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jump to navigation Team Laid Off – Future Of Official Site In Doubt [UPDATED] December 14, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Trek Franchise , trackback

OK this just came out of nowhere. The last news item for the week at, the official site for Star Trek, is titled “Goodbye from the STARTREK.COM Team” In short it states that CBS Interactive is restructuring and that the entire team “has been eliminated. Effective immediately.” It also states “We don’t know the ultimate fate of this site, which has served millions of Star Trek fans for the last thirteen years.” There is also a big banner on the homepage that says ‘FAREWELL.’

UPDATED: Deja vu? has learned that the cut was part of a larger restructuring and cost cutting at CBS Interactive. Apparently there were dozens of people laid off across CBS in addition to the team. But seems to be the only case where an entire team running a specific site was let go. is somewhat unique within the CBS empire as the only site for a legacy brand (for example, CBS continue to syndicate and license “I Love Lucy,” but have no dedicated site for that brand). It could be that some bean counter took a look it and realized that since there was no currently running first run Star Trek TV series and that the new Star Trek movie was a Paramount property, that the site was expendable. Two years ago when Viacom split, Paramount Digital (the former home for was shut down…putting the future into doubt. With CBS Corporation being the new home for the Star Trek brand, CBS Interactive decided to take over. It is possible the same thing might happen again. However, that time the team wasn’t let go.

UPDATE 2: Official Statement from CBS

News of layoffs at CBS Interactive were reported across the web, mostly focusing on the firings at CBS News (conflicting reports have it at either seven or twenty employees fired). CBS issued the following statement about the layoffs, but there was no mention of

Along with the core success of, new online sites from to Dotspotter have infused invaluable DNA into the division, and are actively translating their experience in community-building to all of the Company’s properties and content. In the coming year, we intend to build on our success by expanding on that strategy of building communities online. Part of achieving this goal is reorganizing the way we do business to align the division’s workforce with our new vision, including increasing our operations in the Bay Area — the heart of so much of this activity. We’re confident that CBS Interactive’s focus on consumer involvement will help the Division experience another record year of growth in ’08 and beyond was running out of the LA Area, so it is possible it will be reborn in the Bay Area, but it doesn’t appear that any of the current team was offered the opportunity to move. At this point it is still unclear if the site has any future at all.

UPDATE 3 – A Message From Tim Gaskill Senior Producer Tim Gaskill made the following statement in the talkback section below

I would just like to pass on a quick note of gratitude to thank the people who supported STARTREK.COM all these years. At this point, it’s still a bit confusing as to what has happened, but maybe it will all make sense in the weeks to come. I hope something lives on in the form of STARTREK.COM, as this is the golden franchise and I can’t really see the site disappearing completely. We shall see.

Thanks to Anthony for his support and his recognition as to what we do/did at ST.COM. It is /was a completely different animal to the independent sites such as this one and he recognizes that.

There will be more news to add soon, so I will wait until more is known, but again, thanks to the fans and their infinite diversity in infinite combinations.

UPDATE 4: Dec 17th Statement Plus More
Read the new official statement and more info in the latest update

Editors Note:
On a personal note, over the 16 months since has been active, I have got to know the guys at We see each other at all the same events and email each other regularly. I consider them friends and colleagues and Marc Wade, Tim Gaskill, Sandy Stone, Larry Nemecek and the rest of the gang are all huge Trek fans who are dedicated to the franchise and the fans. I certainly hope that CBS are not planning on treating Trek just like another one of their TV properties and folding it into CBS.COM, like they do for CSI for example. has been around since the early days of the Internet over a decade ago (including some time on the MSN Network). Although sites like this one and Memory Alpha have cropped up since, the official site still serves a vital function in the online world of Trek. And that function should have dedicated Trekkies involved. One last note to CBS…couldn’t you have waited until after Christmas?

Trekkies love a good campaign. Well the ‘farewell’ article noted:

If you have comments, please send them to editor @ – we hope someone at CBS will read them.

I have sent an email letting them know how I feel, maybe you should do the same. will keep track of developments and report them as they are learned.


1. Greg Stamper - December 14, 2007

Talk about a Merry Christmas!

2. CmdrR - December 14, 2007

That so stinks.
Best luck, guys. There will be something better soon, but if this is the end of, it’s a damn shame.

3. Aaron R. (Sisko would not agree with the closing of - December 14, 2007

Wow… A sad day indeed….

4. Driver - December 14, 2007

Anything to do with the writer’s strike? This is odd since the new film is being made. Unless it’s being revamped.

5. Lostrod - December 14, 2007

I just emailed the address the team provided.

Are the powers to be at CBS complete idiots? The worst possible time to pull this. Not only from a business perspective, but pretty damn heartless consider the time of year.

I’m boycotting all CBS products, effective immediately.

6. Trek1701 - December 14, 2007

Is it a joke?

7. Greg Stamper - December 14, 2007

Who’s making the decisions over at CBS at this time of year? Ebenezer Scrooge?

8. Andy Patterson - December 14, 2007

That sucks. Is this idiot Leslie Moonves?

9. Another Q - December 14, 2007

Very, very odd indeed. Guess we’ll have to wait to
see exactly what’s up. Thank you for
keeping us in the loop. All you do is very appreciated.

10. Irishtrekkie - December 14, 2007

have cbs lost their mind ? no i mean really , well i see , they posted an email adress for us to write to , to see if someone in cbs would read it , i am guess trek fans should all do that , and instead of boycotting cbs or just wishing the guys the best of luck , maybe start a save campaign ? would it be worth it , i would want to hope so? as does anybody think it would change cbs’s mind ?

11. Pumpkin - December 14, 2007

Well, to be honest, while I like the site, I hope they’re restructuring it to add more Star Trek franchise related-content and less “Trek Life” and stuff like that – which I find completely uninteresting.

I stopped visiting the site as frequently when that mess started going up.

I bet they’re restructuring it to have more to do with the movie and to pimp current projects more.

I seriously doubt the future of the site is in question as much as the statement seems to imply. Probably a giant site revamp is in the works and they want to bring in the usual “new talent, new perspective”.

12. diabolk - December 14, 2007

Wow… you guys got a new ST movie coming out and you shut down the official Star Trek site? Strange…

OK, I get it… they will rebuild to reflect the new movie, and only the new movie, so new people visiting it will only see the new cast and crew. I get it. Throw out the old and make way for the new!

You can count on this. Cause nothing else makes sense about it.

13. Roddenberry was a peacenik - December 14, 2007

Okay, that’s just bizarre, to put it politely. I could imagine them doing this maybe three years ago, when the franchise was at its lowest (Enterprise being canceled, Nemesis tanking, and no hope in sight for the ST universe), but they kept things going. They were largely responsible for building interest in Star Trek: Remastered, and they were a constant reminder
that Trek wasn’t dead just yet. Now that things are looking up, and buzz for Trek is slowly building again, they suddenly get the boot? Astonishing

14. Christopher D. Heer - December 14, 2007

This is kind of sad. I mean, I wasn’t a regular visitor, but I went from time to time.

I too hope they aren’t just folding it into or whatever. On the whole, the network TV sites are just awful: long on Flash, short on content. (In a related note, I’m beginning to think that Flash is the worst thing to happen to the web. Most of these over-Flashed sites are a chore to navigate and half the time I can’t find what I want.)

And of course, the timing is awful. I’m sure they were let go now to avoid having their budget hit next year, but layoffs immediately before the holidays just suck.

We’ll miss you, guys. Well-organized, easy-to-use, attractive sites are hard to find these days and was a polished, professional site.

15. OR Coast Trekkie - December 14, 2007

Looks like CBS doesn’t want to pay Christmas bonuses.

Goodness, the remaster TOS on the cheap, and now this. If CBS doesn’t want Star Trek, why not just sell the rights to it?

16. Meh - December 14, 2007

Who cares that site is useless anyway I wouldn’t be surprised if Anthony is part of the new official Trek site if there is one.

Funny how this place gets us all the info while just seem to be sitting on their hands.

17. Commodore Z - December 14, 2007

THAT SUCKS. The team are good people.

18. Pragmaticus - December 14, 2007

Are you kidding me? What is WRONG with CBS?!?!?

19. Robert Bernardo - December 14, 2007

Terrible news. I like the website a lot. I wish the best for all the team.

20. Charles Trotter - December 14, 2007

This is absolute bs. These terminations better be for a damn good reason, but I doubt it. Let me guess, the new movie is a reinvigoration of the franchise so they want fresh faces to re-design the site to promote said movie. Out with the old in with the new, right?

Well I was considering buying some more Star Trek seasons in the new year, but I think I’ll use the money towards something else. I don’t really think boycotts make much of a difference, but I’m with Lostrod on this, I’m not buying anymore CBS products until the team is re-hired.

In addition, I think we should all stop visiting until the team is brought back. In fact, block it on your browser. As of now, and until such time as the team is re-hired, does not exist.

If this should be final, then to Marc, Tim, Larry, Sandy, Erin, Grace, David and everyone else on the team, thanks for all the work and good luck in your future endeavors. And may CBS burn in industry hell along with UPN.

21. Ro-Dan - December 14, 2007

That was a crappy move on CBS’ part. Laying off people just weeks before Christmas….

22. timyj - December 14, 2007

Makes me kinda want to avoid the Movie now….its like they are screwing with us fans. They dont really care….its all about getting our money

23. Pizza - December 14, 2007

WOW. Utterly speechless.

Eleven days before Christmas. I guess some CBS bean counter has their hand on a keyboard tonight.

24. Jason Lee - December 14, 2007

The timing certainly sucks but I can’t say I’m totally surprised. Think about it. The first teaser trailer for the new Trek movie is due to come out with Cloverfield in January, and nobody does trailers these days without including the official movie Website address. The movie is called “Star Trek.” The current is, to put it bluntly, in the way.

25. Levois - December 14, 2007

Well I hope that this isn’t true!

26. SteveinSF - December 14, 2007

What a piece of crap thing to do to all those people who are now out of work.

27. Lurkmee - December 14, 2007

Wow!!!! That’s horrible!!!!!!!!! CBS is crazy!!!! is the best place on the internet!!!!!!

28. Gary Seven - December 14, 2007

Hello people. Only #10 seems to be stepping up to the plate. We may not win, but we have to try. Let’s email CBS and express our outrage. Does anybody remember that in a less harsh, less cynical era, thousands of people colloborated on a letter writing campaign to save a little TV show called “Star Trek?”
Can’t we be PRODUCTIVE, and make our collective voices heard to CBS , that we want restored? I mean, I have no doubt that many would prefer to just argue with each other on this site instead of mobilizing together for constructive action. Or nitpick about what we don’t like about— now that’s a really good use of our energy.
OK, OK , I will try to remain positive…
Are there any grown ups out there that want to try (of course there are no guarantees of success) to, as the Captain once said, “Make a Difference?”
Let’s each send emails to CBS NOW, and brainstorm efficiently on any other ideas. Anybody out there who has a similar sensibility?

29. Picard for President - December 14, 2007

^24 Makes sense. The domain was probably purchased or licensed by Paramount for millions, while produced a mere profit.

But why all the crying about firing those guys just before Christmas? I thought everyone here was too sophisticated to care about fairy tales. Besides, Moonves is Jewish so why should he care what time of year he fires someone?

Picard/Marcus 2008
“Because Obama is Smart but Not that Smart!”

30. Mr Snuffleupacus - December 14, 2007

Hasn’t been “reborn” before? I would lay money that it’s just going to be revamped to better reflect where the franchise is going…what with the new film on the horizon…

31. Lindsay - December 14, 2007

What are they doing?? I’ve been following the site for years, as have countless fans, and this is shocking. To make it a part of the CBS site, like CSI, as they mentioned, would be tragic, and the site would probably lose a lot of its content.

To the person who asked about a campaign changing the mind of CBS…I think it’s possible. Look at what happened when the Jericho fans campaigned for that series. It got brought back. Star Trek is so iconic and so much larger than that, I’m sure the fan response would be huge.

32. JBS - December 14, 2007

I used to work for an electronics manufacturer that did most of their lay-offs just before the holidays. It had something to do with budgets, trying to fake profitability, and bean counters.

I agree with Christopher #14: “Well-organized, easy-to-use, attractive sites are hard to find these days and was a polished, professional site.”

This sucks. I will miss you

33. Prologic9 - December 14, 2007

I’m sure they’re nice guys but was a bad website, and has been for as long as I can remember. Hopefully this will result in a better site taking its place in which case it will have been worth it.

34. I AM THX-1138 - December 14, 2007

What a completely classless act on CBS’s part.

I remember when I first got online years ago, I wanted to see if there was anything about Star Trek on the internets (!). Keep in mind, this was when all of this was new. I found I played the games, chatted a bit, and learned a lot. I found out things about the Star Trek universe I didn’t know and I learned how to get around the web by checking the site out. I owe the good people over there a debt of gratitude for an awful lot of enjoyment that I have derived from the hard work they did for all of us. I usually don’t like this “first” business, but in honor of, I offer up a heartfelt…..FIRST!!!! For being my first website I explored at home. For being, as far as I know, the first dedicated Star Trek website on the internets. And for just being a bunch of good people who share an interest with me.

Folks, let CBS know just what a thoughtless, greedy, and uncaring move this is. They should know that messing with Star Trek is to wake the sleeping giant.

35. STOGAMAP - December 14, 2007

Another thing that many may not foresee is that Gaskill over at CBS Interactive was the a major buffer betwwen CBS and fan-film makers like those of us making Of Gods and Men (I am an associate producer) and New Voyages. What is going to happen now that we no longer have that buffer?


36. toddk - December 14, 2007

Maybe Star will be born

37. Non-belligerancy Confirmed - December 14, 2007

sad stuff. but i think cbs should just pay anthony those dollars to run his own way to fill the gap. think of the production values!

this site has more passion, comraderie and perverse goofiness then any corporate facade could ever hope for. (never saw bob orci posting over there, BTW.)

i hate it when people lose jobs, but the sleezy commodification of trek that was might ‘ve had to die so that a new vision might arise…

note that neither quinto nor shatner was mentioned in this post.

38. Anthony Pascale - December 14, 2007

36….and other notes RE:
This site could not be and should never be what the official is. I have always seen the relationship of this site to the official site to be akin to the one between and In that world they work closely together as I do with Tim and the people. I do not want that site to die…I want it to thrive.

39. BrandonR - December 14, 2007

While I find CBSs way of going about this rather rude, considering it’s the Christmas season and we’re only a year away from the rebirth of Star Trek. However, this could also be a positive thing. StarTrek.Com has, as another poster said, not always been very good. It only updates with HUGE news, whereas it should be updating with everything it can find that has to do with Star Trek like an official website should. That is why I consider TrekMovie.Com to be the REAL website for Star Trek.

40. Jim J (illogical) - December 14, 2007

CBS pulls another idiotic move. Let’s just hope Paramount doesn’t mess up this movie, they sure as heck can’t seem to get anything else right. Frankly, I enjoyed “The Trek Life.” It was a nice little excursion that was a lot of fun. I also enjoyed the site because it helped keep us up to date on many things Trek, just like this site. Apparently though, today was a good day to die, but not even a Klingon would do this to someone right before Christmas. Bah-humbug!!!!

41. Gary Seven - December 14, 2007

WOW. I suppose all of you that saw some flaws in are so pleased that the site is now gone and there is nothing there anymore. Yes, what a great victory. Yes, let us all celebrate that now that there is no official Star Trek site out there at all.
I can only hope that this negative and destructive sensibility, as seen some of the posts above, reflects the negativity of the blowhards on the internet and not the Star Trek fanbase in general.
Yes, it is so much better to curse the darkness then light a candle.

To those of you who function differently then the negative blowhards above, and I know you are out there…please email CBS as per the instructions on the website.

42. miguel - December 14, 2007


I cannot believe that such a dunderhead move was made. Absolutely in line with the criticism that CBS is letting trek go to pot.

43. FREAKAZOID! - December 14, 2007

Merry Christmas everyone, now get the $@%& out!

What’s gonna happen to “The Trek Life?” I love that strip!

44. cd - December 14, 2007

I have, on more than one occasion, been laid off during the holidays. It is not fun.
I hope this turns out to be an opportunity to go to bigger and better things for those affected. Thanks for all your hard work. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

45. OneBuckFilms - December 14, 2007

This is the end of an era

46. Kigs - December 14, 2007

What the hell is CBS smoking?! I mean, I understand they want a new look to reflect the new movie project, but fireing all those who have worked hard for 13 years to bring us everything Trek, is beyond any form of resonable thinking. Why are they doing this? Is there a snail mail addy for CBS that we could use for a writing campaign? Sometimes that works better than email- emails don’t show bulk and demand. Paper mail does.

Kigs :)

47. Sean4000 - December 14, 2007

WOW. Merry Christmas indeed.

They fired the wrong Digital CBS team. :)

48. Justin - December 14, 2007

I’m starting a site, but it won’t be ready till in the morning. I’ll keep everyone informed. Let’s unite for this good cause.

49. miguel - December 14, 2007

And a Bah Humbug to CBS too!

50. Prologic9 - December 14, 2007

Re. CBS’s decicion to axe the site; keep in mind the site as it was is still there and will likly remain so until the new films site replaces it.

Also, I can’t for the life of me believe that an entire TEAM of people were being paid full time salaries to maintain Surely this was just one job of many for them? I mean just think about it, an entire SQUADRON to take on A whole PLATOON to gaurd the thrown of day and night?

Have any of you ever actually been to

51. Gary Seven - December 14, 2007

You go, Justin #48. Keep us informed.

52. Harry Ballz - December 14, 2007

Counters of
Beans make
Stupid decisions!

Accountants are totally bereft of ANY imagination so why, oh why, are they allowed to make decisions pertaining to the entertainment industry??

STUPID, STUPID, STUPID………but, hey, that’s Hollywood for ya!

53. Sean4000 - December 14, 2007

Now does everyone see what a company that CBS is? Pittiful.

54. Kigs - December 14, 2007

Definately- I’m up for that. We need to say something. Besides, Trekkies are known for speaking their mind and sticking up for a cause.


55. sisko - December 14, 2007

Now, compared to the official Star Wars site, the Star Trek one has always been seriously lacking. In fact, I rarely visited it for news (TrekToday and TrekWeb were always my news sources until TrekMove came about) and for character info, well Memory Alpha is what I use.

All that being said, getting rid of is a hugely stupid idea. They just need a better model for it. And if they turn it into some uniform, soul-less CBS site, then it (and who ever came up with the idea) deserves to die a quick death.

56. Ron - December 14, 2007

#41: Wow, “Gary Seven,” overreact much? If I may be so bold, I’m pretty sure no one here intends their opinions about the quality of in general to represent a “celebration” of this ill-timed event. Aim some of that misdirected anger toward the heartless suits at CBS, where it belongs.

And for the record, if you think Trek’s internet fanbase does not have an overwhelmingly “negative and destructive sensibility,” try this test: go to almost any Trek forum (present company mostly excluded, of course), mention the names Rick Berman or Brannon Braga, and watch what happens. Good clean fun, I tell you what.

57. Ampris - December 14, 2007

The hell? Now, that’s just terrible. I mean, jeez, they couldn’t have waited two more weeks? And I’m assuming this means the message boards will be killed as well, though I’m not entirely sure. I hadn’t been a member long and haven’t even been active for several weeks, but I loved those boards. They were a nice little forum with great members and some good discussions. If they go too… I’ll be beyond bummed. :(

And count me in on that email campaign. If nothing else is accomplished, I wanna let these jokers know that there ARE those of us who care when something like this happens. Ugh.

58. Sean4000 - December 14, 2007

I’ll sign the forum/petition. whatever it takes to get star back

59. billhardin22 - December 14, 2007

I’m glad to see all of the sentiment expressed here about the demise of ST.COM.

I have sent my email expressing my disapproval and dismay. I think this action sends a bad message to the fans. This really cannot be explained in a positive light by CBS. If there are plans in the works for a future, the ST.COM team definitely didn’t know about it. CBS should have more consideration for the team and the fans. But what else is new?

Whether it be CBS with Trek Remastered, a new animated series, collectibles, etc., or Paramount with Trek XI, the powers that be need to know that the fans see such actions as this as nothing less than big business jerking them around.

Just when I was about to buy Trek Remastered on DVD, I want CBS to know that I will not buy their products if this is how they intend to treat the fans. If this is the only language the bean counters understand, let’s give them fewer beans to count.

Anthony, I appreciate your support of the ST.COM team. I am appreciative of you and this great site. It has become my main source for Trek and hope it will remain so for many a day!

60. The Vulcanista - December 14, 2007

#52, 59

Beancounters suck! The Time Warner beancounters damn near killed the Atlanta Braves, and now the CBS beancounters are trying to — well, hell; I don’t know what *they’re* trying to do. Illogical, with the new movie coming out next year and all.

Bring on the petitions!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

61. David (now over the wings & flames thing. Sorta.) - December 14, 2007

Sad to see it go. I rarely visited (the pop-ups had a tendency to crash in Firefox), and I never used it’s background information. There are many great online resources, that are far superior (Memory Alpha for instance).

I believe though that it’s cancellation had a number of factors:

1.) Cost to maintain vs revenue. Seven full-time staffers? to maintain that site? Sorry, but I can’t see it. I have 3 full time staff that maintain 5 websites of equal or larger complexity.

Note: Don’t get me wrong – I liked the site for what it was. But CBS is not in the business to lose money.

2.) A domain which is perfect for a upcoming movie.

The real owner is:

Paramount Pictures Corporation
5555 Melrose Avenue
MOB 3111A
Hollywood, CA 90038

Not CBS. They’re listed as the administration contact only. So you’ve got this 150+ million dollar opus to restart a billion-dollar franchise, directed by a hot director, written by, starring … blah, blah, blah…. and not use the
domain to advertise your new property?

Guess again. If anyone thinks this has nothing to do with the movie coming is out to lunch.

This is about brand value and image control. CBS did a great job. Paramount will do something it believes will better represent the new work in progress. And bring value to the ‘new brand’.

David (trying not to sound like the Grynch)

62. James Heaney - December 14, 2007

I think this is awful. I just sent my email informing Mr. Moonves that as of this moment I am no longer watching CSI nor Jericho, and I will be recommending the purchase of Blu-ray to all who will listen. (Incidentally, I sent it via, rather than… they may consider it improper and toss it, but I very much doubt they’re going to read the mailbox any more at all, so this was the only chance at getting read.) It’s not that restructuring is going on that has me angry… yes, it’s stupid, it’s mindless corporate crap run by idiots… but I would expect such a thing to happen at some point, what with the “relaunched movie” coming out with its “new direction”. But I expect NOTICE! And not TWO WEEKS BEFORE CHRISTMAS!

Hab SoSlI’ Quch, Mr. Moonves. Hab SoSlI’ Quch.

I would like to note, however, that there -is- a nice observation to be made here. I’m often tempted to think of the Trek fanbase as becoming ever more fractious over the years, but I’m remembering… Does anyone else remember about ten years ago, when was called the Star Trek Continuum, and Viacom sent out Cease & Desist letters to all the major Trek sites on the Internet? And there was a great big fight, and some sites shut down and others ignored the orders. But, during that time, we -hated- Not only was it seen as responsible for this, but, as a site, it was soulless and commercial. We boycotted it, fought it, militantly ignored it… or so I recall from the time. And here we are, ten years later, and we couldn’t care more for the staff and the site. In that time, in this small way, at least, Trek became less fractious and more United. It’s reassuring, even as the circumstances around it are sad.

And angering. Moonves, don’t think I’m kidding about not buying your DVD’s or watching your shows. I don’t think a boycott can succeed, and I won’t try to organize one… but I feel morally compelled to prevent people like you from getting more money. And so I’m going to boycott you anyways. Dirtbag.

63. Harry Ballz - December 14, 2007

It’s distressing to see the number of BAD decisions Hollywood, in general, has been making over the years……..DISGRACEFUL!!!!!

64. Christopher (Christrekkie) (Founder of Trek to the Troops) - December 15, 2007

Trek Life will have a place on our site if the creator is interested in working with Trek to the Troops. Any of the team could join us but unfortunaly we dont make money :( Also the Trek tour whats going to happen they were connected to they need their own site as well now.

65. DJT - December 15, 2007

No bueno.

66. Iowagirl - December 15, 2007

What a shame! I’ve always enjoyed for its informative and objective coverage.

#24, 29

If actually was “in the way”, they could have just re-named the site. No need to shut it down and fire an entire team. After all, the screening of STXI shouldn’t require seizure in the run-up.

67. Tim G. - December 15, 2007

I would just like to pass on a quick note of gratitude to thank the people who supported STARTREK.COM all these years. At this point, it’s still a bit confusing as to what has happened, but maybe it will all make sense in the weeks to come. I hope something lives on in the form of STARTREK.COM, as this is the golden franchise and I can’t really see the site disappearing completely. We shall see.

Thanks to Anthony for his support and his recognition as to what we do/did at ST.COM. It is /was a completely different animal to the independent sites such as this one and he recognizes that.

There will be more news to add soon, so I will wait until more is known, but again, thanks to the fans and their infinite diversity in infinite combinations.

68. Nelson - December 15, 2007

I don’t think it’s fair to say was useless. It had a very good function, it was an officially sanctioned Star Trek site. It only had real news that was confirmed and never rumours or guesstimations. Not that it’s a bad thing for a site to deal with breaking news that may not be official, but I always looked to when I want to confirm something or know it’s true. serves the other side and is great for breaking news, that’s usually correct and it’s great to have that source. So as Anthony has said, they have a symbiotic existance.

This is really crazy news. Not just for the guys who run the site and that they get this news right before the Holidays, but with a new film on the way, they need this site. Of course, I guess like all movies now, JJ Abrams’ Star Trek will get an official site. And I’m sure it will be cool and have all the viral stuff. But for Star Trek on the whole as a franchise, it needs an official site. Perhaps the bean counters felt there are so many out there now, they could have felt it wasn’t necessary.

69. Nelson - December 15, 2007

Thank you Tim G! I hope you’re back soon!

70. Cygnus-X1 - December 15, 2007

This sort of thing tends to happen when Huge Monster Corporations (HMC’s) buy and sell their subsidiaries, and the livelihoods of those subsidiaries’ employees, like any other lifeless, soulless stock.

Of course, the employees of those traded stocks — like the good people at — are not actually lifeless and soulless. But, the Kings of the dealing HMC’s — in this case, Sumner Redstone of Viacom and Les Moonves of CBS — never actually meet most of those good people who work hard to earn money and keep those kings living in the height of kingly fashion.

So, when “re-structurings” occur — in this case, subsequent to the CBS/Viacom split — and apparently good, hard-working people who have been performing their jobs well ( are simply cast overboard (by CBS now) like so much jetsam, the men ultimately responsible will often have never even met the people whose lives they have just so adversely affected.

I actually found myself in this exact scenario about 9 years ago, after Viacom sold the company that I’d been working for. By all accounts, we had been performing our jobs excellently, but we simply got left on the side of the road after the deal was done.

When I was called in to be notified that I we had lost our jobs despite our excellent performance, the reason given was that one of the Executive Vice Presidents had simply “forgotten” about us. An oversight, you see.

The company who bought us was accommodating to our absorption — they didn’t want to pay us unemployment, after all — and we were all offered different jobs, though ones not nearly as good.

Perhaps, now that the Trek movies and the Trek TV shows are in the custody of different parents, CBS, having custody of only the TV shows, has decided that it’s not cost-effective to be promoting Star Trek as a whole.

As for the good, hard-working people at, it looks like they’re just casualties of the divorce — a foster child that neither parent wants. Mom tried keeping it for a year, but, it seems that she has decided to leave it on the side of the road for the vultures.

I’m not at all surprised that C.B. Scrooge didn’t wait until after Christmas.

71. Victor Hugo - December 15, 2007

This is why i hate “ultimate” versions. “reboots” for a “new generation”.

Well, to hell with new generation! If a kid don´t understand something, well, look it up! Same way i did with Isaac Asimov and Arthur Clarke. No all media need to be exposed under your nose in under to be appreciated. Part of the fun consists in hunt things down, discover things, movies, music, books.

I enjoy continuity and consistency in my entertainment. It sucks to be treated like statistics by and fat marketeers their half-assed policy changes.

72. AJ - December 15, 2007

It’s common for bean-counters and HR people to be completely non-commercial in their thinking. In this case, a site which promotes almost 800 episodes of DVD and syndicated product, and uncounted hundreds of books, plus links to a commercial merchandise site just before a potential major upsurge in sales with STXI, will have incredible value to CBS.

Of course, as someone mentioned, since the site is still run by Paramount, with STAR TREK on the horizon, they probably want STARTREK.COM to relate solely to the film. No STARTREKTHEMOVIE.COM, or any other name. And they are probably outsourcing this to whomever they have signed as the advertising agency for the flick.

Also, the fact that fansites have become ubiquitous, and authoritative (this one), someone may have thought there is no longer any point to running an official site.

I am sure something will pop up soon which will officially relate to everything in Trek besides STXI, but who knows when?

And what about those Remastered preview links?

I can only hope that someone from the ST.COM team will pop up on these boards with some news.

73. Marc B. Lee - December 15, 2007

I just had lunch with all these guys a week ago and then a slap in the face from CBS.

Chin up guys. Good things come to those who wait.

I know we’ll be seeing you around someday.

74. Etha Williams - December 15, 2007

What I find particularly upsetting about all of this is that they have left us with not a clue as to the future of the site/domain name. Obviously is prime web real estate, and I find it hard to believe that they just fired a bunch of people with no plan for the future, especially when we have a movie and what not coming up.

I won’t deny that had it’s flaws, but so do all big websites. It had a lot of good points too…I especially liked that it gave the average ranking of each episode on the synopsis page. When debating whether to watch an episode, I often used these as a basis, and they served me pretty well. Seems silly to fire everyone involved without a clear plan for the future.

In any case, I’ll be writing. Maybe this is some bizarre test to see whether it is worth implementing a new site?…

75. AJ - December 15, 2007

Ack. Just read that statement from CBS Interactive. Corporate drones seem to be born and bred to write BS like that. I hope internally, that someone said “thanks.”

CBS Interactive wants to create on-line “communities,” so I suppose some version of Trek will have its own official community site. And we, the “consumers” of Trek, will all be happily invited to join in.

Go climb a tree.

76. Victor Hugo - December 15, 2007

I find the comic strip “Trek Life” hilarious. I like it as much as “sev Trek”. This is material no newbie can come up with.

77. Commodore Redshirt - December 15, 2007

I feel a little bad…

… last month on some unrelated thread on this site, I posted, miffed about and their email newsletter boasting how they were the best place for Trek Movie Info…

Anthony responded at the time stating his love for the site and it’s staff and I followed up noting that I do visit the site often [and subscribe to the newsletter] but didn’t like how they were saying how they were the BEST place for information when in as far as I can tell from my web surfing, THIS SITE has been the most informative source about the new film…
[and most everything else Trek].

I still visited the “Official” site, but I prefer the fan sites. And as long as those that own ST allow fan sites to thrive, we are in good hands.

Years ago I worked for 2 different CBS affiliates and I have freelanced for CBS Sports and CBS Radio News and I can tell you the CBS corp office is full of dim bulbs. I’m not shocked by this.

Anthony, I know you like those folks and all, and I agree they did a good job, but I don’t think they did the best job.

Just maybe we have the chance for a new STdotCOM that can be as good as the best of the fan sites.

I know, that’s very optimistic of me. Most Illogical, but quite predictable as I am so very human…

78. Mitja Iskric - December 15, 2007

Terrible news! I love the website. I really enjoyed the TrekLife. I was frequently doing my research there. I wish the best for all the team and I hope they all join the

79. Will Johnson - December 15, 2007

10 bucks says this is purely so they can repurpose the address to be dedicated to Abrams Trek. Joy.*

*that was sarcasm, for anyone not keen on spotting it.

80. Dom - December 15, 2007

I suppose this is because Paramount will start running a movie promotional site sooner or later. I’m dreadfully sorry for the guys at I’ve been made redundant a couple of times before and it stinks!

I guess, though, that the site was still inevitably kinda reflecting the big TV era of Trek and, now Trek’s moving back to being a film franchise, any web stuff will be in Paramount’s hands!

81. Chris M - December 15, 2007

A very sad day indeed!

The timing seems very puzzling indeed. 2 1/2 years ago when Enterprise was cancelled and the future of Star Trak was in question I could have understood why might have disappeared.

However Star Trek celebrated 40 years in September of last year which coincided with the announcement of the new Movie.

Star Trek is hot right now and a year from now when Star Trek (2008) proves to be a massive hit they will regret this decsion!

82. IcebreakerX - December 15, 2007

As far as I’m concerned, was an icon of the beginning of the web as we know it.

Truly a sad day.

83. Starship Conductor - December 15, 2007

I’ve had STARTREK.COM set as my home page for quite a few years. The very first thing I do when I log on to the internet each day is check out STARTREK.COM for all the latest information about “THE Movie”, Products, Actors, Dirctors, ect. ect.! This is very shocking news. In only a matter of seconds this morning I’ve lost a TON of respect for TPTB at CBS, INC.! I’ll be sending CBS an e-mail of complant ASAP!

I really wish the STARTREK.COM team all the best in the world, you will be missed! Right now, I just can’t imagine the internet without you and STARTREK.COM!

There’s only one way to spell “Stupid”……………CBS!

84. RTC - December 15, 2007

Having witnessed a lot of ‘restructurings’ in my corporate career, I can say that — usually — layoffs at Christmas are no worse than layoffs any other time. Most people know, or strongly sense, the bad news is coming, and it hurts no matter when it happens. So they’d rather hear the news sooner rather than later and get it over with.

But I have a different view when a layoff comes out of left field, as this one appears to have done. Agree wholeheartedly it should have waited until the new year — CBS could have handled paying folks an extra week. Very sad.

Also agree with the suspicions noted above — this has to do with preparing to roll out the new film next year. wasn’t going to cut it as a film promo site, and TPTB didn’t want competing sites. Give it three to four months, and a bare-bones web site promoting STXI will quietly appear, gradually adding content as the premiere approaches to try to build interest/demand.

85. Shatner Bassoon - December 15, 2007

On a side note, Grace Tejano is hot!

86. J C - December 15, 2007

They (paramount) probably want to focus more on the upcoming movie and leave the old TV series stuff to individual fans.Hence the lack of funding for Star Trek .com

87. CanuckLou - December 15, 2007

Shame on you CBS!

Terrible timing.

Good luck to all the staff members at Star!

88. What is it with you? - December 15, 2007


DIRTBAG is exactly the right word. I rarely watch CBS shows and now this has sealed the deal.

Hit them where it hurts. HD-DVD is struggling anyway, so promote Blu-Ray to all your friends. Return your new TOS remastered. AND send letters. I just sent two.

Star Trek is such a phenomenon because of the community, which has kept a creatively corrupt product alive. Now on the verge of a revitalisation, they unilaterally drop the site that has helped sustain the community –the site which many fans rely for official information. Not only that, they dump four of the people responsible for helping maintain that community – four of the biggest trek fans and members of the community.

This is just draconian, and in my opinion shows their disregard for the Trek community.

In fact, I’ve been increasingly worried about the notion that this new movie is meant to “draw in more mainstream viewers”. Could it be that in their frenzy to reach a mass market, they’ll distil Trek into a CSI Miami? That would be truly awful.

I understand that they need to turn a profit, but high-quality niche-market shows like BSG are very profitable, too. Not everything has to be a blockbuster to make money.


Les, you are a Grinch. And a Dirtbag.

And Paramount, though I’m optimistic about the team you’ve assembled – I worry about the financial goals of your new movie. This isn’t CSI. This is Star Trek

I don’t want David Caruso on the Enterprise. I want Kirk and his five year mission.

89. AJ - December 15, 2007


Don’t forget that Paramount and CBS are two distinctly different parts of a larger whole. In corporations of this size, one doesn’t walk across the hall from CBS TV to Paramount. What we’ve read so far about STXI is encouraging, and sounds nothing like CSI, and, as you said, it seems to be the right team.

90. Kirk, James T. - December 15, 2007

I have to be honest here, i hardly ever went to view – theres so many other sites out there where i can fine out info on any Star Trek.

i also found it pretty errr, well, boring :S im sorry but i can’t say im very sad about this – i hope the team find other jobs and wish them well for the future.

Paramount Pictures will launch a new Star Trek website to promote this movie – and unless its a failure i would expect an “official” Star Trek site to become a reality once more however i would expect this new era of Star Trek to be at the forefront. Im just wondering if CBS will acctually produce more Star Trek TV and whether or not Bad Robot will make it (like Lost) and get Paramount or Line One to fund and show it in some way. CBS i think might have just had enough of Star Trek after the so-so ratings of Remastered Trek. dunno, just me thinking out loud.

91. Joel - December 15, 2007

The possible end of!!

[Does his best Kirk impression…]

“I….just don’t…..understand!”

92. Paul - December 15, 2007

Peeps, you should start archiving the site now, if you can. Lots of the current content will probably be removed in the process of restructuring.

There are various bulk web downloaders – Teleport Pro, Offline Explorer, WebCopier. They won’t store the streaming videos, but images and texts will be saved.

93. CaptainRickover - December 15, 2007

That’s really a shame.

Roddenberry was right, when he abandoned money from the 23rd century. It never did anything good in world’s history. Cancel is another proof of it.

94. Gene L. Coon (was the Better Gene because he) was a U. S. Marine - December 15, 2007

Message from CBS/Paramount:

“In order to generate ubiquitous synergies, grow global e-services, and transition e-business channels, CBS/Paramount has decided to discontinue Star at this time. As we harness visionary architectures, we also target customized web-readiness in order to drive scalable partnerships that will allow us to better embrace world-class bandwidth. In the spirit of Gene Roddenberry’s vision, please visualize scalable e-commerce that will optimize sticky channels, and will ultimately incubate cross-media convergence, and facilitate synergistic interfaces, in anticipation of the re-launch of our beloved Trek.”

95. Craig - December 15, 2007

Anthony since Orci posts here do you think they will make the official site for the new movie? I think the forum is fun but I don’t think I’ll miss it. Their is also the Star Trek: Memory Alpha site for Trek series and movie info about the characters, ships, ect.

96. Nathan - December 15, 2007

Hmmmm….petition, anyone?

It’s time to unleash the power of the Fanbase!


#94: Ooooo…. “ubiquitous synergies”. Sounds fancy. Okay, I’m convinced…

97. TrekkyStar - December 15, 2007

It’s not looking good for Star Trek and who care’s if there repeats because I liked all the movies and all the series. I refuse to beleve Star Trek’s dead.

98. TrekkyStar - December 15, 2007

#96: Maybe there should be petition.

99. Roddenberry was a Military Man - December 15, 2007

I wonder when the C&D orders are going to start flying for all of those after market “Garage Kits” and rip off phasers, communicators….etc…again?

Sheesh, what a time of the year to can people.

Heartless bean counters.

100. Tim - December 15, 2007

Maybe we should all buy furballs and mail the “Tribbles” to CBS.

Why do the powers-that-be do this to the fans? The fans are so loyal. They are an asset. Why not work hard to keep the fans happy and in turn will new comers to the fan base, particularly if you want to pass Star Trek to the next generation and reivigorate the franchise…

The illogic is just stunning.

101. Andy Patterson - December 15, 2007

So Shatner Bassoon….is that a Heckle or a Fox?

102. Kirk, James T. - December 15, 2007

there will be an official movie website which if was anything to go by, it will be good

103. Vejur - December 15, 2007

Its always bad news when people are fired, specially so close to Christmas
Regarding Star site future is in my opinion needs restructuring as i find it not as good as other sites. Until then i am looking forward to Star Trek XI official movie website.

104. Woulfe - December 15, 2007

CBS = Canceling Better Shows

At least that’s what I allways called it back in the day ;)

Frankly the folks at CBS don’t know who they’er dealing with.

Let’s put up more fan sites to take up the slack, with photos, episode guides, ect.

The SECOND we get a C&D letter we can tell them “Well, there’s no OFFICIAL site anymore that has this info, so get climb a tree”

It’s better to get even then to get mad ;)

– W –
* Supporter Of Both Official & Unoffiicial Star Trek Websites *

105. D - December 15, 2007

“In order to generate ubiquitous synergies, grow global e-services, and transition e-business channels, CBS/Paramount has decided to discontinue Star at this time. As we harness visionary architectures, we also target customized web-readiness in order to drive scalable partnerships that will allow us to better embrace world-class bandwidth. In the spirit of Gene Roddenberry’s vision, please visualize scalable e-commerce that will optimize sticky channels, and will ultimately incubate cross-media convergence, and facilitate synergistic interfaces, in anticipation of the re-launch of our beloved Trek.”

OMG, they have Berman writing the response letters. Look at all the technobabble that means nothing….

106. Lyle - December 15, 2007

CBS has a long history of idiocy when it comes to Star Trek – didn’t they pass on picking up TOS back in the 60’s in favor of Lost In Space??

My sympathies to the folks at – may you live long and prosper and get back on your collective feet quickly!

And that official statement from CBS sounds like it was written by the Pointy-Haired Boss from Dilbert.

107. Gary Seven - December 15, 2007

Hi All,

Although of course painful, it is nice to see people responding accurately to what has happened- with sadness and anger.

I think what we need is a leader, a direction, of HOW to mobilize. Someone, preferably with some authority and knowledge of this kind of stuff, should ORGANIZE something- a petition, a letter-writing campaign, etc. and get a specific process going. Anthony, is that person you? Or can you think of someone who is? Or who else can volunteer?

Again, it is nice to see more concern expressed here than the theme of some posts that predominated earlier- “Oh, I’m sure it’s just a plan to reorganize the site to make it better (seems like a form of denial) or “Well, didn’t do a good job in this way…(seems like rationalization).

Anyway, my main point is the first paragraph. We need an organized, effective strategy or else we are spinning our wheels, however appropriate our feelings. Who will take command- who has the expertise and the organizational abilities? We need you.

108. Cervantes - December 15, 2007

After the penny-pinching treatment of the ‘effects budget’ for the TOS-‘remastering’ effort, this move by CBS doesn’t surprise me in the least.
I don’t like to hear of anyone losing out so near Christmas-time, and hope the team can bounce back.

Pity someoneone else with more concern doesn’t own this property.

109. jonboc - December 15, 2007

CBS. Home of the same boneheaded mentality that, years ago, brought about the cancellation of all the “rural” type programming the network offered, like Beverly HIllbillies, Green Acres, Mayberry RFD favor or more “urban” comedies. Despite the fact that these shows were very successful and regularly rated in the neilsons top 20, they cleaned the slate, canceling everything. I can’t begin to understand people like that.

But I do understand basic compassion. Would it REALLY have killed CBS to wait until the new year to drop this bomb on families who now, thanks to them, have a little less cheer this holiday?

110. Tom_Fleetlord - December 15, 2007

This is terrible news. I have have know Marc, Tim and David and i really feel bad for them. One of the good functions provides is seperating the rumors from accual facts when it comes to news etc.. Alot of trek sites spit out all sort of bullshit forum threads about stuff happening with the movie.

Although we have argued alot years ago, i really do need to thank Anthony for cutting though alot of this BS and establishing as a credible source for first hand Trek news. His job here is now going to be a bit tougher with out Alot more people will now look to here for the latest news, and i’m sure he will do just fine.

It seems there is just more and more to get upset with CBS about in regards to Trek , there are days i wounder why they don’t just sell the franchise to another major studio (like Universal) that would handle it better. From a marketing angle it seem stupid to can before the new movie. Star Trek (2008) needs ALL the promotion it can get!! and can does not help.

– Tom (fleetlord) – &

111. Tom_Fleetlord - December 15, 2007

FYI: as of 12:00 pm EST the forum on has now been disabled. I tryed to post something there just now and a message comes up saying the forum has been disabled.

112. Justin - December 15, 2007

The forums have been the best way for fans to remain connected through the years. Let’s see, I have met all of my good convention buddies on there and then at the convention. This really sucks and is a blow to everything Gene Roddenberry created.

113. J C - December 15, 2007

They’ll all come to a certain site where the studio can groom the audience for Trek 2008.Smart business decision.

114. Gary Seven - December 15, 2007


What’s going on with your idea about your website?

115. Mike - December 15, 2007

Bean counters and the powers that be have had a long history of terminating people around the holidays – especially if their fiscal year is the same as the calendar year. Then those same morons come out with b***s*** statements like “employee’s are our most valuable assets”. Anyway, I hope they find employment quickly and I personally thought they did a great job on that site.

116. VOODOO - December 15, 2007

Very upsetting at this time of year.

Somehow I think the multi billion dollar empire that CBS is could have held out a couple of weeks

Best of luck to all the employees that CBS just put on the street ten days before Christmas.

117. Tom_Fleetlord - December 15, 2007

“They’ll all come to a certain site where the studio can groom the audience for Trek 2008.Smart business decision. ”

While true, you can’t ignore past trek either, they could have easily revamped’s layout to be more Trek XI centric while retain the stuff from past trek. Keep in mind that they layoffs are not just trek related but other CBS departments as well.

118. ZoomZoom - December 15, 2007

Good luck in the future to all the gang that worked there. Clearly a dedicated and talented bunch. It was a very good site.
Very weird decision!

119. Alex Rosenzweig - December 15, 2007

Perhaps I’m off-base here, and I certainly feel bad for the team, who have done what I thought was a solid job with the site, but I have to wonder…

The thought occurs that it may have occurred to CBS that they have no hope of controlling the Star Trek fan community, as a community, so maintaining a site that heavily focuses on a large number of community-building activities might not be optimal from a bottom-line, bean-counting standpoint. As others here have noted, other sites (Memory Alpha, Memory Beta, etc.) are better as knowledge-base nexi, and other sites are often more popular as news sites (e.g.,, TrekToday, TrekWeb). So what should they be doing with

As some have noted, and I agree, I think what CBS is going to turn it into is a site specifically designed for brand promotion, with an emphasis on what will make them money directly. I’d not be at all surprised if the emphasis changes to direct product promotion and features that will draw people specifically to CBS/Paramount Star Trek products–the feature film of course; the DVDs; TV airings; etc. If fan sites are busily doing a lot of the other stuff for them, they’re not going to spend the money on it.

Now, is that a smart approach, in the long run? Probably not. It only serves to widen the disconnect between the studio/corporation and the needs of the fan community, but understanding the needs of that community hasn’t really seemed to be one of CBS or Paramount’s strong suits in many years.

Thoughts…? Does this make sense?


120. Lurkmee - December 15, 2007

Good luck to them!!!!! I think the boards are going to get weird with nobody watching. But then one day it’ll crash and nobody can fix them and that’ll be the real end. Gosh.

121. Sam Belil - December 15, 2007

My best wishes go out to team. This should come as no shock, as sadly this is the world of Coporate America today — and this is not the first time people have been job elimated at this time of the year.
On the positive side of the ledger there were some very talented people at and with the Internet (STILL RAPIDLY GROWING), and more and more advertising budgets being shifted from traditional media to the web, I KNOW these very talented people will land on their feet in no time!
“One door closes, and another opens…..”

122. Q - December 15, 2007

No fair! I can’t believe they’d do that to the team right before Christmas! Man, props to the team. Hope they do alright…..

123. Steven Choate - December 15, 2007

First off, to all on the team, best of luck!! Layoffs always suck, but keep the faith and turn it into something even better.

I find all the comments about ‘getting back’ at CBS by not buying/watching anymore of their products to be quite hilarious. You act as if CBS (or any other company) has never fired anyone else before. Where was all your indignation then? :)

Like a couple of others above, I’m sure this has something to do with Paramount (who are apparently the owners of the domain) wanting to use to promote the upcoming movie only. Also, I doubt that CBS wanted to pay it’s employees at to promote a Paramount product/movie, that we know they would be doing in the upcoming year. People need to remember that CBS is not a part of Paramount, and does not want to spend money on Paramount movies, but only on it’s own TV stuff. Companies are not in the business of promoting other companies products.

CBS only owns the rights to TELEVISED Star Trek. It doesn’t surprise me that a one-size-fits-all website like, which promotes TV and movie trek, wouldn’t seem like a good expense of money on CBS’s part. I’m assuming any future trek website run by CBS will only focus on the televised stuff they own.

124. TrekkyStar - December 15, 2007

OK all the Trek Life comics have been saved.

125. Scott - December 15, 2007

Sorry to hear about anyone who looses their job.
Star was a good resource for Trek for many years.
Its Episode Guides I used a few years back when decided which TNG DVD Sets to buy first. I don’t know what I would have done without the site.
They had episode guides for all the shows long before tv tome.
They always had a nice balance of all the shows as well.
However for the last year its lack of Movie coverage was a big turn off.
Trek actor reports are ok for the big names, but who cares what some B player from Voyager is up to.
Anyway at some point I just stopped going there as frequently as I use too.
This website is now my Star Trek go to website on the web.
I just want to know if Shatner is in the film.
Anyway it would be stupid to take the site down.
I understand if they don’t want to pay a full staff for something one or two people can do.
But what about the re-mastered shows & the movie?
Guess there will be no official website for the franchise.
Is Rick Berman still in charge?

126. JeFF - December 15, 2007

My letter to CBS:

Shame on you CBS for laying off the employees right before the holidays. You people have a lot of nerve continuing to rape Trek fandom for every penny while mistreating (and mishandling) anything associated with Trek at the same time.

You people disgust me.

I hope you all have a rotten holiday season, reflecting the finest traditions of the selfish, greedy businessmen you’ve all time and time again proven yourselves to be.

-Jeff Folck, a STILL disappointed Trek fan.

127. Steven Choate - December 15, 2007

JeFF #126: “You people have a lot of nerve continuing to rape Trek fandom for every penny while…”

Ah, yes, CBS is going to take your opinion seriously with that kind of language!

128. Adam - December 15, 2007

Well, this is sad news. I wish the crew the best.
But I am optimistically looking forward to a good Star Trek (2008) Movie web page.
Although, I’m sure will be my primary source for Star Trek news.

129. Lurkmee - December 15, 2007

Yeah, they’ve closed the forums. You can still read old posts, but if you try to post, it says the forms have been “disabled”. It’s the end!!

130. Sean4000 - December 15, 2007

I said it before and I’ll say it again…..The wrong branch got cut down. The site was a phenomenon and one of my favorites. CBS-D should have gotten the axe, not CBS-I.

131. Justin - December 15, 2007

Site – Waiting for the domain names to work

132. JeFF - December 15, 2007

#127: Truth stings a bit, doesn’t it?

133. Steven Choate - December 15, 2007

JeFF #133: “Truth stings a bit, doesn’t it?”

The fact that your email isn’t going to get taken seriously stings? Nope.

The fact that ranting only makes you feel good, rather than actually doing something that might actually help stings? Nope.

In fact, it can only hurt your cause. Doesn’t sting me, or CBS, one bit at all.

134. Dennis Bailey - December 15, 2007

#4: “Anything to do with the writer’s strike? This is odd since the new film is being made. ”

Earlier this week when I saw the accurate and more-or-less sympathetic coverage of the “Star Trek Day” WGA rally – and, indeed, of the strike in general – at I wondered what kind of trouble the staff were buying themselves.

Look for the articles concerning the WGA strike to disappear from the site over the next several days, as soon as CBS gets some codemonkeys in to start messing around.

135. Greg2600 - December 15, 2007

That is sad news. Wasn’t a frequent visitor, but a very nice site nonetheless. Thankfully we still have

136. Anthony Pascale - December 15, 2007


I see a lot of speculation going on here as to some kind of motive for the movie. I can assure everyone this has nothing to do with the movie, Bad Robot or Paramount. I dont even think they know about it. It certainly doesnt have anything to do with their WGA coverage, although CBS may be belt tightening due to lost revenue and digging in for the long haul.

In the end this appears to be a purely financial decision. CBS Interactive had to make a cut to their budget. They cut staff at divisions across the board, but in the case of they appear to have seen the team as expendable.

What is not known yet is what they plan on doing with the site without the staff. Will it be handed to another team or shut down. On Monday I will find out what I can and provide updates.

But in the mean time…no need for tin foil hats or conspiracies…this is the same old story….as they say…follow the money

137. Steven Choate - December 15, 2007

Dennis #134: “Earlier this week when I saw the accurate and more-or-less sympathetic coverage of the “Star Trek Day” WGA rally – and, indeed, of the strike in general – at I wondered what kind of trouble the staff were buying themselves.”

Of course, if the WGA union were paying the people their salaries and they’d written non-sympathetic coverage of the strike (and accurate from the studio’s perspective) they’d never have bought themselves trouble. :)

138. JeFF - December 15, 2007

#133… wow man, you’re nasty. Forget I said anything… jeez. lol

139. Noleuser - December 15, 2007


140. Oregon Trek Geek - December 15, 2007

Perhaps these great people can start their own ST website. They can take with them the knowledge gained from and add to it new ideas, and make the grandaddy of all independent ST sites. It is, after all, the American way. :)

(I doubt this idea would create a lot of competitve issues to Anthony’s site. Maybe a little, but I doubt it. Both would stand on their own and energize each other in a business sense.)

Best of luck to the team!

141. Deep Space 913 - December 15, 2007

Take the great folks from, bring them to, and you have THE Star Trek site. There would be no equal.

142. Chain of Command - December 15, 2007

Sorry to see the site go. Looks like they just want a fresh start on everything. The site was a little “Berman-esque” so it doesn’t surprise me that they are closing it down.

143. Commodore Z - December 15, 2007

Running an “official” Star Trek site (where your news is controlled by the studio) is probably completely different from running a fan site (where you can pretty much do what you want).

144. Jim J (fascinating) - December 15, 2007

#141-I vote for this, too, but I doubt Anthony could handle the payroll that CBS was giving them (no offense intended, Anthony). Can you imagine how fantastic it would be to have all of them PLUS the GOD of Trek, Mr. A.P. here at this site!!!! MEGATREK!!!!

145. shuttlepod10 - December 15, 2007

Well, they never changed the site in ten years. The cartoon got more coverage than the latest movie. No wonder the site tanked.

146. Justin - December 15, 2007

Ok the site is up….

Its really in its basic form right now. I will get a better looking site up as soon as I can.

147. Jim J (sir, there is a multi-legged creature crawling on your......) - December 15, 2007

#130: I disagree. Both teams are valuable, even if they aren’t to YOU! (Geez, what a ME society we have become…wishing for people to lose their jobs around Christmas, all because we don’t like/agree with their work). Talk about Scrooges!!!!

148. shuttlepod10 - December 15, 2007

People are trying to save Please, there’s better sites around. sucked as a site. The info was out of date and useless.

149. Jason Lee - December 15, 2007

Well, whether or not Paramount was the impetus behind essentially shutting down, I’ll be very surprised if they don’t take advantage of a domain they already own to promote their next big film of the same name. I don’t think that’s anything like tinfoil hat kind of stuff, it just makes logical sense, and so does the timing with the first teaser trailer coming out in just over a month.

150. Thomas - December 15, 2007

I would occasionally go to to see what their movie coverage was like, but compared to trekmovie, ST’s coverage always seemed lacking. I think Commodore Z hit it on the head when he said that running an (independent) fan site is different from a (studio-controlled) official site, where there’s probably a greater clamp on what they can put up in terms of movie info. I think another problem faced was that updates were relatively rare. Admittedly, there may not have been much in terms of updates, but that can affect whether or not a major company would continue to bankroll such a site as The reasoning being, the fewer updates, the fewer people may be inclined to visit the site, especially when the info the site contains can be found elsewhere.

I hope the guys at land on their feet somewhere; nobody wants to be laid off, especially around the holidays, which can be stressful enough already.

151. Steven Choate - December 15, 2007

JeFF #138: “wow man, you’re nasty. Forget I said anything… jeez. lol

You obviously have a different definition of the word ‘nasty’ than I do. I said NOTHING nasty. You on the other hand used words like ‘rape’, ‘selfish’, ‘greedy’, and wishing CBS a ‘rotten’ holiday season. THAT’s nasty.

152. TrekNerd - December 15, 2007

“I’m boycotting all CBS products, effective immediately.”

Including Remastered Trek on TV and on DVD?

153. Harry Ballz - December 15, 2007

Personally, I think I look rather dashing in my tin foil hat!! :)

154. Captain Robert April - December 15, 2007

My money is on CBSi selling the domain to Paramount, for use as the official movie website.

Have I mentioned that I hate bean counters with a passion? Go back and take a look at most of the major disasters in history and at least half of the time, it goes back to some bean counting sonuvabitch cutting the available funding, resulting in something going horribly wrong.

With any luck, maybe Rod Roddenberry can renew his bid to take over the site, albeit under a slightly different domain name, and keep the content going at least.

155. Magic_Al - December 15, 2007

I had doubts that could continue indefinitely. It was inevitable CBS would see it as a holdover from the Berman and Paramount era. They’re right in that it has changed very little since Enterprise was cancelled. It probably was never given the resources to redesign, nor was it ever clear what a redesign should be. A site about TOS-R would be much simpler and the new movie is not CBS’s job to promote. was on borrowed time and it’s run out.

It’s still a valuable domain name so it’ll be interesting to see what happens. Paramount might want for the movie but CBS owns it. The trademark-sharing agreement between CBS and Paramount is probably mind-numbing so I have no idea how it works. Another good choice,, currently redirects to Hmmm…

156. shuttlepod10 - December 15, 2007

Do you guys remember the Nemesis site? You went there, and it was just a logo and a few pics. Pretty bad. I hope the site for the new movie is better.

157. shuttlepod10 - December 15, 2007

Boycotting CBS won’t matter. CBS is separate from the interactive stuff. I only watch a few shows on CBS anyway. The rest of the shows I watch are on strike.

158. norm - December 15, 2007

Who cares, I get better ST news here.

159. Gene L. Coon (was the Better Gene because he) was a U. S. Marine - December 15, 2007

#105 et al

My (admittedly brilliant) post at # 94 was not issued by CBS/Paramount. I wrote it with help from the BS Generator at

I thought it was appropriate, but it was such BS on stilts that many here thought it really was from CBS, I guess.

Coon would have loved it.

160. What is it with you? - December 15, 2007


Steven, I also perceived your comments as “nasty”.

Let people vent. This is what the forums are for – to express opinions. Take it easy, and let live.

If you put half as much energy into helping re-ignite ST.COM we’d be getting somewhere. But let people have their say.

I agree with #126 sentiments, if not his choice of words.

This is a slap in the face to fans, who have been supporting a creatively defunct product for many years in the hopes that it will improve.

161. shuttlepod10 - December 15, 2007

The site was a slap in the face to fans. It was boring and uninspired. The cartoon was lame. The advice column sucked. And the only thing updated was the birthdays. I can’t believe people used that site.

162. Jason Lee - December 15, 2007

#155 – “Paramount might want for the movie but CBS owns it.”

Actually, Paramount appears to be the registered owner of the domain according to a WHOIS search. CBS Corp is only listed as the administrative contact.

163. Trekmatt - December 15, 2007

It is sad that the site is going. I used to check it now and then and it was useful. Thanks to all the team, i hope the site comes back!


164. AJ - December 15, 2007

Anthony et al:

How does it feel to be the de facto we presence, right now, of Star Trek? ;-)

165. AJ - December 15, 2007

sorry…web presence!

166. Gary Seven - December 15, 2007

160. What is it with you? – December 15, 2007
in response to Steven Choate, #151, etc. writes:
“Steven, I also perceived your comments as “nasty”.
Steven Choate replies:

You obviously have a different definition of the word ‘nasty’ than I do. I said NOTHING nasty. You on the other hand used words like ‘rape’, ’selfish’, ‘greedy’, and wishing CBS a ‘rotten’ holiday season. THAT’s nasty

It seems to me that Mr. Choate is using a defective cloaking device as in “Balance of Teror.” While he is visible to others, he cannot observe himself. I know this post violates the spirit of what I’m saying, but it is best to ignore his posts, and for those of us who are saddened by this, that we focus on expressing our concerns to CBS productively and not get distracted by others.
Thank you Justin for doing your site. I hope it doesn’t become filled with belligerent posts. Maybe you can exercise editorial control, since it is a site to promote Startrek .com?

167. David (now over the wings & flames thing. Sorta.) - December 15, 2007

Anthony – your site has become the new defacto trek presence. #164 hit it on the nose.

A point I shall try to make again.

Fact Time:

1.) is owned by Paramount. Not CBS.
2.) CBS is not in the ‘single series destination site business’.
3.) Yes, laying off the staff suddenly before Christmas is callous and cold.

Speculation Time (based on 15 years of domain marketing):

4.) With all the money Paramount is spending to revive the franchise… or should I say reinvigorate the money machine – the domain is too valuable to be left in the hands of CBS. (80% accurate imo)

5.) Bad Robot had nothing to do with this, and certainly had they been in the position, would have handled it better. (100% accurate imo)

6.) Since the timing sucked, it was more likely a decision by the Paramount marketing gurus, made some time ago, that CBS enacted now. Something like this: – we need at least 6 months to prep a new site, so relinquish the domain in March… CBS thought – why the heck do we need to promote their movie at our expense… cancel it now if we’re losing it. (best guess, as sadly it would be the way I would handle it. It’s about money, nothing more.)


168. Jay - December 15, 2007

That sucks!!! That really sucks actually!!

(But, looking at what could happen, they could start turning it into a site for the new movie, and start work on it when they post the trailer next month).

169. shuttlepod10 - December 15, 2007

It’s a sad day when a cartoon gets more space than the Trek movie.

170. Harry Ballz - December 15, 2007

Speaking of, I just went there and watched the video interview with Roberto Orci……..I’m paraphrasing, but he basically stated that when it comes to screenwriting, anybody could have the same opportunity to have an idea, write it down and then have a democratic process of seeing it produced (or something vague like that)……THAT is most intriguing as any experience I’ve seen or encountered is that, sure, anyone can have an idea and, yes, anyone can write it down, BUT having anyone in Hollywood, be it producer, literary agent, whomever be willing to look at new material…..that is where any new writer gets “cut off at the knees”…

It seems that unless you know someone on the “inside” of the system, there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell of a spec script being looked at! Every person in town says, “sorry, we’re not looking at new material!” It doesn’t even seem to be a case of concern over being accused of stealing material, it’s more like they can’t even get their OWN work produced, so they’ll be damned if they’ll look at anyone else’s….

If anyone here knows of a way to get past this stonewalling process, please share…….thanks!

171. Larry N. - December 15, 2007

Assuming this is not too far down the mail chain now …
Some points, speaking for myself, and as someone who worked in wild-n-woolly fan world/publishing (as well as news and theatre) before joining Startrekland for real …

I too appreciate all the support shown here for, and can understand you guys’ need to second-guess what’s “really” going on here. But as Anthony says, I wouldn’t go too far down the tin-hat path. (Oh, and of our team: for context only, only three are full-timers. Not that that makes layoffs any better).

We don’t know exactly why, but–just as in 2005 when the Viacom split set this up and CBS took it from Paramount, who dropped its parent dept.–the shutdown/layoffs were a structural decision where, perhaps, not all the involved or vested players were aware. Repeat after me: there ARE no monoliths, whether it be Paramount old or new, Viacom, or CBS, but there are many arms.

The “official” site is not only a valuable asset with 13 years worth of archives but was in a new home and dealing with the “new world” we’ve all lived in since the Trek upheavals of 2005, with plans afoot to move on. Recall, re: past Trek movie sites: as with all films now, the short-term site helps promote and then goes away. Trek flicks had the benefit of as a two-fer to funnel traffic–and then NOT go away. Recall too that the roots of began as the very first-ever studio website for any movie, ST Generations.

And yes, as with films and publishing, there is a huge difference between fan and corporate varieties, good and bad. All are needed, and each use each other in their niches. That said, in the past 15 months I personally have been able to contribute to while the Fan Club is on hiatus, there’s been a lot of content updating as well as news increases–the WGA strike a shining example, plus the event and convention coverage, to name but a few. With all the limits we work with, the team’s caring as fans shows through and we have pushed the envelope a lot over the years.

Since 2005 it’s no secret that the whole franchise has been at a crossroads and retrenched, while all real new movie news/access continues to be rare–both something ALL entities connected with Star Trek must deal with.

So, as with the 2005 “shutdown,” let’s see what next week brings. But support in all forms past, present anf future is always a good thing; thanks much to fans everywhere for that.

172. Gary Seven - December 15, 2007

Larry N.-

Thank you for your good work Let us know if there’s anything fans can do to help.

173. Larry N. - December 15, 2007

“It seems that unless you know someone on the “inside” of the system, there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell of a spec script being looked at!”

This is why the late, great Michael Piller’s open-door non-agented spec script policy from TNG-3 through the end of Voyager (long after he’d left) was such a big deal. Finally shut down under legal stress/cost of people “suing,” despite their signed release form, if they thought their idea was ripped off. Most of ’em were out-of-towners, who didn’t get it that the same idea comes in from 15 people … and it happens over and over. Still, a lot of new writers got a boost from that.

174. Tom_Fleetlord - December 15, 2007

Thanks Larry, Don’t shave the beard :)

175. MrRegular - December 15, 2007

I’ve been out of work during some past holiday seasons. Fired, let go, downsized, it’s rough. So I understand what the good people formerly of are going through.
And as for my Christmas gift, I will NOT purchase Star Trek Remastered. No extra profits for the corporate bigwigs who ordered this action-and don’t have any common decency!

176. StarTrekRockerGirl - December 15, 2007

Wow, I feel like I just watched the end of “The Sapranos” The action is running, fade to black, then nothing. The timing really sucked, too! How sad. I’m so sorry, Larry and all.

I can now guarantee that there will not be any “Remastered” anything under my tree this Holiday Season.

LLAP \\//_

177. Kigs - December 15, 2007

I gotta agree that your site here is the best one yet. I check it more than once a day and look forward to whats new for us.

Hopefully, will be back after the new year, but until then- I’m sticking with for sure.

Kigs :)

178. USS SANTA - December 15, 2007

No disrespect intended to the folks at “ST.COM”, yet I must say that the site itself has ‘gliches’ that I don’t experience when I come to this site, (or frankly many other sites.) In my experience “ST.COM” takes too long to report news, and too slow at updates. The site use to have a similar format to the “ST. Magazine”, with interviews, and cool schematics, but now they just seem boring. That being said, “ST.COM” use to be my ‘lighthouse’ of information that was up-to-date, and accurate. For many years I frequented the site.
Now it seems that corporate politics has tied the “ST.COM” teams hands, and have subsequently stifled thier efforts to produce a site that could be, if not dominent, at least competitive. But lets face it, it wouldn’t be the first time “CBS” shot themselves in the foot. If they are trying to be bland, and uninformative I applaud them.
At any rate they can learn alot from””. this site knows how to offer a service to trekkers, that to me has been extremely pallatable. Heck! With the appetite I have for “Star Trek”I need something I can sink my teeth into.

179. Irishtrekkie - December 15, 2007

hmm if someone would put up a site, to help save the domain , i know i would donate €10 or whatever ( tis a college student not minted) but i dont know , do you think cbs would let people by the domain name back ? even if it was the orignal team who whould be running it. , . jesus cbs , i mean ………….. not sure what to say, other then i really wish there was something fans could do , oh and i will not be buying star trek remastered now , its off my christmas list, maybe an online petition where you put your name and email adress saying , you will not but the remastered tos and are boycotting all cbs products ??

180. Selek - December 15, 2007

I sent my email and have told all of my ST friends to do the same. Stoopid decision, CBS. You may come to regret it. It’s a slap in the face for us fans that have kept this franchise alive and well for 40 years!

181. TrekkyStar - December 15, 2007


182. Windsor Bear - December 15, 2007

ahhh… CBS… the company that turned down “Star Trek” in ’65 in favor of “Lost In Space” Just a strange cosmic joke that they should wind up owning it 40+ years later… 40+ years of pent-up humilation from their wrong decision… they can now unleash it upon the fans in Scrooge-like fashion.

183. Andy Patterson - December 15, 2007

If this is not just a dollars and cents matter it seems a case of the big corporations not really being in touch with the people.

184. J C - December 15, 2007

182.Windsor Bear .Your reading WAAAAY to much into this Star Trek thing .Go outside ,get some fresh cold air.

185. nyxtreme007 - December 15, 2007

What was CBS smoking when they fired the staff at When will big corporations wake up and realize that the lifeblood of any franchise are the FANS !!! And the staff at were true loyalists and fans of startrek. After years of dedication, is this what they deserve? CBS = Borg.

186. Fleet Captain Kor'Tar Clause - December 15, 2007

#185-CBS = Borg.?

IMO CBS Represents The Tholians , They trap whatever they can use in their web for as long as they need too , then disappear, Xenophobic Bean counters resting on their piles of money while the people who worked on the site are wondering just how exactly they are going to make it through Christmas and into the new year. I hope the ghosts of Star Trek’s past, present, and future visit the cruel Ebeneezer Studio Scrooge who did this foul act. I am livid! >:(

187. Fleet Captain Kor'Tar Clause - December 15, 2007

BTW I just noticed this and thought I’d mention it……
UDPATED? (sp) Anthony!!! (Not that I’m one to talk by far!!!!) LOL! Just shows you are a human being, unlike the CBS studio heads! :-D

188. TrekkyStar - December 15, 2007

there borg allright

189. Harry Ballz - December 15, 2007

#173 Larry N.

Larry, thanks for taking the time to comment on my post….much appreciated! Best wishes for the New Year!! :)

190. NZorak - December 15, 2007

Oh how I love corporatespeak! It all sounds so familiar, and yet my friends wonder how it’s possible that I’ve lost faith in capitalism.

Farewell official Star Trek site! May your sacrifice increase shareholder profits by the largest portion of a percentage possible!

191. Fansince9 - December 15, 2007

I think it would be a terrible thing for to be eliminated. If anything else, I hope that Paramount may take over the running of the site if CBS doesn’t want it. I most absolutely think somebody should, as seems to be instrumental in keeping Trek “chatter” running. It would be my fear that if these lines of communication are bruised, that such would have some sort of a seconday negative effect on the franchise as a whole–and possibly even the upcoming movie. I think this was a careless decision that not only needs an immediate “re-think”, but I also believe that it’s existance should be protected for the future.

192. David C. Fein - December 15, 2007

(This was just sent to

I’m very disappointed in CBS in pulling the plug on While the fate of Star Trek was in limbo, the heroes at kept waving the flag for the fans. I thank each and every member of the team, a number of which I’ve become close friends with.

It was their dedication to the fans that inspired me and my friends to participate with content and even the commentary for the Director’s Edition. If it wasn’t for their dedication, we would have viewed the site as another corporate sales front, and not a direct portal to those who truly care about the series and the history.

Many of us invested our own time and efforts into supplying content for the site, and I find the whole ‘immediate dismissal’ neglectful and disrespectful to the filmmakers who have participated, and the workers at the site… especially just before Christmas.

I respect, appreciate and thank each and every member of They deserve our admiration.

It’s a shameful loss to both the studio itself, Star Trek, and the fans.


David C. Fein

193. Justin - December 15, 2007

Well just goto the site I put up. We will see if Anthony will put a link to it or discuss it or something. I think it will be the only way we can continue to communicate (fans that is)

Site is:

194. Anthony Pascale - December 15, 2007

what is wrong with Udpated?

I am glad to see Tim and Larry drop by and hope you continue to do so.

I hope to have an update on this story on Monday…I will see if anyone at CBS is willing to talk about this. Right now I am not going to get behind any campaigns beyond what the guys at asked for…emailing editor @ I can guarantee you I will not get behind any campaign that collects money.

Again I appreciate the kind words regarding this site, but I have no desire to have this site be an official site. I have worked in a corporate world before and Tim has told me how many people they have to go through to get some things done…no thanks. As I said…this site is what it is because it is independent.

195. The Vulcanista - December 15, 2007

#194 “… this site is what it is because it is independent.”

And we LIKE it like that! Thanks for all you do here, Anthony et al!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

196. YUBinit - December 15, 2007

How the heck can anyone above a Ritalin induced focus on an Xbox possibly support this and it’s obvious connection, and dismissal of anything truly Trek in this bastardization of TOS? Supposed fans supporting thies without an intellectual clue try for a moment to think beyond pretty faces and explosions and quick edits (I know it hurts but keep trying). Maybe, just maybe… you will then have an epiphany on what TOS and Trek really was. And maybe, just maybe… you will realize that with this sort of action they don’t give a rat’s ass about the fans or REAL Trek. And realize that their hope is to prostitute what was once art into a YouTube booty shake video that will keep attention for more than 10 secs.

So when the crystal starts blinking please Sandman please shoot them at age 21 if this blurb trend continues. They haven’t remade Logan’s Run YET (that is remaking a movie based on something once written to actually read) so anyone not getting it’s reference grab something solid because your bungee harness broke. And to understand what I imply it will take the capacity to read it, and hold your attention beyond “see jack run”.

In other words I for one am tired of so called “entertainment” being geared towards 12 year old children for that single box office draw, and the hope the foreign DVD sales the week after will recoups the investment.

197. Gary Seven - December 15, 2007


I totally understand, and agree, that you would not want to get behind any campaigns at this early time and you need to find out what’s going on. But when the time is right, hopefully soon, I think it would be very important that you offer some kind of guidance and structure as to how fans should respond so that we can advocate for’s return.

And I hope, hope, hope that you remain true to your Mission- a free speaking, soulful (as opposed to soul-less) ST website and don’t get seduced by “dumbing down” and go for the big corporate bucks. We need you. I know I shouldn’t use such language on this site, and please don’t delete me, but here goes:
Don’t get seduced by the Dark Side of the Force.

And there is nothing wrong with Udpated.

198. Best of Luck - December 16, 2007

Some people may find offense in this. C’est la vie.

I’ve worked for a handful of Fortune 100 and 500 companies. Such maneuvers are untimely, but not unexpected. A number of books, including some on the NY Times best-seller list, could give more “logical”, dry, insightful analyses on why this exit occured as it had. My heart goes out to the former team. They did a good job.

With the relaunch of Star Trek, there needs to be a “relaunch” of the web presence. I’m guessing we’ll see something coinciding with the “Cloverfield” release in January, namely a rebranded, movie-focused web site.

And CBS (Paramount) is right to do this.

The new movie marks the beginning of a rejuvenated franchise, a move towards gathering new fans, creating an atmosphere of “new”, not 40+ years of Trek history.

The prior TV and movie series need to be showcased somehow, but I don’t see continuing with a strong focus on the past. Rather… the future. The December 2008 movie. The merchandise, including books which will inevitably focus moreso on the “new” Trek universe.

Heresy, you say? Welcome to Corporate Thinking[tm]. NEW fans are sought: Many, MANY new fans to jump aboard this science fiction classic.

Fans of the original TV shows and movies will still find information on their favorite aspects of Trekdom. But the new movie reigns supreme… and CBS (Paramount) will make sure of that.

Expect a major new web redesign, more interactivity, more offerings tied into TOS-R DVDs and other products. And most importantly of all: Something modeled after the success of which has likely set a new benchmark for CBS thinking about how to monetize better on their web sites.

To the original’ers: Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! You will most likely find new work in the months ahead. It’s sad you won’t be able to continue the current course, but you’re talented and you will land on your feet again… soon, one hopes!

199. Gary Seven - December 16, 2007

Dear #198- Best of Luck:

We like the way you think. Please send us your resume immediately. We are a lobby group that represents industries such as:
Tobacco (The link between smoking and cancer is a myth, as we have said for fifty years)
Health Care (reduced, or no coverage at all for those who are sick is good for American business (and what is good for American business is good for all Americans)
Automobiles- (We were right when we fought seat belts as an expense that would ruin the automobile industry and not save lives)
We need more thinkers like you. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Coalition to Protect Americans (Because We Care!)

200. AJ - December 16, 2007

198: I, too have worked in Fortune 500 Companies, and, yes, you are exactly right.

But instead of a “We’ve all been fired!” announcement, we should have been treated with flashy information as to the next upgrade of the site.

CBS Corporate should never have allowed the team access to the site for that announcement, and, usually, the server is shut down BEFORE the pink slips go out. I’m happy that they were able to get us this message on the site, and that it’s still there.

During a re-organization, employees on the “fire” list are always kept as long as possible, and then fired at year-end so that their severance packages can be tied into an “extraordinary charge” on the P&L, and taken out of the year-end net result. I certainly hope these fine professionals were paid until Dec 31st, and got bonuses and some severance.

But now we have spent the weekend seething about this, and Anthony is hoping to find someone at CBS who will talk. CBSI Interactive has really dropped the ball for its “consumers,” and with the holidays coming up, we’ll be staring at the “Farewell” message for some time, I guess.

Dear CBSI: Fire your Marketing Director, too.

201. James Cannon (1701-A) - December 16, 2007

Well gutted. Its regulary updated and very informative.

Although is p*sses me off that all the competitions were for Yanks only.
There’s Trekkies outside of the USA as well you know?


202. AJ - December 16, 2007


There is still a German official site up: Not sure if they run competitions, though.

203. Gary Seven - December 16, 2007

Re: #198-“Heresy, you say? Welcome to Corporate Thinking[tm]. ”

Addendum to post #199:
Regulations require we disclose the following: “Coalition to Protect Americans” is a subsidiary of “Corporate Thinking” {tm].

204. J. E. Kirk - December 16, 2007

This is a corporate decision from what is apparently two divisions that have no idea of what the other is doing, or doesn’t care. It’s a $$$ thing. It’s most likely a “smart” decision coming from inside the four walls of CBS television, who is not producing any Star Trek material at this time. However, how smart is it to ditch a website when THERE IS A MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR MOVIE in production within a different division of the same parent company??? What message does this send to the fan base? Someone in a higher position at Paramount/CBS need to re-evaluate this decision and make what is the smart decision: Refocus the website on the movie similar to, AND, have the motion picture division of Paramount take over the website.

I am right. It’s only logical.

205. John_Pemble - December 16, 2007

It’s not an easy thing to have your department taken out. The online world changes quick and the corporate folks still don’t know how to use the online world the best either. Hope these folks land well and quickly in fulfilling jobs.

206. Crusade2267 - December 16, 2007


207. A & N - December 16, 2007

We visit everyday. We are very upset about this situation.
Peace and long life to the wonderful people who maintained
Let’s hope that they live long and prosper.

208. StarTrekRockerGirl - December 16, 2007

I must point my finger to a website that has done well with their various special productions:

Whenever they have one of their special extravaganzas (example BSG:Razor) they do a little overlay, or a redirect, for a while until it’s over, then they resume their regular website. Also, if you aren’t interested in their “special” content, there is always a link in the corner that will bypass the content and take you to their regular site.

Pretty easy peasy, if you ask me, and something like that would also help save and protect the content, and the fans, that have supported this franchise for over 40 years.

We deserve better!

Can’t wait to hear what Anthony has to report tomorrow (Monday), but somehow I suspect I’m not going to like it.

209. SpockGrok - December 16, 2007

Looks like CBS did,nt learn from the Jericho fiasco earlier on. Now they’re messin’ with Trek fans?? Time to restart the NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!

210. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - December 16, 2007

It seems at Paramount, not only does the left hand not know what the right hand is doing, but the index finger doesn’t know what the thumb is doing either….

Why fire the staff instead of just directing them to effect choice window-dressing type changes to accommodate the new movie? That is about the *stupidest* moves a company can make. Talk about bad business decisions, to cannibalize the words of Shatner’s recent trivial accusations.

Another commonly used idiom comes to mind: Throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

211. The Vulcanista - December 16, 2007

#211: “It seems at Paramount, not only does the left hand not know what the right hand is doing, but the index finger doesn’t know what the thumb is doing either….”

CBS’s index finger, along with the fourth and fifth fingers, is curled towards the palm, with the thumb laid across the curled digits. Only the middle finger remains upright.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

212. Harry Ballz - December 16, 2007

I get your point!

213. Starvin' Martin - December 17, 2007

#211: Why fire the staff instead of just directing them to effect choice window-dressing type changes to accommodate the new movie?

It wasn’t like the team actually had a lot of information to go on anyway – they’ve been feeding off scraps for the last few months. How were they supposed to dress up the site if they weren’t given any clothes with which to do it?

In any case – terrible decision by CBS. Way to get the fans on side – sacking those who run their favourite website 2 weeks before Christmas.

Going to leave a sour taste in the mouth when we see the new movie this time next year.

214. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - December 17, 2007

#213 — is chock full of information. It has nice, largely spoiler-free synopses of episodes, clips from the movies, news about upcoming releases, and so on. While I have largely switched to and for news and reference, respectively, I still use for cross-referencing. I contend that there are plenty of clothes in the wardrobe, to continue extending the metaphor.

215. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - December 17, 2007

A company an official website shows commitment. In the light of the long-term fans of Star Trek expressing trepidation about how the new movie will fit with canon, it would reaffirm the proper sense of commitment to the franchise for Paramount to simultaneously maintain and reinvigorate the website.

I would uphold as a prime example of this — for years now, it has evolved with the times and changes, but has always remained anchored in a definitive sense of purpose and a mainstay of good information. Say what you will about the quality of the Star Wars movies, but Lucas has always shown a proper commitment, whereas Paramount has often waffled.

216. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - December 17, 2007

^correction: first line: A company shows commitment with an official website.

217. Bernd Schneider - December 17, 2007

“It could be that some bean counter took a look it and realized that since there was no currently running first run Star Trek TV series and that the new Star Trek movie was a Paramount property, that the site was expendable.”

That was exactly my first thought. It is what I even expected. Because companies work like that today. If a department doesn’t fit into an abstract concept that has been set up by bureaucrats who have no idea of the real subject, merge it over and over, and finally get rid of it.

The internet works like that today. If your company site doesn’t give you enough return, put ads in every corner (you all noticed the off-topic banner instead of the former page title image of If it still isn’t profitable, get rid of it. Company websites used to be figureheads ten years ago and were never profitable (speaking of commitment), nowadays they are expected to be mere billboards.

I wish Tim Gaskill, Larry Nemecek and the other people in the team all the best with whatever they will be doing in the future!!

For my daily dose of Trek news there will be still Anthony’s And I can assure that EAS will exist as long as I can type and as I have a couple of dollars per month left. I am so glad that I am doing all this for the fans and for myself and not for an ignorant company.

218. James - December 17, 2007

Screw you too CBS!

219. Tom - December 17, 2007

Rich bastards who lay off the people who make all their money for them NEED TO DIE IN A FIRE.

220. The News for 12/17/07 | ZENtertainment - December 17, 2007

[…] The entire staff at have been laid off, along with a lot of other folks at CBS Interactive. Link […]

221. Harry Ballz - December 17, 2007


So, in essence, you’re saying, “fight FIRED with FIRE”?

222. DoctorOtto - December 17, 2007

I do not intend this to be rumor mongering, as I have not a shred of evidence one way or another, but I find it highly suspicious that a scant four days after posts extensive articles, videos, and lists of participants in the Trek Day Strike supporting the Writers’ Guild of America, the entire creative team behind the web site is summarily fired, without prior notice. Even if Paramount wanted a web site for the new movie, even if somebody wanted to delete/erase/retcon the old site which has been there for over a decade, why fire these people now?

Regardless of whether there was any connection with the ongoing WGA strike (which I thoroughly support), this action simply makes me want to avoid purchasing any Star Trek videos or merchandise until the strike is over, and perhaps beyond that point as well. CBS’ actions are shameful and cruel, and my sympathies go to everyone who lost their jobs just eleven days before Christmas. And if you want to see the videos with Harlan Ellison, Ira Steven Behr, Scott Bakula, Ron Moore, Armin Shimerman, etc., you should go see them before they disappear into the corporate ether.

223. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - December 17, 2007

#222 — Intriguing and plausible notion, there. It would certainly explain the drastic and total nature of the action. The funny thing is, Star Trek has always been on the progressive side, so it’s surprising that the parent company couldn’t take a little show of solidarity for labor from the site that represents the franchise.

#217 — I mentioned MemoryAlpha, but I have many times visited EAS for material like ship diagrams and the like. Kudos to you, Bernd, for your commitment to the Star Trek universe.

224. Veronica - December 17, 2007 was like a second home after I reawakened my fandom….I was soured by the Blunder Twins. Need I say more. We can all argue over which series was best, which captain was best, which movie was best, which website was best and never agree 100% on anything, except for the part that we all disagree with each other. was the OFFICIAL home of Star Trek, and may not have always reported the rumors until they could substantiate them. Some did not like The Trek Life, while others loved it. No website is perfect.

Why get rid of people who know the franchise and the fans? Also, I for one only found out about The Menagerie screening because of

This is at least better than the time CBS yanked Decipher, Inc.’s license to publish the Star Trek Communicator….because I don’t have to wait two years to get the back issues I was owed. And I don’t have to file umpteen million complaints with the Better Business Bureau…

225. Crusade2267 - December 17, 2007

This is kind of random… I went to a few minutes ago. They have a new banner up advertising a new episode of “The Trek Life.” Don’t get your hopes up about new content, though. When I clicked it, it took me to an error page. Is there someone updating things there, or did they just put the banners on automatic before they left?

226. Unicorn - December 17, 2007 has been my home page for years. To have read the news last week and now all these updates… I still have only one thing to say about all this while I ‘wait and see what is next’.

“No matter what this is a bad idea and just a week before

To the staff, I can only say THANK-YOU and may you continue to Live the Dream and Adventure some where new soon.

227. Larry N. - December 17, 2007

“This is at least better than the time CBS yanked Decipher, Inc.’s license to publish the Star Trek Communicator….because I don’t have to wait two years to get the back issues I was owed. And I don’t have to file umpteen million complaints with the Better Business Bureau…”

Thanks for your sentiment, Veronica, but one correction: CBS did not yank Decipher’s license; in fact, it occured *before* the Viacom split. Decipher stopped publishing on its own due to its own game business losses that carried over, much to the dismay of Viacom, who within six months was caught up in the CBS/Paramount split and all the delays and redos that brought about for all things Star Trek.

Blame Decipher for the stoppage, don’t blame either studio. If not for that blunder the Communicator would be here today, surviving through the split–just like Creation, Pocket Books and other longtime licencees.

228. thomoz - December 17, 2007

I guess CBS-D did not make enough money off the HD-DVD set I bought showcasing their work.

I am used to heartless , short-sighted crap like this from large corporations.
They’ve tagged me a time or two as well.

229. Reptileboy - December 17, 2007

The Star Trek website was the very first one I visited on the net back in the mid-90’s. It’s certainly changed over the years, but I still find it to be one of the best resources of Star Trek on the web. This mostly comes from the inventive pieces created by those who worked on the website itself.

From the video interviews and mini-documentaries, I’ve sometimes found my download cap to be serverly strained at times.

Whatever flaws people might have with the site, it has tread the line between the constraints of being an official site governed by the studio and the inner fan that lurks in each of its staff members.

Since the loss of the Communicator, it’s been the one place to really get a good inside view of the franchise and we owe it to those who have worked on the site, not just now, but in the past, for the great work and dedication they’ve shown.

I just hope that the experience of the staff is recognised by those taking on control of the site from now on and perhaps they’ll be returned to providing us with an even better site.

Thanks for the great work guys.

230. beerwriter - December 17, 2007

Well, today’s episode of the Trek Life cartoon is now available, but the “goodbye” message has been taken down . Somebody’s still minding the store.

231. Fansince9 - December 17, 2007

Yeah there’s an announcement on there too, about the message boards. If I’m reading it right, then it sounds like they’ve got plans to at least keep those up and running and may have further plans for them.

232. Donno - December 18, 2007

i think its time to rally.
this is just the first step in round of cut backs… and dilution on the franchise.
i think we should get the address of the executives responsible and organize a campaign similar to what the folks did for “Jericho”.

peanuts and sort.

233. Veronica - December 18, 2007


I’m not sure who was actually to blame for the Communicator stoppage…there was A LOT of finger-pointing going around and the yanked license story was one I had heard in response to an alleged claim that Decipher wanted to publish the mag in an online format only. However, neither company (CBS/Viacom or Decipher Inc) communicated anything to the subscribers particularly well, which is sort of ironic considering the mag was called the Communicator. I don’t actually blame the studios for the most part, most of my anger and hatred during that fun period of time was directed at Decipher….

I guess we shall wait and see what CBS Interactive has in store for the “new” look and feel of the site….

234. Larry N. - December 18, 2007


Take it from me…I was there. :-) That’s who to blame.

Your instinct are right on in your directed reaction, though. The corps. “couldn’t” talk about it back then becasue so muh was in play.

235. Veronica - December 18, 2007

I figured you were there. It’s nice to FINALLY know the real story…..although both stories end the same, ST fans getting the shaft from somebody with little or no notice. Additionally, I did not mean to imply that 7 people losing their jobs is better than me being out 30 bucks renewing the subscription that Decipher never intended to publish. (In hindsight, my first post sort of looks like that)

While I theoretically understand CBS Interactive’s need/want to restructure and reorganize, why was the only site to lose its ENTIRE staff (from what I have gathered)? If they do intend to revamp the site, it seems only logical to keep the people who know the site, the franchise, and the fans like the back of their hands. But then again, nobody ever said the human race was logical…..

236. startrek - June 2, 2008

[…] has fired everyone working for Without a staff, the future of the site is in question. featuring Enterprise, the latest in the Star Trek series. Includes news, […]

237. trekbuff - July 2, 2010

I ran across the following during an attempt to find information on the purported relaunch of STARTREK.COM:

Re: 167. David (now over the wings & flames thing. Sorta.) – December 15, 2007
“Fact Time:

1.) is owned by Paramount. Not CBS.”

At the bottom of the STARTREK.COM main page it states the following:
“This site and its contents ™ & © 2008 CBS Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved.
STAR TREK and related marks are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc.”

The Paramount link was removed long ago. Note the copyright still say 2008. Evidently I’m missing something.

As CBS owned the rights to STARTREK.COM, STAR TREK and related marks at the time of the layoffs, and still does, I find it most confusing the central point of Trek commercialism would be neglected for so long. When hundreds of Trek fans have questions concerning DVDs, models, replicas, clothing and other Trek related merchandise, the only recourse we have is to ask one another. As I would guess CBS is in the business to make money, I’m amazed they have ignored the fans for so long.

Even the purported relaunch of STARTREK.COM is practically bereft of information.

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