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UPDATED: New Images From “The Deadly Years” + Video Preview November 9, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: TOS-R Preview , trackback

UPDATE: CBS just sent over a couple of cool new images of the Romulans from “The Deadly Years” airing this weekend. (click to enlarge)



The crew gets old and then some darned Romulans won’t get off their lawn!

The remastered “The Deadly Years” airs this weekend. Video preview courtesy of STARTREK.COM


1. Bill - November 5, 2007

The Romulan ships here look so much nicer than in Balance of Terror, I look forward to seeing them up close.

2. Michael Hall - November 5, 2007

As opposed to last week’s “Metamorphosis,” this is a fairly trite, thoroughly by-the-numbers episode. It’ll be worth tuning in to see the revamped FX, but that’s just about it.

3. toddk - November 5, 2007

I like how they make kirk appear to have died, but wish they would have used checkov’s comment about the romulan’s not taking prisoners..it would have made me smile..(which I did anyways)

4. Bill - November 5, 2007

Re: #3

I know some people love the New Voyages. They’re not my cup of tea (but hey, God Bless ‘Em. They’re having fun and entertaining folks and ain’t nothing wrong with that)

But the episode which was a followup to this episode… it was a bit weird. I know it was written quite some time ago, but it was a bit weird to have the “big events” in that episode completely ignored in the next episode.

By the way New Voyages folks, Trek is about moving forward, you have some great talent. So tell some new stories instead of letting each episode be a callback to nine old stories. We don’t need Gary Seven kidnapping Harry Mudd on the Botany Bay.

5. Jackson Roykirk - November 5, 2007

The plot device for this one may be a bit contrived — but Star Trek has always excelled at overcoming its own contrived plot devices and still somehow tell a quality story — as is the case with this ep.

‘Deadly Years’ isn’t one of my favorites, but it isn’t among my least favorites, either.

Maybe the remastered version will show (using CGI) how Kirk’s hair went from thin and grey to back to normal (thin and brown) in a few minutes. ;)

6. Bald is Beautiful - Picard for President! - November 5, 2007


What’s wrong with grey, thinning hair?!! LOL!!!

Picard / Marcus ’08

7. CmdrR. - November 5, 2007

What’s the deal with idiot commodores? And what’s Sulu doing, his nails? Why couldn’t he take the helm and haul nacelles to the nearest star base?

Pretty basic ep for Trek, not terrible, not great. Kirk’s ex girlfriend doesn’t quite live up to standards in this one. But, it’s always nice to mess with the Romulans’ minds.

8. Avi Chapman - November 5, 2007

Why don’t the CGI the real, old Shatner?

9. Avi Chapman - November 5, 2007

Sorry, I meant: Why don’t the CGI in the real, old Shatner?

10. Jeff Bond - November 5, 2007

Kirk’s ex girlfriend is possibly the worst female character shown on the series–most of the others, from Janice Lester to Helen Noel, managed to convincingly combine Sixties glamour with a semblance of scientific competence, but this woman is 100% bimbo.

Yes, the episode’s not great–but Shatner’s terrific in it. His courtroom interrogation at the hands of Spock is a masterpiece of pathos: “Anyway, you don’t command a starship by answering a lot of fool questions! …. Go ahead…ask me anything!” And I like how McCoy gets a thousand percent more Southern fried as he ages…

11. Star Quack - November 5, 2007

#9 THAT would be very cool! (but hopefully not unintentionally humorous).

12. Robert Bernardo - November 5, 2007

One of my favorite episodes! Always good to have a space battle once in awhile. :-) As a kid seeing it for the first time back in the 1960’s, I always wondered, “How will they get out of this? And this? And…”

In the Remastered preview, I see we have a shot of the Romulan Warbird in the foreground left with the Enterprise in the background right. Interesting… very reminiscent of the similar shot in Star Trek III with the Enterprise in foreground left with Romulan Bird-of-Prey in background right. In the Remastered preview, it seems that the energy bolts that the Warbirds are shooting are different from the plasma bolts used in the Remastered Balance of Terror episode. Perhaps the Romulans realized that the distance limit on the plasma bolt was too restrictive and went back a more standard weapon,

13. Al - November 5, 2007

Shatner wore a wig on top of his wig in this one – priceless!

14. AsFarAsLarry - November 5, 2007

#2 – It amazes me how many people were commenting on how much they liked Metamorphosis. I was laughing out loud most of the way through. I remember seeing it in syndications when I was about 8 for the first time, and I didn’t much enjoy it then. I’ve watched it again over the years, and it doesn’t get any better. When Cochran says, “Oh, well you are here to keep me company” and the crazy lady in the green dress starts in with the “OH MY GOD! THAT’S DISGUSTING!!!” Cochran says at one point “Oh…nothing will work here in the dampening field”, and then both the “Cloud Zapper 6000″ and the universal translator seem to work. Let’s not forget when Kirk says, “Hey…it’s female! Didn’t you hear the voice? Male and Female are universal constants!” Really?

I wanted to like it. I’ve tried to like it for years. It just doesn’t do anything for me. I would like to know what was so magical about it, in all honesty, in case I’m missing something. Or is this just one of the ones we decide is genius because Coon wrote it?

15. Andy Patterson - November 5, 2007


We don’t need Gary Seven kidnapping Harry Mudd on the Botany Bay

Now that would be cool. Might it have looked like this?

16. Michael Hall - November 5, 2007

Oh, for Pete’s sake. Coon wrote “Spock’s Brain” and “Spectre of the Gun” too, and do you hear anyone proclaiming either as a work of genius?

Tastes differ, and if you don’t care for “Metamorphosis” that’s fine (though what your comments about it are doing in this thread are anyone’s guess). IDIC and all that. But you don’t need to introduce strawmen about fans genuflecting at the altar of Gene Coon to justify your tastes, even if you’re in the minority. Coon was, by any fair measure, an outstanding television writer, and one of Trek’s top contributors, but as with Roddenberry he was clearly more than capable of pulling a clunker every now and then.

17. GaryP - November 5, 2007

Wow, the make-up is amazing. Kirk as an old man looks exactly like Shatner now. Kudos to the make-up department.

18. Michael Hall - November 5, 2007

Really, you think so? I was just reflecting that the makeup doesn’t look anything like Shatner does now. (Though I do agree the makeup was very well done.)

19. CmdrR. - November 5, 2007

Dr. Janet Wallace helped find the cure for hyper-aging. Maybe she was making ammends for putting her hubby in the sod at the ripe old age of 60. No wonder Kirk wanted no part of her. He was scared!

20. Jackson Roykirk - November 5, 2007


Great ‘Assignment Earth’ faux opening credits. That’s very much the kind of opening credits I would have expected from this failed spinoff (if it ever had the chance to air).

For some reason it reminds me of the opening credits for ‘The Prisoner’.

21. Al - November 5, 2007

Old Kirk hasn’t had the facelifts Old Shatner has (look at the stretched out wrinkles on Shatner’s forehead sometime.)

22. DavidJ - November 5, 2007


Actually in one of the many books out there, it’s stated that Shatner actually took OFF the hairpiece to make it easier for the makeup artists to do their thing.

I’ve always liked this episode. It’s fun watching the actors shuffle around the ship and act all grumpy and forgetful. :D

23. Al - November 5, 2007


24. T Negative - November 5, 2007


I was thinking that Kirk ages A LOT in a very short time in this episode. It would make sense that his posture and mid-section would be relatively unchanged. As opposed to the somewhat buoyant Shatner we have today. :D

25. FredCFO - November 5, 2007

“Behind enemy lines”?

“The crew must do without Kirk”?

They are pumping up the hype on this mediocre 2nd Season episode.

I always thought that it was rather improbable that a commodore would violate the Neutral Zone under any circumstances and then freeze like a deer in the headlights when attacked.

“The old Corbomite gag, it’s the second time the Romulans fell for that this month !” (Sorry, Max….)

I will watch it for the 1:30 of remastered effects…

26. Al - November 5, 2007

Rare (genuine) pic of Shatner sans wig. The first I have ever found


Make up being applied (for this episode?)

27. diabolk - November 5, 2007

Looks no different to me… ?

28. CmdrR. - November 5, 2007

Cool foreground shot of the Mitt Romulans! :)

29. Sean4000 - November 5, 2007

These warbirds seem way better than BOT’s warbirds. Shame they won’t go back and insert them into BOT.

One of the few things I’ll give CBS-D is that they do a great job of dustbusting the old 3rd-generation film footage. I can’t find stray hairs and blips anywhere!

30. Viking - November 5, 2007

Those Warbirds rock, but that geezer makeup is comically bad, given how the principals have actually aged over the last 40 years. The Shat won’t be that old AND thin until he’s been in a pine box for a few months. LOL ;-)

31. steve - November 5, 2007

#26-Al, looks like Shatner’s post-Trek hairstyle, I would guess that makeup photo is from his (mercifully) shortlived series “Barbary Coast”.

32. Captain Ucklak - November 5, 2007

I think it was perhaps a makeup photo for “The Devil’s Rain,” but I could be wrong.

33. Oregon Trek Geek - November 5, 2007

#23 AI and #26 AI–

Bill doesn’ look too bad bald in the photbucket pic!

And I always assumed Bill didn’t wear a hairpiece in TOS. I always figured the hairpiece started sometime after the end of TOS and before TMP…

Anyone know for sure (besides Bill)?

34. Al - November 5, 2007

Nope, he was wearing in TOS. See Solow and Justman’s book, plus comments by Joan Collins. The first image in #26 shows him sans wig, eg very thin at the front – I imagine he wore a piece with his own hair combed over the top at the hairline.

I agree, he actually looks good bald in #23

35. DavidJ - November 5, 2007


I don’ t think he was ever truly that bald. According to Doohan, his hair was just a little thin and patchy during TOS. The hairpiece was just to make it look thicker under the bright lights on the set (something a lot of actors probably did).

36. diabolk - November 5, 2007

I see they included the infamous shot of Kir’k’s crotch as he gets younger.

37. Mr. Pudgy Years - November 5, 2007

#12, the Enterprise would not have survived to be in another episode if the Romulans had used the plasma weapons in Deadly Years…

38. Andy Patterson - November 5, 2007


I’ve always liked “Spectre of the Gun”. The unique score (weird bar room piano music) and the sneering Doc Holiday and his gang. Fun episode. Plus the crazy Sherrif. “Kill ‘Em Man. ” “Do it any way you can.” Which I quote a lot in real life. And quite possible………….Chekov’s (Takei’s) finest moments on the show. “Mr. Earp,…..Get yur hands off a her-r.”

39. Andy Patterson - November 5, 2007


Sorry…I met Koenig’s moments on the show

40. Robo-dude - November 5, 2007

Ok…..I just have to ask but does anyone in the Internet world or elsewhere have a picture of William Shatner minus his wig as he was during the filming of ST-OS or for that matter at any time?

41. CanuckLou - November 5, 2007

I like Metamorphosis and this one too.

There are some great character moments in this between Kirk and Spock and Spock and McCoy.

42. Commodore Mendes - November 5, 2007

somewhat OT, but I don’t know where else to put this…

Several retailers have dropped the price of the Toshiba HD-A2 HD-DVD player, from $300 down to $200, and last Friday WalMart had a 1 day deal to buy it for $99 (and I bought one).

I wasn’t planning on buying the ST-R HD-DVDs, but now I may, given the big price drop in the player. As Black Friday draws closer, anyone who wants the Remastered DVDs should keep their eyes peeled for a repeat sale at $99.

43. Al - November 5, 2007

#35 – yes, agree that was likely so. Close ups don’t show a “lace”; later however, he was into the full system and he probably does look like the photoshopped image in reality. The image in 26 probably pre-dates TOS? I can’t get the reference to Cobb’s wife in the caption.

44. Magic_Al - November 5, 2007

It’s poisoning, not time travel, so they don’t need to look like they do when they’re really older.


Sci-fi TV characters often look normal right after they’re miraculously cured. The real mystery is how Kirk gets thick white hair at the final stage of the disease. DeForest Kelly’s wig is a bit ridiculous too.


Good find, the natural-hairline pic. Can it be dated more precisely? (The sideburns say he’s not shooting TOS in the following few days at least.) Anyway the hair is consistent with what various sources have said so I don’t think there’s anything else to add to the TOS hairpiece topic/controversy.

45. Demode - November 5, 2007

40. I swear as a kid I remember watching Entertainment Tonight, and their was a scene of Shatner directing Nimoy, wearing a white shirt with suspenders, and his tupee off.

46. Demode - November 5, 2007

…during the making of Star Trek 5… could be wrong, but I can still picture it in my head.

47. Thomas Jensen - November 5, 2007

I have an original document from the series which gave the budget items for all aspects of the production. One item was Shatners hairpiece. And this was in 1966. Case closed.

48. Robo-dude - November 5, 2007

In regard to the photo that # 23 posted: Can anyone confirm whether thats really William Shatner?
And also….in the photo gallery they show a picture of him with a replica of his ST-OS outfit when
he was on Hollywood Squares. Can anyone provide a bigger or better quality picture of this or does anyone know when that photo was taken? It would seem very strange he would appear in uniform on any show…..Thanks all!

49. Kahless - November 5, 2007

as long as we’re talking about hair, was Nimoy’s bowl cut a wig, or his own hair?

50. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - November 5, 2007

Hope the Romulans look better than they did in Balance of Terror – can’t really tell from the preview and the hits on the E don’t look that great. We shall see

Kahl – It was Leonard’s hair

51. I AM THX-1138 - November 5, 2007

Gee, I always liked Deadly Years and Spectre. Good to find out I was in the minority.

52. Iowagirl - November 6, 2007

I’ll come back later and check wether there are any comments on the EPISODE…

53. Al - November 6, 2007

Was Nimoy’s own hair combed forward – lots of wax I assume, but you can see his crown clearly. He has good hair,must have hurt Shatner…

54. Engon - November 6, 2007

During the hearing, the computer determines that Captain Kirk’s age is somewhere between 60-72. Of course, Spock pointed out earlier that their mental faculties are aging faster than their bodies, so Kirk is worse off than his age would indicate (for a 23rd Century human).

In the real world, you have to admit that William Shatner is in pretty great shape for a guy who will be 77 in March.

55. Magic_Al - November 6, 2007


The #23 photo is a fake head pasted on a publicity photo for the defunct Shatner DVD Club.

As for #26’s gallery, according to classicsquares.com Shatner appeared on Hollywood Squares in November 1967 (twice), January 1968, September 1968, January 1970, and August 1976. The 1976 appearance was “Storybook Squares” which according to Wikipedia featured stars dressed as fairy tale, historical, and television characters. Most probably, then, the date of his Hollywood Squares appearance as “Kirk” is August 9, 1976.

56. Iowagirl - November 6, 2007

“A sneer is the weapon of the weak. ”
(James Russell Lowell)

BTW, not my favorite, but still a very good episode, great acting by everyone involved – and I especially like Mc Coy calling Kirk “Jim-Boy“.

57. George Armstrong Custer - November 6, 2007

The Enteprise being hit on the front of the saucer section is the same shot used in the episode where John Calicos played the Klingon and the two guys that were head of the city council turned into energy at the end. The Klingon ship fired on them and it exploded in blue. They just switched colors.

58. Robo-dude - November 6, 2007

# 55 Thanks for the info Al: You can indeed do magic – Sweet. So….I sit here wondering IF anyhow has picture of Bill Shatner without his hairpiece? That I’d like to see just for the hell of it. Anyhow….
So….if anyone here can post actual (true blue) picture of him without his hairpiece I’d like to
see it and would really appreciate the effort. Also does anyone have a link to Balok (grown up) when
he appeared at Bill Shatners Roast last year? That was a classic and one of the highlights of the entire night.

59. Holo J - November 6, 2007

I think at one point in this episode, its mentioned that ten Romulan ships are surrounding the Enterprise. I wonder if we will now get to see that?
Similar to the way they added the very brief shot of the Fleet of Klingon ships firing at the Enterprise in the “Errand of Mercy” remastered episode.

It will be nice if they show the Romulan ships being left for dust as the Enterprise speeds away after Kirk pulls his famous “corbomite” bluff instead of just a stock reused of the Enterprise speeding through space. It certainly will be interesting to see if CBS digital can make the most of this Romulan encounter with the new effects.

60. Andy Patterson - November 6, 2007

regarding Shatner’s hair piece……I’ve long told my wife it’s THE best kept secret on the internet. In a world where you can find anything on the internet and there are no secrets…….there’s not ONE pic of Shatner without hair. I’ve read stories say Ben Stiller was shattered as a kid to find out he was bald. Yet, Shatner’s people are like the CIA, FBI and mafia combined. That is a very good job of controlling the story. Maybe the best in all of show biz in this day and time.

61. Holo J - November 6, 2007

Regarding Shatners hair… Listen to his Album “Has Been” track 2

Apparently “It Hasn’t Happen Yet”


62. Cervantes - November 6, 2007

Mmmm…more interest in the Shat’s hairline here than the actual ‘improved’ effects on this thing…

63. Cervantes - November 6, 2007

To clarify: is it because these ongoing effects aren’t that noteworthy?…

64. Sean4000 - November 6, 2007

#57. Errand of Mercy

65. Ty Webb - November 6, 2007

What I love about Trek remastered is that I’m starting to accept the new effects as how the show should be. I’ve forgotten what the old ones were like and am glad to see the back of them. Old Trek really is a more polished show now!

66. marbpl - November 6, 2007

Theres a photo (I believe in the book CAPTAIN QUIRK) of Shatner playing the guitar to his daughters sometime in the 60s. From what I recall, he has thinning hair up front as in the first photo of #26.

I’ll try to check.

67. Iowagirl - November 6, 2007


Cervantes, I think it’s more sort of a truly fascinating phenomenon. A handful of people who have preserved their childlike behaviour indulging in a joke that already had whiskers when it was made for the first time. And now, something really interesting happens – those people spend their time doing dramatic inquest on the internet in order to find additional information on that one burning question and discover one of the greatest conspiracies since Kennedy’s assassination. Imagine that – no photo, a whole lotta nothing, but: FBI, CIA, and mafia guys (and goodness knows who else) on Shatner’s pay sheet!

As much as I’m interested in the enhanced effects they‘ve added to the episodes, I must admit this “Hairpiece Watergate” twist is the real sensation at present…

68. I AM THX-1138 - November 6, 2007

No Cervantes, more like Trek fans doing what Trek fans do. For the record I like the effects whether Shatner wears a wig or a merkin. And I have always liked this episode. As a kid, it showed me that the Enterprise really needed Kirk and not some phony-baloney Commodore who just wasn’t going to cut it when push came to shove. The sense of sadness at Kirk’s diminished mental faculties was very palpable. Shatner conveyed the loss of pride, dignity, and self-worth quite convincingly, at least to me as a young viewer.

69. Iowagirl - November 6, 2007

#62, 63, 67, 68

I think, I AM THX-1138 missed the irony of the situation twice; first in my post and second, when saying that Shatner conveyed the loss of pride, dignity, and self-worth quite convincingly. Although I completely agree to this statement, this whole thread would have turned out differently, if people (fans?) cared more about pride + dignity regarding others and regarding themselves, don’t you think so?

70. Dave in RI - November 6, 2007

I wonder if CBS-digital will remove that little moth that floats by Old Kirk…I think its in the scene where he and McCoy are talking about Chekov and adrenaline…:-)

71. Al - November 6, 2007

For a truly ratty hairpiece, see Walter Koenig in recent years

72. I AM THX-1138 - November 6, 2007

My dear, I missed your second post as I was posting myself ,not so much in response to anything you said as much as Cervantes. I was hoping to steer things back to to the topic of the episode at hand. As for addressing any subject concerning Mr. Shatner’s follicle status, I really couldn’t give a rip one way or other. I don’t feel any sense of responsibility towards any one else’s sense of pride; only my own. BTW, if you notice comments 51 and 52, I think that I had made a feeble attempt to talk a little bit about the episode and you remarked that you would come back here when we were going to talk about the episode.

Ironic, no?

73. Iowagirl - November 6, 2007


My dearest, what a funny little coincidence.

BTW, in 56 you may read my remark on the episode if you like and if you’re not too busy posting yourself.

Ok, I now take pride in steering things back on subject – steady as she goes…

74. Andy Patterson - November 6, 2007

I know it’s irritating to some to get a bit off topic but it does kind of tie into this episode. And it’s an interesting topic. I’d rather discuss it on here than on some of the other Trek sites.

75. I AM THX-1138 - November 6, 2007

I ,of course, am too busy to be posting myself. I am a married man, and am hurt by your insinuations.


What are we talking about? Oh yes, old Kirk and Bones and such. I think that we should focus less on the hairline and more on the new FX. And I don’t want to hear one word about how in real life Shatner is a bit heavier than the aged Kirk character. Not one word.

Now I’m off to attend to my own luxurious head of hair.

76. CmdrR. - November 6, 2007

48 – I’ve always remembered Kirk on Hollywood Squares. The shirt was a knock-off, and Shatner was wearing civilian pants. It looked gawdawful.

77. CmdrR. - November 6, 2007

It was Storybook Squares. No wonder it burned into my memory. They ran it on Saturday, back when that was strictly kid time.


78. Batts - November 6, 2007

Not quite one of my favs, but the space battle in the end shoud be interesting enough to watch! I stll cant wait for the Ultimate Computer that really emphasizes evasive ship maneuvers!! I hope they really take their time on this like Doomsday Machine.

79. Magic_Al - November 6, 2007

#77 Great find! If you squint at that photo you can imagine what a Star Trek Phase II holodeck episode might have looked like.

80. T Negative - November 6, 2007

#77 LOL!!

What a great picture!! Those were the lean years for the Shat.

81. T Negative - November 6, 2007


Do you have any plans to pay a visit to CBS -D and give us a sneak peek or interviews regarding some upcoming episodes???

82. Kev-1 - November 6, 2007

Re: Hollywood Squares with Captain Kirk

I remember this from a Star Trek convention.

Fan “Was that a real Star Trek shirt?” (or words to that effect)

Shatner: (verbatim) “No… It was too loose. Too loose to trek.”

83. Marbpl - November 7, 2007

Here are two 1960s pictures of Shataner sans toupee:


84. Harry Ballz - November 7, 2007


Boy, that photo of Shatner on the guitar playing for his daughters…..I haven’t seen such a phony pose since Bing Crosby used to hug his sons for that “loving father” shot!

85. Marbpl - November 8, 2007

Well, he did beat his little girls…although his soon-to-be-ex wife doesn’t look too happy.

86. Mr Pudgy Years - November 8, 2007

“Beat his little girls”? That’s a serious charge…

87. Marbpl - November 9, 2007


I mean’t *DIDN’T* beat his girls… damn my not checking.

My apologies to William Shatner for typing this even accidentally.

88. Anthony Pascale - November 9, 2007

New images from CBS added…Preview moved back up to top of page

89. Rainbucket - November 9, 2007

I’ve appreciated CBS Digital’s restraint and fidelity to the original images. But with the Romulan ships it emphasizes how featureless the original model was. If they can give the Big E a sense of scale and depth, why not the Bird Of Prey?

Whatever else you think of New Voyages, they did a great revamp of the Romulan ships in World Enough And Time.


More functional, more dangerous, and the bird changed from a painting to a savage gold mosaic. I realize CBS Digital could never take that much liberty but in this case it’s a pity.

90. AJ - November 9, 2007

We’re getting all the episodes remastered: duds, average ones, and classics. I’m still awaiting the remastering and thread on “Alternative Factor,” (gag), and the hopefully wonderful “Ultimate Computer” and “Enterprise Incident.” I can handle “Deadly Years, esp. with a cool space battle thrown in.

But I had trouble with the “New Voyages” re-hash with Chekhov.

91. Ty Webb - November 9, 2007

One thing I never understood about this episode is why the Commodore was so friggin useless.

92. Toonloon - November 9, 2007

The new shot is gorgeous!

I see they haven’t entirely ditched the square plating design that was very evident in BOT, but have paired it back a bit to look less like one of the ships from ENT.

This could be that the Romulans have refined their design or that CBS-D have listened to how unpopular the original texture on the model was.

What do you think?

93. Sean4000 - November 9, 2007

MAybe they’ll write it of as the BOT ship was a prototype w/ advanced weaponry and leave it at that. They are not going back to replace the ship.

94. CmdrR. - November 9, 2007

The whole energy curve issue would be taken care of if the Mitt Romulans showed up with two ships.
Lucky for Kirk, in BOT there was only one. In this story, the E shoulda been pooched. Glad it wasn’t, do to the quantum physics that dictates that bad guys get weaker as time goes on.

95. Matt Wright - November 9, 2007

From the looks of the new screenshot I like the design of this warbird much better then the BOT version. Can’t wait to see it in action.

96. Mazzer - November 9, 2007

They’re teasing us again with beautiful widescreen shots that we ain’t gonna see on TV (or on disk, so it seems).

97. OneBuckFilms - November 9, 2007

96: Well, it’s a good thing they aren’t cutting off the heads of the actors in order to present them in Widescreen.

Keep it all 4:3 as originally intended.

98. OneBuckFilms - November 9, 2007

In addition: For those wanting Star Trek in widescreen, I dare say J.J. Abram’s STAR TREK will be in 2.35:1 or 1.78:1 aspect ratio ;-)

99. OR Coast Trekkie - November 9, 2007

I’m not sure what I think of the weapons fire

100. Doug - November 10, 2007

Reading all these comments regarding whether Bill Shatner wears a toupee or not reminds me of a famous Shatner quote..”get a life!” For God’s sake, give the man some privacy. I could care less if he wears one and I am sure not going to criticize him for a personal choice.

101. Mr. Pudgy Years - November 10, 2007

Who cares if Shat wears a toupee or not?

102. Ron Mosher - November 10, 2007

Isn’t it a bit odd for you guys to be so obsessed over hair? You could go outside once in and awhile after reading this thread alot of you need to take a break!
I love tonites episode! Some great character moments and the there’s Romulans!

103. Kirk's Girdle - November 10, 2007

Those Romulans can certainly put a spin on the ball, can’t they? I thought the three ships firing on the Enterprise looked good, however, doesn’t it seem like there’s a really big break once Kirk boards the bridge? Not another shot is fired.

Also, in the interest of scientific accuracy, many of the external space shots in TOS have no sound effects.

104. Ampris - November 10, 2007

Hmm. Not my favorite episode ever, but that may be because the basic plot similarities with that one episode of Gilligan’s Island. (The radiation-induced aging and all that.) Oh well. I’ll watch it anyway for McCoy’s hilarious accent and attitude as he aged, that always made the episode for me. :p

105. Kyle Nin - November 10, 2007

Wow. When the Enterprise was going at Warp 8, it actually looked fast. There was even a little whoosh sound as the ship passed the “camera”.

106. Father Rob - November 10, 2007

I thought the effects were just plain horrible when the battle sequence got started. It looked like pure campy 1st episode New Voyages type weapons fire.

Very dissapointed.


107. Jim J (awesome and DOH!) - November 11, 2007

Very odd–the entire battle sequence was filled with brilliant effect moments (some of the best I’ve seen from this project) and some absolutely horible effects (THE WORST I’ve seen out of this project).

My conclusion is that when you do shots from a “close-up perspective”, you get great stuff. When you do long distance shots (like the ones of the ships circling the tiny E, shooting little plasma bolts and the tiny E taking off for it’s warp 8) you get total and complete cartoony video game CRAP!!! After the ship took off and they moved back into a closeup, greatness was found again.

CBS Digital: As much as I have supported this project and YOU, surely you can see these “crappy aspects”? What bothers me is, why can’t you fix it or go with a different vision if it looks this poor? You’d silence the nay-sayers and keep your supporters (like me) from complaining. Sad thing is-I’m not a complainer, I’m a very positive person!!!

108. Kyle Nin - November 11, 2007

I didn’t have a problem with the battle FX. But it looked a little awkward when the Enterprise swooped away from the Romulan ships.

109. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - November 11, 2007

I thought the impacts on the ship were godawful!! Very disapointed!!!. The tiny effects looked ok but the full on impacts on the ship were unexcusably bad!!! The ship looked like the old flat CG-looking model in those scenes and the Romulan weapon impacts looked like painted blobs. Very angry about this one. The original looked far better when you see the weapons pummeling the ship. This one put it over the top for me I will not be buying the HD DVD’s. It’s the inconsistency I get upset about. I am tired of the poor CBS Digital they have no time nor recources excuse. They should all look as good as Doomsday Machine or Space Seed. It’s not the money it’s rewarding mediocrity which I will not do.

110. Mazzer - November 11, 2007

97: I just KNEW someone was going to say that. Tired argument.

111. Stanky McFibberich - November 11, 2007

That warp shot looked like somebody was swinging it toward the camera on fish line. Couldn’t see the fish line though. :)

112. ELTON - November 11, 2007

Boy that was something… no doubt they are going way overboard trying to “respect the original effects”… those were just plain hokey!

113. Mr. Whatever Man - November 11, 2007

I agree with #109. HATED the blob weapons…

114. SteveinSF - November 11, 2007

I think the original weapons fire hitting the Enterprise were and still are the best ( same shots in Errand of Mercy). Too bad they can’t get that right–funny, at one point I thought I heard the Enterprise rumbling by as it did in the first season. Then during the battle there were no sound effects with the space shots. Aghhhh TV/action science.
The Enterprise did look pretty good though.

115. Jeff Bond - November 11, 2007

I agree about the retouch of the “Errand of Mercy” shots of the Enterprise getting hit–I would think the whole point of those shots is to take advantage of the interactive lighitng CG can do (which, ironically, was done beautifully in the original “Errand” shots along with lens flares too–it’s grainy as hell but the animation and opticals are some of the best ever done at that time)–but there seems to be little or no lighting effects on the Enterprise in that shot whether the energy bolts are red or blue (and they’re YELLOW in the original shot!).

I don’t mind the “fast-moving” shots of the ship–maybe they need more motion blur but we definitely SHOULD be seeing a few shots that show that these ships move and maneuver at incredible velocities.

116. Mr. Whatever Man - November 11, 2007

I think it’s just the setup of some of these shots. There’s no way you can make those long shots look realistic…given what they were doing in those shots. The best way to do that shot of the Enterprise speeding off and still get some mass of the ship would be to be real close up on the Enterprise with the Romulan ships in the background and zooming away from them.

Trying to use that layout of having all the ships small in the frame is just begging for it to look like some kind of video game animation. There’s just no way around it framing the shots like that.

117. james - November 18, 2007

i love it. i have watched the show since i was a small child. i was watching the doomsday machine episode and noticed the updated cgi material immediatly i am very impressed i am going to buy all of it

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