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This Week in Trek – November 4th edition November 4, 2007

by Charles Trotter , Filed under: This Week In Trek , trackback

Before I go on strike, This Week in Trek brings you news on the development of the holodeck, Trek golfing, lots of Shatner, people going under the knife for Vulcan ears, and much more.

What do you mean the strike doesn’t pertain to me…?

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This Week In Shatner (so much Shat this week…he gets his own section)

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YouTube Video of the Week
Not a new video, but newly on YouTube. A feature from Hard Copy in 1991 on the ‘Women of Trek’


1. Kirk - November 4, 2007

Like the ears

2. Bobby - November 4, 2007

uhhhhh…..not sure what to think about the ears….

thanks for the updates anthony!

3. Anthony Pascale - November 4, 2007

your welcome….but you should thank Chuck Trotter

4. cd - November 4, 2007

I don’t really believe the thing about the ears.

5. Anthony Pascale - November 4, 2007

6. Dennis Bailey - November 4, 2007

The “music-faun” ear thing is a practical joke on the part of the surgeon.

Not that some folks don’t do stuff like this – but the photo shown with this article and the other photos at that surgeon’s site are Photoshop gags.

Here’s the page with the photos of supposed procedures:

Notice that in every case the hair, lighting, complexion (including beard growth among the men) is identical in the before and after pictures – pluse the remarkable uniformity of the ear tips from “patient” to “patient.”

They just changed shirts before taking their “after surgery” pictures, and Photoshop did the rest.

Actual examples of this kind of body-modding generally turn out – as you might expect – a good deal less elegantly or uniformly:

7. Dennis Bailey - November 4, 2007

Ah, I see Anthony posted the link to the real thing just before I did. :lol:

I suppose the plastic surgeon may actually be engaging in fraud with his page of non-existent surgeries – but the story about “secret music-faun clubs” that accompanies it is so tongue-in-cheek that I assumed it was a joke that the surgeon expects people to recognize as such.

8. Silhouette - November 4, 2007

/// Time warp ///

Chevy Chase, news anchor for SNL’s Weekend Update in the 1970’s is pulled through time by a freak accident at NBC Studios in New York. He re-appears on the set of the present day Saturday Night Live and is handed a late-breaking news item.

“This just in…. Generalismo Francisco Franco is still dad and William Shatner is STILL not in the movie.”

This may go on for months…

And look! The redesign for the movie Enterprise is now a putter… That gray shape the viewscreen?

9. Spotts1701 - November 4, 2007

Just a point of clarification – Samantha Who? airs on ABC, not CBS.

I know this because my mother is obssesed with Dancing With The Stars, which airs just before it on Monday nights.

10. Silhouette - November 4, 2007

#8 SHOULD have read “still dead”.

Apparently the writer’s strike won’t apply to me … because I can’t.

11. Ron Mosher - November 4, 2007

I like Vulcans and thier philosophy but doing my ears….don’t think so!
Thanks for puting this together Anthony.

12. Etha Williams - November 4, 2007

I just hope that if holodecks are successfully made, they take care to make them safer than they are in the Trek universe…otherwise I’m not stepping foot in one…

13. VulcanBabe - November 4, 2007

Definitely agreed with Dennis here, the ear thing is a joke. My friends found it while we were all searching for ways to get pointy Vulcan ears for Halloween….but can you imagine walking into a job interview with those ears? Or on a date? Or anywhere aside from a Star Trek convention? ;P

And what’s this about TrekMovie being even slightly anti-Shatner? I say “Trekkies everywhere have united in support’ is a very positive thing…maybe it’ll get Shatner into a role as Kirk’s father? I seriously can’t imagine how Abrams would justify saying no to that one….

14. Q - November 4, 2007

Okay….I LOVE THE EARS. I don’t care how weird or stupid anyone says it is. So. Freaking. Cool.

If I only I wasn’t so scared, then I could get myself a pair…..

15. FishDS9 - November 4, 2007

November 4rd? Blooper Material for sure. lol.

16. Anthony Pascale - November 4, 2007

oops my bad. Chucks original draft sayd ‘3rd’ but since it went up today i changed the 3 to a 4, but not the rd to a th

17. Anthony Pascale - November 4, 2007

RE: anti-shatner
nice try. this site has run more shat stories than any other. The comment was related to ‘trekkies being united’…anyone who visits this or any site knows that trekkies can rarely agree water is wet…and certainly not agree that shatner MUST be in the new movie

18. L - November 4, 2007

The ears make me think of elves more than vulcans, you would have to get the eyebrows too. I’m sure some Lord of the Rings enthusiasts would like the surgery.

19. Charles Trotter (Chuck Amuck) - November 4, 2007

#11 Ron Mosher — You’re welcome. But please, call me Chuck. ;)

20. Pragmaticus - November 4, 2007

Chuck, you forgot John Cho’s appearance on How I Met Your Mother last Monday!

21. Robo-dude - November 4, 2007

Ear pointing?
While their at it they might as well get their head pointed also
Just how stupid and far gone are these people?
Lets see…..Pointed ears – pierced noses and tongues and what not (below the belt)
Phase in life that they’ll carry with them forever… pathetic.

22. IrishTrekkie - November 4, 2007

Simmon peggs old series Spaced is being retooled for American audiences. what the ??? ! what was wrong with it , it was fine , it was funny , why retool , it ? cant americans not watch it the way it is , or are the exec’s at fox just bored

23. trekee - November 5, 2007

Thanks for the updates Chuck (pretends he wouldn’t have assumed otherwise)…

Is that putter a joke? I don’t play ‘a good walk spoiled’ so don’t know if putting small warp engines on the side of the putter will actually give increased power to the swing or not, might make it less controlla….

…actually, I’m bored already with it and don’t want to know now.

As for “Spaced”, has the original been shown in the US and if so, how was it recieved? I’d have thought the context was so far removed from middle America that they’d just not get it. ESPECIALLY Scooter raving beside the Pelican crossing…

I just don’t see the point in endlessly regurgitating old shows…. oh hang on…

24. raulpetersen - November 5, 2007

the sun is full of bull!!!!

25. Cervantes - November 5, 2007

#24 raulpetersen

Agreed, the Sun tabloid can be full of bull, but is the U.K.’s bestselling newspaper unfortunately, and the fact is, like many other outlets, that it has picked up on some negatively impacting news on this upcoming Movie. We can unfortunately expect a lot more of the the same from reviewers and commentators around the world when the Movie actually comes out, if things remain the same…

26. FREAKAZOID - November 5, 2007

I dunno. Of all the trek related things I have ever seen, that putter has got to be the worst looking thing ever.

27. theinquisitor - November 5, 2007

The ears aren’t much more absurd than affectations like earrings and less severe than procedures like breast implants or sex changes.

Infinite diversity in infinite combinations.

28. Dennis Bailey - November 5, 2007

Be that as it may, the plastic surgeon’s images are not real.

29. Shatner_Fan_2000 - November 5, 2007

Did anyone notice the model in the ear pic looks serious when her ears are round, but is smiling when they’re pointy? Boy, she got that ALL wrong, didn’t she? :)

30. Dennis Bailey - November 5, 2007

She and the other chick on that page changed their shirts between photos but kept their same jewelry and accessories on – a necklace in this case, dangling earrings and a green pony-tail tieback in the other. :lol:

31. Charles Trotter (Chuck Amuck) - November 5, 2007

#20 Pragmaticus — Oh, sorry. I’d add it to the list, but I’m on strike. :-P

32. Diabolik - November 5, 2007

The fake photoshop image in the Halloween article looked good, compared to the reality of real ear-pointing, which makes one look deformed, by cutting out a section and bringing the two parts together.

33. jyhash - November 11, 2007

Leave “Spaced” alone. A remake will bomb terribly. It’s not gonna be the next “the office”, so just leave it alone. Wankers.

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