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Cruise Is Not Pike – But Who Is? October 23, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: ST09 Cast , trackback

In August a rumor surfaced that Tom Cruise would be playing the role of Captain Christopher Pike in the new Star Trek film. That was actually the second time that the star of J.J. Abrams’ first feature film (M:I:III) came up in relation to Star Trek. In both cases reported that Cruise’s people denied the rumors and today Empire reports that Cruise himself has denied the rumor. The Tom replied to the inquiry “What? No, I’m not in that,….Nope. It’s just rumor.”

Who is Pike?
The role of Pike is the last of the major Star Trek roles to be cast. has been told that Kirk’s predecessor on the Enterprise, originally played by Jeffrey Hunter, has an important part to play and that it is not just a cameo. There had been reports that the studio was looking to find a big ‘A List’ name for the role, however a source says that in the end they may not go with an ‘A Lister.’ The role of the villain was also reported to be for a top star. However, in the end the job went to Eric Bana who is certainly well known and talented, but probably not considered an ‘A List’ star. Shooting on the film starts in a couple of weeks, but that does not necessarily mean that the entire cast will be in place. Yesterday in one of the seemingly infinite talkback threads on Shatner, the film’s co-writer Roberto Orci stated that the Shatner decision may go past that date, adding “our deadlines for various actions are not subject to intuitive rules.”

Sorry, no Tom for Star Trek

Pick a Pike
So who do you think should play Chris Pike?
UPDATE: Added a poll based on some of the suggestions below…see right column


1. JCool - October 23, 2007


2. Chris Clow - October 23, 2007

He’s a bit too short for Pike.

3. FREAKAZOID - October 23, 2007

Ray Liota should be Captain Pike

4. JCool - October 23, 2007

what about Christian Bale?

5. NCC-73515 - October 23, 2007

roddenberry junior.

6. hissy1701 - October 23, 2007

Jeffery Combs (aka Brunt)

7. Lou - October 23, 2007

Bruce Campbell

8. Ryan Riddle - October 23, 2007

All I can say is… Thank the Great Bird!

9. Classictrek dot com - October 23, 2007

Ray Liotta for sure… looks spot on.

Now my question is… do we get to see April? How sweet would THAT be?

10. Lou - October 23, 2007

actually, ray liotta has had some nasty-looking botox. his face looks like those guys from Insurrection.

11. ZoomZoom - October 23, 2007

Paul Bettany?

12. Pragmaticus - October 23, 2007

Ray Liotta. Great actor, unbelievable resemblance to Hunter.

Others to consider: Liev Schreiber (saw him on stage, simply unbelievable), and while nowhere near an A-Lister, Ed Quinn (from Sci-Fi’s Eureka)

13. aglasshalffull84 - October 23, 2007

Michael Keaton.

14. chris LaRoche - October 23, 2007

thank god

15. Mike - October 23, 2007

Ray Liotta just can’t put people in theater seats and I doubt Bana can either The people behind this production better wake up. If you are going to spend 140 million on a TREK film, it will need all the help it can get. So far, the film has nothing but no names, and if you think the name, STAR TREK is going to pack the audience in, you are dreaming. A star is needed, big time, especailly for international gross, where TREK has never done well. If no Tom, then they better get someone in the like. Bana and Liotta, just won’t cut it.

16. HoochaHoocha - October 23, 2007

Ray Liotta–He’s plasable as an older Jeffery Hunter and has the ability to exude a commanding presence on screen.
I’d buy Liev Schreiber as well, Pragmaticus.

17. Dennis Bailey - October 23, 2007

“…Yesterday, in one of the seemingly infinite talkback threads on Shatner…”

Infinite, yes! Like the Universe itself!

It’s the Bring Back Shatner Dancing Vigil; we’re going to keep that topic going through Christmas of 2008.

Free The Shat!

Free The Shat!

Free The Shat…

18. JC - October 23, 2007

Rob Lowe. He’s got the look, and he already looks good in retro (i.e. Austin Powers).

19. The Master - October 23, 2007

I think Bale would do. How about Paul Mcgillion ?? *LOL* or Vin Diesel *LOLMAO*

20. The Master - October 23, 2007

Did Hunter have any kids?

21. Tim Handrahan - October 23, 2007

Tom Hanks! Major Trek fan with box office appeal!

22. Ron Mosher - October 23, 2007

Re: 17
Perhaps a suppository?
Glad it’s not Cruise but why does the actor have to look like Jeffery Hunter? As long as he’s dark haired and blue eyed and can ACT count me in!

23. Jeff - October 23, 2007

Harrison Ford, George Clooney, Anthony Hopkins, DeNiro??

24. Dennis Bailey - October 23, 2007

Denzel Washington.

25. Skippy 2k - October 23, 2007

Have to see who ends up on the poll, still don’t have a sure pick but again I think Ben Browder could be good for it.

Ben Browder / Jeffrey Hunter comparison:

26. GraniteTrek - October 23, 2007

Scott Glenn. He doesn’t look like Hunter but can carry the gravitas.

27. sean - October 23, 2007

hahahaha ben browder?

the stargate fans must camp out on this site.

28. Derek Evans - October 23, 2007

Why not Sean Kenney, who played Pike in the Menagerie?…I met him a few months back…He still looks fairly young…Dye his hair…that would be a cool ‘tip of the hat’ to Classic Trek..

29. Dennis Bailey - October 23, 2007

Browder or Glenn would be good choices too – Browder would be better.

30. Fox - October 23, 2007

Ray Liotta!

31. TJ - October 23, 2007

#12 OOwww Ed Quinn he’s great on Eureka, he’s definately got the dark good looks and steely gaze but he might be a wee bit tall (being 6ft4) compared to the other, but clean shaven he looks A LOT like Jeffrey Hunter. He’s got my vote!

#25 Ben does look at lot like young Jeffrey Hunter too…think I prefer Ed though.

32. John N - October 23, 2007

#15 Mike

I totally agree with you… this production could use a big name for the international appeal alone.

As much as we love Trek, we can’t fool ourselves into thinking that the current buzz will do ANYTHING for markets that have traditionally not cared about Trek. Transformers could get away with a bunch of lesser known actors because it had a built-in audience both here and in Asia… no such thing with Trek.

So.. a big name for an important part may be just what is needed… and no… Ray Liotta is not that big of a name. I don’t even care about the resemblance… they got it close enough with the main crew that I could take liberties with this part if it brought more audience members in and guaranteed the new Trek a long and prosperous life…


33. tomtom - October 23, 2007

#28 excellent idea

34. Robert April - October 23, 2007

#17 Very troll like of you Dennis ;-)

With a “B lister” like Eric Bana (a very good “B lister” I might add) as the villain, they will need someone like Tom Hanks as Pike.

35. Dave - October 23, 2007

Paul Schneider, whose on everyones radar after Assassination of Jesse James and Lars & the Real girl.

then get William Devane to cameo as Admiral Robert April!

36. Diabolik - October 23, 2007

I think Jim Cavaziel would be cool as Pike.. he played Jesus just like Hunter did. Think about it….

37. The Master - October 23, 2007

31 Quinn or Browder would be very good choices, and even Bale would be cool.

But Mcgallion also he has the Blue eyes dark hair, why not??

38. fellow_canuck - October 23, 2007

The actor has to be slightly “older” (early-mid 40s), with some real presence on screen…could probably get an A-lister because they wouldn’t require a recurring role for that character.

Ray Liota would be good. Although he’s gained some weight – not sure he’s an A-lister though…

Can’t see CB (#4) in ST.

How about Val Kilmer? – scratch that….just saw a photo. Besides, not sure I’d be able to take him seriously….anybody out there see Top Secret ? ;-)

How about Chris O’Donnell?

39. Dennis Bailey - October 23, 2007

I ran the image of Hunter accompanying this article through the “MyHeritage” face recognition site. Check out the link below to see what other celebrities their computer thinks he looks like (you have to click through to the second page):

40. John N - October 23, 2007

I would kill for Clooney , Ford, or Crowe…

41. Diabolik - October 23, 2007

I wonder if we’ll see Spock on the bridge of the Enterprise serving under Pike? We know Pike can’t interact with Kirk, they only met once when Kirk took command, if I recall.

It would be sweet if we did see Spock on the Big E pre-Kirk!

42. Pragmaticus - October 23, 2007

My problem with Tom Hanks, although of course he’s a fantastic actor, is that his voice is way too nasally.

43. Pragmaticus - October 23, 2007

39 – Wow, one of the celebrities he most matches with is James Doohan!

44. Yorick - October 23, 2007

Viggo Mortensen or Adrian Pasdar :)

45. johndell - October 23, 2007

f*************** k noooooo !!!!!

46. WVTrekker - October 23, 2007

Harrison Ford or Tom Hanks. Great actors with great appeal. Bowder has the look and good acting chops but not the name and draw.

47. omar - October 23, 2007

The guy from Due South, Paul Gross!!!

He would be brilliant. Do a Google image search and you’ll see why, or look at pics on IMDB of him.

Btw, this was mentioned a few months ago by someone on this website, so the credit goes to that person, not me!

48. modesto! - October 23, 2007

i kept saying this from the start ray liotta!!!!

49. Pragmaticus - October 23, 2007

By the way, Tom Hanks has a MySpace page. I’m not kidding. It’s really him, as evidenced by his videos:

So I’d send him a message if you want him in the movie.

50. Brian - October 23, 2007

Tom Hanks just would not have the look of Pike. Now if he played Captain April that I can see. Clive Owen I think has the right look and would have the weight I think the role would need.

51. Diabolik - October 23, 2007

I’d vote for Liotta, if he still looked like this:

But now he looks like this:

He coulld play Pike right after the Delta ray accident, I suppose…

52. Diabolik - October 23, 2007

Christian Bale was a good suggestion….

53. dalek - October 23, 2007

Bruce Campbell looks like Jeffrey Hunter a lot but i think he’s too old now.

Ben Browder would be good. But he’s not an A Lister.

54. TK421 - October 23, 2007

My picks:

Tom Hanks
Ben Browder
Ray Liotta
Neal McDonough

55. Shatner_Fan_2000 - October 23, 2007

I’m sure Harrison Ford is just dying to get involved in Star Trek.

This production would be lucky to get Hanks. If we want an A-lister (and I do), he’d be the best possible choice. We already have to settle for Bana instead of Crowe. Let us get Hanks, please?

56. Gary Lee - October 23, 2007

How about Kurt Russell or Brendan Fraser ?

57. Matt Daemon - October 23, 2007

58. shatner or bust - October 23, 2007

ok Jeffrey Hunter was 39 when he made ‘The Cage’. They never said how old Pike was, but let’s assume he’s the same age as the actor.. According the Spock in ‘The Menagerie’, ‘The Cage’ that took place 11 years prior to TOS’s first Season. That would make Pike about 50 during the first season of TOS. If this new film takes place around the time Kirk takes command of the Enterprise, then Pike should be about 48-49 years old or so.

now some I’ll mention are younger but maybe they can play older eh?

Russell Crowe? (maybe he wanted to be Pike instead of the villian? maybe he hasnt got the time for a big role amoungst all the Ridley Scott films and just wants an extended cameo like Pike might be)

Ray Liotta (does look like Hunter alittle)

Jim Caveizal (another Jesus – abit too young though)

Val Kilmer (sure why not – another Top Gunner )

Tom Hanks (mega Trek fan – apparently was nearly Cochrene in FC)

Arnold Schwazengger (isnt he a big trekkie too? fans would die in horror though..)

Mark Walberg (Planet of The Apes Marky Mark – too young though right?)

Liam Neeson (Quin Gonn as Pike?)

Ewan McGregor (nah too young)

Bruce Willis (have to wear a piece – like he should have done for Die Hard 4!!)

Michael Biehn (Michael ‘Terminator/Aliens’ Biehn – .not big enough a name though is he really)

Matthew Fox (Mr Lost…could it be him due to the JJ thing? – but again not really a big enough name)

Kiefer Sutherland (but hes ‘banged up’ making 24 too much right?)

Peter Weller (Robocop? big genre name but not an A lister like they say they want – plus was in Enterprise – that ep that shouild have been the final one )

Kurt Russell (yeah I d like to see that – Snake Plissken as Pike)

Kevin Bacon (he must have some Trek connection somewhere)

Daniel Craig (‘the names Pike..Chris Pine..I mean Pike';..wernt there a few rumours about him wanting in this film a short while ago? cue all the ‘Bond as Kirk’ rumours..I know hes just about to start filming Bond 22 but maybe Pike only requires a day or so shooting …or maybe not)

Hugh Jackman
Brad Pitt
Matt McConeghey
George Clooney
Matt Damon
Mel Gibson (ooof he’d be great but i bet he wont be cast LOL)

Mark Hamill – LOL i bet its him as a) Abrams is a massive SW geek and b) to make fanboys the world over self destruct in a geekgasm with a collective cry of ‘OH MA GHAD -LUKE SKYWALKERS GONNA BE IN STAR TREK!!’

David Ducovney (could fans accept Mulder as Pike though?)
James Woods
Michael Keating
Pirece Brosnan
guy that played Sandman from Spiderman 3
Willem Dafoe
Sam Neil
Viggo Moroson-or-Aragon or whatever his name is
Gary Oldman
Guy Pearce
Tom Jane
Gabriel Byrne
Tom Selleck
Bill Paxton
Kevin Costner – apparently his new film is awesome
Williem Hurt
John Travolta
Gary Sinese (not McCoy…but Pike?)
Tim Robbins (oh i really hope not)
The Dude
the guy that played JfK in ‘Thirteen Days’
Nicolas Cage (you just KNOW he’s a massive Trek fan)
Alec Baldwin

The Hoff

59. TK - October 23, 2007

Can we resurrect the Matt Damon rumor? hehehe.
Wouldn’t it be interesting to see Zachary play alongside Matt Damon?

Rob Lowe would be fab, if he’s in, forget about star trek, I’d go to the theater just to see him and my eyes would be full of stars… :)

George Clooney is good too. Chris Pine ditched that other movie and came over to this one, why not try to persuade George too?

60. John C - October 23, 2007

Before you give a kneejerk reaction how about…..Chuck Woolery. I always thought he was a twin of Jeff Hunter.

61. Paul Martin - October 23, 2007

I should be Pike, on a morning I do one grunt for yes and two for no

62. Snake - October 23, 2007

#56. Kurt Russell


Hauk: Pike? Pike what are you doing?
Pike: Playing with myself, I’m going in.

63. Levois - October 23, 2007

As long as we see Pike before he gets hit by the Delta radiation.

64. Ed - October 23, 2007

How much older than Kirk was Pike? I would go with Hanks, he doesn’t look a lot like Hunter, but then again Pegg and Doohan aren’t twins either. Tom Hanks’ name would bring more interest to this to fans of his.

65. Ed - October 23, 2007

I would also go with Michael Keaton. Either sound great to me.

66. Awdraper - October 23, 2007


“the guy that played JfK in ‘Thirteen Days”

Bruce Greenwood would work great for Capt. Pike…

Or Capt. Matt Decker (?)

BTW: Fantasy casting – Bruce Greenwood needs to be in a Trek film as an officer, just like Hugo Weaving needs to portray a Vulcan

67. Anthony Pascale - October 23, 2007

OK….lots of good choices here….i picked 10 for a poll

68. AJ - October 23, 2007

Stephen Colbert

69. doubleofive - October 23, 2007

100% for Ben Browder!

Oh wait, I was the only vote.

Dang it!

70. DocM - October 23, 2007

@Derek Evans;

Sean Kenney played the injured Christopher Pike, but in the rest of the Menagerie Pike was played by Jeffrey Hunter.

71. Classic trek - October 23, 2007

joachin pheonix would be great as christopher pike.
greg UK

72. Robert April - October 23, 2007

The two leaders are both good choices. Given I am a fan, I would pick Browder. But this film needs an A LISTER. Hanks would fill that bill.

73. Craig - October 23, 2007

Wild suggestion how about Shatner as Pike?

74. The Master - October 23, 2007

ok Ithink the list should be in no particular order Ben Browder, Paul McGillion, Quinn and Kurt Russell ( 3 of the 4 have Stargate Connections thogh, not sure if that ia negative or not for the powers that be)

75. ShawnP - October 23, 2007

#73: Groan…

76. The Master - October 23, 2007

they should cast Richard Dean Anderson as Admril April

77. Craig - October 23, 2007

I forgot how old was Pike when he gave up command of the Enterprise?

78. star trackie - October 23, 2007

Hanks would be great. I’ve seen him totally geek out over TOS on Leno. The man knows the TOS epsiodes by name. He’s a powerful actor when he needs to be, and something tells me Pike, in this movie, is going to be a strong role.

And while he doesn’t resemble Jeffery Hunter, he can deliver the intensity in the eyes but with much more underlying emotion. With Pike being such an obscure character, (and in the scheme of things, despite fan novels, comics, etc, he really is) I think it would play very well.

But while Hanks is a huge fan, he is also very much in demand. The script would have to be up to his standards and, more importantly, he would have to be available. But if he were, he would be great.

79. CmdrR. - October 23, 2007

Hanks or Browder. Since you guys are in charge, I’m sure you’ll make the wise choice. Either is cool beans by me.

(^ the only sarcasm here is in thinking we get a say.)

80. NJOberheim - October 23, 2007

How about Joaquin Phoenix ?

81. Dylan Messer - October 23, 2007

Just get somebody to play the part that looks like the original Pike. I hate it when they cast people who look nothing like the original character in a remake. AKA-Pyscho-Vince Vahn

82. DavidJ - October 23, 2007

Who freakin CARES who they cast. I just love hearing that Pike has an important role in this movie, and that Roddenberry’s original vision of TOS, from a pilot episode that only the most die-hard fans are aware of, is actually going to be depicted on the big screen!

I’m curious to see what kind of event precipitates Pike being replaced by Kirk as captain. I doubt it’s just going to be a routine promotion or moving up the ranks….

83. Trekkie, Trekker - Hell, I'm both - October 23, 2007

RAY LIOTTA as Captain Christopher Pike.

‘Nuff said.

84. Trekkie, Trekker - Hell, I'm both - October 23, 2007

#20 – Yes, Jeffrey Hunter did have children, at least one son whom I’ve talked with (and has no acting aspirations).

85. The Master - October 23, 2007

Ok 84. thanks too bad that would have been cool oh well.

86. Shatner_Fan_2000 - October 23, 2007

People who’ve never ever considered paying to see Star Trek before would become curious if Hanks were in it. It’d be a real coup for the franchise. We probably won’t get him though. :(

87. DavidJ - October 23, 2007

I’d love to see Hanks in a Star Trek movie, but the problem is he would COMLPETELY overshadow everyone else in the cast.

There would be a huge letdown in the audience once they realized he was leaving the story for good and all they’d be left with was these new guys. :)

88. Stanky McFibberich - October 23, 2007

Wild Bill Hickok as Pike (see #39 above)

89. alphaquad20 - October 23, 2007

I agree that the actor, no matter who, must have a quiet dignity and intensity about him. I think Clooney would be great for this role (forget that he doesn’t look much like Hunter), but he’s most likely unavailable. I’m on board with Hanks, because I can see him pleading to an admiral, “You’re going to let this KID command MY starship?”

But then, in the end, he congratulates kid Kirk as Kirk orders Sulu to take the ship “out” and looks toward the stars.

Picture a scene like that and hear the actor’s voice. You’ll have your choice. Good luck JJ and team!

90. Dr. Image - October 23, 2007

#80 -Joaquin Phoenix!!! Damn! Excellent!
That’s a GREAT suggestion! AND He’s current and popular!
Yep. That’s my new vote.

91. Tony Whitehead - October 23, 2007

Ben Browder. . .he’s got the range and deserves the breakout role that this would be. He was great in Farscape, throwing out references to Star Trek throughout the show and he has the charisma to sell the character as well.

92. KevinA Melbourne Australia - October 23, 2007

You know if one was at all cynical, one could say that the decision to cast Shatner is directly related to the “A List” actor signed to get bums on seats. Could it be that if the producers can’t get “Mr A” then a part will be written to involve “the Shat” just to make sure all other bases are loaded???

93. Pragmaticus - October 23, 2007

Joaquin Phoenix is actually a fantastic suggestion. Depends how old they’re looking the character to be.

94. KevinA Melbourne Australia - October 23, 2007

Joaquin Phoenix – Definately a consideration

95. ObiWanCon - October 23, 2007


96. Mike - October 23, 2007

Joaquin Phoenix all the way!

97. Jay - October 23, 2007

Another vote for Hanks. Heck, he’s been begging to be in Trek. I remember he was pratically signed on to First Contact, playing Zefram Cochran, but pulled out at the very last minute because of a scheduling conflict with it and That Thing You Do! So, why not give him a shot?

98. Cox of Seagulls - October 23, 2007

Tom Hanks would be pretty good as Pike I think. +1 vote.

99. Roberto Magana - October 23, 2007

I would really like to see Mads Mikkelsen (the villain from Casino Royle) as Captain Pike as they share a strong resemblance and he has a strong presence that the character demands. It would be fun to see him as sort of the alley that goes bad in one of the sequels. I mean he does go crazy in the TV Show…

100. shatner or bust - October 23, 2007

wonder how much FC would have taken had Hanks been Cochrene? remeber it was only 2 years after his 2 oscar win for Forest Chump and he was probably the biggest star in hollywood at the time

101. Craig - October 23, 2007

Tom Hanks would be good a choice for Pike.

102. Harry Ballz - October 23, 2007

It would seem that most of us want Hanks
Mention others and all we say is ‘no thanks’
This guy is a big ‘name’
No one else has got game
He’s tops when it comes to these ranks!

103. Penhall - October 23, 2007

Pike is an awesome character (Jeff Hunter did a great job) and I’m glad Cruise wont be playing him.

They need a big name actor who isnt a Hollywood puke or pretty boy type person for the role. I’d be happy with Tom Hanks, Gary Sinise, Michael Keaton, someone like that…..

104. Scott - October 23, 2007

There is a old DC comic called First Mission & I think Pike is in it.
It would be cool to take ideas from that.
Later tonight I’m going to look & see if I can dig it out.
Too bad I can’t post the cover!
The book is from the early 80’s & was during the first run DC did.
I think it was a Special or a Annual.
Having Pike pre-accident is going to be awesome!
After I find the comic I’ll post the information.

105. CmdrR. - October 23, 2007

Hanks would be great. Pike is one of the few Starfleet captains you come away from with a good feeling. (Not butt-wipin’ with the prime directive or downright loony.) Besides, you get the impression (maybe because of the way he heroically got himself crippled) that Kirk really admires Pike. So, this should be someone who puts a new actor in awe just a bit. A real star.

106. redshirt - October 23, 2007

Phoenix, Clooney, Hanks, Kilmer, Oldman, Damon…any would be good. I’m just very happy Cruise is NOT pike.
All in all, the way things have gone so far in what we know about in preproduction, I trust these guys in charge. I’m sure whomever they opt for/can get, be it A-lister, B-lister, TV-lister, or unknown, their choice will be a good one. I for one hope they are thinking outside the box and give me a surprise!

107. Kirk: The Jack Bauer of Space - October 23, 2007

I vote Sharon Osborn for Pike :D

108. Charley W - October 23, 2007

Anyone for Christopher Lee? He’s been in EVERYTHING except Trek!

109. Captain Robert April - October 23, 2007

Please keep Tom Hanks out of this! He doesn’t belong in scifi like this. Casting Tom would ruin it for me. Ben looks and acts like a good choice for Pike. If Pike is the lead in the movie, then an A lister makes sense, but to have him be the only A lister in a cast of peers or a true original cast voyage it would not.

110. Captain Robert April - October 23, 2007

As much as I dislike Tom Cruise these days, I think he would fit the part of Pike better than Tom Hanks would!

111. Dr. Image - October 23, 2007

JJ- Keep that nutball Cruise the hell away from this movie.
Give the new cast a chance. This is THEIR show- and YOUR reputation!

112. Robert April - October 23, 2007

76. The Master – October 23, 2007

“they should cast Richard Dean Anderson as Admril April”

There ya go!!

John Crichton as Pike and Angus MacGyver as April!

113. Joel - October 23, 2007

They need to find someone that can fit the right age, give or take a few years, as they did with the new cast. I still think it will go to an actor we have heard of and can spout of what they’ve been in, like Bana. They need someone, 40s to early 50s that has some name recognition. I think they’ve done a great job casting thus far, considering all us fans have to look at are pictures and clips from other films they’ve been in. At least in the case of the filmmakers, they have been able to see the actors perform these scenes in auditions and now the rehearsal process. We just have to give them time, dsepite the fact we’ve been talking about this film for years and we still have time to go. Pike will be cast, as will Kirk’s parents…maybe even Shatner will make it in. I think what we have to worry about now is if Hollywood burns down……THAT could ruin this picture more than the actors.

114. Guiseppi @ Star Trek Lives - October 23, 2007

So many names thrown out there. Who knows who will end up as Captain Pike.

All this talk about Captain Pike being the remaining character doesn’t seem to fit canon though.

The time period would suggest that there are atleast 4 more characters that need to be cast (2 have been mentioned here already):
1. Captain April
2. Captain Pike
3. Finnegan
4. Gary Mitchell

We haven’t heard anything about Mitchell or Finnegan.

I hope they are in the movie…

115. Proto Mugato - October 23, 2007

I would cast someone a bit more rugged as Pike. A few names to ponder:
Michael Biehn, Viggo Mortensen, Scott Glenn, Jeff Fahey, Neal Mcdonough.

116. Classic trek - October 23, 2007

hey i said joachin pheonix ! post #71
all acolades my way please!! :o)
greg UK

117. Geno Z Heinlein - October 23, 2007

I’ve been saying Ray Liotta for years. I showed some friends the scene from The Cage where Pike is staring at Vina, and a similar scene from The Garden of Allah with Charles Boyer, and my friends said, “This guy looks just like Ray Lotta!” In addition to the physical resemblance, Liotta also has that Jeffrey Hunter intensity.

118. Charley W - October 23, 2007

#114- Capt April is a question mark. We don’t know how long Pike was captain, and April may not be in the picture, even if they decide that he’s canonical. (He easily COULD be, though!)

Finnegan- only if there’s a sizable ammount of time spent on JTK at the Academy. Then you would hAVE to have Ruth and Carol Marcus, also.

Gary Mitchell, of Course!!! Also, Dr Piper. Janice Rand, Nurse Chapel and Dr Dehner were probably (unfortunately) late-comers. Do we know how long Kirk had been Captain before WNMHGB?

If we are dealing with Kirk taking command, not only does Sam have to be included, but Aurelian (sp?) and the boy/-s. Remember what the Kirk repicate said ITNB?

119. Charley W - October 23, 2007

“Remember what the Kirk repicate said ITNB?”

My error. I meant WALGMO (What are Little Girls Made of?). I looked at the wrong line on the episode list and didn’t catch the mistake until AFTER I had hit the SEND button.

120. Pragmaticus - October 23, 2007

If you want to find a part for Christopher Lee, it would likely be Robert April.

121. Charley W - October 23, 2007

#118 (mine own posting, granted)-
“Finnegan- only if there’s a sizable ammount of time spent on JTK at the Academy. Then you would hAVE to have Ruth and Carol Marcus, also.”

I just had a thought of the BIG scene of the movie being a catfight between Ruth and Carol Marcus.

“He’s MINE!”
“He knocked me up FIRST, Dammit!”

Add those Vulcan weighted pikes, and the Amok Time theme= Instant Hit with the fan boys!!!!

122. Magic_Al - October 23, 2007

I would love Tom Hanks. Save Joaquin Phoenix for a bad guy role in the next film (loved him in Gladiator).

123. shatner or bust (aka Snake) - October 23, 2007

theres a rumour going around that GEORGE CLOONEY has now dropped out of the White Jazz film…

u don’t think he saw Pine go over to Trek and thought ‘man i want in on that too!’…….nah thatd be crazy!

124. JB - October 23, 2007

Ray Liotta for Pike. Great actor (GoodFellas), big Trek fan. He gets it.

125. I AM THX-1138 - October 23, 2007

#54 Why aren’t you at your post?

Seeing as I said on the last thread that Ray Liotta is leading the poll to be Pike, one can deduce that he will not be cast. Therefore my vote goes with Sharon Osborne.

“Ozzy, get off the bridge, my love, you’re frightening the gay Asian fellow.”

“Oh f^#king bloody hell, Shar..I mean Capn’…Wots the twi wi the pointy ears s’posed t’be? And when do we get some of that Romulan Ale stuff?”

126. shatner or bust (aka Snake) - October 23, 2007

wait – its true:

Clooney for Pike!

127. George Armstrong Custer - October 23, 2007


Please take note Robert Orci and J.J. Abrams.
He is at the right age and resembles Hunter and has Trek Experience.

Please take note. He is a good and strong actor. Good Voice as well. Has done action films. Worked for Paramount. This is your Man for Captain Christopher Pike. What do you think??

128. Guiseppi @ Star Trek Lives - October 23, 2007

RIght on Charley W.

I guess Captain April is questionable if you rule out TAS.

The time frame for Captain April’s launch is c.2245.

The time frame for Kirk / Spock in the Academy (2251-52) is Captain Pike’s launching.

So if the movie centers on ‘the academy years’ it would definatly be Captain Pike’s adventures…

Captain April’s voyages would be just getting over…

Gary Mitchell would surely be there…

129. Izbot - October 23, 2007

Gotta agree that this role needs to be an A-lister. The cast so far is kind of underwhelming. Eric Bana is good but still not known enough. Has to be a star. Just has to be.

Oh and please: No fart jokes in the movie, no fart jokes in the movie, no fart jokes in the movie, no fart jokes in the movie…

130. Joel - October 23, 2007

Why does Scott Glenn keep popping up? He’s 66….a bit too old for Pike. Pike in the wheelchair perhaps. Maybe when he was in Silence of the Lambs in ’91…..but now? That doesn’t fit. I think we have to keep looking.

131. Dave - October 23, 2007

As much as Stargate has tipped it’s hat to Star Trek, I think having Ben Bowder as Pike would be a great tipped hat back.

132. Ralph - October 23, 2007

I believe they should just put a man in his position. Like they did in the TOS. When ever they placed an actor as a captian in the chair, he had a convincing perfomance. Let the “man” act.

133. Rick - October 23, 2007

The “name” actor they have to be in this film. It is too bad most of the world thinks this way. Funny I discuss this with a few of my friends that are into films, etc. Usually my draw to a film is the story/director/subject first. Sure I can enjoy some actors more than others. But I don’t go to films usually because a certain one is in it. In fact if an actor is too famous or too well know it can distract me. I usually avoid most Tom Cruise films. Well usually he is in many films I have not much interest in. ;)

I don’t need this name actor deal to put my butt in the seat. Make a good film, with a compelling story and inspire the actors to rise to it. But that is just me in my fantasy world. ;) I just hope they cast well for this part. So far the casting has been interesting over all for the film. Also some of the ideas thrown out for actors have been interesting. Like anything I will just have to wait and see.

134. George Armstrong Custer - October 23, 2007

The post #127 is your man for PIKE. He is the closest person to resemble him and is the right age. Jim Fitzpatrick. Go to 127 and check the links out.

135. Roberto Magana - October 23, 2007

My second choice is Christopher Walken. I mean some of you want Keaton, but he’s said he doesn’t do franchise movies after Batman Returns and after Tim Burton didn’t agree with him on making a sequel to Betteljuice. Walken’s got star power darn it!

136. Buckaroohawk - October 23, 2007

Jim Caveizal isn’t a bad choice. Ray Liotta would have been good a few years ago, but not anymore. George Clooney isn’t a bad choice either, but he already has a project on the boards. you know, the one young Mr. Pine passed on so he could play Kirk.

I’m gonna toss a name out there I didn’t see, just to see what kind of reaction it gets…

Ben Affleck.

Hold your slings and arrows and think about it for a minute. I think he’d be a great Pike.

137. Harry Ballz - October 23, 2007

Christopher Walken?

Uh……no. Just listen in your head for the best Christopher Walken voice you can muster and imagine him saying the line, “We went far………in our……..voyages, but………nothing could prepare us…….for……..what was out there!!”


138. Shatner_Fan_2000 - October 23, 2007

First off, Clooney wouldn’t do it. If anyone is being handed ONLY Hollywood’s finest scripts right now, it’s him. Second, no one in middle America would remember what the movie was about if Clooney were in it. All they’d remember was Clooney. Talk about being OVERSHADOWED! Our new cast would be as invisible as Kirk & Spock were in Wink of an Eye.

Hanks is an A-lister who isn’t quite as “hot” as Clooney is now, and he’s an uber fan (I too have heard him talking about TOS on tv). Even if his schedule or his salary demands negated him being in XI … I’ll betcha anything he’d at least think about it once he heard he’d get to appear alongside Nimoy (and hopefully Shatner).

139. Chris Roberts - October 23, 2007

Pike needs to be played by an actor In his forties.If Tom Hanks would be Intrested In a Star Trek Movie,and In a supporting role he would be great.My suspecion Is we will see Pike and Kirk meeting,Pike Shows him around the Enterprise,Introudces him to Spock(and Possibly Scotty) we see them talking,and we see the turning over the Enterprise.And since the rumored plot Is an attempt to change history My suspecion Is Pike as Fleet Captain later provides help to Kirk and the Enterprise.

140. Captain Robert April - October 23, 2007

#138 I agree Clooney would overshadow the movie if he were in it. So would Hanks. Neither is a good choice. Ben Browder from Stargate has the take charge Pike tone in his voice. It would also bring the Stargate fans over, and would make us feel better for Paul not getting the role of Scotty. You need a Stargate actor in the bunch! Ben is not too well known, but known well enough to make it work.

If April were in the movie, maybe Dean Anderson, but I’m not sold on it. I’m not expecting to see April though, but a reference would be a plus.

It would be nice to see Mitchell or Kelso. How about Jen Gardner as Number One? Think that would work?

141. the king in shreds and tatters - October 23, 2007

Viggo kiiiinda looks like Hunter if you squint, and working with Cronenberg he’s shown some chops.

Plus it’d be cool…

142. John C - October 23, 2007

Viggo Mortensen

Viggo Mortensen

Viggo Mortensen

…or Chuck Woolery

143. The Man - October 23, 2007

get owen wilson

144. Roberto Magana - October 23, 2007

I’ve got it! Screw Ben Affleck and bring in CLIVE OWEN! He would be open to it as he’s already part of 3 franchises (2 of them are with Frank Miller) and would bring star power the way Simon Pegg has for Scotty.

145. Tanner Waterbury - October 23, 2007


146. Alaska Joe - October 23, 2007

What about Bruce Greenwood?

147. toddk - October 23, 2007

As a fan of risky business and star trek, I endore mister cruise as mister pike.

148. The Dark Knight - October 24, 2007

Tom Hanks should play Pike.

Hanks is a Trek-Fan. Don’t forget, for ‘FC’, Berman and Frakes offered him the role of Cochrane! :D

149. redshirt - October 24, 2007

I was watching a rerun of the Henry Rollins Show from a few months ago and his guest that night was Ben Stiller and the two of them talked about their first meeting at Shatner’s house, how Bill thought the two of them should know each other… Stiller went on to talk at length about his love for the original Trek. Rollins made it a point to praise Stiller on his DRAMATIC acting [You do remember “Permanent Midnight”?]

THOUGHT: Stiller as Pike?

Box Office…yes
Fan of TOS…yes
Friend of Shatner…YES!
Right Age …yes… almost. He’s born in 1965, but in the future 43 will be the new 53….

150. redshirt - October 24, 2007

err… 53 will be the new 43

[and all that warp speed keeps you young]

151. Johnny Ice. - October 24, 2007

Jim Caveizal for Pike. I don’t care if he is bit young according to canon.I want point out that in 23th century 39 years old Caveizal scold be able to play 45-50 years old Pike with ease. People aging will be slower in 23th century for sure so Caveizal is perfect as Pike

152. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - October 24, 2007

#144 — Yes, Clive Owen would be awesome! I can totally see it. After all, he doesn’t have to look just like Pike, it’s more a matter of persona and demeanor.

I don’t think Ray Liotta or any of the others have the right presence for Pike. On the poll, I voted for Matthew Fox, but honestly, I think Clive Owen is better.

153. peewee - October 24, 2007

good, lets keep scientology away from star trek.

154. redshirt - October 24, 2007

And one more thing…

To methe make or break will be: Leslie, Colt, Kelso, Reily, DeSalle, and Kyle [in that order!]… THESE are THE roles to get right.

If these parts are played by ANYTHING less than MAJOR T.V. stars, then everyone will HATE this movie!


[just kidding…. stop freakin’ out you geeks!]

155. Iowagirl - October 24, 2007

I can visualize Abrams & Co. standing by and ticking off the names you’re throwing in…

BTW, make sure he’s bringing his OWN wheelchair!

156. Holo J - October 24, 2007

Ben Browder has a look of Pike about him and must be around about the right age. He is no stranger to Sci-Fi and is a decent actor. I know looks don’t necessarily enter the equation for casting but I reckon he could pull off a convincing Pike.

No Tom Cruise please, unless he is a red shirt. I agree with peewee lets keep scientology away from Star Trek.

157. Roberto Magana - October 24, 2007

4 8 15 16 23 42 – Nice to see someone on the same page!

Furthermore, the trailer could confuse the audience by showing Clive Owen in the trailer the most the way Beneath the Planet of the Apes made it look like Charlton Heston was the main character. His house hold name combined with Simon Pegg & Eric Banna will get the wait for DVD crowd in the door.

158. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - October 24, 2007

#157 — Now to sell Clive and Paramount on it….

#156 — The problem I have with Ben Browder is that, since I’ve seen Farscape, my impression of him is that he’s just kind of too “Dude! Let’s get in the space ship already! Surf’s up!” for me. I suppose I should see Stargate SG-1 before I judge him, though….

159. fellow_canuck - October 24, 2007

Paul Gross is a great choice. Not necessarily an A-lister, but he’d do a great job.

160. fellow_canuck - October 24, 2007

One more thing – never saw the name here, but what about the current 007, Daniel Craig?

161. Cervantes - October 24, 2007

Not Tom Cruise?…great!

Now hopefully not Tom Hanks either…

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for Ray Liotta as my first choice, and Jim Cavaziel as my second…

However, after Simon Pegg’s casting, they can make J.J. himself the ‘Pike’ character…

162. Holo J - October 24, 2007

158. (4 8 15 16 23 42 )
yeah he is a bit like that (wow dude) in Stargate as well, but he can do serious when its needed. I am not a big fan of Farscape but I did watch a bit of it when it was on the BBC 2 years ago now. I remember that some episodes got quite dark and there where some heavy scenes that called for some serious acting, which he performed very well.

163. tiberius - October 24, 2007

Honestly, the main thing is that it is NOT Tom Cruise.

After that, who cares? We know from “The Menagerie” that Kirk only ever met Pike once, when he was promoted to Field Captain. Perhaps they’ll bend that a little. I suspect that the film will depict Kirk taking over command, from Pike, of the Enterprise. And maybe we’d get some dialogue between Spock and Pike(after all, from Spock’s later loyalty to Pike, we know they were close). But that’ll be it. Pike won’t be a major part of the show, I wouldn’t think. Just some added depth for the hardcore fans.

164. docksider - October 24, 2007

Clive Owen is the perfect Captain Pike. He has the physicality, the gravitas and the intensely dramatic blue orbs. Plus…I believe he could kick Chris Pine’s arse and he was a finalist for James Bond.

165. Decker's Stubble - October 24, 2007

Russell Crowe, since he didn’t get the villian part. He played a naval captain in Master and Commander.

Clive Owen

Gary Sinise

166. TB - October 24, 2007

Even if an A-lister takes the part, you can’t promote a film based on a cameo appearance. There are a staggering number of successful films with virtually unknown actors. Do you think Sir Laurence Olivier put butts in the seats for Star Wars? It was all in the promotion, & they need to start marketing the thing like they did the original Spiderman, so that means like…oh..yesterday maybe! Like it’s been said before, every actor that’s been chosen brings a unique following to the table with them.

167. Shinzon's Cousin - October 24, 2007

Ray Liotta. Nuff Said.

168. ZoomZoom - October 24, 2007

#166 shurely shome mistake?- Sir Alec Guiness.

169. Lope de Aguirre - October 24, 2007

Ben Browder for sure!

He was magnificent in “Farscape” and he looks like Pike (Jeffrey Hunter).

170. Crusade2267 - October 24, 2007

How extensive is Pike’s role going to be? Is it going to be a “Here’s the keys to the Enterprise, Jim,” or will there be more? If Pike has only one or two scenes, then the casting factors are different than if he’s in half the movie. It looks to me like its going to be one or two scenes, since they aren’t so worried about signing someone now. Am I right? One beep for yes, two for no.

171. The Master - October 24, 2007

How about Michael Shanks as either April or Pike.

Although Dean Anderson would be my prefence and he was always referencing star trek ( he wanted to name the Promethius the Enterprise)

172. TB - October 24, 2007

168. Oopps! Got my British knights mixed up.

173. Nick - October 24, 2007

It’s probably the browncoat in me but I’d like to see Nathan Fillion in the role.

174. JL - October 24, 2007

I have to agree… Ray Liotta would be very cool for the role. He’s just “big” enough without being ridiculous big and distracting amidst the no-names.



175. ZoomZoom - October 24, 2007

#172 I knew you knew really. ;)

176. Proto Mugato - October 24, 2007

127. Good pick! Jim Fitzpatrick IV could be a dead ringer for Jeff Hunter.

177. JJK - October 24, 2007

How about Jared Leto, aged by makeup to appear to be in his 40s…?,%20Jared

178. flier1701 - October 24, 2007

My vote is for Tom Hanks; trekkie, great actor, A-lister, has that commanding presence needed (see Apollo 13), gets butts in seats.

Why not? Scheduling I can see as the major issue, but it depends on the size of the role. If it’s merely a “take good care of her, Jim” moment before he leaves the bridge for the last time, then they could probably work around it. However, if it’s something more then there could be issues. A quick IMDB search says that he is involved with 4, possibly up to seven projects over the next year.

179. Gary Lee - October 24, 2007

I think Ray Liotta is best for Captain Pike.
George Clooney
Kurt Russell
Jeff Bridges
Tom Hanks

180. bob flanders - October 24, 2007

How about the guy who played Pike in that new Voyages episode?

Please… throw fresh vegetables… ;-)

181. bob flanders - October 24, 2007

How about Nicholson…

You can’t handle the truth! Son, we live in a ship that has a captain. And that captain has to be played by men with acting ability. Who’s gonna do it? You? You, Chris Pine?

I have a greater role than you can possibly fathom. You weep for Shatner and you curse JJ. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know: that Shatner not being in this movie, while tragic, probably saved money.
And my role, while cooler and more well played than just about anyone else, costs money…

You don’t want the truth, Because deep down, in places you don’t talk about at parties, you want me in that role. You need me in that role.

We use words like performance, presence, oscar…we use these words as the backbone to a life spent making believe we’re something we’re not. You use ’em as a punchline.

I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who will probably do well just because he was in a movie with me, then questions the manner in which I play my role in that movie!

I’d rather you just said thank you and went on your way. Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a script and read your lines. Either way, I don’t give a damn what you think Shatner’s entitled to!

182. bob flanders - October 24, 2007

How about Bakula?

183. RaveOnEd - October 24, 2007

181 – LOL, that is fantastic! : D

BTW, a little detail note: make sure the Enterprise crew in this movie drinks coffee. They drank coffee, dammit! Not Earl Grey, Raktaccino (spelling?) or even iced tea. I wanna see coffee, hot and poured out of those long, silver carafes into light blue cups!

184. shatner or bust (aka Snake) - October 24, 2007

isnt anyone suspicious that clooney has dropped out of White Jazz too?

Clooney for Pike!

185. Charley W - October 24, 2007

” We know from “The Menagerie” that Kirk only ever met Pike once, when he was promoted to Field Captain. ”

Damn, I’d forgotten that bit! Ok, so if this movie’s writers keep strictly to canon, we’re NOT going to see anything like Pike ‘handing the keys over’ to Kirk. Hmmmmmmm… that changes things a bit. It continues to look more like this movie’s going to be more ‘Young Mr Spock’ rather than ‘The Adventures of Young Indiana, oops, Iowa Kirk’. So, we probably are more likely to see Liliana (was that her name?) than Ruth bor Carol (damn, I was so looking forward to the catfight scene I suggested earlier!). But there is the casting of JTK’s parents… Again, if we get his his parents, we need to have Sam, also. And Mrs Sam and the ‘young’uns’. We know that Sam was JT’s only BROTHER, any chance of sisters that were never mentioned?

186. Gary Lee - October 24, 2007

How about Michael T. Weiss (“The Pretender” his 45 now) as Pike ?
At first I was hoping Michael T. Weiss to play a Vulcan or a Romulan. He’s got some eyebrows like Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine and JJ likes big eyebrows.

187. Trek Defense League - October 24, 2007

Denzel Washington is the most inspired choice I’ve seen.

188. Charley W - October 24, 2007

Tom Cruise for Harry Mudd!

189. George Armstrong Custer - October 24, 2007

This will be Captain Pike

190. josepepper - October 24, 2007


that was really great

“You can’t handle that script!!!”

191. Trek Nerd Central - October 24, 2007

#187 – Indeed!

Otherwise, I was thinking James Marsden – he’s a competent actor with similar, stiff good looks.

192. bob flanders - October 24, 2007

Thank you.

*deep bow*


193. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - October 25, 2007

Hmm… Bakula, that’s an idea, but it would be confusing — “Hey, wasn’t that the Captain Archer in Enterprise? how did Captain Archer become Pike?” Only the most in-the-know fans would get that he’s playing two distinct roles in the two different works.

Daniel Craig has certain strengths for the role, I really like him as an actor, and I really liked him as Bond, but he’s got this edgey, restless quality to him. Pike has to be rock-solid, like an anchor for the young, up-and-coming crew. Clive Owen communicates that sense of inner strength and groundedness.

194. Sam Belil - October 25, 2007

Come on everyone — Tom Hanks???? Are you kdding???? What are you guys smoking or driking????Jeffrey Hunter/Pike was a strikingly handsome, tall and strapping guy. Arguably better looking than Shatner. #127 and #189 is the ONLY one making sense here — this Jim Fitzpatrick seems to be the only logical choice. Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer, George Clooney should NOT BE even considred. Star Trek in its 40+ years WAS NEVER about so-called “Star Power”. Now #193, Scott Bakula is not a bad thought, I would have him as plan “B”, with Jim Fitzpatrick as plan “A”. Please no more so-called Hollywood “A” listers……

195. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - October 25, 2007

#194 — I thought the point of the supporting roles like the villain “Nero” and the mentor “Pike” were that they could be portrayed by A-listers, since they are one-off roles. All of the actors you rejected I agree wouldn’t work, particularly Tom Hanks. But I don’t see what objection you could have to Clive Owen.

196. George Armstrong Custer - October 25, 2007

I agree #194 Sam Belil. Jim Fitzpatrick has a similar look to Pike and has ties to Paramount and the franchise. We need to lobby for him and forget about the others. Blakula, he would still be fresh in everybodys mind and that would create controversy. To everyone on here, go back and look at the links at #127 and #189 . Fitzpatrick is starting to pick up steam over at trekweb, star trek.coms forum and New Voyages forum. Think people.

197. theARE - October 25, 2007

DigitalSpy is reporting that George Clooney has now dropped out of White Jazz as well.

Is he going to follow Chris Pine to Star Trek?

198. George Armstrong Custer - October 25, 2007

Clooney dropped out because he has to much going on and Trek XI isn’t in the picture for him due to his overwhelming schedule.

199. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - October 25, 2007

#196 — I checked the links, and I instantly recognized him. He did have a recurring role on Enterprise, albeit sort of minor. Do you think he could avoid the recognition problem? I recall that Robert Duncan McNeill (Tom Paris) and Tim Russ (Tuvok) both started out playing one-off, very minor roles before they were cast as regulars in Voyager, and the same kind of thing was true of Michael Dorn (Worf) before TNG. Jim Fitzpatrick, on the other hand, was the same character in a good handful of Enterprise episodes. I suppose I could get behind him as Pike, though.

200. Tj Trek - October 25, 2007

Hanks? A star trek freak? who would have thunk it…..I agree that hanks is a wonderful actor. One of my personal top ten. Just look at Forest Gump, Terminal, and Saving Private Ryan. Awesom stuff. I think that it might be weird seeing this guy in a TOS uniform. But, I think people would come to see it…and then get hooked on a great story, and fun action, and have a good time at the movies watching star trek. I doubt that the powers to be will get him, if they go for it. but it would be somthing worth shooting for.

201. Notbob - October 25, 2007

They mention “a-list” actor and some mention Ray Liotta. He’s a good actor–but I don’t think he’s what they call “A-list.” Just to prove my point, he didn’t get second billing in Copland, he guest starred on ER after he was already a big name and had a show on t.v. that was cancelled before anyone could learn about the characters. That’s not to say he should not be considered for the part. He’s a good actor. He’s just not ‘a-list” right now.

The problem with a-list actors is that they also want an “a-list” paycheck, which the studio may not want to fork over.. Harrison Ford–forget it. He’s working on Indiana Jones and then has a number of other films lined up. Plus, he will always be Han Solo when in sci-fi movie other than Blade Runner. In my opinion he’s a great actor–from Mosquito Coast to Star Wars. From Indian Jones to Witness.-put him in the role of Captain Pike and people will compare him to Han Solo. Now, if they wanted to make him young Bill Adama’s commander on Battlestar Galactica, that would be another matter.

Other names mentioned–Ben Browder and Tom Hanks. Well, I like Ben Brower as an actor and he can play serious as well as not so serious. Anyone who watch Farscape all the way through could see he play dark moments well and see that he was not always just the “dude” type character that some have called him. He’s actually quite a talented actor. It would have been interesting if they had gone with him as they originally intended for the remake of Battlestar Galactica, in the role of Lee Adama. That’s not to take away from Jamie Bamber–who has done well in the role, in my opinion. It’s just saying that different actors do different things to and for a role.

Tom Hanks would be intersting as Pike. Like Browder and Ford, Hanks looks nothing like Jeffrey Hunter–Liotta looks more the part. But Hanks is interesting in that he impressed me in Road to Perdition. I realized that he played the semi-badguy role rather well.

They could get Gary Oldman because he can play anyone. In fact, I would say he could play every role in the movie. He’s not ‘a-list’ but he’s just a really good actor.

The obvious choice is if they want an “a-list star who brings in the big bucks is Dakota Fanning. All of the last movies she was in made crazy cash. I don’t know why, but it was pointed out that all of the films this kid is in brings in a lot of cash. I don’t get it, myself because I never recall wanting to see a movie because she was in it. It’s just that apparently evryone has seen all of her movies and it seems obvious to the folks at Entertainment Weekly that if you are a movie maker and want the movie to make it big, cast her.

Me? I say they cast the King of all “c-movies” Bruce Campbell That’s right, baby, I said Bruce “give me some sugar baby” Campbell. Some may say “he always plays Bruce Campbell.” Well, I say what’s wrong with that? Besides, give the guy a shot. He might surprise you. If Pegg can be Scotty, then I say Campbell can be Pike. Ray Liotta would probably be my second or third in terms of looks and age.Just, please dear God–Please–not Tom Cruise. Not because of his acting or the films he did in the past; but because I don’t want to hear anymore about his views on psychology, or about his religious beliefs and how much he’s in love. Some may say that actors act and we should look past all of the personal things. To them I say what do you think folks would do if they heard that Tom Cruise was playing a psychiatrist who helps a depressed woman’s life by giving her anti depressants?Sorry, there’s the politically correct thing, then there is just being honest even though it may not be right. And if I am wrong, why do actors have PR folks working for them?

202. shatner or bust (aka Snake) - October 25, 2007

what about John Cusack?

203. shatner or bust (aka Snake) - October 25, 2007

or what about Dennis Quaid?? (I think he’d be good as Pike he was really great in Day After Tomorrow)

204. Gary Lee - October 25, 2007

Dennis Quaid as Pike great choice he doesn’t look like Hunter but I can see Dennis Quaid playing Captain Pike.
Bruce Campbell if he can play Hunter playing Pike .

205. the quickening - October 25, 2007

166. TB wrote:
Even if an A-lister takes the part, you can’t promote a film based on a cameo appearance. There are a staggering number of successful films with virtually unknown actors. Do you think Sir Laurence Olivier put butts in the seats for Star Wars? It was all in the promotion, & they need to start marketing the thing like they did the original Spiderman, so that means like…oh..yesterday maybe! Like it’s been said before, every actor that’s been chosen brings a unique following to the table with them.

I would agree with you on most films, but not this one. This STAR TREK movie has a monster of a hill to climb. Trek films must rid themselves from the image of “cult” and perceived bad/TV type movies. Spider-man never had to faced that. People who will stand in line must believe this is a legitimate Hollywood production. A 140 million budget will help, so will a sophisticated ad campaign, great posters and TV spots, but these are just outer packaging. An A list of actors would be more of an immediate and legitimate signal that this will be a first-rate production… the best advertising of all.

206. Trance - October 25, 2007

Alright, Ray Liotta would be spot on. The only thing they would have to do is give him a digital face lift ala X-3. If they can’t get him then maybe George Clooney would be able to pull it off.

207. George Armstrong Custer - October 25, 2007

Yes all of these guys have acting talents, but the ones who have been mentioned that look the Part of Hunter is actors Jim Fitzpatrick and Ray Liotta. Lets start a poll with those two


208. VOODOO - October 25, 2007

I should be cast as Pike.

209. Sam Belil - October 26, 2007

BY FAR, SO BY FAR — Fitzpatrick should be the “Chosen One”!!!!!!

210. David Sturm - October 26, 2007

Jim Fitzpatrick is a good find….

Neal McDonough also has the eyes, and Star Trek-Paramount background. Dye his hair to the correct Hunter color…

Tim Robbins could play a serious Pike.

And, shouldn’t Pike be a Commodore at this point? He’ll already be through 2 five-year missions, and into his third…. And his promotion to Fleet Captain should be about to proceed…. (thus freeing the spot for young Kirk.)

211. Sam Belil - October 28, 2007

Maybe Leo Gorcey should be play Pike —- No! No! better yet Huntz Hall should play Pike — No! No! better yet Curly Howard should play Pike — No! No! better yet Larry David should play Pike — No! No! better yet James Gandolfini should play Pike — No! No! better yet Ricky Martin should play Pike — No! No! better yet Woody Allen should play Pike — No! No! better yet Fifty Cent should play Pike — No! no! better yet Clay Aiken should play Pike — No! no! better yet Jet Li should play Pike — No! no! better yet John Travolta should play Pike — No! no! better yet David Beckham should play Pike — No! no! better yet Elmer Fudd should play Pike — No! no! better yet Jamie Foxx should play Pike! No! no! better yet –Stevie Wonder should play Pike — No! no! better yet Johnny Depp should play Pike! No! no! better yet Roger Rabbit should play Pike — No! no better yet Clint Eastwood should play Pike! No! no! better yet Jason Alexander should play Pike — No! no! better yet Fritz the Cat should play Pike– No! no! better yet Ralph Kramden should play Pike! No! no! better yet Adam West should play Pike — No! no! better yet Johnny Carson should play Pike — No! no! better yet Oprah should play Pike — No! no better yet Juliette Bincohe should play Pike — No! no better yet Christopher Lee should play Pike — No! no! better yet Chewbacca should play Pike — No! no! better yet Howard Stern should play Pike — No! no! better yet Captain Horatio Hornblower should play Pike — No! no! better yet Angelina Jolie should play Pike — No! no! better yet Rosie O’Donnell should play Pike — No! no! better yet Bill O’Reilly should play Pike — No! no better yet Pam Grier should play Pike — No! no! better yet J.R, Ewing should play Pike — No! no! better yet W.C. Fields should play Pike — No! no! better yet Buster Crabbe should play Pike — No! no! better yet the Olson twins should play Pike — No! no! better yet Kevin Federline should play Pike — No! no! better yet Jim Nabors should play Pike — No! no better yet Bob Newhart should play Pike — No! no better yet Gumby should play Pike — No! no better yet Al Jolson should play Pike — No! no! better yet Lucille Ball should play Pike — No! no! better yet George Reeves should play Pike — No! no better yet Richard Pryor should play Pike — No! no! better yet Librace should play Pike — No! no! better yet Annette Funicello should play Pike — No! no! better yet Dudley Moore should play Pike — No! no better yet, it’s time for me to get back to my life. Once and for all JIM FITZPATRICK

212. Matt - June 25, 2008

My first choice would be JIM FITZPATRICK also. I have not missed an episode since the begining of the first series in the 60’s. JIM would bring a commanding, serious presence to the character and film. I have always thought he reminded me of Pike.

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