Cloverfield’s Slusho Appears On Heroes – Takei Takes A Sip

The connections to NBC’s Heroes and Star Trek (past and present) are numerous, but now it looks like there is also a link to JJ Abrams monster movie Cloverfield. One of the ‘viral’ sites for Cloverfield is, a fictional Japanese frozen drink company. Slusho drinks have shown up in the last two episodes of Heroes. Here is a clip from last night:

And here is a behind the scenes pic of Star Trek’s George Takei enjoying a Slusho

More pics at Cloverfield Clues

Heroes Season Finale next week
[spoilers] The final episode “Powerless” for Chapter 2 of Heroes airs next Monday. The episode will feature Zachary Quinto (the new Spock) and explain why Sylar has lost his powers at the end of Chapter 1. Due to the WGA strike the producers re-shot the ending so it could also act as a season finale as well. The episode may also explain why Sylar is going to disappear for a while (due to the reality that Quinto went off to shoot Star Trek).

Viral campaign for Trek?
Cloverfield seems to have quite a successful viral campaign going. Paramount’s recent Transformers movie (written by Star Trek scribes Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman) also involved an elaborate viral web campaign. There is no word yet if the same will be done for Star Trek, but let’s hope they do.

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Dr. Image
November 27, 2007 8:39 pm


November 27, 2007 8:40 pm



I love those pics of George Takei enjoying a Slusho


November 27, 2007 8:41 pm


I AM THX-1138
November 27, 2007 8:51 pm

Well, ya’ can’t seem ta’ drink just six.

I’m not lion.

November 27, 2007 9:01 pm

I can’t say I’m a huge fan of this type of in-show advertising, even if it is ‘viral’ or whatever. I saw an episode of Smallville a couple weeks ago and it’s annoying how often they zoom in on Chloe’s Sprint phone or the camera lingers on some spotless new car before it explodes. Product placement is still product placement: lame.

November 27, 2007 9:09 pm

#5. I think for it to be product placement, it would need to be a product. “Slusho” isn’t one.

November 27, 2007 9:11 pm

Izbot, isn’t this product placement for a FICTIONAL drink?

Xai (ban the firsties)
November 27, 2007 9:12 pm

oh, and eighth and ban the first-ies

November 27, 2007 9:40 pm

Maybe XI will have Kirk and Spock sipping Romulan Ale with two straws.
(Photoshop nuts, who’ll be the first?)

November 27, 2007 9:47 pm

6 and 7, you’re missing it entirely. It’s product placement for J.J. Abrams’ movie. Anyone wondering what this product on Heroes is could just go online and end up at the viral site for Cloverfield. It’s product placement. It has nothing to do with the show Heroes. It’s there to sell a movie.

November 27, 2007 9:52 pm

Or maybe you get Shanti virus from sipping Slusho…

November 27, 2007 10:05 pm

This site frequently flirts with being just a promotional vehicle for anything J.J. Abrams. The guy blows his nose and somebody posts a glowing review of it with a youtube link to the tissue.

November 27, 2007 10:27 pm


Maybe it’s just that J.J. is that good….

"Uncle" Clay Farrow
November 28, 2007 4:23 am

Personally, I’m waiting for Slusho on the Enterprise!!!

(No, not really.)

November 28, 2007 4:52 am

#15, No Kill I? Maybe ‘Slusho’ was the name of the horta? Hmmm

November 28, 2007 5:28 am

The worst example I have seen of in-episode advertising was on Smallville: when a character used Oasys contact lenses and Chloe was commenting directly about the product! Hopefully Star Trek won’t have anything like that! On the other hand, it would be interesting to see if some brands have survived to the 23rd century, or maybe George Kirk could have some antiques with product names: a 300 year old Slusho machine maybe. >;>}

November 28, 2007 6:48 am

^ See Shatner’s story of how he and Nimoy fought Roddenberry to cut down the page-and-a-half of dialogue about the IDIC symbol, because (Shatner thought) Roddenberry had a warehouse full of little crappy plastic replicas.

November 28, 2007 7:18 am

18. Star Trek has thus far avoided this type of cross-media marketting. I hope it continues to.

November 28, 2007 7:26 am

I don’t get what this “viral” deal is about. I go to the Slusho website and all I see is a goofy site for a fictional drink. How does this help promote a movie?

November 28, 2007 7:34 am

#18 Cmdr & #19 Izbot- Nimoy also wrote about not wanting to wear the IDIC symbol during the episode “Is There In Truth No Beauty” because he thought Roddenberry just wanted to advertise the items he was selling through side business. But Roddenberry insisted and Nimoy had to wear them. I thought the pin was fine, but the huge medallion he wore at the end of the episode always struck me as odd and out of character for Spock, very tacky,

November 28, 2007 7:39 am

Geez…….are we really talking about slushos on heroes?……..Must be a really slow news day………Me want more pictures from the set. If they are filming at Vazquez Rocks right now, that should be an easy on to spy on.

November 28, 2007 7:42 am

meant…easy to spy on. Sorry, I’m not ready for prime time yet.

November 28, 2007 7:46 am

I keep getting the feeling that Cloverfield is a Godzilla movie – and the fact that they’ve got this fictional Japanese slushie drink only enhances that feeling.

November 28, 2007 8:21 am


JJ’s gone on record that this isn’t Godzilla. He said he and his son saw a Godzilla toy and he felt Americans neeed ‘their own monster’. So thankfully, whatever it turns out to be, it won’t be that. Godzilla ’98 should provide enough horror to scare studios away from Godzilla movies for the next 20 years.


Of course the website is a promotional tool. What world are you living in? The entire site is dedicated to news & the excitement leading up to the new movie, something that JJ Abrams just happens to be directing. Should he avoid stories that aren’t 100% Star Trek-related just to satisfy some arbitrary line in the sand? Give me a break. Please find something legitimate to gripe about.

November 28, 2007 8:59 am

Gene Roddenberry wanting to capitolize on ST and make some money off it? Say it ain’t so! All the money should go to the rightful owners, Paramount! How DARE he?

Yeah, right. I’d say he had a right by then.

Kirk's Girdle
November 28, 2007 10:21 am

Heroes already has had the very egregious placement of the Nissan Versa and Rogue. *GAG*

November 28, 2007 10:37 am

#20: It doesn’t at all, it’s just an easter egg with its own website :)

Dr. Image
November 28, 2007 12:45 pm

Notice, I resisted the urge to actually SAY the word, “first.” Though, for the FIRST time, I actually was! Woo-hooo!!
Am I the only one who hasn’t kept up with Heros?
That pic is classic.

November 28, 2007 1:39 pm

Heroes got off to a verrrrrrry slow start in Season 2 but has finally been picking up steam the last few weeks.

I saw this last episode and I remember Veronica Mars slurping (and spilling) that drink in her car, but I never noticed the name Slusho and even if I had, the name meant nothing to me. I just thought it was another brand of Slurpee from some convenience store chain out west. Or maybe the generic fake product names that Hollywood tends to use a lot, like obvious Cap’n Crunch cereal boxes doctored to read “Crunch’n Crunch”, or Duncan Donuts boxes changed to read “Donuts Donuts”.

Lest we forget, George Takei’s limo last season on “Heroes” had a license plate reading NCC-1701. Cross-promotion is nothing new to Abrams.

November 28, 2007 5:25 pm

They could put ‘slushos’ in all their films then sell the name to a beverage maker.New twist on movie merchandising.

November 28, 2007 5:33 pm

10. Izbot – November 27, 2007
Ummm…no. You missed it. Check out Anthony’s remarks on #12.
Wondering what it was, looking it up online and hitting a movie site…. too many steps.

Xai is fresh for you
November 28, 2007 6:58 pm

I think it’s an invasion…cute site though.

November 28, 2007 8:03 pm

That picture is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in days. I love their expressions…

November 28, 2007 10:15 pm

Meh heroes shmeroes me want ncc 1701 design plus offical cast pics

November 28, 2007 10:40 pm

Jack Daniels had a placement in STV : TFF during the campfire scene as the “secret ingredient.”

November 29, 2007 8:28 am

Okay guys, never mind ‘slusho’ and such nonsense, what you really want to know is…what does the MONSTER look like?…right?


Here is what seems to be GENUINE ‘Production Art’ from ‘Cloverfield’, and it gives credence to certain ‘sea-like’ attributes long-rumoured. I don’t know if this is the FINAL designwork, but the size indicated here seems impressive…although I just hope it’s not ALL shot in ‘shaky-cam’ like the trailers are.
I repeat, if you DON’T want to see this potential spoiler, then DON’T click on the link below. To everyone else…all is finally revealed…maybe…

November 29, 2007 9:58 am

Ooooooooooooooooh, somebody’s gonna be in trouble for letting this get out!

Wow, some people that work with a movie crew don’t know how to just let someone else’s secret stay a secret.

November 29, 2007 10:01 am

The giant “sea-louse” idea comes from Godzilla 85… they had them too…

November 29, 2007 10:05 am

Where did that come from btw? It’ll be all over the web in seconds.

November 29, 2007 10:36 am

OK, did some quick research, found out that the picture listed above has been debunked as fan artwork from some months now. False alarm as far as the general consensus goes… but who knows, “they” might be covering up the fact it was a real image! :)

November 29, 2007 11:52 am

Slusho also appeared in the 2nd episode of Alias’ first season – Michael Vaughn offers one to Sydney somewhere in the 15-20 minute range as I just happened to be watching on DVD today…

Xai making it fresh for you!
November 29, 2007 4:02 pm


December 1, 2007 12:24 pm

looks like head lice

one big enuff to suck your brains out,,


I recon its fake,, its nothing I cant draw at home,,scan,,and put on photo bucket myself

No markings on it eather,,date,,movie company,,production notes,,

December 3, 2007 6:30 am

#44 SirMartman

It has been confirmed as a fan effort now, which is good, as apart from it’s size, it’s not exactly scary looking…

And if you can indeed ‘draw’ as good as that, then you are very talented, as is the fan who came up with this Production Design design quality rendering in the first place.