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Make A Copy Of The “What Are Little Girls Made Of” Preview October 1, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: TOS-R Preview , trackback

The Remastered "What Are Little Girls Made Of" airs this weekend
Preview courtesy STARTREK.COM  (note updated station/air time guide)


1. Belar - October 1, 2007

Looks good! I always loved this episode.

Eh — am I first?

2. Robo- guy! - October 1, 2007

Hmm…that Ruk is a real beefy stud – so he’s all mine. And what a memory: The Old Ones!
I wonder…..did Ted Cassidy wear elavator shoes for this episode? Either way he was one big dude and I wouldn’t dare step in front of him at the chow-line. The Big Macho Brute!

3. TJ - October 1, 2007

Ahh this is the one with the copy making roundabout spinny thing and strategically placed board to hold em in and preserve modesty! He’s Naked under there Jim! Anyone any idea when they’re going to either release the ‘remastered’ stuff on DVD…I very much doubt they’ll get shown in the UK anytime soon. :(

4. Toonloon - October 1, 2007

They have already announced the HD-DVD/DVD combo sets for November. Its over £100 though.

5. Toonloon - October 1, 2007

Here you go.

6. Holo J - October 1, 2007

The preview isn’t giving much away as to whether there are any new visuals in this episode. I was hoping there would be a long drop shot added to the bit where Kirk is holding on to the edge of the cliff.

Maybe there will be a new matt painting to replace this shot?

7. JL - October 1, 2007

The chick in this episode is so drop-dead gorgeous.

8. Smitty - October 1, 2007

Oh man Andrea!

Scuse me I need to be alone for a few minutes.

Ah that’s better.

Nice episode for Nurse Chapel but what of that scene with Spock in The Naked Time which was produced before this episode?

I wonder if she told her fiancee Roger about that?


9. "Uncle" Clay Farrow - October 1, 2007

2: Ted Cassidy was 6’9″ and Shatner is 5’9 1/2″; compared to the Shat, he really WAS a giant! (even in his Starfleet-issue 3-inch-heeled go-go boots)

10. CmdrR. - October 1, 2007

Andrea — beautiful but not a robo-girl to give a phaser to.
Great episode. It was nice in the early eps that the supporting cast got stuff to do. Uhura had some nice scenes in Man Trap. Now, Chapel gets some screen time to do more than assist McCoy or swoon over Spock.

11. T Negative - October 1, 2007

These previews are really cool. They get better every week.

Of all the Trek babes Andrea was by far my favorite. I’m looking forward to this one, CBS did a great job with the Man Trap. Hopefully here too.

12. Shatner_Fan_2000 - October 1, 2007

[Insert obligatory “penis rock” comment here.]

13. Shatner_Fan_2000 - October 1, 2007

14. CmdrR. - October 1, 2007

^ Billy’s just glad to see you.

15. jonboc - October 1, 2007

Great promo, brilliant color, shadows, creative camerawork. From the lighting and music cues to the direction, this promo exemplifies WHY TOS is so special, and still SO different and removed from the subsequent spin-offs.
This show..most notably this first season, is dripping with style. Not only are the stories imaginative and engaging, but with all the color and creative lighting, it’s so much damn fun, just to kick back and watch the style unfold. Including all the spin-offs, there is, literally, nothing else like it.

16. JeFF - October 1, 2007

Yeah… Andrea… she looks good remastered or not!

I can’t decide if she’s the hottest TOS Trek babe ever… between her, Carolyn Palamas, and Marlena Munroe…

17. JBS - October 1, 2007

#13 – thanks for the picture, I can’t stop laughing.

18. Iowagirl - October 1, 2007

Don’t know if my ban’s already been lifted – so I’ll give it a try.

Well, I also had hoped for some new visuals, e. g. a kind of “fade out effect” of this “strategically placed board” on the android making machine… But, obviously, I have to content myself with looking at the wonderful picture Shatner_Fan provided. Thank you!

19. CmdrR. - October 1, 2007

OK, Shatner_Fan’s picture has taken over this thread. So…
caption time:

Kirk: “I’ll rock your world, baby.”

Ruk: “I said you could look at it, not keep it. Give it back!”

Captain Kirk prepares to show Andrea the fun way to learn the difference between stalactites and stalacmites.

OK, your turn, guys!

20. Penhall - October 1, 2007

Great episode.

One thing that has always bugged me is the scene where Kirk fires his phaser at Korby’s assistant (cant remember his name) and blows a hole in his stomach revealing that he’s a robot.

As soon as the phaser beam comes from Kirk’s phaser, a bunch of horizontal dark black lines appear on the picture, having something to do with the layering of the phaser beam effect I guess. It looks really bad, and I’m hoping the lines will be removed.

21. Marvin the Martian - October 1, 2007

This was the first Star Trek episode I ever saw, so it holds fond memories for me.

22. starsoul - October 1, 2007

Yes, 3 things to be remembered out of that episode: the Ali-baba kind of giant, the android spinning machine and the extra galactic baby Andrea! Where is she now? (she should be around 63-67 years old)!

23. Diabolik - October 1, 2007

“Come on, Ruk… we’ll see how YOU like it this time!”

24. CmdrR. - October 1, 2007

Sherry Jackson (born 15 February 1942; age 65) played the android Andrea in TOS: “What Are Little Girls Made Of?”. She is most known for her role as Terry Williams on Make Room for Daddy. She also appeared in two episodes of the Batman television series with Frank Gorshin.

She appeared in a slew of episodic tv shows, from Lost in Space to Starsky and Hutch.

25. CmdrR. - October 1, 2007

Sherry Jackson (born 15 February 1942; age 65) played the android Andrea in TOS: “What Are Little Girls Made Of?”. She is most known for her role as Terry Williams on Make Room for Daddy. She also appeared in two episodes of the Batman television series with Frank Gorshin.

She appeared in a slew of episodic tv shows, from Lost in Space to Starsky and Hutch.

26. DJT - October 1, 2007

“Mind your own business, Mr. Spock, I’m sick of your half-breed interference, do you hear?”

One of my favorite episodes.

Andrea ::: sigh ::: absolutely beautiful.

Reminds me of reading “Double, Double” by Michael Jan Friedman when I was a kid.

Good stuff.

27. TJ - October 1, 2007

Ouch, HD-DVD for just season one is £120??? I want it, but a) I dont have a HD-DVD player (holding out for the dual format players…or one format to go extinct!) b) I’m a cheap bugger and will wait for it to come down to a reasonable price! Thanks anyway ToonLoon! Do you know if they’re gonna put out the remastered stuff on regular old DVD???

And that capture with the phalic rock…oh boy…I can think of several ‘captions’ but none of them are clean!!!!! ;-)

28. Hawkeye - October 1, 2007

Will they change the phaser vaporizations… probably not.

Will they change any android circuitry… probably not.

Will they digitally remove Sherry Jackson’s clothing… crap I hate this pattern…

Caption: “Hey Andrea, once you go Kirk…”

29. AFM - October 1, 2007

Uh, can they CGI that rock penis that Kirk is holding, perhaps make it into a wooden club or something that doesn’t make me say “Dude, that’s just not right”!

Seriously that would be a big improvement.

30. Al - October 1, 2007

From the trailer this one contains no enhancements at all?

31. Shatner_Fan_2000 - October 1, 2007

#18, you were banned? Guess I must’ve missed that. You probably posted something really offensive, such as, ‘Shatner has given a lot to this franchise, and deserves to be included in any TOS-related movie.’ ;)

“I also had hoped for some new visuals, e. g. a kind of ‘fade out effect’ of this ‘strategically placed board’ on the android making machine…”

I think that’s going to be on the DVD. Which explains the pricetag!

“But, obviously, I have to content myself with looking at the wonderful picture Shatner_Fan provided. Thank you!”

I thought you might like that. You and I are of a kind. In a different reality, I might have called you … friend. :)

32. OR Coast Trekkie - October 1, 2007

Greetings from Oregon’s Bay Area (Coos Bay/North Bend)

So, what is there potential to fix? Hawkeye said it: phaser vaporizations and android circuitry. They set a precedent fixing each of those before.

We will get our establishing shots of course. But what else is there in this episode? I honestly cannot recall. So let’s see what they can come up with.

33. CmdrR. - October 1, 2007

I don’t want them to change the android circuitry. I always imagined that if I just had enough broken radios and tvs I could build a robot (or android.)

34. Stanky McFibberich - October 1, 2007

Sherry Jackson. Wow.
On the Sci-Fi Special Editions they had some brief comments from her. Still looked good then.
Great episode. One of my favorites.

35. Michael Hall - October 1, 2007

There some pretty good stuff in the Solow/Justman book about the near-riot on the set caused by Sherry Jackson and her non-costume, IIRC.

36. planettom - October 1, 2007

I don’t get this; here in Atlanta this is scheduled from 3:30 AM to 4:00 AM, so they’re already planning to skip half of it. And last week they showed only the final 3 minutes of MAN TRAP. The TV station must be paying for the syndicated show; why aren’t they showing all of it?

37. CmdrR. - October 1, 2007

I HATE WSB!!!!!!! Cox sucks. (Cox Enterprises, that is)

38. I AM THX-1138 - October 1, 2007

Whoa, Stanky, you like something? Come to think of it, how could you not like Sherry Jackson. And Shatnerfan, what are you trying to say? That in this reality you and Iowagirl aren’t friends?

39. Harry Ballz - October 1, 2007

CmdrR! I’m glad you elaborated with the info in the brackets! Otherwise, some poor dyslexic reader would have been both shocked and disturbed by your last sentence!!!!

40. Harry Ballz - October 1, 2007

Sherry Jackson? Scrump-dilly-ishus!!!! Slurppp!!

41. OR Coast Trekkie - October 1, 2007

Hmm, what’s Sherry Jackson made of? Let’s find out…

42. Iowagirl - October 2, 2007


That’s exactly the crime I was found guilty of – but, please, don’t tell anyone!

– You and I are of a kind. In a different reality, I might have called you … friend. –

“Something that can’t possibly exist… but it does.”

43. TomBot2007 - October 2, 2007

If only Flash Gordon would have had the Space Penis! He truly would conquered the Universe! :-p

44. Andy Patterson - October 2, 2007

Ooooooh. Sherry Jackson. Yeah.

45. Robert Bernardo - October 2, 2007

OR Coast Trekkie wrote:

> So, what is there potential to fix?

I hope they somehow fix the edit mistake in the final scene of the turntable spinning down, i.e., the relatively close-up shot in which real Kirk is presented and then android Kirk is introduced. There is a noticeable jump in the edit seen as the turntable spins.

46. Joe Burns - October 2, 2007

Sherry Jackson is a desire for which there can be no adequate expression. Sort of like the Shat rock for some others, apparently ;).
Kirk should have stayed in the beta test pool a little longer, methinks. Andrea required a thorough battery of tests. “Goodness, Andrea! I guess an android can do that without really trying- which gives me an idea.”
She’s a lot smaller than Enterprise, but the lines, oh the lines! Oh vessel of my desire, ’tis an honor to be at your controls!


47. Harry Ballz - October 2, 2007

What, nobody objects to my dirty joke in #39 regarding post #37??

48. Joe Burns - October 2, 2007

47- Hear the crickets? The offendable ones already left the room.

Here’s an off the wall addition to the conversation…
Seperated at birth: Dr. Corby vs.
(fmr Undersecretary of Defense / World Bank prexy) Paul Wolfowitz?
Is it just me?

49. Ty - October 3, 2007

Are they still updating the FX since the remastered episodes aired,and the dvds aren’t out yet?

50. Engon - October 3, 2007

For years, I wondered why Ruk pulled Captain Kirk up from the ledge instead of letting him drop. Apparently, it was a fairly common syndication practice to cut the earlier shot of Christine yelling, “Ruk! I order you not to harm him!” as she ran blindly through the rock gallery. Ruk had been instructed by Dr. Korby earlier (at Kirk’s suggestion) to never disobey Christine.

Given that the re-mastered episodes are about 10 minutes shorter than the originals, I wonder if this plot point will once again be excised, leading a whole new generation to wonder why Ruk saves Kirk.

51. CmdrR. - October 3, 2007

I can’t help think of Roger Corby every time I watch Patton. It’s a credit to the power of both productions that the memory of one can pull me momentarily out of the other.

52. CmdrR. - October 3, 2007

^ It’s late. That should make a lot more sense than it does.

53. David B. - October 3, 2007

They knew Kirk was coming so they baked a cake. (A Kirk-Cake!)

54. Woulfe - October 5, 2007

I hope they fix….

The transtion shot where the turntable is rotating from one Kirk to the next, that edit always bugged the snot out of me for the longest time.

I know it’s was the 1960’s but good god didn’t they lock the camera down to do these things in the first place, ARGH !

– W –
* Meh *

55. planettom - October 5, 2007

For those in Atlanta, I note that Remastered Trek has now shifted from Sunday morning in the 2:00 AM or so range, to Saturday morning at 4 AM.

Hopefully this will stop it from being pre-empted as it’s been the last few weeks.

56. G'THUL - October 6, 2007


My guess is that they CAN’T fix it. The problem isn’t that the camera wasn’t locked down or that they cut on the wrong frame, but that there just is no “perfect frame” to cut on. It just happens that there isn’t a frame to frame match up for the exact angle of rotation of the table on both shots. I’ve imagined the editor trying to cut it on different frames without success.

On the other hand, it seems to me that the pan from the sleeping McCoy to the McCoy/Salt Vampire had been improved in “The Man Trap.” That cut has always been barely detectable if you looked closely enough.

57. KS Trekker - October 6, 2007

Well, another week of cutting out the entire opening segment…the affiliate here in Wichita must be anti-Trek. But at least now they’re showing last week’s show on Sunday morning, so I can still catch “The Man Trap” since I forgot to tape it.

On the other hand, not a bad ep, nice shots of the big E. I kinda wished they could have improved the phaser shots, but I suppose you can’t have it all. Whenever Ruk was called, he should have appeared and said, “You rang?” :)

58. FredCFO - October 6, 2007

Awesome opening of the first act – great shot from beneath the Enterprise while in orbit around Exo III. Nice! It went on for a bit.

Otherwise not too much remastering in this ep… is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.