and it felt wonderful!

To sum up, the previous New Voyages episodes were a lot of fun to watch, but with this one I felt like I was watching Star Trek again, and that’s the highest compliment I can give. If the new movie that Paramount is preparing can make me feel even half as good as “WEaT” did, then I believe we’ll not have to worry at all about the future of Trek.

Mr. Cawley, you and your team did an incredible job. Many heartfelt congratulations to everyone involved. You go right on playing in that sandbox! I’m jealous that I only get to watch.

62. Ripper - September 6, 2007

58> Stay away from TAS eh???

Star Trek – Remastered homages TAS. So does some scenes in the movies and even Enterprise.

Episodes mainly hailed to are such as Yesteryear. And if Enterprise S05 had gone ahead we wudve had the Kzinti in there anyways. They were planned to be a major villain for the NX-01 in Season 5… also of course the series was canned before it cud happen

63. James Cawley - September 6, 2007

Dr. Image,
We are using the Brad Nelson Phase II, I own an original and John Broughton and Dennis Stines Meticulously made a mold from it and duplicated it for use on New Voyages. As to number 58, New Voyages was not started for that Charity, that was Jack Marshall’s idea, he organized that campaign and collected the funds. No one else at New Voyages had anything to do with that. Any info regarding that should be directed to Mr. Marshall at his website. No Money collected was used for the production. We at New Voyages do not collect funds for charitys as it would violate our agreement with Paramount.

64. billy don't be a hiro - September 6, 2007

Onwards and upwards, Mr. Cawley and company. Excelsior!

And to the tactless and unconstructive critics, “onwards and up their’s”.

I never let the absence of the perfect prevent me from enjoying the good – and there’s much good in STNV, not the least of which if the intention. Life’s too short, everybody. Try to find the best in everything and enjoy the hell out of it while you can.

65. SNAKE - September 6, 2007

one thing that sorta bugs me Mr Cawley – why not style your hair in TOS Kirk way – parted on the other side and quiffed? and dyed light brown as well?

The others have the original hairstyles

66. THX-1138 - September 6, 2007

I haven’t had the opportunity to watch WEaT yet as I haven’t gotten the bittorrent download to work properly and I’m not around for the streaming. I enjoy the NV eps and am looking forward to seeing this one, as the reviews have been good thusfar.

James, how the heck do you put ramen on the table, bud? Did you inherit the family fortune? Can I come and play on the bridge?

Oh well, it’s always worth asking.

67. mars396 - September 6, 2007

hated: story, acting, and the FX
loved: sets, costumes and props (what kept me coming back for more)

hated: the over-complicated, combining-way-too-many-TOS-episodes plot, (most of the) acting, the CGI Doomsday Machines, the way the Enterprise(s) kinda drifted backward and “pounced” like some sort of cats
loved: costumes, sets, props, and John Carrigan: easily my favourite cast member
I especially loved the use of original series music, which is sadly lacking in current episodes
And Chekov promoted to Chief of Security (and wearing a red shirt!!)

completely and utterly pointless and the added bonus is silly, terrible FX
the only redeeming qualities (outside of the afore-mentioned costumes, sets, and props) are the two leads in this piece: Ron Boyd and John Lim – these two make it watchable

a complete 180 degree turn around – great work – LOVED IT
My only problems (besides the acting, but it’s a FAN FILM) were the lack of original series music (the score for this was boring and uninspired – reminded me of Trials-and-Tribble-ations: I want to hear that groovy music to match the visuals, not that bland TNG/DS9/ Voyager/Enterprise crap) and the Klingon ship – should have been two D7/Battlecruisers, not some out-of-place looking Bird of Prey knockoff. I understand for visual purposes why Kargh needed to have a different kind of ship, but it just didn’t “go”.
And what happened to Chekov’s promotion and his red shirt ?!??!?!?
I was completely surprised and confused by this episode’s ending. Perhaps it will be explained away in WEAT ?

I am eager to see this one.
So far, I have been able to burn everything from the New Voyages team onto DVD and watch on my TV. This one is a .mp4 (???) How can I burn this to play in my DVD player, like the rest of the series ???

68. Kev-1 - September 6, 2007

Nice work as always by NV, which manages to capture whatever spark TOS had better than anything I’ve seen but the TOS movies. I thought that the Phase II uniforms were better cut TOS-3 uniforms; they sold Kirk’s on ebay; except for slightly different braid, it looked the same. Isn’t that a medical smock Cawley is wearing? And that’s a question, not criticism. I look forward to future shows.

69. Shatner_Fan_2000 - September 6, 2007

Darren D … let me add my voice to the chorus saying your Big E is AWESOME. I saw it and immediately wanted it as the background on my screen. Great work, man.

James C. … pump up those guns (or maybe phasers?) if you’re gonna be wearing that short sleeve shirt! Kirk gave us all tickets to the Gun Show! :)

70. DarenDoc - September 6, 2007

And also… just to clarify again. :)

That Enterprise is the combined work of Joel Belucci and the DAVE school folks… and I did a pass on it to give it my Engine Domes and deflector dish assembly.

But they did a great job before I even touched it.


71. James Cawley - September 6, 2007

You are a CLASS ACT my Friend!

72. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - September 6, 2007

For his wonerful work he is to be refered to lovingly as Dirty Daren !!!

Dirty Daren’s ships don’t wobble!!!!

Agreed with Shat Fan, JC’s kirk is getting better in each outing but you gotta lift some weights brother!!! I can put you on a rudimentary program to put some meat on the pythons if you would like.

Hair doesn’t bother me Kirk’s hair was going a bit Elvis-ish by the end of the series anyway.

73. Andy Patterson - September 6, 2007

Well Daren, whatever your involvement in the project I think your Enterprise is way cooler than the re-mastered guys’ version. The detail is great. I really like the subtle things done with the windows/view ports…whatever they’re called……..and the over all look. Good stuff.

To James Cawley….I know you have real name people writing for you but I’m still offering my services on a future project. I like the music and I realize what’s involved, and how composer and musicians are giving of their time….I would however like to hear some things that sound consistently like what was written for the show. That’s just me.

I hear things I’d do with it if given the chance.

I’d love to have you do an Assignment: Earth spin off and use my theme music.

74. SNAKE - September 6, 2007

72 – thats true in season 3 it was getting on starting to resemble the TMP do… ..I guess if there had been a season 4, 5 etc or the Phase 2 thing it wouldve gone all dark and diff style

75. 221b baker - September 6, 2007

Having been a Kirk fan first and a Star Trek fan second for more years than I care to count, I think that Mr. Cawley does get the typical Shatner moves exactly right without drifting into comedic mimicry. And that is a very hard thing to do. Shatner himself has an odd mix of subtlety and overacting. I recognize Kirk gestures and movements, the way he stands or walks in Mr. Cawley’s acting. My respect!
(And thanks for including that bit about loneliness and a girl on every planet ;-) I’ve waited long to have some recognition of that.)

I enjoyed WEAT immensely. I didn’t think that a fan production could ever move me to tears, but it did. It also proves that a good story told well is much more valuable than a big budget. I for one am not at all put off by some minor bits here and there, where an effect could have been better, or a set or something. It’s not a Hollywood movie. It’s not about big explosions and car chases. And there are professional actors out there who have only one facial expression and the talent of a stale piece of bread and they still earn millions. I enjoyed WEAT much more than many recent big movies.

This thing… this feeling.. whatever it is, when watching, is what I’ve been looking for for many many years after I had watched the last new TOS episode. I’m glad that the New Voyages team continues the trek. It makes a huge difference to know that these people feel as deeply about it as I do when I watch.

Thanks for letting us be part of your ‘childhood sandbox’, James! I’m glad that there is someone out there who managed to make that daydream become reality. It makes me happy by proxy.

76. Ty Webb - September 6, 2007

It’s a bit of a shame that Denise Crosby looks like a 70 year old these days.

77. Rick Chambers - September 6, 2007

It’s been enormously fun to watch NV — and, I confess, a bit jealousy-inducing. While I’ve had some success writing SF, the closest I’ve come to living James’ Trek dream was in 1991, when I got a group together to shoot a brief Trek spoof I wrote that landed on the old ABC-TV show “America’s Funniest People.” (For those who might remember it, ABC used our clips of a wobbly Enterprise model orbiting an inflatable Earth and the bridge crew collectively brandishing Roman shields as Kirk orders, “Raise shields!”)

NV is well written, professionally produced, and a nice homage to the series that inspired me to be a writer so long ago. (What I — and, I’m sure, most of the people who visit this site — wouldn’t give to write for Cawley & Co.!)

Looking forward to many more adventures. Best wishes to the cast and crew!

78. THX-1138 - September 6, 2007

SShhh…don’t tell any one, but I have two versions of the NV E as my wallpaper. This one on my work computer and the one from the first preview of WEaT on my home screen.

Deys bee-yootifull!!

79. StillKirok - September 6, 2007

To answer a previous question–they did not answer the question of how Chekov is back in WEAT. I still hold out hope that they will someday.

80. Paul Martin - September 6, 2007

Message for James –

I haven’t been this exicited about Star Trek for years and years and years! It is totally WICKED to see new epsiodes of Star Trek as it should be :)

Totally awesome work, this to me wipes the floor over any recently produced trek.

(If you guys are ever in the UK the least I can do is buy you a pint!)

81. billy don't be a hiro - September 6, 2007

“It’s a bit of a shame that Denise Crosby looks like a 70 year old these days.”

Wow, what a remarkably tacky comment. Let’s see how good you like, eh?

82. ZoomZoom - September 6, 2007

I only have one problem with the next New Voyage episode- How can they do it with a recast Spock and will we accept it? :D

83. THX-1138 - September 6, 2007

I hear that Shatner’s not going to be in it.

84. Ty Webb - September 6, 2007


I don’t see you disagreeing though. ;)

85. CmdrR. - September 6, 2007

Is it just me or does Ben Tolpin look less like Leonard Nimoy’s Spock and more like Chevy Chase’s Spock from the SNL “Final Voyage” riff?

86. Reptileboy - September 6, 2007

My biggest problem with New Voyages is simply that since each episode surpasses the previous, that the wait between them is growing ever more unbearable.

Surely the New Voyage guys can go without employment for a year or two and dedicate themselves solely to producing new episodes. The fans could support them by providing tents and food care packages. Maybe FEMA could lend some of those unused emergency trailers that they have.

It could become the worlds first Star Trek Commune.

87. mars396 - September 6, 2007

WEAT is a .mp4 (???) How can I burn this to play in my DVD player, like the rest of the series ???

88. Ty Webb - September 6, 2007


Er with ConvertXtoDVD.

89. THX-1138 - September 6, 2007

Personally I don’t need to convert any of my X to DVD as I already have that taken care of, thank you.

Now about this whole reading e-mail thing…….

90. ZoomZoom - September 6, 2007

#83 Now there’s an idea! He could play an Intergalactic Elvis Impersonator that gets caught up in an adventure.

btw- when Elvis died there was only 2000 Elvis impersonators globally. Today there are 200,000. Its reckoned by 2050 one in four people will be an Elvis impersonator!
The other 3 will be impersonating Kirk!

91. StillKirok - September 6, 2007

Actually, if James truly wants to entertain the masses, he should do some of his Elvis act and get it online. I’ve heard he’s one of the best Elvis impersonators alive, and I’ve never had the chance to catch his act. I know for a fact he was in Legends In Concert, which only takes the best of the best.

I’m sure that would be quicker to produce than a NV episode and just as entertaining.

92. freezejeans - September 6, 2007

PHASE II info can also be found in old Starlog magazines…there is one in particular that details the first season, and how they ended up using “The Child” in TNG. I’ll look it up when I get home this evening, it’s a fascinating read. There’s also an interview with the actor who was going play Xon and photos of him in the Phase II costume. Pretty cool :)

93. Ty Webb - September 6, 2007


Yeah, all that stuff is on The Motion Picture DVD.

94. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - September 6, 2007

CmdrR – dead on I thought it too. Elliot Gould might take his ears back

95. Andy Patterson - September 6, 2007

I am excited about the possiblity of the episodes moving towards what Phase II would have been. I’ve always been interested in what that show would have been and have long thought it would have been a great show. It was in the era of SOAP, Charlies Angels, Three’s Company where lots of boundaires were being pushed. I’ve long thought the Persis Khambata character, with her race’s very liberal view of sex, would have really pushed her character and the show in interesting directions.

96. Rich - September 6, 2007

#17: I thought Shatner told you to “Get a Life.”

97. Oceanhopper - September 6, 2007

Just watched “World Enough and Time”.


98. Rick - September 6, 2007

I saw “World Enough and Time” this last Saturday and wow I have to agree with all the buzz I was hearing about it! While I have enjoyed the NEW VOYAGES shows in the past, they have at times been a touch uneven in quality, but fun none the less. This one really raised the bar!

Funny I remember seeing the trailer and didn’t get the feeling of a great episode. But after seeing the actual show I really got pulled into the story. It was like great TREK should be character driven with a strong emotional story. I love when they pull off these emotional caught out of time stories. I believe DS9 and NEXT GENERATION had stories of a close to similiar type. Any ways Takei was great and I loved the actress who played his daughter! Also I really thing the NEW VOYAGER crew did a fine job. The emotional beats at the ending of this tale were so damn powerful! Of course stories of family love and loyalty done well can pack such an emotional punch! That is part of what I loved about TOS with the mood, style, humor and drama mix. Things may not have always gone right at times, but the characters tried their best in these situations and were people you would want to have at your back. I really hope the Abrams TREK film captures some of these elements!

Congrats James Cawley for a fine job!

99. plinstrot - September 6, 2007

Nominate WEaT for the TV Guide Online Video Awards:

And enter this information:

[b]Program Name[/b]:
Star Trek: New Voyages

[b]Video Title[/b]:
“World Enough and Time”


A Romulan weapons test goes awry and snares the Enterprise in an inter-dimensional trap. Lt. Commander Sulu returns to find himself 30 years out of place and the key to saving the crew of the Enterprise as the precarious grasp on their own dimension begins to slip. Guest starring George Takei, who returns to the role of Hikaru Sulu, which he played on television in Star Trek (TOS) and in Star Trek: Voyager, as well as in the six feature Star Trek films. Written by Michael Reaves and Marc Scott Zicree. Directed by Marc Scott Zicree.

Director: Marc Scott Zicree
Writers: Michael Reaves, Marc Scott Zicree

Guest Starring: George Takei as Hikaru Sulu, Christina Moses as Alana Sulu, Grace Lee Whitney as Janice Rand, Majel Roddenberry as The Computer Voice

Starring: James Cawley as Kirk, Jeff Quinn as Spock, John Kelley as “Bones”, Charles Root as “Scotty”, Andy Bray as Chekov, John Lim as Sulu, Julienne Irons as Uhura, Ron Boyd as DeSalle

[b]Video Duration[/b]:
1h 4m 26s


Then enter your personal information and submit!

100. Magic_Al - September 6, 2007

^76. Denise Crosby looks fine. She was 29 in TNG and it’s 20 years later. Anyone who thinks a woman is supposed to be in her 20s forever is just an idiot. Crosby is two and half years younger than Kate Mulgrew.

101. Ty Webb - September 6, 2007


I’m not saying a woman has to look 20 forever, I was just saying she looks a lot older than her actual age (50).

102. steve623 - September 6, 2007

She looks younger than most 50 year old women I know.

103. mctrekkie - September 6, 2007

I’m going to second Andy Patterson’s request that the New Voyages team revisit our enigmatic friend Gary Seven.

(Especially since Harry Mudd has now been pushed back a bit.)

Anyone who would like to know what a an Assignment Earth show would have been like without Trek – go here:

Oh, and there are plenty of TOS first treatment scripts there as well.
check out the VERY SEXIST first draft script ending of Charlie X…

Re Phase II-

Phase II Plot Synopses are all over the web.

An easy one for New Voyages would be “Lord Bobby’s obsession” or (a bit tougher) … “To attain the all” by Norman Spinrad. WOW!

Here are the other 11: (some are derivative of TOS)

I said it before and I’ll say it again- For a fan film, WEAT just rocks.

As for the acting of the Scott & McCoy folks – I think that the SAG actors’ presence might just force everyone to kick it up another notch for Blood and Fire.

Nice Job New Voyages team.

PS- I’d pay Darren D a full 100K if he’d, like, just go in and “remaster” my wedding video…

Kudos for the new Enterprise effects on NV

104. chrispikeswheelchair - September 6, 2007

WEAT is fantastic and really raised the bar on all fanfilms. I liked reading James Cawleys response earlier about continuing to play in his own sandbox. Enjoy it! It’s yours, you built it, you sewed it and you included fellow fans to both play along and work with you and millions of others to play from afar by watching! On Phase II & I’m sure multiple copies are at the fingertips of James and the STNV crew: highly recomended book I’ve had since 1997 published by Pocket Books and written by Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens “Star Trek Phase II The Lost Series” “The untold story behind the Star Trek Televison series that almost was”. Am sure most here know of this great book but for those that don’t- included are fantastic photos, sketches and the 1st 13 episodes in script form. Still love going through it. STNV- keep up the great work. Thanks Anthony for a great website.

105. Sam Belil - September 6, 2007

Mr. Cawley — I just watched the Sulu episode (BTW I totally LOVED in Harm’s Way) — which to me (in terms of pure storytelling) ranks right up there with “City on the Edge of Forever” and “Yesterday’s Enterprise”. I great story that touches the heart. You should be extremely proud of what you and your crew have accomplished with “New Voyages”. The h– with your critics. You’ve built yourself one “nice sandbox” Keep up the GREAT WORK from a STOS fan of 40+ years!!!!!!!!

106. mars396 - September 6, 2007

88. Ty Webb – September 6, 2007
Er with ConvertXtoDVD.


it worked !!

107. Steve Hall - September 6, 2007


Just want to thank you and your team for the great episode. You deserve nothing but praise for all of your efforts. Please, keep it up! It means a lot to many of us fans.

108. petitspock - September 7, 2007

The new Uhura looks right. Psychologiclly, I never could quite shoehorn the other woman into the Uhura role. Stinger may have a slightly different style of face the Nichols, but for some reason she looks right to me.

I hope Tolpin’s acting makes him seem more Spock-like. He looks like Chevy Chase in the Saturday Nigh Live Spoof. I’m a little sorry to see Quin go. He looked the part, and I thought his acting was getting better. In WEaT he was more Spock-like than I had ever seen him.

The one I really wish they would recast is John Kelly as McCoy.

109. trektacular - September 7, 2007

Thanks mctrekkie for that script site, its awesome!

110. Dr. Image - September 7, 2007

#63 James-
Ahh, so Dennis made a mold of your Nelson? Fascinating. Is your phaser one of Brad’s early originals with FX, or one of the few non-functional ones actually produced for Phase II? (Sorry for off-topic, but this is cool info.)
Also- are you planning to release a WMV torrent?

PS- Ron B. never returns my e-mails!
Demote him to Ensign, immediately! ;)

111. James Cawley - September 7, 2007

I actually have an early one with the strobe light effect, and an original dummy phase II.
Dennis cast the original working one.

112. Shatner_Fan_2000 - September 7, 2007

#110 “Dennis made a mold of your Nelson?”

Now THERE’S a mental image.

113. Ivory - September 7, 2007

I’m a big fan of James Cawley and the entire cast of NV.

I honestly thought the espiode with George Takei was among the best ST of the last decade or so.

James, keep up the great work. It’s a lot of fun + a great way to keep ST alive.

114. GraniteTrek - September 7, 2007

WEaT is indeed great. Brought tears to my eyes at the end. And it’s actually made me want to see how James does as Elvis, too! I wonder if he ever does shows in New England?

115. sean - September 7, 2007

I guess I’m alone here but I still can’t get into these. It reminds me of a high school play – you go if you’re related to someone in it, but otherwise it’s slightly uncomfortable to sit through.

116. Shatner_Fan_2000 - September 7, 2007

You’re not alone, Sean. NV isn’t my cup of tranya either. Aside from seeing a few clips to check out what the likes of George Takei and Walter Koenig are doing, I’m not interested. No offense to this bunch of actors, but I can only get into Official product. Leonard Nimoy and now Zachary Quinto are Mr. Spock, etc. Having said that, I can appreciate all the work they do, concur that the costumes and sets look great, and wish them continued success at living out their dreams. That’s one of the great things about Trek – it’s a big universe with so many worlds to explore, and we can geek out over whichever we choose, without being whiny naysayers trying to tear down the ones that aren’t our favorite. Right? :)

117. Andy Patterson - September 7, 2007

I really appreciate what James and co. have done. Makes me feel good. And not to be just the shameless self promoter but for those who didn’t see it first time around….I think the time is really right for this….

Let’s see New Voyages tackle this now. If ever there was a time in history….

118. Andy Patterson - September 7, 2007

…..or in a more to the point form……

119. Storma - September 8, 2007

They would help the show, if they recast Kirk. It really starts to be good, but Kirk is just a fake.

120. Ripper - September 8, 2007

Storma: Ill quote an earlier reply for you in regards to your comment

42. James Cawley – September 6, 2007
Whether you like me or not, I am not going anywhere.
and I have been a working “paid pro actor” for almost twenty years, on stage. Feel Free to critique, Insult or whatever. I have the wear with all to take it…. I am playing in my childhood sandbox and nothing you or anyone else can say, can diminish my experience!
James Cawley

121. snake - September 8, 2007

regarding the end – i cried my eyes out and am now blind..(Im using a brail keyboard)

Thanks alot Cawley!

122. Kempec - September 8, 2007

Wow!!! That was a Fan film??? Damn….Very nice job…Keep it up…

123. Brent - September 9, 2007

To the person who was looking for video of James Cawley portraying Elvis:

124. steve - September 9, 2007

maybe jabba the hut could be a villian on a future episode and james could use his elvis outfit to play the part!!!

great going guys and keep on trekkin’

125. Mr_Spock - September 9, 2007

Ya know, I don’t want to be insulting, but you brainless morons who keep ripping on James for his acting ability have a lot of nerve. How many of YOU are actors and how many of you could fill the role of Captain James T. Kirk?

Unless you’ve done it, you have no idea what it takes. Personally I think he does a great job, and has definitely progressed in the part. I realize that it’s difficult to imagine other actors playing these roles, but if you’d just step back for a moment, and try and separate how the original actor played the role and focus on how the new actor is playing the role, I think you’ll see that these actors are staying true to the original character while developing their own interpretation. I think Jeff Quinn’s Spock is excellent, and is in fact somewhat reminiscent of Tim Russ’ Tuvok. John Kelly’s Dr. McCoy is somewhat rough around the edges, but I don’t expect him to play the character like De Kelley. In fact, I don’t expect these actors at all to play the character like the original actor, because they’re not the original actor. Is that really so bad? One thing is for sure, If James had never decided to make NV, you wouldn’t have the opportunity to pi** and moan about it here in this forum.

Trouble is, if it weren’t NV, it’d be something else. Because truth be told, for most of you “detractors”, there probably isn’t too much that could make you happy anyway. If you don’t like NV, that’s fine, no one’s telling you to watch it. “Ohhhh, Duh. I didn’t think of that”. So lay off the guy. I don’t see any of you steppin’ up to the plate.

126. Anthony Pascale - September 9, 2007


you do not need to flame to make your point. Plus James is a big boy and can handle it (as he has shown above)

127. Raymond S - September 9, 2007

I’ve been reading these messages with fascination. I am 48 years old and a Trek fan from day one. While I’ve watched all 6 series, it is still the original adventures of Kirk and crew that I’ve most enjoyed. As a teenager I used to gather up my friends and make my own Super-8 Star Trek shorts. I wrote scripts for larger and better stories, but never had the money to build sets, etc. In this regard, James Cawley is a legend/hero to me. He is following through not only my dream of the continuation of Star Trek but the dream of literally millions of fans and supporters alike.

James, you hang in there. I actually like your take on Kirk. You’ve brought your own interpretation to the role, and there’s nothing at all wrong with that. You retain some of Shatner’s nuances without mimicing him, and that can’t be easy. Ignore your naysayers. I would suspect many of them are simply jealous of what you’ve done. I also liked Quinn as Spock. Yes his make-up was a little unusual, but it made him look a bit more alien and I will miss him. People, remember this is a fan-based production! Perhaps it’s a compliment that it has become so rich-looking that people are comparing it to Hollywood product.

WEaT was an emotional episode and I didn’t want it to end. Each episode is an improvement of the one before it. I am generally amazed at all levels of production.

My love of Star Trek and filmmaking eventually got me accepted into USC Film School, from where I graduated in 1982 and worked on several Hollywood projects. I know the difficulties involved in what you are doing. Hang in there- and keep playing Kirk! My one creative suggestion- don’t completely abandon the original series music. It was one of the draws of your earlier episodes. I wish Paramount would have used a bit of it during their earlier ST films.

Continue on! And don’t forget to answer some of our questions (Where is the special version of the Chekov tale? How is Chekov still with us? How can we obtain a quality DVD of WEaT? etc.)

128. Twilightsol - September 10, 2007

Just saw the show, WOW. I think that may be the best Trek episode since Inner Light. I don’t think this can be called just a fan film anymore. I think we really are seeing a professional production. The story was so god that I am still in tears. I haven’t seen so much passion put in a Star Trek episode in a dogs age. I am really looking forward to Blood and fire. Thank you James for a truly classic episode.

129. Mr_Spock - September 10, 2007


Yes, I agree James is a big boy. I’m sorry for being bothered, but I am. I realize when you are in the public eye, such as is the case with NV, you open yourself up to criticism. I also realize you have those Monday-morning quarterbacks who just can’t resist picking apart every little thing someone does.

What bothers me is that no one is making these people watch NV. If they hate James’ in the role of Kirk so much (and the other actors too), well, then there’s a simple solution. Don’t watch. And it’s not just the criticism that ‘s the problem, it’s how that criticism is delivered. With such vitriol and nastiness. I realize everyone is entitled to their opinion, but to be honest, I don’t really see what is so terrible about the performances, especially since the actors are doing their best to stay true to the original character.

I applaud the efforts of James and his crew. I think for them, NV started out as “hey let’s get together and have some fun” and has evolved into “let’s seriously see what we can do and where we can go with this”, taking the idea of fan films to a whole new level. It also speaks volumes to me the fact that they have so many professionals involved with the production. Because I can almost guarantee, if it weren’t worthwhile, they wouldn’t be involved.

Well, that’s all I have to say. I can’t help if I feel as strongly FOR NV as those who can’t stand it feel so strongly against it.

130. Sean - September 10, 2007


The majority of posts in this thread are supportive of the project and what James Cawley is doing. I happen to not enjoy NV, but I did watch them and gave them a shot. I think anyone that does so has a right to voice an opinion – whether it be favorable or not.

131. Frank J Scala - September 10, 2007

Hey Mr Cawley,
Your new “Trek” is a hit with me, a long-ling ST fan, effects, storylines and directing have been far above even what Desilu and CBS could not acheive; you should be veyr proud of yourself and your team.
HOWEVER, the actors playing both Dr McCoy and Scotty, though well-meaning, are a detriment at best. Please take no offense but, Bones is far too tubby and Scotty can’t get a clean brogue from his mouth; PRODUCTION is EVERYTHING, so if you want to continue your upward flight, lose the dead weight, no pun or disrespect intended, but your re-casting of Chekov and Sulu has resulted in AMAZING results and complete believablity as the characters we know and love.
So, PLEASE, recast them and you will find the interaction between Kirk, McCoy and Spock re-emerging, as in the original, as the key core of the story drama; it is OBVIOUS that both McCoy and Scott have been relegated to job-talk and no REAL DIALOGUE of any substance or character; BOTH are high on my list in the original and unfortunately these two actors need to play ANYONE else but the characters they are TRYING to play, poorly, I may humbly add…
Other than that, ST LIVES LONG and will PROSPER in a BETTER VEIN than even the GREAT BORD could have imagined; by the ones who truly love it and the ones who will eventually place the cornerstones of the Federation for our common and peaceful future.
Thank you for ‘Restoring our faith…”

132. Thunter - September 10, 2007

To the cast and crew of STNV thank you so much for doing this for us! I have been a ST fan since that faithful September so long ago when I was all of 5 years old and I think you guys are great! I was at Dragon *Con this year, again and saw Carlos, Charles and Joel. I had already seen WEAT on Thursday night. I was lucky enough to download it from the torrent, so I gave up my seat @ Baker in the Hyatt so that someone else could come in and see it, hopefully for the first time. I have got to tell you James, although I am sure that most people here are going to think I am nuts, but I think that WEAT was as good as anything that ever came out of TOS. In my humble opinion, the only episodes in TOS that were better were “City on the Edge of Forever”, and “Mirror, Mirror.” As has been said in this forum already, the acting is getting much better and the effects are simply marvelous. I love George and have been a huge fan for a long time. I was lucky enough to get him to sign an autograph at last years Dragon *Con. It was my intention to talk to him for a while, but when I got there, I was starstuck, couldn’t say anything but thanks.

James, thank you so much for this wonderful production and for making Star Trek come alive again!

133. Thunter - September 10, 2007

Oh, and Snake… don’t feel bad… I cried my eyes out too!

134. Howard - September 10, 2007

Thanks James! You are doing what many of us only dream of doing. It’s obviously a team effort, but you have the vision. Keep right on playing in your sandbox and letting us watch! It’s incredible the way that you have pulled together a team to create the episodes. WEAT was the best episode yet – I laughed and I cried. I love the line about Scotty’s liver – who thought that up?

Regarding the critics – I recall hearing on a tape once that when you stand out above the crowd, you’re bound to get hit with some tomatoes. Don’t let it bother you.

About the Phase II uniforms: I’m a purely classic red/blue/gold uniform guy & have no love for those uniforms, but hey, it’s your baby! You take it wherever you want to. Did you ever think it would grow into what it has? What does your wife think of all this? Did she know of your love of Trek when you married or not. MIne did not. She gets upset when I recite dialog and music/fx cues from the original series. Her words are “If you know all the words, why watch them again?” LOL

Keep up the great work and thanks again for keeping Star Trek alive! BTW, we should talk privately. I would be interested to know if contributors ($$) to the project get to visit the set,

Have a great day!

Howard Miller

135. Robert Jason - September 11, 2007

Very good New Voyages episode. I’m here to live life once..not to criticize so bad…life is too short..anyways…There’s only so much I or anyone can say since we’re not making our own fan films..Just suggestions and changes would be approppriate. Thank you so much STNV..cast and crew. Been a fan since the mid 80’s of Trek. (The original series and movies are the magic of Trek..everything else is just commericial). Here’s to pray and hope that this great series does not get milked by $$$ and “better offers” as happens so many times. The only series today which catch my eye are the new Battlestar and Smallville..The original series had a magic to it..and Damnn..Cawley &Co..Everybody there..Your love and dedication comes through on all thrusters. Very well done and very time consuming i can tell. I’m here to support and help and enjoy. ‘Nuff said.

136. Angel Suarez - September 12, 2007

Hey Mr Cawley,

I have been a star trek fan for many years, i must you have much much improved on execution and performance as captain James T. Kirk and this goes to all your crew as well. To serve all my days and world enough and time were both awesome episodes. ‘you truly captured the essence of what Star Trek really is adventure and suspence. Now comes your greatest challenge for you and your crew to out do yourselves in the next episode which i am looking foward too. You can only GO UP from here on end. Good luck and best wishes to you and the crew. Live Long and Prosper.

137. Willi Wiegand - September 12, 2007

Dear James,

who your films criticized is to make it once better only! I am inspired of your episodes totally and look forward to each further episode.
I hope to work together with you and the New Voyages Crew sometimes.

Live long and prosper!

Your friend Willi

138. FREAKAZOID - September 12, 2007

Bummer they had to put off the Harry Mudd Episode. I was looking forward to that! :(

139. Neal Hallford - September 12, 2007

Just a quick correction about “Kilkenny Cats”. It is based on a story by Neal Hallford and Jana Hallford, not by Larry Niven. Veteran “Star Trek: Voyager” and “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” writer Jimmy Diggs did the teleplay and will direct. Neal Hallford will be the assistant director. While the orignal idea had been to bring back the Kzinti featured in the Animated Series into live action, the official use of the Kzinti ultimately had to be scrapped because of the licensing issues (the right to use the Kzinti in film or television projects currently belongs to another entity who has done nothing with them for over twenty years). The project always has had the blessing of Larry Niven

140. Joe Crawford - September 12, 2007

First of all I must say that I applaud Mr. Cawley and all of the NV cast and crew! To keep the dream of ST alive for all of us is just utterly fantastic. Keep up the great work.

I am confused with the ending of “TO SERVE ALL MY DAYS” but I am sure Mr Cawley will explain the apparent demise of Chekov to all of us to our satisfaction in due time.

I keep seeing the question about the return of Chekov in WEAT. How can he be back?
Well my thoughts on why he is back is this.
This episode took place before TO SERVE ALL MY DAYS.
It was a flashback memory of Mr Sulu.
Pretty simple eh?

Again, keep up the good work Mr Cawley!!

141. Jawan Kasfaritan - September 12, 2007

It is time for Vulcans and Romulans to stop wearing Moe Howard (3 Stooges) wigs. STTNG started that nonsense and it hasn’t stopped since. Mr. Quinn and the new guy too … WIGS!!! At least … at least put the part in the back of the head … not on the top. What is that about?

Mark Lenard didn’t wear a wig. Clearly Leonard Nimoy didn’t wear one. I applaud the STNV decision to allow Natasha Soudek be creative in her hairstyle as Lt. Soudek. Tuvok came off believeable too. The Romulans in the much criticized ST:V were refreshing. But as a whole they all look like Vulcans all shop at the same wig shop. (I’m not even going to get into the STTNG Romulan brow).

If Mr. Quinto shows up wearing a mop looking like Sylar dressed up as Moe I’m going to just #%!$.

Invest in your craft people … cut your hair, use some dye or spray even and be your character for a couple of days. And make sure you shave those eyebrows too.

No more Three Stooges on Star Trek.

142. Bob the trek fan - September 13, 2007

I think this series is fantastic. i have enjoyed every episode so far. Mr. Cawley keep up the good work. i know people like to make judgements and nitpick the show but i realy thought in the first episode you had kirk down pretty good. my favorite line is towards the end when you say “saving the future” that was exactly how kirk would say it. also i love how the future enterprise comes in to save the day and how you guys used the music from the movie. me and my family have been trek fans all our lives and you are providing one enjoyable experience for us all.

143. New Voyages fan! - September 14, 2007

@ James Cawley:

Thanks for bringing back the Trek I grew-up on. I think NV is better than Voyager ever was! A couple opinions:

1: I liked the inclusion of the dreadnought and tug from the 1st Tech. Manual. I’d like to see more!
2: I hope the “new” effects aren’t totally like the old series. I thought the space scenes in Come What May and WEaT were perfect updates of the original series.
3: Kudos on continuity with Phase II
4: What happened to Chekov’s promotion and red shirt?

In general, I think this is a great example of what happens when people with passion produce a show — You get great results and attention to detail. I fear I won’t like Trek XI because it is driven by $$. Also, I think all of the actors do a fine job. I don’t expect them to copy the original actors or else it would just be parody then. They do their own takes on the roles and are convincing to me, so I’m happy with them. I’m going to miss Jeff Quinn. I liked his Spock. I was very disappointed when he left. If I have one gripe (and I know it’s out of the producers control), it’s that the actors keep changing, which can be a bit jarring.

Thanks and keep up the great work!!

144. Vinceman - September 15, 2007

I’m watching WEaT for the third time now, and have nothing but admiration for the NV team and the work they do. I’ve been a TrekFan since the late, and been part of the fan scene for a while. I would not have thought that a “Fan film” (with respect) could be this well done. The NV has become a joy and inspiration.

My highest praise has to be for Christina Moses. This woman simply is captivating every second she is on screen. She played her part with layers of depth, honesty and natural charm, rarely found in someone so young. Yes, I’m a fan, and hope to see more of Christina Moses in the future.

145. JERRY - September 16, 2007

What’s this I hear about a NEW VOYAGES ep to be titled “Rest and Retaliation”?

146. Gav in da UK - September 16, 2007

All I can say is OMG! ……

I found the site by accident today and decidedn to watch WEaT, I expected a shoddy half baked star trek rip off with model ships made from plastic plates and string.

I was so wrong, I was blown away by it so much that I have spent the entire day watching all the rest.

Cant wait for the next one!

The NV team deserve recognition for these shows!

147. Dave - September 16, 2007

My wife and I just watched this episode and we both think that it is among the best star trek episodes ever done (clearly the best fan episode but even among the best of the best from all the series). Great writing and a fantastic production. Mr Cawley , great job and thanks for bringing back the very best of star trek story lines. What you are doing is amazing but it is what has always made this epic so unique. Thanks again.

148. Jeff Sayre - September 17, 2007

To James Cawley and the cast and crew of STNV:

Congratulations on a job well done! WEaT is an amazing piece of work. Your production values, acting, and overall professionalism are truly improving with each episode. I’ve been an ST fan for 38 years and I welcome your new style and interpretation, while keeping faithful to TOS’s look and feel.

As a new media producer, your initiative and dogged dedication are fueling my creative side. The seeds of the ST universe that where planted in me so many decades ago are breaking dormancy. I’m seriously considering starting a new fan-based Star Trek franchise and adding fuel to the amazing fire you have unleashed.

Thank you and congratulations once again,
Jeff Sayre

149. Barry Lickin - September 17, 2007

Overall a good effort.
They need a better actor and more mature actor to play Spock. The first actor had a strange shaped head.
Cawley is ok but somewhat over the top. He makes Shatner look mellow.
They need to find a better Uhura.
Takei and Kim are solid as Sulu.
Chekov is solid.
Scotty is ok but make up your mind on the facial hair.
McCoy needs to loosen up a little. Seems too uptight even for McCoy.
This latest episode was the best so far by a long shot.
Keep improving.
Avoid the phase II crap.
Stick with TOS continued…

150. Loafmeister - September 18, 2007

I was blown away with the quality of this episode. Even considering this is a fan made film, I found the acting ranged from “good enough” to “excellent”, especially for the Sulu and Alana characters. James Cawley’s Kirk is certainly improving and I thought his best parts were the slower paced emotional scenes. His expression when referenced to Edith was very effective.

Keep on trucking, I wish there was some way I could be involved in something like this. What Mr. Cawley and friends have accomplished is beyond anything anyone ever expected.

151. juggernaut - September 21, 2007

# 149 avoid the phase II crap.
Why? Personally I think it’s a good idea.
It was in the works at one time. Let’s see how it pans out.
It really doesn’t matter what you or anyone else want anyway. It’s Cawley’s baby, and he can do what he wants with it. I along with many others think he’s doing a great job. Pretty good stuff coming from “amatures” and you can’t beat the price. You should be happy that your getting some new Trek to watch. Paramount doesn’t seem to be to interested other than the new movie.
And it is annoying reading peoples comments about the erratic acting, What do you want? Oscar & Emmy performances from a group of part time actors, and fans? Compared to some of the other fan productions out there it is. Come on people, lighten up.

152. LEMMONHEAD - September 21, 2007

I loved the show and can’t wait for more. I have a question or so for James Cawley. 1. Will there be another vignette to give consistency or an explanation of what happened to Pavel in episode 2? 2. Have you heard any more from paramount about possible licencing? 3. If paramount does grant you a licence, would you consider the making of a (for profit) series about Sulu as captain. I think you can see for yourself that this would probably be an overnight success. Thanks again for all you have done for all of us.(Star Trek fans)

P.S. Every one that remembers the first season of TNG should also remember that it took most of the first season and for some actors part of the second to truely find and become their characters. STNV has only done 3 episodes and one pilot with mostly in experiences actors yet the result is amazing. I’m not saying there isn’t room for improvement but what isn’t including the first season of the big budget ST series.

153. Pendragon - September 26, 2007

I think the effort of Mr. Cawley and company is laudable. They have resurrected the remains of the original series, tried to include as many “familiar” faces as they could for all of us fans who crave more of the first crew of the Enterprise, and have done a decent job carrying on the traditions and atmosphere of the 60’s show far better than I could have dreamt possible. The FX are top notch, far above TNG for example, especially in the latest feature WEaT. This episode alone justifies the hard work and effort Mr. Cawley and crew have put into bringing TOS back from the ash-heap of history. While I concur with other posters about the lack of acting ability in some of the cast, this is not dis-similar to the situation on the original show, where many of the cast had limited skills to start with. Shatner was a stage performer, thus his classic “hammy overacting style” which suits a stage actor well, but not an up-close camera show. McCoy was an old Western actor, used to doing villains, and Scotty’s bad Scottish accent has riled many a Clan in the British Isles. So, don’t be too hard on a group of novice filmmakers, trying to put a new spin on a beloved favorite cult classic. That is a hard place for anyone to be in, and Cawley most especially, given Shatner’s exuberence in the role of Kirk. Those are hard, pointy toed boots to fill folks. They have gotten much better overall with the use of acting coaches on WEaT, and I look forward to their next offerings. Peace and Long Life, ST:NV.

154. Daniel Barbier - September 28, 2007

Bring Back Quinn, He wasn’t only Spock he was a also producer.
I liked his Spock and think also that the other guy looks like a Chevy Chase parody. What’s the real reason behind Quinn’s departure ?

I hope he comes back in the next one. Somebody should start a bring back Quinn campaign.

155. STAR TREK FAN - September 30, 2007

mr. cawley ive been a fan for years when i was five i saw the reruns of the os in the 700s all i can say just keep up the good work and would to jump in and be a part of it if i could but if not i love every episode that you make and would like to see more and can you say are any going to mirror uviverse again that would ROCK! any way good luck and i look forward to more episodes to come.

156. Andrew - October 1, 2007

I have watched WEAT twice online now and i can tell you the story is excellent. It was certainly worth my time spent watching it and is EXACTLY what a Star Trek story should be, thought provoking, moving, and emotionally engaging. You feel for these characters and in particular with Sulu and his daughter, Christina Moses was a delight! Remember before Star Trek TOS most of those actors were relative unknowns & were untried also. They only became who they are because Star Trek brought them there. Each episode betters the one before it and as a gay man I am very eager to see what Blood and Fire will bring to the franchise. Long overdue in my opinion.

My hat is off to you James, BRAVO! First Star to the left and straight on til morning…

And when the hell do we get to see you as Elvis already! You need to post a schedule or something.

157. Randy Hunt - October 2, 2007

I was there in June during the shoot of “Fire and Blood”. These guys are great. They shot a two hour film in just 12 days. An extraordinary feat in and of itself. To be on set was a rare priviledge to see a man living his vision and including others along for the ride. James Cawley does more than talk, he created something few people are capapble of creating, much less willing to take on. Having David Gerrold direct this segment was a brilliant move, after all he is the author of the 4 book series. To be on the set with these creative people was an exciting learning adventure into the making of a film and a journey into the human dynamics of intense work, creative mind sets, and giving hearts in action. I even played a small part as an admiral, and if that small part survives the editor, then I’m a happy contributor to the continuation of something extraordinary. Support these people, they appreciate it and they are surely worthy.

158. Chuck Rollins - October 2, 2007

I stumbled across STNV by accident a while back. Then I watched one of the episodes with my 17-year old daughter, and we had a good laugh. (Her favorite part was Jeff Quinn singing at the end of one of the episodes!) But then I continued to watch, and now I look forward to watching!

Sure, the acting is not Hollywood quality – but then how much are any of us fans paying to see these shows?? And I must concur with others – the quality of the acting is improving with each show. The actress who played Alana in WEaT was simply great – I figured when I was watching that she must have been a real actress and not just one of the fans James Cawley had included in the cast. But I can’t find any info on her to speak of, so perhaps she is…

I am continually amazed at what James Cawley has been able to do – frankly, I’m at a loss to figure out how he is doing it. Everywhere I’ve looked, I’ve been lead to believe that we can’t even offer donations to offset the costs of the episodes. I think that is crazy, especially since Paramount will benefit from any additional exposure that this gives an almost otherwise dead franchise. Must be some kinda money in Elvis impersonating!

I’m also curious to know what compensation George Takei, Walter Koenig, etc, have received – if they truly are doing this for free, or even for a low price, my hat is off to them. Surely, Shatner would never do such a thing.

For those of you whining about JC and the other cast members’ acting abilities – put a lid on it. If you were financing this venture, you might have a say. But since it is JC living out his dream, complete with financing the project, you’ve got to just be happy that they are doing what they are doing. Otherwise, you would be sitting at home with nothing to do but complain about the absence of Star Trek from your lives.

Thanks, James, from one lifelong Star Trek fan who would like to be able to do what you are doing and who is enjoying greatly your efforts!

P.S. I just watched the video of JC as Elvis in Biloxi that was linked above – what a riot! I live in nearby Gulfport – I wish you were still playing here! I’m not an Elvis fan and wouldn’t otherwise go see an Elvis impersonator, but I’d love to go see your performance in person. Where can we find out what your performance schedule is???

159. JT Willis - October 3, 2007

My two cents.. pretty darn good show.

I’m a jaded SciFi fan, so getting a real story that doesn’t do the predictable.. stunning.. absolutely stunning.

What makes it better is that the people behind it are getting far more out of it than the casusal web viewer.. I’m insanely jealous!

Can you imagine, just imagine what its really like? To wake up on a Saturday or some holiday and know your about to go make a full fledged movie!

As for playing Captain Kirk, James is the Captain of his own Production Company granting wishes to every productioner and participant on his project.. they must be all smiles.. its fantasy land.. I almost ache for the balance of hearing a slight disagreement or clarification of a story point.

The FX well that’s a whole other fantasy come true.. sure you can doodle in photoshop, mess around in blender or whatever.. but here is a tapestery that literally spans the globe.. a chance for your art to fill hearts and lift spirits.. and in their own life time.. what artist wouldn’t want that?

Quality of acting.. hmm.. lets examine that.. if they did “replace” the actors with some synthetic faithful animatronic reproductions.. like ST-R.. would they truly be as faithful? Half the fun of Star Trek has been all of the faux pas inuendos and imperfections, quirks, bumps, warts and all.. its human.

As much as I like the original actors, their time has passed.. like our parents we revere them.. but its the body of work they did that we like the most.

I dare say Shatners first appearances as Kirk were not his finest acting moments.. he grew into the role.. he originated it.. and just so.. James Cawley, Jeffery Quinn, and John Kelly have re-originated theirs.. if it helps for some consider the Characture a necessary stage for the audience to adjust to the new players.. wishing for anything more is simply envy you can’t produce Star Trek “your way” I’d say.. get busy.. times a wasting.

To me its interesting.. if they tried too hard to inflect and intonate Kirk, Spock and McCoy too closely.. I’d be encouraged to nit-pick.. or worse become offended that they were really trying to “replace” the originals.. this is more faithful.. more respectful… especially to the original actors.

And gotta give the proper accolades to Mr. Takei.. I met him once in 1979 some place in Richardson,Texas.. yeah everyone’s gotta story. He would have been my top pick for who in all of Star Trek cannon would you like to see in “more” Star Trek..

He has this Steve Jobs aspect to him that surrounds you with this “suspension of disbelief” sphere, it was there in 1979.. and it seems to have grown not diminished over time.. its really erie.. if you ever get a chance to meet him at a convention.. its something not to be missed… I still hope we get to find out his “power” in Heroes.

And just gotta say something about the music, the score.. and Majel..

I love the music getting better and better.. its growing and evolving “just like in the original series” its changing.. I always liked the first episode of a new season most because you got to see “Wow how did they change the opening credits?” It was like Christmas.. is there a new actor, or one less.. silly me.. I always thought someone might decide to leave.. get promoted to another ship.. ect..

Majel.. Majel.. Majel.. what would the Enterprise be without her voice?

In a freaky reverse and slightly perverse way.. I had a crush on Nurse Chapel at an early age.. I wonder how many fans have mentioned that to Rod Jr? And always figured a truly advanced computer would eventually sound like her.. go on admit it.. weren’t you the slightest bit disapointed when your iPhone didn’t pipe up with some snappy Enterprise verse?

Geek poetry..

Well too many things to comment on.. but its all enjoyable even the groaning and moaning.. in a way its its own poetry.. finding out what is important to other Star Trek fans in a remake.. JJ Abrams must be eating this stuff up.

160. eagle219406 - October 4, 2007

I really like the Episodes I saw So far. It says that he is going (in the Final Episode) show the getting the TMP uniforms. I wonder If they will show the Klingons getting their Forhead Figure Back.

161. Alliance's Program Analyst - October 5, 2007

This is an extremely well done show. I commend all who have participated.

When a co-worker and friend, Todd; first informed me of “The New Voyages” show I was very skeptical. I have been a fan of “Star Trek, The Original Series” since birth. How could the greatness and uniqueness be recreated is what I asked myself. During my first viewing of “In Harms Way” and “Come What May,” initially I thought Spock was too skinny, Bones was too meaty and Kirk had to do something with that hair. I informed Todd that Elvis was not dead he just transported to the Center Seat of the Enterprise. Well, that was funny, to us. I was informed that James Cawley is an Elvis impersonator, after that remark. The cast seems to have the original characters poise and charm with adding a little originality from themselves in the show. The special effects are awesome.

As the episodes became available I watched, Kirk’s hair got better and Spock and Bones grew on you. The recasting of Mr. Spock from Jeff Quinn to Ben Tolpin may be a positive move because Ben has more of the Spock look. Hopefully, he has the “Spock Way” as Jeff did. The recasting of Lt. Uhura from Julienne Irons to Kim Stinger may not be a positive move for the show. Julienne has more of the look and has done an excellent job. I would hate to see her leave, meaning no disrespect to Kim; but it would be like replacing James in the center seat. Once you get used to the actor in that role, it is hard to get used to the change. I have become used to the new actors now.

It was additionally amazing to see some of the original characters from the original series in the show. The reality of it all is that I have become a fan of Star Trek, The New Voyages. If you only knew how amazing this really is, everyone involved would truly know what an awesome job they have done. To accent this even more, my wife who is not a true fan watched these entry episodes with my wife and she was amazed how well the show was put together and how good the actors were. This and nothing else could show enough praise for the show.

162. Doggone - October 5, 2007

Hey, Eagle219406: How about this for the Klingon plot: There are 2 families of Klingons. Kor Klingons (with features that resemble humans) who believe they’re the true race; and then the Duras Klingons (with features that resemble the Hunters of Tosk)( led by Robert 0′ Reilly of course) they also feel they’re the only pure strain. Naturally, Kirk has to stumble into the middle of this feud, and, naturally, has to do lots and lots of fast talking to get out of it.
In the famous NG episode Worf is quoted as saying the differences between the two classes are “something we don’t talk about”. Perhaps this is why.. Perhaps, after all the battles, they’re forced to agree not to call each other by all those “halfbreed” names (among other concessions).
The region of space occupied by the Kor Klingons is closer to earth so that’s why we meet them first. Such a script would take 2 or 3 episodes. There could be some pretty funny moments in such a script, if it was desired.

163. Hobgoblin - October 10, 2007

It took until season 3 before I could even tolerate ST:NG characters. James and his crew have managed to evolve and grasp the characters essense in a fraction of the time and a fraction of a fraction of the budget.

The acting is progessing…FAST! In WEaT I was seriously in awe. My wife ( who doesn’t follow Trek at all ) looked at me afterwards and simply could not believe that was a “fan film”.

James, you ARE Captain Kirk!

164. fat ton - October 21, 2007

like st and babylon 5 inc lost tales think there will be st enterprise lost tales ?

165. Michael L. - February 24, 2008

Including a homosexual story line in Star Trek New Voyages ruins this series. It doesn’t matter if it is “a socially relivant theme in keeping up with the times” as was the mission of Star Trek. The fact remains that G-D states in the Bible that “homosexuality is an abomination.” This series has become just another sick attempt to desensitize the masses into accepting perverted behavior as normal. The potential of Star Trek New Voyages was very promising. It is unfortunate the producers went this direction!

166. Pat Kean - September 12, 2008

I wrote a book: “Greatness Lost is Legend, a voyage of Captain Sulu.”

It describes a Phaser as a combination weapon that uses a co2 initiated coil gun to fire “excited” Hafnium 178-M2 at the target. A compact radar tracks the tiny projectiles to its target. A selector switch sets the onboard computer to set the excited element off proximal, (stun), impact (2-3 projectiles on contact), or vaporize (a stream of particles detonated on the target). The word Phaser in this version stands for Precision HAfnium Selected Energy Response.

Impulse drive uses magnetic coil gun technology but a ship must be able to create gravity waves to have it work effectively.

Warp drive is a factor of gravitational resonance. Trillions of timed antimatter detonations are designed to send out minute shifts in gravity around proximal to a star ship. An artifical singularity with no mass is generated, that can be moved by tuning the detonations in the nacelles and behind the main deflector. Excelsior “falls towards the gravitational locus.”

Impulse drive, coil driven minute particles of cobalt drives the ship the locus is moved accordingly.

Warp drive is an effect of gravity where the massless singularity generated is large enough to interact with “Stephen’s Hawking’s mistake.”
Hawking’s mistake is he has the creation of the universe almost backwards. “We” are almost dead center in an area of this universe where density is lowest. The state of existance prior to the enthropy event was MAXIMUM DENSITY. This universe is but one area of a whole that is so large and massive other universes exist within it. Like swiss cheeze areas of “low” density bubbles exist inside it. A singularity of huge gravitational effect is attracted to the “edge” of the universe where tremendous mass exists. This explains the expansion Hubble and others have noticed. Superluminal speed is a simple factor afterwards, thrust against an object that has no effective mass.

Excelsior class starships do not get the majority of its energy from antimatter. A federation class starship has a saucer section to accomodate thermonuclear “rings” that use Helium three. “Batteries” are in fact a simple thermocouple plutonium based power source used to initiate the thermonuclear power system, and keep the lights on in an emergency. One ring is a collider that produced antimatter on the fly, which is “ducted” into storage “bottles” and trillions of resonance plates used to create artifical gravity onboard.

Greatness Lost is a story of Atlantis wrapped into a Star Trek story. Excelsior discovers a global civilization existed on Earth about 40,000 years ago during the Mid Wisconsin Advance. The Cro Magnon based civilization fell due to political paralysis in a fight against Homo Sapien Man. A central character Ekalb fights to save it. Zantian agents destory the singularity based global power station being developed by Ekalb’s Zantean civilization. It is destroyed leading to global catastrophe that ends civilization on Earth for thousands of years.

Find out that the legendary Thunderbird lived, and native American terms like “Walking Eagle” point to a predatory bird that slowed human settlement of North America until about 18,000 years ago. Find out how Atlantean life extension technology used a common virus. Find out where Chlectran, the capitol of Zantean existed.

Returning from Khitimer Sulu receives a temporal alert from Star Fleet. At the same time a crewman placed on board, Kal Dunbar, by Admiral Lincoln brings “the” record aboard that was discovered in the Kir Kush range east of Baghdad, in Iran in 2011. The record is the basis of many 23rd technologies and brings the real story of Atlantis to light after thousands of years. Thrown into the story Sulu completes the circle. Returning through the Guardian of Forever Sulu and his crew discover life in the 23rd century is a bit different. To his horror he finds nuclear weapons had been used on Hiroshima and Nakasaki, one of his historical heroes John F Kennedy was assassinated on Nov 22nd 1963, and Khan’s name appears as a co-terrorist of Osama Bin Laden….

Volume two completes the story.

167. Sharkticon - November 12, 2008

Too bad my internet is too slow for streaming movies or torrent. But I’m very glad to know that gay characters r finally included.

@MIchael L: Being gay is not as abominable as u think. We gay men help balance the nature. Imagine, all men went straight and impregnate women, our world would be more crowded which would lead to more problems. If you truly loved the series, gay issue shouldn’t have been a problem. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.