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This Week in Trek – October 6th Edition October 6, 2007

by Charles Trotter , Filed under: This Week In Trek , trackback

This Week in Trek, we have several Trek performers on stage (in theaters and at conventions), as well as news on Shatner, a Captain Archer bust, a posthumous award for Jimmy Doohan, the possible development of transparent aluminum, and much more.

Star Trek (2008 film):


Trek Stuff:

Oh, boy…


Fan Productions:


Trek in the World:


Trek Science:

Is that worth somethin’ to ya, lad? Or shall I just punch up "clear?"


Trek on the Web:


Trek Celebrity News:

Stewart (left) takes aim in Macbeth, while Dorn dons a nightcap in Santa Clause 2

YouTube Clip of the Week – Asimov on Trek

From 1971 Science Fiction giant Isaac Asimov talks about the state of sci-fi from the 50s and 60s including Trek


1. SirMartman - October 7, 2007

yeh I still laugh at that “computer part”,,,

thats classic trek to me,, good stuff,,



2. TJ - October 7, 2007

The story on Paul McGillion also ran in the Scottish edition of the ‘Daily Express’ and ‘The Daily Star’ this weekend, two more big national papers…oh and its the ‘Sunday Post’ not ‘Sunday Mail’, Sunday Post is Scotland’s biggest sunday paper!

Nice to see lots of mentions for in ‘The Scotsman’, the quinticential Scottish newspaper!

3. ZoomZoom - October 7, 2007

“Have you been wondering where the cast of TNG have been trekking since they last parted ways in 2002?


4. Iowagirl - October 7, 2007


Me neither.

– James Doohan (Scotty, TOS) won the Gene Roddenberry Lifetime Achievement Award from the 2007 SyFy Genre Awards. –

Good to hear that. He deserves it!

5. trektacular - October 7, 2007

I hope the next gen cast gets to make another movie, and god bless jimmy doohan

6. snake - October 7, 2007

5 – maybe if Bryan Singer dosnt do his superman sequel (which i hope he does) he’ll want to pursue his passion for Trek and direct a final TNG movie ….

or a sequel to the 2008 movie…

7. Cox of Seagulls - October 7, 2007

That’s a truly horrible bust. Looks nothing like Bakula.

8. ObiWanCon - October 7, 2007


9. CmdrR. - October 7, 2007

Busy week. Cool news. Thanks.
It occurs to me (no a mere two decades later) that the whales probably didn’t give a poo whether they could look out at Scotty and Gillian. And I’m sure the tricorders could read through ‘regular aluminum.’ So, I’m beginning to think there was a bit of running around for the heck of it in STTVH.

10. CmdrR. - October 7, 2007

Oh, and Bakula looks like a Pez should come out of his mouth.

11. FREAKAZOID - October 7, 2007

I agree with Cox of Seagulls. That bust doesn’t look like Scott Bakula at all.

12. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - October 7, 2007

It’s with a heavy heart that I must report the passing of our beloved Mugatu. (read below from

Moshie Mugatuwitz AKA Mugatu was found dead Sat evening in his Cirque Lodge suite by fellow fellow rehabber and world wide celebrity, Lindsay Lohan. The two had developed a close friendship during their stay at the Celebrity Rehabilitation center. Says Lohan ” I had stopped by his room to pick him up for the Sat night pottery class,,,,,snifff,,,,,sobbb,,, and and knocked repeatedly on the door and I knew something was wrong,,, sniff,,sobb,, he was doing so god,,,, sobb ,,,he was helping me so much,,,,,” Attendees unlocked his door to find the legendary Trek Icon passed away sitting in his balcony chair, apparently watching one last magnificent Utah mountain sunset.
Foul play has at this time been ruled out. Doctors say that the years of hard drinking, drugs and hill people cannibalism finally caught up to him and his heart. It was a little known fact that Mugatu had a triple bypass in 1987. Mugatu was 208 (71 in human years) He is survived by his estranged son Gumatu a stunt ape at the Universal Studios King Kong adventure. Gumatu could not be reached for comment. Mugatuwitz will be laid to rest at the Ira Goldfarb cemetary in west Hollywood.

His close friend and intergalactic tyrant, Lord Garth, formarly of Izar, had these choked up words to say “Rest in peace buddy, every time I look to the heavens I will see your magnificent spirit in the stars.”

Moshie Mugatuwitz b(stardate) 2210 d 2002

13. JCool - October 7, 2007

Paul McGillion for Scotty!

14. steve623 - October 7, 2007

Michael Dorn looks terrific.

“What Are Little Girls Made Of?” was disappointing, btw. Just the ship-in-space shots replaced. No phaser beam enhancements, no android circuitry replacement, no precarious cavern set extention. Just very pretty scenes of the ship in orbit. I was disappointed. That episode could have benefitted from some additional lovin’. Although I still smile when Roger Korby calls him “Cap’um Kirk”.

15. Jackson Roykirk - October 7, 2007

I love the photo from ST:IV. That film featured one of my favorite Scotty lines…

“A keyboard. How quaint.”

16. Headless Redshirt - October 7, 2007

Wow! I haven’t seen any footage of Isaac Asimov in years. Thanks.

17. Jen - October 7, 2007

Love that photo: “On Computer”

Best lines ever.

And the press on Paul for Scotty is nuts, seriously PTB, just CAST him. :)

18. Harry Ballz - October 7, 2007

# 12 “I must report the passing of our beloved Mugatu”

Yeah, well….years of eating human flesh is murder on the arteries! Now, if Mugatu had eaten a vegetable once in a while……ah, but alas, I guess there were no Star Wars dweebs in the region!

19. TJ - October 7, 2007

I have such a craving to watch ‘The Voyage Home’ now but I’m stuck at work!!!!! ‘Hello Computer?’…hehehe priceless Scotty moment, closely followed by the love it/hate it moment in 5, ‘I know this ship like the back of my…**CLUNK**

Paul McG for Scotty!!! ;)

20. Charles Trotter - October 7, 2007

#12 Lord Garth — bah, you ruined the joke I had planned for next week (actually for this week, but I forgot it). Now everyone’s gonna think I copied you. Curse you, Garth Formerly of Izar! May Russell Crowe NEVER play you in a movie! :-P

Oh, and RIP Mugatu

21. Charles Trotter - October 7, 2007

By the way, that is soooo not how he died.

22. Anthony Pascale - October 7, 2007

you believe TMZ?

I have spoken to Mugatu recently after he got out of rehab, he is fine

23. Harry Ballz - October 7, 2007

Lord Garth says Mugatu died, Anthony says he’s alive and well.
How long before somebody pitches the idea for a movie called The Search For Mugatu??

Not to mention that Mugatu’s great-great-great-great-grandfather was Bigfoot! But, that’s another story!!

24. Xai - October 7, 2007

#23 Harry Ballz

Frankly Harry, think about it. Is Anthony ever wrong? (and I think Lord Garth is still on his meds…)

So that means Mugatu is somewhere in Utah hitching a ride. We have any posters in Utah?

25. JBS - October 7, 2007

# 24 Xai: Don’t you mean Lord Garth is OFF his meds? Somebody, get him meds, stat!

26. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - October 7, 2007

Guys no one wants to believe that he is still alive more than me but I spoke with his estranged son Gumatu, who has called me to help with the memorial services. Marta will be contacting a number of you to sit Shiva for Mugatu. Perhaps some good has come from this terrible tragedy in that Gumatu has vowed to follow in his father’s footsteps and continue the dream. Gumatu hopes JJ and company will let him portray his legendary father in the upcoming film. Mugatu may be gone but his legend will never die.

27. Dr. Image - October 7, 2007

The armless Archer bust….. WWHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYY?????

Dorn does not look like a merry man.

Hats off again to my guy, Rene A. The classiest of acts.
(Oh, DS9 forever, BTW.)

28. Heywood Jablome - October 7, 2007

Lord Garth there seems to be something screwy here. I just got an e-mail from Salt Vampire saying that he and Horta and Mugatu are going out on the town next Friday for margaritas and can they borrow the car? Now, as worried as I might be about loaning these three hoodlums my automobile I’m more worried about the fact that Mugatu seems to be alive and well, and, as I predicted, back to swilling whiskey and biting innocent people. I fear a certain horned white ape has pulled a fast one on you. It happens to the best of us.

29. Harry Ballz - October 7, 2007

#28 “loaning these three hoodlums my automobile”


Three beasts in a Tub,

The Horta, The Mugatu, the Salt Vampire,

Turn them out, knaves all three.

Even Vegas wouldn’t be a match for THESE three!!

30. Harry Ballz - October 7, 2007

#26 Lord Garth “I spoke with his estranged son Gumatu”

What, no mention of Gumatu’s alcoholic (hypochondriac) twin brother, My-gout-hurts??

31. Mark - October 7, 2007

You want Star Trek science? Here’s Star Trek science:

(you may have to piece that together)

32. Xai - October 7, 2007

#25 JBS,
Yes, thanks for the clarification. Seems nobody understands me these days. That IS what I meant.
Um…. Lord Garth… please have a seat and look at the pretty lights….
#28 Heywood
Don’t do it. Mugatu lost his license and Salty has two OUI’s (over-indulged on pretzels and chips). And the pizza-faced Horta has no arms to steer anyway. They usually have Lindsay Lohan drive and you know where THAT usually ends up.

33. Xai - October 7, 2007


Mugatu has been spotted on the Interstate near Cedar City, UT heading southwest toward Vegas.

34. Harry Ballz - October 7, 2007

As Elvis would say, “Viva Las Horta!”

35. Heywood Jablome - October 8, 2007

lol!! Love you guys, you crack me up.Harry it’s your turn under the Van gelding machine, then I’m next!!

36. Heywood Jablome - October 8, 2007

Sorry, Van Gelder machine. Hurry, up Harry, I need a fix!

37. Harry Ballz - October 8, 2007

Heywood, I went under the Van Gelder machine twice back in the 60’s which, now that I think about it, would explain A LOT!!!

38. Heywood Jablome - October 8, 2007

F-U-N-N-Y! Anthony thanks for hosting this great site, allowing nut jobs like me and Harry and Xai and Lord Garth to come together, where normally we would all have to wait until we found ourselves roomed next to one another at the local booby-hatch. Keep up the fantastic work, and keep all your salt locked up! is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.