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Chris Doohan Gets His Audition November 5, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: ST09 Cast , trackback

James Doohan’s son Chris Doohan’s name first came up in relation to the new Star Trek film last February when he started a somewhat tongue-in-cheek campaign to land the role of Scotty. He has since gracefully endorsed the selection of Simon Pegg to fill his father’s shoes as the Enterprise’s engineer. That might have been the end of the story, but recently rumors arose that Doohan actually got an audition. contacted Chris and he confirmed that he recently read for an unnamed ‘minor speaking role.’ Doohan wouldn’t go into details, but stated:

Star Trek has been a huge part of my life since I was about seven years old, so you can only imagine how honored I am that they asked me to audition.

Doohan has not been offered a part, but he remains hopeful and thinks working with the cast and J.J. Abrams “would be a dream come true.” Chris feels that he would not have got the audition if it weren’t for the support of the fans. “My dad always loved his fans and now I know why,” said Doohan. If he lands the small part it would not be his first time appearing in a Star Trek feature. Chris and his brother Montgomery had background roles in Star Trek The Motion Picture back in 1979.

The Doohan Brothers in ST: TMP

For more on Chris, check out his MySpace Page.


1. JCool - November 5, 2007

Wow!!! Awesome!!!

2. ObiWanCon - November 5, 2007

I hope he gets whatever part he auditioned for it would be great to have him in the movie. GOOD LUCK CHRIS.

3. Xai - November 5, 2007

Kudos for Chris and potentially a nice tip of the hat to his father.

4. Xai - November 5, 2007

How about the Kyle part?

5. JCool - November 5, 2007

He stood up for Pegg when some of us had doubts about him.

I think he’s a gentleman …just like his father.

6. k7 - November 5, 2007

good luck Chris.
I hope the uniform is better looking than the one in STMP

7. Sir Martman - November 5, 2007

Having the Doohan brothers somewhere in the next Trek would be a very nice touch.

I hope JJ thinks about it


8. Gene Coon was the Better Gene - November 5, 2007

Viewer off. Viewer off!

9. VOODOO - November 5, 2007

How about a part for me?

10. Pragmaticus - November 5, 2007

Go Chris!

11. Thomas Jensen - November 5, 2007

This is great for Chris. My friends and I had lunch with his father in 1974 after a talk at a local junior college. And I met his dad back in 1968 as well. I have fond feelings for James Doohan and I hope Chris gets a part in the movie. It would be completely appropriate. I will live vicariously through him if he gets the part. A nice nod to his father and his fans.

I hope he gets the part.

12. Cox of Seagulls - November 5, 2007

Good luck Chris, hope you get a part!

13. Kyle Roddenberry - November 5, 2007

I honestly do believe that Chris Doohan would be a viable asset to the new Star Trek Movie. He not only deserves the chance, but being a part of the family, has earned it.

You have my full support Chris and I assure you that Rod does too!

14. Xai - November 5, 2007

13. Kyle Roddenberry – November 5, 2007

That was cool

15. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - November 5, 2007

Very Nize!!!! Hope he makes the cut!!!!

16. Kim - November 5, 2007

I need some trek luv, Chris Doohan needs to be in this next up coming movie. I really do believe there should be a Doohan on this movie.

So lets give it up for James (AKA Scottie) and his son Chris.



17. T Negative - November 5, 2007

That scene in TMP on the rec deck of the Enterprise consisted of almost all Star Trek fans. I wonder, is there anybody out there that visits Trekmovie that was in that scene?? It would be cool to hear some stories.

Oh and good luck Chris. I hope you get to be in the new movie!!

18. New Horizon - November 5, 2007

Best of luck Chris! May the wind be at your back! :)

19. TracyLynn - November 5, 2007

I grew up on Star Trek. I would love for Chris get a part in the next movie. He sure has the heart for it…and a few extra dilithium crystals he could put to good use!

20. Levois - November 5, 2007

I wonder what they’re gonna have him do. Is he gonna be a redshirt? :lol:

21. I AM THX-1138 - November 5, 2007

Good on Chris. And I’m with Voodoo. I am still lobbying for a part as a doomed redshirt.

Pretty please with sugar on it.

22. Christopher (Christrekkie) - November 5, 2007

It wouldn’t be Star Trek with out a Doohan in the film. I really hope J.J. and crew will figure that out as well. I really hope he gets the part.

23. the king in shreds and tatters - November 5, 2007

…TMP really looked like an episode of ER.

24. Jennica - November 5, 2007

I think they would have to be fools not to cast Chris Doohan for a role in this movie, Star Trek without a Doohan seems sacrilege. Go Chris!

25. Gary Barclay - November 5, 2007

Gary (a.k.a.) Luke Skywalker – November 6, 2007

It would only be logical to cast Chris Doohan in the new Star Trek film.
I met Chris in LA at the Star Trek convention honoring his father James Doohan for his Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Chris took the time to talk to me several times there and he was always cool.

26. Dierna - November 5, 2007

I hope he gets the part!

He’s cute!

27. Xplodin' Nacelle - November 6, 2007

If he’s half as nice as his father always was, then he deserves to be in the movie. Good Karma can’t hurt the production.

28. theARE - November 6, 2007

Why not have him as older Scotty?

Some old age makeup and a brief scene of him and Spock talking over a view screen.

If Spock is going to go back to the past surly he would consult his old engineer for technical information?

29. Selina Enriquez - November 6, 2007

I hope that he gets the part!


30. dalek - November 6, 2007

Best of luck Mr Doohan! You’ve got your father’s smile!

31. Gina Says Reach For The Stars - November 6, 2007

Chris you have the full support of the Roddenberry family (as above stated in message 13).
I would think that the decision should be up to the creator of Star Trek and the fans. You have both.
Good luck Chris, you have my vote.

32. Trek Or Treat - November 6, 2007

#8 HAHA!

I don’t know why but this had me ROFL! I was dissappointed when they took out the second “viewer off” for the dvd director’s cut!

33. Joao Almeida - November 6, 2007

#32 Right!

Good luck Chris. Hope they give you some techo-babble just for fun.

34. Viking - November 6, 2007

Having a Doohan in the cast would bring it full circle. Good luck, Chris!

35. Cervantes - November 6, 2007

You were robbed! ;)

36. Paul - November 6, 2007

Are we looking at Commodore Robert T. April here? I think he’s just the right age for that!

37. Kimberly Rueffer - November 6, 2007

It wouldnt be a real Star Trek without a DOOHAN in the cast!!!!!! Chris would be perfect in the role he auditioned for!!!! I know his father would be proud to have his son in the film. GO CHRIS!!!

38. Liesl Gretz - November 6, 2007

I grew up on Star Trek and still watch it today!! Chris will be perfect to follow in his fathers shoes.

39. paustin - November 6, 2007

omg omg…..i cant not say it….im gonna say it….ok…..since you all are saying it about a Doohan….it wouldnt be Star Trek without a Shatner in it…..and omg he’s still alive…voiceover, flashback nothing that contradicts the crappy decision he made in Generations

40. RaveOnEd - November 6, 2007

39 – Plenty of other places to talk about that on this site – let’s keep that out of this, and get back to talking about what this story is actually about, OK?

Chris – I hope you get some part in the movie, no matter what it turns out to be (except for a redshirt!)

41. JeFF - November 6, 2007

VERY AWESOME!!! Good luck Chris… make sure they put you in Engineering! It wouldn’t be an Enterprise without a Doohan in Engineering at some point!

42. Cervantes - November 6, 2007

#39 paustin

lol, and amen, but I fear that particular (star) ship has probably sailed now…

43. Cervantes - November 6, 2007

#39 paustin

Lol, and Amen to that, but I fear that particular (star) ship has probably sailed now…

44. Cervantes - November 6, 2007

Mmmm, sorry for double-posting folks, but the site seems to be playing tricks since quite a few days now, and others here have thought their original posts weren’t registering too…

45. CmdrR. - November 6, 2007

We’ll cheer when you come on screen. (Of course, it might be the 4th viewing before we recognize you.) ;-) I work in TV News and I can currently be seen starring as the blur behind our anchor’s head in our station promos. I can’t tell you how much that’s done for my career. No really, I can’t.

46. doubleofive - November 6, 2007

Seeing that shot from TMP makes me want them to do something like that again. An open call for Trekkies. Everyone there: the New Voyages crew, Darren D, the Odukas, Bernd Shneider, Starship Exeter, and us, the readers of

Heck, in today’s digital age, they can go around to conventions or something and composite huge groups of us together. Or we could all visit a massive set (an entire starbase would be necessary for the fan-base now).

Now I’m all excited about something that will never happen…

47. Greg2600 - November 6, 2007

I never knew that Jimmy’s sons were in ST:TMP. Fascinating

48. MrRegular - November 6, 2007

Good Luck Chris!!!

49. Dragonflygurl - November 6, 2007

Cool, good on you, as the aussie’s say:)

50. Randall Anderson - November 6, 2007

I like Simon Pegg, but I still say Chris would definitely be the better Scotty. Seems to me that if the pruducers of the film really want to do the right thing (and make even more money) they’d find a different part for Simon.

51. gretchen bonaduce - November 6, 2007

Chris…who better to fill you late father’s shoes rather than you!!!! I hope they give the rightful owner the part of Scotty…YOU!
Good Luck!

52. Bohemian Girl - November 6, 2007

I second Gretchen’s comment! Good luck – I hope you get the part.

53. Leigh - November 6, 2007

Word from Chris is that he was sick as a dog that day, but he was a trouper and gave it his all. Hopefully things pan out! Anything reinforcing that the Trek universe is a family is good by me!

54. I AM THX-1138 - November 6, 2007

Hey, what did you guys do with that three foot model of the Enterprise, anyway?

Just kidding.

55. RaveOnEd - November 6, 2007

Chris – If you’re looking in: has Simon Pegg or have you offered to lend Simon something of your Dad’s to have with him while shooting the movie, kind of to have that mojo with him (I always thought that would be cool, if someone in the movie had something of their predecessor’s on their person while filming…)

56. Gene Coon was the better Gene - November 6, 2007

Well, now don’t I feel like a braying ass, seeing actual Roddenberrys posting here, with this screen name.

Sorry guys, just trying to be funny.

# 32 &33 Glad you guys got the “viewer off!” reference! How funny was that second one? Thought Jimbo was going cry.

57. Kim - November 6, 2007

Gene Roddenberry was the beat man who ever lived. To bad he wasn’t president! The world would be at peace finally!

58. Trek or Treat - November 6, 2007

# 56

No kidding! For some reason I think of that line every time I see a pic from the rec deck scene in TMP.

Hey CmdrR! TV News guy here too (until I quit a couple of years ago.) As a producer, I too had many “supporting roles” as the blur behind our anchor’s head during news updates. What market are you in?

… and it wouldn’t be Trek without a Doohan in engineering Givin’ her all she’s got cap’n! :)

59. TG - November 6, 2007

I agree that Star Trek wouldn’t be Star Trek without a Doohan and he should be given the opportunity to play a meaningful role. As a second-generation, life-long Trekkie, the choice is an obvious one.

Besides, he’s a rather handsome dude and would look good on the silver screen!!

60. Bones - November 6, 2007

Why on earth would he want to be involved with this heresy !

61. Bobby - November 6, 2007

as Llyod Christmas said…”Pick em up!!!”

62. I AM THX-1138 - November 6, 2007

A bit too much coffee this morning? Pray tell. I’m just dying to hear why you think that this movie is “heresy”.

(I hear a train a’ comin’)

63. I AM THX-1138 - November 6, 2007

Pardon me, I meant #60 of course. I have no excuse for my typo other than a horribly dirty mind. And the damn 9 and 0 are too close together.

64. Trekfanfromwayback - November 6, 2007

I don’t think its heresy at all. I think Enterprise was cancelled because of the bad network carrier (the reason I had to watch them all on dvd), and was actually a good show. I am looking forward to the Trek movie, as long as they maintain canon consistency and open a new avenue for Trek to progress in. The characters were great in TOS. No reason to believe they cannot be resurrected better than Bond.

65. Sue Weinholtz - November 6, 2007

I third Gretchen Bonaduce’s comment!!!!!!!!!!

66. Sue Perkins - November 6, 2007

I love Star Trek and have been a fan since I was little. I think it would be awesome to have Chris Doohan in the movie. And I agree with Gretchen, who better than Chris to fill his late father’s shoes. Good luck Chris!

67. Rick - November 6, 2007

Go Chris go! Hopefully it will be a speaking part. I know it will probably be minor, but I hope it is one of those cool minor moments. Many films have them. Also your father was very cool and I wish I had had a chance to meet him!

68. Soozie Laubach - November 6, 2007

Chris! this is so totally awesome! Break a leg, show them how a Doohan can really do Trek! :)

They’d be fools not to bring you on board!

Keep us posted


69. Ralph F - November 7, 2007

Chris’ line should be one directly to Scotty, and it should go something like, “But, sir, we can’t change the laws of physics — can we?”

70. Sandy Dartz - November 7, 2007

Chris definitely deserves a part in the new Star Trek movie!!!!! When Simon was casted to play the part of Scottie aka James Doohan, Chris took it like a man and gave Simon his full support. His father James would surely be most proud of Chris for doing such. In light of such, even though Chris’s fan’s feel he should have gotten the part he does deserve to be casted in some role to credit his father

71. k7 - November 7, 2007

He should cast as be the Chief Engineer who hands the E over to Scotty

72. Harry Ballz - November 7, 2007

The fans hear a chance to include a Doohan
And like birds in a flock, they all start a cooin’
Chris involved would be great
Cast him now, before it’s too late
With him in the film, you won’t hear any booin’

yeah, yeah….I know….hey, YOU try and find a word that rhymes with Doohan!

73. Jim Secola - November 8, 2007

Go Chris. he should definetely get a part!

74. anon - November 9, 2007

that’s fantastic!
Hope you get it!
Much luck to you, Chris!!!

75. Sue A. Svihra - November 9, 2007

There couldn’t possible be a better person for the job! Good luck Chris!

76. Sparky - November 9, 2007

Go for it Chris, you belong there somewhere..
Besides that Gretchens BBQ statement sounds fun !

77. that crazy red head. - November 9, 2007

You NEED to be in this, and deserve it!
I wish you the best of luck!!

78. Melinda G - November 9, 2007

I am an original Trek fan and if “Scotty’s” son wants a shot at the part……..then by golly he should have it!! If he is even half as amazing as his father, he will shine!!

Plus if Gretchen vouches for him……..then I am on board…….give this man a chance to do his dad proud!!

Mel (aka Dr. Mel on

79. REVA - November 9, 2007


80. Arielle - November 9, 2007

I hope that Chris gets the part , It would be wonderful for him to be even a little more apart of something that has been in his life since he was seven. I really think he should have this time to shine and show the world how great of a job he would be at the part. Get it Done Son!!!!! xoxo

81. Sue & Milt - November 9, 2007

Our Myspace friend, Gretchen Bonaduce, is pulling for Chris Doohan. But that is not the only reason that we hope he gets a part in the new movie. My husband & I have been avid Star Trek fans since 1966, & James Doohan, aka “Scotty,” was always a favorite in our family. Best of luck, Chris!

82. Melissa - November 9, 2007

Good luck Chris! I hope you get the part!

83. J. Michael Lewis - November 9, 2007

This would be a great way to honor the legacy of Star Trek and the legacy of his father. This would really be an awesome tribute to the phenomenon and the fans.

84. Amanda - November 9, 2007

I think this is a great opportunity to have him honor his father and the world that he grew up in. I hope he does get a role in the new Star Trek movie. Kudos to him for trying *thumbs up*

85. Dawn - November 9, 2007

Chris Doohan would make an awesome Scottie, its not like he hasnt been around the Star Trek saga all his life. Good luck to Chris,I am sure he would put his heart and soul into the role and make his father proud.

86. Randall Anderson - November 9, 2007

Hey J.J., the least you can do is give Chris a minor speaking role, especially if you already have your heart set on casting Simon as Scotty. (Though why that might be is surely a mystery to me since he really doesn’t resemble the late Jimmy D., but CGI can do wonders.)

87. Juls - November 9, 2007

He needs to get this part because he is amazing talented!!

The family Juls:)

88. rinna - November 10, 2007

I would love to see Chris in the new film.

89. Druschba - November 10, 2007

That’S a good a idea! A big GO for Scotty Junior!

90. Donna - November 10, 2007

Chris Congratulations on you audition hope you get the part

91. Doohan's Angel - November 10, 2007

Hire Chris! Hire Chris! Hire Chris! Did I mention you should hire Chris? Please Hire Chris!!!!!!!

92. dawn - November 11, 2007

yeah chris, hope you get it!

93. Jaclyn - November 12, 2007

YES, Chris would be the perfect scotty… there is no other choice!!!

94. Chris Doohan - November 13, 2007

Fellow Trek Fans,

I can’t thank you enough for all the nice comments that were posted on this, and other websites and I must say that I’m truly amazed at the outpouring of support that I’ve received. If my Father were alive today, he would be proud to know that his fans were still thinking of him and that they are supporting me on this quest to land a role on the new Star Trek movie.

Thanks again, Chris is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.