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Jennifer Morrison In Star Trek + Spock’s Kirk’s Father Cast? November 9, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Rumor,ST09 Cast , trackback

Yesterday there was a lot of guessing that an actress spotted in the JFX Online Spy Photos was Jennifer Morrison from the TV series House. Today confirmed with Morrison’s manager that the actress has an unnamed part in the new Star Trek.

Morrison spotted yesterday (left) and in a publicity still for House (right)

What Role for Morrison? Marcus Confirmed?
Morrison is 28, making her around the same age as Rachel Nichols who has also been cast in an unnamed part. IESB reports that they have confimed that Carol Marcus is in the script and speculates Morrison could play Kirk’s old flame and mother of Kirk’s son (Nichols would be as good a guess for Marcus as well). Now that the 36 year-old Winona Ryder has been cast as Spock’s mother, the notion of Kirk’s mother must also be considered (the idea being that the parents are seen in earlier stages of the lives of Kirk and Spock). So here again is updated the list of possible roles for Morrison (and Nichols).

More on Jennifer Morrison: IMDB Page | Wiki Page | Official Site

Morrison on House

Hemsworth As Sarek George Kirk?
UPDATED: IESB also has a rumor, citing a ‘source deep inside’ who reports that Australian soap star Chris Hemsworth will be playing Sarek. In an update they now report Hemsworth has been cast as Kirk’s father George Samuel Kirk. Kirk’s father was never seen on screen, but did appear in a number of Trek novels (more details at Memory Beta). Hemsworth is only 24, which is 3 years younger than Chris Pine who plays Kirk. It seems obvious now that, along with Winona Ryder’s casting, that Kirk and Spock’s parents will be seen in at earlier stages of the lives Kirk and Spock.

Chris Hemsworth…Poppa Kirk?

More on Chris Hemsworth: IMDB Page | Wiki Page


1. Viking - November 9, 2007

Fookin’ first? I can hang with him – Vulcans age slow.

2. Greg2600 - November 9, 2007

Looks like Mark Lenard, if he dyes his hair dark. Ms. Morrison, speaking of hair color, why did she go blond? Looked much better as a brunette. Now I sound like Captain Picard, Enterprise Barber in Starship Mine.

3. Ed - November 9, 2007

Filming starts and the news keeps going. Interesting casting though like with most of the others I have know idea who this Chris Hemsworth fellow is.

4. Ed - November 9, 2007

#2 – I think she did it to mess with House!!

5. Christopher D. Heer - November 9, 2007

Jennifer Morrison is terrific on House and — let’s be honest — easy on the eyes too.

It’s all good, J.J.

6. raulpetersen - November 9, 2007

fourth – as in the best trek movie!!!!

7. raulpetersen - November 9, 2007

damn you!!!!

well six was a damn good movie too!!!

just wished they kept using the “double dumb ass” on you joke tho!!!

8. Charley W - November 9, 2007

If she’s confirmed, I’m in the pool for Morrison playing CM and Nichols playing Janice Rand (or else Ruth). Second choice for JM is Chapel. What was Chapel’s first episode? it seems to me like she was a later addition, wasn’t she?

Of course, with the focus on Spock, Leila is a VERY good possibilty.

If Ryder’s in, I hope he can play at least 10 years older. It sounds like Sarek and Amanda may have larger roles than we first thought; perhaps a scene of how they met?

9. Viking - November 9, 2007

I don’t know who this Hemsworth kid is, either, but I envy any Vulcan that gets to wield his ol’ lirpa on Winona Ryder. ;-)

10. JBS - November 9, 2007

7. raulpetersen: I especially liked it in STIV when Spock told Kirk “Just one damn minute.” He should have been able to use that back in the TOS days; you tell em Spocko!

I hope this Chris Hemsworth rumor is not true. I was really sold on Liev Schreiber. Hemsworth is too young and too much of a pretty boy toy. We are talking about Ambassador Sarek damn it!

11. Cranston - November 9, 2007

I hadn’t seen Morrison before, but in the House clip above, she makes a very convincing Carol Marcus. I’m liking it.

12. AsFarAsLarry - November 9, 2007

Great face on the left.

13. SPB - November 9, 2007


Between Morrison, Rachel Nichols and rumored actresses Jennifer Garner and Keri Russell, and basing this purely on looks alone…

…I think we have our new Carol Marcus in the form of Ms. Morrison!

(If the character’s even in the movie, of course.)

14. steve623 - November 9, 2007

#10 – Liev Schreiber as Sarek. Yes. That totally works for me. Hire him.

15. Craig - November 9, 2007

How about Jennifer Garner for Number One, Rand or Chapel?

16. Greg2600 - November 9, 2007

Unless significant screen time is devoted to the relationship between Kirk and Carol Marcus, I do not want her to be portrayed in this film. A small role would cheapen that relationship and subsequently Star Trek II.

17. Marthrax - November 9, 2007

Jennifer Morrison looks like Yeoman Rand!

Nichols looks more like Carol Marcus.

18. Ed - November 9, 2007

I’ll jump on the Liev Schreiber as Sarek train too, liked him in his brief stay on CSI. Good actor.

19. - November 9, 2007

Very wierd and overly young casting for Spock’s mother and father in my opinion.


20. Charles Trotter - November 9, 2007

Morrison definitely looks like Carol Marcus in that on-set image. I’m guessing that’s who she’ll be playing.

21. Tiberius Mudd - November 9, 2007

Jennifer Morrison’s natural hair color is blonde.


22. M Hougaard - November 9, 2007

I don’t know why we’re all getting so hung up on the age of some of the actors with respect to the characters they’re being cast to. A little makeup goes a long way to adding years to a person’s appearance, where as subtracting years is a bit harder.

Also, with regard to the Vulcan castings, remember how long lived the species is supposed to be. Just how old would a 40 – 50 year old Vulcan look when they can live into their hundreds? Maybe 25ish? Don’t know, maybe.

More importantly, can they act and carry the role?

23. Richard Daystrom - November 9, 2007

T’Pol was suppose to be 62 ?? Very hot for a Vulcan.

24. I AM THX-1138 - November 9, 2007

Joaquin Phoenix looks a bit like Mark Lenard. Therefore he is all wrong.

25. Robo-dude - November 9, 2007

I’ll bet my 3rd knee that she’ll be Kirks Mother. She has a very determined Tomboy look to her.

26. Noleuser - November 9, 2007

MARON!!! These women castings are getting better and better!!!

27. Sean4000 - November 9, 2007

She’s the main reason I watch House. Beside s the snide, cocky comments from Dr House.

28. Paul - November 9, 2007

hey she’s hot. never heard of ol boy that’s gonna play Sarek though. This keeps getting excited. I promise not to have a dorkgasm when i see the new E, redshirt’s honor

29. JBS (freezing my keester off in Washington) - November 9, 2007

So Liev Schreiber is tied up with Wolverine, damn. Why did they wait so late to do casting? Of course A-listers and the best actors are already tied-up – because they are in demand, duh. So what we have left are the ones who are not in demand right now, or young tv actors looking to improve their resumes with a feature film role, and an Austailian soap actor.

I checked out Hemsworth or whatever his name is on youtube just to see what he’s like……..”Hemsworth shirtless”, “Hemsworth sex romp”, “Hemsworth on Dancing with the Stars” I really could not take it anymore. Please say it ain’t so…please.

30. Cranston - November 9, 2007

KIRK’S dad.

Much better.

[Cranston takes a deep breath.]

Obviously a Kirk’s-childhood scene then, no?

31. Anthony - November 9, 2007

Ah!!!…..Mr. Pascal beat me to the news….this is so exciting though the rapid pace of casting announcements. I cannot wait to see who will be confirmed next!

32. cd - November 9, 2007

#8 – Ruth?!? Why do people keep talking about Ruth? You might as well have the tiger and the samurai and Alice and the white rabbit and Antonia.
Carol Marcus, I hope will be in this, and a significant part of it. Jennifer Morrison would be great as Carol Marcus!
I’m not impressed with Heath Ledger Jr. shown here as Sarek. It needs to be some who at least a little more like Mark Lenard and a little less like a 24 year old Australian soap star. HLJ does not look like a Vulcan, much less Sarek.

33. JBS (freezing my keester off in Washington) - November 9, 2007

OK, I read the IESB article, which stated “Apparently, when Chris read for the part, the filmmakers, including JJ Abrams, were so blown away by him that he was offered the role on the spot.” If that is indeed true, then maybe Hemsworth is not so bad after all. And, maybe this is how young Jim Kirk got into the habit of going shirtless so often, he learned it from his surfer dad!

34. cd - November 9, 2007

OK, as Kirk’s dad, maybe…he’ll pass for Iowan. >;>}
Wow, they really know how to whip us into a panic.
“Get A Life” mode back on.

35. cd - November 9, 2007

Jennifer Garner as Number One!

36. Pragmaticus - November 9, 2007

Now for the next obvious question to ponder:

Who will play child Kirk and child Spock?

37. Pragmaticus - November 9, 2007

Whoa, read the IESB article again! CAROL MARCUS APPEARS IN THE SCRIPT!!!

38. diabolk - November 9, 2007

OK, now this makes sense.

39. Xai - November 9, 2007

35. cd – November 9, 2007
OK, as Kirk’s dad, maybe…he’ll pass for Iowan. >;>}

And what do you think a real Iowan looks like?. An ear of corn?…sheesh.

40. Noleuser - November 9, 2007

cd I’m with you Jennifer Garner would be a perfect Number One, two, three, four….

41. Charles Trotter - November 9, 2007

Is it just me or does the guy on the far right in the image linked below look like James Kyson Lee? :-P

42. Charles Trotter - November 9, 2007

Hmm, maybe not…

43. Gornorrhea - November 9, 2007

Jennifer Morrison is perfect for Carol. I love her on House.

44. Kirk's Girdle - November 9, 2007

Notice, she ain’t wearin’ no pants. However, the asian woman does appear to be wearing the classic leggings with Peter Pan boots that was so popular in the 80s.

45. Carol Marcus is No Lady; Kirk is No Gentleman. - November 9, 2007

I am sad wretched the Marcus features in this picture. She is a stain on the honour of Trek and a propaganda coup for the Baby Boomers’ everpresent middle finger to common morality. Giving Kirk a bastard son serves no good purpose save to pull down a hero to the gutter.

Yet I expect she will be popular amongst Trekkies who fancy themselves agents of social revolution, much as schoolmarmish Mr Bailey. At least her character did not kill the foetus in her womb, except a termination would not have shamed the Kirk character which seems to be the end point. We ought be grateful for silver linings, no matter how slender.

Shame on you, Messers Abrams and Orci &co! Shame on you!

46. Stanky McFibberich - November 9, 2007

more ridiculous by the second

47. Sean4000 - November 9, 2007

Yeah Stanky I can see where you are coming from. This film could go either way. With all of these characters being squeezed in they are either going to establish a lot of canon or stomp on a lot of continuity. If JJ can pull this off I will be amazed.

Sure wish they would fit Shatner in somehow. But that looks dimm. Oh well screw them, their loss.

48. Rick - November 9, 2007

Aaaaaa comments are so fun to read.;) Let the story unfold…

49. ShawnP - November 9, 2007



50. Harry Ballz - November 9, 2007

#46 “Giving Kirk a bastard son serves no good purpose save to pull down a hero to the gutter”

Hmmmm……interesting that you don’t seem to take issue with Kirk banging half the women in the galaxy during the run of the original series, but it’s totally unacceptable that, back in his youth, he had a child out of wedlock with a woman he loved?

51. cd - November 9, 2007

#40 – The winking Vulcan smiley >;>} indicates my (usually lame) attempt at humor. But Chris Hemsworth would fit better as Kirk’s dad than Spock’s.

52. Xplodin' Nacelle - November 9, 2007

Well said Harry!

I hope Carol’s part doesn’t get cut from the final print of the movie, much like Padme’s scenes got cut down in Revenge Of The Sith.

53. Gene Coon was the Better Gene - November 9, 2007

Morrison is a lot better actress than Bibi Besch ( or however you spell it). She was pretty painful in STII, sorry. Maybe she can make the character more likable. I almost would rather they didn’t try to fit everything together, though. You can’t think of a good early ST story that doesn’t feature second level characters we’ve seen already? C’mon, think up something good and original!

54. Gene Coon was the Better Gene - November 9, 2007

Come to think of it, they should have had Hugh Laurie in it! Coulda played McCoy’s crotchety dad, Dr. McCoy Sr.!!

55. Thomas - November 9, 2007

Hugh Laurie as David McCoy? That could be interesting, but highly unlikely.

56. SPB - November 9, 2007


There was nothing painful about Bibi Besch’s performance in TREK II… being headstrong and assertive is the same as “unlikable?” Why WOULDN’T the character be a little crotchety, when her son’s father re-enters the picture after 20-odd years (nevermind that Khan was trying to kill them all at the same time)?

Also, how many times does the point need to be driven home: If there is ONE SINGLE CHARACTER in Kirk’s past that NEEDS to be in STAR TREK XI, it’s Carol Marcus! She’s the mother of his son, for cryin’ out loud! Would you rather have Ruth from “Shore Leave?” Or a brand-new (and umpteenth) sexual conquest of Kirk? There’s nothing “unoriginal” in going back to Kirk’s past and telling the story of how and why he and Marcus parted ways. It’s a storyline that’s ripe with character development and drama. Why is this so hard for some to comprehend?

57. cd - November 9, 2007

#57 – It’s not hard to comprehend: it would be very good and logical (no apologies for using that). Including Carol Marcus in a significant way is really vital to a serious attempt at Star Trek covering this part of the character’s lives. I am…cautiously neutral (not quite ready to be cautiously optimistic), but if we get indications that Carol Marcus is significantly part of this, that would be good.

58. cd - November 9, 2007

#46 – Perhaps the blame should go to Harve Bennett, Jack B. Sowards, et al, for writing this situation in Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan, if blame needs to be assessed.
I agree with you that this does not present the best moral situation, but TWOK does not represent it as such. It shows a realistic situation with all its consequences.
One could argue that it demonstrates that this situation, a child out of wedlock and an absent father, can be a very emotionally damaging one. It could describe, at least maybe in part, Kirk’s behavior with females and what drives quite literally away, into space. Carol and David’s quest to create “life from lifelessness” presumptiously ventures into what is normally the purview of God, and created a situation where many people, including Spock, died. David, of course, goes onto to pay the ultimate price for his sins.
Star Trek does reflect a secular humanist view, but it also reflects the view that there is a God, and that we are moral creatures that are responsible for our actions and must deal with the consequences, or rewards, that result.

59. Sean4000 - November 9, 2007

#59: Nicely said! I like the last part about our actions and consequences. I think that touches on an important point of ST2.

60. Kigs - November 9, 2007

I like it. Nice. Pappa Kirk- I could see it. Carol Marcus- yeah I can see that too. :)

61. Daniel Broadway - November 9, 2007

Man, “Daddy Kirk” was born two weeks after me. That’s crazy.

62. Cranston - November 9, 2007

#46 — Bizarre. There seems to be a bit of bitterness there….

But I agree with Harry (#51) — I’d think that his cavalier love-’em-and-leave-em behavior toward women during the series was more a “stain on his honor” than the fact that he was apparently in a loving relationship with a woman in his youth. Unless “womanizing” is morally trivial?

The relationship between Kirk and Marcus in TWOK was a realistic portrait of two mature adults who have a history together. Relationships don’t always work out, and we don’t know the details of what happened — including what their plans may have been when David was conceived. We know it fell apart, but that’s life.

And it’s hardly painted as the product of some utopian free-love, no-consequences social revolution. It’s obvious that whatever happened, that past is complicated and painful, even for Kirk (i.e. he didn’t just skip town when he heard she was pregnant), and the consequences have left a lot of anger in David. Hardly the straw-man leftist screed that you seem to be imagining.

I’m just not sure what to make of the venom in that post. Pity, really.

63. ZoomZoom - November 9, 2007

#46 thats just plain scary.

64. planettom - November 9, 2007

Let me just start the rumormill here..

Jennifer Morrison is playing a Horta!

“I’m excited about the acting challenge!” said the comely actress in a muffled voice, from under one hundred pounds of prosthetic makeup.

65. Iowagirl - November 10, 2007

LOL. At present, the return of the Horta would seem the only plausible reason for me to go and see the film.

As for Hernsworth as poppa Kirk – Abrams seems to have a real fondness for soap opera types. Let’s hope the audience will be able to keep them apart by their roles.

I do like Morrison on House and she‘s certainly got “the look“- so, if she’s to play C. Marcus this wouldn’t be the worst choice. After all, even a blind hen sometimes finds a grain of corn.

All things considered, do Kirk’s and Spock’s parents in their mid-thirties mean we’ll have to expect further casts such as teen Kirk and Spock, or more time travel, or just more make-up?

66. leony - November 10, 2007

#46 …Point in my case that some forms of religion were invented by men for men to shirk their responsibility for their sexual conduct.

#51 … I agree wholeheartedly.

It was Kirk’s decision to have sex. Now, as a hero he should have stayed “pure” then, but he decided otherwise. So if anyone dragged the “hero” in the gutter it was Kirk himself.

Kirk is no mythical hero. Kirk is human. Carol’s and his relationship did not work out. They both tried to do what they believed was the responsible thing to do at the time. That went terribly wrong in the long run. Kirk’s humanity is what makes him interesting as a character including and because of his faults.

67. AJ - November 10, 2007

#46: Obviously, there was a point when JTK considered leaving his career to be with Carol. And the mutual trust in that idea was there, so a baby seemed a next logical step. Obviously, there is a story in how things changed. Who knows…maybe it was Carol’s decision to leave? ” I did what YOU wanted…I stayed away…”

Marriage changes nothing in this regard. Just a piece of paper. And I am sure by the 23rd century, it will be a quaint option.

68. Stanky McFibberich - November 10, 2007

Might as well have a young Sybok in there somewhere.

69. Johnny Ice - November 10, 2007

I agree with some that doesn’t want Carol Marcus in this movie. I don’t want this XI movie turn out to be prequel wannabe too TWOK.
If that is case Star Trek XI will be big disappointment to be.

heck if they want to bring any woman from the movies they scold bring Antonia from Generation. Their had to be reason why Kirk picked her ahead of Marcus,Ruth, Keeler when he was in the Nexus.

70. Johnny Ice - November 10, 2007

I happened to agree with #46 in that i don’t want Carol Marcus character in this movie. This isn’t freaking prequel to TWOK. If that is the case i will be huge disappointment

71. Johnny Ice - November 10, 2007

ups, sorry double post

72. allister Gourlay - November 10, 2007

man this is all so trek recast…. all these new fresh faces, and Nimoy to round it al off…. so wierd but so damn exciting!!

73. ObiWanCon - November 10, 2007

Is it just me or have the mental people come out today on these comments, please someone make it STOP.

74. FlyingTigress - November 10, 2007

Something occurred to me…

They couldn’t be trying to get all/some of Star Trek (2010)/Star Trek XII/? in the can, could they?

75. FlyingTigress - November 10, 2007


Even if parts end up being not included in the distributed film, there’s always 2009… when the DVD is released, or 2010 when the Director’s cut is released on DVD, or late 2010 when the Director’s cut DVD with new special features is released, in conjunction with Star Trek (2010), or Christmas 2011 when the repackaged Director’s cut with new special features and collectable Enterprise replica, or ….

… not that THAT has happened already with other releases of Trek… LOL

/you know that it

76. Johnny Ice - November 10, 2007

74# haha, why don’t you check on the ,,i want Shanter threads,,
back to topic i think Jennifer Morrison would make great Chapel.
the end

77. Carol Marcus is No Lady; Kirk is No Gentleman. - November 10, 2007

^67 Ioney

“Kirk is no mythical hero. Kirk is human. Carol’s and his relationship did not work out. They both tried to do what they believed was the responsible thing to do at the time. That went terribly wrong in the long run. Kirk’s humanity is what makes him interesting as a character including and because of his faults. ”

In our world today we have too many examples of “no mythical heros” whose lives go “terribly wrong”. Portraying a archetypical hero in this way (which some here cannot distinguish from reality) provides young people with a ready justifcation to indulge themselves.

“And why not? Captain Kirk walked away from his ‘love child’!” I do not think an oversexed young man will stop to consider the horrible consequences inflicted, yes I mean INFLICTED on a child he created who is abandoned to be raised without a father — by deliberate choice, no less.

Whilst there are many dramatic points to be taken from this plot line, and whilst it was a creature of Bennett &co, I am saddened to see it resurrected for no good reason. I suppose I would change my mind were Kirk to fight desperately for custody of his son and lose, perhaps his marriage proposal meanly rebuffed by the wicked, selfish Carol Marcus.

That might be a worthy lesson but I shall not be holding my breath.

To those snarky comments about Kirk’s “boot knocking”: no it wasn’t right for Kirk to be promiscuous. However, I cannot believe you fail to distinguish the grave differences and their affect on youngsters.

Let me say only that, as a father with a son of my own, I would fight for my boy to the bitter end. Police with guns drawn would be necessary if, God forbid, someone tried to take him from me. I have difficulty imagining how any father could do otherwise.

To the writers and producers of this picture, I implore you: if you must include this shameful incident in your story, please make Kirk “do the right thing” and fight like the devil for his boy. There are fatherless children enough in our world.

78. Carol Marcus is No Lady; Kirk is No Gentleman. - November 10, 2007

#68 “Marriage changes nothing in this regard. Just a piece of paper. And I am sure by the 23rd century, it will be a quaint option. ”

My God I hope you do not believe that of your own marriage, for the sake of your wife and children.

79. DJT - November 10, 2007

Carol …

80. NCC-73515 - November 10, 2007

who can say that the “moral” of the future is the same that some people have here and now?
is a marriage necessary for procreation? no…

81. SPB - November 10, 2007


“…please make Kirk ‘do the right thing’ and fight like the devil for his boy.”

Depending on how well the writers of TREK XI subscribe to canon and adhere word-for-word to THE WRATH OF KHAN, it probably won’t work out that way… if you remember in TREK II, Kirk says to Carol Marcus, “I did what you asked… I stayed away.”

Couple that with Spock exclaiming “Carol Marcus!” (while viewing the Genesis tape) and Kirk solemnly whispering “Yes…”

And McCoy’s crack about, “It doesn’t rain, it pours” and Kirk’s terse response about “reopening old wounds…”

It seems from just these points alone (rich in subtext), that Kirk simply didn’t haphazardly “abandon” Carol & David… he was ASKED to leave, which also means there was something about their personalities that clashed, which in turn conflicted with their different career paths in Starfleet.

Kirk wasn’t being cavalier about simply “knocking-up” Carol Marcus and skipping town… it was obviously painful for BOTH of them. I appreciate your stance on fatherhood and parenting, and yes, it does indeed suck in the real world (trust me, absentee fatherhood plays a big part in MY life), but that DOESN’T MEAN FOR ONE SECOND that you CAN’T tell stories like this in popular fiction.

As long as they show the painful consequences of Kirk and Marcus’s decisions, then there will always be a strong moral lesson to be learned from this scenario. It might not be that easy to watch, but I for one am looking forward to see how they touch on this relationship. It could pack an emotional wallop and add some real, solid HUMAN drama that’s been lacking from TREK for years.

82. New Horizon - November 10, 2007

-78 “which some here cannot distinguish from reality”

Seems like you’re confusing drama and reality yourself, especially with all the ranting about Kirk ‘making the right choices’ blah blah. It’s not the responsibility of the film maker to paint a silver lining around every cloud to keep society from going off the rails, that responsibility belongs to society itself….and good parenting. I was extremely young when I saw Trek 2 and not once did I ever think….man, Kirk is so awesome. I’m going to knock up a chick and then take off, like a man. Nor did I objectify women like Kirk. Why? Good parenting. My parents instilled values within me. If people are letting movies tell them how to act, well…they’re either dumb, weak minded, or their family has not had as much involvement in their lives as they should.

83. Bob, the Evil Klingon Frontline Leader - November 10, 2007

– 82

This is one of the best posts yet. Great insight, and if this isn’t the direction of the XI, it would be a great XII.

This what Star Trek is all about – relationships and their consequences.,

84. Cervantes - November 10, 2007

But is everybody ready for a very young Kirk and Spock running around in short trousers in this thing?…

85. Trek Nerd Central - November 10, 2007

Okay, this is WILD speculation, but. . . . this seems to be the forum for it, so:

What if the story shows George Kirk meeting Amanda Grayson? Maybe even having a fling? Crazy, but “Lost” is full of crazy backstory coincidences, and this is Abrams’s baby.

86. Trek Nerd Central - November 10, 2007

Also, I have to say: If Carol Marcus isn’t somewhere in this story, I’ll eat my big blond bangs. If I had any.

87. Chain of Command - November 10, 2007

Uh…aren’t they forgetting some other characters? Like Gary Mitchell, Lee Kelso, Alden, Piper and some of those other poor guys who got wasted after 2nd pilot? LOL

They should cast Joe Flanigan from Atlantis for Mitchell. LOL. Doesn’t look much like him, and his hair is insane, but he’s got the voice and the attitude for it.

88. cd - November 10, 2007

Philip Baker Hall as Mark Piper!

89. cd - November 10, 2007

#82 – well said.

90. Mr. Pudgy Years - November 10, 2007

Good casting choices for both! Two pudgy thumbs up!

91. Mr. Pudgy Years - November 10, 2007

#78 I like your post. Then again, I am pudgy…so what do I know? :-)

92. Mr. Pudgy Years - November 10, 2007

Roberto, if you are reading this — Gary Mitchell should at least make a cameo in this film. Before Spock, he was Kirk’s best friend.

93. raulpetersen - November 10, 2007

#89 he would be perfect
in every movie ive seen him in (with the exception of magnolia where hes a peado!) he always advises characters – the rock (ive got to get up three times a night to take a piss!!!), midnight run (dont do this, make hi an offer jimmy!), boogie nights (video tape is the future!), – the list is endless, amazing actor too!!!

94. Thorny - November 10, 2007

68… “Marriage changes nothing in this regard. Just a piece of paper. And I am sure by the 23rd century, it will be a quaint option. ”

Marriage is alive and well in the Star Trek universe: Jack and Beverly Crusher. Miles and Keiko O’Brien. Benjamin and Jennifer Sisko. Tom Paris and B’Ellana Torres. Worf and Jadzia Dax. Will Riker and Deanna Troi. Even the Holographic Doctor was married in an alternate future.

The Writer’s Bible said McCoy was divorced.

95. cd - November 10, 2007

#95 – I hope they have McCoy wearing his ring on his pinky finger; like DeForest Kelley always did. I always thought that it was McCoy’s wedding ring, that he wore on his pinky after his divorce. Not sure why DeForest Kelley wore it like that in real life, which it appears he did.

96. cd - November 10, 2007

97. Mr Pudgy Years - November 10, 2007

Very strange. We need an answer on why De wore his ring like that…lol

98. Kev-1 - November 10, 2007

So this is Kirk’s dad? Kirk dies again. KInd of been there, done that.

99. Sean4000 - November 10, 2007

Kirks dying meaningless deaths on screen. That seems to be a favorite among Star Trek movie makers.

100. ZoomZoom - November 10, 2007

#97 Lovely picture of De with his (?) pets.

101. AJ - November 10, 2007

Dear 79/46:

I have been married and recently divorced, and I have 2 wonderful kids. We couldn’t work it out, but the kids remain. And we do our best for them despite our differences.

It seems that, in the 23rd century, a “bastard” (as you say) kid can actually do well, as society has become, essentially, a model socialist and secular state. David Marcus became a prominent scientist whilst living with his mom. And he died saving a colleague. Who cares if his parents were married? Where is the bad in that?

And to stay on topic, I still vote for Carol Marcus, and I want her to be the “blonde lab technician” as well.

102. Iowagirl - November 10, 2007

Cameos for C. Marcus, G. Mitchell, and Finnegan.
Supporting Act for Shatner as Old Kirk.

As somebody else already mentioned; TOS has always been about relationships – love, antagonism, friendship, brotherhood. I’d like to see them all, starting from the very beginning, see the background, letting them develop and be presented with either a deeper insight on the occurrences or a promising perspective. This hasn’t to be done in a time-absorbing manner; if it’s done well, it’s the short but decent moments that will turn into lasting memories.

103. Obibo - November 10, 2007

My guess is that Morrison will play Carol Marcus. I may be crazy, but she looks pregnant in the photo.

Then again, maybe its just the coat.

104. JBS (freezing my keester off in Washington) - November 10, 2007

Regarding Deforest Kelley wearing the ring on his pinkie: His biography said it was his mother’s wedding ring, so it would not fit on any other finger because it was not sized for him. Gene Roddeberry didn’t want him to wear the ring on the original show, but De told him “No ring, no Deforest,” stuck to his guns and kept the ring on. Needless to say, the ring was very special to him. And yes, those were his pets, Myrtle the Turtle and Fancy the dog.

105. JBS (freezing my keester off in Washington) - November 10, 2007

#104: You can’t tell if anyone is pregnant when they are wearing a big coat that’s made to conceal a costume. Let’s not start any prego conspiracy theories please; we get too much of that in the news with other celebrities – who cares?

106. Obibo - November 10, 2007

106–Your point is well taken. However, I didn’t mean to imply that Morrison herself was pregnant, (if I read your message correctly) rather that the custom she was concealing could may be designed to deliberately make her appear pregnant, which would be in keeping with the Carol Marcus character. I thought she looked big. I agree, it could just be the coat. Thanks for responding.

107. Tony Whitehead - November 10, 2007

I am glad they are getting the character of Kirk’s dad in there. In the trek novels, especially Diane Carey’s ‘Final Frontier’ and ‘Best Destiny’, George Samuel Kirk was one of best written and interesting characters. He was the role model little Jimmy eventually emulated…
Hope the filming goes well and is a safe shoot.

108. Tony Whitehead - November 10, 2007

By the way, it’s amazing how much Chris Hemsworth looks like the artwork of George Kirk on the cover of ‘Final Frontier’. Interesting…

109. Sam Belil - November 10, 2007

Yes TOS is about relationships. For me I never viewed TOS as Science Fiction — but for the lack of a better term — human drama that was set in the future; especially with stories like “Court Martial”, “The Menagerie”, “City on the Edge of Forever”, “Where No Man Has Gone Before”, “The Enemy Within”, “Conscience of the King” — just to name a few. That is what made Star Trek so special. Having said that — since I have seen the term “relationships and consequences” come up more than once in this thread; how can Gary Mitcell NOT be a major player in this film? Can someone please answer that for me. He was Kirk’s best friend way before Spock, as well know — arguably the first most painful decision Kirk had to make as a Captain was to kill his best friend. I want to know — WHY NO GARY MITCHELL????????????

110. Xai - November 10, 2007

79 and other posts. Carol Marcus is No Lady; Kirk is No Gentleman.

…Good grief, it’s a science fiction movie based in the far future. You will likely be the only one worried about the soap opera portion of the film where “Kirk fights for his son”. While you bring up an issue that is a sad, but true part of modern life, this won’t be huge on movie-goers minds as they leave the film… even IF Carol Marcus is a character here.

111. Xai - November 10, 2007

I won’t name them off, but to certain posters… must we get a regular spot–check to remind us that you won’t be attending the film because you disagree with casting or lack of casting certain actors?
It’s your freedom of speech, but it’s old and some don’t care if you see it or not.

112. Orbitalic - November 10, 2007

An early Jimmy Kirk with his parents?

Mr. Orci, just ask and I’ll be happy to help with real Iowa locales and no publicity. I need just 4 tickets…deal?

113. Orbitalic - November 10, 2007

#112 Xai

kinda harsh, bud.

114. Admiral Denny Crane - November 10, 2007

JJ, Is it too late to pull a switcheroo with Pine and Hemsworth?? I don’t know anything about Hemsworth’s acting chops, but he looks more like a younger JTK than Pine.

This is my first post. Not that it matters.

115. Mr Pudgy Years - November 10, 2007

#114 It’s typical of him/her. Just tune out the cyber-noise….lol.

116. Harry Ballz - November 10, 2007

Harsh? I personally agree with Xai, in that I would much rather read fresh perspectives, comments or even corny humor than REHASH any day of the week!

117. Xai - November 10, 2007

#116. Mr Pudgy Years – November 10, 2007

Hmmm, comments on par in importance with De Kelley’s ring?

118. Xai - November 10, 2007

117. Harry Ballz – November 10, 2007

Thank you, Mr. Ballz.
Did I see where someone spotted another known actor amongst the herd of hoodies?

119. Dennis Bailey - November 10, 2007

#46:Yet I expect she will be popular amongst Trekkies who fancy themselves agents of social revolution, much as schoolmarmish Mr Bailey…”

While that’s a truly delusional characterisation by someone who knows little about me (and who, under a different name, used to lecture us all at length about the wonderfulness of a period in American history that he also knows nothing about) I’ve got to be pleaed that someone who thinks this way so dislikes me. :)

120. Harry Ballz - November 10, 2007

#119 You’re welcome, Xai!

Yes, someone possibly spotted Casey Affleck in the group…..great, just what we don’t need……….one of the Affleck clan to stink up the proceedings!! Hopefully he has a very small part!

As the duck would say, “AFFLECK!!”

121. Xai - November 10, 2007

121. Harry Ballz – November 10, 2007
“As the duck would say, “AFFLECK!!”

Gesuinheit…. you need a tissue?

Amen to the lack of AFFLECK! in the movie. Perhaps he’s a redshirt or sucked into a plasma intake on a nacelle during a warp systems check in drydock?


122. Xai - November 10, 2007

120. Dennis Bailey – November 10, 2007

DB, Love the schoolmarmish-like bonnet you’ve been sporting..


(looking up schoolmarmish in

123. Harry Ballz - November 10, 2007

#122 Xai “sucked into a plasma intake”

Casey Affleck doesn’t need any 23rd Century technology in order to SUCK! :)

124. Xai - November 10, 2007

BLOWN out an intercooler vent?

125. Harry Ballz - November 10, 2007

Hey, I LIKE the way you think! :)

126. Stanky McFibberich - November 11, 2007

119: You are referring to #45, not #46.

And as long as I’m here, put me in the anti-Marcus camp.

127. Dennis Bailey - November 11, 2007

I’m somewhat in the anti-Marcus camp only because the idea of a film which is too much of an old-home week for long-time Trek fans rather disappoints me. I’m terribly interested in TOS, but not all that interested in seeing all the minutae filled in.

128. Carol Marcus is No Lady; Kirk is No Gentleman. - November 11, 2007

^119 Lol! I know very little of you, save your postings here, except your last teleplay sold nearly two decades ago. But you must agree you are a schoolmarm at heart. Give it up boy!

129. Gary - November 11, 2007

Not trying to be picky, but the House publicity image of JM is a resized jpg. May I respectfully suggest that the webmaster use a resampled jpg, not a resized jpg? In fact, many images are poorly resized…

130. Dennis Bailey - November 11, 2007

#128:”I know very little of you…”

Finally, something which is true. :)

131. The Vulcanista - November 11, 2007


De Kelly was married to his wife, Carolyn, from 1945 until the day he died. They were never divorced.

Thanks for the info! I always thought it was his wedding ring he was wearing.

Peace. Live long and prosper (and stay warm!).
The Vulcanista }:-|

132. sean - November 11, 2007


I’m pretty sure she/he was referring to the character McCoy being divorced, not Kelley.

133. leony - November 12, 2007

#77 “Let me say only that, as a father with a son of my own, I would fight for my boy to the bitter end. Police with guns drawn would be necessary if, God forbid, someone tried to take him from me. ”

Is violent behavior really the example you want to set? Is viewing a person (your son) as your private property really the example you want to set? You are preaching morals but you are set to kill human beings?

134. chris - November 13, 2007

M Hougaard: How old does a 40-50 year old Vulcan look when they live to be 200?

Well, T-Pol was supposed to be 66, and was played by the ~25 year old curvaceous Jolene Blalock….

135. whocares - June 29, 2008

she would be awesome as a carol marcus… but him? as kirk’s dad?!?!? AAAAAAAAAAAAHH! omg, he is so *******ugly!! uh, no offense of course, but he does not look anything like a dad…. especially a *kirk* dad! is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.