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Jen Garner Ready For Trek…if called September 10, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Abrams,Rumor,ST09 Cast , trackback

Last March there was a rumor going around that J.J. Abrams was thinking about Jennifer Garner for a role as Spock’s love interest in his new Star Trek movie. Now the "Alias" leading lady tells Rotten Tomatoes that she ‘absolutely’ willing to put on Vulcan ears for Trek, saying  "Anything J.J. asked me to do ever, that’s a clear ‘Don’t even worry, the answer’s yes.’ I owe him." Abrams is known to like to stick with people he knows so it isn’t a crazy idea (although he may have a hard time choosing between Garner and his Felicity star Keri Russell who Abrams thinks would make a great Klingon). In addition to being ready for Trek Garner said she would also be up any J.J. Abrams Alias movie, noting "I think we’d all sign on. I mean, it’s all in his crazy brain." Garner has been keeping in practice. She stars along with Jamie Foxx as an FBI agent (pictured) in the thriller "The Kingdom" opening later this month.


1. Mike J. Hafezi - September 10, 2007

I suppose Jennifer Garner could play the love interest of Spock. She hasn’t worked with J.J. since Alias.

2. steve623 - September 10, 2007

I’d buy her as Leila Kalomi any day of the week.

3. steve623 - September 10, 2007

Or rent her. However she’s comfortable.

4. Fireoftime - September 10, 2007

You know, it’s pretty obvious this movie is going to be a Spock movie from beginning to end…
Everyone else, Kirk included, are going to be, more or less, background characters it seems.

5. VulcanBabe - September 10, 2007

Alright, I love Spock…but seriously, TOS is not all about Spocky and his intergalactic love interests. >_> I’m still pissed over the lack of Kirk.
TOS without Shatner and with no good young Kirk actor?

What is the world coming to?

6. VulcanBabe - September 10, 2007

And on a side note…can anyone really see Spock without Kirk? Kirk without Spock…well, it sort of worked. But Spock without Kirk? Poor Spock…

7. pizza hotdog - September 10, 2007

Elektra with pointy ears…….. Sydney with the Vulcan salute, hmmmm. Someone help me with this one. She’s too cute to play a Vulcan. Anyone remember what happened to Kirstie Alley after she played Lt. Saavik. Ah forget it, been a long day.

Too much foreplay with casting. How many does it make so far? Three confirmed? This process just seems to be draggin on and on…….

Don’t get me wrong Anthony, I appreciate any little tidbit. Just waiting like everyone else for news.

Why do some of you guys persist in saying “First”? As I once heard a long time ago, may your next french kiss be from a diseased camel.

472 dtST

8. Dave - September 10, 2007


She would make a hot Vulcan Babe. She has my vote.

9. Kobayashi Maru - September 10, 2007

So do you think Jennifer Garner would make a good T’Pring, or is this going to totally delineate?
One things for sure… she’s wasted as Chapel!

10. steve623 - September 10, 2007

“Too much foreplay with casting. ”

Do you know the Foo Fighters song with the lyric “sometimes I think I’m gettin’ stuck between the handshake and the f**k”?

11. Spocklover_Fat - September 10, 2007

Spock was more popular in the 60s and I, for one, have to go along with the crowd here. Although the interaction with Kirk and McCoy was always important, I don’t mind if there is, as has been rumored, a diminished role for Kirk at all. Call me a troll but I will miss Shatner even less. Let’s move on, people.

12. Michael - September 10, 2007

#7. pizza hotdog –
Yeah I rememberwhat happened to Kirstie Alley. She was afraid of typecasting as a Vulcan, and turned down the next movie.
Then she got famous with a job on Cheers, and then got Fat. Then she got famous for being Fat, and then even more famous for loosing the Fat.

Not that I don’t appreciate Anthony’s, (and everyones), efforts, but…
I want some REAL casting news. It is coming down to the wire, and we know Nothing!
JJ has some serious security!
At least leak some design studies or something.

Also…I vote that anyone who plays the Idiotic “First” game, be shot out of the airlock, and banned from the site!

13. Spocklover_Fat - September 10, 2007

And Jennifer Garner would make a great Vulcan, at least appearance-wise. Tall, elegant, with sharp features, she could definitely pull it off. However, the way they seem to be casting the rest of the crew, she might be a bit old at 35.

14. Martin Pollard - September 10, 2007

If JJ wants to give Jennifer Garner a role as a female security guard doing nothing but standing next to the turbolift doors, hell, I say go for it! I’d gladly let that woman kick my ass any day of the week… preferably in stiletto heels… *sigh*

15. Greg2600 - September 10, 2007

Playing a Vulcan is no easy job. If you ask me, while Kirstie Alley was alright, Robin Curtis was boooooring. Tim Russ played a good Vulcan, as did Joanna Cassidy did a nice job as T’Pol’s mother on Enterprise. Valeris was a very cunning Vulcan of course. Otherwise, a lot of boring characters when compared to the standard bearers or Spock and Sarek (Mark Lenard). I can’t see Jennifer Garner as a Vulcan, although wouldn’t mind if she played a different character, including a human, or an Orion!

16. Kobayashi Maru - September 10, 2007

I would love to see Gina Gershon as a vulcan!

17. Linda - September 10, 2007

I’d rather see Keri Russell in the movie. I am so over Jennifer Garner…let somone with some real acting chops do it.

18. Sean - September 10, 2007


Tim Russ was one of my least favorite Vulcans. He played it much like Jolene Blalock – as though Vulcans were merely irritated all the time and posessed no other character traits.

I’m not a big fan of Robin Curtis, but I think part of the problem was Saavik was supposed to be part Romulan, and that’s how Kirstie played it. When they brought on Curtis, they had her playing it as a straight Vulcan. It kinda messed with the dynamic.

I think Garner could pull it off. She’s a little stiff in some of her roles, which could work to her advantage.

19. DavidJ - September 10, 2007


Actually I kinda like the idea of this movie being more “Spock’s story” (assuming that’s even what this movie is about). It’ll be nice to see a Trek movie that breaks from the formula and tries to tell a different kind of story, in a different style.

Besides, look at an episode like Data’s Day. Sure the story was told from Data’s point of view, but he was constantly interacting with the rest of the crew and it made for a pretty damn good episode. I doubt this movie will go THAT far, but even a little of that kind of storytelling would make for a nice change of pace.

And I’m sure being the captain of the Enterprise and Spock’s best friend, Kirk will get a LOT of screentime either way. Don’t worry.

20. Spocklover_Fat - September 10, 2007

#19 – I agree. A Spock-centric story doesn’t imply no Kirk at all, as everyone seems to be assuming. And I think that putting our favorite Vulcan in the spotlight has the potential to be both refreshing and compelling.

21. DavidJ - September 10, 2007


Maybe they did seem a little too irritated at times, but I still thought Russ and Blaylock made for really good Vulcans. Unlike a lot of guest stars who played Vulcans more like stiff androids, those two actually injected some subtle attitude and personality into their roles. There actually seemed to be something going ON under the surface, just as with Nimoy.

It’s just a shame those great characters got wasted on such terrible shows.

22. Buckaroohawk - September 10, 2007

If there should be a role for Jennifer Garner (or Keri Russell, or both) in this film, as far as I’m concerned that’s all the more reason to go see it!

23. Captain Pike (the original - accept no substitutes) - September 10, 2007

#6 “And on a side note…can anyone really see Spock without Kirk?”
So you’ve never seen “The Cage”? You should watch it. I’ve always thought it was rather good.

The rumors have got to the point I think I’ll have to take a break from the excellent I’ll have a lie down and catch you later Anthony & co.

24. Etha Williams - September 10, 2007

#6/#23 — Or “Tholian Web” or “Galileo Seven” — also both fine episodes. And for that matter, I actually enjoyed Unification as well (although I know that’s by no means a consensus…) I for one would be very excited to see a Spock-centric story.

Spock love-interest, though…could be really good or really bad. I don’t see much room for anything in between…

25. Harry Ballz - September 10, 2007

Hmmm, a Spock-centric story, eh? Remember the movie ‘The Rock’ with Nicolas Cage and Sean Connery about ten years ago? That’s it! The new Star Trek movie will simply be titled, THE SPOCK. There you go…….

26. VulcanBabe - September 10, 2007

#25…you never fail to make me laugh…even if you’re not trying. o.o

Spock love interests are usually very good….but I’m worried about Spock’s main love interest not having a main part in Star Trek XI.

Abrams is really taking his time choosing cast members, though. At this rate…the movie will end up being delayed. They haven’t got that much time before filming starts.

If Peter Jackson directed Star Trek….

27. Fireoftime - September 10, 2007

“Actually I kinda like the idea of this movie being more “Spock’s story” (assuming that’s even what this movie is about). It’ll be nice to see a Trek movie that breaks from the formula and tries to tell a different kind of story, in a different style. ”
19. DavidJ – September 10, 2007

Well, in all honesty, going back and using characters who dominated Trek for 25 years is not exactly breaking formulas!

It’s like a rock band known for producing album after album of 3 minute guitar driven rock songs, suddenly trying to do albums of 10 minute synthesized songs. Then after a drop in sales, going back to the 3 minute guitar songs that made them the most money.
It’s about sticking to formula and what is safe, as opposed to taking new ground.
Thats what the producers are up to with this new film. It’s obvious and everyone understands that. The newer stuff was beginning to flop financially, so they’re going back to what was most popular and giving the audience what is wants.

That doesn’t mean it’s an inherently bad thing either.
The discussion now is whether or not we’ll get a good film out of that or not.
The fun is in speculating how it will be done, not why…because we already now that…

28. Dyson Sphere - September 11, 2007

Well if Kirsty Alley could do it, Jen certainly could too.

29. SNAKE - September 11, 2007

regarding Vulcan women – did you know that Joanne Balok is in the 3rd Starship Troopers film along with Casper Van Dien reprising his Johnny Rico role?

Apparently its closer in tone to the classic original and not the dreadful 2nd one….should be worth buying when it comes out i think

30. Fireoftime - September 11, 2007

“:Tim Russ was one of my least favorite Vulcans. He played it much like Jolene Blalock – as though Vulcans were merely irritated all the time..”
-18. Sean – September 10, 2007

I agree 100%

The Vulcans of later years have been portrayed as merely having GOMS, aka Grumpy Old Men Syndrom…

They tried to portray them as merely repressed in an attempt to humanize them…which is just plain dumb considering they’re not suppose to be human!…

Ironically the best and most interesting portrayal of a Vulcan in the later years was Seven of Nine from Voyager….and she wasn’t even a Vulcan!

31. Fireoftime - September 11, 2007

“:Tim Russ was one of my least favorite Vulcans. He played it much like Jolene Blalock – as though Vulcans were merely irritated all the time..”
-18. Sean – September 10, 2007

I agree 100%

The Vulcans of later years have been portrayed as merely having GOMS, aka Grumpy Old Men Syndrome…

They tried to portray them as merely repressed in an attempt to humanize them…which is just plain dumb considering they’re not suppose to be human!…

Ironically the best and most interesting portrayal of a Vulcan in the later years was Seven of Nine from Voyager….and she wasn’t even a Vulcan!

32. SNAKE - September 11, 2007

Garner is married to Ben Affleck – who’s best mates with Matt Damon – who said he wants in..

maybe this movie will have lots of stars in small roles..

33. Harry Ballz - September 11, 2007

#26 VulcanBabe “You never fail to make me laugh…even if you’re not trying o.o.”

Yes, my whole life I’ve always been able to make women laugh whether I’m trying to, or not…..I don’t know if that’s a blessing or a curse……..wait………your last remark has prompted…………a revelation………uh, oh…………, nuts!
………………………it’s been fun?????

34. Harry Ballz - September 11, 2007

With all the pauses in my last post, I hope everyone appreciates my Shatner impersonation!

35. Chris - September 11, 2007

Vulcan Sex Slave FTW!!!12345

36. 1701 over Gotham City - September 11, 2007

Skip her… She’s not that great an actress…
And she still has to live down both Daredevil and Elektra.

As for Tim Russ and Jolene Blalock… yep, they were lousy vulcans. Part of the problem is that Spock should not be viewed as the way to act… one should look more to Sarek. It’s not about being emotionless… it’s about being in control.

37. dalek - September 11, 2007

She’s got my vote!

38. Cervantes - September 11, 2007

Hailing Aaron R. …

I’ve only just finished my reply to your recent post on the ‘…get a free hand phaser…’ thread from four days ago. I’m sorry you feel that way about my contributions here. You are very entitled to your own personal opinions…and I hope you will revisit the bottom of that topic thread to see how I have addressed them with some more of my own…

And as far as this topic goes…I can definately see Jennifer Garner as an attractive Vulcan…but **splutter*cough**…Spock’s ‘love interest’…? Is this logical for this Movie…?

39. Dom - September 11, 2007

If Vulcan’s can’t have love interests, where do all the baby Vulcan’s come from? ;)

40. TB - September 11, 2007

Whoever thinks Jennifer Garner can’t act needs to quit breathing the radon gas in their parents’ basement & come upstairs. Seriously, she’s one of the few actors who can go from kick-ass to comedy, not to mention that she’s so damn adorable. As for Tim Russ, I thought his take on being a Vulcan was okay until I saw him play an FBI agent. Same expressionless monotone, so apparently that’s just Russ. Blalock was just a hot Vulcan babe but what was up with that reddish-brown hair? Seven of Nine did do pretty good Vulcan as well as skin-tight outfits. She was definetly the standout character from Voyager. I would like to see some of the Trek characters who wore full makeup make cameo appearances like Neelix did in First Contact. For example, Michael Dorn & Roxann Dawson come to mind sans the Klingon getup.

Oh, yeah……psssst. Jensen Ackles as young Kirk. Mark my words.

41. Cervantes - September 11, 2007

#39 Dom

…er…don’t the Vulcan ‘storks’ deliver them…?

42. StillKirok - September 11, 2007

Because there is an overwhelming fan demand for this…

43. star trackie - September 11, 2007

Ganer was the cat’s meow in Alias. Alias kicked ass. She kicked ass. Bringing her into Trek would kick ass.

That’s a lot of ass kickin’. Hope she shows up in this movie!

44. Dom - September 11, 2007

If Spock’s ‘stork’ gets shown, doesn’t that mean the film will get an ‘R’ rating? ;)

45. DavidJ - September 11, 2007


I see what you mean, but to me telling a story in a different way is as big a change as jumping forward 100 years… and then having yet another movie where the crew is on routine patrol and gets orders from Starfleet to go to sector 123 to stop yet another intergalactic menace and blah blah blah…

THAT’s the kind of formula I’m talking about. Following a character like Spock on a journey over several years would be a very different feel for a Trek movie, and would be a refreshing change I think. Obviously there’ll still be an alien menace to deal with, but hopefully that won’t be the main focus of the story.

46. Greg2600 - September 11, 2007

I really don’t see them paying for Affleck, Garner, Damon just for cameos. Let’s not turn this into Star Wars.

47. SNAKE - September 11, 2007

since when did star wars have film star cameos?

anyway some stars (who are Trek fans) would probably choose to do it for next to nothing just to get in star trek

48. SNAKE - September 11, 2007

Wonder if any other Alias actors will be cast? as a few have appeared in some pretty big films…

Ron Rifkin? (LA Confinedial) Victor Garber? (Titanic)

49. Sean - September 11, 2007


Hmmm…Samuel L Jackson, Jimmy Smitts, Christopher Lee…

50. SNAKE - September 11, 2007

yeah but original the Star Wars? – Was only Peter Cushing and Alec Guiness.

Jimmy Smitts? lol

51. star trackie - September 11, 2007

..all those names being bounced around as “cameos”, Sam Jackson, Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Alec Guiness, etc. were really supporting roles. Christian Slater, ducking into Sulu’s quarters in Trek 6…that’s a cameo.

And personally, I hope there are no corny cameos of that nature in this film.

(Unless, of course, it’s a smiling William Shatner at the very end…I’d eat taht up with a spoon)

52. Jon - September 11, 2007

The NEW YORK POST’s cindy Adams made mention of Russel Crowe being sought for Trek 2008 today to play the villian

53. Captain Kaplan - September 11, 2007

Jennifer as Spock’s love interest? (cough cough..STXI:Felicity cough cough) This movie is sounding more like a big joke with each passing week.

54. Sean - September 11, 2007

#50 & 51

I was referring to the prequels (as I think Steve was). Really, they were all cameos in those films as few of the people appearing in SW I-III had a character to play. More like bland (SLJ & JS) stereotypes.

As far as Christian Slater in Trek VI – it didn’t bother me. I thought it was nice that he liked the movies so much he wanted a little part. I didn’t find it distracting. If there’s a cameo that doesn’t draw attention away from the film, it’s okay with me. On the other hand, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have been into Eddie Murphy in Trek IV.

55. THX-1138 - September 11, 2007

Dude, it’s only a rumor. As you may recall Spock DID have something of a love interest in TOS in Amok Time. As far as Vulcans and love interests are concerned.

So I don’t get what you mean by it being a joke.

56. Ian Bland - September 11, 2007

Well, if Jennifer Garner’s going to be in it, the script’s going to need some kind of Vulcan ritual thing, which is very personal to Vulcans and which they do not discuss with outsiders, and which involves shameless nudity.

57. THX-1138 - September 11, 2007

Right on, Ian. Right on.

58. Cygnus-X1 - September 11, 2007

I can see Jennifer Garner being well-suited to pre-prise Kirstie Alley’s Saavik – the cute-and-vulnerable-yet-serious, female Vulcan officer. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.