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This Week In Trek – Another Two Week Edition December 16, 2007

by Charles Trotter , Filed under: This Week In Trek , trackback

Missed another week, so once again, you get two for the price of one. These past two weeks in Trek brings lots of movie news as well as news on Star Trek iPods, a former Star Trek captain’s injury, a delay for Walter Koenig’s InAlienable, writers striking Star Trek style, and a Klingon take on Charles Dickens.

Star Trek (2008 movie)

Shatner News

Trek Stuff

Cover image for Fearful Symmetry

Trek in the World

Live Long and Strike

Trek on the Web

Fan Productions

Patty Wright touches up STNV’s Andy Bray (Chekov)


Trek Celebrity News

InAlienable still unavailable… check back next week!

In Memoriam

Farewell to the STARTREK.COM Team


1. CmdrR - December 17, 2007

The furry Klingonette is kinda cute.

2. josh1701 - December 17, 2007

And someone said Star Trek was a beached whale…ilogical!

3. pizza - December 17, 2007

Don’t forget “Of Gods and Men” for download this Saturday.

374 dtST

4. Reptileboy - December 17, 2007

I really enjoys these weekly reports. Brings up a lot of stuff I would otherwise fail to find.

Loved the Brent Spiner video on TMZ. Are things really that boring at the moment that we have people like Brent being captured by ‘reporters’ and their shopping habits broadcast to the world!

Sad to hear about the fire at Fangoria’s. I guess a lot of collectors are happy.

5. Nostromo - December 17, 2007

Haven’t seen it mentioned, but Penny Arcade did a cartoon about the Star Trek Online story:

6. James Heaney - December 17, 2007

We of Star Trek: Excelsior [] do not feel the love. Where is the mysterious fan film news hub you use, Charles Trotter? Because I will gladly start posting our news and release schedules there in addition to every other public space we find!

Other than that minor detail–another excellent entry. I really can’t overstate how excellent this feature is.

7. Stanky McFibberich - December 17, 2007

Would be nice if any and all Koenig information was forever delayed.

8. John_Pemble - December 18, 2007

This is an amazing week in Trek round up better than I have seen anywhere on line or on paper. Good job. All due respect to the old site, but this is the new for me. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.