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Ben Cross Is Sarek November 18, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: ST09 Cast , trackback first reported that Spock’s father Sarek would appear in the new Star Trek and now we can report who will be playing him. After receiving a tip, has confirmed with a trusted source that 59 year-old English actor Ben Cross will be playing Sarek. Cross himself has seemingly confirmed it as well, as Star Trek is listed on his official site. Spock’s Vulcan father was originally played by the late Mark Lenard. Cross may be best known for his his starring role in the 1981 film Chariots of Fire. More recently the actor has seen in Exorcist: The Beginning and the BBC mini-series Nuremberg: Nazis on Trial. Cross will be playing across the 36 year-old Winona Ryder who is portraying Spock’s human mother Amanda Grayson.

Spock’s father Sarek has appeared a total of eight times over the Star Trek franchise (including four out of six of the TOS feature films). The first appearance was in the TOS episode “Journey to Babel” where it was first established he was a Federation Ambassador. That episode also revealed that Spock’s decision to go to Starfleet Academy instead of the Vulcan Science Academy created an estrangement between father and son. Sarek was last seen at the time of his death in the two part TNG episode “Unification” which also featured Leonard Nimoy playing Spock. More on Sarek at Memory Alpha.

Lenard and Cross…the original and new Sareks

Ben Cross has dozens of film and TV roles to his name starting with a small role in the 1976 WW II movie A Bridge Too Far. He has appeared in a number of genre projects over his career including starring as the vampire Barnabas Collins in the 1991 mini-series remake of Dark Shadows. Cross played an alien in the 1997 low budget sci-film The Invader in which he starred with Sean Young. Cross’ latest genre project was the direct-to-video Species: The Awakening where he starred alongside Star Trek Enteprise’s Dominic Keating. The actor also recently appeared with DS9’s Alexander Siddig in the 2006 TV Movie Hannibal: Rome’s Worst Nightmare and with TNG’s Marina Sirtis in the 2007 TV Movie Grendel.

More on Cross:IMDB Page | Wikipedia Page | Official Site
Cross on Video
Tribute Video with clips from Dark Shadows

Trailer for Species: The Awakening


1. Scott - November 18, 2007

Nice choice. Under-rated actor who has spent the last 20 years doing crap-tastic movies. This could be interesting….


2. The Vulcanista - November 18, 2007


BRILLIANT! Ben Cross has been one of my favorites for years.

#1: He’s one of the reasons why I watched a lot of those craptastic movies. “Grendel,” anyone? I actually sat through it ‘cuz he was in it.

Had no idea he was 59, tho.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

3. The Vulcanista - November 18, 2007

#2 edited to add:

And he was fantastic as Barnabas Collins, BTW. He was actually scary. ;-)

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

4. Pragmaticus - November 18, 2007

Nice choice – though I still wonder how they’ll address the Winona Ryder thing. Good make-up, I’m guessing, unless we see Amanda at one point in time and Sarek in another.

Fantastic resemblance to Mark Lenard, though.

5. reptileboy - November 18, 2007

A very interesting choice. His background and experience should lend itself well to portraying the classic character of Star Trek, one the most loved guest characters in Star Trek history.

I can certainly see him outshine Winona Ryder with ease.

6. Jeff - November 18, 2007

Woah, that’s inspired casting!

7. The Wild Man of Borneo - November 18, 2007

This and Uhura could be the best casting so far. And maybe Zach Quinto too. Gotta see him in action though.

8. Harry Ballz - November 18, 2007

Nice choice! This is shaping up to be inspired casting all the way around, except, of course, Simon Pegg, who is totally wrong to play Scotty!! What a STUPID decision!!

Before you start writing an objection to that last comment….think about it….you SHOULD know, in your heart of hearts, that I’m right!!

9. Kevin - November 18, 2007

Awesome casting!!!

10. max - November 19, 2007

Ben Cross… now there’s a name I haven’t heard in a while. Sounds good to me.

11. Levois - November 19, 2007

He looks just like the Original Sarek. I hope he does well in the role.

12. Commodore Redshirt - November 19, 2007

I Like him a whole lot!
And Re:#8, I think Pegg will be a FINE SCOTTY!

So far I like all the news about what JJ&Co. are doing with this Trek. The one exception may be all the rumors about the “new look” ship.

However, until I see some pics or read a CONFIRMED report about “wings” or other such design changes I will keep an open mind because they seem to get it! […and the casting of Cross proves that they are on the right path!]

13. raffie - November 19, 2007

Oh yea, thats the guy :)

14. jon1701 - November 19, 2007

Great Casting.

Species : The Awakening looks bleeding awful though. Dominic Keating really can’t act. He was good in Enterprise but he’s been awful in everything else i’ve seen him in.

15. S. John Ross - November 19, 2007


16. Phil - November 19, 2007

Ooooooooooo I like this. Awesome!

17. trektacular - November 19, 2007

Me so horny = Ben Cross

18. Charles Trotter - November 19, 2007

A great choice for Sarek.

The casting thus far has been outstanding, IMO. Even Simon Pegg, who I think will make a great Scotty. The only two I’m wondering about (wondering, not worrying) are Karl Urban as McCoy and John Cho as Sulu. But we’ll see how they do.

19. raulpetersen - November 19, 2007

cant wait to see sarek do the 4 minute mile!!!

“i must take my leave of you now! do you have a message for your mother?”

” yes! tell her – beetlejuice!”

20. Jim Smith - November 19, 2007

Okay, that’s weird. Ben Cross’s daughter was one of my college buddies. I’ve met young Sarek. Weird. Weird. Weird.

21. Tim Handrahan - November 19, 2007

An excellent casting choice! His looks and voice are perfect for the role!

22. RTC - November 19, 2007

Great call! “Chariots of Fire” is my favorite film of all time. Cross was outstanding in it. And let’s not forget who was his girlfriend in that movie – the Borg Queen herself (and lookin’ good!). By the way, #4, I think it’s always been assumed Sarek, as a long-lived Vulcan (over 200 when he died in “Unification,” and if one swallows hard and accepts ST:V as canon, married previously), was much older than Amanda, so no extra makeup necessary.

23. Jay - November 19, 2007

Inspired… I think he’s a great choice. He’s got the look and the voice i think he’ll do fine… I also agree with the majority on the Pegg issue, that really was inspired casting!

I really cant wait now… is it just Kirks Mum and Henchman 2 to cast?

24. Iowagirl - November 19, 2007

– I really cant wait now… is it just Kirks Mum and Henchman 2 to cast? –

No, it’s not.

25. Shloonk - November 19, 2007

hi im new here..ben cross definatley has a reseblance to mark lenard, as to simon pegg, i was watching an old comedy show called ‘big train ‘ on bbc the other night and he does a very good scottish accent.

26. FYI: "First" is LAME. - November 19, 2007

I’m not familiar with Cross’s work, but he certainly looks the part.

He also gets points for coming out of the English acting tradition.

27. Cugel the Clever - November 19, 2007

Ben Cross is a great choice for Sarek.

I agree with #18 – Simon Pegg will be fine. My only concern with the casting is Karl Urban. McCoy was slim (almost slight), thoughtful, articulate, and humane. Urban has made a career of playing the big, dumb, bombastic action hero; from LOTR to Chronicles of Riddick to Doom.

It remains to be seen whether he’s a good enough actor to radically shift gears and play a totally different personality.

28. SD - November 19, 2007

I think this ugly photograph doesn’t do his face any justice, but after seeing that first tribute video, I’m sold :)

29. Admiraldeem - November 19, 2007

#8 Harry

Come on Harry–give Simon a chance. If he is an actor, perhaps he has the chops to make this work. After all, none of us were there at auditions or screen tests. Just because an actor has never done a role of this type before does not mean they are not up to it now. I figure since Chris Doohan likes the choice, how man can it be?

For the record, your’s is my favorite screen name. And the choir says Amen!

30. CCBeck - November 19, 2007

Perfect. It is nice to see that they are going for talent above names.

31. CanuckLou - November 19, 2007

Wow – there’s a blast from the past. Great choice.

32. star trackie - November 19, 2007

This guy was great in Dark Shadows. He’ll make a fine Sarek.

33. TonyD - November 19, 2007

Ben Cross is a very good actor who’s flown below the radar for years; he’ll make a good Sarek. Given the disparity in age between him and Winona Ryder, I wonder if they interact with Spock at different periods in his life.

I really like most the cast Abrams has put together. Simon Pegg and John Cho both seem too offbeat given the histroy of the characters they play but hopefuly it will all work out in the end.

34. 1701 over Gotham City - November 19, 2007

Actually, the older age works very well… Remember, Sarek was at least 50 years older than Amanda… when we first met him, he was already onver 100 years old. A great age difference is not a problem, and we could be seeing Amanda while she’s pregnant, or before Spock, perhaps.

Great choice, haven’t heard anything from him in years. I used to have to draw his mug for the Dark Shadows comic!

35. The Master - November 19, 2007

I tend to agree with Harry , but I recently parts of Shaun of the dead, while ther were seens that reminded me of touble with Tribbles, Iam not wholly convinced about pegg. Ben Cross, that is a name I have not seen in sometime. But Late next year we shall see who is right, where oh where has my TARDIS Gone.

36. Andy Patterson - November 19, 2007



37. cd - November 19, 2007

That’ll work! They are doing pretty good with this casting: picking actors that are known but outside the normal fan picks and trigger that “a-ha” reaction. Keep up the good work!

38. Dennis Bailey - November 19, 2007

Excellent casting – on its face, up there with Quinto and Greenwood.

Since Sarek is at least in his sixties or seventies at the time of Spock’s birth (using McCoy’s vague reference to his age in “Journey To Babel”) it wouldn’t be unreasonable to see him as visibly much older than Amanda if we hop back to Spock’s early life – she’d be a relatively young woman married to a much older man.

Maybe a little creepy looking, but (sorry) logical.

39. Scott - November 19, 2007

Wow. Excellent choice. Ben Cross is good and “known” enough to give the role some heft, but just off the radar enough not to bring a lot of baggage with him.

I’ve always liked Cross, especially since a cute English girl once told me, “I fancy you look like Ben Cross!” I fancy she was being kind.

Scott B. out.

40. JC - November 19, 2007

They should name this movie , Star Trek XI : Meet the Parents.

41. Bald is Beautiful - Picard for President! - November 19, 2007

LAST! Just kidding.

^40 “Meet the parents”

God forbid, it’s looking like that. Et tu, Abrams?

42. CmdrR. - November 19, 2007

What a great break for a good actor! I think of Peter Cushing (and for that matter Christopher Lee) getting some Star Wars attention after long careers. I loved the remake of Dark Shadows, and some of the other projects Cross has been in.
Wondering though, considering the ages of the characters of Amanda and Sarek, where this actually fits in. Spock as a 10 year old, maybe? Do we get to see him play with his Teddy Bear, a la Yesteryear?

43. Shatner_Fan_2000 - November 19, 2007

I like this choice. I was worried they’d go for some blandly handsome, all-American looking 30 year old who had none of Lenard’s striking features or his gravitas. Cross works for me.

I still agree w/ Harry re. Pegg, though. The Scottish guy from Stargate was way better for the part; Pegg likely got it because of his built-in geek fanbase. Oh well.

44. FlyingTigress - November 19, 2007

I wonder, after reading what has been written here on, what comments would have been generated in 1965/1966 about the specific casting choices (not the characters, about which, I believe, much has been written) made for (a) The Cage and (b) WNMHGB?


45. Wellshaved Scrotum - November 19, 2007

The more I consider the casting the least likely I believe that this need be a time travel episode. With parents of various ages around it feels more more of “time jumping” situation. Something Abrams excels at, BTW. But then again, I don’t know from tribbleshit about screenwriting.

Gee Harry B., I adore your posts but I really think Pegg is amazing and will pleasantly surprise us. In “Hot Fuzz” he plays a very straight man to everything else around him, and that’s the hardest part of comedy: don’t expect any “jokes” from Pegg in this film guys, he’ll get any laughs at all, if there are any, by reacting to the uptight command people around him. “Up yer shaft” style.
But then I don’t know from Andorian Pissflaps about acting. I could be so wrong.

46. FYI: "First" is LAME. - November 19, 2007

29. Admiraldeem –


47. Robby13 - November 19, 2007

Great Choice. The casting has been great so far.
I don’t know why everybody is down on Simon Pegg. He is a versatile actor who seems that he can play both dramatic and comedy roles. I think he will be a standout. Watch the audience cheer when he says something “Scotty” :)

48. Diabolik - November 19, 2007

I wonder if they’ll reference Sarek’s makeup on Lenard and make the ears for Cross full Vulcan, and not like Spock’s? That would be a nice touch. Full-Vulcan ears were always different on TOS.

49. Cervantes - November 19, 2007

# Harry Ballz

I certainly know in MY heart that you’re right about ‘Scotty’… ;)

Never that keen on Ben Cross, but I reckon he’s got a good enough look to be ‘Spock’s Dad’…

50. Daoud - November 19, 2007

Excellent… there is only one minor problem.

Journey to Babel seems to establish that Kirk had not met Sarek and Amanda until that point, so there’s a bit of a limitation on how involved Sarek can be throughout the script, and sadly… any sequels, unless they jump beyond JTB…

51. Sam Belil - November 19, 2007

EXCELLENT CHOICE!!!!! Sign me up!!!

52. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - November 19, 2007

Excellent !!!!!!!!!!!! Wanted Olmos but they got a good one here!!!

53. Clock - November 19, 2007

Inspired choice. He’s got a 91% ‘Logical’ rating on the poll, I don’t think he could get a more positive reaction from Trek fans!

54. Greg Stamper - November 19, 2007

I am most impressed with this choice.

55. Johnny Ice - November 19, 2007

I don’t know, isn’t he too old for this part. Ben Cross is fine actor but surely Abrams could have casted younger actor f.e. Tobias Menzies or James Caviezel are far better choices then Cross(specially Ryder 36y is Amanda).
I feel Abrams has already cast 3 miscast in XI movie, John Cho, Simon Pegg and Bruce Greenwood and this is 4 by casting Ben Cross.
Greenwood is maybe okey if his part is small and is only in this movie. However Sarak could be in the sequels so he is very important character to be cast right. I feel Abrams dropped the ball by casting Cross

56. COMPASSIONATE GOD - November 19, 2007

Ben Cross….I guess with Vulcan make-up, he could pull it off. Granted, he was absolutely lousy as Barnabas Collns in the “Dark Shadows” revival series, but fairly strong in other performances i’ve watched, so Cross may work as Sarek 2.

57. star trek-darkshadows fan - November 19, 2007

It pleases me to see Ben Cross, the second Barnabas Colins as Sarek, I always liked him and am hopefull this film will reinvigerate his acting craft in a wildly succesful Star Trek movie…with or without William Shatner in it!

LL&P Ben!!!


58. Pragmaticus - November 19, 2007

22 – I meant makeup for Winona Ryder, not for Cross. They might have to make her look older.

59. star trek-darkshadows fan - November 19, 2007

#56…he was GREAT as the second Barnabas, Jonathan Frid himself (the original) has even said so!

no offense!

peace all!


60. Dennis Bailey - November 19, 2007

I liked Cross as Barnabas. And I like Pegg fine as casting for Scotty.

61. Trek Nerd Central - November 19, 2007

Fantastic fantastic fantastic casting. Has the same look, same voice, same air of authority. Great actor, too.

62. Ralph F - November 19, 2007

Excellent casting, both in terms of acting ability and a terrific resemblance.

63. COMPASSIONATE GOD - November 19, 2007

Re: 59: star trek-darkshadows fan – November 19, 2007
“#56…he was GREAT as the second Barnabas, Jonathan Frid himself (the original) has even said so!”

His opinion, but I maintain that he was lousy in the role, and im guessing if you launched a poll asking DS fans around the globe about which actor was best in the role, I would bet real money Frid would come out on top.


64. indranee - November 19, 2007

Yes! Great choice!!!!! I’ve always, ALWAYS liked his take on Barnabas Collins in the remake of DS (with Joanna Going, I think). That was yet another good series that met an untimely death.

65. toddk - November 19, 2007


66. Kirk's Girdle - November 19, 2007

According to Star Trek Lore, Sarek was 103 at the time of the Babel conference. Jane Wyatt’s real age was 57 and Nimoy’s real age was 37. I believe both Kirk and Spock were playing their real respective ages. So Sarek would have been 66 and Amanda 20 when Spock was born.

67. Kirk's Girdle - November 19, 2007

Oh, and Cross has excellent Vulcan features.

68. Iowagirl - November 19, 2007


Maybe, Abrams doesn’t know about Journey to Babel.

69. scott - November 19, 2007

Hey its Barnabas Collins!

70. SirMartman - November 19, 2007


hes too old,,, and his wife is too young

71. star trek-darkshadows fan - November 19, 2007

Hello #63, there is no argument there, Jonathan Frid is still tops in my book too!
Its just that imo Ben Cross did not shame the Barnabas Collins character whatsoever, and that I believe he will make an excellent Sarek, I am channeling the ghost of the late great Mark Lenard on this one #63, and going out on a limb and saying he is giving his blessings from The Spirit World of Vulcan!

I am excited very much about this new Star Trek Movie!

The Amy Jennings Dark Shadows Web Site

P.S. NO SPAMMING…site provided for informational purposes only!

72. JBS - November 19, 2007

38. Dennis Bailey – “…..Since Sarek is at least in his sixties or seventies at the time of Spock’s birth (using McCoy’s vague reference to his age in “Journey To Babel”) it wouldn’t be unreasonable to see him as visibly much older than Amanda if we hop back to Spock’s early life – she’d be a relatively young woman married to a much older man.”

Dennis, Sarek was very specific (as Vulcan’s tend to be) about his age in that episode. Remember, he responded to McCoy’s remark by saying “I’m 102.4 of your Earth years old.” (My head is full of inane Trek trivia). Anyhoo, I agree with you, Sarek is supposed to be much older than Amanda.

73. Shatner for president - November 19, 2007

He will work at as Sarek. I loved the Dark Shadows re-do from the early 90’s, I wish that series continued. He really is perfect for the role. The budget must be huge to pay these actors salaries. This movie will at least have a great cast and you know what they say you need for a great movie, first you need a great script, second a great or good director and third a great cast. It looks like we have all three, from what Nimoy has said about the script and he normally has a good veiw of things Trek. We need to let their creative juices flow and let them do thier job. Good luck JJ Abrams

74. roberto Orci - November 19, 2007



Or Star Trek Babies.

75. Iowagirl - November 19, 2007

#38, 72

You’re right, JBS, Vulcans tend to be very specific.

Sarek was born in 2164, Amanda Grayson in 2210. They married in 2229. Spock was born in 2230.

Just to make it even less vague.

76. Bobby - November 19, 2007

BRILLIANT!!! What a Great actor!!!!

77. Al - November 19, 2007

Too bloody old

78. Dierna - November 19, 2007

Interesting casting for this film. Will Sarek suddenly get the urge to run slowly on a beach??? The only thing I’ve seen him in is Chariot’s of Fire (I should dust off the ole video tape and watch it)

As for the whole age thing. Ya gotta remember that Mark Lenard was only 7 years older than Leonard Nimoy. Jane Wyatt, who played Amanda, was older than Mark Lenard (14 years older).

79. ZoomZoom - November 19, 2007

I absolutely loved Mark Lenard as Sarek. This is one of the characters that I will be watching most closely to see he is portrayed well.
I’ve often wondered, how hard can it be to act ‘without emotion’? Is it hard or is it easy?

80. JBS - November 19, 2007

He is not too old! I think this is the best casting choise they have made so far.

81. Thomas Jensen - November 19, 2007

Good choice, spot on!

82. bill hiro - November 19, 2007

Perfect casting. Abrams apparently does his best casting with Vulcans. My jury’s still out on the human characters …

83. S - November 19, 2007

I’ve loved Ben Cross’ work for years. I’m not familiar with Star Trek but this man is a gifted actor and he’ll be great in this movie.

84. JBS - November 19, 2007

#79 ZoomZoom I also loved Mark Lenard as Sarek. One reason he was so good was he did not play it “without emotion”, but was in control of his emotions (sometimes barely in control). It’s very subtle, but makes all the difference between a good Vulcan portrayal (Sarek, Spock, T’Pau) and a bad one (Tuvok, T’Pol).

85. Pragmaticus - November 19, 2007

79 – I’m actually taking an acting class in college right now. It is VERY hard. Even the slightest gesture, look, or facial expression can convey emotion. It requires a ton of focus.

86. bill hiro - November 19, 2007

Re: #74 – shouldn’t you be out walking a picket line somwehere?

87. roberto Orci - November 19, 2007


Alex and I take turns.

88. ZoomZoom - November 19, 2007

#84 that is actually a very good point, JBS.
He really portrayed the perfect Vulcan. Emotions there, but well- very well- contained. He did bring something special to Trek, didn’t he.
As I say- i’ll be watching Ben very closely!

89. Spock Jenkins - November 19, 2007

84. I thought Tuvok made a pretty good Vulcan, and Tim Russ clearly brought some Leonard Nimoy-esque characteristics to the role…I though Lt. Vorik was a far less successful portrayal…and T’Pol….she was HOT!!!

90. ZoomZoom - November 19, 2007

#85 I can do a very good ‘dead pan’ when the wife tells me her parents are coming over for dinner! lol But thats more instinctive I think! lol
I’m going to see if I can go a day without showing emotion!

91. Anthony Pascale - November 19, 2007

RE: 40
hey you stole that joke from me

so to show my solidarity with Bob and Alex…I demand residuals!

92. Harry Ballz - November 19, 2007

#45 Wellshaved Scrotum “Gee Harry B., I adore your posts but I really think Pegg is amazing and will pleasantly surprise us”

Thank you for the compliment…much appreciated! As to Pegg, your comments are well thought out…..I will try to keep an open mind.

By the way…it’s nice to exchange thoughts with my clean-shaven counterpart!! :)

93. Batts - November 19, 2007

I think that resemblance is scary!! He looks almost identical! In fact he looks more closer to the original than any body picked!! Zoe is also a very close call for Uhura, but this guy is like Mark Lenard without makeup.

94. LK - November 19, 2007

Perfect casting.

95. Shatner_Fan_2000 - November 19, 2007

#87 “Alex and I take turns.”

TMI. ;)

96. SPB - November 19, 2007


Yes, both Mark Lenard and Leonard Nimoy were incredibly subtle in their performances, but being “logical” does not mean acting robotic.

If you watch them closely, you can see that very often they were able to show mild annoyance, bemusement, superiority and even sadness at the state of the “human condition” and the situations around them. Maybe not Emotions with a capital E, per se, but certainly IN CONTROL, for the most part, as others have correctly pointed out.

97. ZoomZoom - November 19, 2007

#96 so did they fail as Vulcans? Or is showing some emotion acceptable? And how much is ok? And does Vulcan have ‘Emotion Police’?

98. Oceanhopper - November 19, 2007

I agree – excellent casting there.

99. SPOCK’S DADDY… « Life, The Universe and Cueball Col - November 19, 2007

[…] Who is your daddy, and what does he do ? […]

100. James.T.Kirk - November 19, 2007

At least he got the looks for the role, as for acting i dont know i havent seen him in a movie yet

it could work with winona because vulcans get mutch older than humans

101. indranee - November 19, 2007

Vulcans have powerful emotions; more powerful than do Humans. and not all of it can be shielded at all times… it’s canon. plus, an emotionless Vulcan is boooooring — see Sakonna. Ben Cross is a FANTASTIC choice!! I am almost excited now….

102. Harry Ballz - November 19, 2007

They’ve made a great choice with Ben Cross
For those who can’t see it, hey, it’s your loss
The man can sure act
That’s simply a fact
And his being a clone of Mark Lenard is BOSS!!

103. SirMartman - November 19, 2007

Star Trek 11,,

The Wrath of my freinds Fathers Son

104. RDL - November 19, 2007

I still think the casting of Leonard Nimoy as the older Spock is the best move they’ve made.

105. SPB - November 19, 2007

#97 (ZoomZoom)

I wouldn’t say they failed as Vulcans… remember, they DO have the capability to be emotional–their adherence to logic is learned, not inherent.

They would probably “fail” as Vulcans if they flagrantly cried, yelled, laughed out loud, whistled at pretty ladies or booed the visiting soccer teams. :)

106. Harry Ballz - November 19, 2007

Philisophical question:

If a Vulcan has an orgasm, and there’s no one there to hear it, do they make a sound? :)

107. RDL - November 19, 2007

Yes sounds like T’POW

108. Wellshaved Scrotum - November 19, 2007

I believe Vulcans avoid that sort of blatent emotionalism. They just moan quietly: “Ohuhoh, bitter dregs.”

109. Q - November 19, 2007

Mr Orci i know your not supposed to tell us any details but i need to know…..will we get to see sarek and amanda conceiving spock?

110. 1701 over Gotham City - November 19, 2007

He’s NOT too old… actually, for the character, he’s slightly young.
Sarek would have been in his 60’s when Spock was born. And if we see the birth of Spock, then technically Winona is too old as well. He was OVER 100 years old when we met him in TOS.

This is GREAT casting, and a nice age contrast to the whipper-snappers running around in the cast.

He has to nail this (as do they all), but I think he has the demeanor and the voice to do it… Mark Lenard made the greatest vulcan portrayal ever (note: I said Vulcan, not Vulcan/human). He showed perfectly controled emotions, and such great subtlety. He’s got as much to live up to as Quinto.

My only major casting problem? Urban as McCoy (and a redesigned ship as the Enterprise). Somebody was doing some serious drugs that day. Hideous, Terrible casting.

111. Pragmaticus - November 19, 2007

110 – Vulcans age more slowly than humans, though. And are we going to pretend that Jonathan Simpson doesn’t exist? Sarek looked pretty young at Spock’s birth.

I have a feeling that we’ll see the make-up department age Winona Ryder a bit, and I don’t think we’ll be seeing Spock’s birth. We’ve already seen it.

112. Oregon Trek Geek - November 19, 2007

I hadn’t known anything about Ben Cross before this, but based on the photos, I’d say it’s a great choice!

It seems to me there’s a lot of wiggle room regarding the age of the actor when casting Vulcans. If it’s supposed to be an old Vulcan, you can easily age a younger actor, and if the actor is already old, well that’s great…

113. Oregon Trek Geek - November 19, 2007

Oh, I agree that filling Mark Lenard’s shoes will be as much or more of a challenge than Nimoy’s….

114. AJ - November 19, 2007

As long as he can portray what was an anguish about his real un-Vulcan love for an “imperfect” son whom he knew was his better, but whom he constantly tried to put down and pigeonhole,… well then everything should be A-OK

115. indranee - November 19, 2007

AJ (#114) – nice one! me like. that’s Sarek’s worst side in a nutshell. and Mark Lenard nailed it. here’s hoping Ben Cross does, as well. actually, he might have the more difficult job of the two if the script is what I guess it is. Cross was fantastic with Barnabas Collin’s anguish, so I am hoping for the best.

116. josepepper - November 19, 2007

Great chiseled features
Should make a nice Vulcan

I hope they don’t put those stupid black wigs on these folks like they did in STTNG

Real human hair please

117. chain of command - November 19, 2007

Definitely an awesome choice for Sarek. Man, this is so cool. I mean, I never though we’d get all the original characters back. December 08 will be cool.

118. JC - November 19, 2007

RE 90.That’s funny.I didn’t know.What can I say but , ‘Great minds think alike !’

119. Dennis Bailey - November 19, 2007

#104:”I still think the casting of Leonard Nimoy as the older Spock is the best move they’ve made.”

You think so? I dunno, I just always think of “Paris The Great” when I look at Nimoy. Have to see what he looks like with pointed ears, though. ;)

120. JBS - November 19, 2007

111. Pragmaticus – November 19, 2007

110 – Vulcans age more slowly than humans, though. And are we going to pretend that Jonathan Simpson doesn’t exist? Sarek looked pretty young at Spock’s birth.

Yes, Pragmaticus, let’s pretend ST V never happened, ok?

121. EdDR - November 19, 2007

to #14 Jon1701. You only as good as the script you are given. If the words are not there or the character is not written properly , no matter how you push yourself to get it out there, it just doesn’t happen.

122. navamske - November 19, 2007

Barnabas Collins was over 200 years old and so will Sarek be.

123. Robert April - November 19, 2007



124. VOODOO - November 19, 2007

He looks the part.

Good choice.

125. roberto Orci - November 19, 2007


Only in the DVD extras.

126. Classic trek - November 19, 2007

good choice i think. we cant really be critical of any of them until we see the finished article can we? anyway i dont know about you guys but im getting really impatient with waiting for some REAL pics of the new sets/uniforms/bridge/assembled crew etc. when do we get something really meaty to digest!!

united kingdom

127. Greg2600 - November 19, 2007

good choice for Sarek.

128. Rastaman - November 19, 2007

Wow! Great choice. A strong actor and uncanny likeness of Mark Lenard. You could center an entire movie around Sarek if you wanted to. Mark Lenard’s original portrayal made for such an interesting character.

Ben will do a fine job as well.

129. k7 - November 19, 2007

Outstanding pick.Been a a fan of his since COF.Can see him as Sarek
#111 You mean STV wasn’t just a bad dream?

130. dalek - November 19, 2007

The Vulcans cast this far actually look Vulcan without the makeup! Inspired casting.

131. Mark Anton - November 19, 2007

Ben Cross probably made his biggest splash on the big screen in Chariots of Fire. He does seem like a good choice to take on the role of Sarek.

132. Mr Fancy Pants - November 19, 2007

GREAT CHOICE HERE!!!! I had totally forgotten about Cross!

133. Mr Fancy Pants - November 19, 2007

I liked BOTH Frid AND Cross as Barnabas…:-)~

134. MrRegular - November 19, 2007

Ben Cross IS Sarek..perfect choice!
And, the Space:1999 episode “Black Sun” depicts meeting God without a joke thrown in at the moment of maximum drama, as done in STV.

135. TJ Trek - November 19, 2007

Hey, I think maybe Simon Peg is appropriate. I just watched a couple of TOS episodes (for the first time) like yesterday, and noticed that Scotty is indeed a bit of the comic relief for the show. Not slap stick for sure, but just his manurisms, etc. I think Peg will work fine. I liked him Shaun of The Dead, but I also liked him in MI:III. If he can pull of both of these well, then maybe, he can pull of trek. Give the man a chance laddy.

136. Harry Ballz - November 20, 2007

Give the man a chance?

Well, it doesn’t look like we even have an option there, now does it?

He’s got his chance, now let’s see what he does with it!

137. Bob Tompkins - November 20, 2007

Very talented actor from the roles I’ve seen him in. Underrated is a word that comes to mind.
As with most of the other casting, I suspect he’ll be fine.
I maintain my reservations about Karl Urban as McCoy. I just let the rumor of Gary Sinise take away all reason.

138. Jon Campbell - January 22, 2008

I’m a longtime fan of Cross and Mark Lenard AND Sarek. So, perfect! I was telling a coworker about this and the more I told her the more excited I got and – um – I choked up a little LOL. Embarassing, but it felt good to have something to look forward to so much.

139. stephanie - February 8, 2008

Perfect casting choice! Cross has the presence, the voice and the look. He’ll make a fantastic Sarek!

140. Fanboy Bites: Cross Playing Spock’s Dad, ‘Riddick’ Sequel Sees Light and T-Bag Scores ‘Wolverine,’ ‘Birds’ and ‘Bond’ Roles | celebrity news - February 12, 2009

[…] to TrekMovie, as well an official listing on the man’s site, 59-year-old British actor Ben Cross has […]

141. rose - January 25, 2010

I suppose it doesn’t really make that much of a difference now, but…
I think Ben Cross did a fairly decent job as Sarek. However, one of the things that stuck with me about Mark Lenard’s performance was his ability to have his feelings just beneath the surface and still be perfectly in control, and I just don’t think Ben Cross has that. Who knows, maybe he’ll prove me wrong in the sequel. I hope so.
Also, Mr. Orci, I don’t know if you’re allowed to tell us, but if you are…what do you think we can expect in the sequel?

142. Tina - September 20, 2011

This guy is a wonderful actor and has been much under-utilized for decades. You guys need to go to his FACEBOOK fan page, click like and talk to him! He needs to hear this from his fans! He is faithful to talk to them too. His page has a pic of him in front of a red background. I didn’t know who he was until 2009 and now I’m a fan for life!

Mark Leonard is no longer with us. Cross made Sarek his own just like he made Barnabas his own. He raises the bar too high for many to follow so they have to come up with their own incarnations or die trying!

143. Dexter Reines - October 18, 2011

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