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Shatner Talks ‘Star Trek’ Flap + Announces Free Vegas Trip Promotion November 8, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Books,Shatner,Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

In the Last couple of weeks William Shatner’s comments about not yet being asked to be in the new Star Trek have been all over the news. Shatner called in to the Howard Stern show this morning [listen to audio below] and right off the bat Stern dug in, telling him he was “carrying on like a crazy man.” Shatner defended himself saying that he only answers questions when asked and that “they blow it up.” The original Captain Kirk went on to say he “doesn’t care” about not being in the movie, but again stated that asking Nimoy to be in the film without himself was a “stupid business decision.” When asked what he felt about new young actors taking over the roles, Shat seemed OK with it stating “time marches on.”

Shatner also recounted that he talked to director J.J. Abrams multiple times on the phone and in person, including a time when Abrams came down to the set of Boston Legal and they had lunch. Stern and co-host Robin Quivers ribbed Shatner that maybe after seeing him acting Abrams decided not to put him in the movie. Later in the interview Stern recalled he and Shatner hadn’t seen each other in a while which promoted Shatner to joke “we had dinner that one time, and then like J.J. Abrams you never had dinner with me again.”

Shatner also voiced support for George Takei and Nichelle Nichols appearing in the NBC show Heroes. “They should load themselves up with all these wonderful people and talents,” said Shatner.

Meet The Shat in Vegas for Free
Shatner also went on to plug his latest projects, including the audio book “Exodus” and his latest Trek book “Star Trek – Academy – Collision Course.” Shatner also announced a special book promotion in conjunction with Tahiti Village in Las Vegas. On November 19th you can meet Shatner and get a free signed copy of his latest Trek book plus two free nights at a Las Vegas hotel. The catch is likely to be that you have to listen to a time share promotion before you get to meet the Shat. For more info call 888-30-GO-NOW.

Audio of full Shatner interview on the Howard Stern Show

(note you may need to reload page to hear the file)

More on Howard Stern’s show at Sirius.

Star Trek Academy Collision Course available now at Amazon



1. Tim Handrahan - November 8, 2007

The filming has just started! We will see! FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Alex Calloway - November 8, 2007

Nice to see the Shatner is a gracious and reasonable guy who nevertheless sticks to his guns. I would very much like to see him in the new movie but as it would only be a cameo anyway, I’m not sure it would matter that much. This is a guy who can still play Kirk in a lead role, and that I would really have enjoyed to see.

3. I AM THX-1138 - November 8, 2007


This thread will go really well.

4. James Heaney - November 8, 2007

I love you, THX.

5. Pragmaticus - November 8, 2007

Here we go again…

6. Robo-dude - November 8, 2007

Shatner is just like a hangover that will never go away. IF he REALLY wanted to be in this film then he’d ask for barebones pay to be in it. He wants his cake and to eat it too. He’s just not worth it!

7. Ahkenatan - November 8, 2007

Longtime Lurker but I had to post. I hope they get Mr. Shatner in the flick but if not the powers that be have their reasons and I will just be glad to have another trek flick to look foward to. Thanks JJ, Orci and Kurtzman!

8. Classic trek - November 8, 2007

interesting listening. shatner is genuinley dissapointed about not being in the film. you can tell that. i agree with shat that the TWO of them should be in it.

i take issue with the guy who says ‘no one cares about nimoy’. thats rubbish. millions of star trek fans love nimoy and the bloke helped create one of tv and fims biggest best known iconic figures. what a stupid thing to say.

come on abrahams make it happen, theres still time to sort it. agree with #2
united kingdom

9. sean's clone - November 8, 2007

Yeah – I agree, Shat did sound disappointed and he makes a valid point that it was a bad business decision because Nimoy is cast.

10. CmdrR. - November 8, 2007

Hard to say how much of this is hype chasing hype and how much Shatner is originating. I will not believe he’s not in the movie until I’m driving home Christmas night ’08.

Robin Quivers on Stern.
Robin Givens was Tyson’s ex punching bag.

11. sean's clone - November 8, 2007

addendum – A bad business decision in his opinion which I tend to agree with.

12. SirMartman - November 8, 2007

Well we have reached the first day of filming the new Trek,

and sadly its the first day that,,yes,,, Im starting to give up hope of Mr Shatner really being in this.

oh when will the “Kirk death mistake” be fixed,,,


13. Ron Mosher - November 8, 2007

Was hoping to get this laid to rest by now. *sigh*

14. Nelson - November 8, 2007

Don’t know if anyone saw Boston Legal this week. But there was some funny in-jokes going on. The other characters complaining how the character Denny Crane was always thinking about himself all the time. There was a gag where he hits his intercom button asking for security. And a few other subtle and seeningly Star Trek related jokes. To my ear, it sounded like they were sort of poking fun at this whole subject of Shater making more out this being in the film then was really true.

I do believe the press is making more of this then Shatner has. But then Shatner did provide some fuel from his answers.

Let’s hope we see him in this film.

15. Chris Pike - November 8, 2007

Thanks! we in the UK and rest of world don’t get to catch or notice these broadcasts if it wasn’t for this site, very enjoyable listening to His Shatness at His relaxed best like this…!

16. Silvereyes - November 8, 2007


Spock somehow changes the timeline. After he returns to the present (his present), somewhere he unexpectedly meets Kirk (in a scene somewhat reminiscent of ST II when he meets Kirk in a hallway at Starfleet Academy and gives him the book “A Tale of Two Cities” as a birthday present). Spock hadn’t realized his effect on the timeline would negate Kirk’s death and you see the emotion welling up in him (though not too much). Kirk notices this and wonders what’s wrong with his old friend and asks “Spock… What’s wrong?” to which our favorite Vulcan replies, after a pause “Nothing. All is well.”

There. Kirk is now undead and we can forget about that idiotic TNG movie Generations and all other cheesy TNG movies and we can all be happy and dream of happy things from now on.

17. Ryan - November 8, 2007

Captain Kirk died on Veridian 3. His rock grave is still there I’m sure.

I know there are people who want Shatner in the movie, and I can understand some reasons why. I, for one, do not want him in it. But, if you honestly think that the film will fail based on Shatner not being in it then you are completely out of touch with society. This film is a huge attempt to push ST to the next level and re-invigorate it to make it relevant to society once again.

As a college student, age 22 who, in my opinon, is completely in touch with the people around me, I can say that no person wouldn’t see the movie if Shatner wasn’t in it. I can say they wouldn’t see the movie because it is Star Trek. It is “nerdy” or “uncool.” Let the the producers, director, writers tell their own story and do their job on bringing Trek back to the limelight. Having Shatner in it for the sake of having him in it is not a wise business decision. Not the other way around. Nimoy was cast because he fit into the story and older Spock is a necessary character. If Shatner can’t fit into the story then Shatner can’t fit into the story.

18. Mazzer - November 8, 2007

17: You saved me from saying it. Spot on!

19. VulcanBabe - November 8, 2007

Hmmm…I would see the movie if Shatner wasn’t in it…but I’d be terribly dissapointed in both Abrams and Star Trek XI!
And if the movie isn’t just absolutely amazing…I won’t bother to buy the DVD. If Shatner and Nimoy were both in it…I’d buy the DVD just because I buy everything that has that couple in it. ;P

20. KennyB - November 8, 2007

17–I agree with everything you just said. JJ is trying to make it cool to be a Trek fan……..for the first time ever.

Ryan said “I can say that no person wouldn’t see the movie if Shatner wasn’t in it. ”

Isn’t that like a triple negative? LOL :-)

21. John N - November 8, 2007

#17. Ryan

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Do you guys have any idea how difficult it’s been for me to get a SINGLE person to go and see “The Menagerie” with me next week? The same friends who loved Casino Royale, who flocked to Transformers, who loved Batman Begins, won’t touch “Star Trek” with a 10 foot pole because it’s too nerdy.

Gasp! How can this be?!!! Chatner is in “The Menagerie”, and he’s the hottest actor on the planet right now! Don’t these people realize his greatness?! ;)

22. John N - November 8, 2007

oops… Chatner = Shatner…

Then again, with all the talking he’s been doing lately, maybe Chatner isn’t such a bad nickname after all… :)

23. Michael Hall - November 8, 2007

“And if the movie isn’t just absolutely amazing…I won’t bother to buy the DVD.”

So if the movie is just plain amazing, rather than absolutely amazing, that’s a deal-breaker for you? :-)

24. Harry Ballz - November 8, 2007

Shatner is turning into one of those typical septegenarians who will talk the ear off of anyone willing to listen………..

“y’know, sonny, back in my day, I used to be in a really popular T.V. show…..and it was IN COLOR!!!”

25. David - November 8, 2007

Kirk is dead by the ‘current’ 24th century timeline, so the fact that they tried and failed to get Shatner’s Kirk into the picture in a big way does of course suggest part of the film is set in the 24th century after his death.

I for one wouldn’t enjoy having him pop up as a hologram, or a dream, or a flashback.

I think this shows how seriously the writers and producers are taking continuity, and bodes well for the film concept as a whole

26. Gary Lee - November 8, 2007

Has Shatner been told not to say anything about being in the movie so not to spoil the outcome? If true or not he is over doing it with his complaining to a point that you don’t want to see him in the movie or anywhere.

27. trektacular - November 8, 2007

Shatner keeps talking about bad business decision, screw business. Too many business decisions are what kill movies.

28. Classic trek - November 8, 2007

#17 ryan

i dont think the film will fail if shatner isnt in it. i think it will do well regardless. i juts think it makes sense for him to be in it with nimoy. hes well, active and able to do so…so why not. for me there would be a gaping hole in it. the death of kirk in generations was hanlded poorly in my opinion and i think he was killed for the sake of sticking bums on seats.

he is a golden opportunity – a once in a life time opportunity to do so many things on so many different levels. for me to see shatner and nimoy both handing over the baton would be awesome. it would be like an endorsement of the new crew. to see these guys together as kirk and spock one more time would be amazing.

i just think its the right thing to do.

29. Cygnus-X1 - November 8, 2007

Howard Stern and Robin Quivers — two people incapable of speaking without detracting from the sum of human knowledge.

I especially enjoyed the sagacious Mr. Stern’s profound observation that “Nobody cares about Leonard Nimoy.”

At any rate, Shatner does admit in the interview that he’s “a little sad about not being in the film.”

He’s lobbied his best, but it ain’t gonna happen. Filming is underway and there’s no more writing.

30. Dennis Bailey - November 8, 2007

Hey, I hear there’s a “movie insider” over at TrekBBS who has some big scoop about all this. :lol: :lol:

31. JeFF - November 8, 2007

Aww, go Bill Shatner, you crazy man.

32. CCBeck - November 8, 2007

link or topic name?

33. jonboc - November 8, 2007

They have until March 08 to make Shat an offer he won’t refu$e. That’s plenty of time to negotiate a deal. If you don’t think Shatner’s part is already on the page you’re kidding yourself. If the money starts to talk, Shat will walk the walk.

34. CCBeck - November 8, 2007

Oh jeez…I found it …never mind….sigh… :(

35. johnny - November 8, 2007

It’s just SO disappointing that William Shatner (more than likely) won’t be in the movie. It would of been such a wonderful opportunity to have him and Nimoy together again. Without a doubt, it would make the movie – unforgettable.

36. Kev-1 - November 8, 2007

I just think what’s obvious and troubling about the movie is not that Shatner won’t be in it, it’s that it appears to involve time travel and the death of , or removal of KIrk and or Kirks yet again. If that ‘s the plot I have to quote the Kirk himself in STII: “As a physician you of all people should appreciate the danger of reopening old wounds.” But I don’t know the plot so they may not go that way.

37. Gene Coon was the Better Gene - November 8, 2007

Here’s some business reality, and cultural reality. Star Trek is geeky and uncool, but in unequal leveles of uncool. At the far end of the nerdy- live-in-their-mom’s-basement-celibacy scale are the painfully earnest TNG, Voyager, and DS9 fans. NO sense of fun over there. At the other end are the TOSers, who (while still measurably uncool) at least have some sense of humor, icon cache, and the more established emotional bond with American culture. The most recent TNG movies were never going to tap into any mainstream interest because to do so, they would have had to pander to mainstream story demands, and risk offending their true believers in a huge internet temper tantrum.

So the new ST movie has a chance to cross over a little bit by bringing back the more accepted characters, and even one of the TOS icons, Nimoy. This guarantees that ST faithful of all stripes should come back to see the new film. But they aren’t numerous enough to put it over $200mm, I fear. By featuring only Nimoy, they inherently limit the potential crossover mainstream (ie non-Trek fan) audience by not making the movie a bigger “happening”, that a Shatner-Nimoy appearance would make it. So when Shat criticizes his absence as a business mistake, he has a point.

This is why I have always believed that, while dumb, Paramount is not irredeemably stupid. They know that Shat is pretty popular right now, and that he is their only ace in the hole to spark crossover interest. That is why I say Shatner will deny he is in the movie until the moment he appears on screen at the premiere. Him appearing would create a buzz that would make the movie a must see event. He’ll be there.

38. Dennis Bailey - November 8, 2007

#37:”Here’s some business reality, and cultural reality. Star Trek is geeky and uncool, but in unequal leveles of uncool. At the far end of the nerdy- live-in-their-mom’s-basement-celibacy scale are the painfully earnest TNG, Voyager, and DS9 fans. NO sense of fun over there. At the other end are the TOSers, who (while still measurably uncool) at least have some sense of humor, icon cache, and the more established emotional bond with American culture. ”

That’s unadulterated drivel. Perhaps it’s self-persuasive.

39. Greg2600 - November 8, 2007

First, thank you to Anthony for the audio.
Second, 888-30-GO-NOW.
Third, I think this interview shows that Shatner is not being arrogant, annoying or infantile. He’s had the same story the whole way through. J.J. Abrams gave him a pep talk, then never got back to him. The only reason the story continues is because J.J. has been silent. Plus I think you’re probably be hearing a lot more of this kind of thing. All the media outlets will mention Shatner’s absence when talking about the movie. I am with Robin Quivers in that I don’t understand why they would talk about including Shatner but not have that already in the script?

40. Robert April - November 8, 2007

I find it interesting (after all the previous talk) that no “A-List” actors have been cast in this movie. I wonder what/who they are saving up their pennies for. Couldn’t be for Shatner could it?

41. Gene Coon was the Better Gene - November 8, 2007

#38 Oh, come on. No drivel, adulterated or otherwise. Are we disagreeing about the degree of nerdiness, or my over the top ad hominem generalization of the TNG guys? (OK, I like to tweak ’em, but I am good natured, not mean!) Surely we aren’t saying that ST is cool? I have been watching since the early 70’s, and even I admit ST isn’t very cool. I love it, but isn’t exactly John Wayne. Aren’t we posting here to have fun?

42. Xai - November 8, 2007

39. Greg2600 – November 8, 2007
First, thank you to Anthony for the audio.
Second, 888-30-GO-NOW.

What are you hyping? I don’t dial something without a little knowledge of what’s up.

43. Xai - November 8, 2007

He’s not going to be in it….. it’s time to be accepting folks and move on. If that means you don’t see the movie, I am cool with that…. will you be?

44. Magic_Al - November 8, 2007

My mom watches Boston Legal (I got her into it by saying it was kind of like L.A. Law) and has little interest in sci-fi. Considering the years of BL, Rescue 911, T.J. Hooker and the rest of Shatner’s incredibly long resume there must be millions of people who enjoy Shatner but aren’t into Star Trek.

Shatner does have crossover appeal, but I don’t think one more appearance in a non-starring role can make more people cross over to Star Trek who haven’t already in the past 40 years. If Shatner’s non-Trekkie fans haven’t already sought out his past Star Trek work, available everywhere, they’re not going to because of this movie.

45. Xai - November 8, 2007

wait a minute… Shatner said no one talked to him and now he says he and JJ had several conversations? And lunch….

All that Biotching in here about “no one contacted him… how dare they…” blah, blah, blah…

More assumptions…

46. Dennis Bailey - November 8, 2007

#41:” Surely we aren’t saying that ST is cool?”

Certainly not – I just wasn’t buying the Orwellian “some animals are more equal than others” schtick. :lol:

47. dalek - November 8, 2007

#45 Xai thats well documented stuff prior to the announcement of Nimoy in Shatner out. Go to Trekweb archives. Shatner and Nimoy met with Abrams prior to the writing of the script.

#30 you don’t mean like Herc at AICN do you lol

Come on JJ break the silence. Mr Orci, it’s gone on too long. Yay or Nay. You are on strike therefore anything you say is between us ;)

48. CaptainlordBat - November 8, 2007

gotta love the scam….the want my credit card and a 150.00 deposit lol

49. Silhouette - November 8, 2007

I want “Barbary Coast” on DVD…right now!

50. Xai - November 8, 2007

#47 Dalek,
Agreed… many saw it… but he should not be acting ignorant or indignant.
A friend of mine in the media has interviewed him twice over the years. He found him to be an Adam Henry on both occaisions. He’s proving it again with the repeated “stupid business decisions” quote.. much like this Tahiti Village time share thing that I hear spread all over the radio too.

51. VOODOO - November 8, 2007


If Shatner isn’t in this movie (as he declares an an hourly basis) why don’t you guys just come out and say it?

Nobody is a bigger fan of Shatner as Kirk than I am, but this whole thing is getting tired and taking away from the people who are in the film.

52. Focuspuller - November 9, 2007

40. Eric Bana starred in Munich and Troy, billed in both. You don’t have to be Tom Cruise to be on the A-list.

53. Admiral_Bumblebee - November 9, 2007

#51 Because he is in the movie and they want to keep it a secret ;)

54. Robert April - November 9, 2007


“Eric Bana starred in Munich and Troy, billed in both. You don’t have to be Tom Cruise to be on the A-list.”

Well, actually you pretty much DO have to be a Tom Cruise. Bana starred in the Hulk movie too but that does not make him well known to the average moviegoer. THAT is what makes an A-LISTER. That, and a track record of making a ton of money for the studios. Harrison Ford would be another example.

55. Robert April - November 9, 2007

(Bana is certainly a rising star and may reach the A list, I’ll give you that…)

56. fellow_canuck - November 9, 2007

Why not offer him a cut of the profits…if the movie flops (which I highly doubt), then he gets what he deserves. If the movie exceeds expectations – likewise.

It’s not like he needs the money – take some risk, Shat! That’s what Kirk’s all about.

No doot aboot it, eh?

57. Leonel - November 9, 2007

Oh, alright.. I’ll say it:

Has anyone thought of asking the Shat what he thinks about Kirk’s death scene now? Just to see how that compares to being asked about not being in the film? Because if he’s been asked, it has surely been buried deep in the “is he? isn’t he?” debacle.

And: in Generations, remember Kirk’s reactions when bombarded by the press about not being in the center seat of Enterprise? Weren’t they a flustered, “fine, fine..”? Am I wrong or does it feel like life just might be imitating art?


58. dalek - November 9, 2007

#50 I’ve always found Shatner’s ego to be enteraining. In fact in the last few years he’s been the first to poke fun at his own ego, probably starting as way back as that episode of Fresh Prince “IM William Shatner!!!!”

In regards to the whole Trek movie thing. It’s just gone way too far. I’m bored of the Shat saying he’s not in it. But I’m also getting lethargic over the one party (JJ abrams and co) who could end this with finanility if they just broke silence. They are the ones who kept it all going after we’d all accepted it was never going to happen. The blame is all round.

The fact they are still silent says one thing: they are quite happily riding the waves of publicity that Shatner is bringing attention to the movie. Controversy creates interest.

59. The Moseph - November 9, 2007

Ya know, it didn’t seem to bother Bill that much when he was cast in Generations and Nimoy wasn’t. Of course, Nimoy was asked in that case and declined when his offer of rewriting the script and directing was declined and in this case The Shat hasn’t been asked at all it seems. A stupid business decision? I guess that depends on whether you think someone should be cast because of who they are or because there is a decent supporting role for them.

60. juggernaut - November 9, 2007

Cygnus X-1
Stern is one of the best interviewers on the planet. Narrow minded people like you hate him because you don’t get it. I’m sure you prefer the mindless drivel that spews from Larry King, or maybe you prefer the right wing rhetoric of Limbaugh. People like Shatner talk to Stern because not only does he have a huge fan base (many trek fans included – not you of course) but because he is genuine. People listem to him because he asks the questions that “safe” interviewers will not ask. I don’t just mean the sexual stuff. He is extremely intelligent, and doesn’t miss a thing. He is also informed. When he interviews someone, he is prepared. He knows the subject. I’m sure you must be offended when he does his “gross” stuff, but that’s only part of the whole package. Try opening your mind – like a real trekker would, and really see what he’s about. Shatner gets it – maybe you can too.

61. JBS (hailing frequencies open from Issaquah, Washington) - November 9, 2007

I’m not going to read any more Shatner stories regarding the new movie, unless it’s one announcing he’s in it. This whining about not being in it (by him and my fellow posters) is getting so old I can’t take it anymore.

62. I AM THX-1138 - November 9, 2007

So in response to my post @ #3:

I’d say that went rather well.

63. Gene Coon was the better Gene - November 9, 2007

#41:” Surely we aren’t saying that ST is cool?”

Certainly not – I just wasn’t buying the Orwellian “some animals are more equal than others” schtick.

OK! Truce! I think we’ve reached common ground. I was just funnin’.

I’m going on a breathing strike until the Shat is in the movie. Who’s with me?! (passes out)

64. trektacular - November 9, 2007

60. Stern isn’t better at interviewing just because he’s ruder.

65. Greg2600 - November 9, 2007

61 – JBS – You’re whining about the whining, which I wouldn’t call whining, is getting old too. Cue the Schwartzeneggar audio clip “Stop Whining!”

58. dalek – Even I have had enough of Bill talking about it. But the problem is he is now out there promoting his new Star Trek book, amongst other things. So he is inevitably going to be asked by ever interviewer he talks with.

Abrams’ silence is just strange, that’s all I will say. Granted the movie shoot is supposed to last all the way until March, if his writers are on strike (supposedly), doesn’t that preclude Shatner is out? If so, just come out and say it, but there must be some reason he has not. I’m hoping the reason is that they’re still trying to write him in.

66. MichaelJohn - November 9, 2007

I think the Shat should do his talk/sing thing during the end credits of the movie…

Maybe he can record the original TOS theme to a hip hop/rap beat or something. He’s already said no thanks to a cameo role in the next film, but maybe he will be interested in doing the soundtrack.

Mike :o

67. VOODOO - November 9, 2007


Shatner has already been written into this film if he is going to be in it.

I also find it strange that Abrams has not said anything about Shatner. That leads me to think that he still may show up.

68. Xai - November 9, 2007

Why do you think Abrams, Orci or any of the Bad Robot team OWES anyone an explaination of who is cast and who is not? I doubt they are basking in the waves of publicity generated by Shatner’s absence in the movie. That was about a two day “wave” on the entertainment and human interest headlines. They likely are doing their work as best they can to shoot and work around the strike and take care of business. Silence isn’t strange… they just don’t HAVE to inform us…even if it drives some of you nuts.

69. Iowagirl - November 10, 2007

– I’m going on a breathing strike until the Shat is in the movie. Who’s with me?! (passes out) –

I am with you – actually, I passed out some weeks ago. My re-imagination is sitting in front of my screen and keeps typing while I’m being resurrected.

70. Camaro 09 - November 10, 2007

XAI #68

The filmmakers don’t owe us anything at all, but they have been very open to the fans in every other way.

The writers go as far as spending time with us on this very site. When you consider how open + fan friendly they have been in all other regards. I think it is reasonable to ask why they are so closed mouth about Shatner.

As I’m sure you know the Shatner question has been by far the single hottest topic on this and nearly every other Star Trek board.

When you consider that Mr Orci himself did not rule Shatner out even after the start of filming. I think it is a very legit question to ask. They don’t have to answer if the choose not to.

If they truly had no interest in Shatner why not simply say it?

71. Greg2600 - November 10, 2007

Voodoo, Brent Spiner has been singing in almost every movie since Generations. No more Trek cast singing! LOL

Although Nimoy singing The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins and Shatner sing talking Tamborine Man would be great!

72. The Vulcanista - November 10, 2007

#71: Although Nimoy singing The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins and Shatner sing talking Tamborine Man would be great!


Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

73. VOODOO - November 10, 2007

Camaro #70 – Well said.

Xai -# 68 – Read Camaro’s post #70. He said exactly what I would have said.

Greg2600- They should save any future singing for their next priceline commercial. “You know what to do dog, just bust a move”

Although, I love Nimoy singing “Bitter Dregs” (my wife goofs on my every time that episode is on) in “Plato’s Stepchildren”

You never know. Perhaps Shatner’s rumored cameo in the last scene could be some type of song and dance number?

Think Gene Wilder/Peter Boyle in “Young Frankenstein”

74. Harry Ballz - November 10, 2007

Shatner and Nimoy singing together would be enough to raise Mugatu from the dead!!

Hmmmmm……………….I smell the plotline for an independent film!!

75. Cygnus-X1 - November 10, 2007

60. juggernaut –

— Try opening your mind – like a real trekker would, and really see what he’s about. —

Shall I open my mind wide enough to make baseless presumptions about you, as you have done me?

I used to watch Howard Stern’s show regularly. He has done some good interviews. The best of his interviews, that I’ve seen, was the one that he did with Paul McCartney, shortly after McCartney had gotten together with Heather Mills.

The reason that the McCartney interview was so good is that McCartney, being as famous, well-liked, wealthy and successful as he is, was in the position to demand that Stern behave in a less crass and base fashion than he normally does when left to his own devices.

Consequently, Stern asked the probing questions not asked in the mainstream, conventional media — the kind of questions that you (and I) are so fond of — without making such idiotic and crass comments as, “Nobody cares about Leonard Nimoy.”

Also absent in Stern’s interview with McCartney was Stern’s trade-marked, race-to-the-bottom way of thinking. Perhaps you know what I’m talking about — it’s that way of thinking that’s often found amongst the dregs of society, a mentality unencumbered by the striving toward self-improvement or what’s colloquially referred to as “good taste.”

It’s a choice of seeking to bring out the worst in people for the purpose of spectacle, as opposed to bringing out the best in people for its own sake.

— He is extremely intelligent, and doesn’t miss a thing. He is also informed. When he interviews someone, he is prepared. He knows the subject. —

I would edit out “extremely,” and appropriately rephrase the subsequent laudation to reflect the many levels being missed at any given time by Howard Stern. But, perhaps I am missing the finer points of throwing balogna at womens’ butts and comparing penis sizes (literally) with one’s subordinates.

That Stern is an intelligent man is what makes him and a show such a travesty.

Robin Quivers, however, is an outright buffoon. I could never stand her, when I used to watch the show. Her mindless parroting of Stern’s comments, combined with her total lack of Stern’s aforementioned intelligence and skill, are insufferable.

But, this is quite a digression, isn’t it?

The bottom line, for me, shows Howard Stern as a net negative rather than a net positive. His good attributes do not redeem his bad ones, as far as I’m concerned. It’s really quite a shame and a waste of talent.

76. Anthony Pascale - November 10, 2007


final warning for flaming (note changing names doesnt reset you)

comments to

77. Xai - November 10, 2007

70. Camaro 09 and VOODOO – November 10, 2007

It’s their business decision to not answer any of you, even if the world stopped turning over Shatner’s apparent exclusion. And it didn’t…
The question’s been asked dozens of times now and Bad Robot isn’t speaking. Surprise!

It’s like playing cards, if the opposition asks what cards you have…do you tell?…even if it’s cards you won’t use?

Your question WILL get answered… it just takes patience.

78. VOODOO - November 10, 2007


True enough.

It will be answered in time.

79. Nicole - November 11, 2007

William Shatner IS Captain James Tiberius Kirk. There should be no dispute about that. However, Trek fans Shatner is throwing a little snit fit because he is not in the new movie. That is all well and good but do we not remember Star Trek Generations where Captain Kirk dies in the Nexis. There is no dispute that Kirk is dead in the future so how much sense would it make to resurrect him? It would make no sense…so J.J. Abrams is correct in not casting Shatner as “future Kirk” or “elder Kirk” or whatever. However, I greatly anticipate the coming of this film next year.

80. Xai - November 11, 2007

#79 Nicole

well put

81. Robert April - November 11, 2007

79. Nicole – November 11, 2007

Well put Nicole.

But you lost me after “William Shatner IS Captain James Tiberius Kirk.”


82. Trekfanfromwayback - November 12, 2007

Look at this guy now. Does a man in that kind of shape still have a place on Star Trek? Do they have fat Star Fleet officers? He was great in the 60’s, but he really looked out of place in that uniform after IV (which is where they should have stopped, not because of him, but because the storylines went downhill, I think). I am looking forward to the newest Star Trek film, but to tell you the truth, if I knew Shatner was in it, my enthusiasm would be much more reserved. plus, not only was he killed in Generations, but how old would he have to be to still even be around? He’s not a Vulcan. Spock is around. He is still relevant. He’s not a fat guy! “Enterprise to Captain Kirk: You’re dead, Jim.”

83. Joe Richardson - December 27, 2007

Kirk died in Star Trek Generations, therefore I suppose the only way that Bill Shatner can appear in the new 2008 film is if a scene is set sometime before his death as a flash back or flash forward depending on the context. This will require make up and/or CGI to give Bill Shatner a younger look. Whatever the case it must be all very credible. A “Bobby Ewing” inconsistency would insult the intelligence of many a film go-er so please don’t include Bill just for the sake of it. This is a one off opportunity to make a great film. Don’t blow it. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.