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“The Alternative Factor” Remastered Screenshots [UPDATED + Video] December 1, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: TOS-R Screenshots/Video , trackback



Summary: Good effort, but not a lot to work with
Not a lot of new effects for this weekend’s episode. Then again some might say that no amount of new coats of paint can do much for this less than stellar outing. You have your usual orbital shots, but all nicely done. They mixed them up with some new angles, including one dramatic flyby from under the saucer. The parallel universe shots seemed to be the same (or if they were enhanced it was subtle). The phasering of the ship appeared to have some minor tweaking.

NOTE: Remastered video and images below taken from the Standard Definition DVD side of the new Star Trek Season One box set.

SFX Video


SFX Screenshots

Remastered & Original









Bad Lazarus

Good Lazarus

Lazarus v Lazarus: Parallel Pugilists

Hellooooo Ladies

Kirk as Force Ghost


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1. NZorak - December 1, 2007


….Oh god, now I’ve done it.

2. Harry Ballz - December 1, 2007

Talk about trying to “fancy up” one turd of an episode!!

3. Plum - December 1, 2007

Oh rats, they didn’t do something funky with the “alternative warp” corridor? That needed FX more than anything.

And who was that sexy engineer gal in blue?

4. holzjw - December 1, 2007

I suppose it had to be done, but it would have been a lot more fun to have a better episode that is more effects driven, such as the “Enterprise Incident”. This one was bad even when I was a kid.

5. Cox of Seagulls - December 1, 2007

You can’t polish a turd.

6. Cranston - December 1, 2007


I didn’t see the episode, and I usually like the TOS-R shots, but I think I prefer the original shot of the E firing on the planet surface. It’s a straight-ahead shot (meaning that the beam is parallel to the main axis of the ship), and unusual angle. I also like how the original shot has the beam narrow with distance, while that isn’t as obvious with the new shot. The original is just more aesthetically satisfying for me.

7. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 1, 2007

It’s all in the lighting.

Take a look at pic #1 vs. pic #2.

For the New movie, just keep the high contrast look (lights and shadows) and the ship will look a good as it possible can.

Overall, it’s nice to see the ship’s hull, but #1 looks great with the shadow areas almost going to black. Someone has done a better job balancing the color in these new screenshots than has been the case in the recent past.

8. richpit - December 1, 2007

As someone said in one of these “Remastered” posts…I know it’s more “realistic”, but all the dull brown planets are getting kind of old. The bright red and orange planet orbits was one of the cool things about the old series.

9. Magic_Al - December 1, 2007

^7. They look better because they’re from the remastered DVD. Past screenshots taken from TV broadcasts looked worse because the FCC only requires that TV stations broadcast digitally. Stations that don’t feel like replacing “perfectly good” analog equipment can record digital shows off satellite with their old analog tape deck and feed that through their old analog control room all the way to their new digital transmitter where it gets redigitized, and they can keep doing it for years until competition threatens their ratings enough to open their pocketbook.

^6. I agree it looks better to have the ship firing straight ahead. They should have thought about the drama of the whole ship pointing like a gun. The original show went out of its way to film a new angle of the Enterprise for this scene so it’s not just another bit of stock footage to replace.

10. Another Q - December 1, 2007

This is (arguably) the worst episode made, in the whole Trek series. Every time it comes on I watch it just to see if I’ve missed something so that it will finally make some sense. I doubt if adding any new FX will make it any better.

11. steve623 - December 1, 2007

It *is* the worst episode ever, no argument necessary. Its a real shame they didn’t take or have time to tart up the dimensional corridor shots with something really snazzy, just to distract you from the pointless storyline with something shiny and pretty to look at. If there was ever a place for the CG artists to really do something visually impressive, that was it.

12. Kyle Nin - December 1, 2007

#8: “The bright red and orange planet orbits was one of the cool things about the old series.”

But those usually didn’t match the surface of the planet. Did they? I thought that’s how they came up with the new look of the planets for the remastered episodes.

13. Trekkie1701D - December 1, 2007

They most likely didnt redo the corridor shots because of the footage they had. I’d assume it was already negatived or whatever and they couldnt do much for it.

14. Commodore Z - December 1, 2007

Startrek.com has a new video with remastered special effects, including a few shots from episodes that haven’t aired yet:


15. T Negative - December 1, 2007

It looks like they cleaned up the Phaser effect a little. I noticed they added a central core to the beam and there are some neat shimmering effects on Lazarus’s ship.

16. CmdrR - December 1, 2007

What could they have done to the corridor shots? Anything that would make it less crap-tastic would also be a violation of the spirit of the original. There’s no implied shot that wasn’t see for budgetary reasons. There’s no fuzzy at the edges chromakey or matte shots. It’s JUST PLAIN BAD. They could CGI a new kind of corridor, but that’s not the plan here. So, live with the fact that some turds float in the Trekiverse.

maybe it’s better with plastic:


17. DREW - December 1, 2007

11. – NOT the worst episode of trek… not even close. I agree its not a favorite of mine but its not the worst episode made. I could name at least 6 episodes of that are far worse than “The Alternative Factor”

1. And the Children Shall Lead
2. Plato’s Stepchildren
3. Requiem for Methuselah
4. Who Mourns for Adonais?
5. The Way to Eden
6. Spock’s Brain

18. Smitty - December 1, 2007

Well looking at Lazarus I see where the makeup department got the idea for Klingon goatees.

Oddly this episode aired after the Klingon debut in “Errand Of Mercy” even though it was made 7 episodes before it.


19. Gary Seven - December 1, 2007

#17- All terrible episodes, I agree- all signiicantly worse than “The Alternative Factor.”
Except “Who Mourns for Adonais?” That was IMHO, a very good episode, detailing the humanistic, Enlightenment-based thinking of Star Trek, that humanity has progressed and “grown up” and can depend on itself, not “gods.”

20. OR Coast Trekkie - December 1, 2007

Interesting departure shot for this episode.

I really think that fixing the corridor shots, and the “translucent nebula” could have made the episode at least LOOK less cheesy.

I still think that phasers should have a bit more of that particle look to them.

In other news, the college BCS is full of chaos…

21. Xplodin' Nacelle - December 1, 2007

#17 At least those other epidodes had a followable plot. BTW Requiem For Methusuleh is a major character developing episode. It’s just as poiniant every time Spock says “Forget.” – Even more so when contrasted w/ TWOK, & TSFS.

#18 I think the Lazarus beard kinda looked like the main Klingon from The Trouble With Tribbles. ….”It should be HAULED AWAY AS GARBAGE!!!”

22. cd - December 1, 2007

I like “Who Mourns for Adonais?” One of my favorite Star Trek quotes comes from that episode:
“Mankind has no need for gods. We find the one quite adequate.” – James T. Kirk

23. Andy Patterson - December 2, 2007


Although to each his own….I’ve always liked Plato’s Stepchildren. Those two guys are more fun than the two old men in the balcony from the Muppet Show. “Careful Mr. Spock, Cupid’s arrow kills Vulcans….bwa ha ha ha”

Requiem for Methuselah….I’ll go with you on that. A weak episode.

And And the Children Shall Lead. Sheesh. Melvin Belli…the man who represented Jack Ruby, for free….Good Lord I hate this episode. What were they thinking?

Who Mourns for Adonais? Now, I’ve always like the way they touch ancient Earth history and explain the mythology of the gods.

Spock’s Brain, well that’s a no brainer (ha). We all hate that one.

But The Way to Eden………..I take issue every time someone says it’s trash. I believe Doohan said it was “nothing”. But to a boy who grew up in a house where pop music was not allowed, this was my earliest introduction, along with The Monkees, to something other than classical music. Plus dig that groovy dialogue. Just transcribe the conversation between Spock and Adam in his quarters and you’ve got the basis for a whole new colloquial vernacular and culture. “Can?” “Can” Spock is practically ONE now.”

“I reach that brother, I really do.”

24. Iowagirl - December 2, 2007


Yes, and furthermore, it expresses not only the thought of how those gods might have been the basis for the entire Greek civilisation but it also shows that Kirk was able to think beyond his 23rd century rationalism.

“They gave us so much. The Greek civilization, much of our culture and philosophy came from a worship of those beings. In a way, they began the Golden Age. Would it have hurt us, I wonder… just to have gathered a few laurel leaves?”

In addition to that, this episode once more gave us a classic literary reference by using a line from “Adonais: An Elegy on the Death of John Keats“ by Shelley for the episode‘s title. And by applying the ambiguity of the word „Adonai“ (a Hebrew name for God, literally meaning master or lord) the episode‘s concluding statement is emphasized.

As regards “The Alternative Factor” – surely not one of my all-time favs, although I’ve always liked the Jekyll & Hyde perspective of the story which sort of made it possible to see the plot holes, the matter/antimatter inconsistencies, from a more metaphorical angle.

25. cd - December 2, 2007

Ahhhh, bitter dregs….
…ahhh, in cold morning light.

26. Dave R - December 2, 2007

Did anyone notice that the broadcast version of this episode used the original first season theme music over the opening credits and not the re-recorded first season opening theme muisc?

Does the DVD set also use the original version opening theme as well on this episode??

This has happened on at least one other episode from the second season.

27. jonboc - December 2, 2007

WHile this episode isn’t the best, it surely isn’t the worst. I still enjoy watching Kirk get on edge and get all snappy with the crew. The consequence at hand couldn’t be more dire…the pending non-existence of everything. It was photgraphed well, had some location shooting and the guest star was capable enough. I can watch it, and enjoy the individual scenes and performances. It’s just that, when it’s all over, I’m like….what???

And what about some of the other candidates mentioned for worse episode..like Spock’s Brain or Way to Eden?. Well…at least they entertain me. So they aren’t up to par with much of first season Trek, but even in their badness they are damn entertaining. Leave it to TOS to pull off a feat like that. Even most of the bad ones are still fun to watch!

For a real stinker tune into the third season entry, Is there in Truth No Beauty. Lord, everybody tripping over their feet to pine for the attention of the wonderous Miranda Jones. The music is painfully sappy and the characters are out of character. This particular episode, despite the very capable Dina Mulduar amd despite the coolness of Spock freaking out, could fit right in with TNG, right alongside Sub Rosa……nuff said.

28. Jim J (interesting) - December 2, 2007

#26-Nope, on the dvd it is fixed and so is “The Conscience of the King”. Did I think the price was too high on the dvd set? Yup, as always. Am I glad I bought it anyway…ABSOLUELY!

29. Scott - December 2, 2007

Re: #6 Cranston:

I agree with you. Aesthetically, the original shot is better-composed. In fact, I find a lot of the new shots, while technically pretty (others can quibble about that), often rather artlessly composed.

And I’ll agree with anyone who puts “Alternative” in their bottom 5 list. To my mind it’s the ONLY true stinker in the First Season. But boy, what a stinker!

Scott B. out.

30. CmdrR - December 2, 2007

DREW – I like 2 & 3 on your list. It just shows there’s some wiggle room here. Although, I think most Trekkies strongly dislike And the Children… and Way to Eden. (Ya, brother.)
I don’t even HATE this episode, although it veers into duh land. Trek is best when it’s character driven, with bold themes. This has a HUGE risk-factor (2 universes!) but really, so what? It’s not something anyone at home can relate to. Lazarus isn’t sympathetic. How is he like us? He’s not. Kirk and Spock dutifully save the universe, but again, so what? Are we saying that had the E not been in the neighborhood, two whole freakin universes woulda winked out?? Dang!
I would hope that eps like this (not to mention STV) would have convinced JJ to keep the story in XI relatively small and intimate. Let’s get to know these characters all over again, before they find God or save universes.

31. TJ Trek - December 2, 2007

I recently watched the first half of this episode for like the second time ever. and let me say this…. I am like a third generation trekie meaning that I was there for TNG when it was on, but was most tuned into DS9 and VOYAGER. I am now going back and watching the original series. All that is new to me, so it’s like “hey, 75 new episodes of Trek to watch, yipee.”. And although TNG is still my favorite incarnation of this universe, TOS fantastice, especially for it’s time. And as for “The Alternative Factor” unless they really screwed it bad in the end, then this is a rather interesting episode. I liked the part that I rewatched recently at any rate. I will have to see the rest soon and write back.

32. Kyle Nin - December 2, 2007

#15: “It looks like they cleaned up the Phaser effect a little. I noticed they added a central core to the beam and there are some neat shimmering effects on Lazarus’s ship.”

I did notice that shimmering effect on the ship. It’s a nice, but subtle, touch. The Enterprise shooting from orbit looked a whole lot better too.

33. Drew - December 2, 2007

Hey Guys,

Point well taken on Who Mourns for Adonais?. I just didnt like it but it seems like the other episodes we are all in agreement – pretty terrible stuff.

34. Nelson - December 2, 2007

It hasn’t aired yet here, but I am happy that I can watch it at my leisure on the new HD-DVD’s and not at 1:00am tonight!

Though agreed, it’s a weak entry only note worthy for the unique phaser shot. I wonder if John Drew Barrymore could have saved it. Doubt it! Perhaps his absence altered the script(?)

35. Nelson - December 2, 2007

Oh yeah, Requiem is one of my third season favorites and I wonder if Adonais would have been stronger if they left the original ending in with Carolyn pregnant. It has some merit, Chekov’s first show, Scotty going nuts of Carolyn and a fun idea fictional idea for the origins of the Greek gods.

36. Andy Patterson - December 2, 2007

We have twice all your telekinetic ablilities. “NOT TWICE MINE!”

37. Mister Snuffleupacus - December 2, 2007

LOL!!!! For my money, that’s one of the funniest parts of that episode, #36.
I rather enjoy Plato’s Stepchildren as it’s one of the greatest unintentional Trek comedies ever!

38. richpit - December 2, 2007


Good point. I didn’t think of the fact that the color portrayed in the “orbit shot” rarely matched the color of the surface.

39. Iowagirl - December 2, 2007

Hey Drew,
I think “Plato’s Stepchildren” is a great episode. It uses a quite unusual, but nevertheless or perhaps for exactly that reason, very impressive and poignant approach to reveal that absolute power corrupts absolutely. It‘s a story about misguided philosophies, domination, humiliation and how we can overcome them. Convincing acting by everyone involved made for the impact this episode’s topical statement has.

Sorry to contradict, but I don’t see this episode as a comedy – neither an unintentional one nor an intentional one. IMO, the moments one might regard as funny, in fact are the most severe ones.

But what is most important – TOS keeps us talking!

40. Thomas Jensen - December 2, 2007

Boy, I agree with the comments about that ship phasering the mini ship shot. The original angle was better, being closer to the ship from our viewpoint. That’s one shot they should have just copied verbatim.

Worst episode? Not this one, for my money, “And The Children Shall Lead”. Pure garbage.

41. willbueche - December 2, 2007

Besides being brown, the planets continue to lack any atmosphere (barely any trace of clouds). The planets look like Mars rather than a breathable place like Earth.

42. Drew - December 2, 2007

#39 I hear what you are saying – To me its still one of the worst episode

43. Mike T. - December 2, 2007

#17, I don’t know, “Turnabout Intruder” was pretty bad in my opinoin. I actually felt bad for William Shatner having to act those scenes.

44. cd - December 2, 2007

#43 – Turnabout Intruder was pretty bad. But Sandra Smith as Kirk in Janice Lester’s body did a great job! >;>}

45. MrRegular - December 2, 2007

Actually John Drew Barrymore’s absence did alter things according to the various Trek books I have here in my library.
There was also a romantic subplot between Lazarus and Lt. Masters that was filmed but later excised due to the fact that interracial romances were not welcome on network TV in the 60s.
As to the episode itself:
I watched the remastered version last night after I got off from work.
Yes it is one of the subpar Trek adventures.The scenes are still very confusing, even after multiple viewings.
Which one is the good Lazarus?
The bad one?
And why does his beard disappear?
Or reappear?
Why is Lazarus wandering around the ship not under guard?
Why is engineering away from it’s usual location?
Where is Scotty? He would have raised hell if Lazarus got within 10 feet of his engines, not to mention the dilithium crystals !!
I’m disappointed that CBS-D did not get rid of that old-timey twisting rectangle shape used while traveling through the dimensions. Also, why was the nebula kept in for the “winking out” sequences? C’mon, if we are talking about nonexistence make it look similar to how John Huston depicted the “before creation” state in the film “The Bible: In the Beginnning”.
That’s NOTHING, no star field, no nebula, nothing. Couldn’t the CBS-D team have digitally added something like that?
Just a little more effort from CBS-D would have made this study in chaos more bearable.

46. MrRegular - December 2, 2007

Why is engineering away from it’s usual location?
Should have been
Why is engineering away from its usual location?
Sorry for the typo!

47. AntiMatter - December 2, 2007

I’m not sure that The Alternative Factor is deserving of worst episode.

Apparently, most of you have not recently endured The Gamesters of Triskelion. How can anyone watch that episode without having some other activity to fall back on–like sleep!

The episodes that fail to capture full attention–even after multiple viewings–should be candidates for BAD, IMHO.

48. Dr. Image - December 2, 2007

“And The Children…” is THE WORST. EVER! C’mon. You gotta admit.

49. Iowagirl - December 2, 2007

# 43, 44

Right, a comparatively quite bad episode, but Shatner as Lester was TERRIFIC! I’ll eternally treasure the picture of him filing his nails while talking to Bones…

50. Nate - December 2, 2007

You forgot about the image from the end of the episode, when the Enterprise is leaving orbit, you get to see the planet shrink from the rear of the ship.

51. Cafe 5 - December 2, 2007

There are some concepts in this episode that would indeed be interesting to pursue in the Star Trek universe that didn’t work well in this episode. After the tension that was built up after the winking out and Starfleets orders to investigate what happens, Lazarus shows up and the story gets convoluted. The production was hampered by a missing then replaced guest star, and the episode has a very rushed feeling to it. Its a shame because Gerd Oswald was a very stylistic director and worked well on the original Outer Limits. If they had more time when the episode was originally filmed maybe they could have cleaned up some of the inconsistencies. Tighter editing too could have helped especially in the remastered for television version. The visuals looked fine. I always like the odd angle phaser shot in the original, the shot was never used again. The little time ship was another great prop only used the one time. Was this a great episode…no but it was far from the worst.

52. monger - December 2, 2007

C’mon, people! Spock’s Brain is entertaining if for nothing else than it’s a TOS camp classic! I would rather sit through that one than, say, The Man Trap, if for nothing else than to giggle at its campiness! I always found episodes like TMT or Gamesters kinda boring. I agree with Antimatter- there’s something to be said about an episode for not putting someone to sleep!

53. Brian - December 2, 2007

I wonder if old Spock will tell young Spock in the movie, that sometime in the future his brain will be gone lol

54. Scott - December 2, 2007

You gotta give props to Shatner’s performance in “Turnabout.” The poor dude was having to play not only a woman (in a somewhat unenlightened era), but a very unbalanced woman, AND with the spectre of series cancellation hanging over every scene. I think he pulled it off about as well as any actor could have.

Worst 5 episodes list time, most worst to least worst:

1. Spock’s Brain
2. The Way to Eden
3. And the Children Shall Lead
4. Plato’s Stepchildren
5. Alternative Factor

“Adonais” is very defensible and one of my favorites. “Triskelion” is far from boring, and I would argue is Star Trek’s premiere camp classic episode. “Requiem” at least has an interesting concept, if a less-than-convincing execution. Though I guess the same could be said of “Alternative.”

Scott B. out.

55. sharon fisher - December 2, 2007

Those other episodes are dumb, to be sure, but at least they can be *understood*. I’ve never figured out what the hell was going on with this one.

56. Jupiter1701 - December 2, 2007

#3 — you asked who is that sexy gal in blue?

Why, she’s somone’s grandma, that’s who!!


It’s a good thing that there is a Vulcan on board, to figure out that one Lazarus has a bandage, and the other does not. You’d have thought Spock would have noticed the guys who had their black and white faces painted on opposite sides too, but he must have been drinking too much Vulcan ale that day to notice.


The worst Star Trek episodes are anything doing with the holodeck taking over the ship — in any series.

They are so bad, all the original series holodeck episodes were burned before they even were broadcast!! That’s how bad they were!

(Yeah, well prove me wrong.)


57. spockboy - December 2, 2007

I took a shot from this episode and put it next to an EdenFX shot (same angle)to finally demonstrate how the lack of contrast and light promotes CARTOONUITY (you heard it here first folks!)


: )

58. Snake - December 2, 2007

They should have CGIed Drew Barrymore in as Lazerus…

and had ET as a redshirt..

just joking – I like this ep, Its got a cool Twilight Zone feel to it…..(Spectre of The Gun is another ep with a spooky TZ feel)…its far from the absolute worst of the series (Children Shall Lead..Way to Eden…Plato’s Stepchildren..Spocks Brain etc)…..

Plus its one of only 2 eps that deal with parallel universes…wonder if the other universe is in fact the parallel universe of ‘Mirror Mirror’? -( although its the Lazurus of our universe who is the crazed lunatic)…then again didnt Everett theorise there are infinate parallel universes?….

It also introduces Dilithiam Crystals into the trekverse and I wonder if Back to The Future 2 got the whole ‘universe would be destroyed if 2 versions of the same person meet theory’ from this?

plus its got a great final line…’and what of Lazerus?…what of Lazerus…’

Robert Brown did a fine job too.

ok its not the best ep ever but its no where near the worst….

59. Harry Ballz - December 2, 2007

Actually, you can tell the producers of this particular episode thought it stunk up the place just by the “code name” title they gave it…..THE ALTERNATIVE FACTOR…..as in “hey, if there’s another show on right now, that you’d rather watch as an ALTERNATIVE to this piece of s***, please, be our guest!”

PEEEE-YOUUUU!!!!!!!!!! :)

60. Sean4000 - December 2, 2007

Spockboy, thanks, now I need MAOI inhibitors :( ;)

Oh what could have been……….

61. Dr. Image - December 2, 2007

#57 Interesting, BUT notice the proportional inaccuracies on the Eden ship. I like the blue impulse engines better.

Hey, Lazarus and his little UFO rock!
Robert Brown really knows how to chew the scenery.
The ep is so bizzare- NOTICE that in the alternate Lazarus scenes, they shot in the studio. Why?
Just adds to the weirdness. It’s like an old Outer Limits ep.

62. Michael Hall - December 2, 2007

#57–sorry, but I’m not convinced in this case that the Eden shot is better, or for that matter, even more photorealistic.

63. CanuckLou - December 2, 2007

Wow – Requiem for Methuselah – is one of the better episodes in my opinion.

That closing shot with Spock mind melding with Kirk is priceless.

64. Charley W - December 2, 2007

I always kind of liked this episode, mainly for personal reasons- it was one of only about half a dozen that I caught during the show’s original run back in the ’60s. All of the others I only saw when syndicated. That said, I agree, it is certainly one of the worst written of the entire Original Series. However, as to being the WORSt episode, I have to say that either Way to Eden , Plato’s Stepchildren, or Chidren Shall Lead surpass this one in CrapatoaLand. Children has got to be the absolute worst! Even Spock’s Brain, often called the worst episode, had an interesting mystery, with the ion trail to follow and then the decision as to which planet to chose.

65. k7 - December 2, 2007

Turnabout is saved by Shatner’s acting as wacko Lesterin Kirk’s body and one of the best no Kirk or Spock bits in TOS.The bit with Scotty and Bones
debating which way to vote is great. That Scotty ,who is career Starfleet talking about taking over the ship is one of his best moments(after hitting the Klingon on K7)

66. MrRegular - December 2, 2007

#64 Charley W:
“CrapatoaLand. Children has got to be the absolute worst!”
And the Children Shall Lead..to me changing the channel!!.
Utter, total garbage.
Heck, I’ll bet when my dad (TOS fan) was watching it for the first time when it was initially broadcast, he turned the channel knob as well!

67. eagle219406 - December 2, 2007

#8. As someone said in one of these “Remastered” posts…I know it’s more “realistic”, but all the dull brown planets are getting kind of old. The bright red and orange planet orbits was one of the cool things about the old series

It may look cool to you. The reason they’re doing that is because they are trying to make the view of the planet from above, look closer to a match from the planet surface. In the original, they look totally different.

68. Spock's Brain - December 2, 2007

Does anyone else have an issue with Kirk’s openning monologue? For some reason, it comes in weak and echoing on my system. I guess it must be something I don’t have set right since no one else has mentioned it.

69. eagle219406 - December 2, 2007

I need to ask a question to anybody that bought the DVD. Are the episodes sorted in production order or airing order. I’m asking this because while TNG made more sense in Airing order, I believe that most series make more sense if the episodes are watched in Production order, and this is definitely one of them. If it’s in airing order, then I will have to write down a list.

70. eagle219406 - December 2, 2007

# 56. They are so bad, all the original series holodeck episodes were burned before they even were broadcast!! That’s how bad they were!

(Yeah, well prove me wrong.)


I’m sure you were joking but just incase. The holodeck did not exist yet. They had not yet been invented, at least not by anybody on earth.

71. Harry Ballz - December 2, 2007

Maybe they erased all existing video records of the holodeck technology at that time to head off just such an enquiry years after the fact…..ah? ah?…..no evidence, no way it friggin’ happened………….:)

72. Jupiter1701 - December 2, 2007

#70 — Yeah that was a joke. I guess not a very good one if I have to clarify it, though.

#71 — Yeah it was all part of some vast right-wing conspiracy.

We didn’t see bathrooms on the ship, either. Doesn’t mean they weren’t there . . . Also the room where they have all the hamsters running on wheels to power the warp drive . . . . You know, just because we didn’t see it on film doesn’t mean those things weren’t there. To the contrary, the footage was stolen by a bunch of right-wingers to throw a monkey wrench into Gene Roddenberry’s left-wing show. It was all part of the Temporal Political Cold War.

Note to #70: If you aren’t sure, that’s another attempt at a joke.


73. bdrcarter - December 2, 2007

Good thing the Enterprised was able to fire phasers without having to be positioned like a gun (shooting straight on). They wouldn’t have survived very long since most of the bad guys don’t come at you from head on. Nice phaser work in this episode from the CBS-D gang. From the angle of an orbit, what they rendered made perfect sense. (I really don’t know how anyone can prefer the original fx. I went back and looked at the original version and the beam looked like to was drawn with a blue highlighter! And it would have been pretty impractical to have to adjust the ship to a straight on shot from the lateral line of their orbit.) Also, they added a nice, subtle touch to the live action effects. After the Lazarus ship disintegrates, there’s a little burnt patch of ground where it used to be. Great work!

74. Harry Ballz - December 2, 2007

#72 “it was all part of some vast right-wing conspiracy”

I LOVE right-wing conspiracies!!

You don’t really think Oswald acted alone, do you………??

75. JBS - December 2, 2007

I can find something worthwhile in all of the bad episodes mentioned in this thread, except “And the Children Shall Lead.” Nothing redeeming in that one, it is too annoying, gets on my nerves, etc.

I always found Alternative Factor intersting despite it’s obvious flaws.. Really liked Robert Brown’s intense performance, and those eyes.

76. Jim J (interesting) - December 2, 2007

#68-Never noticed it when aired on TV, but noticed it a lot on the dvd set

#69-Airing order

77. Bryan - December 3, 2007

And now Bryans’s Top Seventeen Bad Trek Episodes (in no particular order):

And The Children Shall Lead
Alternate Factor (except for the rear shot of the E firing phasers)
Spock’s Brain
Friday’s Child
Way To Eden
Turnabout Intruder
Wolf In The Fold
By Any Other Name
Assignment Earth
Is There in Truth No Beauty?
For The World Is Hollow And I have Touched The Sky
Wink of an Eye
The Empath
Mark Of Gideon
Savage Curtain (help me Spock)

Oh hell why do I love this show so much?


78. Andy Patterson - December 3, 2007

Assignment Earth?!

I say thee NAY!

79. Andy Patterson - December 3, 2007

I could defend several of those others…..Savage Curtain and Wolf in the Fold, but I’ll go with you on Is There in Truth No Beauty?, Mark Of Gideon, The Empath (DeForest Kelly spoke well of this one near the end of his life), and For The World Is Hollow And I have Touched The Sky

Those are a few stinkers that haven’t been mentioned.

80. Harry Ballz - December 3, 2007

Let’s face it, there were about 30 GREAT/CLASSIC episodes, about 30 GOOD episodes and 19 GAWDAWFUL ones!

Thank our lucky stars for the great ones!!

81. Scott - December 3, 2007

Re: #77 Bryan

I’ll stick up for Friday’s Child. Not sure why so many don’t like that one…besides its flagrant disregard for the Prime Directive. How can you not like a show with kligats, Klingons, and Scotty in charge of the ship?

But the rest of them — although I’d probably substitute The Deadly Years for Assignment: Earth — are spot on!

Scott B. out.

82. Awdraper - December 3, 2007

Re: #77 Bryan, and all who grew up on TOS.

“The Apple” has the best red shirts deaths in the series (not the most, just the best), as well as Spock getting a two-for.

Red Shirt 1 – Poison thorns
Red shirt 2 – Lightning strike
Red Shirt 3 – “Exploding” rock – I can’t tell you how many times I tried that effect with a great big dirt clog and a good boot)
Red Shirt 4 – A good “Y” stick knock on the back of the neck

Spock – Survives Poison thorns, and a lightning strike…

I loved this stuff as a kid…right next to a fist-fight on “Wild, Wild West”…

OK, flashback over…


83. FlyingTigress - December 3, 2007


“Plus its one of only 2 eps that deal with parallel universes…wonder if the other universe is in fact the parallel universe of ‘Mirror Mirror’? ”

There’s only one “parallel” universe until Professor H. Farnsworth creates additional parallel universes — nearly seven hundred years after TOS and shortly before the time of “Crewman Daniels”. The “Mirror” universe and “Lazarus” universes are perpendicular to one another and perpendicular to the TOS universe. ;-)

84. Andy Patterson - December 3, 2007


I loved this stuff as a kid…right next to a fist-fight on “Wild, Wild West”…

Right on brother. Loved this show as a kid. Wish the DVD releases, seasons 2,3 had some extras like the first season did. Little intros by Robert Conrad that kind of made the set fun.

85. Floydhead Max! - December 3, 2007

I can’t remember the name off the top of my head of the third season stinker where the E and crew discovers the alien entities inside the round basketball containers, and of course they try taking over the ship.

Shatner never over acted more than that one. Has to be the worst of all! Uggh!

When I was a kid, I never much cared for Turnabout Intruder either. However, now that I’m older (and not so innocent), I find Shatner’s performance unintentionally hilarious. The Gay/Lesbian alliance would probably picket outside the studio for playing a character so stereotypically Gay! Of course that was the last production episode, and Shatner was very ill with the flu during the filming which knowing that now can certainly be seen. The best part of that episode, unfortunately never made it to the air. According to the making of star trek, some unidentified “somebody” edited in a shot of the Enterprise exploding in a big fireball when leaving orbit at the end of the show. NBC must have been afraid they might do something like that and screened it ahead of airing, and edited it back out.
It would have been a great cancellation protest!!

Until Next Time,

86. Anthony Pascale - December 3, 2007

I added the video…sorry for the delay

87. Stanky McFibberich - December 3, 2007

re: 86
Thanks. I messed up the timer and didn’t get the episode recorded this weekend.

88. Scott - December 3, 2007

Re: Floydhead — That was “Return to Tomorrow,” and even though it was a late second season episode, it sure did have a third season vibe to it. And you’re right — I would add that one to any list of crummy TOS episodes…in spite of Kirk’s “risk is our business” speech people seem to love.

Scott B. out.

89. Gary Seven - December 3, 2007

I like the planet receding between the two nacelles at the end of the video. Nice touch; something simple yet aesthetically pleasing, and we never saw that in the original. Would have been great if you guys could have put a pic of that up.

90. Andy Patterson - December 4, 2007

Shatner never over acted more than that one. Has to be the worst of all! Uggh!

People always talk about Shatner’s delivery and overacting. Adam West went to the same acting school. He just did it slower and an octave lower.

91. Floydhead Max! - December 4, 2007

Agreed! Adam West will always be the best Batman!!

What can I say, I’m a child of the 60’s……

Until Next Time,

92. eagle219406 - December 4, 2007

I wonder how you people can call yourselves “Star Trek Fans.” YOu can’t seem to say anything good about any episode. Okay maybe a few but there, in your minds seems to be more bad than good. So How can You Call Yourselves “Star Trek Fans?”

93. Stanky McFibberich - December 4, 2007

Adam West = Genius.

94. Cezion - December 4, 2007

Question…. Did the add a sound effect to the last phaser shot … the enterprise orbit shot?????

95. Charley W - December 5, 2007

I fully agree with #80- there were a bunch of stinkers, but that’s true of virtually all shows (Sturgeon’s Law: 90% of EVERYTHING is Crap). But ST does better than most: EVERY episode has SOMETHING of interest- which is more than you can say about MOST shows, even nowadays. That’s one of the things that makes TOS a great show. Think, even Way to Eden tries to come up with a futuristic slang and give the ‘wackos’ viewpoint; “Triskelion’ (and some others) is a fun action episode; ‘Children’ at least has the kids missing their parents at the end and attempts to give a background to the situation (it fails miserably, but at least tries).

Here’s one for you ‘What if’ theorizers:

What if Shatner had been cast as Batman and Adam West had been cast as Capt Kirk?

96. Alien Trek - December 9, 2007

#95 What if Shatner had been cast as Batman and Adam West had been cast as Capt Kirk?

I think towards the later seasons Batman would’ve had a slight paunch.
I can just imagine Shatners delivery.
Commish Gordon… “What could this strange message mean?
Batman… “Commissioner, it could only mean… (pause for dramatic effect/slight stutter) the Riddler”.

Adam West, as Captain Kirk to Spock… “To the transporter room, chum”.

97. Ensign Harris - February 20, 2008

Why didn’t they do something with the parallel universe shots?
I thought those would be the thing to update on this episode!

98. Eyedunno - June 3, 2008

I just saw this episode for the first time, and I’m actually surprised at how negative the comments are here. Okay, the execution was really bad (annoying, ugly “SFX”, multiple similar “fight scenes” on the planet where one would have sufficed, pretty bad script) but the basic story was good, and Lazarus was an awesome character.

I’m going through the whole first season now, and I’m much more annoyed with how many “god-like intelligence” eps there are – “Charlie X”, “Where No Man Has Gone Before” (with its dumb ESP stuff thrown in as well), “The Menagerie”, “The Squire of Gothos”… even “Arena” and “Shore Leave” have traces of it…

99. Jeremy - June 23, 2008

I like this episode! Very surreal and edgy. I like it because the cast (K, and S) are never really in command of the situation….they are along for the ride caught in a fundamental good vs evil (or is it?) battle… True Sci Fi:)

100. dan - November 19, 2008

I like it too. So many far out ideas and eerie elements, the very cool “spinning out — spinning in” effect, and a thought provoking and traagic ending. That being said, it is a total mess, but it earns lots of points for being so dang cool.

And Is there in Truth is my alltime fave episode–the cool elements to the story, Kollos’ great monologue, George Duning’s fantastic score.

Worst? Mark of Gideon, Omega Glory, Court Martial, Way to Eden, and the rest of teh usual srd season suspects

101. Loop - November 20, 2008

The only actual ‘bad’ episode. Only redeemable camp value is Laz falling off cliffs twice while screaming. Otherwise, totally pointless storyline with no ‘internal logic’ Even those other so called ‘bad episodes’ have their own logic, they are just campy fun. Some of you may not like them, but that doesn’t make them bad from a storytelling-logic perspective. This is the only episode that is really of that ‘bad’ caliber; just pointless, with the writer misusing terminology, pretending that certain words have different meanings than what they do. Like it was written by a nine year old who doesn’t know that just because certain scientific terms sound ‘cool’ it doesn’t mean that you can use them out of their contextual meaning. Embarrassingly stupid, justifies everything in ‘Galaxy Quest’.

102. BillyBobby - December 20, 2008

Worst episode of the entire series. You can’t polish this turd.

103. RD - August 26, 2009

The color balance is way off in this episode. Too much red, evidenced by Spock’s almost human pink-skin tone and Kirk’s and others red faces. This makes the Gold shirts look especially orange here instead of the slightly greenish hue. Odd that they wouldn’t correct a simple color timing problem.

104. Carl C - February 6, 2011

I’m also amazed that the horrible effect of superimposing an astronomical photo of the Trifid Nebula, and shaking it, was left in. This “effect” was used numerous times in this episode and surely a better substitute for “remastering” could have been used


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