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Rumor: Rachel Nichols In ‘Star Trek’ November 1, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Rumor,ST09 Cast , trackback

Does Star Trek have its second female cast member? FreezeDriedMovies is reporting that a source ‘overheard’ that Rachel Nichols has been cast for an unnamed part in film. Although it cannot be confirmed yet, it would not be a surprise as the 27 year-old actress has worked with Abrams, Orci and Kurtzman before as a recurring character on Alias. So far the only woman in the cast is Zoe Saldana (Uhura). In addition to mothers for Kirk and Spock we know there is at least one other female role (the one that Felicity star Keri Russell was talking to director JJ Abrams about). Nichols age would make her a reasonable fit for ‘Number One’ (Pike’s XO), Nurse Chapel, or a love interest for Kirk (Carol Marcus?).


1. Dustin Cook - November 1, 2007

Sounds like we have a new cast member!

2. Kaiser - November 1, 2007

She would make a good fit for Carol Marcus.

3. JCool - November 1, 2007

Carol Marcus.

4. Ed - November 1, 2007

Yup, Carol Marcus would be a fine fit for her.

5. Pragmaticus - November 1, 2007

Paging Nurse Chapel.

6. Michael Hall - November 1, 2007

“She would make a good fit for Carol Marcus.”

She’d make a good fit for anything.

7. jon1701 - November 1, 2007

Screw Chapel

I want Carol Marcus

8. SPB - November 1, 2007

Wow, tough call. Could be ANY number of TREK female roles: Number One, Nurse Chapel, Yeoman Rand, Carol Marcus or Leila Kalomi.

Judging simply from that picture above, I’d place her in Grace Lee Whitney’s go-go boots!

9. Danya Romulus - November 1, 2007

No one seems to bring up Rand as a possibility at the beginning of a female cast member rumor…I know she was in a lot fewer episodes than Chapel but I still hope she’s in it.

10. Danya Romulus - November 1, 2007

Seems like this is indeed Carol Marcus though, based on how she looks…I also REALLY hope that Number One is in it! And that Majel Barrett has some role in the film.

11. Cygnus-X1 - November 1, 2007

Think I’m in love.

12. chain of command - November 1, 2007

Set phasers to “stunning”

13. jonboc - November 1, 2007

Chapel would be cool. Carol Marcus, I’m not so sure. I hate comics and books that think they have to cleverly “touch” on every little aspect of well established storylines.

A small nod here and there is one thing, but I hope we don’t see Carol Marcus and FInnegan and Ruth and Mitchell etc. Or at least not ALL of them in one “Academy” segment. My idea of just enough “winking” to the audience would be maybe a classroom scene with Professor John Gil, not when Kirk was teaching, but when he was a student. Something far removed from the typical “history” of Kirk at the Academy.
These characters should have rich historys that go far beyond what we have seen mentioned in handful of episodes. I hope they give us more, previously unknown, history rather than retreading over things, people and events we already know.

14. Gerry Alanguilan - November 1, 2007

Yeoman Rand?

15. Mike - November 1, 2007

No! No! No! Not another pretty face actor.
Depth before beauty… please!!!

16. Cranston - November 1, 2007

13 — I agree with you, but I do think that (depending on which segments of Kirk’s life are featured in the movie) that it would seem odd if some of the “established” storylines weren’t touched on. Ruth and Finnegan seem kind of obscure, but Carol Marcus was presumably a major part of Kirk’s life for at least a while approximately, oh, 20-ish years before TWOK. I mean, they had a kid together, and the “old wounds” of the relationship still get to Kirk 20 years later.

But yeah, I’d much rather see *new* parts of Kirk’s life rather than just stringing together the tidbits we already know. (Although some of the events of Kirk’s life hint at much bigger stories that we haven’t heard yet — for example, why was Kirk on the remote Tarsus 4 colony as a teenager, where he was witness to some truly horrific things?)

17. Pragmaticus - November 1, 2007

From what we know about this film, there will be no scenes at the academy. You can rule Ruth and Finnegan out of the film. And I can guarantee you we won’t see Kodos the Executioner.

I really, really, really want to see Kevin Riley, though. He was my favorite non-major character of TOS. I’d also hope to see a small bit of Gary Mitchell as well.

18. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - November 1, 2007

Thank god real Trek is back!!! Kirk gonna get some!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Trek has been asexual for waaaaaaaaay to long!!!

19. Noleuser - November 1, 2007

This chick is hot!

20. I AM THX-1138 - November 1, 2007

How about if I say that her Maxim pictorial was delightful.

21. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - November 1, 2007

Kirk gets Maxim Chick !!!!!! Hooorah!!!!!!!

22. Ro-Dan - November 1, 2007

Yoeman Rand was the first name I thought of.

23. Jon (30) - November 1, 2007

The shape of her head looks so much like Bibi Besch,the actress who played Marcus.Kind of makes ya wonder if they’re going for physical authenticity.

24. Dennis Bailey - November 1, 2007

How about a brand new character we’ve never heard of?

That would be really nice. :)

25. DJT - November 1, 2007

OMG. She is f_ing stunning. My heart jumped out my chest and exploded.

26. Cranston - November 1, 2007

#17 — That may not be true, depending on where / when the Kobayashi Maru scene occurs. Saavik’s KM test was at “the academy,” even though she was a Lt. at the time; Kirk’s might be the same way.

Also — I didn’t mean to suggest that we would *see* the Tarsus IV events, just that it was an example of how some of the little details that we do know about Kirk’s life suggest much bigger stories.

I’d love to see Riley as well.

27. CmdrR. - November 1, 2007

Dennis — I think we’re gonna get a shipload of characters we’ve never heard of. For the 458475092347 time, this is NEW Trek, not Trek redux.

28. flier1701 - November 1, 2007

I see Rand in her. I’m still holding out for Keri Russel as Carol Marcus

29. Marbals - November 1, 2007

Carol Marcus FTW.

30. Chris Roberts - November 1, 2007

As a big Alias fan this would be great.I really liked her on the last season of Alias(and by the way she was not a recuring actor but a regular during the last season) and what some forget Is the latest reports on the plot says no scenes at Starfleet Academy.If this pans out my guess Is she Is playing a new charcter.David was likely born before the events the film Is depecting however If they want to fudge when Kirk knocked up Carol and have It be In the film I don’t think many would complain.

31. SPB - November 1, 2007

#13 – Jonboc

Have to completely disagree with you on that one… regardless of who Rachael Nichols ends up playing, if there’s is one single character in Kirk’s past that absolutely needs to be touched upon in TREK XI, it’s hands-down got to be Carol Marcus. Don’t you realize what a goldmine of human drama and character insight there is in the scenario of leaving behind a woman you love who’s carrying your unborn child (or perhaps she’s already given birth by the time Kirk boards the Enterprise)? Couple that with Marcus’s and/or Kirk’s decision to NOT get married, and you have a truly ADULT relationship to explore, and not some googly-eyed “Oh, Ruth!” nonsense.

I don’t believe for a second that including the Carol Marcus storyline is simply fanboy continuity fodder. It’s a MAJOR aspect of the entire character of Kirk, and I would love to see it played out on screen. It’d be sure to pack an emotional wallop, if written and played right.

32. Dom - November 1, 2007

Rachel Nichols is great! Really liked her in Alias.

Dennis, while it would be nice to have some ‘new’ characters, certain people are vital to the history of the characters. They can still be new characters: I mean, we know almost nothing about Carol Marcus before STII other than that she’s Kirk’s ex and a scientist, so in a sense, a Rachel Nichols version would be new character! The same goes for the unnamed Number One or Janice Rand or Yeoman Smith!

33. Dennis Bailey - November 1, 2007

It’s never mentioned onscreen where and when Kirk dated Marcus (other than by inference from David’s apparent age). There’s no reason to think that it was at the Academy; since there’s no suggestion that she was ever in Starfleet he might have met her anywhere.

34. John Trumbull - November 1, 2007

Wow. I’ve never heard of Ms. Nichols, but good God, she is stunning. Let’s hope her acting is on a par with her looks. I could totally buy her as a young Carol Marcus.

35. Robogeek - November 1, 2007

15. – Rachel Nichols is an absolute goddess — but she’s also a fine actress, as evidenced by her stint on “Alias”, and previously on Fox’s short-lived “The Inside” (which was her first major starring vehicle). On both occasions she demonstrated real depth and intelligence (not all of which was acting; she’s a Columbia grad), so I think she’d be a particularly good choice for Carol, which I’m guessing is the most substantial female role other than Uhura in the script.

Alternately, if the role were juicy enough, I’d be particularly fascinated to see her as Number One, and certainly could see her pulling off Chapel just as well. Regardless, I’d be pleased as punch to see her reunite with J.J. for the film. She’s fantastic.

36. redshirt - November 1, 2007

Okay, she seems like a good addition to the cast.

I’m happy with the cast so far, but I keep reminding myself that the best cast in the galaxy is useless without a strong story!

And as all the cast seems strong so far, the reports that keep me waiting and hopeful are the quotes from all those who have seen the script that the STORY/SCRIPT is first rate!

My hope is that the script has Number One, Rand, Mitchel, Lesley, Kelso, Kyle and Riley because it would be nice to “flesh out” the second tier of crew members.

Aside from the Shatner stuff, I’m happy with the news so far…

37. VOODOO - November 1, 2007

As Borat would say

Very Nice!!!

38. T Negative - November 1, 2007

When I looked at her picture the first person that came to mind was Yeoman Rand.

I don’t think Carol Marcus is going to be in this picture. It just seems like it would not fit and bog down the movie. As much as a lot of people here want to see Kirk’s love affairs or relationships before he was the captain of the Enterprise, I don’t think there is very much to tell here. I have a feeling Marcus will be a tiny part or simply mentioned.

Remember, Kirk says, “I already have a lady to worry about, her name’s the Enterprise.”

39. Chris Roberts - November 1, 2007

Reports are saying when we first see Kirk he Is not yet a Captain,and this film shows how he earned the promation to Captain so Kirk could have a love affair In the film.Rachel Is the same age as Chris Pine so she would be a right fit as a love Intrest for him.If the character of Number One Is in the film she should be close to Pike’s age.If rachel IS In the film and plays a established charcter It probally would be Carol Marcus.The team has called the wrath of Khan their favorate film and their were rumors previsously Carol may be In the film.If true It will be Intresting to see how she Is worked Into the story

40. cd - November 1, 2007

#31 / #38 – I agree that Carol Marcus should be in this movie, and seriously part of it. But did the writers just look at TOS, or include TWOK when writing this? I would like to see the history of this filled in. The events that spawned the reactions and interactions of Carol Marcus with Spock and McCoy in TWOK should be part of this, or otherwise it may just be a fluff Star Trek derived space adventure. Is this movie going to be for Trekkers or Trekkies?

41. cd - November 1, 2007

#39 – If TWOK is a favorite of the writers, there may be hope. >;>}

42. Greg2600 - November 1, 2007

I have no quarrels with Rachel. One thing that concerns me is how are they going to intertwine all these characters? J.J. does it fantastically on LOST, but that happens over several episodes. One of many problems I had with Transformers was that there were too many different characters and individual story lines. Only Shia’s was of any importance or worth, while the rest just muddied the waters.

43. Harry Ballz - November 1, 2007

Rachel Nichols, her looks are just stunning
Hiring her, they’ve hit the ground running
She could play Marcus or Rand
In any part, she’d be grand
In casting, they’ve really been cunning!

44. Iowagirl - November 2, 2007

Maybe she’s been cast as the female personality of the Kobayashi Maru test computer…

45. Jeffrey S. Nelson - November 2, 2007

It’s that little lab technician that Gary Mitchell aimed Kirk’s wa…whose name happens to be Carol Marcus!!

46. George Armstrong Custer - November 2, 2007

Maybe She will be a Green Orion that gets after Pike!!

47. asylumjn - November 2, 2007

I’d say Janice Rand 10 times before I say she looks a Carol Marcus.

48. Holo J - November 2, 2007

Maybe she could be a young Janice Lester?

Dr. Janice Lester would be an interesting character to see in this movie. We could see her being rejected as a Starfleet officer. Failing her psychological test and her being paranoid it s because she is a women that they have rejected her.

At the same time she could see her old friend Jim being promoted and climbing the ladder and see him personally responsible for her failing to make the grade, believing him to have said something to stop her getting into Starfleet.

Even when Number One (from the Cage) visit her and tells her not to be silly she still believes Star fleet is an all boys club and goes off bitter and twisted determined to have revenge one day believing Jim Kirk to have been the reason she wasn’t selected for a command position.

49. Pauln6 - November 2, 2007

I think that if this is truly a prequel focusing on the ‘main’ cast’s early years Chapel and Rand will be lucky to get more than minor cameos. Carol Marcus is my bet.

However, if the writers ignore Chapel, Rand, and Number One completely I will be soooooo mad. The re-imaged Battlestar Galactica showed that women can easily hold their own (and become the most poplular characters) in sci fi shows. Trek has to learn to use its female characters properly!

I’d love for the modern Yeomen to be more than just secretaries this time round. How cool would it be if Rand was a combat trained bodyguard for her captain. Then it should come as no surprise that she could shoot a phaser with enough accuracy to heat up a cup of coffee…

50. Marthrax - November 2, 2007

Fact is:

David Marcus was born around 2261 and Kirk became Captain of the Enterprise sometime around 2264/65. So it fits, that he leaves Carol and David to go on this 5 year mission.

If the movie is about how Kirk became Captain of the Enterprise his relationship to his “family” should be a part of this movie!

51. Marthrax - November 2, 2007

btw. Rachel Nichols would be a perfect choice for Carol Marcus!

52. JB - November 2, 2007

“Just a minute, Janice…”

53. Kirkunit - November 2, 2007

She could play Nurse Chapel AND Number One…

54. George Armstrong Custer - November 2, 2007

# 29. She has that same facial structure in that picture as Bibi Beech.. I can see Carol Marcus in Rachel Nichols.

55. redshirt - November 2, 2007

re 53
the same actor should play Chapel, Number One, AND do the computer voice:

“. . COMPUTER .. .WORKING>> >> >>”

56. Tim Handrahan - November 2, 2007

We now have our “little blonde lab tech.” All we need now is Gary Mitchell to steer Kirk towards her.

57. Dom - November 2, 2007

I always figured Kirk’s constant womanising in TOS was a reaction to Carol not joining him on the Enterprise and leaving with their (possibly unborn) son.

58. Jackson Roykirk - November 2, 2007

Her hair in that photo reminds me of Leila Kalomi. I know that is meaningless, but that is the first role I thought of when I saw her photo.

…and there is that latest rumor that this is a Spock-centered movie.

59. Cervantes - November 2, 2007

This ‘alternative timeline’ reboot could quite easily dispense with any Carol Marcus/son of Kirk nonsense in the first place… ;)

Bring on a flirty Yeoman Rand!

60. Jay - want my number? - November 2, 2007

I just creamed my pants


61. Luke Montgomery - November 2, 2007

carol marcus, please.

62. Jay - November 2, 2007

Cloverfield… or whatever its going to be called looks good btw

63. Trek Nerd Central - November 2, 2007

I’m agreeing with everyone who says she looks like Carol Marcus. I’m also agreeing with everyone (especially SPB, #31) who says her addition would deepen and dramatize Kirk’s beginnings as Enterprise captain.

In an odd way, he’s one of the saddest figures in pop literature. The mother of his child leaves him, and he loses his son. That son later dies. Best friend Gary Mitchell dies. His brother and sister-in-law die. Edith Keeler dies. Miramanee (his wife!) dies. His unborn child dies. Rayna Kapek dies. Spock dies. (Okay, he comes back, but you get my point.)

Seriously – what a lonely, tragic fellow. And yet that’s so rarely been explored, except in brief windows of tragedy and emotion — the end of City on the Edge of Forever or Wrath of Khan, or that stumbling heartbreak of a moment when Shatner falls back in his chair after hearing of David’s death.

It would make really visceral sense to consider the huge love & loss in Kirk’s background.

Finally, re: #60. Can we all agree NOT to use the term “creamed,” please? Blecch.

64. Driver - November 2, 2007

I nearly, I say nearly, creamed picking up a Toshiba HD A2 player at Walmart today for $106.00.

65. Shatner_Fan_2000 - November 2, 2007

#63 … Great post. You’re right, I’ve always thought of Kirk as a lonely character too. :( But it made his dedication to his job all the more admirable and inspiring. In the end, the Enterprise and his friends aboard her were all he had. Which is one reason I’m glad we’ll finally get to meet his parents in XI.

And I agree, I get a lump in my throat during that scene in Trek III every time. Wonderful acting by Shatner, as well as Doohan and Kelley, both of whom conveyed intense shock and grief by facial expressions alone. Then when they are escaping the exploding Genesis planet, all alive thanks to Kirk’s heroism, and he quietly and sadly says, “Goodbye, David.” Very emotional.

Trek II really did deepen the character of Kirk. Think about it – Kirk states that the events of Space Seed took place 15 years earlier. That means David was definitely born and already school age when the 5 year mission was taking place. And if you accept the never-filmed idea that McCoy had a daughter named Joanna as canon (which I like to), it means these two men were fathers, separated from their kids, out there in the vastness of space. It can really change one’s perspective on some TOS episodes.

66. Bald is Beautiful - Picard for President! - November 2, 2007

Carol Marcus doesn’t fit the career path of a “little blonde lab technician”.

The career path for a research scientist is prestigious university; Ivy graduate school; researcher; administrator.

Lab techs come from the working-class and would never be considered for advanced education or executive responsibility. At best they come from talented state colleges. Were capable of more, that talent would have been identified in their teenage years and they would be groomed accordingly.

A brilliant scientist such as Carol Marcus would never in a million years work as a lab tech, except maybe as a girl and then for fun! She would be on full scholarship and her time would be spent in advanced studies — not labor.

67. Cervantes - November 2, 2007

off topic:

#64 Driver

They can’t get rid of the things…

68. Dom - November 2, 2007

#66, a couple of hundred years from now, that could be different!

On the other hand, maybe Carol’s parents went bankrupt, meaning she had to work as a lab tech to pay her bills through college.

Maybe the ‘lab technician’ was a joke at Carol’s expense and she already is a fully-fledged scientist.

End if the day, there’s not enough information thus far revealed to make it a problem!

69. Jackson Roykirk - November 2, 2007

***Possible Spoilers (plot rumor discussed)***
Well, my theory of Nichols possibly playing Leila Kalomi wasn’t based that much on the looks of the actress that (although it was my first impression) …I was thinking that if we are to believe the latest rumor, that at least some of this take place on Pike’s Enterprise (and features a young Mr. Spock), and Kirk may not be featured until a little later into the film, then it may be more likely that the character of Leila Kalomi would be included than Carol Marcus.

But if you want to talk about actress resemblances, I still think Rachel Nichols looks more like a young Jill Ireland than a young Bibi Besch:

– Rachel Nichols:

– Jill Ireland (Leila Kalomi):

70. eduardo - November 2, 2007

#66 BiB – Maybe the little blonde lab technician wasn’t a lab tech at all. Mitchell may have called Carol Marcus a lab technician to tease her. Or maybe he didn’t know what she did exactly. I don’t think anything Mitchell said should be taken literally; he didn’t even get his best friend’s middle initial right!

71. Khan - November 2, 2007

Sucked on Alias. She played an annoying “bookworm” who was forced to “get tough”, unconvincingly. And not that hot in the above photo. Sure she looked fine half-naked in Maxim, though.

72. Bald is Beautiful - Picard for President! - November 2, 2007

^68 Dom & ^70 eduardo

True enough… but then I wonder why a rational, uberbrainy scientist would lower herself to an “overgrown Boy Scout” as David so aptly put it. Kirk may have been studious (“a stack of books with legs”) but he is hardly a rocket scientist. He was probably a jock — captain of the academy football team, frat president, stuff like that.

In my own experience, I don’t see much crossover between the brainiacs and the beautiful people. Helen Noel, for instance, is both a brainiac AND a Beautiful People but that was “Hollywood” after all!

73. David Sturm - November 2, 2007

Bibi Besch was 5’4″…. Rach is 5’10” Seeing it, but looking back at TWOK, they never had Kirk and Marcus all snug up against each other.

I like the last name, Nichols though. A “Nichols” In Star Trek, is a funky coincidence…

I think she’d convey the right profile for a go-getter young scientist, the actress graduated from Columbia University with a double major in math and economics. She certainly has the brains to portray a young Dr. Marcus correctly.

And if Orci and gang has written a superb triangle between Marcus, Kirk, and *her* ambitions, I can see it. It does seem certain that Marcus was the dumper, and Kirk the dumpee.

74. The Master - November 2, 2007

I think as Number One or Yeoman Rand. or even better Spock’s pan far partner to be?

75. David Sturm - November 2, 2007

#66 Take it from someone who’s been there. As a graduate student, a PhD student is very likely working in a lab, and is functioning as a lab tech. That’s what an experimental scientist does. What was a ‘little blonde lab tech’ in 2253, was a mother in and PhD by 2261, and saying adios to any relationship with Kirk around the same era. Heck, maybe the KM test, and Kirk’s “cheat” solution was so abhorrent to scientist Marcus that was yet another of the old wounds?

It particularly makes sense if you think about how Kirk and Marcus were likely a couple for a long chunk of time, and NOT a one-night stand. A one-night stand wouldn’t have “old wounds”.

Then again, knowing how they’ve studied TOS, it could be Dr. Janet later-to-be Wallace that Rachel would be portraying!!

76. cd - November 2, 2007

#70 – You “R” right about that. >;>} I can see Mitchell referring to Carol Marcus in a derogatory manner. Remember the “walking freezer unit” comment. And that he “aimed” Carol at Kirk, that may or may not be true; Mitchell seemed to be at least moderately full of BS and a bit of a jerk (not the best person to suddenly get godlike powers, btw).

77. Holo J - November 2, 2007

Hi Bald is Beautiful, I have to say that I find your views a little offensive.
The class system is hopefully something that wouldn’t exist anymore in that bright future the Gene Roddenberry imagined all those years ago.

It’s my understanding that in his future everyone is equal and given a fair chance. Unlike today’s world we live in, where sometimes Jobs and positions can be given to people because of their family’s social standing, or because they have had better opportunities because they come from a wealthy family. This just wouldn’t be an issue by the time of Roddenberry’s 23rd century vision.

Even today just because someone can’t afford to go to a more prestigious and well know school it doesn’t mean they can’t have a good education and do well enough to one day have a good Job like say a Dr of Science

Obviously in the future the Class system wouldn’t exist anymore as we are told people work to better themselves and money doesn’t exist anymore. So why couldn’t Carol Marcus have started off as a humble Lab technician, while studying further? And who is to say a Lab technician isn’t very bright? That’s a very narrow minded view.

Anyway even if the class system did still exist then why couldn’t someone work their way up, whilst studying? Everyone has to start somewhere, dont they?

78. Bald is Beautiful - Picard for President! - November 2, 2007


I don’t really think of grad students, especially PhD candidates, as technicians or TAs even when they are doing the work. They are always “med students”, “PhD candidates” because everyone knows they need to apprentice under the master for a while. It’s a task, not an occupation.

As far as Mitchell goes, yes he was a jerk. But Kirk did not object to his characterization like, “Do you mean Carol, the molecular biologist?”

He just accepted it as a factual description of one of his (numerous) Ex-es.

79. Bald is Beautiful - Picard for President! - November 2, 2007


Why would you take offense at the identification and routing of people based on their intellectual gifts?

Why would a genius like Carol Marcus be forced into work beneath her cognitive abilities? She would absolutely be groomed for advanced studies under the most brilliant teachers of her time.

This is how the system works today and how it will always work. Molecular biology research is cutting edge and requires to most superior minds.

Anyone with a little training can mix beakers and run apparatus.

I’m offended you would think this is offensive!

80. Marthrax - November 2, 2007

“Kirk states that the events of Space Seed took place 15 years earlier. That means David was definitely born and already school age when the 5 year mission was taking place.”

Space Seed – 2267
ST II – 2282
(I know, some timelines say 2285, but they assume that ST IV takes place at 2286, what isn’t necessaraly true, cause “300 years back in time” could be an estimation, while the 15 years between Space Seed and ST II are fact)

So, if David is about 21 in ST II then he was born in 2261 what makes him a 3 or 4 year old boy when Kirk starts his 5 year mission in 2264/65. (the first TOS season starts at 2266, but as we know, the mission starts earlier. We never saw a beginning, but the series takes place between 2266-69, so the five year mission could be between ’65-’70 or ’64-’69. 2264 would be my favourite date, because TNG starts at 2364, exactly 100 years later.)

I expect Carol and a 3 year old David in this movie. If the boy is older (school age) there would be a bigger relationship between him and his father and there need to be more dialogs what could turn the movie into a soap opera. It should be more about Kirk and Carol talking about what is the best for their son and not a father/son conflict-story or something like that. I always thought David never had the chance to establish somekind of relationship to his father, because he was to young when Kirk becomes Captain.

81. Mr. Atoz - November 2, 2007

While it’s fun to talk about these characters possibly being in the movie,
I highly doubt that any of them will be in the film. (Marcus, Mitchell, etc…)
It is more likely that they could be mentioned with no screen time. It doesn’t make sense to have story about the genesis of our TOS characters and somehow waste enough time to throw in these other characters. To do it successfully, you would almost have to include many portions (or references) of WNMHGB in the film script. The only other way would be to have a flashback to the time when Kirk was with them, which I don’t see happening. I’ll bet this girl has been cast as Yeoman Rand or Nurse Chapel. Makes perfect sense.

82. Pragmaticus - November 2, 2007 and Latino Review are reporting that Paramount is currently working on the teaser for Star Trek – which shows the Enterprise being built!

83. AJ - November 2, 2007

Maybe she will be None of the Above. Trek always threw in new ex-girlfriends for Kirk, and they are all now part of canon. Maybe this is just another one? I cast my vote for “Number One.” (Said in scary Borg-English)

84. Iowagirl - November 2, 2007

#63, 65

You two make my heart swell. Honestly – this is the true spirit of Trek!

And I have to add that all those wonderful insights make a particular scene at the end of a particular film even more horrible and a definite waste of material. (I’ll promise to stop here ’cause I won’t risk being accused of thread hijacking.)

Thanks again for your wonderful posts, to both of you.

85. Noleuser - November 2, 2007

What of the news of a Star Trek teaser reported at Latino Review and Comingsoon?

86. Star Trek XI: Fakten, Gerchte, Infos - Seite 46 - SciFi-Forum - November 2, 2007

[…] Zitat von Cmdr. Ch`ReI Rachel Nichols ist angeblich geacstet worden: Rumor: Rachel Nichols In ‘Star Trek’ | *g* Und noch eine Abrams-attached Darstellerin. Rachel Nichols kann ich derzeit in ALIAS Staffel 5 bewundern. Und Keri Russel (wusste nicht, das sie mit STXI in Verbindung gebracht wurde), spielte ja in MI3 mit. Paramount bereitet Gerchten zu Folge brigens gerade den ersten ST XI Teaser Trailer vor! Wobei ich da nur mit 2 Einblendungen und der Titeleinblendung rechne. Aber mal sehen. Es wurde nmlich geunkt, das die Ente kurz gezeigt wird, wie sie gerade im Raumdock zusammen gebaut wird. Damit wrden sie dann geschickterweise das Zeigen des endgltigen Aussehens noch weiter verzgern! *g* Hier die Meldung dazu: Star Trek Teaser in the Works – __________________ Tu erst das Notwendige, dann das Mgliche, und pltzlich schaffst du das Unmgliche. (Franz von Assisi; 1181 od. 82 – 1226) Whle Deine Lieblingsschiffe der SF! Der Schiffs-Multi-Vote und der Kleine Fighter Multi-Vote hier im Forum! […]

87. Holo J - November 2, 2007

79. Bald is Beautiful

I took offense by the remark “Lab techs come from the working-class and would never be considered for advanced education or executive responsibility.” That assumes you can’t be intelligent if you come from a working class background which is untrue. Yes if you come from a very deprived background I can imagine it might be hard to get a decent education but it’s not impossible.

I may have misinterpreted your posts but Its almost like you are saying a “Superior mind” can only come from good breeding and wouldn’t be found in the working class. I agree an intelligent mind needs to be nurtured and it might not be given the chance if not spotted early but I felt you have been saying it’s unlikely to come from a working class family. That’s why I took offensive. It was not my intention to start an argument and apologise for causing you any offense.

One of the reasons I love Star Trek is because it points to a brighter future one where a thing like the class system will be gone and all will be given equal opportunities to nurture their gifts and make the best of themselves.

88. ObiWanCon - November 2, 2007

I say Carol Marcus or Nurse Chapel one of those would be great.

89. richpit - November 2, 2007

please, Please, PLEASE have this hot tamale in the movie!!

I don’t care in what role…

90. Jon (30) - November 2, 2007

She doesn’t look anything like Nichelle.

91. Johnny Ice. - November 2, 2007

I don’t want Carol Marcus in this film. This ain’t prequel to TWOK PERIOD.
I hoping Number One is in this the movie but this actress look more like Nurse Chapel type

92. T Negative - November 2, 2007

For all we know she’s the shuttle pilot taking Kirk to the Enterprise for the first time.

93. FlyingTigress - November 2, 2007


Wow. I’m having flashbacks to previous entries.


This time, I’m keeping my fingers off of the keyboard….

/”Kristen L…! Step away from the notebook”

94. Jeffery Wright - November 2, 2007

shes got yoeman rand written all over her…. and how! rowr!

95. Gary - November 2, 2007

She’d be a great brainy carol marcus!!!

Now just a short comment..

you people always put kirk as some dumbass, “Jock”, “frat leader” and other derogatory terms… if he was to tough and “dumb” how is it that he always “managed” to solve the episode dilemma?! oh…oh… I get it….. it was the writters then? you have met kirk in person? how lucky for you!!!
Kirk was generally baffled at what spock said, but spock is the closest thing i’ve seen to a futuristic polymath!!!


96. Jeffery Wright - November 2, 2007

carol marcus wasn’t even in the original series, just a convenient plot device for on movie… rand was a much more established character

kirk was of course more than charm and hubris, he was gutsy and instinctive, a natural leader.

97. Pragmaticus - November 2, 2007

Anthony, what about the news of the teaser that Paramount is working on?

98. FlyingTigress - November 2, 2007


I’d only note that there seemed to be a number of ‘convenient plot devices’ in Trek that came to be accepted part of the overall fabric of the Trek universe … like ‘dilthium crystals’… first mentioned in The Alternative Factor as that episode’s MacGuffin.

99. Noleuser - November 2, 2007

I know this teaser is apparently of the enterprise being built!

100. I AM THX-1138 - November 2, 2007

I say Rachel Nichols as Orion Slave Girl.

101. FlyingTigress - November 2, 2007

oops… dilithium…

102. Randall - November 2, 2007

Come on… a woman that hot is a love interest for Kirk. Has to be. Perhaps the “Ruth” we see in “Shore Leave.” or that doctor Wallace in “The Deadly Years.” Why’s it gotta be Carol Marcus?

103. Noleuser - November 2, 2007

Well he had his tryst with Dr. Marcus sometime before he took over the Enterprise because David was well into his 20’s when TWOK came around.

104. Iowagirl - November 2, 2007

Wow, we’ve just found out that sexism works both ways – a man who is well build, not too hard to look at and manages a flying dropkick quite convincingly may finish his command training at Starfleet academy with a reward for creativity and as youngest captain with a command of his own; henceforward, he may solve the most complex problems being submitted to him, may find unique solutions to save his ship as well as his crew’s life, but don’t be mistaken, he will always remain but a jock, the leader of a football team.

105. Gary - November 2, 2007

#104: That’s my point and I don’t like it. Kirk, at least for me was and is far more serious than for most of you, maybe it’s all the ripped shirts that somehow through subspace ripped the minds of most trekkies/ers/gons seeing him as some kind of football team captain. Dull (when?) all muscular (how so?) and only thinking about fighting & drinking and getting into bed with green women… lol so the corbomite maneuvre was just that, a myth just like the v’ger incident and every time kirk has gone poker on the enemy and kick their alien buts, our great football captain, i guess he will end up his carrer butting his head on some italian (northafrican) soccer player’s chest. Zidane anyone?

106. Jackson Roykirk - November 2, 2007

#96. Jeffery Wright —

I agree. Carol Marcus is a TOS Movie invention, and I think Abrams wants to keep this film a TOS-TV product.

That’s why I said I think she will play Leila Kalomi, who is the closest thing we could call Spock’s former “love interest” (If “love” is the right word to use in Spock’s case)

107. Shatner_Fan_2000 - November 2, 2007

The Kobyahsi Maru is in the movie, so why not Marcus?

108. FlyingTigress - November 2, 2007

Well…. hopefully, then, there is no mention that Kirk was born/raised on Earth, since that — too — is only a “movie” invention.

I don’t recall R.O. mentioning that source material was to be limited to source material in the Original Series episodes. But, perhaps I missed something.

109. Iowagirl - November 2, 2007


100% agreement.

110. Nathan - November 2, 2007

She’d fit pretty well either as Nurse Chapel or Carol Marcus…between those two, I’d rather like to see Chapel, but it doesn’t really matter either way.

111. Harry Ballz - November 2, 2007

If they open ST:XI with a young Kirk in the command chair outwitting his Kobayashi Maru scenario, and trying to fool us into thinking it is a bonafide action scene, then we will know they have no new ideas!

112. cd - November 2, 2007

Lisa Edelstein as Number One!

113. Cygnus-X1 - November 3, 2007

12. chain of command –

— Set phasers to “stunning” —

Too late. Looks already set to “drop-dead.”

Raise shields.

114. Flake - November 3, 2007

If it is Carol Marcus then I presume the script features Kirk restling with himself as to whether or not he accepts the deep space ‘5-year’ mission and the new command or whether he stays on Earth, so we see Marcus stating ‘If you go then you never see your son again’ and ofcourse we all know he has only one true love…. The Enterprise. This also means little tiny David Marcus is in there too :)

All nice nods to what has happened before.

115. Pragmaticus - November 3, 2007

114 – Yeah, but that would make him look like an ass. I don’t think we’ll see that.

116. The Master - November 5, 2007

I doiubt its carol marcus, this is a spock centric film. So I would have to guess it she is either Number one or yeoman rand, or nurse chapel , I vote for Number one of Yeoman Rand.

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