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Preview ‘Galileo Seven’ Remastered [UPDATED more images] [UPDATE 2: Video Trailer] September 12, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: TOS-R Preview , trackback

UPDATED: CBS has provided with four five high res images from "The Galileo Seven’ Remastered episode…including an exclusive shot. UPDATE 2: Now there is also a video preview (see below)


The Starship Enterprise investigates Murasaki 312, a dangerous space phenomenon 


The Shuttlecraft Galileo, piloted by Spock, is hopelessly lost at planet Taurus II 


On the hangar deck of the Starship Enterprise, the Shuttlecraft Galileo prepares for launch 



The Shuttlecraft Galileo is buffeted by a powerful quasar-like space storm


The Starship Enterprise in orbit around planet Taurus II



STARTREK.COM has the video preview up…check it out


More Galileo Seven images on the web

AICN has also has a cool shot of the Galileo leaving the shuttlebay

STARTREK.COM has an additional images of from that sequence


New Showtimes and affiliates

"The Galileo Seven" is the first TOS-R episode of the new ‘season.’ As reported last week there have been changes in affiliates and air times for the show.  STARTREK.COM has now updated their affiliate list with the new stations and show times. 


1. Mark Lynch - September 11, 2007

The images look great, just how much longer are we going to have to wait in the UK before we can watch the episodes? :(

And I’m not even going to say it.

2. mctrekkie - September 11, 2007

Really looking forward to this one.

Is it possible I’m first?

3. Mark Lynch - September 11, 2007

Sorry mctrekkie….. if it’s any consolation it’s the first time I’ve been first :)

4. Mark Lynch - September 11, 2007

Does anyone out here have any idea about when the remastered episodes will/may be getting to the UK?

5. Aaron R. (And when I stand before him to be judged of all my sins I know I wont have to worry cuzz Siskos my captain and Jesus is my #1!!!) - September 11, 2007

god someone said it! LOL I love this pics this is what a quasar is supposed to look like. Simply elegant, bueatiful, and dangerous… Love it, love it, love it…

Aaron R.

6. doubleofive - September 11, 2007

Fantastic. I’ve missed seeing the remasters.

7. oddballuk - September 11, 2007

#4 I doubt we’ll get them anytime soon. BBC and Chanel 4 don’t broadcast episodes anymore. Haven’t seen any Star Trek Episodes for years on the main 5 channels

8. Matt Wright - September 11, 2007

mmmm love’in that quasar, really makes me want to see it in high definition gosh darn it!

9. mctrekkie - September 11, 2007

Mark, now you know OUR frustration about being a season back withthe new (excellent) Dr. Who and Torchwood.!

(There are other means to acquire these eps.)

To me, given the nature of the internet & torrents- I think Studios are doing themselves a disservice by delaying availability in certain markets. Just fosters the virtual black market of Torrents/illicit downloads, etc.

Then again, if you lived in America, you’d have to stay up till two in the morning, (in some markets) and catch perhaps a VERY edited episode.

I think that the CBS syndication arm is managing this effort very poorly.

10. Reptileboy - September 11, 2007

The BBC just finished a repeat run of TOS a few weeks back on Friday nights, it is now airing TNG season one on BBC TWO.

Sadly they haven’t seen fit to get the remastered episodes.

That said, didn’t the forthcoming Virgin 1channel purchased the rights to all the Star Trek series. Maybe they’ve also got the Remastered TOS. It would make more sense since the channel is supposed to be competing with Sky One for market share.

11. T Negative - September 11, 2007

Wow, these images look great!! I hope they fix that funny blue fog when Gaetano gets impaled. It just looks wrong. This episode presents a lot of opportunities for the remastered team. I’m anxious to see what they do with it.

Any chance of CG enhancements to the creatures???

12. Trekgeezer - September 11, 2007

Mark, you’re not alone. It appears my local station has dropped the remastered episodes.

13. Oceanhopper - September 11, 2007

A bit of a problem they must have had here is that real quasars (QUASi stellAR objects) were not really understood that well back in the 1960s. Since then it’s emerged they are not actually present in our galaxy, but are in fact incredibly active galactic-cores out at the very fringes of the observable universe.

The TOS-R depiction is what looks like a sensible compromise between sci-fi and sci-fact. It looks like a real quasar might: an active galaxy, with a powerful mega-black hole in the centre spitting out jets of X-rays straight up and straight down. It is also green in a nod to the original effect.

Realistically the Enterprise could never encounter a real quasar, but then let’s just assume this is a “quasar-like phenomena” on a much smaller scale – and that’s why they’re so interested in it. ;-)

14. IrishTrekkie - September 11, 2007

yea i agree with mark , i live in Dublin , and i want to see them , i hope sky or bbc would pick them up . and yea Reptile , late night TOS on fight where great, it was normall on about the time i would be getting in from a night out . TOS while drunk is the best show ever ! . plus Irish channel 6 , which started last year pick up all of TNG and show about 4 esp a day , so thats great.

Dr. Who and Torchwood ! are umm…….alright i guess . i mean there no Trek . but yea if SKY pick up tos remastered that would be great . But yea i think the internet and torrents are having an effect , i sure SKY one was showing stargate at the same rate as it was on in America ( maybe there was a few days or something ?) , and Irish channel RTE where showing LOST fairly soon after each esp was showen in America ,

15. Reptileboy - September 11, 2007

Great to hear from another Dublin trek fan. And there is not more fun to come home from the pub and watch Star Trek, especially when you haven’t the hand-eye-coordination to place a thin DVD into a player without messing it up.

The TOS rights have bounced around the past few years, Sky seemed to lose all interest in it back in the mid-90’s, then when E4 started they got the rights, and now SciFi Channel broadcast them. Looks like there are some trek fans in those channels commisioning rooms.

16. Jackson Roykirk - September 11, 2007

Hopefully they did a good job remastering the scenes that include one of my favorite Star Trek Females of all time — Yeoman Mears, played by Phyllis Douglas. ;-)

17. Sleeper Agent X - September 11, 2007

Looking great! I’ll be waiting for this one eagerly.

18. Etha Williams - September 11, 2007

Can’t wait for this episode…it’s always been one of my favorites and I think remastered could do a lot with it. Wonder what they’re going to do about that weird mist that blocks the view of Latimer’s impaled body…

19. Fanboy - September 11, 2007

I must say, the quasi-stellar space shots look well one, but that interior shuttlebay shot just does not look so good to me. The model shot looks so much more realistic in terms of realistic shadows and depth. The new shot looks like a highly detailed but totally flat matte painting. It’s so strange, CBS digital cranks the contrast and darkens all the live shots, but this CGI shot has no depth or living quality to it. (not to mention all the details of the shuttlebay’s ceiling they changed for the remastered episodes).

The interior model shot is far superior.

20. DavidJ - September 11, 2007

Love the new shots of the quasar. Although honestly I always thought the original effect was one of TOS’s more impressive FX on the show. Unlike most of the static shots they did, they actually had all that green stuff swirling around in a really cool way.

The new quasar definitely looks better though.

21. Etha Williams - September 11, 2007

#20 — I agree. I also don’t see the point of some of the changes they made in the interior shuttlebay shot (this general complaint actually goes for a lot of the remastered episodes). Why make the shuttle look further away? Why crack open the shuttlebay doors? It adds absolutely nothing to the shot (IMHO) and seems just like the producers were saying, “Look, we really are making changes — see, the shuttle bay has different colors and different perspective.” So what? What was wrong with the original color and perspectives? I just don’t get it….

“Let us redefine progress, to mean that just because we can do a thing, it does not necessarily follow that we must do that thing.” The people remastering these episodes could learn a thing or two from the UFP president…

22. Driver - September 11, 2007

This looks glorious. Thanks, CBS-D.

23. Diabolik - September 11, 2007

As to the complaint of changing the shuttle bay shots… I will quote this applicable wisdom from Matthew 9:16.17.

16: No man putteth a piece of new cloth unto an old garment, for that which is put in to fill it up taketh from the garment, and the rent is made worse.
17: Neither do men put new wine into old bottles: else the bottles break, and the wine runneth out, and the bottles perish: but they put new wine into new bottles, and both are preserved.

You can’t mix old and new. It’s all got to be new to work.

24. doubleofive - September 11, 2007

So is CBS-D going to send us higher-res pictures? I miss that too.

25. CmdrR. - September 11, 2007

Looks great. Really adds ‘stuff’ I think the original technical staff would have gone for, had it been in their budget.
I’m gonna ask this, if anyone has a definitive answer: are those windows or impulse thrusters at the back of the shuttle? In ‘Doomsday,’ Decker’s shuttle definitely lit some afterburners. But, up until now I’d always imagined the aft was just windows, since in TOS they were either white (in the special effects) or black (when seen on the life sized mock-up.) Likewise, James Blish’s memorable line “We don’t have a shuttle that can do warp drive. We do now.” is great but confusing. The shuttle in ‘Metamorphisis’ would have to have warp. Not so much in ‘Galileo Seven.’

26. billy don't be a hiro - September 11, 2007

“I also don’t see the point of some of the changes they made in the interior shuttlebay shot (this general complaint actually goes for a lot of the remastered episodes). Why make the shuttle look further away? Why crack open the shuttlebay doors? It adds absolutely nothing to the shot (IMHO) and seems just like the producers were saying, “Look, we really are making changes — see, the shuttle bay has different colors and different perspective.” So what? What was wrong with the original color and perspectives? I just don’t get it….”

As I understand it, the original shuttlebay miniature model was out of scale with the interior space it could have occupied in the Enterprise, so it was rescaled by CBS-D, as it was in its previous remastered episode appearances.

27. Robert Bernardo - September 11, 2007

mc trekkie wrote:

> Then again, if you lived in America, you’d have to stay up till two in the
> morning, (in some markets) and catch perhaps a VERY edited episode.

Our affiliate shows the first run of the Remastered on Saturday at 7 p.m.. Last week’s Remastered episode is rerun on Saturday at 11 a.m..

> I think that the CBS syndication arm is managing this effort very poorly.

The affiliate stations decide where to put Star Trek: Remastered.

28. Etha Williams - September 11, 2007

#26 — “As I understand it, the original shuttlebay miniature model was out of scale with the interior space it could have occupied in the Enterprise, so it was rescaled by CBS-D, as it was in its previous remastered episode appearances.”

Ah, now I get it. Thanks.

29. Jeffrey S. Nelson - September 11, 2007

Originals look far more realistic. Are ye blind as well as daft, lad?

30. TOSmadeMeWonder - September 11, 2007

Wow! I actually prefer the original.
They should have called in “Buckaroohawk”
tho handle the graphics on this one.
He’s been slammin’ the 3D out of the park lately. ; )

31. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - September 11, 2007

Beautiful,, looks like it may be one of those high water mark effects outings by the remastered crew like Space Seed, Corbimite and Doomsday

Shall I order the remastered set from amazon,,, hmmm finger acting on it’s own,, can’t ,,,,stop,,,,,,,no….. logoff. whew that was a close one

32. mctrekkie - September 11, 2007

#27- Mr. Bernardo.

You’re one of the lucky ones. (as am I with my Sunday at 10:am slot).

However CBS syndication has certainly NOT really marketed this as remastered or different (as I pointed out in a thread earlier) and, if this is not happening in my #4 market then it is not happening elsewhere.

How about person(s) from the UK above? What’s up with that?

In a digital age, with broadband internet and torrents- making the the episodes late or hard to get to is engendering additional piracy,

This problem is not limited to Trek- as:(1st season) Galactica, Doctor Who and Stargate can each attest.

If CBS is marketing this product effectively then the U.S. affiliates (and SKY TV) should WANT to program this new effort in a good slot. (AND iron out the HD difficulties!)

That was my point.

Kinda like the X-Box guys getting a great shelf /end cap at WalMart. It’s all in the marketing, and commitment to your product.

33. Ronald - September 11, 2007

We don’t even have the Remastered series in Canada either, unless one is living near enough to the northern US states and can catch the on-the-air signal.

34. Stu4943 - September 11, 2007

The UK versions of the DVD/HD combo sets are listed on and for release on Nov 19th. Priced at £95.99!

I cant wait!

35. CmdrR. - September 11, 2007

34-“The UK versions of the DVD/HD combo sets are listed on and for release on Nov 19th. Priced at £95.99!”

What’s that in real money?

(kidding — and I know what it costs here!!! yikes!)

36. Stu4943 - September 11, 2007

Thats works out at about $190 in ur fake money! haha

37. R.C. Williams - September 11, 2007

I really like the 4th shot of the Columbus leaving the rear of the Enterprise with the planet/cloud in the background. I am certain that we’ll see many other new shots in this ep. The shot where the Galileo jettisons it’s fuel over the planet looked great in the promo video. I know CBS Digital said they would not touch aliens unless it was really necessary, so I don’t know if they’ll toy with the creatures on the surface or not. It would be great if they actually include a persepective of the Galileo having a rough touchdown on the planet surface and another perspective shot of them lifting off and leaving the surface.

38. jon1701 - September 11, 2007

Dont like the interior shuttlebay shot. Looks too CGI to me.

Other shots look great.

39. star trackie - September 11, 2007

Enterprise in orbit looks gorgeous. As mentioned before, the shuttlebay looks like a painting, albeit a very nice one, but hardly a photorealistic rendering. Regardless, I look forward to settling in Saturday for remastered, round 2 for some dazzling, and not so dazzling, renderings. Gonna be fun!

40. OneBuckFilms - September 11, 2007

I’d like to see it in action before my fina judgement, but I agree with the concensus on the Quasar shot.

“It, er… it’s green !!!”

41. Sean4000 - September 11, 2007

Reminds me of a mix between the Bassen Rift and the Nebula from TNG’s “Cause and Effect!”

42. Cranston - September 11, 2007

#13 Oceanhopper — I hadn’t read much about quasars since the ’80s, so I had no idea that they were actually galaxies *very* far away. Very cool. Thanks for the info!

#21 Etha — I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying. It almost sounds from your post like you’ve got the original and CGI shots reversed? The original shot is the one where the shuttle looks further away and which has the bay door slightly open. Apologies if I’m misreading you.

In all, I really like these new shots. Can’t wait to see them in motion.

43. Scott Gammans - September 11, 2007

Count me in the camp that thinks the CGI shuttlebay interior looks worse than the original studio model cinematography. And is it my imagination or are the control rooms at the aft end of the bay *slanting* downwards, as if they were melting??

44. DavidJ - September 11, 2007


The new shuttlebay definitely has that CG look to it, but I still find that a lot easier to accept as “real” than what is CLEARLY a tiny model in the original shot (and I’m a big fan of traditional model FX).

Neither of them look truly convincing, but to my eyes the CG looks a lot more like a “real place” than the model does.

45. DavidJ - September 11, 2007

Or better put, the CG looks more like a real, full-scale environment than the model.

46. Lou - September 11, 2007

I recall seeing the pictures of the shuttle bay quite a while ago. not deja vu. I actually remember this. maybe these were part of a preview set of images before the remastered stuff began???


47. ObiWanCon - September 11, 2007

Am I the only one who thinks these shots look TERRIBLE I’ve been a fan of what they’ve done so far but these pictures look like video game footage I’m disappointed.

48. Scott Gammans - September 11, 2007

^^^ Nurse, get this man 50 cc’s of punctuation, stat!

49. Cranston - September 11, 2007

46 Lou — Are you thinking of the previous TOS-R work done for Journey to Babel and The Doomsday Machine?

50. Kyle Nin - September 11, 2007


They HAVE shown the shuttlebay in previous remastered episodes (like “The Doomsday Machine” and “Journey to Babel”), but I believe this the first time I’ve seen one with the Columbus in the foreground (which is why they are showing that particular screenshot).

A few of the shots do have a sort of cartoonish CGI look to them, but I’ll wait until I see them in motion before I judge them. They could look quite spectacular.

51. THX-1138 - September 11, 2007

I believe you’ll be needing these: “……..” Go ahead, as I have lot’s.

I sure hope that THIS time they will air the episode at the PROMISED and APPOINTED time. During normal waking hours. I would like to actually see a full episode of TOS remastered before I buy them in the next few years.

52. Kyle Nin - September 11, 2007

Actually, I looked at the remastered version of “Journey to Babel” and the Columbus IS there. So, I guess, this will be the second time that that’s happened.

53. Etha Williams - September 11, 2007

#42 — Oh wow, you’re right, I had them totally mixed up. Huh. Looks like I’m actually one of the few who likes the CGI. I think what happened was I read other people saying that they preferred the non-CGI and subconsciously transferred that to my viewing of the two shots, automatically assuming that the one I liked better was the original. Bizarre.

I’m not actually that great at recognizing CGI when I see it, though, so it doesn’t totally surprise me.

54. Commodore Z - September 11, 2007

I’ve been looking forward to this one for a long time. CGI shuttlebay looks real good to me, although I agree that the control rooms have a weird slant to them.

55. steve623 - September 11, 2007

“the shuttlebay looks like a painting, albeit a very nice one, but hardly a photorealistic rendering.”

My thoughts exactly.


56. CanuckLou - September 11, 2007

#47 – Yep, you’re all alone.

Looks great! Can’t wait for the boxset!

57. COMPASSIONATE GOD - September 11, 2007

Gads. The link to the shuttlebay comparison just proves that CGFX as a tool should be handled by people with a grasp of realistic imagery, because the CG bay (like many of Remastered’s FX shots) looks like a video game. Just how much time are they spending on this?

58. Jim J - September 11, 2007

#57-What the heck are you looking at? It all looks great. Compassionate? More like CAMPassionate!

59. TOS Fan Forever - September 11, 2007

I love the use of the “Columbus” shuttlecraft, waiting on the hangar deck. Good filmmaking technique to prep the audience for the eventual use of that ship. Kudos to CBS-D. (Yes, we notice and appreciate such things. ;-) )

#38 – very agreed.

I will say I really, really enjoyed the exterior shots, though. The angles are awesome! Bring on the high rez versions of those images. Speaking of which…

#24 – couldn’t agree more. C’mon CBS-D: Get the marketing wags into action! Pump up the volume! Create more energy here!! :)

60. COMPASSIONATE GOD - September 11, 2007

#58-Jim J: It appears video-game-like to me. It lacks realism. Compare the TOS-R CGFX to the CG interiors and space vehicles in “Revenge of the Sith”; while the last Star Wars Prequel’s CG characters & animals left much to be desired, the ships were realistic, with realistic surfaces. The same cannot be said of TOS-R’s shuttlebay, the shuttle and the Enterprise.

To each his own.

61. Michael Hall - September 11, 2007

Definitely, to each his own. In this case, I think CBS-D’s work looks great.

62. Frank - September 11, 2007

Interesting, in the original aft view of the Shuttlecraft (fourth set of photos – bottom photo) you can see a portion of the support strings used for filming. Something I never noticed before.

63. Lou - September 11, 2007

thank you 49&50.

I knew I wasn’t going nuts! :P :D

64. MichaelJohn - September 11, 2007

Like many posters that visit this site on a regular basis, I’m not 100% satisfied will all the remastered effects in this TOS-R project. But overall, I think the remastering effort has been quite successful.

In my humble opinion, 80% of these new effects were excellent and greatly improved upon the original ones, while others were quite mediocre and a few were downright terrible.

Looking back over the past year, I think I had very high and probably unrealistic expectations regarding this remastering project. In hindsight, it seems a bit unfair that I expected CBS Digital to deliver a “home run” on each and every remastered episode.
Nevertheless, they did a fine job and gave it their best shot, especially considering they were under such budget and time constraints.

So we now have “two” official versions of Star Trek TOS to love and enjoy- the original and the somewhat improved TOS-R versions. Neither is superior to the other and I think it’s important that BOTH versions always be available to future Trek fans.

Looking foward to another season of TOS-R episodes. Keep up the good work CBS Digital!

Mike :o

65. Mark Tedin - September 11, 2007

I think that one of the reasons the shuttle bay shot seems so weird is that the two shuttles are positioned on two different vertical planes. The perspective alignment between the two is completely mismatched.

A bad compositing job? Or was the foreground shuttle scaled up to “force the perspective” more, to make it seem more wide angled of a shot?

In any case, it looks like the F/G shuttle is floating a few feet higher than the one sitting on the target.

66. Sean - September 11, 2007

I think the quasar looks great. I’ll admit there’s something a little off about the shuttlebay shot, but it also looks like the pic itself isn’t at the right resolution or some such thing. I’ll wait till the episode to decide.

67. dil - September 11, 2007

I want to see how the widescreen Japanese versions have come out. They’re to be released there and wondering how they’ve been accepted. Watched Assignment Earth in SD off Xbox- can’t believe I used to watch so much dirt on the screen. Clean up is a vast improvement.

68. Tassieboy - September 11, 2007

These shots look fantastic! I can’t to be able to see Star Trek Remastered some day.

69. Buckaroohawk - September 11, 2007

I’m lovin’ the “quasar” and planet orbit shots. I love that CBS-D takes every opportunity to show the scale of the shuttlecraft against the Enterprise. Here’s hoping they have some fun with some of the scenes down on the planet, too. It would be nice to see the Galileo look a little more “crashed.”

Not lovin’ the red glow on the shuttle’s impulse engines so much. I’d go with a softer blue myself. And, no they’re not windows, they’re the shuttle’s main impulse deck. Shuttles use the booster engines (the ones below the wings that look like small warp engines) to escape planetary gravity, then switch to the impulse deck for spaceflight.

TOSMakesmewonder (#30): Thanks for the compliment about my CGI work. I really do appreciate it. I may not be to the level CBS-D can produce, but I’m working all the time to get there. Knowing that there are people who like my work means a lot. Many thanks indeed.

70. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - September 11, 2007

I like all of the new shots except that of the interior shuttle bay. Like other posters, particularly Mark Tedin #65, I find the perspective is off when comparing the two shuttles, but also with the Galileo in respect to the bay interior. The only thing I can think is that it may look better when seen as rolling footage on a TV screen, and, perhaps, there is supposed to be a bit of a fisheye lens effect going on?

71. dave mack - September 11, 2007

interior shuttle shot looks like a PS2 game. Model shot looked far superior IMHO,

72. Cervantes - September 12, 2007

Good to see some new TOS Remastered shots back here…

The ‘quasar’ effect is very nicely done, along with some other stuff…but still really miss good glowing ‘lights’ on the rear of the ‘Enterprise’, which would have brought the CGI model to life for me more, but which just has what looks like strips of ‘coloured tape’ markings now…
Aintitcoolnews has another rear shot of ‘E’ with shuttle which shows what I mean:

73. Fanboy - September 12, 2007

#26 — “As I understand it, the original shuttlebay miniature model was out of scale with the interior space it could have occupied in the Enterprise, so it was rescaled by CBS-D, as it was in its previous remastered episode appearances.”

Yes, it’s true the original shuttlebay was out of scale with the available space within the scale of the Enterprise interior space as specified in the officially licensed blueprints. However, the problem was the size portrayed was too large (not too small as #26 implys). So the CBS-D guys should have made it look more cramped if they were actually trying to make it conform to canon. So they’ve actually made the problem worse.

And yes, the columbus must be on blocks in the foreground, because it’s obviously on a much higher plane than the Galileo and makes the shot look even more weird.

So yes, again, CBS-D’s CGI would looks acceptible in a video game, but is definitely worse than the original model shot.

Is it as bad as their repulsive original effort on the nacelle caps? Probably not, but it’s not good either.

74. biodredd - September 12, 2007

More great images have appeared at Ain’t It Cool News. Here’s a link to the article and images.

75. Steve-O - September 12, 2007

Take heart, UK viewers, to date, none of the TOSR episodes have been aired in my metropolitan area of Southern Illinois-Southern Indiana-Western Kentucky! This area encompasses around 500,000 viewers!!!

76. Michael Hall - September 12, 2007

“So yes, again, CBS-D’s CGI would looks acceptible in a video game, but is definitely worse than the original model shot.”

Oh, come on. “Definitely” in your opinion, which is no more nor less valid than anyone else’s.

77. J_schinderlin56 - September 12, 2007

I don’t know. These imagers look rather Cartoon like to me. A lot of them have, and these are the most cartoonish yet. They should just have some one animate this stuff on paper instead of spending $$$ on CG.

Enterprise’s CG was way more real looking than this stuff

78. Plum - September 12, 2007

Agreed, but the “cartoonish” slant of the CBS CGI is, I’m thinking, intentional.

It’s a 40 year old show and it’s futurist take at the time is fairly cartoonish to us today. Creating dead real FX would contrast badly. Though going too cartoonish would be a mistake, I feel the middle of the road approach the CBS team has taken is effective most of the time. Artistically, I think they have accomplished a look for Trek that “fits” quite well.

79. JimJ - September 12, 2007

WOW, the preview is up!!!!! WOW! Can’t wait! Yeehaw!

80. Storma - September 12, 2007

The planet looks fake, and some of the lightening should be improoved.

81. Commodore Z - September 12, 2007

As should some people’s spelling.

82. Anthony Pascale - September 12, 2007

story is updated with more bigger images from CBS and video preview….moved back up to the top

83. Oceanhopper - September 12, 2007

Kirk’s hair looks fake.

Oh, hang on…

84. Cranston - September 12, 2007

#73 Fanboy — I’m confused. The CBS-D version *does* look more cramped than the original; the original shot looks like a huge space compared to the new CGI shot. Or am I not understanding your point?

85. THX-1138 - September 12, 2007

Awesome. They haven’t even aired the episode and already people start complaining about the FX.

86. DavidJ - September 12, 2007

Yikes, I still can’t believe people are saying the original model shot looks more real. It looks more SOLID, yeah, but in no way does it look like a real, full size shuttlecraft in a real, full size shuttlebay.

I’ll take a shuttlebay that looks slightly videogamey but huge over one that looks solid but also like it’s only 3 feet high.

87. Fanboy - September 12, 2007

#84. You’d be less confused if you ever modeled the shuttlebay and rendered it from inside. The CBS-D images are rendered from approximately 50-75 feet beyond the rear bulkhead of the shuttlebay. And forget the Columbus. The only way that could fit in the shuttlebay the way it’s pictured is if it’s actually a Hallmark ornament shuttlecraft hanging three inches infront of the virtual lens they’re using for that shot.

If you think the CBS-D shot looks more cramped then I can’t explain why, all the details in the ceiling are shrunken and make it look substantially larger than in the model shot.

Of course the model shot is also taken from an impossible vantage point (far beyond the rear shuttlebay bulkhead) but the shadows and overall depth to the shot look far more photorealistic and in sync with the film stock used for the live action. And I don’t buy the “cartoonish approach looks more 60s” notion. That would be a fine approach to a TAS-Remastered show, but not TOS.

88. THX-1138 - September 12, 2007

Once again, I am reporting from the great NW that this episode is scheduled to air at 4 PM this Saturday. My one goal in life is to actually see a full episode during daylight hours. Not winning the lottery. Not world peace. Just seeing a remastered episode. Around here it’s akin to swimming with a giant squid, filming it, and then having enough calamari to feed my neighborhood.

89. steve623 - September 12, 2007

“Yes, it’s true the original shuttlebay was out of scale with the available space within the scale of the Enterprise interior space as specified in the officially licensed blueprints. However, the problem was the size portrayed was too large (not too small as #26 implys). ”

I don’t think #26’s comment “implys” its too small. I think its pretty well and widely known that the original miniature’s scale was huge compared to the size it could have occupied in the Enterprise model, and I assumed that’s what was meant.

90. OR Coast Trekkie - September 12, 2007

VERY good quasar shot. There are some impressive looking shots here, especially in the preview. I have to say the shuttlebay doesn’t quite look photo realistic.

Hopefully, for season 2, the priorities will shift to improving effects. I’ve been reviewing the videos indroducing this project, and in all honesty, it seems to me like improving the effects was an afterthought; as though the original intent was to just simply make the upgrade to HD, but then someone put in the suggestion box, “As long as were making this HD, lets improve some effects along the way.”

Not that CBS-D is doing a horrible job, but I think we all know that ILM has more resources for this kind of special effects work. I also think that if ILM had been contracted to redo the effects (which I’m sure they would’ve JUMPED at the chance at) the price they are charging for the DVD set would be a little bit more justifiable. Perhaps one day, the suits will contract ILM to do more effects updating (perhaps a 50th anny prject) but for now, I am satisfied to simply watch these on TV.

91. JGG1701 - September 12, 2007

It’s so………………………………. green. :-)

92. Fanboy - September 12, 2007

#89 Maybe, but the CBS-D version of the shot looks even LARGER. Especially when you consider the extra depth they portray with the extra shuttle parked in front of the rotating lift table.

Worse is the fact that there are just no significant shadows or lights emanating from the observation windows. Those are the two primary sources of lighting, yet everything it evening lit and there are just the hint of some diffuse shadows. It just looks flat! and 2-dimensional. Like a flat matte or cartoon cell. Nothing like the dramatic lighting used throughout the majority of the TOS run on all the interior sets. It doesn’t match the look of the show. Again, just like their original nacelle caps didn’t come anywhere close to matching the look portrayed in the original show we love so much. they saw the error of their ways with the nacelles. I suspect it’s far too late for them to make similar correction to the shuttlebay.

93. Jeffrey S. Nelson - September 12, 2007

Anthony… I saw your question and answer session on Shatnervision. Nice to see and hear you for the first time. I think they should hire you to play Harry Mudd rather than J.G. Hertzler for that new New Voyages episode.

94. DJT - September 12, 2007

These FX are too cartoonish.

And although the green quasar gives the episode certain personality, it also leaves me with flashbacks of Nemesis similar to PTSD.

The transfer looks sweet though.

95. spockboy - September 12, 2007



96. Ozy - September 12, 2007

The images looks great .

Great job CBS-D, again!!!

97. spockboy - September 12, 2007

I truly think that not enough CONTRAST is the real culprit here.
It would take them 5 minutes to adjust it and it already looks far more real.

What do you GUYS think?

98. Black Omne - September 12, 2007

B R I N G I T O N ! ! ! ! !

99. Caprica 6 - September 12, 2007

they look like they came out of a crappy low res star trek video game…

what’s the point of remastering something if it’s going to look worse than the original?

100. Sean4000 - September 12, 2007

#97 That helped! I really think that is the problem. Good work.

101. seangh - September 12, 2007

#97 = spockboy – you are joking. That looks horrible – look at all the noise you’ve added to the pic.

It’s important to remember that CBSD has to make these shows “NTSC broadcast ready” which means there are strict limits on luminiance values (darks and brights) and NTSC is not strictly RGB – so color values are adjusted as well.

Based on these pics, I think CBSD has come along way from the earlier remasters. Looking forward to more.

102. Buckaroohawk - September 12, 2007


As a big fan of higher contrast myself, I think your pic shows improvement over the flatness of the original CBS-D shot. The resolution of the pic itself is a bit low, hence the pixel noise that cropped up in your version, but the deeper shadows help sell the depth of the shuttle bay better than the original.

CGI shadows are a tough nut to crack, but I agree that the contrast level of the shuttlebay scenes should be ticked up a touch by CBS-D in post production.

103. seangh - September 12, 2007

102. Buckaroohawk – dude – are you kidding. Look at all the contrast that is lost in that image. You realize, higher contrast images result in less midtones (details) take a look at the shuttle in spockboyz images – tons of details lost in there – that’s horrible.

Leave contrast up to the experts – trust me, they know that the are doing. Just go back to your MTV or G4 or what ever and watch all the high contrasty crap you want OK?

104. Sean4000 - September 12, 2007

Does this mean that the white balls on the Enterprise’s engines turn white and emit blue plasma?

105. Michael Hall - September 12, 2007


By my lights, you’re upping the contrast definitely helps the shot, except that the overheads are now completely washed-out. In any case, I’m not so sure we can prejudge ultimate quality from these small pictures–I seem to recall the shot having a lot more contrast on the DVD preview video. One thing I do appreciate is that CBS-D elected to restore the pleasing symmetry of the original shuttlebay photography, since this wasn’t the angle they’ve used in earlier remasters. This is a complex interior space that isn’t easy to get perfect–most efforts I’ve seen have been pretty dismal, and even Daren Dochterman didn’t really get it right. These artists mostly do pretty good work, and are certainly deserving of more constructive criticism than much of the geeky fanboy catcalls they get around here.

106. colin - September 12, 2007

As I compared the images between the pre-launch and launch shots of the Galileo, I noticed an error. In the launch shot, the area forward of the turntable is a wall and the Columbus is missing. This is the most glaring error I have seen with the CGI project.

107. Holo J - September 13, 2007

106 Colin

yeah I noticed that as well, its a bad miss. But other than that I think this latest work is looking very good to me.

108. Tj Trek - September 13, 2007

is it just me or does the photos look a little computerized and cartoonish? That’s just my initial off hand opinion

109. Jon - September 13, 2007

Entry into orbit looks animated

110. realtycheck - September 13, 2007

Most of you people are nuts. I am a long time Trek fan, but I still can’t understand how people like you can dwell on minutia. All I can think of is when Shatner was on SNL years ago addressing a bunch of goofy convention attendees. “get a life” Just enjoy the show for what it is – a show. Like I said I love Trek, but the real world is out there folks.

111. New Horizon - September 13, 2007

I think it would have been cool if the re-mastering project had actually taken the original space shots, and used computers to try and separate the ship from the background shots. Anything is possible with computers..I’m sure of it.

They could have removed the enterprise from the planet shots, and created new digital plates of some sort…cleaned them all up….use the computer software to enhance the original film elements and then re-composite them. Would have fit the show a lot better than this….and at least it would have honored the original artists work.

The more I think about this project, the less I like it honestly. It’s just a bunch of flashy new effects, and not particularly well done effects either.

112. Fanboy - September 13, 2007

110. I still can’t understand how people like you can dwell on minutia.

Well, I can tell you that from my experience, the business world can be a lot worse than the type of discussion posted here. I work in the digital prepress industry and work with Fortune 500 catalog customers that agonize over color and texture differences of product shots in their catalogs that 99% of the public would never even consciously care about, and aren’t even directly related to the products being sold. But good designers and art directors are usually hired (and probably should be) based off a fanatical concern for proper presentation and color impact. I wish the CBS-D guys had some more of that in their mix.

113. doubleofive - September 13, 2007

75. Steve-O: “Take heart, UK viewers, to date, none of the TOSR episodes have been aired in my metropolitan area of Southern Illinois-Southern Indiana-Western Kentucky! This area encompasses around 500,000 viewers!!!”

That’s odd, because I live in Southern Indiana, and I get TOS-R three times over! The NBC affiliate in Louisville, KY shows it Saturday at 7pm, the MyNetworkTV station in Indy shows it at 10:35pm, and the CBS affiliate in Indy shows the previous week’s episode at 1am Sunday morning on both their regular and HD channels.

Insight Communications is great!

114. Scott Gammans - September 13, 2007

For once Fanboy, I’m in complete agreement. I think the CBS-D artists have a boatload of talent, but when I see poorly-lit and seemingly distorted scenes like the shuttlebay, it makes me wonder whether there is a guiding hand missing from the formula.

115. Dr. Image - September 13, 2007

#97- Yes. That’s what a lot of their shots are missing, only perhaps not on the level of your sample. They can have deeper shadows without having them block up, and the highlights can be brought up a tad. A lot of CGI seems to be kept to an unnaturally wide dynamic range, I suppose to offer some leeway in duping steps. This, I think, adds to the look of “unreality.” In other words, yeah, CGI artists shouldn’t play it so technically safe with the contrast range and go more with gut feeling.
But what do I know- I’ve only been a photographer for thirty years…

The preview is their best yet! Cinematic in scope. Wow.

116. mctrekkie - September 13, 2007


Thanks for the effort. I guess there is no such thing as a free lunch, as upping the contrast upped the noise- However- the shuttle bay previously looked like it has a dark gauze over the (virtual) camera lens. The bay just didn’t look real.

(neither did the one in New Voyages WOAT)

Perhape a general rethink is in order. Perhaps some CGI tools, teams and methods are great for Space shots, (Nebulas, Quasars and planet)s… and other tools/methods and lighting might be appropriate for interiros, ship exteriors, explosions, fire, water, etc.

In my mind who care is the sun his the enterpirse just perfectly if the enterprise doesn’t look read?

I think the space shots CBS D has done are excellent and the Enterprise did get better (although still not as good as Darren D’s)

However, their interior shots (such as the shuttle bay above) and some planet side matte-painting replacements still need a lot of work.

I wonder- Is there a professional out there that might suggest what programs might work better with what shots-? IS MAYA the perfect solution for everything?

Does anyone know how to make a model anymore?

PS- SPOCKBOY – I miss your Videos, Your homage to WB cartoons was inspired.

117. Booji Spock - September 13, 2007

Looks great in HD not standard NTSC

118. COMPASSIONATE GOD - September 13, 2007

#87 – Fanboy: “And I don’t buy the “cartoonish approach looks more 60s” notion. That would be a fine approach to a TAS-Remastered show, but not TOS. ”

Agreed. The look of TOS was not “cartoonish” therefore the new EFX should not be either. Lack of care/skill/careful eyes may be the cause, but certainly not a delberate attempt to appear animated!

#112 – Fanboy: timely, valid observation. No flaming intended, but the “get a life” crowd appears to have the desire to accept anything in any conditon, quality with professionalism taking a back seat….or cannot accept the fact others expect top notch work and realism in a project where replacing the original EFX with more realistic work was the alleged goal.

119. Booji Spock - September 13, 2007

The cartoony look is a result of a Hi Res. image being condensed from HD to standard NTSC. I’m sure it will look fantastic in HD. You can take for example the Special Editions of Star Wars. The new CG shots looked great in the theater, but on my laserdisc NTSC version it did indeed look cartoony compared to the non CG imagery and same goes for the DVD set. On HBO or Showtime they have been showing the new improved Special Edtions and the new CG shots look great.
When we trekkies get these new TOS HD additions in our homes we will all know the hard work the CBS team has done. Those people with XBOX systems I’m sure already know how that they look great in HD. I hope some day if they redo more shots like Lucas did with Jabba they can add clouds into some more on planet surface shots. I would also like to see some eye candy on the monitors in the back ground on the bridge. A tekkies dream is never done. Keep up the great work people at CBS Digital and the CBS restoration team. I love it.

120. Awdraper - September 13, 2007

Opinion: I liked the “rolling in” fog…made the whole episode extra creepy, back in 1972…

be kind of interesting to see if they color all of the mist a greenish color…hmmmm

Special Note: Will they remove the Film Crew Member/Director reflected in the black area of the rear of the shuttlecraft?

Check the DVD. When Spock, McCoy and Boma are working in the rear of the shuttle, and they hear Latimer scream (op: still one of the best non-Redshirt deaths in TOS), and Spock says “Come on Boma”, you can see the person in question as the characters move out to the left…clear as day in the back of the shuttle…not as classic as Rick Berman’s face in the glass ornament in the TNG episode “Reunification – part 2″, but still neat. Can even see that he has a pocket protector…

121. Realitycheck - September 13, 2007

I’ll repeat this. Most of you people are nut’s, or maybe I should say borderline asperger candidates. Fanboy – The business analogy is poor. It’s business and printers get paid to sweat over those details, just as the people working on the new effects of our beloved Trek sweat over the details there. So many of you are dwelling and bitching over things you have absolutley no control over.

# 118 You wrote ‘or cannot accept the fact others expect top notch work and realism in a project where replacing the original EFX with more realistic work was the alleged goal’.

If you people want to improve upon what is being delivered by CBS, by all means go to them and show them personally how you can improve their work within the budgetary guidelines that they are working with. I’m sure they will welcome your input, and your ability to raise the bar for them. Otherwise just do as i suggested – get a life and enjoy the show – the TV SHOW. It’s a great program, a true classic, I love it, but at the end of the day it is still just a TV show, and overall, the improvements are pretty damn good, despite your whining.

How about this? All of you who can do better will now get together, and pool your vast resources, and remaster the shows to your liking. Then you can sit back and let all the wonderful reviews of your masterful work come in. You can bask in the glow of all the adoring Star Trek fans who will worship you, and visit you at your booth at the conventions that you will be invited to appear at. This will lead you into high powered careers in the SFX industry. You will set the standards by which the industry is measured.
I can’t wait to see how this unfolds.

122. Michael Hall - September 13, 2007

Scott Gammans–

“For once Fanboy, I’m in complete agreement. I think the CBS-D artists have a boatload of talent, but when I see poorly-lit and seemingly distorted scenes like the shuttlebay, it makes me wonder whether there is a guiding hand missing from the formula.”

I don’t know–isn’t this just something that can be put down to differing artistic opinions about how to best render a scene and honor a 40 year-old legacy? To take another example, while I found much to admire in your own reworking of “The Doomsday Machine” (not to mention your doing what so few of CBS-Ds critics are capable of: putting your money where your mouth is), I didn’t much care at all for the specular highlight maps you used on your Enterprise and Constellation models. Does that mean that your choices were “poor,” or that they simply weren’t the same ones that I might have made if I’d been directing the work?

I agree that the shuttlebay shot as presented here could use some more contrast (which very well may show up in the aired episode), but impugning the professionalism of your fellow artists because you don’t agree with some of their decisions isn’t very helpful. It’s amazing to me how often catcallers here love to compare CBS-Ds work (which, make no mistake, I’ve had my own issues with on occasion) with that of Dochterman, or Zoic, or Eden FX, or even ILM. Nowithstanding that all of those other parties have also made aesthetic decisions that somehow don’t seem to be judged by the same standards. (For example, Zoic’s CG Enterprise looks great and photorealistic in the abstract, but its surface detail and nacelle caps look much less like the original TOS model than CBS-D’s early efforts.) Judging the work fairly on its merits is one thing, but it’s more and more obvious to me that some find great sport in tearing down the efforts that they lack the talent or resources to make themselves.

123. Scott Gammans - September 13, 2007

#121 – That’s exactly what I’m doing. :)

#122 – Re-read my comment. I wasn’t (directly) criticizing the artists at CBS Digital–I was questioning whether there was a lack of art direction at their shop. The quality and consistency of the work they’ve been doing varies quite wildly from episode to episode, although I think there is something to the notion that someone mentioned above about how the space scenes seem to be more consistent than the interiors.

Oh and p.s., I agree the spec maps on my Enterprise and Constellation were a bit much, which is why I’ve gone back to a more subtle look… check it out:

124. COMPASSIONATE GOD - September 13, 2007

#119: “Booji Spock – September 13, 2007
The cartoony look is a result of a Hi Res. image being condensed from HD to standard NTSC. I’m sure it will look fantastic in HD. You can take for example the Special Editions of Star Wars. The new CG shots looked great in the theater, but on my laserdisc NTSC version it did indeed look cartoony compared to the non CG imagery and same goes for the DVD set. ”

Booji, the CG vehicles on the DVDs of the Special Editions look as realistic as the theatre version, so I do not think the transfer is the issue. Moreover, as in every kind of EFX work, some artists are highly skilled, and know how to match realistic objects/landscapes, etc., while others produce hack-job, low end, video game material.

Moving on, others around here can make nonsensical insults / flamebait / rants about fans–as though individuals have no personal right to criticize anything not to their taste, and need to praise everything tossed at their feet. If there was ANY sense in that kind of thinking, then we would sit with blank expressions, still celebrating the string puppets of “Catspaw” or the appearance of the customized AMT model in “The Doomsday Machine” just “because.” IF the fan-reality of certain members is so incredibly fragile that anything less than 100% acceptance “ruins” their experience, then they have serious issues with the most basic rule of life: in the real world of life you will have to swallow the fact that others have opinions which will not mirror your own.

125. Michael Hall - September 13, 2007

“Compassionate,” I know those (I’m not one of them) who insist that ILM’s work for the prequels–from space vehicles to environments to creatures–also looks like nothing more than a glorified cartoon. That opinion is no more or less valid than yours or mine on the quality of the FX work done on TOS-R. And while no one’s work is above criticism (again: I’ve had a fair amount of it myself with regards to CBS-D), comments on the level of “It’s fake!” or “Cartoony!” or “Barely up to video-games!” don’t exactly set a high standard for originality or craftsmanship themselves. (And FTR, I actually think the original “string puppets of “Catspaw” look pretty good–they were actually one of Trek’s more interesting non-humanoid aliens, a high point of an otherwise inane episode, and an ingenious low-budget solution to a real production bottleneck.)

Scott, I’ll be glad to check out your revised work when I can, but unfortunately right now I’m getting a message stating your server is unavailable. In the meantime, though, with all due respect I have to note that you really didn’t answer my question. :-)

126. Michael Hall - September 13, 2007

Okay, got it now. Very much improved, guy. However–dare I say it?–the nacelle cap animation still needs work (though it’s much better than CBS-D’s initial attempts).

I’m going to keep this with your original version of TDM. Can’t wait to see the revised Constellation–keep us posted!

127. Matt Wright - September 13, 2007

Just so you all know, I will do my best to put some full 1080p resolution examples of TOS-R when the HD DVD boxed set is released. I expect will get a review copy, so I should have it available to me. The we can see how it looks in HD once and for all.

128. Robert Bernardo - September 13, 2007

Scott Gammans wrote:

> Oh and p.s., I agree the spec maps on my Enterprise and Constellation
> were a bit much, which is why I’ve gone back to a more subtle look…
> check it out:

That is a very beautiful opening shot of the Enterprise!

129. FREAKAZOID - September 13, 2007


130. Fanboy - September 13, 2007

#123 Scott Gammans

I’m very impressed! I would love to see more.

I might add that you might want to tweek the rate at which the x-mas lights pulsate in the nacelle caps. But far far superior to the original CBS-D effort!

131. Fanboy - September 13, 2007

… maybe even better than the current CBS-D effect–hard to tell since the channel I view it on has a terrible broadcast link to our cable provider. Almost as bad as G4. And I won’t be purchasing the new DVDs unless they are re-released with the first batch of episodes fixed. Those original nacelle caps make me cringe every time I see them. No way I would pay a penny for any DVD with that content.

132. Sean4000 - September 13, 2007

“… maybe even better than the current CBS-D effect–hard to tell since the channel I view it on has a terrible broadcast link to our cable provider. Almost as bad as G4. And I won’t be purchasing the new DVDs unless they are re-released with the first batch of episodes fixed. Those original nacelle caps make me cringe every time I see them. No way I would pay a penny for any DVD with that content.”

Well my friend, they (CBS-D) followed a certain “philosophy” when taking on the remastering effort. And the result….inconsistent B-Grade work, and a botched DVD set.

This project could have been so much more.

133. Michael Hall - September 13, 2007

I think it’s considerably behind CBS-D’s current nacelle effect, which is on a par with Dennis Bailey’s or Daren Dochterman’s. YMMV, though. Scott’s new texturing is a real improvement, but still below broadcast standards–I guarantee that if CBS-D had been responsible there would be endless complaints here about the lack of a ‘rust ring’ on the primary hull. What most impressed me was the play of the running lights on the ship’s surface, which is very photoreal and far superior to CBS-D’s anemic lighting scheme.

I wish that they had gone back and redone those first shows myself, but it’s not a deal-breaker for me, since other than those damnable caps I don’t think the ship looks all that bad in those shots.

134. Aaron R. (DS9 in remastered next please! Can we get a goatee on Sisko from day 1 in Emmisary?) - September 13, 2007

Images look very very good to me… Sad to see so many nitpicking. Looks great CBS-D I cant wait to see what else you bring us in this exciting new season of remastered TOS!

Aaron R.

135. CG Grrl - September 13, 2007

I think what’s bugging me most about CBD-D’s work: If these same still-shots were posted to some of the CG-oriented sites around the ‘net (with vociferous professionals who are actually fair in their assessments/guidance on how to improve one’s work), people would be tearing them apart.

The quasar is magnificent. The Enterprise and shuttlecraft models/lighting/et. al. are anything BUT.

Amateurish. Better than I can do right now… But still looking amateurish.

136. spockboy - September 13, 2007

beautiful work.

137. TOS Fan Forever - September 14, 2007

Mr. Gammans – *Exceptional* job yet again. :-) And wonderful to see the Enterprise shown from an f/x perspective that hasn’t been done yet–at least that I’ve seen!

138. realtycheck - September 14, 2007

I contacted CBS yesterday. They have been monitoring this exchange, and agree with all of you that things need to change. They also said that your fine tooth examination of the sub atomic structure of the various details of the effects was right on. They asked that you please assemble and report to the studios immediately, and begin remastering the already remastered shows, after that you will take over on the remaining shows.

I’ve even come around to your way of thinking. I’ve noticed that seven stars in the background starfield from the opening sequence are .000001mm off from the original shot. This MUST be addressed ASAP!!!!!!!!!

139. snake - September 14, 2007

This is the ep that had the awesome Yeoman Mears…×16/The_Galileo_Seven_158.JPG

140. COMPASSIONATE GOD - September 14, 2007

More and more, i’m hearing fans question the incorrect scale of the shuttle; they argue that the shuttle (and the depth of the hangar) is just too large with a ship holding a crew of 430, with the deck space needed for that number.

Of course, the 1967 hangar/shuttle miniature were too large for the same reasons as well, but fans are wondering why the TOS-R people did not correct the error, but instead, created a new set of errors!

141. Michael Hall - September 14, 2007

More and more, I’m just amazed at the “how many angels can dance on the shuttlecraft hanger” arguments from obsessives who really think they can suss out the interior dimensions of a (fictional!) space by viewing it from one perspective, and from a camera of unknown focal length. Geez–it almost makes me nostalgic for the endless philisophical debates after “The Menagerie” remaster premiered over whether the turbolift shaft was supposed to be canted to the right, or if the entire bridge was.

*Sigh* I’m actually old enough to remember a time when Trek fans liked to discuss things that were, you know, kind of meaningful.

142. COMPASSIONATE GOD - September 14, 2007

#141 “*Sigh* I’m actually old enough to remember a time when Trek fans liked to discuss things that were, you know, kind of meaningful. ”

* Sigh* If any part of what you posted was true, then the legion of late 60’s/early 70’s fan-generated blueprints (of differing layouts) would not have enjoyed endless printing–which led to the official Technical Manual and the Blueprints publications in the early 70’s. Why? For the very reason you suggest never existed: a period (which I also lived through) where fans illustrated, theorized and debated about ship, weapon and costume design, scale, and even flag design! This is same reason Bjo Trimble’s famous Concordance was published–fans have debated the minutia of Trek since the beginning.

So, it seems certain fans simply cannot stand the current product to face ANY criticism, which is a pretty fanboyish stand to take.

143. T Negative - September 14, 2007

I agree with you.

It’s astonishing to me how many of the people here bash the effects of CBS before they are even viewed. I’m sure when the HD versions are released they will find problems with that too. Is CBS’s work perfect?? No, but I’ll take it over the crappy 60’s effects any day!! I feel like I’m watching TOS all over again for the first time. It’s great!!

144. COMPASSIONATE GOD - September 14, 2007

Again, it seems certain fans simply cannot stand the current product to face ANY criticism, which is a pretty fanboyish stand to take–and no, this is not posted to start a flame war.

145. Robert Bernardo - September 14, 2007

T Negative wrote:

> It’s astonishing to me how many of the people here bash the effects of > CBS before they are even viewed.

Hey, head on over to to see the effects on Act 3 of the Tressaurian Intersection, the act being released today!

146. jonboc - September 14, 2007

Damn I love that Exeter stuff. Thanks for the heads up Robert. That new segment rocked. I don’t know why, if it’s the very Trek-like music or the the lighting, or the pacing, or the writing, or SOME of the acting, but it really drips STar Trek where New Voyages leaves me cold. Anyway, the FX really were top notch and the shuttle bay looked very nice..if that was some of your handywork Mr. Bailey, well done. It will be very interesting to see how CBS-D handles, what is essentially, the same shot this weekend.

147. T Negative - September 14, 2007

I’ve criticized CBS work many times on this forum, but to bash CBS’s work even before the episode airs is premature at this point.

I am going to reserve my final judgment until I see it in HD.

148. T Negative - September 14, 2007

To clarify, My problems with CBS has been more of a quantity rather than quality issue. There are many instances where CBS has left several shots alone and done nothing i.e. James R. Kirk, Phaser effects, bridge viewscreens etc. etc.

It’s these areas of the re-master project that CBS has left me asking why fix this shot and not others?? There is really no rhyme or reason to what they choose to clean-up or enhance. This more than anything has bothered a great deal of the fans including myself. I understand there are time and budget issues to deal with, I simply had hoped Paramount would have given the team more time to fix these episodes. There is so much more they could be doing.

Anyway, other than the first few episodes, I think the quality of CBS shots have improved dramatically. They have pretty much nailed the Big E to perfection and have given us many new angles we have not seen before and other cool nuggets along the way.

149. realtycheck - September 14, 2007

#141 “*Sigh* I’m actually old enough to remember a time when Trek fans liked to discuss things that were, you know, kind of meaningful. ”

Yup. I finaally agree with you God. I too am old enough to remember when the show was on. I was 7 yrs old in 1967, and generally was not allowed to stay up too late, but got to watch them when they first hit in syndication. In those good old days we didn’t have digital remastering (I’m glad we do because I also agree with # 143 – it’s like watching the series for the first time) The show is not about effects. The “meaningful things” Trek fans used to discuss were the about the characters & stories. The show didn’t have the greatest effects, but who cared? We watched for what we hoped could be our future. It’s always been a character driven show. The effects are secondary. If the stories weren’t any good no one would have bothered watching it.

150. Buckaroohawk - September 14, 2007


Your attempts to insult the other posters here are hilarious, especially since you can’t even spell your own online callsign correctly in consecutive posts.

You keep attacking “fanboys,” yet you keep coming back here and posting. Sounds to me like someone’s in the closet regarding their own fanboyish tendencies.

“Get a life” works both ways, buddy.

151. Cervantes ( now where's my 'Scotty'?... ) - September 15, 2007

Any chance of a follow-up interview with the CBS Digital team ( if they’re still speaking to us ;) ) Anthony? Looking forward to what they will do in this next batch…and what they won’t do…

152. realtycheck - September 15, 2007

#150 Nice try dolt. It’s spelled that way for a reason. It’s related to the world of real estate, (You probably don’t know much about that subject living in your moms basement) but of course you just make an assumtion (an incorrect one) and proclaim your obvious superiority.
I don’t hide my love of Star Trek. I check for upcoming news, just like the rest of the fans do. I just don’t go over the edge and lose all sense of reality.
It’s a show. A great one. I like it a lot. That’s where it ends. It seems that a great deal of people posting on these sites dwell on the technical aspects of the special effects, and forget about the what was & is important to true fans of the show.
Sorry to come across as kind of negative here, but it’s the fans like many here that make easy fodder for comediens. These days when you say you are a Trek fan people think you’re nuts because of the way many of you seem so totally out of touch with the real world. I cringe when I see the goofballs dressed up in their starfleet outfits, or as Klingon warriors answering questions for a news reporter art a convention. I know it’s a harmless fantasy, but it makes it hard to take them seriously.

I had a client show up at my office once wearing a Starfleet officers uniform. He was trying to impress one of our finance managers. She thought he was insane. She was cordial to him, and helped him with his financial request, but there was no way she would ever entertain the thought of going out with him. You might say she is missing out on a great date, or he could be a nice person, but the real world doesn’t work like that. Dress like a Sci Fi character and you are labeled as a nut.

In closing (for now) The new effects are fine. They make the show very enjoyable to watch. I feel sorry for the people who look at aprticular shot and find so much fault with it that it ruins their experience. How did all of manage to enjoy the show before the new effects were added? Hmmm let me guess… It was the characters & stories. That’s what really matters.

153. mctrekkie - September 15, 2007

ok Reality check., 152.

I’ve been silent up to now, but you really do need a proper talking to.

Regardoing the re-mastering effort:

The POINT is, if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well.

To extend your real estate industry metaphor, would you suggest that a client perform a Kitchen and Bathroom upgrade only to ignore a curb appeal of a well manicured lawn or a fresh coat of paint?

Since they are bothering to revisit the series, many of us would have liked if the effort were a bit more consistent. That INCLUDES (but is not limited to ) proper marketing, consistent air times, HD in all markets, etc.

Wishing for a better presentation does not make one a rabid fan or a “Nut”, and frankly many of your posts, (on a forum dedicated to a movie that won’t come out for 15 months) come across as patronizing at best.

In fact, what are you doing on such a forum? I would suggest that if you confessed to those same conservative real estate co-workers that you regularly visit such a forum AND POST TO IT, that you yourself would get some rather strange looks.

Just chill, and take an anti-troll pill.

Star Trek fans come in all stripes, shapes and sizes. Some are nitpickers, some like stories/characters, and some would just like more support from the franchise holder.

It’s a big Universe, and is certainly large enough to hold the nitpickers, as well as some rather obnoxious hypocrites such as yourself.

154. realtycheck - September 15, 2007

#153 Wishing for a better presentation, You have remained silent until now. You should consider staying that way since your drivel is meaningless.

Thats my point. Wishing for these things won’t change them. The discourse on this site does prove that many of you ARE nuts. By the way your analogy to the remodel scenario is flawed (what a surprise) When you upgrade your home you do it within the budget you have. If you can only fix up 1 or 2 rooms, then thats all you do. If you have an unlimited budget you can gut the house, and change the landscaping. You all bitch that the effects could be better. You are absolutley correct, but that doesn’t change the fact that the powers that be have given the remastering project a BUDGET. They are doing what they can. Please continue to nit pick. It is very entertaining to observe dweebdom in play.
It’s just a show. It’s just a show, It’s just a show.
Go and volunteer your time on something that will really matter, It’s obvious your debating skills have neber been challenged.

155. Anthony Pascale - September 15, 2007

ok I have not been reading this thread…but it appears that people are not behaving.
Warning for flaming to realtycheck
and some of you others can chill out too
comments to

156. Aaron R. (Sisko never had HD when are we gonna get that???) - September 15, 2007

Realty I have your back on this one and agree with your views but I have got to say that you don’t need to be so insulting to try and get your point out to people. Listen Anthony has said many times that one of the comforting things to him is that he knows the vast majority of trek fans who visit this site are the more average people whom don’t even post… A big part of them not posting probably has to do with the reactions they would get for expressing their honast oppinion as seems to happen on this sites threads. The nitpicking,canon natzi, tech manual toting, has to be my way or the highway crowd do seem to comprise the majority of those who do infact post rather than just reading the news and moving on. As they seem to outnumber the more laid back people I find that it is not worth picking a arguement with them. There is a saying about sheer stupidity in large groups of people and I have to say it is just plain true. My advice would be to post your ideas, opinions, etc and let it be. Most of the time that is what I try to do because I am reminded of the simple fact that sometimes when you go up against the mob it is not safe for you. Look at Galileo who was nearly killed for saying the Earth went around the sun and not visa versa… Pick your battles is my personal philosophy and the people who go postal about details on this site and the people who go Shatner not in the movie nuts are some prime examples of people who I don’t think are worth argueing with.

As I have said before you cant teach an old dog new tricks I just hope we get some new dogs with the new movie who are more ok with change in trek because I know when the new movie comes out many of the older trekies who nitpick the new stuff to death may very well have a heart attack and die. For example if the bridge rail isn’t red or orange or whatever they want it to be.

Aaron R.

P.S. If your going to rip into me and try to draw me into a arguement don’t bother all you people who get so obsessed out there. I don’t care to waste energy on the eneavor.

157. Aaron R. (Sisko never had HD when are we gonna get that???) - September 15, 2007

PSS Interesting that I used a Galileo (Real Man) reference in a thread about the Galileo Seven… Hardy har har har
Coincidence or fate you decide?

Aaron R.

158. THX-1138 - September 15, 2007

Yeah. Right. Couldn’t agree more. Play nice and. all.

Besides, the real issue here is that I missed yet ANOTHER remastered ep because I lack the simple skill of operating my recorder properly. Completely my fault. Fine, take my money. I’ll have to get the DVD’s if I want to watch. Good grief.

159. Quirk - September 15, 2007

Watched it, a couple of nice shots, but over all, not worth my time. I’m an old school fan, but jeez, I’ve seen some of these so many times and why the heck didn’t they do something about the friggen styrofaom coming off of the rock? Wow, I noticed that as a kid, oh and you gotta love the beasties outfits.


160. Nelson - September 15, 2007

Anthony, you must be busy. I miss the weekly announcements; This weekend’s new episode.

And I saw it too. It was tactfully done, no need to touch the live action, except they did alter Sulu’s chronometer and left the fog alone. Ship shots were up to the level of recent work. It was funny to see into the shuttle windows as it’s beginning to burn up. The fake Scotty and Spock were either CGI, or it was Mr. Okuda himself in Scotty’s seat.

161. dave mack - September 16, 2007

most was good but the shuttle burning up was horrendous. Are they kidding…?

162. seangh - September 16, 2007

Is it just me or did CBSD take a step backwards on the effects for this episode? Again, the transfer is nice – colors look great – never better. There’s a nice shot of Sulu’s chronometer that’s been remastered and the camera moves off of it – very nicely done.

But the Enterprise looks flat. The quasar thing lacks depth. The shots of the shuttle creating the plasma trail look good, but the rest of the shots are really borderline.

I was hoping for a ramped up effort from CBSD – but maybe this is not the case.

163. monger - September 16, 2007

A hundred and sixty-third!!!

164. planettom - September 16, 2007

Argh, here in Atlanta, SHOWTIME AT THE APOLLO ran 45 minutes late, and instead of airing at 2:35 AM, “The Galileo Seven” didn’t start until 3:20 AM or so. And they cut out at least the first 10 or 15 minutes!

165. diabolk - September 16, 2007

In Savannah the football game ran over, and then they didn’t show it at all afterward. Bummed me out.

166. Enterprisingguy - September 16, 2007

Overall I thought the episode was good. I was hoping that they might show us a shot of the Galileo ascending from the planets surface. But the shot of it achieving orbit was nice!

One thing I never noticed before was Uhura confirming that the shuttle “Columbus” had returned! I had to back up and listen to it twice to be sure I heard right. I have never noticed this error in all these years!

167. Spock's Brain - September 16, 2007

#148 T Negative

I’m in complete agreement with you. For the most part, I think the quality has been OK and tastefully in keeping with the look of a 60s TV show. It’s the quantity that’s generally been lacking for me too.

But, having seen it, I’m happy to say that the Galileo Seven was generously augmented with many new shots, all of them superior to the original effects shots. I just love seeing the production values upgraded and if it were up to me, the live action shots would be lavishly upgraded as well. But it’s not up to me, and to give credit where credit is due, I think CBS-D gave a lot to this episode.

168. mctrekkie - September 16, 2007

Here in Philadelphia the time was well off as well.

(and that’s on a CBS owned and Operated station!)

What a bummer.

However, I certainly wouldn’t want to be lumped into the “complaining about nothing” crowd. so, I’ll just say thanksto the CBS syndication team for trying it’s best and staying within budget.

Re #154’s logical fallacy:

Shame that they spent so much fixing up the bathroom and kitchen that they had no money left over to simply mow the lawn.

169. Scott Gammans - September 16, 2007

Washington’s craptastic former UPN affiliate WDCA also did a shoddy job broadcasting this episode. The first 2-1/2 minutes were cut off because “professional” wrestling ran long. Unfortunately, that meant that I missed the part I was most looking forward to seeing for myself–the launch of the Galileo! Bast*rds. >:(

170. T Negative - September 16, 2007

Wow, did anybody get to see this episode?? NO problems in Denver. I have to say Channel 2 has done a terrific job this year showing Trek remastered on time and consistently at 10:00pm Saturdays.

I thought the episode was great. CBS gave us good dose of new shots with some older ones mixed in. There was a great shot of the E in orbit with the camera going under the dish then along the left side of the ship underneath the engine pylon. I thought the shuttle shots and shuttle bay shots were pretty good. They looked better on TV than the stills provided here. Also, when the Columbus is landing you can see inside the Secondary hull windows, you can even see the red door leading to the shuttle bay!! Very cool!!

Overall a very good job by CBS.

171. KS Trekker - September 16, 2007

#169 – I sympathize with you; the ABC affiliate KAKE here in Wichita did the same thing due to the High School Sports show rebroadcast (who’s watching this stuff at 2:30 am anyways?????) so it cut in after the Galileo was already lost! Grrrr!!!!! At least they moved it to Saturday morning instead of Sunday morning, so now I can see it a day earlier.

Still, it was a good episode with great remastered effects. Definitely bumped up a notch from their earlier efforts. Makes me excited about what’s still to come…

172. COMPASSIONATE GOD - September 16, 2007

Various shots of the Enterprise–once again, the ship was more video game than anything even close to realistic in appearance. The shuttles (and the hangar) were no better. When fan film Trek ships–with LIMITED BUDGETS–approach realism and/or capture the scale & look of the 1960’s miniature far above that of TOS-R, then the CBS Digital team suffers from serious problems….or a fatal case of hubris–so much that CBS feels this is fine “enough” to release on DVD.

173. G'thul - September 16, 2007

So, Kirk’s orders are “to investigate all quasars and quasar-like phenomena.” I guess that would include all quasi-quasi-stellar radio sources.

174. Realitycheck - September 17, 2007

To #155 – I’m sorry. I will try and keep my amusement under better control in the future.
To all the others I am truly sorry to have upset you all so much. I just figured you could take the criticism well since you have been dishing it out against the show so frequently.
The fact is I agree with some of your views on the efffects, but it is not that big of a deal. No matter what you say, almost all the new effects ARE better. Yes I agree that some of the fan shows have great effects, but don’t kid yourselves – you all know they are produced for the shows for free by people in the industry, and they also take 4-6 months at a minimum – years in some cases to produce a single show. CBS is pumping the remasters out very quickly. Keep in mid that the show is barely in syndication. The fact that it is shown at the most obscure times is proof that it isn’t a top money earner. You should be happy it’s even being done at all.
Again – just enjoy it for what it is – you liked it (or maybe you never did) before it was remastered. You should like it even more now.

175. Dan Kampling - September 19, 2007

I just had an idea.

As you may have noticed, this episode started off with an overhead shot of the bridge. I was thinking that it would have been cool if they had the Enterprise coming in towards camera and then we traveled overhead to close in on the dome of the bridge and then we would fade into the shot.

Just an idea. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.