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Gabe Koerner Concept Mistaken For Leaked Enterprise December 4, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Rumor , trackback

AICN got the net buzzing today by linking to this image with the suggestion that it may be a leaked design for the Enterprise in the new Star Trek.

…but CGI artist Gabriel Koerner has confirmed this is actually one of his designs.

Koerner tells

It would’ve been a dream to create a beautiful Wagon Train to the Stars for JJ Abrams worthy of the command of James Tiberius Kirk. I have not seen the design they chose, but this is one of three ideas I had designed as what I would’ve done if tasked with that assignment. The one pictured here was published in Pocket Books’ ‘Ships of the Line’, a calendar of CG imagery by Trek VFX alum. I am sure Ryan Church has done the vessel justice, betcha his makes mine look like a Pinto.

Gabriel Koerner is well known to Star Trek fans as both a beloved fan featured in the documentaries Trekkies and Trekkies 2 as well as an accomplished CGI artist. Koerner is living the dream working at Digital Domain and has done work for Star Trek Enterprise, Battlestar Galactica and many feature films. He is currently at work on the new Speed Racer film from the Wachowski brothers. Like any CGI artist who is also a Trek fan, Koerner loves to make Star Trek models and many of his concepts for a ‘new’ Enterprise have shown up online, often mistaken for the real thing (by no fault of Gabe’s).

The supposed leaked Enterprise is actually available on Gabriel’s website. Here are a couple of other angles of the same Enterprise on Gabriel’s site:


One of Koerner’s designs has even worked its way into a fan made teaser trailer:


You can visit Gabe’ site at

UPDATE: Orci Responds

In the talkback section below, Star Trek co-writer and executive producer Roberto Orci responds to this latest false positive and gives a hint at what we might see for real

I think they’re quite beautiful. A lot of nice work.

You just can’t deny the SHAPE of the ship, which is so great — so elegant.

Can’t wait to show show you ours.

With flames :)

…fyi…he is kidding about the flames (or we all hope so)


1. Harry Ballz - December 4, 2007

i know everyone else is picky about the design, but it looks good to me!

2. ZoomZoom - December 4, 2007

nope- its what the Borg would have done to the E if they had assimilated it.

3. josh1701 - December 4, 2007

new ship will be a datsun

4. Pragmaticus - December 4, 2007

It would have been fine for me.

5. Jackson Roykirk - December 4, 2007

I like Koerner’s designs in general, however, I can do without the see-through nacelles and the “foreskin” on the bussard collectors.

(I guess I’m one of the “picky” ones Harry mentioned) ;)

6. YUBinit - December 4, 2007

I caught this and knew better at AICN news this morning but thought to observe how far it would go. LOL

7. Nelson - December 4, 2007

Gabriel is a good CG artist, but I don’t think he’s had any training or from what i can see, any sense of design. He’s more of a interpretor of past designs. Taking elements from others and incorporating them.

I feel his images are just that, images, not a real design. There is no clear focus or “big idea” to his work. A great design requires a simple pure thought, not a mish-mash of so many different elements. I agree with the above comment, it’s more like what the Borg would have done.

There is a purity and elegance to the original Jeffries design. It’s a clean design.

No offense to Gabriel, cause he’s good at what he does with the software.

8. Kev-1 - December 4, 2007

Haven’t seen the top image, but the rest has been on the web for months. Interestingly, I believe Mr. Koerner posted some angles of this on Trekweb, to much acclaim, months ago, but he said in posts there that it wasn’t his preferred look for the E. I don’t want to speak for him, but I think he wanted it smoother. I hope the movie ship looks that good.

9. Mazzer - December 4, 2007

They’re pretty — but it’s not Star Trek. I think that the more plates and bolts you show, the more you’re getting into the “Jules Verne” aesthetic, where 19th century technologies are used to project futuristic machines.

I think that a more convincing Enterprise would have a smooth simplicity, like the one from ST The Motion Picture.

10. doubleofive - December 4, 2007

I was waiting for someone in the news to mistake one of Koerner’s models for the new Enterprise and spread it around. I guess the wait is over.

As for Koerner’s design, I like it. Could be a little smoother, but otherwise its great.

11. Thomas Jensen - December 4, 2007

If the Enterprise looked like this for the original series, it’d be fine. No problem, but with the movie, something like it would only fit in if (as rumored) the timeline was changed. I’m hoping for an Enterprise that would actually fit in with what has been established as the early Enterprise around the time of Pike; with more minor detailing.

They would be really clever if the ship was somewhat different when the view is close-up, but looked the same from afar. But I’m not actually thinking that will happen. I think it will be familiar, but with lots more detailing with the same basic shape.

12. James Heaney - December 4, 2007

I think this ship is objectively beautiful. But I prefer a more conservative interpretation of the 1701 for the movie.

Still… I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t watched the Gabe K video several (dozen) times.

13. David (Enterprise should have wings AND flames on the hull) - December 4, 2007

There’s much more where this came from, including a new shuttle design. Gabe’s site does not link to everything, but… will give you file access to 11 movies in various stages, and 30+ pictures.

Very cool stuff –

And Gabe, disable your view directory settings on your web site! It will keep nosy guys like me out ;).

14. Plum - December 4, 2007

Oh AICN is stoned, Koerner’s Enterprise has been around for ages!

It’s what I like to call the “anime enterprise”, as it’s design reflects that youthful style so popular in the last 10 years. It’s not a bad design, it is what it is and I think Koerner did a fine job all around. I noted the animation itself gave terrific weight and feel to his ship. However, it’s not the more mature design I have come to expect from Trek films over the years. Of course, I say that excluding the enterprise-e which I like to call the “stealth enterprise”, a less mature design on it’s own but without the excuse of being a single design by a young Trek fan.

15. jeff - December 4, 2007

Seems like a nice guy, but I hate his design.

16. Chris Pike - December 4, 2007

It’s a great and impressive piece of digital work. But I do hope it does not resemble the ship we will see in the film in any way, the design looks like some freakish mutant and is certainly not Trek or M Jeffries. However, if the Mirror episode were done today…..?

17. AJ - December 4, 2007

#7: I think the “big idea” should remain faithful to Matt Jefferies and the small ideas of modernizing some tech issues shouldbe the bain if the new guys. It will be loads of fun nonetheless. Please make her large and glorious!

18. Harlan - December 4, 2007

personally, i like it. if they went this way with the E i’d be happy. very close to the original but visually updated. gives a much better idea of the scale. the tos design could never give the awe in size that a modern design could.

19. Batts - December 4, 2007

I am very mixed about this look. I believe someone is tampering with history and that i snot a good idea..We have to already get used to seeing our favorite characters played by other people and if that’s not enough now they are changing the beloved ship also. Hey Stop!! Don’t do anymore, someone said this ship look like a freakish mutant, the Enterprise on Steroids!! Or maybe the ship stripped down and thrown back together with some new parts or maybe the ship doing an episode of “Pimp My ShiP”.

20. jeff - December 4, 2007

From his website, THIS is his best deign.

Before he gussied it all up, it had a distinct 1950s look to it, like old 1950s car design. It’s simple elegant and stylish:

21. Clinton - December 4, 2007

I believe someone caught the “error” pretty early today in the AICN forums.

22. Batts - December 4, 2007

I am sorry I did not space that “i snot” to is not!! Ha Ha!! Well snot on that idea…..

23. ensign joe - December 4, 2007

It seems to me like one of the better mods I’ve seen… if not a little bit bloated… I personally hated the E design, understood why they went B, C was good… D was to the A what the TNG crew was to TOS crew.. i like the TMP Enterprise best though.. of course I’m biased because TMP was the best trek..

24. Sweet Homo Alabama » Blog Archive » Nerdgasm!! - December 4, 2007

[…] **Update** Sorry ya’ll, seems this picture isnt legit. It’s from a special effects designer who used to work for Star Trek. here is another of his pics: […]

25. mooseday - December 4, 2007

Hey, he can do a better job than I could do, so kudos to him. And I like it …. looks great

26. YUBinit - December 4, 2007

#13 Thanks! This actually gave me chills when the phasers fired. Very well done. :)

27. Charles Trotter - December 4, 2007

I like Gabe’s design. When I first saw it, like, months ago, I wasn’t too sure I liked how modified it was, but since then, I’ve grown to like it. It’s updated but it still maintains the same basic shape. It’s almost like an homage to the original vessel, while upgrading it to look more futuristic than the original design. If this were the Enterprise for the movie, I wouldn’t have a problem with it at all. :)

28. JL - December 4, 2007

OMG the thing looks so beautiful… the sunset sky shot is simply stunning. W-O-W, nice job

29. JL - December 4, 2007

I might add, picky bastids or not, we can only HOPE something this professionally well-done happened to the E when they redesigned it for the new film. holy crap

30. girl6 - December 4, 2007

Oh, to look up and see the Enterprise at sunset…geek love…


That’s exactly how she looks in my dreams.

31. Lou - December 4, 2007

I hope the one they chose is better than this. (and that would be damn hard to do!! :D )

32. Diabolik - December 4, 2007

Come next year we may all be WISHING that had been the design used!

But I hope not.

33. bmar - December 4, 2007

I like his designs. I particularly like the “sunset” one – as it looks the most realistic of any CGI Enterprises I have ever seen. Not to reignite the model vs. CG debate – but you can’t argue that this one doesn’t have “heft.”

34. Chris Clow - December 4, 2007

Personally, I think we’ll be lucky if we got something as faithful to Matt Jeffries as that one.

Maybe I’m just pessimistic. Oh well, hopefully I’ll like it!

35. bmar - December 4, 2007

following up on my previous comment – if you look through the directory of files linked to in #13 above – you’ll come across this picture, amongst others:

I think Gabe is a stunning realist. His use of shadow, shade and focus places these drawings squarely in the “real world” – even without any reference points (like the sunset one). This picture looks remarkably like an extreme close up of a real model.

36. Herbert Eyes Wide Open - December 4, 2007

I kinda’ like it… not everything about it, mind you… but it does have an interesting and compelling design aesthetic to it.

Funny… it kinda fits into the visual lineage moving from the NX-01 to the refitted NCC-1701 in TMP.

37. Balock - December 4, 2007

interesting, kind of looks doomsday machinish. I don’t get how anything like this is an improvement over original model. The old painted hull is still by far the best as is…

38. josepepper - December 4, 2007

I like the shuttles a lot

I must say I like the enterprise too, a little too mechanical and muscular but probably a lot more realistic for what a space vehicle would actually look like with external machinery etc…

Id actually like them to really re-imagine this a bit and get away from all previous incarnations while trying to stay true to the original beauty and simplicity of the original. This is not an easy task and will be thoroughly criticized no matter what they do. Personally I can’t frieking wait for the new voyages to begin!!!

39. Balock - December 4, 2007

The least criticism will come from leaving the exterior as is from Pike and Kirk E…

40. Captain Fantastic - December 4, 2007

i hate gabe’s deflector dish, the way it is detached from the hull, its deprives the enterprise of looking like its made of advanced technology and as if its been cobbled together.

41. Balock - December 4, 2007

by the way, I’m okay with changes to interior, but I think most of the original E bridge elements, like the big screens looked much better than the movie bridges

42. Bart - December 4, 2007

Generations may have been a bad film, but the music was absolutely beautiful!!

43. J C - December 4, 2007

There’s almost something reptilian and sinister about the rendering of that enertrprise.It would make a good’Mirror Miror’ enterprise.

44. Bart - December 4, 2007

Here it is, the new Enterprise ;)

45. [ST XI] Wie soll das "neue" alte Design in Star Trek XI aussehen? - Seite 23 - SciFi-Forum - December 4, 2007

[…] Zitat von Trip Tucker Zig widersprchliche Meldungen…. Der eine sagt, man erkennt sie kaum als Enterprise, wg. Warpgondeln und Rumpf. Der andere sagt, sie wurde in die "Neuzeit" geholt. Und wieder ein anderer sagt, es ist dieselbe wie damals, nur "grittier". Jetzt fehlt nur noch jmd der sagt: "Sie wurde kein bichen verndert!" und wir haben alle Varianten durch! Mal im Ernst: wir werden hier doch nach Strich und Faden verarscht. Glaube nicht, dass von der Enterprise, wie wir sie zu sehen bekommen werden, irgendwas nach auen gedrungen ist. Und wenn doch, es lt sich vom Wahrheitsgehalt nicht von den gefaketen Aussagen unterscheiden. Eigentlich raffiniert: Man verhindert nicht, dass was nach draussen dringt, sondern zerfuselt nur das Fundament, auf welchem Wahrheiten in der Medienwelt erkannt werden knnten. Passend dazu ein neues Gercht Gabe Koerner Concept Mistaken For Leaked Enterprise | […]

46. Levois - December 4, 2007

The new designs look great but it’s too radical for me.

47. Adam - December 4, 2007

I think what I like best about this model is the blue glow from the nacelles, and that you can see the phaser emitters and RCS thrusters.

48. jonboc - December 4, 2007

I’m glad this isn’t what JJ has in store for us. Having said that, I’m also a bit nervous to see what JJ DOES have in store for us.

49. Harry Ballz - December 4, 2007

#47 “the blue glow from the nacelles”

Funny, back in my college days, I had the very same physical reaction when my date would turn down my request to make out! :)

50. Daniel Broadway - December 4, 2007

I don’t know why everyone hates Star Trek Generations. It’s a great movie.

51. Steve J. - December 4, 2007

#43 J C :

I agree with you. Change the hull finish to mostly black, add some Terran Empire “Earth-with-dagger-through-it” logos…

52. Will Doe 68 - December 4, 2007

Shame on you #43, You know those are not the new designs for Star Trek.
It’s far too Next Generation,and completely flies in the face of the retro feel for this film.
The only way this could have happened is if the merchandising division took complete”artistic” control.
This is the Ambassador Class Enterprise

53. Pete359 - December 4, 2007

I think they need to design this ‘new’ Enterprise with the concept that it will later be retrofitted to the Enterprise we know and love. So a pre-pre-refit Enterprise would be one way to make it.

54. Dr. Image - December 4, 2007

Gabe’s renderings have a tremendous sense of realism. Far more so than CBS-D’s. No wonder he got hired! His sense of lighting is downright Trumbullian. His designs are a terrific alternate-universe take, but could NOT fit into any Trek lineage, obviousy.
Borgified? Yes, but… it just looks cool! You guys are being to hard on him.

55. Jon Lovitz - December 4, 2007

———————– =—– —————————-
= —– – —

56. Jeff - December 4, 2007

The design is very “interesting” but since we do not know what JJ is re imagining, we will have to deal with it. Any Trek is better than no Trek in my book. Has anyone noticed the nacelles would make a great light saber….lol

57. I AM THX-1138 - December 4, 2007

#20- That’s it!. That would be the one I could accept, but go ye nay further! Gotta lose that secondary hull cut-away, though.

Gabe is obviously a gifted designer but his design just looks too bulky to me with the exception of the one in #20.

58. Ripped Shirt Kirk - December 4, 2007

Wow, I’m glad that Koerner wasn’t chosen to make the new big E, that Enterprise looks terrible.

59. Chirs M - December 4, 2007

I must admit I was a little dissapointed at first that they were redesigning the NCC-1701. However after seeing the design of this Enterprise I feel more at ease with the fact the ship will look different. If it is the design showed above or another desigh the ship is going to look awesome on the big screen while at the same time staying true to the original design!

60. DavidJ - December 4, 2007

I LOVE the saucer and nacelles in the design up above, but I agree with most that the secondary hull needs a bit more work.

Still though, that is one BEAUTIFUL sunset shot up above. I’d love to see the TOS E depicted in the same way.

Hint hint…..

61. DJT - December 4, 2007

Yay! CGI Kit-bashing !

Off topic – sorta…

Did anyone here ever see those old role playing books that had all the TOS starship variants in the late 80’s?

I’d like to see some of those variants in background of TOSR just to spice up the universe.

62. McCoy - December 4, 2007

The enterprise must feel as if it exists in the future. That means smooth exterior. Less is more. The refit Enterprise of TMP was the best since the original. It felt like the future.

Less bumps and protrusions. Less tiles. More white and less grey. If you must alter the TOS Enterprise, start with the original and remove things that are not necessary. Do not add. Simple = future.

63. 1701 over Gotham City - December 4, 2007

I hated this design the first time I saw it.. Too klunky. It interupts the smooth lines of the Jeffries designs. There’s nothing smooth left.

64. Mister Snuffleupacus - December 4, 2007

Ah yes…another round of the USS Koener-Klunkyprise!



65. OneBuckFilms - December 4, 2007

If they are respecting Canon, I think they should not alter the Enterprise beyond details that would not show unless you get the camera close.

Perhaps extremely subtle panelling detail, such as that on the TMP Enterprise, and perhaps adding small details on areas that are too “plain” by themselves.

There are 3 basic goals that must be met in balance:

1. It should look real to the eye.

2. It should remain 99% true to the original design.

3. It should look appealing to the modern eye.

Koerner’s design is about 80-90% there, but it has gone slightly too far with the revisions.

I would keep the effect he’s using for the nacelle caps, but keep the original shape.

Perhaps a slight revision to the reflective panelling, but the real key would be to have the original design, but with applying a more current lighting rig.

Not spotlights on the hull, but perhaps lighting it in a more striking/sophisticated way than the flat 60s look.

3 great examples of how good the Constituion class ship can look with modern effects:

– Trials and Tribblations (DS9)
– In a mirror Darkly (Enterprise)
– Final shot of the Enterprise Finale (Who’s name I shall not utter here)

There are countless ways beyond the Enterprise herself to make her look fantastic, while showing an image that doesn’t “date” the production.

Tough, but it can be done.

66. Mister Snuffleupacus - December 4, 2007

The new Enterprise shouldn’t look anything like a Next Gen ship…

I like Prober’ts Ambassador class design, but it’s not right for TOS redux.

Sleek and graceful rather than fat, tubby and lumbering would be best.

A sleek, smooth and sculptured design would be ideal…something with a near smooth skin like the original ship had. I’d like to see something that looks like was molded in one piece but still have the familiar saucer, connecting dorsal, nacelles and secondary hull. VERY little of the platework that we have seen since 1979 would be perfect.

The Menagerie on the big screen proved to me that a smooth skinned ship can STILL look big depending on how it’s shot. People can be put in windows, detail can be added around the rim of the saucer…

CREATIVE ways of making it look big can be accomplished without making it look clunky and junky.

The Enterprise should not look like the Millennium Falcon!

Now, that would be cool!

67. Mister Snuffleupacus - December 4, 2007

I meant to add, Koener is great cgi artist, I just don’t care for his design.

Technically, it’s nice work.

68. Oregon Trek Geek - December 4, 2007

It’s not bad, but it is kinda Borg-ish, as someone mentioned above.

I probably won’t get my wish, but I’d like to see the exterior pretty much left alone, and just some modern tweaks (ie. flat screens, etc.) on the interior.

Jackson Roykirk is a better fan than I for knowing the term “bussard collector.” I am, however, familiar with the term “foreskin”.

69. CanuckLou - December 4, 2007

Koener’s designs and the Enterprise E all look too busy and military. I doubt we will ever see the clean lines of the original ship.


70. Gabriel Koerner - December 4, 2007

Howdy, should chime in…

There is an alternate version I’ve been concentrating on, if you go to and sort by ‘modified’, you will see the direction its going based on feedback I’ve received. All the cues are there but its a bit more classic-friendly.

71. John Pemble - December 4, 2007

Very good design. It’s more in the direction of what CBS-D should have used with Star Trek 2.0 instead of the craptastic look they currently have.

72. Oregon Trek Geek - December 4, 2007

#70 Gabriel–those newest drawings are awesome. I’d be totally jazzed if the E looked like that in the new feature!

73. DEMODE - December 4, 2007

If they go with a design like this (hope not!), please let it take place during Year 4 of the 5 year mission. I can handle an “unknown” upgrade of the ship before the one we see in TMP. I can’t handle the original being completely redesigned; especially with TOS actors in the film!

74. TheGreatBird - December 4, 2007

There hasn’t been a decent-looking ship on any of the Treks, film or tv, in the last 15-20 years. The worst offenders being the Voyager, the 1701-E, and the “Akiraprise” NX-01. Ugly as hell they are. The design and execution of everything Trek has been abysmal for a long time. I hope young JJ has really gone back to the source in every way. Come to think of it, real miniatures and blue screens would be nice (the ships would have actual physical *mass* unlike CG ships), preferable to everything looking like a bloody videogame.

75. Buckaroohawk - December 4, 2007

People have been posting Mr. Koerner’s vid clips on Youtube for months saying “Here’s what the new Enterprise will look like,” and viewers have been eating it up. Of course, as a regular visitor to this site, I knew better, and I couldn’t believe how many people were falling for this blantantly obvious falsehood.

Personally, I love Mr. Koerner’s design sensibilities and his renderings are just beautiful. You hit the nail on the head, Dr. Image (#54) by calling the images “Trumbullian.” Gabe’s images definitely recall Douglas Trumbull’s FX work, which is high praise indeed.

While I love his ideas, I don’t think they work well as Star Trek designs. Far too mechanical and bulky. When I first saw his design for the Big E, I dubbed it the “Battlestar Enterprise.” That isn’t a snub. The work he’s done on the new Galactica has been stunning, but I don’t think that aesthetic applies well to Trek.

All in all, though, it will be interesting to see how Mr. Koerner’s version stacks up against the design the filmmakers have chosen. If they ever bother to get around to showing it to us, that is. Grrrr!!!

76. Daniel Broadway - December 4, 2007

Fantastic work, Gabriel. I don’t supposed you’d allow a fellow CG artist to play with your 3D model, would you? :p

77. Zed Drebin - December 4, 2007

If that is one of the throw aways then I for one can’t wait to see what they actually picked!!!

78. Orbitalic - December 4, 2007

74. TheGreatBird – December 4, 2007

Models that have “mass”? Oh please. They are minatures and they are not likely to be used. Old tech.

79. Captain Pike - December 4, 2007

This ship wouldn’t be my first choice, but I’d be surprised if what we see in the movie is as close to the original as Koerner’s reinterpretation. Nice work Mr. Koerner.

80. NZorak - December 4, 2007


LOL, I needed a laugh.

Personally I’d be just as happy if this turned out to be legit, which of course it isn’t, but if it were, I’d wouldn’t be disappointed in the least. That’s one sexy version of the Enterprise.

81. COMPASSIONATE GOD - December 4, 2007

Lovely work. It really is lovely work, but its just not THE Enterprise’s look at all, certainly not with the moden Trek influences.

82. pcumby - December 4, 2007

I LOVE GABE! His designs are incredible (and I usually consider myself a big-E “purist”). If the movie E looks half this good they will have succeeded. Keep it up Gabe…

83. Gabriel Koerner - December 4, 2007

I think everyone will be pleased with the updates I posted at if sorted by modified, I toned her back, she’s needin a bit more detail and a paint job

84. Xai - December 4, 2007

It’s one man’s opinion of what he’d like to see. He does fine work. It’s not bad just because it differs with your opinion of what’s “right”.

85. DEMODE - December 4, 2007


The TMP Enterprise had mass. So did the Star Destroyers in the original Star Wars films. Lets not diss models. In 20 years, I have not seen any CGI that looked more real than the TMP Enterprise.

86. DEMODE - December 4, 2007

oops.. I met #78. I agree with 74.

87. DEMODE - December 4, 2007

My biggest problem witha lot of these designs is that they seem to forget what the USS Enterprise is. Scotty knew. Kirk knew. McCoy knew. Hell, even Spock knew! The USS Enterprise is a “She!”

“She’s a tall ship!”

The designs we see here are very masculine. They are not streamlined like the original or the TMP ship. If you forget she is a lady, and start ‘bulking’ her up, you begin to lose the beauty of the original design.

88. Orbitalic - December 4, 2007

I am sorry that we disagree. Well done CGI on most things is indistinguishable from your “real” model of a starship a fifth of a mile long (or whatever it is).
As for “dissing”… sorry, but you likely aren’t going to see a shooting model as the effects workhorse for this movie, especially with ILM doing the work.

89. RoyTheBoy - December 4, 2007

I like Gabriels newer designs. Looking at the pictures on this web page the Enterprise doesn’t fit, especially in respect to the deflector dish and the warp nascelles, with the lineage we’ve seen so far. ie NX-01 Enterprise deflector dish is much more discreet as is the TOS Enterprise. As for the warp nascelles with see through tops, ugh. All the TV shows after TOS and the TMP had the glowing blue neon on the sides. Whatever design they come up with has to show some sort of development between NX-01 , TOS and TMP. As for what I want ? I want the TOS, sleek design, but slightly enhanced

90. Orbitalic - December 4, 2007

87 DEMODE – December 4, 2007

Adding a few “curves” in the right spot cannot hurt the lady and frankly I hated those nacelle pylons until TMP. Change may be coming, best be prepared.

91. New Horizon - December 4, 2007

83. Gabriel Koerner –

Gabe. I have been pretty vocal about my issues with the previous version. I’m not against change by any means…only when it goes too far.

This new version looks amazing. It expresses more of the original design. Great work!

92. Orbitalic - December 4, 2007

nice when the artist himself shows up. Where else can I talk to Gabe Koerner or Darren Doc or Roberto Orci?

93. Jeff - December 4, 2007

Hehe, I hate to sound like a broken record but I think you already nailed her here:

Those updates are great though, but it’s still too fussy for my taste. But hey that’s just me. One thing’s for certain, Gabe, you’re sure not short on ideas!

94. star trackie - December 4, 2007

83- Hey Gabe… I didn’t care for your first version…just a bit heavy handed and “bad ass” for a ship that is referred to as a lady. Awesome cgi though…you’re lighting is what makes it really stand out….just wrong for the 23rd century “signature” look.

But I’m digging your new scaled back updates. Still a bit pronounced with some of the cut aways, but absolutely more streamlined and graceful…as the ol’ girl should be.

Like McCoy said…treat her right and she’ll always bring you home. Keep up the good work!

95. New Horizon - December 4, 2007

93. Jeff

Dude, that’s the same revised version. :)

96. Max - December 4, 2007

Less is more. The Enterprise should have the advanced, minimalist design of an iMac or an iPod.

I agree with comments #9 (Mazzer), #20 (jeff, with a link to an amazing ’50s-looking Koerner design), and #62 (McCoy).

Sticking lots of panels, lines, projections, and other cruft on your spacecraft is tired and played out. It’s time for a return to simplicity.

97. Gabriel Koerner - December 4, 2007

#93, I invite you to glimpse #83 work in progress :)

98. =A= - December 4, 2007

i think that ship should be on Enterprise NCC-1701-A

99. Mister Snuffleupacus - December 4, 2007

Looking better, Gabe…and you are so nice in the face of criticism. :-)

I guess my big beef has been the secondary hull. I just don’t care for those alcoves you’ve built in there…on either version. I know, you are trying to do something to update it and that’s a tall order for that shape. But, I have to say I like the back end of the secondary hull of your first ship better. I like the way you finished out the area around the shuttle bay doors.

I also like a LOT of what you did with the nacelles. The tops look good! One thing I’ve wanted to see is some kind of effect there when the ship goes into warp…and those “balls” on the back of the nacelles…I’ve always thought those should light up.

CBS-D has them dark too…but would be cool if the engines actually did something when going from impulse to warp…

100. S. John Ross - December 4, 2007

I only hope that the Abrams Enterprise shows as much genuine affection for Trek as this fan-design.

Whether or not I’d like it as the “real” Enterprise is beside the point since this isn’t the guy hired for the job. But his love of Trek shines through, and that’s all I really need to see from any interpretation of the ship.

101. I AM THX-1138 - December 4, 2007

I like what you have done with the “retro” look, Gabe. As I said before, I could live with that if it were the direction of the new E.

Must be tough messing around with an icon like the E knowing a bunch of ninnies like us are going to whine about it.

102. New Horizon - December 4, 2007

Also looks like the top of the nacelles have been covered up, which I think is a good idea. A real starship would never want to have the inner workings of the engines exposed like that. You would seriously want those covered up.

103. Meh - December 4, 2007

That ship looked very heavy in it’s movement if you know what I mean.

104. jonboc - December 4, 2007

102 “A real starship would never want to have the inner workings of the engines exposed like that. You would seriously want those covered up.”

Maybe they are. Who’s to say the ends aren’t fitted with good ol’ transparent aluminum?

105. fanboy B - December 4, 2007


I prefer his design over the original design

106. YUBinit - December 4, 2007

#88 Obitalic “Well done CGI on most things is indistinguishable from your “real” model of a starship…”

Starships Troopers was heavy with CGI (so I thought). The “bugs” certainly weren’t stop-motion or claymation. So guess what the ships were?

Looky Lou…

107. JimmyMac - December 4, 2007

Gabe, I named my son after you, but your Enterprise sucks.

Sorry dude.

108. pg - December 4, 2007

I think its pretty cool looking but I hope the interior of the bridge is more like the original bridge.

109. Jeff - December 4, 2007

Thanks Gabe. It’s really coming together and thank you for taking the time to talk to us bunch of whiners.

110. Gabriel Koerner - December 4, 2007

#107 Jimmy, that was both a great honor and a blunt jab in one fell swoop :)

check the new one out, you may dig it

i dunno man, I kinda like my ship but that’s just me, I really only did it as self expression

111. Dipling - December 4, 2007

The ship moves much better and looks better (it has mass) as in remastered version.

112. Sean4000 - December 4, 2007

Hello Gabe,

I’m Sean Burns, a huge fan of EdenFX. May I say how much I admire your Enterprise-D for Enterprise’s finale! God that thing looked real!! Let’s hope that you’re called upon to make many more models for the inevitable TNG-Remastered project. Your models are fabulous and I pray that EdenFX gets the TNG-R contract.

CBS-D/ EdenFX. Night and day, night and day.

Take care,
Sean Burns

113. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - December 4, 2007

I like the design in the abstract, but it looks more advanced than the refit Constitution class of the movies. In particular, the secondary hull needs to be more of a slightly conical cylinder, not as wine-barrel-shaped. I am also not a fan of the “foreskin” shapes on the nacelles.

But, all in all, if this design was a “done deal”, I could live with it. Koerner’s design is right on in terms of detailing and texture mapping.

114. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - December 4, 2007

(Giving credit where credit is due, describing them as “foreskin” shape hit the nail on the head [no pun intended], #5 Jackson Roykirk)

115. Buckaroohawk - December 4, 2007

Mr. Koerner,

The more recent test renders, with some of the details scaled back, work very well indeed. Can’t wait to see her with all the material maps in place.

Talent like yours inspires me to continue improving my own CGI work. Many thanks for providing links to your images.

116. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - December 4, 2007

Having just looked through all of the images in the folder where the above images reside, I can say I think the nacelle pylons, the rear of the nacelles, and the saucer section are spot on; I also like the saucer neck, even though it’s more “advanced” looking than the refit Constitution class, and the see-through nacelle tops are acceptable (a nice touch). It’s definitely the secondary hull shape that strikes me as far too “post-refit”, as I say in my post above.

117. JustBob - December 4, 2007

It’s always a pleasure to view the results of Gabe’s work. That sunset render is gorgeous. Gabe, excellent job! Btw, how do you like Modo?

118. roberto Orci - December 4, 2007

I think they’re quite beautiful. A lot of nice work.

You just can’t deny the SHAPE of the ship, which is so great — so elegant.

Can’t wait to show show you ours.

With flames:)

119. Anthony Pascale - December 4, 2007

Bob, flames are so yesterday…you already did that with Optimus Prime

how about a whale tail? and don’t forget the mud flaps with the silhouette of the orion slave girls

120. mada101 - December 4, 2007

Gabe’s version is utterly fantastic. Absolutely amazing work. The kind of thing I would love to see in a reboot of TOS. It has that cool retro feel while still being able to appeal to the modern ‘Star Wars and BSG’ sci-fi audience.

BUT, if this film is to be faithful to canon (and from the comments by Abrams and O&K, I doubt it is), the design doesn’t fit. It’s too militaristic. Too NuBSG. Too un-Starfleet. Too…un -960’s. If the film is to be canon, I would prefer to see the original TOS Enterprise with more detail (hull panels, weathering, phaser banks etc) but without changing any of the components (same saucer, same nacelles, same pylons, same engineering hull, same neck).

Sadly, I don’t think we’ll be getting that. Abrams and co will be aiming for the ‘W00T WITH THE FAZERS’ generation that brings in the cash, not the 1960’s retro look.

I can’t wait for the teaser trailer. It will let me know whether or not I’ll be seeing the movie.

121. TheGreatBird - December 4, 2007

I worked in an effects shop many years ago, and we had some pretty large models on the premises (including some from a major film everyone here knows), and those “miniatures” (one in particular several feet long) looked *huge* on the big screen. No CG ship can duplicate that look and “weight.” People with a discerning eye are not fooled by CG.

122. trekee - December 4, 2007

I always liked the refitted 1701 Gabe did, but saw it as a post TOS ship and hoped the new film would go the other way design wise.

So I’m really taken by the new design though I’m not sure it needs a paint job so much, the matt Audi white does seem to work for me… :-)

Would be nice in chrome, especially with the flames along the side detailed in glittering ruby red, but maybe that’d be a bit *too* Buck Rodgers…

It’s nice and clean and not too busy at all, but yes Roberto… we can’t wait to see the new ship either. I’m still guessing lava lamps for warp engines.

123. Vejur - December 5, 2007

Ewan thou i like Koerner Enterprise i don’t see any originality with his design. It look to like TOS Enterprise(assimilated by the Borg) who now is outdated design and wouldn’t gel with young general audience who are use to more advance GCI design.
I don’t like gray color, prefer smilier to Enterprise Refit and Enterprise A color(white-silver?). Personally i don’t think Koerner Enterprise is his best work. I think his Nightshade design could probably be his best work despite i have only seen this picture of it

#118. Orci; is this any close to your Enterprise design
Its kind of hybrid of Enterprise Refit & E

124. DJT - December 5, 2007

#118 –
“Can’t wait to show show you ours.

With flames:) ”

::::: spills coffee everywhere :::::

Holy sh**!

I was just getting over the ‘ground effects’ kit on Gabe’s version, too.

Personally, I want some of those chrome Pep Boys spinners on the old girl.

125. Bart - December 5, 2007

Assimilate this… This Enterpise had a design inspiration from the Borg. I think the Borg Queen or Seven of Nine would feel at home on this ship!

126. TK - December 5, 2007

#87 I agree, the E is supposed to be a “she”, I like this design, but have to say it’s a tad too muscular for my taste…

127. Sam Belil - December 5, 2007

For the love of piece, we can’t they just use the “Original” versions from in “A Mirror Darkly”, “Trials and Tribulations” and closing scene from the last episode of Enterprise. Do we really need a “souped-up” version for the movie???? I think most fans (especially for the sake of continuity” WANT the original version.

128. doubleofive - December 5, 2007

Oh Roberto, you’re so funny. I’d even like the flames if you showed it to us right now…

129. WVTrekker - December 5, 2007

Way overdone. It lacks the elegance and clean lines of the original.

130. Balock - December 5, 2007

ditto Sam Belil, ditto

131. New Horizon - December 5, 2007

123. Vejur

Outdated? The effects of TOS are outdated, yes…but not the ship itself. Get real. That nightshade ship is NOT The Enterprise….looks more like voyager. For heavens sake. I saw the TOS Enterprise just last month on the big screen showing of the Menagerie. Even with the ‘so-so’ CGI of CBS-D, the design looked glorious up there on the screen. Seeing is believing…and I had my own doubts.

132. Cervantes - December 5, 2007

#118 roberto Orci

We can’t wait either…

And this Gabe is certainly a talented guy.

133. YARN - December 5, 2007

Way overdone. It lacks the elegance and clean lines of the original.


1. Keep it simple
2. Keep the surface clean

In the future (presumably) manufacturing techniques will be improved to the point that plates and “nuts and bolts” should not be showing. Also, as a flagship of not only “the fleet” but human civilization, aesthetic considerations would be important.

It’s the Enterprise, not the Battlestar Galactica or Victory Class Star Destroyer – it’s not supposed to look like a collection of cludges (to fool the eye into seeing scale) in a lived in universe – it’s an expression of the aspirations of humanity. Above all, it needs to have grace and elegance.

134. YARN - December 5, 2007

That stated, Gabe’s work looks great and from some angles (from the front in passing shots on the video – where it resembes the Phase Two stuff) it looks really good.

Extend the nacelles (too stubby), simplify the secondary hull, make the nacelle “wings” look more like the TMP E, and get rid of some of the embellished surface features, and this would get my endorsement as “the” candidate for the new Enterprise. I look forward to seeing the new version with some “paint” on it.

I think the best giude to design I have seen here is to remember that the Enterprise is a she.

135. Captain Fantastic - December 5, 2007

#131. New Horizon – December 5, 2007

I disgree that the Enterprise should look just like it did in TOS, Roddenberry took the first opportunity he could to update the design for TMP, I don’t see why we can’t update it again. I think the TOS version would terrible in the new film. Saying that, I really want it to look like the Enterprise we know and love, so its a tough one, I pity the guy who’s had to do it!

136. Harlan - December 5, 2007

Gabe, I love your original. Keep in mind with all the comments you read here that you’re dealing with the most conservative purists in trek. So the casual trek fan would probably do backflips over your designs. I am.

137. mada101 - December 5, 2007

#135. Captain Fantastic – December 5, 2007

But TMP was set a few years after TOS. There was a logical reason for the ship to be upgraded, and it was even part of the story for the film (Kirk not knowing what the hell he was doing on the ‘practically new’ starship). If this new movie is set before TOS (and is canon), it would be very difficult to accept or explain away such a radical re-design.

138. trekologist - December 5, 2007

Very pretty picture. Very nice “re-interpretation”. If this or anything like it gets into the movie….. forget it.

139. New Horizon - December 5, 2007

135. Captain Fantastic

I never said it should look just like it did, so you’re not disagreeing with me. :)

I said that the original looked great on the big screen, even though it was only the CBS-D remastered version. Looked believable. and wonderfully detailed. Their model does stand up to being projected on a large screen.

They COULD pull it off if they tried, but like I said to Gabe…I’m not against change….I’m simply PRO-RESTRAINT! As others have stated, the design should reflect how far humanity has come, the design should reflect the outward appearance of grace and simplicity…for something that is obviously a complex machine.

140. TheGreatBird - December 5, 2007

“Do we really need a “souped-up” version for the movie???? I think most fans (especially for the sake of continuity) WANT the original version. ”

Right on, Sam Belil. If the 1701 of “JJ Trek” is too far from the original, they will lose big points with fans *and* the general public alike. If Joe Moviegoer sees people who look kinda like the TOS cast, but doesn’t recognize the ship as the classic TOS Enterprise, he’s likely to scratch his head, wonder why it rates playing in a theatre instead of direct-to-DVD, on cable or – God forbid – the Sci-Fi Channel, and skip the movie altogether. The public has been burned too many times already by these kinds of ventures.

141. Dead Robot » Dilithium Lithium? - December 5, 2007

[…] Aw baQa’! (that’s Klingon for Damn it!)   […]

142. Captain Fantastic - December 5, 2007

#137. mada101 – December 5, 2007

And, by all accounts, this movie is a few years before TOS, surely that provides an adequate excuse to change it, and explain this away as simply a version of the ship as it looked when refitted for Pike’s five year mission

143. Captain Fantastic - December 5, 2007

I don’t want a radical redesign, I never said that, and it would be blasphemy!

144. KDoug - December 5, 2007


Hi! I just wanted to add my voice to the crowd. I think you’re an outstanding CGI modeler. The shapes you’re able to make are stunning and you have great skill at composing textures and materials. But, like many of the others here, I think your Enterprise design is a bit much.

What I see the issue as is not so much that it’s a departure from the original, but that a lot of its details only seem to be there for the sake of having more detail. You should think more in terms of what features the ship would need and how they would likely be constructed if the ship was being built in the real world. i.e., Form should follow function more closely.

I’ve taken a look at your more recent revision and I see that you’ve toned down the neck so that it doesn’t have all of those cut-ins. That’s more on the right track, to me. But, the secondary hull still has overlapping panels and cut-ins that shouldn’t be needed on a “real” starship.

As they are now in your all-white preview, I don’t see anything wrong with the warp engines. But in your previous, textured versions, I didn’t care for the rows of glowing pieces on top. Again, it struck me as detail for detail’s sake. The spinning pieces in front were okay, though.

Anyhow, keep up the good work! I’m a fledgling CGI hobbyist and I hope to one day approach even half of your fine level of skill.

145. Gabriel Koerner - December 5, 2007


Thanks very very much for the kind words!! I am flattered

BTW I liked the Transformers script believe it or not – I was going there hoping it would be exactly that

“She’s a criminal. Criminals are HOT!” Just the kind of non sequiter kind of way I think. It was very ‘self aware’ of its premise and had all the according fun. It made me look forward to reading Trek soon.

Wish I’d had the chance to go up to ILM for Trek but my pals at DD have been loyal and I wouldn’t break my production contract on Speed Racer.

Guess I’ll be showing up a card carrying fan. :) Once more unto the breach! We should lunch. :)

146. Gabriel Koerner - December 5, 2007

… and ‘believe it or not’ was not intended to be snyde. I just think, from experience as a fanboy, they tend to get hung up on technicalities or how serious a film takes itself as reason not to like something…

147. Scifigirl - December 5, 2007

#30 – I would definitely shed a few tears if I could actually see that for real… Can you imagine how beautiful it would be?! *sighs*

As for Gabriel’s designs, I think they look awesome and I would love to see them in the movie. But then again, I’m not a purist when it comes to ship design.

148. Bald is Beautiful - Picard for President! - December 5, 2007

122. trekee – December 4, 2007

“Audi white” = Pearlescent White, quite a technical accomplishment for the original Audi 200 (5000 turbo in the US). Matched with forged BBS alloys and the exquisite sound of the Audi inline 5 – it was to lust after.

I’ve always thought of Matt Jeffries’s designs in the same way I think of other classics — the 356/901 Porsche and VW’s Sedan and Microbus; XKEs; Raquel Welch; Brigitte Bardot; the tenor saxophone; the Durham cathedral.

All share a simple design esthetic that flows from integrated functionality. They are not cobbled together but are envisioned wholistically with lots of soft curves. Even a Tiffany-cut diamond’s many sharp edges come together to create a beautiful, radiant, round beauty.

Yes, simple is better; it is the fruit of a fresh new design. Clutter means the design is at the end of its life and has been modifed to death.

149. Kionel - December 5, 2007

Gabe —

3D nerd raising a 3D nerd son here. (Kid is better on Lightwave at 15 now than I am!)

Any chance of getting some orthos of your recent re-work (which, I have to say, is fantastic; love the sensor dish and detailing along the nacelles and impulse engines) so that he and I can dive into making a LW version?


150. Daniel Broadway - December 5, 2007


If you can’t wait…then what are you waiting for? Show us the ol’ (new)girl.


151. mada101 - December 5, 2007

142. Captain Fantastic – December 5, 2007

True, we can see a refit of some kind. But if you placed the TOS Enterprise in between Gabe’s (as the forerunner) and the TMP one (as the next upgrade, won’t it look terribly out of place? There would have to be a fluid design lineage.

Anyway, it’s all academic. Abrams is going to give us what Abrams thinks will get non-Trek people into seats. He is using other measures to get Trekkies to buy a ticket before he kicks them in the balls (like hiring Nemoy). It’s very likely that the film will create a Universe B canon (lord – following the Trek novels is going to be even harder now…which canon is it in!?) so that the writers of future films/series’ need not bother doing their homework. He wants new fans for that. Us old timers have overstayed our welcome, me thinks :-P

152. J. Parker - December 5, 2007

# 145 – Well, it’s cool Mr. Koerner you’re here, reading posts, I think. I think I have to count myself as a traditionalist; your design is striking but more in keeping, IMO, with a future evolution, later than Enterprise E. I find your engines cigar like and stubby.

Technically, light, detail – great, you’re a pro, you don’t need anyone to tell you that.

Personally, if film concept makes the engine struts were a little thicker, and the surface detail was like the Queen Mary, meaning no rivets or paneling, but retains the iconic shape

But you revealed the concept artist, who’s done spectacular work for Lucas’ new Star Wars; I wonder if the designs other than Enterprise.

Okay, here’s Ryan Church’s resume, and website:

And Mr. Orci — please don’t let the humor be Porkules! I know Gene Coon did Spock’s brain, but…

153. Dennis Bailey - December 5, 2007

#121: “People with a discerning eye are not fooled by CG.”

Same’s true for models, once one recognizes the tells – no more or less so than CG. :)

154. CanuckLou - December 5, 2007

@118. roberto Orci – It sure would make a nice Christmas present if you showed it here first and soon! ;)

155. Dylan Messer - December 5, 2007

Let’s just go with the ”Cage” version of the Enterprise. It’s a prequil anyway.

156. Shaggy - December 5, 2007

The flames had better mimic Optimus Primes’ flames. :P

157. Mike - December 5, 2007

Nice to see people playing nice, even when opinions don’t precisely match.

I share everyones love of both the TOS E for it’s simplicity and the TMP E as a great update, but I’ve actually come around to them doing a completely new redesign. Overall, I think there have been moments of brilliance and eons of mediocrity in the canon designs. I love Ryan Church’s work and I’m now hoping that he doesn’t short change his own artistic vision just to placate me. Despite my reverence for some of what came before, it’s much more interesting to look to the future.

Besides, as Buddhists say, attachment creates suffering.

158. JimmyMac - December 5, 2007

Hey Gabriel,

Love the the Aug and Dec 2007 designs. Apologies for the blunt jab before. I saw you in Trekkies when my wife and I were looking at names for our expected baby boy. I couldn’t imagine another name for him.

Later dude,

159. TheGreatBird - December 5, 2007


You missed my point, but thanks anyway.

160. toddk - December 6, 2007

Dont!…come crying to the fans when people begin to ask why the heck they would have this design for the movie while the tv enterprise looks different…The fans know what is what..dont insult us, and if you mess it up..dont even think about blaming us..

161. Londo - December 6, 2007

That “leaked” design has been my desktop background for almost a year.

162. TomBot2007 - December 6, 2007

Nice. So long as the new E is somewhere in the ballpark to some of the “amatuer” professional efforts that I’ve seen on here, I think they will be safe. But go too strange, and you will screw the pooch, and lose a lot of goodwill. :-)

163. Wayne Spitzer - December 6, 2007

Awakened today with a great idea for the trailer (because that’s what a lot of us Little leaguers do; we second guess the pro’s play book and say, “I would have done it this way…” It’s football season for geeks, or whatever we are as a collective).

I’d love to see them play with the audience’s expectations, let’s just say outright abuse them emotionally, by coyly revealing a never-before-seen ship…only to unveil some stubby, bloated monstrosity that just vaguely resembles the Enterprise–complete with musical flourish and lens flare.

Then, while old and new-timers alike stare in disbelief, it would be revealed that we in fact have our perspective wrong, that it is in fact one of several smaller vessels, and that they are hauling, say, a long, fabulously elegant warp nacelle. At which point the camera would pan with their movement and we would see a beautifully-modified but instantly recognizable Enterprise under construction.

Hey, just thought I’d throw it out there. Anything to avoid actually working….

164. Wayne Spitzer - December 6, 2007

And, yes, of course it’s “…where no man has gone before.” I would think that’s the whole idea of going back to TOS. To capture a little of that…gravitas.

165. ozy - December 7, 2007

That design is crap.

166. Viking - December 7, 2007

Gabe, your design has grown on me over time. Roberto, I hope it acted as a templete, of sorts – Gabe has design elements that are very……..primal.

167. Ensign Lexington - December 7, 2007

Shame the “leak” is fake. I’d be pretty with that in the new movie.
Oh well, just hope they do it right.

168. j w wright - December 10, 2007

this is a great ship design, the only think that is questionable are the elongated aft nacelle cowlings… shorten those up and its an all around winner.

169. Ensign Beavis - December 10, 2007

I think it’s a great design — seems like more of a version of the Constitution class between the 5 year mission and the Motion Picture refit. Some of the detailing could work as a reimagined Original Enterprise. Some elements, such as the open nacelle tops, and wide angled nacelle pylons are too advanced for the original ship. It is sweet looking though.

170. Just Me - December 27, 2007

I agree with the above. The Enterprise is a SHE and the first Queen of Space. TMP Enterprise showed that to perfection and is still the best looking space vessel in ANY Science Fiction genre. These pics are really not good at all.

If they go with them, JJ Abrams is just whoring out the idea of Star Trek … again.

171. Celegorm - January 8, 2008

Unbelievable! Mr. Koerner, you certainly are a very gifted artist.
I would love to see this design in the new movie.
I doubt they will come up with something more elegant but still grounded.
And if this really has an assimilated look then resistance is futile!!

172. Cleeve - January 11, 2008

So easy to call that design crap. I’ll wager most of the people dissing it don’t couldn’t muster the talent Mr. Kroener has in his little finger.

You can criticize it, but just because it doesn’t suit your taste doesn’t make it ‘crap’. Clearly the man has a sense of style and design, whether or not it jives with your own personal vision is another matter entirely.

173. atheorhaven - January 14, 2008

Agreeing with Cleeve here.

It takes a lot of skill and talent to make a ship that is recognizable as a derivative work, and still create something new and unique.

Gabe’s ship being so hotly debated means that people are recognizing the influence of the original ship immediately, and are either liking what they see, or else hating what they see.

Either way, it’s stirring debate.. which is what any good work of art should do.

I like the ship in the way that I don’t see it as a replacement for something that has come before, but as an interpretation of something that was designed for a 1960’s era TV audience with poor resolution and little to no budget.

You had to be bold and plain with what you did because it had to translate crisply on rabbit ear TV’s, and to get it on TV meant that it had to be cheap to build. Because the Enterprise was so minimalist, it’s almost sacrilege to add stuff to it. But they did a beautiful job of that for TMP.

I view this ship as being along the lines of ridged Klingons, and the Reimaged TOS episodes currently airing.. updated effects and ships for something from an older time and smaller budget.

174. atheorhaven - January 14, 2008

.. and that being said, I love the design. :D

175. Luis Duran - January 18, 2008

Im blown away by it…. as much as “enterprise” the series didn’t really do it for me much, I did love the design approach taken with the ship, at this current state of expectations of technology, for that trek time period. I just couldn’t wait till someone pushed it from that point on to the next enterprise design..and by god you have done it!, and so well…

The complexity and attention to detail makes sense… If i were to see the TOS one which now looks halariously corny and not very “now” on the big screen with that “spaceshuttle tile white” lol I would crack the hell up…. and ultimately fail in the industry, all the hardcore trek fans would obviously be filled with nostalgic bliss but that will not do us any good…

it needs to be raw…hardcore, and in your face to get this dying franchise the respect it deserves, and get more people that might have considered it to be corny sci-fi in the past, to love it and get into it with the new outlook and treatment.

Lets just hope silly mistakes like the idiotic song in “enterprise” intro which has to be the worse trek judgment call I’ve ever seen next to Nemesis, are not repeated for the movie! And, the right team of people who know wtf is going on right now and are on top of their game are in control.

congratz on the design…it really got my blood pumping and back to my trek roots real fast! thanks!

P.S. If I were to add my glorious 2 cents..lolol I’d say the only red flag that popped up was: The lettering on the saucer section depicting the NCC 1701 seems so “old school” I really don’t think we would do it like that… Id rethink that, as much as TOS freaks are going to have a heart attack…it seems out of place, with such a cool slightly ahead of our time design… and the 2 balls in the backs of the nacelles seem pointless and dont evoke purpouse…I know their there in the TOS, but I saw another rendition where you cut out a rectangle embossed in reverse onto them and I dug that better and flowed with the nacelle’s guts.

176. Luis Duran - January 18, 2008


the thing about the lettering only bugs me on the video where its coming towards you…cuz the side profile still looks fine…might be a size and placement thing to play with… maybe lower the enterprise closer to the NCC1701 and make the NCC1701 smaller?.

177. Viking - January 18, 2008

If you click on those photos above, and do a comparison to the still from the new trailer, there’s no denying that somehow, some way, Koerner influenced this. That extra ridge the bridge module sits on. The bulbous nacelle caps and turbine effect. Subtle lines in the detail. If he didn’t have a hand in it, I’d sue for intellectual property infringement.

178. Luis Duran - January 18, 2008

omg I must be on crack….LOL I didnt realize that it was a fake leak…. diit dee deeee

oh well…nice work Gabe!

179. prairiski - January 19, 2008

I feel Koerner’s Enterprise conceptual design is brilliant and faithful to the idea of J.J. Abrams ST11 retro style movie. Then again, in reality, it could be the real thing for all we know. Viking could be right. Take a close look at the “released” images from AOL/Moviefone (
and cellphone videos posted on You Tube from the Cloverfield movie preview of ST11 ( – thought blurry, there IS a distinct similarity as Viking stated.

Also, all images in the gallery on Koener’s professional website of the Enterprise are no longer available (yet are buried in his parent directory) – a possible attempted leak plug? Koener has an exceptional resume working Battlestar Galatica and Superman Returns. So why not? He obviously has creds, access to the process, and has contributed his ideas to many past, present, and future SciFi series and films. Besides, viral videos, fan videos, both real and fake and the like (this site for example) are becoming the new wave of creating buzz on the ‘net. And why not? It’s all good!

NAYSAYERS LISTEN UP! Sounds like jealosy or envy. Or both. If you don’t create it – don’t criticize it.

Let us just all hope that J.J. and his team will do justice to the fanchise the Great Bird of the Galaxy created so long ago. Given what he has produced so far – I believe he will.

180. SciFiGuy - January 20, 2008

As a die-hard Trekie for as long as I can remember, I had no problem voicing my concerns about re-booting my childhood fantasy world.
The ship designs by Mr. Koerner, however have made me change my mind on this.

Yes, by all means, if Paramount is going to change canon anyway (built on Earth instead of orbital shipyard, crew all attending Acadamy around the same time…etc) then I think that the Enterprise definately should be changed as well. How can they seriously be expected to follow technology that the ’60s saw as advanced today?
Im talking about changing more than just the ship but everything else to fit the times as well. If I see Jim Kirk pull out a bulky communicator that looks like a Fisher Price toy, when my cell-phone is far more advanced, I’m gonna freak.

This ship looks damn sweet and I really hope this design is given some serious consideration for the movie.
As long-lived as Trek is and always will be, they would have had to make some serious alterations someday anyway.

Screw the smooth hull, the NX-01 looked more advanced than the 1701 and this version makes an excellent transition.
If this means 20 years from now we get a new updated version of the Enterprise-D, then I say ‘Make it so!’

181. Luis Duran - January 20, 2008

^^^^ EXACTAMUNDOOOOOooooo im all for evolution and reinvention of an amazing story and premise set by one amazing man called Gene Roddenberry!

Im sure he would be thrilled to see technology catching up so much and having to reinvent the great story with even more intense tech!!!! WHAT! HEAVEN!

182. bv - January 22, 2008

All of Mr. Koerner’s renders have the same edgy look till recently. Around the end of last year his version gets a bit of smoothing over blurring it into a form more like the original 1960’s model. Its as if an art director said “I like your stuff but it might be too radical a departure for some fans, could you maybe touch things up a little and make it just a tad more like the old school Enterprise?”

The lines of his latest render look much like the teaser trailer. It would seem Mr. Koerner has got his wish.

All told I like some of his lines and not others, Its a bit aggressive in some places, and could stand a bit more graceful lines. I’ve always been partial to the “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” version myself.

183. Pri yon Joni - February 5, 2008

I have a conspiracy theory to share. I believe that in the new movie, there is a technological debate about warp technology and warp dynamics versus streamline design that the Koerner Design is a submission by starefleet for what the Enterprise is supposed to be. Then somehow they descovered, hmm lets say the warp nacelles vented too much anti-matter…..whatever the reason, the design gets discarded, and they go with the constitution class. It is apparent that despite Koerner’s denial of his design being used, his words don’t clearly state denial of involvement with the Enterprise on the official movie trailer. Why all this trouble? The answer is, how hype are we to see what they are going to do with the Enterprise, not to mention our excitement for the movie.

Another possiblity is that this movie to the canon of Star Trek is like Smallville to Superman. Completely out of continuity.

What bugs me though, is in TNG, DS9, and STE, they have preserved the way the TOS is; having cameo’s of non-refit constitutions like the Enterprise and the Defiant with their technology considered “advanced” to STE and premative to DS9. Sure STE looks more up to date, but who’s to say what “advanced” really looks like. It can be argued that there was an era when technological “styling” just goes retro on us. Look at the new Camero’s and Mustangs today. We have no say what the “future” will look like and as a Star Trek fan sin birth, I hope they preserve the authenticity of the TOS with a few added hints of futurism. Hints that we can argue as “un-noticed” in TOS. Cuz if Koerner’s ship, which is a great ship don’t get me wrong, winds of on the new movie; everything from TNG to STE goes down the drain for me. All this “preservation” so they can just throw it out later for a “re-imagined” version. Oh please. I hope my theory is someone correct, even atleast in principle.

184. Daniel Kirk - February 20, 2008

A few thoughts:

1. Prequels are done for the existing fans. No one else gives enough of a damn. So don’t continue to alienate Star Trek fans by giving us ‘prequels’ that just flat out aren’t even showing that there was any effort to play nice with what’s come before.

2. The original series Enterprise wasn’t built to look like the Enterprise-E. Gabe’s ship is beautiful, but let’s be honest — it looks like the TOS ship and the Enterprise E, shall we say, “experimented” with each other at a booze-soaked frat party.

You can say I’m nitpicking — you probably will. But it’s just flat out idiotic to appeal to people who remember Kirk, Spock and McCoy, take our hard earned cash at the box office, and then slap us in the face with a design that looks like it came from the previous TNG-based film. You want to give us TOS? Give us a BETTER LOOK AT THE OLD LOOK. But don’t promise us Star Trek and then give us something else.

185. Jay - April 4, 2008

i searched enterprise google and i found this picture ( ) and i was wondering what starship it is and i cant quite makwe out he registry number is it NCC 78821 or another…?

186. mclovin - May 13, 2008

it’s all fake all of it!!!!!!

as i f they are going to release images of the new look enterprise yet… way it’s a secret locked up tighter than a nuns nasty…..
just wait and see my little trekklings

187. Shi Don Yu - June 10, 2008

mclovin: I must concur!
Muah! Ha! Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!

188. e-mc - June 15, 2008

The design of Voyager is far more organic and solid than the new TNG movie Enterprise the inconsitency with design evolution is wrong.

And the latest Enterprise looked like you would cut yourself on the needlessly sharp edges and the volume of hull geomtery on it- is also off.

No Voyager and the false Federation ships on the show were definitely
the best so far.

189. Chris - September 5, 2008

If it was the design for the Enterprise in the next movie, they wouldn’t tell anyone.

190. Crazy Guy - September 8, 2008

Whew. At least THAT’s not the new and canonical Enterprise.

But what IS…?

191. A032 - November 12, 2008

Hehehehe Orci said they couldn’t wait to show us their Enterprise…with flames.

Man, they just can’t let that whole Optimus Prime has flames thing go. (although, in all fairness, my fellow TF fans whined and complained about Prime looking like that, forever.)

Actually, I’d laugh my ass off if it did come with flames on the paint job. I’m not exactly happy with the official design as it is, so flames wouldn’t be that out of the ordinary. :P

192. Jasmin - November 12, 2008

I prefer this WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY over the new one, by MILES.

193. joe - November 16, 2008

This is better than the real “new” enterprise. That thing is awful.

194. T.B. - November 17, 2008

Mr. Gabe Koerner, I applaud your work!

Your design concept is impressive and stays true to the Star Trek starship design continuity.

The official Enterprise for the the upcoming movie looks like a strange alien hot rod. It’s blasphemy.

195. TooOldTrekkie - January 5, 2009

I agree – I think Gabe’s Enterprise is an honest attempt to bring the old 1960’s ship to the big screen. I like it much better than the actual production redesign – it looks like the designers just went crazy. You have to keep in mind that the first ship is going to be refitted into the ship we’ve known from the prior movies. The first ship cannot look more technologically advanced than the refit.

196. Matthew - March 19, 2009

TB #194 – you go FAR too far. It’s a little flash for my tastes too, but “alien hotrod” it isn’t. It is still almost the basic shape of the classic E. Don’t forget they had free reign and we could have got something that looked nothing at all like the classic constitution class in any way, shape or form. It is easy to get carried away in one’s criticisms, but let us keep level heads here… isn’t actually THAT bad. Especially so as the first pic was taken from an unfortunate angle, and it looks better the more you see it. I’d even go as far as to say this could yet grow on me and become a favourite E.

I’m also more concerned with the people that crew her, and what happens to them. As Star Trek is about people…..not the ships. Let us not forget the E D looked like a flying turd…..but TNG was still great. Was it not? :/

197. T.B. - April 1, 2009

@ 196. Matthew:

You were partially correct in your comment to my statement(s). I suppose I was fired up a bit as the official design didn’t live up to my personal expectations. As I have wandered other sites, I learned that this movie is in effect a reboot so now I can be a little more forgiving about their new Enterprise. Although I agree that Star Trek is mostly about people, I cannot fault the new actors playing the roles familiar to us. Since the ship has changed, it is only practical that the actors change with it.

I would like to point out, however, that the Enterprise D may have taken time to grow on you, but it is a ship designed for the future after TOS. The Enterprise in this new movie is supposed to fall into the past where there is a relatively established canon and ship design lineage. So please understand that I only reacted initially to the unveiling of the new Enterprise with the mindset of: “you can mess with the future, but messing with the past will alter our present.”

With all my rambling, I still have to suck it up and accept it since it is official and not going to be changed. We will all see how the crew interacts with the ship.

198. Mario Merino - April 27, 2009

Mr. Gabe Koerner did an amazing job with his model. I finally saw a picture of the new movie version and I have to say that I am disappointed. The secondary hull looks almost like an afterthought, maybe Digital Domain should have been chosen to do the effects!!!

199. Spaceman Spiff - July 4, 2009

The new Enterprise in the movies sucks.
Gabe Koerner’s design would have been lightyears better in the film.

200. Joni Hinnenkamp - May 10, 2011

That may seem wonderful yet i am still not so certain that I like it. In any case will look even more into it and choose for myself! :)

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