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Nichols Is An Orion + Morrison Is Kirk’s Mom December 17, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: ST09 Cast , trackback

All the big casting news for the new Star Trek film is behind us, but there are still a few loose ends to tie up. Two of those loose ends are related to who two of the women in the cast are playing, which has been the subject of much speculation. Firstly can now confirm that Jennifer Morrison (House) is playing (a pregnant) Winona Kirk, the mother of James T. Kirk. Apparently, like Chris Hemsworth who is playing her husband George Kirk, Morrison is finished with her work on the project. The new Star Trek will be the first appearances for both of Kirk’s parents outside the non-canon Trek novels.

A few weeks ago Rachel Nichols of Alias fame stated “there’s a good chance you’ll see my shining face in the new Star Trek.” Yes you will indeed see her shining face, but it will be of a different hue than you are used to. has learned that Nichols will be playing be playing an Orion (but it hasn’t been confirmed if she is of the ‘slave girl’ variety). The name of her character is not known, but it is a new character. It does not appear that Nichols is the Orion girl spotted in the spy pics from last week, but a source told that the girl in the pic was likely a stand-in.

Will Rachel Nichols as an Orion turn young Jim Kirk’s head?
(NOTE: Photo is not official, just some quickie Photoshopping)

The first appearance of a green-skinned Orion was in the unaired Original Series pilot “The Cage.” The two part episode “The Menagerie” reused the footage and established that ‘no man can resist’ an Orion Slave girl. Orions showed up in a handful of episodes from The Original Series, The Animated Series as well as Enterprise. The appearance in the Star Trek movie will be the first for a Star Trek feature film. More on Orions at Memory Alpha.

Captain Pike meets the first Star Trek Orion in TOS “The Cage”

What about Marcus?
There has been a lot of speculation related to both Nichols and Morrison (and Keri Russell who will not be in the film) that one of these ladies would be playing Carol Marcus, the mother of James T. Kirk’s son David (played by Bibi Besch in Star Trek II). Back in June co-writer Alex Kurtzman was cagey on whether or not Marcus was in the movie or not, but would not categorically deny. has learned that there may have been good reason for this. Apparently Marcus was in an earlier draft of the script, but has confirmed she does not appear in the shooting script currently in production. In his interview with in October, co-writer Roberto Orci noted that many known Trek characters worked their way in and out of various drafts, but in the end would only include characters if they “could do them justice.” In October Orci also noted that characters that didn’t make the cut for the 2008 movie are “at the top of the list” for the sequel (assuming there is one). So maybe Marcus will show up next time.

More casting
We are almost done with the casting news for big and medium sized roles for the new Star Trek film, but there are still a few loose ends. has been told that the roles of the ‘Federation Captain’ (a new role) and another henchmen for Eric Bana’s Nero have been cast. We do not yet have the names, but apparently they are both relatively unknown actors. It is also yet to be confirmed if J.J. Abrams best friend (and Quinto’s Heroes co-star) Greg Grunberg will continue his tradition of cameos in Abrams projects. Hopefully there will be another update in the upcoming weeks, until then check out the Star Trek 2008 Cast Page for the latest info on the cast.

Who is the best new Trek Girl?
The James Bond films are famous for their ‘Bond Girls,’ but the new Star Trek movie has lined up quite the bevy of beauties. Which is your favorite? Vote in the latest poll (right sidebar)


1. Harry Ballz - December 17, 2007

Grrrrrr……………Hulk like green women!!!! :)

2. Paul - December 17, 2007

Unghhhh!!!! Hulk want miniskirt….

3. SirMartman - December 17, 2007

And I hear in Star Trek 12,,, they are going back to when James T Kirk was just sperm in his fathers testicles !!!

4. joey joe joe - December 17, 2007

Green = Good…

5. sirh - December 17, 2007

She makes green look easy!

6. Greg2600 - December 17, 2007

No SirMartman, Stanley Kubrick is dead, he will not be directing this movie! :)

Personally, I would have rather seen Jennifer Morrison in a larger role, instead of the younger Sulu, Uhura, etc.

7. Pragmaticus - December 17, 2007

This is simply fantastic news!

8. VulcanBabe - December 17, 2007

She doesn’t quite have the slave girl sexy look…maybe a deeper green…hmm…
And exactly how are they going to work Orion slave girls into the plotline?
But if they can…damn, I’m all for it! Go green girls! ;P

9. Cygnus-X1 - December 17, 2007

le gulp.

10. Noleuser - December 17, 2007

I am very curious how the story jumps from point A to point B to point Z. How are the parents of Kirk and Spock before they’re born relevant?? I am very curious about the story.

11. Anthony Pascale - December 17, 2007

It has been reported on this site long ago that the new Star Trek will have a non linear plotline. This is of course standard practice for Abrams, Lindelof, Orci and Kurtzman…just look at Alias, Lost and MI3.

so the plot may jump from Z to B to A to L then back to Z then over the N?

12. Irishtrekkie - December 17, 2007

lol right i dont think there are any more parts to cast ? what robert april ? the ghost of christmas past ? , i mean how many people can they fit into one movie , but yea honestly , sounds good to me, and orions are cool , it was nice to see them again in enterprise (one of the few things that show done right ) .

13. table10 - December 17, 2007


Word that comes to mind at the constant breaking news first reported here by Anthony.

Honestly, I am really impressed with this sites arsenal of spies connected to this production. Rumors debunked, and loose ends confirmed.


14. J C - December 17, 2007

Maybe they’re filming a whole bunch of minor Trek characters with the intension to use just a few due to the writers strike.that way they have the film in the can and they can add to or delete a particular minor character’s part post writer’s strike.

15. Viking - December 17, 2007

“……so the plot may jump from Z to B to A to L then back to Z then over the N? ”

Oh, man, now I need a drink………and an Advil.

16. Noleuser - December 17, 2007

I am a BIG fan of all their work on these shows, so you’re right it could be flashbacks. It’s all very curious.

17. cw - December 17, 2007

Gosh, do I ever LOVE hot green chicks! WOW!!!

18. Harry Ballz - December 17, 2007

Ooh, to have an Orion slave girl
My gawd, it makes the mind whirl
Her greenish hue
I’d (insert your own line here)
You bet I’d make her toes curl!

p.s. I had to censor my fourth line otherwise I’d be banned for a month! :)

19. Danya Romulus - December 17, 2007

Regarding the possible sequels if “Star Trek” is successful:

I hope the sequels don’t continue having names like “Star Trek: [Something],” I think that construction has gotten very stale. I think it would be great if they gave them titles without the words “Star Trek” but still instantly recognizable as a Trek reference; I’m thinking something like

“Where No Man Has Gone Before” or
“A Star to Steer Her By” or even something like


20. James Jamziz - December 17, 2007

I understand what you’re saying Danya and I agree with you. You can see this trend being followed with the newest Batman movies, first beginning with “Batman Begin” then moving onto the new “The Dark Knight”.

The titles you suggested were a little lengthy and not that eye grabbing (sorry haha) but I’m sure in the future they’ll come up with names that will do the franchise justice.

21. DavidJ - December 17, 2007

The more I think about it, the more I wish Abrams and these other guys were creating a new Trek SERIES instead of just a movie. I’m sure they’ll do good work on the movie, but TV is where they REALLY shine and do their best stuff.

I think it would be cool as hell to see a Trek series with their style of storytelling every week.

22. TheGreatBird - December 17, 2007

This movie is sounding tackier/cheesier with each bit of news that comes out.

23. CaptainRickover - December 17, 2007

# 20 “but I’m sure in the future they’ll come up with names that will do the franchise justice. ”

Yes, that will be “Star Trek”. Nothing wrong with that.

24. Noleuser - December 17, 2007

Who knows DavidJ, maybe with Lost ending in a year or two, they could develop a trek series as their next project.

25. SPB - December 17, 2007

Oooooh, baby. Yes, please.

26. JGG1701 - December 17, 2007

22. TheGreatBird – December 17, 2007
This movie is sounding tackier/cheesier with each bit of news that comes out.
Sounds just the old TOS to me, with a few eps. exceptions of course. :-)

27. Roddenberry was a peacenik - December 17, 2007

As cynical as I am, every time I look at a new press release, I look for reasons to doubt this movie. I mean, if something seems too good to be true it is. So far the only thing that came close was the idea of the Enterprise having a ‘gritty metal skin’, and the fact that the ‘good guy goes back in time to fight the bad guy intent on changing history’ plot-by-numbers has been done to death. We had it in Terminator, we had it in both First Contact and we had it Star Trek: Enterprise. It’s lazy storytelling. But oh well. That’s a minor complaint. In the end, I find myself shocked that things are sounding so right with this movie. Sounds like fans are finally getting the movie we deserve, after years of taking it up the aft-port.

28. DavidJ - December 17, 2007


If nothing else, at least they’re using an entirely different team this time around.

Even if the plot ends up feeling way too familiar, you can be sure this Star Trek movie will at least LOOK and MOVE in an entirely different way.

29. Prologic9 - December 17, 2007

Just because it’s been done before does not make it “lazy storytelling”. Everything’s been done before.

I suspect the movie will technically be linear from the chracters POV, and that they’ll be leaping to pre- kirk birth , pre-kirk command, etc. .

30. RTC - December 17, 2007

After seeing that photo, five words leap to my middle-aged mind:

It sucks to be old.

31. Stanky McFibberich - December 17, 2007

re: 27 Rod peacenik
“I find myself shocked that things are sounding so right with this movie.”

I find myself shocked that some people think that things sound right. The only things I’ve seen so far that looks right is the font on the poster.

32. Plum - December 17, 2007

“Funny how they are on this planet, actually like being taken advantage of.” – mysterious star fleet guy at the party.

I have NEVER heard this line in this one! I haven’t seen the remastered, restored, ‘The Menagerie’ or ‘The Cage’. Does this line appear in both?

And umm… the Menagerie got new CGI from CBS recently did it not? Let me know. I live on an island!!! Need input.

33. Dave Roberts - December 17, 2007


Bigger photo, please………

34. Mary Jay - December 17, 2007

Oh, a Orion girl now… :-P

Enjoy, guys! Personally, I will patiently wait for some Karl Urban pics :-D

Seriously, not ALL Star Trek fans are men, you know… some girls like SciFi, and Star Trek, too ;-)

35. DJT - December 17, 2007

No CM in this flick? Maybe she is meant to only be in the second of each movie series after all.

36. Roddenberry was a peacenik - December 17, 2007

28. Absolutely a good point.

29. I understand, and I don’t mean to judge too prematurely. And yes every story has been done before, but that doesn’t mean you keep doing the same one over and over and expecting a different result. That’s the textbook definition of insanity. But maybe I’m wrong, since we know so little about the plot-line, and what has been leaked may be from an earlier draft or maybe BS altogether. In any event, that’s a minor complaint compared to everything else that I’m liking so far.

31. Mostly I’m referring to what the creators said. Every time Orci and Kurtzman or Quint/Nimoy give an interview, from my perspective they seem to be saying all the right things. Most of all, they understand the spirit of Trek, what makes it special and how it’s about hope for a better tomorrow. I think, if nothing else, you don’t think that they at least ‘get’ what Trek is about at its core?

37. Cranston - December 17, 2007


“so the plot may jump from Z to B to A to L then back to Z then over the N?”

They had BETTER NOT skip over the N. The N is an integral part of Roddenberry’s original vision, philosophy, and outlook, and something that MUST be preserved in this film.

If they skip over the N, I (and every true Trek fan) will boycott this movie, and it will fail miserably at the box office.

(Now, the L I could probably do without.)

38. J C - December 17, 2007

That scene reminded me of Jabba’s throneroom.Wonder if that crept into Lucas’ list of things to copy for his Star Wars films.

39. Jupiter1701 - December 17, 2007

Randon thoughts after reading just the headline:

1. OMG, Nichelle Nichols is playing an Orion slave girl?

2. If a Morrison is Kirk’s mom, and not a Kirk, then that means David Marcus’s dad was a bastard, too.

It was kind of a letdown to read the actual article, then. I guess imagination is more creative than reality.

40. R.C. Williams - December 17, 2007

Since this obviously will take place (at least in part) in Kirk’s early academy days, I wonder if we’ll see FINNEGAN?

Regarding the slave girl: Rachel will be excellent. She’s very tall and has a models body, so she should make an excellent catch for a young Kirk.

41. I AM THX-1138 - December 17, 2007

Weird how a green woman can look so hot. Who knew.

42. cd - December 17, 2007

No Carol Marcus: very disappointing.

43. CanuckLou - December 17, 2007

With such a large cast many characters are going to have little more screen time than a cameo. Right now it seems like Quinto and Nimoy have the largest amount based on their work schedule.

44. steve adams - December 17, 2007

I don’t believe the time traveling Spock is the plotline.
Woundnt be surprised to have him as the narrator nothing more…
Stanky right on as usual…..

45. Paul McDowell - December 17, 2007

“And yes every story has been done before, but that doesn’t mean you keep doing the same one over and over and expecting a different result. That’s the textbook definition of insanity,”

Time travel is is plot device…. not the plot itself. There are a million differernt stories that would be written around time travel. Can we can the negativity till the movie comes out please. Its spoiling my buzz.

46. Roddenberry was a peacenik - December 17, 2007

45. I don’t believe I was being negative. If you’ll look at my post, if anything I’m glowingly positive for what we’ve learned so far about the film. I was expressing a tentative opinion based on a plot (device) that may or may not even be in the movie. Sorry to kill your buzz, but this isn’t an echo chamber, this is a comment section. And besides, discussions would be boring beyond belief if everyone just sat around gushing and agreeing with one another.

47. steve adams - December 17, 2007

I don’t believe the time traveling Spock is the plotline.
Woundnt be surprised to have him (Nimoy)as the narrator nothing more…

48. Adam Cohen - December 17, 2007

Orion Slave Women!!!

See, that would have made Gene proud. Good move, Abrams.

49. Danya Romulus - December 17, 2007

I really hope this doesn’t mean there won’t be Number One in the film. And I am still really hoping for Rand.

50. Dierna - December 17, 2007

Isn’t it funny that James Kirk’s mom’s name is Winona and Spock’s mom is played by a Winona?…That was probably confusing on the set.

Abrahms “Ok Winona…”
Winona Ryder and Jennifer Morrison: “What?”
John Cho: “Oh my…”

34: I too am waiting for the Carl Urban pics. Meanwhile Im enjoying the Zach Quinto pics…*G*

51. AnnoyedFan - December 17, 2007

Uhm is it just me..? All these actors they choose to play the moms & dads are just TOO YOUNG!

52. TheGreatBird - December 17, 2007

I agree with Stanky more every day. It *is* a nice font, isn’t it? :)

53. Xai - December 17, 2007

44. steve adams – December 17, 2007

“Woundnt be surprised to have him as the narrator nothing more…”
He’s been fitted and costumed… not a standard procedure for Narrators

54. Xai - December 17, 2007

51. AnnoyedFan – December 17, 2007

Multiple time frames, bud

55. steve adams - December 17, 2007

This film has to be perfect or it will get picked apart like fresh meat in a zombie moshpit.
Especally on this site.
I wonder how much pressure there is with the cast and director on set ??
If this dosnt come off perfectly it could be a comedic
disaster for Trek and especally concerning Pines portryal of Kirk it has to be dead on.

56. Mr Snuffleupacus - December 17, 2007

I think it would be a continuity breech to have Kirk meet an Orion slave girl. Commodore Mendez tells Kirk about them in The Menagerie and Kirk doesn’t show any sign of recognition or say…”Yeah, dumbass…I know…I’ve been with a few myself!”.


57. CmdrR - December 17, 2007

So, who’s playing Mugatu’s mom, does she have a rap sheet, and will we see the conception?

I understand JJ likes depth, but I’m thinkin’ these Mom and Pop shots will be counted in seconds, if not frames.


Is that too much to ask?

Oh, and Rand in the shower.

58. Pumpkin - December 17, 2007

I hope they have her fall off a cliff or die in childbirth. Otherwise Morrison will kill the movie for me. Yick.

59. Plum - December 17, 2007

“. has learned that Nichols will be playing be playing an Orion…”

Getting turned on? :D

60. SteveinSF - December 17, 2007

# 57 -I agree! Let’s just get back in space with an Enterprise without all the neon glitz.

I wonder what the all mighty Qunito thinks of green girl?

61. ShawnP - December 17, 2007

#58 – Tell us what you really think about Morrison.

62. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - December 17, 2007

Someone give that woman a plate of food….

63. Dennis Bailey - December 17, 2007

#58:”I hope they have her fall off a cliff or die in childbirth. Otherwise Morrison will kill the movie for me. Yick.”

You’re just miffed because her lawyer keeps sending you those “cease and desist” letters.

64. steve adams - December 17, 2007

#53 yea its a scam…. :)
I think his role is very brief…. Reguardless.
Well see…… :)

65. Harry Ballz - December 17, 2007

#41 I AM THX-1138

“Weird how a green woman can look so hot. Who knew”.

Well, there was this ONE time on St. Patrick’s Day in 1982 at a pub in downtown Toronto…………she sidled up to me, leaned her head on my shoulder and whispered in my ear, “are you into green?”……………………but, I digress……………… :)

66. Sean4000 (Apollo:Remastered) - December 17, 2007


I’m with you on that one. But I’ll wait and see for myself come December 25th 2008.

67. AJ - December 17, 2007

I can just imagine Winona Kirk falling off a cliff with a giant anvil following her down. Poof! Crash! Beep Beep!

68. Doorchime - December 17, 2007

Wow. (stops breathing) Can I paint her?

69. subatoi - December 18, 2007

A question – part of the talking about Number One or Carol Marcus were because of Orci’s (?) talking about strong women characters, or something like that.
If we have Uhura (relatevly minor role, I guess), an Orion (relatevly minor role, I guess), Kirk’s mom (shrot appearance) and Spock’s mom (relatevly minor role, I guess), Where are the strong women roles?

70. Iowagirl - December 18, 2007

Never a dull moment with Abrams & Co. – they’re always chopping and changing.

71. Andy Patterson - December 18, 2007

I’m color blind but I dig green women.

72. Iowagirl - December 18, 2007


Well, the Federation Captain hasn’t been named yet, has she?

73. Anthony Pascale - December 18, 2007

69…you seem to be assuming all the women listed have minor roles that will not display any strength…that is a big assumption

RE: 72
the ‘federation captain’ role referred to in the article is a guy

74. Jan - December 18, 2007

Wasn’t it said that there was the plan to cast an A-star as federation captain?

75. Iowagirl - December 18, 2007

#73 (72)

Another road not taken…

76. Snake - December 18, 2007

I was sure Morrison was gonna be Carol Marcus from the pics of her posted on set a while back with the blond hair – she looked a dead ringer for a young Bibi Besch

I was certain C Marcus was gonna be used …oh well

77. Stephan Mittelstrass - December 18, 2007

“a quick photoshopping”.

Quick, indeed. You guys did forget to leave her eyes white :-)

78. The Master - December 18, 2007

Hmm Orian slave girls yummy, this is reason enough to see the movie. Excellent job. may be they are looking for an R rating?? with the Orion Slavc girl angle

79. Anthony (not that one, the one in Indiana) - December 18, 2007

Kirks mom is a MILF

80. JeFF - December 18, 2007

What about T’Pol as the “Federation Captain?” They keep referring to this role as a male, but is it really?

81. Pumpkin - December 18, 2007


An alternative theory would be that I find her to be a an awfully stiff, unconvincing actress.

Though perhaps my opinion is biased since I don’t view her as a “MILF”.

I have faith in John Cho because I’ve seen him in “Better Luck Tomorrow” and thought he did well in a serious role.

82. Charley W - December 18, 2007

This report is quite interesting, since it’s not only info on Mom Kirk, but potential restrictions on Sam K. Just how much older was Sam than JT? If we see Ma pregnant (with, we assume, JT), then there should be a child actor (probably no more than 10) around the scenes she’s filming. Have the spies spotted any? If not, then perhaps the pregnancy is Sam.

83. section9 - December 19, 2007

Okay, in Star Trek XIII, Peter Parker’s descendant makes his appearance as the Great Great Great Grandson of Spiderman in a crossover spectacular.

84. Paul - December 20, 2007

I’d really like them to make more of the Orions as they are an under-used race (the original Ferengi race but with an edge instead of comedy ears). However, I was hoping that Trek would be able to cast off its sexist roots and get over its tendency to think that a few token females in positions of authority is as good as they need in sci fi instead of a more blanced 50/50 cast.

So far the women appear to be mothers, a sex object, and Uhura; it doesn’t bode well. I realise that Chapel was rarely more than window dressing but Rand rocked. If both were given a modern make-over and treated like highly trained personnel instead of just a nurse and a secretary (much like Troi was eventually treated in season 6-7) there could be hope. If they don’t even think that the characters rank as part of the main historical cast then frankly I don’t think there is much hope at all!

Unless you like green women in space bikinis! Yay!

85. Harry Ballz - December 20, 2007

No, I don’t like green women in space bikinis…………………………


86. Greg2600 - December 20, 2007

I read today that Ms. Nichols is going to play Scarlett in the G.I. Joe movie from Paramount. Hopefully Paramount can get a live action Hasbro franchise right this time……

87. N.Kane - May 31, 2012

Argh. Gaila is NOT a slave girl. She’s just an Orion. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.